"Africa - Arise!" - Your kids may burn to death.

Posted On: Friday - March 22nd 2019 2:06PM MST
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They could have all been burned to death:

Wake up, Western World! What's it gonna take?!

For some reason there aren't as many headlines on the hijacking of 51 Italian school kids by an immigrant from Senegal, (some call him an "Italian man"), as the huge infotainment fest due to that mass murder at that mosque in New Zealand has produced. (Though, here is one.) Is it because it's so far away, over in Italy there, 6 time zones away? Well, Christchurch, New Zealand is a whole lot farther than that more most of our readers. Oh, it's because no one got hurt, right. Then again it was a near thing, as police/firemen arrived in time to get those kids out after the African immigrant DID SET IT ON FIRE.

How would you feel as a parent if your child died of burns and/or smoke inhalation due to some sick fuck like this, and would you exact revenge? Would you just go with the flow, and live with the sorrow, knowing you are a good person though, and still don't want to be one of those Xenophobes or Racists that resist the importation of people escaping THEIR shithole continent that has up to near 1 Billion people? Oh, well, "all's well that ends well", is that it? WTF ever happened to "Do it for the children." and "If it can just save one child..."?* Should we not shut immigration down from any country whose emigrants include a lot of people who rape and murder - I don't think they care who's a child or not either - it's whom they are.

Would this almost horrible-massacre not be a rallying point for the patriotic Italians. Are there any of those left? Well, while I have one finger pointing at the Italians, I've got 3 more pointing right back at the good old US of A. We didn't learn from Waco that our own government may DIRECTLY murder men, women and children with bullets and gas now and then. We didn't learn squat-all from the 3,000 people (many of them burned to death too) on 9/11/01 either. We allow more Moslem immigrants in (getting toward 7 Million) than we ever did before 9/11.

There are many decent immigrants who've become Americans over the years, but it never works in large numbers, and you don't just let people in your home willy-nilly, as Peak Stupidity explained before. In case you think this guy was just a hard-working Senegalese-Italian gone wrong, here's the long headline from the UK Daily Mail article linked-to above:

No, you people don't get "vetting"!

In case you haven't heard this easy-to-miss story, the headline explains why this "Italian" hijacked the bus. It was to protest the Italians' (those with some courage and concept of duty, anyway) turning away some of the boats full of Africans crossing the Mediterranean Sea. "Africa - Arise" he says. It's not right that the Italians don't let every African that wants to, settle in Italy, he thinks.

I'll tell you these low-IQ Africans really don't get it, or if they do get it, they've got a lot of damn gall. If the Western man ever really gets his shit together in order to avoid cultural suicide, these Africans may someday learn that the West could easily just wipe out that whole shithole of a continent. As much as I don't think that'd be right and also don't blame the many decent individuals caught up in the maelstrom, things could one day get out of hand. It's really best if this gets taken care of sooner rather than later, but later better than never.

I just thought back to the bus hijacking itself and near-thing for the Italian children. I reminds me of the first Dirty Harry movie.

Of course, for even 1971-level Political Correctness reasons, the crazy, sick "perp" is a white guy (though you gotta appreciate that the Dirty Harry movies in general were not very PC). Just one Harry Callaghan won't cut it for the big picture here, with the state that the West is in. It's gonna take a metric shit-ton of Harry Callaghans to stop the people behind this immigration stupidity.

Go ahead, punk Soros, make my day.

* That trope tripe was the old anti-gun crap by the compassionate ones that never ever seem to think about self-defense, from either an individual or whole country gone wrong.

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Aftermath of tornado clear as mud

Posted On: Thursday - March 21st 2019 3:20PM MST
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Whatddya' make of this, reader?

Only a day or two before I had some business in this medium-sized American city, a tornado of some sort had come through and touched down right near downtown. Power had been out, apparently, and a very few buildings had been damaged, not at all like a hurricane with its more widespread destruction.

Anyway, as I perused the local newspaper (yeah, haha, they still got one), I read this one little paragraph from an article written when things were back to normal, shown above. Let me get this right, because there just aren't enough ACTION VERBS, compared to the way I was taught by my 7th grade teacher (just in case I was a budding journalist). I guess it's just 1 too few. "People entered the store." OK, well, was it open? If so, I think that's a dog-bites-man story, so far. Or was it closed, in which case HOW did they "enter"? Let's assume open, or that would mean some crime "had occurred".

"... and came out holding bottled water and other goods." What did they do between entering and coming out? If they just bought that water and other goods, then what the story? People seem to purchase stuff daily, and it's not usually news. Is it news because people bought items after some bad weather? No, not everyone is a prepper.

Ohhhhhhhh, I see. I believe the writer of the article wanted to mention looting without using the word looting. No, no looting, they just entered, and came back with water and other goods. Maybe they paid, maybe they didn't. Maybe the owner was giving all that away. The latter would be a feel-good story, would it not? Personally, I'd be glad to not have had to write this post to point out clear-as-mud journalism designed to only hint at what happened. We must read between the lines, as the old Babushka did with her copy of Pravda while sitting in the outhouse getting rid of some to that cabbage that she stood in line for 2 hours for!

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Cat burglars and entrepreneurship in China

Posted On: Thursday - March 21st 2019 8:59AM MST
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As we've stated before, Peak Stupidity's policy is to point out the stupidity everywhere, with no regard to offensiveness. It's the same for our writing on modern-day China, there's good and bad. In this post we've got the good and the bad together, regarding burglary. It's not the land of Chairman Mao anymore where there was amost no petty crime - yeah, just tens of millions of people killed directly by, or by the actions of the Communist government, but all that was, you know, within the law, and all. Back in the 1970's there was hardly any petty crime, because .... there was NOTHING TO STEAL!

Here’s some thoughts about those burglar bars that you see in bad nieghborhoods in America, that I noted in China too. See, burglars there are not your highly-impulsive semi-morons you’ve got here. In China they will get up to a window, and spray chemicals to knock you out, then grab stuff with certain ingenious mechanisms. NO, we are not sending our best burglars to the burbs to steal shit.

OK, I was pretty damn impressed with the work ethic and lack of anything resembling an OSHA, as Chinamen were welding these bars together right outside their shops on the wide sidewalk. I guess business was good, they were running out of room, and it’s probably a little bit better ventilation-wise. As a pedestrian, one had to step around the structures or even through them to get by.

Then, I thought about this. In the cities, 8 to 25 story high-rises are going up like Mao’s 1,000 flowers, in every city. Once the 1st-story residents (or it may be stores, but same idea) get their burglar bars, well, that just makes it way easier for the burglars to climb up to the next story via these bars. (Yes, I could do it, right now.) That means everyone on the 2nd story has to get them, or more like, whoever lives in an apartment above (or maybe above OR above AND one apt. left/right of) a place with these bars had better get his own set.

Bidness is brisk, baby! In fact, were I one of those conspiracy nuts, I’d be pretty sure that some of these burglar-bar manufacturers have their own burglars on contract – not only does it "encourage les others", but these burglars could probably steal more screwdrivers and maybe get lucky and steal some welding supplies. It’s a win/win!

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On Moslems in Ireland - just one anecdote

Posted On: Tuesday - March 19th 2019 4:14PM MST
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Seven-year-old Mohammad entered his classroom in Dublin on the first day of school.

“What’s your name?”, asked the teacher.

“Mohammad,” he replied.

“You’re in Ireland now,” replied the teacher, “so from now on you will be known as Mike.”

Mohammad returned home after school.

“How was your day, Mohammad?” his mother asked.

“My name is not Mohammad. I’m in Ireland and now my name is Mike.”

“Are you ashamed of your name?” his mother asked. “Are you trying to dishonor your parents, your heritage, your religion? Shame on you!”

And his mother beat the shit out of him.

Then she called his father, who beat the shit out of him again.

The next day Mohammad returned to school.

The teacher saw all his fresh bruises. “What happened to you, Mike?” she asked.

“Well, shortly after becoming an Irishman, I was attacked by two fucking Moslims.”

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AntiChrist-frontrunner Spawn Suffers SJW Spat

Posted On: Tuesday - March 19th 2019 8:58AM MST
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Not an AntiChrist - sometimes it skips a generation.

Near the time of our Blog-Birth, in December of '16, Peak Stupidity posted our thoughts on the possible AntiChrist candidates in American politics. Our speculation on the Øb☭ma, the Hildabeast, and, finally, the Soros, put us in a quandary. It's not like a lot of research has been done, and sources seem few and far between regarding this 3rd rail, if I may, of American politics, beating out Social Security* by a pubic hair.

Chelsea Clinton may or many not be the offspring of one ex-President William J. Clinton, but there's no doubt on the whole internet that she is the spawn of one of our AntiChrist possibilities. As much as Bill Clinton was one sleazy, corrupt, very-likely murderous bastard, he did all of that out of self-interest, with little regard for anything about falling from Grace or some kind of War in Heaven. Nope, he was just in it for the money, fame, and poontang. The other one, who shall be named the Hildabeast, has some very real AntiChristaline properties. The spawn of this marriage of political convenience, Mrs. Chelsea Clinton, of New York City, though a part of the ctrl-left, just does not seem AntiChrist material. Can it even be passed on genetically, and if so, does it skip a generation? Further readings of the Book of Revelation may be in order. (Hopefully, it's on the internet and hasn't been banned by some other AntiChrist candidates.)

Mrs. Chelsea Clinton, shown in the picture above "of child" is having her 3rd. That is admirable to Peak Stupidity, especially because we have not heard of any late 1970's-horror-movie type incidents of any OBs being bitten in the neck to bleed out during delivery for EITHER of the first two. Of course, that is just the exact sort of thing that'd be kept hush-hush for our privileged elites, come to think of it.

The Clinton Baby? Inquiring minds remain skeptical.

No, really, good on Chelsea Clinton for being a three-time Mom. No matter how feminist the Hildabeast is, would she not still be proud and happy, AntiChrist or not? I would hope that, if she really spends time with her offspring, Chelsea Clinton would become a bit more conservative. This finally leads to the point today, which from a NY Post article (warning, may jam up your browser, so don't keep it loaded long) about this Mrs. Clinton suffering a SJW's spittle and accusations of her speech being a cause of the ChristChurch massacre.

Let me digress again, here, the place is ChristChurch is it? It's not MohammadMosque, come to think of it, so what the hell were those people doing there in New Zealand to begin with?! Really, this is not to say they deserved to have been slain, by any means, but, again, as per Peter Brimelow's article discussed yesterday, the whole idea of importing such a dissimilar culture is some high-level stupidity! You don't get kind of stupidity at the dollar store, no, you've got to go shopping on 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive for this shit.

Oh, yeah, well, blah, blah, the dot-Indian-looking SJW verbally ripped on Mrs. Clinton, per the NY Post:
“After all that you have done, all the Islamophobia that you have stoked,” senior Leen Dweik angrily tells Clinton in a since-deleted viral video posted Friday night by student activist Rose Asaf. “This right here is the result of a massacre stoked by people like you and the words you have put out in the world.

“The 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there,” seethed Dweik, wearing a Bernie Sanders 2020 T-shirt — and referring to Clinton’s criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments about Israel last month.
Miss Asaf was virally angry, see, and Miss Dweik was literally seething ... who TF are these people?
“I’m so sorry you feel that way,” Clinton, a co-founder of NYU’s multicultural center who is pregnant with her third child, responded, prompting other students to chime in.

“What does ‘I’m sorry you feel that way’ mean? What does that mean?” a person shouted from the crowd
OK, enough defending of Chelsea Clinton, possible, but unlikely spawn of the AntiChrist, against some idiot Moslem loudmouths. I gotta agree - "I'm so sorry you feel this way." is one really asinine comment that I've heard too much of myself (did Chelsea get it from her Dad, when told "No, that's no cigar! I'm not doing it!"?). Listen, if you don't agree with an in-your-face SJW like this, then tell him off; there's no need to be sorry.

OTOH, is this questioning of her right to have her opinions, no matter how idiotic, going to possibly nudge Mrs. Clinton in a Libertarian direction? That assumes a certain amount of logic, so ... OK, I don't know whose side to be on, but it's very nice rooting against both. That's one thing about this "Coalition of the Fringes" thing (Steve Sailer terminology), especially with the Blue D-squad of The Party, in which white people (especially men, but women too now) have been sidelined. That's where you just make sure the Gator Aid is full, and take video with your cell phone. In ZeroHedge parlance, go long Orville Redenbacher!

* Here's Part 2 on the Social Security scam , err, scheme.

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Two Great VDare articles

Posted On: Monday - March 18th 2019 8:58AM MST
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It's another "hey, read this" post, but VDare does have some great writing, oh, and I'll point to 2 articles, both from today.

Peak Stupidity has not posted on the Christchurch, New Zealand massacre for a number of reasons. Without a TV, it's not like I hear much about it besides what I WANT TO READ, but I'm guessing it's 24/7/2-month-long(?) infotainment at this point. Besides it being covered nonstop, to where you've heard all you want to hear about it, I couldn't do as good a job making a point as Mr. Peter Brimelow.

In Christchurch Massacre: Yes, It’s Terrorism, Yes, It’s Tragic—and Yes, Elites Could Halt It, By Halting Immigration. But They Won’t., Mr. Brimelow, who owns the jernt*, does such a polite, civil, and erudite job of saying what would have taken multiple cusswords and special characters for the Peak Stupidity blog, that it's just as great a read, as you'd get here. ;-}

What it boils down to is simply this: What did you people think was going to happen?! (By "you people", I mean the Globalist and ctrl-left massive-immigration pushers.) Not only do you act through your government puppets against the will of a majority of the people to replace them and their culture, but you do your best to suppress all dissent. It's not even that people can't vote their way out, but they can't even get together to try, without being accused of "hate crimes", de-"platformed" off of the social media and possibly fired or even arrested. Did you all think nobody will fight back? Hey, I'm not condoning a mass murder any more than most others, but this is what's gonna happen. I thought you all wanted a "conversation". If your conversations are going to be the usual lectures without any chance for any civil input from the alt-right, then that input will come in the form of lead.

Mr. Brimelow includes the John F. Kennedy quote that Peak Stupidity has mentioned before:
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
The 2nd article today that I ask the reader here to read is by "Washington Watcher", who's October '18 article on "Tech Totalitarianism" was discussed just this past Wednesday" with a bit of dissension. In Christchurch Massacre Spurs Tech Totalitarians—But They Have Enemies Trump Could Work With, If He Would Focus, Mr. Watcher pretty much alleviates my concerns with his ideas on how these TT's COULD be dealt with (though, this "Trump Could Work With" part of the title is quite optimistic at this point!).

In that previous post here, I'd stated that getting the US Feral Gov't involved in determining what is censorship is a really bad idea and WW concurs here. (The background story is the D-Candidates proposals including an inadvertently good plan by Chief Warren):
That “nondiscriminatory dealing with users” part of her plan offers the possibility that Warren would crack down on censorship. Her proposal also empowers “federal regulators, State Attorneys General, or injured private parties” to sue tech giants that violate these rules. That potentially gives the victims of tech censorship the power to right their wrongs in court.

But of course this would be implemented by progressives. And anyone whose attended college know what that can mean.

Similarly, #MeToo’d Senator Al Franken (D.- MN) offered similar criticisms of tech power in 2017 op-ed and urged Congress to do something about it. But Franken also wanted Big Tech to do more to suppress “hate speech” and “misinformation.” State power was to be wielded to break up tech giants and make them more effective censors. [We must not let big tech threaten our security, freedoms and democracy, by Al Franken, The Guardian, November 8, 2017]
The author then points out that much of "Conservatism, Inc" uses the big-biz Libertarian idea of leave-them-be just based on their decent treatment by the Googles, etc, due to not going too far off the reservation by spouting off too much truth. He states that National Review, perhaps the flagship of Conservatism, Inc. gets donations from Google. I see how it goes ...

* Just some Archie Bunker- (of All in the Family) speak from years back, meaning "joint", which is also Olde Americanne (see that extra 2 letters adds cache**) for what, "platform"??

** See the last paragraph in that post linked-to for my beef on that stuff.

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Is Man-Bun guy the new Long-Haired Hippy?

Posted On: Saturday - March 16th 2019 7:45PM MST
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You see a lot of this hairstyle on younger men these days. It's a "man-bun", as that clump of hair on the back of the top is called for women. On women it is not particularly sexy (I'm sure not meant to be) but on men I think it looks damn weird. It's not effeminate, I guess, but "may I ask why?" I suppose this is about the most Curmudgeonly thing there is to say, and yeah, we've been through this before.

I wasn't around for it, personally, but could you imagine the thoughts in conservative's/curmudgeon's heads upon seeing the first really long-haired guys walking around. The disdain level had to be off the charts. Then there were The Beatles and other rock&roll combos (they used to call bands that). Once the women were OK with it, then all bets were off, and it's hard to make fun of a large group of guys with long-hair, unless you have an even larger group.

I suppose, then, that I should feel the same way that most men felt about the long-hair by 1968 - the women don't care, it saves money on haircuts, and if you can't beat 'em (cause they sometimes fight back), join 'em. Still, I don't see any reason to want to look like one of these guys today with this type of hairstyle. I don't think I will ever come to appreciate the man-bun. It's just another small piece of stupidity, and as the kid at the grocery said, as I wouldnt' let him card me for the 1/2 case of Miller High Life, "You need to know how to pick your battles."

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Stopping the complete replacement of Americans

Posted On: Saturday - March 16th 2019 7:27PM MST
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This short post today could easily be a summary of the whole purpose of VDare.com, one of Peak Stupidity's favorite political websites (#2 on the blogroll on the right --->). I'll just preface it with a word or two about my tremendous disappointment in President Trump. If he'd really had it in his head to do what I'm posting below, starting 2 years and a coupla' months ago, and been 1/2 the art-of-the-dealer he boasted he was, the world would already have been changed for the better.

In a series of posts called Ronnie vs. Donnie (Intro, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and a Conclusion), and starting from a boast of President Trump's, Peak Stupidity compared Donald Trump to Ronnie Reagan. We found Trump the loser in this comparison by far.

President Reagan, with the help of Maggie Thatcher, Helmut Kohl of West Germany, the old anti-Commie (what a refreshing though) Pope John Paul II, Pole Lech Walesa and millions of American soldiers, sailors, airmen and mechanical/electrical engineers and technicians won the Cold War against very big political odds, just in the US alone! That was the most important issue for any sane American of that era. President Trump, with a Republican (yeah, mostly cucks, but still) House and Senate, did pretty much, well, SQUAT on the most important issue of THIS CURRENT ERA!

This prescription for stemming the tide is just for the record, I guess. It's pretty much what Ann Coulter, PS #1 pundit, would put in a summary, too, and the President had her ear to some extent until he got butt-hurt about her criticism of his accomplishing, well, SQUAT, on the existential issue of the immigration invasion. Would that the President read Peak Stupidity (we don't care about any nasty tweets back - we're not tuned in to that shit - I don't even want to know what's the frequency, Kenneth?!"

Here’s how it’d have to go, people to have any chance of fixing things: When you are in a hole, the first thing you do is STOP DIGGING! That’s what the border “wall” (a decent working barrier would be fine) is about. This must be done before or simultaneously with the next steps, or there is just no point.

The next steps are:

1) There are tens of millions, call it 30-40, of illegal aliens in America. They must be deported upon arrest for any crime, or upon failure of an E-verify check, upon notification to ICE from anybody, or anything else other than random stops just for Orwellian “citizenship checks”. Once this starts happening in earnest, there will be millions who will realize it might be better to go home under their own power than to be caught in this system, with its “indignities” and such.

2) I don’t just mean Hispanics that came across the southern border. There have been millions of illegal entries due to overstaying of Visas of all kinds – student, fiance, work, and tourist visas. Information on most of these people is KNOWN. Finding them can be a different story, but it’s the job of the Feral Gov’t to take care of this. Also see (1), as in, once this is seriously underway, many (especially the tourist overstayers) will want to get out to keep their “good name”.

3) There are millions of legal resident Green-Card holders, foreign “nationals”, that is. 10-year Green-Cards should be rescinded, with a few month’s warning. The 2-year card holders should be scrutinized, by computer, and then by people, to discern whether they legitimately ought to be here.

4) Just as important as the border barrier is: An immigration moratorium of indefinite duration – I’d suggest 5 decades as a start – bringing numbers of legal immigrants down below 100,000 to max 1/4 million yearly must be put into law.

As much as the courageous legislators and executives who could get this done would be called every name in the book, all of this is perfectly Constitutional and one of the few areas that the Federal Gov’t SHOULD be involved in. Hear me now, or believe me later, this stuff must be done, if America is to survive in any form most of us think of as America. If President Trump had gotten this going, I’d be his 2nd biggest fan in the world, rather than thinking he’s a retarded liar and a coward.

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Nice Church ladies destroy Lewiston, Maine

Posted On: Friday - March 15th 2019 8:50PM MST
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This is Lewiston, Maine:

Peak Stupidity has discussed the extreme conflagrations that happen when one mixes the two compounds Nice and Stupid together before, specifically regarding the city now called Minnegadishu (more here), once a part of the great white north. Nno, it hasn't been moved, that's not it.

Lewiston, Maine is a much smaller city, though still fairly large for the nice rural state of Maine, Steven King country. In reply to a commenter on the unz site about how exactly a population 36,000 nice small city, once a big paper mill town, could now be 1/6 Somalian, I have a reply here. Let me just say that looking up information on population was almost sickening. The nice snowflake types that don't necessarily have to stay in Androscoggin County, where there are over 7,500 "refugees" OUT OF (east) AFRICA. One touts the greater abilities of the high school soccer teams. Really, is that, in addition to Cuisine Change worth getting replaced as a people? Will Lewiston really be Lewiston, or Maine be Maine, when the nice compassionate church-based importers of these people have had their fill? When will they stop compassioning the living hell out of the state of Maine? Well, this post is just to explain how they get away with it:

The “good” compassionate people importing these unassimilable masses never cared what happens to Lewiston, Maine, or anywhere else, as showing compassion and showing that they are compassionate to others is the important thing.

This is Lewiston, Maine on Somalians:

The poor bastards who’ve got to live with the huge change to their quality of life and culture for now on (with always a downward trend), know right away it's gonna be a bad thing, and may go to those initial town hall meetings "conversations":

“We’re just bringing in downtrodden families, plus maybe a couple of poor teenagers, from Somalia. I hope there are no racist xenophobes here. If so, it’s only 15 asylum-seekers to our town of 30 thousand – how can you be so mean and nasty to object?!” Well, nobody objects. Nobody in town wants to have everyone else there look at him like that nasty foul-mouthed bad guy that isn’t compassionate enough to provide a “room at the inn”.*

At the next asylum-seeker meeting for another 20 asylum-seekers, its just the same, except you won’t even find 1/2 the people there from town to show up to object, as they can imagine how embarrassing it would be. This goes on for years, and people have kids. People find it easier to move to a different town than to say anything. You’d think that’d be silly… but no, it's pretty much all that's left to do.

The famed fiction author Steven King is from Maine, or even OF Maine, as his novels are often written with his homeland as the setting. This most famous of Maine citizens lives quite a ways away down east, as they say, or at least way east, there in Bangor. I'm not really sure how his novels will read, if writes them with the same setting a few years hence. I guess he'll be able to fit gang fights somewhere into his story of the supernatural. I'll just wait for the movie again.

"Uh, you refugees want to see my mansion Down East?"

"... well ... ya caaan't get theah from heaah!"

Before the next town gets this treatment from the (tax-payer supported, I forgot to tell you that) Church organizations with their greaat compassion for, well, sure as hell not you!, you may just want to speak up, per note below*. This is no joke. They will not be assimilated. You will be replaced.

(I got this image off of the Huffington Post, believe it or not,
having gone there to read the sick stuff in support of Lewiston's population replacement.)

* Now, if they had gotten together ahead of time, with 100 men of the community putting together a presentation on what happened in the last “Lewiston, Maine” after it got inundated with “aslyum-seekers” and proudly resisted, it may have never gone that far. However, people are too deep into their Bread and Circuses to have time for this. It also takes guys with real guts.

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What to do about the Tech Totalitarians?

Posted On: Wednesday - March 13th 2019 8:48PM MST
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  Websites  Liberty/Libertarianism  US Feral Government  Orwellian Stupidity  Legal Stupidity

Bezo's Book-Banning Big Brother:

Did Jeff Bezos slow realization of his dream that Amazon.com be the place for the world buy anything and everything go to his head, or change him in some way? He may not be a totalitarian, but his company is getting that way.*

Beyond the discussion in the previous post about Amazon's book banning ways of recent days, and specifically the very bad idea of having the US Government take charge of anti-censorship, is the more general subject of what to do about these Tech Totalitarians. That is some nice VDare-generated (I think) terminology, though the word "tech" has really been bastardized to wrongly apply now only to computer technology. One can read hundreds of well-written, thought provoking articles on various forms of Tech Totalitarianism on VDare by a multitude of writers.

I found an article by VDare's "Washington Watcher" from last fall, that had caused me to do some thinking at the time about this pernicious problem we have now that Amazon.com is pretty much the place to buy ANYTHING, eBay is by far THE on-line used-goods place, Google has 92% of the search traffic, PayPal controls the payments for the purchases, etc. Yeah, they do monopolize their respective parts of the informational, commerical, and transactional on-line scene.

In Google vs. Trump: “The Good Censor” On Collision Course With The Patriot President, Mr. Watcher argues for Big-Gov to DO SOMETHING. Well, as I argued in the previous post, that could be a very bad idea, well, it pretty much WOULD be. Does anyone remember the "equal time" business in some law from the '70's that said radio stations or shows had to give equal time for opposing views? Yeah, it didn't work out too good. It's easy for the Overton Window to be shifted to where Rachael Maddow is your conservative. That depends on who's in the bureaucracy that runs the shitshow that would result from Feral Government being the arbiter of fairness. No, no, and no!

There are still a lot of ideas in the article however, and others like it. Mr. Watcher brings up this monopoly of service in all these internet-tech areas being broken up by government. That's more reasonable, but can Amazon or Google be broken up like Standard Oil? Even the phone company (yes it was just "the phone company" back in the day), Bell, after being broken up in 1982 into 7 regional companies, your Southern Bell, Bell Atlantic, US West, etc., all kinda came back into place as AT&T some years later. The whole scene had changed by then, first with the various long-distance providers, and later with cell service.

Are these companies basically utilities now, that must be regulated like the regional electric company? I get the idea that, nobody is going to build a new set of high-tension lines parallel to the existing ones to do business. Whoever owns the lines has pretty much got customers over a barrel if they want to squeeze them. Is it really like that with Amazon though? Sure, they have a big market, but there are different sites to buy auto parts, others to buy sports equipment, etc. However, the ability to first find these via a search uses another near-monopoly. Then, the payment system is another monopoly. The internet itself, unlike the high-tension wires, or even the actual fiber optic cables that are the backbone of it, is not really OWNED by anyone. Data can go in all different directions, making it very hard to control the whole deal, not that people aren't trying, cough, China, cough, cough.

Mr. Washington Watcher and others argue that the Libertarian leave-business-alone idea is just not going to cut it when dealing with these big giants of the information world. I have already stated that no, we can't play whiffle ball, when the ctrl-left, Globalists, and Commies are playing hardball. Leaving it be assumes that competition will rise up. That is difficult due to the inherent monopolies formed, as Peak Stupidity has discussed user-generated content and difficulty of entry into one of these markets.

Real Conservatives or any other dissidents that want to really be able to operate productively on the internet would have to build their own world on it - all parts of it. You make a site for selling otherwise-banned books, and the Google hides you. You've got a video channel to help, and youtube (owned by Google) hides you or takes your stuff off. You get the world of mouth finally, and, well, the payment site bans you. No, it's not easy.

Does the reader remember the Alta-Vistas and Lycoses of yesteryear? It was over 20 years back now. There WAS real competition in search engines, but I will give Google credit: Those search engines** all sucked in finding stuff compared to Google's ability now. OTOH, go back a few more years, and I can remember first going on the www. Nobody at my level had the knowledge to explain to me what the browser program was, as compared to the site itself, and how anything at all worked. They just told me to go to some "brown cow" site to find this one thing, and I figured there were a few hundred places to be, ON THE INTERNET. Haha, I was even then probably off by 3 orders of magnitude. The search programs didn't really have that much to work with. It would not have helped any to hide a website, as it probably wouldn't show up either way, and friends just told you the names of good websites. And WE LIKED IT THAT WAY!

OK, enough reminiscing here, but it does make me think of one great part of the software world that seems be old hat now: Open Source. These generous geeks (no sarcasm there) spent months of their lives helping us write software, write documents, work out numbers, run websites - servers, databases, scripting language, all of that with their own open-to-modification software, preventing Microsoft from being quite the evil that they well could have been. What is new with GNU? That will be a topic for another post.

One more thing in this long post, somewhat inspired by the ideas, even that I don't agree with in Washington Watcher's article. This is where Washington, FS comes into the picture, in fact, and is an idea I can positively get behind. There is already a "Communications Decency Act", passed in 1996 as the internet world came to light in the minds of politicians. One particular Section 230 of this bill lets websites off the hook for indecent content, basically preventing them from liability, as "interactive computer services". In the best terminology to explain this, the website is not the "PUBLISHER" of the information on the site, while the actual writer, the "content provider" can be liable. As Peak Stupidity discussed, the excellent idea of letting the users (think Amazon reviews, youtube videos, blurbs in pages found by Google) generate the content, beside being of great benefit in saving an impossible amount of work, gains immunity for these "content providers".

Washington Watcher (I imagine it's not solely his idea) says, take these Tech Totalitarians out of Section 230 immunity. Let them be liable for lawsuits involving all the content, and watch them squirm. The suggestion is that President Trump could push this idea through was made in this article from October of '18. That was before Trump was DEAD TO ME, though.

It's a complex subject, but this Tech Totalitarianism is a 21st century problem, unimaginable 20 years back. What's the solution going to be? I don't know yet, as Peak Stupidity is not really a Solutions Provider.

* BTW if he's gonna be a rich possiblly-evil bastard, he really needs to do better with the chicks. If you're gonna lose $35,000,000,000 by leaving the wife, you really ought to be able pick a 22-y/o hottie. Yes, she would be in it for your money - get over it!

** Now there's another stupid piece of geek-terminology stolen from real life. How, in any manner, does a computer program resemble an engine?

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Books, Big Brother Bezos, and Big Government to the rescue?

Posted On: Tuesday - March 12th 2019 9:30AM MST
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Big Brother Bezos:

Due to some of the Orwellian type of action being taken (well, if you can call punching in some flags in the database, "action") by the Four F.A.G.S. of the Apocalypse lately, there is talk of getting the US Feral Gov't involved. The latest, per a Ron Unz article that got long and veered completely off the subject*, American Pravda: Amazon Book Censorship, is Amazon.com's ramp up of the banning of books certain people don't like. Mr. Unz does bring up these certain organizations, and the ADL and $SPLC are two of them. Why Amazon listens to them is your guess, but my guess would be that they feel the need to suck up to whomever the Feral Gov't has been sucking up to.

With this censorship by these large "private" entities, there's lots of writing all over the web about what should be done about it. We should all know that the US Constitution's Bill of Rights very first Amendment is a ban on the US Federal Government's control of speech of any sort. No, that doesn't include private entities. The arguments over whether these huge natural monopolies (see The F.A.G.S. space and new competition) are truly private, and what deal, so to speak, the US government should have with them. Many arguments on the breaking-up of these monopolies and the immunity from libel due to being publishers vs. whatever have good points. Discussion of those arguments will be the subject of an upcoming post.

I've been in on-line arguments about this too. My problem is with the people that think the solution to this Big-Biz Stupidity is to simply have the US Feral Government take control, you know, for our own good and all that. I don't know how someone with even a minute knowledge of US political history, what with ONE CENTURY now of encroaching central government, could really believe this would be a good thing. Really, Socialists, do you think that the US Government will put the kibosh on censorship? Who will make the determination of what is censorship? Do you think that particular bureaucracy will be manned by just thinking (maybe?) people like yourselves? Have you known people in the US Government?

Most of us with any experience in life know that with plenty of exceptions, the rank-and-file in the whole millions-of-employees US, State, and local governments are NOT your type to appreciate freedom. They'd have quit by now, otherwise. There is a large preponderance of left-wing, D-squad people in the employee ranks, as, after all, they do want to keep their jobs. The bosses, as a matter of fact, want to be boss of MORE people, so they'd like there to be MORE jobs. This is common sense to most of us.

Take a look at the people in Big-Ed and at the Universities. Do they seem like the small government proponents to you, seeing as their paychecks come from government, meaning part local, part State, and part Federal taxes?

So, let me get this straight, alt-right Socialists: You want the US Feral Gov't, who's been running scams for years to outsource your jobs, deliberately replacing you as a people, and taking big chunks of your life's labor to give to irresponsible people to raise THEIR kids with, to run a very fair system to make sure the F.A.G.S. and others play fair? This is after you've seen the fairness of Affirmative Action and Hate Crime" enforcement, right?

Is that still a yes? Well, in that case, I may need to attend one of your conventions, should the Feral Gov't make a positive effort to defend your right to speak there, haha. I will be bringing some promotional materials regarding some very nice swampland I am selling in south Florida ... big lots ... of mosquitoes, copious brackish water ... hurricane-proof large lots... they're a steal, people! See you all there.

BTW, It's just a shame about Amazon.com though. Mr. Bezos was a hard-working (grew up on a cattle ranch) guy who had not just a bright idea ("Hey, sell stuff on the internet!"- pretty much the only big idea of Internet Bubble 1.0), but worked his ass off to turn a garage operation into 2 big warehouses selling books, music CDs, videos, and software within a couple of years, by mid 1998. Well, those "big" warehouses became obsolete and the hundreds or so really big automated ones selling everything one would want, along with the always bullet-proof web-site, IMO, being a "platform"** for selling all kind of crap that they don't even have to handle.

Did Mr. Bezos go wrong? Is he really in charge, or did some Deep State that he no coulda' refused suck him into the evil of censorship of the original wonderful things that he loved and started his business for, books?

Younger Jeff Bezos,
sure, you get old, but you don't have to turn evil ...

... nobody's got a gun to your head, right? Wait ... does he?

* I highly respect the guy, but he went off on some large tangent about the particular subject matter on the books getting banned, rather than sticking to what's going on with Big Brother Amazon.

** "Platform" for a virtual entity is one of those PSPP, Peak Stupidity Pet Peeves. It bugs the crap out of me, in fact, but I guess is still a useful term. Why do geeks have to appropriate there words from the physical world? Make up your own stuff, geeks!

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Full-time Commie, O'Cassionally Cortex

Posted On: Monday - March 11th 2019 9:39AM MST
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Leader of the Young Turds?:

After Peak Stupidity's quick introduction of the current crop of Blue-Squad candidates, the Old Pharts and the Young Turds to those blissfully uninformed, we will focus the quick post on one of the Young Turds, affectionately (only because she has a big rack) known as O'Ccasional Cortex.

Zerohedge has been pretty damn good in defending real Capitalism, as opposed to the current American economic system as of late, kind of a change, in my opinion. After the 29 y/o junior Senator spouted off some amazingly stupid ideas while in the ctrl-left's Texas headquarters of Austin, Mr. "Tyler Durden" posted AOC Slams Capitalism As "Irredeemable" System. Now, I could expect some silliness from a young millennial, and especially a halfway-decent-looking millennial chick with a nice rack, but how does someone like this become a US Senator?!

It's true the the Washington political scene has become filled with older and older people, as people have been just living healthier and longer (see Passing Peak Rich Old People). There were many young turks in the past though, as we can specifically look to the Kennedies. President John Kennedy was one of the youngest to take office (as was Bill Clinton in the early 1990's), though in his 40's. His brother Robert, US Attorney General (no, no nepotism there, but he was smart enough not to pull a Trump and hire the enemy) was in his mid-30's. Steven Miller, President Trump's only worthwhile appointee, IMO, is still 33 y/o, and he's very much aware of both political history and current politics. Going back to the Kennedies, though one may not have agreed with their left-wing policies, for the time, these people had knowledge of history and US citizenship that just makes Miss Cortex look like a complete retard.

Some of the Zerohedge commenters (as usual, fun reading) suggest that the reason this ditzy broad "came out of nowhere" is the same reason one Mr. Øb☭ma came out of nowhere. He was 1 1/2 decades older, but he also suddenly got put into a candidate spot for US Senator from Illinois, as the other D-candidate was quickly dispatched by some scandal. (Was that just luck for Mr. Øb☭ma?). After not even a full term of voting present, if he could make it in to do so, and spouting out some community organizing racial bullshit, all of a sudden he was a Presidential frontrunner. Both instances are indeed kind of odd, and there are plenty of Deep State operatives with the money and resources to make it all happen. Could this new young ditz even have the wherewithal to BE an operative of any sort though? Being an operative takes a little more brains than being a bartender, unless things are more advanced than I thought and they are operating her brains and mouth using an app from their underground bunker in Langley.

That theory doesn't hold water once you hear what comes out of this lady's mouth:
"Capitalism is an ideology of capital - the most important thing is the concentration of capital and to seek and maximize profit...so to me capitalism is irredeemable," she said.
... while wearing nice clothes and sitting in a plush studio, using modern electronics, all produced in factories that lots of nasty CAPITAL to build. The Communist idiocy out of this woman is just too soon to be part of some brilliant plan, as, if you can stand to watch this stuff*, I can't see how you wouldn't just be motivated to pull the level for Trump again (for reasons of "the lesser of two losers" this time),.

Lastly, the Zerohedge article shows a tweet of Miss Cortex, with her "Green New Deal" initiative, being meat-space-friended by Bill Nye, the Science guy. This is timely news to me, as I had borrowed some of this guys educational videos before. The boy was too young to watch them then, preferring to watch youtube videos of fire trucks rolling down the road over and over again, here and there and everywhere (actually, Bucks County, Pennsylvania - must be a big fire truck fan there)! Now, the boy's a few years older, so he can understand when I tell him that we won't be getting those videos, as the guy's a Communist.

*- Personally, I've never even heard this lady talk. I didn't watch the ZH embedded youtube video, as I've already enjoyed my breakfast the first time.

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Infotainment - The race for Blue Squad Leader

Posted On: Saturday - March 9th 2019 10:27PM MST
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Just to explain the title, Peak Stupidity maintains that the US Gov't is full of people from just one party, The Party, with its red and blue squad. The differering squads allow folks to be infotained on TV, just as with the other circuses (half of "Bread & Circuses", as during the decline or Rome), such as the football games or NCAA March Madness. At this time, seeing the lack of effort by President Trump to fulfill his most important campaign promise, or ENTIRE REASON for his campaign, this seems more true than ever.

Since the deal for a long time is that US Presidents are to serve for 2 terms, unless something has really gone bad for them, the red squad won't provide us with the race-for-the-top infotainment this election "cycle". However, the Blue squad will. It's sickening to me just to hear about any of these people, but I'll just mention the field of real winners the Blue squad has got to entertain us, just in case you haven't heard of them. The 1st 3 are older white people. Do they "deserve" to have the job because it's their turn, as in the old political ways?

The Old Pharts:

Socialist, lawyer, Indian Chief, non-respectively disrespectfully.

Does the old VP that hangs aound Washington still automatically get the nomination slot? I don't think that'll happen due to the demographics of the blue squad. This ain't 1988. That will affect the chances for the Indian Chief and the Socialist as well. With their great love of dieversity, it's not like these 3 should have anything to complain about. They should welcome more diversity into the ranks of Democrat presidential candidates. Did they think 2 elections of the Øb☭ma were going to pacify the people of colors? Haha, there's no compromising among any of these people. That's kind of the fun in watching this stuff (or at least reading about it on Steve Sailer's blog, in my case).

No, there's a new crop of young, or at least younger, people of all kinds of colors and ethnicities that deserve to be given this top slot because of diversity. Hey, you guys came up with this stuff - OWN IT, BITCHES!

The Young Turds

Now, we may have thought that the Øb☭ma elections were a major change from the past, as this antichrist no, just hate-filled dork, was one of the first to actively disparage traditional Americans in his campaigns. Well, the young turds above are at another level. They, along with the Old Pharts are now bringing up hard-core left-wing stuff that would have sounded stupid even in the '16 election. The talk is all about forcing people who never owned slaves to pay lots of money to people who never were slaves. This reparations bit will turn off a lot of white voters who have been sticking with this blue squad for a long time. Then there is the Moslem congresscritter from the Great formerly-white north, the land of the snowflakes calling out Jewish influence, causing a big fracas among the "coalition of the fringes", a Steve Sailer term.

This may make the red-squad folks very happy. How could any of these people keep the various dis-united, I mean diversified, groups happy and voting for him? Trump will trounce any one of them, you say. That would be something to be very glad about if President Trump were doing anything serious to help us. Based on what he's accomplishing now for us, I'd say what difference does is make that he can beat any one of these people in the '20 election? A 2nd term will do no good if it's anything like his 1st so far.

OK, OK, I can be thankful that the Hildabeast is not this very moment berating the white men for something or other. I would rather have Trump win again than any of these Socialist, ctrl-left, anti-white assholes. I guess decent talk out of President Trump is better than nothing, but it's not stopping the slide of America into ruins.

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General Dieversity

Posted On: Friday - March 8th 2019 9:27PM MST
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Just shoot him down like Yamamoto

(Friendly fire, unfriendly fire, we don't care.)

He's not just a 4-star general - he's chief of staff of the Air Force. A guy like David Goldfein might explain why the Navy Sailors and Marines call the operation the "Air Farce", but then again there are probably lots of General Goldfiens in their top ranks too.

Paul Kersey, writes on unz White United States Air Force Chief of Staff Argues Racial Diversity Is "Warfighting Imperative" Because a Black Airmen Taught Him Bandaids Were Racist. You've just gotta read this one yourself. It's one of those stories that generate the phrase "I can't even ..."

OK, I can, a little bit. This hard-core Political Correctness in the top ranks of the American armed forces is not new. One can go back to Army General George Casey after the Nidal Malik Hasan Fort Hood massacre, whose statement "Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse", displays some of this extreme stupidity from people who really can't be that stupid.

Mr. Kersey points out another guy, a Brigadier General that seriously worried Air Force Thunderbirds too male, too white, top general warns. It's difficult and dangerous enough to fly a fighter jet, period, even in peacetime, especially the landing on carriers and formation flying. Now, you want the men to fly in the premier aerobatic squadron (OK, tied with the Blue Angels), greatly dependent on these 5 others with their lives each and every show, but with people who aren't necessarily the best?! I guess this guy doesn't care about people in airshow crowds either. Maybe the cost of a new F-16 could be something to change his mind, but I guess 50 - 100 million dollars is chump change within the military budget.

Nah, but I should really correct myself on what I do know about scum like this: They are not stupid. They are evil. They became evil when they became cowards - cowards because they'd rather spout out, and lead based on, this diversity bullshit when they do know better. Their status and retirement money are more important to them than, not only plain truth, but having the US military in a condition to fight a REAL WAR. Here, their management in US Feral Government and in the high ranks, are involved in goading on Russia and China into fights, when they have in their minds the fighting that the American military has been doing all over the world against the little guy.

This PC stuff will not fly if our government ever gets us into a real war with an enemy with even close to the manpower and firepower we have. I would not hesitate to call Air Force Chief of Staff Goldfein a TRAITOR, as his actions will greatly reduce the confidence of the real airmen in the US Air Force to be able to just do their jobs without interference in who they fly with.

BTW, as just a blog note, Peak Stupidity has been getting quite a few of the ideas for our posts from writers on the unz site lately. We're trying not to just be a repeat of what the reader could read over there.

There's still greater than 50% of material consisting of expounding our own original stupidity concepts. Unz.com does have some very interesting articles, but more importantly, especially under Steve Sailer's blog, lots of noticing of new and unusual sources of stupidity that we just don't have the resources for (a subscription to the NY Times is expensive, right?). We could easily go to Drudge for more ideas, but, as mentioned before, his politics have gone downhill, and the shitshow of a world that he presents with his headline/links (refreshed every 2 minutes!) is a distorted view of reality, even in this day and age.

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Major police effort solves hate-hoax haaaachuuu!

Posted On: Wednesday - March 6th 2019 7:37PM MST
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Suspects detained in hate-hoax sting:

(Image shamelessly downloaded off Breitbart.)

DATELINE: Lamar, SC (Darlington County), HateDate: 03:04:19

Per this amusing story of stupidity, South Carolina Mayor Charges Racism After Car Defaced, Then Police Find the Facts, this worrisome case of hatred against Mayor Darnell Byrd McPherson, mayor of the northeastern South Carolina metropolis of Lamar, SC has been solved. Between the horrific but untrue hate-case involving Jussie Smollett and his Nigerian accomplices, and many other terrible, but debunked, cases that have been building up in the public, uhh, $PLC's consciousness, race relations look pretty grim indeed. In this latest near-crime in rural South Carolina:
Darnell Byrd McPherson, mayor of Lamar, South Carolina, quickly assumed she had been the victim of a hate crime after finding a yellow “sticky substance” painted over her and her husband’s cars recently, according to Newsweek.

McPherson told the media that the substance “got in all of the grooves” of the autos that were sitting outside the couple’s home.
"All in the grooves", man that's low! It gets worse:
My husband went out to the car to get some things out of the garage,” the mayor told Newsweek. “He says, ‘Somebody’s painted your car!’”

McPherson added that a neighbor also alerted her to the substance.

The incident caused her to assume she had been a victim of a hate crime.

“I likened it as a hate crime because No. 1, there’s a history in our town of Lamar,” the Lamar mayor said.

McPherson harkened back over 40 years when she claims that “burning crosses” were commonly seen in the area.
They may or may not have been completely cross-shaped, though some racists say that it was just "lots of all-night pig barbecues being held near the time of the drag races." A likely story, right? I mean, who eats barbecue in S. Carolina, especially that vinegar-based stuff?

Luckily, the LPD (Lamar Police Dude), actually the Darlington County Sheriff's Deputy, Robby Kilgo, broke the case later in the hour:
“We found it to be pollen. There was no reason for us to collect a sample.”
What? Who'd have known about those Oak trees in South Carolina? The thing must have growed up like some a weed, and dropped that pollen in the middle of the night, just like those racist Federally-funded KKK bastards used to do with that enamel spray paint back in the day that time the Reverend was talkin' bout. Really though, that yellow pollen is hellacious in the South at this time of year.

This case may have been overblown, but there's a long history, you white people, you - This is the same kind of … achoooo…. same damn …. achooooo! Geeze!… sniff… shit that they …. waaaachooooiey! …. hand me that roll of toilet paper …. shit that they …. uhhh, uhhhhhh … pulled on that Emmett Ti ... chooooo … ill!

I guess Lamar is too small to have a car wash, but how about Darlington? I’ve seen cars turn so yellow-green this time of year that you really can’t tell what color they are supposed to be. Of course, if you’re not a sell-out to whitey, you’d have a bright enough purple, green, or orange car to where the color shines through. Clear-coat, baby!

Hate-free automobile. Just try painting over this color, you raciss Oaks!:

Is it really a black/white thing, or just a problem of underprivileged Lamar, South Carolina being a self-serve car-wash desert?

PS: I will admit I first got wind of this story from Mr. Steve Sailer, in his post The Yellow Peril of Hate Stalks South Carolina, with good humorous comments as usual.

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