More force-feeding of TV

Posted On: Saturday - September 21st 2019 9:43PM MST
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This is just another story of many Peak Stupidity has written (and will write) on different attempts to force people back onto that TV. "Hey, nobody's got a gun to your head, I'm tired of reading this stuff" you may retort. No, it's not come to that yet .. hey, you're still here .. great! You gotta live your life though, and it was time to get on the exercise machine at the hotel. We've discussed the mechanical and electronic stupidity built into the poorer of these machines before. I just ran into the TV force-feeding thing again the other day.

Not quite the exact machine but same brand:

I hit the start button and got going. I'd seen this before and ignored it, but the otherwise informative display (speed, calories burned*, heart rate, etc.) had a damn faded out CNN channel on in the background. That's supposed to be cool I guess, and I can do the gay swiping thing to move the numbers out of the way or back in the foreground. Yeah, I knew I could change the channels, but I wanted OFF. Once into the routine, I really didn't want to try too many things on this touch screen, as I might be set back to square one in the workout.

The thing is, when the TV is on a separate screen, even if it's not easy to figure out, control-wise, there's always the plugs (signal or power) to shut it down. Hardware beats software every time! No, this TV display was visible behind the info. I did want to view.

With the workout done, I played around with this fancy display. It turns out, one can turn it off at the beginning, but the "OFF" screen-simulated-button goes away after something like 1/2 a second. What the...! It was time to play around with the simulated buttons to try to outsmart this smart machines ... oh, and remember WTF I did for the next time. It turned out to be kind of roundabout - put the TV in the foreground, bring up a menu to change channels, then ... crap, I will probably HAVE TO figure it out again, but you do see the "OFF" choice again, and with plenty of time to mash it.

I really think that Precor wants me to watch TV while working out. I understand having some choices of things to keep me entertained, if I desired that. The numbers are really just good for my taste, the more, the better. Then there are those visualized 1/4 mile tracks. Those are cool. Come to think of it, on the bike machines, the video taken from some dudes go-pro, riding around in the hills of France(?) (You'd think, right?) are a favorite thing to look at. However, I DON'T! WANT! TV!, and they oughta know that by now, with all the spyware and all. They make it especially hard to turn off, or at least to FIGURE OUT how to turn off. Why?

*Kinda bogus, as I discussed in that previous post, but at least one can set goals for repeated uses of the same machine.

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Great work from our 2 favorite pundettes

Posted On: Saturday - September 21st 2019 1:30PM MST
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Peak Stupidity #2 Pundette Michelle Malkin (look under Pundits topic key for more) was called out by The Hill for speaking ill of dead Lyin' Press anchor (do they still have anchors?) Cokie Roberts. First of all, this Cokie Roberts is a little after my time ... of watching any of the infotainment off of cable TV. Yes, I've heard the name, but it was usually just the humorous nickname Cokehead Roberts. No, I have no idea if she was an actual cokehead, but it's still funny, and more importantly, per VDare's Peter Brimelow's In Memoriam: Cokie Roberts—Selfish, Stupid, Scalawag, she is well, all of that. I'll believe VDare writers any day over the Lyin' Press of "The Hill" (what hill, Capitol Hill? Screw all of 'em.)

Peak Stupidity has spoken ill of the dead before, in particular with regard to this (former) scumbag. Our feeling is that if it's a destructive creature with power in the Feral Gov't that he won't relinquish before death, well, we're glad when he dies. In this case, Mrs. Roberts was not a politician, but her coming from a family of them, and being on the idiot plate 1/2 the day is pretty close. In fact, it doesn't say much for America's press that here you have a woman who was the daughter of a Democrat US Congressman and sister of a big-time lobbyist (the Boggs family) placed upon this high pulpit of media stupidity. It's not exactly the free press of Ben Franklin's time.

Good on Michelle Malkin for calling out Cokie Roberts of one of the founders of fake news. (No, really, it goes back a lot longer than that - Walter Duranty, anyone?) The lady just died? Hey, it's not like the left is any model of civility. Have you read tweets by these people? They are full of name-calling and death threats.

As a segue here, Peak Stupidity's # 1 Pundette, Ann Coulter mentioned the left's speaking ill of the dead 11 years ago with the death of NC Senator Jesse Helms*. Of course, the NY Times was involved.

This week, in Penis Story Collapses In Flaccid Hearsay, Miss Coulter regales us with the hypocrisy of the left, as they look for minor acts of bad judgment by 19 year-old young men who, it turns out, they don't like 3 decades later. The NY Times apparently (cause I sure don't read that crap) has an "investigative report" on more past wrongdoings by the recently-approved Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh as noted by people who may have run into him a time or two 30 years back. Hey, NY Times ladies - IT'S OVER! You lost that one.

Like the lawyer she is, and part-time writer of comedy, Ann eviscerates these people of the left that worry about women who grew up in the 1980's that apparently have the naivety of a helicopter-parented Amish teenager. (Of course, Amish can't fly helicopters, at least the turbine equipment.) Miss Coulter goes a little over the top with her humor into NSFW territory on this one, so, please, read the whole thing.
Most shocking, from a “Little House on the Prairie” perspective, was this:
“People ... would start to say ‘Debbie does ...’ playing on the 1978 porn movie ‘Debbie Does Dallas.’ But Ms. Ramirez didn’t understand the reference.”
Remind me: Aren't these the same people demanding that we teach kindergartners about “fisting”?

But the “Debbie Does Defamation” authors weren’t finished.
“(Kavanaugh) came of age during the era of ‘Porky’s’ and ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High.’”

Ha! What do you say, NOW, Trumpsters?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg “came of age during the era of” the Bay of Pigs and the Vietnam War. Can we impeach her?

I’m beginning to suspect that, instead of writing the book, Pogrebin and Kelly screwed around for six months, then pulled an all-nighter the day before it was due. Also, “American Pie” was big!

But half the Democratic candidates for president are demanding Kavanaugh’s impeachment on the basis of this sublime idiocy. Trump touched their SCOTUS! 
(Sorry, I couldn't keep all of Ann's italics straight.)

Keep up the good work, #1 and #2!

Oh, and I really resent those lefties disrespecting one of my movie favorites, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Therefore, we present Jeff Spicoli himself, just a few years before the PC really took hold.

*I got to that article from this James Fulford article on VDare from the same time period.

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Shane Gillis as "The Fireman"

Posted On: Friday - September 20th 2019 9:03PM MST
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It's been many years since I regularly watched Saturday Night Live regularly, almost back to the time of Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Dan Ackroyd, and John Belushi. They did have a bunch of other damn funny people go through that show. Many came on being already known funny guys (from 2nd-City TV for example), and a large percentage of them went on to the movies after their time on that show.

I would have had no idea who this Shane Gillis is, had it not been for a Steve Sailer post, Comedy Quotas about Politically Correct unfunny women comedians. It doesn't mix well - humor and PC. Shane Gillis got recently hired onto Saturday NIght Live, but was fired shortly thereafter for Political Incorrectness in his previous jokes.

As I wrote, I'd never heard of him, but this video satire he made that parodies the trend of "Diversity over all" is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. As Homer Simpson says "it's funny cause it's true!"

I hate to get serious after that, but let me write a bit about TV and video. As far as I'm concerned, SNL can go fuck themselves for firing a guy this funny, but I haven't watched the TV much in 20 years anyway. Who cares? Who needs TV anymore? We've got youtube, right? Well, we thought so for a while, but nah, youtube is owned by The Goolag, who are big enforcers of PC and the current narrative. There are other sites for videos, and I want to mention that Ron Unz's is in the process of cataloging all kinds of "banned" youtube videos.

I put that "banned" in quotes, because the thing is, they don't necessarily actually take them off their servers. In fact, for reasons of either storage space or other technical hurdles, Ron Unz does not actually store the videos. He just catalogs them. No, youtube will just take the videos off of any "channel" and make them hard to search for, or not allow comments, "likes" and that sort of thing. Mr. Unz's site just helps with the searching and commenting. As much as I don't agree with about 1/2 of Mr. Unz's ideology, I greatly respect and praise his support of freedom of speech, as he puts his money and effort where his mouth is. I believe Ron Unz would be one of the last guys allowing truth out there on the internet to get shut down. Not only is he very sharp on the software end, but he's one stand-up guy. I think he may need OUR support one day, as I don't know what guns California hasn't stopped him from buying. (Really, it may come down to that.)

Boy, that was a gloomy note to follow that hilarious video. Good luck to Shane Gillis in this world of unfunny PC!

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Big Protest in Little China

Posted On: Friday - September 20th 2019 8:47AM MST
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Just as with the multi-year-long Brexit story that Peak Stupidity just got around to even mentioning, the half-year-long protests in Hong Kong probably should be something to chime in about. The year-long yellow vest movement in France is another.

I don't know how much Lyin' Press coverage any of these 3 movements has really gotten, as I avoid it like the plague .. the Lyin' Press, that is. I would hazard a guess that the former, the Brexit deal, gets the most, simply because the Media branch of the Government has a narrative to present there - they must convince the people that bad, bad things will happen, if they vote against Global Government. The other 2 are movements by the people, and that is bad, see?

Well, let me just mention that the Hong Kong situation started when the Central Government of Big China introduced policies of extradition to the mainland for crimes committed in Hong Kong. People in Hong Kong, even though just another 7 1/2 million more Chinese people, are used to some law and order, due process, and all that, as carryover from their days under British rule. Now, one could criticize the rule of the British all one wants, as I'm sure the Chinese have, but the corruption level would have been a couple of orders magnitude lower, at least at the local level, than what goes on on the mainland. It's the extended influence of that 1,000 year British history of the rights of men and property rights, etc. that these Hong Kongese were used to, in comparison to the complete lack of that in Chinese history that is worrying people and causing the rightful hell-raising.

As Peak Stupidity discussed in Citizenship in the Nation, high intelligence notwithstanding, without that background in their culture and possibly their genetics too, places with a majority of Chinese don't really get into rule of law and that very heavily.

There can be exceptions made for the Chinese that are truly Christianized, but that is still a small percentage, though growing (a subject for another post). Hey, Westerners have tried for 200 years, and what do they get?: crazy Chinamen who think they are Jesus' brother and cause wars with death tolls like that of WWII, missionaries targeted and killed, or just foreigners fought back, stripped of their un-rightfully-obtained concessions, leaving them with Little China (Hong Kong) that with one half of one percent of the population, once had an economy that was over 1/4 the size of the mainland!* Property rights and law-and-order, what a concept!

With this respect for rights and fairness and all came the turnover of Hong Kong back to China at the end of the written 99-year lease agreement. Now, would any other country, the UK still having been MUCH MORE powerful than China back in 1997, have honored such a thing?** Would the Chinese have? No, listen, while the British diplomat would cheerfully say: "A deal is a deal old chap - here you go.", a Chinese official would come up with some face-saving way to say "power flows from the barrel of a gun", and not all that cheerfully either. As I've been writing, in general this "fairness thing" is just not in 'em. Sure, in the family and with friends with that guanxi deal going, you're gonna want to be a straight shooter. However, when it comes to strangers and with no repercussions expected, there is more respect for the Almighty RMB than that silly "being fair." As I wrote in DIY and mechanical aptitude in Americans vs. Chinese - self rebuttal, regarding their disdain for those who do honest manual labor over the money-grubbers, it's likely the women driving this sort of thing.

What in Sam Hill any of this has to do with these big protests is ... well, is that I am here to say that I think the people of Hong Kong deserve all of the crap they are getting from the Chinese Big-Gov. Let me explain with some background from a time I was in Hong Kong. This was roughly one decade after the British turnover of the territory to the Chinese at the end of June,1997. Of course, I don't know how the city looked before that date, but a decade later, it sure looked de-Britishized. Everything but the numbers of addresses and phone numbers was Chinese. I didn't hear any English at all being spoken by the Chinese to each other and really saw no remnants of British culture other than that driving on the wrong side of the road thing***. I saw no respect for the British who had done that amazing job with that small territory and few million Chinese people over a century.

The people of Hong Kong have been used to a Westernized type of society and the benefits therefrom. They only have any of it, though, now 22 years later, due to "there's a lot of ruin in a Kong". They've been trying to keep the mainlanders out because of the already over-crowdedness of the place. Hong Kongers also figure that the newcomers will ruin their nice-working society, forgetting who built all that in the first place. They are freaking out because the mainland Big-Gov Commies are coming to destroy the Golden Goose, but I believe it would have died anyway, with no Brits with those stiff upper lips and odd beliefs in fairness. Too bad, so sad. Screw you, ungrateful bastards. Next time, remember to renew your lease.

Hong Kong protester Chen Cartman explains the situation much better than this lowly blogger ever could:

PS: With my one point all done ("screw these ungrateful bastard", if you didn't catch it), I will say that the courage and strategy and tactics of these protesters is definitely worth reading about by Americans. We may need a lot of this knowledge, to say the least. I've been reading about it here.

* It's now less than 3%, BTW.

** Well, they could have been like the Americans, under Jimmah! who just flat-out GAVE AWAY the huge American engineering feat and work of wonder down in Panama.

*** Yeah, and in a place so crowded that one had to walk in lines like ants heading up the side of a building to dismantle a dozen week-old Cheezits (how do they get so organized?!) and with the wild Chinese drivers, you really need to watch out. I was just about to write "make sure you look left first", as I about repeated that error that can get you killed - no look to the right first! I'd hate to lose 25% of Peak Stupidity readership in one hot sweaty Hong Kong afternoon.

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A world of safety

Posted On: Thursday - September 19th 2019 2:43PM MST
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This post is somewhat of a continuation of previous one, as I had intended to put a paragraph or two of this but clean forgot. It sounds pretty curmudgeonly, top-of-the-line curmudgeonly in fact, to bitch about being slowed down by an ambulance at the stop light, doesn't it? After all, I should have felt grateful not being the one in the back, or even in the front.

It's the general point I want to make, that "being safe" is now considered to be more important than ANYTHING ELSE. True, I don't want a loved one to do things, or work in an environment, that results in that ambulance ride (with some damn curmudgeon cussing the drivers out as they bring him, hopefully a bit faster to the hospital). Most of the world is a safer place, PHYSICALLY, than it's ever been, though. There's been a 1/2 Millennium of science and engineering, done by Western white men, giants standing on the shoulders of giants, to make it this way.

Just as with the ambulance, you've got to get things done though. Even with much less risk than before, you've got to take some risks just to live your life. You'll hear from the airlines that "safety is top priority". Well, they do a hell of a job with that, as American (especially) airline service has been amazingly safe, and these guys spend big chunks of money making sure it stays that way. However, they do have to make money, nonetheless. There is no such thing as a "perfectly good airplane" (much to the relief of beginning skydivers who are scared of jumping out of one!). All the small things are dealt with an appropriate fashion to keep things moving. "Top priority", is staying the hell in business by making money, as it should be for any non-governmental-organization.

If safety were really top priority for everyone, we would stay home, after re-wiring the house, eat from our garden, and occasionally just order a pizza. The pizza driver, though, what about him? Even with fewer of us on the roads, he may run into a mailbox or light pole, while texting you to make sure you don't mind a pizza rolled up into a ball from his last high-speed turn*. No, someone's gotta get out and take some risks to make the world turn.

This "Safety uber Alles" is another development from the matriarchy we live in, including even the Germans under Herr Merkel. God made the women this way for the purpose of ensuring the survival of our progeny. I would imagine a cave women with the attitude of "sometimes you just gotta say 'what the fuck!', Joel", while living in the midst of hostile tribes, lack of indoor plumbing, and T-Rexes running around**, is not gonna have quite as much progeny... on the average of course. There's nothing at all wrong with this mind-set of women, so long as it stays out of politics and business.

The latest symptom of this development is the standard issue greeting to those we don't know. "Hello", "Hey", "Wassup?!", well we've been through those, and I guess they've been found lacking. From the 1970's we got "Have a nice day!" and lately the corporate world has gone through some expensive brainstorming to "How are you doing today?", as a refreshing change. As Peak Stupidity asked already (I just recalled this post) Is "Be Safe" the "Have a nice day!" of the 21st Century?

* From a humorous story of a friend.

** I know, I know ...

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1st Slow Pokes Responders

Posted On: Wednesday - September 18th 2019 6:44PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has had a 6-part series on "First Responders" already* - hate the term, don't like the PC and stupidity, not enamored with them to want an autograph. I just wish they'd just hurry up and get through the intersection!

Go ahead and respond, dammit! I've got a Y dance to get to!

In particular, we discussed ambulance drivers, errr, EMTs. Does it seem to you that these people are getting more and more cautious on the road? I mean, they are nothing if not generous with the lights and noise - between LEDs and modern speaker technology they are doing what we couldn't do yesteryear. It's just that, even with the new equipment to turn stop-lights green for them and the big truck-like vehicle with the visibility old ambulance drivers only dreamed of, they are just screwing around out there.

I was in no particular hurry yesterday, as I had the green light at an intersection 100 ft ahead when I heard the ambulance. I saw it 2 seconds later while I was already braking with plenty of room. Everybody stopped as he is supposed to. It was wide open, yet these guys hung out in the middle of the intersection for about 10 seconds, what, making sure they had the right of way? Man, it's one thing to keep those eyes peeled and not run through at 40 mph, so you don't end up like this:

"Somebody call an (other) ambulance!"

You don't want to create more injuries on the way to the hospital (that's the way these guys were going). I! GET! THAT! However, there's a trade-off between being completely safe, yet not getting the patient to the hospital on time, and setting world speed records with the guy with the the ankle fracture in the back. I've been in one of these new multi-6-figure machines. They're nice. There is lots more equipment with which to "stabilize" or work on the patient on the way. If it's that good, though, why not just park at the patient's house and be a temporary hospital branch-office?

No, the EMTs are supposed to bring the patient in for help. It would behoove them not to dick around so much on the way, that's all I'm saying today...

"In my day, we rode in a Cadillac! And, we LIKED IT!"

People are much more likely to be saved and/or fixed up nicely in modern hospitals with modern trauma centers, ICUs, and surgery, than 40 years ago. However, the deal still remains - you've got to get them there. Hit it, and get out of my way!

* Here's the whole series: First Responders and Heroes, "First Responders!" - The Firemen and Fire Departments, "First Responders!" - Ambulance drivers, excuse me, EMTs, "First Responders" - the Cops, "First Responders" at The Office, and 9-1-1 - the Phone Number,

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KIZZ and yapping of the musical artists

Posted On: Tuesday - September 17th 2019 7:11PM MST
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Remember these girls?

You'd think I'd have remembered the poster, at least!

It's been a long while* since any chastisement of those denizens of the musical (or any other part of the) entertainment world for their running of their mouths on politics. We really can't understand the assumption they make that because they are good at playing music, they know squat-all more about the political world than the average Joe. It's especially bad when they insert their views into the middle of a concert.

From a commenter under a Steve Sailer post, I came to this 7 year-old article about this "symptom of absurdity" from the 1970's band KISS. The wording just above is from Paul Stanley as he chastised his own bandmember Gene Simmons for this behavior. (It's not often we link to Ultimate Guitar magazine.) I'll give the whole post here from this '12 interview with Noisecreep:
Peter Stanley had the following to say:

I don't know what's more embarrassing, these musicians and actors talking about politics in interviews or the media actually giving them credibility about it... It's absurd that a celebrity could speak out on the economy or politics with no more justification than a hit album or a movie. Not to deride Gene, but I just think he's part of a symptom of absurdity where you'll see somebody on television whose only criteria for being there is success in a field far away from what they're being asked about. I really don't know who is more ridiculous, the celebrity answering these political questions or the person asking them".

"I'm usually not at a loss for words, but this whole celebrity political thing always gets me. It's so embarrassing to see people with absolutely no inside knowledge of anything they are talking about. I have friends who are intimately involved with world affairs and these are the people who won't give opinions like these celebrities do. For my friends, it's far more complex and sensitive than that, unlike these celebrities who read some newspaper story, or watch CNN, and then spout out some opinion on something they truly don't know anything about".
Right on! Then we hear what Stanley is complaining about with respect to Gene Simmons:
Stanley's comments come after Simmons expressed his regret for endorsing Barack Obama in the 2008 election on a Fox News program earlier in the year:

"Hindsight is 20/20. I have some real issues with the economy and how it's being done. America should be in business and it should be run by a businessman. America is a business. If you can't afford to do something, no matter how much bellyaching everybody does I'm so sorry, if you can't afford it, you shouldn't do it. If you can afford to take care of two kids. Have two kids. Don't have ten kids. If you can't afford to have a $400,000 home, you can afford a $100,000 home, then do that".
Ha! I see what the problem is. It's not that I don't agree with Stanley (is he the guy with the long forked tongue?) Is there perhaps a problem because, as much as they ought to keep politics out of music, Mr. Simmons (is he the guy with the triangular space-suit/cape?) said something so politically-incorrect but true, that it's way out of line? I mean, it seems like it's been OK for these musicians to talk about AIDS, farmers**, farmers with AIDS (or was that Farm Aid?), etc. but common-sense conservatism is apparently "over the line, man!" I'm starting to get a little conflicted on this one.

From the sound of that Gene Simmons quote, I hate to say this, but maybe we need more political advice from guys that dress up in white face make-up and whiskers. Go ahead Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud ... It's only fair play, I could say, but please, no, don't do this in concert. Shut up and sing!

Was this post just an excuse for a KISS song without my admitting I really like them?

This is one of their best, from the 1975 Dressed to Kill album:

Nothing profound there, just good hard Rock & Roll.

The NY City band KISS was:

Paul Stanley – lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Gene Simmons – lead and backing vocals, bass
Ace Frehley – lead guitar, backing and lead vocals
Peter Criss – drums, backing and lead vocals

* See Bono, you'd be serving up fries chips if it weren't for The Edge and Of course the Russians love their children, you dumb bass player!

** Nothing at all against the small-time farmers that Mr. Cougar Melloncamp spoke out for, of course, just trying to get my Farm-Aid joke in there.

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The deterioration of The Office

Posted On: Tuesday - September 17th 2019 6:16PM MST
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No, Peak Stupidity headquarters is holding up pretty nicely. This post is about The Office:

You're not going to see much in the way of TV reviewing here on Peak Stupidity, so this is a real exception today. If you're a steady reader, you may see that a majority of the youtube clips here (95% of them funny) are from Seinfeld or The Office. Those are the only 2 shows that I will make an occasional effort to watch while out of town and close to boredom. For the latter, I think I'm done now, as I'll explain shortly. Also, for the long-term reader, you will probably understand that the closest thing to a TV review here is the standard "Turn! That! Shit! Off!".

I ended up in a hotel room with a few extra hours that couldn't seem to be filled with posts here or reading/commenting on The Comedy Central channel had back-to-back The Offices, so I looked forward to seeing ones I'd never seen. To backtrack nearly a decade, I'd gotten the 1st 4 seasons of this show that I'd never seen before on ripped/burned DVDs from China, for a grand total of oh, what was it, 2 bucks?* It became my all-time favorite entertainment for a while there. I later on saw a couple of more seasons but not much of the later episodes after Branch Manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) left the office and show.

Now, to put on my critic hat here, let me say that TV shows seem to get stale after a while. A friend commented 5 years back that my other favorite, Seinfeld became less entertaining during the last 2 or 3 years. His point was that the situations (it was a "situation comedy", after all) became more and more ridiculous. I thought about it, and he was right. (Remember that episode with Kramer driving the bus to dump the muffin tops? It was too over the top, pardon the pun.) Writers, I suppose, just run out of ideas, and as the Seinfeld characters were always too neurotic and silly, it was still believable. After all, who really knows what goes on with those NY City people? However, indeed the last few seasons had situations that were in no way believable.

With The Office, Steve Carell and his acting like a man who is underconfident but acts confident, was definitely worth being the star. It wasn't just that he left, though, that made the show go downhill. The first thing I noticed is that the actors lost sight of the point, in order to do their own thing. The Andy Bernard guy (actor Ed Helm) often did some singing in the shows, but it was not a major part of any episode. Sure enough, after he was more of a big shot, he had to have a whole episode of him being in the opera. Then, as with Seinfeld the situations became more ridiculous, though maybe not as much as the former show. For the women viewers, I suppose, the show had to have a wedding show for about every major character. Nah!

What I saw on Comedy Central, though, was enough to keep me off any more $2 sets of ripped/burned episodes out of China. The PC police must have finally caught up with these guys.

What I liked about the old show was that it was not only politically incorrect, but more like purposefully PIC, as far as they could push it. The show office had its black guy, gay guy, and diversity seminars, but the show purposefully made fun of the diversity stuff and made no effort at appeasing the would-be-SJW viewers on the former 2. It's the gay accountant Oscar ("Celebrated not due to his gayness but his Mexicanity" - Michael Scott) bit that has changed from hilarious and off-the-wall to PC.

I wish I could find a few more bits of this early episode, but it's the awkwardness of the gay Oscar parts that are hilarious, on both side of the, errr, aisle. You may have to have watched the show, but this one is comedy gold, Jerry!:

In one of the 3 episodes I just watched, there is a scene I'd seen on youtube and couldn't place before. It's from this episode, as the whole gay Oscar thing is now treated a regular part of everyday life, as Oscar was fooling around with Angela's Senator (State Senator, that is) boyfriend (husband, maybe). Nothing of the weird gay part of this is treated differently than any affair until the scene below in which Dwight and Angela bring their questions to the hapless HR guy Toby Flenderson.

The scene below is pretty funny (NSFW!) on its face, but I can now see the agenda. The writers must have wanted to make anyone who isn't down with the whole idea of homosexuality as a part of normal life seem completely ignorant. Dwight has been shown to be naive before, but that was all in the earlier episodes. This scene is both getting ridiculous, as shows tend to get, but it's also pushing THE AGENDA. Enough. I have been officially turned off to any re-runs on hotel TVs and possible purchases of stolen intellectual property. Take that, Hollywood!

Oh, and lest the reader think this blogger is some kind of bigot, let's first remember that this blog is an Equal Opportunity Offender. Next, when it comes to gaiety, let's remember the words of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton Branch Manager Michael Scott:

We are all homos here ...


... Homo-Sapiens.

* Yes, this is IP (Intellectual Property theft, but I don't feel one bit bad about it when it comes to Hollywood or any infotainment. It's one small step I can take to screw them over after their having spent 5 decades helping ruin the country.

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The Hildabeast as Modern Art

Posted On: Saturday - September 14th 2019 2:45PM MST
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I'd never thought I would miss the old modern art, you know, those randomly-welded-together $500,000 structures outside of libraries and federal buildings, those framed used baby bibs (see they don't tell you that), and the other odd stuff that you are supposed to appreciate, or you are a loser. It's not like I have the money for this anyway, but one can always have the wife trace out a fake Picasso or get a 7 ft tall 300 lb rabbit sculpture.

I do miss the old modern art, because I do not at all relish this kind of blast from the past, which is a Venice, Italy* exhibit of the Hildabeast's controversial emails. Aren't there some kind of soup cans anywhere in Venice, or guys who can weld together an old Fiat tie-rod to a shopping cart, or some diarrhea-laden rug to tie the whole gallery room together? I'd probably have to stay in the room with the piss-Christ rather than with this shit until that part of the tour is over, and we can go down a canal in a gondola with 18 Chinese tourist/photographers.

Like a dog to his vomit, the perp returns to the scene of the crime:

Though I don't support the Hildabeast in any way, I gotta wonder if it was a wise thing to do, putting all these emails out there for the art aficionados to peruse. Couldn't a Trump administration attache possibly head over there during his 3 hour lunch break from the Italian embassy somewhere to see if he could dig up any dirt? Are they all on the same page now?

It's one thing to put national security matter information on your own private server, you know, INSIDE the house of course. You can always wipe if off in a hurry with a paper towel and some alcohol. Printing these out and putting them in a gallery, I mean, these are not the kind of people that would have lasted long in the French Resistance.

I can see the headlines now: Chinese tour group breaks Epstein case at Venice museum! Story at Eleven REDACTED.

Hey, put me down for some of that art.

(Sorry, I couldn't get the exact scene I wanted. Kramer picked up the painting, accidentally sneezed on it, then smudged it in with the painting, like an artiste.)

* I'd expect it more in Venice, California. Maybe, they could have it in Venice, Florida, but they'd have to close up the gallery in time for the Early Bird Special.

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Doesn't anybody fear Friday the 13th anymore?!

Posted On: Friday - September 13th 2019 9:48PM MST
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It's a FULL MOON too! What's the chances of that? Let's see, with a 1 in 7 chance of each 13th of the month being on Friday, and then a 1 in 28 chance of a full moon, that's only 1 in (30x7) x 28 = ~ 1 in 5,880 days or one in 16 years. Better go out and take a look. The full moon brings out the crazies, and then the crazies have bad luck. It couldn't happen to a better bunch. Let's see the results in the morning.

I wrote this because I didn't even think about this superstition until late in the day, and also due to having though about the fading of this triskaidekaphobia over the last few decades. Nobody seems to care anymore. Hotels have 13 floors (though you can't open the windows anymore, so that probably helps), airports have Gate 13's, and airliners have row 13s. What, people, you think 13 can't get you anymore?

It's a good thing and separates us favorably from the Chinese. They still don't like those "4"s (the same sound with a different tone means "die" or something). and they get a bit too excited about "8's. So, Chinamen, don't go eating those moon cakes on the 4th of the month. They suck anyway, and I'd rather have my moon pie, chased down with a chocolate Yoohoo, even on a night like tonight.

There are only a few hours left, so, people, just in case, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

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They got us because we gave up our freedoms

Posted On: Friday - September 13th 2019 9:27PM MST
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Yeah, sure, she may be up to no good, right?

"Panties?" "Check!" "Bra?" "Check!"
"If you've got nothing to hide, what are you worried about?!"

(We are all supposed to understand that all of us could be terrorists.
Diversity in terrorism - that's the ticket.)

Before I even start this post, I want to assure, or quite likely alarm, readers, that I do not necessarily buy into the whole story of what went down on 9/11. As far as there being no airplanes, well, no way on that. As far as buildings being blown up, I just don't have the knowledge it takes to decide. Yes, there are many videos out there, but they conflict, and the ones that are on the subjects I DO know about don't convince me on US Gov't subterfuge.

I'll say this, the US Gov't, if nothing else, took great advantage of the 9/11 attack, if not having already known of something being up and letting it happen. I have just about the same view of the nefariousness of the Deep State of the US, as I would if I bought into the 9/11-performed-by-US-Gov't theory whole hog.

Let me continue under the assumption that those 19 guys flew planes into buildings, at least in NY City. This post will end up being not much more than a bunch of excerpts, already written by myself and others, to get my point across.

Steve Sailer had a post on 9/11 2 days back that referred to an article he wrote right that day in 2001 criticizing George W. Bush and his people for pushing for a law for laxer airport security about 1 year earlier. This was in order to not offend arabs so much, see? From original article (on web archives - pretty cool):
Bush’s Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta has said that “the security procedures [in a then-current FAA screening assistance computer program] are not based on the race, ethnicity, religion or gender of passengers” Yet, the system is widely believed to use other information – such as whether the traveler is going to or coming from the Middle East – that tends to “disparately impact” Arab and Muslims.

None of the ethnic rights groups, however, has offered any data to dispute the widespread assumption that in the three decades since the Palestine Liberation Organization invented skyjacking, a disproportionate number of hijackers and plane bombers have had Middle Eastern ties.

Nonetheless, the Bush Administration publicly agrees with the civil rights organizations that even a nonracial airport profiling system that had merely a disparate impact on Arabs and Muslims would be objectionable. Secretary Mineta said, “We also want to assure that in practice, the system does not disproportionately select members of any particular minority group.” Of course, if Arabs and Muslims are disproportionately more likely to hijack airliners, and the profiling system does not end up disproportionately targeting them, then system wouldn’t work very well at preventing hijackings.
Yep, there was that same great Sailer style 18 years ago!

Profiles in Stupidity

Now, under the recent article on unz, a very intelligent and common-sensible commenter wrote the following:
Hindsight is 20/20. I’m not sure what Tuohey [the ticket agent at Boston Logan Airport who checked-in one of the terrorists] could have done even if he had acted on his suspicions.

Maybe they would have found the box cutters if they searched them. Maybe they would have talked their way onto the plane anyway. I assume they had cover stories prepared. Not sure what Hindus and Sikhs have to do with anything.

The law that Bush advocated changing
[on making security laxer] hadn’t actually changed as of 9/11 so it had no influence on the outcome.
Here is my reply:
Foresight would only have needed to be 20/40 or so, or whatever it takes to look through sights of one’s CC pistol and take care of this thing before it got out of hand (as it did). If Americans weren’t already being disarmed at airports around the country, we’d probably not be discussing this at all. (The press likes to hide feel-good gun stories, such as regular Americans easily defeating a terrorism attempt.) The world could have been different.
The comment, again, quite reasonably, replies:
I’m not sure it’s a great idea for EVERYONE on board to be carrying, but nowadays, many pilots carry a .40 caliber H&K automatic as a sidearm when they are on the flight deck, having been thru the Federal training program for this purpose. Also, it seems to me that sworn police officers and such who open carry every day as part of their jobs could just as well be trusted to carry when they are flying. Had the pilots on 9/11 been so trained and armed or there had been some cops on board, I’m sure they could have taken care of things on the spot and saved thousands of lives.

But no one was thinking that way on 9/11. Hijackings had always been for ransom – take me to Havana or release some Palestinians or something like that. They were never on kamikaze missions. The training was “comply with the hijackers and no one will get hurt.”
That's just it, though. Everyone is fighting the last battle, and even with the few gun-carrying pilots - not more than 1 in 50 or 100, and occasional Air Marshalls, the same problem, bad guys with weapons, will be not likely solved in that manner.

Here's another problem with that last reply. Why do people get this idea that the authorities are particularly better, if at all, at defending their fellow Americans? In fact, when they keep using that term "civilians" for non-LEOs (the new term - no longer just a horoscope sign), are they hinting that they are the American standing army we aren't supposed to have? I'd much rather have a non-cop regular gun-carrying American for 2 reasons:

1) A non-cop had much more to lose by doing something rash with his gun. The left is just itching to find those rare cases in which he might be in the wrong. A cop would get away with leave-with-pay for stuff that would put a regular American in jail for years!

2) The non cop is very likely a better shot. Do you remember that story of cops in NY City a few years back firing 11 shots and never hitting a "perp" from about 10 ft. away? They never hit the perp, I'm saying - bystanders beware! A concealed-carry American would likely spend much more time at the range.

All this trust in the authorities is a bad thing? I'm gonna add what could be number (3) above: Who says that the guy with a badge is less likely to be up to no good than another American? Why would one think that, because of all that rigorous background checking by... oh, other cops? Baaaa.

I mentioned the Police State, even if supposedly on our side, fighting the last battle. You've seen the stupidity. For years now, they've been controlling the quantity of liquids one can bring, just based on ONE incident. Does nobody reckon that 5 guys can each bring their allowed quantities and share? It's nice to share. That and other stuff like it is just reactionary security theater. The bad guys can make a weapon out of anything. It'd be best if any possible good guys are allowed to defend against this.

I realized after already getting into this post that I'd written my conclusion in that 2-year old post from 9/11/17, so here it is again:
Wouldn't this country, and the whole world possibly, be so much different now, if the following simple thing happened 16 years ago today: What if the airport-based security guys at that time were NOT disarming passengers? What if only 2-3 passengers on each of those airliners had been armed (very likely were they living per US Constitution Amendment II)? Can you imagine how proud Americans would have felt and still would, had the planes been defended through quick dispatch of the RWB's (Ragheads With Boxcutters)? Not only that, but the rest of the world would be mostly envious, some angry, that this was a country that could not be messed with as there was still "a rifle behind every blade of grass".

The Middle East was invaded willy-nilly and the US population was coerced into becoming a police state, all because of 19 guys with boxcutters? Is that what I'm telling you?

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18 years later - they must LOVE us for our lack of freedoms!

Posted On: Wednesday - September 11th 2019 7:11AM MST
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Come for the Constitution - stay for the free shit and infiltration.

You'd think by now, right? I mean, the thing was that the people, assumed to be those 19 Moslems from Saudi, that caused those 3,000 deaths and the destruction 18 years ago today were said to have "hated us for our freedoms." It's not like American had a lot of freedom left in 2001, but it's gotten a whole lot worse since then. There should be no more 9/11's - America is so much of an Orwellian Police State that towel-adorned foreigners ought to just LUV, LUV, LUV us to death! Yea! It's working. (Yes, actually, what the elites want IS indeed working.)

As we noted 2 years back (Peak Stupidity neglected to "commemorate" anything last year), 9/11 has been nothing but an excuse for the US Feral Gov't to clamp down hard with the Police State. I don't like any of it, but one could at least assume good intentions, albeit it being traitorous to the US Constitution, if at least this Police State was directed against those who might want to kill us. No, though, we need to search the grannies and little ones at the airport, just in case. Those 80,000 Moslem students at American Universities, > 50,000 of them just from Saudi Arabia, are apparently no worry attall. No, sir, if the US GOVERNMENT, by God, with its competent diverse group of bureaucrats, says there's no worry, who is this lone blogger to argue?

The excellent pundit Michelle Malken* just wrote a good article about questions she'd ask the Democrat Old Phart and Young Turd candidates, if George Ramos hadn'ta gotten the gig. Most of it would have been questions on immigration, as that crowd is almost completely Open-borders-retarded. Additionally, VDare posted today a short piece (mostly links) that included some pessimism from one Dr. Norm Matloff about whether the attack would change immigration policy. It was written 35 DAYS after 9/11.

Not only has nothing changed in 18 years regarding immigration of those who may be the mostly likely to kill Americans in America, but it's gotten WORSE. Visas are given out like commemorative stamps. As Mrs. Malkin discussed in the article linked-to above, there was supposed to be a visa-overstay control program implemented, for those on non-immigration visas (student visas, working-at-jobs-Americans-cant'-do.. NOW visas, tourist visas, etc.). It's never been implemented. Any REAL country keeps track of people coming and going, at least non-passport-holders. Nope, they only keep track of us American passport holders, with that wonderful Orwellian equipment they've got underneath the airport terminals.**

Let me back up a bit, say 240 years. The British colonists who founded America in the first place did it for one main** reason, for a common defense. What do we have now? It looks like we have a common OFFENSE, instead. Yeah, I've heard that one "sometimes the best defense is a good offense." I'd believe that if there were war going on (I mean by people we didn't LET IN) inside the country. I don't believe it when this offense is in the Middle East and other places on the other side of the globe.

They can't attack us - it's 30 years after the Cold War in which Communists could attack us from afar. The only way they can "get us" is to somehow come INTO our country and attack from within... oh, wait. It'd be even worse if people came in from places that the US had been bombing and droning (too numerous to list here), and those same people had had family killed or injured by Americans. I mean, they wouldn't hold a grudge would they, if we at least just let them in? (Steve Sailer called it the "Invade-the-world, invite-the-world" strategy.)

What was the great plan again? Fight them over there, so we don't have to fight them over here - was that it? Has it changed? I've not been watching the TV news lately (like for 20 years). It just seems to me that the muckety-mucks at the Pentagon and Deep State offices have changed it to Let's let them in here, so they will not be around to fight us over there, and they shouldn't be still mad, cause freedom!

What a complete shit show!

* We've given her some grief before here and there, but that's only because we love her.

** Customs and Immigration (the former is really about obsolete at this point) is one part of the government that I'd like to see be hardasses. They seem to be hardasses to Americans though, from my personal experience. Would they let in another group of terrorists more easily? You don't want to be rude and un-PC to those foreigners, though, right? They bring a lot of money in.

*** I supposed creating a common sound currency was another, but not a sole reason to create a Federal Gov't. Here's the exact wording:
... in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,...
Most of the rest of the reasons are kind of vague, and that "general welfare" bit IS NOT SOME LAW, just a nice phrase.

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Classic (rock) Europe

Posted On: Tuesday - September 10th 2019 6:24PM MST
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Overheard last week in a Prague coffee shop: "Thank you for the .mp3, man; I had no idea that these guys were in a band before Wings!"

"Oh, these guys won't get back together till hell freezes over!"

You gotta give the former East Bloc countries a break - they may really have not learned who Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, much less John, Paul, George and Ringo, were, until the wall came down. But there's no excuse for people in Paris or Rome. I've noticed that they range from 2 to 3 decades behind in their knowledge of good rock music.

Yes, the line at the top was made up here, but it's the T-shirts and what the street musicians play that make me think this. I guess they can't be blamed, as Peak Stupidity's opinion is that 99 % of good rock and pop was created in the English-speaking world. Yes, yes, there's Nena and that great song about those 99 red balloons, but can that match up to some AC/DC?

You really just want to grab 'em, spend a few hours on Rosetta Stone, well, not in that order, and go "Man, c'mon it's a good song, but Hotel California was released 40 years ago. Let it go, man!"

I've seen this in my travels to Europe almost 3 decades back, and we saw it again on our recent vacation trip. I'm miffed, but then again, it's not a bad thing really. We've featured a few (try here and here) recent pieces of modern music, but most of it does suck. Europe's still got its castles and beautiful churches - they may as well still listen to Baker Street and Sympathy for the Devil.

Next trip, I will break out my old KIZZ Destroyer T-shirt so that I can blend in and not look like the usual ugly American. The Chinamen have got that covered.

It's pretty hard to play this one as a European street musician, but it's a Peak Stupidity favorite from a band, The Electric Light Orchestra, or ELO that we've featured only once before.

Don't Jeff Lynne's electric guitar solos sound a lot like those of Brian May of Queen? (Check out the short awesome solo from 1:12 to 1:30.)

The British band ELO's virtuoso, Jeff Lynne, wrote the whole album Out of the Blue that Mr. Blue Sky is on, in 3 1/2 weeks time in his chalet "on the continent", as they say. This was in October of 1977, so yeah, we are all Europeans tonight.

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Escape from the EU

Posted On: Tuesday - September 10th 2019 12:44PM MST
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No one has ever successfully escaped from Stalag EU, Johnson!

The subject of this post goes back to just about 1 month before the Peak Stupidity blog started up, October 31st '16. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: This is NOT a news site. You want news, good luck with all that. It is not in our job description - our core competency here is Stupidity and Stupidity alone (plus some good music!).

That does not preclude us from delving into some news, even if it is about 1045 days behind. October 31st of '16 was the date of the successful British referendum to enable an escape from the clutches of the European Union and the Bastards of Brussels who tyrannize whoever is trapped in their camp organization for "the duration". Before that date, the globalists and bureaucrats, often one and the same, of the EU and the nations entrapped there-in did their very best to convince the populations that there was no hope of escape and moreso, no reason to escape.

Formerly-Great Formerly-Britain* is in the middle of a nearing 3-year-long escape attempt. The majority-for-"leave" vote notwithstanding, right now the country is still in the European Union and subject to its rules. The whole story of this on-going escape attempt, with the goal of obtaining British sovereignty again, can better be explained by a very good long essay that was pointed out by pundit John Derbyshire. Author Christopher Caldwell, in the Claremont Review of Books explains what's been going on, and what is going on with Brexit** vote in Why Hasn't Brexit Happened?

Please read Mr. Caldwell's excellent essay, as it'll beat any kind of quick summary Peak Stupidity could come up with. In addition, since John Derbyshire pointed this great summary out, his article in which he did that is also called Why Hasn't Brexit Happened? and also here's Cosmopolitans vs. Communitarians—What The Battle Over Brexit Means.

Just one basic comment to be made from the reading of Christopher Caldwell's essay is this: He brings up the fact that the bureaucrats and big-shots in both Brussels and in the formerly-nations that are interned within the EU think and act as citizens of the EU, not their own formerly sovereign countries such as escape-attempt artist England. This reminds me of the situation in our former Republic, back in, oh, about 1861. As I wrote in the Peak Stupidity quick biographical summary on Robert E. Lee, General Lee understood the State of Virginia to be, in the true definition of the word "state", his country or his nation. Those that faulted him for not staying with those United States of America, later on known as "the US of A", were just like the EU Globalists. They rejected the sovereignty of nation-states themselves in favor of their Continental project.

The Southern States weren't able to pull off their escape from the US of A those years ago, even with a Constitution that said NOTHING that would preclude them from doing so. Good luck to the British on their attempt. Make sure to feed the guard dogs and keep some strudel for Sergeant Schultz.

* As we and The Kinks have written, "There's no England now."

** I may have been very tempted, were I an Englishman, to vote this down just based on the silly name, thinking that this was possibly a vote on whether some movie star couple should break up or not. JLo, Brangelina, AMLO, now Jivanka, gimme a break!

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Don't axe me no questions ...

Posted On: Monday - September 9th 2019 7:25PM MST
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... and I won't tell you no lies.

That was ALMOST the same title as this post about governments asking me for too much information, along with some great Skynyrd (some Southern Rock). Note the difference.

As a follow up to last week's post on back to skool, I add this one bit of curmudgeonry. Black people, in order to "keep it real", have one particular speech defect that just irks the crap out of me. I should say "seem" to have a speech defect, as, for most, it's very much on purpose.

You've got a perfectly intelligent and articulate black man or woman who, with everything else that sounds white , err, right, has to insert that ridiculous "axe" for "ask". (Or, is it spelled "aks"? See, spell-check would fix it*, so it's only a factor in their speech.) It's getting spread to the high echelons, as recently I heard it from an airline pilot! Yes, these guys are intelligent, and the rest of this First Officer's announcements were clear and informative. He had to insert that half-ass "axe" in there though. It was not as obvious as from a guy from the ghetto, but it was there. I imagine the Captain, if he heard it, was shaking his head ... slightly.

It's just about keeping it real. Just as with the otherwise literate elementary school teacher from that last post, one must prove one's authentic blackness, I guess. For many black people, I bet it takes effort to even get this down. As much as Peak Stupidity considers Øb☭ma an AntiChrist runner-up, I'll admit he was no ghetto dweller. He grew up around Indonesians, Hawaiians, and white people. I think he'd have to concentrate for a good while to get in the habit of saying "ask" wrong. I would bet money, still, that he pronounces it "aks" to his black friends on the phone. Øb☭ma would have to be careful in public as his sack-hanging white donors may be slightly turned off, if they heard this.

Why must you keep it real, causing that one more bit of separation between you and the normal-speaking (for the most part) Americans? You won't get a good answer from Peak Stupidity. Don't axe me why:

This very early 1980's song from Billy Joel's Glass Houses always brings back a good memory. It's from just a little bit past his prime, in my opinion, which was the period in which he recorded his albums Piano Man, The Stranger, and 52nd Street.

Looking back, we've only featured Billy Joel once before, with "Miami 2017", a great hard-rock number. It's time for some more from this guy soon.

* Spell-check is still kinda raciss, even in this day and age.

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