VDare.com - website review:

VDare bills itself as the "premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform" in it's title bar, and I agree with this description. I have been reading this website since the early 2000's, and it is as accurate a site as one can find on this issue, which is why it appears number two down on the blogroll.


This site used to be a very simple, flat-html-page dealy. That made it load very fast, to the point where I would use it first to make sure I was really on-line, and not looking at cached pages. It had no bugs. There have been numberous overhauls of VDare. Some were really bad deals to the point that I figured the webmaster had something really against these people and was trying to flat-out screw them over (it didn't work on one of either Firefox or Exploder - I forget which one - for about 6 months, during which time I thought the site was gone!) The latest version s very modern, even with tweets and that nonsense, but the bugs seemed to have been worked out. I don't think the useability of the site is perfect, and I often go back to the home page to see everything that is new. I will say, it is a very professional looking site now.


The VDare writers usually put in 2 - 4 articles up a day (30-40% of which are syndicated columnists such as Buchanan and Coulter). There is a letter (almost always well-written, and with any possible profanity stripped out) each day, and then there are 5 - 10 or so blog posts to read.

The articles are written, in general, by about 10 authors that share the writing and appear about equally. Mr. Peter Brimelow runs the operation, and calls it VDare after Virginia Dare, the first white person born of white parents in America (I can't confirm this - it was awhile back). Peter Brimelow wrote a book about immigration, called "Alien Nation" about 20 years ago, so he knows of what he writes.

I will say right here that this is some of the most professional writing one will read on the web. These guys keep the typos close to zero occurences, the grammar is correct, and the writing styles are varied but all good.

I can keep up with site completely usually in 20 minutes per day.


John Derbyshire: Mr. Derbyshire was fired by National Review a few years back for writing some truth on race relations. They apparently don't like that kind of thing. On VDare, Mr. Derbyshire writes full articles, blog posts, and links to his weekly podcast from his own site - www.johnderbyshire.com. He is a very witty guy, and his articles are especially well written. Sometimes, he will delve of topic a bit, into math and Chinese culture, having experience with both.

James Fulford: Mr. Fulford and Mr. Kirkpatrick are two guys whom I don't know from elsewhere on the web, so I don't have background on them (yeah, it's all on VDare, though). These two guys write a lot of the meat and potatoes on this big topic of immigration. Like all of the writers, they have their funny one-liners too.

James Kirkpatrick: See above.

Paul Kersey: Paul Kersey's alias comes from Death Wish" (#1's through #4), as that is Charles Bronson's character. His "Stuff Black People Don't Like" blog is where he writes mostly, about race of course, but his articles on VDare are always interesting.

Steve Sailer: The guy is nothing if not prolific. Sailer has his own blog and puts a lot of material on Unz.com also (Ron Unz's site). He is a statistics guy, maybe not by education, but he tries to use stats to present good numbers on what's going on with immigration, crime, race etc. Sometimes, Steve Sailer gets into detail to the point of losing the topic and delving into boredom, I think, but he writes so much, that I don't think VDare cares. He has the best sarcastic lines of about anybody I've ever read also. Above all, Sailer has time somehow to read the New York Times every day, so we don't have tooooooo! Yeah!

Nicholas Styx: Mr. Styx lives in the NY City area and he writes mostly about race relations and that sort of thing.

Brenda Walker: Mrs. Walker's specialty is the human side of the immigration problem, and, writing from California, she gets to see it all. From Mexicans trashing out the Sequoia National park during pot growing to the water problems and all kind of mess due to doubling of population in a few decades, California indeed shows what can or will happen to the rest of the nation.

Allan Wall: Mr. Wall's column was called "Memo from Mexico", as he and his family lived there for many years. It is now called "Memo from Middle America", as he has moved back. He knows the language, and this helps him relate what Mexican people and the Mexican media have to say,

Federale: This is a guy who has had career experience within the US Feral Government in the immigration enforcement area. He has expertise on the detail of the enforcement or lack thereof, of immigration law with regard to legal and illegal immigration. It is infuriating to read most of his stuff, but he will name names of the people creating havok and mocking rule-of-law within the US gov't ... yeah, names, email addresses and work phone numbers - feel free to use them.

There are many other writers, including the site owner, Mr. Brimelow, who write less frequently. I don't have time, I guess, to include any more.