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Posted On: Thursday - December 12th 2019 11:53AM MST
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Peak Stupidity's #1 literary pundit gets another line drive hit and this one is at least a double. That is, she nicely explains 2 forms of stupidity in one column - it may run to two posts here (yes, I've put off a couple of original items for this).

"All units, perp is a white woman in a pant suit in the park!"

Just typical. It's always the young white ladies in that Gap to Prison Pipeline.

In "Who's Doing The Raping? Immigrants—But Don't Ask 'LAW & ORDER SVU'!", Miss Coulter expresses thoughts about the TV-show agenda that have appeared elsewhere, including right here.

Miss Coulter is her usual extremely witty self, as she describes the pure racial agenda of this TV show, one that I don't watch, but do know that there are multiple versions of, or am I confusing it with CSI? I neither know nor care. The point is that the race/ethnicity of the perpetrators of the crimes in the shows do not at all represent who they are in real life.
In one episode titled “Zero Tolerance,” a white American male sells illegal alien girls to other white American men in a sex trafficking scheme that was somehow enabled by Trump ... SEPARATING CHILDREN FROM THEIR PARENTS AT THE BORDER!!!

(The theory of causation is a little vague, but it was definitely Trump’s fault.)
Haha! There's lots more great stuff.

Yes, it's an agenda, but for what purpose? Is it to convince viewers, as with those burglar alarm commercials, to think that the normal middle-class American white people are the people to worry about when it comes to violent crime? Unless there are some really stupid viewers, this ain't agonna work. Nope, I think the idea is to rub this stupidity in our faces, wait, in YOUR faces, if you are one of the viewers. I want no part in this.

"Be on the lookout for two 15 y/o white video-gamers, possibly dangerous!"

Yeah, those were the perps, all right. Nice work.

It's very much like the genderbender nonsense. WE know it's stupid, most of THEM know it's stupid, but they show their power by pushing it and telling us we will be in trouble for stating that, yeah, this is stupid.

Oh, before I that last excerpt Ann wrote this paragraph:
In fact, the modern American white male is the least rapey, most gentle, protective, chivalrous creature God has ever created. Get ready for a gigantic I TOLD YOU SO when American women realize that, from 1620 to the day Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act kicked in, they never had it so good.
Do you understand yet why Ann Coulter should be our next President?

Ann Coulter's column gets the more serious problem in the second half. Please read and enjoy her column - TRUTH - feels good, man!

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One Second After - Belated Book Review

Posted On: Wednesday - December 11th 2019 11:19AM MST
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This is a new thing here at Peak Stupidity, the belated book review. I read the prepper novel One Second After, by William Forstchen, at least 5 years back, maybe 7 or 8. It was a fairly decent book (I'm gonna recommend it), so I have the gist of it and a few details still in my head. I don't feel like going to get it again, so, WTF, here goes. (If this works, maybe I'll review from only Sally, Dick, and Jane material.)

Our Preppers and Prepping topic key on Peak Stupidity is not one we have spent much time on. Perhaps this is because we don't think getting prepared for some pretty bad scenarios to come in America is any kind of stupid. We do have some prepper music - it's not a big genre - here from almost 3 years back that you may want to play in another tab, as you read.

One Second After is titled based on the worries about an EMP (Electro- Magnetic Pulse) whether from an attack on the country, by accident, or just due to nature. Hey, it could happen, and this is one of those SHTF scenarios that COULD be prevented with a lot of long-term work. Hardening, or just different designs, of electronic components in vehicles, important computer hardware, etc. is something that can be done, and I think Mr. Forstchen wrote this book as a warning. Yes, one second after one of these happenings, much of our electronics wouldn't work*. Things would get ugly, first quickly, and then more slowly. I don't dispute the premise of this book.

The foreword by, of all people, Newt Gingrich**, noted that he had encouraged the writer, or all writers, to write of what they know. That's part of the problem that I did have with this book. The writer, just as with Mr. Gingrich, is a history professor. He's no technical guy of any sort and is a man of letters rather than a man of action. Mr., OK, Professor Forstchen did not try to describe too many technical details that he wouldn't know about. However, in this novel, the narrator professor (yes, write of what you know) had happened to get placed in the N. Carolina mountains*** when the event hit and all vehicles newer than non-digital-electronic 1970s models quit running. He just happened to be the man of the hour (many months really), as his history professor skills somehow made him the leader that was needed during the grave crisis. I think this is nothing but wishful thinking on the part of William Forstchen and not something that I could really see happening. The history professor would become history during a SHTF.

The author seems to have put a lot of thought, or reading, into all the problems that would occur, from the lack of working machinery to the problems with diabetics getting insulin, which must be kept refrigerated. Most serious preppers have thought of all of this and more, but this book could clue in those non-preppers, who haven't. The story goes into detail about the struggle and paints no rosy picture of how many people would survive and how. It's pretty good reading with some suspense, and yes, a romance between one of the hotter women who has ended up in Black Mountain, NC and, well, you guessed it, the history professor narrator! Maybe William Forstchen is looking forward to an EMP event.

One quirk, and something I sure wouldn't expect from a professor in the Humanities, is the author's use of the bad English phrasing "he should of" and the like instead of "he should have". No, this is not the characters' talking here. This is the way the book was written, and that erroneous English appeared dozens, maybe hundreds of times. He should of wrote it better than that, right? ;-}. How an editor would not catch all the instances of that same mistake is a mystery to me. I only remember this from > 1/2 a decade ago, because it's pretty egregious for a published and somewhat-known novel.

Lastly, the author showed himself as a Statist at the conclusion of the book. Go figure, but from a would-be prepper no less? This is something of a SPOILER, but the first contact from the outside world (outside of the Black Mountain environs) is from the US Navy, trying to help (as I just barely remember this book). Yeah, right! When the SHTF nation-wide, I don't think you wanna' be counting on the US military. With all the hands-on ingenuity performed by the local men to save their civilization, I doubt any real preppers would count on anyone but themselves and their ammo supply.

If you've read books such as Alas, Babylon or Lucifer's Hammer and liked them, you will probably like One Second After also. I recommend it, but with the qualification that you don't imagine you will be the leader who saves the village and gets the hottie, unless you have the skills - not usually obtained from a career as a history professor (engineering - different story).

* Imagine the GPS signals somehow going out - or being TAKEN out. It's not only position, but just the accurate time signals alone, that a whole lot of machines used in our daily lives depend on.

** This cocksucker seemed like part of the solution to America's political problems in 1994, with his "Contract with America", coming as a great relief and bulwark against the Clinton Socialism, including the Hildabeast's attempt at government-run health care. Alas, Newt and company GOPes broke the contract, and thing when downhill continuously, and much faster from that point on.

*** Likely to be one of the better places to escape the madness, as the area is full of white people with the Scots-Irish background, hillbillies, basically, that may be of the stuff to survive a SHTF scenario. This is excepting Asheville, as it's artsy-fartsy-ville at this point.

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Antifa Punch-Out Porn

Posted On: Wednesday - December 11th 2019 10:21AM MST
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This is good stuff. In this 45 second video, some antifa asshole has blocked a white SUV on the road. The driver starts off just cussing at the guy. When this brave antifa warrior starts beating on the door of the guy's vehicle, the driver gets out, pushes this warrior for Social Justice to the ground and punches him a copious amount.

This stuff is great to watch. Now, see, this driver is a lone guy. He may yet get in trouble, but I kind of doubt it, since this happened in Texas. Once the antifa guy started grabbing at the door, this good old boy had every right to defend himself, even it's just a lawyer-talk of "I feared for my life." I know the guy didn't fear for his life, but when the lawyer says say that, you say that!

Still, the establishment, even in Texas, is infested with the ctrl-left, so you never know how a situation like this, one-on-one, will turn out in the blind eyes of the legal system. That's why, per Peak Stupidity's continual admonitions, "there is great power in numbers". Get your whole neighborhood or half the town to show up at the courthouse, and you'll have a much better outcome.

"Two thumbs up ... our asses ... " - Iskel and Sebert

"I love that uppercut at the end." - youtube commenter Bobby Old Chedda

"A wonderful, feel-good story for the whole family ..." - Peak Stupidity

"Best Indie short of the year..." - Movie Reviews

"You said that in March, and again in July and October. Why don't you wait until the freaking 31st to decide?! - Chief Editor of Movie Reviews.

"Great casting! Superb set design! Next time, just hold the damn camera sideways ... - New England Journal of iFilmmaking

Here is a link to the Liveleak website page on which I first saw this video. The credit should go there, as it was hard to find on youtube (but I don't know if I can, or how to, embed something off of Liveleak.

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Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist Sets Cycling World Record

Posted On: Tuesday - December 10th 2019 7:44PM MST
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This Babylon Bee is like a full-time parody department of Peak Stupidity. I've read a number of funny posts there linked-to by Steve Sailer (you'll have to hunt around - he writes A LOT!).

On the new Gender-Bender stupidity that is sweeping across the land like pet rocks or the hula hoop, the Bee tells us about a Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist Sets Cycling World Record.

It's short - read the whole thing in 1 minute there. Here's the best sample:
Professional motorcycle racer Judd E. Banner, the brave trans-vehicle rider, was allowed to race after he told league organizers he's always felt like a bicyclist in a motorcyclist's body.
Is that too obtuse from some of the "woke" Gender-Bender crowd to relate to? If so, maybe they could Peak at Peak Stupidity instead, as we exclaimed "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!".

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Women in Islam

Posted On: Tuesday - December 10th 2019 7:29PM MST
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No, not Women OF Islam, as in the calendar!

(The woman above, involved in some sort of Burka mishap, is from an article about the Moslem Cleric in Australia who compared women to juicy steaks. It caused a big kerfuffle down under, strangely enough because a) what are these people (Moslem clerics) doing there to begin with? and b) Yes they are, but with less saturated fat.)

Sorry for leading off with the girly picture, but our Peak Stupidity editorial staff says that this sort of thing leads to more page views, at least from the editorial staff. This post is a follow-up from the thoughts near the end of our review of the Houellebecq novel Submission and from the ending of the book itself.

At the conclusion of the book, the French literature professor character, Francois (of course!) gets converted to Islam - oops, SPOILER ALERT!! - after a sales pitch by a Moslem university official. The Moslem gentleman had spoken for hours (well not in real-reading-time) about the wonders of the natural world and the universe and how Islam was the best religion in terms of relating the human mind to it. He described how Islam was a way of life as much as a religion. That last is true, I'd agree. However, what sold the protagonist of the novel, an likely lots of men in real life, is the deal with the women.

Islam has quite the different take on women's role in society. It's one that really makes one wonder how stupid this world has become when you note the organized feminists never criticizing the religion. (OK, it's probably just fear of just plain getting their asses kicked more than anything.)

Silence is Golden and Duct Tape is cheap.

Thinking men would have a different take on Islam's practices regarding women, using both heads. As per the novel, polygamy is practiced, women are not allowed to do much of what Western women spend their time doing, and they are taught to be submissive. The latter is what is taught in the Bible too, but churches need the attendance, money, etc, so that's not bandied about too much ...

Compared to not 1950s America, but the feminized, matriarchal shitshow that we call American culture today, these practices can be very tempting.

"Two out of three ain't bad ...♬♬"

In France, Italy, etc., it's been common practice for successful men to have both a wife and a mistress, or so I've heard. This is seemingly the same situation as with the successful Moslem man having a regular wife for raising kids and cooking and then a younger one for other services. It's not really the same thing though, as the former must be done very carefully and under the table, and I doubt would work for as many men as the sanctioned Moslem way. Then, for the former, you've got more headaches, as with anything involving subterfuge and women. Breakups can get a whole lot more expensive than in the Moslem world with your Dorothy from Kansas procedure: There's no place like home ... there's no ... I divorce thee, I divorcee thee, I, let make sure for a second ... and, yeah, I divorce thee."

To justify the Moslem way with women, at least the polygamy part, Professor Redinger in Submission explains to Francois: Islamic society advances because the smart, successful men, with their up to 4 wives, will breed, often with large families*. The relative losers in society will not breed at all - no sex for you! Sounds good if you are Mr. Redinger or professor of fine literature Francois.

The reader may have read on the internet all the stuff about Alpha and Beta males, etc., and using "game" to pretend to be the Alpha, and so forth. That sounds good too, if you are one of the Alphas. Perhaps that is partly how modern Western culture works, too, to get the same result, but I don't buy all of it, and it doesn't work when most play by the rules set down by Judaism and Christianity long ago. It's definitely not the way things worked in the old non-stupid America. Unless a man was a complete bum, society and government (or lack thereof) itself was set up to encourage pairing of conservative men and women. Lots more is possible in a Libertarian society, helped out by a small population in an abundance of space.

Fifty years of feminist stupidity has torqued-up the rules of Western society. I don't wonder at all anymore why the Islamic world hates the spread of American culture. I just don't like the Islamic solution.

"Sure", you say, "you're not the Alpha guy, so of course." That's the truth, but then what the hell kind of religion blows off 2/3 or more of the men in it, left to unwanted solitary, childless lives? That's nothing at all to be proud of. Whether it was mostly our religion or mostly the style of government, the Western world has been the most egalitarian** over the last few hundred years, at least. The practices of Islam destroy this egalitarianism just as much as feminism does.

Yes, it's all really tempting, a wife for every purpose, no feminist stupidity, the duct tape thing ... I think the Western world could use some of the concepts regarding the role of women. The polygamy part (not just allowed, but encouraged) is just not the best for the common man. If the religion and the lifestyle it brings about don't help the common man, I don't think it's a good one. No submission for this guy.

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you'll get."

"It's a man, baby!

* As far as the evolutionary benefits that this culture supposedly would reap, well, I don't think it's working per theory (and the guy IS a Professor, after all). It's likely other factors, such as common 1st-cousin marriage that are important, along with the oil-rich world breeding a bunch of lazy fucks, but the Moslem world does not seem at all enlightened due to this polygamy-for-the-smart-guys deal. (Maybe there are no smart guys there, I dunno ...)

** Oh, yeah, the Communists really espoused that egalitarianism to high heaven. Once you get in "from each according to his means" mode, and the economic Shit Hits The Fan, the egalitarianists of the Commie world shut up real quick-like about it and shovel down that borscht or white rice before the next guy can get any.

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Ring, Ring, Greta please give me a call ...🎵♬

Posted On: Saturday - December 7th 2019 8:24PM MST
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The great graphic above is from a post on Zerohedge yesterday. You know, with the stories they have on that site now, all with loads of usually-hilarious comments, they ought to be named Peak Stupidity. Just read the headlines on ZH right now to see what I mean. Hey, "Tyler Durden", if you want the URL, you'll have to fight me for it, bitch!

Zerohedge points out "Greta Thunberg Enraged After Climate Strikes 'Achieved Nothing', Has Yet To Visit China". That's a very good point. Is it that her yacht doesn't have the range or equipment to make it across the Arctic Ocean, which ought to be free of icebergs now, right? Greta, how's the ice in the Arctic? Any wind forecast? You got sails on that thing, right?

BTW, this would have to be the route to take without taking - don't have my globe on me, sorry - 3 or 4 times the distance of the route across the north Atlantic, and IF YOU'RE LUCKY, some NorthWest passage, but more like down the US eastern seaboard, through the Panama Canal - we don't own it, so no discount for you! - then across the wide Pacific Ocean to Shanghai. Or, would the western-Europe-coast, the Med, Suez Canal, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and S. China Sea be better?*

The Zerohedge article has over 1,200 comments, so you if you are snowed in right now, scroll to the bottom there, and enjoy your day! In the meantime, let me ask the readers this question: Based on the meme above and what you know of her, and based on the 1970s pop music scene, if you could travel through time, would you rather have a free ticket to see the next Greta Thunberg scolding speech at the United Nations from the front row, no less, or a ticket to a 1975 ABBA concert, also front row seating? Take your time - remember, you've got a time machine, so if you decide wrong, you can transport from the 2020 UN building in New York City to 1975 Stockholm, Sweden.

What's it gonna be, 16 y/o Greta or 22 y/o Agnetha (or if she's busy after the show, you could settle for 25 y/o redhead Annai-Frid)? Wait, we've had this discussion before, but his is just an excuse for another great song from ABBA. Ring, Ring from 1973 was not from an album, but just a 45 rpm single record. I know it from the great "Greatest Hits" album that even amazon does not have**.

So, here is a long distance dedication to Greta Thunberg from Peak Stupidity, as I wait for her call back to meet me at the coffee shop for a large Carbon-free Vente Super-Latte Cappuccino to talk about mathematical modeling of the Earth's entire climate. In the meantime, Peak Stupidity readers, keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars!

I was sitting on my phone.
I was waiting all alone.
Baby by myself I sit and really wonder about you.
It's a dark and warming night.
Seems like nothing's going right.
Won't you tell me Greta how to do math models without you?

Yes I'm down here on the loo,
for a carbon-neutral poo-ooh , oh-oh ...

Ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?
Ring, ring, the happiest sound of them all
Ring, ring, I just plugged my phone in the wall.
I model Earth all alone impatiently.
Won't you please understand hydrology?
So, ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?
So, ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?

Calculating while on a bong,
hey did I do something wrong?
I just can't believe that I could be so badly mistaken.
Was it me or was it you?
Did I miss a square root of 2?
Won't you hear me cry and you will know that my heart is breaking.

Seas are rising, let us not forget,
pretty soon we'll all get wet, oh-oh...

Ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?
Ring, ring, the happiest sound of them all.
Ring, ring, I just threw the phone down the hall.
And I sit on the throne impatiently.
Don't you dare use that tone in front of me,
So, ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?

* For more on the Great Circle route and the non-Euclidean geometry here (I think that's what it is?) see Peak Stupidity's "Moslem call to prayer and the Great Circle route".

** This one has one couple (I don't know if any of the 4 main members of the band were ever couples), on the front kissing on a park bench and back has the other two sitting looking kind of estranged on a similar park bench. There are plenty of other collections, of course.

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Are we past Peak Stupidity ...

Posted On: Friday - December 6th 2019 10:41PM MST
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  Artificial Stupidity  Science

... in exercise machines, at least? (no, unfortunately, absolutely not regarding the important stuff)

Precor P80 Display

The accuracy of calculations and displays thereof of power, work, distance, etc. of exercise machines is a niche topic* here on Peak Stupidity, so I won't feel bad if you skip this post. Previously we discussed this pet peeve here, here, and here. Upon using a new set of Precor brand machines, including the TRM 885** treadmill, I found that maybe the stupidity level has been decreased finally. As I've written, it shouldn't be a big deal to hire an engineer for a couple of hours to consult on what calculations should be performed on the raw data of speed and slope (along with any user input).

I believe it's the display unit that has the chips in it to take the raw data (assumed position of the incline motor, perhaps with position feedback, belt speed, and user input on weight, if the latter is part of the program) and calculate and display Calories burned, rate of calorie burn, watts of power, METS, distance covered, distance climbed, and all that. Since this was a new machine, I experimented with it for 15 minutes, while standing on the sides, so I could think. I was pleased to see that some of the stupidity of the other treadmills, calculation-wise, was eliminated.

I wrote more about the exercise bikes in "Peak Torque, Wattage, and Exercise Machine electronic stupidity", and briefly mentioned errors with the treadmills. The big one in lots of those machines is that calories burned, and rate thereof, do not change with the incline of the belt. That is completely bogus. In fact, if you just look at basic mechanical work, in the simple newtonian physics sense, there is no work being done by a guy running at 0 slope. Of course, that's not the real case - real life is hard to model, dammit. No, you have to get to the biology, or exercise science, really, to get reasonable numbers for work being done while running level. Still, slope is a big factor and much easier to calculate (power being dissipated is just runner weight x vertical speed, and vertical speed is the belt speed x slope***) Calories burned, rate of Calorie burned, wattage, METs, or any other way you want to put it, all ought to go up linearly with the incline.

Yes, this was fixed by the Precor people. It's a major breakthrough in the effort to give good numbers to represent the exercise being done. Nice job. Do they read Peak Stupidity over there (where?) - I think not.

The increase in watts dissipated per % slope increase is from just over 5 W/% at 2 mph, and (what should be double ) 9 W/% at 4 mph. This machine, BTW, is one in which the user doesn't input his weight, or much of anything else. If you've read about our experience with the Higi Station (revisited here), you'd rightly get the idea that this is nothing but a GOOD THING. Therefore, with a W being a J/s or N-m/s, and a 4 mph equaling a vertical speed of 0.019 m/s, you get an assumed runner weight of 106 to 118 lb, kind of a smaller runner, but at least in the ballpark. I'd really want to see one of these machines that DID let one enter his weight, and see if the calculations worked out.

Back to the level running for a paragraph, or even changes in speed at a constant slope. For level running, the machine shows 32 W at 1.0 mph, with it going up linearly with speed by 14 W/mph only through 3.0 mph. Then it increases more and more with each 1 mph increment, up to almost 300 W at 10 mph. That's interesting and probably realistic. Maybe they got data from some exercise scientists****.

Now, to address the flaws still seen, a simple one is the Calorie burn per minute rate not going up linearly with the aforementioned wattage as speed increases. It should - they are nothing but different units of power. These rates don't change for the 0.5 speeds between 3 and 4, etc, When going down (bringing the slope down, that is), they will be the same as the higher value, and going up, the same as the lower value. Why? Laziness in programming is my guess as to why. [Left in just to help my correction] It's interesting that the Watts dissipated differences from one integer speed to another got highest at 5 to 6 mph, then went down again. Is there something from exercise science that backs this up? Maybe so. This led me astray, as I didn't graph power vs. mph at 0 slope, but a quick look at that in both W and Cal/imn wrongly had me thinking the relationship between Watts and Cal/min wasn't linear - they are nothing but different units of power exerted. The relationship should be one number, as in the next paragraph.

When I just now compared the Watts readout to Cal/min, I got a real problem. 1 W = 1 J/s, so multiply by 1 Cal/4184 J and then by 60s/min to get 0.0143 Cal/min per each Watt. That is 1/5 of the ratio from the numbers I wrote down, as in either Watts are displayed WAY high, or Calories WAY low. I've got to get to the bottom of this later.

This particular treadmill went to a negative slope. I'd never seen that before, but maybe I never tried this. Unfortunately, the power dissipation display (whether W or C/min) doesn't get lower as the slope goes below 0. Should it not?

Whew! I didn't mean to bore myself here. Still it's good to see some reduction in stupidity somewhere. Exercise treadmill stupidity may have peaked back at the Precor model 811 and though not as robust looking, I liked that Bowflex too.

* Oh, a "sub-fixaton" is what we called it in the Bowflex machine post.

** At least I think it was - these exercise machine manufacturers are shy about putting model numbers anywhere. I found an electrical warning sticker on the back that mentioned the 811/835/885, but I'm pretty sure this newest one is the 885.

*** OK, at small angles that works, but, since the belt speed is the hypotenuse of the triangle, and we really want the "run" (of the rise/run), you'd get erroneously high reading of vertical speed and vertical distance for larger angles.

**** No, that's not just a BS major for athletes. I've seen some cool work being done.

[UPDATED 12/07: ]
Turns out that the Calorie/min difference IS linear with the Watts differences, explained above, and after the striked-out old text. Also, changed all mentions of "calories" to Large-Calories, meaning kilo-calories (1,000 of the original definition of energy to raise one gm of water 1 C under 1 atm.) per correction by Commenter Dtbb. I meant that, but didn't make it clear.

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Submission - Book Review

Posted On: Friday - December 6th 2019 5:01PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Bible/Religion  Books  World Political Stupidity

... submitted for your perusal (get it? nah?)

We're hoping for a single-post review here for a change, as the novel Submission, by Frenchman Michel Houellebecq, was a quick read, so I've got the ideas together in my head. The book is 250 pages or so, but with fairly big type, a small page size, and nothing technical in it to slow things down. It took me about 6 hours to read the whole thing.

Submission was published in 2015 with a story of the near future political changes in France. This involves the rise of organized Islam as a political party major power in France. Yeah, who could see this coming, right? The story, related by narrater Francois, is set in 2022, only 7 years after the Houellebecq wrote it, which is pretty near-term, I'd say, especially now.

The protagonist narrator is a single man and a Professor of literature at the number 3 university in Paris. The author noted in a quick acknowledgement at the end, that he did not attend college, and therefore relied on one Agathe Lechevalier from the Univ. of Paris X-Nanterre to give him the background on the university professor lifestyle. This is a big part of the book, and I think Miss Lechevalier did a bang-up job filling the author in. It's not a lifestyle to be proud of, and I'm not sure if the author agrees, but he sure describes it that way.

Francois, the professor, lives a simple, easy, and hedonistic lifestyle. His PhD dissertation had been an 800+ page analysis of the writings of late-19th-century French author J.K. Huysmans, and his > decade long academic career revolves around criticizing or appreciating this guy and some other French writers. Honestly, I don't feel like looking up Mr. J.K. Huysmans, but I'll take Mr. Houellebecq's word that he's a real guy and that his many works were good. In the book, protagonist Francois see this author from over a century back as his friend and life guide. Besides this fine literature, semi-irregular sex with a new one of his students each year, lots of wine and some fine cuisine and TV dinners, the professor doesn't really do much else. I don't know if this comes from the author's experience in life or not, as again, he got the university background from someone else.

This professor, though having a fairly easy time of it in life, is not happy with his hedonistic lifestyle. However, he has no inclination to become religious, even though the writer he practically worships had become so later in life, even writing his later books from this perspective. Though he doesn't like his life, Francois does not see any motivation to change either, such as, say, getting married or starting a family - he gives his reasons, which involve, well, selfishness mostly.

The characterization of the narrator aside, the big picture is that there is major political turmoil in progress as the 4 major parties in the French elections in '22 are shifting in power and alignments. There are the Moslem Bruthahood Party and the National Front, that have support from about 1/4 of the people each, along with the other 2 parties that have been around since the beginning of the French 5th Republic (the latter reminding me of our blue and red squads). Things are starting to get ugly. Yeah, who knew that allowing millions people from former Moslem colonies of France might change the future for the worse? In this book, the author takes sides only against the National Front, with actual politician Marine Le Pen named a number of times. He is not particularly against Islam taking over either, from my reading. Don't expect this book to be aligned with your preference of how the culture of the West should progress, if you are a regular Peak Stupidity reader.

Now, the narrater/protagonist Francois, contrary to author Michel Houellebecq, had no interest in politics until the election turmoil started getting serious. I can see that being the case for a literature professor, maybe, though not most of the people in the university Humanities departments. Francois is only concerned about whether the changes that may (and later do) occur will affect his job. That's all. This selfishness explains a lot in real life too.

After about 1/4 of the book describing Francois and his life as an unhappy literature professor, the politics becomes the subject. Due to the antagonism between the Moslems and the Nationalists (with blame, again, put more on the latter),there was violence all over Paris, most of it purposefully un-reported by the media. (Sound familiar?) The way these European elections go, coalitions have o be formed, and since the 1st round had these 2 parties tied up, trouble ensues.

This is where this novel really loses it for about 50 pages. You get the feeling the a SHTF situation is in progress. The one important hot girlfriend leaves the country for good (obviously Jewish, she heads to Israel - who knew?), the University is closed, and the narrator leaves Paris. He stops at a gas station that has been partially destroyed with the cashier laying dead in a pool of blood. More dead people are in a parking lot somewhere. He see no cars on the road for 100's of kilometers he says. You figure this is going to be like One Second After by William Forstchen (a prepper novel that I read over 5 years back and still want to review here). I wanted to see what Houellebecq's vision of what would happen to France during a Moslem takeover would be.

Nope, Francois just heads right on down the road, finds a hotel that's open, happens upon friends from his university and has some kind of 8 course dinner! This author may be good, but he shouldn't be writing action novels. The middle of Submission was his attempt at an action novel, and it failed miserably. He spent 4 sentences writing technical details about his V-8 4.2-liter VW Touareg with common-rail fuel injection. Otherwise Francois knows NOTHING about NOTHING, technical-wise, but he somehow cares about these details for 4 sentences, then goes back to fine cuisine.

OK, it gets better. After the false-alarm SHTF scenario and some visits to old shrines to try to get some religion, as writer J.K. Huysman's biggest fan, the narrator gets back to Paris. Islam has basically taken over the university system, along with other institutions of society. Francois is given a retirement deal from his post with full pay, just because supposedly the Moslem party, under the wonderful Ben Abbes, and the new Moslem (eventual) head of the university system, Mr. Rediger, are worried about possible trouble (from these literature professors, really?) I don't think so.

As the narrator lives in Paris for a while, still unhappy with his life, even with the helluva deal he's got, he is invited to the very engaging Mr. Rediger's beautiful historic house for a pitch to join back up. That means convert to Islam, of course, not just his joining back with the university. At the house, our narrator meets a 15-year old hottie who turns out to be his host's wife. The host's other wife is a 40 year-old clad in pup-tent Islam get-up who can cook like the dickens. Is there really any need for any sales pitch? Mr. Rediger lets Francois know that he can have up to 4 wives, along with talking about the cosmos and Islam as the most realistic religion. Hell, I was about hooked here. Did I mention the first 2 wives already?

This last part of the book really does deserve another Peak Stupidity post, but it won't be so much a review of the book Submission, as a discussion of women in Islam. In that last section of the novel, I don't know if author Michel Houellebecq agrees with the thoughts of his protagonist or not. Is he just laying out the idea that Islam has great appeal for its ideas on the role of women? That IS a big deal for that religion.

This book was not what I had expected. It's missing the story of how things would go down for most French people, were the Moslems to take power. However, since it's a 5-8 hour read, I will recommend this book as fairly entertaining with that big exception in the middle. The last section, with the narrator's submission to Islam is well worth contemplating, and we will, in that upcoming post! (Though of course you'd want to read the whole book for context.)

PS: When comparing this book to another dystopian-futurist novel by a Frenchman, The Camp of the Saints, by Jean Raspail, I find it's no contest. Mr. Raspail's book was prescient about a time almost 4 decades later, while Mr. Houellebecq doesn't describe accurately what will go down 7 years after his writing.

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Did we call it, or what?

Posted On: Thursday - December 5th 2019 5:12PM MST
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I don't know very much about the writer Eric Striker, other than he is of the alt-right, a Nationalist, and that kind of thing. He has been writing for a few months now, and his Nov. 28th article The New Sheriff in Town tells us a bit of Globalist George Soros has been up to lately.

If you recall, Peak Stupidity has pretty much settled on George Soros as the best fit for the notorious position of AntiChrist, as per the Book of Revelation - see The latest actual AntiChrist according to our part-time intern for our decision just based on process of elimination.

Yes, much of this AntiChrist topic is in jest here, but just go read the details of one of Mr. Soros' campaigns in the Eric Striker article. Soros is behind all sorts people who are on Peak Stupidity's bad side. Conspiracy theories are not necessary, as one guy (or AntiChrist, for that matter) can't have a conspiracy all by himself. This stuff is out in the open.

In this article, Mr. Striker provides some details of just a few of the many local office politicians that George Soros has bankrolled. I'd read about his new idea for destruction before in various places. Instead of a large-scale "grassroots" campaign against guns or just some scam to fuck with the currency or what-have-you, this one involves spending smaller amounts of money to influence a myriad of local elections. Some of these are Attorneys General*, and the details here are of his support of hard-left anti-justice candidates. Many of these work to obstruct justice rather than implement it - go to the article and check out Mr. Striker's stories.

It doesn't take that much money per pop, to greatly influence local elections. Of course, this strategy would not work were the majority of Americans wise, libertarian, and not hooked on the Bread & Circuses, rather than paying attention. After all, the money pays for ads for the most part. So far it doesn’t buy the votes directly.

This George Soros is one evil bastard. What exactly are his reasons for wanting to destroy Western Civilization? What has it ever done to him? This Eric Striker article does nothing to dissuade us from our 3-year-old opinion that George Soros could be the real deal, as foretold in Revelations.

* Yes, we are going upscale here at Peak Stupidity. The proper grammar came to me last night as I ordered 2 Bacons McDouble at the Golden Arches Supper Club.

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Americans sticking together in Bismark, N. Dakota

Posted On: Wednesday - December 4th 2019 6:42PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Americans

We've said it many times before, and, Gosh darn it, as they say in the nice parts of the Midwest, we'll be saying it again: there's strength in numbers.

This (2nd of the 2 I mentioned last post) VDare post by James Fulford, "North Dakota: Cass County Caves to Lutheran Refugee Contractor; Votes for More Refugees"* starts out with more of the usual bad news. However, the good news (for now) at the end is a great example of what Peak Stupidity has been trying to tell "you people". Here is a meeting of good citizens of the city of Bismark, North Dakota in which the prospect of being forced to attempt to absorb another 124 "refugees", which sounds like a pittance, but really isn't**, is discussed:

These residents of Bismark came out to this hearing in 11F weather to protest the plans of their betters, the Cass County Commissioners. As with other towns all over the country, there are the Globalists far away who want to make sure America does not keep resembling America, ANYWHERE! Then, there are the locals involved. In this case, it's the Lutheran organizations that not only can FEEL GOOD, but make some serious coin, by resettling foreigners from strange lands to what were patriotic American strongholds. This rang a bell with me, and I see that these Lutherans have been getting around - see "Nice Church ladies destroy Lewiston, Maine".

From that post of March 15th of this year, I realize I'd written part of what I was going to write today already.
“We’re just bringing in downtrodden families, plus maybe a couple of poor teenagers, from Somalia. I hope there are no racist xenophobes here. If so, it’s only 15 asylum-seekers to our town of 30 thousand – how can you be so mean and nasty to object?!” Well, nobody objects. Nobody in town wants to have everyone else there look at him like that nasty foul-mouthed bad guy that isn’t compassionate enough to provide a “room at the inn”.*

At the next asylum-seeker meeting for another 20 asylum-seekers, its just the same, except you won’t even find 1/2 the people there from town to show up to object, as they can imagine how embarrassing it would be. This goes on for years, and people have kids. People find it easier to move to a different town than to say anything. You’d think that’d be silly… but no, it's pretty much all that's left to do.
Yeah, well all it does take, though, is for more than one or two lone voices to speak up. If you're the one lone guy, and the rest of the crowd (if any) is too cowardly about being called names to back you, it works badly. However, if the rest speak up, this becomes a movement, and your power increases greatly.

Even with this crowd, per the article, they, and one sympathetic commissioner named Brian Bitner, just mentioned numbers. "We are taking the highest number per capita ..." etc. OK, that's a start. At some point, the truth must be said though: "These are not Americans, much less North Dakotans, and they never will be. This is not just a few people every year on fiance visas, etc. In these numbers, we are importing pieces of a foreign country into our state. THIS IS BULLSHIT!" That takes some guts, but not a whole lot if there are 100 people clapping behind your every sentence.

It's good to see a start like this, though they may be ignored in the end in this battle. People have to start getting riled up enough to speak their minds. Stick together, Americans - there's great power in numbers.

* The VDare post is taken directly from the site Refugee Resettlement Watch from the wonderful Ann Corcoran - here's the post from her site. RRW was on blogspot for years, but they "cancelled" her less than a year ago, and she got the site back up without blogspot a few months later. Note her new URL, and note OUR URL, for that matter.

** An excerpt from Mr. Fulford's article explains just as well as VDare often does:
“124 people statewide does not have an impact, however, if the 124 do a chain migration that could easily be 1,200. And in a state of 750,000 people, 1,200 is a lot,” said local resident Phillip Cohen, who’s against allowing the consent.
Yep, and this is by far not the only time this has happened and will be attempted again.

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Biden v Beaner

Posted On: Wednesday - December 4th 2019 10:19AM MST
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  Elections '16 - '20  Immigration Stupidity

(Got 2 posts in a row here taken from VDare, THE go-to website for all things related to the existential immigration invasion. This is the 1st.)

Besides not keeping up with current events, as we used to call it in elementary school, Peak Stupidity most ESPECIALLY does not give a rat's ass about the infotainment involving the race for leader of the blue squad of The Party. Apparently the leader still is one of the 3 "Old Pharts", one Joe Biden, ex-plagiarizer and former Vice President under the tutelage of AntiChrist - runner-up Øb☭ma.

The way the shitshow has been going, from my 3rd-hand information, Camel-toe Harris is out, and all the "Young Turds" are so far out there that Joe Biden should be able to win on a "Senile but Still Sane" platform. I note the remainders of some sanity in Mr. Biden from a read of the always-reliable Allan Wall's latest "Said in Spanish" article "Professional Hispanic Activists Condemn Joe Biden—But Grassroots Hispanics Haven’t Got The Message". This one beaner activist in the video below is very concerned that candidate Biden cannot promise NOT TO DEPORT MURDERERS. Yeah, I know, that's not much to ask these days, but Senile but Sane Joe is seen holding his ground (or at least walking away from the stupid beaner bastard) at this Q&A thing in South Carolina.

Why does Peak Stupidity use pejoratives like "beaner" and such? It's usually when we really don't like certain people. The guy in the video is an example. He doesn't represent the average Hispanic. I personally seem to get along with most I meet, that speak a lick of English (though it still doesn't mean it's a good thing to have large numbers of aliens - legal or illegal - living here). Mr. Wall posts some good reading material, as the man lived a decade or so in Mexico, has a Mexican wife, and is fluent in Spanish. He has his finger on the pulse of Latin American politics, at least as related to America and emigration to here. Per Mr. Wall:
Those professional activists don’t want anyone deported, including murderers.(That's what "not one more deportation" means when it includes felons. ) But rank-and-file Hispanics aren’t that radical, which explains their support for Biden. They’re less worried about deporting murderers than they are about other policies. Indeed, as Heather Mac Donald has repeatedly observed about the Establishment GOP’s plan to move left on immigration, Hispanics don’t care as much about immigration as politicians like to think [Why Hispanics Don’t Vote For Republicans, National Review, November 7, 2012]. That also explains Hispanic support for Trump. [ 20% on his graph in the article ]
The guy on the video wants to stir up the insane activist set that is running things for most of the blue-squad candidates, with perhaps an exception with the 3 old pharts. (They have this old habit of hiring campaign people who are competent, usually meaning white guys. #OldFashioned!)

Now, as an addition to what Mr. Wall wrote, I propose a different explanation from Mr. Biden's dissing of this activist beaner, rather than sanity. Perhaps Mr. Biden was worried that the guy was a ringer. I should use a more modern term that the Millennials might, but damn if I could spell it even if could remember it. "Spoofer" or "troll" is probably what I'm looking for. Anyway, if you go back to the hilarious video from an Occacional-Kotex rally we posted in "Occasional Cortex and the importance of the Kook-vote", you may see what I mean. Was Joe Biden told by his handlers to be aware of trolls? Did he tell the gentleman of the Bean to "vote for Trump", as maybe a way to show that he was onto the possible trolling effort?

A guy says we shouldn't deport illegal alien felons back to Mexico. The insanity is close to the "eat the children" theme of the troll or insane lady (we report, you decide) in the AOC video linked-to above. You can humor the guy, as AOC did to the assumed-nutcase, but that looks weak. By walking away, Mr. Biden extracted himself from a decision on "troll or no troll?"

Who knew running for office was going to become this tough? 50 years ago, you just had to understand the range of ICBMs, the missile gap, the history of the always ongoing revolution in Cuber (J-Fing-K's phraseology), and what the "gold standard" means. That was hard enough, but now, this ??? What's a senile Old Phart to do?

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Westerners - we ain't livin' long like this ...

Posted On: Tuesday - December 3rd 2019 11:19AM MST
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(Pakistani-heritage Moslem, early-released) BRITISH MAN runs amok in The City:

Master's Thesis of murder victim Jack Merritt:

(Per iSteve commenter Bragadocious:) Nice cover page.
The next 500 pages are “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

I hope our Peak Stupidity readers will cut us some slack for something we don't do very often anymore. That is, for this post, the material is taken completely from the story behind, and comments under, the Steve Sailer post "Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, RIP". These two young adults were the ones stabbed to death by the latest Moslem "terrorist", but just murderer, really.* Then, before the Bobbies, the British cops who didn't used to even carry guns, shot Pakistani Moslem Usman Khan dead, one actual Brit subdued him via a stab from a Narwhal tusk. Coming soon to formerly-Great formerly-Britain:
"What do we want?!
Narwhal tusk control!
When do we want it?!
We want it now!"
Where was I? The point of Mr. Sailer's post is to point out the extreme irony of this latest immigrant murder spree. See, Mr. Khan had been let out of prison by a lefty official, after being put there in '12 for "terrorism offenses".

First of all, Mr. Sailer is a very nice and civil guy, or at least is from what I get from all my reading. This is an example, the "RIP", that is, but first I'll explain the politics and aborted life's work of these two murder victims, along with something about the downright sick reaction from Mr. Merritt's Dad. These two victims of the stabbing spree by "British Man"** Usman Khan worked for a program called Learning Together, "a prison-based education project". Both of these lefties had been classmates in Criminology together at Cambridge University. Regarding Jack Merritt, per Mr. Sailer:
The poor bastard’s Master’s thesis was entitled:
A Critical Analysis of Over-Representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Males Aged 18-21 in the British Prison System.
[That first sentence is Steve Sailer. Yeah, the poor bastard, indeed. ;-}]
About this egregious over-representation, iSteve commenter BigDickNick (not his real name) adds: "Muslims are only 1% of the population of the UK, but 100% of people shot by police for murdering me are Muslim.” There's your over-representation - you've got you had a good point there, Jack.

The story is that Mr. Khan, with his new-found freedom, thanks to the hard-working people in these "Learning Together" and other bleeding-heart*** programs, was able to attend a conference of folks pushing for more leniency and forgiveness in the British penal system. Maybe the refreshments weren't to his liking, or perhaps it was simply his belief in Jihad against the infidels that set him off, but Mr. Khan used this opportunity to kill two of the people working the hardest to set people like himself free. Sometimes, the plenary sessions go on too long, and people are not allowed to ask questions in the middle of talks. That IS a problem. I GET THAT! [/Tucker], Mr. Khan.

If it weren't for those pesky narwhal tusks that hang on the wall everywhere, Mr. Khan may have taken out more attendees. Who cares what bleeding-heart work they were up to? After all, Usman was already out, and the hell with errr, to Allah with his Jihadi cohorts still in the pen.

The cops shot attendee Khan dead, thinking (or maybe not really) that he may have a bomb on "his person". Would Jack Merritt or Saskia Jones have been pleased with the ending, as they lay dying, or did they miss that part? Did they still believe in their Learning Together program in their last few seconds of life on this earth?

Steve says "RIP", but I can't be so sure. These two were typical deluded snowflakes, and after being brought up that way at home and through 16+ years of indoctrination by the government system, their view on life is to be expected. That's still not an excuse though. You can do such things as wise up, if you keep your eyes and mind open. Pushing for the early release of violent criminals, when you don't have the wisdom, but do have the evidence to know what the result may be gets more people killed. The road to hell is paved with good intentions like those of Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones. As a parent, I feel should feel something for the parents, but that brings up the other point.

Just as with the cuck Rob Tibbets, father of poor Mollie Tibbetts, raped and killed in the corn fields of Iowa by an illegal alien, Dave Merritt sure had a sick reaction to what would normally be grief and mental agony. From what iSteve commenters wrote, the guy went on a tweeting rampage instead of, say, regretting that he wasn't' there at the conference to save his son with a narwhal tusk (what can't they do?!) This is Dave Merritt's full statement from a UK Guardian article:
Jack was proud. Jack was absorbingly intelligent. Jack was fiercely loyal. Jack loved music, art, eating good food with his family, and having more than one pint with his mates. Oh, and in case you haven’t realised by now … he was also devilishly handsome.

But Jack was also angry, frustrated, selfless, stubborn. He was angry because he saw our society failing those most in need. He was frustrated because the political elite have forgotten why it is important to be fair. He was selfless in his dedication to make things right in every second of his life. Jack devoted his energy to the purpose of Learning Together: a pioneering programme to bring students from university and prisons together to share their unique perspectives on justice. Unlike many of us, Jack did not just go to work. He lived and breathed fire in his pursuit of a better world for all humanity, particularly those most in need.

If Jack could comment on his death – and the tragic incident on Friday 29 November – he would be livid. We would see him ticking it over in his mind before a word was uttered between us. Jack would understand the political timing with visceral clarity.

He would be seething at his death, and his life, being used to perpetuate an agenda of hate that he gave his everything fighting against. We should never forget that. What Jack would want from this is for all of us to walk through the door he has booted down, in his black Doc Martens.

That door opens up a world where we do not lock up and throw away the key. Where we do not give indeterminate sentences, or convict people on joint enterprise. Where we do not slash prison budgets, and where we focus on rehabilitation not revenge. Where we do not consistently undermine our public services, the lifeline of our nation. Jack believed in the inherent goodness of humanity, and felt a deep social responsibility to protect that. Through us all, Jack marches on.

Borrow his intelligence, share his drive, feel his passion, burn with his anger, and extinguish hatred with his kindness. Never give up his fight.

To Jack Merritt. Now, and forever.
Yeah, he may have been seething at DURING his death. It hurts to get stabbed. The fear as his blood poured out and internal organs couldn't do their jobs would be extreme. I don't think even a cucked, irresponsible Dad and 16+ years of schooling would keep one from seething at the guy stabbing him to death. Some use their grief to motivate themselves to work against whatever has caused the deaths of their children, not always really logically (as with the gun control crowd), but most don't promote more of the same! Dave Merritt has used this opportunity to rail on his perceived political enemies, calling them haters. This was not one of his fellow white Brits either. The murderer was a guy (just as with the Mollie Tibbetts murder) who hated the British people and should not have been in the country to begin with. He was there due to sick, bleeding-heart lefties like yourself, Dave Merritt.

Western society - we ain't livin' long like this ...

Good ole Waylon. Listen to the lyrics. This is from when America was no utopia, but it all still made sense.

* I put "terrorist" in quotes, because the problem is not some terrorist group or cabal with a plot of conspiracy. If there's any conspiracies and cabals, they are contained within the elites of modern Western society - those that push this immigration invasion by un-Western-like foreigners have simply enabled these latest 2 and others to be murdered.

** He was born in Britain, so I guess one COULD write that with a straight face. The really gets to the problem with immigration of far-far-foreigners, as even the children won't assimilate easily. In big numbers, as Peak Stupidity explained in "Immigration invasion, assimilation, and refugees", there's not incentive for anyone to assimilate at all.

*** Did this guy stab their hearts first? Some people take the expression entirely too literally.

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Reality TV, really?

Posted On: Monday - December 2nd 2019 10:27AM MST
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According to Peak Stupidity's sources, such as commenter Autochthon under our post about fast food customer service, I'm not "loving it", there are still "reality shows" on the boob tube ... errr idiot plate , errr, OK, TV. I do remember the beginning of this new frontier in television stupidity back in roughly the year 2000, but perhaps a couple of years before that.

It does make sense financially speaking for channels or networks that have become 1 in 150 or even more, meaning the money spent by cable customers and advertisers* is spread out much more thinly than back in the day of CBS, NBC, and ABC only, with occasionally PBS with lots of snowflakes ... no, not these Snowflakes, just the white speckles of signal noise all over the B&W screen. (We put the antenna way up on the roof and often rotated a knob on top of the TV and we LIKED IT!) The Nazi-war channel, storm-stories channel, or deluxe coffees channel can't all have those big production teams that Walter Cronkite, Ed Sullivan and Opie Cunningham had behind them. Yeah, then, how about just having real "unrehearsed" people doing their thing, and we can just film a lot, edit it, and, as George Costanza says "there's your show"?

If you can get people to watch these reality shows, then the possibilities are almost endless. You can have a show about any interest, such as the cooking and restaurant management thing that our commenter mentioned with Chef Ramsey. That could be on a cooking channel or H&G TV. It wasn't so much the case 20 years ago when this idea surfaced like the deadliest catch in the Bering Sea, as there were still only a couple of dozen channels, but now each niche channel could have a reality show that fits its audience. Bold Baristas of the Barrio could be on the deluxe coffees channel, Hispanic version. The Weather Channel has its Storm Stories which makes sense when anyone can get the weather forecast for anywhere in the world in 10 seconds on his phone, as related in "The TV Mythbusters vs. Science & Engineering". (BTW, that post is mostly about a show in which pretend-engineers do exciting destructive testing, not quite a reality show.) The History Channel, were it to switch back to history again instead of showing people selling other people used shit, could try showing some Soviet war-mongering instead of the jaded Nazi fare, and have a reality show - Kurrent-Era Kommies featuring antifa grungy goons with bike locks and make-shift spray-can flame-throwers.

All that said, I don't like reality shows any more than the rest of the crap on TV. The first problem I have with them is that they don't represent reality very well. The ones that seem to be the most popular, just from my hearing about them, are the shows that feature hard-working men in dangerous occupations like The Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, etc. I will admit to having watched 2 or 3 of each of these. I suppose that if one follows the same crew around over many episodes, one could get hooked on one of these shows, as a much-more-manly version of a soap opera. One feels the need to find out what will happen next week.

I don't mean to make fun of the work of the people on said shows, or the viewers - the soap opera crack indirectly brings up one of my points though. On the shows I've watched, there is always some bit of drama**, with a feud going on between the Captain and one of his hands, for example. What I believe is that, after first spending 2 days sick as dogs, with the deck hands kindly providing slop buckets, the TV crew members get their sea legs and start filming anything and everything that happens. It's not the day of film anymore - memory is damn near free, and I don't doubt they could record whole multi-week voyages in high resolution from multiple cameras.

Not much besides hard work and sleeping happens, and there aren't any females on the boat to make this show into a real soap opera or porn video, one ... Anyway, over 3 weeks or so, there are bound to be some testy exchanges or harsh words when things get rough or business is just not panning out well on this particular trip. The show goes on for what, 1/2 hour or 1 hour? You take 3 weeks of all-day filming, and you edit all the parts that don't show men calmly doing their jobs and being a team. You put them in some sort of order, not even having to be chronological, keep in mind, and hey, as the man said "there's your show!"

"What?! 3 weeks of commercial fishing in the Bering Straits? Why are people gonna watch?" "Because it's on TV!"

Do you really think even the hard-working fishermen are not acting at all, ever? After all, if there really is nothing to make the show stay on TV, then there will be no more money to be made. "They want some drama, we'll give 'em a little drama" As much as it would be nice if the real industries shown in some of these shows would operate the same, show or no show, in modern Socialist America, it helps to have people on your side. Who knows what the next piece of legislation might do to your business?

There are a couple of other pet peeves with the reality shows, enough to make me sure I won't ever watch a one of them for long. The first is that, per my quick view of that chef/restaurant show, even the most minor things are meant to be made into drama and suspense by the incessant music in the background. This bunch of glorified fry cooks and counter-broads are supposed to be involved in something so important that I heard the very same music that would be played in a Jason Bourne movie as Mr. Undocumented Bourne*** is racing around town on his motorcycle, being chased by 3 "assets" with the future of the formerly-free world at stake. Here, the music is played to go along with the extreme suspense regarding whether the fried chicken will come out too dry. What's gonna happen?! I barely have any fingernails left.

Along with the extremely annoying music, there is the extremely annoying quick scene changes. I think that is the case with a lot of TV nowadays, but sure does not help matters. Just let me focus for a while and see everything rather than switching scenes every 5 seconds.

You know, done right, say a show for amateur astronomers showing guys setting up, maybe the occasional cool discovery**** would be something a select few loyal viewers would go for. I guess youtube channels have that covered now. Reality TV had its chance with me and you guys blew it.

Though taken off the TV in not the best fashion, the Seinfeld clip above was exactly what I was looking for. However, I enjoyed this one below just as much:

* Whoa, wait a minute, I thought cable TV WOULD NOT HAVE COMMERCIALS, cause we were paying and all. That was the idea back in 1980. We've been duped, people!

** Is that for the women viewers, or do they need this to get even male viewers? I kinda wonder about this. Maybe just the producers are composed of women who couldn't understand the point of a show with no arguing on it.

*** That should be the next in the series, The Born Undocumented - Peak Stupidity ragged on this series of movies for other reasons - please read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

**** Astronomy is one of the few sciences where an amateur can add to the knowledge base very readily.

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Happy Thanksgiving and starting PS year 004

Posted On: Thursday - November 28th 2019 8:17AM MST
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Besides being Thanksgiving Day here, this also happens to be Peak Stupidity's 3rd blogversary (in Instapundit Glenn Reynolds old-timey terminology - brings back memories). Yeah, views and visits are up, but not nearly as much as I would have liked - ~ 25% on the average month - this month might have set a record, but I don't think I'll be able to write much till at least Saturday and more likely next week in December. We are thankful for the reads that we do get. I want to thank our great commenters. There is not what I'd call a cornucopia of comments, but the ones that we do have, from the guys that can figure out that anti-spam trick*, are great. Thank you all!

This week started off slow and in an angry mood, especially regarding the last guy I wrote about. As much as I'd like to point out just the silly stupidity, at which one can just laugh, the other, serious politics is interested in US. Either way, there's plenty more to come.


T HA N K S G I V I N G !

For Dtbb and all who appreciate a good song and story, here's the traditional Alice's Restaurant Masacree by Arlo Guthrie, complete with the shovels, rakes, other implements of destruction, 8x10 glossy photos with the circles and arrows, and the 4-part harmony:

(Last embedded 10 months ago, in the post "There's strength in numbers.")

* Yeah, just by reading, but who reads the fine bold print anymore? No, really, I am sorry for anyone who has forgotten a time or two and had the comment lost. I'd thought about ways to save it off-line, but if the goal is to avoid the SPAM overwhelming the software, all the other ways would not really help.

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If you didn't have enough reasons to hate this man,

Posted On: Wednesday - November 27th 2019 7:47PM MST
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Globalist Scumbag of the Day:

Peak Stupidity has another big one for you. Per the Associated Press, "Bloomberg: US would benefit from more, not fewer, immigrants". It was the anti-gun words and money out of Michael Bloomberg, as recounted over and over by the NRA, that had me hating the guy long ago. His control-freakiness on other matters only applied to NY City, so to me, the large-soda bans and that kind of stupidity were just things to laugh about.

Now he's gone full retard:
“We need immigrants to take all the different kinds of jobs that the country needs — improve our culture, our cuisine, our religion, our dialogue and certainly improve our economy,” the billionaire told reporters at a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix.
Yes, even if you are the 9th richest American, I guess the stupidity can reach right on up there, like water in a 1,000-year flood. Let's see:

We have not much of an American culture anymore, other than the Big-Biz/Government induced Globohomo agenda, and any old-fashioned American culture has been squashed by multi-culturalism. We have enough Mexican restaurants to choke serve a horse, or are the Foodies not satisfied yet that we have at least one Eritrean, Burmese, Burkina Fasoian, Madagascarian, French Guianian, and Ross Ice Shelfian restaurant in every town along US route 2, in case they may stop there for gas?

Our organized Christian religion has gone downhill due to the cuckful Globalist, ctrl-left agenda of the Churches (most especially the biggie, with that Commie so-called pope) and all the "improvements" to our religion lately, the only serious religion being implemented is Islam. Exactly how's that an improvement for Michael Bloomberg's people is above my pay grade. We haven't seen those improvements to our dialogue simply because 14% of us are foreigners, 10% of us speak Ebonics, and, if tweeting is an improvement to the dialogue, then I don't want to see any more improvements.

Lastly, this moron brings up economics again. Yes, for the Globalist elites, replacing the population with low-cost foreign labor pays off. It's no improvement for the regular American, and quite the contrary.

The fact that this fucker was a Republican mayor of NewYork City (2002 - 2007) tells you two things:

1) The red squad and the blue squad just two flavors of the same stupidity, out of The Party.

2) New York City is so far gone that a 2nd-Amendment-trashing, control freak like this guy was considered the "conservative" one.

We really need to start requiring visas for any visitors from New York City. It's not nice to hate people, but Peak Stupidity makes a big exception for Globalist anti-American scum like Michael Bloomberg. Have at it.

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