Two green blasts from the past: Important advice from our Leaders

Posted On: Friday - January 21st 2022 9:20PM MST
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This post topic is not relevant to anything particular going on in the country or anything period. It might have been from commenter Alarmist's discussion about the pushing of supposedly environmentally sound, or Green, investments a while back, I don't know. My thoughts wandered to about 13 years ago and then almost 50 years ago.

President Jimmy Carter all cozy-like and green in his sweater, with the White House thermostat turned down to 65 F:

Remember this guy? He was a real lefty for his time, expanding the Feral Gov't yet again with the Department of Education as payback to the teachers's unions for their getting out the votes, as one example. Were he implementing the same policies on the whole in 2017 though, he'd have been called a Nazi by the left. The Overton Window has been moving left ever since Overton was wee lad suckling on his mother's teet.

Carter wasn't a good leader, and Ronald Reagan would have been much more preferable*. However, it was still a decent and civil era, as was Jimmy a decent and civil man. He was no rabid Commie, as the scum we see today in the White House and its environs. There was a big energy crisis said to be going on in the latter 1970s (say '77), the oil price and supply problems actually being a matter of global politics and the pulling the rug, precious metals, I should say, out from under the US Dollar.

So, President Carter told American to turn down their thermostats in the winter. The winter of '77 was a cold one all over the country, and people would have to cut back on the luxury of central heating a bit, you know, for the team. The Green team? I don't think the word was even in use for treehuggers and treehugging back then. Mr. Carter suggested to Americans that they turn down those thermostats and wear sweaters in the house.

President Øb☭ma, a guy who likely never has had any idea how a car runs, lecturing Americans on appropriate tire pressures:

Remember that guy? (All too well, myself) He was a real lefty. The guy was steeped in Communism his whole life. Then it was arranged for him to amazingly get into the Illinois Senate**, then moved on up, better than the Jeffersons ever dreamed of, to a Presidential candidate four year later.

Gasoline prices in the US had been steadily going up from 1999 on, but really hit some highs*** in the summer of 2008 during the election campaign. What was the Øb☭ma solution? Optimize the pressure in your cars' tires. That was a deja vu moment for me.

Both times there was this Democrat President giving advice that would be not only "no duh!" common sense items for most Americans, but actions that Americans might have wanted to take on their own simply based on their budget. Others may not have. The free market works. Price is information. It really wasn't necessary, and both times kind of embarrassing, for Americans to be given simple and obvious advice from the guy who's simply supposed to be Executive of the Administrative Branch of the US Gov't. That's all.

One more comparison is in order here though. Jimmy Carter, with a BS in nucular (well, that's what HE called it) physics and experience in the nuclear Navy, in addition to having to have much common sense to be a farmer, had just slightly more business talking about things slightly technical. Øb☭ma was a good-for-nothing, coddled, Affirmative Action-boosted individual, with not much experience in anything technical. It's likely he never put air in a tire in his life.

To Jimmy Carter, Americans would have just thought of replying "you know, I might just work an extra few hours and keep my family warmer. Thanks, anyway." To Øb☭ma, a reply of "You're an idiot. STFU about the tires," would have been appropriate.

And tonight it's snowing way down South. Turn it up! In Washington, they hate the President, boo, hoo, hoo. Now we all did what we could do...

* That is, if he had first beat out Jerry Ford in the primary election.

** having run against Alan Keyes, who replaced Jack Ryan who had conveniently gotten ousted via some scandal about his wife.

*** I remember hearing about prices over 5 bucks a gallon in California at that time, and that was 2008 bucks. (I'd say that'd be the equivalent of $7 or $8 today.)

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The Liars of Yahoo

Posted On: Friday - January 21st 2022 10:51AM MST
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There is a little bit more I wanted to write about that yahoo headline resulting from the purposefully dangerous Bai Dien Administration's open border policy.

The whole "British Man" or "Texan" thing as used for some foreignest-of-the-foreigners is old news, sure. We are quite used to those lies of omission, and it's become a big joke. We may chalk them up just to political correctness type duplicity, but yeah, they ARE lies nonetheless. We get around them by reading past the headlines, maybe down to paragraph 28 if it's the NY Times, finding a picture, or just figuring if t it doesn't say "white" anywhere in the headline or early on, it's not someone white.

However, this yahoo headline was a pure lie of wrongful substitution - my term, meaning a plain old lie. They didn't write just "English citizen" or "UK man". When we see "British man", anyone who doesn't really believe the complete blank slate/magic dirt theory, and not many inherently do, would have a picture of John Derbyshire, Prince Andrew, or a member of The Kinks in his head. That "British Man" description was in the headline, mind you, and a lot of people just scan headlines. I noted that there was NO PICTURE of Malik Faisal Akram nearby the yahoo article.

This lie is purposeful to make us think that the terrorist in Texas was a man of British ancestry, rather than a Moslem man from the UK. Writing "Moslem man from the UK" in the headline would have been honest. Of course, we don't get honesty, as it IS the Lyin' Press after all. We didn't even get the tip-toeing-around-the-truth lies of omission this time. Without naming the guy, yahoo could have written "...was from the UK" "UK Citizen...", or yeah, "... from Blackburn, Lancashire.", the thing that got me started on that previous post. They could have still fooled some of the people some of the time.

The way the site reported journalized this, the casual yahoo news reader scanner of headlines will have in his head after this is "wow, so some British guy this time. Yep, as they say, you never know, it could be ANYONE. No wonder they feel up grannies and toddlers at the TSA lines. Better to be safe than free errr, sorry."

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Excellent Epic Rant from Mrs. Michelle Malkin

Posted On: Thursday - January 20th 2022 5:24PM MST
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I mean "rant" in the best possible sense here. Please read America First? Blundering Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya More Right Than Wrong On Uighurs*. The billionaire Michelle Malkin refers to, the guy in the VDare image above, is not someone who I'd ever heard of before either. That doesn't matter. He's not really the issue but just a good jumping off point for this great column on what "America first" really means.

No further comments, your Honor.

* Here's the same column on The Un Review, with comments.

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British man Malik Faisal Akram slipped through the cracks

Posted On: Wednesday - January 19th 2022 2:50PM MST
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That's what it was. He just slipped through the cracks, those cracks having been purposefully cut, though, into the already long cracked, crazed, and crumbling immigration system by the Biden Administration over the past year. I'l get to that, but let me divert back to the previous post for a minute.

Mr. Hail wrote a number of good comments under that post. I have no argument with his points other than to note that Peak Stupidity does not often get into long analysis. My not being a customer, or consumer, if you will, of the Lyin' Press Infotainment whatsoever, ALL I'd read of that story was just references in Unz Review comments until Steve Sailer's funny take on the usual "British Man" (or whatever it is each time) lie. Then, as I read the VDare article I will point out here, I noted the "Blackburn, Lancashire" "origin" of this Malik Faisal Akram and proceeded to blog accordingly. The yahoo headline came out as I did my occasional search for "Peak Stupidity" there, ya know, to support the team. That just added to the fun.

This Texas hostage deal was not any special big story. (As Mr. Hail wrote, had this happened to a Church rather than a Synagogue, we'd probably have never heard about it. White Christian worshippers are the lowest of the low to our elites.) It appears as if the Lyin' Press lacks perspective, but this was Infotainment, because "stand off". "What's gonna happen next?! We'll be back after the commercial break with MOAR!"

Again, I have not followed the story (and others they've got) other than via people I do read from, so I ask the reader if he has heard anything from the Lyin' Press about the immigration aspect of this. It's a major point to make. Questions like this should have been asked - yes, on TV: How did Mr. Akram get into the US? What did he come here for? Did he have any legitimate reason? and Who let him pass through? Was there any of that discussion? I truly don't know, but then I read VDare, so I am kept up with all this.

The long-term writer there named "Federale is a former insider from, or maybe he even still works in, the US Gov't immigration realm. I wrote "realm" because agency names have changed multiple times, and I don't want to get it wrong. Suffice it to say that "Federale" was obviously in what we would call the Border Patrol and knows about the Customs/Immigration procedures at airports of entry too. He was/is a field guy, not an office staffer.

VDare posted Federale's In Joe Biden’s America, BIPOC Terrorists Are Welcome yesterday. Here's the intro:
For all his faults, and Jared Kushner, Kirstjen Nielsen and Rod Rosenstein are just some of those faults, Donald Trump at least tried to keep terrorists out of the country. In fact, President Trump tried hard to keep Muslim terrorists out, but was met with great resistance by the kritarchs and terrorist sympathizers in the United States. After the first Muslim ban was instituted, thousands of sympathizers rallied at airports to show their support for Black, Indigenous, People Of Color (BIPOC) killers.
(I'm still not down with this BIPOC terminology that Federale keeps using, which sounds to me like a type of circuit board, but anyway ...) He's got the details of which agency does what here:
Despite the demonstrations and interference by kritarchs, a partial Muslim ban was put into effect. What was more important was that those charged with inspecting arriving BIPOC terrorists were allowed to do their job; identify, arrest, and deport arriving BIPOC terrorists. The agency charged with inspecting arriving BIPOC terrorists is U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) charged with actually protecting our borders and making decisions as to the admissibility of aliens at Ports-of-Entry (POE) upon their arrival into the United States. These inspections are executed by Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPO) assigned to the Office of Field Operations.
The new guy that Biden appointed to be in charge is described:
CBP is currently headed by Biden nominee Chris Magnus, a notorious homosexual and vocal supporter of illegal immigration and racial discrimination against hiring White males.
Mr. Akram is not a Brit in the real sense, but being a citizen of the UK, he would not need a visa. However, he still had to fill out a form (probably on-line), called an ESTA , that had to be approved before the airline would let him board back on the other end**.
We now know that the BIPOC and Muslim terrorist, Malik Faisal Akram, who attacked a house of worship in Texas, had a long criminal history, a public history of supporting Muslim BIPOC terrorism, and a history of mental illness. Despite this, Chris Magnus ensured that he was able to enter the United States.
Besides this initial step, having arrived at the port of entry, John Freaking Kennedy airport, Mr. Akram would have gone through the Customs*** & Immigration line like anyone else. Federale explains that there were really 2 safeguards to screen out a guy like this, the initial inspection of his passport with the questioning by a guy at a booth**** and, were he to be suspected of something - well, they do have computers to check records there - he would be sent to secondary phase of screening.

Now, I've been there, even through the secondary meeting more than once (long story). Of course, I and the likely many men-about-the-world readers and commenters here on Peak Stupidity have seen and been through the basic C&I rigamarole. (I've been through it in China even.) The biggest problem is usually just long, long lines. Then, I've seen some surly assholes in those booths, let me tell you. Tell the wrong joke, hell, any joke, and you may be there extra long and even miss a flight connection. They don't care. Just answer the questions. However, this is one place within the US Gov't that I don't mind running into surly assholes. That keeps out the riff-raff, well, unless the President orders them to stand down, letting mentally-ill British guys on jihad, such at Malik Faisal Akram, get into our country with ease.

Please read the rest of Federale's article for details, since you got this far. It's not like the Lyin' Press is gonna' cover this very important part of the story. Yes, it's perhaps THE key point. If enemies of America were not let in willy-nilly, there would have been no such incident. Open-borders advocates. What CAN'T they ruin?!

* I have one more point still about that yahoo headline I showed yesterday. I'll post that tomorrow.

** That's a big burden on the gate agents for outbound international flights. They must make sure they don't let someone on who will get stuck in limbo at the other end, as in the movie Terminal with Tom Hanks - in the movie it was due to different and weird circumstances, but it shows the purpose for holding people behind.

*** Really, Customs has become less and less of a deal as of late, IMO. Part of its purpose is about the smuggling of items - nowadays cheap Chinese knockoffs (yeah, we're gonna stop THAT!), the drugs, I suppose, and then the food products that may carry strange diseases. There is so much international travel and trade these days that the latter has become just silly. Does anyone care about the drugs anymore?

**** Getting ahead of myself and Federale here, I've seen so many foreign-looking people that work there though, that I figure there's got to be corruption all over the place, which is my suspicion especially for how most of the (easily in the millions) Chinese illegal aliens get in.

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I read the news today, oh boy...

Posted On: Tuesday - January 18th 2022 6:38PM MST
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... about some bloke from Blackburn, Lancashire.

OK, I know that news from Texas is about 3 days old, and I know it's not 4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire this time, but just the one hole, maybe a couple, in Englishman Malik Faisal Akram, as he was shot by Texas cops while leaving the scene of his holding people hostage for a few days. No, his name was not Alistair Spode-Featherstonehaugh, as speculated by Steve Sailer - he kids, he kids*, or my guess of Ian Niles Worthington-on-Thames, the 3rd.

Still, it's bloody coincidental that the residence of this Englishman Malik Faisal Akram is that as memorialized in a famous old avant-garde pop tune called A Day in the Life. The younger readers just won't get this post! See, Millennials, you know the old singer named Paul McCartney? Yeah, I know, I can't recall his most recent Kasey Kasem reported American Top 40 single either, but that aside, do you know he used to be in a world famous musical combo , errr, band? Yeah! It was called Wings. OK, that joke doesn't seem to get old for me, but, anyway, going even further back, it was A Day in the Life**, from the famous Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band album from which the line about Blackburn, Lancashire come from.

That 1967 released Beatle album featured advanced songwriting and a song that wasn't just the same old chorus-verse-chorus-verse, standard guitar/bass/drums/keyboards, and catchy lyrics done in 3 minutes like most of the songs at the time. Oh, there were plenty of exceptions, sure, but this was a groundbreaking album, as Pet Sounds was for the Beach Boys just before. A Day in the Life was one of these avant-garde songs. It had a few tunes put into one (a style that Paul McCartney did so great with with his later Wings band), with interludes, not your standard rock & roll instruments, weird sounds, etc.
I read the news today oh, boy.
Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire.
And though the holes were rather small,
they had to count them all.
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.
I don't know what Englishmen Lennon and McCartney were "on about", as the Englishmen say, with the lyrics, LSD possibly having something to do with them, but I've got a question. Would anyone involved in the songwriting or songlistening have imagined that a Moslem terrorist would have come from Blackburn, Lancashire ... in 1967? How about 1997, even? It wasn't even a year after Sgt. Pepper's when Englishman Enoch Powell gave his "River of Blood" speech. (See VDare for “Like The Roman, I Seem To See 'The River Tiber Foaming With Much Blood'”—Enoch Powell's Great Speech.) The British have always believed in more government than Americans in general, but, when it comes to protecting our countries from the outside world, we could all agree with Mr. Powell that "The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils." Instead of preventing it, our governments have invited evil in!

I read yahoo news today oh, boy
about an unlucky man who's below the grade.
And though the news made me rather mad,
well, I just had to laugh.
I saw the photograph.

They blew his brains out from afar.
They shouldn't notice his ethnicity's strange.
A crowd of people stood and stared.
They'd seen his type before.
Nowadays we're pretty sure a guy like that could join the House of Lords...

I'd love to turn you on ....

Straight off the yahoo news today, oh boy, it told me who was that the terrorist in the Colleyville, Texas Synagogue.

His name was Malik Faisal Akram, and apparently ...

"He was an Englishmaaannn!"***

I'll have more tomorrow about how a bloody Brit like Malik Faisal Akram waltzed right into the U.S. of A., no sweat, from an expert in this area at VDare.

* As do the commenters, always a very humorous, in addition to knowledgeable, crowd.

** The remake of it, done by TDZ or somebody (Lady Gaga?), has a longer title - A Day in the Life of an English Moslem terrorist on the Sabbath.

*** I'm not much of a playgoer, so I've never seen The HMS Pinafore .

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We will name names!

Posted On: Monday - January 17th 2022 6:12PM MST
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Wasn't that the old complaint from the lefty Communist sympathizers back in the 1950's? They hated Senator Joe McCarthy because he wanted to stop the waging of an internal Cold War by Communists within the US Government in its tracks. The were all for more free speech and other Constitutional rights, as anybody should be. However, as we see from their modern form, it was only because it helped them 70 years ago. Right now, they want no part of it.

The left was worried about being listed on these "blacklists" in which one couldn't do what, exactly, make a movie in Hollywood or be an actor in a the Screen Actor's Guild? So what? Nobody was locking them away or deporting them, as some should have been. Were I alive then, my retort would have been simply "get a real job!". My heart does not bleed for those people.

This is the history Americans have been told by the major Lyin' Press outlets since I've been alive and aware. Picking on Communists is NOT OKAY!* They have rights! Yes, sure they did, so long as they weren't committing treason against the US Constitution. That has always been part of their long-term goal. You sure can't implement it with that damn thing around! With all that talk about rights in the past, did everyone think they would want to keep these rights at the end of their successful Long March through the American Institutions?

Speaking of lists there is a book giving the other side of the story by M. Stanton Evans , Blacklisted by History**, that I will have on my hold list from the library as soon as my 10 y/o boy gets a few of his holds off the list (hit the maximum).

I have not read Ann Coulter's book that covers the early Cold War era internal fight against Communism, including the "McCarthyism, either. It's called Treason***, but that's on my list. I've got my own lists too, see?

Another thing I like about VDare is that the writers are not afraid to use the C-word. In the interesting Peter Brimelow speech at the last Amren conference, the transcript from which I commented on a bit here, there is also some talk about who are the people at the higher level, that could be rightly dubbed Communists. I'll excerpt most of that part:
I was actually converted on this matter by the great John Derbyshire. He regularly used the term “communist” to describe the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio. And when I was looking this up today, I discovered that the de Blasio was actually involved in pro-Sandinista activities in the 1980s, when, of course, that put him on the wrong side of the Cold War.

And the term “communist” is gradually creeping into mainstream discourse. Someone who's done great work in this area is the podcaster Jesse Kelly, who's been using it for a long time.

The problem is that we've all been subliminally subverted by the McCarthy wars. We think that “communist” has to mean “card-carrying Communist”—that is, a member of the Party (although my understanding is that the party did not actually issue cards).

But in fact, the term “communist” pre-exists formally organized “Communist” parties. Marx used it in his 1848 Communist Manifesto—he said a specter was “haunting Europe—the specter of communism.” At that time, remember, he hadn't written Das Kapital.

[As it the usual case on VDare, there are loads of links in the original.]
(Coincidentally, I just heard of this Jesse Kelly today, somewhere on the Unz Review site.)

Besides Mr. Brimelow's talk here, and in writing of his elsewhere, there is the (one of my favorite) VDare writer Jack Dalton, who has used the C-word multiple times - see our post about him for one example. In addition two of their writers have started naming names of those at the lower level lever, the useful idiots of the antifa, as pictured above.

Infrequent writer Rosa Luxemburg, has 2 out of the 4 posts titled Doxing the Doxers. - HuffPo’s Christopher Mathias Another Spoiled Rich Brat Targeting Ordinary Americans. - and - Leftist Enforcer Jared Holt, Up Close and Personal—A Few Things He’d Prefer You Not To Know.

One of the persecuted**** White Men from the Commie vs. American street fight in Charlottesville, Virginia in the summer of '17, Jason Kessler has written the other 2 - Antifa’s War Against Regular Americans Is Run By Spoiled Rich Kids - and - Half-Egyptian Rich Kid SPLC Enforcer Michael Edison Hayden Is A Weirdo. What Else Is New?..

These two go back into biographical details, a la, Mr. E. H. Hail, of these nasty Communists of the internet world. The antifa scum they discuss have done their best to ruin the careers of traditional Americans that have tried to stop this war by doxing them. The left don't have to remain anonymous, as the Establishment is firmly on their side. Does doxing them help, then. Well, it'd be great if Americans who are still on the fence could see the evil of these people, and it's laid out very well in these 4 parts of the series. Put the word out. We need to start naming names. Senator Tail-gunner Joe McCarthy would be quite welcome here on Peak Stupidity.

* The entire title is Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies.

** The entire title is Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism. I don't like long-ass subtitles very much.

*** We got a slight reprieve on this during the 1990s especially right after the Cold War - see Christmas and Communism.

**** and an expert on the legal persecution in the aftermath.

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Menstruation Nation

Posted On: Saturday - January 15th 2022 10:30PM MST
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"They took the whole American nation, (da, da, da-da da-da),
locked us down, it's mass menstruation."

From what I've read from folks in the blue zones, I feel very thankful to live where the PanicFest is generally over.* It's not quite, though. Plexiglass shields are still all over the place, and no, Apu at the Quicky Mart, they don't stop .380 rounds. The biggest reminder that people have not let this go is that there is still a good deal of masking going on.

Now, it's not like most people seem to take the mask use too seriously healthwise, as we noted in Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! - II (near the bottom). That is the case where I live anyway. People will pull their masks down to get a point across, when it inhibits communication. I've not seen who's anyone wearing one chiding anyone else for not wearing one.

However, many still seem to take compliance with this stupidity seriously for themselves. "Just following the rules, you know. They know best." That anyone can still think like that after all the back-and-forth idiocy that the EXPERTS have spouted out over the last 2 years is confounding.

The face masks seem to come and go. I don't think it's just the cold weather, but maybe it's that scary Greek letter Omicron that's brought on this latest wave. Does in come in 28 day cycles? Are women synching up their own cycles now, due to the waves of panic coming off the idiot plates and their iCrap? Now THAT'S some scary stuff.

You're gonna' want to click play on Paul Revere and the Raiders' Indian Reservation below if you don't know this one, or it won't be as fun.

They took the whole American nation, (da, da, da-da da-da, da, da, da-da da-da),
Locked us down, it's mass menstruation.
Took away our way of life,
Now I'm zooming with my wife.

This whole Kung Flu agitation (da, da, da-da da-da, da, da, da-da da-da),
is just mental masturbation.
They've called off my graduation.
That's just one more aggravation.

Hysterical people, PanicFest tide,
so scared to live, cause Fauci lied!

You won't get a reservation (da, da, da-da da-da, da, da, da-da da-da),
'less you get a vaccination.
They screwed a whole new generation,
who may never know lactation.

They'll put you under observation, (da, da, da-da da-da, da, da, da-da da-da),
and pretty soon start intubation.
They called it an emergency situation
and spent enough to cause inflation.

Hysterical people, PanicFest tide,
so scared to live, locked-down inside!

But maybe someday we will learn,
and America will return, will return, will return ...

PS: The latest (much rarer these days) iSteve hopeful post on the Kung Flu has lots of great comments, including some by our commenters here. Read Is Omicron Just the Flu, Bro? and enjoy the comments!

* Though the great harm done is will not be stopped in the long run, the Totalitarianism that has been implemented during the PanicFest has set precedents. Those don't get overturned when you're fast on the road to tyranny. The people are already used to it.

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Presidential Edict powers affirmed by usual black-robed POS

Posted On: Saturday - January 15th 2022 5:03PM MST
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  US Feral Government  Healthcare Stupidity  Legal Stupidity  Morning Constitutional  Kung Flu Stupidity

That's POS plural, as in Pieces Of Shit, Chief Justice John Roberts (above) presiding. The first decision the SCROTUS made on Thursday evening, National Federation of Independent Business v. OSHA was regarding the sweeping vaccination and testing edicts for all companies of 100 people or larger.

The Heritage Foundation article, on the side of freedom, had details in Unpacking Supreme Court Justices’ Reasoning in Vaccine Mandate Decisions.
“As its name suggests,” the court explained, “OSHA is tasked with ensuring occupational safety—that is, ‘safe and healthful working conditions.’” That means OSHA is only empowered “to set workplace safety standards, not broad public health measures,” and according to the justices, “no provision of the Act addresses public health more generally, which falls outside of OSHA’s sphere of expertise.”
Judges Kagan and Sotomayer, were of course on the side of Totalitarianism along with the lefty Stephen Breyer and wrote a dissenting opinion in favor of these Presidential Edicts, now called "mandates", to be enforced by the Executive Branch. I've looked all through the document, but I'll be damned if i can find anything that allows that in the US Constitution. Perhaps haven't downloaded the latest update.

Per the article, Judges Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito wrote a concurring opinion, Justices Brett M. Kavanaugh, Amy Barrett, and Roberts also voted against the legality of this edict and against OSHA's attempted massive mission creep, making it 6-3.

In their 2nd "opinion" on (and that's what it should be taken as, opinion not law, but it isn't these days), Biden v. Missouri, the decision was that "the US Department of Health and Human Services’ vaccine mandate (administered through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) for workers at federally funded health care facilities" is somehow OK. Wait, only "federally funded" health care facilities? Yeah, don't breath a sigh of relief here. That means anyone who takes Medicare and Medicaid, meaning pretty much ALL of them. That's the stick that the Feds having been using on the hospital. which don't at all mind taking that stick up the wazoo from what I've seen.

On this 2nd case, Judge Thomas, joined by Gorsuch, Alito, and Amy Coney Barrett, dissented, The 3 Totalitarians from the 1st case, along with, yes, Trump-appointed Kavanaugh and Roberts, voted "aye". It was 5-4, and, I don't know the deal with Kavanaugh, but Judge Roberts let us down again. This is the 2nd big healthcare issue for which this George W. Bush appointee* has sided with big government Totalitarianism over freedom.

Remember the passage of Øb☭macare 12 years ago? (I can remember writing comments on the American Spectator site about it.) The Totalitarian side won out by a nose, every step of the way on the implementation of that piece of Fed-Gov over-reach. The last step was the Supreme Court. That's where Judge Roberts came up with some bogus argument about that whole monstrosity of Socialism being just a tax, which is OK (don't even now why on the latter).

I wonder who's got the goods on this guy? This one is not only another increase in Totalitarianism, but it will affect my family right away, more quickly than the Totalitarianism will. Screw this guy!

Finally, from Fox News, I read that anti-Panic hero Ron DeSantis of Florida had to say about it.
"But honestly, Roberts and Kavanaugh did not have a backbone on that decision," DeSantis also said. "That's just the bottom line."

DeSantis also vowed to enforce Florida’s protections for nurses amid the health care worker vaccine mandate.
There are a lot of very nice spots down there still. I just don't know how long the blue State refugees will take to destroy the place.

* Right to the top too, as initially he was to be a regular justice, but then Bush appointed him directly to Chief Justice.

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Extreme black wokeness and LittleFreeLibraries - stupidity or lies?

Posted On: Friday - January 14th 2022 10:42PM MST
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I wanted to write this post over a month ago. I didn't want to just steal Steve Sailer's material on some extreme stupidity here, for which he gets his ideas from the usual NY Times. His post of Dec. 5th, '21 NYT: By Encouraging Integration, Little Free Libraries Are Racist was another great job by Mr. Sailer in logically and snarkily refuting the stupidity of one Erin Aubry Kaplan. I just wanted more. I gotta do it myself. Also, I'm very familiar with some Little Free Libraries - see LittleFreeLibraries in the leafy neighborhoods .

The reader ought to go over and read Mr. Sailer's take first, if he hasn't already, as I will continue the fisking* here. I will include the excerpts he included that discussed the little libraries from the original article, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna click on the NY Times. Hopefully not too much is missing. Here goes:
Is My Little Library Contributing to the Gentrification of My Black Neighborhood?

Dec. 5, 2021, 11:00 a.m. ET

By Erin Aubry Kaplan

Ms. Aubry Kaplan is a journalist and author who grew up in the South Central section of Los Angeles and nearby Inglewood.

About a year ago, I decided to build a library on my front lawn. By library, I mean one of those little free-standing library boxes that dot lawns in bedroom communities around the country — charming, birdhouse-like structures filled with books that invite neighbors and passers-by to take a book, or donate a book, or both.
OK, fine, but keep in mind which type of people think of altruistic ideas like this and have the motivation to start building them. (Miss Kaplan could read the Peak Stupidity "Leafy Neighborhoods" post for a clue).
I’d spotted the phenomenon on walks through upscale, largely white neighborhoods around Los Angeles and immediately resolved to bring it home to Inglewood. Why not? A library is not so much a marker of wealth and whiteness ...
It kinda' IS. I mean, unless you're a bum who uses one for shelter.
... as it is an affirmation of community and cozy, small-town camaraderie that Inglewood, a mostly Black and Latino city in southwestern Los Angeles County, has plenty of. We deserved no less.
If that's the basic demographics of Inglewood, I'm guessing there isn't a big, big demand for a library by anyone but you, and, again, some bums.
Prepandemic, Inglewood was gentrifying, another reason I’d been inspired to do the library: I wanted to signal to my longtime neighbors that we had our own ideas about improvement, and could carry them out in our own way. …
Exactly. Since it was gentrifying, there might be a good spot where the LittleFreeLibrary would be less likely to get bashed apart by neighbor kids with baseball bats.
Then one morning, glancing out my front window, I saw a young white couple stopped at the library. Instantly, I was flooded with emotions — astonishment, and then resentment, and then astonishment at my resentment. It all converged into a silent scream in my head of, Get off my lawn! …
You need a hopefully-silent shotgun in your hands for best effect there. It's just the edge of your lawn, anyway, and how do you think I feel when black people from another neighborhood come up to the house on Halloween, some with no costumes?
Now that they were in front of my house, curious about this new neighborhood attraction, I didn’t know how to feel.
I don't know about nuts like Miss Kaplan, but for most of us, we don't have to figure out how to feel about something. I do know how I'd feel were the races reversed. "Man, I hope these guys aren't casing out the house. They sure as hell ain't out there for the books."
By bringing this modern cultural artifact here from white neighborhoods, had I set myself up, set up the neighborhood? Was I contributing to gentrification and sending the wrong message about how I wanted the neighborhood to be?
OK, Miss Kaplan gave away thoughts there that weren't supposed to come out. Nice stuff = White people. Got it.
What I resented was not this specific couple. It was their whiteness
OK, then, at least you know your feelings this time. You hate White people. (There are lots of inexpensive neighborhood in Los Angelos that have NO White people. You can bring your LittleFreeLibrary with you when you move.)
… Ultimately, the moment with the couple I saw through my window raised for me a serious moral question about how I should act. Screaming at them to get off my lawn would be adopting the values of the oppressor, as my racial-justice activist father used to say.
As an oppressor, I'd like to scream "get off my lawn" at black people occasionally, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't go well for me. (There are too many cameras, if nothing else.)
Yet my resentment was not analogous to the white resentment of generations past (and of now, I’d argue). White resentment has always been legitimized, and reinforced, by legal and cultural dominance, a dynamic evident in everything from the rise of Trumpism to the current battle against the political boogeyman of critical race theory.
Whaaa? You lost me among the gibberish.
My little library, affirming as it is, is also an illusion; it can’t save our neighborhood. Still, in 2021, it has become increasingly important to maintain and grow Black space, on its own terms. As I watched the white couple peruse my little library, the most complicated feeling of all was the brief, bittersweet satisfaction I took in watching them drawn to my lawn, and to my idea. It felt empowering and hopeful on the one hand, defeating on the other.
In other words, you're glad your house is not seen as a total shithole. Good on you. Next step: Yard of the Month.
So what message do I hope they took from my library? The same message I wanted to send to the rest of my neighbors, my community: Black presence has value — in every sense of the word, and on its own terms.
They may have just figured a nice old White lady lives there. They were sadly mistaken, on the "nice".
That value should make the casual displacement of Black people untenable, even immoral. And that will take much more than a little library to rectify.
What value? If your neighborhood was that great, maybe the houses couldn't be bought up for cheap by White people. Nobody's forcing anyone to sell either. If you want to see value, wait a couple of years and see what kind of property tax bill you get. Now, that's a case in which I'd understand your feelings! I hear ya', sister.

Well, that was fun, but the question is: Are people like Erin Aubry Kaplan and hundreds of others that Steve Sailer features out of the NY Times and such really this stupid? Do they just need people to explain things to them logically. Would it help anyway, if they are as stupid as they sound? Nah, I think people like Miss Kaplan just come up with stuff to piss off White people. They know that, for fear of trouble, not many will dispute this feigned stupidity, which is nothing but lies that they are being forced to swallow with a smile.

* That's an old blogger term, the origin of which is explained here on Peak Stupidity in A Visual Fisking of Cortez the Killer. (We fisked the Neil Young song not the conquistador himself.)

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Millennials v Boomers - Part 3: Muh-muh-my g-g-generation g-g-gap

Posted On: Thursday - January 13th 2022 6:39PM MST
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(Sort of continued from Part 1 and Part 2.)

The Generation Gap was a BIG topic from the middle 1960s through, I dunno, likely the mid-1970s, after the hippie era had ended. One could say that "it's always like this", and there was nothing new about the differences in perspective. I disagree. I don't know of any large cohort of young people who had rebelled against the Establishment and so disrespectfully against their parents in history, at least American history. (Of course, not close to all of them participated, so, yes, this is a generational-lization).

I will use Strauss' & Howe's, again arguable definitions of these generations again, During that time, it was the younger of the GI Generation (born 1901--1924) and the older of Silent Generation (born 1925 - 1942) who were the parents of that rebellious Baby Boom Generation (born 1943 - 1960). Apparently that White Man-run, civil, peaceful, prosperous era of 1946 to 1964* was too boooring for these young people. Their parents "wouldn't understand!" (Maybe because they were not young and stupid?) The Establishment had to be ousted.

If one either was there at the time or has read a decent amount on this period of the Generation Gap, he would know that this was not all grass-roots independent thought by the young Boomers (and some younger Silent Generation types too, as with those Beatniks, for example). As Peak Stupidity has discussed quite a bit lately, as the external Cold War was waged, the internal Cold War was being waged too. Unfortunately, Americans gave ground to the Communists waging that one at almost every turn. Unilateral disarmament wouldn't have been a good idea in the external stand-off against the USSR. What idiots thought it would work just fine in the internal version?!

That Generation Gap of the mid-1960's-mid-1970s was just a part of the Long March through the American Institutions. Destroying the nuclear family is job 1 for any good Communist. Creating a huge gap in perspective and values is between the generations worked, but at least, I'll grant that the rebelling Boomers had some great music.

What do we have going on now with the Millennials v Boomers? There's a lot of name-calling and bitterness, mostly in one direction, young against old. The differences in perspective and values this time doesn't seem to be based on lefty vs. conservative politics. The one thing that stands out is that the changes in electronic technology from the time of the days of the Boomers to the current day of the Millennials have been so sweeping that the generations have grown up in different worlds. That'd go even more so for the Zoomers, a portion of whom are old enough to be part of this current divide. (Strauss & Howe dubbed them the "Homeland Generation", which means, what exactly? I don't like that one.)

However, I think "it's the economy, stupid." Millennials and Zoomers are perhaps loath to repeat that line from that penultimate Boomer, BJ Clinton, if they remember it. (It was 30 years ago, in fact!) It is the problem they have with the Boomers - well, as usual, not ALL of them by any means. I take the side of the young people on this beef. There are still Boomer and older MIllennial parents who would lecture their young adults with a straight face:

Pull yourself up with your bootstraps. I worked every summer and made enough money to pay for college. You get that degree, and then, OK, maybe you do have to start in the mailroom ("mailroom? WTF, Dad?), but you work hard, you put your nose to the grindstone, and you'll make your way up the ladder. Or, get an apartment and work at fast food for a year or two and save up money and build up your work record. I walked around for a week handing out resumes until IBM hired me. You know, you get in the pension plan, you buy a small ranch house ..."

No, the American economy is nothing like the economy during the young adult years of the Boomers, and it hasn't been in 10 years either, when all the Millennials were young adults. That's not all of the Boomers' faults, as we noted in part 1. A large number of them were NOT in favor of shipping industry to Mexico and China, importing 60 million new people, or keeping Affirmative Action going.** Then again, not all the Millennials are the ones using the "OK, Boomer" insult. Maybe it's just a few idiots on-line, I dunno.

Are we in the midst of Generation Gap 2.0, or My Generation Gap? That's that whole "my computer", my this, and my that bit that Microsoft started 25 years ago(?)) There is no great music to go along with this generation gap this time, though. "Your music sucks!" and "learn to play guitar!" would be the modern version of "turn that down!", as those parents used to say, as they rolled around on the couch, rolling numbers with your KISS records out ...

You figured The Who would be featured at the end here, didn't you? Unfortunately, Peak Stupidity has already featured the stutter-rock song you expected. This one is about Generation Gap 1.0 bridged. It's the 1970s band Cheap Trick song Surrender from their excellent Live at Budokan (Japan) from 1978.

Mommy's alright, daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird.
Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away.

* It's a little on the later side, perhaps, but I'll call it ended when the Socialist Scumbag Lyndon Johnson won the 1964 Presidential election over Barry Goldwater. (Sure, we had another Barry in office 50 years later - that was not quite the same!)

** The origin of that anti-White evil comes from the time when it was 3 older generations voting for, again, the Socialist Scumbag Lyndon Johnson. (Hey, how come he appears in all the footnotes?)

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Moar fashion accessory anecdotes

Posted On: Tuesday - January 11th 2022 7:58PM MST
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One could say this post is a continuation from this one or this one based on their title*, but there are now many dozens of posts here about the ridiculous face masking stupidity that's been going on. It could be a continuation of any of them. I really hesitate to put in a special Face Diapers topic key. What would one have made of that 2 years ago?

From our star designers in Milano, comes this beautifully textured, black mask, manufactured in Shenzhen by People's Faxi Dai Pao plant number 5! Please clap.

I'm too sexy for my mask,
too sexy for my mask,
too sexy for my mask.

What song? Too stupid, so don't ask.

I could not really get a good image of what I wanted here, in this first of 2 anecdotes/observations. There are face masks being worn that are a new type, or new to me, at least. The texture on the outside looks like plastic almost. It's very glossy black. This must still be non-woven material (yeah, which is plastic), but the grain is different from those blue/green medical style ones.

The thing about these ones is that, even though they don't fit tightly at all on the user, they are EVEN WORSE for communication through. I wrote "through", but then, they seem to have a big gap on the top side where sound should come out well. (They are almost semi-circular at the top, leaving a gap to the portions of the face there.) I'd thought the thick cloth ones were the worse, especially on black ladies, but the sound must bounce around a bit before coming out, and these are terrible.

Maybe communication is not as important at work as we have been told, and it's all about fashion, except that these are ugly too.

How about face masks that are made of clean white real cloth?

This next, from a new avant-garde design studio in L-Gay-Paris, BT, is this lacy number, no the mask, not the blouse. Look up!:

That's the type I mean. These are really the closest things to diaper material you can have. Hell, maybe a converted diaper plant in Shenzhen makes them.

As I entered the country building today to pay property taxes, I remembered that they now have a metal detector and a guard at the entrance. (What might they be afraid of?) The guard told me I need to mask up. I looked and saw a stack of these nice white cloth face masks. Nobody really seemed to care HOW I wore this mask, and luckily, things went very quickly.

5 minutes later I walked out of the building wearing this thing. Yeah, these double-layered cloth ones do keep the face warm, but being a big opponent of all this hysteria, I took this one off and threw it on the grass near the bushes. No, littering is not my thing, but this was a political statement. Imagine they kept having to go out there and clean up 5 masks an hour. Maybe they would lighten the hell up.

When I started searching for images to match this 2nd item here, I noted that these things cost 15 bucks a piece! Maybe they are cheaper by the box, but by how much? Did the county have a big surplus? (of masks, I mean, not money) I now think it wasteful of me to have trashed that one, but, well, that's my own tax money I just paid. I've got half a mind to go there tomorrow, maybe in an out a couple of times ("ahhh, I forgot something") and collect more. They'd be good for wiping of oil dipsticks and things like that ...

* Wow! Until just now, I had no idea that I'd written 2 posts with the exact same title, both about face masks during this Kung Flu PanicFest. The 1st one has a Grateful Dead theme to it. They both treat this whole thing with great disdain and ridicule.

Well, as they say "great minds think alike, even if they are the same one, one year and 16 days apart." Hey, is October fashion month or something? I wouldn't know. This is just weird. I will rename the 2nd one with a "II' at the end.

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Alas, it could have gone differently

Posted On: Tuesday - January 11th 2022 7:01AM MST
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This is nothing original today, but just in case we have Peak Stupidity readers who are not also VDare readers, I point you to 2 very good posts on that site. They are by the 2 men that run VDare and Amren (the organizations and the websites), Peter Brimelow and Jared Taylor, respectively.

Mr. Brimelow has been one of the few pundits I read to regularly use the C-word, along with at least one other (Jack Dalton) on the site, as we happily noted in OK, Some (V)Dare Call it Communism. This long post “This Is A Communist Coup. But White America Is On The Move” is not about the failures of old-timey Communism and that*. It's a timely speech on what has been attempted on the immigration front against these people and what should be done in the near future.

This post is a transcription of a speech that Peter Brimelow gave at the Amren conference in the usual venue on Tennessee State Gov't grounds, near Nashville. This is a great read, and nothing against Mr. Brimelow's accent, but he is right in his note at the beginning of the VDare post that he's easier to understand in writing for us Americans.

There is a lot to the speech, and this is not a review. About Mr. Brimelow's 6 political solutions he prescribes to be implemented sooner rather than later, unfortunately, I think he is much too optimistic with almost all of them. We can have an overwhelming GOP Congress in '22, but almost none of those things is going to happen. That's not because the GOP COULDN'T do them. It's because there are always a large proportion of traitorous or money-hungry, or cowardly cucks among them. I never liked it when Lucy kept doing that thing to Charlie Brown with the place kicking. We Conservatives need to quit being Charlie Brown.

Then, Mr. Brimelow gives some more possible separation scenarios. Those are more realistic, though we don't know how some new Federalism is going to fare. It's matter of power. Thankfully, due to diversity, Federal power is getting weaker, but the people are still accumulating firepower.

Peak Stupidity has discussed the McMichaels' and friend's self defense case just a bit before. After the verdict, we posted For the White Man: no justice and no peace, and after the extreme Anarcho-tyrannic sentences given, we posted Georgia 3 sentenced to life imprisonment in self-defense case. Well Amren's chief Jared Taylor does a much better job, and he also lays out the story of what went on in Satilla Shores that day in late Winter of '20 very well, something I haven't done at all.

Here is his "Justice For Ahmaud Arbery"—Another Atrocity For American Whites on the sentencing, on VDare. Here is the same article on The Unz Review, under which one can post comments. (It's got 280 of them right now, the article having been displayed on top left for a day or two.)

Back in '21 around Thanksgiving, Mr. Taylor also did a fine job writing about the case and the verdict. See How Horrible Is The Arbery/McMichael Verdict? HORRIBLE, For All White Americans . Here is that one on The Unz Review with 372 comments. Got time on your hands?

Both of these men are polite and civil, with Jared Taylor being more soft-spoken. They don't scream for violence. They don't even use cusswords. (That's, unless we count the C-word.) The just calmly try to encourage political solutions for the immigration/racial mess this nation has had forced upon it. They have both been doing that for a couple of decades or more.

Imagine if Americans had listened to, or more like it, had a CHANCE to listen to, guys like this running for high-level office in government. We had Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan and others, still not marginalized completely off the radar, in the 1990s. Many of us supported these men, and likely Mr. Brimelow and Mr. Taylor did too. How did we not take care of the problems then, 30 to 25 years ago? It'd have been much easier. Alas, it could have gone differently, much differently...

* Although Peter Brimelow does include a few paragraphs that explain why we can use the term Communist. I think I'll include that in another post, but it's about 1/2 way down his post for you to read.

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Fire on the Mountain

Posted On: Saturday - January 8th 2022 10:50PM MST
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We've got posts collecting up the Ying Yang here, but I'm out of energy for the day. The song featured today has nothing to do with a post really. It's time for some old-timey Southern Rock. These guys, the Marshall Tucker Band, were from the upstate of South Carolina and were pretty popular in the mid and late 1970's.

The've got a story to tell in this one This is about the California Gold Rush, and it's got a country sound to it, with Toy Caldwell on that pedal steel guitar.

From their 1975 album Searching for a Rainbow, this is Fire on the Mountain (not to be confused with the Grateful Dead song with the same name.

The Marshall Tucker Band was:

Doug Gray - lead vocals, percussion.
Toy Caldwell - electric and acoustic guitars, steel guitar.
Tommy Caldwell - bass guitar, backing vocals.
George McCorkle - electric and acoustic guitars, and songwriter for this one.
Jerry Eubanks - alto, baritone and tenor saxophone, flute, backing vocals.
Paul Riddle - drums.

Next week, we'll post the last part about the b-b-boomer g-g-g-generation, more on the Georgia Guidestones, another shout-out to VDare for more great material, more Kung Flu stupidity (of course, as we ain't done with it yet), and a few others that have been ready to write for months already.

PS: Mr. E.H. Hail has a brand new post on his Hail to You blog. This one, as he promised us here, is a book review of Alex Berenson's anti-Panic book Pandemia. His title is Review of PANDEMIA by Alex Berenson, and I guess I'll read from some of you in the comments there too.

Have a great Sunday, Peakers!

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Georgia 3 sentenced to life imprisonment in self-defense case

Posted On: Saturday - January 8th 2022 6:27AM MST
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(Thanks to Mr. Anon on The Unz Review comments for mentioning this. Being off the idiot plate and Lyin' Press sites is better for my temperament, so I may not have otherwise learned of this.)

Judge Timothy R. Walmsley:

It's life without parole for the McMaster father and son, and life with a chance for parole after 30 years for videographer Roddie Bryan. This is sick.

Things are accelerating, folks. I guess 99% of Americans still think this country is nowhere near the stage in which governments and the Establishment simply railroad people into jail at will, and political prisoners are held in jail with no bail and not trial in the capital. They are deluded. Not only are we somewhere near it, we are THERE.

No matter what technicalities about the (existing, at the time*) Georgia citizen's arrest law and minute details of the shooting of jogger Ahmaud Arbery, nobody deserves that sentence. Let's take it one step up at a time:

1) It seems justified self-defense to shoot someone grabbing one's weapon with ill intent, provided one hasn't cornered him. Arbery could have run. Grabbing the barrel of the shotgun was high stupidity. They should have never been charged. We also know damned well that if the races were reversed, there would have been no charges and the black self-defenders would have been held up as heroes.

2) If you figure, nah, they had no right to hold Arbery like that, and he was justified in (stupidly) fighting back, well, that's manslaughter. The 2 McMichaels had no intent to murder Arbery, but just to hold him for the police, as everyone knows. A jail sentence for this type of manslaughter may vary, but it ought not to be more than a charge for intentional murder.

3) If you somehow think this is murder, it wasn't a cold-blooded assassination, a brutal rape and strangling, a stabbing with the body cut into 20 pieces, or any of these types of horrible killings - oh, here's one!. What would a black thug get for just up and shooting a man in the street? 10 years?

Anarcho-tyranny is pretty blatant now. We have to keep in mind that this is not just about race. Black worship and denigration and persecution of the White man is the story, no doubt. However, I believe the big story is that the globalist and elitist Establishment wants to get rid of the White middle class.

There's likely no big master plan, mind you. It's just that an intelligent, hard-working middle class competes in the political realm, and in the business world, and has disposable income and time for use in bucking the system. The Establishment would like America to be just like the 3rd World, where people are firmly under control, being too concerned with having food on the table and a roof over their heads to work on anything threatening. If these elites can get the population diversified, integrated into a low-class, dis-unified mass, or even slowly completely replaced by those they prefer, the threat to their way of life will be gone.

That's what this is, Establishment pay-back for Kyle Rittenhouse. "No, that was just a fluke, you CANNOT go defending your neighborhood, your people, and your way of life! We will not only prosecute but persecute you for that! We have the control, and you will live under our rules, one set for us and our preferred Americans and another for the White man."

What possessed Judge Timothy Walmsley of the Superior Court of Georgia Eastern Circuit to lay a sentence like this? I should probably ask "who possessed him?"

PS: As Mr. Anon mentioned (on unz), regarding Roddie Bryan, 30 years for videoing the shooting?! Next time, it WILL be shoot, shovel, and shut up. That's the only option they're leaving.

* But, but ... I was led to believe there would be no math retroactive laws.

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VDare for daily reading

Posted On: Friday - January 7th 2022 8:41PM MST
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It's an Ocelot. Why is this the top image? Hey, second to bikini girl pictures, I'd guess cats get the most eyeballs. No girls are involved in these 2 articles, and I don't have Ann Coulter bikini pics. Hell, she won't even return my tweets!

The sole reason for being of the VDare organization and website has been to fight the immigration stupidity, and it's been over 20 years that they've been fighting. It's been a mostly losing battle, but then they don't have the resources of a Soros or Jeff Epstein (speaking of having bikini pictures). Please donate if you can - I give them a decent amount amount each year.

The VDare site - 2nd on the blogroll on the right, and I don't read ZH anymore anyway due to usability - has very good writers with great content that is nearly error-free and contains loads of links to everything related to each article. The thing is, as I discussed in a 2-part post called Our Corner of the Internet (Part - - - Part 2), we can exist in an on-line world that is a very small part of what's out there. Besides getting comprehensive news on the existential issue for American - the "National Question", in VDare parlance - the writing does include lots of other political news in the course of its discussion.

For example, just as commenter Mr. Anon mentioned Tucker Carlson's chewing out of Senator Ted Cruz for his stupidity regarding THE INSURRECTION!™, I found the clip here on VDare, inside a Washington Watcher II article, before I even started looking elsewhere. In fact, I'm going to watch the rest now, and get to this post again later on.

"He's baaaack!"

To show why I read almost all of the VDare site, let me point out 2 good articles, the first by a new writer to the site, going by the name "Former Agent", obviously of the Border Patrol. Maybe he just retired, as he started writing for VDare this past October and much more frequently at the end of '21. The image up top was above his recent post Conservationists Want To Protect Ocelots From Fences, But Not Illegals. To be clear, Former Agent doesn't meant that illegals don't want to protect ocelots, as they don't care. Bought-off Conservationists, by my slight revision, don't want to protect ocelots from illegals.

No, illegal aliens don't go shooting ocelots. Mr. Agent explains that these cats are very shy, so it's difficult to even ever see one of them. However, the last thing the illegal aliens coming across the desert care about is the environment. Their trashing of ocelot habitat down around the Mexican border is OK by Establishment Conservationists because $$$$$ and The Narrative. The Sierra Club sold out 25 years ago for their30 4.5 million silver coins*. "Immigration and diversity are good, PERIOD" is the narrative.

Here's the truth from Former Agent:
I was fortunate to see an ocelot a single time when I was down there. When I first saw it (at night) I couldn't make sense of what it was. You could tell it didn't move like a house cat. I worked a lot of nights and saw javelinas, armadillos, skunks, rabbits, coyotes and possums. However, the ocelot is a notoriously shy and secretive animal, which is why I saw one only once. I bet that loads of illegal aliens traipsing through their hunting grounds at night are a far bigger disturbance to them than building a border wall. If the ocelots could vote, I'm pretty sure they would be voting for the wall. Those bollard fences have gaps wide enough for them to get through, while preventing human access.
I like cats. I've heard of people who have ocelots as pets, but it'd be amazing to see one of these in the wild. The environment is NOT top priority for those who tell us it is.


Ann Coulter, favorite literary pundit of Peak Stupidity can be be read on hundreds and maybe thousands of websites. She's been batting a .990 or so for 15 years now. It's nice to read her on VDare as she obviously reads it and she knows some the VDare personnel.

Her latest article, The Great Epstein Cover-up, Part I, did not disappoint me. The article is not so much on what Jeff Epstein and "Epstein’s pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell", were up to, though she has the same thoughts as Peak Stupidity does and about everyone else. Sex and blackmail went on there on Fantasy Island. Usually that sort of thing sells. The US Lyin' Press doesn't seem to want to sell it though. That's what this latest Ann Coulter column is about. No matter how big it would be, the Lyin' Press won't even give the people a sex and blackmail story if they are told not to.

I hadn't read about this whole thing:
As for media coverage, did you even know that the FBI found Epstein’s cache of sex tapes labeled “(name of underage girl) + (name of VIP)”—and then lost them?

Immediately after Epstein’s arrest at Teterboro Airport in July 2019, the FBI executed a search warrant on his New York mansion.

Following a daylong search, agents discovered a hidden safe in the closet of a fifth-floor ...

[Wait, the guy's New York mansion has 5 floors?!]

... dressing room, used a saw to break into it, and found an enormous collection of photos of naked girls, and CDs of the girls apparently having sex with influential men.
Have you?

Goodness gracious! This is Marilyn Monroe, Monica Lewinsky, and the Kardashians all rolled up into one! If they ran this story as multi-year infotainment, the press could probably even start delivering newspapers to people's lawns again, There would be nothing left in the supermarket checkout aisles but candy and gum. There could be a whole TV network based around this story, 24/7, maybe having morphed from the Home & Garden network or something.

Yet, they've been squashing this lurid story. Hey, who's in charge here?

* at today's spot price, that is - which is completely bogus, as you won't get any silver for even 50% higher!.

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