Bring out your dead.

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It's that time of night again. Hey, maybe it's not a time for levity, or maybe it is, so, as usual, Peak Stupidity is gonna err on the side of caution here. That means Monty Python from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, circa 1975. Man, these guys were a blast. Though their extreme satire seemed to be aimed mostly at Western history and Christianity, I think you could still get away with anything back then, PC-wise.

The following will occur in America before the Spring is out, according to Ron Unz and about 200 million other Americans, or at least the infotainment they pay too much attention to:

Cast, in order of appearance:

The Surgeon General - played by Eric Idle
Dr. Anthony Fauci - played by John Cleese
A younger Bernie Sanders ("I'm not dead") - played by John Young
Donald Trump - played by Graham Chapman

(Note: This is the same footage used by the Sanders campaign in their push for single-payer health care.)

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The Yankee and Cuban invasions of Florida

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OK, it's time to stop this Corona Virus bashing for at least one post here, and we'll try to do better next week too. You know which side* we're on. I'd like to elaborate more on the short second portion of the post More calls to "Seal the Borders" regarding the near century-long slow invasion of Florida. This site thinks immigration restriction is THE most important issue in America, and even though Florida's problem is half internal, well, States got borders too, you know.

The view of Florida in the minds of the invasive species:

There are plenty of invasive species in the State of Florida - unfortunately for the culture of the Sunshine State, some are of the human phylum. I don't go back that far, but I would call the 1970s the period when due to the foreign influx, big portions of Florida were changed enough to no longer be considered the South, culturally. Miami has always been known to me as the a place to be avoided on trips down to the Keys. Forever for me, it has seemed to be a foreign land within the contiguous US, kind of like Lesotho in S. Africa.

Even with the influx of New Yorkers going way back, other than Miami Beach**, Miami probably was pretty Southern until the invasion of > 100,000 criminal Cubans in late 1980 - thanks Jimmah! I would say by the early 1990s that city was already a far-gone down a multicultural hole, as described by writer Tom Wolf in Back to Blood.

OK, the State could have written off Miami on its taxes, but by about the same time, the Yankees up North had discovered that, "hey, there are nice beaches all over the Atlantic coast of Florida, and a 100 mile chunk on the Gulf of Mexico in the southwest***, and another > 100 miles or more on the Gulf in the Panhandle! Oh, and the real estate is cheap, the taxes are low, people are friendly, and it ought to stay that way, right, so let's all go." (No, it didn't stay that way, because they ALL went.)

The Panhandle seems to not be comprised completely of the usual Northerners, but lots of the retired military crowd, from all the bases there (lots of fliers and such). Then there was Disney World and the associated tourist attractions in central Florida. Florida counties fell like dominoes to the Yankees like the provinces of S. Vietnam to the Commies in the Spring of 1975.

I know we have our Florida readers, such as Dtbb, so no offense really to those individuals who fit into the place. It's just all about assimilation, as far as the ill effects of any type of immigration. Assimilation does not work in large numbers. Miami was the first example in Florida, but all the cities with beaches, from Titusville down the Atlantic coast until the Keys, Tarpon Springs (yes, that's an "r", not an "m") down the Gulf coast to the Everglades, and the Alabama border east to Apalachicola or wherever the beaches end, are no longer Southern territory.

There is a Southern Redoubt still - the region bounded by the I-4 on it's south, the Panhandle beaches (starting at Tallahassee to the west and up to the Georgia line). That still leaves 125 miles of beach on the Atlantic, but it's partially infiltrated too. (Oh, then there's Gainesville, like that Lesotho again.) This Southern territory may not be the land of beach houses, ocean sunsets, and palm trees, but it's still beautiful country. I especially like Dixie and Suwanee counties.

Way down upon a Suwanee River ♫ ...

Here is a beautiful photo taken of a stream that leads into the Suwanee River by photographer Paul Marecellini:

Yes, it's too late to set up road blocks or refuse residency to "foreigners", constitutionality notwithstanding (cause I never have thought about that). Still maybe they should bring back the visa requirement for New Yorkers, especially in this time of contagion.

There's a gator in the bushes, he's callin' my name, and he says "c'mon boy, you better make it back home again... many roads I've traveled, they all kinda look the same ... ♫

* Yes, there is a real divide in this country that's along unusual lines regarding the Kung Flu. There'll be a post about this coming shortly.

** A Pat Buchanan book that I'm 1/2 way through has a mention of Richard Nixon's thoughts on Miami vs. Miami Beach in regards to speeches he was making, circa 1967-68. It was an interesting anecdote. There'll be some kind of review on the book, The Greatest Comeback, since I went through the trouble to read it and all ...

*** To me, these have the very best beaches in the United States, not counting Hawaii (due to, I've never been there, so I have no data).

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Show me a nation that can enforce a social distance of 6 ft. ...

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... and I'll show you a man who can hawk a loogie 7 feet.

(I sure hope it's just the translation on that 2nd thing ...)

Readers the world over, please do not infer that this post was written to impugn the citizens of any particular nation. The picture above just happens to be somewhere in the vicinity of China.

Since Peak Stupidity is nothing if not multiculturalist, we will translate for our readers. Let's just pick, I don't know, Mandarin, for the translation today:


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The War on Death - C. J. Hopkins

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(Pic straight off the top of the article at

Peak Stupidity has provided its opinion on the Kung Flu multiple times already, with a great help from writer Mr. E.F. Hail too. This Infotainment Panic-Fest is not likely something that was planned out by the evil Globalists (I don't think they are really that smart), but it sure serves their purpose well.

The big worry is that this is the Socialist's 9/11 to be used to beat the American population into Socialism. It's pretty easy to do: you prevent them from making a living and then subsequently dole out money with strings attached to "make it all better". A writer that I may or may not have read before, one C.J. Hopkins has an excellent article on the unz site right now, "The War on Death".

This is a way of drawing a parallel between the almost 2-decades ago American response to the 9/11 devastation and the supposed devastation of this Kung Flu. The "War on Terror" was implemented by George W. Bush and the Neocons following 9/11. (Please peruse the US Police State topic key for plenty of posts regarding this "fight them over there" bullshit policy.) Yes, instead of a War on Japan due to Pearl Harbor, this IS (we're in for the duration, let me remind you) a war on an emotion. Yeah, that's going to work. The idea, I suppose, is that if we see terror anywhere, we need to send troops and a carrier group. Who defines this "terror"? Oh, yeah, the US Feral Gov't - no vote by anyone necessary.

C.J. Hopkin's facetiously-inspired "War on Death" takes this a step further. There is death, and it comes to the older and more sickly with more frequency than others. There is an epidemic of this new virus that will hasten it for some, no doubt, and is already. Should we try to stop it? We sure should take precautions, and the medical pros should try their best. Should we shut down life as we know it to shut down this particular disease at this time? That will entail a much bigger increase in authority of American governments at all levels to enforce too. Should we be happy with that, just as we should be with the TSA's unreasonable searches and feel-ups, all for victory in the War on Terror?

This could be a whole nother level of Police State. Let me start excerpting from C.J. Hopkins:
Yes, that’s right, global capitalism (a/k/a “the world”) is now at war with Death … which is great news for authoritarians! No more bothersome critical thinking. The time for questioning our leaders is over. It’s time to shut up and follow orders. We’re in a global state of emergency, folks! We’re talking lockdowns, soldiers in the streets, abrogation of our constitutional rights, arbitrary arrests, indefinite detentions, round-the-clock media fear-propaganda … the whole totalitarian megillah!
Here is the writer's comparison with the War on Terror:
What, you’re probably asking, is the War on Death? Well … for those who remember the War on Terror, the War on Death is just like that, except this time the evil enemy is Death … or, all right, maybe not exactly like that, but there are a number of striking similarities.

For one thing, just like the War on Terror, we didn’t start it. Death attacked us! There we were, peacefully going about our global capitalist business, quelling a worldwide “populist” rebellion orchestrated by Russian-backed Nazis, when Death attacked us with a coronavirus … more or less exactly the way that the terrorists attacked us in 2001.

And, just like after those terrorist attacks, the world has united and forcefully responded. No, we haven’t invaded Iraq again (well, actually, we did bomb them a little), but we have locked down almost the entire planet, virtually shut down the global economy, and are scaring the masses into a state of unprecedented mass hysteria.
Mr. Hopkins is one seriously sarcastic dude. When you read his stuff (as I'll point out near the end here), he will switch from obvious sarcasm to "no, but seriously", which turns out to be more sarcasm, maybe a tad less obvious, and then on to more levels of that. He is a great writer, and likely sucks in a lot of people who are not onboard with freedom into reading via this style.

The writer goes on into the huge Police State encroachments in Europe, but since I care about America more (and don't want to paste in the entire article!), here:
The U.S. Department of Justice is asking Congress for the power to detain people indefinitely. The British Parliament is on the brink of passing an emergency “Coronavirus Bill” that will (among other unsettling provisions) grant authorities the power to arrest and indefinitely quarantine anyone they deem a “potentially infectious person” … or, in other words, pretty much anyone they want.
Oops, that included Briain, but he continues:

The point is, the global capitalist empire (for whatever reasons, real or imagined) has turned on the MINDLESS HYSTERIA machine, and dialed it up as high as it goes. People are in full-blown headless chicken mode. No one (or hardly anyone) is thinking, or listening to dissenting opinions, or paying attention to official statistics, or common sense, or anything else that contradicts the War on Death narrative.>
Now his "global capitalism" term is not one I'm down with, but I'll just let that slide for this guy. Here's a part of the ending in which Mr. Hopkins hammers in his point:
In short, the authorities have whipped the masses into an orgy of shrieking, white-eyed FEAR of this new, evil, “invisible enemy” that is coming to kill them and their families. Millions of people (now confined in their homes) have taken to the Internet to pump up the hysteria, share totally un-sourced personal accounts of the horrors their therapists’ accountants’ doctors have personally witnessed on the war’s “front lines,” and hunt down any infected persons, or potentially infected persons (or otherwise uncooperative persons) who might have gone outside for some air.

So, that’s the good news for you authoritarians! For the rest of us … yeah, not so good.

Oh, I almost forgot the bad news. The bad news is … well, the bad news is Death. The bad news is, you are going to die. I’m going to die. We are all going to die. All of us. We are going to die. We are going to die of … well, something. Cancer. A heart attack. A stroke. The flu. Diabetes. Alzheimer’s disease. Possibly a coronavirus. Maybe even this coronavirus.

In fact, a lot of us are dying right now, according to the Internet, around a hundred per minute … which, it goes without saying, is unacceptable, and a tragedy, and something we need to take drastic action to prevent at all costs. We can’t let these Russian dissension sowers, neo-Nazi accelerationists, and coronavirus-sympathizers confuse us. They want to convince us that Death is, yes, scary, and sad, but inevitable, and natural. How utterly heartless and insane is that?!

No, we need to close our minds to that nonsense. People are dying! This is not normal! Death is our enemy! We have to defeat it! We need to hunt down and neutralize Death! Root it out if its hidey hole and hang it like we did with Saddam!

I’m not kidding. There is a war on, people! GloboCap is taking the gloves off again. (You remember what happens when the gloves come off, don’t you?) So get your mind right and get with the program or get ready to face the consequences.
I put that "I'm not kidding." part in to show you what I meant about the writer's style.

Please go read the whole thing! I went back to 2 other articles of C.J. Hopkins about what he likes to call the "Bat Flu". It is the same great stuff. He is another hard-core DENIER, as I guess we'll be called. I'd personally like to be labelled a TRUTHER this time. I am so excited to have read Mr. Hopkins great stuff on the Kung Flu, that I will put links to those other 2 articles, in hopes that the Peak Stupidity reader will read them too:

The Great Chinese Bat Flu Panic of 2020

Covid-19 Global Lockdown

I wonder if Mr. Hopkins was around and writing during the aftermath of 9/11. He should be read far and wide, before this Infotainment Panic-Fest goes on for long enough to destroy this nation. Perhaps it's already too late.

We're fighting a 2-front war now, people, or really 2 full-out wars. There's the War on Terror, having been in progress for 18 years now, and now there's the new War on Death. This is gonna take all our resources, and many Americans will pay the ultimate price, being terrified and then dying, in order to beat these 2 powerful foes, Terror and Death.

PS: The following is the bio. on the great writer, from the bottom of the unz article. Yeah, OK, this is mostly a cut-and-paste job here - what of it?)
C.J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and political satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing and Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. His dystopian novel, "Zone 23", is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. Volume I of his Consent Factory Essays is published by Consent Factory Publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Content, Inc. He can be reached at or
Based in Berlin? Where are his out-stations? (This is rightly a pet peeve of Steve Sailer's, this "based in" business. Just say where you live, or are you trying to say you flit around the world as a jet=setter?)

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More calls to "Seal the Borders"

Posted On: Tuesday - March 31st 2020 6:05PM MST
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See, in addition to being 42 years ahead of the rest of the political class in calling for shuttering of the discotheques, Peak Stupidity has been way ahead of them regarding border control. This is especially the case in regard to two locations.

We know the big one has been the 1,900 mile-long US southern border with Mexico. We've been following VDare since almost its inception 2 decades back and have been well aware of the huge illegal immigration problem (along with the legal one). Yes, we all were very hopeful and rallied around, and voted for, Candidate Trump. Unfortunately, we didn't get Candidate Trump in office, only the current wishy-washy, blabber-mouthed President.

Still there is no good secure barrier on most of the US southern border! We do now have Mexicans clamoring for it - see MEMO FROM MEXICO: Mexico Worries About Catching WuFlu From US! Borders A Good Idea After All? on VDare or articles elsewhere.

What a deal that would be! Was Trump right that Mexico would pay for the wall after all? This Kung Flu fever will probably be realized to be not this crisis of the century that it's being cracked up to be, within a few months or by the end of '20 though. In order to keep the border closed, you know, for the safety of the Mexicans and all, for a lot longer than that, we will have to work harder on being very sick and contagious.

Is it possible we could transport a few thousand sick people (no, any kind of flu will do) down to Brownsville, Laredo, El Paso, Nogales, and Calexico who are prone to coughing fits, the hawking of Dixie cups full of yellow phlegm, and random bouts of projectile diarrhea. Get the local news media involved, including Univision and El Telo Novo, hopefully with the hot, large-breasted anchorwomen. That would likely keep a good solid border in place, paid for by the Mexicans, AS PROMISED, while we let the 30,000,000 illegal aliens trickle out through that door in the wall, or down the trickle of the Colorado River outside Yuma at night. NO, Fred Reed, you dumbass, we would not need a ONE MILLION BOATS, as this would happen over a few years! Geeze!

OK, I kid, hence the humor tag. I mean, my plan might have just worked, but the Mexican politicians can't have this. They need the billions in remittance money for the illegal aliens along with an outlet for, well, "not their best". The man who wrote the above VDare article Mr. Allan Wall, a former decade-long resident of Mexico, fluent and up to date on Mexican political happenings, has more on the reality of it. See his latest article, which has the opinion of AMLO (no relation to JLo), which is not encouraging for us.

The second border that people are concerned with now is any US State border that New Yorkers have been crossing lately. NY City has gotten a bad case of the Kung Flu, obviously due to large scale travel to/from China at the worst of times, and overcrowded living conditions that are fairly close to that in China itself. Yes, you're gonna hear or read a bunch of Escape from New York* jokes.

Welcome to Florida. Now, GO HOME!:

Well, the people of the State of Florida are pretty concerned. Most of that state, living spread apart like most of Americans, and with no huge Chinese population, seems not to been unduly affected by the Kung Flu. They would rather the contagious New Yorkers not cross into the Sunshine State. Of course, there's no easy way to know which people have this virus, but then, it's easy to tell which people are from New York.

Stay out of Del Boca Vista!

(Yeah, that's what you want! He's probably got Panda jerky in the trunk.)

Yes, checkpoints at the State border are not something I'm adverse to. I'm completely against the US Police State DUI and other random checkpoints, but this is some States' rights for you. I'm all for it. Only thing is, this is another thing I could have told you 4 or 5 decades ago. Florida, keep out the New Yorkers!

* Here, from the Internet Movie Data Base, a site which has been around since the early times of the web.

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From Hail to you on the Kung Flu

Posted On: Monday - March 30th 2020 7:16PM MST
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It's been fewer than 10 times that Peak Stupidity has pasted-in external comments in their entirety as stand-alone posts. Here, from a man named E. H. Hail, who blogs at the site "Hail to You", we present a long comment, an essay really, on the tension between the Kung Flu doomers and the Kung Flu-induced economic crash doomers.

This is a long one, but it sure kept my interest and explains better than I have the problems with this sky-is-falling lockdowning/sheltering-in-placing business that has shut down a big part of the American economy. From Mr. Hail's blog, one can see that he is an essayist rather than a blogger in the Peak Stupidity sense. He has infrequent, but very long, well-researched, and detailed posts when he publishes them.

Everything between the asterisks is from this great comment under this Steve Sailer post. (It's a reply, so hopefully that won't confuse anything):
A few more thoughts on this Big Mistake:

(How the panic started, identifying the chain reaction and parties involved [almost all of them innocent of malice as such]; why the media loves the ‘Coronavirus Crisis;’ the inevitable Deaths of Despair, which the media will not cover; the inevitable lowered birth rate, which the media will not cover; imagining what the Definitive History of the Coronavirus Panic of 2020 will look like, when written in [say] the 2030s; political realignments, with many anti-Trump people saying Trump Is Right; a notable case of technology being weaponized against us.)
A reply to Ron Unz deep in the comments of a previous thread on why the proposed 1.0% death rate is too high.
How it started; identifying the sources of the chain reaction. For those who, like me, have come around to the idea that the Coronavirus Panic was/(is) unnecessary, a media mass-hysteria, the important question to ask is how it happened.

My thinking is this: The germ (so to speak) of this hysteria was the disaster-movie-like scary pictures of hazmat suits out of the Chinese interior (which, in retrospect, was the original, severe overreaction after what was arguably an ‘underreaction’ initially, involving government thugs threatening/intimidating a doctor; classic CCP).

A slow-moving chain reaction followed, which was international in character and which was pushed aggressively by the media. It triggered well-documented mass-hysteria-like behaviors that will seem embarrassing in retrospect. People started clamoring to “Do Something,” and it got out of hand, quick. An eclectic mix of people, some induced to panic by the media and many simply pushing their own interests, began demanding total shutdowns and indefinite closures, eventually succeeding to that end, all to all of our long-term detriment. Considering how minor this virus is (though it looks scary if covered with scary pictures and saturation-coverage shoved at you every day), this was even to the detriment of actual disease control going forward. Say there is a serious virus crisis in the future, something like Ebola on the loose all over America; after this fiasco, people will be less likely to take anything like that seriously (“remember Coronavirus?”).

Who were the groups that hijacked the ship, tied up the captain and his crew (some crew joining in the mutiny), and steered us over the edge? The groups, if we can call them that (often the better word may be “personality type”) that have aligned behind Shut Everything Down Indefinitely, are truly diverse — in the classic sense of that word. I am sure others can think of more categories, or express them better, but here are a few that come to my mind:

— People who do not need to work (at all). It costs nothing for a stay-at-home mom to agitate for shutting everything down (her husband is paying the bills)

— Those with personality-based social grievances (“I like staying inside, so just shut everything down! Finally others, too, can see what it’s like. It’s great! Win-win!”), who stand to gain by all of society reinforcing what they would want to do anyway;

— That section of people who do office work which can be “done from home” and who want closures so that they can get what they assumed would be a soft-vacation for a while, i.e., opportunists;

— miscellaneous Virtue Signallers, though they will tend to overlap with the above categories. There are apparently celebrities lecturing people to stay home and showing what their Stay Home lifestyle is like in their multi-million-dollar mansions with all the luxuries and no need to work (if one can call what most celebrities do, ‘work’), unless they want to;

— miscellaneous other grievances and hobby-horses, including the “Doomer” element, some of whom literally cheer on “The Virus;”

— and of course a bloodthirsty Enemy of the People media milking creating a crisis and giving all the above their marching orders. The media is the guy with the bullhorn at the back of the boat yelling at the rowers to keep them at moving at a steady pace, ever onwards (in this case, towards panic and dismay).

— The chain of authority-figures, many/most/all of whom fit into one or more of the above categories, but all of whom are beholden to hysterical constituents, all vowing to “Do Something” in response to the media-induced hysteria. Every time one of them “Do Something,” the next one feels the need to one up. “If that ‘Do Something’ that other guy did is a good idea, I will ‘Do Something x 1.25!’ I am a hero!” This is a traceable chain reaction of overreactions and closures that are more and more comprehensive and extend longer and longer. A fiasco worthy of the name.

But back the origin. It did/does all seem like a disaster movie, complete with cuts to people scurrying around in hazmat suits, scenes of people dying, and rolling “infection counts” and “deaths counts.” It is all as if a script were playing out. It was certainly exacerbated by being ‘international’ in scope. One country was ‘hit’ after another, as you’d see in such pandemic or zombie movies. A movie-like timeline.

In fact, this very ‘movie’ aspect to the Corona Crisis has brought out another class of people at the head of the pitchfork mob: Those who want High Drama and who can role-play that they are living in an exciting movie, indeed that they are protagonists in the(ir) movie. The media is definitely guilty of this (see next) but this psychology can also affect non-media people. There are cases of this aplenty on this very website, the Unz Review.


On why the media loves the Coronavirus Crisis and wants it to go on.

The media loves this. They are living a dream. For local news, it’s snowstorm-or-earthquake-or-hurricane-24/7 now (select disaster depending on your locale), at which time people finally tune in, at which time local media gets the attention they so crave. For big-time media, like cable news, it’s comparable. They are news-addicts who imagine themselves to be protagonists in a disaster-movie anyway (call it a personality-type) and so this is really a kind of drug to them. The media, IOW, are now Important Heroes and will gladly play the role, indefinitely.

To the news-addict people in cable-news-type media, this is not necessarily totally novel. Usually, though, they can’t get enough people riled up enough (e.g., the at-times-histrionic promotion of the Russia Controls Trump conspiracy theory by some in the media), and in the past, there were also significant technological constraints (through the proverbial Walter Cronkite era and beyond, the “news” was a morning newspaper and a brief, serious evening news broadcast, vs. today’s all-day saturation ‘news’). Their stars have aligned on this one, though, and the media gets to live out their dream.

The media, therefore, soaks up the attention, and cares not how many people’s lives they ruin through unemployment and despair, wasted time, disrupted lives, and eventually and inevitably Deaths of Despair, which will almost certainly be greater in magnitude than the marginal “virus deaths.” They really, really want their narrative.


Who the media has hurt, is hurting, will hurt. One thing I have not seen mentioned is the inevitable decline in the birth rate during the extended crisis, which I am 100% confident will be ignored by the same media that has pushed a nuclear-war-style panic over a minor “New Virus!” that has a victim profile exactly the same as the seasonal flu, possibly somewhat worse (but that’s life; there are always people on the margins at risk).

Think how irrational it is: The Enemy of the People has induced a mass panic to save x thousand 85-year-old terminal cancer patients at the expenses of x thousands of babies who will never be born, because birth rates always drop during recessions and social disruptions/panics. These are infants would have been conceived, given normal circumstances, had there been no mass-hysteria, shutdowns, and recession, but specifically because of the panic, recession, and uncertainty, the would-be parents choose to delay; eventually, things change, the couple splits apart (would have stayed together had there been a child), or eventually the biological-clock comes in and it’s too late, whatever. There will be many fewer births than there would have been. It is for this reason that I confidently label the media The Enemy of the People, in this case the enemy of people who ought to have been born, the voiceless. Imagine if the months 9 months before you were born had a media hysteria that shut down society? What are the chances you would have been born? What are the chances your parents would have waited?

But as for the more tangible Death of Despair, more-or-less healthy people now living who will die, some of which will be by their own hand: Just as the media didn’t/doesn’t care at all about the White Death phenomenon (the rising white deaths to drugs, depression, and suicide that lowered white US life expectancy in the 2010s), they will not care at all when the entirely predictable suicides begin. The people who were not doing well to begin with but were employed may now face long-term unemployment. Needless to say, there will be no saturation media coverage for those deaths. They’re just a bunch of Can’t-Work-From-Home Losers anyway, just like those Middle America losers in the White Death phenomenon.


The definitive history of the Coronavirus Panic of 2020 remains to be written years into the future, but it looks like this, in outline:

A series of countries all went over the edge of severe overreaction because of an unnecessary, media-induced hysteria about a minor “new” virus (actually a variant of a long-existing virus strain called coronavirus known to regularly cause seasonal flu). One after another, governments were unable to resist the scare-stories.

Come to think of it, it was a kind of policy-AIDS. The normal “immune reaction” in government affairs and policy is to brush away hysterical stories or those based in paranoia, e.g. about alien abductions, werewolves (etc.), or Killer Viruses around the corner. The normal immune reaction was weakened and appeared in mid-March to have caved-in. Data-based thinking, by those who normally should be doing it, by those in power and those advising them, was suspended. Only a few voices left holding the flag.

(I credit the Wall Street Journal for holding the flag of rational thinking during this crisis; I have never necessarily had a high opinion of them, but I must say they have forever earned my respect, at least in principle. The other voices of opposition to the Mass Hysteria are relatively scattered. I see some consistent non-‘Doomer’ voices but few-to-none who hold a media megaphone still willing to stick their necks out during the height of the hysteria. Tucker Carlson has, sadly, let his people down and joined the mob, as far as I can tell; Laura Ingraham has done better.)


Political realignments. I have already seen this begin, as I am sure you have too, if you’ve noticed it. Even for those normally in consensus in the comment section here, I see it; a new fissure of opinion. This fiasco is the kind of thing that triggers political realignments.

The alignment was one unseen before. It is: (1) The Close Down Society-for-12-Months crowd, if they can sustain their energy and get enough people to cower before their charts of exponential-growth curves and plain-old-bad-math “death rates,” and the Never Before Seen Virus narrative, vs. (2) the people who come around to admitting this Panic was all a big mistake, which for many is going to be somewhat emotionally hard to do but is inevitably necessary, unless you really are the worst kind of Doomer who wants society to hurt, or even to end.

I don’t think the two groups had a clear, pre-existing split, and so it cuts across the previous splits. Anecdotally, I’ve heard quite a few anti-Trump people say “Trump is right on this one,” often prefacing with something like “I have never agreed with Trump on anything, but he’s right here.”


When too much information is a very bad thing. Finally, I’d also say this was a case of our technology being weaponized against us; a tragedy worthy of future study.

If this “New Virus!” hadn’t been publicized, I am thinking no one would even have noticed that there was any such thing. (The Italian health system has been overwhelmed with flu victims in past years and no one cared or noticed, except perhaps locally in Italy; Italy for whatever reason has well over 3x the seasonal flu deaths as the US in the 2010s.)

The Chinese virus experts in Wuhan discovered it because they have their best virologists assembled there, in Wuhan, anyway. It’s their livelihood, their career, to look for these things. In past eras, it may have been noted and quietly made the rounds of medical journals. Other new virus mutations that cause flu-like symptoms are never found at all, make the rounds, and life goes on.

Had it not been ‘discovered,’ it looks likely that no one would notice it much, amid the baseline flu-like deaths, deaths that take away a portion of our weakest and most elderly every year. Always have, and always will — so long as humans are mortal beings.

Thank you, Mr. Hail for that great writing and for letting Peak Stupidity publish this. It was very much along the lines of what I've been TRYING to say but could not have said this well.

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Peak Constitutional Amendment - XV

Posted On: Monday - March 30th 2020 6:02AM MST
In Topics: 
  History  Liberty/Libertarianism  Race/Genetics  Morning Constitutional

Continued from Amendment XI, Amendment XII, Amendment XIII, and Amendment XIV.)

It's been almost 2 weeks since our last morning Constitutional - this whole site's been getting pretty irregular ...

As the last of 3 Yankee Occupation , errr, "Reconstruction" Amendments, Amendment 15 was ratified about a year after being submitted, with the 28th out of 37 States, Iowa, having voted yea in early February of 1870. The Southern States, being occupied, did not vote per the wishes of their populations.

This one is at least plain and simple, seemingly allowing no loopholes (hahaaa, then came Earl Warren and the 1960s). It could have had the word "solely" before "by race" to clarify, in my opinion, that this is the ONLY thing the amendment is about. It probably should have used the wording "former condition of slavery" rather than "previous condition of servitude", as that was what it was written about, not former criminal convicts.

On the face of it, sure, why not? The Blacks freed from slavery were given their due rights as Americans by Amendment XIV, so why not the right to vote, as granted to everyone else? Wait, the right to vote was NOT granted to everyone else. It was not a given that every citizen could vote. That was up to the various States themselves, and not specified in the Constitution. Bill of Rights Amendment X says this power is left to the States (or the people, but how would the latter work out?)

Although written with purported good intentions, though I'm not so sure it was, the more I think about it, Amendment XV was another usurpation of the rights of the States. It does NOT sound right to bar people of a different race from voting, but perhaps the States may have known better. As with other restrictions on voting rights, and there were many back then, these should have been left up to the States themselves. During the "Reconstruction", the politicians of the North had no problem ditching States' rights, the war itself being a good example for them, in the name of sticking it to the South.

As we've been doing, Peak Stupidity has again looked at the Constitution Center site's interpretation page. You get what you'd expect in the current era, a PC version with absolutely no argument on the States' rights side. There's this little gem:
The constitutional meaning of the Civil War was reflected in these three amendments...
"The Constitutional meaning of the Civil War"? Uh, no. These two interpreters really ought to do more studying in their endowed chairs at their universities, as States' rights was more the Constitutional meaning of that war, and it and the South were defeated. The moral cause for the elimination of slavery in America is a good one, but if the 13 States of the Confederacy wanted out, nothing in the Constitution prevented them from leaving.

Then the authors go on to explain the disenfranchisement of Blacks in the South from 1890 until the 1960s. Their use of the literacy requirements as one of their examples is a pretty lame argument. Would that not disenfranchise many White people too? "Yeah, but it was aimed at Blacks, the majority who couldn't read and write" would be their retort. Exactly, and just like the Whites who couldn't read and write, perhaps they shouldn't be voting! It's not my call. It should have been, and should still be, the call of the government of Georgia, Montana, Texas, New Hampshire, etc.

What came along an even half-century later was Amendment XIX on voting rights for women. The rights of the various States to determine who is allowed to vote had been usurped once, so why not keep going? The writers then go on about a whole bunch of ways Amendment XV, along with XIV often, was used 90-100 years later, by the Socialist Earl Warren Supreme Court, to bolster arguments for all the unfair and unconstitutional civil rites laws.

I am not happy with the lame-ass one-sided interpretations on the Constitution Center as of now. The site is well-organized though and is still a good resource.

At first glance, Amendment XV was an obvious move. As usual with these things, it was bound to be interpreted in all manner of unconstitutional ways. The writers may naively have not expected that. Worse though, this one was a blatant power grab by the Federal Government. Peak Stupidity gives 1 thumb down and one remains sideways in order to help us catch a ride home ... got kinda overextended on this morning's Constitutional.

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Posted On: Saturday - March 28th 2020 9:59PM MST
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  Music  Humor

Better late than never, I guess. Peak Stupidity has been pushing for the shutting down of the discotheques for 42 years now, and they're now just getting around to it?! The aldermen of Brooklyn, NY City have ordered that all of the discos in the borough be shut down immediately due to the Saturday Night Fever, along with the bars and restaurants and all that:

You can tell by the way I use my cough, I'm a Corona man, no time to talk .. ♫ .

Yeah, now we thought that disco era was a terrible period, it being stuck in the middle of many years of great rock. It came out of nowhere. These people didn't know how to play guitar. They used them as percussion instruments and it would have been just as well if they'd smashed their perfectly good guitars like Pete Townsend, except BEFORE the show.

However, compared to the rap/hip-hop genre, disco was an absolute pleasure. I'd say 1/3 of the songs were not half bad at all. Not only that, but, though it seemed like a long time back then, the disco era was only for 3 years, a blink of an eye to me now! After that, your Tom Petties and Pat Beaneaters came back in with your rock again, and it was all better.

Here's an example of some disco that sucked when compared to Zeppelin, Linda Ronstadt, or that Southern Rock, but was really pretty decent music just the same. This is from the darkest depths of disco, by the Bee Gees, or course, featured here before with their great pre-disco song Massachusetts and then with my favorite of their disco songs Jive Talkin'.

Nights on Broadway is from 1975, they're saying, before the disco era itself, but it must have been played a lot later, after these guys had gone completely to the dark side.

OK, break it up! This is an illegal disco. Smash up the mirrored balls, men and a few of the guitars they're barely using, grab 'em by the bell-bottoms and round 'em up. You! You! Outta' here, people. There's a big flu a-comin'. Everyone go home, stay inside, get down, and boogie in place!

Speaking of staying inside, I came upon this one while searching through Bee Gees videos:

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America v. China

Posted On: Saturday - March 28th 2020 3:37PM MST
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  Trump  China  Americans  World Political Stupidity

(That's how they write it now, as with the Final Four of the saltwater creatures Saltwater Croc v. Dogfish Shark.)

The Kung Flu Infotainment Panic-Fest has not only caused severe economic trouble within America (though maybe quite a bit in China too, still), it's causing a lot of World Political Stupidity also. American-Chinese relations were not the best just prior to 2020, but they've gotten a lot worse lately.

Peak Stupidity has already commented, on Thursday in Cats, bats, and spoiled brats on the naming and blaming kerfuffles related to this, uhhh, too bad, Kung Flu. For the big-shot political leaders both here and in China, the blame game deflects from the public's demand for tough decision making. America says the disease came from China. That's pretty obvious, as the Chinese got sick in China a couple of months before Americans got sick in America. Americans aren't specifically blaming the Chinese people for getting sick! These things have come from over there before.

Then, the Chinese have honed in on the internet conspiracy theories that say the virus was a plant by Americans, who kinda screwed up, as we are getting sick here too. I gotta say that the Chinese government is worse than ours in this respect. They'll grasp whatever straws they can to try to prove that the Chinese people and their government can do no wrong. (Quite to the contrary, most American big-shot politicians hate the average traditional American.)

The economic effects of our country's freak-out about this flu virus are also forcing more animosity. We all see that Globalism, which China has benefited the most from, has really screwed us in spreading the Kung Flu like none before. (It is more contagious too, they say.) Politicians in both nations know that the situation may change as the economy is attempted to be brought back on track. This change coming in the status quo of America giving away everything to China is worrying the big shots.

Why do I say "giving away everything"? The trade situation has been an unfair deal since American government and Big-Biz, with the Most Favored Nation program, started out-sourcing our manufacturing might. It's been 25 years! America could still afford to be the patsy back in 1995, maybe up to 2000. We cannot keep letting ourselves be taken advantage of, with the current state of our economy. President Trump's tariffs have been one of his more solid and best ideas. As a supposed deal-maker, he does know who's getting screwed and doesn't like getting screwed. (His art of the deal bit is something we don't believe in too much anymore - see The Brain-Fart of a Heel - not one of our best post titles!)

The other way America lets itself get taken advantage of, and has for years, is in the mass-immigration of Chinese people who aren't assimilating and the invitation of so many who have basically taken over science and engineering grad. schools. It's not just in the loss of education and knowledge work for Americans, defeating the idea of State-government supported universities. That idea was to use taxpayer money to support the generation of a more educated population in the State. The amount of intellectual property stolen, some of it even military secrets, must have been staggering over the last 25 years. Our universities just want the full-tuition money (even high schools are doing this now), and they want the cheap Post-Doc labor too. We are losing the intellectual/technical capital by doing this, but we cannot afford to be patsies anymore.

America has every right to stop getting taken advantage of by China. I imagine the Chinese politicians know this, but they are loath to admit that they are taking advantage of us.

On the other hand, our Neocons and MIC, now long after the Cold War has been over, still want to maintain an empire covering the world. It gets pretty close to China, and it's damn time we backed off. We have absolutely no reason to back Taiwan with protection treaties. No, we DO NOT need to cause a fuss over the sea lanes on the other side of the world. Besides just the general unfairness of it, we are beyond broke!

This is what's got to happen to get relations on an even keel: As far as our side goes, we've got to make the trade fair, or better. One can't be any kind of power for long without being an economic power. We need to quit letting the money-grubbing universities and Big-Biz give away the fort for short-term gains that hurt Americans. The Chinese won't like it, but they know how unfair the deals have been. To make up for that, how about we back off on the flexing of military muscle anywhere near their territory (including South Korea - GTFO of there, after 67 years!)?

As far as the Chinese go, it'd behoove them to not do so much posturing and face-saving, and just go on with the business of China, which is business.

Both sides in America v. China need to back the hell off for a while. We aren't of the same people, have widely-differing cultures, and are from opposite sides of the globe. Still, Communism, in reality, is long over, over there anyway, and we could do business in a fair manner. There does not have to be a full-out America v. China. We have no reason to be enemies.

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Everyone's a nervous wreck now.

Posted On: Friday - March 27th 2020 7:36PM MST
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  Music  Poetic Stupidity

That's the effect of this Kung Flu infotainment panic-fest and the financial stress that it's put people under. "They'll run for cover, when they discover ..."

Peak Stupidity featured the English rock band Supertramp for the first time just recently with the uplifting song It's Raining Again. The one here is not at all uplifting, but sure seems to apply to today's America. Keyboard player Rick Davies wrote this one back in 1978, 42 years back. Maybe there were a few nervous wrecks back then too, but I sure wasn't a part of any of that.

I’m feeling so alone now.
They cut the telephone uh huh.
Yeah my life is just a mess.

I threw it all away now.
I could have made a fortune.
I lost the craving for success.

And as the acrobats they tumble,
so the corn begins to crumble,
while in the mirror
she admires a brand new dress.

Live on the second floor now.
They’re trying to bust the door down.
Soon I’ll have a new address.

So much for liberation.
They’ll have a celebration.
Yeah I’ve been under too much stress.

And as the clouds begin to rumble,
so the juggler makes his fumble,
and the sun upon my wall is getting less.

Don’t, give a damn.
Fight, while you can.
Kill, shoot ’em up.
They’ll run amok.
Shout, Judas.
Loud, they’ll hear us.
Soldier, sailor,
who’s your tailor?
They’ll run for cover when they discover
everyone’s a nervous wreck now.

I used to think she was so nimble.
Would have bought her as symbol.
But now I can’t afford the pen to sign her checks.

Don’t give a damn……………………….

They’ll run for cover when they discover
everyone’s a nervous wreck now.
Life’s just a bummer. They got your number.
We’ll give as good as we get now.
Rise from the gutter, stick with each other.
We’ll drive ’em over the edge now.
They’re gonna bleed, that’s what they need.
We’ll get together and blow their cover.
We’re ready.
Yeah we’re ready.
Yeah we’re ready …

I never realized how powerful these lyrics were till a couple of days back when I copied them from a music lyrics site, as I haven't listened to this one in years. That's some great keyboard playing by Rick Davies too.

We'll could feature any of the 10 songs from this album, Breakfast in America, as there is not a bad song on there. As heard on this tune and can be heard on a few more on that album, these guys are masters at the fade ending, putting me in some kind of trance most times.

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Government school welfare still operating

Posted On: Friday - March 27th 2020 12:04PM MST
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  Educational Stupidity  Socialism/Communism

School will be out for a while where we live, and as I've written already multiple times, it's impacting the learning process... in a good way. I'll leave that aside for this post, as it's about school meals. There may be some contract deal about the school meals in place or more likely fear of some kind of riot, but for the last few weeks, the school breakfasts and lunches have been made and could be picked up at the appropriate times. This was only at a few of the schools, where I suppose they would be piled up, but one can guess in which neighborhoods these select few were located.

Yes, our 8 y/o has been eating the school-provided lunch for the last year or so. We were feeding him healthier stuff before that, but he eats so slow that he'd bring almost the whole thing back - better for him to have the chocolate milk and junkier stuff that goes down quick, and he may as well use some of my property tax money. The amount of food wasted by the kids as a whole is huge. Nobody has cared. They'll talk all about "saving the planet" in class, but all kinds of (tasty, I must admit, not like Lisa Simpson's meal above!) goes right to the landfill.

I got off the subject there. OK, the new plan, with the school hiatus being extended, is that the parents can pick up all 10 meals for the week, for each kid, on Mondays. It's very plainly nothing but welfare now. I do get that the kids ought to have something in their bellies for the day, assuming they may have neglectful parents. I call BS on the whole thing though. There is SNAP, there are EBT cards, there is WIC free/cheap food, not to mention the Section-8 housing subsidies. Are there really people that are taking care of these kids that can't feed them a couple of cups of milk, cereal, a sandwich, and some carrots?

Sometimes I really wonder how these people will behave in a real SHTF situation when the money, transportation, and logistics providing them with these freebies is gone. I really want to see the looks on their faces, but then, right now I don't even want to enter the neighborhood to pick up 10 taxpayer-funded meals that I'd gladly eat myself if they weren't so unhealthy! These neighborhoods themselves are pretty unhealthy, as the only way to keep a social distance there is by open carrying. OK, I'd better not "go there", as they say.

This is what I'd like to see when the SHTF:

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Cats, bats, and spoiled brats

Posted On: Thursday - March 26th 2020 8:13PM MST
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  Political Correctness  China  Race/Genetics  Healthcare Stupidity

Is this how you figure Chairman Meow here would be treated in China?

This post is about different kinds of people and their different animals. Is it only the Western World in which animals are treated almost as nice as, and sometimes nicer than, people? Is that only because we have been relatively much more well off? From my experience, the animals we love as pets, specifically your cats and dogs, aren't treated nearly as well in China. Now, that is changing as the Chinese people do get more well off, but I don't know if they'll ever have the love of animals that Americans have.

I chalk this partly up to more space. Where I've been in China, the cat had to be chained to the stove most of the time. Had he gotten outside, that would have been the end of him, at least for this home. I'm not saying he'd been eaten by the next meal. It's more like he'd be run over within a day or less due to the extreme congestion everywhere, or lost and hopefully adopted by another family, and tied down there. It was something I didn't even want to see, his being tied down like that.

We sure have different cultures on animals. There are Americans with all kinds of exotic ones too: llamas, emus (not so cuddly, those emus), and even tigers and other big cats. You won't see the latter, as per the owners' lawyers they are usually behind very tall solid fencing! Think of some of these exotic animals in China, and you know some kind of erection potion, or lucky health food is the normal fate of such beasts.

This brings me to the jokes about the fact that you won't see many cats near the Chinese take-out places, etc ... The average Chinese family simply eats their non-exotic meat as more a supplement to the veggies and rice than as a full solid 5-10 oz hunk, the way we like it. Things are improving, and most are able to get their decent share of protein now, thankfully. Pork is the favorite, as we've mentioned in a post titled The People's Pig*. It is in the southeast of the country, Canton, in the Guangdong province, where the eating of somewhat more exotic creatures is practiced.

This brings us to Wuhan**, in which the "wet markets", those crowded markets where live animals of all kinds are slaughtered on demand. I could imagine it being a germ heaven. Bats have been brought up as a possible animal for this Kung Flu to have transferred to humans from. That's one likely scenario, but I'm no expert. These nasty viruses we come upon every few years seem to come from China, and they sure don't come from the cats and dogs that we are so close to here. Oh, and we don't eat them.

This brings me to the spoiled brats. There are plenty here, of course (see the Students and other Snowflakes topic key). I'm thinking, though, of the 1-child policy in China that has resulted in a huge number of only-children in that country, going up to 40 year-olds now. They aren't all spoiled of course, but the number of ridiculously un-grateful, or at least un-gracious, guests and residents in the US (subject for another post too) is probably a result of some spoilage. We have plenty of our own SJWs here, but now we have to listen to American-residing Chinese people bitch about our naming of the Kung Flu.

We covered this bitching already in our post Beware the Kung Flu!, but to add just a little bit here, this is not a blame game. Whether it's the "Chinese flu", "China flu", or our favorite, the "Kung Flu", it's just a simple way of naming the disease after where it came from. Nobody is blaming the Chinese people for getting sick, for crying out loud. Many bring up the good point that the very high level of globalization has let this virus come barging like mad***, versus how it would have spread 15 years back. Yes, people bring up the eating of bats too, so I suppose that is putting some blame on the bat-eaters, but that's not your average Chinaman. That'd be cats ... no, just kidding ... it's chicken, really ... named after General Tso.

There are the Ron Unz variety everything-is-an-evil-conspiracy types, but I just don't think they have much of a case on this one. The American Deep-State made and spread the virus, the Zionist Jews made it, the Chinese made it - all those have the big flaw of "yeah, but they're getting sick too". Are these entities not of the caliber of your father's Deep State, Zionist Jews, or Chinese CCP?

Let's all just not sweat the naming, and concentrate on the 24/7 infotainment panic fest, shall we ... errr, wait...

The subject of this virus causing worse relations between our 2 big nations is a subject for an upcoming post.

* One of our favorite titles - see also A porcine crisis in China on the recent rationing of this favorite of meats in China.

** No, it's not all the way in the southeast, more east-central.

*** I was trying to estimate how many Chinese travelers come and go during the very important Spring Festival (or Chinese New Years) time. It's hard to check right now, but there were something like 40-50 flights daily on US-based and foreign air carriers direct between the US and China. Some people go through Japan or elsewhere. Excluding those, with say 75% Chinese people on the planes during this period, and an average 300 seats on each, that's 10-12 thousand round-trips daily. Over a spread out 2 weeks, that's 140-170 thousand people coming and going. How many came from Wuhan?

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A kinder, gentler piece of junk mail

Posted On: Thursday - March 26th 2020 4:08PM MST
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  TV, aka Gov't Media  Salesmen  Curmudgeonry  Big-Biz Stupidity

(This is pretty much an update of our post TV for thee, but not for me, even for free., the update being that it's the same old stupid shit outta these people.)

My, how nice! It's not my birthday, so... you shouldn't have.

No, really, I mean, don't do this again!

The image above is a scan of the nice piece of mail I got a few days back. No, it wasn't my birthday*, and it's too late for Christmas cards, even from those people you surprise with a card last minute (just to screw with 'em) and have to hurry something out the door after New Years. Of course, in this day and age it's gonna be junk mail.

Within the Curmudgeonry topic key, there are a few posts that mention junk mail, as the reader would figure. Our most on-topic rant in that regard would be Junk mail under Idiocracy. Yes, the generators of junk mail are getting smarter and smarter. There are nondescript envelopes that you figure you'd better open, cause you just don't know (replacement debit card?). There are are pieces of mail that look like there are checks inside. You know it's bogus, but just in case ... Drats! There are letters from the insurance company or bank that you figure are important, but nope, it's a sales pitch. (These latter are truly my least favorite and have warranted some words with them in the past.)

Now, we have a nice greeting card that I know is not really a personal greeting card, even with the pretty blue envelope. They went through so much trouble picking it out, so ... I kid you not, it was ANOTHER ad from the internet company that I am a customer of. Crimeny! I got another more obvious advertising letter 2 days after this one. How much of my bill do they spend on this crap? Is that why they just went up 5 bucks?

What I really think is that some corporate big-shots just reckon that NO ONE SHOULD BE WITHOUT A SOURCE OF TV! No one should get away with that kind of thing. It's egregious and un-American.

Thank you for that small fraction of a BTU from the energy in your pretty blue envelope, internet people. We have a warm feeling inside already, but please, quit trying to get me on TV. It's a lost cause.

* oops, that narrows it down a bit for you doxxers. Keep at it, fellers!

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Arts & Crafts

Posted On: Thursday - March 26th 2020 12:44PM MST
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  Educational Stupidity

This post is related to the Kung Flu only regarding the fact that school is still out. This is really an Educational Stupidity post - check there for a lot more. As Peak Stupidity discussed 2 weeks back in School's Out For Ever!, one of the silver linings I see out of this whole mandatory economic shutdown comes from these long-term school closings. Parents are going to realize after a while a) they can teach their children something at home, b) It only takes 1/2 the time to do at least the same teaching, as c) what the hell have they been doing all day over there?!

Arts & Crafts, aka, coloring, cutting, and glueing:

See, we've got this take home work. Some of it is online, but, luckily, there's no working-time measured, or major crap to turn in, by/for the school. For our elementary school boy, though we've been to the dog-and-pony show of the conferences, I am really getting a handle on how much time is blown over there. Don't get me wrong - recess ought to be longer, but even doubling it would only add 20 minutes.

As I look over what the work is, I can see, for example, that the project for finding a State's bird, flower, gemstone, motto, and dog (yes, there are official State dogs - that's about all the Feds will let 'em do anymore!), involves mostly what I'd call Arts & Crafts. Well, at best "Arts & Crafts", but pretty much involving coloring with crayons, cutting with scissors, and gluing pieces of paper on other pieces. Yes, this boy loves all of that. Maybe it brings him back fond sub-concious memories of pre-school. I just gotta ask, though, is it worth if for that 60-odd percent of house property taxes, and a large chunk on the vehicles, paid by me and my neighbors who don't all have children, really best spent in this manner?

I do get that kids have short attention spans, and just maybe the coloring and cutting and gluing keeps their attention such that they may better remember the State insect, currently the Roley-poley, of Missouri. It's a real waste of the 7 hours in government school though. I asked the boy how much time he "spends on this crap", "about half the day long?" "Nah, about 1/4" he said. We've been through fractions last week, and it's paying off!

His waking up 1 1/2 to 2 hours later, bringing his sleep time up past 11 hours, and 1 hour recess are part of a schedule he can really get behind. Me too!

PS: No, the Roley-Poley may not be the State Insect of Missouri, but it damn well oughta be.

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Michelle Malkin on the begging from the ADL

Posted On: Wednesday - March 25th 2020 11:58AM MST
In Topics: 
  Lefty MegaStupidity  Pundits  ctrl-left

Picture straight off of VDare:

After our post on the Anti-Defamation League's begging for bailout money yesterday, It takes a lot of damned gall..., I saw that our 2nd favorite pundit, Mrs. Michelle Malkin has done a better job, with Chutzpah—ADL Wants A Federal Bailout. I may opine quite rightly on various topics, but I don't always spend the time to get all the details. I know what the deal is.

Still, Mrs. Malkin's article kicks Peak Stupidity's post's ass though, with a lot more Defamation of the ADL than we were able to come up with. Here's the intro on the yeo-idiots work that the ADL need a cash infusion for:
When I think of "essential" workers in America, the smear merchants of the Anti-Defamation League are at the bottom of the barrel. For decades, they've demonized conservatives and Christians as agents of "hate" and treated our very existence as incitements to violence. The ADL's manufactured outrage machine has broadened its target list to anyone remotely critical of Israel for any reason, President Donald Trump, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, "America First" college students, innocuous hand gestures, cartoon frogs and anyone who dares to think or write that "It's OK to be white."
Here's more on how the hateful ADL screws over patriotic Americans with their style of Defamation, a style called "anti-hate":
Yes, the ADL prides itself on "monitor(ing) and report(ing) on the rhetoric of anti-immigration activists and their supporters... (who) have long promoted the notion of immigrants as bringing disease, crime and environmental problems into the United States." Instead of refuting the facts, they just point, sputter and smear. In 2009, during the swine flu outbreak traced to Mexico, I wrote on my blog that "the spread of contagious diseases from around the world into the U.S." was the "result of uncontrolled immigration." ADL swooped in with a raging condemnation of me and others who "demonize Mexicans and immigrants, blaming them for the spread of the virus."
Umm, yes, they may have spread that virus. You don't have to be an ADL swine to understand this stuff. The nasty rhetoric out of the ADL, if it has any effect at all, is to silence those who may have called for a quicker implementation of measures to control the spread of this Kung Flu from China. Mum's the word, though ... gotta be PC, respiratory distress or no respiratory distress ...

Now, about the money, here's where Mrs. Malkin has some details I should have looked up yesterday:
According to its most recent financial statements, ADL and the ADL Foundation raked in nearly $80 million in operating revenues in 2018, with net assets worth more than $92 million. Fear-mongering is big business
What the hell kind of assets of a non-profit "charity" organization add up to $93 million?! I mean, you need some offices, telephones, maybe the occasional old-timey fax machine. Things must have REALLY gone up! (What have I been telling y'all?)

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