On the Boardwalk

Posted On: Friday - July 19th 2019 7:03PM MST
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We've let the Global Climate Stupidity topic fall by the wayside lately here at Peak Stupidity, as our focus has been on different flavors. We are trying to multitask here, but, damn ... things are ... getting too .... stupid ... Scotty do you have my ... coordinates .... aaaarghhh ... it's not rocket science, Scotty ... beam me up ....

I would think that the issue would have heated up since the summer solstice or even earlier, and we usually read less about Global Climate DisruptionTM, as the issue cools down in the fall. (The reverse is unexpectedly observed in the Southern Hemisphere, maybe because it's in Spanish and Portuguese and the Coriolis effect and all ...?)

Anyway, this post is not specifically about this sensitive topic either, but just the same refusal to open one's mind to look outside the current narrative by scientists often just as much as the rest of us. This one is about a trip a few years ago that I made with some scientists. They were marine biologists and, seeing as I always wanted to pretend I was a marine biologist, and, more importantly, I really like the beach, I went along. No, biology is not a hard science like Physics and Chemistry. There isn't the seriously hard math involved, but they do study the natural world and do experiments so, yeah, it's science. I knew 2 out of the 3 guys, and they were good people.

Since these people were basically my customers, in a sense, I did not really want to get into arguments over, let's say, their Global Climate DisruptionTM worries. Therefore, I think I just made one remark, when they brought it up, to make sure they knew I was not onboard and may want to stifle the rhetoric a bit.

We walked out to the beach on a low boardwalk. It was just a set of those foot-off-the-ground walks to keep one's feet out of the hot sand and possibly keep out of the sand spurs, which suck just as much as the polar ice caps. These were new boardwalks made out of those recycled plastic planks. I like the idea of re-using stuff, as we move toward sustainable stupidity. Really, those are a great idea, provided one thing though - they don't degrade like mofo's in the direct sunlight. This was at the beach, as I may have already written, so there were no trees around, and the 75 degrees-in-altitude* sun beat fiercely upon these "green" planks on the boardwalk.

Plastic does not like sunlight, especially certain types, and more so when unpainted. How long will those planks last before they start breaking into little pieces of litter into the otherwise pristine beach ecosystem? Yes, the wood planks have problems too. It's the splinters first. Then, as some top portions splinter off, the resulting pits accumulate water, causing quicker rotting rates, and so on. However, as they rot out, all that goes into the environment is simply organic matter - ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Nobody can argue against organic matter. The plastic is not so benign, once it does break apart. The next thing you know they'll be a big push for mitigation of the sand all over the place to get the plastic out. Can we do some thinking ahead? It's one thing to use this stuff for playgrounds and park benches that are in more shade, but at the beach?

Hey, I do get that these new, "green" planks may be more workable in the short term. Maybe they can be replaced before they disintegrate much, but then the same could be said for wood, and that obviously costs more than waiting until your feet punch though into the sand. Maybe the plastic will last longer, but when I brought up this aspect of these green plastic boards, I didn't get much thinking out of these scientists - Green is Good, mmmkaaay?

*You can't pin down my location by that one bit, doxers! After all, without knowing longitude (Part 2), you ain't got squat. Plus, I didn't say whether the sun was high in the south or north, so you don't even know which hemisphere I was hanging out in. Screw you - learn some geography bitches!

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Price Gouging - Peak Stupidity is FOR IT.

Posted On: Thursday - July 18th 2019 5:38PM MST
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Last week, in the comments in reply to one Bill H. of Anytown, USA, I mentioned that I would write a short post in support of the practice of price gouging during the aftermath of disasters and such. Of course, I don't mean I support scams of any sort, so I'm just referring to the honest, blatant, jacking-up-to-the-sky of prices when supplies get scarce.

This is just a pure Libertarian-oriented post, so if that's not your thing, wait a day for a return to other topics.

Maybe after the last hurricane, flood, earthquake, or whatever kind of natural disaster seen on TV, the National Guard brought in supplies, including pallets of bottled water, as shown above. Good on 'em - that's the Governor's job. However, when disasters go big-scale, such as what the real "preppers" are preparing for, there won't be that helping hand, available for everyone.

Things can get bad quickly in this world of Just-In-Time and intertwined computer and internet-based logistics systems that make the modern world run, sort of. When the water doesn't run, the toilets don't flush, and the electricity is off, things will become miserable enough even for a prepper after a while. For the rest, they may have notice with alarm that the stores were emptied of bottled water and, well, everything else, either before the disaster even got started, or within a few hours after. We live on the thin edge, people, and the grocery store shelves are only bountiful when the world is running smoothly.

Now, 3 days later, a truck pulls up selling water at 50 bucks a case of 24. (Well, you know how Peak Stupidity feels about bottled water, but that's another story.) "Fifty bucks! What a meanie!" "These people are evil" - that's the narrative today. However, at the normal price, would it really be worth if for them to truck this water from 2 states away? Not even close. "Well, they should do it out of the goodness of their hearts." Hey some do. These aren't the ones. "Oh, then, at least sell if for something to pay for the trip, and that's all." How would that motivate these guys to load up and truck this water from 2 states away?

No, they have every right to make some money, as much as they want, in fact, off of your misfortune. That's supply and demand, not Kumbaya at the Rainbow Gathering. The opportunity to price gouge may be the only thing bringing in this truck with its bottled water for your continued existence. Another good effect would be that paying that 50 bucks a case will be something you remember very well, before the next time around. Maybe you should have kept a dozen cases on hand. It's not like water has a short shelf-life. How hard is it to do that?

I suppose, for some people things like that and, well, life in general, is hard. As the man in the Western (apparently never) said, it's even harder when you're stupid.

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"Our New Planet is Going to be Great"

Posted On: Wednesday - July 17th 2019 7:05PM MST
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This post is nothing but a quick shout-out to Steve Sailer for his latest great article* on the Takimag** website, the name of which is our title.

There's lots of stupidity on deck for the rest of the week, but here we'll just urge you to read this Steve Sailer article. I think he's been getting better and better with the writing of articles vs. his shorter, snarkier blog posts. He's been combining his great ideas nicely lately, and even ending with a proper concluding paragraphs.

Mr. Sailer's "World's Most Important Graph":

The graph above goes with the article, which combines the immigration "National Question" with extremely worrisome (most important graph indeed) population trends, along with the author's "coalition of the fringe", "intersectionality"***, and the "circular firing squad" of the ctrl-left's current American politics.

On this one, in particular, I can see that Mr. Sailer has turned the PIC, (Political InCorrectness) up quite a bit, not to 11, but at least to 7- 8 on the knob. It's a welcome change, as I think he would normally hold back a bit on the articles that I'd seen him write vs. the short posts on the same subjects on his iSteve blog on unz.com. For instance, in his column Dubious Domination, on women's soccer, he wrote on his own blog, in a previous post "America dominates women’s soccer for the same reason South Korea dominates women’s golf: because nobody else cares.", haha! He toned it down, just a tad, in the Takimag article, to " … because nobody else has much cared.".

I think the hard-core snark and PIC is a better way to go. The ctrl-left will not like you any better if you soften up the tone. He may as well go all out. That goes for all of us.

OK, just a bit here, to see the great writing and the PIC of Steve Sailer today:
While this would have seemed like an insane debate as recently as, say, 2011, there is a strategic electoral logic behind the Democrats’ Great Awokening that is constantly pushing them in an ever more antiwhite direction. As a Coalition of the Fringes, the only thing that holds together the Democrats is demonizing core Americans. Without ever increasingly whipping up hatred of whites, what is there to keep the Democrats’ collection of miscellaneous identity groups from turning on each other?

For example, the current fracas broke out with an intra-Democratic dot vs. feather brawl between two flavors of Indians. The brains behind Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) operation, her tech-millionaire chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti, went on the warpath against fellow Democrats. Chakrabarti denounced as racist those who aren’t quite extremist enough on immigration, such as Rep. Sharice Davids (D-KS), who is advertised as “the first openly LGBT Native American elected to the United States Congress.”
Excellent stuff. Please take the 5 minutes to read the whole thing.

(Peak Stupidity has been doing pretty well in avoiding the "hey, read this" type posts over the last year, if we do say so ourselves. Occasionally, we really would like the reader to check out something this good. More stupidity tomorrow.)

* To read or write comments, go to the quick summary here.

** Peak Stupidity has mentioned this on-line magazine before. Our 2nd-favorite regular writer there would have to be Jim Goad, with discussion of his writing here, here, and here.

*** As opposed to Peak Stupidity's intersectional stupidity ideas, which are about actual traffic intersections.

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On the way to the Moon - 5 decades ago today

Posted On: Tuesday - July 16th 2019 8:22PM MST
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It was not the day of the first Americans to go toward the moon, as the 3 astronauts of the Apollo 8 mission had gone to the moon and orbited at Christmas time, 1968 (7 months earlier). It was the first mission to LAND human beings on another world.

The Saturn V leaves the pad at Cape Canaveral.
July 16th, 1969

It was 50 years ago today! Just about anyone you would have asked at the time, not particularly just stoned-out hippies or members of a cult, would have told you that man would have explored the Solar System by 50 years hence, but more likely, headed out to Alpha Centauri, or some other solar system well before the year 2019.

The whole thing is just sad, and what's worse, I don't even hear much in the way of reminiscences. Should I watch TV for a few days? Nah.

What happened? How could the biggest economic and technological power ever seen in the world till then, have given it all up? We had a dream! Actually, that was the problem. Americans already had a dream before that bullshit out of some fake Commie "Reverend". The Socialists, Feminists, Race Hustlers, and later Globalists, Neocons, and the like had their own dreams though. These led us to nothing more than a Peak in Stupidity and not even farther from this planet than a few tenths of a percent of the distance that those 99% white-male engineers and technicians sent 12 brave Americans a half-century ago from today, using, BTW, electronics that an old Nokia brick phone would put to shame.

There's a near full moon up tonight. Look at it for a bit and think of the dreams of those half-century ago united Americans of all walks of life. Imagine that thrill of knowing of those billions of man-hours (yes, MAN-hours) of engineering work and highly-technical construction coming to fruition that July morning in Florida, as Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Mike Collins sat at the top of the 7 3/4 MILLION pound total thrust* Saturn V rocket.

Imagine how America and Americans could have changed the future for mankind, had we not been diverted off course by the thrusters of the ctrl-left, starting just before the time of that amazing mission 50 summers ago!

* Just to get an idea of the engineering:
A gas generator was used to drive a turbine which drove separate fuel and oxygen pumps, each feeding the thrust chamber assembly. The turbine was driven at 5,500 RPM, producing 55,000 brake horsepower (41 MW). The fuel pump delivered 15,471 US gallons (58,560 litres) of RP-1 per minute while the oxidizer pump delivered 24,811 US gal (93,920 l) of liquid oxygen per minute. Environmentally, the turbopump was required to withstand temperatures ranging from input gas at 1,500 °F (820 °C) to liquid oxygen at −300 °F (−184 °C). Structurally, fuel was used to lubricate and cool the turbine bearings.
Each second, a single F-1 burned 5,683 pounds (2,578 kg) of oxidizer and fuel: 3,945 lb (1,789 kg) of liquid oxygen and 1,738 lb (788 kg) of RP-1, generating 1,500,000 lbf (6.7 MN; 680 tf) of thrust. This equated to a flow rate of 671.4 US gal (2,542 l) per second; 413.5 US gal (1,565 l) of LOX and 257.9 US gal (976 l) of RP-1. During their two and a half minutes of operation, the five F-1s propelled the Saturn V vehicle to a height of 42 miles (222,000 ft; 68 km) and a speed of 6,164 mph (9,920 km/h). The combined flow rate of the five F-1s in the Saturn V was 3,357 US gal (12,710 l) per second,[4] or 28,415 lb (12,890 kg). Each F-1 engine had more thrust than three Space Shuttle Main Engines combined.
Wiki on the Rocketdyne F-1 engines, of which there were 5 on the 1st stage (2 1/2 minute burn, up to ~ 40 miles altitude).

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More Intersectional Stupidity

Posted On: Tuesday - July 16th 2019 6:09PM MST
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Hey, asshole ...!

There is no shortage of stupidity in the current era, so it's not like this site, the leader in stupidity documentation, is out of material. However, when the lead blogger - that's me - runs into some asshole on the road, posts will result! (No, it was not an actual "running into", thankfully, but it was just in the sense of "having an interaction with"). As I wrote before under the Peak Stupidity Roadshow topic key, formerly "Traffic Stupidity", one could document this stuff daily in a blog of one's own. I'm sure there are blogs about the stupidity that invokes road rage. It would even bring in the comments big time, each with its own story of some asshole on the road, with replies from other guys, many who have run into that same first commenter-asshole on the road with a story to tell!

Well, this is my blog, and when I get peeved off, Peak Stupidity readers can read about it ... or not. Here we go (and again, sorry for no diagram - it's just a matter of time, so please use your visualization skills).

This 4-lane busy street, the one I was on, has an intersection with another 4-lane street. At least the one I was on also has left-turn lanes with signal arrows up top along with the regular traffic signal lights. I needed to take a left onto the other road. The green arrow had turned off, but my direction still had a regular green light, so it was time to yield to traffic going straight from the other side (2 lanes, towards me, or for anyone taking a right).

An older-model full-sized pickup truck was in the inside of the 2 straight-ahead lanes coming toward me, but the truck was stopped approximately 50 ft. - 2 or 3 car lengths plus space - behind the actual intersection thick white markings, with nobody ahead of it. What do you figure, is he broke down (it was an older model but with no hazard lights on), or is the driver texting? I've helped people before on the road, but this was neither the time nor the spot. It was more likely that there was texting, emailing, news-browsing, or face-booking going on - heck, maybe he was on Peak Stupidity making a comment! Either way, I don't have time to wait for idiots doing business instead of driving on the road. It's called a road for a reason of some sort.

He had not moved for 5 seconds, and was far away. As I started to go ahead, I finally could see to the outside straight-ahead lane, and 2 cars were heading through at a pretty decent speed. I waited for them, but to get the view, I had already pulled to a spot in which I was blocking the non-moving inside straight lane. The cars having gone past, I made the turn. Now, the asshole in the truck finally decided to use the road to get somewhere versus as a "platform" for social media interaction. OK, fine, but then he leaned on the horn going toward me, as I cleared the area. That's the part that makes him a true asshole bound to be described on blog sites such as Peak Stupidity.

That just take a lot of damn gall. "I got stuff to do here." 10 seconds go by. "Oh, I can go through this intersection." "Hey, what's this guy doing turning without the right-of-way?!" "This is My Space ... wait, that's so oughts, I need to get on Facebook and write about this guy ... at the next stop light."

Yes, I flipped him off, which is something I try not to do often. Where I live, it's very rude to use the horn other than as a warning, or to say "hey". The more I think of rude imbeciles like this, the more I start to wonder if anything I care about saving, as far as the American nation goes, is really worth the effort. Yeah, I know that sounds grandiose and a bit much based on one asshole driver ... or two... or three. However, that it what it comes down to in general - do we live among a good bunch of people who have unfortunately not been paying enough attention to prevent this countries path toward Peak Stupidity? Or, is it more like - most Americans have become too stupid to be worth worrying about - save yourself and yours. That is to be the topic of a post that keeps coming toward the front burner, to be called "Citizens of a Silly Country".

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Congressditz Occasional-Kotex OWNED by ex-ICEman

Posted On: Saturday - July 13th 2019 7:24PM MST
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  Elections '16 - '20  Immigration Stupidity  Trump

OK, in that title, I picked up the new A.O.C. designation from a commenter on unz. I really like that one! I only used this "owned" term, though, because it is well known now. I don't like that one, cause I don't get it.

Peak Stupidity has mentioned this young Socialist Congressditz before as one of the "young turds" grouping of the Blue-squad in intense competition to outstupid each other as leader of said squad of The Party. However, believe it or not, I have never seen her on any video before, other than just going by the imitation of this cute, hilarious 8 year-old.

I have to say here then, she is very pretty, at least with her congressional make-up ensemble, in the video below. However, as this clueless broad tries to act like the normal bureaucratic actions* of the US Government in even trying to defend the southern border are criminal in some way, ex-ICE director Tom Homan rips her a proverbial new one. Because this late-twenty-something woman is cute, it's hard to hate her, but I'd rather just see her tend bar back in NY City, flirting with the clientele and probably showing a little cleavage. That's what she is made for, and those are probably the quick thoughts in her head as she is rendered thankfully speechless by Mr. Homan's common-sense logic at the end.

It's simple, and most Americans have already thought this, if they haven't verbalized it: If I get arrested for DUI, my family will get separated that night, and convicted for a burglary a whole lot longer than that. What do you expect when you break into a country? You know, if President Trump was a little quicker on his feet with the logic, such as the words out of Tom Homan, it'd sure be nice to see. I think less and less of the guy every day.

* No, we think it's better than giving up, but this bureaucracy-as-normal business will not cut it. We need a serious border barrier and guys tasked to shoot if necessary.

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Tucker on Immigrant Congressbulb Omar

Posted On: Saturday - July 13th 2019 7:00PM MST
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They'll be just a couple of good short videos tonight. I hope you, the reader, do have a browser in which you can view our youtube embeds. On MS Internet Exploder, it's been a problem, and I know there is something I can do, as I've seen vids on other site work in that browser. I just don't know what this "it" is, that I need to do.

Though he is Peak Stupidity's number 1 TV pundit, I can't say I agree with the guy 100%. The video below is an example. I'll point out the 10%* that is a problem at the bottom. Still, it's great to see this on TV, well not "on TV" for me, but on youtube, knowing it was on TV. As a matter of fact, it sure was a bear to dig this video up, though I saw it directly on VDare** in their post Tucker Carlson On Ilhan Omar: "A Living Fire Alarm" On The Dangers Of Immigration. I can see that youtube has a hell of a bias in the search "engine" - maybe it needs new rings and lifters.

Without any more fanfare, beside "GO TUCKER!", here's a reaming of the ungrateful incandescent-headed Somalian member of the House of Representin':

If you're anything like me, you may rather read the transcript, and if I trust any website to get things correct, it'd be VDare. Usually, a transcript can be read 3 to 5 times faster than the time it takes to listen. However, it was great to see Tucker do it, though. Here:
TUCKER CARLSON: The Democratic candidates for President are on the road this week telling voters that the United States is an awful country. “America’s institutions are built on white supremacy,” squeaked Beto O’Rourke in an event yesterday.

Of all the lies these people tell — and there are many — this is the most absurd. In fact, the United States is the kindest, most open-minded place on the planet. The U.S. has done more for other people and received less in return than any nation in history by far.

Americans like to help. It makes us feel good. Some of our deepest satisfaction as a country comes from watching penniless immigrants arrive on our shores, buy into our values and thrive. We call it the American Dream and nothing makes us prouder.

It was in that spirit that in 1992, the United States welcomed 10-year-old Ilhan Omar and her family. Omar was born in Somalia, one of the world’s poorest countries. It was then ruled by a Marxist military dictatorship. When Omar was six, she and her parents and their six siblings fled a worsening civil war and wound up in a refugee camp in Kenya. They spent four years there until America offered the family asylum here and let them settle in Minneapolis.

Omar’s father drove a taxi at first then got a job at the Post Office working for the government. Omar, meanwhile, grew up free in the world’s richest country with all the bounty that that implies.

She became a citizen, then went to work for the State University. A few years later, she became a Member of Congress elected by voters who are proud to see an immigrant succeed.

Omar is now at the age of only 36, one of the most powerful women in America. It’s an amazing story really. Only in this country could it have happened.

Ilhan Omar has an awful lot to be grateful for, but she isn’t grateful. Not at all. After everything America has done for Omar and for her family, she hates this country more than ever.

In a recent piece in “The Washington Post,” the reporter put it this way, quote, “In Omar’s version, America isn’t the big hearted country that saved her from a brutal war and a bleak refugee camp. It wasn’t a meritocracy that helped her attend college or vaulted her into Congress. Instead, it was the country that had failed to live up to its founding ideals, a place that had disappointed her and so many immigrants, refugees and minorities like her,” end quote.

If anything, that’s an understatement. Omar isn’t disappointed in America, she is enraged by it. Virtually every public statement she makes accuses Americans of bigotry and racism.

“This is an immoral country,” she says. She has undisguised contempt for the United States and for its people. That should worry you and not just because Omar is now a sitting Member of Congress.

Ilhan Omar is living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country. A system designed to strengthen America is instead undermining it. Some of the very people we try hardest to help have come to hate us passionately.

Maybe that’s our fault for asking too little of our immigrants. We aren’t self-confident enough to make them assimilate so they never feel fully American. Or maybe the problem is deeper than that. Maybe we’re importing people from places whose values are simply in antithetical to ours. Who knows what the problem is, but there is a problem and whatever the cause, this cannot continue. It’s not sustainable.

No country can import large numbers of people who hate it and expect to survive. The Romans were the last to try that with predictable results.
So be grateful for Ilhan Omar, annoying as she is. She’s a living fire alarm, a warning to the rest of us we better change our immigration system immediately. Or else.

Here are a couple of problems with Tucker's words:

1) " In fact, the United States is the kindest, most open-minded place on the planet. " A country can't be kind. Does he mean the people? This sappy stuff is 5%*

2) More importantly: " A system [immigration] designed to strengthen America is instead undermining it." I hope Tucker put this just put in to keep himself on the air. No, over the last half-century, and probably America's entire history, it was a system to provide cheaper labor. There's another 5%*

* Sure, these percentage numbers are just pulled out of my ass - what of it? ;-}

** For the HTML-aware, I do know how to "view source" and get the url, but this was on a small piece of electronics, and I sure don't on this thing.

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My Introduction to the Lyin' Press

Posted On: Friday - July 12th 2019 8:57AM MST
In Topics: 
  TV, aka Gov't Media  Humor  Movies  Media Stupidity

This was long ago in a country far, far away .. from what it is now. However, the Lyin' Press was in some ways not a whole lot different than it is now. This was before the internet, when newspapers were still read, and the 3 major networks were still seen as The News on the fairly-new cable TV. Ted Turner's Cable News Network had been around already for a while, but I sure hadn't heard of it.

At the university in which I was partying studying, a big political figure (naming names would pin it down too much, sorry) was coming to give a speech. Some friends and I were being kicked out of our dorm rooms in the name of security. Yes, truly, just a decent shot with a rifle could have reached the speaker in question, much less a guy like this:

It's from a pretty good movie called Shooter. The star is Mark Wahlberg there.*

This was a dorm, not a private apartment. In the latter case, I'd have a REAL PROBLEM with being told to leave. I imagine the university had some rules about this unique situation, but I wasn't the type to check that sort of thing. This was just to be a couple of hours anyway.

See, here's the thing: My friends and I had no complaint about that. We liked the speaker, who was a conservative stalwart, and yes, even at that age, I was a Conservative. Leaving the dorms wasn't the problem - we wanted to SEE the speech, preferably close up! Since we were to be kicked out of the rooms, we thought we'd bargain with some university bureaucrat to end up with some passes to get into the area to watch, maybe up near the front even. It was only fair.

Somehow, the LLP (Local Lyin' Press) got wind of this - this was not NYC or LA, mind you, so there wasn't much else important that day, apparently. It was the first and only time I'd was ever been interviewed on TV, as far as I can recall, and I can sure recall this one. We all start off kind of naive, don't we, and I figured I'd give the lady my quick statement to explain, and that might get the dean-of-what-have-you to get off his ass for a minute and help a poor group of conservative students out.

I was on TV!: "Well, we are being kicked out of the dorms during the speech, so we want the school to give us passes to get up front and watch." Yep, the TV interviewer lady cut off the 2nd half of the sentence, making my meaning sound almost 180-degrees off. As I wrote, we ADMIRED this guy, but she changed my one sentence into simply a complaint. That's the story she wanted to tell, and it didn't matter exactly what I said. Of course, that slight edit was done later on, back at the station, so as we gathered around, probably with a few beers, to excitedly watch my important statement explaining our request, I ended up feeling a whole lot like Homer Simpson here:

(Look at the clock - hilarious!)

It's just a 30-odd year-old cartoon TV show, which, come to think of it, was not even quite on yet during the "episode" of this post, but yeah, the Lyin' Press was its evil self even that long ago. I'm glad I learned this fairly young though. Many of us don't. We'd all have been better taking Homer's advice at that point and finding a new life, under the sea!

* Sorry for the Arabic subtitles. a little worrisome, in fact! It's the scene I needed, and at least the "Shooter" talks to his dog in English. BTW, the character had talked about a 2,200 yard shot before this scene, but what he says here is "1,760's a mile ... a far piece ..." Even the one English number in the subtitle is wrong.

No, you wouldn't see the Dinty Moore stew can that well with the scope, whether it was 1 1/4 mile or 1 mile!

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Two greats from The Other Gerry

Posted On: Thursday - July 11th 2019 4:38PM MST
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  Music  Bible/Religion

Of course, any Peak Stupidity reader should know that Jerry with a "J" is Jerry Garcia of The Dead. We are big fans of this other Gerry, with a "G", also, the late Gerry Rafferty, featured on the site before here, here, and here. Gerry Rafferty arguably (argue in the comments!) has the smoothest male voice in pop music. In the studio, he was also known to add layers and layers of backing vocals, in his voice, on top, making a sublime sound.

Both of the songs here reference religion, the 1st as the theme, and the 2nd just in the one verse about the Knights of Columbus.

To make up for the slight disparagement of the Millennials in the last post and give equal time to disparagement of the Boomers, we note in the second of these two songs that, even in the late '70's the Boomer way of trashing all things traditional can be seen in the lyrics. Now, the lyrics don't make or break a great song anyway, as we have maintained since, like, forever. Still, the dissing of the Boy Scouts and the Knights of Columbus (a Catholic service club) are not really necessary in the story of the narrator's (Gerry, I guess) finding his way in life through the rock and roll. That's in the 2nd song, and the 1st one is purely anti-religious. I'm guessing Gerry Rafferty was a lapsed Catholic.

Here is Benediction from Stealer's Wheel, one of Mr. Rafferty's bands, in which he shared vocals with Joe Egan. It's from their 1975 album Right or Wrong:

This next one is from the excellent Snakes and Ladders album from 1980 after Mr. Rafferty had made the big-time with the single Baker Street off of City to City. It's I Was a Boy Scout:

Notice the artwork on the cover of both of these albums by John Patrick Byrne, Gerry's artist friend, to whom Gerry dedicated the song Patrick.

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Millennial couple fails to GoFu__Themselves

Posted On: Thursday - July 11th 2019 3:47PM MST
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The title is in reference to the social media "sharing economy" GoFundMe site. I sure hope the reader would not erroneously assume that Peak Stupidity has a cuss word right up in the post title.

A friend sent me a link to a ZeroHedge article a while back about this young German couple that have have the not-even-close-to-mitigated gall to use GoFundMe not for a political cause, not for hardship of any sort, but for a trip to Africa. They want to bicycle through Africa, and they would like you to go ahead and fund them with 11 thousand bucks. Dammit, it ain't cheap down there in the Dark Continent anymore.

Go Fund You?! How about Go Fu__ Yourselves, Bitches*?!

(Sorry for small image, as the file-type conversion caused it to be pretty large data-wise.)

If you are in the mood for some humor, go to the ZH post, as, for a change, "Tyler Durden" gives lots of credit to commenters associated with the original instagram, uh, gram(?) No, I'm not going there, but I also recommend clicking on ZH's [SHOW COMMENTS]. These are not the awesome ZeroHedge commenters of yesteryear, but it's still bound to be a hoot.

Now, I'm all awfully close to going ahead and making a topic key called "Millennials", but the posts that I would attach the key to would probably turn-off a large majority, or at least a quorum, of Peak Stupidity's Millennial audience. Therefore, I'll keep this stuff under the Curmudgeonry topic key.

My problem with you people is not the $11,000, but the tattoos. It's one thing to have something to cover up a bad spot, or a small little memento on the shoulder blade or thigh. Look at this guy. He's basically one big tattoo! How much does that stuff cost? Thankfully, the wife or girlfriend is not covered with modern art. "You know, Fräulein, you coulda done a whole lot better." Then again, anyone who sticks with this walking doodle must not have it all on the ball either. "You know, you both could have done a whole lot better!"

Then there is the whole Social Media angle in this story and this young couple. The Instagram, Tweets, and comments that go with it are not the real world, Herr and Frau Illustrated Man. Perhaps you should get back into the real world to earn that money for your trip. It'd take something called work, which is, no, no, it's not a phone app.

I hope these 2 do earn their money though, possibly having to even scrimp on the weekly tattoo money, and end up in Africa for a spell. When you're down in the bush, in oooga-booga land, hungry for a snack of monkey brains, well, they don't take Visa, they don't take Mastercard, and they don't have wifi for you to Instagram your friends about it. Peak Stupidity and 8 billion other humans would be glad to not hear from you all for a month or two, and from the end of the ZH article, I find that it's likewise, after a little feedback:
Cat has now posted that the couple will be taking a 30 day break from social media to do some "soul-searching".
Arguing for hours on the internet is not very productive, as I found out just this very afternoon on another site. I hope Illustrated Man and his squeeze will get back into the real world and earn their own money, especially before they do something stupid like ride a bike through Africa!

* If you've been any kind of serious Zerohedge aficionado you've got to use that "Bitches" appropriately (usually "Bitchez" if used in a friendly manner).

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Suspicious Stupidity at the Gas Pump

Posted On: Wednesday - July 10th 2019 7:30PM MST
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File photo - don't let those prices scare you!

BP was the brand of gas at one of the two local stations that is up to no good, so I don't mind putting that picture up. Peak Stupidity has written a 2 part series (Part 1 and Part 2) on the long-term changes in gasoline prices, associated with our Inflation topic key. Gasoline is a volatile product in both the literal and figurative sense. It can be a wild ride, keeping up with that, and there may often be some kind of big-time geopolitical scams behind some of it. However, what bugs me is simply getting scammed at the pump, whether intentional or due to stupidity of some sort.

I'd mentioned the problems with employees who neither care about honoring prices nor often have an easy way to deal straight with the customer, in a post yesterday. Here are 2 incidents that made me lately realize that:

a) Most people obviously don't run the numbers, or don't care if they do (I think the former).

b) Big-Biz and their local minions must feel they can get away with more now.

At a BP station, I paid inside the station to get the cash/debit price. It turned I that I got very close to an even 10 gallons, so the calculation of what price the pump gave me was easy. It did not match even the higher credit price. I went inside to talk to the guy, and he told me that "yes, you got the price on the sign." I had not, though, but there was no way I could show the guy, as he wasn't going outside to look at the numbers on the pump, as he was the only employee in there.

At the 2nd place, the problem was as simple as that the price on the pump did not match the price on the sign. I'd already paid and started pumping gas before I noticed.

Yeah, you can try to get a phone number of a manager, come back to show him (in the latter case it'd been easier to prove), but, well, ""You need to know how to pick your battles.", I've been told. I just make a mental note to never come back.

Is this part of a slide into 3rd-Worldliness, or is it just my becoming better at arithmetic and noticing?

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Putting the Peter in Peter, Paul, and Mary

Posted On: Wednesday - July 10th 2019 7:01PM MST
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This post is a week-old story now, but what does it matter when the event happened just under 50 years ago, and the Orwellian modern-day Red Guards of the ctrl-left go back that far for cultural investigations? The trio here, Peter, Paul and Mary, of 1960's fame, wrote and sang some great folk songs at the height of the folk-music revival.

Paul Stookey, Mary Travers, and Peter Yarrow:

Per Fox News here, Peter Yarrow, who is still hammering in evening with that folk music at 81 years old, was disinvited from the Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival by this arts festival's board president, one Melissa DeCordova. The festival is held in upstate New York, somewhere near Binghamton (just N. of Penn.). This is upstate New York, mind you, where the kind of stuff that went on for a few days in the late 1960's could have a million people marked for investigation, and for a lot worse than young Mr. Yarrow showing up at the hotel room door to sign autographs with no clothes on.

It is not even clear if the guy meant to show his magic dragon to a 14 y/o girl and her 17 y/o sister in 1970. He sure never asked the girl to puff on it ... Anyway, a jury must have thought he was up to no good, as he was sentenced to 3 months jail time, though subsequently pardoned by President Jimmy Carter at the end of his term in 1981*.

Now, coming right up on 5 decades later, this Mary DeCordova (translation "of the Cordova, with fine Corinthian leather") seems to think that Mr. Yarrow should pay for his mistake now. It sounds like she wasn't a big fan of Mr. Yarrow, or she would have known about the incident and kept it simple by not inviting him in the first place, were she really worried. Sure, you know an 81 year-old folk singer may just pull it out before, during, or after the show - when all you have is a hammer, even in the morning ... everything looks like ...

This is how it works now, though - you just read this stuff, and it ought to awaken you to the reality of Peak Stupidity:
"When booking this artist we were not aware of news stories about an incident involving Yarrow in 1970."
I don't know. Maybe the board had a musician friend they wanted to get up on stage and used this 49 year-ago incident as an excuse. Still, the fact that this is taken seriously means we are pretty far gone. Everyone is fair game, when stuff from that distant in your past can be used to culturally revolutionize the living shit out of you. It's possible that Mr. Yarrow may be having second thoughts about his 5-decade-ago support for the 1960's cultural revolution. Peter, his peter, Paul, and Mary, along with the thousands of other great musical artists and acts of the 1960's were part of a movement that drastically changed American society, and the long-term consequences are the hard-core ctrl-left of today that apparently take their cues from Chairman Mao.

Has even 81 year-old Peter Yarrow realized the damage that his crowd did to America? How much stupidity will it take till they know, they caused this great country to die? The answer, my friend is blowin' in their wind ... the answer is blowin' in their wind.

After just listening to John Denver's version today of what I though was PP&M's Leavin' on a Jet Plane, I learned just now that he wrote this one. In that case, John Denver's version ought to be the one featured for the music to go along with all of this music talk:

* First of all, I don't get that - if he had served his sentence, what was the pardon for 10 years later? That notwithstanding, weren't American politicians much more small time in a good way back in Jimmy's time? Since the Clintons, the deal has been to pardon anyone you can as a reward for shutting one's mouth and that sort of thing. What a more innocent time it was!

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Illegal Price Switching - It's the 3rd-World Way

Posted On: Tuesday - July 9th 2019 6:40PM MST
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Note: 00's prices shown.
Do not hold Peak Stupidity responsible for price increases!
- PS Legal Department

Yeah, Peak Stupidity had to add a new topic key today, with the label Scams. Things are very much approaching 3rd-World ways when you can't even believe the prices at the chain food joint. I mean, they are right up there on the fancy plastic menu board.

I went to a semi-regular chain place (no, it's not the burgers and fries shown above, but pasta and such), and ordered something different for a change. As the surly broad mumbled something from behind the sneeze guard, I tried hard to figure out what the price was that she was telling me. OK, let me just look up there, since it didn't make sense. "OK, for this pasta and the one big meatball, it's $7.95 ... says so right up there."

"Nope, but that's not the price now." "What? Look up top, see." She refused to look up at the plastic menu board. "The price up there is wrong. It's $9.95" Well, listen, I know what the reader may be thinking: It's illegal to do that (that's what a friend maintains), they should honor the price on the menu, of course! Etc, etc. Nope, there is no honor anymore in Big-Biz America. There was no regard for it here. You pay up or leave, no matter what the menu reads.

This was not the first time. In the last such situation, a few years back, there was a simple price card for a muffin that was 40 cents lower than what it was rung up as. After some simple questioning and pointing at the card ("look, see there!") the cashier and manager would simply not honor the simple deal. I wouldn't have minded if the manager had simply told me honestly "look, pricing in our software has been changed, but we forgot/haven't had time to keep up. Let me just put a card up now. Sorry about that." That'd been just fine with me. Nope, he told me how the computer was just plain right, kind of a precursor to the "auto-generated" excuse described in this scam post. KEEP YOUR MUFFIN! SEE YA!" said I, and I never went back.

I did end up buying the item here, because of hunger and my running late. There was no manager this time to explain the rules of business to, if I had had the time.

It's just the big corporate world - some marketing people put pricing data into the computer without waiting for the chain stores to get new menu boards. No, you don't do that in a 1st-world country where somebody actually cares about these types of errors. If it happens, most likely even a decent manager who understands the concept of honoring the price would have a hard time overriding the computer, formerly cash register, known as a POS system (not quite what "POS" normally stands for). He could just refund money all day, but almost no boss has that much integrity anymore. It puts him in a bad spot, but hey, maybe a call to corporate - "Hey, revert the database. My customers are pissed" would be in order.

After the above thoughts, I recalled that lots of big chains have the menus made of flat-screen TV's anyway. Those could easily be changed at the same time as the pricing data (maybe even linked together by good, non-H-1B-visa IT people, like Americans?). So, I suppose this problem may not occur that regularly after these place go all-electronic like that. That is, of course, unless they purposefully try to cheat you, a la the Bank of America.

Flat-screen monitor menus:

I've twice run into slightly different price "discrepancies" (to be generous) lately at gas stations. If they are scams, they seem to work great, as Americans are mostly still too proud to calculate a price out. No we are all too well-off* to stoop that low and call anyone on it, even if we knew.

It may be time for Americans to realize that things are going 3rd-World and act accordingly. One of the things one must put up with is attempted rip-offs left and right, and one must be ready to call it out.

Anyway, Peak Stupidity will have more on the gasoline station scams tomorrow, if possible. This was going to be "girl-picture week", with good reason, of course! It looks like it'll end up as "scam week" or another "curmudeonry week".

* More on Americans' habit of living paycheck-to-paycheck here.

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H. Ross Perot, RIP

Posted On: Tuesday - July 9th 2019 10:53AM MST
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"Hey, I'm all ears."

The above images is from Peak Stupidity's post over 2 years back called The Deep State vs. Donald Trump - remember Candidate Ross Perot?. It wasn't THAT awful long ago, but a full 27 years, since that summer in which Mr. Perot was a strong 3rd candidate for President (his non-party later to become the "Reform Party"), his dropping out and then rejoining of the race, and still getting 19% of the popular votes of Americans.

Mr. Perot died this morning of Leukemia at 89 years old. You can read about his life elsewhere. Peak Stupidity would just like to point out that this country really still had a chance with guys like this, and Americans who would vote for him, back in the early, and even mid 1990's. Look at the ineffectual blowhard we have now, who patriotic Americans had really put their hopes on. Look at the sick, anti-white-American hard-Socialist crew of scum that are running for D'nomination - the Old Pharts and Young Turds described Ocasio-nally herein.

Mr. Perot was a former computer-biz executive who really did know what was going wrong with the country and had plans to do something about it. He was not the first (that might go to '92 D-candidate Paul Tsongas) to talk about how important manufacturing is to the American, or ANY, economy, but he laid his opinion out there. "NO NAFTA" for starters - there'd be a "giant sucking sound" - he was referring to good jobs. Yes, they've been sucked, but the NAFTA deal sending manufacturing to Mexico was just the John-the-Baptist of the trashing of American manufacturing might, with the Clinton/Bush/US Congressional China agreements knocking the BeJesus out of it a few years later.

Mr. Ross with his ebullient personality:

There was room for argument back in 1992. Arguing for a future for traditional America was still allowed and not tweeted as shamefully racist. Though the picture below of the 3 '92 Presidential candidates is all smiles, it's too bad only one of the 3 was not a traitorous or neocon scumbag bent on destruction of the country. We thought there was still a chance back then.

No, not a chance now.

"♪♫♬ Where have you gone, Ross Perot?
Our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you ♪♫♬ ...

RIP, H. Ross Perot.

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Courting the "Goldfish" vote

Posted On: Monday - July 8th 2019 10:22AM MST
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I will not vote for a guy who favors electric eels!

Now here's that same guy - he's anti-electric eel. You got my vote!

The infotainment that I've been reading about regarding the Blue-squad of the party and the current crop of Old Pharts and Young Turds, along with an unz commenter's excellent point, got me thinking of this post's subject. It's the primary election season, at least for the D's (Blue-squad). The amount of stupidity that's been introduced by these useful idiots has been mighty intense (see posts on the vetting by pro race hustler Al Sharpton and on reparations to slaves from master).

The political wonks and pundits will tell you that, yes the ctrl-left candidates of the Blue-squad have to go hard-left during the primaries and the cuckservative candidates of the Red-squad have to go hard-to-the-middle(?) during their primary elections. They have to get the hard-core side of their voters, the ones that care the most and will come out to vote in the primary, on-board at this point, damn the optics to the rest of the American voters. Then, after they've got it nailed down, they start easing off and spouting rhetoric that is just slightly more sane to get those independent voters on-board. I don't at all disagree with this opinion of how the process works. My beef is with the American voters themselves.

How short are the memories of Americans when it comes to politics? I get it, that 50 or 100 years ago, whatever went on, other than Declarations of War, were not really going to affect the average American. The American of yesteryear could afford not to give a tinker's damn (I think that was the expression of yesteryear?) about politics. Now, things are coming to a head here, so you'd think an American who was up for voting would at least pay attention to what's going on. Paying attention means not forgetting what was done or said some years back, or at least 6 months ago during the primaries!

You've got Joe Biden in the lead (of the Old Pharts coalition). Does nobody remember that the guy was caught plagiarizing and flat-out lying during the 1988 D-primary? OK, that was 30 years back, but it's like it never happened. Has he been forgiven? Nah, it's just that nobody remembers, and the Lyin' Press will not bring up anything that hurts the ctrl-left. How about Squaw Elizabeth of the Warren Nations of the upper Massachusetts? Within Peak Stupidity's post Another Native American succumbs to alcoholism, we mentioned that the squaw had written what sounds to be a very conservative and anti-feminism book only 15 years ago. All of what she wrote in it may not be her present opinion, but has anyone ever asked her? No, the voters don't remember squat about this squaw. The Lyin' Press wants this squaw as she is now, to they won't bring it to the voter's attention.

Let's go to the much shorter time-line mentioned in the beginning. A candidate says hard-left opinion A during the primary, but then blows it off or even disavows opinion A during the general election. Does this candidate just assume that the American voters are like goldfish and won't remember what he said 3 to 6 months ago, or does he just figure they don't mind candidates who lie blatantly? I don't think it's any better if it's the former, really. Things are coming to a head, as I said, and it'd behoove the voters to pay the hell attention. It's not like people have terrible long-term memories for all things. Ask an American about the times their college basketball team got in the final four. You'll find out who the coach was, what scandals he was involved in, who beat out the team, or who they beat, each time, and more than you ever wanted to know.

When it comes to politics, though, it seems that Americans are like that goldfish in the bowl, not remembering what he saw last time around the tank. The politicians at the high level pretty much count on that. They are courting the valuable goldfish vote, each and every time around.

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