The Romantics - What I Like About You

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I spent 10 minutes yesterday searching for this song erroneously as sung by "The Replacements", Paul Westerberg's old band. No, dammit, it was The Romantics, not "Replacements"!

From Detroit, Michigan, at the beginning of the New Wave style of music, here's What I Like About You from the band's self-titled debut album from 1980.

This band did have one other song that played on the radio, Talking in your Sleep, but it wasn't as good a tune.

The Romantics (at the time, on this song):

Wally Palmar – rhythm guitar, harmonica
Mike Skill – lead guitar, vocals
Rich Cole – bass guitar, vocals
Jimmy Marinos – drums, percussion, lead vocals

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Ship of Fools - book review - Part 3

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(continued from Part 2)

Grateful Dead - Ship of Fools

How about that!? I just read the last few pages of Tucker Carlson's book (the 2-page Epilogue and the Acknowledgements) and guess what? This guy's a Dead Head! A fellow Grateful Dead fan who Tucker works with is a Dead Head, hence the book's title (Peak Stupidity, way ahead of the game, had the song featured back in the initial "review of the reviews").

Now, about that Epilogue and a few more things: As Peak Stupidity's two favorite Pundits, Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter could be compared here to illustrate our own views. As stated in Part 1 of this extra-special book review, we feel, with all the good writing seen in this book, that Mr. Carlson is just a slight bit too much of a Statist to really, really get it. (What's "it", exactly? By "it" we mean the explanation for the nation being in a state approaching peak stupidity.)

Though with a slightly different style*, and a couple of exceptions, Ann Coulter could have written about these same details and general summation of the stupidity described in the book. An exception would probably that Miss Coulter would not have written such a great disparagement of the neocons (with those 5 1/2 and 9 1/2 pages on Max Boot and Bill Kristol, respectively), having been something of a neocon back in the day herself. Miss Coulter would likely have a more sour attitude of the feminists from day one, judging by her non-support of the women's vote. In the "Shut Up", They Explained chapter on free speech, Miss Coulter appears directly in this book (p. 128), and I doubt I'd see any difference in their view on this subject.

The reason to compare a pundit who DIDN'T write the book to the guy who DID is this: Miss Coulter, being a Constitutional Libertarian, as opposed to Mr. Carlson, being a conservative with an understanding of the old left, is that Miss Coulter would likely have drawn the right conclusion. She seems to "get IT". The problems we have are not simply due to our elites' lack of noblesse oblige, said to be due to their being no old-fashioned political left to counterbalance the right. There is no old-fashioned "right" either. Of course the two sides have merged into The Party, as that's what Big Government naturally wants.

Miss Coulter would likely agree with Peak Stupidity that the problem is not what the new elites do with their power. It's the AMOUNT OF POWER that the new elites have! We've let the beast get out of its chains. The elites can use this beast to beat the population into submission, something the old elites could not do in the much freer American there once was.

The epilogue in Ship of Fools was absolutely disappointing. To Right the Ship, per Tucker Carlson, "there are two ways to end this cycle", to paraphrase a) Kill this democracy, causing violence and mayhem or b) Listen to the people and make changes. "Give them back some of their power." Ahahahaaa, yeah, LOL, you're killing me Sal Tucker!

I'm afraid you're going to have to listen to the Constitutionalists at some point if you want to know the only solution, Tucker ... to really GET IT. Perhaps you should also listen closely to Jerry:
"Went to see the captain, strangest I could find,
laid my proposition down, laid it on the line.
I won't slave for beggars pay, likewise gold and jewels,
but I would slave to learn the way to sink your ship of fools."
All that does not stop me from stating that this is a great book - I hope it sells 5 million copies, as that would be a great thing for America.

* I do like Miss Coulter's snarky humor that Mr. Carlson does not have so much of. I wonder if it's just the writer-helpers that she has, but then she's pretty good on-the-fly too. However, I like Tucker Carlson's writing style very much, and it possibly beats Ann Coulter's, though I've read only one of her books, Adios, America.

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Paul Westerberg - Dyslexic Heart

Posted On: Friday - February 15th 2019 8:56PM MST
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This is some recent music, by Peak Stupidity definition, having been released in 1992. Dyslexic Heart comes from the soundtrack of the movie Singles.

Paul Westerberg had been in a band called The Replacements, but none of the songs by the band rings any bells for me. This one is just very catchy with the possibly-a-little-too-cute lyrics.

"You shoot me glances, and they're so hard to read.
I misconstrue what you mean.
Slip me a napkin, and now that you start,
is this your name or a doctor's eye chart?
I try and comprehend you, but I got a dyslexic heart.
I ain't dying to offend you, I got a dyslexic heart.
Thanks for the book, now my table is ready.
Is this a library or bar?
Between the covers I thought you were ready,
a half-angel, half-tart.
Do I read you correctly, lead me directly.
Help me with this part.
Do I hate you? Do I date you?
Do I got a dyslexic heart?
You keep swayin', what are you sayin'?
Thinking 'bout stayin',
or are you just playing, making passes?
Well, my heart could use some glasses.
Try and comprehend you.
I got a dyslexic heart.
Do I read you correctly?
I need you directly.
I only went this far.
Do I love you, do I hate you?
I got a dyslexic heart."

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Ship of Fools - book review - Part 2

Posted On: Friday - February 15th 2019 8:28PM MST
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(continued from Part 1)

First come our apologies for taking so long for the 2nd part of our review of the very entertaining Ship of Fools by Tucker Carlson. I would say informative too, but that'd more apply for readers who have not kept up with the political blogs, your Ann Coulters, Pat Buchanans, Steve Sailers ... Peak Stupidity, and so on and so on. There's not too many of the pieces of stupidity pointed out by Mr. Carlson, and the points made thereabout that wouldn't be already known to someone keeping up a bit.

The 2nd part of the book, exactly half by page numbers, is commentary, with good examples of the stupidity of a) free speech, well, lack thereof, b) race relations, and c) feminism and genderbender nonsense. (I think the items in (c) could have been attacked separately.) In fact, the second half of Ship of Fools could just be a long essay on Peak Stupidity.

"Shut Up", They Explained is not an original piece of snark, but then lots in these chapters are not original observations. They are put together with good examples, and summed up nicely though, with Tucker's explanations. I did not realize until reading this book that the ACLU had been (till recently) such an EXTREMELY stalwart defender of US Constitution Amendment I for a century running. The reversal of the left's beliefs in unfettered free speech per US Constitution Amendment I to become an Orwellian program is well-demonstrated by examples.

However, I don't think Mr. Carlson got around to the real explanation for the changes. He reckons that the modern media and corporate giants don't care about civil disagreement on matters of opinion, with a right for everyone to have a say, is simply due to those elite's distance from the regular American people. If you recall, this was the explanation for the US Feral Government's failings in the areas of the immigration-invasion and foreign interventionist policy, discussed in the first 2 chapters and discussed in Part 1 of our review. No, the real explanation is that the same people who wanted to destroy traditional America during the time of the free speech movements of the 1960's, still want to destroy it. They needed unfettered speech then, against the establishment. Now they are the establishment, so they need to shut down any arguments or complaints by their political enemies.

In Diversity Diversion (see, the title gives away Mr. Carlson' explanation), the deep racial divisions in modern America and bias and media/government encouraged hatred against white people is explored. The author's heart is in the right place, but I'll say this chapter and the next show his guts are not quite there yet. Mr. Carlson is very, very careful in his wording regarding de-segregation, even seeming to support (in hindsight) the forced-busing in Boston, Massachusetts in the '70's. (It happened all over just as tragically, but the violent situation in Boston was particularly mentioned) Martin Luther King is the fall-back position (uggggh), as Mr. Carlson discussed the change from the idea of judging men by their merits to judging by their color, as is pretty much the current situation, i.e. tribalism.

I mentioned Steve Sailer's ideas before, and the writing that makes it seem Tucker Carlson has at least read the guy. The 11 1/1 page (5% of the book!) evisceration of one Tah Nehi Coates (not even TRYING to spell his fucked-up name right) is an instance in which I can't help think the author has read at least of few of Mr. Sailer's dozens of posts* on this affirmative-action author. Mr. Carlson even denigrates the same line "...releasing the eldritch energies." - no, none of us know what it means. By AA, I don't mean Coates is on some quota plan, but (read the book) he is described as a pretty lame author, yet is put on a pedestal by all except a few intelligent blacks and by those whites who want to show-off how much they understand bad (the other) white people are, for reasons of ... insanity(?)

Tucker does a nice job illustrating the hypocrisy of the elites (Hildabeast, Mayor of NY City, Chief Warren, Maxine Waters, etc.) living in lily-white neighborhoods while preaching "diversity is our strength (another Sailer specialty). However, he still holds back, and seems to believe that it would all be OK if we just went back to treating people equally. I don't really think that's gonna cut it, but I understand Mr. Carlson's reluctance to tell the whole truth. He would no longer have his podium were he to go a bit farther, and we'd all be the worse for that.

The book's explanation for the problem here is that this is a "divide-and-conquer" strategy of the elites, though it's not mentioned if this is some actual plan or just their common way of thinking. Again, I don't agree. There are many blacks who have the kind of hatred that leads them to want to tear down the country. They don't need encouragement once they've gotten the law and institutions all on their side, as is the case. Forget it, Tucker, it's tribalism-town.

The chapter on the feminists also pulls a few punches, unless Mr. Carlson is a bit naive. He describes the early feminists, Betty Friedan, in particular, as NOT being harmful to society. He describes the current woman-dominated university and women-as-more-successful lower-ed worlds as just the result of fair treatment as prescribed by those early feminists, with no thought to the matriarchy that enables this stupidity. It's just the current feminist nuts, the completely hypocritical ones (again, described with many great examples) that the author has a problem with.

Mr. Carlson does a good job mentioning the culturally-suicidal effects of having men earning less and being less successful than potential female mates. However, without pushing back on the whole matriarchy system we are under, it seems like he is no conservative in this respect. I guess he never said he was.

The genderbender stupidity is in the latter part of the same chapter, and Tucker describes the stupidity as well as anybody, though it's not a hard thing to do. On this and the extreme feminist stupidity, he does not offer an explanation connected to the new elites. It's blamed simply on the unhappy people who make up the feminists. It's just another way to destroy the nation, so personally I would tend to think it'd be the same people that have been destroying the nation in the previously-discussed ways.

Lastly, on the 5 decades-ago good fight for a cleaner environment in America, in contrast to the situation today, Mr. Carlson again makes some good points. In They Don't Pick Up Trash Anymore, the great theme is that all the sensible things, such as just physically cleaning up, have been dropped for the theoretically "important problems" such as Global Climate DisruptionTM and such nonsense because the latter don't require any actual physical work and, more importantly, they are problems with no solution in sight, hence no end, hence continual funding forevah! Plus, it's important that the immigration invasion continue, so ties between immigration and destruction of the environment have been "nipped in the bud", though not in this book.

One more thing, as I have not really done much of a summation of Ship of Fools here (I think it'll be one more, much shorter post). I did note that Tucker Carlson, though often humorous in his writing, included an actual joke in this chapter. While pointing out that environmentalism is an establishment thing now, he writes:
Go to San Fransisco and see for yourself. Walk through Sea Cliff or Presidio Heights or any affluent neighborhood in the city and ask the first five people you meet if they consider themselves environmentalists. If only four say yes, chances are the fifth doesn't speak English well enough to understand the question.
Haha... shades of Ann Coulter there!

Whewww! That's where I stand in my reading of Ship of Fools. A short conclusion will appear shortly.

* BTW, Steve Sailer's posts often demonstrate the PC and anti-white stupidity around us, such as the rantings of this Mr. Coates. I can't say it is a reason, but I could not blame Mr. Sailer one bit if part of his reason for having written so many posts on the guy is anger toward the unfairness of it all. Sailer writes with great insight, yet gets no public acclaim and drives a late-90's model Honda (nothing at all against Hondas - they've got great solid engines in those things, but that's not my point). In the meantime, Coates gets called one of the top 50 writers of the century or some such crap and makes millions. Nope it's not right. Oh, and BTW, Steve Sailer is still in favor of some affirmative action, so maybe is not quite so insightful.

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Don't ask me no questions ...

Posted On: Thursday - February 14th 2019 7:34PM MST
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... and I won't tell you no lies.

Possibly very obviously, the previous post on taxes came out of thoughts generated during my perusal of the forms, due it being that time of the year. It's not like I spend a big deal of worry on this business. One does what one can during the year, if there's anything that can help lower the bill, but otherwise it pretty much is what it is. In my case, it's been fairly simple for a while, and I was in a habit of doing the work at a bar near me during half-time of the Superbowl, back when I was a little bit more into the Bread and Circuses. Yeah, I rounded off numbers to the nearest 10 bucks, then later $100 bucks, I did the arithmetic on a couple of cocktail napkins, and sent the thing off. Like I told the IRS, it is what it is. "No respect, no respect, I tell ya..." is my mutual relationship with the IRS.

The other run-ins with US Feral Government officials are pretty much the decadal censuses that are stipulated in the US Constitution. I can't argue with:
The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.
To "enumerate" is defined as "vb 1 : to determine the number of : count 2 : list". I'm fine with that, as you're gonna need that for representative, cough, yeah right, cough cough, government. However "in such Manner as they shall direct by law" clearly means to allow for different methods of counting. It says nothing about more question on how many toilets we've got working in the place, heating via electricity or gas, or anything else. I have never filled out any such "long form", only a short form. However, I recall a couple of times, long ago, in which a man came by in person and asked a few questions. "One guy and one cat" was all I was required to give him, and that's what I gave him, and the cat was cool and he never said a mumblin' word.

This form-fill-outing is something I have just about had enough of, even if it's not for the Feral Government. A while back, the elementary school's registration form was on-line. There was no other option. OK, that's supposed to save the freakin' planet, so, yeah, let's see how that goes. Well, readers, the damn thing was 1/2 hour long, with a whole lot of questions that were none of the school's business. I'd have been glad to have put that "NOYB" or just a nice "N/A" down, but the forms would permit neither those nor blanks for the answers. I was FORCED to make up numbers and other answers.

I could very well see someone from the school district at some time in the future using my "lies" to try to embarrass me or get me in trouble. It's too bad that I did have to make up stuff, but then their website-builders ought to have let me skip the questions, or just quit asking stuff that you don't need to know about.

Lynyrd Skynyrd put it best, in the great Southern Rock guitar classic off of Second Helping back in 1974:

Don't ask me no questions, and I won't tell you no lies!

"So, don't ask me no questions
And I won't tell you no lies
So, don't ask me about my business
And I won't tell you goodbye."

For some reason, I'd always thought this song was a cover of some old-time country song, but nope. It was written by Ronnie Van Zant and Gary Rossington.

Ronnie Van Zant - lead vocals
Gary Rossington - guitar
Allen Collins - guitar
Ed King - bass, slide guitar
Billy Powell - keyboards
Bob Burns - drums and percussion

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2018 Income Tax review

Posted On: Thursday - February 14th 2019 12:42PM MST
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Yep, Peak Stupidity does movie reviews, with no background in "film", book reviews of books that we don't have on hand, and now, reviews of IRS tax forms! Too much excitement? Too soon? (Before you can plead ignorance for this year's cheating creativity?) Really, this is a quick review of income tax policy changes more than of the form itself.

Simplified at the 1040/1040EZ/1040A level:

Changes made by Congress a year ago last Christmas, as pushed for and signed by the Trump administration, were discussed at that time in Merry Christmas from Scrooge The House Ways and Means Committee. I gave some quick details (as documented in the official House Bill (a .pdf)) as far as the simple effect on the majority of net-taxpayers - the working and lower/medium middle class. The conclusion was that the elimination of the per-person "exemption" and the doubling of the "standard deduction" made this change mostly a wash, with a better deal for those with FEWER kids. That ~ $4,000 exemption was per child, while the standard deduction is $24,000 period, dependent-independent (ha, that's a cool term, less stupid than "majority-minority" at least).

For a family business in which itemized deductions formerly just had to top $12,000 to start to matter, this new deal is a bad deal.

That was a recap. What I noticed and had not mentioned in that > year-ago post is that the simple child credit*, not childcare, etc, but just an amount PER CHILD, has gone up from $1,000 per kid to $2,000. That (see the footnote*) means the extra thousand per, is equivalent to a $4,500 or so deduction, so I will recant my statement about more kids being a worse deal. This extra amount overrides that loss of an exemption by just a tad. (The changes then, are just about a wash there no matter what the number of kids, and that #12,000 additional S.D. minus $~ $8,000 for 2 parents gives a $4,000 gain in deductions - say, $900 off the bottom line.) Also, this credit can be used for a family making more money than was the case in 2017.

Peak Stupidity does not claim to be a tax-accounting site, but still we apologize if the reader has held off having kids due to this slight oversight. As they say on youtube, "We own NOTHING! Don't sue! There's no point!" [Thank you! - PS Legal Department spokesman Dewey Cheatham.]

Keep in mind that the rates in tax brackets itself are lower at the middle class level by a few percentage points meaning 10% or so, which is not insignificant. (They are a tiny bit higher at the lower levels, as a 10% rate on income up to $18,000** (ADJUSTED income, i.e. after deductions) is now a 10% on up to $9,500, then 12% on up to $19,000.) Those who say that bill was another deal favoring the corporate and rich-man's world are wrong. It may be, I mean, but it helps the small guy enough to matter.

Now, here are a couple of points on the simplification: First, I don't see how anyone can really see this stuff without LOOKING AT THE FORMS themselves. No, Turbotax, etc, can do a fine job, and one can experiment with different scenarios, and your accountant can try to explain what's going on, as if you care (you just want the tax at a local minimum!) However, that all is no substitute for seeing the boxes and numbers in front of you.

This relates to the 2nd point, as, see that form up top? Yes, that is the whole 2018 1040 (not "-A", or "EZ", mind you), which has always been 2 pages. I suppose some stuff could have just been shifted, but possibly a lot has been eliminated. Good. Was that not Ronald Reagan's big quest? He said it should be on a postcard, and yes, he probably did make the joke that it would simply say:
a) How much did you make last year? ___________
b) Send it in.
Man, I miss old Ronnie!

Are these new tax rules really a simplification to get rid of all those loopholes that the corps and the richies have got accountants and lawyers for? Seriously? No, that'll never happen until we scrap the whole damn deal. Ronnie Reagan would completely agree with Peak Stupidity, of that I have no doubt.

New 1040 out. Bon appetite, boys!

* A credit comes straight off the taxes, off the bottom line, the tax to be paid, that is. A deduction comes off the top line, the wages/interest(hahahaa!), so is worth much less. If one's income is such that his marginal rate is the new 3-points-lower 22%, the case for most of the middle-class, then a credit is worth ~ 4 1/2 times as much as a deduction.

** I've used the married-filing-jointly numbers

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The New Stasi - same as the Old Stasi?

Posted On: Wednesday - February 13th 2019 5:26PM MST
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The Old Stasi:

... back when we analyzed poop by hand, and WE LIKED IT!

STASI in German meant something to the effect of "Ministry for State Security". It was arguably* the best, or worst, if you are a decent human being, spy apparatus of the other side of the Cold War, the East Bloc (no "k") as it was known by in the West. There is an excellent movie from 2006, The Lives of Others that gives a great feeling of the terrible nature of life under such a spy apparatus. (It's no documentary, just a great movie with a plot and all.)

I will defer to Wiki for a minute, since the Editing King, at least, doesn't seem a real Commie of any sort and this didn't sound too biased at first glance.
The Ministry for State Security (German: Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, MfS) or State Security Service (Staatssicherheitsdienst, SSD), commonly known as the Stasi was the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). It has been described as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies ever to have existed. The Stasi was headquartered in East Berlin, with an extensive complex in Berlin-Lichtenberg and several smaller facilities throughout the city. The Stasi motto was Schild und Schwert der Partei (Shield and Sword of the Party), referring to the ruling Socialist Unity Party of Germany (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, SED) and also echoing a theme of the KGB, the Soviet counterpart and close partner, with respect to its own ruling party, the CPSU. Erich Mielke was the Stasi's longest-serving chief, in power for thirty-two of the GDR's forty years of existence.

One of its main tasks was spying on the population, mainly through a vast network of citizens turned informants, and fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures, including hidden psychological destruction of dissidents (Zersetzung, literally meaning decomposition). Its Main Directorate for Reconnaissance (Hauptverwaltung Aufklärung) was responsible for both espionage and for conducting covert operations in foreign countries. Under its long-time head Markus Wolf, this directorate gained a reputation as one of the most effective intelligence agencies of the Cold War. The Stasi also maintained contacts, and occasionally cooperated, with Western terrorists.

In 1989, the Stasi employed 91,015 people full-time, including 2,000 fully employed unofficial collaborators, 13,073 soldiers and 2,232 officers of GDR army, along with 173,081 unofficial informants inside GDR and 1,553 informants in West Germany.
Only in America! , I mean, East Germany! No, maybe I was right the first time. The way the PC and other Orwellian stupidity is going these days, we may hear a name just like it pop up soon. Heck, maybe it will be the same name even, as nobody would have thought that, as Police-State-like it actually IS, the US Congress would actually use the name Department of Homeland Security. Back in the early 1980's even, most American would have spit on the ground upon hearing it, or better yet, in the face of an employee.

YOU go fund them. I'll buy more .223 rounds.

For now, the Stasi-style operations within the HOMELAND have been unofficially contracted out to the Social Justice Warriors, which have till now been treated as unpaid interns. That may be changing. Mr. Allan Wall, one of the many great VDare writers**, posted Not a Satire: Black College Students to be Paid to Pore Over Old Yearbooks Seeking Racism last week. Please read Mr. Wall's article, but here's a quick excerpt of his (from Slate website:
Here’s a unique idea spawned by the blackface scandals in Virginia this week: A group of activists from Richmond has put together a GoFundMe to pay students from historically black colleges and universities to go through yearbooks and look for evidence of “racist behavior and imagery” on the pages of present-day Virginia state officials and candidates for public office. Community organizer Chelsea Higgs Wise and another activist, Bob Bland, had the idea for this project on Monday; as of Friday morning, the GoFundMe had raised about $6,000 of its $10,000 goal.


This GoFundMe, sponsored by a group on the other end of the political spectrum, looks to systematize this kind of grassroots research into politicians’ backgrounds. The researchers plan to start with state-level elected officials in Virginia—those that are facing re-election in 2019 or 2020, as well as those that community members flag as possibly having (as Wise put it in a phone call) “the kind of implicit bias that could be shown through their yearbooks.”
This is the best best we have come up with for a Stasi so far? Activists from "historically black" (white people don't want to go there) colleges will be funded to look into the pasts of politicians and officials of the government of Virginia***. Alright, alright, that's just for starters. Will they even spend any effort and gas, or money on ebay, to go back and get these yearbooks - aren't they on-line now? Knowing young people, I think the most they will do is sit down at a computer, or on their phones as they sit extra-long at 4-way stop signs and google up whatever odd stuff they can find, white people in black face, black people in whiteface, yellow people in brownface ... lots of possibilities, along with "most likely to succeed ... in the KKK" "most likely to succeed in the FBI, then the KKK", ...

Next, it will be looking through the decades old comments, posts and tweets of those who aren't in official office. Still right now, I'm not very impressed with the operation, which is a good thing indeed.

The simplest tasks that these new Stasi members will undertake will use technology so powerful that the old East German Stasi members would have been creaming in their knickers, nay, partaking in Party Circle Jerks on short notice, were they to even think about it. They'd have been calling each other in the middle of the night on the land-line phones, then having meetings at headquarters, which would sound thusly:
"My patriotic comrades, I have thought of some wonderful ideas while in the outhouse this evening. This could not wait for tomorrow! We will make Herr Mielke so proud of us."

"My first idea will save our hard-working field officers so many hours every day. See, we will provide phones to all of our population."

"Whoa now, hold on Comrade, even inner-party members such as myself just got our first phones this year. My beautiful black bakelite machine is so conveniently attached to kitchen table. I only haf problem when using outhouse, so I must turn zee volume up very loud, and run into house with my pants still down for possible important Party directives. It is amazing that Communism has given us such advanced technology vs. the Western Capitalists, but we don't have enough phones for all Democratic Republic of Germany ... right now there are 146 of them in central supply."

"No, no, you misunderstand. See, my idea is have something called iPhone, it is computer, Comrade. One need not even talk on it, like your advanced land-line, but can type like telegraph, but in color. People will send each other information. We intercept information and, Violas! (and Cellos, please), we will have such information that takes a thousand Comrade-hours in 10 minutes! People will name names. They will give out their sex organ descriptions. Imagine, Comrades, we will no longer have to tap hotel sewer pipe during 1st night of Capitalist Americans' stay to scrutinize bowel movement for information. Naive proles will send this information on their personal wireless, WILLINGLY!"

"Nah, iss ridiculous! Why will un-patriotic citizens give out such information? We must hold ear to wall for hours at a time right now, and citizens still talk in whispers and sign language, un-patriotic swine that they are! I have crook in my neck since wonderful Soviet Motherland secured our country for Communist society back at Yalta, Comrade ... that time building Berlin Wall did not help either ..."

"Aha, that is my brilliance, if I do say so myself. Citizens will join clubs and use internet on computer. They will spend much time for people to LIKE them so much and FOLLOW them, so they will tell us their secrets for purposes of blackmail on computer, saving us so much fieldwork and patriotic adultery-spy-sex."

"I still do not understand. Are our people not already LIKED by Big Brother? They can FOLLOW Big Brother, Comrade, and even better, he LUVS LUVS LUVS them."

"No, these [LIKES] are buttons on a computer. They will not be real, but people will stay on spying system for many hours daily to make sure they are LIKED and can FOLLOW The Lives of Others". [ ... wakes up, "Sheist, still in outhouse! Such a pleasant dream it was! And what the f__k is Komputer?!" ]
It's a whole lot easier nowadays to dig up dirt on people, with lots of it provided willingly or ignorantly. OTOH, even the best of us are having a hard time keeping our lives private enough to even compare with perhaps suspect # 1 in Cold-War era Communist East Germany (no, it was - seriously - the "Democratic Republic of Germany").

Here's one more quick tidbit from the Wiki article about the time after the fall of Soviet/East Bloc Communism:
Numerous Stasi officials were prosecuted for their crimes after 1990. After German reunification, the surveillance files that the Stasi had maintained on millions of East Germans were laid open, so that any citizen could inspect their personal file on request; these files are now maintained by the Stasi Records Agency.
It doesn't say anything about beat-downs - hmmm, maybe Wiki could use a new Editing King. Anyway, the modern SJWs may want to read a little Wiki, if nothing else, and learn what happens when the Commies finally get ousted. They should have a chat with old Nick Ceaușescu, using a medium and ouija board, of course, as his countrymen finally executed him on Christmas day 30 years ago. No, I don't mean ... I'm just sayin', is all ....

It's a really good thing our governments, universities, media, and other institutions are filled to the brim with incompetents. Otherwise, this Orwellian crap would already be beyond the level of East Germany in the heyday of the Stasi.

* I mean, if you want to argue, as that's just what I've read a number of times.

** Mr. Wall, with his fluency in Spanish and decade-or-more experience of living in Old Mexico, normally writes his "SAID IN SPANISH" columns, his interpretation of speeches and media output in Mexico, not originally meant for American eyes and ears, along with many other insights from his great knowledge of the Hispanic political scene and its connection to the immigration invasion of America.

*** You're supposed to do that BEFORE you elect the people - Democracy 101, people.

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Virginia Governor Northan as Branch Manager Michael Scott

Posted On: Tuesday - February 12th 2019 6:32PM MST
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  Humor  Political Correctness  Race/Genetics

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam explains:

"“There’s so much deep division in our society,
I tell ya what—it’s got me spooked.”

(Caption stolen from a Generic American commenter - big hat-tip!)

If you have been keeping up with this type of news, the constant digging up and airing of grievances (yeah, Seinfeld "Festivus" clip will have to appear elsewhere), you may be familiar with the Ralph Cramden, no Northam, case. The stupidity of this one is almost self-contained, as the Democrat-squad Governor of Virginia has been the most anti-white politcally-correct bastard to begin with, so Peak Stupidity has no problem seeing him squirm after accusations about a 1984 photo from medical school. Medical school, yeah. "No, I don't think I'm gonna ever let 'em cut on me."

He has insisted he will not resign the Governorship. Peak Stupidity doesn't care either way. The whole thing is pretty humorous (although the Stasi-ist digging up of silliness in people's backgrounds will be the point of an upcoming more serious post). Governor Northam's apology press conference was supposedly disjointed and provided a good view of the lack of "gravitas" (there's an oldy) with this guy, but, again, I didn't watch. His suggestion of his demonstrating the Michael Jackson* moonwalk to prove his bonafides and solidarity with the people of the urban persuasion sounded like the guy below, who has no TV wife to give him that surly "there will be no more sex if you don't stop right here" look. I'd have gone to youtube for the moonwalk.

This is perhaps the most hilarious The Office single scene that I can remember. To give the background, Michael Scott, the white guy there, is boss of the office. He got in trouble from corporate for doing a Chris Rock imitation, and so the black guy you see has been paid to run a sensitivity-session for the ~15 person office. (See, Michael Scott likes to always run the show, and hates that this guy gets to talk to his employees to begin with.)

You will not regret the 1 min 45 sec. of your time wasted.

(Look at Michael Scott at 0:45 to 0:48 - he takes the re-enacting thing very seriously - this is why it is my number 1 favorite funny show of all time.)

On that same Steve Sailer thread, commenter Mr. Anon adds:
The governor still contends that he is not in the photograph of one person in blackface and another in KKK robes but could not say how it wound up on his yearbook page, nor why he initially took responsibility for it, other than to say that he was “shocked” when he first saw it on an iPhone the afternoon of Feb. 1.
Governor Northam further stated that he would spend the rest of his term trying to find the real minstrels.
What? O.J. Simpson joke ... too soon?

* There's another guy that used to be in blackface ... way back in his ABC-123 days. After that he got better(?)

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Ship of Fools - book review - Part 1

Posted On: Tuesday - February 12th 2019 9:00AM MST
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  Pundits  Books

Four months ago, Peak Stupidity posted a review of a review of our #1 youtube pundit Tucker Carlson's recent book, Ship of Fools. That post points to a very good VDare review by Jake Bowyer, along with reviews. The latter were mostly just political arguments, as amazon review of anything controversial become, though amusing nonetheless. The book wasn't then out yet for perusal by the PS editorial staff, but the library finally had a copy available (for some reason, we did not get sent an advance copy in the mail - damn Postal Service!)

This will be split up into two parts, simply because I've only read 1/2 of it yet. It's very quick, easy, and enjoyable reading - don't get me wrong. I read 1/2 of it in < 2 hours yesterday and I just wanted to discuss it while it's fresh (very different from most Peak Stupidity book reviews, I'll admit).

The "Ship" is our nation, and the "Fools" are not the American people (though many are!) but our elite that "run" the place. Mr. Carlson's introduction lays out his theme that the elites of our country don't feel any "noblesse oblige"* toward ordinary American-heritage Americans. Tucker inserts his explanations of why that has become the case in various places.

The first two regular chapters are descriptions of how America is off the rails in terms of immigration/dieversity and then foreign warmongering. This is very much why Steve Sailer had written some months ago (very hard to find right now) that Mr. Carlson could have read his writings on unz to get his background. That's not saying (by either PS or Steve Sailer) that he DID, as ideas can come independently. Two things come to mind to support it. One is a sentence about the Lazarus pro-immigration poem bolted somewhere on the Statue of Liberty (well after it's reception from the French in 1876, BTW) as if it were a part of the Constitution. That's almost "straight from", though maybe "just like" is the case, Sailer's "Zeroeth Amendment" meme that he uses a lot. The second is the first two main chapters themselves. They are basically and evisceration of the "Invite-the-world/Invade-the-World" behavior of the American elites broken into the two parts (in that same order, too)!

In these two chapters, the reader here will immediately recognize all the stupidity in both those realms that has been destroying American society and political/economic respectability, respectfully, over the last 5 decades. It is good reading, with a few anecdotes of Mr. Carlson himself and some of American political history that one may have not heard of. That was all very enjoyable.

Within these main chapters, the big concept from Mr. Carlson is that bad things are happening in American politics because the left (still called "liberals" in the book) have NOT been pushing back against the right on both issues, massive immigration and foreign interventionalism. This is not at all to say that Mr. Carlson is left-wing. If you've seen him on TV or youtube, you'd know better. In fact, he starts off with some humorous stories about his liberal elementary school teacher in 1970's California - great stuff too! As Mr. Sailer had written in his review, Carlson melds elements of the left and right. He is a labor union supporter, discussing the history of anti-immigration farm labor union leader Cesar Chavez in good terms, along with other (at least non-government) unions. On the foreign-policy side, he is not just rightly against the Neocons, but very pacifist in general. The latter is not a bad thing, but in his short political history, he seems to give short shrift to the Cold War, IMO.

It's all pretty even-handed, though. None of Mr. Carlson's "liberal" views are anything like the ideas of the current left in, say, the Democrat squad of The Party. Just glancing ahead, I see that Tucker has chapters that criticize the anti-free-speech Orwellian Stupidity of the modern left along with the Genderbender madness that would not be a real issue in politics in a serious country.

Here's where I have my first problem with the ideas in Ship of Fools: Mr. Carlson discusses how the elite, with their lack of noblesse oblige, are destroying the country for their own benefit. These people are supposed to, per Carlson, lead us better, as the political and business elites did in the old days. In the American politics of the past, he notes that the pro-labor, anti-war left fought the pro-business and more warmongering right** at every turn. Now that they've gotten together within 3 decades*** to all be pro-warmongering and pro-industrial-scale-immigration, the general American public has been screwed. (Mr. Carlson gives a nice page or two to nailing Max Boot and his position as expert on American aggression, with Lyin' Press complicity, is GREAT STUFF. If you've not heard of him, Max Boot, and immigrant from Russia is basically Chief of the Neocons)

Wait, where's the problem, now, the reader may well ask? The problem is that Mr. Carlson comes off as slightly too Statist for me. I've seen a lot worse, and still very much like Tucker Carlson, but his words read as though this "ship" can bet turned around - that we just need to be lead better. I haven't read his conclusion yet, with any solutions (tomorrow, I guess), but his problem description seems to be rooted in our having the wrong elites. Yes, Mr. Tucker, they are terrible. Who voted for these guys? Who supports the big business elites? Do people that support the Zuckerbergs and John McCain have real choices? How much and for how long has the public neglected to worry about encroaching Big Government? Maybe people a lot bigger and more sinister are behind these elites. Possibly they all have too much power due to Big-Government and the resulting Crony-Capitalism (bordering on actual economic fascism). Is it just a matter of the wrong people leading us? I differ with him on this. I'd rather we be lead LESS. But then I'm just some "muh Constitutional" fool.

I'll read the rest of Ship of Fools within a day, time permitting, and get to Part 2.

* It's not that it's hard to figure out the French term, meaning "the obligations of the nobles/elites", but I included this as-of-yet unread-by-me wiki link because the book really leans on that concept.

** The right being more pro-war was really only the case during the Cold War, anyway.

*** A small quibble here is that Carlson says "one generation", which would mean only back since ~ the later 1990's, but in further writing, he notes "since 1985", so more than 3 decades.

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Legal Stupidity on the back of the phone book

Posted On: Monday - February 11th 2019 6:52PM MST
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  Music  Feminism  Legal Stupidity

Yes, there are still phone books where I live. OK, at least there are yellow pages. It's just that I'd thought I'd have to scrounge for other types of material for shooting experiments, as that was pretty much all they've been good for, since the internet and cell phones. There was an interesting ad on the back:

Names redacted to protect the innocent (bloggers, not the lawyers).

Look at that, the husband looks pretty mean and tough. The poor, cute (from the profile view, but probably overweight below the ad height... oh, which is probably why the guy's had enough) lady is very innocent. She needs the help of those smiling, always-glad-to-help for FREE (... and contingency fees) nice gentlemen who'll be like knights on white horses BMWs to come to her rescue. She can repay them by going on dates, I guess.

Peak Stupidity has been around for, what, over 2 years, and has not even had the time to point out the "Legal Stupidity" (brand, spanking new topic key!) yet. It's a big one. In the family court realm, it is very closely tied to feminism, which has pushed the idea that women should initiate divorce whenever the mood strikes them to say that they are not happy or fulfilled, or Cosmo magazine tells them that. These sleazy lawyers are glad to take full advantage of that. Breaking up families is not something that concerns them, as those BMWs aren't going to pay for themselves.

I bet those guys won't be so tough after the SHTF and men have had enough of this shit. Please, corporate gigs and defenders of the Constitution aside, Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be lawyers ... take it, Waylon & Willie:

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Rounding up for the Army?

Posted On: Saturday - February 9th 2019 3:43PM MST
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  Curmudgeonry  Economics  US Feral Government  Big-Biz Stupidity

This ain't the widows and orphans club.

Unless by that you mean, creating widows and orphans.

While visiting a take-out eating establishment on my travels last week, I was asked if I wanted to round up the change "for the army". "For the army? Are you kidding me" is what ... I wanted to say. "Nah." was all, as I took the advice of a young guy years ago to pick my battles. Really, though, does the US Army need my spare change? Maybe it'll come to that when the financial stupidity stops (though, even then, I'll not be donating my change). Just the visible portion of the US military budget is in the $700,000,000,000 range yearly. Let's see, my 85 cents is exactly 12.1 x 109 %! Quantum physicians, or even quantum physicists, for that matter, don't like to deal with numbers this insignificant. No, I'd rather use my change for half a pack of peanut M&Ms, thank you, Ma'am.

I've given change to the late Dave Thomas's establishments, almost every time I've gone to Wendy's over many years, as that money is to go to help kids get adopted. Peak Stupidity has rightfully given Big Business in these "pages" lots, but I make an exception for lots of privately owned or owner-dominated businesses. I feel that Wendy's would make a lot better use of my charity than the big charities like The United Way, and the US Army would be in a class by itself in wasteful "charity" cases.

Another thing was that I use cash a lot, something I recommend for multiple reasons (see Chipotle - no credit, no debit and hold the E. Coli, along with Cash is King - Part 2 and Part 3). Hmmm, I did wonder one thing first, than another thing:

1) Did the young woman just not like making change? I know math is hard and all, but ...

2) I began to wonder later on, if I'd have heard the same request were I using a card to pay. I'm not sure I'll get a chance to check that out, but I might. Who makes the effort to check - on both ends of the transaction - if it's done in cash? How do I know this money is really going to I-corps, 1st battalion, 2nd division, 101st Airborne?

It's probably mostly for reasons that I don't like how the American military is using the hundreds of billions of dollars to "defend" our country that this thing pissed me off. I'm not thanking the troops everytime I see a guy in military garb, as this is not the big one, WWII, and many say even that one was not a proper use of the US military - that's arguable for sure. No, I'm not at all thankful for your service in Afghanistan or Iraq, Syria, Yemen or a hundred other places. Sorry, it's not personal. I know most of you are doing a good job at what you're doing, but it's not the right thing. Some are putting their butts on the line too, with a few getting maimed or killed, but it's not for the right thing. I'd rather you all be at the southern border of the US, actually defending something.

From what I've seen though, the cash is flowing pretty well to you all too. Other than special units and airmen, I know most are in it just to get training in skills on the taxpayer's dime, get some college money, or it's really your only way forward. That's fair enough, but let's be honest about it.

Peak Stupidity will just have to present this same song by the Ben Folds Five that we already featured way back in a university bubble post, as Mr. Fold's lyrics are excellent. The song covers a lot, but it applies so much to this post that, well, you've just got to listen to it AGAIN!

Ben Folds explains his thoughts about joining the Army:

It's from their album called The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner.

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Snowden - movie review - Part 2

Posted On: Saturday - February 9th 2019 2:28PM MST
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  Music  Humor  Political Correctness  Orwellian Stupidity

(continued from Part 1)

The last post ended with my promising to bad-mouth the non-political aspects of the Oliver Stone-directed movie Snowden about, you guessed it, Ed Snowden. I did not mean to imply that the movie sucked by any means when I wrote that, along with the diatribe on the poltical slant of the movie (toward Ed Snowden, with which I agree, but toward the "mainstream media" with which I surely don't!).

This post is just about a some details that I was amused about, mostly involving the computer-geek screen scenes. If you've seen War Games, with scenes that would probably have resembled that image at top of the "Learn to Code" more than anything you'd think of now, along with dozens of other movies of the geek/hacker genre, you may notice some similarities. Really, it's more like movie-making laziness.

Oh, oh, I got all these windows open. What to do?!

The suspenseful scene near the end of Snowden had so much of the usual gimmicks, I figure these are written in some kind of geek-movie-makers psuedo-code or something. Look, geek-movie protaganists - if you find yourself in this situation, where you're still in the middle of hacking or downloading some files, and the mean-ass boss who will fire you or have you arrested is coming around the corner, here's what you do: MINIMIZE! MINIMIZE! oops, minimize. Maximize some window of your shopping cart on Amazon or the tracking info on your UPS delivery to "the focus". Anything! Oh, there's little pop-up windows, you say? Do you know how to run a process in the background? I don't know - you're the geeks! Just don't get me so worried next time! Every movie like this has got my heart rate up to 150 bpm and blood pressure up to 150 mm-hg as I fear "OMG! When will the program finish?! Your boss is 5 ft from your office and closing!" Geeez, that was close.

Listen guys, I don't like Windows any more than you do. Could you not get into the shell, or open up that "run" window that looks like the old MS-DOS? GOT MILK UNIX? EVERY! SINGLE! GEEK! MOVIE!

Oh, they want it like this?? NEVERMIND!

And another thing: There's the nice black guy who you know can do no wrong. Of course you've got to have that in any movie now, or you'll be called bad names and never work in dis bidness again. The problem is, that you know everything this guy's gonna do. They can't make the movie any differently for the scenes he's in. Well, of course this guy did the right thing and covered up Mr. Snowden's little jump drive that he dropped with his foot. I saw that coming, so I'm proud of myself. Now, this NSA geek knew sign languages in addition to 7 other verbal languages, per the scene below:

Note that microphone hanging from the ceiling - very important:

There's this big microphone hanging from the ceiling. Were there no little microphones existing in 2013, as I don't understand the big RCA radio microphone? Well, OK, there's a microphone hanging from the freakin' ceiling, so these guys got the bright idea to say their final goodbyes (as Snowden revealed his intentions to reveal the extent of NSA spying) in sign language! What about the, uhh, cameras, guys?! Just after a scene in which the boss appears on some giant-ass 120" TV screen, and the security is tight as a Hildabeast's ass, we are supposed to believe that there aren't cameras all over the place INSIDE the NSA offices. (I would guess even more than OUTSIDE NSA offices.) You suspense-movie makers need to up your game some.

You can get over that stuff. You can get past the glorification of the Lyin' Press, though that's a little off-putting and requires lots more suspension-of-disbelief (a term we use in the movie-review biz). It'd probably be best NOT to get all your history, recent or otherwise, from the movies, but the Ed Snowden story is worth learning about. He's cast in the movie as the perfectly righteous guy. That's not all the truth, of course. You may learn more elsewhere, but from all I've learned so far, the guy is a hero. I've maintained that since his revelations in 2013. Peak Stupidity wishes Ed Snowden a decent life in Russia, where he currently resides, and gives the movie two thumbs up.

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Another one out of the park by Ann Coulter

Posted On: Friday - February 8th 2019 6:08PM MST
In Topics: 
  Immigration Stupidity  Trump  Pundits

Peak Stupidity's favorite literary pundit, Ann Coulter, unlike some we could name, cough, ex-president Øb☭ma, cough, cough, Miss Coulter is a real Constitutional scholar. Maybe she didn't major in it in law school, but she knows the document and lives that document in her writing. As a Libertarian myself, and a Conservative, there has been but one issue I've disagreed with the lady in a decade*. That's a damn good record. Would you marry a lady just for her political views? That's not usually a good reason**, I'd have to say, but were I not married... were I her type... maybe we'll meet in some magical Libertarian bug-out country after the SHTF ... on the beach ... just daydreaming, where were we?

In Ann Coulter To Donald Trump: Hey, Commander! Start Commanding!, she again lambasts the President on his lack of action on illegal immigration across the southern border. I hope her next column will do the same regarding his treasonous talk recently on LEGAL immigration. It would especially help if the guy really does read this stuff by Miss Coulter, as she is a pretty good overall representative of his base, I'd say. Does he really want to get re-elected in a couple of years? He'd better listen to this lady, if he cares about that, or more importantly (for us) what happens to this place.

Please read the whole thing. I'll just include on excerpt with nothing in particular to say about it:
A couple of years ago, an American sailor who had just helped build a school in Ban Nong Muang, Thailand, was proudly quoted in Seabee Magazine: "My recruiter told me to join the Seabees. He said they build schools in foreign countries for kids."

The U.S. military does these things in other countries but, we're told, can't build a wall in our own.

At this point, our only hope may be for the border states to secede from the Union and form their own nation, so that we can send troops to build them a wall. They could call their new country "YouMustGoBackistan."
The biggest point Miss Coulter made, using writings about, and the document itself, this one,

is that making OFFENSIVE war was meant to be very difficult, while making DEFENSIVE war was meant to be simple, with action to be taken immediately by the, you guessed it, Commander-in-Chief!

#SAD and #PISSED, Mr. President.

* She is a supporter of Affirmative Action for certain people. Peak Stupidity is dead against it.

** See bottom of this post for more on a Power-Pundit-Couple - nah, it didn't work out ...

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Snowden - movie review - Part 1

Posted On: Friday - February 8th 2019 9:33AM MST
In Topics: 
  TV, aka Gov't Media  Movies  Media Stupidity  Liberty/Libertarianism  Orwellian Stupidity  Deep State

I can already see enough coming that I want to write in this post on the movie Snowden to require another one "first thing" tomorrow. Unlike with the review of The Green Inferno which required a Part 2 to avoid Peak Stupidity being a spoiler for the reader, both posts really can't be spoilers as the story of American patriot Ed Snowden should be known to anyone who either follows the Lyin' Press infotainment, or, hopefully, more like keeps up on the real stories on the blogs. It's not a documentary, but "based on a true story" that we can find out lots of details about.

As usual, this is not the review in which you read about the lighting, the cast, and the cinematography. I don't care. However, Oliver Stone, the director of this movie, has got some guts, I'll give him that. I don't say that mostly based on this move, which I'll explain. However, it's the interview embedded below (which I hope is the one I watched already) that shows me he really bucks the establishment movie scene. There was JFK, which was said to be controversial. I have not seen that one, but I'll just say that the JFK assassination has been covered up, yet speculated on, for so long that I think the CIA Deep State single-shooter hopes that people who care will eventually just die off before anyone finds out. They are waiting for The Kennedy Klan to die out (which is not altogether a bad thing - oh, I mean for the estate tax revenue on the compound ranch that we could all use.)

The politics in the movie Snowden start off early on, as his girlfriend below meets him face to face and they start talking politics. Though medically-discharged from the Special Forces, Ed Snowden must have really been a geek (this is based on a true story, so ...) to start talking politics on the first date - big, big, no-no.

So, yeah I'm a liberal. How about you? (Wanna get laid? You know what to say.)

Again, I don't even care to keep track of the actors [what kind of damn movie reviewer are you?! - Ed], but the lady above is Mr. Snowden's steady girlfriend, excepting a few breakups-with-cause until the end of the story. As cute as she is, I really think she should have been just a tad firmer around the body. As strippers , excuse me, exotic dancers, go, I understand that there are plenty who have a little extra body fat. That's why it's so dark in those places. There are plenty of really tight ones too though ... I mean, this is all from a friend who has an album of pictures (yeah, a picture album, that's the ticket...)

See there you go, now that last paragraph goes in a review! Back to the politics now. The girl actually uses that term "liberal" in the scene the picture above is from, I kid you not. How quaint is that? I don't think Snowden's movie girlfriend means "classical liberal" in the vein of Thomas Jefferson, as much as Mr.Jefferson would have agreed with Mr. Snowden on the NSA surveillance business. From the context in the scene, she meant liberal in the modern sense of left-wing, and I thought the term "liberal" had finally been thankfully left behind. Nope, near the end of the movie, Snowden's big change of heart is supposed to mean he should have listened to his stripper girlfriend and been a "liberal" from the time she had sex with him enlightened him.

Oliver Stone purports to be anti-establishment in this movie, with the establishment being the Deep State but also the "right" in general. His liberals are the good guys, that want everything out in the open and no brown people overseas randomly droned to death. This is kind of a quaint notion too. Does he not know that the modern establishment is globalist/neocon (with Conservative, Inc. sidekicks) and not in the tiniest bit classically liberal? Is the left now against war and stuff? Does Stone know it's not 1965 right now? Who is this establishment that Mr. Snowden fought against? The movie puts Ed Snowden in a very good light.* Snowden ended up fighting the big state by revealing the Orwellian practices of the NSA. That was a major gutsy move that made him a big target and therefore a fugitive and man-without-a-state. Oliver Stone does shine some light on the Deep State, but I think, as a sop to his movie business colleagues, had to make the good guys out to be "liberals".

At the end of the movie, the British Guardian newspaper journalists, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, holed up with Mr. Snowden in a Hong Kong hotel room, made a big thing of praising the "Mainstream Media" when their big-wig in London decided to air this story. Yeah, "Mainstream Media" were the heroes too! Sure. I think it was more like their worry that they'd be upstaged. Greenwald worked for The Guardian but had been an internet journalist (and real Constitutional lawyer) before that. He represented the new media. If the Mainstream Media - just too damn quaint - Lyin Press had not come out with the story, then they'd been embarrassed by it appearing around the web. 6 years later, I don't think they really care anymore about being seen acting like the American Pravda (h/t Ron Unz), as they are in even deeper in the Globalist establishment.

See that's the sop to the left by Mr. Stone, showing the Lyin Press, aka Government Media, as anti-establishment, like modern Woodwards and Bernsteins of Watergate fame (or notoriety, depending on whether you liked that dick Nixon).

It gets quainter and quainter. The real TV infotainment footage shown in that movie scene near the end featured the Wolf Blitzers and such proudly railing on the US Gov't's unconstitutional spying on Americans. Yeah, like Wolf freakin' Blitzer cares about the US Constitution. The mainstream media and the left were gonna end the killing of brown people overseas again! Funny, but I don't recall any "Liberal" presidential administrations making a big effort. 8 years of Commie Øb☭ma didn't change a thing. It's not like the Hildabeast would have either. She never even SAID she would change the American warmongering foreign policy (though, granted what the Hildabeast says and what goes through her reptilian mind have no known correlation whatsoever). Going back to her sweetheart, executor of the laws of the land through most of the 1990's, well, that "liberal" started a war to help Moslems kill Christians in Bosnia and had an aspirin factory in north Africa bombed to distract for a minor (for him!) scandal.

Oh, and there was Piers Morgan on the small screen, within the big-screen of this movie. Yeah, this very same gun-grabber was on TV there gabbing about this great development in freedom. OK, right, so we need to fight these Orwellian Deep-State people in the establishment so they don't keep spying on us, but not with guns, though, OK? Whatchu' talkin' about, Winston?

Man, that "movie review" got political real quick-like. I promise to bad-mouth more of the movie itself in the 2nd post.

This is just a short segment with Tucker Carlson, but I can't find the original one I'd watched a good while back. Even so, refuting the Lyin' Press' hatred for "The Russian" and treating President Putin like a human being has got to put him somewhat on the outs with those people and his people in The Biz.

* Just for fairness, here's a ridiculous-at-first-glance counterpoint with some neoconnery I didn't know existed in The Federalist (just never have read it before, I guess). by one Rebeccah Heinrichs.

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12-step programs for all our problems

Posted On: Thursday - February 7th 2019 4:36PM MST
In Topics: 

Alcoholics Anonymous was one of the first, I'm guessing, to present this long series of steps to enable one to climb out of the pit that addiction can be. My intention is not to knock them at all here. Peak Stupidity is just glad that it is not another US Government Agency, and I sure hope they don't get money, along with the strings attached, from the Feral Gov. We are all FOR private associations. Other groups, for other problems, have adopted these multi-step programs, some of which are also pretty serious. It's the silly stuff we want to make fun of, and it the struggling AA people, or the Fear of Humidity group* get burned in this post, they'll just have to sweat it out!

It's a bit up and down though, from the looks of it ...
off the wagon, back on, back off again ...

Peak Stupidity's current least favorite movie, Fight Club, had these support groups as a part of the plot. Ed Norton, the star and narrator, was in the habit of going to a different one each evening, I think to meet chicks. You'd think it'd be easy to pick-and-choose a girl's personality that way, but he was in it to meet girls that were also addicted to 12-step programs, I think... again, I didn't "get" this movie. BTW, it didn't work out so well (SPOILER ALERT), as he ended up with a skank.

I think this stuff's gone too far. From a site called Sober Nation (yeah, that's gonna happen) we get a partial list:
Cocaine Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous
Dual Recovery Anonymous
Emotional Health Anonymous
Debtors Anonymous
Nicotine Anonymous
All Addictions Anonymous
Chemically Dependent Anonymous
Crystal Meth Anonymous
Dual Diagnosis Anonymous
Heroin Anonymous
Marijuana Anonymous
Methadone Anonymous
Pills Anonymous
Prescription Anonymous
Recoveries Anonymous
Bettors Anonymous
Bloggers Anonymous
[Though a card-carrying member, still unfortunately struggling with step 1. - Meeting tonight after this post - Ed.]
Clutterers Anonymous
Emotions Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous
Hepatitis C Anonymous
HIV AIDS Anonymous
Kleptomaniacs and Shoplifters Anonymous
Procrastinators Anonymous
Recovering Couples Anonymous
Schizophrenics Anonymous
Self Mutilators Anonymous
Spenders Anonymous
Survivors of Incest Anonymous
Trauma Anonymous
Workaholics Anonymous
For most of these, yeah, you do probably want to remain anonymous, as it's that or we'd have put you in jail by now.

"Hi, my name is REDACTED of Peak Stupidity and I am ... sniff, I'm ... sniff, sniff... a blogger. There, I said it!"
“Welcome, REDACTED, I bet you don’t last through step 4, you poor bastard.”
“Hey, I’ll put 5 large on that one!”
“Count me in on that action.”
“Whoa, wait guys, is this what we’re supposed to be doing here?”
“Hell yeah, Bettors Anonymous is on Tuesdays. This is Thursday. SIT THE HELL down and let us get our bets in.”
“Hey, Fred, you’re in Kleptos Anonymous, aren’t you? You hold onto the cash – I don’t trust the rest of these sorry-ass addicts.”

Regarding "Procrastinator's Anonymous", was it just set up purely for the jokes?

"Hi, my name is Jimbo, and I'm a procrastinator. I meant to come 5 years ago, but I kept putting in off, and then it took me a long time to find out where they moved the meetings to..."

OK, we're running out of time here, and I've spent too long trying to figure out the joke in this next graphic:

Was that a New Yorker cartoon, because, if not, I don't get why I don't get it?

* H/T - old Bob Newhart show.

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