Tough times demand tough talk ...

Posted On: Saturday - May 30th 2020 6:47PM MST
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... demand tough hearts, demand tough songs.

Look in, to the eye of the storm.
Look out, for the force without form.
Look around, at the sight and the sound.
Look in look out look around...

These tough times demand tough men, with tough talk. I'm not seeing a bit of that, especially up there in snowflake land of Minneapolis, but not really anywhere else either.

Rock band Rush's Force 10 is from their 1986 album called Hold your Fire. I can remember the band being on the old MTV quite often back then, mostly from the albums previous, especially the one with the kid riding on that cruise missile. (That was Distant Early Warning from their 1984 album* Grace Under Pressure.)

They were no 1970s band anymore, at least from their looks. I can't remember which mid-1980s videos they were, in which Geddy Lee played this bass guitar that had the left-hand end chopped off. IOW, the winders must have been tucked inside or on the other end. They couldn't have been behind the neck, right? Anyway, it was quite the modern look, for the mid-1980s, that is.

Force 10 must not have had an MTV-like video, but here's the song:

Almost as with Journey's Feeling that Way / Anytime that absolutely must be played together, as with others named here, because Time Stand Still follows Force 10 on the album, one cannot just play it by itself. The 2nd song has a better melody, I think, and it was a hit song, too.

Thanks for reading this week! More stupidity is backed up in the pipe for next week.

* Though not as prolific as your Credence Clearwater Revivals with 8 - 10 albums in their 4 years of playing together (see Our patience for last 3 decadal Golden Earring songs is wearing thin.), Rush created 14 albums in the 16 years 1974 through 1989.

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Idle Hands are the Devil's Workshop

Posted On: Saturday - May 30th 2020 11:12AM MST
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Subtitle: Kung Flu LOCKDOWN, Trial UBI, and Black Riots

Site note first: As the reader may have guessed, your blogger here really is not a customer of the 24/7 news cycle Infotainment. There are things I hear well after the fact. One that I heard about, then read about, just a short while back, is that the Minneapolis rioting has spread to other cities. I may not have written the lighthearted post on hand washing yesterday knowing how serious things are getting. This one is an attempt at an explanation for what's going on.

Thinking back on what the subjects have been of many of the Peak Stupidity posts has me realizing I"m putting a number of our favorites together here. Socialism is a big one, and what's wrong it for America is the main point of this post.

I don't thing the Corona virus itself was part of some big plan. The response to it, what I call the Infotainment Panic-Fest, may or may not have been to some degree. I think that'd be the case less so on the Lyin' Press end (they are just stupid, sensationalist, and hungry for viewers), but possibly more so on the government, maybe Deep State side. Other than all the advisories about warding off the Kung Flu that Governors and such have taken too much to heart, it's the quick implementation (billed as temporary) of Socialism that has been the Feral Gov't's big response.

After State and local jurisdictions mandated the LOCKDOWNS, came out with shelter-in-place orders, and generally went all Totalitarian-like on us, the US Gov't reaction was to "help" us out of the bad situation all that caused by throwing us borrowed money. (Welfare used to be up to the States till 30 years ago or so, in general.) There were the CARE stimulus checks. The $600/week Federal unemployment money was the bigger factor in implementing temporary(?) Socialism, however, as it has been a big incentive for people to take those leaves or stay home at least till it ends. What it is really is a trial run of the UBI (Universal Basic Income).

Going back only 20 years, going at least through the moderate left, no serious politician would have proposed the UBI, and not many Americans would have had anything but disdain for it. We all know that's the beginning of serious Socialism. On the other hand, over the last 2 decades, Americans have realized that the good or decent jobs are no longer there for all Americans who want them. Not coincidentally at all, this was the time of the giving away of America's manufacturing ability and prowess to China.

Even knowing this, I have major problems with Socialism and a permanent UBI, and the rest here will explain one of them. Without even considering whether it's economically viable in the long run for lots of Americans to sit home or go out for the Bread & Circuses at the expense of work done by others around the world, what will be the effect of having a hundred million Americans on the permanent dole?

Here's some opinion about black males, when it comes down to the truth. I see these rioters, and the type is in all American inner cities. Yet I know plenty of hard-working black men who I can't imagine would participate in this, at least the real rioting part of these protests. My thoughts from observation over many years tell me that these men are a perfect example of the Biblical Proverb "Idle hands are the devil's workshop" (Proverbs 16:27). The "idle hands" part really does seem to matter, as it seems the black guys that do physical work are the ones with the best attitudes. There IS something about doing physical work - it does make us too tired to be up for raising hell.

Now, the Biblical book of Proverbs was not written specifically for black men, but it sure seems to apply here. I've known white men out of work for long periods. There are whole regions of the country with big numbers of rural white men that are not really participating in the productive economy too. They get on drugs sometimes, they may steal from Wal-Mart on occasion, or even jack cars. However, they just don't seem to get into this mindless* violence, as the black men do.

Was this current spread of rioting really caused by the death of George Floyd alone? Well, there's always a reason to loot a Target, I guess, but this time, we need to remember that a significant number of Americans have been home with no work for the last 2 to 2 1/2 months. That is in addition to the already significant number of already unemployed men (again, I don't believe BLS numbers**), always higher for black males.

In the meantime, along comes the "free" money from Uncle Sugar. Did that keep everybody satisfied? They could stay home or visit here and there, with plenty of money for food, bills deferred, and all this time on their hands. It's been a trial run of a Socialist UBI-America. This unintended(?) experiment seems to have some unforeseen results, there in Minneapolis, now New York City, Washington, FS, Los Angeles, Atlanta ...

Is this what we'd see from the black areas regularly as a Socialist economy with a large mass of unemployed, but fed, sheltered and clothed Americans? About the only thing missing during this experiment is much of the Bread & Circuses, due to the shutdown of normal life because of this bad Kung Flu year. Could that be the missing ingredient that would allow a UBI-powered Socialist society to flourish in diverse 2020's America? People who push it had damn well better hope so.

* "Mindless" is important, as, sure, the riots are supposedly about this one guy, likely killed due to the militarized manner of some cops nowadays, but that doesn't explain anything more than loud protesting. The rioting and looting is mindless violence. Now, the reader may bring up the antifa types that are out there. It's political for those people. They simply wish for destruction of American society. That's not mindless.

** The reason here is much simpler than my problem with their Inflation numbers. The numbers come from unemployment benefits counts. People who roll off the end of those benefits, after 1/2 a year or 1 year are simply not counted anymore. Others do not bother applying. It's been a pretty bogus count for a long time.

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Hand wringing and hand waving over hand washing

Posted On: Friday - May 29th 2020 6:33PM MST
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"C'mon guys, whaddya' need a refresher course or something? It's all hand-washing nowadays!"

Per the latest change of mind out of the experts out of Washington, FS, we are told that the Kung Flu is pretty much spread via airborne transmission. Those virus colonies that live for a week and a half on your kid's baseball? The ones that camp out or have riots on your toilet seat? Nah. Come off of it! Those were all old experts' wives' tales! Wear those masks though, dammit! We know what we're doing here and haven't change our minds on that ... back...

There's been a lot of hand wringing during this entire Infotainment Panic-Fest, so far, about our washing our hands enough. The virus can be picked up from the air, or at least my own sneeze, and they I can transmit it easily, I suppose, till it dies on my hands. Of course we have rubber gloves that can touch all the same stuff instead, so ... wait* ...

Yeah, anyway, I suppose I will continue to wash my hands, at least in public restrooms, after peeing, even when nobody's watching. It's not too bad a habit to pick up. I never thought it was required though. For those who do, I gotta ask (but you don't gotta answer), where has your dick been to where it's infecting your hands that much? Seriously, I have not gotten that.

Then there's the whole bit about "well, once you walk out, you've got to hold the door handle, which may be just crawling with germs from the last guy who may have done worse, not washing his hands after the other deal". It gets more complicated. What do you touch the faucet handle with? One can get kind of paranoid, or one can just be reasonably clean and let the germs only make you stronger (unless they do kill you, of course).

This brings up someone I know who used to flush public toilets with her foot. This started in a place where it probably was a good idea, but if one is going to wash hands anyway, then, ... OK, was there not a foot pedal for flushing to begin with? Now, you just go electronic with it with the sensor and auto-flush system.

Next, this forces me to digress into something that explains the Curmudgeonry key attached to this post. I thought for sure I'd already written about this, but I sure couldn't find it. Any newfangled public bathroom does use some electronics, or at least you call call it electrical systems, to help us avoid touching anything during our hand washing process too. It's all laser sensors and motor/solenoid valves nowadays! [Enough Fletch! - Ed] These are involved in all 3 steps, soaping our hands, rinsing them, and drying them.

All 3 of these steps seem to involve sensors that just plain aren't adjusted correctly. I've got to wave my hands to the exact right spot to get soap. The spot is usually off to where I'm touching the thing - a big no-no, I thought. Then my hands have to be up toward the spout to get water - same damn error! The paper towel dispensers with the sensor for auto-feed take a bunch of extra hand waving half the time too. It's madness, as I move around in special ways to please these 3 machines, some real Artificial Stupidity in action. I often wish for a simple mechanical sink, mechanical soap dispenser, and the old crank-driven paper-towel dispenser.

Either way, wash those hands. You can put all those wipes in your prepper stash now, I guess, but the question of the efficacy of the masks is, uhh, up in the air. Oh, and go long durable sticker manufacturers. That's another tip that I'd forgotten to advise you all back in February.

Finally, we went to the coffee shop with a couch in the back of the pick-up that I was trying to give a good home to. I parked it on the street right by the place, and my son and I just stayed on that comfortable couch, drinking tea (me) and eating chocolate croissants (both of us), as we chatted with my friends outside at the table. This way, there was no call for face masks. Everyone walking by loved the idea. Then two guys who told me they'd been out of work from their service jobs for over 2 months asked if I wanted to get rid of the couch. Absolutely. Win/win!

* I will say that I had to order food recently from a place that was slow as molasses, partly because the one lady working in front (COVID-19 reduction in workforce, of course) had to keep changing gloves. I know she was tired of it, but I suppose this is the most sanitary way. Hopefully, this won't last, as that's NO WAY to do business.

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The Demographics of Snow Bro Town

Posted On: Friday - May 29th 2020 9:32AM MST
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  Student and other Snowflakes  Race/Genetics

Commenter Ganderson, with roots in the Twin Cities going back a long ways, told us of his experiences in the area over the years. Since Minneapolis has been undergoing rioting for the last couple of days (with a police station just burned down), the question of demographics was bound to come up.

The reader may be miffed at our note in the previous post, about these riots, saying:
Peak Stupidity doesn't feel a need to give numbers unless it's about something for which numbers could prove the point either way.
That may sound a little arrogant, or perhaps math-shy. What it's about, is that there are basic things that a writer may know about, from common sense and experience, for which harping on the numbers may interfere with the writing of the post. What I've seen on posts on other sites is so much concentrating on stats that are obtained for any little thing via a quick look up on google/bing/duckduckgo.

The problem is that often the assumptions of these statistics must really be understood, or apples-to-oranges comparisons come about. Yet plenty of people now will do that quick search on any subject that they may know little if anything about, and think they have a definitive answer. Endless arguments ensue about which numbers are right. This is why, unless it's critical to the post, or the post is technical (like those old exercise machine posts), we often will polemicize without backing numbers for every little observation.

Since there was the discussion on the demographic changes in Minneapolis, I will drop in 3 graphs here. This is the near-current condition (2017):

(Unfortunately, unlike the (mostly bar-)graphs that blogger Audacious Epigone displays and discusses almost daily, Peak Stupidity does not, in general, make our own graphs. We can't have the appropriate color-coordinated ones that he does a nice job with. You've got to keep going back-and-forth to the legend with most of these graphs you find - I chalk up the extra headache to Political Correctness, of course.)

See that almost 18% sector made of, what Key Lime? This was in '17, mind you. As Ganderson and others let us know about 2 kinds of immigration, domestic out of Chicago, etc, along with the other-side-of-the-freakin' world kind, we can't expect this proportion to go anything but up. We all probably know about white demographics. (If not see "Western World committing demographic sooeee-cide" - - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.)

I had a hard time, in the 10 minutes I allotted until frustration set in, finding demographic history for the Twin Cities area itself, but instead I did find an excellent 31 page .pdf file (here) from the Minnesota State Demographic Center with great simple graphical data for the State. (It does have at least one graphic on Hennepin County.)*

From that source, here is what all we really need with regard to the riots. The darkest line is for the Twin Cities.

Yes, sometimes a blind duckducker finds a nut. Mr. Ganderson relates that Minneapolis had its riots in the 1960s when, who didn't, after all? I don't dispute it. They had to have gotten every lunch counter clerk and barber around to come out though, as this graphs shows something like a 2% black population there. Here's a graph of the metro area population:

In 1965, with 1 1/2 million people in the area, I guess you could still get a good riot up with 1/10 of all the black population - say 3 thousand people. Now, with a 18% proportion of nearly 3 million people in the area , 1% of the black population "turning out" would still get you nearly 5 thousand. They're a much better area to host a riot now, those Twin Cities are!

ADDENDUM: See this post was rushed earlier, and here's that a bit of that apples-to-oranges part. Upon noting that the 2nd graph has % "People of Color", not just black people as its value, yet 24% vs. the 18% for near the current year that I used, it makes one wonder about the difference. After all, the pie chart has another over 22% more POC (Hispanic, Asian, American Indians and 2+ races, I guess)! However, Hispanic is not a race we are told, and we hear tell of white ones and black ones. This is where one throws up one's hands, as even if they were all white, the 24% POC from the line graph minus the 18% black in the pie chart doesn't equal those 11.4% of the other 3. But, then the pie graph may be for the city of Minneapolis proper (kinda likely, I think), while the line graph tells you the population in question for each of the 3.

So unless one wants to get really into it, and spend 1/2 to a full day on these posts learning stuff that one doesn't necessarily care to learn the details about, it's all kind of rough numbers. I'm in this neither to write a Master's Thesis in Sociology that will get rejected due to racism nor to make a Ron Unz type 20 single-spaced page article. That's why I round off a lot. Suffice it to say, the black proportion of the population of the general area has got to be near 10 x what it was in the mid-1960s.

* If a reader has the time to go into the MN State Demo Center site itself, he may very well be able to find some good interactive graphs to produce all kinds of great stuff. See page 26, in which it's obvious one can at least select by county. I'm just out of time for right

[UPDATED 05/29:]
Had to go quickly and had looked at the last graph too quickly. There were 1 1/2 million, not 1 million in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area in 1965, per the graph, so that'd be in the ballpark of 3-4 thousand coming out if 1 in 10 black people did. That's a BIG number, the 1 in 10, as most people are decent.

Added a link to that .pdf too.

Added last 2 paragraphs - ADDENDUM.

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Snow Town is now Bro Town

Posted On: Thursday - May 28th 2020 3:03PM MST
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There used to be a joke that this title would invalidate, but it would be giving too much away for me to tell it with enough explanation. That's tough on me, not being able to tell a joke.

Lots of folks out in old Snow Town. Some just want to get on a TV.:

There are riots going on in Minneapolis, Minnesota - no, that is NOT the joke. It could have been the start of a joke right up through, what 2000, even? The reader can look up numbers and should feel free to chime in, but Peak Stupidity doesn't feel a need to give numbers unless it's about something for which numbers could prove the point either way. We are also not a news site so didn't feel the need to post about this.

We normally wouldn't have noted this riot, as you all can get the news, but I did want to point out, as I did in a footnote on the previous post, that this conflict between the staid upper midwestern Snowflakes* is one foreseen long ago by Peak Stupidity. Those web pages again are, got a pencil and paper, 888- ..., no, A taste of Somalia - 2: Minnegadishu and Minnegadishu and Mary Tyler Moore , and another couple of oldies, Nice and Stupid DO NOT MIX, people! and Minnesota Nice, terrorists, and the Security State

I'll link to the current Steve Sailer post on this riot, called Minneapolis Before Diversity and Undocumented Shoppers . Nice title! He's got that same Mary Tyler Moore intro/theme embedded as my year-and-a-half-ago "Minnegadishu and MTM" one linked to above. Yes, Steve may be officially over his Kung Flu episode and back to his usual self. That makes me happy. The comments are top notch, as usual.

Commenter Trinity has a great comment that displays very much the same attitude of a tight balance between schadenfreude and understanding for the (former, now) snowflakes of Minneapolis that I've got. Come to think of it, Peak Stupidity discussed this same thing, regarding Europeans (likely, former) disdain for Americans' purported racism in "At least he made the trains run on time!". Here's Peak Stupidity's take first, excerpted from that post:
What would bug me is the arrogant attitude that many had about things that they could not understand. American white people had put up with a lot and tried a lot of things to help, and to get along with, black people over the last 50, but arguably 165, years. Not much has worked. Yet, you'd hear from English, French, or German visitors (or talk to them on that trip overseas) that "your country is great, but what's the deal with all that racism stuff?" "Why do you have all those deplorable racists treating black people so mean?" It came often in with the English condescension (because, just with that accent, they SOUND smarter!), the French snootyness (nose in the air - "you ave to treat zeeez people nicer, like we would in Fronce") or the German air of authority ("We haff no Nazis now. You are zee racists.)

I kind of wonder what some of these, now middle-aged, volks haff to ... [Stop that! - Ed] say about the situation, now that they have a large unassimilable crowd of un-like people in their midst. Would they think back to their words of yesteryear and understand they were wrong? Maybe they would tell me that their situation is different, that these Moslems and blacks in Europe are just not assimilated yet, but in America we are still just racists, sticking to the narrative. I don't know, but it's another case of schadenfreude for me, as some of them must be wondering if their situation matches large portions of American cities, and I'd like to head over there just for a quick "I told you so".
Here's Trinity's comment:
As much as I can’t help but feel angry at the “race experts” who lived in cities like Minneapolis, or in states like Maine, Vermont, Wisconsin, and even the more diverse city of Boston, I have to FORCE myself not to hope they don’t have to go through the same thing as I and other kids in the Deep South had to go through. Of course, HYPOCRITICAL Boston “liberals” who were one of the most VOCAL CRITICS of Southerners back in the day for segregated schools received their payback when good ole Boston experienced FORCED BUSING in 1975. The good white people of Boston weren’t so enthusiastic about integrated schools when it came to their children, I guess they felt that their kids were better than white Southerners and the same rules they helped push on white Southerners shouldn’t apply to them. The white people in Boston rioted when it was time to send their white children to school with the negro. No matter what though, Georgia is one of the BLACKEST STATES out there at about 32% Black, so even though Boston had to go through with integrated schools, they NEVER had the same experience of those living in the Black Belt of America. I have to laugh when some “race expert” like author Stephen King, a life long resident of Maine, talks about race issues and White “racism” in his books of fiction. Hey Stephen, come on down to Atlanta,Georgia and I will show you Black racism at its finest.
Thanks, Trinity! Yep, you hate to see it, because this influx is ruining these States. However, I guess they** won't be ragging on the South anymore, huh?

Yeah, "riots in Minneapolis", and they don't mean that little brewhaha a while back where Olaff and Helmur raised their voices when Olga's Market ran out of Lutefish that time. When DID the black population of Minneapolis get big enough to support a riot? It couldn't have been more than 20 years ago that they would have needed volunteers to help those few nice black boys lift those TVs out of the broken store windows. "Careful, fellers, dooon't hurt cherselves. It looks like you have a boo-boo, young man - I'll get over to Amundsen's drug store and fetch you a band-aid for that." "Such NICE young men!"

* I'm not at all trying to say that all the people of the northern Plains are snowflakes. I'm just pointing to the huge numbers of them that are the way they are (ha! shades of Mary Tyler Moore to Lou Grant: "You know how you are." How'd I remember that?!). These are the ones who are getting a rude awakening up there in Snow Bro Town today.

** Same thing, not all the good folks of the northern Plains, just the kind that would have called Southerners names, nicely though, of course... you betcha'.

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Give Trump a break!

Posted On: Thursday - May 28th 2020 1:03PM MST
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As commenter Ganderson pointed out in the comments under the last post, whaddya gonna do, vote against Donald Trump? Nope, there are 6 months left for some amazing Libertarian/Constitutional/Conservative dude to come out of nowhere, be featured all over the media (pshaawww!) and give us another selection. Not ... agonna .. happen.

In Trump's defense, even in the last post that was fairly critical of the guy, I noted that, in the current political and social climate, there'd probably be lots of the same stupidity out of the other guy. Of course, with all the support and breaks he'd get in the Lyin' Press, there wouldn't be that animosity that continuously weights on Trump, and we wouldn't hear about 1/2 of what went on (the stupid part, that is). In our case, 3 1/3 years back, with the alternative of the Hildabeast, we'd have lots more to worry about than her statewomenship. (Many say she is the AntiChrist, while the rest of us say that's not a sure thing.)

VDare has a number of writers, "Federale" and "Washington Watcher II", for example, who report on US Gov't policy details and inner happenings within the agencies that are responsible for immigration. These guys know what's really going on, hence their use of pseudonyms.

Federale, whose articles we have discussed before (see Federale on the Illegals and Federale of VDare - more on putting the scare on the illegal aliens. ) has a post about some more making use of this Kung Flu Panic-Fest by the Trump crew to block yet another way foreigners, mostly Chinese "students" from staying and taking Americans' technical jobs. The word "student" is in quotes, because this is officially some kind of training deal, called "Optional Practical Training". I'll let the Federale* explain:
The Trump Administration, at least the few remaining patriots, is attempting to end the most egregious scheme to subsidize the tyrants at Big Tech, the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, where foreign students in the United States on an F-1 Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV) are authorized employment and whose employers do not pay various payroll taxes, like Social Security and Medicare deductions.

Under the George Bush Administration, the once minor OPT program, limited to foreign students, usually upperclassmen, while enrolled in classes, was expanded to renewable two and three year periods after graduation. It is now a gateway for Big Tech to transition these low wage workers into H-1B NIVs and maintain them in a helot-like class of employers who are ever dependent on their employers for eventual sponsorship for legal permanent residence.

Just another way to take advantage of little short-bus-riding Uncle Sam:

Here's another section of this article. (I'm writing more about Trump's worth/worthlessness here, but read the rest of the article for more info.)
As usual, the fake news reporters don’t understand the issue, presenting this as “women and immigrants hardest hit” theme of the press’ war on immigration enforcement. The issue of CPT is not even mentioned. Are journalists completely ignorant of the subjects they cover? They say it is about protecting Americans from the China Flu, but that is not correct. It is about the 30 million unemployed in the United States. But the pointy head intellectuals just whine about muh racisms.

There have been VDare articles on both the good guys and the bad guys that are entrenched within the US immigration bureaucracy. Some of the details on the good guys show that word has come down to work under the radar to block some of the egregious things that have been keeping this immigration invasion going for 50 years. There's no doubt that the beneficial little government policy details that VDare insiders report on would not be happening were Trump (or someone we have not heard from yet) President.

Are all these little things adding up to anything? I think it's way too little and too late. Sure, if Trump gets re-elected rather than Joe Biden, we'll have 4 more years to ... well, what? Just work on these tiny details under behind scenes? Trump will be lucky to get re-elected for the very reason that, having not turned this invasion around quickly, with extreme prejudice, multiple millions of new D-squad voters are HERE. You've likely read about the State of Virginia, formerly a part of the Conservative South, that is now getting more gun-control. Sure, as we've written stand-up Sheriffs from around the State will not enforce it. That's good to hear, but the assault by the left that won't quit would not be happening at all but for the massive immigration into that State. What happens once you're politically outnumbered 3 to 1? You're gonna have to leave at some point.

Immigration is THE existential issue, and with it not being taken care of as a top level strategy, with numbers to prove it, I can't give Trump too much credit.

The hope of many VDare writers and readers has been that perhaps it's the behind-the-scenes, out-of-the-limelight work that is Trump's way of getting things done. They are glass-half-full, or "country-still-half-empty" kind of people. Here's another opinion by an on-the-ball anonymous iSteve commenter** regarding an only slightly different scam:

My money says he’s never going to go through with this. Trump has rarely followed through on his immigration threats:
– Canceling of DACA and DAPA: they’re still all in the country
– Cancelling of temporary protection status for people from Haiti: they’re still all in the country
– Banning Muslim immigration and refugees: they’re still coming in, now through the Southern border
– Ending illegal immigration: until coronavirus, they were still coming in by the thousands each day
– EO on Birthright Citizenship: where is it? Still not seen.
– EO to ban H4b visa (work permit for H1b spouses): Where is it? Still not seen.
– EO to end OPT and H1B due to coronavirus unemployment: Where is it? They’re still being hired, even in government jobs.
– The Wall: Where is it? Still waiting.

This latest threat of yanking Chinese grad student visas will be just that, yet another empty threat. If he really wants to do it, he would’ve done it by now. By talking about it, he’s just giving the left (in this case the universities) a chance to cry foul and talk him out of something he wasn’t going to do in the first place.

He’s just a lying POS when it comes to immigration. Whatever he says about immigration these days, just roll your eyes and say “whatever”, it’ll never get done.
See, now this is the glass is half near empty, or "the country is near full" view. I'd like to keep some hope, as the good VDare folks do, but can you argue with the guy above?

[Hey, wait, this post was supposed to give Trump a break - Ed] I don't wanna talk about it. This is the post, and we've stickin' to it!

* I know, I know, don't tell me. You've got Willie and Merle in your head, singing "All the Federales say, we could have had him any day..." We got that!

** Yeah, I broke down and started reading some posts there again - it's been most of a week. I had to refrain myself from commenting, as the last two posts were in Peak Stupidity's wheelhouse - we did the Mary Tyler Moore in old white Minneapolis (before it was renamed Minnegadishu) thing long ago - see A taste of Somalia - 2: Minnegadishu and Minnegadishu and Mary Tyler Moore . The post before that, on Tom Cotten's call for curtailment of Chinese science/engineering students is something we just got done posting about! Synchronicity, and yeah, I still like the guy, especially since he's off the Kung Flu hysteria for the time being.

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Reaganesque Presidential Statesmanship vs. Clown Act Donald Trump

Posted On: Wednesday - May 27th 2020 7:34PM MST
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  Trump  Media Stupidity  Americans  Dead/Ex- Presidents

In late November through mid December of '18, Peak Stupidity had 4 posts with the theme Ronnie vs Donnie, comparing the current President to former President Ronald Reagan. (See Intro., The Personalities, Foreign Policy, Domestic Policy, and Conclusion. The picture above is from that series of posts.) Well, listen, Trump started it, with the statement "I Blow Ronald Reagan Away". From the "Conclusion" linked-to above:
In conclusion, No, President Trump, you do not "blow President Reagan away". As of right now, President Reagan still blows you clean out of the water!
Peak Stupidity's opinion has not changed on this over the last 1 1/2 years.

Ann Coulter's latest column, Quarantine Game! The Kim Jong Joe Plan is more about Joe Biden and the Blue Squad's election plans than about Mr. Trump. However, the middle 3rd of her column, excerpted in its entirety, rags on the clown world that is the Trump Administration:
Lest we forget, in Donald Trump the Democrats have a man [partial list] …

* who got into office and, the moment two people raised an objection to his fulfilling his campaign promises, said, OK, never mind! I’ll just tell my supporters I did it;

* who is more likely to adopt policy proposals from Kim Kardashian than the Angel Moms;

* who claimed to support gun rights, then mocked the NRA from the White House, while calling for absurd gun control measures (“take the guns first, go through due process second”);

* who won the presidency with zero Wall Street money, then immediately turned the keys of the kingdom over to Wall Street;

* who thinks his daughter, whose only skill is designing shoes (allegedly), is the perfect person to sit at a table with world leaders, including the German chancellor and British prime minister;

* who brings a special counsel on himself by going on Lester Holt’s show and seemingly announcing it was his decision to fire the FBI director because of the Russia investigation—then blames Jeff Sessions;

* who created a fake Time magazine cover featuring himself to hang on the walls of his golf clubs (“DONALD TRUMP: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!”);

* who tweets Michael Moore conspiracy theories about Joe Scarborough killing his intern;

who is a very coarse and vulgar person—which could all be forgiven if only he had the little voice in his head that said No, I owe these people. I promised them. I’ll pick up the phone and call congressional Republicans.
Miss Coulter doesn't exaggerate here either. Her last paragraph is just what I was thinking: Were the President getting a lot done for us,as in putting a serious dent in immigration and pushing serious law to dent it further and bringing American soldiers, sailors, and airmen back home from all over the world, I wouldn't care about any of the silly stuff that comes out of his mouth and the silly behavior described above. He might still be something of a clown to me, but he'd be a lovable clown, not this embarrassing clown I voted for.

The stupidity of President Trump, seen by the world daily or read in tweets hourly, is a far cry from the statesmanship of a Ronald Reagan. It is such a far cry that the President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho Administratioon seen in Idiocracy seems not 486 years away, but more like 15 or 20.

Peak Stupidity is a fan of the Conservative/Libertarian President Reagan (OK, most of the time), but we don't think him a Saint. It's also not like we feel statesmanship and aplomb is more important than honesty and integrity in a President - see A good trait of Americans in praise (to some degree) of Jimmy Carter.

It's not like former Presidents haven't made a few stupid gaffes. (That throwing up on the Japanese official by George H.W. Bush way back was one of my favorites.) It's not like they didn't change their mind on important issues once in a while, often as a part of normal politics. They all lie to some degree - sometimes it's pretty much required by diplomacy, other times probably demanded by the Deep State, and other times just flat-out Clinton-esque lying to fool the public, sometimes just out of habit! The stupidity level is just so high now. There is nothing resembling the calm statesmanship displayed arguably right up through Bill Clinton and even Øb☭ma, I hate to say.

The level of speech and level of stupidity on display should not just be put on the shoulders of Donald Trump. He often responds to stupidity with his own stupidity. So there! Were someone else in office at this time in American history, I think there would be a lot of the same. I blame a good deal of this on twitter, but not all.

Americans have not been very selective. That's due, of course, to the fact that they are offered a poor selection to start with via the lens of the Lyin' Press, which is full of folks that would fit in very well in the world of the Camacho Administration. You get a guy like Paul Tsongas back in '92, or a Ron Paul in '12, who tries to explain the roots of problems in a calm manner with a few big words, and the Lyin' Press doesn't know what to make of him. They can't sit still for that long.

It's shameful to think of what the world sees of this lack of statesmanship, and, basically, a clown show by the Trump Administration. Again, Ann Coulter and I wouldn't care if the man got stuff done though.

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It's another beautiful day in the leafy neighborhood ...

Posted On: Wednesday - May 27th 2020 11:59AM MST
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.... but still, do we really want a trolley stop here?

This is a follow-up to the post on Monday regarding neighborhood worries about a possible sizable number of new residents coming.

The meeting was held that evening, virtually, from our in-place shelters. There were a lot of people there on zoom, well more than would normally come to this city council meeting. The developer had his say and then the head of the group opposed, NIMFY-central, had his, being head because this project is to be really damn close to his Front yard.

The comments and questions started off on the topic of traffic. That will be a problem for those nearby, but for many of the meeting participants, it would not be. They still spoke up about this, but was it just another additional objection to fill-in for the real objection in their hearts? That is, who will these people be? I'm not sure.

To get at the answer, attendees asked questions about the cost of these units to the developer, who started out with a higher number than he ended up (with his "oops, correction") later on. Regarding the businesses to be built, the questions were about what kind of businesses. "Now if you were going to have an ABC (I truly can't remember what ABC was), then that might be OK, but a Taco Bell may attract the wrong demographics." "Demographics", now that's a pretty un-PC way of putting it, for this day and age. The same word had been used during the questions about the units' pricing. The term "Section 8" was used twice, by two brave souls.

I wish I could remember right now the other term that was used, but that and "demographics" were the best people could do in relating their worries that there may be just too many black dudes at some point roaming through the neighborhood, traffic or no traffic. Some may not have even been thinking this, being naive or having had their minds set right already. Still, I imagine that this talk, including one specific guy mentioning the possibility of a low occupancy rate, therefore lower pricing and that specter of Section 8 residents, was enough to get the worries out in the open. All this beat hell out of the silliness that I'd heard on the phone from the nice lady who was also in on the on-line meeting.

This ain't 1955. It's not just that you can't live the way you want, you can't even say the way you want to live anymore. This ain't Mr. Rogers' neighborhood, and there isn't one in America anymore. We don't want the trolley coming through here, and we're not begging anyone to please be our neighbors anymore*. Mr. Rogers is dead. America has grown up, lost many fights with some bad dudes, and lost its youthful innocence of fundamental property rights and peaceful unified existence.

* Other than the kids, such as my boy who figured his friend's Dad could up and buy the house next door, so they could hang out more.

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Whiskey Rock a Roller - Nuthin' Fancy

Posted On: Tuesday - May 26th 2020 8:33PM MST
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  Music  Southern rock

Searching up another Skynyrd video today got me to this live version of Whiskey Rock a Roller from April 27th of 1975 at the Winterland Arena in San Francisco, California. What great band DIDN'T play there?

This song was from these Southern Rock legend's 3rd album, Nuthin' Fancy. The thing about that album is that, of all the great Skynyrd songs, there aren't but 3 songs out of 8 that I know. The first song, Saturday Night Special was a great song, as again, the lyrics don't matter that much. However, they matter a little, and there was a Southern Rock band, in 1975 no less, bad-mouthing guns?! You gotta wonder.

At least in this song about playing in a traveling band, the singer doesn't piss and moan about the whole deal, Bob Seger-like - see the paragraph about his Turn the Page in our post Rock & Roll Never Forgets. That post was about songs about playing rock on the road, and though we mentioned Lynyrd Skynyrd's What's your Name?, we forgot this one here:

The band:

Ronnie Van Zant – lead vocals
Gary Rossington – guitar
Allen Collins – guitar
Ed King – guitar
Leon Wilkeson – bass guitar
Artimus Pyle – drums, percussion
Billy Powell – keyboards

Guitarist Ed King, seen in the video, left Lynyrd Skynyrd in the middle of the tour after this album. He was replaced by Steve Gaines.

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America, let's have a cease-fire in getting taken advantage of.

Posted On: Tuesday - May 26th 2020 7:59PM MST
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  The Russians  University  China  Americans  World Political Stupidity

First of all, Pat Buchanan, you foreign-policy-analyzing bastard, you stole my thunder! I had this post thought out early this morning, as I replied to commenter Hail under the previous post on the Confucius Centers. In the afternoon I read Mr. Buchanan's current column on America v China. His last part especially was right on point with my thoughts.

There's a yellow-star commenter on the unz website goes by the name of AnonFromTN. If you're not familiar with the unz site very well, there are only a few of these "special " commenters that Mr. Unz designated with a yellow star starting 1/2 a year or so ago. Bully on them all, but I will say that 1/2 of the few I've read lean heavily on the anti-all-things-American side, making them great fits in conversations with ... Ron Unz.

I'm trying not to write this as some backstabbing gossip, as most of what I'm trying to bring up here is from conversation directly with Mr. AnonFromTN regarding the subject of this post, so we've been through it. However, for background, I'll mention that, while getting waylaid a few times onto pockets of that anti-all-things-Americanism that is a majority of the unz site, I've seen that this commenter leans that way too. Still he writes very reasonably, and therefore our conversation (in the neighborhood of a year back) was mostly civil, and, in fact, I think I got the guy to at least understand my point.

Here was AnonFromTN's (the "TN" is Tennessee, as you'd think) opinion: Since he works as a researcher in some bio-medical or chemical type field at a university in Tennessee, he noticed and praised the fact that almost all his fellow researchers and/or grad students were foreigners. His opinion was that doing high-level research work was something that Americans not just wouldn't, but couldn't do!

Yeah, now the guy is from Russia*, but came to America in 1992 (if I recall correctly), so he either started research then or afterwards at that Tennessee university. I guess that's all he knows, that university science and engineering grad schools are to be full of foreigners. It's not what I know. I've been there (more on this shortly). If Mr. ForeignerFromTN had been in that grad school 10 years earlier, he'd have seen mostly Americans doing quite well at science and engineering research, and, oh yeah, the undergraduate students paying (much less!) tuition could understand what they hell they were saying when they taught class!

Our on-line conversation went back and forth, and he admitted some dozen posts later that, no, he wasn't there, so maybe I could have been right about this.

This post was to be about China though. In the early 1980s, a group of mainland Chinese from some town with "x"'s and "iao"'s in it's name came to the university. There were 12 of them, and it was a BIG DEAL Other than the Chinatowns in San Fran. and New York, and assorted assimilated Chinese Americans, most of who had (or their ancestors) come from Taiwan or Hong Kong you didn't just see Chinese people all over. This group was from the "mainland". In a matter of 10-20 years, they'd taken over the graduate schools. (Not those same 12 guys, of course!)

Peak Stupidity wrote the post Chinese students at the American Universities almost 3 years ago, but that one was more about the undergraduate foreign student (in this case, Chinese) scam. At the higher level, American universities have had no problem just letting foreigners take over. There's no thought whatsoever given to what the heck the purpose of forming these universities was to begin with. There's no thought given by the school's admins and admissions people to the security issues with both trade and military secrets. The same seems to go for the future place of employment for these Chinese foreigners (a big fraction stay here), as diversity trumps national security, I guess.

I believe it's Americans' long period of security and prosperity that has allowed "us" to get so complacent as to voluntarily let the country get taken advantage of like this. As I wrote yesterday, the ridiculously unfair (to US) trade deals worked out since the mid-1990s are the worst of it, in terms of damage to the country, but the giving away of the technology and loss of American human capital at the universities is a close 2nd in this race of stupidity vs. stupidity.

I mean, we know a Chinese woman who just went home (the long way, but more in a sec.) from a stint at being a visiting scholar. OK, OK, it's good to share knowledge - maybe our students and profs can learn from her. But, but... she was a visiting scholar specializing in ENGLISH! What in the hell do we have to learn from her? What does she have to learn from us, that she can't pay $100 for a hack in China for Rosetta Stone and learn better? Nope, it was a paid learning vacation for her, but of no benefit to America,.

This Kung Flu Panic-fest, with it's China connection, may have another silver lining regarding our relationship with China: It seems that Americans are learning now just how much we've been letting ourselves get taken advantage of. The current estrangement between our nations will hopefully not result in anything much worse, but, in the meantime, this cut-off of direct travel may be helpful. Let the graduate students make their way home, albeit the long way (to the American hub, then Paris, then Shanghai for a 2 week quarantine on her own money, then home, was the route for our aquaintance) at a high cost (5 Large American, haha, tough titties!)

The news I've gotten is that the Chinese government is being very very tight now about renewing or issuing new passports to Chinese citizens. I'm not sure of the reason, but it's not a bad thing. They've gotten their chance to travel around the world, as Peak Stupidity documented a bit in The Ugly Chinaman. Let's just not go at it so hot and heavy for a while. "We need our space. It's not you, it's us."

Now I'll put the link in to Pat Buchanan's column, China's Jinping Takes Up the US Challenge , as I wanted people to read my post before Pat Buchanan steals my thunder. It's one of his best, but please read it thoroughly - much of his writing sounds at first like Neoconnery, until you get to his conclusion. Regarding the Chinese, American universities, and getting taken advantage of, here's the last part that was what I'd wanted to write (BTW, I still need to write more on this in another post - this one digressed so much I couldn't use my original title!):
The Chinese have stolen our intellectual property, coerced technology transfers from our businesses and sent spies posing as students into our universities to thieve our secrets.

Meanwhile, we allowed ourselves to become dependent on China for medicines and drugs vital to the health and the survival of millions of Americans.

Who did this to us? We did it to ourselves.
Right you are, Pat! I'll have to point out the great thoughts in the rest of this column another time.

Next, up (original title for this one): "Acting like they own the place".

* This brings up another real problem I have with Ron Unz and 1/2 his site. For whatever reason, he's got this big Go-Russia contingent - writers and commenters - who HATE the US in all ways. Now, as the reader may know, Peak Stupidity understands that Russia since 1990 IS NOT the USSR! We get that and we wish the best for the place. However, we are supposedly all Americans here. This AnonFromRussia ought to use that handle. He's been here almost 3 decades and Ron "Unz" (sounds Russian, but I dunno) has been in California since, like forever. What does it really take for people to assimilate, ungrateful mofos that they are?!

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Mr. Confucius, are you, or have you ever been, a Communist?

Posted On: Monday - May 25th 2020 8:15PM MST
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Confucius say "man who follow Renin, I imagine soon have no possession."

Peak Stupidity took a lighthearted look into the philosophy of this man they called Confucius. early on, after our first month of blogging. The real confucion with the the philosophy came about due to confucion with a different Confucius, one Mr. Bill Confucius of Paducah, Kentucky, not out of Qufu, Shandong. As usual the mistake can be blamed on an intern, whom there's no point in firing, due to he doesn't get paid anyway.

Upon surfing the Instapundit site, an old habit come back to me due to my working on my addiction, I came across a video from Fox News, in this article regarding the Confucius Institutes. I've dealt just a small bit with one nearby a long ways back due to some interest in their teaching of Chinese. Per the map below, they are everywhere, man:

The images is slightly cut-off to fit, but I'll just tell you there is no Confucius Center in Antarctica ... not yet.)

This organization has been advertised to be about spreading Chinese culture and language around, especially to those Chinese who are abroad. It's true that lots of Chinese kids born to Chinese parents in America don't speak, much less read, a lot of Chinese. If you know how exceedingly stupid the Chinese written language is, you could understand why (see On the Chinese Language .. and some music from Asia Aja for more). These offices sponsor and hold language classes for kids and adults.

That sounds like blatant imperialism, but, really, what's wrong with that? After all, the money comes from China. That's a relief! You expected it was all paid for by Uncle Sam, as I would have, didn't you? Uncle Sam is a real sucker sometimes... OK, a LOT.

Till now, I'd thought of it as like that Shen Yun deal, weird to have so much of that around, but generally harmless. However, per the Fox News guest in the clip below, this Confucius Institute is nothing but an arm of the Chinese Communist Party back home. Now, granted, that doesn't mean the students or anyone associated with the local branches are dirty stinking Commies, but that's because they dress nicely now:

Diversity for thee, but not for wei.

(I notice they are using green, not red. Clever!)

There is both industrial and military spying involved, something Peak Stupidity has re-reported on (VDare origins) before - see ICE jails Chinese Spy Si Chen and Current-Era Espionage and Immigration, for these examples.

Though relations continuously got better and better between America and China from, say, 1980 onward (it helped immensely to have Mao deep-sixed a few years already) through the last few years, Uncle Sam the Sucker has let the Chinese push harder and harder. The trade deals were the worst of it, but the shenanigans at American universities come in a close 2nd.

I've written before that I get along pretty well with the Chinese people. Most of them, even with that seemingly-nutty-to-us Middle-Kingdom-uber-alles attitude, are just hard-working, intelligent people, not up to no good. This Kung Flu madness, and the soured relations that have followed, could help in toning down the Chinese cultural invasion a bit. Some of these Confucius Centers are being shut down. The Chinese people at those particularly universities are likely too busy studying to give a damn.

As for the man Confucius himself, silly sayings aside, he was much too wise to have fallen for anything as utterly stupid as Communism.

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It's a Beautiful Day in the Leafy Neighborhood.

Posted On: Monday - May 25th 2020 11:19AM MST
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This post comes out of nowhere. It wasn't something on the back burner, doesn't relate to the Kung Flu or associated Panic-Fest, but "once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places, if you look at it right", or something like that.

In local goings-on, there is a brewing brew-haha regarding a big building of apartments, maybe condos, that is being planned for a nearby lot. As a Libertarian, zoning rules and all that are not something that I get fully behind. In fact, there was already a project that cost me a loss of value in which the developer ignored zoning rules. I had figured "hey, it's his land", but I kind of regret that. In this case, for the people close by, the exception to the zoning rules which the developers desire will enable this building to be a real shit-show for the neighborhood.

Artist's envisionment:

(This is not this particular one in question, but they all seen to look like this now.)

In support of the efforts of a nice lady whom I know from the kid's school, I made a call to her, both to point her to someone I know who might be able to give extra help and expertise, and to let her know I'll be "attending" a meeting. No, we can't really attend in person, which is not at all the same thing, when people are riled up -is that another (un?)intended consequence of all the Corona Panic LOCKDOWN stuff? It does indeed put a damper on public protest if one can be arrested just for being somewhere as part of a crowd.("Three's a crowd", that saying went, or that's what you'll hear in court. That is, if you are not one of the approved crowds.)

That Corona-digression over with, I'll add that we talked nicely for a couple of minutes about this thing. There will be a real problem with traffic, but the main concern for anyone who has any imagination is that the neighborhood will be changed if this building goes up. That means a lot of things, and this lady lives closer than I do, hence her work in putting out flyers, sending emails, etc.

A thing I mentioned was that, even the builders ought to have second thoughts the way the market is going. Many hundreds, maybe close to a thousand, by my count, apartment units have been build recently for university students not too far away. These places cost a pretty penny to rent, about $1,000/month-student. These students will go back to school in the fall, but many of the classes will be remote, the semester will be shortened, and I just don't think everyone will come back.

"They may have a hard time renting the places out, or selling them, the way things are going right now. Then, guess what, they will lower the prices and they'll be a bunch of black guys around." Yes, I said it just like this, or as best as I can recall. Keep in mind, this lady has young kids, 3 of them. Our neighborhood is what you would call a "leafy neighborhood". In Steve Sailer talk (gotta still love the guy), that means almost no black people. Yes, there are trees that drop leaves too, BTW... too damn many sometimes!

Now, the lady could have been understandably a little taken aback, but I said this to drive the point home - this may be coming. She could have said the usual things like "well, it's not about race, but we don't want any irresponsible people ... blah, blah ... or "I wouldn't put it like that, but yeah, I see what you're saying ...." or "Well, that's not nice", even. She could have said a number of things that would not sound bad if word got back to the other PTO ladies (Parent Teacher Organization, formerly the PTA).

(See, this is how Peak Stupidity operates - we like to leave the reader in suspense for a while.)

I'll tell you what the lady said. This neighbor Mom of 3 said "I would LOVE to have black neighbors." I shit you not, readers. That is no paraphrase - that's what this perfectly intelligent parent said. That's what happens when you lie to yourself. You start lying to others too.

Maybe you've had plenty of decent black neighbors in the past. Hopefully you didn't have trouble from the young men of a certain age - the odds are not in your favor though. OK, they can beef up the police patrols. You can send your kids to a private school if it comes down to that. The only things stolen were a mower and a ladder, but nobody's broken in ... or anything ... yet. Listen lady, I could see as truthful thoughts, ones like "it worked out OK last time there were 2 houses on the block with black people. I could live with it." Sure, but "I would LOVE to have black neighbors"? The hell you would.

My possible envisionment:

I didn't say a word. My being lied to in that manner kind of surprised me. I wasn't going to set her straight on the phone. Were this place to get built, end up not filling up easily, and be 1/2 full of black families, and crime start to get out of hand, I am sure she would not say "I was wrong" as I walked by and saw the family loading up the moving van.

You can't solve problems, people, if you can't even tell the truth to yourselves.

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Collective Soul - Smashing Young Man

Posted On: Saturday - May 23rd 2020 8:09PM MST
In Topics: 

Got more immigration stupidity coming. It's been a while. Also, the Kung Flu will motivate a few posts next week, I'm sure. Then there's back-burner posts that need to come forward.

For tonight though, it's time for some good music.

As Peak Stupidity mentioned 3 years ago, the only time we've featured Atlanta band Collective Soul before, the time of their best music - mid-1990s - was after the time I made any effort to know new musicians names, who played what instrument, and what the song names and even album names were! I just know I had 3 CDs from this band that were all filled with a great sound.

That other post featured Collective Soul's song December, which, in keeping to my policy of not knowing much about the band, I knew as Baby, just spit me out. This one is called Smashing Young Man, and it's from the band's 2nd album which was self-titled.

Interestingly, wiki says that the lyrics were written "as an insult to Smashing Pumpkins lead singer, Billy Corgan, who accused Collective Soul of plagiarizing music.[citation needed]". Yeah, citation indeed. Who knows if someone is making this stuff up. Since I don't know, I'll side with Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, as I like their music even more.

Collective Soul:
Ed Roland – lead vocals, guitars, producer
Ross Childress – lead guitar, background vocals
Dean Roland – rhythm guitar
Will Turpin – bass, background vocals
Shane Evans – drums

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Steve Sailer and the Kung Flu Panic-Fest

Posted On: Saturday - May 23rd 2020 8:46AM MST
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From the blog 3 days back - still in Kung Flu Panic mode:

I have been a fan of Steve Sailer's iSteve blog, hosted on Ron Unz's Unz website for just as long*as Peak Stupidity has been in operation. One of our quick posts (the style back then) from the beginning of '17 was in fact, No, we don't worship Steve Sailer. Basically, Steve Sailer's material was almost always interesting, right in our wheelhouse, and half the posts here for a little while back then were taken from his ideas. Part of the idea still is that he reads the NY Times so we don't have to.

Over the last 3 months now, Mr. Sailer has written 75% of his material on the Kung Flu. It was not mostly about the ridiculous overblown reaction to it, or the excuse (what's new?) to blame white people on, well everything, though he's inserted a few posts to that effect. Mr. Sailer seemed personally worried about this latest bad flu, along with feeling the need to give advice of all sorts. There were posts galore about who's hoarding the face masks and PPE, what places to avoid, which State, city, or country is doing this or that. He did have lots of his, usually interesting, own speculation about the virus being spread by skiers and world travelers, which races, ethnic groups, and classes of people would get hit the most, and so on.

Then there were the posts that I really detested, on what WE should do, BY LAW, always. I never said that Mr. Sailer was any Libertarian man of principle (a Conservative of the alt-right who still agrees with Affirmative Action? C'mon, man!), and the words "US Constitution" never came readily off his typing fingers. This was getting ridiculous though. The guy likes to analyze the hell of out things, and each analysis would end up with a new suggestion, but not a suggestion to us, Americans who may or may not get the Kung Flu. No, the suggestions were to governments of all levels and high officials. I think WE should close this, limit this, and make this other thing mandatory. That was the spirit of Steve Sailer's writing for a couple of months.

There was nary a mention of having any limits to government. Even though a non-Libertarian, Mr. Sailer does come across as having respect for law and due process, etc. Why would he then be calling for all this overreach into the private lives of Americans? Because it was an EMERGENCY! Apparently. Steve Sailer fell hook, line, and sinker, for the Infotainment that has instigated this Panic-Fest, right from the get-go.

This is really shocking to me, and not in a Captain Renault fashion either. Here's a guy who has spent YEARS rightfully lambasting, denigrating, and embarrassing the Lyin' Press in this country. That is his bread & butter. (As I wrote above, he reads the stuff, and that includes the Washington Post, The Atlantic, and tweets out the ying-yang, so we don't have to. We can see how the enemy really thinks, and it's horrific.) I have agreed with Mr. Sailer 95% of the time over the years, as he's brought up the Media Stupidity and used his great insight and logic to bring this utter stupidity and maliciousness to light.

What made Mr. Sailer think that, hey, maybe this one time, all the spouting of the media and high government officials was all well thought-out, accurate, and right on the money?

As this Panic-Fest tails off from Peak Panic, which occurred arguably** the last week or two, Steve Sailer has seen new trends and writes accordingly. Much of this is a backing-off of all the couple of months worth of writing that implied that anyone not taking this Kung Flu as seriously as he would a heart attack is just an ignoramus. Let me include a reply of mine to one of his posts, the gist of which is, "hey, some people have been wrong about this. Here's what they are saying now. We'd all better pay attention." It was another post on, sigh, face masks from China.
Steve, I see you are slowly coming around to the (Ron Unz designated) “hoaxers” point of view. You have been much more civil in your posts, comments, and acceptance of differing views that the other guy just mentioned.

Isn’t it pretty damn obvious by now much of what the “hoaxers” have been noting and pointing out since this LOCKDOWN stuff started. I’m sorry, man, but didn’t you read some of your more illustrious commenters here … plus me? Do you believe those entrenched, special-interest lyin’-sacks-o-shit in the US Feral Gov’t over your own commenters?

Listen, you came up with that great bit of noticing on the telephoto shots that have been DELIBERATELY distorting (haha) the story of how crowded beaches, parks, etc. are. Many of us may have had a subconscious inkling about this, but you did a great service to those not in the know about photography by explicitly pointing this out, and mercilessly beating the point home.

OK, and you have been using 1/2 of your writing to lambast the fake narratives of the media, out of intention to deceive and out of stupidity, sometimes both, over the years. We appreciate your bringing to light all of these falsehoods from the NY Times, Washington Post, Atlantic, etc, as most of us don’t read these, but you can show us what the enemy is up to.

After all that, just what made you have this blind trust in both media and government just this one time, during this phony crisis? I don’t get it. Did you think they suddenly got their shit together because “we are all gonna die” or something?
Well, the latest backing-off of rectally-extracted "facts" about this Corona virus involves the change of heart about this thing's extreme longevity on, and ability to attack us from all kinds of surfaces ... days later! This writer has long thought that it was some highly-exaggerated BS - (see Kung Flu vs. VD from just over a month back). I have only been wiping things down when given extra wipes of all varieties at my work place just for the fun of it. I've taken no special considerations in not touching this or that, and only done some stupid shit with changing clothes in the shop and wearing a towel back into the house to take a shower based on my wife's worries. It's something I can put up with to humor her, but quarantining myself in an aircraft hangar for a week was OUT - there's no internet there, dammit!

Peak Stupidity just got done trashing that whole surface-contagion thing, a week back, in Six degrees from Kevin's Bacon . What I was especially pissed off about regarding Steve Sailer's moderation of comments*** was the moderation one of 2 comments directly mentioning this new "It's always been an Airborne War..." change in the government narrative. OK, one could say, "we all learned something". No, that's not the point. People (such as the bright Steve Sailer) should have already known 2 months ago not to listen to every piece of rectally-extracted advice and rulings from the Lyin' Press and government. My comment got held up for most of a day as Mr. Sailer then proceeded to have a post about the same subject, "NYT: We Have Always Been at War with East Aerosolsia!", which I noticed AFTER I wrote my paragraph on that in the Target-shopping post yesterday. Here's my comment from under his post CDC Finally Admits Touching Things Less Risky Than Talking to People , in it's entirety, with the inner italicized blockquote being an excerpt from iSteve:
… but it would have been better if stubbornness hadn’t kept the old ill-informed assumptions in place so long.
It’d have been even better if those ill-informed assumptions had never been seen as the word of God by everyone and his brother blogger to begin with.

Does this mean that the kids can at least play basketball with different balls but with the same rims and pavement? Should I put a call option* on my wipes portfolio.

* No, Jack D., I DON’T know what a call option is, but this is artistic license, so you don’t need to chime in. Thx.
(That footnote is about a very smart commenter named Jack D. He's a guy I really like, but he does tend to correct every little thing, and not write back during those infrequent instances when he was actually wrong.)

OK, look, I'm not trying to make this a 14-y/o schoolgirl-type spat here. It could be that the comments just got lost. Steve Sailer cannot really read every single comment from his readers throughly, especially during the times he posts 5 tor 8 things a day. I am glad he does get so many comments (and lots of readers, I'm sure), as that's why Ron Unz keeps him on his blog. He's a force for good in the world. It's frustrating, though, to communicate this way to a guy who just got swept away in this Panic-Fest and hasn't been giving any respect to the commenters who understand what's going on. As I wrote, who are you going to listen to, long-term commenters or idiots on TV?

Lately, Mr. Sailer has been backing off his "millions of us are going to die" or at least "WE'd better do this, that and the other thing, prontomundo, or millions of us are going to die" attitude as he sees the backtracking by the "official authorities". It's not like he can't think for himself very well, but some things, especially when you start with very uncertain numbers, can't be modeled and analyzed well, and Mr. Sailer just didn't use any of that perspective that he ought to have by now. Even in backing off, I don't read too much "I was wrong" in there, much less an apology.

Really, I don't think Steve Sailer owes anyone an apology, though. He's the blogger, and I could have skipped all the articles on contact contagion, wipes, Italy, ski slopes, NY City etc, etc, etc, instead of just most of them. (There'd have been not much else to read, for a while, and again, I like to read his stuff.) However, a few "I was wrong about this"'s WOULD be in order. I don't mean particularly (just as an example), "I was wrong about the virus spreading via surfaces, blah, blah..." He didn't know. How about "I was wrong to act like the words out of the CDC and the Lyin' Press are the Word of God and to tell the readers that WE MUST DO SOMETHING NOW - ALL OF US!"?

As I asked Mr. Sailer what happened to the moderated comments, I was told by a couple of the commenters (not the ones I really respect though) that I comment too often anyway. It's probably a good idea that I take it easy for a while on the commenting and reading there at unz. I started all that initially to get links in over to Peak Stupidity. It has mattered, I'm sure. I can see commenters from unz over here, and the server log data shows many clicks coming from that site. I can't interpret the data as well as I'd like too though.

Then, I got just plain hooked on commenting there (best commenting system I've seen too), sometimes to the detriment of writing here, even. (Often my comments there will induce a post idea here, though, also.) That is very addictive, and it's best I taper it off. I want to experiment and see how much that would affect visitis to Peak Stupidity. Perhaps I'll only comment under some of the weekly writers and
Audacious Epigone - he's a very good blogger with respect for, and good civil responses to, his commenters. His latest post, BTW, shows he's completely on the anti-panic side of the Kung Flu Gap. I wasn't completely sure about this until now. Also, my comments under A.E.'s posts go directly onto the site. Now that's the way ya' do it.

Readers, this is kind of a rant, but please don't take this as a just a bitch session about Mr. Sailer and his writings and treatment of the commenters. I want to point out here that even the best of us can be so overwhelmed with the Infotainment, that we break down and just LUV Big Brother's Big Narrative. I never was a part of this shit, and you can bet your whole Paypal account that I won't be in the future.

PS: This morning, before I wrote this rant, I could see that Mr. Sailer is back to his usual self, as far as his material goes. That's a good thing. I may lay off for now, but I'll likely be back.

* I'd read his blog elsewhere semi-regularly for some portions of time going way back, maybe 10-15 years ago, also.

** I like using that word "arguably", as it doesn't pin me down, and more importantly, it may bring us some comments with which others can do the arguing for me. Or else, there'll have to be another post - When did we reach Peak Panic?

*** For years, I was under the impression that, with the exception of comments that were just too SOMETHING (usually fair, too), comments would get moderated whenever Mr. Sailer was on his blogging time, basically awake. He's in California and is very apparently a late-night guy. I was used to that and only very occasionally (<1% of the time) had comments get stuck near a day. (It's really hard to communicate like that.)

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Targeted for Hysteria - Amended Addendum

Posted On: Friday - May 22nd 2020 7:25PM MST
In Topics: 
  Orwellian Stupidity  Healthcare Stupidity  Big-Biz Stupidity

New Miserable Experience

OK, this is basically Part 3 of anecdotes on the Kung Flu Panic-Fest response from and in the Target store nearest me. However, how do you follow an Addendum, the previous post? To keep it straight, I'll just refer to Part 1 and Part 2. Here we present another boot-on-the-spots report from the front lines of the War on Possibly-Living Things.

I had to return that extra baseball glove purchased as explained in Part 1, due to my not bringing the boy with me the first time due to some plague thing or what-have-you. As always, even before this Corona Terra, I like to get a bunch of things if I'm going. Shopping is not at all my thing. Get in, try not to forget more than 1 or 2 items, get the rest of the stuff, and get the hell out. Except for that I'd be wearing a mask again, due to the wife's severe worrying, I'd forgotten the infestation of stupidity that filled this Big-Biz Big Box store a week back.

In the words of the 1990s Gin Blossoms, this was a New Miserable Experience. The parking lot was normal. Nobody was spraying down the shopping buggies with 71% (not 68% or 75%, mind you!) alcohol this time. It has been determined by the experts in Washington FS that this virus is NOT transmitted easily from surface to surface, only Six Degrees from Kevin's Bacon. Anyone who told you this before was some ill-informed official in Washington FS, whose picture can no longer be found on the internet. This has ALWAYS been an airborne War on Possibly-Living Things!

As soon as I got in the store, though, the Orwellian stupidity of the place wafted toward my nostrils, I mean, through the mask and everything. Customers had various masks on, employees had various masks on, and their were weird stickers on the floor. I was told to go around this way to get in, but since I had already committed to going the more direct way, I ignored the masked individual (hard to tell sex without a pair of the new-again Daisy Duke shorts or a butt appropriate to that genre of apparel - more on this, without pictures - so sorry - cameras spread germs!).

Returning the baseball glove required me to make my way to the end of a stretched-out social distanced line. I had to remove the mask mostly to talk to the lady, explaining why I had to return this with a nice short rant about this ridiculous Panic-Fest. Yeah, there was plexiglass, but neither of us really respected it.

The mask had to come off again for me to ask employees for the current location of 2 items without being hard to understand, seeing as they had moved the stuff around. I hate it when stores do that, even in normal times. After 5-10 minutes I'd gotten what I'd wanted other than the one item I'd forgotten. (At least the "Did you find everything, OK?" bit is gone, with the Corporate script now being " ", due to, you know, germs, unless you screw up the social distancing rules, of course.)

People weren't all wearing masks, whatever store policy was. I didn't count, but I'd guess 25% of the customers did not. Every single one of the employees besides the black employees wore masks. ("Black" gets you out of all kinds of things, but I don't blame them this time.)

As for the customers, well, there was that college girl with the Daisy Duke shorts and the nicest rear-end you're gonna see in any Big Box (pun intended if that works) store, or really any other store. She was smiley, with no mask in sight. Then, along came her friends, most of them with tanned legs in shorts, excepting one whose yoga pants were trying to give the other 99% of the yoga-pant wearing women a good name - see Down with Yoga Pants. Yes, I'm married, and happy with it in average times, but one can still look at the folks in the check-out line. Anyway, none of them had masks. When you look like that, you just absolutely can't.

This one line of customers was stretched to the center of the store to get that 6ft, as occasionally commanded on the P/A system, along with those spots on the floor. I ignored the spots and followed a lady as normal. I lost sight of Daisy Duke as the line moved quickly and people got corralled toward various registers. I could imagine the place with about 5% of the variety and 25% of the amount of goods seeming just like the old USSR.

There was no problem with the cashier this time, as opposed to last week (see Part 1). He was a black guy who agreed with me that this whole thing was a ridiculous "hoax". (Remember, the customer is always right!).

Out the door I went, and into the pocket the mask went.

Of course, most of you readers go to the store, so what is the point here? I figure the situation may be different in different locations. I can tell you that nobody that I heard gave any guff to anyone not wearing a mask. You had your rightfully-worried older people, then your Moms or Mom-aged ladies who all seemed to be masked up and worried.

Hell, I never liked shopping to begin with.

Addendum to the Amended Addendum: This is weird. I saw 10 minutes ago that Steve Sailer has a post titled "NYT: We Have Always Been at War with East Aerosolsia!", matching in meaning that last line in our 3rd paragraph here. In Sailer's post, he presents a tweet that says officially that no, this virus doesn't spread easily from surfaces. Mr. Sailer held up a couple of my comments under a previous post for extra long, one of which was about exactly this subject. I hate to say it, but I'm kind of getting sick of the guy and his posts that half the commenters could have replied "no shit, Sherlock" to a month ago. We did try to tell him, but Mr. Sailer is presenting all this "no duh!" business as he backs off his hysterical stance on the Kung Flu. I'm gonna have to write more about this later - getting p/o'd.

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