Survey says: 35% face-diapering stupidity at the grocery store

Posted On: Monday - August 2nd 2021 11:53AM MST
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(Meme is again this page on the Off-Guardian site.)

That was easy. I wanted to teach my 10 y/o how to do this easily. We weren't staying in the store any longer than it took to get 6 potatoes for the barbecue, but I got him going with "just try not to count people twice, and do like this: 'mask on, so 1 out of 1, no mask, so 1 out of 2, etc.'". It's sometimes easy to forget to count up one on the total when you have a positive. ("Mask positive, that is. Kung Flu positivity was unknown, and we were not worried - we could have been at any time and maybe are now.)

We were counting customers only, not employees*, and we got 18 out of 52 with a margin of error that you may expect from a 10 y/o kid doing this survey for the first time**. That's a 35% F.D.C. (Oh, that's Face Diapering Compliance, as defined in Center for Disease Control spec. 19-124.34, paragraph (b). You all should be familiar, dammit. It's the LAW!) This 35% is up from an even-less-scientific 2-5% I would have told you from last week.

Season 3 is winding up, folks. Get ready to tell people to "bugger off" or at least "mind their own business" some more, on line, off line, wherever.

A friend got his 2nd vaccination shot that he's taking only because he needs to get into Canada. He was in bad shape for a day and a half from that one. His being a single guy, we were worried and thought we might need to go out there and check up on him. Should he or I have needed to report this problem with the vaccine***, who would we call, the Fauci hotline?
"Hello, CDC customer care? How may we better stab errr, serve you today?"

"Well, my friend just took the 2nd vaccine shot. He's been on the toilet and can't sleep. He says his kidneys are hurting, and this thing is making any little problem he has much worse right now."

"OK, thank you for your patience. We are not having a place on the script for that. I can put down TMI, but unless your friend has passed away, we can't help you, Sir, at this number."

"So you only want to call us if he's dead?"

"No, Sir, we can only take this information from the innoculee himself. Is there anything else we can help you with today?"

"Uhhh, nah...."

"Thank you for calling. Please be sure to wear your mask, as recommended, while you complete the survey we just spammed your phone with."
Do you all remember the clever bit of fact-checking by Mr. Sailer last summer about the use of pictures taken with telephoto lenses to make the beaches look packed. I was thinking of that while we were the beach recently. It was packed, I mean packed, to where it did look like those telephoto shots, but, no, I was standing right there among everyone.

There was nary a mask or freaked-out individual in sight. The air was hot, the water T was just right, and we had a blast.

* I heard later from a friend that in that half-ritzy neighborhood there are people already writing on the "neighborhood" app that they are upset that the employees at the store are not all diapering up. Someone's bound to send out a memo - easier than stocking vegetables, that's for sure, and pays more to boot.

** I did tell him that if we wanted to do this more accurately, we'd need to stay near the entrance for a half hour and check the people coming in or out, one.

*** Sure, I know you get slightly sick often from many vaccines, but this one is a different story.

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None dare call them Commies

Posted On: Saturday - July 31st 2021 2:47PM MST
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Early Adopter Commies:

People on the right may call the ctrl-left lots of names, but most won't use the C-word. Our post title comes from the 1964 book by John Stormer, None Dare Call it Treason, which is about the failings in the rooting out of Communists in high places in the US Feral government in the 1950s*.

Well, there is no point trying to root out these people from the current Feral government. They COMPRISE the current Feral government. You'd have to shut the whole shebang down ... wait, now, we may be onto something! This post is about the American/Western ctrl-left in general, though, not just people within the government.

I keep running into commenters or individuals in discussion who will refuse to use the C-word. "No, but they don't want a class struggle." "None of these people ever read or quote Karl Marx." "They don't support labor like the real Communists." Yes, I do know that most of our ctrl-left are too stupid to even understand the dumb ideas of Communist ideology. However, we need to look at what they say, what they do, and what they want to do next.

The wording may have pro-black racial motivation, but that's just a ploy to have something to complain about, black people in general having never gotten their shit together and not likely to have in the near future. The ctrl-left nowadays is pushing for “equity audits”, "economic access” , and the ending of "generational wealth", the latter meaning taking the value of all the labored you did for your family. Oh, the terms are new – they used to talk “land reform” and “income redistribution”. It's the same old same old with newer terminology.

In the prosperous modern world of the last 1/2 century, not very many Americans have lived on the land or owned their own producing land, as if this were the 1930s. "Land reform" sounded good, and still does, in Latin America, Africa, and poor areas around the world. Here, it means nothing, so the ctrl-left will start talking about "neighborhood reform" instead or something sounding like "equal access to leafy suburbs", stuff like that. This is not any different - the ctrl-left is resentful and simply wants our stuff.

Now, a decent argument here would be that I just can't be making up my own definitions of Communism and Communists on the fly, just because I'm a famous an infamous blogger. My retort would be "how many of the original Communists were really about the ideology?" Sure, those guys at the 1800s Viennese coffee hauses reading Marx and Engles. Yeah, they were into it. They never had any power to take our stuff though. The followers of all the various big Commies in the last century were not necessarily really believers though. They were just resentful and wanted to destroy traditional society so as to have possibly a better deal.

Admittedly, a century ago these people often had real beefs. Society is not always fair and sometimes life IS a real screw job When you go back to Czarist Russia, sure, it'd been better if things had changed, but not toward the direction they did, of course. The idea of communes, sharing, "to each according to his means, from each according to her fertility", etc. had not yet been physically disproven. (Though a thought experiment probably would have done the trick for me.) Well, not since the early 1970s has any American seriously gone for that crap, so they've come out with the new terminology regarding the takings of your shit.

That's what they are saying. What are they actually doing now? They are in the Cultural Revolution stage here in the West. Again, black people, or gay, genderbenders, etc. may be the purported reason for it all, but that's not really what it's all about. It works great for them to be able to shut the counter-revolutionaries - that's US - up, using this Cult-Rev 2.0** to harass, silence, and destroy careers of, their opposition.

What will they be doing soon, if we don't stop them, that is? We should all know. We have dozens of examples from the past and even this century*** to go by.

Since the almost 4 year-old Peak Stupidity post Commies crawling out of the woodwork... it's about that time, we haven't seen much other talk or writing with the warnings in our corner of the internet. Just in the last week, though, I've seen two items that have bolstered my spirits on this topic.

Communism mid-20th Century style:

In this post from this past Wednesday with the interview of ex-Cuban Humberto Fontova, I caught a very interesting point from the guy near the end of the hour video interview. Now, I know Mr. Fontova doesn't have the exact stats when he says this, but right at 58:04 he says "I'm here to tell you, probably 80% of the people, of the Cubans who joined Castro and Che's movement in the early years never heard of Marx or Lenin." Does Mr. Fontova know everything? Nah, but it's the same as the way we write about things here - he's got the idea from his common sense and years of learning from people who WERE THERE.

Let's think about the timeline. It's been 62 years since Castro's Communist takeover, while Castro's takeover was 42 years after the big one, Lenin's Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917. It's hard to believe, but Castro's revolution occurred just 40% of the way in time from Lenin's heyday to today. Yet, even then, it was not all about "the proletariat", "the bourgeoisie", and "the workers". The were the resentful ones, Los Resentidos****, and they wanted to make up for it by appropriating the successful Cuban's shit. It always come down to that. It ends up in destruction of the country, but they just never see that coming, or do they?

Then, there is VDare. One doesn't usually see what might be considered political inflammatory language on that site unless it's specifically about their mainstay topic, immigration.***** A fairly new writer, one Jack Dalton just posted this article - The Democrats’ RED DAWN: Yes, It’s A Communist Coup. But There Are Signs Of Hope. Yep, he used the C-word! Check out that column. I may have to get and watch Red Dawn again for kicks. Of course, we all SHOULD know that The Russians aren't out to invade anymore. They aren't Communists anymore. The Communists have infiltrated slowly this time, from the inside. No parachutes were necessary.

What’s it gonna take for people to understand who these people are?!

* Disclaimer: I haven't read this book yet. It was on my Dad's bookshelf for many years when I was a kid. I may be able to find that copy even.

** 6-decade ago China was 1.0.

*** Venezuela's communist revolution was a part late-20th and part 21st century disaster.

**** Mr. Fontova speaks about that term just before that point in the video ~ 57:40.

***** Although I was pleased to see Mr. Allan Wall get a tad inflammatory on the subject - in a good way, mind you - of the Kung Flu stupidity. I was "lovin' it."

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Seriously, there's gonna be a Season 3?!

Posted On: Friday - July 30th 2021 5:26PM MST
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(Thanks to commenter Alarmist for turning me on to the Off Guardian and the myriad Kung Flu PanicFest memes therein.)

I have detested the precedent set by all of this liberty-destroying LOCKDOWN, social-distancing, face-diapering, fear-mongering activity that is the essence of the Kung Flu PanicFest from Day 1. (I'd call it mid-March of '20.) However, after that Season 2 Summer '20 Re-Panic*, then a tail-off by late fall, with the election "won" and all, then the panicker-placating deadly vaccines, I really thought this show had run it's course, like a bad case of the common cold(?). That didn't mean the damage was undone, but at least I didn't have to hear or think about it. Even Peak Stupidity tailed off our posts on this subject.

Well, as the young lady in Poltergeist, who also watched too much TV, said, "they're Baa-aaack". "They" even includes Panic Maestro Anthony Fauci. I do not kid when I write here that I had not heard more than 10 or 20 words strung together from this man during this whole ordeal until yesterday. I'd always walk, briskly at the slowest, away from whatever idiot plate I had come near with the guy on. My wife, who's been a real trooper on the anti-panic side in '21, a completer reversal from the miserable Spring of '20**, showed me Fauci blabbing on about our new worries on her phone.

I hadn't even known he had the NE accent - that's how little I'd paid attention to the Totalitarian fucker before. This Delta variant is supposed to be a big worry now, the vaccine, even if it doesn't maim or kill you, is not helping at all, and maybe even increasing your chances of being a case (nut case? Some kind of case.) Yeah, sure, all that is concerning, but if you get the death stab, you are a hero, so there's that ...

At the end of Season 2, we were pretty sure we got the ending. Man, what surprises they had in store for us with this new season! The bats did not kill J.R. after all. The vaccine will not save Ewing Oil from Sue Ellen's shenanigans. The face diapers, well, I'm not sure how they will fit in at South Fork, but as long as they still have that cute dark haired lady and young Lucy with the big 'uns, they may be able to hold a big audience.

The script from Dr. Fauci is all over the place though now. So, what do we do, get the stabs, take our masks back out of the recycling bins, don't LOCKDOWN just yet, and what else? That clip my wife showed me was a crapload of total confusion from the guy. Is he STILL the guy that really knows WTF is going on? Should even the suckers who believed him through Season 2 believe him now? Will they? The Summer Olympics are on too, you know. Do they still have TiVo's around for people who want to keep up with both?

I really hope that the number of Season 3 viewers is much lower, as the good scriptwriters must have gone on strike. Could Americans finally have their own press conferences, as the blurb from commenter Adam Smith sounded like, and tell the producers that enough is enough, and this show sucks and should be taken off the air? I am encouraged by some video of the French people and the French cops siding with them. I'd love to not only see a lot of that here but be a part of it too.

In the meantime, Peak Stupidity has its work cut out for it. We will monitor the (shit)shows of Season 3, and get right on it like Beavis and Butthead watching MTV.

* Peak Stupidity had a 13-part series on Scene(s) from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic, now buried within our Kung Flu Stupidity topic key. (Well, it became Fall, you know ...)

** This is NOT about the vaccine either. She will not take it and maybe even run into the workplace dilemmas we have been discussing in the comments.

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South Park on the Kung Flu Stupidity

Posted On: Thursday - July 29th 2021 8:05PM MST
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How could I have possibly missed this one?! Well, I don't watch any TV shows for one thing, but, in general, I have enjoyed the Political Incorrectness and humor of South Park. This is from an episode from right at 10 months ago, per the South Park website, 9/30/20. (Season 24, Episode 1 - Here is the whole thing.)

This is commentary on the US Police State, the state of Big Ed, and the Kung Flu stupidity* rolled into one! Nice job, Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone.

* I never got to see the stupid plexiglass cubicles that they had (hopefully, HAD) at our local elementary school, cause, you know, COVID-one-niner, can't go in, germs! Perhaps that's just as well.

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A Cuban's personal history from start of La Revolución

Posted On: Wednesday - July 28th 2021 6:40PM MST
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I wrote "start" in the title, because, unlike the American Revolution, more of a revolt or rebellion, these Communist government-changing revolutions seem to keep going, and going, and going...* Former Cuban tyrant Fidel Castro, leading his over-half-century-lasting Revolución, was like that Energizer bunny, till he wasn't. (Oh, so maybe my batteries won't last forever either!**)

It's very easy to get sucked in by the left, as they dismiss the evils of Communism. They will tell us that the events in Cuba of the late 1950s/early 1960s were just about American imperialism and that Castro was just one those lovable bearded radicals. The lies about Castro's executioner Che Guevara are even more wicked, as the ctrl-left has gotten American radicals and even your standard university coffee shop crowd to wear T-shirt with him and sometimes berets***.

In the comments under a Fred Reed column about current events and Cuba (Spoiler Alert, NOT!: America is the bad guy) called A Sadistic Foreign Policy, I found some enlightening comments about that time in Cuban history. A commenter from India named Malla had a very nice one. I will put the whole thing here, but he made it clear to me that the information is taken from 2 individuals' stories, as per:
I copy a lot of stuff for others, sometimes I give credit, sometimes it is impossible to do so as well as my own analysis and opinions. So I have myself not been able to give credit to sources as I should have because of various reasons. As far as this post, please give credit to Humberto Fontova and John Suarez.
Humberto Fontova Official Site
John Suarez Blog
I have looked at neither site yet - more from the first guy at the end of this post. Here is Mr. Malla's entire comment, so you may want to read this one, watch the 1 hour video Stefan Molyneux interview of Mr. Fontova at the bottom, or both:
Thanks, also interesting is that Castro crushed the huge organised Labour that existed in Cuba. In Cuba Organised Labour formed the armed opposition to Castro and Che. Workers formed the bulk of the opposition to the idols of the International Left!!

Prior to Castro, Cuban workers were more Unionised as a percantage to the population than U.S. workers. Cuba had a strong labour movement affiliated AFLCIO. The head of the Confederation of Cuban Workers was a famous labour leader named Eusebio Mujal Barniol. He was a anti-Communist and he had to flee Cuba when Castro and Che took power. Eusebio Mujal himself was a hardcore Communist in his early days in the 1920s and 30s and he knew who was backing the Castro movement.

So when the New York Times and reporters (Herbert Matthews) and the State Dept and CIA were all singing in the Chorus that “Castro Was not a Communist” but a great democrat and land reformer and the “George Washington of Cuba” (LOL), Eusebio Mujal did not fall for all that bullshit propaganda for dumb eloi and knew exactly what was coming. When Castro and Che came to power, one of the first thing they called for “a general strike”, you know “Batista is exploiting the workers, have a general strike”, Castro and Che farted together. Big failure, most workers were not interested in going on their general strike!!! Embarrassed Castro and Che went after the Labour Unions leaders. Labour Union leader Eusebio Mujal had to flee to the Argentine embassy to save his life.

Basically you have these crackpot mental case intellectuals everywhere who fancy themselves as leaders of working class people just like their fartpig hero Marx who never worked as a worker his entire life and actually intellectually looked down upon working class people!!! Che said “Cuban workers cannot go on strike, they must learn to live in a collectivized society and anyone go on strike would be sent to prison or sent in front of a firing squad”. Mainstream Media and Academia say the opposite of the truth about Cuba. The Castro regime has being cultivating this. Since they were cultivating the Jew York Times, Che wrote in his diaries “much more important than guerrilla recruits for our army were US media recruits to spread our propaganda”.

Herbert Matthews BTW was for Castro to what Walter Durante was to Stalin or Edgar Parks Snow to Mao Zedong. In 1957, Herbert L.Matthews of the New York Times, met Fidel Castro in Cuba’s Sierra Maestra mountains and returned with what was considered the “scoop of the century”. His heroic puffed up portrayal of Castro, who was then believed dead, had a powerful effect on American perceptions of Cuba, both in and out of the government, and profoundly influenced the fall of the Batista regime. Fidel Castro later gave a medal to Herbert Matthews saying, “Without the help of our friend Herbert Matthews and without the help of the New York Times, the Cuban revolution would have never been”.

The NYT is not even embarrassed about it. Even after Castro came out as a Communist and killed and put many in his camps, The NYT still takes a pro-Castro stand. Even the dumb bitch Diane Sawyer who gushed at the evil ruthless psychopath Castro.The whore lost control in Fidel Castro’s presence while Castro’s regime had people detained in camps. Strangely Castro went to New York for his honeymoon.
I also told you guys how Castro screwed Huber Matos.

[Picture of Huber Matos in original comment]

Huber Matos, fought for Castro, Castro destroyed his life.

Fought for Castro, when Castro regime was turning Commie, Matos tried to resign, Castro called him a traitor for calling Castro a Commie, had him show trailed and Matos had to spend decades in prison. Later Castro came out of the closet and said, that he was Commie all along, but Matos remained in jail for decades!
I added paragraph breaks, as is our colonial way, Mr. Malla - ;-} - along with correcting 2 or 3 spelling errors. I didn't change the wacky British misspellings. Bolding is from Mr. Malla.

I realized after seeing the video this morning that most of this information is from the words of Humberto Fontova, in this hour and 2 minute video of him being interviewed by Conservative youtube (for now) guy Stefan Molyneux. This guy Fontova is great to listen to. Intense, but as American as apple pie, with a bit of a Cajun accent from living in New Orleans, Humberto Fontova left Cuba in a hurry during the Communist take-over with his Mom and siblings. He tells that story right at the beginning.

I enjoyed this whole extremely interesting interview. Though unz commenter Malla gave us important parts of the story, especially that regarding the New York Times support of Fidel Castro, there is one part near the middle that just struck me. It hits on one of our contentions about Communism here at Peak Stupidity, and I'll get to it in another post. Enjoy!:

* See Peak Stupidity's Long Marches, never-ending marches, and Revolutions.

** I got a few Energizers after my fiasco with that RayOVac crap and will keep a close eye on them.

*** OK, don't get me started on that one Myth Buster guy, but, by all means, have at it if you want to hear about him.

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Turn Signal Stupidity - alternate example

Posted On: Wednesday - July 28th 2021 11:14AM MST
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(This is pretty much a continuation of this post from yesterday, with just another example that I hadn't gotten to.)

After discussing why one doesn't always need to use the turn signal, assuming his is what VW called a driver., we'll give an example of when not using one just results in traffic stupidity. There was no collision or even hazard, but this one is much like the story in our Instant Karma at the Intersection*. As opposed to that previous post, in which I didn't make a diagram, this one is easier to follow.

There is a half-mile long wide two-lane road that I use a lot. I mean W-I-D-E, as in it may have been originally intended for 4 lanes. Though they have put bike path lines on both sides, that room is still there, as there is no steady flow of bicyclists. People drive faster than the limit, probably 35-45 mph in the 30 mph zone, because that IS pretty safe, with no view obstructions of any sort.

Where I was ready to turn left into a parking lot, there is an entryway on the other side, to a park, that is less than 100 ft. past my turn. People will get confused when one guy is taking a left out from one side, and the other guy taking a left out of the other. It's pretty friendly. I put my left turn signal on to indicate my intention to go left into the parking lot. The opposing traffic was basically this one guy in his truck. He had no signal light on though. Maybe he was slowing down to answer the phone, make a LIKE, or order a pizza - I didn't freaking know. I wasn't yet ready to turn right in front of him, though, without that left turn signal from him.

Well, the guy could have turned left into the park if he wanted, as I had MY signal on. (Yeah, I checked afterwards to make sure it was working**) Nope, he was waiting for me, but why?. A few seconds of stand-off time later, and, OK, let's just go.

Again, all the driver did was hold himself up by not communicating what he wanted to do. It's another 1st World problem caused by a 3rd World mentality. "I don't care." "OK, well, I gotta know what your plan is buddy, or you'll lean on your horn and cuss me out, if I pull in front of you. Call it."

* There's also another "intersectional" (not in the iSteve sense) post, after that one called More Intersectional Stupidity. It was not about signal lights.

** There is usually an indication, whether digital or the old analog circuit in which the inside indicator light blinks twice as fast.

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The Real History of the Slave Trade in a Nutshell - Jared Taylor

Posted On: Tuesday - July 27th 2021 7:42PM MST
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As you may know we LUV LUV LUV Geography here at Peak Stupidity. It's great to have a map as our header image, and this one is clear, concise, and highly illustrative, the latter meaning it may become verboten, if, say, the good old ADL has anything to do with it.

He neither generated all the data for this map nor put it together, but the writer we refer the reader to today has put together a simply excellent short summary of history of the slave trade, mostly out of Africa, but plenty out of Europe too. Jared Taylor, head of the American Renaissance website, wrote this as a retort to those woke and woke-inspired idiots who would deride White Americans, ex/current*) slave holders or not, about slavery in our country's past. After reading Wait, Slavery Is OUR "Original Sin"?, Americans should be PROUD to have had the very small role in use of African slaves, compared to almost any major section of the New World besides Canada .

Mr. Taylor wrote a very good title too, as that's what this BLM, woke, statue-toppling, name-changing, kid-indoctrinating bullshit is about, making it out like American slavery was just the worst damn thing that ever happened in the world.** Peak Stupidity explained in our post soliciting our very generous, if I do say so myself, Slavery Reparations Plan, that slavery has been a thing since the time of the beginning of the Old Testament. In fact it is noted with absolutely no abolitionist talk all over this book. We noted:
Jews have had ancestors held by Egyptians, Hittites by Caananites, Arkites by Girgashites, Sinites by Hermaphrodites, and more recently, Hindu-H-1Bites by Microsoft Windites.
Jared Taylor includes the same opinion, with lots of historical examples from the Old World and the New. Some of the history, especially that of the Moslem slave-holders who took White European slaves (in the millions) along with the sub-Saharan Africans, is sickening. It truly makes the American experience a lot closer to a picnic than almost anyone would dare admit in public.

Jared Taylor is not only a brave man for being on the side of truth regarding race, but he never fails to be a civil and erudite gentleman when as he writes and talks about it. Pretty soon though, we're going to need some non-civil, non-erudite dudes to move this opinion along. This great article should be a start for those others to base a counter-movement to this Blackety-Black movement that's just building up continuously. If not any other piece of writing, White Americans who care about our future ought to spread Mr. Taylor's article far and wide. Print it out. Post it, carefully. Give it or link it to anyone who will not immediately throw it out or delete it.

* Sure there are a number of Americans who have been holding household slaves, such as Chicagoland Mom Nawomi Awoga and California couple Ijeoma Chukwunyelu and Nnamdi Onwuzulike of the East Bay, as related in The Horrible Legacy of Slavery Continues .... A Chicagoan or Californian had better learn early that once you set foot in the Bodie McMansion, you'd best setcher mind ta workin'.

That's been a thing for a while, but there are even field, well OK, temple niggras now, as we related in New Jersey Jones and the Temple of Doom. Thankfully, a lawsuit was filed against the offending BAPS Church, no not Baptist - that stands for Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha. What a weird name for an outfit in New Jersey - maybe they come from deep in the Pine Barrens.

** BTW, when you think about whether nefarious Communists are behind the scenes of these new movements, remember that anything "America Bad" is what they want to spread. Saying that this country has some particularly evil history regarding ANYTHING really, not just slavery, is their style of spreading pernicious lies.

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Turn signal stupidity

Posted On: Tuesday - July 27th 2021 4:06AM MST
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A Steve Sailer post a couple of weeks ago, Road Rage Shootings Soar During the Racial Reckoning, brought out lots of back-and-forth comments regarding the use of turn signals. It doesn't take a a complete difference in ideology, Socialism vs. the Free Market, for example, to bring out lots of arguments. Sometimes the small stuff brings out the most vehement or drawn-out discussions as we have lots of our own personal experiences to argue from.

The use of turn signals on the road is one example, and that was the discussion in that thread. There ARE quite a lot of much more important things going on in the world*, I admit, but I'll just complete my opinion here, with one great example that came up a couple of days after that post, coincidentally.

Here's my contention: Turn signals are communication devices. I suppose that's obvious, but then people often don't use them as such, if at all**. I can remember the way many of the written driver's test questions were stated. (It can be difficult to make good multiple choice questions. See Making a fair multiple-choice test.):
23: You should activate your turn signal how far before the intersection at which you wish to make a turn:

( ) A. 200 ft.
( ) B. 150 ft.
( ) C. 100 ft.
( ) D. 75 ft.
I swear they had questions like that. The first problem with those answers is that most people couldn't estimate a distance within 50%. (I asked a woman at the Quicky Mart how far back down the road the barbecue place is that I missed. She told me "oh about 10 miles", but it was barely 2!.) They are also not good answers because the slight differences aren't important. It'd have been better to at least have 10 ft, 100 ft, 500 ft, and 1 mile, as the answers.

More pertinent to this post, the following last answer here ought to be on here and set as the correct one in the computer:
( ) E. It depends.
( ) F. You don't always need to use it at all.
( ) G. Both E and F are correct.
Turn signals are a communication device. Mindlessly just turning them on, so one doesn't have to bother thinking about them was suggested by multiple commenters. I've got a problem with that, basically because I think of driving as a skill and a challenge sometimes, not just a mindless effort. Maybe I should be on a Volkswagen commercial ("Drivers wanted"), but VWs are not my style.

In that thread in question commenter usNthem wrote ( It's comment #33. Link isn't so great, as tweets keep dicking up the page display):
What I get a kick out of is how reflexively most people USE their turn signals even when it’s obvious where they’re going or when there’s basically no one around. If I’m in a marked left or right turn lane, there’s no need to signal as it’s clear where I’m going. Now if there’s no marked turn lane and there’s someone behind me or coming in the opposite direction where it’ll make sense, I’ll signal my intent. Otherwise I never use them unless necessary.
Yes, that's the idea! Mr. Sailer, with plenty good commenters agreeing, wrote back (#39):
Developing habits like “I always turn on my left turn signal when I’m turning left” makes life a lot easier than having to think through the conditions of each left turn to come to a unique decision each time over whether or not to turn on your turn signal.
I disagree, as I guess that's the difference between a driver and a robot (no wait, robots may be smarter!) or at least someone who cares about compliance with the law over safety***. I'll get to safety in a bit with one example.

As thought of as a communication device, it becomes natural to use the turn signal when you need to “tell someone something”. (That could be, “Hey, I’m forking off here, so you can go ahead and get on the road” or “The reason I’m on the brakes, you freakin idiot tailgater, is that I’m turning right in 100 ft.” or “I’m turning left, and I’m waiting for you to go straight. If you are also turning left, then if I knew that I’d start my turn, but without your turn signal on, how do I know that, you worthless asshole.” Stuff like that.) That takes thoughtfulness, but also, one must be aware of the surrounding traffic. You should. If you're not, you are not a safe driver and the most exacting driving-school-written-test procedure isn't going to stop you from getting smashed into occasionally.

Long ago one night, I was riding in the front passenger's seat in a taxi with 2 colleagues in the back, and noticed the driver signaling a right turn about 200 yards before a big intersection at which he wanted to turn. There was an entryway from the right out of a shopping center to the big road we were on, about half-way from us to the big intersection. There was a car nosing out at said entryway obviously wanting to get on the road. Traffic was heavy, so that other driver was looking for any small space to allow him to start down the road. I could see what the problem was. That guy swung out onto the road and made our taxi driver hit the brakes hard. It was pretty close.

Of course, the other driver should have looked for more of a deceleration from our car (a type of judgment people are getting worse at, IMO) or even waited until we really started to turn. However, he may not have gotten onto the road then. Oh, yeah, an ensuing wreck would have been that other driver's fault. That's great for one's insurance bill, but it could still have been no fun at all. The thing is, an actual driver on our end wouldn't be in or close to such a wreck, as he would have been thinking, without a whole lot of brain effort "let me wait on the signal, as that guy there will get the wrong idea". Yes, that guy did.

We rode with a taxi driver, but not a real driver. The problem was not that he didn't know the exact distance from an intersection to activate his turn signal off that written test. The problem was that he wanted to drive thoughtlessly. Well, I can't go micromanaging a taxi ride, but I sure enough did see that coming that night.

That taxi ride wasn't the example from a few weeks back, though. I was going to end with that, but I'll put it in a separate small post later.

* Also, the way automation is going, the self-driving cars won't need turn signals, as they'll tell each other which way they're going. Those who actually steer their own cars will be relics driving "legacy vehicles".

** The latter is the situation with many black drivers, from what I've seen. It's not that they are too lazy to flip the lever, but to think about when to use it is either too much for them or too White for them.

*** That's a much bigger issue in bicycle riding. The law should be of almost NO concern for bike riders, as THE LAW is not going to save you from head injury.

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Stupidity spreading east and music for the Parrotheads

Posted On: Saturday - July 24th 2021 8:43PM MST
In Topics: 
  General Stupidity  Music  Geography  Kung Flu Stupidity

"What the fuck do you mean we're out of Ivermectin? I got people dying in here!"

This is from our "About" page:
This stupidity has reached the highest levels in these United States, western Europe, and the western societies in general. There are many theories of the origin and modes of transmittal of this stupidity, though, as often is the case, it is speculated that epicenter was the southern and central coasts of California. Other theories point to New York City, Washington, FS, and/or Karl Marx's ass.
Well, from the picture of a 20 ft statue of Pandemic Lady Hero just unveiled in Riga, the stupidity has obviously been spreading east, into at least part of the old East Bloc. Latvia was under the Soviet sphere, so has experienced its share of stupidity during those years.

Many people have claimed recently that the ex-East Bloc countries had acquired a natural herd immunity, if I may, to the modern stupidity from the years of the Communist pandemic. The EXPERTS of the Peak Stupidity medical staff, through spokesman Dr. Al-Bendova, have put out an current SA (Stupidity Advisory) that covers more than just the Western World. We are to look out for a new variant of the Stupidity Virus - STUVID-21, that will attack even those with that built-up immunity.

How do you even walk into the building with something like this out front? I guess I'd have to have fluids surging out of every orifice in my body from eating a Latvian TV dinner of Liepajas menciņš with a Soviet Era expiration date. I always remember a line from one of my favorite pop and sailing-rock genre* songwriters, Jimmy Buffett. It goes:

I don't think I'm gonna ever let her cut on me.

(OK, it was "him" in the original, a surgeon drinking Tuborg beer with his colleagues at the strip club.) Well, Peak Stupidity already featured the song with that line, Miss You So Badly, from one of Mr. Buffett's best albums, Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. That was in this post, titled with the line above.

Well, we've got to feed the Parrotheads once in a while, so we've got another one, that has even less, nothing, in fact, to do with this post. From the album Mr. Buffett put out just before Changes in Latitudes, called Livin' and Dyin' in 3/4 Time, Ringling, Ringling is pure country.

Ringling, Montana, which this song is about, is in Meagher County, Montana, which has an estimated 1,831 people, down from 1,938 in 2000, on 2,392 square miles of land.** White Sulphur Springs (been through there) is the biggest town, and Ringling (not sure if I have***) is about 25 miles south on the US-89. The name only shows up on bing maps when I get down to a 1,000 ft / in. scale.

Jimmy Buffett must have spent a decent amount of time in Montana, as the he has lines in both Miss You So Badly and Come Monday that refer to Missoula (the former) and Montana (the latter) in addition to this song.

We've got plenty of good stuff coming up - more "Peak Stupidity Roadshow" curmudgeonry, political stupidity, and a proposed Constitutional Amendment, for starters. Thanks for reading, writing and listening!

PS: Jimmy Buffett did not BS with his geography in the lyrics. The train line that goes through Ringling, does wind it's way northeast, meeting up with, then paralleling, the MT-294, then paralleling US-12 east past Roundup to Musselshell****, on the order of 100 miles away. How could it have an electric train, though?

* He calls it "drunk Caribbean Rock".

** It had its highest population in the year 1890, with over 4,700 people.

*** See I've been everywhere in this here land. ("Hello?? It's Johnny Cash.")

**** Been through there too. A big deer jumped onto the road in the other land of the #12. I'd driven 1,100 miles already, so I figured that was a sign to stop for the night in Roundup.

[Updated 07/26:]
Picture captioned changed per commenter PeterIke.

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He once was lost, but now he's found ...

Posted On: Friday - July 23rd 2021 4:36PM MST
In Topics: 
  Humor  World Political Stupidity  iEspionage  Kung Flu Stupidity

... we're returning him 'cross the sea. ♫ ♬ ♩

There is likely no way I'll see any of the '21 delayed Olympic Games, excepting maybe a clip or two of something cool on youtube. A humorous episode that just wrapped up was an escaped Ugandan weight lifter who wandered around Japan, outside his assigned COVID workout zone. Per this article in the Kyodo News,

Ssekitoleko went missing Friday from the country's Olympic team in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture, after leaving a note at his hotel saying he wanted to work in Japan as life in his home country was difficult, according to Izumisano officials. The city and his team had been trying to locate him with help from police.
That was a week ago Friday, the 16th. His team had been training in their special "contained" area since mid-June.

Can you even defect from a shithole African country? Is there such a thing? I mean, back in the Cold War days, you'd find a way to escape Totalitarianism, and the Free World would welcome you and maybe glean some good information too. Even in the Uganda of Idi Amin, couldn't one just leave to another shithole African country? Who would care? Could those countries have control real border control? [looks away embarrassed...] Who would welcome you, though?

The Japanese are still pretty sane about not letting many foreigners in. They didn't want this guy. They especially didn't want a guy spreading that dreaded Kung Flu all over the countryside. That's the ironic thing. The Political Correctness factor, existing in Japan too, was probably thrown out the window due to this COVID-carrying breakout athlete. At least he wasn't a cross-country runner, but then those bullet trains are pretty fast too.
The mayor of Izumisano, which hosted the training camp, said at a press conference that Julius Ssekitoleko expressed hopes of staying in Japan in the morning but was later convinced to go back to Uganda during a meeting with the head of the delegation.

Confirming a man found in the central prefecture of Mie on Tuesday by police was Ssekitoleko, the Ugandan Embassy in Tokyo has said, "Any issues to do with alleged absconding from the duty he had been flown to perform in Japan and related disappearance from the training camp, will be handled appropriately upon his return."
I feel sorry for the guy, really. He wanted to stay in a decent country. Thing is, it's not his people that built said decent country. In addition, unlike pretty much any foreigner in this country, he'd stick out like a sore thumb in Japan. Unz commenter Rob McX noted, "Someone needs to tell him picking cotton is no longer a thing."

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Buchanan v AOC

Posted On: Friday - July 23rd 2021 6:59AM MST
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  Commies  Pundits  ctrl-left  Guns

I meant to state the following in the previous post, but I'll just start off with this:

I did not mean to single out Pat Buchanan as a stupid guy, or as, more accurately, a naive guy, in that take on his old-fashioned belief in the decency of the ctrl-left. It's a common thing for people to be stuck in their old beliefs, and the political scene is changing rapidly.

It'd have not been the case for me, but I can understand those who follow politics but have not seen what the left is really like until 10 years ago, or even just 5, when Donald Trump came into the limelight. He seemed to really ramp up the anger and impatience for the fulfillment of the anti-American, Communist plans of the left. There really is no excuse for mistaking who they are now, though. Here's one:

The title of this post is a tad misleading, as I'm not making a comparison of any sort between Pat Buchanan and the Occasional Kotex lady. She doesn't deserve to be in the same room , no, COUNTRY, with Mr. Buchanan. This discussion is about whether Pat Buchanan and the many other pundits and readers of pundits can really see AOC and her ctrl-left ilk for what they are now.

Who are they now? As I wrote above, the ctrl-left of today has gotten impatient. There is a new, younger, crowd that is very used to getting their way when they push the purposefully destructive cultural changes on Americans. There's no big conservative bloc of stalwarts, such as your Jesse Helmses that fought back civilly in the halls of Congress Jesse Helms is long gone, folks. There's nobody taking a stand like he did anymore. The Conservative, Inc. crowd of today doesn't try to fight anymore. They work to keep their jobs by showing that they are in opposition by making the left compromise ... a little bit ... till next year's new, new compromise...

Well, that's "the right". The younger crowd of the left want their way now. They don't care about Constitutions, legal rights, due process, and any of that. Sure, because it helped them 50 years ago when they fought against the Establishment, they used to use those Amendment I and IV rights, often as the slightest technicality to keep out of jail. They are putting their enemies in jail now, so they really can't keep adhering to that old-fashioned Constitution clap-trap. It would slow things way down. I don't see any tears shed from the ctrl-left about the completely unConstitutional holding of the Jan 6th protests without due process as what amounts to political imprisonment.

The ctrl-left are done with even the idle talk about that old-timey American stuff. They don't care if they are seen as hypocrites. They don't care if we can see that they are blatant liars telling those "absurd lies" that so vex the pundits like Mr. Buchanan. "Why? Are they that stupid?" NO! They don't care what you think of them. They can jail you for fighting back those who violently interrupt your peaceful rally. They are working very hard on passing through legislation that allows them to jail any one of us, for "domestic terrorism". If you don't know the definition and don't want to participate in domestic terrorism, well, they will define it when they see it they need you to go to prison.

AOC and her ilk fancy themselves the new Lenins, Maos, and Pol Pots. No, they don't really WANT to kill millions or a third of their countrymen, whichever comes last. Of course not. Neither did Lenin, Mao, and Pol Pot... at first. However, as the others did, the American ctrl-left do want to finish their Cultural Revolution and implement the new Communism. If people get in the way, they need to be jailed, or worse case shot, that's all, like Ashli Babbitt, for example.

There's just a very minor detail the American ctrl-left has missed. Those other Cultural Revolutionaries, destroyers of traditional society, and leaders of the new utopian societies had everyone disarmed first. Ooops... They may not get as far this time... if I have anything to do with it. Now, sorry, Pat Buchanan, that was so uncivil of me.

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I pity the pundit...

Posted On: Thursday - July 22nd 2021 8:48PM MST
In Topics: 
  Immigration Stupidity  Pundits  ctrl-left  Zhou Bai Dien

... who is faced with the awesome power of Peak Stupidity! OK, I just wanted to get that Mr. T line in, and I don't at all pity this guy - he's one of my favorite political guys all around:

(We wanted a regular picture of the man, but this one was too good to pass up.)

He's not a pundit I read regularly anymore for reasons described herein, but I have a lot of respect and admiration for Pat Buchanan. He has been a true Conservative, trying to navigate within the quagmire of Conservative, Inc, since he worked for Richard Nixon*. Peak Stupidity even wrote a special post to celebrate Mr. Buchanan's 80th birthday 3 years back. I would have loved to have met the man back during his '92 and '96 Presidential campaign especially. Even now, it'd be great to meet him.

I've commented before that this guy is just working - mainly writing now, I'd guess - with an assumed level of civility of American politics that is 25, but easily arguably 40 years old. It's no way to operate now. I mean, it's nice to read a guy that sounds so civil and calm as if that fits into current American politics. The problem is, the ideas put across in this manner are just obsolete by being written with this assumption.

I don't read Mr. Buchanan much anymore, because his solutions to our ills are laughably naive. Oh, we just need to wait for the mid-terms, get someone on our side (really, is there anyone?) into the House blah, blah committee, build up a new coalition, wait until the ctrl-left politicians reach across the aisle**, make a better compromise looking forward to 2028 ... while in the meantime one or two MILLION newcomers who don't give a damn about the old Republic enter the country yearly and the ctrl-left just introduces new programs of extreme stupidity to screw the White man continually that Conservative, Inc. won't even fight against.

In John Derbyshire's recent column Biden’s Absurd Philadelphia Speech Shows the Regime Is Really Scared, he excerpted Mr. Buchanan's writing thusly***:
Republicans seek to deny “full and free and fair elections” and are engaged in “the most un-American thing that any of us can imagine, the most undemocratic, the most unpatriotic.”

Un-American? Undemocratic? Unpatriotic?

When Sen. Joseph McCarthy challenged the patriotism of Truman Democrats in such terms in the 1950s, he was censured by the Senate.

Is Biden really saying that minor alterations in election laws, all of which would have to pass muster with federal courts and the Supreme Court, represent an existential threat to our republic?

This is beyond hyperbole. It is ridiculous. It is absurd.

Such hype is a measure of just how far out of touch with the real world the rhetoric of our reigning elites has drifted.
Mr. B, I'm sorry to disagree, but it is NOT absurd of them to SAY this. They are NOT out of touch. You don’t understand the mentality of the modern left. They are not Tip O’Neils and Pat Moynihans, reaching across the aisle, debating civilly in front of the American people. It’s not 1980 anymore.

The people who set the old senile Biden up to this know quite well that the protests, rioting and temporary fun spent in the “People’s House” on Jan. 6th were absolutely no real threat and, except for the murder of Ashli Babbitt by Michael Leroy Byrd, a very peaceful event compared to hundreds of riots and looting events done by black thugs and antifa Commies that went on the previous year.

The people coming up with this hyperbole know what Biden is saying is absurd on it’s face. It’s not absurd that they use this rhetoric though. They know they are lying absurdly. They know that all the sane and Conservative American people know that they are lying absurdly. They don’t care. The ctrl-left will keep up with this lying because people don’t do enough about it. The good people who had a good time on January 6th are still in jail, being treated harshly, as if they were America’s enemies.

That off my chest, I happened to see the link to his next column posted on The Unz Review, titled Why Can't Biden Stop This Invasion? and clicked. Mr. Buchanan refers to the newest Blue-squad surge down there on our southern border. After giving us a short history lesson about American presidents and generals using force to quell and punish invasions from the early 19th century through the early 20th, then a mention of Ike's "Operation Wetback" in 1954, he asks:
And how is President Joe Biden handling his sworn presidential duty to defend the states of the Union from invasion?
Pat, dude, the guy was lying his ass off when he swore on the Bible! Did you notice him defending the US Constitution? I must have missed every bit of that. They all lie now. The lies aren't even good ones. Again, they don't care whether we know they are lying! He asks:
Why cannot we stop this invasion?
Nobody in "our" Feral Government WANTS TO! Geeze, if they did, we could have turned this demographic upheaval around in the mid-1990s, when at least the few Americans like you, Mr. B, were well aware, and the public would have been quite on-board with it. At least, in '16, even if the Blue-squad didn't want to support Trump, they could have written their own plan of border control. Believe you me, Americans don't care who gets the credit. The D's could have pulled a Bill Clinton-pushes-for-welfare-reform (of the mid-1990s) to take the glory from the Bad Orange Man, and we'd still have been dancing in the streets.
Why is he failing? Either he [Joe Biden] can’t do what is needed to be done, or he won’t do it.

America’s border paralysis is induced by liberal ideology.

The left does not want the illegals coming here. “Do not come!” was the message Harris gave the Guatemalans. But when it comes to the necessary toughness to stop the invasion, they recoil.
[My bolding]
OK, now, that bold part truly makes me think Mr. Buchanan has just lost it. Because, Kamel-Toe SAID "Do not come!", we are to just believe that the ctrl-left doesn't want the illegals coming? That's simply laughable, unless they've change their mind just last month after 55 years of the opposite goal. They want to destroy traditional America, Pat! This had been a part of their efforts since 1965! As that border-control failure would say, c'mon, man!. They lie, Pat! Take that into account next column, and maybe you'll get a reader back.

* Who was definitely part of said quagmire.

** Hell, they don't even give the Red Squad members a reach AROUND when they screw them in the ass.

*** From this article, which I saw no point in reading, based on the title alone.

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John Gruskos has a new version of "Turn on, Tune in, Drop out".

Posted On: Wednesday - July 21st 2021 8:19PM MST
In Topics: 
  Preppers and Prepping  Liberty/Libertarianism  The Future

Under a cryptic post by Steve Sailer on The Unz Review, there was some good discussion by the commenters regarding the role and prospects of former members of the US military.

Commenter "Prime Noticer" usually has good comments. This particular comment of his was kind of pessimistic about things, reading:
It’s pretty alarming to see that we really have very few actual allies and half or maybe even the majority of putative allies are just grifters. the patriotic Americans who keep the country running are a really deep treasure chest to be plundered for decades. the grifters might as well get while the getting is good, because in a decade or so they won’t be able to run this scam anymore as core America will be so utterly defeated and dying off, literally. Democrats will have largely made the Republican party illegal, so that will be the end of the scams.

Whose side are they on?

"Woke soldiers and Bai Dien's coming. We're finally on our own."

I can't argue about the type of people patriotic Americans are dealing with today. However, a commenter going by the name of John Gruskos replied with a very nice comment - here - with a number of ideas as prescription for our ills, prepper style, with a touch of the 55 y/o Counterculture mantra "Turn on, tune in, drop out". Here is Mr. Gruskos' comment in its entirety:

That is why I advocate an entirely different paradigm.

Instead of “help your friends”, I say “hurt your enemy”.

Instead of “give till it hurts”, I say “force your enemy to give till he hurts”.

If your method of “fighting back” is to give money to “the cause”, you just make yourself a piggy bank for grifters – impoverishing yourself while enriching cynical frauds.

On the other hand, there are no downsides if you STOP giving our money to known and open enemies.

Wall Street:
Don’t give them interest. Instead of borrowing, save and buy with cash.
Don’t give them insurance premiums. Don’t carry any form of insurance, just live a careful and healthy lifestyle.
Don’t give them rent. Blackrock is on its way to becoming the only landlord. Don’t make your adult children pay rent to Blackrock. Let them live at home while they save to buy their own house with cash.

Cancel your cable subscription, cancel your Netflix subscription, don’t go to the movie theaters, don’t rent from Redbox etc.
Sell any and all Hollywood related merchandise currently in your possession.

Federal government:
Eliminate (alcohol, tobacco) or minimize (gasoline, guns & ammo) your purchase of goods subject to Federal excise tax.
Never visit DC – don’t give the DC local economy a penny.

State and local government (if you live in a blue state):
Eliminate or minimize purchases of goods subject to sales tax (junk food, fast food, “durable goods”)
Refrain from any home improvement which would increase your property tax.
Don’t visit NYC or any other ultra-liberal area as a tourist. Never give the bastards a penny!

Tell your daughters to get married instead of going to college, and tell your sons to use higher education strictly as vocational training, with the explicit goal of paying as little as possible. Emphasize that an Ivy League degree now carries negative prestige in your eyes.

Mainstream media:
Cancel subscriptions, and don’t click on their websites (eliminate their click-count based advertising revenue)

Big tech:
Use a $5/month “kid phone”, delete your facebook account, cancel your internet access, use the library for free internet access.

Big Pharma:
Eat healthy, stay hydrated, exercise, get a good night sleep, and when you are very old and its time to die, just lie down and die gracefully. There is no need to ever give a penny to the so-called “Health Care” industry, staffed with murderers who perform abortions, perverts who perform sex change operations, and drug dealers who sell Oxycontin.

Basically stop paying for things which not only give you no benefit, but do actual harm to you. Save your time, save your money, avoid the mental strain of being subjected to enemy propaganda, all while depriving your enemies of revenue streams.


If we haven't already, we all need to face this now. The Establishment is hard left, Woke, SJW, or flat-out virulent Communist. It hates us. It is not on our side. It is our enemy, and we are "finally on our own." We are the Counter-culture now.

The hippies half a century ago "turned on" to drugs. We don't need more drugs. We need to turn on to freedom, in a different way as the hippies, but we need to turn on our imaginations to understand what freedom even is - the young people just don't have a clue about it.

The hippies half a century ago "tuned in" to the new (most excellent, you gotta admit) rock and folk music and the new ideas spread outside the Establishment media. We need to find ways to keep up our communications and stay tuned in to the few honest, patriotic Americans in the media. It would be nice to have some decent music too...

The hippies half a century ago "dropped out" of the "system". They wanted to ditch the traditional way of American life. They were quite in the wrong on this in 1960s America. In 2020s America, yeah, that's not our America. We've had enough! We need to drop out of the system as much as we can.

Mr. Gruskos' prescription is not all-encompassing, but it provides some good ideas for those who have not thought this all out yet. The overriding theme of his comment is: at least don't give the bastards who are trying to kill you and your country any more of your money than you have to.

Thank you, John Gruskos!

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Walking on the Moon

Posted On: Tuesday - July 20th 2021 7:28PM MST
In Topics: 
  Music  History  Americans  Science

It was 52 years ago about 4 hours ago, when Man, but specifically, 2 Americans named Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, first walked on the surface of the moon. This historic "giant step for mankind" is one of the few events that Peak Stupidity DID remember to memorialize on the right day. On the half-century anniversary, we posted Peak America - 1/2 Century Ago Today.

Even when looking back from 52 years, but especially at the time, this was not only an amazing accomplishment, but a thing of awe. Two men were walking on another world! (10 more did, and some of them drove around and even drove a golf ball.)

For years afterward, Americans had a standard complaint that I believe started out as "We can send a man to the moon, but we still can't cure the common cold!" Peak Stupidity's version of 52 years later, with help from our new hero to replace Neil Armstrong, Dr. Anthony Fauci goes "We can cure the common cold, but we can't send a man to the moon anymore!"

Upon request by commenter "The Alarmist", we feature today some more music by The Police, a great 3-piece English rock band of the 1970s and '80s. They are a favorite of ours, and we've featured at least 4 of their songs here already our posts: Of course the Russians love their children, you dumb bass player! - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, The Carbon Neutrality of Davy Jone's Locker - Message in a Bottle, Surgeon Colonel Sting on Social Distancing - Don't Stand so Close to Me, and Ghost in the machine - Re-Humanize Yourself.

I didn't expect to find a video with the old Saturn V rocket at Kennedy Space Center and the moon landing footage - nice job by the video maker - I assume this is the official video. Also, they flew in there in a Piper Navajo, which was cool too!

The Police:

Sting – Lead and backing vocals, bass guitar, keyboards.
Andy Summers – Guitar, backing and occasional lead vocals, keyboards.
Stewart Copeland – Drums, percussion, backing and occasional lead vocals, keyboards. saxophone, and harmonica.

In the video, both Sting and Andy Summers are playing guitar. Who's playing bass, doing that reggae beat, then? Stewart Copeland may have gotten kind of bored, so he just occasionally drums on the rocket, haha. This song was from the band's 2nd album, Reggatta de Blanc, from 1979

Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon.

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Peak Constitutional Amendment - Conclusion

Posted On: Tuesday - July 20th 2021 11:48AM MST
In Topics: 
  Liberty/Libertarianism  US Feral Government  Morning Constitutional

(Continued from Amendment XI, Amendment XII, Amendment XIII, Amendment XIV, Amendment XV, Part 1 on Amendment XVI, Part 2 on Amendment XVI , Part 3 on Amendment XVI, Amendment XVII, Amendment XVIII, Part 1 on Amendment XIX, Part 2 on Amendment XIX, Part 3 on Amendment XIX, Amendment XX, and Amendment XXI, Amendment XXII, Amendment XXIII, Amendment XXIV, Amendment XXV - Part 1: Housekeeping, Amendment XXV - Part 2: Presidential Incapacity, Amendment XXVI, and Amendment XXVII.)

Peak Stupidity hasn't had a Morning Constitutional in over 3 months. [That can't be good for ANYONE! - PS medical staff, Dr. Fauci and Uncle Salty presiding] We had promised in that last post, on Amendment XXVII, to write a conclusion about these 17 post Bill of Rights Amendments, ranging in American history from XI in 1795 to XXVII in 1992, after all that writing done about them - see all those links above.

During arguments between the Federalists and the anti-Federalists (the original antife?) at the time of the drawing up of the US Constitution in 1789, objections were made by the anti-Federalists, such as Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, Elbridge Gerry, and James Madison (after his change of heart. The wanted to put limitations on this new US Federal government IN WRITING. 17 articles with the limitation that were written up were boiled down to 12 Amendments, 10 of which had been ratified by 3/4 of the States (14, then 15 at the end of this) by 1792. This was done per the Amendment Process itself, as stipulated in Article V.

Peak Stupidity has no objection to any of these 1st 10 Amendments. Without them, the Federal government would have likely become the Feral government a lot sooner than it did. Without that Article V Amendment process, the limitations on the new government would have had to been put into the Constitution body itself, something Mr. Madison and others were pushing for. More importantly, we may have been better off without Article V. Here's what we got out of it so far:

Yes, we are aware that these are over-simplifications in this graphic. It's a quick run-down, though, and, the Peak Stupidity reader may peruse the links above or go to our favorite Constitution site (linked to more specifically for each Amendment in our posts).

Let's look at the gist of these 17 Amendments, #11 through #27, shall we? Only #11, ratified just 3 years after the BoR, #22 to some extent, and #27 on a what's now a minor issue, put any new limitations on Federal power. Amendments 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, and 26 give it more power. (Regarding #24, I put it in this group because any power given to the District of Criminals* is more power to the Federal government itself.) That's 10 out of 17, 59% of them, that expand Federal power and only 2 - 3, 12-18%, that decrease it.

Of the Amendments, numbers 15, 19, 23, 24, and 26, that's 29% of them, expand the franchise to a bigger set of voters. See, this is a problem the Founders must not have anticipated. They were White, British (well the White, then, went without saying then), men. They somehow imagined they and their like-thinking progeny would be the ones carefully controlling this "dangerous servant and fearful master"**. Them more the franchise was expanded from property-owning White men (as decided by THEIR OWN States), the more voters there were who didn't care about this small government idea so much, and the more they would agree with expanding the franchise further. It ended up a big ball of cascading franchising stupidity. Not only that, but all these Amendments moved the power of determining who does get to vote from the States to the Federal government.

Three of the Amendments, numbers 12, 20, and 25 read as simple housekeeping - clean up of loose ends in procedures that were not thought out well when the Constitution was drawn up. However, it is questionable that that's what Amendment XII was only about. Then, there is Amendment XVII, which might seem like a simple change in procedure to those who haven't thought much about it, but actually takes away the States' power.

Amendment XXI was a good one, but that was only because it was not much more than a repeal of the ridiculous Amendment XVIII decreeing alcohol prohibition by the Federal government. (I wrote "not much more", because though #21 doesn't increase Federal power, Section 2 therein encourages more State authoritah.)

Many fairly young people may be surprised to learn that the last Amendment of the Constitution, Amendment XXVII, was ratified during their own lifetimes, in 1992. I'd forgotten about that myself until I wrote the post about it. It's also surprising that this latest one was one of the few and far between good ones***, actually resurrected from one of those articles discussed by the Founders way back in the early '90s, uh, that'd be the 1790s!. Well, it had good intentions anyway, stipulating that Congressional pay raises given via legislation can not apply to the Congress in session that made such legislation. Yeah, good intentions, but this would have been great for the first century or two of the country, not the corrupt government of today.

Does the pay really matter in today's world in which Congressmen and especially Senators make bigger bucks from donors for their excellent books and speeches made after the fact as payback for services rendered? As corrupt and anti-Americanss as the Feral Government is now, any decent Constitutional Amendment would have to be both proposed via State-called conventions, a very risky idea.

Is there any point in proposing and ratifying another good Amendment anyway? The Feral government officials ignore the document and the highest court doesn't even give a damn about it anymore.

I would have to say here, in conclusion from this long stretch of posts about the 17 post-BoR Amendments to the US Constitution, that our Founders really fucked up by writing Article V! Now, as written early, the 10 very important (during our serious period) Amendments were created via this Article V procedure. However, James Madison and other anti-Federalists back in those founding years would have rather incorporated these limitations within the document itself.

That could have been done nicely by including each limitation along with the appropriate Article/Section that it applied to. While they were at it, they really should have jerked out that stupid "General Welfare" clause out of those two intro paragraphs within which this touchy-feely language had been written. Who knew, though? Who of these wise Founders knew that the country would become full of people who took advantage of that language to supersede the clear enough, plain English safeguard they'd inserted as Amendment X - The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.. Is that too obtuse for modern Americans?

Listen Ben Franklin, the reason we we couldn't keep it is because YOU PEOPLE inserted that "General Welfare" crap and Article V. Whaddya' think, the country would stay a patriarchal society filled with independent-minded White people from the British Isles? Oh, ya did? Why didn't you put some immigration limitations in there?

OK, that was harsh. What is now the United States was an unimaginably huge piece of land in the 1790s, and nobody told them there'd be days like these figured it could ever get to 350 million multi-cultural mess it is now.

Could good Americans possibly propose and ratify an Amendment that would nullify most of the 17 Amendments that Peak Stupidity has discussed during our Morning Constitutionals? It would have to have a final Section that also nullified Article V. Call it the Amendment to End all Amendment. For the geeks, call it "The Amendment Worm 1.0" OK, let's just hold off until Peak Stupidity proposes Amendment XXVIII in the next post of this sort.

* More common Peak Stupidity nomenclature is simply "Washington, FS", for Federal Shithole.

** George Washington quote.

*** It also had that great story behind the resurrection of the idea and the work done to get it ratified.

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