Princeton and petards

Posted On: Tuesday - September 22nd 2020 5:44PM MST
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Some minor news out of the US Department of Education is about some fun by President Trump at the expense of Princeton University. From the law blog Volokh Conspiracy, apparently owned by Reason... spit ... magazine now, we read Department of Education to Investigate Racism at Princeton University.

Now, if you don't know what this post's title is about, you may not know what a "petard" is either. Don't feel bad. We all know the expression "hoisted by his own petard", but we don't have to know what the word actually means. (No, I am absolutely NOT looking it up.)

That's what Princeton University is for - students are taught the origins of these idioms so that they can use them with pride... in nasty SJW tweets for the rest of their careers. That's the kind of thing you've gotta know to graduate Soma Come Lordy, along with making sure you bring up at least once each semester your background of struggle, what with your ancestors' hardships during the time of slavery. "It was hell. My family had this terrible overseer, see ... just horrible... they had to sell him for pennies on the dollar..."

The first sentence in this quick news article has the gist of this whole petard thing:
The Department of Education has informed Princeton University that it is under investigation following the school president's declaration that racism was "embedded" in the institution.
Embedded, like a youtube video telling the students "once you set foot on the Princeton Plantation, son, you'd best setcher mind to wanking". Now, that kind of embedded racism is against the law, see. You'd think in a fancy, expensive institution of higher learning like that, they could keep the racism off the campus. You'd also figure, even if not, isn't there, like, a whole legal department to tell the President when to shut the hell up about it?

Nah, with the Anarcho-Tyranny we have now, and without Bad Orange Man, you really shouldn't have to worry if you've been breaking the law for a few semesters, decades, whatever, as duefully disclosed thusly:
President Christopher L. Eisgruber published an open letter earlier this month claiming that "[r]acism and the damage it does to people of color persist at Princeton" and that "racist assumptions" are "embedded in structures of the University itself."
Ifflestay on the acismray, IsegruberEye. (We didn't NEED to go to Princeton to learn our Pig Latin [/nose to the sky].)

Nobody expect the Orange Man Inquisition!
According to a letter the Department of Education sent to Princeton that was obtained by the Washington Examiner, such an admission from Eisgruber raises concerns that Princeton has been receiving tens of millions of dollars of federal funds in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which declares that "no person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance." . . . .

"Based on its admitted racism, the U.S. Department of Education ("Department") is concerned Princeton's nondiscrimination and equal opportunity assurances in its Program Participation Agreements from at least 2013 to the present may have been false," the letter reads. "The Department is further concerned Princeton perhaps knew, or should have known, these assurances were false at the time they were made. Finally, the Department is further concerned Princeton's many nondiscrimination and equal opportunity claims to students, parents, and consumers in the market for education certificates may have been false, misleading, and actionable substantial misrepresentations in violation of 20 U.S.C. § 1094(c)(3)(B) and 34 CFR 668.71(c). Therefore, the Department's Office of Postsecondary Education, in consultation with the Department's Office of the General Counsel, is opening this investigation."
Hahaahaaa! Do I see the hand of Donald Trump in this? I sure hope so, as this will very slightly ameliorate my disappointment with the President. Yeah, he's a bullshitter, and 95% of what he promises doesn't even get started, much less get done. Even this investigation will probably go nowhere. It's just that this handing of these people their asses based on their own bold hypocrisy is both fun and gets a lot of good attention to said hypocrisy.

"So, you admit you have been racists all along?" "Yes, Sir, we are now Woke, and we realize we have been doing damage to People of Various Colors for many, many years." "In that case, based on your written confession, you are in violation of 20 US One Zero Niner Four, Section c, part 3 paragraph B, along with the Code of Federal Regulations Six Sixty Eight dot Seventy one, stroke c. I remind you that ignorance of the law and illiteracy is no excuse!" "Book 'em Danno, Racism 1!"

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New openings for Supreme Court Appointment Strategists?

Posted On: Tuesday - September 22nd 2020 11:19AM MST
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It wouldn't be a Feral Government job, but probably a pretty plum position working for either the Red or Blue squad of The Party. It'll pay pretty good, because the same idiots keep sending in money, so why not? White people need not apply, of course, unless the whole department goes to shit. Then, maybe HR will email you back if you fill out our 10 page app on-line. Don't even try to walk in the office - we WILL call security!

Part of the data that will be used. Applicant must know how to read graphs.

(NOTE: This is not really that useful data, as the standard for Conservative and Liberal have trended so far downwards in this graph over the years, on an absolute scale. This graph shows data that is all relative, depending on the year. Could there be one like this with absolute standards?)

This post is not some novel idea, but you do wonder why this isn't a bigger career opportunity. A good commenter on unz named Jim Christian posted the following comment under one of the many "Ding dong, the Ginsburg is dead!" posts (mostly by Steve Sailer, as when he gets on a roll ... watch out, but also Audacious Epigone posted a number of cool posts on the topic.

I'll post Jim's whole comment, just because I like it, but it was just his point (1) that got me thinking:
1: Democrats thought they were cute with the notion Ginsberg was going to drag her old dead corpse across the election day finish line. They lost the bet. They ought to have replaced her old ass back in Obama’s day, but waited for Hillary, since she was the slam dunk. Hillary lost, Ginsberg is dead and Trump gets a third pick. High time, too. That woman has been brain dead for at least ten years, I don’t care how much they try to prop her up.

2:The Democrats also think they’re cute saying “the people and the elected President must select a justice”. Well, the people elected Trump love him or hate him. And Trump being President had BETTER make a pick and get him in. We can’t go into this election with an 8-member court with the last candidate and head of the Democrat Party (Hillary) telling Biden not to concede under any circumstances. The Republicans absolutely must replace her, we need nine members on that court this year, period.

3:Ya gotta love their hysteria. MSNBC and CNN were just precious last night with their panty-shitting.
Yeah, there could be, but doesn't seem to be, a lot of strategy involved in this Supreme Court Justice appointment game. With the appointment of justices being the job of the President, the unlimited terms (these two both specified by the Constitution, Article II, Section II, paragraph ), people living a lot longer into old age, and a 2 political party system (not something the Founders wanted), and most importantly, the judicial activism that is now illegally part of the SC's function, there is a lot at stake. Peak Stupidity wrote a decent sized post about this long ago in When did the Feral Government get OUT OF CONTROL? and our just previous article yesterday linked to a 39 y/o very good article on the subject by Peter Brimelow (way before his Alien Nation/VDare years).

With so much future political decisions at stake in who these damned 9 robed prima donnas are, the appointment by the President and the Senate confirmation process is a big deal for the 2 squads. Mr. Christian's point (1) was an expansion of what I mentioned in an unz comment somewhere. Should Justice Ginsburg have resigned back during the last year of the Øb☭ma administration to do right by her squad? With enough time for Øb☭ma to appoint another justice, maybe another from the feminist leftist harpy farm team who was 50 years old or so, the Blue squad could have gotten 35 more years of this creative "Constitutional interpretation", hell, 50 with some new brain transplant technology (better rule it legal first of course).

Then again, maybe this other guy has great cholesterol numbers, doesn't smoke anything stronger than marijuana, and they've got a pristine new treadmill down at the SCOTUS ICU for later on. Can he outlast a double Presidential turn. Bail out while the appointing is good or stick? Someone do the math.

For the Red squad in particular, since these people are known to go native way too often in the Washington, Federal Shithole (see The Cocktail Party theory of Political Stupidity), you may want to just hire some OTHER guys from Vegas to create new openings when you have the ball.

Should the 2 squads not have teams of bright people to work the numbers and get the optimum SC Justice strategy? They would need actuaries for figuring long-term odds, maybe some specialist doctors for the near term, hospital techs and lab associates for stool sample anal-isis, policy wankers errr, wonks, and for the most critical part, election odds specialists from Vegas. Call em the SCAS teams, Supreme Court Appointment Strategists.

To me, it'd be really interesting work, I mean, were I not one of the hospital techs or lab associates. You should be able to retire comfortably from this easy-going position, which most days would just involve updating graphs and surfing the web. That is, unless the wrong justice dies out of the blue, in which case, Ya Fiyad!

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You chat, we record

Posted On: Monday - September 21st 2020 7:23PM MST
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Sometimes I get information from a close Chinese source that is bound to be better than than that obtained from the internet alone. The latest news, well it's been in the works for a while, was the banning of the "We Chat" functionality in the US. I'm not an internet guru so I don't how that would be implemented exactly*, but there was obviously some workable plan, as Chinese people were making alternate plans - the use of Tik Tok in parTikular.

In case you are not familiar, We Chat is like a Facebook, texting system, including multimedia, international phone service, and zoom, in one. Even if one doesn't go to Tik Tok, I guess one can find other ways to do this international communication. This "app" (I just hate that word, is all) is most popular with Chinese people, as it was developed there.

The worry and reason for the Trump administration pushing for this ban was had to do with the program's use by Chinese people over here and over there to fuck with the system here. As Peak Stupidity related back on July 1 in Did the Chinese hack the Trump Tulsa rally?, some of the mob-like actions people can do on-line can really mess with us. The Chinese are well-organized and the CCP members, with plenty in America and plenty more back home, do have a grudge against all things Trump. This is due to his wanting to get America out of a completely unfair trade situation of 25 years running.

On the face of it, you wonder whether the proposed ban is Constitutional. I doubt it on first principles of Amendment I. It's a media mode, like lots of other new ones.

From my source, and now this TechRepublic article, the ban has been blocked by a judge, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Per the article:
Arguing that WeChat collects personal information from users that it can then share with the Chinese Communist government, the Department of Commerce had directed that the app be prohibited from all downloads across US app stores starting Sunday. [Sept. 20th, already gone]
Here's a little bit more general non-technical explanation of the proposed implementation of this ban:
The move by the administration also would have stopped any software or services from using any code or features from the app and prevented WeChat users from transferring funds or processing payments via the app. Taken together, the actions would have killed any use of WeChat in the United States as of Sept. 20.
Regarding the 1st except, yeah, no doubt the Chinese government keeps all the information, and I doubt just "personal information from users". With digital memory being so cheap now, I imagine every message, voice communication, picture, and maybe even video could be saved.** (Come to think of it, if We Chat can store it all, so can the CCP, but I don't know how much of it is stored and the users' phones. (If they let you recover your data or transfer it to a new phone, then you know they've got it all.)

Now, who is the US Feral Gov't to give anyone grief about storing personal information on Chinese users, when it's got that NSA data center in Utah storing anything and everything it can on Americans?

I don't think it's legal for the US Gov't to shut it down, but that's not my point on this post. It's the judge's explanation of why the ban is wrong that I don't like. Yes, there's the Constitutional question. This part is reasonable:
Following a presidential executive order on Aug. 6 announcing the ban, the US WeChat Users Alliance filed a motion for a preliminary injunction against such an action. In this motion, the group claimed that the ban would violate the First Amendment and Fifth Amendment as well as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, that it was an unlawful exercise of the authority of President Trump and Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross under the International Economic Emergency Powers Act (IEEPA), and that it violated the Administrative Procedures Act because Ross exceeded his authority under the IEEPA.

In explaining her ruling against the ban, Judge Beeler agreed with the WeChat Users Alliance on some areas, most notably the First Amendment issue.
OK fine, but then:
The judge found that the ban would hinder access to communication among Chinese Americans and Chinese-speaking people in the US. Such groups rely on WeChat as their primary source of communication and commerce, according to the plaintiffs. Therefore, restricting the app in the way the ban proposed would restrain the right of free speech to its users. The ruling even cited the case of one of the plaintiffs, who described certain hardships for herself and other users should the app no longer be accessible.
Hey, hey, listen Beeler! Just stick to the principles, OK? It's not about who gets hurt by the act and their hardships that I don't give a damn about.

Let me digress big-time here, because I wanted to bring up this judicial activism business anyway. I'll give a chain of linkage, just because that's how I got to it on VDare. Mr. James Fulford wrote Ruth Bader Ginsburg Roundup: Reasons She Was "Notorious" 2 days back, with plenty of well-deserved disparagement of the politics of late SC Justice Ginsburg. In it, he refers back to a '12 article by VDare chief Peter Brimelow “Supreme Irony”—Gingrich Right About The Courts (It's kind of un-timely for Peak Stupidity, as we just dissed Mr. Gingrich a bit this morning.) Mr. Brimelow's '12 post has an introduction but most of it consists of an very old (1981!) article of his own from Harper's magazine on judicial activism. It's well worth reading, if nothing else, to see how much calmer and saner the country was in 1981.

Back to the injunction to block the We Chat ban, this is the way these judges are now. They don't really decide based on principles much. They may use them to rationalize their decisions, but the decisions themselves are strictly political "who, whom" (as Steve Sailer writes). So, the poor Chinese Americans won't be able to communicate well, for free, and will miss the convenience. Excuse me if I'm not all broken up about that Chinaman's ability to communicate. That's not a basis for a court ruling.

The whole impetus for the writing of this post was this: My Chinese source, a We Chat user who was "poised", as they say, to switch to Tik Tok or some such nonsense, noted this decision being made based on personal welfare reasons, and, as a Trump supporter, was pissed off about that. "Hey, they blocked the ban because these people suck at English. They should all just go home then!" Haha, assimilation occasionally works.

* In the article referenced herein, the "app" was to be prohibited from "app" stores in the US. First of all, these are not actual stores, so how does that work? Secondly, this would just stop new users from using it, but everyone and his Grandmamasan has got this already. (Would it stop all updates, and are they strictly necessary or it'll stop working?) I really don't know, and my source has even less of an idea about the technical aspect of this than I!

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First rule of AntiChrist Club:

Posted On: Monday - September 21st 2020 11:21AM MST
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See, the thing is, if you ran the Tass news agency in the old USSR, your underlings would listen better and follow the rules. These bimbos and producers on Fox News nowadays, and all the other networks, for that matter, just don't listen! When you are airing TV live, you've gotta have one guy with his hand on the mic volume knob. When a verboten word or phrase gets started, the guy turns that knob CCW prontomundo, if he doesn't want to get fired or go to the Gulag. It's not rocket surgery, people!

The video embedded below is a short clip of an interview with old Newt Gingrich. I don't know what the general interview was mostly about, but at this point the talk was about the justice system (what's left of it) being corrupted to result in the Anarcho-Tyranny we see all over America today.

Let me digress into a little bit about Newt Gingrich. Mr. Gingrich, originally a Professor of History from Georgia, was elected as a Congressman in Georgia's 6th District and made his way up to the position of Minority Whip, and then Speaker of the House (after the R's took it in '94) in 1995. In Part 1 of "When did the Feral Government get OUT OF CONTROL?", Peak Stupidity discussed Mr. Gingrich and his "Contract with America" that this American was very hopeful about, until the contract was reneged on by all sides involved... except Americans, who never got a chance to sign Jack Squat. The guy has always come across great on TV, which is why he got that far, I suppose. He let America down then, and what must be his favoring of this career path over the future of America shows up at the end of this clip too.

Back to the bimbos. This whole scene is just amazing. If anyone still has any faith still in the Lyin' Press as an institution helping us remain free and informed, he'll likely renounce it after these 2 minutes. Mr. Gingrich mentions the AntiChrist candidate George Soros as related to the lax and Anarcho-Tyrannical D/As and others. He is told that, no, we don't talk about the AntiChrist (pretty directly, too, but using Soros's Esperantan given name).

The black bimbo is obviously too busy listening to directions through her hidden earpiece to talk at the same time. Imagine if she had been chewing gum, too!* Therefore, there is a really awkward silence. In the meantime, there is this white lady at another studio (I dunno?) who is more clear about the deal. You can watch it, as I don't want to spoil the whole thing for you. Does she or does she not remind you of a typical scolding HR lady?** It's uncanny, as she reminds me of a SPECIFIC HR lady.

The TV bimbos did what they could on short notice I guess. One can only wonder how many levels of control-the-narrative freaks there are between these ladies on Fox TV live and the AntiChrist himself. It's not like you can just walk up to his circle of hell or anything without going through lots of channels. The producers that talked in these TV anchors' ears, saying "Make it Stop!" work for the honchos at the station. Just whom do they get their instructions from, i.e., who do they report to, in Big-Biz parlance?

Oh, yeah, Newt Gingrich was miffed alright and didn't like this blatant censorship. However, he sure does come across as pretty meek, even when saying cleverly "OK, so it's verboten." Again, it's about his career path, as in ever being on TV again, versus doing or saying what is right. In this case, the right thing is "I'll damn well talk about George Soros if he's a part of this story. Fuck you, Orwellian bitch!" (Counterclockwise with the knobs, bitches!)

... you know, but then they don't invite you back, so you've got to rely on that former-Speaker pension and book royalties... tough way to live ...

(We're on a Soros/AntiChrist kick here now - I meant to post this last week, as probably most readers have already seen this and been highly egreged by it. See this past Saturday's post for our take on this ... whatever he is.)

* Nah, seriously, I don't blame her. It's pretty hard to listen to "shut this guy up now, or you'll never work in dis bidness again!" and still remember what to say at the same time.

** See also Part 2, Humorous The Office "Exhibit A", and Part 3 for more on HR - the scourge of the business world

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60 minutes with the AntiChrist

Posted On: Saturday - September 19th 2020 8:25PM MST
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Man, that'd be hell. I've been watching a recently-deceased English preacher named David Pawson discuss the Book of Revelation in great detail (on Part 4 out of 9 segments on youtube right now). No, I mean he's not doing this from beyond. He gave the lectures in a Church in the midwest beforehand.

One thing he said, and he sure sounds like an expert, is that there can be multiple AntiChrists. Well, that means we got that bit wrong in our nearly 4 y/o post Is President-Eject Øb☭ma indeed the AntiChrist? (Part 2). However, it also means that we may have a lot more posts on AntiChrist candidates in the future, now that we know there are multiple positions and the HR ladies can't fill them fast enough.

I came upon a video of an interview of George Soros by Steve Kroft on the old 60 Minutes Sunday evening (?) TV show. I say old, as in this was 1998, but the show may still be on. The youtube video below is only 7 1/2 minutes long, so I don't think it was the whole 60 MInutes segment. Even accounting for commercials, with 3 segments on, and that some time for that curmudgeon Andy Rooney, I'd think each one would closer to 15 minutes, average.

I think of this guy as an evil man, based on his deeds, especially those of late, his supporting lenient prosecutors to screw up the American justice system, his supporting antifa, etc. In this interview, you don't exactly see Mr. Soros going "mwuuuhahaaa!"* or anything. What I get out of it is that he just has no compassion for his fellow humans on the planet. Sure, business is business, but even the most ruthless of businessmen likely care about some issues that affect the customers that support them and their countrymen. Most are passionate about the product or service their business provides, even if they ruthless about the money end of it.

George Soros is more like a man without a country, and his business is about nothing but money itself. "The love of money is the root of all evil", says 1st Timothy 6:10. This guy bankrupts entire countries' economies if it works out best for him.

Then he's got this Esperanto last name (George is OK) his Dad made up, starting him out as a Globalist at a young age. Esperanto was a language invented by some idealists to be a global language to be used by everyone around the world. OK, the name was his Dad's call, but, man, what a scam that Esperanto thing was.

Peak Stupidity speculated before on the AntiChrist qualifications of this man. This video does nothing to disprove that

(It's not just the WWII Hungarian experience with his helping the Nazis and such that makes him look bad here, but his uncaring about his own hypocrisy seen at around 05:50.)

* Geeze, I hope I spelled that right.

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Affirmative Action: we can't get no satisfaction.

Posted On: Friday - September 18th 2020 9:21PM MST
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(It must be Steve Sailer day here at Peak Stupidity. That used to be the case more often at this blog's beginnings.)

Per my continual following of Steve Sailer's commentary, it seems to me that there is a growing trend in the SJW Establishments (most of academia, at the least). That is, there are white people coming out from undercover positions as Affirmative Action, Social Justice Warriors, in which they have been pretending to be of other races/ethnicities. With their consciences, if any, weighing on them, or maybe their covers about to be blown they have been coming clean and apologizing up a shitstorm.

Of course, there are probably cases that don't make the big news, as maybe the people involved just calmly get over it. The first I'd heard of this phenomenon was the case of Rachel Dolezal, out in Spokane, Washington, pretending to be black for a few years. There must be some privilege involved in being black that you never hear about, or why do it? It's a lot of trouble, especially with the hair. (See, Art Garfunkel could have gotten away with something like this. Nobody would have recognized him a few years after he and Paul Simon split up anyway, right?)

There was one Jessica Krug that Mr. Sailer posted about a few times a few weeks ago. This stuff is accelerating, or just his posting about it has been. Within one day, we read Another Affirmative Action Fraud Is Caught and Annals of White Privilege: Now, a Third Case of a Becky Pretending to be a Beq'ee.

As usual, Mr. Sailer has some neat insight. For instance, he points out how these women (so far, all women) have been given a rash of grief for their changes in racial identity, but everyone is very very careful to not mess with their gender identities. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, and these people are far madder, in both senses of the word, than the characters in that old movie.

After giving kudos to Mr. Sailer for his opinions on this madness, I will have to point out a problem with one of the very few of his opinions that I don't agree with. After all Steve Sailer writes about regarding race, he still believes that the > 5-decade-long campaign against the White man, called "Affirmative Action", should be continued! Sure, he's quick to point out that this should only be for people known to be descendants of slaves in the US and colonial America.

As we discussed in the Peak Stupidity Reparations Plan, we have no problem with the making whole of people who were previously held in slavery. I don't think the great-great-grandsons ought to get the money that their dead great-great-grandfathers deserved though. More importantly, I don't think White men should pay for the sins of their great-great-grandfathers or the great-great-grandfathers of a few other White men that happen to be also living in the United States.

Well, Mr. Sailer is in good company at least, as this support for basic AA is one of the only flaws we find with our very favorite literary pundit, Miss Ann Coulter. WTF, the both of you?!

Let's get back to this reaction to Affirmative Action by this small but growing faction. Frankly, I'm all for it. I think the people discussed in the Sailer posts are nutcases for going through with this all, but if people can game the system enough to gum up the works more power to them. I'm all for traditional Americas putting all sorts of things in those check boxes. The beauty of the Politically Correct world we live in (yes, there's a silver lining or two) is that we can use the fear of being un-PC against people who would question us on some pretty shady (unshady, really) descriptions that we may advertise for our identities.

After all, if we are really extra-privileged people, per our checked boxes, essays, and hair styles, then we are known to be easily offended. We get really offended when you ask questions such as "hey, this thing says you're black - what gives?" So, don't ask up if we are really those extra-privileged people we claim to be, because, if we are such people, you aren't allowed to ask questions about that.

"Whewww! That's some catch, that Catch-22." " It's the best there is."

Go for it. Don't listen to Jesse Jackson. If you're not getting any satisfaction, help us increase the fraction and get some traction on Affirmative Action. We Negro , errr Colored People , oops, Afro Americans , dangit, Black People, wait, African Americans oh, OK, People of Color really like that rhymin'. Don't mend it, don't end it, let's bend it.

Future discussion on this subject here ought to have some instructions for how to ease into the life of a member of a different race. There's an art to it.

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Death Bed Tweet from Black-robed Broad

Posted On: Friday - September 18th 2020 8:28PM MST
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I wish I could say I knew for sure this tweet was really written by some zealous aide, or the guy from NPR at the bottom. (A lot of weird shit can go down there on the death bed.) I write that because, I really had a small bit of respect for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg* before seeing this on Steve Sailer's post regarding this latest development.**

I know I couldn't find it easily, as I don't even know what TV talking heads type show it was, but I was pleasantly surprised by what this lady said during one of the latest contentious SC justice nomination confirmation hearings. It was one of the two Trump appointments, I'm sure, so it was fairly recently. The talk was about the huge political battle that was going on. Mrs. Ginsburg noted that 2 - 3 decades earlier, with her confirmation in 1993 as an example, the Senate did not make a deal out of this process. It was just a procedural matter, with perhaps your serial child molesters and murderers weeded out. As left-wing as Ginsburg was, she was confirmed by a 96-3 vote. (The Senate was 57-D, 43-R at the time.)

The late SC Justice was very fair in her assessment that there is way too much politics involved in the Supreme Court confirmations now. I just looked through a few of Mrs. Ginsburg's positions on cases that came up. There's no doubt she was a bright lady, unlike the other 2 broads, Kagan and OscarMeyer there... Intelligence ain't everything, though, and this left-winger was a bad thing for this country, at least most of the time when her vote put a case over the top.

Now, this tweet makes me less concerned about speaking ill of the dead. So what that she can't stand President Trump? His 2 SC picks so far have not been out of the ordinary at all, and I could use a LOT MORE out of the ordinary. I don't like this vindictiveness right up to the end. Was Ruth Ginsburg's life about nothing but politics?

Well, can a guy get pushed through in 6 weeks? I doubt it, so this is another reason to vote for Donald Trump, incompetent bullshitter that he is. If I could tweet, I'd tweet a copy of my mail-in ballot back to this lady. What happens to tweets when the originator is dead? Nobody ever explains that stuff to me.

One more thing: Mr. Sailer mentioned a topic near and dear to the heart of Peak Stupidity, and that is the flags at half mast business. First of all, I haven't really checked lately, but haven't they been at half mast for the Kung Flu, in remembrance of the heroes or something? That'd make it a bad time to die if you like recognition. As we discussed in I'd thought we'd bid Farewell to Kings, this half mast business is getting out of hand! If I ever get a flag pole, it'll be to fly the Gadsden or Rebel flag. However, if I were to put an American flag up, I'd just go ahead and get a shorter pole (that's what she said!). Why waste all that aluminum, what with the climate and all ...

* No, she doesn't need 3 names. She's not some Hollywood movie star.

** Yeah, that's the ONLY reason this post is timely. I was scanning through Steve Sailer's latest posts. I'm really surprised Mrs. Ginsburg didn't rate an R.I.P. from Mr. Sailer. He is usually too much on the polite side, in my opinion. He probably wrote "R.I.P." upon the death of Fidel Castro, the way he is... that was before I read his blog, I think.

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Kung Flu Banking update

Posted On: Thursday - September 17th 2020 8:31PM MST
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♪♫ Everybody was Kung Fu banking, let me tell ya they're in there wanking ...♪♫ (OK, younger readers, you don't have to pretend you get that. Older readers, you don't have to laugh if you do.)

We mentioned in our recent short post My 3 cents that the local bank branch has been on the hysterical side of the aisle when it comes to the Kung Flu. I meant to write a short note about what happened, but also I was able to give some feedback.

I'd let myself get pissed off a few weeks ago, when instead of just getting each customer to put that mask on as soon as he gets half-way through the double doors, in this huge lobby with usually 2 to 8 customers, they now are escorting people in. The lady had to come over and unlock the door.* I really didn't berate her, but just gave her a piece of my mind on the whole situation. "When will this stupidity end?!" is the way I put it. A customer in the outer area, 6 ft away from me and my wife, with a mask on, proceeded to get on my case about it. It didn't end happily for us, and I swore to not set foot in there until they get back to normal.

This means going through the drive-through again. I grew up in a family that felt drive-throughs for anything are just a sign of laziness**, so, believe it or not, the June-recently deal with the bank only having the drive-through open was about the 2nd time I'd ever used one at a bank. Kids love those pneumatic tubes, let me tell you, and me too!

Besides not setting foot in the place, I was able to get a word in on the latest customer service survey they sent me. They seem to send me one every coupla' months, and they would always go straight into the paper trash before. This time I sent it in, postage paid. I didn't have any bad marks for the tellers or anything, but was just trying to get to the comment section. "Hey, your COVID nonsense is getting out of hand. JUST STOP!" was how I put it.

Things are getting less and less personable. I doubt it will go back all the way to life in February of this year.

* A day or more later, I did have the thought that maybe this is a security thing more than anything, since customers will have their masks on. Did the bank executive read Peak Stupidity's Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer Re-panic - Part 7 about that? Still, you're letting people in with their masks on anyway, and what if they have the bandana type that just screams "everyone down, fire in the hole!".

** I know they are great for families with multiple kids in the car, so there are good reasons.

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America's Kung Flu recession, women hardest hit! - Part 3

Posted On: Thursday - September 17th 2020 5:56AM MST
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This is a continuation of Peak Stupidity's fisking of an article from The 19th News on-line magazine called America’s first female recession. This writer and article come from the deepest bowels of feminist and feminism hell, respectively, and will be fisked here until we set the record straight, or feminist hell freezes over, whichever comes first. Were's continuing from Part 1 and Part 2.

Where we left off one week ago was here:
'It’s a simultaneous feeling of guilt that we are able to do it,” she said, “and sadness that this is the situation we were in.”
The upper-middle class Mrs. Ellu Nasser feels (or purports to feel) guilty about completely the wrong thing. She's guilty that not all parents can send their kids to a private school to escape the grinding home life with all those kids around demanding attention and stuff (cooking, cleaning dishes ... jeeezz, Louise!) We'll get to the single Moms later on.

However, I believe Mrs Nasser ought to be (or secretly is) guilty about her warped sense of what being a woman is. She's got a husband who's either a doctor or a nurse. (It's not clear, but he is one of the "heroes" and does pretty well for the family. With some experience a hospital nurse can make some very good money, for some hard work.) She's got multiple kids. Is there something wrong with being an old-fashioned wife? I guess Mrs. Nassar thinks there is, probably based on a lifetime of propaganda from the Lyin' Press. One wonders if she cares one whit about what hardworking Mr. Nasser wants in this regard.
The fall-out

In 1958, women made up less than a third of the U.S. labor force. It took them 30 more years to reach 45 percent, a pace of growth through the late 20th century that helped usher in the “most significant change in labor markets during the past century,” wrote Harvard economist Claudia Goldin.
"Since 1958 the Communists have slowly made their long march through the institutions. Feminism, the primary weapon against the nuclear family, an anathema to good solid Communism, has pushed women into the labor markets, with a 45 percent infiltration rate. Good going, Comrades!" FIFY.
Women’s gains in the labor market helped create an economy that, according to some estimates, is $2 trillion larger than it would have been if women’s participation levels remained where they were in 1970, when it really started to skyrocket.
Yeah, uhhh, let me explain what a 2 Trillion dollar addition to the economy means. Peak Stupidity is sorely lacking in a post on this, what the Gross Domestic Product is about nowadays. It's not comprised so much of millions of tons of steel, bushels of wheat, vehicular units, and yards of cloth anymore. Services are of course included, but when you get down to the details this means all sorts of NON-productive or even ANTI-productive "work". "Here's your subpoena to appear in court for our SJW lawsuit against your workplace. You've been served." See, "served", so that's a service.

Yeah, this defintely deserves an economics post later, but let me put it this way. That $2 Trillion larger economy includes the HR ladies* and SJW's productively employed at our academic institutions, with a large proportion being women. Hey women, if you stay at home, maybe we men can get MORE stuff done. We'll see you that $2 Trillion and raise you $5 Trillion more.
For the past several decades, though, the gender split in the labor force has largely evened out. Then came 2009, a recession that hurt predominantly male-dominated jobs such as construction and manufacturing. Women overtook men as more than half of the labor force for the first time in history. It has happened again only one other time: In December 2019, when coronavirus was still but a distant headline in China, women surpassed men at 50.04 percent of the labor force.
Yea! We took overtook that men that were just in construction and manufacturing. You go, girls! Now, to celebrate, over to the newly constructed mall for some new manufactured dresses and other cheap China-made crap. Economics, bitches!
It was a fleeting breakthrough.
"All glory is fleeting." - George C. Scott as General George Patton repeating what some Roman slave was alleged to have said.
Nearly 11 million jobs held by women disappeared from February to May, erasing a decade of job gains by women in the labor force.

In June, women regained 2.9 million positions, but those jobs, which are largely in the hospitality field, remain insecure as coronavirus’ continued spread forces new closures.
Hmmm, maybe someone should have thought of all this when working on the Infotainment Panic-fest response, Season 1. If we knew that WOMEN would be laid off, hell, we could have hired them all as newscasters - I mean, the news business has weathered this Kung Flu really well, oh and the CDC too ... We could have dubbed the strip clubs as essential, butt-tresseing women's employment and encouraging the use of face masks to boot, two birds with one stone orifices with one mask... I like it.
Depending on the length of this recession and when an effective treatment or vaccine for COVID-19 is developed, there is a real possibility many jobs lost by women will never come back, said Heidi Shierholz, senior economist and director of policy at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI).

As it stands, about 8 percent of women who have been laid off have zero chance of being called back to the workforce compared to 6.4 percent of men, according to an analysis by EPI. Another 4 percent expect to be called back but likely will not.
The thing is, Miss Carazanna, men are expected to work to support their families. It's their role, and if it's taken away, things go very badly for them. It's not their choice if they lose their families (or never have one) due to a government-mandated business LOCKDOWN. For the women, excepting the very few who are widows. the single ones are their of their choosing and have Big State and the White Knights** to bail them out of anything. For the married women, nobody complains one bit if they fulfill their role and bear and raise the children, excepting the execrable Ellu Nasser and her ilk themselves.

Speaking of which, we are done hearing from Mrs. Nasser. However, the article goes on a long ways from after the bitch session from her. As an essential service job, the fisking of this ode to feminist stupidity will be continued, keep men at work here at Peak Stupidity.

* See also Part 2, The Office HR Humor, and Part 3.

** I'm not a particularly big Chateau Heartiste reader, much less fan, but that term fits here.

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The case of the jacked-up jack

Posted On: Wednesday - September 16th 2020 6:52PM MST
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  Cheap China-made Crap  General Stupidity  Curmudgeonry

Shinn Fu Co. of America Pro-lift floor jack:

I'd had another fisking of feminism post in progress, to be completed later on, when I got interrupted by daily life. This stupidity is on me, but I don't have a category for that. I had a nice easy-going car project going on, the bleeding of the brakes. After running into a snag, it was all going nicely, and I was headed toward the 2nd brake.

My 9 y/o boy got on the jack to lift himself into the air (nothing new - I showed him that a coupla' years ago), after I'd gotten the car jacked up for my 2nd wheel. As soon as I realized I'd need to bring the car back up a bit more, after getting use of the thing, I realized the jack didn't work right. Fluid was leaking internally as the jack kept backing down.

Crap, I knew it right away! "Did you turn that thing the wrong way?" (Too far?) He admitted to such, and I knew it must be something with that release valve, activated by rotating the handle. One thing I HATE HATE HATE is getting interrupted from one job due to having to fix a tool in use, and this job was going smoothly at that! Peak Stupidity covered this bit of curmudgeonry near our blog's beginnings, in Brilliant plan by Chinese Communist Party Cadres pans out well. That post was a semi-facetious conspiracy theory about the Chinese and the Cheap China-made Crap (our very first topic key, per the dBase, haha! Wonder why?). Hey, it's a damn sight better than a lot of other conspiracy theories I've read of recently.

OK, here's the stupidity on my part - it's not about the jack. "Please don't try to fix it", said not my wife, but my inner voice. No, that wasn't some female alter-ego ready for an operation, but just my common-sense telling me not to take on another project. See, I have had another brand-new floor jack sitting in a box that came from China via harbor freight. As (another post coming!) I like to keep the good old American-made stuff, though, I wanted to fix this thing anyway.

I would have sworn this trusty old jack was made in America, as I know I've had it since 1996. How I know that year exactly, without looking in any records, is that I remember what year it was, due to what I was doing there, when I smashed into a farm implement after which my tie-rod was bent so badly that I could barely, well scarily, do 50 mph down the highway, by the auto parts store for the jack, and make it home. This jack has done a stand-up job for that whole 24 years, whenever I needed it. It deserves to live, man!

OK, so I dove onto the web, youtube, diagrams, whatever, but I can't really get to the gist of how this valve works. I even found the paper manual from the day I bought it, and there's no good diagram. It does happen to say "don't turn the handle more than 3 turns the other way". Damn, but what gives then? It's a seal or a steel ball has gotten out of place, or something ...

This really ruined the evening. I did apologize to the boy for being mad, as I never told him not to screw with it (literally) in this manner. "Clockwise to tighten, got it?" It's just a thing that happened that will produce likely another white elephant-like thing hanging around, if I don't figure this out soon. I can go right back to my brake job tommorrow with my new made-in-China jack, but, yeah, this one was made in China too.

That is really surprising. I have a good general memory for when I noticed the proportion of products being made there. As Peak Stupidity noted also in Inflation and Chinese Imports and Exports, the quality of Chinese-made goods was better 20-25 years ago. I don't think it was as good as American stuff, especially for really engineered products, but shirts from Wal-Mart seemed to be pretty damn good (some have just worn out in the last 5 years).

My theory is this: In the early part of the giveaway of American manufacturing and know-how to China, the cheap labor alone could keep prices down with Big-Biz making the same or higher profits. However, "you can't stay in business if you don't keep growing", one of the bigger statements of bullshit I've been hearing over the years, meant that something else had to give to keep corporate profits steadily increasing. That was quality.

I apologize to any Chinese readers for attaching the "Cheap China-made Crap" topic key to this anecdote of the jacked-up floor jack. Really, this was a great product. That's why it does not deserve to become a white, well, rust-colored elephant.

Now, what the heck this has to do with the price of tea and crappy floor jacks in China is anybody's guess. More stupidity will come tomorrow. There's always tomorrow, tomorrow ...

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Remote controls - No more hunting

Posted On: Tuesday - September 15th 2020 10:09AM MST
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  TV, aka Gov't Media  Humor  Curmudgeonry

Just for the record again, this blogger has been off the TV for over 2 decades now.* All posts regarding TV in the current era here are from the occasional bouts of boredom that have caused me to pick up a remote control at the hotel room on a trip. I wanted to add this post as a bit of curmudgeonry, after having written that post on Saturday about TV remote controls.

This one goes back to a TV show itself, in the old era when Seinfeld was on the air once a week, the humor was not particularly PC at all (at least on that show - they often made fun of PC), and I had a TV receiving analog signals. Jerry Seinfeld has impressed me in that he has always kept the humor clean. Peak Stupidity doesn't stick to that standard, as you may well know, but we appreciate a comedian who can do that and still be funny as hell.

I found the exact clip I had in mind. It's from the Seinfeld show, as the show would have a bit from Jerry's stand-up comedy act, either at the beginning or end.

That'd comedy gold, Jerry! Anyway, the problem with this hunting mode of surfing through the no longer 30, but more like 357 channels now is you can't even do that now. See, TVs are computers now. (Hell, almost every new thing you buy is a computer - yeah, that coffee machine - it's a computer, that bottle with the sparkling water in it - it's a computer, OK, maybe not the latter just yet.) The TVs are computers so that they can have more functions, some possibly added after the design process and manufacturing.

That's all very well, but what I've seen a few years back in the hotels is that, as computers, the TVs are not very fast in switching channels anymore. I don't know why. WTH is it doing during that time, not the rotating of an antenna up on the roof anymore, right? 3 to 5 seconds go by before you see what's on that you don't like. Well, this just ruins that hunting for us guys, even if we liked any of the shit they got on there!

Throw it away, at least the cable payments! Then, you can pop in ("pop in", huh??) movies from the library and only waste 10 minutes a piece on the PC-agenda ones till you find something worth watching.

* I don't write that because I'm proud of it. I am, but it's to avoid readers thinking I'm bullshitting them, and the fact that I try to promote getting off of idiot plate.

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Ron Unz Comments - Part 2

Posted On: Monday - September 14th 2020 4:39PM MST
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  Websites  Pundits  Liberty/Libertarianism  Healthcare Stupidity

(Continued directly from the previous post.)

The particular comment by internet mogul Ron Unz that I wanted to comment on was not under the post regarding reporting on China (just making this clear). It was under one of his own articles, this one 31,000 Words Missing from The Atlantic and The New York Times Sunday Magazine w/ Addendum. I just skimmed through that article*, because the comment in question was under it, but I hadn't read it before.

The article, is one in a series of many on one Ron Unz's conspiracy theories. Hey, I don't knock that stuff in general, but this one is nothing but a side distraction to the point about the American Kung Flu response that I want to mention here. His theory, that he's railed about almost since the beginning of this business in March, is that the virus originated in a US lab and was purposefully spread via a sports team that happened to have an event in Wuhan, China back last fall. I'm glad Mr. Unz at least admits to being no expert in virology, but that makes this theory nothing but conjecture based on circumstantial evidence.

In some of his recent articles, including this one, the point is that the US Media (one discussed the Wall Street Journal's take) is ALMOST on the case. They just left off the part Mr. Unz knows about. OK, now anyone's railing on the Lyin' Press is just fine with me. For the life of me, I just don't get why Ron Unz, of all people, had this big faith in the media and self-designated healthcare experts regarding the highly erroneous predictions of the severity of this virus. Now, he seems to have backed off without an apology or explicit correction. It's HIS site, and that's what we bloggers do, right?

Let me now (finally!) paste in the whole comment. It is a reply to commenter JackOH, who from all I've read from him under Steve Sailer, is a pretty mellow, reasonably on-the-ball guy (the inner excerpt is JackOH from before):
I’ve read little of Ron’s stuff about the COVID virus, but his repeated use of “crazy”, “stupid”, “rogue”, “incompetent” to describe some of our leadership elites has me thinking of a deeply embittered patronage hack I know who’s driven by revenge, I suppose, for decades of petty humiliations, a strong need to settle scores with his tormentors, real or imagined, and who has no sense of public service in his being. I think he may be the only man I’ve met who ought to somehow be referred for a psychiatric eval to determine fitness for work.
Well, I don’t think that’s a very fair appraisal. Frankly, my critical adjectives may be much too mild.

I think the Covid epidemic plus accompanying lockdowns are shaping up to be the greatest disaster suffered by our unfortunate country since the Great Depression, perhaps even since the Civil War.

The Chinese published the genome of the new virus on January 11th, and within a couple of days Germany and various other countries had created test-kits and begun mass-producing and using them to check for outbreaks.

However, our own government refused to use the German kits and decided to have the CDC create their own, which took extra time. Then we discovered that the CDC kits produced were all defective and we had to start from scratch. Therefore, for several weeks we had no means of testing for the virus, and even afterward, test-kits were in extremely short supply. This allowed the virus to spread invisibly for a month or two, leading to many of the later outbreaks, in NY and elsewhere.

Similarly, government officials told people not to wear masks, then later changed their minds.

Now the more conspiratorially-minded people believe our elites deliberately allowed the virus to spread in order to destroy the American economy or reset the stock-market or something. Most Flu Hoaxers believe the government deliberately did those things even though the virus isn’t very dangerous, and that the lockdowns are intended to destroy freedom or something.

I’ve very skeptical of those theories, and think the problem was mostly sheer incompetence. But whether you believe our elites are extremely incompetent or that they’re diabolical, I’d say they deserve a great deal of criticism, don’t you?

Agree: Godfree Roberts, Wizard of Oz, Derer
[Heh, there's old Godfree!]
Replies: @JackOH
The (my-)bolded part is the main problem I have with this thinking. I'll get to that shortly.

This criticism of "our" government is fine, at first glance. There were all kinds of screw ups, reversals of plans, highly erroneous prediction, and, yes, we have no manufacturing base, so we're bound to suffer when the SHTF (not actually the case this time). On the latter, that is especially a problem that we outsource most of our manufactured products to a country we are on the outs with.

On the first 3 items, though, Ron Unz is missing the point. This is not supposed to be China. If it were 1985 right now, and Americans were told this and that is happening and we need to do this and that, most would be still of the mindset "you try and make me!" You don't have to go back too awful far into the past to get to when Americans weren't such obedient bootlickers of government and the "experts". The "emergency" powers of the Governors would not have been meekly complied with years ago. Who cares if some US Government experts in this or that try to put the scare in us? It's the Americans like Ron Unz here getting suckered by all that BS that were and still are the problem.

On to the bolded section now: That's rich, Ron Unz getting on others for being conspiratorial-minded. Mr. Unz is the guy with the conspiracy theory about the US spreading the virus to China first, never mind that I guess "we" (the Deep State) didn't consider that viruses can go both ways across the ocean.

If you've read here for a while, you will know that I don't think that the Chinese purposefully spread the Kung Flu virus. (I sure wouldn't rule it completely out, though.) That's not what Mr. Unz claims we think this time, though. Most of us whom Ron Unz calls "hoaxers" don't think or spend much time thinking about whether the US Government planned this out either. That's missing the damn point entirely. It's the RESPONSE, stupid! (Yes, directed at high IQ Ron Unz.)

The response to what people with some perspective understand is another virus out of the Orient, maybe a nastier one in some ways, but just one of these every-decade-average phenomena, is what we've got a real problem with. Was the response planned out to fuck over the small businessmen and average American working stiff? Well, you couldn't have planned that any better, but that's a conspiracy theory that I'm not down with, as of yet. As Peak Stupidity has written many times, and not just about this particular Infotainment Panic-fest, it's likely just the same stupid and sometimes evil people in the Lyin' Press, governments, and other institutions being on the same page with their thinking.

Here's the real arrogant stupidity coming at ya': "... and that the lockdowns are intended to destroy freedom or something." Yeah, "or something". Uhhh, yeah, telling people they must stay in a specified location, telling them whether they can have their businesses open or not, how far apart they must stay from each other, and that they must wear diapers on their faces per un-democratic government edict is most certainly about freedom. You'd basically have to be some kind of high-IQ moron to believe otherwise. Freedom of movement, freedom to transact, ... hell, these are the basics even before you get to free speech, freedom of association and all the rest.

Well, the guy never said he was a Constitutionalist.

Most of us "hoaxers" aren't that concerned with where the COVID-19 virus came from and how it spread. That's because we have the perspective that told us back in March that this was not the Big Deal it was being made out to be. We are concerned, OK, not concerned, but EXTREMELY PISSED, that this minor disease is being used to LOCKDOWN the country, throw it into depression (a lot earlier than we were gonna be ready for), and turn Americans into silly-looking mask-wearing retards! Get it straight, Ron Unz!

* BTW, this article looks very interesting and doesn't concentrate solely on Mr. Unz's COVID-Conspiracy theory.

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Ron Unz Comments - Part 1

Posted On: Monday - September 14th 2020 12:41PM MST
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It may seem kind of backhanded or catty for Peak Stupidity to comment on the man Ron Unz, as he is VERY GOOD as allowing all kind of comments critical of everyone and everything on his own blog, with multiple orders of magnitude more readers. However, I've written to him before, most recently on the subject of this post, the Kung Flu healthcare stupidity, and got blown off as a "nutty right-winger" (can't recall the exact phrasing right now). Hey, it's for the best, as he made occasional small threats to us "COVID hoaxers" that he may curtail our comments. As a true stalwart of free speech, and I don't say that in jest, he never followed through*, at least for me. I've been trying to stay out of his hair there, but a few snide remarks, not made to him, slip out occasionally ;-}

I shouldn't have to write this again, but for the record, I appreciate the ability to comment there immensely, as it's become a hobby. That does drive some traffic to this site, most especially when I point out that girly pictures may appear (amazing, but we can't NOT click so easily!) Secondly, and this is arguable from our commenters, to me unz commenting is the best system I've used, or attempted to (for some bad ones).

Mr. Unz himself, and his views on the Kung Flu are the subject here. If he were to read this, I say again, argue with me without just name-calling and a quick dismissal, and I'll keep it on your blog, dude.

Besides operating a highly-functional website that indeed offers "A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media", Mr. Unz publishes some of his own material, usually pretty long indictments of American history and politics and plenty of conspiracy theories of all sorts, and I don't write the latter as disparagement at all.

Additionally, Mr. Unz writes comments himself pretty regularly. He's got every right to say whatever he wants, of course, insult his (non-paying) customers, ban people, if he so feels, etc. Other than under his own articles, my observation is that Mr. Unz skims comments and chimes in whenever the mood strikes him. There's nothing wrong with that except when he argues with commenters of which he's read only a small percentage of what they've written. Of course, he can't possibly read all the comments written under all the large number of articles he publishes.

OK, whatever. After reading a thread under an article called The Rising Cult of China Experts, by one Thorsten J. Pattberg, I saw a couple of decent comments by Mr. Unz. I clicked on his name to see what he'd been writing lately.

First off, though the man will go off on commenters, sometimes with the exasperation that comes with knowing "I've already explained this stuff!" (in one of his many articles) sometimes, I think he really does try to be fair. A great example is the idiotic hard-core revisionism on China by the Commie writer (on!)Godfree Roberts. Mr. Roberts, having never even been to China (he sells ex-Pat relocation advice/services to/in Thailand), not only extols everything modern-day China (OK, I guess), but has got the gall to extol the virtues of the 40 million-Chinaman-starving Chairman Mao. His stuff gets just laughably stupid, as it's not like this history isn't known by Americans and the Chinese people.

Mr. Unz calls out his own contracted writer, Mr. Roberts on Roberts' writing that nobody starved in China during the "Great Leap Forward" and that the Cultural Revolution there improved the hell out of the place. Along with this pure stupidity, comes a commenter with the handle "FB" who extols all things Russia (OK), but rails on everything American. This guy is actually a pretty smart guy involved in the aerospace industry, claiming to be a test pilot. (Not likely, just because his comments show him to be mentally unstable - at least in the US he should not get any kind of FAA medical certificate.) Now FB has written multiple times that the Great Depression 1.0 in our country caused the starvation of millions of people. What the hell is this stupidity? We have parents and grandparents who were there!

Anyway, way off my subject here, I'm giving Mr. Unz credit for notching down his slight kookieness level, and trying to set people straight. I'm glad to see this, because I was really wondering about him ...

OK, I have not even gotten to the healthcare stupidity and a comment I noticed by Mr. Unz. It is also fairly reasonable until just one paragraph in which I see that, like quite a few other Americans, there's a basic point they JUST DON'T GET about this Kung Flu healthcare stupidity, and what you and I have against it.

However, I try to avoid essays of the size of Ron Unz ones, mainly just for the website format here. I will get to my point later today, I promise, along with another more frivolous post I wanted to put up.

* Well, there was a commenter MikeAtMikeDotMike that did tell us on here and on Mr. Hail's site that he was prevented from (some?) commenting. I'd like to hear the latest on that, but I think he gave up on the unz site, as I believe Mr. Hail has also.

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Stay away from the remote!

Posted On: Saturday - September 12th 2020 6:53PM MST
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  TV, aka Gov't Media  Healthcare Stupidity  Big-Biz Stupidity

It's the thing now. Hotels are putting stickers here and there, showing that this and that have been thoroughly sanitized, and now there's the wrapper around the TV remote control. Since Seinfeld reruns don't come on TBS anymore, or hardly ever, even if there's no blog post to write, the TV need never come on anyway.

However, I noticed the blue wrapper shown above* a few weeks ago, while on a trip. I guess every one of the buttons, most of which I wouldn't press simply due to the fact that I can't make out what the stupid icon means, were scrubbed down for COVID cooties. I feel sorry for the housekeepers for probably getting lectures weekly about new cleaning policies to cover the hotel's ass from lawsuits and/or to comply with the Governor's latest whim before he changes his mind again about your being able to do business.

This type of wrapper should have been on remote controls at all hotels, at bars, and at every home in the country for the last 50 years. Rather than let us know we are safe from the Kung Flu, they should have red warning labels on them, every one:

*** WARNING: TV - More than 10 minutes daily may result in brain injury or brain death! Enjoy! ***

* And, man, was it a bitch to slide that thing off in one piece for later scanning for this post. That glue is viscous and vicious, both.

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Valerie - The Jerry Garcia Band

Posted On: Friday - September 11th 2020 7:41PM MST
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Commenter Mr. Ganderson cheers up the readership with some music from The Jerry Garcia Band. This is a live recording as are a majority of the (full) Dead songs that Peak Stupidity features. That's the way you've got to hear these guys. (Their only studio album was Cats under the Stars.) This one is from June 17th of 1982. Does everyone remember what he was doing that summer? I do.

I'll admit (shamefully to Mr. Ganderson) right now, that I've never that I know of heard any music by this 20-year-long side project band of Jerry Garcia's. I don't really miss Uncle Phil's stupendous bass all over the place, but that's only because on laptop/table speakers you hardly get any bass. There's nothing like Jerry's other band, though.

I liked Valerie right away. The lead put me in a place to where I didn't even know it was over till well into the next verse.

I wish I could have seen these guys, or, better yet, The Dead themselves, back in those years.

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