Trump v DeSantis / Legal v Illegal Immigration

Posted On: Friday - February 3rd 2023 9:22AM MST
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Round 3 on the Peak Stupidity battle between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis last Fall consisted of comparison of the two politicians regarding the MOST IMPORTANT problem in America (30 years running), the immigration invasion. This is a follow up, 4 months later, using VDare as our source. There is no better source of information on this issue.

VDare writer Federale just wrote Governor Ron DeSantis Strikes At The Slave Power With Mandatory E-Verify—REASON Magazine Is NOT Happy!
. Due to worries about Peak Stupidity's chronic biting-off-more-than-I-can-chew syndrome, we will address the latter point in another post. This is the beginning of the article:
America’s Viktor Orban, Governor Ron DeSantis, is moving from victory to victory on social and cultural issues, besides having a 2.5% unemployment rate. After beating the tranny lobby and Disney, Governor DeSantis has moved against illegal aliens, doing his best to end the job magnet and participating in the legal actions against various Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties.

The Scourge Of Illegal Aliens

This time Governor DeSantis has backed up his threats against the Slave Power to enforce the use of E-Verify by employers in Florida. Some claim DeSantis is just talk, but the truth is he acts and the Slave Power is being hurt. Many of the Slave Power thought they were above the law and ignored legal processes demanding compliance with the law. The Slave Power thought they could outwait Governor DeSantis, but that was not happening.
The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity said that Prestige Cruise Services, LLC, was the only of six organizations that received a notice in December of their requirement to prove compliance with E-Verify.

Dec. 16, a letter requiring proof of compliance was sent to six organizations: M.D.L. property Maintenance, American National Red Cross, Intelycare, Inc., Prestige Cruise Services, LLC., Upperline Health, Inc., ScribeAmerica, LLC., and Prestige Cruise Services, LLC.

The Department said Prestige Cruises is now “fully in compliance with Florida law,” but sternly warned the other five.

“For any organization that does not respond by its deadline, the next step is for DEO to notify the agencies that hold their licenses of their noncompliance. Per the law, agencies would then suspend all applicable licenses held by the employer until the private employer provides the department with the required affidavit,” they continued.

[Florida Warns Companies Who Disobey E-Verify of License Suspension, by Eric Daugherty, Florida’s Voice News, January 13, 2023]
Some got religion and complied, others thought they could intimidate Governor DeSantis. But that was the wrong move.
(As is the usual case with VDare articles, there are LOADS of links. I didn't transfer them.)

Now, as for Donald Trump as of late, James Fulford just wrote In New Hampshire Speech, Trump Talked Border Crisis, But Made NO Mention Of Legal Immigration. Mr. Trump spoke in New Hampshire and South Carolina recently, and Mr. Fulford went through the New Hampshire video (and maybe a transcript*) He doesn't mention the S. Carolina speech here.
I applied the CTRL-F "Immigra" technique to the YouTube to find out if Trump talked about legal immigration, and while he mentions the Border several times, the only mention of immigration is when a New Hampshire GOP operative comes on after Trump, at 3:18:58, and mentions, along with NRA and pro-life outreach, ”immigrant outreach.”

The problem is that if Trump isn’t saying anything about legal immigration, he’s not projecting the level of immigration patriotism he did in 2015, when he definitely won. See my 2015 post Trump Posts Immigration Plan, Neocons Go A Little Crazy.
This seems to put Trump and DeSantis even-Steven in this comparison... so far. However, Mr. Fulford adds (from a VDare tweet in the article):
DeSantis's speech criticized LEGAL mass immigration: "Mass immigration through the legal process, like the Diversity Lottery or chain migration, that is not conducive to assimilating people into American society".
Donald Trump used to understand this and maybe still does. However, to the point here of this comparison, it's not just what these 2 politicians say. It's what they DO.

Trump had 4 years, and he spent more time bullshitting and tweeting than he did DOING THINGS. The things he did do mostly showed his incompetence, vindictiveness, and poor judgement. Down there in Florida Ron DeSantis IS getting things DONE, as we write here. This post is about the invasion, but as I read more on the ACTIONS Governor DeSantis is taking on other issues, I see that he is EFFECTIVE. Donald Trump is effective in mostly one area - getting people to care. Yes, we did care, but he didn't make use of all of us, and not much got done.

Like most of the VDare writers, I stay hopeful, maybe too hopeful. DeSantis could turn out to be incapable (probably not), neo-conned into worthlessness (maybe) or just another example of our Cocktail Party Theory of Political Stupidity once he goes from State to Feral. Until I know this, I like this guy! He fights, and he wins!

BTW, VDare is not always hopeful, as things are getting overwhelming. That's what the feeling I get from reading James Kirkpatrick's article on the site today, Why Now? All The West’s Ruling Classes Are Suddenly Enabling Invasion.

PS: Spellcheck still hasn't learned the word "DeSantis". It's underlined in red right there, as I write. I guess, generously, it's because I don't do updates, EVAH! Or, is this some petty way of lashing out by BIG "TECH" wokesters?

* Possible a big mistake. Transcripts of Donald Trump speeches are not just a little bit tedious! He goes round and round, but it at least comes out better from him aurally in person. I pity the fool who transcribes Donald Trump speeches!

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Ron DeSantis on the Warpath!

Posted On: Thursday - February 2nd 2023 12:45PM MST
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Having never lived in the State of Florida, though not having any problem with the idea, especially today, I'd never heard of the Governor there, Ron DeSantis, until well into the Kung Flu PanicFest. He was one of the first big American political figures to push back against the PanicFest Totalitarianism. I never have gotten it straight whether the story of Gov. DeSantis' telling Zhou Bai Dien "Go fuck yourself" was true or not - the story is here on Peak Stupidity (but, of course) in the post Federalism Rumble of Feb 22nd '21.

Whether voting matters or not, we are all aware that Ron DeSantis capabilities and principles have made him a contender for the GOP Presidential nomination for '24. Peak Stupidity posted a 5-part series with a comparison of Ron DeSantis to Donald Trump last Fall - Round 1 - Personalities - - Immunity to Kung Flu Panic - - Round 3 - Immigration Invasion - - Round 4 - Tag Team? and Addendum - David Cole article.

Who knows? I may get fooled again, as I recall how encouraged about things I was this time of year 7 years back - beginning of '16 with a long way to go for Donald Trump. (It's not that I think Donald purposely fooled us, but I was fooled into believing he knew WTF he was doing.) Ron DeSantis had Neocon tendencies, no doubt. The warmongering has got to stop.

However, it's the full-out immigration invasion that is THE existential threat, and DeSantis would have to be a hell of a conman to be fooling all of us on that score. He has done things, such as the Martha's Vineyard Trafficking scheme that I just can't see any go-along-to-get-along politician doing. DeSantis compares favorably to Donald Trump on this issue. See the 3rd of the links above, and that was from months back. He's only gotten better.

Additionally, Governor DeSantis has been fighting hard against the PC/woke stupidity of Big Biz (aka "The Mouse") and education in his State. In his Kruiser Morning Briefing today, PJ Media's (part of Instapundit's group) Steven Kruiser posted DeSantis Keeps Staring Down His Haters and Winning. He quoted fellow PJ Media writer Rick Moran:
After scathing criticism of the Advanced Placement curricula for African American Studies by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the College Board has significantly altered the curriculum by stripping many of the issues to which DeSantis objected.

It’s a big win for DeSantis and Florida students, who now have a less ideological black studies program to study — if they so choose.

Gone will be most references to black authors and writers associated with critical race theory (CRT). Also gone are many writers and scholars associated with the queer experience and black feminism. Also not a part of the formal curriculum anymore is Black Lives Matter.

Added to research topics: black conservatism.
DeSantis has got some gut for even bringing this up. No, this is not the pressing immigration issue, but this win shows that Ron DeSantis fights... and not just with his mouth. Kruiser writes:
We are coming up on the third anniversary of all hell breaking loose thanks to the coronavirus, which means we will also soon be coming up on the third anniversary of the beginning of everyone trying to cancel Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Spoiler alert: none of them have been successful.
The writer mentions that DeSantis is making all the right people angry. Yes, that is a good sign, though one must be careful about that Overton Briar Patch too. Mr. Kruiser links us to one piece of work named Joy Reid, but I came upon the same anger from Whether it's after logging out from email or using the search engine to "find" this site to keep it on top, I sometimes spend as much as 5 seconds per day on yahoo.

Right on top of the main page (formerly "home page"), yahoo asked the burning question "What in the hell is wrong with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis?"
Florida’s governor, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, has been on a proverbial warpath against everything—from banning mask and vaccine mandates and the teaching of critical race theory to suppressing voting rights.
"Banning mandates", he did. Now, that's kind of an odd way to put the first part. I would write that the Governor protected the freedom of Floridians to neither be forced to wear appendages that cause breathing problems nor take experimental gene therapy. But see, that's why I'm not a journalist, like Sophia Nelson is. And hell yeah, on the voting rights. It WAS up to the various States, when things still worked right in this land.
I know I am asking a rather loaded question. But it is one for which I have been desperately searching for answers. Florida is off the chain: neo-Nazi rallies, anti-CRT sentiments, debates on banning books, bans on vaccines and mask mandates and attacks on voting rights and fair elections. But worse than the state itself is its young Yale and Harvard Law-educated governor, Ron DeSantis.
I'm not so sure that the writer hasn't made up the neo-Nazi rally thing out of whole cloth, and this accusation of the banning of books reminds me that there is nothing new under the sun - even 70 years later, after this. As Senator Joe McCarthy simply wanted to get the pro-Communist books taken out of the single-purpose foreign anti-Communist libraries, Governor DeSantis simply wanted to take out the sick BLT-G tranny books out of the grade school libraries. Unless you are a 4th grader away from the guidance of your parents, if you like your books, you can keep your books.
Florida’s governor has been on the proverbial warpath against, well, everything. Yet, this man is the most likely 2024 Republican nominee, in my opinion. He is the new darling of the conservative right. Bold. Brash. A braggart. He’s has called teaching about the impact of race in American history “crap.” And he carps on and on about protecting freedoms and rights by attacking science, mask-wearing and vaccines as Florida has surged with COVID cases, hospitalizations and tragically, deaths.
On the warpath. YES! That's the guy I want - a guy on the warpath. Thank you so much for the encouragement, yahoo and Sophia Nelson!

PS: VDare's Federale has another post, up yesterday, about the Governor he calls America's Victor Orban, but we'll discuss this in a subsequent post with another comparison to Donald Trump on immigration, along with an evisceration of the folks at Reason magazine.

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Salad Bar Days

Posted On: Thursday - February 2nd 2023 9:19AM MST
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Do any Peak Stupidity readers remember the days of the ubiquitous steak house restaurants? Western Sizzler, Western Steer, Ponderosa, and Ryan's are those I recall. ("The West is the best", "they"* say.) Only the latter is still in business, having re-invented itself as a buffet restaurant. Back in the day, you'd get that 1/2" thick piece of solid Sirloin - billed as that, anyway - with a baked potato, drink, and access to the salad bar for $4.75 or so. This was just after the decade in which jogging became popular.

Though you came for the shoe-leather steak, you all thought you were being so healthful, partaking of the salad bar, with 20 kinds of dressings and, YEAH, bacon bits!

On a road trip recently, the chain restaurant we stopped by had the old-fashioned salad bar. You've got your Romaine lettuce, your Iceberg lettuce, your variegated purple/green lettuce, your spinach... I was grabbing some of that rabbit food with the plastic tongs when a woman fell behind me in line. She had on plastic gloves up to her elbows. These were made of clear plastic, not the blue neoprene. Whatever, it was not my business, and not my day to calm down hysterics.

I didn't start it. "We're supposed to still wear gloves at the salad bar," she informed me. "First I've heard about it," I informed her back. "I thought the PanicFest was completely over." Well, SHE started it. "No, they want you to wear gloves." "That's not gonna happen."

Well, I got my salad, and she got her salad, so I assume this customer was not too bent out of shape by my lack of "Protective Equipment". I mean, they still have the sneeze guard, so there's that ...

This Kung Flu stupidity, the bread and butter of Peak Stupidity during our Salad (Bar) Days, lingers on, like a 3-day old booger on the sneeze guard.

* "They" being crazy Jim Morrison of The Doors of Perception.

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Instapundit: Still Neocon after all these years?

Posted On: Wednesday - February 1st 2023 4:58PM MST
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(From the morning of Jan 31st - these people post all night.)

I had to shrink the screenshot to include Professor Reynold's name, so, in case it's hard to read, that was:
I’m in favor of bleeding Putin into helplessness, but not in favor of outright war.
[Facepalm] Will this guy ever shed his Neocon ways? He's generally a Libertarian and Conservative, but he just can't get it through his head. If it doesn't affect the US directly, what the President of Russia does is NOT OUR BUSINESS!

We've been through this stuff before. We have a good example from 20 years ago with the Iraq war (Gulf War II). Yes, I was fooled for a while thinking that there just MUST be something these State Dept. or high Administration officials know about Iraq and weapons aimed at us that I don't. (That they had anything to do with 9-11 was never a thought of mine.) Well, America had been the sole superpower for a decade and a half almost, so Neocons like Glenn Reynolds were use to it. "Get rid of Saddam", we heard from everyone, "He treats his people badly." "Spread democracy there." We could do anything, apparently.

Law Professor and Godfather of bloggers Glenn Reynolds is a bright guy. How could he not learn anything from the Neocon foreign policy stupidity of America's over the last 20 years? Sure, he's worried about WWIII now. He's rightly against the stupidity of Zhou Bai Dien here. However, that one line about Putin tells me that he just doesn't get it. It's not America's job to "bleed Putin into helplessness". NOT! OUR! BUSINESS! GET IT?

The Don Surber Substack article that Glenn Reynolds linked to is pretty good. In general, the bloggers at Instapundit are on the same page. I don't think Mr. Surber is one of the site's regular bloggers, but he is linked to quite a bit. (There are a few handfuls of sites that Professor Reynolds links to very regularly. This site is not one of them, unfortunately*)

I would hope Glenn Reynolds would agree with at least most of what Don Surber wrote. The good Professor has been a real Neocon regarding the Ukraine/Russia war though, right from the get-go. We noted that in our early-on post Peak Stupidity on the Ukraine. C'mon, Instapundit!

Since the title of this post may have gotten a song lodged into many of our readers's heads, and we've not posted music in a while, well, it's not really apropos the post, but whatever. Paul Simon was a great songwriter.

Now I sit by my window, and I watch the cars.
I fear I'll do some damage one fine day,
but I would not be convicted by a jury of my peers.
Still crazy after all these years.

Still Crazy After All These Years was the title song of his 1975 album. That was 5 years already after the duet of he and Art Garfunkel split up.

* "Instalanche" is what the bloggers of yesteryear would call it when their sites were linked-to by the widely read Instapundit. I'm not sure our servers or database could handle one.

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Special Needs Delivery

Posted On: Tuesday - January 31st 2023 7:57AM MST
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This post is about the latest generation, so to speak, of communications. The anecdote itself is about a delivery of building supplies from the local big box building supply store.

It turns out, if you have a business account/card from the store, delivery - this was about 20 miles - is only 20 bucks as opposed to $75 without one. Not only that, but the savings of 5% on the amount of wood and concrete I bought brought the total down to below what I'd have paid without my friend's card, not to mention my labor and that it wouldn't even fit in my truck.

I also noted the nicer, more professional, service I got at this counter, as compared to at the normal registers. It may have helped that there was a new, pretty motivated, from what I saw, crowd there, consisting of 2 White guys and a very friendly Hispanic girl. Bingo! I got the girl. Her English was pretty good... up to the point of the story here on the communications.

You must arrange for the delivery half-day period. OK, that was no problem, as there was no hurry. I would need some notice to meet the delivery guy the next Wednesday afternoon (Noon to 4 P) though, at least 1/2 hour, but better yet, 45 minutes, The girl said she'd type in a note about 2 hours. We worked on the notes together on the computer terminal, as her English was not good enough to allow non-ambiguous notes for the driver.

Wednesday morning, yeah, at the coffee shop, at 10:15, I got a call: "Hey, I've got your stuff to deliver first, I'm on my way to REDACTED [number] REDACTED street now." Oh, man, that was the wrong address, first of all, the billing one, not where the stuff goes. "What happened to 'Noon to 4'?" Very luckily for me, I got a White guy, someone I could work with. (The ability to communicate, and without drama, is a big part of this point.) The driver was very decent about the whole thing. "I'll be at least 45 minutes, as I've got to load up something myself" I told him, along with giving him actual, REAL directions that involved turns and landmarks. "You'll have to wait about 10 minutes, is all", and, sure enough, he'd been there for only a short while, and he did a nice job putting the materials where I wanted them with the big fat-tired fork-lift.

My problem is not with the driver. He was a friendly, conscientious guy. I nicely tried to figure out with him where the communications problems lie (with this post in mind, in fact). "They put my stuff on the truck last, so if I couldn't deliver it first, we'd have had to do it another day." I tipped him 10 bucks, and all was well.

However, I think about this stuff and wonder: "How in the world did we all get things done before mobile phones?" OK, there's a customer-arranged timetable in the computer, with notes and everything. That can be texted, IM'd, whatever, all over the place, including to the driver. All that doesn't do a hill of beans worth of good, if nobody USES that information! Why was the truck loaded that way? Did anybody make use of that timetable at the store? I suppose that kind of thinking is simply out of the question nowadays.

Yes, this generation of communications can get information anywhere in milliseconds. This generation of people, on the other hand, seems not bright enough to USE the information in these communications to make things work. Without everyone having mobile phones with which to sort out the screwage, things wouldn't get done at all. #SAD

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Chinese v American U-Students - Round 2: Current Campus

Posted On: Monday - January 30th 2023 8:38PM MST
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(Continued from Round 1.)

This round, a comparison of the political actions of university students here versus in China, was supposed to be the post. However, I got carried away with that look back at half a century ago - actually closer to 6 decades as of publication date.

One could go back to what is, believe it or not, more than half way back to that time of protests and turmoil here and the Cultural Revolution there, the Tiananmen Square protests of June 1989 (33 1/2 years back vs. 54-58) for a minute. I do remember the event. There was momentum from a decade already of political reforms by Chairman Deng Xiaoping already. The students must have assumed they could accelerate a transition to the liberty and freedom that were still somewhat of a thing in the West. It took guts to go up against the Chinese government (doing the bidding of the CCP).

It's not that I think there's really a lot of understanding of the principles of liberty in the Middle Kingdom, maybe even by genetics. Those students stood up to authority in a way I haven't seen much from American students, who, at the time of Tiananmen Square, were still in a calm learning environment - say, from 1973 to 2008, before our own Cultural Revolution got cranked up.

The recent protests against the Chinese Gov't's/CCP's ridiculous and Totalitarian Covid~Zero stupidity was another instance of political bravery. The university students there, if not at the forefront of this action, played a big part. (Ironically, the idiotic face diapers may have helped them out to some degree in avoiding detainment. Supposed, the Orwellian "Skynet" style AI/surveillance network can do successful facial recognition even of people wearing the masks. I'm not sure I believe that.)

Then, the students got sent home early for Spring Festival to put the kibosh on the resistance. Unlike when Johnny Cougar fights it, authority doesn't always win, and they Chinese authoritah backed off the Covid~Zero stupidity.

In the meantime, the American universities have been undergoing Cultural Revolution 2.0, which is getting increasingly Communistic,Totalitarian, humiliating, and plain stupid. There are parts of it that already top the stupidity of China's Cult-Rev 1.0 half a century back. As I wrote in "Round 1", I'd read a dozen books on the Chinese version of this stupidity a decade (maybe it was a dozen years) ago. At that point I still pondered how the Chinese people could have let that shit happen. As I watch the blue-haired loud-mouthed freaks and soy boys drowning out speakers that trigger them and the tearing down of statues and paintings of tradition and history, I no longer wonder how it could have been let to happen in China.

The thing is, in China, with an all-powerful "leader" and massive State apparatus, it wasn't as if an anti-revolutionary group would have made much headway before being sent to rot in a dungeon in Peking. Sure, one wonders if the young population could have decided to keep in their minds the upbringing and love of their parents rather than falling for Mao's Red Book and joyfully reporting the Capitalist Roader ways of their parents and shaming them with big-character posters and pig's blood. I don't know how much choice they had.

Though much more free to do so, the American university students today have generated a pitiful amount of pushback. There are a few Conservative and alt-right groups on the campuses. They are nowhere near as powerful as the ctrl-left.

It's very hard for me to imagine my being in the classroom today and putting up with the abuse the normal/White male students do. It's hard to because in a technical field that long ago, nothing of the sort ever happened. The students and Professors, 90-95% American White people and men, respectively, were Conservative. I couldn't imagine it any other way.

The Humanities side of the campus was more left wing, but the Communist-style talk and actions of today could not be imagined still. (I and a friend of mine had this idea to audit* a class and call out the Professor on any point of opinion we didn't agree with. Ahhh, regrets...)

It's sad that American students value that likely not-so-valuable "education" they are putting up with over the great feeling they'd have if they were to speak out and actively resist the wokeness. They've got those grades or even suspensions or expulsions hanging over their head, as they put up with all the humiliation in their quest for that invaluable piece of paper. (Well, it SHOULD mean "non-valuable"!)

A difference between Chinese and American universities is that getting accepted is the hard part in China, while getting through the 4 years is kind of a given, from what I've heard personally. That does sound like Harvard, but in most of America the students feel obligated to go along with the political shenanigans to get good grades. However, in China, as I mentioned regarding one anecdote from the Tiananmen Square times, one can still get kicked out, cancelled, or worse.

I don't speak about all of them, of course, but it seems that generally the non-woke, non-Communist portion of the American university students seem pretty cowardly about fighting against the Cultural Revolution 2.0. In a situation that is a complete turnabout from 1/2 a century ago, with the Establishment ctrl-left though and through and no rule-of-law and Constitutional rights to depend on, protests against the Communism may be harder to organize and complete compared to those by the ctrl-left of the past. University learning is a joke compared to that past time, so you'd think there'd be less to lose. OTOH, there's no powerful manufacturing economy as in 1965 to fall back on, if one gets kicked out of college. As of yet, there's no camaraderie to allow one to ignore the threat of arrest, as back in the day for the ctrl-left. (Think of a particular Arlo Guthrie song.)

Perhaps those are good excuses for the lack of action, or reaction, I should say. Still, I can't help thinking that I'd have been raising hell right now were I at the university, rather than putting up with this new Cultural Revolution. Instead, they're all riled up about the Totalitarianism in China, supporting the anti-Covid~Zero protest by the Chinese students.

That's the Fox News headline for this article. We read:
Chants of "Free China!" and "Xi Jinping, step down!" were heard at California Berkeley protests, with one protester holding a sign with a drawing of Chinese President Xi Jinping that read "Death to the dictator."
It's really something to hear of Berzerkely students being AGAINST Communism. Still, I would tell the American university students to first "clean your rooms!"

Round 2 also goes to the Chinese university students, both as compared to Americans in the 1960s and to those of today.

* "Auditing" means attendance but without a grade or credit, and this was free for us at the time.

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Lamest blog week evah?

Posted On: Friday - January 27th 2023 7:25PM MST
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  General Stupidity

Yes, I am pretty sure it is. I've been on a trip with not any good spot for sitting down and writing Part 2 of of the American v Chinese students or another curmudgeonry dealie involving retail business and terrible communications.

All that's not too exciting anyway, but we've got lots more in store, with continuing Kung Flu stupidity, Climate Calamity™ stupidity, and a discussion of John Stossel's (long-term Libertarian) take on environmental stupidity that confirms and expands on Peak Stupidity's views.

So, if nothing else pops up this week, please accept our apologies. We'll be back in normal form next week. Have a nice weekend, and thanks for the comments!

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Chinese v American U-Students - Round 1: Half a century ago

Posted On: Wednesday - January 25th 2023 3:35PM MST
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  Commies  University  China  Americans  ctrl-left

This post was in the back of my mind since the writing of The Chinese people fight Covid~Zero and the Totalitarianism of Xi on the anti-Covid~Zero protests in China back in November that caused the mighty CCP to "STEP OFF!" Brave Chinese university students were a big part of this, as they were part of the big anti-CCP protests in Tiananmen Square (and elsewhere) way back in June of 1989.* Yes, I mean "brave" both times, as the CCP doesn't mess around. Even if it's not being taken away to not be seen again by one's family, the CCP/Government of China can ruin one's future easily enough**.

What have American university students been fighting against these days? I'd say "absolutely nuthin', huhhh, say it again..." What I'd like to do here is compare the student activism in these 2 far apart countries during 2 eras far apart in time, 6,000 miles and 50 years, respectively.*** As usual, Peak Stupidity won't give a long list of examples with stats from somewhere. We'll just compare the general situation in both times and places.

We all know about the crazy 1960s in America, with lots of the turmoil going on at the universities. However, most Americans even today, but more so in the 1960s, didn't know what crazy stuff was going on in China during roughly this same time frame. There was no Tik-Tok, Instagram, and Telegram, or course. Never mind calling California, international phone calls cost serious MONEY, and then, how many people in China had a telephone? With icy relations between our 2 countries from the start of Communism there in 1949 till Nixon's visit in '70, even the newsmen didn't know very much about that big dark hole known as Red China.

Well, it WAS a hole, as Communism had done a number on the Chinese population, with the worst of it being that "Great Leap Forward" of '58 to ''61 (causing the starvation deaths of 30 million). Number 2 in the list of big idiocies there was the Cultural Revolution, not very long after that "Leap Forward", only about 5 years, come to think of it. It lasted for a whole decade.

The American years of extreme ctrl-left stupidity were arguably from '64 through '71, though some may pin it down as ending a year or two earlier. In China, the stupidity lasted from '66 through '76, the year Mao Tse Tong graciously died. It's funny to ponder that hardly a one Chinamen could have imagined the drug-taking, rock-and-roll playing, protesting, university-administration-building-inhabiting, hitchhiking, and bell-bottom wearing of the students in that manufacturing economic powerhouse and biggest military power in the world going on at this time. Likewise, Americans at the time knew that "people were starving in China (so eat your vegetables!)", but could not have imagined the crazy Big-Character-poster-writing, pig-blood-pouring****, parent-harrasing, Manchurian pig-farm-exciling, Little-Red-Book™-perusing in the huge mass of poverty-"stricken" humanity that was Red China going on at this time.

It's all fun and games ...

After that digression of sorts, let me mention Chinese university students of that half-century ago era first. Well, that's if one call call them "students". At that time, once Mao and his Commie gang got the young population riled up about the "Capitalist Roaders" and other enemies of what should have been should have great Communist utopia, except for those meddling Roaders, there was no longer much studying going on. University students were sucked into the MOS (Maelstrom Of Stupidity, and, compared to trying to study, it became a better use of one's time to rail against the enemies of Communism, quote the passages from the Chairman's Little Red Book, and rat out and implicate those that needed a good implicating. Intellectuals were sent to do "the people's work" and learn a thing or two about life. (That sounds tempting, though, doesn't it? More on this...)

From what I've read, about a decade ago in about a dozen books on the Cultural Revolution, this was a lost decade as far as higher learning went. You weren't likely go get away from the fun staying holed up in your organic chemistry lab. All intellectuals and even ACTUAL smart people were bad, as Chairman Mao thought about it. They had been the ones flushed out in the '58 "Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom" program (and sequel "Then, Mow them Down") Perhaps some of them, the ones not killed or ruined last time, spoke and wrote about how Chinese Communism wasn't all that great.

... until someone gets hurt.

Some of those Chinese university students, before the Cultural Revolution put the kibosh on studying and intellectualism, would have been called "Liberals". However, that would have been in the sense of "Classical Liberal", as in, Libertarian. They wanted to be able to speak out against the worst of the stupidity of Communism, though I guess coming out against Communism itself was out of the question. The hard-line Maoists were as actual left-wing as one could be. (We call it the "ctrl-left" here, to jibe with the term "alt-right" on the keyboards.)

Now, some would say that the American universities were full of Liberals at the time too. However, that was NOT really in the classical sense, though there was pretension about this. After all, if they get you off the charges of occupying buildings and setting off pipe bombs, those Constitutional rights can be a pretty cool hand. No, they had some legitimate beefs, such as about the Vietnam War, but in general, the protesting and rebelling American university students of a half century back were the ctrl-left, starting the Long March through the Institutions here, while the Long March in China was bearing its bitter fruit 20-30 years after completion (depending on whether you mean the actual march - ending in '35 - or the official beginning of Red China in '49).

Pretty conservative looking at the beginning...

While the actual Liberals in China back then were being sent to pig farms and such under the heavy hand of the Chinese Gov't/CCP, the American so-called Liberals had it easy. They were a massive cohort of young people. Though the Baby Boom peaked in the late '50s, the great number of births from 1946 on meant that the later '60s especially had tremendous numbers of young people in college (withy extras compared to normal to avoid the draft too) Being18 to 22 y/o in the late 1960s meant being born from '46 to '51. Society bowed down to this crowd. Sure, the Institutions were Conservative still - even the Universities were until the end of this period. However, Conservatives gave the ctrl-left the benefit of the doubt and respected those Constitutional rights that the ctrl-left availed themselves of... until nowadays when that document is no longer are of use to them.

...then, they all turned into hippies and Communists.

In Round 1, we see that Chinese university students were basically forced under Communism to join up in a decade long bout of extreme stupidity that in many ways resembles the situation in American universities today. (That is, except for that the Americans join up more willingly.) During that same time, the American university students instigated their part in the Long March to turn American Institutions Communist.

The university students didn't have much choice to resist getting caught up in the craziness half a century ago. In a poor-ass country like 1960's-'70s China, you did what you had to do. It sucked for everyone. Those in those crazy times at American universities DID have a choice to stay Conservative or at least study and get through it all. Yet, on the whole, the students assisted the Long March through this one important Institution, paving the way for Round 2 here.

Round 1 goes to the Chinese students.

One might be tempted, as I wrote above, to understand Chairman Mao's (and later Pol Pot's) wish to be rid of those pesky intellectuals. However, we don't do it that way here, as much as I see his point more as applied to today's American university students. That will segue us into Part 2: American versus Chinese university students in the modern era. Really, that was supposed to be THE post, but I got carried away in the past.

* Peak Stupidity had 3 posts on the 30th anniversary of the events - Freedom in China? On the Tiananmen Massacre 30 years ago. - - Freedom in China, Tiananmen Square, and Freedom in America, and Tiananmen Square and the American Press.

** The one personal account I know is of a promising Electrical Engineering student who supported the Tiananmen Square protests, but only through words and writing, not actively on the streets of Peking. (He was at a university in a far-away province.) He was kicked out of college and not let to re-apply elsewhere. He was a TV repairman down in Canton, last I heard. (And no, he doesn't repair classic Camaroes, sorry.)

*** That 6,000 miles is the great circle route distance from Berkeley, California to Peking China, probably the epicenters of activism. If one takes Columbia Univ. in NY City as one end, it's only 800 miles longer of a distance. (The route from NYC to Peking goes nearly over the North Pole.)

**** The movie Carrie did come out in '76, the last year of the Chinese Cult-Rev, but that was more about hot prom chicks than Capitalist Roaders.

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Kung Flu Vax Sterility - Who knows?

Posted On: Monday - January 23rd 2023 8:26PM MST
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  Media Stupidity  Orwellian Stupidity  Kung Flu Stupidity

No, the WHO most certainly doesn't know, neither the band nor the World Health Organization. I'm writing about any possible effects of these gene therapy vaccines on sterility and fertility. Even though this is MY blog, I won't pretend to know one bit about how these "vaccines" could affect sterility in men and its counterpart, fertility (or lack thereof) in women. I wouldn't know enough to understand the biological mechanism is there is one.

Why speculate on it, then? Well, it's the fact that there were attempts made to force everyone to take these jabs, which came onto the "market" (government supply chain?) very quickly compared to previous vaccines. We have no assurance that there aren't some effects, and the risk/benefit ratio for young people is approaching "divide by zero" error. Consider that the "vaccines" don't even prevent the Kung Flu that has not had any serious effect on people of the age best suited for having children (especially women 18 to 28 y/o) anyway, and that there's visible evidence of health risks, especially cardio problems. Yes, risk/benefit is nearly infinite for people in the category

Were this 50, 40, arguably even 20, years back, one would expect the media to feature stories on possible effects, even if it were just speculation. After all "If it bleeds, it leads", they always said - scare the crap out of people, and they'll be back to read more. Some of it may even be true. I suppose this is a different time, and the media doesn't work like this anymore. There's a narrative to keep to, and if a story does not fit it, it not only doesn't lead, it doesn't appear at all in the new Lyin' Press.

When I was reading some of the formerly suppressed tweets while making the post Twitter Files expose the Twitter Ministry of Truth a couple of weeks back, I came upon the screen shots below:

I don't know this Andrew Boston - I'm not even sure I'd even let him cut on me (old Jimmy Buffett line there). Maybe he's a quack. However, he COULD be onto something, and there might be some effect on women too. I'd like to read more, granted not in the form of tweets. More importantly, the young people who DO like to get their news "stories" from tweets, could probably have really used some of this information. Some of the young people, in the biology/medical fields, may have even had some good arguments pro or con.

However, that conversation was made verboten. From the article on the suppressed tweets, including of Dr. Andrew Boston:

"Directly against guidance from authoritative sources..." See, I just don't like the sound of that, not one bit!

Let me re-emphasize right here, this post is not any solid argument about the effects on sterility/fertility from the Kung Flu shots either way. However, SOMEONE might want to discuss this. If this discussion was purposefully suppressed, at least on Twitter, as per the image above, what does that say about the confidence of those that have pushed for the shots to be mandatory? It could be the complete confidence of someone evil enough to have planned for these shots to affect sterility/fertility or it could be the underconfidence of the pushers in the safety of their jabs.

You gotta be stupid and/or awfully sheepishly compliant to put your trust in the claims of complete safety of these vaccines, including long-term sterility/fertility effects, from the "guidance of those authoritative sources." Just like I don't, they don't know... or, if they do, that's an even worse scenario...

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The Extraordinary Select Group of Globalists.

Posted On: Friday - January 20th 2023 8:50PM MST
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The yearly conference of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland ended today. The Globalist Devo set are all returning to where they are based, all around the world, in their (hopefully Carbon-neutral or just slightly positive) Gulfstreams, Challengers, Falcons, and Hawker jets.

One in particular, not even an entrepreneur, Captain of Industry, Big money-man, but a failed politician*, gushed about how simply extraordinary it was that people like him and other Globalists could be together in one place to solve the problems of the world and save us.

John Freaking Kerry? Whoever, it could have been any one of these arrogant Globalists demonstrating that really do believe that the world would be screwed without them. They really believe their shit. They have the answers to the problems... that they're causing, and we must comply, because we are stupid peons and they have so much wisdom and power. (The former is highly suspect, and the latter is there only if we let them exercise it. I plan not to.)

Here will be an often repeated Peak Stupidity point: It's not likely that these evil Globalists have a written out plan to change society with Gant Charts and budget estimates. They do have their conference meetings in Davos and I suppose they discuss their worries about the Climate Calamity™ and such, that is, the worries on our behalf - they know they'll be fine, personally.

What we're really up against is that these Globalist elites all think the same way. They probably don't have any "Population Replacement" white paper to go by, but what's happening sits well with them. They simply cannot stand any White Middle Class, such as what American and Western Europe have had. The White Middle class has disposable income and time. They form their own associations, at odds with the plans of the Globalists. They compete with their leaner, meaner businesses with Globalist Big Biz corps. You can't have that if you are going to stay the Select Group of elites of the world.

It goes the other way too. As these Globalists see the replacement for the White Middle class, those Latin American peons, low wage workers from Africa and who knows where, the feeling gets reinforced in them: The rest of the world's population is nothing but dumb peons that DO need all the help in the world from the Globalists and their New World Order plans.

The stupidest part of this is that these people all mean well. I really believe they do. They aren't inherently evil, well, most of them. However, this combination of stupidity and power results in evil nevertheless. They are on the highway to hell.

* Actually, I don't think any less of a failed politician than a successful politician. Our odds of survival are better with more of the former.

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Senator Joe McCarthy - Blacklisted by History, by M. Stanton Evans

Posted On: Thursday - January 19th 2023 10:34PM MST
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  Commies  History  Media Stupidity  US Feral Government  Books

Thanks to commenter Adam Smith for steering us all to an on-line copy of this book - HERE.

Peak Stupidity's review of this important history book by M. Stanton Evans is long overdue. I finished the book months ago, the library might want it back*, and I'm gonna forget half of it if I don't get this going. However, we've had 4 posts already based on certain stories within it, namely Young Commies in LUV - - Did American Commies cause the attack on Pearl Harbor? - - Truman v McCarthy, McCarran, and Ike and Same Stuff, Different Decade....

Published in '07, Blacklisted by History is subtitled The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy. However, there's only a very short biography of the man, less than one short chapter out of 44, called The Caveman in the Sewer**. This book is about the political struggle of this famous/infamous (depending on whether you fell for the 70 year-long lies or not) Senator against Communists that had infiltrated the US State Department and, to a lesser extent, other parts of the US Feral Gov't, in the 1930's through 1954. 1954 was the year he was censured by Congress, and Joe McCarthy died only 30 months later.

In those few biography-oriented pages, we learn that Joe McCarthy was a lawyer, as are many legislators, which soon enough came in handy in his anti-Communist work in the Senate. We also learn about that appellation "Tail-gunner Joe" that the Senator was disparagingly referred to by his domestic enemies. Joe McCarthy was not drafted into WWII, but joined the Marines and did intelligence work with the flyers in the Pacific. He had gone on a dozen or so Photo/Recon missions, occupying the tail-gunner's spot. No, he didn't shoot down any Commies - they were still the good guys, or so we were led to understand, by those American Commies who didn't like that later sniping by Tail-gunner Joe.

Another thing I just now thought of is about the clever idea of the title, as it was the Communists who bitched for half a century later about being blacklisted. Interestingly, there is nothing in this book about blacklisting. That is due to the fact that there was no such thing done by Senator McCarthy. The counterpart to his investigations was the House Un-American Activities Committee which was accused of causing blacklisting in the movie business . This book is directed at the McCarthy story, so only passing mention is made of the HUAC.

I can't cover all the many stories of infiltration, sympathizing, influence, and downright espionage by Communists in the US Gov't of this era that are told in this book. (Those past 4 posts should give the reader a small idea.) I'll just give a brief summary of how this book is laid out and the good (mostly) and a little bad.

This is a LONG book, with 605 pages in my copy. It has 6 sections which I will summarize. Though in the Prologue Mr. Evans describes how difficult it was to find some information, much of it purposefully hidden, removed, or redacted, he includes LOTS and LOTS of details, with 24 pages of notes and sources at the end. (There are only a handful of photos in the book, but the back has photocopies of McCarthy's marked-up list of Communists - historically pretty cool.) Here is that summary:

1) Third Rail: This beginning section of the book describes Joe Mccarthy's relationship with other politicians and the Washington FS social scene, and with the press. It also gives a general summary of all the myriad Communist schemes in the "Red infiltration", with an introduction to some of those traitorous characters.

2) Back Story: Section 2 (example chapters Chungking, 1944 and Reds, Lies, and Audiotape) gives the background going back to the mid-1930's about the Communists in the US State department that ran lots of American foreign policy in Asia at a most critical time. I guess there were lots of critical times over there, but this involved the ongoing battle - partially interrupted by the Japanese invasion - between Mao's Red Communists and the Nationalists led by Chiang Kai Shek.

This history was unknown to me until the reading of this book. "Who lost China?" was asked by foreign policy historians for years to come. "Lost" may not be the best word for what happened. These chapters describe infiltrators in the affairs of what was by far the biggest power in the world already to help the Communists gain rule of the biggest population of the world. I don't have room for all the details and the names here, but I note that, after their work was over, some of these people fled to China. It was a travesty that they had been let to operate within the US Government.

3) Blowup: Wheeling, 1950 marked the start of Senator McCarthy's entry to the world of the rooting out of Communists from their holes. Wheeling, W. Virginia is where McCarthy made his first speech on this issue. That the press was against him from the get-go is shown by that their argument against his accusations was about a difference in numbers of Communists on the Senator's list, 205 vs 57. The 2 numbers were of 2 different lists, and McCarthy maintained that he used the correct (lower) one in his speech. This can't be proven, as the one and only recording by a Wheeling radio station was conveniently lost. (There's nothing new under the sun.) Apparently (to the press) this discrepancy somehow discredited Joe McCarthy right then and there. Ha, "I'm just getting warmed up!"

The rest of this section is a description of the "Tydings Hearings", named after D-party Maryland Senator Millard Tydings. Senator Tydings was supposed to be working on behalf of Joe McCarthy's accusations, but he did nothing but minimize the seriousness of it, treat the accused with kid gloves, and obfuscate. In the meantime, Democrat (yes, it was a different era) Senator Pat McCarran of Nevada had attached an amendment to some bill to specify greater scrutiny of employees at the State Dept., but this was hardly ever adhered to. Some bureaucrats did not want to know, and others knew but wanted it to continue.

The whole long Tydings thing was frustrating for Senator McCarthy, but I'd say also for the reader of Blacklisted by History, as this section dragged on too much for, well, THIS reader. It may be just me, as I could not hold in my head all the different people, committees, and proceedings that were described therein.

4) Mole Hunts: While keeping on the timeline of Joe McCarthy's short career in the US Senate, the chapters of the 4th section tell a number of stories of the various investigations of State Department spies personnel by the Senator and his associates. These stories cover the era of the loss of China to the Communists. From page 375 in the chapter Little Red Schoolhouse:
But a substantial part of the operation could have been exposed in 1945 had steps been taken to follow the tangled threads of Amerasia back in their mysterious sources. In the five-year span between the fix and the McCarthy blowup of 1950, the fall of China was accomplished.
As important as China was, the Soviet Union was the Mothership to these people, and the influence these Communists exerted was most blatant at times. From page 407 in the chapter Dr Jesup and Mr. Field, we read this bit that can be learned of elsewhere, without a study of Joe McCarthy's work: Regarding the Institute of Pacific Relations and the American Peace Mobilization:
As seen, this was one of the most blatant front groups ever, created during the Hitler-Stalin pact to agitate against American aid to Britain in its death struggle with the Nazis, then allied with Moscow. Among its projects, in which [Frederick] Field would play a leading role, were calling President Roosevelt a warmonger for his efforts to help the British and picketing the White House with posters saying, "The Yanks Are Not Coming," All this ceased instantly on June 22, 1941, after Hitler invaded Russia, at which point Field and the APM ditched their peace signs and came out for U.S. Involvement in the war against the Nazis. It couldn't get more obvious than that.

5) Hard Ball: Much of the stonewalling and sabotaging of Senator McCarthy's investigation was from the Harry Truman administration. Things looked up for the program of rooting out the Commies once President Eisenhower and a greater number of Republicans in Congress took office in January of '53. This next section has many more stories, but they are less frustrating, as McCarthy had more power and help from fellow Republicans at this point.

The focus shifts from Asia to America for this section. One thing that is mentioned and really stands out about these stories is that Joe McCarthy did not intend to set out on dozens of different investigations of many agencies of the US Government. It's just that one thing kept leading to another.

6) End Game: The final 3 chapters of the book cover the official Senate censure of Senator Joe McCarthy in 1954. The ctrl-left finally had their day. The Senator had 46 charges against him as some kind of pariah and uncivil member of the Senate. 46 charges - that sounds baaad, don't it? It was almost all hoohey, and all but 2 were too stupid to be followed up on, and the Senate ended up with 1. Mr. Evans describes how the remaining one was such hypocrisy, as McCarthy was being charged for behavior the left had been consistent at. It didn't matter about the nasty accusations of his accuser Senator Ralph Flanders (R-Vermont), as he was not on trial there, per their many reminders to the accused McCarthy.

In the end, Ike cucked and supported the censure. Still, less than 1/2 of the Republicans voted against Joe McCarthy. That and the partisan Democrats was enough though. As we learned from Walking through the Fire by and about Congressman Steve King, being censured means one loses lots of power from committee assignments. Personally, I'd stick and hope for the support from my State, but then that was the problem with Amendment XVII - what had been State power became more national.

I urge the reader with the time on his hands to read this excellent history book. One may think it not worth his time to fixate on the travails of one man and one issue from long ago. This story, though, is more broad than just a story of hearings after hearings, minute details of the traitors in the State Department, and all that. This is book is a history of a time when the Long March of Communism through the American institutions was just getting underway. It could have been stopped. With the help of their Lyin' Press arm of the time, the Commies got through mostly unscathed. What we were left with in addition to their successful march is a 70-year duration lie about a good man doing his best to stop the destruction.

PS: Oh, yeah, I'll add some (very minor) cons of the book. The section on the Tydings Hearings is just too much, IMO. Also, about 2/3 of the way through, I noticed more incomplete sentences, as if the publisher changed editors, perhaps outsourcing that work to India. Oh yeah, there's some weird deal in which the author pluralizes "advices" or something like that. (It's been a while - shoulda' taken notes.) These are all mere quibbles.

* What'd old Ronnie say about the economics here? Peak Stupidity's specific example is "if you want more overdue books, get rid of the fines." (One of the lesser-known parts of the de-policing policies in memory of George Floyd, perhaps? Mr. Floyd can rest in peace knowing his next of kin will be able to breath easier knowing there won't be library fines hanging on their necks... I mean the ones that read books... OK, forget it.)

** His chapter titles are very good.

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He's a New World Man

Posted On: Wednesday - January 18th 2023 6:13PM MST
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  Music  Globalists

Dedicated to the New World Men of the WEF, meeting in Davos, Switzerland as we post:

He's a tyrant and a bummer.
He's a sickness, turning green.
He's a restless old pedantic.
Wants to rig the big machine.

He's got a problem with his poisons,
but you know he'll claim a cure.
He's gumming up the systems,
his evil nature pure.

Learning to catch and beat up the old-world man,
learning to patch the streets with the third-world man.
He's got to make his own mistakes
and leave for us the mess he makes.

He's old enough to know what's right
and fool enough not to choose it.
He's strong enough to ruin the world,
and freak enough to abuse it.

He's a New World man.
He's a New World man.

He's a twitterer receiver,
tuned to bots and server farms.
He's a pedophile rump ranger,
with a young boy bearing alms.

He's got a problem with his powers,
his minions on patrol.
He's got to walk a fine line
to keep us under control.

Trying to end the day of the First-World man.
Trying to pave the way for the third-world man.

He's not concerned with yesterday.
He knows the end is here today.
He's old enough to know what's right
and fool enough not to choose it.
He's strong enough to ruin the world,
and freak enough to abuse it.

He's a New World man.
He's a New World man.

With all the great music the band Rush made, only this song, from their album Signals, got into the Billboard magazine American top 40 list. Speaking of 40, that was 40 years ago this past Fall.

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Geniuses of F.I.R.E.

Posted On: Tuesday - January 17th 2023 7:20PM MST
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  Global Financial Stupidity

In a post a few weeks back, something came up that reminded me to write this post. Peak Stupidity has neglected the Global Financial Stupidity topic for quite a while. We figure it's pretty clear that it's all going down, so ... This is the form of stupidity that trumps all the rest, as in, when the Global Financial Stupidity peaks, the other tranches of stupidity will be liquidated likewise (unless, as I've noted before, we go Communist - not an impossibility by any means).

Wait, "tranches", WTF?? That was a segue into our topic today, with that word that may bring the reader's mind back 15 years to '07-'08, the time of the popping of the American Housing Bubble. Wow, it's been a decade and a half! Seems like it was just yesterday a friend of mine was not only blowing off his mortgage coming up on a year, but getting paid a couple of thousand by the bank to not trash the place before he sent them the keys. Yeah, "tranches", as in some sort of lumping together of the 3% down mortgage notes on $350,000 McMansions of unemployed divorcees and Mexican landscaping company CEOs... to be sold as A-rated investment "vehicles" to pension funds in Norway.

It was still a couple of years later, early '10 I think, when I came upon the anti-Global-Financial-Stupidity website named Zero Hedge. I learned a lot reading there and thoroughly enjoyed the comments, which were all about the stupidity of a nation that was economically led by its F.I.R.E. "industries. That stands for Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Education. (Some have it as just ending in Real Estate, without the Education "industry tacked on.) Especially with that first one, Big Finance, being on top, that's no way to run a big nation economically, depending on the manipulation of money as one's bread and butter.

How do all those people pay for that super-expensive real estate in NY City without making big money manipulating and trading around other people's money (well, or be in Real Estate one's self)? It's BIG BIG business! It doesn't produce a damn thing though.

Well, this post is about the employment of math whizzes, geniuses, so some of them tell us themselves, in that Finance industry. It seems like such a waste of talent. The illustrious and notorious Ron Unz apparently made a small fortune being employed in Finance there in NY City*. The writer John Derbyshire also spent some time in this field.

What are big-time math gurus needed for? I really want to know. What's going on making all this money at a higher level than the next Joe Finance is computer-run High Frequency Trading and I suppose also some schemes to organize assets in ways that require higher math to figure out.

High Frequency Trading is about making small profits on very short-term jumps or dips in stocks, by making millions of trades of millions of shares in seconds or milliseconds. I'd have thought that just requires good programming skills and lots of computing power. There must be more to it.

Then, all the complicated bundling of assets and leveraging of money must have some higher-level math involved too, I guess, but I also don't see how.

I mean, there's lots of numbers, but where does the high-level math come in, the stuff that would normally be drawn upon to solve physics problems? All I've got for background is the practical calculus through 3-D (really neat stuff) and the basic differential equations. I do know of other strange mathematical fields, with an inkling of what some of them are about.

I think of the idea of tensors. If you know what vectors are, and then you go from there to a quantity that needs 2 rather than just one dimension to make it meaningful, such as a state of stress or strain of that proverbial infinitesimal cube of material, you can see "hey, I get why someone came up with notation and this concept of a tensor". (The tensor allows one to go on up to n more dimensions from there.) Likely, the math was developed to fit the physics, but sometimes the math was worked out by pie-in-the-sky math geniuses and was awaiting a practical use when the physicists or engineers came upon a problem it ended up fitting.

Is there specialized math to fit this Finance work? Did new fields need to be developed?

No matter what, it's a waste of valuable math talent. America's got these bright guys going to NY City to get the computer programs to make more money faster, or arrange for a more profitable leveraging arrangement. Does it make one happy to use these talents to help Big Finance make a killing?

These bright young men could have been involved in new science and new inventions. Nope,this work gets done in China now. If we did want to do it, we don't need bright Americans, as the foreign Chinese and •Indian Grad students dominate the engineering, science, AND math graduate schools here. I guess, like Cadet Mayo in An Officer and a Gentleman, they got nowhere else to go!

PS: This is Peak Stupidity post # 2,500! That's about 6 years and 7 weeks into the life of this blog. This math genius says that's about 1 1/8 posts per day on average. Damn. I coulda' made more money sorting out tranches and programming big VAX machines to do UHF trading. I don't know though. I have a tendency to lose my ass on anything resembling gambling.

* I listened to an hour-long interview with Ron Unz, and he discussed his whole background, including this phase of his life. He was well-spoken, nice to listen to, and so much different sounding from what I imagine some of his insulting comments sound like in my head!

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Happy Robert E. Lee Day

Posted On: Monday - January 16th 2023 4:10AM MST
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He was born in 1807, and General Robert E.Lee's birthday is this Thursday, not today. However, one may want to celebrate it today, so as to save some of that "Long-Covid" excused sick bank pay for another time.

Whether you work in an office or not, Office Holidays website says today is the holiday, at least in Alabama and Mississippi.* Since we have respect for neither the race-hustler loudmouth Martin King nor those cucks who voted to make a remembrance of him, Peak Stupidity choses to go along with Alabama and Mississippi and remember the great General Lee.

The Globalists and the ctrl-left want to bury these thoughts, but the real history is that General Robert E. Lee was respected by both sides of the War Between the States, officers and plain old Johnny Rebs and Billy Yanks alike. He was respected for fighting for his country (Virginia) and for doing a superb job at it.

I don't think the American military of today has anyone with the character and integrity of Robert E. Lee.


PS: I went through a few biography/history sites to find an unbiased short biography to link the reader to but got nowhere so far. You'd be best off doing a careful search or obtaining an older book.

* Georgia used to celebrate Robert E. Lee on the day after Thanksgiving, but they turned that into the lame "State Holiday", which almost everyone takes off anyway. That particular "Black" Friday may be a good day to visit a downtown retail establishment to observe the latest unpleasantness and appreciate General Lee that much more...

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Music and Humor from REM and Ann Barnhardt

Posted On: Saturday - January 14th 2023 5:05PM MST
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... respectively... she was never part of the band... and from his lyrics, I'm not sure Michael Stipe has a sense of humor.

From their album called Green, here is REM's Pop Song '89. I don't exactly know what part about it sounds a lot like Exhuming McCarthy from a year earlier and our previous post, but it does. Again, the sound is good. If you know what Michael Stipe was trying to say, good on ya'. I don't care - turn it up!

Then, from Ann Barnhardt, whose site we discussed a few weeks back here, comes this humorous meme. (I doubt she made it, but she'll put up dozens of good ones.) We all know what's the new drug the meme is referring to.

Thank you all for reading and writing in this week. Besides finally a review of the Stanton Evans book on Joe McCarthy, about events that happened over twice as long ago as the time Pop Song '89" and Exhuming McCarthy were new, I can't tell you what's coming next week. There will be stupidity in spades though. I wish a happy Sunday to all.

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