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Posted On: Wednesday - April 21st 2021 7:30PM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

"What we have heah, is failure to communicate."

We're told in school that learning and understanding cool stuff is not enough. We must be able to communicate. Big Biz corporate staff repeatedly tell us that communication is so important to our jobs. It's so important that they have to write emails to us to both show communication skills and demonstrate that their high positions are viable.

What I'm running into now is a real failure to communicate, in Cool Hand Luke parlance, due to the idiotic face masking push, the most visible manifestation of the Kung Flu Hysteria. With all the people that have been vaccinated already, and the rest of us obviously not giving a rat's ass about getting the COVID, you'd think the face masks would be going away.

Nope, per Dr. Fauci and others, we need to double-down, literally. If one face mask on your face makes you feel safe from the 'Rona, then two of them has just GOT to be better, right? Sure, I mean, if you can still breath as if you are still living under an eighteen thousand feet pressure altitude, then what's the harm?

The harm is that I can't understand people very well anymore. It's not my hearing. Yes, I went to my share of extremely loud rock concerts back in the day, but my hearing has been fine. It's too bad I have to pick on them today, but the communications problems for me when dealing with black women seem to be the worst. Is it just the mumbly speech from some to begin with, the mask interference with their lips, or what?

The other day I was having a conversation with a not-too-close colleague. We don't work together often, is what I mean, but we were close in distance - about 3 ft. apart. Luckily the talk was about nothing important, just some stories, because I couldn't make out half of what the lady was saying. I asked for her to repeat a couple of things. Then I noticed she was wearing two face masks, one of the blue medical type ones on the inside and one of those black cloth ones on the outside. Maybe an acoustics engineer could explain it - all I know is that the sound was muffled to the extreme.

I had to just nod a few times, then go back to doing something, You try not to be rude, but it's hard to converse with someone who sounds pretty much like Charlie Brown's Mom.

If the masks don't go, communication suffers. What's it gonna be, corporate big shots? What? You're coming in broken and unreadable.

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Feminism and Human Nature - Part 1

Posted On: Wednesday - April 21st 2021 6:23PM MST
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We used up the title already that would have fit this post too, long ago, with the post It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!. That was Peak Stupidity's 3rd post in the area of Feminism. As a continuation from yesterday's, this post is a summary description of this whole ball of stupidity that has been pushed on Americans for over 1/2 a century.

American women have gone along with this stupidity pushed on society because, well, it's "for women". Like the creatures they are and were made to be, women are not so much concerned with society as a whole but their families and themselves (especially the latter when the don't have the former). As with that commenter Rosie over on good old unz.com, they can often speak clearly and logically about important issues, but when it comes to women vs. men, they will take the side of what women are supposed to be for, with no concern for fairness or any understanding whatsoever of men's issues. The shame of it is, what they are convinced to be for is not the best thing for either for women or men, it turns out.*

One of the finest commenters on the iSteve comment threads is a fellow that goes by the handle AnotherDad. I doubt I have disagreed with him significantly on more than 2% of his comments**. He has OK's Peak Stupidity's excerption of most of this comment of his. It's not the only time AnotherDad has tried to explain this point of real Conservatism, but I really like this:
But this really is just feminism 101:

If men are doing something–and it has status–then women should get at least 50% of it. Business, law, medicine, politics, sports, science, tech jobs ….

But the plain fact is that men are just better at most of the “thingy” stuff of the material world that have high status. Men are evolutionarily designed to engage in sexual competition/warfare and to hunt. This involves a whole palette of “thingy” skills.

Women are evolutionarily designed to bear and nurture children and secondarily to gather. They tend to be better at sensing and navigating interpersonal relations and in a few particular “thingy” skills–fine motor control, color perception (berries/herbs).

Essentially men and women are beautifully complementary. Men are somewhat to a lot better at most things involving interaction with the material world–which is most things. (And thus smart–mostly white, some Asian–men have given us a world of amazing material abundance, for which we all should be thankful.) While women are infinitely better at one thing–one thing which is absolutely drop dead critical for survival. But a lot of women, don’t feel that reality is how things ought to be. Sad.
I don't think I could have said this near as well as AnotherDad. Thanks!

I've got some more thoughts on this myself, with a little bit of personal experience to throw in too. I'll have a Part 2 sometime soon.

* OK, it didn't just "turn out" that way - I am pretty sure that there are people behind these red tides , errr, waves of feminism that push for it due to their desire to destroy American society. There are other ways to do this, in operation as we speak, but destruction of the nuclear family is Job #1 for the Commie types. It always has been. Feminism does this job very well.

** I should except the few in which he was just ever-so-slightly on the pro-panic side of the Kung Flu PanicFest divide, but he has been very reasonable as of late.

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America's Kung Flu recession, women hardest hit! - Conclusion

Posted On: Tuesday - April 20th 2021 8:01PM MST
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( See previous posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, and Part 9)

Feminist writer Chabeli Carrazana, author of the 19th News*, had such an all encompassing work of feminist stupidity that we spent 7 months here sporadically fisking it. (Amazingly, the article, America's Kung Flu Recession is still up.)

One can refute every detail of an article like this, as we did. Is it a waste of time? Yes, most likely it's a waste of time. What a Conservative can see in this article and others like it from feminists, is that it's not so much the small points that should be argued, but the entire premise that all Miss Carranzana's arguments are based on. That premise is WRONG.

I don't need to know the numbers of women vs. men employed in this field or that one. Though it's simple logic based on men's vs. women's working habits and preferences, the differences in pay aren't something I need to argue either. I don't need to argue over whether men are doing as much "caregiving" as women. No, the whole premise that women have equal roles as men in society is simply wrong. That's the basic argument against the whole damn rotten field of feminism. When you get into those arguments on the details, you have already left this basic idea behind and are accepting the erroneous premise of feminism.

Let's get to the root of the issue, call it "Roots Conservatism". Most Conservatives are afraid to go this far. They've been scared for a half a century to bring up the simple "yes, you ARE a baby-making machine", and "yes, I like it better when you're around the house a lot", and "yes, our kids will be better off if you are home with them". It's really been more like 55 years, since the middle 1960s, during which this wave of feminism has been trying to obscure or strangle the roots conservative argument that men and women are simply different and made to have different roles in life.

Now, I've heard there have been various waves, actually, and we are on wave 3 or 4 of feminism in America. From my knowledge of American history, it's been since the middle 1960s though, when feminism started being taken seriously, by men. (However, it still had it's fun moments in the 1970s.) Men didn't put a stop to this nonsense, and they, along with the women, have been paying for that mistake ever since.

Chabeli Carrazana based her whole long whining article on the usual "I want it all" and "can we have it all?" business, meaning having a rewarding career, as (only some) men do, and raising a family too. They have been brainwashed for those 55 years that they DO want that, and they deserve that. The whole idea that "having it all" for a woman might not even mean that takes wisdom to understand. That wisdom is something that will not come to most of them until it's just too damn late. (At that point, they want to argue, that, yes, we can have kids at 45 years old - no problemo!)

I will put that excerpt by the Unz Review commenter in the next post, in which there will be more philosophizing on the subject of the stupidity of feminism.

* You know that's trouble, as that on-line magazine's name refers to the US Constitution's 19th Amendment, if not necessarily THE biggest fuck-up of the amendment sequence, it'd be in the top 5 with a bullet. See Part 2 and Part 3 of Peak Stupidity's take on Amendment XIX.

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I can bitch, I can bitch, I can better than you ...

Posted On: Monday - April 19th 2021 7:37PM MST
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I just really wanted to write this quick post because of the song here and how it fits our earlier story about one Bich Nguyen, writer for The New Yorker, discussed in the posts Life ain't easy for a girl named Bich and GTTFC, Bich!.

The lady is now Beth Nguyen, but she's still sore about the fact that Americans made fun of her first name throughout her childhood years. They were supposed to withhold their senses of humor just for this one Bich, apparently.

I was just wondering if you would hear from HR later, over at the New Yorker offices, if you just happened to be playing a certain track off of Elton John’s Caribou album when she showed up for work in the morning. We did this to a girl back in college when she came into the dorm room, but she was pretty cool and took it in fun. The HR Ladies do not usually have the sense of humor you see in normal people, so, before following our advice we ask that you consider a pre-paid legal plan.

Normally, hit songs like this are ones I've heard so much over the years that I never like them as much as some more obscure songs. That's not the case, for some reason, with The Bitch is Back. What's the song about? Per Wiki, Bernie Taupin's wife at the time, Maxine Feibelman, would say, "The bitch is back," when Elton was in a bad mood. It's got the good tune and the great sound, so the lyrics don't matter, Elton John was a great artist, but the fans should appreciate that excellent band of his too:

Dave Johnstone - Guitar
Dee Murray - Bass guitar
Nigel Olsson - Drums

Lenny Pickett played the tenor saxophone solo.

(It's the same with the American version of the Piano Man. Billy Joel did a lot of hard rock numbers with a good band behind him.)

Speaking of that Caribou and obscure songs, Peak Stupidity featured Dixie Lily long ago.

* See also Part 2, Exhibit A - Toby Flenderson, and Part 3.

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America's Kung Flu recession, women hardest hit! - Part 9

Posted On: Monday - April 19th 2021 8:48AM MST
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  Feminism  Economics  Educational Stupidity

(Continued from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8.)

Wheewwww! We're here, folks. It's been over 7 months since we started the complete fisking* of a piece of feminist stupidity called America's Kung Flu Recession by a piece of work named Chabeli Carrazana. Her writing has pretty much the whole field of feminist stupidity wrapped up in one article that can be read in one convenient shitting. Peak Stupidity has been bound and determined to finish this fisking effort, and this we be the last part of it, as we reach the very last word in stupid. Tomorrow, we'll have a conclusion, with a nice excerpt included from one of the best commenters on the iSteve blog.

Let's go!:
More than a decade ago, Mara Geronemus left a job at a big law firm in New York, moved to Miami Beach and started seeking out more flexible law opportunities. After her third child was born, she opened her own business doing remote work for clients across the country, a position that let her stay deeply involved in the lives of her elementary school-age children. She recently launched a working mom’s networking group called All Before Dinner and she’s finishing off a stint as the chair of the board of her children’s private Jewish faith school. [My bolding.]
Miami Beach? But, I thought Miami Beach was for old Jewish people, getting out of that New York cold into their air-conditioned land yachts for carpooling to the Early-Bird special to go gum down that creamed corn. From the article's picture, you don't look near old enough, Mara Gernonemus... wait, what the fuck?! What kind of name is Geronemus? Usually it's Geronimo, which you may yell when you let go of that lift strut on the Cessna, and well, she does look like maybe she jumped out of a "perfectly good" airplane before but unfortunately pulled too low. (Remember to pull that pilot chute out when the people look like ants, not when the ants look like people, people!)

Where was I? Oh, yeah, New York law firm - I'm sure that was very productive work, good for American society. Now it's "networking" and sitting on a chair of the board. Oh, it's the Jewish faith school - no networking with the cholos and homies in the Miami Beach government schools, Mrs. Geronimo? If you care so much about all the poor working women, than you really ought to hang with them more, these schools being "manned" by almost nothing but women these days.
It was all part of the plan. Her husband stayed in his inflexible, but well-paid, position as an interventional radiologist.
Right, because you can't do interventional radiology in your family room. (Though I guess one could just do the looking at x-rays, but I've heard that will get automated soon enough and is already partly outsourced to India.) Maybe because the husband works hard at a REAL JOB, it is not quite as flexible, "flexible" meaning allowing one to easily get away with just writing emails within short-enough intervals to show one's "at-work" status.
When coronavirus sent her kids home, Geronemus said it was like watching her house of cards collapse.

She worked throughout the day to keep her kids on track with school responsibilities but found herself sitting down at the computer at 10 p.m. to start her own work. Often, her day wasn’t over until at least 2 or 3 a.m.
“I haven’t pulled all nighters since law school,” Geronemus said.
Allright, so she's getting the work done in 4 to 5 hours, and there's probably a sleep period in there she hasn't mentioned. Was it ever a real job?** It doesn't sound like she's really pulling her weight in this economy, compared to her husband.
No matter how hard she tried, though, it wasn’t enough. When the school year was over, her 6-year-old daughter had more than 200 unfinished assignments.

“We can’t spend another school year or even another month doing things the way that we did it between March and June,” she said.
Whoa, wait a minute. The 6 y/o has assignments? You were supposed to do these arts & crafts with her, right? Maybe if you homeschooled, you wouldn't have to stress out a 6 year-old with 200 assignments in a school year. Just a thought... Oh, and in that same March through June, I got my 8 y/o doing geometry (with ruler, compass, and protractor), geography (finding cities based on lat/long on the globe, with the inclusion of the concepts of estimation and interpolation) and adding/subtracting/multiplying fractions.
But when she starts to think about what would have to get cut, the calculation materializes quickly: “My husband is not quitting his job, he’s not leaving the hospital. My kids are not dropping out of school,” Geronemus said. “So, what gives? Probably my work.”
By George Geronemus, I think she's got it!
She worked hard to get here, to leave New York and plant roots in a community that she is deeply invested in, to be the mom her kids rely on.

When she shuttered her Miami Beach office this summer, it felt like it was starting to slip away. She was already halfway out.
That's a win/win for all of us, Mrs. Geronemus. Not only will your kids be better off, but the whole country could use a whole lot fewer New York/Miami Beach lawyers.
“I want it all and I had found a way — and other women have found a way — for a short period of time to have it all or most of it, or have it all on some days or most days,” Geronemus said. “Now 2020 is forcing us to reconsider, I guess, saying, ‘Can you have it all?'”
You, and women like you, have been TOLD you want it all by feminists for the last half century. Do your really want your 3 children to be raised by some Brazilian, Jamaican, or Squatmalen working mom nanny, while you're gone all day and stressed out the rest of the time? Hell, your husband isn't even there most of the time and probably has to spend significant money to go back and forth on the weekends. You all should have stayed in New York, if that's your thing, and raised those kids right, either by homeschooling or starting in one of those Steve Sailer-mentioned fancy kindergartens for which you have to submit pre-SAT's for admission. You could have let your breadwinner husband do what he's supposed to do, be proud of him, and have him at home more, so the kids can be proud of him and learn from him.

"Can you have it all?" Reconsider what that means, and you'll get your answer, Mrs. Gernonemus, reconsider what that means. More ranting will come in the conclusion.

* Peak Stupidity explained this ancient blogology back in the post A Visual Fisking of Cortez the Killer, in this paragraph:
OK, let me explain that ancient-to-the-blog-world term. Way back in 2001, some idiot NY Times reporter (but I repeat myself), named Robert Fisk was taken to task on an article in which he defended his being stoned (via rocks, not on-the-rocks) and beaten by Afghanis. He'd be called a hard-core "cuck" nowadays, but the subsequent evisceration of Fisk's stupidity by Australian blogger Tim Blair (I remember that guy, wow!), and the use of the term "fisking" subsequently by Godfather-of-bloggers Glenn Reynolds, aka, "Instapundit" pushed the term into common blog-use. We've not heard it a lot over the last 5 years, at least, so it may be time to bring it back.
I wonder what Tim Blair is up to now. As for Robert Fisk, I couldn't care less.

** I'd be the first to tell you that lots of white collar days may only involve 1/2 a day of actual work (or let the guy in Office Space tell you).

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J.R. Kipling - "What I Saw at the Rally

Posted On: Saturday - April 17th 2021 7:56PM MST
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  Elections '16 - '20  Trump  Americans  alt-right

I had a browser tab open on one of my devices, as we call them now, with a VDare post from this past January 10th, that I hadn't read yet. (That's why I have lots of tabs open. I mean 50 of 'em sometimes.)

A guy named J. R. Kipling had written a great essay on the events of January 6th. It is not very much about the breaking into the Capitol*, but about the Americans that made up the big crowd outside and about Donald Trump. Mr. Kipling is not at all enamored by the Donald, and this blogger agrees his Presidency was one final lost opportunity to turn this country around peacefully.

Mr. Kipling has only written once on VDare before, and that was almost 5 years ago. His January 10th article that I urge you to read is What I Saw At The Rally—Profound Patriotism, Trump Fecklessness, And, Yes, Antifa. I'm gonna paste in the first portion to get you interested:
Unlike Ann Coulter, I believe Trump won the election and I believe that this matters. And the millions that voted for him did so knowing all his personality flaws and failings. Donald Trump didn’t build the wall (well, just 400 miles of it), he didn’t deport all the illegals, he didn’t stop H1B, he didn’t even end the notorious Carried Interest loophole. Yet people kept faith in him. Why?

Standing in the bitter cold of the Mall on Jan 6 with perhaps 400,000 others waiting for hours to hear Trump speak the answer seemed simple and as old as the basic human need to organize in self-defense. The people were there to hear their leader. Shivering and waiting, they wanted someone to give them some hope for the future—a sense of resolution and confidence and superior strength.

But strength against what? What were these people afraid of that made them stick with Trump through all his personality flaws, shrugging off the relentless attacks from the Left that have gone on for years?

A common view is that they were fooled by Trump. But they were not fooled. They saw everything and looked beyond. They ignored Trump the quasi-literate vulgarian who really thought having a "top running reality show" was boast-worthy instead of an embarrassment. They stuck with Trump because Trump was one of them, only with the power to stop the Globalist nightmare.

What the Left is setting about doing now tells us more about the Trump movement than Trump ever did: the complete dissolution of a people and a nation, the relentless lying and propaganda, the Big Tech censorship and surveillance. Trump’s voters instinctively sensed this threat. So did Trump, but he did nothing about it.
Mr. Kipling has more faith in regular Americans than Donald Trump. I concur. We need to look to each other for support and leadership, not a politician, even the best one we could think of. "TECH Tyrants and Biden's coming. We're finally on our own ..."

* though he strongly suspects that there were antifa, doing the breaking of windows and such.

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TECH Technicians

Posted On: Saturday - April 17th 2021 5:05PM MST
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Nope, it's not about the "TECH Totalitarians" (VDare terminology) this time but actual computer hardware technicians doing what anyone could call real technical work. We've got a Dell laptop with only about 4 years on it that won't take any power. I brought it into a local fix-it/used sales shop that I am very glad is still in business.

Let me first tell you all the problem with this computer, a) for this anecdote's sake and b) well, Adam Smith may be of help*, haha, or someone else. Why not, right? It ain't like we're charging here.

I'd thought for sure this was a matter of a loose connection of the DC power input socket. My boy has not treated this computer very well. (It's not his - tragedy of the commons, bitchez!) In addition to spilling milk all over the keyboard one time, he has put lots of stress on that connector. OK, this should be easy really, or so I thought. The back came off easily, and this socket was very easy to get at. The socket has one screw to attach it for mechanical support, and the other end is a flat ~ 7 pin plastic connecter that goes into a board. It has 4 red wires, so I guess this power goes that many ways. The actual wires are not even 1" long. There really can't be anything wrong there, but I'm open to disagreement.

While playing around with the power supply, connecting and trying to find good conduction, I saw that the power light would go on for 5 seconds and cut back off, no matter what position I put the plug at axially. This is not a conduction problem. I even saw the fan start, and the screen get some light a few times. Battery or no battery, it's the same story. The power supply has a green LED lit up, but does that mean good DC power out or just good AC power in?

I did 1/2 hour of searching for this problem with no good answer so far. OK, down to the shop. These guys know what they are doing, right?

Well, I have no complaints here about racial or gender issues - there were 5 or 6 White guys in there - that was all. Maybe a couple were sales types with no technical knowledge, so I asked for help on the problem.

"Oh, look, your plug is bent. That's it." He meant that the plug (the DC side of the power supply at the computer end) was bent about 5 degrees. I knew that, but then, you'd think if this were the problem, I'd have an intermittent connection, but not on a regular basis. What the heck, though, this guy might know something, and it would be great if this were all. Nah, he plugged in another (but only the DC side), and the same problem occurred.

"Well, maybe it's the motherboard** ..." Geeze, what does that tell me? Getting a new computer is what that would come down to for me, as with that part, and a few hours of his time (I just wasn't up for a complete overhaul), we'd be close to the price of something new. Here's my problem: no damn thought, no problem solving or troubleshooting ability was in this guy, it seemed. I was kind of hopeful about this mechanics of miniature devices being a substitute for the work of the shade-tree mechanic of yesteryear, as discussed long ago here in DIY and mechanical aptitude in Americans vs. Chinese - self rebuttal.

Let's compare: As opposed to a remove & replace guy at the dealer service center, a good mechanic has some deep understanding of the workings of the vehicle along with troubleshooting abilities. With a car, that troubleshooting could involve a great ear, use of the multimeter on all the electrical problems, or just the common sense (learned from a lifetime of doing the work), that says things like "OK, even with starter fluid sprayed in, I'm getting nothing, so it's probably not the fuel pump as I'd thought..." etc. With this laptop computer, I'd like to have heard "let's see, it's getting power, but the computer doesn't see it as good power, so the power control chip is bad or it's not getting enough current..." I'm making this up, but it's just an example of the kind of thinking that I expected more of.

The car mechanic might say "OK, I think it's the ABC module, so we can try that first, but it's not refundable. If that's not it, then I'll try B, but that's hard to get to, so it'll take a couple of hours. At least then I can see if DEF gets a signal from ___ once I get that part off...." This guy, given the symptom, had nothing but "It's not your bent power plug. Maybe it's the motherboard." That's like: "It's not that wire hanging loose. Maybe it's the engine."

The guy did have one more idea: "You could replace that connector (the part I described, taking power from the socket end of it and distributing it to a board via the flat connector)." Yeah, well, fine, spend a couple of weeks waiting for a part that really doesn't have much of a way of breaking? That's an idea. It has nothing to do with the symptoms - it's nothing but 1" of dumb conducting material - and looks fine, but it's an idea ... not a good idea, just something to do. Nah.

Perhaps I expected too much. I was ready to learn, and yes, pay what money it took if it was worth it to fix it, but this guy had nothing to teach me. He did have one piece of hope: "We can ask Jody." He had already left, but I can go find him another time, when I get a chance to go back. I guess Jody is the one guy there that actually understands a bit about the workings of these devices. If you're locked up, it's "better call Saul." If you're computer's locked up, it's "better call Jody." I hope Jody has got the understanding and troubleshooting skills, as I'd really like to get to the bottom of this.

If nothing else, they can get our data off the drive, so there's that ... which IS important, in fact.

Is America losing our human technical capital? It seem like that's the case. Don't we need it? I sure thought so.

PS: I may still find the answer to this very reproducible problem on the web. In the meantime, I realized just a while back that I had forgotten to at least check the DC voltage output on my power supply. See, the guy at the shop had only used the DC side, due to ours being bent. It'd be great if it were nothing but a bad power supply still. I can't get to that computer right now... long story.

* Keep in mind, there's one simple thing I haven't even checked yet, but I can't get to the device right now, at press time.

** Are they still saying "motherboard"? I thought it had changed to "main board", but maybe it reverted, or this guy has been messing with computers a long time - I had no problem with that.

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No justice for Ashli Babbitt

Posted On: Friday - April 16th 2021 8:08PM MST
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  Elections '16 - '20  US Feral Government  Orwellian Stupidity  Anarcho-tyranny

Ashli Babbitt, murdered in Washington, FS - Jan 6th '21:

It's Banana Republic or Totalitarian State behavior, either one has no honest system of justice. American justice had it's big flaws before, but it's completely political now. The Bidet Administration Department of Justice announced yesterday that there will be no prosecution of any sort of the black Capitol cop who murdered Capitol Gang member and Trump-rally attendee Ashli Babbitt.

Every single time that the late Mrs. Babbitt is mentioned in the Lyin' Press, her "Air Force veteran" status is touted, as it that made her an existential threat to the lives of members of Congress, as she attempted to get through a panel with glass broken out in the Capitol that day. A handgun was seen in a black hand of a man who shot her from only 10 ft away or so in either the throat or shoulder, killing her. I've read in one article that Mrs. Babbitt was only 5'2" tall and weighed 110 lb. I'm not sure on that, but, as she traipsed through the "People's House" with the rest of that unarmed crowd she was no immediate threat that required being neutralized with deadly force.

The statement following is from the murderer's attorney , as taken from the Washington Post and is part of an excerpt in yesterday's Steve Sailer post, Media Reactions to Daunte Wright and Ashli Babbitt: You Can't Get Much More Who-Whom, about the Department of Justice dropping the whole matter vs. the new big narrative for the criminal Daunte Wright. This is after 3 months of never divulging even the murderer's name! He's not a juvenile, so withholding his name, as was the apparent policy of the entire Lyin' Press, is an odd way to act.
Mark E. Schamel, the Capitol Police officer’s attorney, credited his client with showing great restraint.

“His bravery on January 6 was nothing short of heroic,” Schamel said in a statement. “He stopped the rioters from gaining entry into the Speaker’s Lobby and saved the lives of countless members of Congress and the rioters. His heroism should be no surprise to those who know him.”
Lawyers do bullshit occasionally, but this statement is positively Orwellian. Lieutenant REDACTED shot an unarmed woman. He wasn’t heroic. He didn’t save ANYONE’s life. He should have been arrested and charged with murder. That statement above is a sick lie!

Some commenters on iSteve said that this cop panicked. From the video I've seen before (and on the page linked-to below), I don’t at all agree that this cop panicked. Ashlii was on the other side of a broken glass panel to the side of the translucent-paneled door.. There is still a lot of glass in that frame. You don’t just sail right through that – you’d either want to clear all the glass out (but yet, they didn’t even have sticks or bats to do that with), or you get through very, very carefully. I think this cop just wanted to shoot someone.

As usual, big foreign media have more information than the American media does. This UK Daily Mail article has some good videos.* Of course, they also run through the few minor unsavory features of Mrs. Babbitts life, something the Lyin' Press always seems to leave out for other unfortunate "victims", like George Floyd.

From a site called the NWO Report I got the picture of this murderer and some more info.

Murderer of Ashli Babbitt - name withheld - free to go:

Any criminal justice for Mrs. Ashlii Babbitt is off the table. That would go along with neither the "black lives matter most, by far!" narrative, nor would it go with the "Insurrection!" narrative. There's no point in it then, agree "our" Feral Government officials.

Not my favorite political figure by any means, but a guy who I have more respect for now than I used to, one John F. Kennedy, said:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

R.I.P., Ashli Babbitt

* Something weird seems to be going on in the 3rd video down - the one that runs 03:27 - at the 0:35 mark. A masked up guy and a couple of others say some words and high-tail it away from the scene - antifa or other instigators?

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The unmasking of the Kung Flu stupidity?

Posted On: Thursday - April 15th 2021 7:31PM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

I did not see these EXACT flight attendants at the MSP airport. However, these kinds of pictures keep the eyeballs on the site.

This anecdote, taken from a time period 1/2 hour earlier than that of the previous one, is more encouraging.

Before the gentleman of the other post conversed with this blogger, there was a family of 3, then one more (when the granddad came up the stairs), in that pleasant observation deck. The boy was about 3 years old, and like most, loved watching airplanes. Unfortunately, this was a dead time, at least for traffic on runway 30R at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.

I asked where they were headed, and vice versa, and we had a nice conversation. I had not been wearing my face mask, being un-observed (even unobservable by cameras? Nah, I dunno) in that location. The boy had no face mask on, at least, but the 2 parents at first did. Before 5 minutes were up, with my example setting the tone, we were all face-diaperless, and LOVING IT, JERRY! Everyone enjoyed acting normal.

This family was not at all worried about the Kung Flu. They had been worried about getting in trouble at the airport but were able to leave that fear behind for a spell. Now imagine if we all just started taking them off, walking to the gate, and ignoring the gate agents's admonitions, who, at some point would have to just give it up.

Alright that was a nothingburger of a post, but we'll have more feminism, Lyin' Press, and other forms of stupidity coming up.

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Two more posts from the Observation Deck

Posted On: Thursday - April 15th 2021 3:27PM MST
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  Lefty MegaStupidity  Political Correctness

Back last summer, Peak Stupidity posted Pictures from the end of America. That one was about the desolate economic scene during the height of the Kung Flu summer re-panic. Because I had been in that great observation deck accessed* from the D Concourse at Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. I did speculate also about whether one could tell that the city was undergoing riots and the like, if I had been there the previous month. (The city is visible about 10 miles away to the north.)

Maybe because it's nice and quite up there, with not many passengers knowing about the place, and with the classical music playing, it's a good place for thinking, as just an hour or so up there recently resulted in 2 more blog posts. These are just your pretty typical anecdotal posts, and I am writing them in reverse time order, just due to wanting to write about this new black outrage thing first, then the lighter and brighter theme of the abating of the Kung Flu madness later.

One guy up there happened to be one of the few passengers who already knows about that observation deck. I got to talking to him, so he told me that, and that he travels nearly weekly and is from the local area. (I.e., he knows MSP very well.) This 65 - 70 y/o guy was in a specialty field as a technician, wanted as much as he wants to work. He told me that he gets paid by the hour, and that includes all the travel time, so often 50-60 hours a week at what I'm sure is a good rate.

We were up there watching the planes take off on runway 30R, as in, to the northwest, which had them rotating to get airborne a little prior, or just abeam us in this little tower. It was a great view. We're there talking about planes and talking about the amazing machines he works on. He's got to be a good guy, I figured. Besides a little bit about the masks, and that, no, I was not wearing one where nobody could give me shit about it, I saw no reason to talk politics.

On the SE side of the airport, across that runway, there is a Minnesota Air National Guard outfit with a dozen or so C-130s. We were watching the 2nd one already get across the runway, taxi down to the southeast, and take-off, when he asked wondered what they might be up to. "Probably just training or something", I said. "Oh," he surmised, "I think they are going to that Brooklyn Center thing ..." and something else. With his mask down on his chin, I should have understood, but then I am no news-hound, so I had not heard of the new outrage there, due the shooting of Duante Wright, another worthless black criminal.

Uhhh, cause he's another stupid black thug?

Well, first of all, what the heck would these lifter planes be going there for? For observation there are helicopters. Luckily, the current-era rioting/looting events are not up to the level that requires Puff the Magic Dragon AC-130 gunships... yet. Still, I didn't know what he was even talking about. "What's going on there?" I asked. "This black guy was shot by the cops." Ahaaa, well, here we go again, but I couldn't tell what he thought of it all. An older, white, technical guy like this ought to be conservative, by all rights. I didn't intend to talk racial politics, but just to set the record straight and for fairness' sake I noted "yeah, a couple of days ago, this black ex-football player shot and killed 5** white people, including 2 kids, down in South Carolina".

At this point this guy just clammed up like a ... clam, I guess. I was surprised. He had nothing more to say, for pretty much the whole rest of the time I was up there. I'm telling you, it's something about the Scandanavian-background folks up there or something. They can't believe that everyone is not so nice like themselves. OTOH, they can believe the white cops are bad guys though, but not those poor trodden-upon black guys that they've been lucky to never meet certain examples of in the wrong place.

* Directions are in that other post.

** It's 6 now, as the other HVAC guy shot in the yard died at the hospital a few days afterwards.

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Lyin' Press Department Cadre spills all during honey pot tinder date

Posted On: Wednesday - April 14th 2021 8:02PM MST
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  TV, aka Gov't Media  Media Stupidity  Kung Flu Stupidity

You may have heard of an outfit called Project Veritas, headed by a courageous young man named James O'Keefe. What he used to do himself was to attend meetings, dinners with drinks (drinks are often the key), and other events with groups of the ctrl-left and secretly filming the utterings of some of these people. He has released many videos of those moments when the attitudes and plans of these evil/stupid people come out of their mouths.

Now, I'll say that some of these videos are hard to watch because they are at odd camera angles and with sound that's not very clear. That's what you get when you are an amateur spy. I try to think of good ways to set up the cam and mic, but no matter, I give kudos for Mr. O'Keefe for spreading the truth on what our domestic enemies are really about. This has got to be a blast for him, as I know it would have been for me at that age.

We have mentioned James O'Keefe before in these pages, in the post Still think Communism is dead and buried, do ya?. He had infiltrated a group of young Bernie Sander's campaign manager types, and showed the true colors of these guys, red, red, and more red*. In the post, about Mr. O'Keefe, I called him an "actual Gonzo kick-ass investigative journalist".

Peak Stupidity commenter Dieter Kief pasted in a link for us to the latest interesting infiltration job by Project Veritas. I had heard of this from a friend this morning, and, of all things, my wife all of a sudden knows about Project Veritas, Mr. O'Keefe, and his lawsuits against CNN and the NY Times for libel (the latter business of which I had had no idea). This is the kind of guy we need more of.

It turns out that, unlike Peak Stupidity, Project Veritas is more than just the one guy. It's a whole domestic espionage outfit now, on the side of American patriots. In the case of the video below, the way into the hearts of darkness of the left was via Tinder, the hook-up act. Hey, the Ruskies did it, I'm sure the CIA did it, and it's part of the charm of the spy v spy world, the Honey Pot. (I do wonder how far along as a honey pot Mr. O'Keefe's employee went on this one.) This is cool stuff though. I have felt sorry for the young people, having to put up with this PC stifling world, but this kind of thing, with the electronics we have now, is cool stuff.

OK, about the video finally: This stuff goes right along with what Peak Stupidity has been saying about the Lyin' Press's Kung Flu Infotainment PanicFest. I'm sure there are some shrewd, evil types in that world who knew right away that this PanicFest could be used to knock President Trump out of office (with whatever cheating was necessary to clinch the deal). Maybe they really wanted to derail the economy.

What the Lyin' Press REALLY wants, as this video shows, if for people to WATCH and read. In this case, it's the TV branch, the most hated by this blogger. We noted some of this in our Part 5 of our Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic series. Some of the news types may be stupid enough to have been and still be scared shitless of this COVID-19. Many are just good actors and actresses. They have enjoyed the attention, but must act scared and think this is the most important thing happening in the world. They love the panic, as it gets people watching. As the man (CNN technical director Charlie Chester) says, "fear sells" and "if it bleeds, it leads". The latter is an old saying in the press business.

CNN's Charlie Chester here admits that part of the reason for the PanicFest was to "get Trump out of office". The next big fear-mongering project will be "Climate Change", he says. I didn't know that would still work. Just as with the movies nowadays, these people are not very creative. We heard from little Pippi Longstocking , I mean, Greta, a lot before the Kung Flu PanicFest. Will the Lyin' Press put out Greta II: The Carbon Strikes Back?

CNN has not responded yet ...

* One of the 2 videos is gone now, and I doubt I can find the replacement very easily.

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Tucker Carlson fires back

Posted On: Tuesday - April 13th 2021 7:18PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Pundits  Globalists  Race/Genetics  ctrl-left  Zhou Bai Dien

Note: The busy time is over for a while here, so we'll try to get the posting rate back up to normal, about 8 - 10 per week. Today I spent too much time on the unz blogs, but then that's what this post is about anyway. Most of our commenters, and likely most readers, read Steve Sailer, so this one will be old news. However, I want this video to be seen by as many people as possible, so Peak Stupidity will do its small part.

Peak Stupidity hasn't posted a clip of Tucker Carlson in a long while. He's our favorite TV pundit, but the one below is no ordinary good stuff from him. This episode goes back a couple of days. I won't show the first salvo by Mr. Carlson on the immigration replacement, as, since then, the other (stupid) side of this argument fired away, and the video below is a response to that.

Regarding the newest push for massive immigration, both legal and illegal, after the Trump slight pause (that's all it was), Tucker Carlson laid it out there that the ctrl-left wants traditional Americans replaced. He stated right out there on TV that the D-party wants to dilute the vote. Well, yes, that's been the basic Blue-squad idea for a long time regarding immigration. The Red-squad has its donors that want the immigration for the cheap labor, illegal for the manual labor, and legal via all types of visas, for the "TECH" work. Note it's just the donors on the Red-squad side, not the voters, but, then, who you gonna listen to when you're running a campaign? It's expensive, man!

Behind all this is the elite Globalist class that pushes those two idea for the two squads but really has its own goal. They want to eliminate any kind of big middle class, especially a White one. A White middle class tends to be competitive in business and has the time and extra cash to interfere in policy, which is apparently supposed to be determined by Globalist elites only.

Tucker Carlson didn't get to the Red-squad push for cheap labor, but I'm almost positive he had before. Recently he was focusing on the vote dilution idea by the Blue-squad and ctrl-left. However, it isn't your Daddy's (even if he had you at 15 y/o) ctrl-left that we're dealing with now, - they are just plain out-in-the-open anti-White people at this point. The question is, does Mr. Carlson not know this, or is he just being very careful to stay on TV by never mentioning race, or going in baby steps on this?

That's been part of the debate under the latest iSteve thread on this. To back up just a few days, Mr. Carlson used the word "replacement" to describe what the ctrl-left has been trying to do, again as if it's about the voting only. That's part of it indeed, and again, Tucker didn't want to go too far. However, even using that word "replacement" and the phrase "by people of color" regarding the American population, has got the Jewish gatekeepers at the ADL with their panties in knots. It's not like people on the left have not already admitted that's what their up to, using this word. The ADL just doesn't like ANY truth to be uttered about these matters. OK, that's possibly only until the situation has been stabilized, and it's only historians writing about any kind of country full of lots of White people.

It's not just that the ADL and the like don't want the truth told, but they are extremely hypocritical about population replacement. As VDare writers have written about for years, including Steve Sailer, the Jewish left are completely against any such policy when it comes to Israel. Over there, it's all about Nationalism, but that's a dirty word over here. Well, Mr. Sailer brought up this hypocrisy a couple of days ago, after Mr. Carlson's rant in question (the earlier one), as the ADL pushed for Fox News to fire him. Amazingly Fox network's Lachlan Murdoch did not back down.

Mr. Sailer brought up in the post linked-to just above some ideas of what Tucker Carlson ought to say next, including bringing up the afore-mentioned hypocrisy of these evil ADL people. Mr. Carlson came right back at the ADL with some examples of their hypocrisy, as if he got this straight off of Mr. Sailer's post. I'm not saying he did get it there, but either way, this is a great thing, his fighting back like this. Mr. Sailer discussed all this in Tucker's Overton Window-Smashing Broadside. (That's what I spent a portion of my day on, instead of blogging.) VDare is all over this too, with this Washington Watcher II post: Defiant Tucker Defends His Discussion Of Demographic Change, Exposes ADL Hypocrisy and then James Fulford's post about the excellent Mark Steyn on this, in CNN After Mark Steyn For LISTENING To Tucker Talk About Demographics, Steyn Treats Them With Contempt..

I urge you to watch the whole 20 minutes. Note the smirk on Julian Castro's face in the segment, about 3/4 of the way through, when they discuss this replacement. Hmmm, did the ADL have anything to tweet to Julian Castro about this term? Nope, we know which side they are on. The ADL is not even really on the side of the Jews in all this. They are simply on the side of quicker cultural destruction of the US of A, as in, a part of the ctrl-left.

The discussion of the racial population displacement, even if not said specifically as anti-White, is no longer confined to the pages of Amren, VDare, and Unz.com anymore. Instead of 1% or so of Americans reading about it, maybe more like 1/4 or more Americans heard Tucker Carlson talk about it, right there on their idiot plates, normally reserved for just that, idiocy.

The ctrl-left, via the ADL or whomever, may keep trying to cancel Tucker Carlson. I can't say I know for sure how that will go. Still, this light of truth has already been shed on these hypocrites and liars. You shine the light of truth on these people, and they are fucked, like a cockroach caught out in the middle of the kitchen table when I already have a beer bottle in my hand.

Go VDare! Go iSteve! Go Tucker!

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Kung Flu at the City Zoo

Posted On: Saturday - April 10th 2021 2:37PM MST
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  Treehuggers  Kung Flu Stupidity

I couldn't find an image with a masked zookeeper feeding a Sea Lion standing on his flippers, but that's what we had.

This is just the latest Kung Flu PanicFest anecdote to round off the low-effort week here. (Next week will have to start slow too.) The kids were on Spring Break, and with not any trip planned, we at least went hiking one day, and went to the zoo another. For the zoo, I had boys from another family with me - free tickets, thanks, Redacted!

I'd called about the tickets and some supposed reservations deal to keep the crowd down. (Whaaa? The place was packed as it always was in the past.) With guest tickets, an entry time wasn't required, but I did hear the voice system tell me about face masks and the city laws.

Now, I could have walked on in there starting a fuss right away. With the other people's kids and all, I really didn't want to start trouble, so we all had them on, and I was prepared for 3 hours of being annoyingly masked up. We hadn't gotten 100 ft in from the entrance when I saw a whole family with no masks on. I complimented the Dad on that, but he told me nobody was worried about it. Excellent! Except of one of the boys (whose parents are plenty young, and should have no reason in the world to worry) we all took the masks off for the duration of our zoo visit.

It was close to 50/50 on the masking. Now that I am writing this, I realize I could have done a nice survey while the kids and I were eating Icees and popcorn. That's a rough guess though.

Unfortunately, a couple of the cool non-animal-related attractions that the kids were excited to do were closed. The old guy in the booth at which I asked about it told me: "They won't be open until there's no virus." Oh, that's a good one. Once there are no viruses, we can all play. It's kind of hard to prove that there aren't any viruses around. I made some remark about how they were gonna know that, and we went and saw more animals.

Besides those being closed, there were 5 daily animal special events with times listed on the map. (It was an old map, because you can only take a picture of the new map, because... the COVID.) One, involving the seals and sea lions, was going to be in 1/2 an hour. Nope, none of the 5 things were happening, because the COVID.

OK, but since we were near the seals and sea lion tank anyway, which is pretty cool, we came from the inside where we viewed them swimming through the thick glass, up to where the stands were for the feeding show that was not going to happen. It was feeding time. COVID or no COVID, they get hungry.

This worked out great because, since this was not officially the daily feeding "show", per se, there was no young lady haranguing us the WHOLE ENTIRE time about not throwing our trash into the river! Peak Stupidity documented that shit-show long ago in the post Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo.... (Yes, it's got the fun Simon & Garfunkel song there.) The 3 zookeepers feeding the sea mammals fish out of buckets were getting them to do a few tricks anyway. The zookeepers saw us all watching, and maybe they wanted to keep the animals current on the tricks for "when there's no virus". It's not like riding a bicycle for these guys, I guess...

Yes, the zookeepers that were feeding fish to sea lions and seals were wearing face diapers, in the open air and the sunshine. At least that kept any of them from giving us a lecture about "the planet" the whole time. Thank you, COVID-one-niner!

PS: Oh, I almost forgot. The merry-go-round for the little ones was operating at what looked like capacity. Come on' guys, are those horses, dragons, frogs, and unicorns all 6 ft apart from each other? Think of the children! Oh, wait ...

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Migratory Litterbugs

Posted On: Friday - April 9th 2021 4:49PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Curmudgeonry

This is minor, minor curmudgeonry at a time when I've been reading so much of the Cultural Revolution 2.0 stuff from Steve Sailer (such as this latest sickening bit about the DIE "industry). I should be concentrating on that, but, this one was already written, and I can't stomach reading the media that Mr. Sailer reads for our sake anyway.

This is about littering. One could say it’s just cultural, not genetic, as Americans used to be quite the litterbugs when I was young, at least many friends of mine during my high school years.

Last week, a couple of tree guys with a couple of Mexican* hands were working next door, and I paid them a few bucks to get them to use the their telescoping pole saw on a couple of limbs that were blocking sunlight from our proposed garden site. Well, they were good guys all. The one who knew the most about trees spoke great English but was Hispanic himself. I remember he was drinking a Coke as he walked about telling me stuff about the trees. An hour later when I went to get my bow saw, I noticed his empty Coke can in the firewood pile.

Listen, I don’t begrudge the guy any, and I’m not at all sore about it. It’s just that an American would either ask you where the trash is, or carry it out to throw in the back of his truck**, or at least hand you the can with nothing said. I mean, just, why? I guess I just notice stuff. It’s a Hispanic thing. As Mr. Sailer wrote in a comment telling Hispanics as a group that littering is not cool anymore is racist. I suppose we can't do another Lady Bird Johnson campaign*** then, much less have a crying Indian on TV. Not cool, Kyle!

Don’t even ask me about littering in China. You don’t have to, as I’ll tell you (from Litterbugs in China):
In the house where we stayed, the Dad was on the porch (such as it was) and yelled something in Chinese (of course) to a kid who had just thrown a bottle down in the road. OK, it was a 5 ft. wide alley, but it was a road to them! I am no expert in Mandarin, but something tells me what he said was “pick up your garbage!” The kid, being a somewhat obedient sort, picked it up and put it on top of a big pile of trash about 50 ft away. It was a pile meant to be collected, but as un-orderly as China is, it was just a big damn mess itself. “What’s the difference?” I said, in English.
Once they assimilate, these folks will learn... oops, but they don't need to assimilate now. That's not expected now either.

* They could have been Guatemalan – how do I know? Yeah, I know, "Squatamalen", and all that.

** A friend of mine had a boat on a trailer locked to his big American car for something like a year or two, having lost the key to the padlock at the hitch. That was his mobile trash dispensary for awhile.

*** I just thought of something. What will be First Lady DOCTOR (of some Big Ed bullshit) Jill Biden's 1st Lady thing?

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Dr. Ryan Cole, the Kung Flu, and Vitamin D

Posted On: Thursday - April 8th 2021 6:32PM MST
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  Healthcare Stupidity  Kung Flu Stupidity

First, I'd like to apologize for the sparse posting this week and the same in advance for the rest of the week. Well, I just wrote a comment on an iSteve thread that was to be a quick anecdotal post here, OK, still will, and there's a Kung Flu anecdotal one ready to go. There was Spring Break for the kids this week, and the next 3 or 4 days will be busy with work stuff.

I'll just put this video about Vitamin D in relation to the Kung Flu here for tonight. I asked Mr. Hail of the Hail to You blog for his opinion here, under his most recent post.

See what you think of this 28 minute talk by Dr. Ryan Cole. He's a doctor. ("Yeah, but so was Doctor Fauci too, at some point in his life, before he worked as a US Feral Gov't bureaucrat for going on 4 decades.")

Just anecdotally, back when the government schools were in complete “what to do? what to do?” mode in late March and April of last year, we were out at the park in the sunshine a lot – 2 hour recesses from my homeschooling were the norm. I imagine that was pretty good for us, in addition to the lowered stress levels due to not being completely fucking hysterical.

OTOH, at the time, the wife’s state of freak-out was stressful. She got better (said in the manner of the Witch-accuser played by John Cleese in Monty Python and the Holy Grail: “She turned me into a newt!” “A newt?” [5 seconds of silence] “I got better …”)

The milk has been fortified with Vitamin D since before I was a kid. Do kids drink as much milk anymore? I don’t think they do. Of course, kids haven’t had any problem with the Kung Flu anyway. For adults, as Dieter Kief noted in a comment on Mr. Hail's blog, maybe supplements somehow don’t do the same for our bodies as getting it through our skin and the sunshine does.

Also, in that thread on "Hail to You", Mr. Hail made a good point about the Africans – in Africa vs. in Europe. They seem to be doing much better against this virus in their homelands than in the gloomy northlands of Scandinavia. (WTF they are doing there to begin with is another story – send them back! COVID-19! COVID-19! Save the Africans!)

Next time, we'll discuss "Kung Flu at the Zoo".

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