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Posted On: Wednesday - November 18th 2020 8:00PM MST
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Yeah, it was only temporary. Peak Stupidity has been heavy on the personal anecdotes lately, and ones that have been specific to the Kung Flu stupidity, at that. There is plenty more to write about, but that'll have to start tomorrow.

I had the time to hang out at the park with the kids, it turned out to be lots of them, for 5 hours. We started at virtual school lunch time, and it turned out my freezing my ass off by not moving around enough after a while had us going home before the wife called about dinner.

There were Moms I knew, and a few Dads, along with some lady about my age who had just my attitude about this PanicFest, to the tee. After I got done throwing the frisbee, and the kids threw it on their own and then went on to other things, this lady and I (to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie) sat on the Group W cold metal park bench and had a good old time talking about this kind of stupidity and the other. She had no mask on. Neither did I. Neither did any of these kids. Neither did any of the parents. Yet the kids played tag, the smaller ones made a big pile of leaves and then threw them, and the sand within, at each other, and nobody will get sick.

Later on, after trying to get a little bit of work done (I can't really do much blogging either like that), I just looked at the deep blue sky we had and appreciated a normal world. Come 4:30, a bunch MORE kids came. The playground area was full of kids from 2 to 10 years old, running around, inventing games, and throwing all manner of stuff around.

A group of 2 sets of parents set up a table and gave out free chips and cupcakes to any takers. I didn't partake (just went over to make sure my boy had said "thank you") but noticed that even the cupcakes were specially packaged. These parents were the only ones* around with masks on, probably just to cover their asses. No, don't take that literally! You're thinking this, right?

I could just imagine that elementary school principal driving by the place with 50 kids cavorting around - no masks, no 6 ft, and sharing everything including spittle and boogers. "I see NOTHINK!!"

* That is, besides one soccer coach who always wears a mask among the 8 or 10 little ones who don't. The other anti-panic-freak and I agreed that he must have signed something saying he would wear it in order for what? I think either for the parents to agree or for some official to "allow" him to teach soccer there.

Adam Smith
Sunday - November 22nd 2020 11:17PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

I too find it alarming that so many Americans are so very agreeable about this stuff...

Unfortunately, most Americans have no common sense, or perspective...

They are historically illiterate, 250 years ago or otherwise...

1/5th of Americans can't find America on a Map...

" 'Cause some Americans don't have maps like such as in South Africa and the Iraq and everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S. or should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the South Africa and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future..."

Most Americans do not drink tea...

And most could not lift a case of tea above their head...
Let alone throw it overboard...

Friday - November 20th 2020 9:58PM MST
PS: Thanks for the great comments, guys.

Mr. Ganderson, are you staying in Mass for good? Since you are from the upper Midwest, I thought maybe you could spend more time there, at least. They may not be as bad as in Mass with the PanicFest, but I guess they've got other problems now - it's not Mary Tyler Moore's day (as Mary Richards) anymore up in Snowflake land.

Mr. Blanc, half of the people around that park are often the ones with those same signs you mention. However, the other half, with no signs, are probably the ones who would have thanked me for my Trump signs if I'd been out when they walked by. All of them with kids, seem to understand that this Covid thing is no Black Plague 2.0. That may not have been in the case in April and May though, from my recollection. Yes, I keep hearing about January and February. The vaccine will be touted as having saved us from all of this. I still say they may push the masks again anytime. They've set a precedent with that and this LOCKDOWN shit.

Alarmist, I woudn't have felt right hugging her (just the situation), but I think we both look forward to seeing each other and making fun of this BS next week, if the weather holds out. It sounds like you are #MeToo-free at your job.

Adam, I find it alarming that so many Americans are agreeable about this stuff. Do they have no common sense about this virus, or is it that this country is not full of the types who through cases of tea off a private vessel into Boston Harbor nearly 250 years ago?

Adam Smith
Friday - November 20th 2020 11:04AM MST
PS: Good Afternoon Mr. Ganderson,

I too wish you could share my optimism.

Yesterday I rode by Lanier Elementary school on my way to Gainesville. It was a bright sunny day with a slight chill in the breeze. There were kids on the playground playing. There were kids on the basketball court playing. No masks. Not a one as far as I could tell. It looked normal, and it should be normal. The hoax of the coronacases! is getting old. The testing is overtly fraudulent. They are using panicfest as a cover for evil purposes. Fear is the most powerful motivator. While I'm sure that Obergruppenführer Baker is not behind the coronahoax, I have no doubt that he will take advantage of the situation to advance an authoritarian statist agenda.

Recently they returned the face diaper sign and the bouncers to the door at the local walmart. On my way in one of them (a new girl I have never seen before) said "Hey we "require" masks now, would you like one?" as she pointed to a box of masks. I whipped one out of my back pocket and said "no thanks" as I walked by. I quickly returned it to my back pocket and grabbed a buggy. Diaper compliance was still about 50% in the store.

In my experience, northerners and city dwellers have a much higher tolerance for arbitrary bullshit edicts than southerners and rural folk.

I would imagine there is a city/rural divide in Massachusetts, like everywhere, but Northerners seem more compliant with "government", regulations and rules in general. (Perhaps I'm mistaken?)

I have no doubt that I would share your pessimism if I lived in Massachusetts* and it's disconcerting to hear you may be headed for another so called "lockdown". There is no reason for any of this. All this obedience training and medical tyranny have nothing to do with any alleged virus. I really believe the petty tyrants just hate when anyone has any sort of fun. I believe the discordians are right. The bureaucrats sole purpose in life is to cause suffering and misery. Bureaucrats suffer from the curse of Greyface and they are hopelessly beyond reason. They are truly a different breed.

I hope that Obergruppenführer Baker does not impose any new commandments or cancel thanksgiving. I truly hope you have a great day Mr. Ganderson.

*I was born in a northern rust belt city and it drove me into a deep depression at a young age. It is really one of the most poisonous, dismal places on earth. The county where I was born is all in on panicfest according to the news. They are transitioning parts of the county to the "orange zone" and predicting the county will be in the "red zone" shortly. "Red zone" means lockdown. I'm glad I don't live in a place like that anymore.

The Alarmist
Thursday - November 19th 2020 10:01AM MST

Good to hear you got out into a Potemkin Village version of what used to pass for the normal world and found a few like-minded souls. You should have hugged her goodbye. I was rated out to Company HR for hugging a younger colleague who said she hadn’t been hugged in months (and welcomed it ... I’m no Joe Biden), but I generate revenue, so I only got a stern talking to.

BTW, it’s good to challenge the immune system from time to time, even with small viral loads of the WuFlu ... keeps your system on its toes, as does fresh air and sunshine and the good spirits you might derive from watching your kids play.
Thursday - November 19th 2020 8:25AM MST
PS I drive to the supermarket on Saturdays past a small neighborhood park in a full-bore middle-class suburb. Pricier than mine because they’re in the white high school district. Until it got cold, there were always parents and kids out on Saturday morning. Baseball, soccer, tennis, and just running about. And despite it being a super progressive area—Biden/Harris and Hate Has No Home Here signs everywhere—masks were almost non-existent in the park. I suspect that there are two sides to the plague panic. On the one hand, a lot of them really do believe that it is a death sentence and that we must prevent everyone—every single person—from contracting it. But, for many of them, it’s part of the eternal battle of Good vs. Evil (otherwise known as the Bad Orange Man). As long Evil is still ensconced on PA Avenue, the plague will rage. But when the Saviour ascends the throne in January, the oceans will begin to recede and the plague will slink away. Therefore, it seems to me that we’ve got two more months of increasingly tight “lockdown”, after which normal life will resume. Those parts of it which haven’t gone bankrupt, that is.
Thursday - November 19th 2020 7:04AM MST
PS Mr.Smith, I wish I could share your optimism. Just got a notice that the UMASS hockey games vs Maine are cancelled Friday and Saturday- UMASS picked up tilts with UCONN, but I doubt that Hockey East is going to play out its schedule. With the announcement by Union that they are cancelling winter sports, ECAC hockey is down to five teams. No idea how those five are going to put a schedule together. My prediction is that Obergruppenführer Baker will announce another severe lockdown on Friday for Massachusetts, schools remote Universities remote bars closed, restaurants take-out only etc. I hope this time there is some pushback, but I doubt there will be BAAAAHHH....
Adam Smith
Thursday - November 19th 2020 1:21AM MST
PS: ☮

Happy to hear you, and everyone involved, enjoyed a pleasant, normal day at the park.

Ain't nothing freaky about being anti-panic...

Normalcy will return...

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