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Posted On: Wednesday - February 19th 2020 12:03PM MST
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Robotic Death from Above:

I'd promised something more to continue our point (in here) on the stupid arrogance of the American Military, not so much the organization itself, but Americans' views and uses of it. That was a week and a half ago, so here goes.

At the beginning of this year the President ordered the US military to wipe from the face of the earth an Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. We commented on Death from Above, Assasinations, and Declaration of War. That post has most of what I wanted to say already. The way America's military is ordered to carry out war on a whim of the President and often on the advice of some Neocon is so at odds with the ideas of this country's Founders, that it'd be flat-out sickening to them. They'd have formed militias and shot up the whole city named after FOUNDER #1, were that possible.

The use of drones and such could be a good thing were parts of the world at war again. It means that engineers and technicians could be tasked with winning the battles with not many bodies involved, at least until one side overwhelms the other in this realm. I believe a war in space, with the wagers of war using robotic craft to wipe out the other side's eyes and ears is the same thing. Better let computers and robots fight.

It'll still come to people after a while though. The stupidity of America's arrogant use of our military and its fancy hardware all over the world is in the exposing of the weaknesses for one thing, but more importantly, in the loss of goodwill due to these one-sided. That term "goodwill" perhaps doesn't cut it. It's that these sky-borne deliverers of death are a perfect "vehicle" for creating a burning hatred of America in the places they are used.

All one has to do is to turn this around in one's head. As written in that "Arrogance" article, no matter what stupidity is going on in America, would we like some other country's robots to pick and choose individuals and groups to wipe off the face of the earth at the whim of a leader somewhere? Oh, maybe it could be a group of the Antifa that this foreign superpower feels is ruining "free and fair elections" here. As much as I'd like to see that on youtube ... ooops, maybe the coordinates were entered wrong. There go 10 Unite-the-Right protestors, sorry 'bout that. Even without those kinds of inhumane and un-human mistakes, would you like knowing that if you get on the wrong side of some political conflict here, death may reign upon you out of the clear blue sky?

Way, way back, during the Iranian hostage crisis, and over the years as the Arabs and Moslems bitched about America's role in the world, I would laugh about this whole "America is the Great Satan" bit. Much of its unConstitutionality aside, America's armed forces had been a force for good in the world in general over the years of Communism in > 1/2 the world, with some lapses of course. Things changed over the years the Neocons along with the MIC realized that the US military was unstoppable by anyone after the Iron Curtain fell abruptly in 1989 and even the Chi-Coms seemed not long for this world*. They began to use it as their personal plaything, and the MIC didn't mind as the money's been pouring in the whole time. (Where was our Peace Dividend from the ending of the Cold War? I haven't seen a penny!)

Just think of the personal destruction that has gone on over the years due to America's Death from Above policy. It's sickening, and though the term "America" must be understood to mean the American Feral Gov't, I can completely understand any foreigners in particular areas of the world thinking of America as the Great Satan. Sending machines to rain death upon anyone at will? Could it be ...

Yes, that was pretty harsh. How about we just keep up the Death from Above technology for a situation in which Americans in America are actually endangered by a foreign enemy, OK? Then, you can forget this post.

I can think back to a time during which I was a big U-2 fan. I don't know if Bono ran his mouth so much back then, but the music was what it was. The Joshua Tree album was out with nothing but great rock on it. That's with the one exception of that Bullet the Blue Sky which didn't have that good a tune at all and I could see was a political condemnation of America. I was not happy with the song, but I think it applies to the American government and military of today. I usually put up tunes I like. I don't like this one, but it needs to be heard now.

We've got to get out of this arrogant mode, Americans! The country is broke, and if you think we can continue this behavior even with morals aside, you've got another think coming.

* See Peak Stupidity's remembrances of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 (note, same year as the end of Communism in the East Bloc) - Part 1 and Part 2.

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Ridin' the Storm Out

Posted On: Tuesday - February 18th 2020 8:59PM MST
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I think Peak Stupidity will go back to presenting some good music a few nights a week, just for the music rather than as related to specific posts (which I still like to do).

We did include a Corb Lund* song, Gettin' Down on the Mountain before, but maybe Ridin' the Storm Out by the 1970s - 80s rock band REO Speedwagon could be kind of a prepper's anthem.

What we've got going on politically in America is probably not something that'll just pass over, though ...

Mike Murphy – lead vocals
Gary Richrath – guitar
Neal Doughty – keyboards
Gregg Philbin – bass
Alan Gratzer – drums

This song was released in 1973 and is from the album of the same name, but became most popular in 1981. That's the year this live video was taken, from a 1981 concert in Denver, Colorado. One of my favorite album title of all time may be this band's 1978-released You can Tune a Piano, but you can't Tuna Fish. (OK, where's the groan tag?) It has 2 excellent songs with a different lead singer, Kevin Cronin.

Yeah, we can put a few great rock songs up a week and NEVER EVER run out. There's plenty of stupidity to come through end-o'-bidness-week.

* Guy/band from Alberta, Canada

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Weedend at Bernie's - XX, "Got Milk?"

Posted On: Tuesday - February 18th 2020 7:31PM MST
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An act of udder stupidity at the Bernie Rally:

Leading Blue-squad candidate Sanders was heard to remark:

This whole Presidential election business is pretty unfair. I mean, I went to a Trump rally in '16. I didn't see any naked women. Yes, we had signs, one about the so-called Pope. There had to be some "show us your tits" signs somewhere, as you normally see at any big event, charter-bus road trip, and such ... Yet, here's 78-y/o Bernie Sanders, droning on about redistributing your milk money, and you get this action.

From what's written near some of their tits, apparently these women do not want cows to get milked (they eat their fruit loops dry). When I see them dressed in this manner, though, I have to wonder it is who they DO want to be milked. Got milk? Yes, we do. "Si, si, si pudendo!", or however that goes.

Uhh, huhhehuh ... it's not a burn, per se ...

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Michael Bloomberg talks TECH

Posted On: Tuesday - February 18th 2020 6:59AM MST
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The video that I have below, with the 1 minute portion showing the utter stupidity of Michael Bloomberg is named "Mike Bloomberg’s 'Deplorables' Moment"*.

In a video taken at a Bloomberg "Conversation" lecture series at the business school of Oxford University back in Nov. '16, this guy shows that he's not one of us. My problem is not any kind of purposeful disparagement of his of farmers and factory workers, to rival the Hildabeast's "deplorables" comments. I also don't care that this shows Mr. Bloomberg is not very smart about taking care to not insult potential voters. I'd like a guy to speak some truth now and then, as Donald Trump does. Watch this 1 minute portion, and I'll write what I think below:

[I could teach farming to...] "... the people in this room. No offense intended."

[In "TECH" ...] "... the skill sets that you have to learn are how to think and analyze, and that is a whole degree level different."

This was from just 3 1/4 years back. Michael Bloomberg is just so wrong and out of touch that this really distinguishes him from billionaire Donald Trump, putting Trump in a good light. Is it the difference between being a 5-dozen-X-Billionair vs. a poor only 3-Billionaire? It is an order of magnitude and a half (take the log of 30 ...), but I don't think that's the difference. Both of these guys made their money in corrupt NY City, Trump in the city-government-infested RE business, and Bloomberg with his proprietary computer terminals that got stock information just a little ahead of those without 'em.

You might think that Bloomberg is the techie who ought to be at least a smarter guy than Trump, but I doubt he knows a bit from a byte. What Bloomberg did is a part of the non-productive F.I.R.E. economy just as Trump's business was, though Trump's work probably involved more creativity.

Does this man know anything about modern farming or factory work? Does he know anything about century-old farming either? I bring the latter question up, because even with no "TECH" involved, which simply means "computer technology" now, farmers of the past had to have plenty of technical skills. Only in the minds of the aloof elite (and some of the geeks) does "technical" only apply to computer programming.

Old "farm boys" of the past were the ones who were the most mechanically inclined, having to keep machinery running in a hand's-on manner, even when it was only an old Massey Ferguson or John Deere tractor. There's irrigation to consider, understanding of soils, and some decent amount of weather knowledge (does Michael Bloomberg know what "drying conditions" entail?**)

Nowadays there is plenty of "TECH" technology involved too, yes even back when Bloomberg ran his mouth as a Titan of Tech 3 years ago! What an ass!

That all said, just on this Blue-squad of The Party horse race infotainment, I gotta say that Michael Bloomberg is the candidate who worries me the most about his getting into the White House. This fucker is a Socialist like the rest of them, but he doesn't go for the really, really stupid stuff like the rest (OK, his Big-Gulp Coke ban was pretty stupid ...) Michael Bloomberg is a guy who will go FULL-OUT to disarm Americans. That has been his crusade for years., using just a teensy bit of his own money, meaning a huge amount. He is the nemesis of the NRA***, which is pretty much a single-issue organization.

The hot part of the civil war within America will be the most likely, or come the soonest, if Michael Bloomberg becomes President. I hope President Trump can get his shit together over the next year.

* This link simply goes to youtube for the whole 5-minute video with it's commentary by the guy who runs this "channel". However, you can watch a full video embedded here too with use of the replay button.

** Disclaimer: I'm not a farmer but have lived in fairly rural areas. You'll hear of drying conditions, which depend on sunshine, temperature, humidity and wind.

*** People have written about political trouble within the NRA, but that number 5,000,000, as in number of members, matters A LOT to the politicians. Please at least join the Gun Owners of America, if you don't join the NRA.

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17 Traitorous Red-Team Governors that need a talking to

Posted On: Monday - February 17th 2020 7:35PM MST
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You'd better believe Tucker would be all over this one.

This post is being written to catch up on some of the great VDare articles and blog-posts that I meant to write about weeks ago. This time, it is Californian Brenda Walker, who normal writes about human factors and effects on the environment (especially the former Golden State) from immigration stupidity, with a more political post. In the spirit of the great Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch, as Mrs. Walker delves into this traitorous scam, being perpetrated by churches for the money in it.

Republican Governors Request Additional Refugees! is about more refugee madness that President Trump admittedly HAS been doing something about. The blame for any further stupidity out of government on "refugee" immigration can be put directly on these Red-squad governors this time. Per Tucker Carlson's interviewee Ned Ryun*:
I mean again you pointed out that Trump gave them a strong backstop back in September and said you can opt out of this with his executive order and now you have these 18 Republican governors saying no, we want more, and they’re saying well we’re following our hearts, this is Christian charity in action.

I got to say this, Tucker, as a active devout evangelical Christian, refugee resettlement has nothing to do with Christianity and has everything to do with the immoral behavior of these governors and quite frankly a perverse incentive for these government funded charities that are acting as refugee contractors, grifting off the American taxpayer.
The transcript of Tucker Carlson's interview** has this also from Mr. Ryun:
Michelle Malkin’s written about some of this, but the US State Department is paying these refugee contractors over $2100 per refugee of which they get to keep 45 percent, and then they’re doing this this campaign on these governors saying you have to put your Christian charity into action, and in an act of cowardice, most of these governors from red states are giving in to this.
There's the scam. These churches can act all high and mighty and quote some verses about the lack of room at the Inn (though Mary and Jesus were NOT immigrants, but only in Bethlehem for the census***). Then they collect their nominal fee and fill the pews with these people before they revert back native. They will provide lots of support to the Governor in his election, he being a man of charity and constant sorrow and all that. The regular American people in town, with their middle-class lifestyle already in decline, will have to deal with the unwanted newcomers, paying extra tax money for translators, social workers, extra teachers, lunch money, breakfast money, dinner money, the whole shebang. Is that what they call charity? Seems like charity ought to be voluntary, but what do I know ... I may not have read that exact verse in Romans...

Here are the 17 governors (so far) who've gone specifically out on their own, with Trump already having their backs with an E.O. excusing them from it, to invite in more refugees!

You know where you live. I don't. If you live in one of these States, it's probably time to go see one of these charitable fuckers in person:
Mike DeWine of Ohio
Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas
Kim Reynolds of Iowa
Charlie Baker of Massachusetts
Gary Herbert of Utah
Doug Burgum of North Dakota
Chris Sununu of New Hampshire
Doug Ducey of Arizona
Eric Holcomb of Indiana
Bill Lee of Tennessee
Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma
Pete Ricketts of Nebraska
Kristi Noem of South Dakota
Jim Justice of West Virginia
Mike Parson of Missouri
Brad Little of Idaho
Larry Hogan of Maryland
These are leaders in the Republican Party, mind you. Do you see why I wonder whether they are all part of the same "The Party"?

* Founder of American Majority and author of Restoring our Republic, per the interview.

** I find it takes 1/4 the time to read than to listen, though I do enjoy some Tucker Carlson in the morning...

*** I know the feeling - Don't ask me no questions, and I won't tell you no lies".

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Dot-Indian Castes and Wrestling Classes

Posted On: Monday - February 17th 2020 4:08PM MST
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Bantam or Brahman?

America's immigration stupidity has brought a number of different castes of .Indians to slide into the melting pot of curry that is still the meme here, 50 years after the burner has been turned off. There are millions now in the country, and before I get shit from any SJW readers (haha!), well, just get lost, no wait ... I've known quite a few and mostly got along quite well with them. The thing is, I believe the science/engineering types I've met the most were of the higher castes - are Brahmans the ones that do Finite Element Analysis on structures, or is that a different bunch? Maybe Brahmans do only non-embedded software, I dunno... I had some nearby neighbors, caste unknown, from the subcontinent of India, and they were very good people, dot or no dot. (I didn't see any dot, but I try not to stare - causes cross-eyedness...)

Before I get any further than that, I want to put the kibosh on any use of the term "subcontinental" as an adjective for a race/ethnicity. As detailed in the Handy pocket-sized PC from PS Legal Eagle, these new purely geographic terms (EXCEPTING, unfortunately, "Oriental"!) are very annoying, cold, and Orwellian. From the guide, written in all appropriate facetiousness:
“Indian” is out – “Subcontinental” is in (like there aren’t lots of pieces of continents around, say the Yucatan and Iberian peninsulas).
".Indian" will suffice for this discussion.

The comely lady at the top here notwithstanding (hoping the Google-search-bot has a hard-on for the subcontintentals ), I am of the opinion as a man that the there just aren't a whole lot of beautiful .Indians of any of the castes that have come here. They CAN be very pretty, don't get me wrong, but just in relative numbers, I'd put Oriental and White woman way higher up. They keep themselves slim, I'll grant you, but often except for the bellies. Is there a caste back in the old subcontinent that translates to "Hotties"? Maybe they can be interviewed by our immigration authorities on some kind of casteing couch.

From back in my high-school times during a mandatory reading of Siddhartha, I remember learning about only a few castes in Indian society - I had 4 in my head, the "Untouchables" being the lowest, lower even than the revenue agents of the old FBI. Apparently, there are many castes.

Just as with Boxing, it's hard to keep up with the terminology, Bantam, Welterweight, Heavyweight (I got that one), Alto, Tenor, Tony Soprano-sized, I dunno... to me it's more of the Bread & Circuses, so I don't keep up. I don't begrudge those who participate, which brings up the sport of wrestling. No, I don't mean the silliness on TV called wrastling, which, even at 12 years old, I knew was fake*. The real sport wresting, with an "e" has 14 weight classes, some that only encompass a weight range of 8 lb. Are there that many castes within the .Indian people? Is that a good thing, as in wrestling, where you compete against people of your own size?

I don't really think it is a good thing. America used to have a fairly low number of classes, with your uppers, your middles, your working (never got that one, don't middle-class people work?) and your lower. Nowadays it has become a classless society - nobody has any class! Seriously, though, we used to be at least a unified people. Richie Rich or Joe Sixpack, there was enough in common to talk to each other in a common language. More importantly, there was no legal or religious dividing line between any classes that there were.

Another caste entirely, per website Kracktivist - heh!:

Now, what's the deal? We are importing .Indians of these different castes, different from classes with their Indian-culture-determined dividing lines that Americans don't even know about... such as myself. What about the guys that run all the 7-Elevens, Circle-K's, liquor stores, and vaping shops? What the hell caste is that? They all seem decent at first purchase, though not always good with directions. I'm pretty sure the motel moguls are the Patels, but is that just a last name like Smith used to be here (it's a first name now), or is it a whole class or caste of American motor-hotel owners? The name works, I'll give 'em that - it's the Patel No-Tell Motel, by the night or by the half hour, tank you veddy much.

If these castes are all just gradations on a scale of rich classy people to broke-ass peons, at fairly even intervals like wrestling weight classes that's one thing. I don't know how well they get along with each other as wrestlers of different weight classes do though. Should we be doing this importing of such people. Did everyone in charge think it over? I hope we're not importing another Cassius Bell-eye (the Wrastler) for a civil war of some sort later on.

The Office re-enactors demonstrate classy and declasse here. Yeah, I've been trying to find this Office scene on youtube for years. It's pretty declasse of them to hide this hilarity from us, but if these 3 young guys are going to spend the effort to be Office-reenactors, they deserve their big break here on Peak Stupidity:

* I wondered right away how the guy would get that much spring from the loose ropes to bounce back into the center of the ring and why more ambulance drivers (that's what we called them back then) didn't come to pick up guys who have just been elbowed in the neck by a 300 lb guy from 3 ft. up!

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Above the streets of San Francisco - Peak Stupidity's crush on Greta Thunberg?

Posted On: Saturday - February 15th 2020 8:57PM MST
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No, this fixation of ours on one Greta Thurnberg, Global Climate Crusader, is not due to a crush of any sort, and she has even single-handedly turned us off the idea of human trafficking. The whole deal with a teenage girl being put up as a mural-child for the political campaign on Global Climate DisruptionTM shows us how close to the peak of stupidity we are.

We noted the weird San Francisco Greta mural a few days back, but keep in mind, any sort of love for Greta is only in the Orwellian "Yes, I love Big Sister" sense, not any reason to buy her carbon-neutral roses and chocolates for Valentines. (Besides, I was pretty sure the chocolate would melt during shipping, what with the warming and all...)

I missed an amusing controversy in this Fox News article about the mural. Apparently using spray paint is controversial. This just gets stupider and stupider:
But Cobre was forced to go on the defensive after social media users began noting the irony of using spray paints – which they say harm the environment – to pay homage to the 16-year-old Thunberg, The Art Newspaper reported Sunday.

Cobre responded that the materials he was using were environmentally friendly, the paper reported.


“The thing is, the sprays I use are eco-friendly, and most of the paint is hand-painted with a roller,” he told the paper. “[It is] water-based so there is zero impact.”
No, no, no, it gets a lot stupider:
“We are using low-pressure cans with a minimal footprint,” the post said. “The cans and the boxes will also be recycled, although many of the cans will first have a second life as part of a separate art project.”

The nonprofit went on to say the cans have been picked up and delivered in an electric vehicle, and the artist and organizers have been traveling almost exclusively by way of electric car, electric scooter or on foot to the project site — the side of building on Mason Street, above the music venue August Hall.
“The lift being used is also electric, not diesel.” the post added.
Ha, way to game this one! Yeah, we'll just make another piece of expensive art. Empty spray paint cans - put me down for some of that art. Hey California, you're running out of water, fires get out of control every other year, you've got 40 million people, 1/4 of the population doesn't speak English, you're in debt up to your asses, but .. the big worry is the carbon-neutrality of a Big Sister mural. Once Big Sister takes full control, carbon dioxide will no longer be foremost on your mind, I can tell you. Oh, Fox News does have a little fun with this:
At the same time, the paper reported some budding art critics on Twitter claimed the mural looked more like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I can’t be the only person that thinks the mural of Greta Thunberg in San Francisco looks like Putin, right?” one person tweeted, according to the paper.
When I squint a certain way, maybe he'd gotta point.

Anyway, though I commented on the Scott McKenzie hippy-era San Francisco song, I was not in right frame of mind at the time to come up with a real set of Greta-lyrics. In our post California Mourning ... on such a winter's day a musical picture of the former paradise of California, we included the song as the 3rd of 5.

You'll have to remember the tune, which was a really good one. Those hippies could write them some good music... here's our version, updated for the current-era, presented as a long-distance dedication to Greta Thornberg:
If you're rowing to San Francisco,
be sure to bring a carbon-neutral flare.
If you're rowing to San Francisco,
Greta's watching you, so litterers beware.

For those who come to San Francisco,
you'll spend some time at the Ministry of Love in there.
Above the streets of San Francisco,
scowling people with pigtails in their hair.

All across the nation
it's climate masturbation ... oh,oh..
give me some lotion ...

There's a new generation
with no good explanation, oh, oh,
retards in motion,
sailing the ocean...

If you come to San Francisco,
best you park and pay that subway fare,
No more lovin' in San Francisco,
Greta's there, so people DON'T YOU DARE!

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The extreme immigration stupidity of the Blue squad

Posted On: Saturday - February 15th 2020 7:53PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has been referring to the Blue and Red Squad of "The Party" occasionally for quite some time. First of all, the "squad" term was something I'd written well before I heard this recent meme about "the squad", it being what I believe is the "Young Turds" or what's left of them in the Democrat primary campaign (actually just the women, apparently).

I want to make clear in this post that my classification of the Republicans and Democrats as being part of the same party is not about specific people running for office. It's more about what seems to go on behind the scenes and the results we keep getting no matter which wing ostensibly is in power. Thinking back 40 years, whether it was a strong Republican President like Reagan with the Senate in his favor (most of the time), and a majorly-D-led Congress, George H.W. Bush with the same, the Gingrich/Clinton years with R's having a decent lead in the House, but behind in the Senate, the middle George W. Bush years, with a big majority in the House and a slight lead in the Senate, the later Øb☭ma years with a big House lead again, and then the first couple of years of Donald Trump with that big House lead and slight edge in the Senate, it didn't matter ever. America's slide toward Socialism, Political Correctness, Multiculturalism, Feminism, and any other form of stupidity still inexorably rose to new heights year by year.

Maybe it's not really under the control of the people we think of as our Constitutionally elected "leaders". We've tried to explain many possible reasons that individuals in the Washington shithole can't or won't get things done (see, for example, The Cocktail Party Theory of Political Stupidity). Nothing much changes for the better, so Peak Stupidity sees the Democrat establishment and the Republican establishment as being the apparatchiks of The Party.

That doesn't mean we believe that the individuals of the two squads are all the same though. As much as Peak Stupidity has given President Trump a rash of shit over the last 3 years regarding his incompetency at times and his tendency to talk the talk but not often walk the walk, we are still EXTREMELY HAPPY that this man is in the White House vs. the Hildabeast. The issue of immigration being the existential one for this country and the main (at least initial) theme of Donald Trump's campaign, his action on this has been disappointing but still not nil.

VDare is THE go-to site on the "national question" of immigration. In keeping up with their writing, I've noticed the political insiders that write in, such as "Washington Watcher II" (praised here), "Federale" (praised here), an "Anonymous Attorney", and a few others, bring up details here and there of how the Trump Administration is actually Administering immigration law to some degree here and there. This is often small potatoes, but the culture of the bureaucracy will have to change slowly barring any really cool blatant moves (high profile ICE raids of workplaces, arresting of illegal aliens of a political bent - think La Raza, and such) that the President absolutely COULD do. Even these small things, though, are ones that would never happen with any D-President nowadays. They are small victories that make one smile, at least.

I brought up the Hildabeast earlier, someone that I would normally say hopefully won't be heard from again in many lifetimes. However, I will note that as destructive as she is politically, I think even she is too conservative or just not imaginative enough to have the immigration stance that we now hear about from the current Blue-squad members. From VDare again, this time writer Washington Watcher II, we hear about the hard-core pro-Amnesty open-borders stance of the major contenders for that D-nomination, in Sanders Is Crazy, But None Of These Democratic “Moderates” Are Moderate On Immigration Either. The reading of this article should be part of any get-out-the-vote drive for Donald Trump.

Yeah, there is a big difference on this issue, but it may come down to just being glad to have the result that gives a 10-year delay of the demographic shift that will not be overturned by any more voting. Should we hope for a Mandibles* situation in which the country is in such bad shape that everyone wants to leave, but Americans are sent back north from the Mexican border? It's going to be that, unless much more serious policies are enacted and in a big hurry. That was supposed to be the plan for 2017.

If nothing else it's nice to have someone in the White House who is not simply a sick destructive fuck like apparently every one of the members of the Blue squad.

*See 6 part book review - Introduction, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Conclusion. The book otherwise doesn't do justice to the effects of immigration.

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More exercise machine madness

Posted On: Thursday - February 13th 2020 1:23PM MST
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Warning: You are entering the Red Zone.

I'm literally running into these little quirks on the treadmill, and riding other ones on the exercise bike machines, so forgive me for another post on this. The rest of these gripes can be found with the Artificial Stupidity Topic Key.

I think I mentioned this before, but, just in case: The one thing I'd figured I could count on to measure exertion on these exercise machines, even with the bad math often used to produce user displays, is heart rate. That is, IF it shows up at all. To me, that it is not always a defect when the heart rate display reads as dashes, because I find it amazing that those grips can sense it at all. Per "LiveStrong.com":
Pulse sensors, also called heart rate sensors, find your pulse through the skin of your hands. The sensors often are silvery metallic areas located on the support bars or moving arm bars of exercise machines. Some have single large sensors on each side, while others have two on each side spaced closely together. They interpret small electrical signals passing through your skin and amplify them so they can turn those signals into numbers you can recognize.
OK, then, one must have just the right parts of his palms in the right places over the 2 sensors per handgrip. I have had times, I've had to reconfigure my hands to just the right spot. Other grips seem to do a really good job. Of course, in software, there can be whatever averaging/smoothing functions needed to make it display reasonably.

I just figured that when you've got a reading, it's a good one. That means, no matter how screwed up the calculations of Kilo-Calories burned, miles covered, METS, what-have-you are, per the display, when your heart rate is up to 85% max*, for example, well, you're working out fairly hard. Therefore, upon seeing 210 beats/minute, and then about 195 bpm, not just as a quick jump, but as a steady display, I could be forgiven for thinking something is wrong with ME, not the machine, and I'm fixing to die!

I even took my hands off the grips and let it re-do. Wow! It'd be great if I could keep THAT up, but bad if my heart just decided it wanted to do this. I felt quite fine though, so scare over with, I did really wonder if this could freak somebody out one day... bringing his heart rate up to what the display erroneously read and then way on down to ... ________________. Bad, bad programming, people, or more likely cheap China-made sensors. I'll sue, I tells ya! ... if I can get up off the floor.

Here's the next beef. It's that little curly-cue light bulb icon that appears on one of the brands upon completion of a workout.

"You have just made Greta Thornburg very moist, up to a relative humidity of 99.9%."

No, but it tells you how long you could have lit up this little efficient curly-cue bulb with the energy you exerted during your workout. You're supposed to feel really good about yourself, at least if you don't notice that the exercise bike itself is plugged into the freaking wall! I just think that the numbers seem low as heck, with a time that is often less than the workout itself, and what, for this 5 or 10 electrical-W bulb? Something is wrong with the numbers regarding this feel-good feature too. Just because you can program the cool display does not mean it is correct, exercise-machine developers. You've got to run the numbers!

I guess it's all silly piddly stuff up until the SHTF. Then we may be in a Soylent Green scenario, in which we will need to work out specifically to light up the room, but at least with newer, more efficient bulbs, so there's that.

I'm just saying, if I gotta keep going at 200 W exertion** to keep that 50 Watt incandescent bulb lit, then I'll just get my guns out and steal my electricity from somewhere else and, after that, shoot those error-prone exercise-machine designers.

Soylent Green is exercise-machine designers, people!!

* 85% of maximum predicted rate, or 220-age (in years) per the Docs.

** Not counting my normal 100 +/- 25 W resting output.

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Do you miss us yet?

Posted On: Wednesday - February 12th 2020 8:30PM MST
In Topics: 
  China  World Political Stupidity

The Chinese people have spread all over the world since the country was semi-freed-up in the late 1970s and then the economy got into the groove. Some are tourists (see also here). There are millions of others that have come to make lives all over the world. In Africa, it's almost strictly business, as that huge continent has a lot to exploit ooops, I mean explore, yeah, that's the ticket.

It's got to be more frustrating for the Chinese to deal with the mentality in Africa than it was for the slightly more relaxed Europeans 200 to 50 years ago. You've probably seen some other videos of the "clash of cultures", so this is just the latest video making the rounds. The black newscaster does not seem at all pleased as he describes the caning of an African by a Chinese boss. Really, the video is nothing special. It seems a lot less harsh than a whipping... no, I don't want you to prove me wrong.

There's bound to be a lot more of that, and I really wonder how the Chinese will fare over in Africa in the long run. As for America, how 'bout we just stock up on popcorn and Old Milwaukee and let this play out this time? One thing we could do ... come to think of it ... I'm envisioning a billboard, towering over the biggest traffic intersection in all of black Africa. It will have a message signed by representatives of the countries Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and possibly Belgium, asking:


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Big Sister is watching you!

Posted On: Wednesday - February 12th 2020 5:05PM MST
In Topics: 
  Music  California  AntiChrist  Environmental Stupidity  Orwellian Stupidity

I wonder who paid for that mural? Is it San Francisco or California taxpayers? I wish we'd known they were doing so well with their budget out there - Uncle Sam could use a California budget guru at $1,000/hr - it's a steal!

Well, I just read this one from the Washington Examiner site, that says San Francisco is getting this strangely familiar type mural for free.
The mural is located in the downtown part of the city near Union Square and is being painted by artist Andrés Petreselli.
This guy really captures the essence of his subject, though a flashing neon "HOW DARE YOU?!" sign would add to the effect in my opinion (no charge for the idea, San Fran). It would especially help discourage those CITIZENS who live on sidewalks within eyeshot of the mural from spoiling the beauty of the city by the bay, oh, whoa, whoa, oh, oh ... 🎵

Imagine leaving the public library and heading to one's grate, but first, , dropping one's drawers to relieve the bowels (it's always good to be regular) and seeing Big Sister Greta up on the side of that building, always watching, watching ... "number 2? HOW! DARE! YOU!" ( 🎵If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to bring a change of underwear ... 🎵)

Now, I'd have thought Nancy Pelosi, in a red or pink dress, with one finger pointed at the public would have been a more appropriate Big Sister for San Francisco. You'd think she would appeal to regional tastes in Big Sisters. Too old, maybe?

We didn't all know how this would start, but the Global Climate Stupidity has been a good springboard for Orwellian control globally. Because she's jumped on that bandwagon early in life, I guess Greta now, is BIG BIG BIG in Orwellian Sisterhood. She's got a perfect face for the posters and has 50 good years to hone her Orwellianness, and she's off to a very good start. Greta Thunberg's amazing rise from a slightly-off, pre-pubescent little Swedish girl to the Poster Mural Child for Globalist Control of Everything makes me wonder if she is even the AntiChrist we've been looking for.

Peak Stupidity has left the AntiChrist question simmer on the back burner for quite some time, leaving the options of Øb☭ma, the HIldabeast, or the Soros as our favorites. Is young Greta a possibility for the position? Peak Stupidity may consult with our HR staff later in the business day, but age is a big question. Is there an age cut-off for being accepted to AntiChristianity? Greta will be 18 next year, and that used to be OK for beer and wine, so you'd think ... I don't know. If not the AntiChrist, I would say Greta Thunberg is at least the Anti-Pippi-Longstocking.

Next time I'm in the city that only rube tourists call "Frisco", just " a-settin' on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away 🎵..." I may run into one or more wharf rats sent by Big Sister to help me get my mind right. When the lights go down in the city, I will understand that, yes, two professional sailing crews of 4, traveling in first class on 777 airliners on the polar tracks do NOT add up to more combustion and release of the natural atmospheric trace gases CO2 and H2O than does a single ticket for a single Swedish retard. I see the math now, and I LUV Big Sister.

No, no, that's what I've been trying to tell you people! These people were NOT (necessarily) gay. It was the 1970s, and if you wanted people to attend your concerts, dressing this way was just what you did. It's from Journey's 1978 album Infinity. Yes, I did have The Dead's Wharf Rat in mind, but I'll have to include that in a later post. Anyone have a favorite version ... anyone, ... Ganderson?

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Coronavirus vs. Communism

Posted On: Tuesday - February 11th 2020 10:00AM MST
In Topics: 
  Commies  China  Healthcare Stupidity  Socialism/Communism

It's been a couple of week since Peak Stupidity chimed in on this coronavirus scare. There's a number of things that I've learned about it via personal sources, non-contagious-carriers, of course, along with a few interesting things I've read about it.

It's the Chinese Central Government's handling of the information flow regarding this serious disease that I do have some inside knowledge about. Much of that knowledge matches very closely with writer John Derbyshire's information from his Chinese wife, as he related in "Still 90% Chance Coronavirus Not Catastrophic—But Chinese (And Western) Censors Aren’t Helping" on VDare and unz.com (with lots of comments under the unz version).

I had already figured that the ubiquitous "we-chat" program (OK, "app"!) that the Chinese people both in China an abroad use as a combination Facebook, Twitter, and all else, is no doubt controlled in some way by the government of China. What I have learned is that the information coming out about the coronavirus is being censored and controlled to a state of complete confusion for info-hungry and often very worried Chinese people. An we-chat article about the problems in counting the numbers of ill and dead from this disease was readable for my source, but not transferable* to someone else. The government of China has been trying to control the information perhaps to avoid unnecessary panic, but possibly to avoid necessary panic or put a positive spin on every single thing that goes on in the country.

The anti-Americans on websites such as unz.com itself will try to pin the whole deal on the Americans, but they may want to look a lot closer to home, right to the source - the city of Wuhan in Hubei province. It does, after all, have one of the handful of "Bio-safety" Level-4 labs, just opened 2 years back. Peak Stupidity has commented quite often to the effect of Quality not being exactly "Job One" over there in China. Go ponder what happened in that lab in the middle of the dozen-million-populated city of Wuhan.

Mr. Lance Welton, a writer for VDare, has been mentioned a few times here on Peak Stupidity, initially in the post Affirmative Action for the marble-supply-challenged. We've had a few gripes with the guy, as his writing, unlike all other VDare writing I've read (almost all of the site) is not often as factual, and often speculative, using pop-psychology to try to explain the behavior of people that he, VDare, and I don't like. However, in his latest column, "STILL No Non-Chinese Deaths from Coronavirus, But the WASHINGTON POST Wants You to Rat Out Your Neighbors Anyway", again on both VDare and unz, he brings up an interesting point, though still pretty speculative**: Is this disease far deadly to Chinese, or at least Oriental, people than to others, say, Westerners?

That genetics are very obviously involved in the carrying and effects on different races of diseases is something that doctors have to deal with regularly. Not knowing these things is akin to malpractice. For this particular virus, Mr. Welton may be right that the foreigners (to China) may not have near the death rate, but I don't think all the evidence is in this early. (There's a humorous story about that young Englishman in China who beat the virus back with a steady dose of hot whiskey. Is that what a "hot toddy" is? If so, they ought to be covered under Øb☭macare.)

This could be a reason for people in the West to relax more about this disease. We'll get the usual grips about "you hate the Chinese people!" or the old BS narrative to hide the differences on effects on different races in the same way the AIDS virus was pushed as a disease we all should be afraid of ... rather than just homosexuals and needle-using drug dealers.

Before it's known what the whole deal is with this virus though, let's be thankful for the US Feral Government under President Trump doing one simple thing for once that IS a function of government. That function is controlling who and what come into the country. The American airline company's flights (Delta, American, and United) to China have been curtailed greatly, and the US Gov't does have a job in seeing that the disease doesn't have a chance to keep coming in (not that easy when all you do is screen for fever at Customs & Immigration, if even that).

Whatever and whoever come from everywhere else via the airlines is still a problem. Flights come daily into Atlanta and Miami from Guatemala City, San Salvador, Managua, Belize City, Panama City (Panama), Tegucigalpa, San Jose (Costa Rica) and other place you had to learn were capitals of banana republics in geography, along with points further south. There is an exception though. You won't find flights to and from Caracas, Venezuala anymore on the 3 major US Airlines. That stopped a year or more back when it got too damned dangerous.

Caracas has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Communism is even more contagious than Coronavirus …. spreads through the feces… orally …

* Yes, of course a computer-savyy individual could easily get around this matter in some way, but most people who use any of these apps are not computer-savvy. That's kinda why they use them.

** Lance Welton is no medical scientist or doctor, and neither is is your blogger here.

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Arrogance from the American Military

Posted On: Saturday - February 8th 2020 2:40PM MST
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  Americans  Liberty/Libertarianism  US Feral Government

Note, that I wrote "from", not "in", as this is not a post specifically deriding Americans in the military, but a discussion on the arrogance due to it's near-omnipotence around the world since the end of the Cold War.

It's not the 1st time, but my overhearing of some fatigue-clad military guys the other day brought this subject to my head. These were no grunts, but competent aviators that could be flying that Blackhawk above or Apaches or maybe those half-helicopter/half-airplanes called Ospreys. I've had conversations with other guys who fly or work with all kinds of aircraft in those overseas locations that American forces are located all over the world. Lots of them are not in the military itself and get paid HIGHLY do all sorts of jobs, the subject of another post, perhaps.

These guys were in the Army or Marines itself, and I'm sure they were very good at what they do. That's what the talk was about - this weapons system or that, where they've been, how's the place for things to do, and what kind of crazy stuff goes on in that area of that particular country. I didn't listen for hours, of course, but even in other conversations, you won't hear much about some guy they know getting killed, whether it's "hairy" up there, and that sort of thing. Even the "grunts" now are called "Tech" this or that, and are "specialists" in something or other though.

It's not half-century-ago America in the middle of the Vietnam War. Likely, other than having a higher chance of getting shot down and the worst happening, the Navy guys that flew off carriers, did their jobs, and flew home, had lives like these guys. That sure wasn't the case for most men over in Vietnam. The enemy had a fighting chance and sure took it. America had the overwhelming advantage in technology and firepower, but it was not so completely overwhelming as now. The N. Vietnamese had Soviet help, as the N. Koreans had lots of Chinese help. It's not just that, though. The enemies in the Far East knew how to organize and wage guerrilla war better than the diverse groups of Moslem ragheads in the Middle East. (That's not to say at all that any of these new wars are any more "winnable", as no one even seems to know what that should mean in Iraq and Afghanistan, for examples.)

From this page of a website called "MilitaryFactory", I note that there were over 6,000 Americans killed in Vietnam in that one year, 1970, used to compare to today. However, if you take the period 1965-1970, you'll find that 51,583 were killed, 88.6% of the total. It was almost all very young adults, with 40,376 American men in the 5-year age range 19 to 23 killed during the entire war, almost 70% of the total. I haven't been rounding, as is usually the Peak Stupidity way, as each one of these is an individual dead American.

Using that same site for numbers in Afghanistan and Iraq, with data only up through '14 and '12, respectively, there were 2,356 and 4,489 Americans killed (also respectively) over already the respective 14 and 10 year periods. Compared to Vietnam's bloodiest years for Americans, the current wars (just those 2 - there are many!) are an order of magnitude less better. Well, better for the people in the American military.

I really doubt that there is the same the fear that you would have felt being a grunt in the middle of the Vietnam War in most areas of the conflicts that Americans fight overpoweringly in now. The chances are just with you, a whole lot more with you. Though the purported jobs of the military in those countries will never be completed, on the smaller scale, the specialists in the current military can put a bomb into this building on a moment's notice, take out this party over here with a drone strike at will, and so on. It really is close to just a party for some of the Americans, and that is my point here, finally, coming up...

Death from above, a la carte:

Yeah, I know, you're just doing your job, and quite a competent one at that. There are lots of technical skills involved that do make Americans overwhelming in this type of warfare, you all get paid accordingly, well yeah, on borrowed money, so not forever.

I've had people involved tell me what they did, and all global politics aside, part of their rationalization was "ahh, those people are crazy goat-fuckers. They live like slobs. They treat women/kids like this ..." etc. They've seen a society that I too would likely have disdain for, and close up. Some of it might be sickening, and it's a great excuse for "they deserve this". It's easy to come up with those thoughts, especially if it's your well-paying job.

I don't agree. That's really not a good reason for any of the American military to be bombing people far away, as no defense of the country America in any way, shape or form. Do we go bomb some weird savage cannibal society in S. America, just because they are even more sickening as a civilization? How about those ghettos in Detroit?

No, it's really just Neocon warmongering, even if this disdain for the people's of these countries is a nice excuse for those "doing our jobs" there. Let them live as they want to live. If you don't invite them here as refugees from the freaking war, then why care? Nobody's got a gun to your head, forcing you to read National Geographic or listen to NPR. There will always be evil and craziness somewhere in the world. It ain't our job to wipe it all out via Death from Above.

Lastly, let's just turn this around a bit. This overwhelming advantage by the American military won't last forever. We need to avoid a real war with a real enemy. Assuming we do that, how would you like it, soldier, sailors, and airmen, if someday, after the US economy had crashed and we were not so big for our britches, the Chinese military started droning neighborhoods in Detroit, because "look at now they live - they deserve this."? OK, was that a bad example or what?

More coming next week on this.

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Based Base Man exposed

Posted On: Saturday - February 8th 2020 10:38AM MST
In Topics: 
  Media Stupidity  US Feral Government  alt-right

Rinaldo Rizzaro, aka, Norman Spear, aka Roman Wolf, aka, "International Man o' Mystery Meat"

The reader may recall the Peak Stupidity post about Lyin' Press complicity in implicating normal patriotic white Americans as racist whatever-the-hell's as a run-up to the recent Richmond, VA gun rally (Richmond gun rally - a lesson about ignoring the narrative). I noted that a "dangerous" group of 3 people had been arrested for crimes related to white supremacy beliefs - I think they are after the beliefs themselves. They were supposed to have been somehow associated with the rally, so, you know, watch out there!

Oh, and the one guy was a FUGITIVE, I tell ya', harboring other FUGITIVES that are NOT EVEN LEGAL CITIZENS. You don't run into that often! Mostly these, uhhh, not-legal(?) citizens are quite out in the open and not stashed in any harbor, unless employed under-the-table foredeck at a slip in Marina del Rey.

A pretty naive sounding article under "the far right" category in the British narrative site The Guardian scoops the story of this alt-Bin-Laden with Revealed: the true identity of the leader of an American neo-Nazi terror group.
The white supremacist group the Base has been a target of FBI raids and its members accused of planning a race war. The Guardian can now reveal the identity of its secretive leader.
It's a dude named Rinaldo who has been all over the internet and stuff ...
Members of the network do not know his true identity due to the group’s culture of internal secrecy.

But the Guardian can reveal that “Norman Spear” is in fact US-born Rinaldo Nazzaro, 46, who has a long history of advertising his services as an intelligence, military and security contractor. He has claimed, under his alias, to have served in Russia and Afghanistan.
I mean, he comments on a whole lot on blogs, so ...
The revelation of his identity comes after a months-long investigation by the Guardian into Nazzaro and the activities of the Base.
aka, "the Assistant City Editor Archie has a 14 y/o kid who's just hell with duckduckgo ... bloody brilliant, I tells ya'!"
While Nazzaro’s most recently used address is in New Jersey, there is evidence supporting his claims of being based in Russia, where he lives with his Russian wife.
New Jersey?!! Get a rope ... (Sorry, that was NY City - jumped the gun there.) As for the Russkie wife, good on you Nazzarinksi. They sure seem hot on the websites. I hope for your sake she doesn't have another family on the other side of the Ural mountains though... they are not all the most trustworthy people on the planet Earth... just sayin' ...
Few traces of him exist anywhere
Rinaldo Nazzaro has maintained a decidedly low profile: he has no visible presence on any major social media platforms, no published writings under his own name, and no profile in local or national media.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
Few traces of him exist anywhere, except where a name is required in official business – such as real estate purchases and the registration of companies.
... an admirable way to live - cuts out the junk mail for starters...
Multiple emails and phone calls to Nazzaro went unanswered.
Right, because he uses aliases, and why in the hell would ANYONE want to talk to a Guardian reporter? Try the aliases or the "@FBI.gov" addresses.
The Guardian was able to unravel Nazzaro’s identity due to his 2018 activities in a remote corner of the Pacific north-west.

In chat rooms hosted by the Base, Nazzaro stressed the importance of in-person meet-ups and required members to attend training camps. The Base’s propaganda videos show young men undergoing combat training together in rural areas.
Sounds like a blast. Every young man should get to do that ...
Last August, an Oregon-based antifascist group, Eugene Antifa, warned that the Base was planning a “hate camp” in the neighboring state of Washington, and claimed Nazzaro (operating under the alias of “Spear”) had purchased land in Stevens county for training purposes. This warning came after a leak of the Base’s internal chats.
Oh, I see. Eugene Antifa is just jealous that they don't get to go to training combat training camps out in the sticks. What exactly is "hate camp" anyway? Is it anything like band camp? I know some of the softer kids hate camp, but I had a good time.
In emails obtained by the Guardian via public records request, the Stevens county Sheriff, Brad Manke, is seen contacting the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for advice on the group.

On 20 August 2019, Manke writes to an FBI agent, asking: “Do you have a name for the actual head of the group The Base or the address where the property actually is?”
The unimproved piece of land was in the next county, Ferry County, WA, but what a dumbass as a Sheriff. Yeah, that's it - call the $PLC for advice. Or was that for PC purposes? On the FBI, well, much of the rest of this article was about the possibility that this guy Nazarro worked for them.
Materials inspected and sources consulted by the Guardian indicate that Nazzaro, as “Spear”, has faced persistent suspicions from current and former members of the group that he is a “fed”, or the agent of a foreign government, or that the Base is a “honeypot” intended to lure neo-Nazis out into the open for the benefit of law enforcement agencies. the narrative [FIFY]
Just from my experience of never having known anyone in the KKK (or any neo-Nazis, for that matter) and never having known OF a branch of the KKK, I assume in all stories about that organization from any time after 1975 that the group in question was started and headed by FBI agents. KKK dues collected would go down by 95% were the FBI to pull out the taxpayers' money for the next round of government cost-cutting.

It's not like there aren't lots of people with thoughts of white nationalism, harking back simply to memories of the old America that was a white nation and was the best country in the world. I just have never run into formal or informal organizations thereof. Are there such groups? They would have to stay way, way underground, indeed, as opposed to neo-Commie organizations like Antifa that have the approval of the entire Establishment.
The US government may have been monitoring “Norman Spear’s” activities for some time. In the April conversation planning a meetup in July, “Spear” was concerned that he would not be able to attend.

“I have confirmed that I am on the FBI terrorism watch list. I mean, that doesn’t really matter in the context of the training. What matters is that I’m on it.”
Perhaps "Norman Spear" is not only on the FBI's terrorism watch list, but their HR benefits list, their 401K package enrollment list, and the FBI coed fall softball league email group as well. You can't go to every meet-up when there are Quality Improvement 6-sigma honey-trapping meetings, and those endless Diversity seminars, endless, endless meetings ... hard to get away ...

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MIchelle Malkin on "Google's Kiddie Predators"

Posted On: Friday - February 7th 2020 11:21AM MST
In Topics: 
  Pundits  Artificial Stupidity  Orwellian Stupidity  Educational Stupidity  iEspionage

(Picture straight off of Vdare.)

Michelle Malkin is Peak Stupidity's number 2 written pundit. Perhaps it's that these two (her and Ann Coulter) are easy on the eyes, but either way, you can't say we have a bias against women ...anymore than we have a bias against pretty much everything... We have mentioned Mrs. Malkin here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and perhaps a few other times.

Besides writing on immigration stupidity, Michelle Malkin has been exposing the Orwellian stupidity that is being implemented in the youth propaganda camps err, government schools, for some time now. In her latest column, What Will It Take to Stop Google's Kiddie Predators?, she scares me (at least) with information about how google mines data from the electronic devices that are ubiquitous in the schools now. Some of it is accidental data "breaches" (just a breach, don't be alarmed!), and some of it is purposeful. Here are details on a data breach of little kids' private world:
This week, the tech giant admitted for the first time that its data export service, Google Takeout, had accidentally sent the private information and videos of untold thousands of users to other strangers' accounts. The breach occurred in late November, but users only started receiving notices and apologies on Monday—nearly three months later.

"We are notifying people about a bug that may have affected users who used Google Takeout to export their Google Photos content between November 21 and November 25," an email sheepishly explained. "These users may have received either an incomplete archive, or videos—not photos—that were not theirs. We fixed the underlying issue and have conducted an in-depth analysis to help prevent this from ever happening again. We are very sorry this happened."

Can you imagine a similar breach of minors' photos and videos stored on students' Google Drives or Chromebooks or smartphones or home computers used to log on to mandatory learning management systems integrated with Google, such as Canvas or Schoology or Blackboard? It's easy if you try.
That business is enough to want to keep your kid off of the school's devices, but the purposeful stuff is another matter. See, Big-Ed LUVS, LUVS, LUVS this sort of thing. The wasted time mandated for teachers in the Schools of Education does not teach them to be any better in dealing with the children. However, SOMETHING has got to go on in those classes, and all those theses won't just up and write themselves. That's where all the mumbo-jumbo, mentioned in the 2nd half of Advancements in Higher Education, comes from. (As I wrote, the worst part is that the teachers use the mumbo-jumbo terms on the kids themselves, such as “I am learning to: use prior knowledge (schema) to make connections and inferences when I am reading”, that's on the papers, in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!)

These teachers want to feel that they are special for having spent that extra $20,000 on tuition and fees for those 2 years at the Ed School. You don't want to have wasted the taxpayers' hard-earned money, right? Therefore, any of the new electronics are things that they will go for. It allows them to implement all their little research experiments on the kiddies. Maybe they'll even get a paper in the Big-Ed journals about the results. These ladies are not just teachers, but educational high-tech research scholars. The kids ought to be OK, I guess ...

The big computer-tech companies that Michelle Malkin mentions are in a symbiotic relationship with the teachers and administrators. It means more big 10,000 unit deals to school districts, and more advertising by the school district about how advanced their kids are, you know, watching those funny cat videos with an occasional times-table question thrown in, stuff like that. Uhh, that's if you're lucky and before puberty...

Besides selling units, BTW the Big-Comp-Tech F.A.G.S. can make a lot more money selling data. It is the Information Age, they say. With that background understood, one can see why this next sort of thing, the purposeful intrusions into the privacy of your kids, will happen:
Two months ago, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google had secretly harvested "tens of millions of medical records" with identifying names, lab results, diagnoses, immunization records and prescriptions from thousands of hospitals across 21 states. "Project Nightingale" was a partnership with Ascension health system to build a search tool and data analytics using machine-learning algorithms. At least 150 Google employees had access to confidential patient data. Amazon, Microsoft and IBM have acquired private health data as well. It's a massive Big Tech bonanza.

The implications for selling off children's private health information are chilling. Like federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act protections for patients, federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act protections have been sabotaged by "public-private partnerships" between government education officials and tech companies with insatiable appetites for data.

Will "trust us" cut it when Google gets access to your kids' school-based health records?
I hope the reader will still click on Miss Malkin's article, as I'm excerpting 1/3 of it here. I just wanted to point out the real Orwellian aspect of this:
Meet "Gaggle." Fully integrated with Google Apps for Education and designated as a Google "Premier Partner," this snooping system is marketed to school districts as a "safety" mechanism for students. Through 24/7 monitoring of kids' online use, Gaggle "alerts school officials when students show signs of self-harm, depression, thoughts of suicide, substance abuse, cyberbullying, unhealthy relationships, and credible threats of violence against others."
You don't need to download 1984 (because it won't be in the school library) and read it again to know where all that shit's heading.

Why does this stuff go on? If parents made the effort, they could stop it, as the Feds haven't taken over completely yet. Peak Stupidity's obvious recommendation is to "poke the Beast in the eye with a big stick", per our posts on homeschooling Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

As I see it, things go on like this because the Moms are often much more involved with the schooling than the Dads. Most Dads (count me as one) do not want to hang out in meetings with the status-concious, money-unconsious Moms and get overruled by the Principal on the topic of more recess right off the bat. For at least 1/4 of the kids, the Mom is the only one deciding anything about the subject as there IS NO Dad. The Moms do not want to make waves and become social outcasts for saying things that need to be said, whether on the Political Correctness infestation or this relatively new Orwellian iEspionage. Thank goodness for one particular Mom, Miss Michelle Malkin!

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