IMDB and the battle of the Mermaid Movies

Posted On: Friday - June 2nd 2023 5:45AM MST
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Apparently, because I wouldn't normally give notice and give a damn, there's a remake movie out of a 1999 Disney classic titled The Little Mermaid. That link goes to the IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) website. That classic internet site is where Peak Stupidity movie links almost always go to, while the book links go to Goodreads.

IMDB is truly a classic site on the www, as it's been around since long before I ever opened a browser window, 1990, wiki says. 1990?! Was anyone viewing websites that year? Well, IMDB was the go-to place for movie info. Though they had their own very good review and rating system already, wanted the existing data and format so much that it bought IMDB in 1998. Now, the site has gotten graphically intense, hence much slower, but the news I just read is more annoying than that. I'll get to it below in due time, but let me discuss The Little Mermaid '23 first.

That's Halle Bailey with the scales there. I can see she's a hottie, or was, anyway . That doesn't stop me, and obviously others, from resenting the Black!ety-Black!ening of this part cartoon and part live-acting remake. You just get tired of that stuff after a while ... and start creating memes. (Not us, but they're easy to come by.)

Another thing you do, maybe even if you haven't watched the movie and plan on never ever watching it is to give it bad ratings on the internet just due to having had enough of the Wokeness. I don't know, and IMDB doesn't know, who actually watched The Little Mermaid '23, but Tim Young at the American Greatness site says IMDb Is Rigging Reviews for ‘The Little Mermaid’. Here's the gist of it:
In the audience review section for the Disney film, IMDB added the note:
"Our rating mechanism has detected unusual voting activity on this title. To preserve the reliability of our rating system, an alternate weighting calculation has been applied."
So, because the audience doesn’t like the film at such a high rate, the website has decided that it should alter the actual review numbers to make it look like the people like the movie, after all.

Deadline reported IMDb added a note that not all votes have the same weight on the final rating, but they didn’t want to say how they calculated the score. Essentially, IMDb admits they decided to alter the numbers in an arbitrary way.
"'Although we accept and consider all votes received by users, not all votes have the same impact (or ‘weight’) on the final rating. When unusual voting activity is detected, an alternate weighting calculation may be applied in order to preserve the reliability of our system,’ the website explains. However, it does not disclose the exact method used to generate the rating."
How did this impact the final rating of the film? As of this writing, “The Little Mermaid” on IMDb has over 34,000 ratings, of which roughly 14,000 (or 40.6 percent) are one-stars. Yet the average score, according to the site, is a seven out of 10. In short, it doesn’t matter if the majority of viewers—or even a plurality—didn’t like the new film. Their opinion no longer matters to IMDb. It gets a seven because they say so.
Yeah, the math doesn't quite work. Even if every single one of those other 20,000 ratings are 10 stars, the average would be 6.35 stars, which should not be rounded up to 7 stars. Dang, so close too, for deniability of the scam, implausible deniability, but deniability nonetheless. The Democrat party could have pulled this off in its sleep ... on any first Tuesday in any November!

Well, it's not like I ever looked at IMDB movie ratings. I just start up the movies, and I takes my chances. I use the site for details and trivia, if needed. When it comes to mermaids though, I will end up having watched neither of these Disney ones, White or Black!, because I know what a mermaid should look like:

For you young readers there was a 1984 movie, no cartoons involved, titled Splash, starring Tom Hanks and one Daryl Hannah. Yes, there was Hanky-panky, and just so's you know, name notwithstanding, Daryl Hannah has most certainly ALWAYS been a woman. No, I couldn't prove it, because ... well, how does that work with mermaids anyway? Where exactly does everything merge together? Just asking for a friend ...

Shame on you, IMDB! Thanks for the memories, Daryl Hannah, or should I say thanks for the fish... or something ...?

Note to readers: There's lots to write about, some built up from before, and some new stupidity, but the next few days will be busy for me. I figure we'll just have one music post through this week. It's been a while since we featured The Dead, come to think of it.

[UPDATED: 06/02:]
Thanks to commenter Alarmist, I stand corrected on the '23 Little Mermaid actress. That is Halle Bailey, not Berry! That's why I'd had the line "or used to be", because I couldn't see how Halle Berry could hold up THAT well. Who knows, I figured it was computers? How many Black! girls are named Halle, or how many people period are?!

Well, she and Miss Hannah have or had very nice Dorsal fins, which is what matters to the sharks. Cue Jimmy Buffett's Fins from his fun Volcano album.

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Big Massacre on the Prairie

Posted On: Thursday - June 1st 2023 7:51PM MST
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In the 1970s, there was a weekly hour-long TV show called Little House on the Prairie. For some reason, I can even remember the name of the star actress, Melissa Gilbert, who played little "Half Pint", aka, Laura Ingalls. This TV show was adapted from a series of popular fictional, but personal-account-based, books, first Little House in the Big Woods (that was in Wisconsin) and then Little House on the Prairie.*

The real-life Laura Ingalls, later Ingalls Wilder by marriage, was born in 1867. The Ingalls family had moved to what's now Independence, Kansas, due to Mr. Ingalls' mistaken believe that it could be settled. They found out if was Osage Indian territory, moved around more, and then ended up in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, about 50 miles west (where there's now US Highway 14) of Mankato. This was in 1876, when little Half Pint was 9 years old.

I was only looking up details on this old TV show because, under a Steve Sailer post** with opinion poll data on that persistent myth of the American Indians having lived in "peace and harmony"***, even without Co~Caine based Coca~Cola, a commenter had written something about Mark Twain's hatred of Indians and then another's about Laura Ingalls Wilder.

It happens that the young Miss Wilder moved with her family to Walnut Grove only 14 years after a Dakota Sioux massacre of 358 civilian men, women, and children near that very Mankato, Minnesota. That horrific event took place in 1862. I remember this history, but I wanted to look up a few details to write a comment.

A photo of residents who had fled the massacre by Dakota Sioux Indians:

This was another amazing realization for me of the evil deeds of the Lyin' Press, internet-search department. Looking up the terms "Mankato" and "massacre" and a couple of other words in combination gave me only the story - many blurbs worth - of the subsequent hanging of 38 Indians after the massacre of those 358 White settlers. That was based on US Gov't justice, as crude as it would have been, though better than today's, I'd guess. The list of people to be hanged was approved, as pared down from a from a larger list of over 300, by President Lincoln.

After DuckDuckGo refused to to give me the information I wanted, I tried the Russian Yandex site even. Nope, nobody wants to talk about the massacre of a significant number of the White settlers in the area, and if they do, the search engines don't want me to know about it, not directly. OK, I finally got to this message on a minor "message board".

Yes, I could read about the Dakota Wars, which is what this was part of. I don't dismiss the grievances of those Indians, BTW. The US Gov't had screwed over Indians all over the country, reneging on deals made left and right. The Dakota had had enough of it, and there was a 6 week-long war, and war can be hell. I'm no historian, but I don't believe the American soldiers would have massacred non-combatant Indians in this manner.

Whatever you think of that, it's sobering to keep in mind that young Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in a town very near where this massacre had occurred only 14 years prior. There were no myths of the peaceful and loving Indians in perfect harmony in mid-1800s Minnesota, out on the prairie. What had recently happened - as if in 2009 for us - was very REAL.

* Of course, as the first sold well, I imagine Mrs. Ingalls-Wilder and the publisher decided to keep rolling with this, hence, there were a number of the "Prairie" books, at least.

** Yeah, we're kind of glomming on his material ourselves this and last week but with different points.

*** For a great take on this from one of the tribe that presents the best rebuttal, read the Sam Gwynne book Empire of the Summer Moon about the Comanche tribe. Peak Stupidity has a 3 part review Part 1 - - Part 2, and Part 3.

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JSM on Female-driven old-time charity v the Welfare State

Posted On: Wednesday - May 31st 2023 6:31PM MST
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From iSteve commenter JSM, I read this great comment about welfare vs charity in recent American history, under a recent Steve Sailer post. This is the one with the NY Times (of course!) story of Uber corporate D.I.E. idiocy that we've already blogged about twice*, Uber Suspends Its Asian DEI Boss for Objecting to the "Karen" Ethnic Slur.

Here is the entire comment with its humorous and somewhat gyno-jaded take. Only 2 asterisks were added.


Why has America become so dysfunctional? Why is it considered rude to talk about “the deserving poor” and the “undeserving poor” as if they’re all deserving, when clearly they’re not?

It’s because the Welfare State took away the occupation and entertainment of the good old middle-aged meddling busybodies, who now have nothing to do but get involved in politics.

In the good old days, once the kids were raised, middle-aged women looked around to see what else there was to do. And noticed the neighbor family that the dad fell off a roof and broke his back. The children! The poor children! Look at the rags they’re wearing! They haven’t any chalk for their slates! And upon beholding this injustice, the crone straightened her girdle, lifted her skirts and marched into her husband’s and male neighbors’ businesses and demanded they donate to her charity! Which, of course they did handsomely cuz who’s got the nerve to tell THAT old biddy no?

Such bush-beating for money took effort, and consequently the old dear held the charity’s purse strings very tightly. ONLY the deserving poor! The drunkards? the floozies who got pregnant during a one-night stand with the traveling sports hero? No money for you! Scolding is what YOU get.

But then came the Welfare State. Thanks Lyndon Johnson!** And no longer was Mrs. Buttinski kept busy as part-time Auxiliary Moral Standards Enforcer, much-loved and appreciated by the City Fathers, who acknowledged her as the heroine that she told you she is.

Nope. Instead, Mrs. B.’s volunteer career was turned into a paid gig by Fed Gov, and given to the sweet young things fresh out of college — who OUGHT to have been occupied competing for the attentions of her son but were instead busy collecting “clients.” And, fed gov jobs being what they are, the more clients, the more secure SYT’s jobs were. So the incentive to hold tight purse strings and give scoldings generously was GONE. More clients, more job security! “Hey bowery denizens, come on in!”

So, bored, these old bats looked around and saw, AH HA! I know JUST what I’ll do! I’ll run for Congress and make speeches like all about how Black Lives Matter!! and how loved the trannies are, and give scoldings to Sweet Young Things for flirting with young men instead of their true calling as social workers on the bums


I can't recall anything but common sense truth out of this lady, JSM. Thank you, JSM, for letting Peak Stupidity use this great essay of yours!

* See This is no way to operate a country. and Big Business and small-scale corruption.

** Our asterisks, to exclaim Fuckin' A! regarding the destructive Socialist bastard Lyndon Johnson.

[UPDATED 06/01:]
Mr. Hail corrected me on the sex of commenter JSM. She is a woman. Her very last comment on The Unz Review says that directly, but I hadn't read that. Fixed.

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Trump v DeSantis: Round 8 - Birthright Citizenship

Posted On: Wednesday - May 31st 2023 12:10PM MST
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This scam has both a legal and an illegal side to it.

Only one punch as been thrown in this round in the Trump v DeSantis fight*, but this was a good one. Peak Stupidity has stated before that we'd like to see plenty of words, hell, punches too, fly between Trump and DeSantis, as long as they were about THE ISSUES. The "DeSanctimonous" and "Meatball Ron" stuff is both stupid and worthless.

I want to see a good fight. That means good discussion, loud arguments, nasty tweets, WHATEVER, so long as they bring out the problems that need to be out there in the open. Regarding the existential Immigration Invasion issue, the Anchor Baby loophole, aka "Birthright Citizenship" is a very big part of the problem. We have mentioned this scam before, but only briefly, such as in a post of right at 3 years back (during Trump's last year as Pres.) that so happened to be titled Give Trump a Break - ummm, NO, no more breaks. For the legal-eagle take by Ann Coulter, see FOX NEWS Anchored In Stupidity On 14th Amendment. We also have a kind of rant about it here.

This post comes by way of yesterday's James Fulford article on VDare, rump Promises To Abolish Birthright Citizenship, To Usual Shock, Horror (Your Move, DeSantis!). Off of Breitbart news (surprisingly, VDare's link to Breitbart is no good right now):
Former President Donald Trump, the GOP frontrunner for president in 2024, rolled out a new policy pledge on Tuesday in which he promised if elected he would sign an executive order on day one of his second term in office effectively ending birthright citizenship for illegal aliens and so-called “birth tourism.”
First day in office! Yeah, sure, that'll happen. Last time, per Mr. Fulford:
Yes, I know Trump may not keep this promise. He promised it when he was in office, and then kept letting himself be talked out of it.
This Anchor Baby loophole is a BIG part of the immigration invasion. It has both legal and illegal components, I mean, if you assume the deal is legal to begin with. Those who break into the country via the southern (and now quite often, northern) border and those who get in through ports-of-entry airports just have to stick around long enough to have a baby or two, even, if by a stroke of extremely bad luck, American ICE agents end up finding them. The child is, ipso facto, somehow an American citizen.

The rich Chinese woman getting sent to Seattle to pop out a bug-out baby*** is an example of the "legal" component. She just came to see the Space Needle, is all. Who knew she'd give birth that very week?

Well, I am glad to read about Trump's promise, whatever few Continental dollars it's worth. As a VDare tweet, not Trump himself, said, "Ron DeSantis, your move?" Yes, I want to hear exactly what Ron DeSantis thinks about this. Let's get the problem out in the open for all Americans to understand the details of. VDare and Peak Stupidity can't do it all, you know!

If Trump had gone through with an Executive Order 6 damn years ago, that would have stemmed multiple millions of these "birthrights". It's not that I believe in the concept of the President making law, but a deal for a temporary halt until, say, the fairly Conservative SCROTUS got on it would have been a great way to do it. Unfortunately, Trump is no good with, like, plans and shit...

If Ron DeSantis says nothing about this issue, then I've lost a lot of hope in him. If he agrees with the idea that Trump just put out there, then I will be thrilled, as he has a pretty good record of doing the things he's promised.

Donald Trump is a bullshitter. I do write that to distinguish him from a liar. That's important. For this example, I don't doubt that he would like to do what he stated in the 3-minute video as reported by Breitbart. He just may not get around to it, is all. He doesn't sweat that "getting around to it" stuff so awfully much ...

Elwood Blues explains the concept to his brother Jake, well, sort of:

"What was I gonna do, take away your only hope?" Fitting, huh?

* Previous posts: Part 1 - - Part 2 - - Part 3 - - Part 4 - - Part 5 - - Part 6, and Part 7.

** That column of hers is from August of '15. Miss Coulter's first paragraph:
Based on the hysterical flailing at Donald Trump—He's a buffoon! He's a clown! He calls people names! He's too conservative! He's not conservative enough! He won't give details! His details won't work!—I gather certain Republicans are determined to drive him from the race.
My, times have changed! Miss Coulter would agree with that "hysterical flailing" and "buffoon" bit today.

*** I gotta admit, I'm LOLing at myself for just coining that one. See, when the Commies drop the hammer on some corrupt $1200/mo salaried Chinese public official who owns a couple of 1 1/4 million dollar houses on the American west coast, he may need to bug out. That includes the money and the family. You just need a sponsor - oh, maybe his son who went to the UW can do it. How convenient!

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Pew's Constant

Posted On: Tuesday - May 30th 2023 7:10PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has already discussed the 25 year ridiculously stagnant value for the alleged number of illegal aliens in the US, that assumed but completely bogus 11 Million. (That was posted just 3 days over a year ago.)

Steve Sailer does this one right though:

"Pew" comes from the Pew Center. Steve's grammar isn't quite right here, but his snark is A+ top grade!

Should we assign a normal English letter to this constant or a Greek letter? Either way, it's really great to have a constant that's easier to memorize, rather than say, Avogadro's 6.02 x 1023 nucleons/gram. (Actually, it came right back to me.)

11,000,000 is a Rational Number even. Well, it's rational if you're a mathematician, and rational if you're a Lyin' Press reporter, but an imaginary number for those of us who keep up with Immigration Invasion.

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Big Business and small-scale corruption

Posted On: Tuesday - May 30th 2023 10:55AM MST
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Uber drivers, take heed.

There was a whole lot to be proud of about America and Americans going back a ways. One thing, representative of the types of people who founded and settled the country, was the great deal of social trust. The iSteve commenters and the like will often note that it is the northwestern European peoples - Scandinavians, the English, French, Germans, and one could expand this a bit - who are genetically prone to creating high-trust societies. I agree with them.

In other lands around the world* there is no such thing. This results in not only a lower quality of life (life, that is, not material possessions), but also economic transaction "friction". If one can't trust the word of another man, and business can't be conducted with handshakes, and with always someone trying to "get over" on somebody else, more time must be spent in verifying, suing, fighting, or whatever.

The Old America was a high-trust society. That was, and still is to a degree, on the small-scale. I don't claim that governments at all levels, Captains of industry, the MIC, etc. haven't been corrupt for a long time. Before the Feral Gov't became this overreaching Beast that it is and Big Biz became oppressingly Woke, most of us didn't have to deal with or care about the high-level stuff.

What if it's a matter of Big Biz vs the people? Should we work in a high-trust manner in and with the Big Biz world of today? It's not the 1950s through '80s, with IBM and GE workers being set up for guaranteed, stable, Middle-Class life. They don't care about taking care of their Human Resources. Worse yet, they actively hate their straight White men employees.

Short answer: NO. We should not work in a high-trust manner with Big Biz. Modern big corporations are down with the Globalist agenda. Whether an employee or a customer, it's something we should all be fighting back against. The example of the push for cashless payments is an example and a Peak Stupidity fixation. We have a number of posts built up on this topic with the Economics topic key. As specifically related to low-level corruption, I refer the reader to Keep Cash King! and Keep Cash King II - the Tower of London each with an example of my using cash through a corrupt deal with a cashier.

Interestingly, both instances of my paying cash to the cashier who simply pocketed it involved Black! cashiers. The White lady at the same location as in my 2nd example, wouldn't budge, as noted in this follow-up post. What does that tell us? This lady figured taking my cash was wrong, period, and wanted no part in any petty corruption.** Those high-trust genetics are still at work, and they may be the death of us! (More on this.)

This post came out of the downright hilarious story of corporate D.I.E. stupidity discussed by a guy I know who reads the New York Times, one Steve Sailer. Peak Stupidity discussed a different aspect of this story in our recent post This is no way to operate a country. I commented to the effect that, with this money-wasting stupidity going on at the top level at Uber (and probably more box-checking wokeness a driver must pretend to agree with to keep a contract with these idiots), I would be even less averse than before to corruptly cut out the middle-man. (That'd be Uber itself. I believe it's 25% that they take off the customer's agreed-upon fare, based on what my driver friend told me a few years back.)

Imagine you're barely scraping by, doing this Uber thing, running all over the place at night transporting decent people, but many drunkards, and some people you really don't know about. Uber Corporate feeds you the whole Wokeness line, with threats if you decide for yourself you don't like and won't take some of the worrisome passengers. Then, you hear about this waste of your money - that 25% cut - with that D.I.E. bullshit at the headquarters among those highly-paid people who hate the very guts of people like you.

What do you make of all that? Well, I don't know about you, but I'd start making and handing out business cards. No, you don't have to MAKE them, on the spot, like Jim Rockford in his Firebird. Maybe they shouldn't even be too official looking, for some of that tasty plausible deniability. ("No, Sir, that was just a note in case my customer lost his phone and needed to call me - people leave stuff in my car all the time ... you know ...")

This is a level above the muffin or taco "purchases", as your Uber customer already has no problem using his piece of iCrap and CC for payments and being tracked, and whatever-else-have-you. This isn't about that particular principle, though making a point about cash being King would be nice. No, relying on Uber to initially hook you up with passengers, making your own side deals is indeed small-scale corruption. Remember though, that they hate your guts.

My friend who drove for Uber until they yanked his contract (too many fenderbenders) would bid(?) for some trips that were 100 miles each way. He's a sociable guy and he could get to know the people on these long trips, and they may very well need to have done the trip again. Well, Uber even makes sure that the driver and passenger have the other's phone #'s , so just a remark or two about "next trip call me directly ahead of time, and I'll give you a better deal" may suffice. Or, yeah, hand out business cards. There's word of mouth too.

I have no respect for these Globalist, hateful, asinine, Big Biz Corporate Wokesters. At this point, I'd have no qualms about using their marketing "genius" to drum up enough business to enable me to cut out this middle-man and do business on my own. This is not 1950 or 1985. It's more than another 35 years after that, and this is another country. Once more, remember, that they HATE your guts!

* OTOH, I read that it's the same in Japan and perhaps S. Korea. I have not been or dealt the the people in these places enough to know if it is really of the same level and quality.

** It's not that there was a proper way to deal in cash - that was the basic problem. The Big Biz running both these places wants people out of cash. There was a drawer underneath the register computer, I guess with no cash in it an/or un-openable, but, soon enough, there may be none at all.

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West German Mathias Rust's landing in Red Square

Posted On: Saturday - May 27th 2023 6:40PM MST
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This happened 36 years ago tomorrow - we hardly ever post on Sundays, though.

Well, it's not a very round numbered anniversary, but we didn't think about it last year and who knows what we'll be blogging about 4 years from now?

Peak Stupidity has a thing for these wild men and their daring deeds in their flying machines or exits therefrom. We celebrated DB Cooper's jump out of the back of a Boeing 727 at night through the clouds in Washington State just north of Portland, Oregon 50 years later, to the minute! Then, we blogged about Larry Walters and his flight up to 16,000 ft. over the Los Angeles basin in a lawn chair held aloft by weather balloons, 40 years after the day.

It's time for another anniversary of the exploits of a another somewhat nutty young man. 18 y/o German Mathias Rust flew a rented Reims* P-model Cessna 172 and landed it in Red Square in the heart of downtown Moscow on the Thursday May 28th of 1987. Red Square, in a simlar fashion as Tienanmen Square (also a "red square" in a couple of ways) in the heart of Peking China, was near the Kremlin, Command Central of Mother Russia. Well, it was the USSR still, as the Cold War was still ongoing in 1987. (This is why I used the term "West German" in the post title. There was a big difference then!)

He could have been shot out of the sky but for a number of factors, confusion - his small primary-radar echo was thought to have possibly just been a flight of geese, some hesitation and perhaps mercy - a request for permission to engage by interceptors was denied - and then a loss of radar coverage by the Soviets.

Per the Aviation Geek website, with a nice retrospective on the event - The story of Mathias Rust, the German teenager who humiliated the Soviet War Machine by landing his Cessna 172 in Moscow’s Red Square - things would have gone a lot worse for young Mr. Rust had this been the "deepest, darkest" days of the Cold War. It'd call them the 1950's through 60's, but that is arguable. (That's what the comment section is all about, people.)

This was a crazy stunt, but it's not why I think Mathias Rust was a nut, like Lawnchair Larry and, more so, D.B. Cooper. He was young and very inexperienced (50 hours under his belt), so he could be a bold pilot. Experienced or not, the nuttiness is that Mr. Rust, before this Moscow flight, had spent a lot of time flying over cold, cold water and large stretches of it in a single piston-engined plane. He'd flown over the North Sea to Scotland, the Faroe Islands, and even Iceland. He'd flown from Keflavik, Iceland to Bergen, Norway in one leg, of which 600-odd nautical miles were over water. He had ferry tanks placed where the back seat normally is, as some of his routes (including his famed one) surely required it. That one stretch, at at 110 knots airpeed, would have been 4-6 hours, depending on the winds aloft. (That engine burns ~ 7 gallons/hour when leaned out at altitude. The normal tanks hold 38 G useable, so at 4 hours, one should be on the way down to an airport.)

One should keep in mind that GPS was not available to aircraft in 1987, with light aircraft being lucky to have them by the mid-1990s. This matters a lot for the overwater flying for 2 reasons:

1) One must have good ded reckoning skills or he will be Dead, Reckoning.

2) Were one going down into the water after an engine failure or fuel starvation, even if miraculously ditching succesfully and not succumbing to drowning and/or hypothermia, and he got off a MayDay all, he'd be doing well to report an position accurate to 50 miles. That's a HUGE area to be searched. It scare me just thinking about it.

The famous flight started at Helsinki:

Anyway, that May 28th in '87, Mr. Mathias took off from Helsinki's Malmi field just after Noontime, telling the tower and/or departure controllers he was heading west to Stockholm. Instead he turned east after a short while, quit talking on the radio, and was then out of radar contact by Espoo, Finland, on the northern shore of the fairly narrow Bay of Finland. He crossed the Estonian coastline, flying low out of the setting sun , no, hell the sun doesn't set till 10:20 P there. Even with his extra fuel tanks, he'd might have been out by then.

One can read elsewhere about the story of the Soviet defenses and such. Mathias Rust made his landing at Red Square about 7P local time. Moscow is in the same time-zone as Helsinki, so that was a nearly 7 hour flight.

The Aviation Geek article describes the Soviet take on the matter this way:
The fact a Western Sport pilot could sneak into the Soviet Union and land in front of the Kremlin at the very heart of the Soviet Empire resonated far beyond Soviet Borders. All the Billions of Rubles spent on Soviet Air Defenses, and the very existence of the Soviet Air Defense Forces (PVO) appeared to be a gigantic waste of money. After all, how could the Soviet Military defend the Rodina (Motherland) from Western Air Attack if they couldn’t even stop a 50-hour Private Pilot in the world’s most common light aircraft? However, the events of that flight showed both a liberalizing trend within the Soviet System, and a mishmash of command-and-control miss-coordination which resulted in Rust’s Cessna being allowed to continue flying all the way to the heart of the Soviet Empire.
Hmmm, I detect shades of the Chinese "weather balloon" story.

Mr. Rust was arrested and put on trial 4 months later, in September of '87 (much better treatment for him than for our own Political Prisoners, I'd say). He was sentenced to 4 years in a labor camp for hooliganism - "hooliganism", what CAN'T that cover?! - and for disregard of aviation laws, and for breaching the Soviet border. He wasn't put in a labor camp, just a normal prison that I'm sure was safer than a modern American one, and then he got out in just under a year, as a goodwill gesture by the USSR after the signing of the latest nuclear missle treaty by Reagan and Gorbachev.

Mr. Rust and the Skyhawk:

Per his Wiki bio Mr. Mathias' later life had some serious problems, just as with Mr. Walters, and, well, forget Mr. Cooper, as it's doubful he had a later life.
While doing his obligatory community service (Zivildienst) in a West German hospital in 1989, Rust stabbed a female co-worker who had rejected him. The victim barely survived. He was convicted of injuring her and sentenced to two and a half years in prison, but was released after 15 months. Since then he has lived a fragmented life, describing himself as a "bit of an oddball". After being released from court, he converted to Hinduism in 1996 to become engaged to a daughter of an Indian tea merchant. In 2001, he was convicted of stealing a cashmere pullover and ordered to pay a fine of 10,000 DM, which was later reduced to 600 DM. A further brush with the law came in 2005, when he was convicted of fraud and had to pay a €1,500 fine. In 2009 Rust described himself as a professional poker player. Most recently, in 2012, he described himself as an analyst at a Zurich-based investment bank.
It takes an oddball to do these sorts of stunts, but the world appreciates a few oddballs. Peak Stupidity sure does, anyway.

Aviation Geek relates this homor out of the Soviet people after the political embarrassment of Mathias Rust's flight of diplomacy to Moscow.
After Mathias Rust’s landing in Red Square, Muscovites joked the place was now Sheremetyevo 3, as Sheremetyevo 1 and 2 Airports are still Moscow’s primary international airports.
Nice flying, Mathias Rust!

* Reims is the variant that was built in France, under liscense from Cessna Aircraft (of Wichita, Kansas).

[UPDATED 05/29:]
Corrected direction of Keflavik to Bergen flight and associated winds aloft time enroute or over water.

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LIFE, the movie

Posted On: Saturday - May 27th 2023 4:31PM MST
In Topics: 
  Political Correctness  Movies  Race/Genetics  Science

This isn't about "Life" the bored game - I forget the rules - it must have been boring - and not "Life" the breakfast cereal - this is the one you could get away with if your Mom didn't read the nutrition info, as grains of sugar were kind of hidden in what looked like mini-wheats. We refer to a fairly recent Science Fiction movie ('17 release) titled LIFE. The LIFE referred to with the title is extraterrestrial life, from Mars.

I really try to give these movies a chance, once I get them started. I want to like the movie, so I don't have to start another, and I just hope the thing is not too heavy with PC, now Wokeness. I took a chance on this one, getting beyond the point of no return, so I can write this review anyway.

As a Sci-Fi movie, this one was in the middle as far as the science goes. I see one end, and I'm talking books now, really, as the work of guys like Arthur C. Clark and Isaac Asimov. They spent time trying to picture how the future COULD work based on their knowledge of science. Things were supposed to make sense for those readers who knew some science. The opposite end for me was Ray Bradbury's novels. I mean, you just got out of the rocket and started walking around on Mars. He didn't explain ANYTHING. Still, because Bradbury was such a great writer, I liked his stuff the best of all of them.

LIFE is in the middle on that - nothing too technical is thrown at the viewer, but the space station with its bio-lab seems reasonable. A sample of material from Mars is captured, and this won't spoil it - there is some micro-scale life from the Red Planet in the sample.

OK, now about this crew. Yeah, they are somewhat diverse, but still the 5 or 6 occupants of the station are amazingly comprised of mostly White people, with a Japanese guy in there and half men. (There are no sex scenes, BTW, so not like the old Sci-Fi books I used to read.) Here's pretty much the only reason I'm writing this review at all, since the movie is nothing special:

There's the double-diverse Black! and handicapped bio-lab scientist - he had no use of his legs. OK,look, I know that checks 2 PC boxes at once, but, dammit, this is spaceflight! You can accommodate* the handicapped with ramps and handholds in bathrooms. It costs money, and the former takes room, but it's doable. From the general story of this movie, there's no doubt that space flight is no routine thing in this future. The station has just room for those 5 or 6. When you're trying to lift stuff out of Earth's gravity well, ounces count, bitchez! You can't add 50 or 100 lb of handicapped equipment.

Well, this guy was a crack life scientist. He wore glasses, so he must have been really smart. That's an interesting aspect of this choice of character - I mean, contact lenses have been around for many decades, so they'd have them in the future too, right? Is this guy only wearing glasses so we'd believe he could really be a crack biologist, good enough to be picked for the mission of another who could actually get around in an emergency? That's raciss, man!

Then, I'm pretty sure this scientist did mention in the movie that his handicap had kept him home and away from the usual crowd, so that he'd had the time to become a crack biologist, rather than a crack... errr ... salesman.

OK, fine, I suspended my disbelief in the idea of choosing a handicapped person for a space mission. Here's what shocked me, though. Of all the crew members, this Black! guy was the screw up! Yes, now not to spoil the movie, but it's just possible that he made a mistake in dealing with this Martian life form that would, well, destroy all humanity. Can you do that in the 21st Century? I don't mean destroy humanity, but cast a Black! person as the biggest screw-up in a movie. That's it, Casting Society of America, you'll never work in dis bidness again!

I give LIFE the movie one thumb up for the courage or at least disregard of Wokeness by the screenwriter and the casting company. Also, the story was OK. It's not a date movie, as it could have been with really nasty alien life form, the usual human-sized drooling and dripping insect-like creature who will scare your date enough to where she grabs you a lot. Nah, this life form was kind of amorphous, but it was still going to kick humanity's ass. If it hadn't been for that stupid .... We'd have been better off if he'd been out in the hood with his homies, killing only a small fraction of humanity.

* I don't believe in any mandatory accommodation by government, mind you, as the market could well take care of this. I'm talking voluntary niceness here.

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The end of Claire Wolfe's "awkward stage"

Posted On: Friday - May 26th 2023 8:27AM MST
In Topics: 
  Immigration Stupidity  US Police State  Liberty/Libertarianism  US Feral Government  Totalitarianism

This Totalitarian Potomac Regime Police State has been accelerating more than I would have ever predicted, even 3 years ago. It's not Zhou Bai Dien himself, a mere puppet-mouthpiece who mouths nasty threats at the American Patriots in between his bouts of senility (or maybe during), who's the problem. The Deep State, the Globalists, the Communists, all who are behind the destruction of this Republic must feel that it's time to go all out with this shit. I must admit, I'm still not really read for it.

Before these last couple of years, there were plenty of obvious infringements of liberty, of course. When it came to the 1st Amendment, the Regime has had its Lyin' Press arm, and the Big Biz "TECH Totalitarians" in charge of suppressing speech and creating the narrative of Constitution-respecting patriots actually being enemies of the State. Well, that's true, in a way, we are enemies of the Regime, but not of America. It's quite the opposite, regarding the latter.

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers leader:

Things have recently gotten much more serious. Protestors, doing at worse a little rioting and trespassing, but protesting government action, are now shot dead from close range by Regime police with no repercussions, they are jailed en masse with no trial as Political Prisoners, and now a leader of a long-term movement to respect the Constitution has been sentenced to jail for 18 years (after being held 2 years before without trial). How many of the Bill of Rights that the Founders fought a war with the British over to enact have been violated.

Just one is the latter portion of Amendment I, reading "Congress shall make no law ...[Other Rights, and]... the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Oh, yeah, not quite peaceful, was it? That was a few of them who could be at worst charged with trespassing, a few with battery, etc, but not insurrection! Anyone who was THERE in the 1960s or seen video, knows that the massive protests over many years were not so peaceful themselves. The Conservatives of the Establishment of that era, respected the US Constitution though - that was a a big difference. This Regime not only doesn't respect the Constitution, it charges those of us who do with being White Supremacist Enemies of The State.

That brings me to Mr. Rhodes. I'd read about his group, the Oath Keepers, when it was being founded, about 15 years back. The idea was that this group would be made of people who were in positions in which they could, and others DID, act unConstitutionally, as cops in particular, but office-holders and others too. The name of the group boasts that these are men who will actually keep the oaths they made to the US Constitution, required to be taken by them on the 1st day of the job.

I don't know all the details, but I did read that Mr. Rhodes had encouraged others to bring guns into Washington FS on the Jan 6th '21 rally at the Capitol in Washington, "if needed". They had that right. He probably has a better handle than most of us on how this conflict is accelerating. Was he serious about "hanging Nancy Pelosi from a lampost", if it came down to it? I don't know. "Seditious Conspiracy" is how the Regime judge put it. I have had this quote from President Kennedy in mind for a while:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
About that Judge now, one Judge Amit P. Mehta, as Mr. Hail noted in the comments, I don't know if we can thing of him as an American. There is an immigration invasion to this Totalitarianism.

Amit P. Mehta, Regime Judge:

I've made this point numerous times (here, for one), but I'll do it again. Whether high IQ like the •Indian judge Amit P. Mehta or low IQ people from Somalia, almost NONE, maybe 0.1% of the newcomers to this country, give a damn about any American ideals that Stewart Rhodes and the Oathkeepers do. They make their way through that citizenship test, if they even bother, but it’s just about better economic conditions (for now) than where they came from. Nobody comes for the Constitutional Republicanism.

How will the old White guys who really understand and care about the ideas of the Constitution fill their ranks? We are getting outnumbered much more quickly than how it’d have gone with the progeny of the 1970s population. From the Fox News article I linked to above:
Mehta applauded law enforcement who responded to the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

"The heroism of those who were protecting democracy as we know it. They laid their bodies on the line.… There is nobody more emblematic of keeping oaths than those police officers," the judge said. "You, sir, present an ongoing threat to the safety of this country."
Really, so Michael Leroy Byrd kept his oath to the Constitution by killing a defensive 100 lb. woman? Maybe that's some different oath, one taken by loyalists to the Potomac Regime.

Finally, regarding the post title, I refer to the Paleo-Libertarian/Constitutionalist Claire Wolfe from the Pacific NorthWest whom I occasionally read from back in the day, maybe 20 years ago. The quote of hers that I most remember, which applied at the time was
“America is at that awkward stage; it's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”
I'm starting to think that innocent age is past.

PS: Claire Wolfe's most famous book was 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution: Ideas and Resources for Self-Liberation, Monkey Wrenching and Preparedness. That was 26 years ago, but some of her homeschooling and other off-grid ideas Claire Wolfe apply even more so now. It may be the best peaceful solution.

I will refer the Peak Stupidity reader now to an excellent speech (transcript) by Roger Devlin given at the Scandza Forum in Estonia recently. (Jared Taylor was to speak there too but was kept out of Europe by the Polish government, via his 3-year ban of '18 being purposefully extended to the time he was to give his speech.)

I beg our readers to read the entire fairly long Roger Devlin speech. It covers about all of what's going on, but with some hope at the end. That hope goes along with what Claire Wolfe implored Americans to do 25 years back.

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This is no way to operate a country.

Posted On: Thursday - May 25th 2023 1:21PM MST
In Topics: 
  The Future  Race/Genetics  Big-Biz Stupidity

I am so glad that pundit extraordinaire Steve Sailer reads the New York Times for me. I sure wouldn't read a word from them otherwise, after having seen hundreds of his excerpts and commentary. I've written on those pages admonishment that nobody on the other side of the huge political divide gives one damn about the common-sense reason and logic of Mr. Sailer's arguments. He's not writing for them though, I think... I sure hope, anyway!

No, but that doesn't mean there's no purpose besides entertainment for some of his posts on this stupidity in the NY Times and the rest of the Lyin' Press he peruses daily. A recent post of his, Uber Suspends Its Asian DEI Boss for Objecting to the "Karen" Ethnic Slur, is a great example. Firstly, this story is hilarious. There IS that entertainment factor, and Mr. Sailer has some especially great commentary there! I'm hoping some German literary man - maybe our Dieter Kief here - could come up with a long German word to best describe the feeling I get reading about the estrogen-fueled Shitshow of Diversity that is apparently an example of an average ho-hum day at the headquarters of Uber, Inc. The word should have connotations of a combination of self-contained knee-slapping laugher, "I told you so!", detestation, and relief at one's not being any part of it.

Here's a sample. I believe the words within square brackets are from Mr. Sailer, as he tries to figure out the spread on the diversity points:
Dara Khosrowshahi [Iranian], Uber’s chief executive, and Nikki Krishnamurthy [South Asian surname but might be a white woman with an Indian husband], the chief people officer, last week asked Bo Young Lee [East Asian], the head of diversity, “to step back and take a leave of absence while we determine next steps,” according to an email on Thursday from Ms. Krishnamurthy to some employees that was viewed by The New York Times.

“We have heard that many of you are in pain and upset by yesterday’s Moving Forward session,” the email said. “While it was meant to be a dialogue, it’s obvious that those who attended did not feel heard.”

Employees’ concerns centered on a pair of events, one last month and another last Wednesday, that were billed as “diving into the spectrum of the American white woman’s experience” and hearing from white women who work at Uber, with a focus on “the ‘Karen’ persona.” They were intended to be an “open and honest conversation about race,” according to the invitation.
That excerpt is so telling, so clarifying to me on what the modern corporate-HQ world is like, that I can keep my conclusion here pretty short.

Diverse bitching biddies in the boardroom can't get any actual work (remember work?) done! Even non-diverse White bitching biddies can't, but diversity just distracts even more from the regular bitching.

What is Uber's deal? Oh, yeah, they run a website with lots of reservation, payment, tracking, etc, software that hooks up their contractor taxi drivers with potential riders. The corporate world of Uber ought to be concerned with keeping good drivers on the roster while still taking a serious cut, perhaps training drivers on a bit of their own automotive finances, so they won't quit as soon as that one car quits, reassuring passengers that they are safe from rape, robbery, or worse, reassuring drivers that they are safe from rape, robbery, or worse. They developed the food delivery business, Uber Eats, for those drivers who aren't people, people or are maybe a little scary on the road (the sub sandwiches don't complain). This company as run by the women described above doesn't seem concerned with any of that ACTUAL, core company business.

Are there really a lot of Americans out there who think the types of people described at Uber HQ can run Big Businesses and keep a real economy going? This was to be short conclusion, so that'll be a question for another post.

But, NO, they can't. This is no way to operate a country!

* For more from Peak Stupidity see the 3-part series "There's a lot of ruin in a nation.": Part 1, - - Part 2, and Part 3

Along this same vein you may want to check out: Will America be looted by China?: Part 1: Intro. - - Part 2: Housing - - Part 3: Big Business - - Part 4: The Fruited Plain - - Part 5: The Wilderness and Part 6: Conclusion - The Golden Rule .

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Cry the DeConstructed Country - Part 5: Cold and Hot Wars, and the Commies, of course

Posted On: Wednesday - May 24th 2023 7:07PM MST
In Topics: 
  Commies  University  History  Race/Genetics  World Political Stupidity

(Continued from Part 1 , Part 2, and Part 3, and Part 4.)

The Mandela Thug Couple and fellow Commie Yossel Mashel, aka, "Joe" Slovo:

The Cold War was on. It was a different time, you understand ... Really, there are lots of readers who may not understand. Anyone under 40 y/o would not know a whole lot about the goings-on during the 40 year-long Cold War, unless he does some history reading. He'd have been about 6 y/o when it was all over.

During the long Cold War stand-off between the US and the USSR, there were attempted and accomplished "proxy" wars all over the world. These were instigated by one side or the other to try to change governments or help regimes stay in power in order to keep these "non-aligned" nations aligned "our" way. Every continent in the world other than Ant-freaking-artica and arguably Oceania* was subject to this.

We all know about the hot wars in Asia, starting not with Korea, actually, but more like the Nationalist v Communist civil war in China. Of course, there was the East Bloc in Europe, settled very early on, with a few hiccups** for the Communists. South and Central America, well, most countries down there have flipped from Commie to military junta back and forth with the frequency of a cheap East-Bloc radio. (See Mormons, Commies, Shitholes, and Crown Jewels). We all know who backed and rooted for the Communists. These proxy wars came right on up to 90 miles off the State of Florida, with Cuber*** turning Communist in the amazing long-lived Revolución! started by Castro, leading up to some nearly nuclear action shortly thereafter. (The Soviets propped up the place to their - their OWN - very end. Los Revolución in Cuba continues unabated...)

That covers 5 continents, leaving 1, Africa. Africa had a fair share of the Cold War, including hot proxy wars going on, as the next guy continent. There were no serious amount of American and Soviet military men involved though, as with in east and southeast Asia.

I am not covering this whole topic here, but I'll note that the country of Angola, still in southern Africa a couple of countries north of S. Africa had a lot of this going on. Freed from Portuguese colonization 48 years back, during the Cold War, this land is another shitholier-than-thou component of Steve Sailer's World's most important graph.****

The two big political factions in Angola, UNITA and the Communist MPLA were united against Portuguese rule. After that win, they were enemies, and the Soviets and Cubans (yeah, with some of that extra Soviet money) supported the MPLA, while the US and S. Africa supported UNITA. This went on from 1975 right on up through 2002 (long past the Cold War). However, the big struggle, and the time when the superpowers really gave a hoot, was during the Cold War time. I can remember seeing graffiti in places about UNITA and the Commies, at a time when I couldn't give a damn personally what happened to the shithole of Angola. However, the Free and Communist world vied for resources in Africa, as much as for political support or for bases of operation. South Africa has got its share of those African resources - and we sure don't mean Human Resources. It's the stuff in the ground.

Going along with all that, there has been, of course, a Communist component to the destruction of the once great White nation of South Africa. Is it the case that just about anything that involved societal destruction over the last century had Commies behind it, directly or indirectly? Just asking.

Part of the Cold War game was for one side to disparage the ills of the society of the other. The Soviets were at a BIG disadvantage there, once the West got wind of what really went on in the place, well, after Walter Duranty and all that.

The Soviets tried their best, however. Racism, yes, America was racist. South Africa was obviously a racist society. Sure, but that's why it WAS a 1st world nation, only one of previously 2 of them (before Rhodesia fell into Zimbabwe). I doubt that many of the Soviet leaders and spokesmen actually cared one iota about the Black! man in American or Africa. They likely understood why S. Africa was organized the way it was. Still, what they wanted was economic or societal destruction of any 1st World country they couldn't turn. The charges of racism were just some of the best propaganda they had.

Now, in the Conservative America of the early 1960's and prior, that talk would have fallen on mostly deaf ears. "Spout out all the agitprop you want, Khrushchev, we know a hell of a lot more about Blacks! than you do." I'll get back to this in a couple of paragraphs.

What the Soviets could do was infiltrate the politics of countries like S. Africa. There's a good article in the South African site titled The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle, on the Communist infiltration into S. African politics. This stuff had been going on a long time, starting about a century ago. That page has a wealth of information. Here's a blog with some decent information too, written by "Michelle-Antoinette", actually a guy named Fred.

The Anti-Apartheid Black! contingent in the country were thick with Communists. That was all part of the world-wide external Cold War, with that one proxy operation going on in South Africa. There is more to the story though.

By the middle 1960s in America, the ctrl-left had infiltrated some of the Institutions, to some degree. The universities were one. The media had been infiltrated part-ways, but not completely yet - see Peter Brimelow on high-brow TV long ago and the current S. Africa. The charges of racism by the Soviets may not have swayed Western leaders and South African Whites, but they sure took hold in the ctrl-left of the West. This was part of the internal war against Communism, one which most Americans had no idea we were even involved in.

1980s Anti-Apartheid protests at Univ. of Cal - Berzerkely:

I remember some of this. The infiltration by the ctrl-left of the universities and (enough of) the press, put the anti-Apartheid movement in the forefront of peoples' minds. That Swedish girl in Part 4, not a Communist as far as I'll ever know, was swept along with it all. That also included powerful American and other Western politicians. Immense pressure was put on the White South African government to relinquish power. At one point, its only friend nation was Israel.

That anti-Apartheid movement went against all Free World interests in the Cold War, amazingly ... but not amazingly if you understand the idea of the Communists' internal war. It's not like Mr. Reagan or Mrs. Thatcher would have wanted S. Africa to go native, but the pressure from the left was high. Perhaps it was the Cold War that staved off ruin for the nation of South Africa for a another few years. By 1994, it was done for.

* Papua, New Guinea, and Indonesia are considered part of this continent. There was rebellion brewing in the this area in the late 1950s, and the USSR shipped arms to Indonesia. During the Kennedy administration, the US pressured the Dutch to sacrifice Papua's independence and transfer the territory to Indonesia as part of their relinquishment of their old colonies. The idea was to keep Indonesia on the side of the 1st (free) world.

** There were uprisings in East Germany in 1953, Hungary in '56, and Czechoslovakia in '68.

*** Well, that's what John F. Kennedy called it, back when it was hot.

**** On the west coast/side of the continent, the place is 80% bigger than Texas. It has grown from 26 million people to 35 million over the last only 8 years! (Sure, that's under 1% of that 2100 4 Billion, but this is now, and the fertility rate this past year was calculated at 5.2 births/woman.)

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Peak Stupidity Travel Advisory

Posted On: Tuesday - May 23rd 2023 1:40PM MST
In Topics: 
  Humor  Race/Genetics  President DeSantis

Occasional Travel Advisories are a service provided at no cost to all Peak Stupidity readers. Until further updates by the NAACP and collaborating non-governmental AWGAA's* are received, Peak Stupidity recommends that our readers avoid travel to any States that are not Florida.

Here is the latest bulletin that has come over the wire:

We had this advisory post in mind yesterday, with the image already stored, but I noticed this morning that illustrious race-realism commentator Paul Kersey has put this story up on his blog - I'll Have a Coke... NAACP Issues Travel Advisory to Florida, Meaning State Is Free of Imported Black Crime. Seeing as he has linked to, and excerpted a lot of, a report from the APS (Associated Press Sycophants) network, I'll use that one too.

You may very well want to read Mr. Kersey's post, with the comments that will appear. I must add that here at Peak Stupidity, you will get more snark at no additional cost. Here we go:
The NAACP over the weekend issued a travel advisory for Florida, joining two other civil rights groups in warning potential tourists that recent laws and policies championed by Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida lawmakers are “openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals.
Upon reading between the lines just a tad, or down into the article, the reader can see that this intro. paragraph is TRYING to say that Gov. Ron DeSantis and the State of Florida have been bucking the Regime Narrative. GASP! FEDERALISM!!
The NAACP, long an advocate for Black Americans, joined the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), a Latino civil rights organization, and Equality Florida, a gay rights advocacy group, in issuing travel advisories for the Sunshine State, where tourism is one of the state’s largest job sectors.
Ag is still tops - they've got lots of cattle and citrus.

OK, so, unless you are heading down to Florida for Black! bike week, some other looting event, to organize some of the Beaners under Communism, or to visit the gay bars, Florida will be more White than normal. This loot-cott, as they (meaning, "we") are calling it, could last right through the year, providing tourists with a White Christmas. (I'm only dreaming of it...)
The warning approved Saturday by the NAACP’s board of directors tells tourists that, before traveling to Florida, they should understand the state of Florida “devalues and marginalizes the contributions of, and the challenges faced by African Americans and other communities of color.”
In other words, the State of Florida has had enough of anti-White ass-kissing. I do understand, NAACP Board of Directors, and I'm LUVING IT! It's not like I'd even think of going to Disney World, but knowing there will be much lower chance of the enrichment seen in World-Star Hip Hop videos might just bring in some parents that have been on the fence.

I'll skip a bit and mention that the Mayors of St. Pete and Tampa tweeted out their messages of dieversity and inclusion stupidity, as non-committal as they could be about it. Governor DeSantis has not responded to an email "that was sent" (nice reporting - it doesn't say who sent it!) to his office. I don't blame him one bit.

The Black! folk are mad because:
... the DeSantis’ administration in January rejected the College Board’s Advanced Placement African American Studies course. DeSantis and Republican lawmakers also have pressed forward with measures that ban state colleges from having programs on diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as critical race theory, and also passed the Stop WOKE Act that restricts certain race-based conversations and analysis in schools and businesses.
They've been taking away the high-paying make-work jobs and mandatory anti-White indoctrination. Who is it again that doesn't like this State? The Chicano , ooops, Latino , ooops, Hispanic contingent doesn't like:
a new law that prohibits local governments from providing money to organizations that issue identification cards to people illegally in the country and invalidates out-of-state driver’s licenses held by undocumented immigrants, among other things. The law also requires hospitals that accept Medicaid to include a citizenship question on intake forms, which critics have said is intended to dissuade immigrants living in the U.S. illegally from seeking medical care.
Made-up identities and medical care stolen from insurance customers and the taxpayers are a God-given right, you know! Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislators are dissuading illegal aliens from staying in the country, dammit! Yeah!! Who is it again that doesn't like this State?

The gay and Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato (+Guacamole) crowd doesn't like:
Recent efforts to limit discussion on LGBTQ topics in schools, the removal of books with gay characters from school libraries, a recent ban on gender-affirming care for minors, ...
I remember an old Crosby, Stills, and Nash song that the good Governor may have taken to heart. Teach your Children Well is getting just a bit easier, not to mention Treat your Children Well, regarding life-destroying medical procedures. Who is it again that doesn't like this State?

The group Equality for Florida detests, and I quote, "Florida’s slate of laws and policies targeting basic freedoms and rights", such as
... a law allowing Floridians to carry concealed guns without a permit contributed to Equality Florida’s warning.
That makes about 1/2 the States in the country now**. Does that mean the NAACP will advise the Black! folks to avoid those 24 or so other States?

Therefore, Peak Stupidity advises all readers to spend no tourist money anywhere but in the State of Florida, and IN CASH. I mean, drive through the night. Don't pay for hotels until you cross the border. Buy as little gas as possible to make it across the St. Mary's on the 95, to Hillard on the #1, Jennings on the 75, or across the Perdito River on the I-10. We advise you to enter the State of Florida on fumes.

That is, until we rescind our advisory when this shocking disregard of the Regime Narrative by the State of Florida subsides - our best estimate and hopes indicate NEVER.

Who is it again that doesn't love this Governor?

* That'd be Anti White Grift Advancement Agencies.

** Due to the efforts of patriot and well-known NRA leader Marion Hammer, the State of Florida was first on many of the first CCW efforts.

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The Scottish Quicky

Posted On: Saturday - May 20th 2023 4:03PM MST
In Topics: 
  Genderbenders  Music  Humor  Southern rock

Nobody seemed to think this one was funny yesterday. "Never, never, never give up!" is what I say.

How do Scottish men refer to a quicky?

First we'll embed some David Bowie music. Suffragette City is from his 1972 album entitled, to be thorough The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. It's usually called Ziggy Stardust. This was a "B side", that was the song on the verse of the old 45 rpm "single" records (actually doubles) that was not supposed to be the intended hit song. Starman was the "A side". I've never heard it yet.

I really need to listen to that whole album, called one of the best Rock Operas ever, a type of concept album. Though not a rock opera as I understand the term, ELO's Time and The Eagles Desparado are my 2 favorite concept albums.

Oh, the punchline: "Wham, bam, thank you, lamb."

We have a commenter named "Ark Builder". That name reminded me of this Atlanta Rhythm Section song of the very same year but completely different style. It's from the first and self-titled album from the band. If you've never heard of this one, well, join the 99.999%. A slow ballad that'll grow on you Forty Days and Forty Nights is one of the more obscure songs from this nearly obscure (at this point) Southern Rock band.

That's Rodney Justo singing. After this album, he left the band and was replaced by Ronnie Hammond.

Great ending of that song for this end of our blog-week. We will get in those 2 movie reviews at some point, there'll be 2 posts at least on the ruin of South Africa and its inherent warning to Americans, and other stuff will surely pop up. Have a great Sunday, and thanks for reading and writing!

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More on Richard Hanania

Posted On: Saturday - May 20th 2023 2:10PM MST
In Topics: 
  Pundits  Race/Genetics

It's only due to our having posted a long "fisking" of one of his Substack articles that Peak Stupidity is writing anything more about pundit Richard Hananai. Keeping up with the thousands, maybe millions of pundits (anyone can be one - you're lookin' at him!) with interesting commentary does not fall under Peak Stupidity's business model. However, since we gave this pundit a hard time in Trump v DeSantis: Round 7 - Richard Hanania Substack post yesterday, we need to follow-up in the interest of fairness.

Before I wrote yesterday's post, I read this interview of Richard Hanania on a website called Daily Campus. It's from over a years and a half ago, keep in mind. Mr. Hanania was billed as "President of the Center for Study of Partisanship and Ideology". The description of this "center", which doesn't have to be an actual place, and probably isn't, is on the CSPI "About" page. The "team" consists of Mr. Hanania, 2 other professors, a PhD candidate, and a communications director. They dole out small grants. Make of that what you will. Anyone can run a "center". The site's home page lists the Center's policy issues and positions there-on. It seems pretty Conservative, and I have no problem with any of them.

About that interview, now: It's fairly short and readable. I'll mention just 2 points I disagree with, with a general take in between. As I noted in that previous post about him, with the excerpt of a Steve Sailer excerpt of him (whewww!), his opinion on big media is way off:
The media does a good job holding the left accountable for outrageous stuff. But most stuff they let slide. Right-wing media doesn’t work either. Republicans don’t hold themselves accountable either.
First of all, whaaaa?! Secondly, uhhh, Republicans right-wing. OK, well, he's clueless on how the Establishment/Regime media works and who they work FOR.

However, in almost all of this interview, Richard Hanania tells the truth, with some good points that Peak Stupidity would have endorsed, or already has. He talks about quite a few issues. In his answers on the appropriate issues, he is Steve Sailer - light. Very light. In his answers on the appropriate issues, he is Ron Paul - light, also very light. For a Professor, this guy doesn't think very deeply... yet. Hopefully, that's "yet" because he's a young fellow.

I chalk up to Richard Hanania's youth and inexperience that he is clueless on the American politics involving Donald Trump's presidency and campaigns and his and Ron DeSantis' motivations.

Then, one last question appears at the end:
Tell me about your opinion on COVID. Explain what you mean by, “COVID is the new TSA.”
I sure like that line - we've written pretty much the same, in COVID / TSA twin peaks of stupidity, 3 years ago! Our pundit-under-review's answer:
You have this vaccine. The vaccine solves the problem. The odds of death or hospitalization are basically zero. You have to move on with your life at some point. People should get vaccinated and move on with their lives.
Or, not. We could move on with our lives without taking this vaccine. That solved my problem even before there was one. I moved on by mid-March of '20. Unfortunately, the country didn't.

In fairness again, here's the rest of his answer - good enough for me:
The TSA basically makes you take off your shoes. They don’t work, and people are able to get stuff past them. There are not many terrorists out there. As a result, the TSA is just making air travel unpleasant and take forever. Similarly, if this is like COVID, we may need to wear masks for the rest of our lives. It’s a tragedy that we don’t let people move on. Anything beyond that is hysteria.
Very good. Finally, I usually want images at or near the tops of the posts, but I'll note that Mr. Hanania is very based when it comes to race. I don't know, but it sure seems like he's getting his opinion and facts straight off of Steve Sailer's writing.

Yeah, I put aside my basic principles and went to a (his) twitter page. There's a lot more there. So, Richard Hanania is one of the good guys, BUT, he doesn't have the wisdom and depth of the kind of pundit I want to read from.

Keep on writing, and keep on learning, Richard Hanania.

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Covid Contagion rages at CDC Convention

Posted On: Saturday - May 20th 2023 7:21AM MST
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  Humor  Kung Flu Stupidity

Not the Babylon Bee, as more people seem obligated to write nowadays. (It used to be "not the Onion".) The story comes from the Washington Post I read this on a site called Just the News: CDC investigates after dozens test positive for COVID following CDC conference.
"CDC is working with the Georgia Department of Health to conduct a rapid epidemiological assessment of confirmed COVID-19 cases that appear to be connected to the 2023 EIS Conference to determine transmission patterns," agency spokesperson Kristen Nordlund said, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

About 35 people have so far tested positive, after the conference in Atlanta last week, which was the first in-person Epidemic Intelligence Service meeting in four years, officials said.
This is the outfit that was supposed to guide Americans to a proper course of action to prevent ourselves from catching the dreaded Kung Flu.
Attendees told the Post that many people at the conference did not wear masks or practice social distancing.
Disease Controllers, probe thy selves!

UPDATED 05/21:]
Changed the last sentence. Much better now!

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