Lord, I was born a ramblin' man.

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From the miserable year-long 5,000 mile rambling of the Chinese Communists, we move to rambling in the 1970's American freest times every seen by man in recorded history. This blogger has considered himself a ramblin' man in the past.... though I have ridden the hound many times, I do have a birth certificate, if I can find it, that shows I wasn't born on it. I do remember the times, though, when the Greyhound driver slowed down in the middle of the night, looked toward the back, and yelled "put that joint out, or I'll drop you off right here!" No, that was not directed at your blogger here.

Compare the life of the lyrical "Ramblin' Man" in America in this song to a real-life Commie marcher of only 3 1/2 decades earlier

Here is the Allman Brothers from their album Brothers and Sisters.

This song has Dickey Betts singing, rather than the more bluesy Gregg Allman, two songs of whose were featured here right after he died about 1 1/2 years back. (Also, Peak Stupidity posted the song Dreams, also with Gregg Allman singing, a year ago on Robert E. Lee's birthday.) That's Dickey and a guy named Les Dudek on lead guitar. Duane Allman had already been killed in a motorcycle wreck, and the bass player Berry Oakley was killed the same way 3 blocks from the site of Duane's wreck, during the making of this album.

US Highway #41 goes down from Detroit, where it is "Telegraph Road", down to SW Florida, passing through the Allman's part of Georgia on the way.

If you're not in a good mood after hearing this, there's nothing that can help.

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The Long March of the Chinese Commies

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All Commies are equal, but some are more equal than others.
Comrade Mao takes a few hundred mile breather on the march:

This post comes out of left (yes, LEFT) field, though Peak Stupidity did mention the 1934-5 Chinese "Long March" back in one paragraph in the post called Long Marches, never-ending marches, and Revolutions. I've been reading through this Wikipedia article and another on the site Alpha History about this period of Chinese History near the beginning of the 1st phase of this (of many in the 5,000 year history) civil war. (It had to be interrupted for a few years in order to fight off the Japanese, with American help, I might add.)

The Wiki article seems fairly unbiased, as many can be, when the politics are left out. I was surprised to find the Alpha History site even disparaging this period in the Communist's history and Mao himself. It should be easy enough to find diparaging material on the tyrant/butcher/torturer Mao Zedong, but it's not as easy as it should have been.

If it weren't for the fact that the winners write the history, we'd be calling this whole deal the "Long Retreat" rather than the "Long March". See, the Kuomingtang, the Chinese Nationalists (and on-off-on-again anti-Communists) under General Chiang Kai-Shek had built fortifications all around the eastern province of Jiangxi (just west of Fujian province, which is 100 miles across the straits from Taiwan) to surround this first Chinese "Soviet" with its armed forces of 130,000 men, located in Ruijin, in the SE of the province (the closest big city being Ganzhou, with it's current population of 9,000,000, located about 600 miles SSW of Shanghai).

After a diversion in a different direction by some of the Red forces, of 86,000 people trying to break out past the fortifications of the Nationalists, only 36,000 made it out of the area, the rest have been killed or having deserted. The group headed west, through northern Guangdong province, then northern Guangxi province, into deepest, mountainous Guizhou. During this time there were power struggles among the leaders Mao, General Zhou, a guy named Bo, and a German Commie advisor named Otto Braun*. General Mao, who was able to remain in charge, moved his forces, the 1st Army, in a continual retreat from the Kuomingtang, something back and forth and around-and-round, adding to the mileage. There were regroupings eventually with the 2nd Army and the 4th Army, but they resulted in more division again and both the other two armies had their own subsequent just-as-long (2nd) and not-quite-as-long (4th) marches to go.

The ~ 5,000 mile route (depending on whom you ask) of the Red Chinese 1st Army:

The dashed curve is the path of Mao's 1st Army.
The southern dotted curve is the path of the 2nd Army,
and the northern dotted curve is the path of the 4th Army

Almost until the end, the Long March was a retreat from the Chiang Kai-Shek's forces, with battles of all sizes along the way. One of them, the early-on Battle of the Xiang River, was reported to leave 40,000 Commies dead, and another, the Luding Bridge (on the Dadu River), a famous victory said to be a fierce battle by the Reds, was reported later to be a skirmish in which the local warlords (no Nationalists) just turned and ran. The worst of it must have been the trek across the over 13,000 ft high mountain passes through the Snowy Mountains heading north from Yunnan into Sichuan province. Mao's Army ended up by the Great Wall in late October of 1935, with something like 8,000 people remaining of the 160,000 total people who had participated. I don't think any general in any army in world history would consider this a successful operation.

The length of that miserable trek is on the order of a round-trip from Chicago, Illinois to LasVegas, Nevada. I'd prefer the latter, myself. I'd much rather get my kicks on Route 66 than travel with a bunch of stinking Commies on the run in the backwoods of China. However, for a Commie with propaganda at his disposal, this Long March is a thing to celebrate and reminisce about. That town of Ruijin, where the Red Chinese had their 1st little Soviet, with their "28 Bolsheviks" (they were good with that abacus) is considered a destination for a pilgramage of the hard-core Commie, Mao-sackhanging set to this day. In the meantime, as bad as things are here, I'd rather be in the south side of Chicago (for not too long) or losing my blogging profits in the pits of Lost Wages!

* The Nationalists had their own Germans, including one Hans von Seeckt, who helped General Chiang in developing the plan to surround the Commies back in Jiangxi. "Whose Germans were better?" is always the question that crops up in military history.

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Thousands Standing Around without pay

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"We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us" comes to fruition.

Actually, the problem is more that some of them DO work hard,
but at a job that involves DOING US WRONG, for anyone who values his freedom.*

Per Zerohedge yesterday, More TSA Workers Citing 'Financial Hardship' As Reason For Calling Out Of Work. They can just as well stand around at home. I think this can only be a good thing. If there are a dozen or 2 passengers stranded at a slow-moving TSA line at a small airport, the airline WILL hold the flight. They will eventually put pressure, as much as one can on a government agency, to speed it up to avoid this. At the airline hubs, the mass of misconnected passengers will cause the execs to do the same.

Early on here, I do want to emphasize that the discussion here is based on the major wrong assumption certain people make, that the TSA SHOULD be able to even operate in America to begin with. This is not a new topic for Peak Stupidity, as we have discussed the wrongness of the TSA before, (along with the Communist-inspired name of the Cabinet Dept. it operates under, the Department of Motherland Homeland Security back on September 11th, 2017.

The Zerohedge article gives some easy-to-work-with numbers: There are ~ 51,000 employees at an average annual salary of $41,000. Lop off the one-thousands, and it gives a cool $2 billion spent yearly. Hey, wait, 2 1/2 years of that, and we're in the (widely-government-style-inflated) cost of a wall on our southern border. Let's see, if these TSA people had been sent home when Trump became President, with this extra money, the wall could have made it from National City, California to somewhere around Del Rio, Texas by now! (Let's ignore for the moment that this all is < 1/2000th of they yearly Feral budget, so it's all just chump change.)

Just looking at the $41,000 annual salary, for a minute, and the ZH headline, no, it's not much money these days. It does beat minimum wage service jobs by a long shot though. I don't want to hear that these government employees are living paycheck-to-paycheck-to-well, missing the last couple, haha. One can live off that and even save enough after a year to enable being shy a couple of checks. One just can't try to live like a 1980's or '90's middle-class American though, and do that, which is another topic. I guess the almost-impossible-to-be-fired, low-pressure government lifestyle makes this crowd unworried about living on the edge with their finances.

In earlier discussion on this Feral Gov't Shutdown, ... is it a threat, or a promise?, we brought up the "office-to-pool-hall pipeline idea. The TSA would be a choice example for the best use of that policy. Imagine if we just paid these people to stand around, but NOT AT AIRPORTS. You have to stand up while playing pool, so these people should be acclimated to that new use of their time. What a more pleasant experience air travel would be! Sure, pay these people the 2 billion anyway, it's the same as welfare - what's the diff?

I mentioned that bad assumption made to enable this discussion to begin with, on whether it's Constitutional. No, it's not. Even if we don't go this far, to basic principals on which our country was founded, such as this security of person and property from the Feral Gov't, there is the other stupidity implied in having these 51,000 people do this job while the southern border remains wide open. Let's get off the overwhelming Hispanic immigration-invasion for a bit here, and just think of others who are getting in to the US illegally and without anyone's knowledge of their identities. Yes, there is evidence of plenty of people from all parts, cough, cough, MOSLEM, cough, parts of the world getting in this same way. Though some may have come a long way just for the bennies like the rest, others may have different agendas. The stupidity implied by the leaving wide open of this most basic path to a loss of security while insisting that we need these 51,000 people searching American children and grannies is some high-level stupidity indeed.

I'll just send you to the ZeroHedge article comment section to get some more comment on the utter stupidity of having the TSA. I wasted 1/2 hour on an Apple device trying to learn to copy text better off of some sites (while it works fine on others), so I cannot put my favorites in here right now.

* There is an Anarcho-Tyrany aspect to this, as, even with all the riff-raff in government, many Americans do try to do a thorough job at whatever their jobs are. Were this Latin America, there would be no integrity, making it somewhat more pleasant, ironically. Additionally, having travelled from the same places a lot, I have met some very decent people going through this nonsense, which is a dilemma. Do you make everything personal based on principle, or just go along, like everyone else, and treat the decent guy as you would a neighbor (which he might end up being)? This is the subject for an upcoming follow-up post.

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iEspionage at the hardware store?

Posted On: Friday - January 18th 2019 10:39PM MST
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Who is the keymaster?

What happens to the key-cut files after your key has been made?
Is it like the instant background checks on gun buyers that are virtually "destroyed"*?

iEspionage is a new Topic Key for Peak Stupidity. For some time, I have meant to write more articles on the unintentional and deliberate intrusions into the privacy of people in this "Informant Information Age". This will be the 2nd one, after The internet of bugs things. If you thought that that 1st post on the subject must have taken some massive marijuana-fueled paranoia to write, well, maybe it's the same for the reading of this one, so take a toke .... ready? (It takes a clear mind to make it read it.) [/Jackson Brown]

Ironically, this post on the fairly-new keymaking machines does NOT apply to that previous post on the modern electronic auto keys. The machines like the one above, that are at home improvement and hardware stores around the nation, are made for cutting plain old one or two sided keys, but NOT the modern auto keys. These machines work well, I must admit. I was happy to get some back-up keys made recently once the original back-ups became the primaries, as the originals got lost. Yeah, that was the long way to say "I lost a bunch of keys, dammit."

As usual, with any new electronically-controlled devices, my mind goes to wondering what happens to the data. In this case, the data is in the form of the key shapes, used to run the cutter to make that copy. Wait, you say, it's just used for that quick purpose and then destroyed. I'd like to believe that. Why would the store or manufacturer of that high-tech machine want to keep all the curves that show how the tumblers are set on your front-door deadbolts or ...? Oooohh ... Yeah, but they are the big corporation and don't want to break into your houses. Sure, but very possibly they have another legitimate reason to keep the data, say, for recovery if you lose all your copies next time. "See, we can help you! Your key is in the Cloud.", that sort of thing. Next thing, they'll be wanting your email address**, so you can order a key delivered to your door next time (maybe right into your living room - it should be easy) to save you spending any time in the real world driving to the hardware store and having to talk to people and crap like that.

The reader may ask "who cares?" The machine doesn't know who you are, so it'd take a concerted criminal effort by these machine's manufacturer to cut replacements to break into houses and steal (older) cars. Yes, you're right about that. OTOH, I made sure I paid cash for the keys. Yes, this is pretty paranoid. Even a serious criminal effort would have to get credit-card data and the key data synched up. Who would do that? Maybe law-enforcement would, when they feel the need, but it'd have to be for a really big case, as the CC company would have to get involved, an the machine's manufacturerer would have to admit they have the data, if they indeed do. Once it gets done once, for an important case of some sort, it'll become the norm, like requesting cell-phone position data.

***** Addendum *****
I realized 1/2 day later that the previous paragraph may sound stupid to a reader that had the self-serve key-making machines in mind. I had the type behind a counter at the hardware store in mind as I wrote the post. In its case, the CC information and the key info are widely separated, hence my discussion on that. For the self-serve machines, in which you can put a CC in a slot, man I could not get myself to do that: "OK, you got it, here's my financial and identity information to go along with the shape of the keys to my house and vehicles. Have fun!" I would hope that they take case too.
***** End-Addendum *****

Is it true you can never be too paranoid? These auto-key-copying machines are impressive and do increase efficiency, well, except when you have to go round and round with the touch screen because you got out of order. This new concept seems pretty innocuous, and I don't see an internet connection to it (though it IS a thing, and there's that "internet of things"). Still, I just marvel at people who never see, or don't care about, the ways that their personal information of ALL SORTS gets saved into files, and sent to and fro, all in the cause of more convenience. It's not just the "if you haven't done anything wrong, then what do you have to worry about? crowd either. People want convenience over integrity. What if your keys and credit-card number did get hacked into for nefarious purposes, I could see some Industrial Strength Identity Theft (ISIT***) in your future, that's what. As written in a footnote below, nobody, but NOBODY really, permanantly deletes big data files. Be iparanoid - make your keys, but pay in cash. iEspionage is all around us.

* The quote marks are there to show a major point. Most data gathered on a whole bunch of people like this is useful to somebody. If it's not marketing people that want it, well, the US Feral Gov't still does. The background check files are destroyed, you say? Nah, in the computer world, storage memory is damn close to free, and nobody just deletes data like this. It remains with somebody. In the case of the gun buying checks, the NICS is nothing but a low-keyed gun registration scheme. If it becomes officially necessary to have that data, it will turn right up.

** I see that these key machines could be very much like the new-fangled blood-pressure measuring "HIGI stations", discussed in New blood-pressure raising monitoring machines. (Yeah, I'm a big, big strike-through guy!) "We just need your information to show your your progress in lowering your blood-pressure. It's so convenient.", would become "We're gonna make it SO EASY to replace your keys next time you lose one."

*** No, ISIT, not ISIS, neither the Moslem terror group nor the 1970's TV cartoon superheroine.

[Updated, 01/19 morning:]
Added addendum to differentiate between self-serve and other machines.

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Was that Gillette ad another New Coke deal?

Posted On: Thursday - January 17th 2019 8:11PM MST
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OK, I’m no marketing guy, don’t watch TV, and hate every damn thing about modern image-based advertising. Hear me out though, and see if you think this is not too wacky to be true.

Do you all remember the whole New Coke/it sucks … tastes like Pepsi/OK, we hear ya’ .. here’s Coke Classic, but there’s still New Coke/Nobody’s buying New Coke – pull it! thing? I really wondered later on whether that was all ingeniously planned. Realize that the brand loyalty was strong in the Cola "space" among Coke vs. Pepsi vs Royal Crown Cola since, like Biblical times in America. Coca~Cola had their recipe locked in some safe in Atlanta or something! Why would they have changed the recipe just for the hell of it?

Well, see, you get millions of people talking about this stupid idea of “New Coke” when the old formula had been around near a century already. Then, with maybe a loss of sales for some months (sell off Mr. Pibb* or something to cover that), you let everyone know that “hey, we hear ya! We want to please those pissed-off customers, so here’s Coca~Cola Classic. For those that enjoy the New Coke that we only, sniff, sniff, concocted to please you all, we will sell that too.” 3-5 years later, it’s gone, and nobody cares. However, the word Coca~Cola was said so many billions of more times than it would have if not for this “brilliant” scheme.

Now, you may be wondering how this is alike. I just think that some marketing muckety-muck who may think he’s a genius figures that getting people talking about Gillette razors is more important than everything else. You piss off many men, you please some soy-boys, but you’ve got everyone EXCITED, that’s the thing. It sounds stupid, but it’s just stupid enough to work. I’ll tell you what, if you hear about some new “manly-man” razors just meant to please those millions of “accidentally” slighted customers coming out in a few months, then I will be vindicated.

Would the Gillette marketing execs really be that stupid to let this commercial out there otherwise? Is their hatred for the average white man so deep as to cloud their business judgement? There are various forms of stupidity working against each other here, so we haven't gotten to the bottom of this yet.

Anyway, we’ll see how Proctor & Gamble gets out of this one. I have even less respect for marketing people than I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot!

* I hate when they do that human trafficking thing, but Mr. Pibb is probably better off in his new life, living as a sex slave in Qiqihar, China.

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Gillette Marketing plan unexpectedly backfires

Posted On: Thursday - January 17th 2019 9:15AM MST
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Youtube commentator discusses the Gillette marketing plan:

Again, Peak Stupidity is not ashamed to be a day or two behind the tweet and TV infotainment world. Being off of that stuff means we wouldn't have had to see that purposefully nasty, anti-white anti-male ad (yeah, what was it for, oh, men's razors?) if we didn't have a blog to publish.

The kind of stupidity here is very much like that described in the previous post - it's the "toxic masculinity" thing for which a post was promised. Well, with this type of stupidity that fills up railroad hopper cars, I think there'll be quite a few coming. Here's Michelle Malkin's column again, and there was a Steve Sailer post in which the hundreds of comments give shaving suggestions, if nothing else. Also, a new Peak Stupidity favorite blogger, Audacious Epigone, chimes in with his praise for the commenters all over in Geldette, the Impotence Men Won't Forget.

Yeah, Mr. Epigone, with a hat-tip to John Derbyshire, who I've read about this before too, is right - hope for the future lies with the words of the prophets the commenters, on youtube, the blogs, etc. It's not just the commenters, of course, as it is "you"-tube, not exactly the Lyin' Press. Just look at the guy above. The reader can see what exact phrase we used to search for the ad. I happily ended up with this guy wearing the Beavis and Butthead shirt with his 9 hits, going on 10! It was very amusing to me until I noticed one of this somewhat obscure journalist's rant went on for 45 minutes. That does not at all dampen my appreciation for guys like this, making the rants that bigger outfits like Peak Stupidity JUST WON'T DO.

I can redeem myself for that lack of outrage, which I blame solely on my not watching the tube, errr, OK, plate, to get technical. By tomorrow, besides having a nice rant against these sick Gillette advertising bastards, I'd also like to put forth a theory about it, which hinges on the fact that many think that any publicity is good publicity. However, we all have heard of Gillette razors, so what would the point be?

As far as boycotts against these anti-white-male nuts at Proctor & Gamble, please read the 3 parts of Boycotts, Buycotts, and CEOs who should shut their mouths more, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. The gist of it is that some boycotts can be just about impossible to carry off, especially with the conglomerates like Proctor & Gamble. (In fact, that company was named in an example in one of those posts.) However, just to cut out their razors, with a sharp eye as to who exactly manufactures your replacement, sounds like an easy-enough gesture. It's working for our youtube pundit above. He looks like he hasn't shaved since he saw the ad!

Hey, good news! The guy now has had 12 views!

[UPDATED 30 min. later:]
Last paragraph on views added.

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Toxic Maculinity, including the scourge of John Henryism

Posted On: Wednesday - January 16th 2019 7:55PM MST
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Serenity Now, rebranded as John Henryism:

I shit you not, readers, that is a medical term, "John Henryism". Peak Stupidity came upon this term when reading a comment under a post about the latest feminist and/or PC business, "Toxic Masculinity" (no I don't have the heart for links here - I'm no John Henry).

More will be coming on this new piece of stupidity, in which everything masculine is now to be considered bad. (One can view the latest Michelle Malkin column for a taste of this via some Big-Biz Stupidity by Proctor & Gamble's Gillette razor brand.) I would hope the PC crowd would make just one exception to let men have just one piece of glory, you know, for making civilization to where we don't live in caves as hunter/gatherers anymore, as we would without this toxicity ... don't hate on me, ladies and P&G marketers ... don't mean nothin' by it ... just sayin' ... that this is no ordinary amount of stupidity that comes in 1 or 5 gallon buckets. No, not even those large mining-site dump trucks could haul this stupidity around. This is the type of stupidity that requires a unit train of hopper cars. (We'll get back to the railroads in a minute.)

Anyway, here is one of the goals, according to this tweet fresh off somebody's twitmitter:
START TWEETING..APA has issued its first-ever guidelines for practice with men and boys. They draw on more than 40 years of research showing that traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful and that socializing boys to suppress their emotions causes damage...STOP TWEETING
Mmmmkaaay, so does that mean we want men pouring out their emotions like women? Should we be on similar 28-day cycles with this outpouring? Man, I really don't want to be around for that, knowing mine and most men's temper whenever it finally comes to the surface. I am all for the Serenity Now plan myself, maybe as implemented slightly differently than seen above in the video.

The John Henryism is a current-era term for this apparently un-healthy syndrome of keeping everything bottled up. Sure, you've got to fight for yourself, but letting it all out like a woman? I don't think it's quite befitting of a steel-driving man beating a steam-drill with his 12 lb hammer making holes for explosives to blast the mountains out of the way for the railroad.

John Henry was a little tiny baby,
sitting on his mama's knee,
he picked up a hammer and a little piece of steel,
saying, "hammer's going to be the death of me, Lord, Lord,
hammer's going to be the death of me."

John Henry was a man just six feet high,
nearly two feet and a half across his breast.
He'd hammer with a nine-pound hammer all day
and never get tired and want to rest, Lord, Lord,
and never get tired and want to rest.

John Henry went up on the mountain,
and he looked one eye straight up its side.
The mountain was so tall and John Henry was so small.
He laid down his hammer and he cried, "Lord, Lord,"
He laid down his hammer and he cried.

John Henry said to his captain,
"Captain, you go to town,
bring me back a TWELVE-pound hammer, please,
and I'll beat that steam drill down, Lord, Lord,
I'll beat that steam drill down."

The captain said to John Henry,
"I believe this mountain's sinking in",
but John Henry said, "Captain, just you stand aside--
it's nothing but my hammer catching wind, Lord, Lord,
it's nothing but my hammer catching wind."

John Henry said to his shaker,
"Shaker, boy, you better start to pray,
'Cause if my TWELVE-pound hammer miss that little piece of steel,
tomorrow'll be your burying day, Lord, Lord,
tomorrow'll be your burying day."

John Henry said to his captain,
"A man is nothing but a man,
but before I let your steam drill beat me down,
I'd die with a hammer in my hand, Lord, Lord,
I'd die with a hammer in my hand."

The man that invented the steam drill,
he figured he was mighty high and fine,
but John Henry sunk the steel down fourteen feet
while the steam drill only made nine, Lord, Lord.
The steam drill only made nine.

John Henry hammered on the right-hand side.
Steam drill kept driving on the left.
John Henry beat that steam drill down.
But he hammered his poor heart to death, Lord, Lord.
He hammered his poor heart to death.

Well, they carried John Henry down the tunnel,
and they laid his body in the sand.
Now every woman riding on a C and O train
Says, "There lies my steel-driving man, Lord, Lord.
There lies my steel-driving man."

According to the healthcare link above, John Henryism, working your ass off that is, leads to hypertension and cardiovascular problems. Yeah, well, we've all heard the ballad of John Henry, so tell us something we didn't know back in 1872! Per a wiki article on this folklore, if there was such a real contest at the beginning of the power-drill era, it was indeed on the Chesapeake & Ohio line, during the building of a tunnel at the big bend of the Greenbrier River near Talcott, West Virginia. We don't know exactly what type of cardiac infarction resulted, as, you know, people just dropped dead back then. Still, watch yourselves when you're hammering holes into the sides of a mountains with 12 lb hammers. Be safe out there, people!

Since Peak Stupidity is getting into the wonderful folklore of the railroads here, I believe another man should be mentioned, one Casey Jones. Mr. Jones was no steel-driver, but an Engineer, who perhaps due to worries about that very John Henryism under discussion here, self-medicated himself to avoid such a fate, as explained in the Workingman's Dead:
Drivin' that train, high on cocaine,
Casey Jones, you better watch your speed.
Trouble ahead, trouble behind,
and you know that notion just crossed my mind.

From a post about tragedy impending, we're gonna link swiftly back to a post about tragedy narrowly averted. It's another in The Dead's long list of tragedy songs, but that one's about tragedy narrowly averted.

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Foreigners in America

Posted On: Wednesday - January 16th 2019 7:00PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity

(cropped from graph in Friday's post to eliminate projected numbers)

I'm not a big fan of "projected" numbers for areas that are not very scientific. For the example of the graph from Friday, on the percentage of foreigners in the US population, I think the red bars in the graph in Friday's post could be drastically lowered with some willpower. However, the light blue you see here is bad enough, and as of yet, I don't see that willpower anyway. People are still scared of being called names.

What the big deal is here, is that you don't have much of a unified country when 1 in 7 inhabitants are people who have no family ties to Americans. As Peak Stupidity discussed long ago in Immigration invasion, assimilation, and refugees, small number like 1 or 2% of individuals from all over, an not placed together as with the Cubans in Miami or Moslems in Dearbornistan, can be a positive thing for the nation, or at least not seriously negative.

Well, you may say, it's not quite as bad today as with the almost 15% foreign-born a hundred years ago. History rhymes, right, you heard it right here? Let me tell you, it was no picnic for white, mostly British-descended, America to absorb the large masses (smaller numbers than today, but let's think relatively) of Italians, Irish, and eastern European Poles and Jews that came in the period from the late 1870's to when people got fed up, by the year 1924. Interestingly, that was the year of the great Silent Cal's election as President, after a year of serving already due to Harding's death. Good times, good times... There are no Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans today, sure, unless they go retro (with the names like Meghan, etc!), but there were tons of problems from having masses of like people, amidst that past era's Americans who were not like them at that time.

OK, then, give it 30-40 years then, as with the period mid-1920's to mid '50's or '60's when the country was very unified demographically at least. Yeah, well, then we'd really need a major curtailment in immigration, as the 1924 Johnson-Reed Act*, passed by a good margin in the US House and Senate, entailed. The proof is in the pudding:

(The numbers are in immigrant entries per DECADE - but do not, obviously, count illegal entry.)

The window has been open wider, and for just as long, during the period 1965 to 2019, people are probably even more fed up (the problem was mostly an urban thing in the previous period), so is it not high time to do a Johnson-Reed again? Otherwise, those deep red bars from Friday's graph's projections WILL be there, and the country will be truly fucked. The problem I see, is that the Legislative branch of today's US Feral Gov't is full of crazies and cucks, nothing like the Congress of a century ago. The Lyin' Press of today is nothing but a branch of the D-squad of The Party, as opposed to having a shred of integrity a century ago. Would the current US President, listening to his Beltway advisors, even sign a bill like that, were it magically to come across his desk, as President Calvin Coolidge did a century ago? I don't think there's any chance of our finding out without serious effort by the only ones who care - about 1/2 of the American people.

In the meantime, I think there's less loyalty by the masses of immigrants than there was in the non-welfare era of 100 years back. Steve Sailer, in his post Shamelessness yesterday, displayed a tweet of his:
How many opeds have we read by people with names like "Shikha Dalmia" that basically boil down to: America needs more immigration because not all my extended family have arrived yet!
Hell, maybe there was some of that last go around too. I will end with the entire comment under Sailer's thread by a good commenter named "iSteveReader", with the most-indented blocks of quotes being from this Shikha Dalmia:
In America, by contrast, there are about 44 million foreign-born people who now constitute about 13.7 percent of the population, according to the Pew Research Foundation. This is close to the historic high of 15 percent at the turn of the 20th century.
Some things to point out. First, there are 44 million foreign-born people WHO ARE ALIVE in the USA right now. This is not the same as the number of people who have come since 1965, about 60 million in total, because some have already lived their lives and died.

Second, this sum of 44 million foreign-born who are alive, and the 60 million or so who have come since 1965, does NOT include their descendants.

Third, the notion that since the foreign-born population is ONLY at 13.7%, shy of the record high 15%, we still have room for more is the wrong way to look at it. The population of the USA in 1900 was 76 million. Today it is over 325 million. So obviously a larger number of foreign-born people would account for a smaller percentage today since our population is so much larger.

But, here is where that is a bad metric. Given that our population is ever increasing and is expected to climb from the current level of 325M to 400 M, will people 30 years in the future sit around saying that since our foreign-born population is only 52 million and only represents 13%, that we have room for more since it is still shy of the 15% in 1900?

We will always be chasing a higher number because as the population rises someone will always point out that what we think is a huge number is really a small number because percentage-wise it is actually smaller than it was in 1900. Of course if you were to go back to 1607 Jamestown, 100 percent of our population was foreign-born. Do we want that?
By any reasonable metric, “mass” immigration is a myth.
A myth that will have changed the third most populous nation in the world from being 88% European to being under 50% in about 80 years time. We aren’t talking about changing the demographics of a small nation like Switzerland where perhaps you could flood a couple of million people to water down a population of 5 million. We are talking about flipping a nation that had almost 200 million people in 1965. Think about that. Demographically altering a nation of 200 million people to the point it is unrecognizable.

That is the definition of mass immigration. It is not fu*king myth. It’s harsh reality.
Indeed! There you have it, it's not just the quantity but the quality, yet quantity has a quality all its own... if that all makes any sense. Good luck to us.

* It's a damn shame when, even with duckduckgo, after 15 minutes of checking out sites, I can't find one less biased against the bill in defense of Johnson-Reed than wiki!

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Do not change that URL - posting will resume momentarily

Posted On: Tuesday - January 15th 2019 7:15PM MST
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  General Stupidity

... meaning tomorrow (Wednesday). Besides the loss of a computer device, one containing a buttload of posting ideas, only some of which will come back to me soon, internet problems earlier caused a lull here at Peak Stupidity. I'd also been distracted by commenting to some hard-to-reach folks at unz.com, which is easier for me than getting a full hour or 1 1/2 that it takes to make a solid post.

So, if you are wondering about the 3 days with nothing here, don't be too alarmed. Due to a comment by BernCar, there is now a goal here of getting to post 1,000 by end-o'-bidness, end-o'-March. This one counts. ;-}

Hopefully, there'll be a post up by mid-morning.

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Jim Goad article - "The 18 Most Annoying People of '18"

Posted On: Saturday - January 12th 2019 1:02PM MST
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  Humor  Feminism  Pundits  ctrl-left

Miss Occasional Cortex - number 2 with a bullet. Whew-hooo!*

Peak Stupidity has promoted Mr. Jim Goad before, as tied with Mr. Steve Sailer as the best writers for the Takimag webzine. Perhaps that site should be in the blogroll, though we've just criticized it for the usability (see digression - what's new?! - in this post).

Well, I just got to reading Mr. Goad's The 18 Most Annoying People of 2018 retrospective, with his intial caveat that we all may have our own picks, likely a lot more than 18. So, don't read it with the intention of correcting him (Takimag doesn't have commenting anymore anyway), but just enjoy it. It seems like Mr. Goad's emphasis in the realm of annoyances is the feminist and genderbending types of stupidity, hence those topic keys are attached here.

The curmudgeon of conservative bent will like the article, so I have not much more comment. I'd heard of at least of the annoying individuals "profiled" (haha) and even posted about a few of them - we do try to keep up with stupidity and practitioners thereof. Let's see, here are posts about # 18 - David Buckel, # 15 - Claas Relotius, lucky # 7 - the Øb☭ma, #4 - Sarah Jeong, and Jim Goad's #1 pick, of whom you may as well read about, as a sample:
1. Rob Tibbets

Political beliefs are all well and good so long as you don’t smack others in the face with them. But there’s a special sewer tank in Haiti reserved for parents who use their child’s freshly murdered corpses to make a political point. Mollie Tibbetts was a white Iowa girl who once wrote “I hate white people” on Twitter. After her dead body was found in a cornfield this August, the life beaten out of her by an illegal immigration from Mexico, her father Bob penned a nauseating OpEd that placed Mexicans above white Iowans:
Today, we need to turn the page. We’re at the end of a long ordeal. But we need to turn toward life — Mollie’s life — because Mollie’s nobody’s victim. Mollie’s my hero….The Hispanic community are Iowans. They have the same values as Iowans….As far as I’m concerned, they’re Iowans with better food.
Mr. Tibbetts, I wouldn’t feel bad if one day those “Iowans with better food” were to feast on your carcass.
Mr. Goad is not so civil with his words with some of the rest of these 18 annoying pieces-of-work, but, hey, this guy is numero uno and deserves a little respect.

OK, good readers, I've got not only about 30 or 40 tabs open in the browser with more blog fodder, but a few more in my head, and others promised from previous posts! There will be no running out of material in the near future. More to come on Monday. Thank you for reading!

* Well OK, since she's on the graphic, let's hear about numero dos:

What can be said about this horse-teethed economic retard that hasn’t been said beyond underlining the fact that she claims to have come from poverty but instead grew up in a plush ’hood that was 81% white and whose residents enjoyed a per-capita income twice the national average? Nothing, and I’m so sick of her already that I refuse to say anything else.
Yeah, we're done too, Jim.

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The President unfollows Peak Stupidity pundit #1

Posted On: Saturday - January 12th 2019 11:45AM MST
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  Trump  Pundits  Artificial Stupidity

Seriously, is that the state of things?

Per information from the blogger known as "Audacious Epigone", in the comments to his post Ann Coulter's Exploratory Committee, I needed to post this update to Thursday's post regarding Ann Coulter and the President's ear.

Un-friended by the US President for tearing him a new one?

Per Mr. Epigone here, the President of the US has un-followed Peak Stupidity's favorite (at least, written) pundit. Now, the reason I've been the formal language referring to this high office, is simply that it sound so damn stupid - is this about a couple of 8th grade schoolgirls? NO! It's the head of the executive branch of this excuse for a government deciding to not follow the TWEETS of a well-known conservative/libertarian writer ... yes, probably because she figuratively tore him a new one, and rightfully so.

The more I think about this twitter-following by a President of the US, though, the more it seems just silly as all hell. I mean, does the guy get 5 or 10 blurbs onto his phone from those 45 people each time he’s in a meeting trying to get a handle on his treasonous staff, the continuous bomardment of Russia-porn by the Lyin’ Press, and his job as Commander-in-Chief?

Its seems so damn juvenile. How can you run a meeting, much less get any damn serious thinking in, when the phone is giving you little pieces of information every coupla’ minutes, some of which you feel a need to respond to?
"He said this like 10 minutes ago in a mean way." "OMG, this other guy disagrees and likes me." "I'm gonna reply to that 2nd guy and thank him." "Hey first guy, I never liked you anyway. You are not my friend anymore!"
To go back to the actual politics, Miss Coulter was Donald Trump's biggest booster, even as the other TV talking breasts heads laughed at her for predicting his victory in the primary election on national TV infotainment. She, as well as 100-200 million of the rest of us, are damn sick and tired of his screwing around, picking treasonous people for his employees, and getting distracted from the job we elected him to do! I'll give Miss Coulter lots of credit for that "constructive criticism"(?) the other week. She had his ear, as I wrote on Thursday, but now, I suppose she doesn't, as he does not LIKE and FOLLOW Ann Coulter anymore. What a juvenile thing, I'll say again.

How about get real, Mr. President? Kick out the government-sack-hanging Lyin Press reporters, like that Acosta guy, from the press conferences. Come out with some simple to-the-point speeches about how you, with the American people's help, will get the swamp drained and the existential immigration invasion fixed. Don't talk in circles. If you have to, write this shit down first. No, don't hire Peggy Noonan (Reagan's former speechwriter, but a clueless piece of work), but how about, oh, I got it, Ann Coulter, to write for you? Oh, wait, you're not friends anymore, so the hell with the country. Is that it?

Hearing about this administration and the Twitter crap from other Americans for that matter, really makes me wonder if I woke up last year as a 14 y/o schoolgirl? (Yes, I guess I got the transgender surgery while I was out cold.)

BTW, A.E.'s post that I linked to above, and the comments under it, are half-serious speculation about how Ann Coulter would do as a GOP candidate. I'd vote for her over Trump without a moment's hesitation.

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Trump talk too late?

Posted On: Friday - January 11th 2019 9:33AM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Trump

(No, that wasn't another Indian-tongued take-off, just an article-less headline.)

(I'll have more to say about this important graph in another post later.)

After thinking about President Trump's latest drama on the immigration front, along with Ann Coulter's column discussed yesterday and a new Pat Buchanan column today, I just wonder this: Why in hell wasn't all this talk and writing going on 2 years ago?! Probably lots of unknown bloggers and pundits, regular Americans, and, I'm sure, VDare.com thought of this possible solution.

What's happened over those 2 years, besides the back-and-forth Trump/Lyin'-Press infotainment and no serious action from our Feral Governent on this invasion? Oh, about 2- 4 million more unassimilable immigrants of all kinds, Hispanics from the south, Chinese and Indian visa overstayers through the airports, and the H1-B, family-reunification, and "refugee" legal ones came here. Don't llke my numbers? Give me some better ones, but I'm in the ballpark here. This is an EXISTENTIAL problem. It will not help to fix any of the other stupidity seen in this country today if the people are replaced with others who don't care about it all that much. This situation in the explosion of a population of non-Americans is (to use a 2nd word in the same post that used to be just for hippies and treehuggers) UNSUSTAINABLE!

I don’t have the optimism that anything serious will get done this time, not after 2 years of BS, WITH a GOP House and Senate. The problems are close to, maybe already, unfixable right now, but let 2 or 6 more years go by practicing politics, with another 3 – 10 million newcomers and more than that unassimilable offspring and it’s end of story.

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There's a Beauty in the River

Posted On: Thursday - January 10th 2019 8:07PM MST
In Topics: 

As suggested by blogger Audacous Epigone*, this country/gospel song by a 1970's band called the Ozark Mountain Daredevils is a good one. Peak Stupidity featured this band way, way back, near the beginning of this blog, on its 4th day, with Jackie Blue.

Yeah, wait until you get into the song a minute or so to judge, as the voice sounds almost too country at first. The tune will grow on you, and this white country gospel sound rings a chord. It makes me wonder how long it will be before the Scots-Irish or Hillbilly gospel songs are just forgotten and there's no one left to remember and revive the sound and spirit.

I love that harmonica that also was in the forefront of their song If you wanna' get to Heaven.... There were too many different band members for me to give a good listing of who played on this, so try Wiki.

* "Epigone" - A second-rate imitator or follower, especially of an artist or a philosopher. This guy is not 2nd-rate, but a good blogger, new to unz.com

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Ann Coulter compares Ronnie to Donnie

Posted On: Thursday - January 10th 2019 7:42PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Trump  Pundits  Media Stupidity

In Peak Stupidity's #1 written pundit's latest column, Miss Coulter compares the late President Ronald Reagan's dealing with the Lyin' Press to that of President Trump. Funny that, in the 5 posts on the Ronnie vs. Donnie topic (brought out by some boasting by President Trump), I never did get to the one on dealings with the media (as a separate post, that is). Peak Stupidity included an intro, then comparisons of personalities, foreign policy, domestic policy and a conclusion. I did mention in the "personalities" comparison that Reagan was lambasted and name-called by the media too.

Miss Coulter has far more on that, and I think her memory is sound (of course she's got a book about much of this to reference, which she wrote!). From just below what's written in the screenshot above:
The New York Times and Washington Post produced nonstop denunciations of his "dangerous" policies. There were propaganda movies like "The Day After," terrifying Americans about a Soviet strike on our country. Witless college students demanded cyanide pills be stocked in campus health care clinics, on the grounds that Reagan was going to get us all nuked.

Only after Reagan's policies succeeded did these same hysterics say, "Ho hum, no big deal. We always knew the Soviet Union was a paper tiger."
Right! I can remember a lot of this stuff. Miss Coulter did not mention the ctrl-left's dubbing of that President as "Ronnie Raygun", because, you know, he wanted war and all, supposedly. (That last thought brings up an interesting post to come, going even further back.) The basic point of Coulter's column is this comparison to Reagan's winning of the Cold War* to Trump's possible (we are hoping) action on the immigration war:
The Democrats, the media and most of the Republican Party are as fanatically opposed to Trump's ideas about illegal immigration as they were to Reagan's ideas about winning the Cold War.
The rest of this great column is about immigration and the "wall". I can't be cutting and pasting Ann Coulter writing in every week here, just for reasons of the law (theft comes to mind), though she's been on a roll for about 10 years now. (Would she really sue Peak Stupidity after all the praise we've given her? Not if she's in love back, right?) Anyway, read the rest of the column for Miss Coulter's new arguments against the immigration stupidity and Lyin' Press.

The question of whether this famous pundit really has been influencing the President is interesting and very important. He's gotten his mojo back a tad recently, in this fight. Was that due to the fact that Ann Coulter wrote a tweet that tore him a new one just before Christmas? I'd like to think so. It shouldn't have to be this way, but if he's going to listen to anyone outside of his coterie of treasonous hand-picked employees, I'd pick this pundit to be the one to whisper in his ear "glory is fleeting" , no, "don't listen to any of these worthless, neocon fucks." and "do you remember why we voted for you?!".

What a relief it'd be knowing that the President is listening to Ann Coulter over his wife, daughter and son-in-law too. It really makes me wonder if wife-swapping would be an option. Trump is a real playboy type, and they go in for that, don't they? Instead of for sex, well, OK, in addition to the sex, could he not be with Ann Coulter for her wit and wifely advice, while Ivanka could ... wait, Ann's not married, so how does that work? OK, just waive the polygamy laws for high-office holders - they do all that crazy shit on that island anyway.

To get back serious, if only for the conclusion here, Ann nails it here too:
Like Reagan, Trump has only the people on his side. Unlike Reagan, he doesn't seem as confident that he is right.
Yep, that's about what I wrote in the Ronnie vs. Donnie posts. This guy has many of the right ideas, but he trusts the Washington, FS insiders over his own good judgement. Ronnie did not have this problem.

* with lots of help by the Iron Lady Thatcher, the old, serious Pope, Pole Lec Walesa, German Konrad Adenauer, and millions of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and mechanical/electrical engineers.

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Dot vs. Feather

Posted On: Wednesday - January 9th 2019 6:22PM MST
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  Humor  Political Correctness

You're both pretty. Now, do you forgive the Political Incorrectness?

Peak Stupidity has been on the warpath lately with Chief Candidate Elizabeth Warren. It's not even clear to us whose side we are on. Perhaps we'd know better having walked a campaign in her moccasins, or maybe chugged a cold craft brewski with her sometime.

A comment regarding Mrs. Warren's daughter caught my eye, stating:
Elizabeth Warren may be a fake (feather) Indian, but her daughter married a real (dot) Indian, so presumably has a real (half dot) Indian grandchild. Problem solved! Run this woman for president and put that child on her lap.
OK, so she now has some real Indian cred, but it's a bit backwards in 2 ways:

1) You're supposed to have Indian ancestors, not descendants, to be considered an Indian.

2) We meant feather Indian, NOT dot-Indian. The dot-types have been doing all right, and not many people feel sari for them. (get it, sari?)

The political incorrectness on this blog IS a bit off the wall, but we have clarified our views on the PC already, and specifically on the "Indian" confusion in First Nations and the Spirits Communities. We not only don't care about being Politically Correct, but Political INCORRECTNESS is something we strive for here. It's whom we are.

Back to Chief Warren here, if she wanted the sympathy of Americans, it seems like she ended up with the wrong Indians. There are big differences, you know:

The Warrens expected venison jerky, smoked salmon, and buffalo (boiled buffalo, smoked buffalo, sauteed buffalo, shrimp-fried buffalo, buffalo gumbo …). Yet, they got curry dishes, blueberry squishies, and microwave burritos.

They expected incessant drumming, war chants, and moonlight dancing with wolves. Yet, they got 40 year-old disco, and Diwali Carols.

They expected story time, with the oral histories passed on from the ancient ones. Yet, they got two brother-in-laws holding 2-hour late-night arguments over the merits of Ubuntu versus Mint versions of Linux.

I want my feathers back!

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