Them US Blues - 2019

Posted On: Saturday - July 4th 2020 11:10AM MST
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As is now a Peak Stupidity Independence Day tradition, we're posting The Dead's classic US Blues, same as last year, in '18, and in '17.

Back to back, chicken shack.
Son of a gun, better change your act.
We're all confused. What's to lose?
You can call this song "The United States Blues".

Wave that flag, wave it wide and high.
Summertime done, come and gone, my, oh, my.

Though I'm sure some commenters (and you know who you are) could give me a date/venue of a better version, this one is from 2 weeks before the Bicentennial of the Declaration of Indpendence's signing by those courageous Founding Fathers. I do remember these times, though had never heard of The Grateful Dead yet* (unfortunately). I just figured this time, half a century minus half a decade minus one year** later, might be a good one to reflect on. (I can't go back 50 years as the song was from 1974.) BTW, the band had already been playing 11 years together by the time of this show.

How many more 4th of July's will have ANY sort of celebration? I don't think very many. We are not grilling out, but will shoot off some fireworks with friends (they've been burning a hole under the bed for 1/2 a years, though not literally.)

I can still be glad that I live in America, but that's now based more on the fact that "we got no place else to go!"*** You'd have heard a slightly different story from me even 15 years ago and a drastically different one 25 years back. That is not just age and experience talking, but look at this place. I guess it's up to us - a more complicated situation than the Founding Fathers had to deal with, but that causes both pros and cons for us.

Also, now, just as a comparison, there is lots of widespread bad news out of China. My Chinese source has lots of information that makes me think our situation here is not nearly the worst thing going on in even the "developed" world right now. I'll start posting on that after the weekend.

Enjoy Independence Day. It's a good time for reflection, but just as much about the near future now as our illustrious past.

* I did not understand what the term "acid rock" was exactly referring to either. Just from context, I'd assumed it meant very caustic guitar sounds, something I was not ready for at that age - still more of an ABBA, Neil Diamond, and Gerry Rafferty type. (Hell, I still am.)

Therefore, I was quite surprised to hear the sound of Alabama Getaway on Saturday Night Live, my first time every listening to this band. It was nothing like I expected.

** Do I sound like Abraham Lincoln here? Sorry 'bout that.

*** In the words of Officer Candidate Mayo, from An Officer and a Gentleman, in case you were wondering where you remember that from - with a picture accompanying our post Toward Sustainable Stupidity. (Nominated but not the winner of "Peak Stupidity Best Supporting Post Title")

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When the Swastiker hits your eye, on a big pizza pie...

Posted On: Friday - July 3rd 2020 9:09PM MST
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it's odiare ... ♫♪♪

"Pizza, Pizza!"

I've heard of hate hoaxes, and I've seen Mystic Pizza*, but I've never heard of a Hate Pizza before. I am a pizza lover, not a hater, especially that thin-slice NY style. Apparently, pizza pies can be used for nefarious purposes too, as related in this WFTV (Orlando, Florida) article. The story took place at the abode of the Laska family in Brook Park, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.

I don't know whether to believe this one or not, as there are very clever ways to score free pizza, and new ones are not out of the question. The Laska family said that their pepperoni pizza had the pepperoni arranged in a Nazi Swastika pattern. They have the pictures to prove it:

Oh, yeah, like you didn't eat it. I call BS - it's too tasty-looking in the photo.

Entirely unprofessional, the whole thing! If you're gonna make this crooked cross, do it correctly. Clockwise, dammit!

Peak Stupidity, I will remind the reader, is somewhat acquainted with the pizza business from a customer service perspective, as related in Consumer Care Productions presents: "A Fistful of Pennies". From this experience, I personally question how the local franchise got away with using enough pepperoni slices to make this symbol. They are usually real tight about it. Sure, they'll load you up with green peppers and onions, but who wants vegetables on a pizza? I hate to invoke Godwin's Law this early in the post, but, if you will recall, Adolph Hitler liked vegetables. I mean, sure, down in the bunker in May of '45, he with Eva Braun he may have splurged a bit and eaten something, perhaps anchovies, or something with a similar smell ... but I digress. If it's got meat on it, is it really a Nazi pizza, then? Mixed messages, people!

Let's hear it from the Laska family over in Brook Park:
The Laskas didn’t eat the pizza and instead tried calling the Little Caesars location that made it, according to WDAF-TV. Initially they were unable to get a hold of anyone because the store had just closed. On Sunday the store owner called the Laskas back to say that it was an internal joke and the pizza was not intended for customers. He also said the employees involved were fired.

“Told him that it was supposed to be an internal joke that they were playing on each other and the other employee, and the pizza was never intended to go out. He also confirmed that he had let the employees go that morning,” Jason Laska told WDAF-TV.
Let them go where, to the Neo-Nazi rally at FirstEnergy Stadium? See, now there's a decent boss, letting his employees take their personal time, and to Little Caesar's HR department: Kudos! You have created truly an employee-friendly work environment.
“We’re trying to solve hate, and even if this was just a joke internally for the employees, just stop. Stop with the symbolism, and let it go away,” Jason Laska told WOIO-TV.
C'mon, it's about the anchovies, isn't it? I agree about the HATE too. I freakin' HATE anchovies, and I HATE HATE HATE it when they make a mistake at the franchise store, take the anchovies off, but you can STILL TASTE THEM in the cheese! We do need to solve this HATEFUL topping confusion problem. And if you're gonna be HATEFUL anyway, draw the Swastickers clockwise, dammit! Read some freakin' books! (Hey, I know where to get one - at the NeoNazi rally at FirstEnergy Stadium, outside in the parking lot, you know, right where you buy your windowpane before the Dead shows.)
The employees involved were fired, according to The Associated Press.
Oh, that kind of "let go". Now, I'm sorry that nobody can take a joke anymore. However, this hit to its reputation couldn't have happened to a better pizza chain, for me. I have a real ground beef against Little Caesar's, and this goes back over 25 years.

My roommate found a coupon for a deal for 2 small pizza for the price of 1 at Little Caesar's. It was for some kind of 4-topping combination. OK, well, I didn't want the vegetables, so, right when we ordered, I asked "can you leave out the onions and peppers on one" ("and any other of that Nazi shit") No, just the first part was what I asked. "Nope, that's the deal." "Oh, they're already pre-made for this deal then, OK." My roommate already had his heart set on this pizza, so I was locked in. "No, they're not pre-made, but we can't do that." "Well, just don't put the peppers and onions on one of them." "No." Bureaucratic bullcrap at Little Caesar's! I mean, I could see the guy making them right there. Nope, that's highly irregular. I haven't been back. Ever. Damn Nazi shit!

I had a friend who told me of his pizza delivery days way back in the past. On this one run, he drove like a maniac. (Actually, he was a very good driver and normally drove like that.) Well, from all the tight cornering and such, the formerly circular pizza was all mashed into a ball at one end of the box. The customer looked so sad, he told me, that he gave it to him for free and ate the loss.

Well, between that story, my "customer care" story linked-to above, regarding heaving change across the lobby, and then the one time I ended up kicking out the customer's dorm-room door to deliver one**, I write this open letter OK, paragraph to the Laska family:

Dear Laskas,

Be glad the pie came on time, in one piece, and with lots of pepperoni. Be glad that the deliveryman didn't come to rob you.

Are you trying to get a free pie? There are other ways that don't result in more BLM protests and looting. Where exactly is that pizza pie that you took the picture of, anyway?

Lastly, to the whole damn country: Do you people have a sense of humor anymore?


Peak Stupidity and Dean Martin:

Youtube commenter with Kung Flu version:

When a sneeze goes on by,
and it lands on some guy
That's corone.

To Europe you can't fly
'cause people all just die.
That's corone

* I kinda liked this one, though it's possibly in the Chick Flick genre. From 1988, it featured a young Julia Roberts.

** It was not intentional. The guy didn't answer the knock the first time. I went to get to a phone (before mobile phones), and called him, and he told me to come on up. "Will you answer the door this time?" I went back, and he still didn't answer, so, frustrated at this turn of events, I just kicked at the door. It flew open, so I delivered the pizza to the stoner, got my money, and left with "hey, and you're gonna have to do something about that door."

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The Intersectionality of Cardinality and Reality

Posted On: Thursday - July 2nd 2020 7:28PM MST
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StackOverFlow explaining "Cardinality" of a table column:

If you're not a geek, it's not that you couldn't understand, but just that you don't WANT TO understand.

Stack Overflow is a very good website for searching for solutions to software questions. The graphic above is a screenshot of something that was part of the solution to a minor database question that came up regarding this site. I ought to right a quick post sometime about my appreciation for the folks that come on forum or Q/A sites, or make youtube videos, just to help others out.

Sure, sometimes on youtube, the idea is to eventually "monetize" that knowledge, and some of the help sites are designed to get revenue somehow. Many people, though, just want to help out on what may have been a frustrating project (such as car repair, or a software-related stumbling block, and they want the viewers/readers to not have to go through it. Thanks to all of you! I have not returned the favor yet.

I notice lots of times that the answer to my question was written years ago. That is REALLY bad when you have a follow-up question or think the solution is probably right, but you're missing something. It ain't like the guy will come right back on, awaiting questions from people like you. He could be long dead.

Well the screenshot above is from a simple answer, really a tutorial, with an example and everything - very nice. The example given of a column with a low cardinality, meaning there is only a small range of data that can be in it, is the Gender column of this example table. OK, I get it, so let's see ... Uh, oh, I want to learn, but then I don't want to be politically incorrect and shit... should I even be reading this?? OMG! It says right there "And finally Gender has only two possible unique tuples* thus [Low Cardinality]." What'd it just say? I think I'm gonna be sick.

Two Genders?!! In the words of cis-gendered* Butch Cassidy, in conversation with the Sundance Kid, "who ARE these guys?!" I can't even ... remember, oh yeah, they were the Regulators... in the movie. This ain't about movies, this is serious - there are many genders, there are many genders, your dBase column is unsound, there are many genders, there are many genders, there's no place like home. Toto, let's get the hell out of Kansas, this database, and StackOverFlow, for that matter.

Now this is the problem with old information. It may help some computer geek somewhere, but it could also have very outdated, un-Politically Correct data too. StackOverFlow has overflown the PC stack. This is egregious and deserves a thousand mean tweets and a protest. I think it's time to put the hurt on

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, StackOverFlow has got to Go!

You'd better damn well find another site to answer your software questions, geeks, because, if this gets out, they ain't long for this internet.

----------/----####----//--H--***-- .. ey, I can type again. Whewww! Sorry, readers that was the dark side of Peak Stupidity. Now that he's been conquered and relegated to the mirrored site on our server in San Francisco, everything is back to normal.

Here's the best take I've heard on the multiple gender question, and there's probably a best-selling book too:

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. All the other recently invented genders are from Uranus.

PS: That was some real serendipity. I had saved that line in a Notepad file months ago and just happened to look at it right before I wrote this post.

* Don't ask. I dunno. I didn't need to know, but I think I get it in context - 2 possible values?

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Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic - Part 2

Posted On: Thursday - July 2nd 2020 11:01AM MST
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Florence Bueller, you're my hero!

"Heroes are here." or "Heroes work here", or "Heroes shop here.", one of those was on a green sign inside the drug store. I saw it walking out toward the register with no mask (got lucky to get no grief this time). What the hell were they on about with this, I was wondering. Are we talking "First Responders"* again? I don't think that's all. This Kung Flu Infotainment Panic-Fest, of which we are in the 2nd season of (the pilot was a big hit!), has included this worship of anyone in the healthcare field. Nurses, Doctors, "Techs" (formerly Orderlies), etc, should all be looked up to now, as we used to look up to the Marines at Iwo Jima, even capitalized, like the way I did it.

How about at this drug store I was leaving? What was the sign about? (I'm sorry I didn't snap a quick photo.) Who were the heroes? The pharmacists? mean, they are nice and all and unfortunately way over-educated nowadays**. Due to that latter, I doubt they want to stay home and let this latest occupation get completely taken over by machines. Maybe the sign-makers mean the lady ringing me up for snacks, who heroically didn't say a damn thing as I didn't wear a mask and spread Covid-Cooties all over the little keypad. (I still pay cash, but I had to enter my fake phone number on a keypad for the discount.) Did the Doolittle Raiders come in to the drug store for meds and a photo op?*** Maybe it's about the customers, but I don't freakin' know.

Listen, the family member in the healthcare field that I've mentioned once or twice has plainly shown me her hero status. It turns out that she and her colleagues ain't no Florence Nightingales. Last I heard (about 3 months ago, during the biggest Season 1 hype) was "if there are many cases on my floor, I'll just go ahead and quit." In the meantime, they are all wearing PPE out the ass, or at least covering it, and the hospital chain administration has gotten people scared to death over something that's no more contagious than any other flu, and likely won't effect them at most of their ages.

The effect is that those poor patients in the hospital for serious ailments of ANY KIND, some near death, are extremely lonely. Doctors never visited much anyway, but now they just call the floor on the phone, and nurses, even if they have no problem with working with these patients, have to gear up heavily, causing them to avoid these rooms. For all the patients, no family or any other visitors are allowed, and I guess not even a preacher is, for a talk as they are frightened as most of us are bound to be when leaving this world. What a terrible thing to do to these people!

Still, apparently they are all our heroes now, even that asshole in billing that has been bugging the crap out of you about that radiology bill. You need to show some respect on the phone, like this: "Hey asshole, I paid the co-pay 2 months ago - you need to talk to the insurance company, not me, to straighten it out, and I don't know how you got this number, because I always give out my old land line, and I've been turning off caller ID! I only got the X-ray because the Doc wanted to cover his ass, so you all can go to fucking hell, and .. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, SIR!"

And now, to fit the post's theme somewhat, here's some obscure Beach Boys music from Brian Wilson's playing-in-the-sandbox daze. Being a bit mental did not hurt the music at all, but it did change it from the similarly-sounding short, rocking surf numbers to the music of Pet Sounds, which many think is one of the most creative rock albums ever made (they compare it to the Beatle's Sargent Pepper's, but I could come up with 500 others, really).

Heroes and Villians is from this great band's next album after Pet Sounds, called Smiley Smile, from, oh, about 53 years ago.

This song is not like Surfin' Safari, Little Deuce Coupe, or 409. It will have to grow on you a bit.

* Peak Stupidity has a 6 part-series on First Responders. That was the Intro, so you may want to avail yourself of "First Responders!" - The Firemen and Fire Departments, First Responders!" - Ambulance drivers, excuse me, EMTs , "First Responders!" - The Cops , and 911 - The Phone Number .

** With all the software being used in this field and the power it has, it's a shame they don't have an opportunity to use their knowledge very often. I did have one guy tell me that this one food should not be eaten when using this particular drug. The guy was right, per the internet, at least, and no doctor had said a single thing about that.

*** I know, if there's not one guy left, they may have all died by now. They used to get together each year, but that goes back > 10 years.

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Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic - Part 1

Posted On: Wednesday - July 1st 2020 7:33PM MST
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Now this was just a little curious, in a totally un-literary use of that word which I keep seeing and getting annoyed by myself, it so happens. I'd had the page from Monday (I think) with the COVID numbers, such as they are, and in the format that Peak Stupidity screenshot (is that a word?!) in C'mon guys, it's all CASES nowadays!. Yes, I've now been keeping up for a couple of weeks as if this were baseball standings, as I may have mentioned my wife has been, keeping her worries way up for months. I'm just doing this to see the this experiment. (The Socialist Scumbag President Lyndon Blow Job had his Guns AND Butter policy. Yeah, well we have our Contagious Disease AND Rioting policy in effect, so there!)

I brought up the new stats in a different tab. The total US deaths FROM/WITH COVID, I dunno which, was in the mid-400s above the previous number. However the little number beside it, showing the change, had "+500" and something, about 100, or 25% more. What gives with that? I guess I can try this same thing again for another couple of rounds to see if this was just a glitch with the software or something more nefarious. Do they think we can't do arithmetic? No, don't even answer that, I know ...

I wish the excited followers of the numbers would still keep their perspectives. I don't know how the US annual death rate is only 2,800,000 or so, when even the 1% yearly rate ought to give us 3.3 million, but that's what I've read. That makes a number closer to 3/4 of a percent, while even 1% cannot possibly be a long-term steady-state-equilibrium rate. (That's an average of 100-year life spans.). I'll just be conservative and use that 2.8 million, and then get the rounded-off, and even slightly-more conservative, number of 7,500 people dying daily on average. Whether the 400-odd deaths from my subtraction or the 500-odd deaths shown as the change, it's well under 10% of the deaths each day.

Well, one might say, 7% of people dying daily "from" this virus is a BAD THING. Even if you don't get the part that, on the whole, over the year, increased deaths now of people of the age and condition almost all are dying at will be made up by reduced deaths later, this is obviously no kind of Black Plague, dammit. Let's not get stupid about this, Americans.* I should say, let's not let Government and the Lyin' Press keep making us act stupid about this. Should we have not learned the lessons from Season 1? There was a narrative there - not the one such as they have been inserting into the infotainment, such as the single-Moms-as-heroes agenda from the old One Day at a Time sitcom**, for example. No, we have to learn our own lessons from Season 1, like, don't listen to experts on political matters, and "but not a single person I know has gotten sick from the Kung Flu, much less died from it", and LET'S! NOT! GET! HYSTERICAL!

This Season 2 of the Kung Flu Infotainment has really started off strong. Peak Stupidity will have a number more posts about our observations on it, but hopefully only interspersed among plenty of other pieces of stupidity. We know our readers are those channel-flipping type. There are plenty of channels of stupidity, even without a subscription!

* We are referring to non-Peak-Stupidity aware Americans, of course!

** There was only one reason to ever watch that show, and she ended up marrying a rock guitarist, so that's that ...

Addendum: Just after finishing this, I loaded the same page for July 1 (I suppose June 30th data). This time the numbers were closer together, off by only 10 out of a whopping 1400. I do mean "whopping" non-sarcastically this time, but let's just see tomorrow. I hate to say that this is like a game to me too now, but at least I'm rooting for the right side!

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Did the Chinese hack the Trump Tulsa rally?

Posted On: Wednesday - July 1st 2020 2:37PM MST
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There's another thing from my China info-source that seems fairly credible. Remember that low-turnout Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma about a week back? Apparently, the word on WeChat is that Chinese party types*, en masse, whether here in America (there are plenty) or in China, were using whatever electronic methods needed to register for the rally and not show up. This didn't take any actual software hacking or that kind of subterfuge, but just ordinary scamming of the system with electronics. The Chinese are way ahead of us now in adopting the smart phones with gusto.

I can see this happening, as the Chinese government really does not like President Trump. I've bad-mouthed the guy for hardly accomplishing squat a whole lot as of later, but as far as his China policy, I have nothing to criticize. Of course he'll say tough things one day (as directed by his neocon employees, no doubt), but then the usual "they are just the nicest people" and that kind of BS the next day. Though they do not like losing face, I don't think that's what bothers the Chinese muckety-mucks. They don't like that President Trump really understands, and even CARES ABOUT (as a nice change), the fact that the US has been letting itself get taken advantage of in the hundreds of billions of $ trade with the country for 25 years.

They would very much like it if the US would just play ball and lose the rest of our manufacturing capability, buy the Chinese-made-crap like good consumers, and let corrupt Chinese officials launder their money via the West Coast housing market, and send their otherwise un-admittable kids to college to study Sociology in North Dakota. We just can't go screwing with these great cultural exchanges willy-nilly and shit, ya know? Yeah, they don't like the guy, but we Americans appreciate this one realm in which the President has acted on our behalf. At least I do.

I'm guessing that many of the MAGA-hat wearing Trump supporters don't need that stinkin' internet to show up for the rallies anyway. I remember standing outside in '16, waiting to get in, but we just packed in to stand, as you weren't gonna see anything sitting down anyway. I'm not quite that excited, myself, right now.

* No, not in the "let's parté, dude" meaning of Long Duck Dong of Sixteen Candles fame, but those connected with the Chinese Central Government Party.

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More Damn Quality Problems in China

Posted On: Tuesday - June 30th 2020 8:32PM MST
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Oops, another of those homonym errors - should have been "Dam" quality problems.

The Three Gorges Dam, on the Yangtze River that runs west to east through China*, is one of the biggest projects that the Communist** Central Government implemented. I'd not heard before my Chinese source talked to me about it today that this dam, started in 1994, and built over 15 years(with 3 more to finish the project with 32 generators), has structural problems. I guess I had no reason to care, really, but the problems, or at least public knowledge of them, go back more than a decade.

The idea of building this dam was thought about as far back as a century ago by the revered Chinaman Sun Yat-Sen. The amazing thing is that he envisioned the dam being able to create 30 million Hp, or 22 MW. That's very close to the power it produces, at 22.5 MW. Sure, once you know how high the dam could be built based on physical constraints, hence the head of water (it's about 360 ft!), you get an idea of the power that can be extracted, but the power turbines and generators are not something Mr. Sun could have known the efficiency of. It's been one of the infrastructure pieces that the Chinese have been most proud of, but they've got a whole lot more than that, as of late. I do notice that this huge project never got going during the whole near-30-year Mao era***.

While we were talking about it, BTW, I mentioned that most of the dams built during the American big public works era during the Great Depression (the first one), especially the earthen ones in the South, have value for flood control, power generation, AND recreation. The latter is, in fact, likely the biggest economic boon from the projects in this country, as some of those lakes have HUNDREDS of miles of shoreline, when you get to the small scale of that involved in dividing up property. It helps a lot when the terrain is hilly. This is not something that matters as much in China, where power-boating, sailing, and swimming are not big things (yet). It doesn't help that most Chinese people can't swim. So, I guess it's just the flood control and the hydro-power that are the point, in China.

Anyway, per an Australian TV news site, with the headline China denies millions of lives at risk as catastrophic flooding threatens Three Gorges Dam, the huge amount of rain the area near (upstream I suppose) has received lately is threatening this huge dam. That can happen when you have a 2,000-year storm in a place with a dam designed for only a 1,000-year storm (not the case here, but more on this in a bit).**** However, per my source, who is no insider other than by virtue of being Chinese and reading some of the real news, and this article, the problem is again China-made crap. This time, it's not the American consumer getting inconvenienced, but millions of Chinese citizens (OK, subjects) getting scared shitless and possibly flooded out of house and home.

The article's first line has some real hype, as it is the Lyin' Press after all, even if down-under (not everything runs backwards down there):
As many as 400 million lives may be at risk as torrential rain in China threatens the world’s largest dam.
"Lives at risk" to most of us would mean "in danger of dying", but I don't think it's the case that 400,000,000 could die. Their housing, land, etc. could be in jeopardy, and that must be if the dam failed catastrophically with effects felt all the way downstream to the East China Sea. You could say these people's lives are at risk in this way, but, no, 30% of the population would not die, not in this age of WeChat and other instant communication methods. (Could twitter finally turn out to be worth a dam?)

If you go back to the mid-1970s though, you can find the case of the failure of the Banqiao Dam and 65 others on the Huai River killing 230,000 (per this article). This one DID involve a 2,000-year rainfall, from a typhoon, against a 1,000-year-flood Soviet design. Think back to the earthquakes we used to read about that killed a quarter of a million Chinamen at a time that we'd read about through the 1990s or so. It'd be unfathomable in America, having even a proportional amount killed in a disaster, say, 50,000 people. In the case of the earthquakes, we don't all live together in concrete structures, and in the case of these dams, well, it's not just bad luck over there, but a lack of respect for quality throughout a big effort like this. There are just too many dam people in one place over there, every place, just about, until you go way west.

Think about that Oroville, California dam on-going story of about a year or year-and-a-half ago - it was the same story, but I doubt any more than a few dozens of thousands of people would have been adversely affected. We've got it nice having so much room!

Per the article, it's the fact that the same groups of Central Government people were doing the designing, construction, and quality inspection of the Three Gorges Dam project that is the problem. My source says that the employees of the government agencies involved cover up for each other as long as it takes to complete their tasks and get retired, leaving for the next guys, with no accountability. I doubt the blame can all be placed on the civil and hydro engineers. That's usually not the way it works, but with government politics involved, some of the higher-higher ups of those types are more likely to cave to pressure (get it?) than they would here.

Hey, our dams were built as government projects too, the reader may well point out. That's a good point. It can't all be a problem of government support itself. However, America is not China, and Americans don't have the same attitude, and didn't even during the Great Depression when most of these projects that are still nicely in place today were built - it's over 80 years for lots of them!

This post is not about gloating, especially were something really bad going to happen there on the Yangtze River. However, I do get sick of all the lecturing by Americans to other Americans about how everything is great in China, while America can't do squat. (Yes, Peak Stupidity has written that American is not a "can-do" country anymore, but we know that was not always the case and doesn't have to continue being the case.) The people I get sick of in this regard are the types like Fred Reed and Ron Unz, who are old enough to remember when America was THE can-do country. Will either of these two pundits even mention anything about the worries about the Three Gorges Dam?

* The Yangtze River is the 3rd longest in the world, not that that really effects the effectiveness of a dam. It is sort of a divide of China between up the dry country to the north of it from the wet country to the south, or, as some may put it, the noodle zone to the north from the rice zone to the south.

** CINO, or Communist In Name Only, for the last 2 or 3 decades, but totalitarian still, just the same.

*** Per the Wiki page linked-to, "After the 1949 Communist takeover, Mao Zedong supported the project, but began the Gezhouba Dam project nearby first, and economic problems including the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution slowed progress." That's rich there - slowed down by the Great Leap Forward! How TF does that happen?!

**** Here's a tidbit from the Wiki page that is pretty important: In 1997, the Three Gorges area had 10% forestation, down from 20% in the 1950s.. Run-off city. There's just too many people on the land over there.

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C'mon guys, it's all CASES nowadays!

Posted On: Monday - June 29th 2020 8:39PM MST
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It's so simple. Maybe you need a refresher course!

Well, the results of America's unintended(?) experiment of Social Distancing waiving are in. Since Peak Stupidity first discussed the original Minneapolis riots in Snow Town is now Bro Town one month ago, meaning they started likely a week before that, the incubation period of the Kung Flu is up. That goes for about 2 weeks worth of intense, close-quarters, tireless rioting, since I am told it takes a couple of weeks for symptoms from this virus to "present", as the Docs say.

See, the thing is, there is just plain no rebound in deaths, neither FROM, nor even WITH the COVID-19. Oh, Missouri had a bad day on June 18th with 37 of 'em, keeping in mind that, as we mentioned in Back to COVID Klampdown?, 170 people die on an average day in Missouri, just for perspective. Even that terrible June 18th, likely just a date when the coroner had some free time, there was no need for a commandeered Fed-Ex van with a P/A system calling "Bring out your dead."

What would one really expect for the death rates after a month of hard-core mayhem, with no concern for health, out of these black thugs and antifa Commies? You won't find too many older people in that crowd. Older people are generally too weak to be thugs and too wise to be Commies. There was no nursing-home battalion among the bands of rioters. Therefore, one would not expect many deaths from COVID due to the waiver these people were handed.

Dr. Ron Paul, shown above, being admonished by Fletch that's it's all ball bearings "cases" nowadays, has a great column just out, The Media Is Lying About the ‘Second Wave’. As a matter of fact, it is this Peak Stupidity blogger who may as well have lectured Dr. Paul, as this column of his says much of what we've been writing here:
In fact, there has been much reporting that the “spike” in Texas cases is not due to a resurgence of the virus but to hospital practices of Covid-testing every patient coming in for any procedure at all. If it’s a positive, well that counts as a “Covid hospitalization.” Why would hospitals be so dishonest in their diagnoses? Billions of appropriated Federal dollars are being funneled to facilities based on the number of “Covid cases” they can produce. As I’ve always said, if you subsidize something you get more of it. And that’s why we are getting more Covid cases.
Yup. Even outside the hospital, there are more and more positive results. Don't underestimate the power of free chicken dinners. Here's what I have noted, and Dr. Paul, an actual Doctor from Texas, notes:
Even though we know hospitals have falsely attributed countless deaths to “Covid-19” that were deaths WITH instead of FROM the virus, we are seeing actual deaths steadily declining over the past month and a half. Declining deaths are not a great way to push the “second wave” propaganda, so the media and politicians have moved the goal posts and decided that only “cases” are important. It’s another big lie.
"Deaths? C'mon guys, this Kung Flu resurgence is so simple. Maybe you need a refresher course. It's all CASES nowadays!"

What a great American Ron Paul is! I don't flatter myself that the man reads Peak Stupidity, as he's smart enough to have figured this all out, and he's too busy making homeschooling curricula, producing his Liberty Report, and who knows what else.

I shook his hand in 2012. I told him that if he wanted to win the REDACTED primary, he needed to talk about illegal immigration. I'm guessing he thinks about and virtually beats himself up about it daily ... ;-} Still, what if ... ??

OK, if I must:

These initial results of the experiment in waiving any airborne contagion protection from the Kung Flu, pretty much all that's left since surface contamination was recently re-pooh-poohed by the experts, may be disappointing to many who want to continue with their new Police State powers. That's why you don't hear about it from the Lyin' Press, only here on Peak Stupidity, from Ron Paul, and from the erudite and data-conscious Mr. E.F. Hail - with his newest, column XV, just out). I gotta say though, I am not altogether on the non-disappointed side here either. Were this disease to have killed off a goodly number of these rioters with their Social Distancing waivers, I'd be thinking this plan was maybe not instigated at all, at least not by human beings.

[UPDATED 6/30:]
I had meant for that bar graph to have been in here yesterday, but neglected to put in the tag for it. It is somewhat integral to the post.

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The Z-man blog

Posted On: Thursday - June 25th 2020 4:54PM MST
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Due to a recommendation by commenter Federalist, seconded by commenter MBlanc46, I took a look at the Z-Man blog, hosted on Wordpress (not his own URL, which may end up an unfortunate thing for him). I greatly appreciate the recommendation, as I see that he is a good writer and one I'm very much in agreement with.

I had heard of this guy, but I believe there were a couple of comments by this pundit on threads at unz that I didn't agree with (about Socialism maybe?), so I figured I'd skip his blog. Well, please don't do that folks! (That kind of thing has probably turned a lot of people off from Peak Stupidity, in fact.)

It looks like the Z-Man writes almost daily, with posts that could be called polemics, not statistical or other analysis of the world, the latter of which don't often get us very far anyway. It's some very good writing, from what I've see over a week. I have not tried the podcasts yet. I know that I can read 5 to 8 times faster than listening, even to folks that speak fairly quickly. However, it may be that there is material in the podcasts that isn't on his daily postings.

This guy is a modern-media-savvy, especially compared to Peak Stupidity. He's on this, that, and the other, sources of information, including youtube (for now). I don't know if the Z-man site is a hobby for him, but with all that going on, it seems like perhaps this is his main gig. More power to him on this effort.

Now, my only problem with the site is that the commenters are very good too, both in style and content. WTH? I know, it's just that I have this obsession with finishing comment threads, such as the ones under Steve Sailer and other writers that I like on unz. Well, dang, the Z-man has over 100 to well over 200 comments by his posts as soon as I've seen them, it seems. I read through half of one thread, and see, that's my problem. These were no idiotic back-and-forth insults or historical trivia arguments (the latter such as I'd see back on Takimag, when there were comments). This is good stuff, so I could not blow off the Z-man's comment section as not worth reading.

It would take me 1 to 2 hours, in my estimation, to read through each daily thread. Worse yet, knowing this is Wordpress, so I believe I can get on with little information given as on the Hail-to-You site (also on Wordpress), I'd likely want to comment myself a bunch of times. It's a shame, but I'll really have to limit myself from the Z-man comment threads unless I have hours to kill and no posts to write.

That brings up the only other point of this post. I have some major deal to do over the next 3 days at least for my work, so there may be no posts, or just a video or two, through the weekend, possibly even through Tuesday. I apologize for that, as it's not like there isn't plenty to write about these days, when your specialty is stupidity. You've got the Z-man in the meantime and the world of unz, but please come back. Thanks for reading.

[Updated 06/26:]
Oops, Z-man's blog is not ON Wordpress. I looked at the URL too quickly. Yes, as per Newrouter's comment, and others trying to tell me, the site is just on his /wordpress directory. As for the commenting, it is perhaps "powered" (I hate that term, actually, in this context) by wordpress, but I really don't know if that means the comments are held on their servers, and can be censored accordingly. I'm not saying the censorship is harsh yet, but on Mr. Hail's blog, one has to cut out all cusswords.

Anyway, I used the strike-through, so the other comments on this would make sense. Thank you, Newrouter, for pointing out my mistake.

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Back to COVID Klampdown?

Posted On: Wednesday - June 24th 2020 7:37PM MST
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Missouri, US, and World numbers:

(See that "+8" for the day - it's tough with this reduced grapic, sorry. Just for reference, in the neighborhood of 170 people die in Missouri on an average day. Shouldn't we be talking some more about high fructose corn syrup instead?)

It's heating up again, that nasty Kung Flu. No, not the disease, so much as the rhetoric and Police State build-out, is heating up. I suppose this month of black/antifa rioting, oops!, protesting, I mean, was a nice break. Man, we've got to get back to this pressing problem and clamp down some more. I mean, shoot, we broke 120,000 deaths like, a week back, though it sure took a while. (It even went down one time. Whooh, that was scary - see COVID-one-niner Death Count Hemoraging.)

We've been told that wearing masks anywhere in public will become law next week(?) in our jurisdiction. I'm not doing it. I believe more and more this stuff is being pushed for more nefarious reasons than the power-tripping of State and local officials. The people behind this are getting very good at scaring people who don't have enough perspective. Let's use ours.

Since the June 1st graphic that Peak Stupidity used at the top of our post I miss my Kung Flu TV, 17.2 thousand more people have died with or from this corona virus. That's in 3 1/2 weeks, which means about 750 people/day nationwide. Even if we assume every one of the really died FROM this disease alone, we ought to remember that right around 10 times as many die each day in America on average. This is significant, but if you took out NY City, for which not many of us really care about who dies there, it gets a lot lower in significance.*

Again, if you are very vulnerable, do what you feel is prudent. If you know someone vulnerable, take some precautions. However, this is no big rebound.

Cumulative Deaths in the country from/with COVID-19. Where's the beef rebound?

Again, for some reason I can't seem to find a nice line graph for US deaths, but the graph above is better than nothing. This graph is current, BTW, right up through yesterday, June 23rd. Hmmm, is this a reason for a KLAMPDOWN, or LOCKDOWN 2.0? Look at the graph, or better yet, look at this one:

This one if for the whole country too (when I saw New York, the State, it showed the same leveling off). I'm not sure why this one doesn't match the number 124,750 seen at the top here, as it also goes through June 23rd. Again, where's the rebound even in CASES, as they (my wife?) keep noting?

As we noted in the post Social Distancing Waivers from right just over 2 weeks back, this rioting business has been an experiment. We wrote that, though, 2 weeks AFTER this Floyd Infotainment race-guilt-fest started. The experiment has had time to run. Are our betters, our experts and those that tell us what rules we will live under next week, trying to say that the experiment proved that this stuff spreads easily and is still a big killer? If so, as stated in our post linked-to above, the people who encouraged the race panic are murderers.

I don't think they are in this sense though**. There has not been a rebound, and the conclusion from this experiment in extreme un-LOCKDOWN is that it didn't matter.

I don't think our "betters" care what those results are. They are pivoting back to the Kung Flu panic now with a vengeance. Just when we thought we could start living almost as freely as in 2019, which was not very damn much to begin with, they pull us back in (side)!

Micheal Corleone on the renewed LOCKDOWN:

Where have you gone, Michael Corleone, our nation turns its LOCKDOWNed eyes to you... whooh, hoo, hoo...

* Of course, then there is the affect of most of these deaths being of people who would have died in the next year or few years, meaning the numbers over a year or two will show a modest stretched-out blip, with maybe a dip afterwards to even it out.

** Though they are very much so in other senses, regarding race relations and the anarcho-tyranny produced by the instigators of the riots and cultural destruction.

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Have the Mr. Floyd riots and cultural destruction been instigated?

Posted On: Tuesday - June 23rd 2020 4:12PM MST
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Since a week ago, at the time of the post All in all, it's just another brick on the pallet, I've been meaning to speculate about the deeper causes of this rioting and cultural destruction of the last month.

One could, as we have, just chalk it up to the reasons visibly seen. Yes, the black people involved are mostly out for looting and destruction. It's pretty fun to destroy things when you don't know what goes into building them. Free stuff, especially expensive sneakers and purses that those rich white people have been cheating you out of, is nice too. There is also the rage factor, as without any perspective, neither from their own minds, nor out of the Infotainment that is egging this on, one may really think that cop brutality against the black man has killed more of them than heart disease, hell even the COVID! (Let's not mention the inter-black violence that is right on up there below heart disease.) If you are completely innumerate, you may really think this and that your rage is justified.

The 2nd half of this bifecta of stupidity (or evil, thank you commenter Robert) is the Commie-style antifa crowd. Are they really raging against the serious problems of America that commenter Adam Smith listed out in his post under our post linked-to above? They seem to be raging against, if not fake news, at least news with no perspective, as the unconstitutional, often, Police-State-like behavior of the police has affected whites just as much as black people, and likely other races/ethnicities too. I don't hear the antifa talking about the Constitution AT ALL, in fact, just about kneeling down and kissing black ass due to the one reprobate.

Well, all this could be happening for the visible reasons, as egged-on by the Lyin' Press infotainment. Could these protests and riots spread all over the country, and even to Europe just do to copycatting and the Infotainment? Perhaps it can, but many are looking for agitation by deeper and more organized elements of society.

Really? These fucking guys?:

VDare (and other venue-) writer Nicholas Stix asks What Lunatic Is Running This Floyd Hoax Madhouse? My Bet: The DNC , with comments under that same article on unz. Mr. Styx discusses how his leftist idiot relative "MR" really believes the Lyin' Press narrative that white supremacists are behind these riots and that the antifa is "nothing to see here". He debunks the ridiculous first part and warns us about the antifa, thusly:
But, despite MR’s credulity and what the Ruling-Class elitists at Just Security would have us believe, Antifa is real. It is not a group of earnest, if misguided and sometimes overzealous youngsters, who simply want peace and justice and occasionally go a little too far. It’s a communist goon squad modeled on Antifaschistische Aktion, itself a communist front that supposedly opposed the Nazi takeover of Germany in the early 1930s. Antifa’s flag is nearly identical to that of its predecessor, a look that signals the group’s intent and guiding ideology.

When I lived in West Germany (1980-1985), Communist terrorists sought to rationalize their campaign of slaughter by asserting that if only more people had been like them, the Nazis would never have taken over. Thus, instead of a totalitarian, genocidal, Nazi dictatorship, Germany would have been under the thumb of a totalitarian, genocidal, Communist dictatorship!
Haha, good point there. That the antifa are very similar to the Commies of a century ago is something that Peak Stupidity has expounded on a bit.

Per, Mr. Stix, the Democrat Party is the brains behind the media narrative, per:
It is clear to me that there is now a much broader conspiracy involved than in the notorious case of Journolist, the secret listserv group of elite journalists that in 2008 electronically bodyguarded Barack Obama all the way to the White House. For while Journolist was just an MSM operatives’ conspiracy, the source of the current hoax joins media operatives, non-media activists, academics, even corporate executives.
You may have heard of the "Journolist" bit from a decade back or so, in which reporters would use words and narratives even from points distributed on this Journolist. I just don't give these people credit for the smarts and organizational skills to do this sort of thing. The D-party is led now by the race/ethnicity/gender-bender hustler crowd, and this (Sailer-termed) "coalition of the fringes" has a hard time getting together for anything other than talking their hate of the white man.

Secondly, if the idea of all of this rioting was to promote the D-party in any way, that's not a very bright idea to begin with. President Trump has not been getting much love from his base due to his not accomplishing a whole lot, but is probably gathering votes from his base as the rioting and cultural destruction continues. He is, mistakenly, the only hope left to many on the right, and support of Law & Order worked for Nixon during similarly turbulent times.

Maybe these guys? (Put on your tinfoil hat.):

Next there is information from my Chinese source, not named MR, as I won't even bother with an alias. I was shown some videos that are not on youtube, but on WeChat, the Chinese version of Facebook. My source says that people are claiming that it is the Chinese Central Party that has been an instigator. The video I saw Chinese people with masks on (yes, you can still tell) hurling rocks at windows and that sort of thing, and egging on others. The idea is that is their revenge for Hong Kong, supposedly instigated by the US Deep State.

Peak Stupidity has not anything much about the on-going mayhem in Hong Kong, other than the post Big Protest in Little China. In that post, I berated the HKers for leaving behind much of the British culture, thinking that they could run a society based on a 1000-year-old respect for law & order and due process, but with Chinese people. In other words, screw them, was my point, so there were no more posts because I really don't care what happens to them there. Most Americans don't care about the place either, but does our Deep State? I don't know, but what's the gain. Can that place with 0.6% of the population of the Mainland really hurt China itself?

Anyway, if that wasn't a legitimate reason for the CCP of China to instigate riots in America, it's as good an excuse as any. I can't vouch for the authenticity of these videos (with I could show them). I haven't read a peep from Americans about this, but maybe Ron Unz (haha) will have something. (Yes, I laugh, because he seems to only bring out his conspiracy theories when they are anti-American and Americans.) The CCP could rightly see America's race problems as its Achille's heel.

Chinese people riot in China, but not in America. This is due to their being pretty well off, and maybe having a slight bit of humility still, knowing this is not their country and all. It was weird to see the video of them raising hell like this. Yeah, this one is far-fetched, but who knows. I'll try to get something more solid, before I write any more about it.

What guys?

How about the Deep State here? Writer Mike Whitney, who did a kick-ass job on Kung Flu Panic debunkment, asks Do Deep State Elements Operate Within the Protest Movement? From the beginning of the article (read through 200-something comments for (usually) interesting arguments):
It’s all too coordinated, too widespread, and too much in-sync with the media narrative that applauds the “mainly peaceful protests” while ignoring the vast destruction to cities across the country. What’s that all about? Do the instigators of these demonstrations want to see our cities reduced to urban wastelands where street gangs and Antifa thugs impose their own harsh justice? That’s where this is headed, isn’t it?

Of course there are millions of protesters who honestly believe they’re fighting racial injustice and police brutality. And more power to them. [
(My bolding here) Wait a minute - WTF? It doesn't matter what they believe they're fighting, as they are not doing that. Less power to them!] But that certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden agendas driving these outbursts. Quite the contrary. It seems to me that the protest movement is actually the perfect vehicle for affecting dramatic social changes that only serve the interests of elites. For example, who benefits from defunding the police? Not African Americans, that’s for sure. Black neighborhoods need more security not less. And yet, the New York Times lead editorial on Saturday proudly announces, “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police–Because reform won’t happen.”
Mr. Whitney maintains that this widely spread protesting and rioting could not have just developed on its own:
The media’s role in concealing the damage should only convince skeptics that the protests are just one part of a much larger operation. What we’re seeing play out in over 400 cities across the US, has more to do with toppling Trump and sowing racial division than it does with the killing of George Floyd. The scale and coordination alone suggests that elements in the deep state are probably involved. We know from evidence uncovered during the Russiagate probe, that the media works hand-in-glove with the Intel agencies and FBI while–at the same time– serving as a mouthpiece for elites. That hasn’t changed, in fact, it’s gotten even worse. The uniformity of the coverage suggests that that same perception management strategy is being employed here as well. Even at this late date, the determination to remove Trump from office is as strong as ever even though, in the present case, it has been combined with the broader political strategy of inciting fratricidal violence, obliterating urban areas, and spreading anarchy across the country. This isn’t about racial justice or police brutality, it’s about regime change, internal destabilization, and martial law.
Mr. Whitney gives some more information from others who say the logistical abilities of the antifa people are impressive, something that I would agree would not be the case were these types working independently. He concludes:
None of this has anything to do with racial justice or police brutality. America is being destabilized and sacked for other purposes altogether. This a destabilization campaign similar to the CIA’s color revolutions designed to topple the regime (Trump), install a puppet government (Biden), impose “shock therapy” on the economy pushing tens of millions of Americans into homelessness and destitution, and leave behind a broken, smoldering shell of a country easily controlled by Federal shock troops and wealthy globalist mandarins.
I guess lots of groups people hate the traditional American people. Will we ever get to the bottom of this? It sure won't come from the Lyin' Press, who, in my opinion, are just dupes for whatever is happening. They love to get the viewers and readers, and they lean heavily left. Most of them nowadays are just too stupid to follow any kind of plan. There may still be a plan, just the same. Regular Americans are just caught in the turmoil right now, with no truth to be found and no good way to organize, so far...

Could it be, I don't know, ...

This guy?!!

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Police State / COVID-one-niner stupidity confluence

Posted On: Monday - June 22nd 2020 5:55PM MST
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(Apologies to Peak Stupidity readers and commenters for not getting out the post on speculation as to who's behind the latest turmoil, and not answering comments, respectively. I thought of this one just today.)

I've been told that this mask-wearing thing is not the "hill to die on". I can see the TSA unreasonable search/seizure business not being the hill to die on. What are you supposed to think, though, when you see this stuff combined together AND with the little ones involved?

There was a family of 5 going through the TSA line this morning, the kids being all small, from 2 through 5 by my estimation. They didn't have to wear the masks until getting on the airliner, so either they didn't know all these new rules, or the Mom (who was in damn good shape for having popped out 3, BTW) was concerned about the Kung Flu. I don't know. It all looked just kind of disgusting. That is not directly, as they were a good-looking family, but my thoughts of what was going on made the whole scene a disgusting display of the US Police State.

The parents were trying to get their stuff through, which included strollers and that, the TSA agents were saying take off this, take that out, go here now, wait here, you can't have this, you can have that... The little ones were cute, even in their masks, but imagine growing up with this shit as all you know so far. Blue-shirted "officers" are ordering your parents around, and your parents are stressing out, making sure your masks are on, you put your little backpack and teddy bears through, you dumped out your sippy cup, and you walk through this machine right.

Just what are these little ones going to think of this world? This is all they know about the airport, until it gets a little better on the plane, but then, on the plane EVERYBODY looks like an alien, wearing masks, the flight attendants can't do any real service, smile, or talk understandably. Well before all this, if coming from home or visiting, the family had to say goodbye to any loved ones there back at the house, or while parked at the curb of the airport, hurriedly before someone gets ticketed and towed*.

What a sad sight it was! I don't want to hear, much less sing, the star-spangled banner after seeing this thing today, with its "land of the free, home of the brave" bit. That doesn't apply anymore. Francis Scott Key called via Ouija board and said he wants his anthem back. We need a new one.

* Do you know it's only been about 18 years back to the time (well after 9/11/01) when one could go right to the terminal gate and see off the folks, or come up there to greet them off the plane?

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If you wanna get to Heaven ...

Posted On: Saturday - June 20th 2020 6:41PM MST
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Something I meant to write at the end of the previous post is about a good friend, who died fairly young 1/2 a year ago. As I pondered this new Cultural Revolution stupidity and what we all could do about it, I thought of Frank, who I could bounce these thoughts off of. We talked politics mostly, and he'd come over from quite a ways once a week or two to do that.

He didn't have all the answers either, but it sure was great to get a 2nd opinion and encouragement. I sure miss him in these times.

We'd have probably discussed the Juneteenth business, a term that I only first heard about one month ago. Now, it is apparently bigger than Christmas. The corporate honchos sent out an email that went into some detail about what this bullshit is about. Yeah, there was some important other stuff in the email too, so, there's, well NOT that, because the thing went straight into that little galvanized-steel trashcan style icon. I hope it wasn't something I absolutely needed to know about... too bad, so sad.

I will admit that the corporate people mention the word Christmas, though usually only with respect to that very day, as far as schedules go. However, they don't go into detail about Jesus, or even mention him, so why do I need any detail on this unfortunate reprobate George Floyd? Equal time, right?

America was a seriously religious country back in the day.

Peak Stupidity featured Alison Krauss long ago with another Gospel number, I'll Fly Away.

Then, thinking of the times ahead, there is this take on it:

This was likely the same episode of the British TV show, The Old Grey Whistle Test that had the Ozark Mountain Daredevils playing Jackie Blue, in which the drummer did the singing. That must have been a great show, as youtube has lots of my favorite musicians playing in that show. Peak Stupidity featured this band one other time, singing There's Beauty in the River.

I really meant to write a post about who's possibly behind all the organized Cult-Rev stuff, but that'll come first thing next week.

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Praying for guidance regarding this Cultural Revolution

Posted On: Saturday - June 20th 2020 6:59AM MST
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George Washington falls:

Instead of finishing this post last night, I have been praying for guidance here. I'm talking about this ACTUAL Cultural Revolution that is ongoing right here, right now. Peak Stupidity has written a number of posts on the George Floyd racial stupidity angle, but this trashing of statues and monuments has been happening so much and so quickly, one after another, that I have been dumbfounded. I haven't had the heart to write about it, and I'd thought it would stop and be just one more incremental step on the road to the Commie ruination of this country, with plenty of time to write and think about it all still.

Forgive me for not putting links to all the stories of statues, yes, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, being torn down. There are so many, and the Peak Stupidity reader has probably already read of much of this on unz, VDare, Breitbart, or a thousand other places. The news has not been hidden, most likely because this news is about the enemy rubbing it all in our faces?

The American people could stop this stuff in its tracks. As I learned quite a lot about from 10 books or so I read more than that many years ago, the Chinese people went through a sick Cultural Revolution from 54 to 45 years back. Are we not in better shape financially (still), with better information flow and better self-defense than the poor Chinese people of 1966? In addition, in my opinion, but not the Chinese of course, Americans have a whole lot more to be proud of in our history than they did.

The usual optimistic and calmly logical Allan Wall of VDare reported on the George Washington statue toppling in Portland, Oregon, asking Do Americans Care Anymore? Maybe Not. By the end of the post he writes "America, you had a good run while it lasted. Today's Americans just don't care anymore." Is that the case?

What has been stopping people from resisting is the inertia of daily life, and the feeling that this business is just another part of the protesting/rioting cycle that America must put up with because of "the legacy of slavery". However, any American with any patriotism and traditionalism in him has got to be at the blood-boiling temperature by this point. What's stopping action after this, is that almost the entire Establishment, maybe with the exception of most local Sheriff's departments and some smaller city local police, is completely in cahoots with the Commies that have started their revolution. We all know how it went in Charlottesville, Virginia 3 summers ago. The Anarcho-Tyranny that went down should be quite obvious, and is a lesson to us.

It's difficult to form groups to resist, even with all the communications methods we have, as they have been coopted by their Big Biz/Feral Gov't sack-hanging proprietors. Even before consideration of the deeper evils of the possible iEspionage, the communications that we ourselves put out can be easily used against us. If you have a real community of like-minded people in "meatspace" then you are very blessed. It's not something I have, or not to any serious degree. (From the Preppers, we could have read that more important for the times coming than even "beans, bullets, and band-aids" is "community, community, community".)

One has to wonder IF a courageous leader or group will emerge and get the ball rolling in stopping this cultural revolution before it's too late. We all want to be that guy or part of that group, but how can it start? That's what I've been praying about. We all need guidance in our choices, which get more complicated the more one has to lose. When should be go all out, rather than waiting for "this to get serious"? At some point, it will be too late, and we will be in no shape to go all out. (By "shape", I don't mean fitness-wise, but it's the usual question of the type "when would it have been the optimum time to kill Hitler, or Lenin, or Mao?)

There's no point in waiting for a Red Dawn scenario, American patriots, as these modern Commies are local. They don't need to parachute in at dawn. They are here amongst us and in plain sight.

Finally, I need guidance to know whether this American nation, meaning the people, is even WORTH DEFENDING or caring about at this point. Go into Wal-Mart, attend the college football game, go into a fast-food joint. Do any of these people really care what's going on, much less take it seriously enough to help patriots actually do something? Or will everyone stay home, for fear of losing that last little strand of middle-class life, or that pension (that's gonna eventually amount to squat), and let you hang out to dry when you make an effort? Are they worth putting your fortune or life on the line for anymore?

We really need some help from God here, as our side has the material strength but not the moral strength. Americans have abandoned formal religion in droves (a subject for another post). Has He left us behind in return?

OK, that's enough gloom for now. Perhaps I am making too much of this, but then, for each statue toppled, even if the Cult Revolutionists have no idea who the man is, if there is no resistance and no punishment, they will be emboldened for bigger actions next time.

PS: Steve Sailer, after quitting his fixation with the Kung Flu Infotainment damn near cold-turkey, has been doing a bang-up job documenting this Cultural Revolution 2.0. It's great to read and write there (on his blog on unz), but sometime we've really got to do something.

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The Kung Flu stupidity continues ...

Posted On: Friday - June 19th 2020 5:15AM MST
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Man, I'd rob a stagecoach with HER, anytime!

I didn't pick this picture above for the hottie. I had meant to show reality, such as what was discussed in I'm not "Lovin' It". You work with the pictures you got, though.

Before I get to the one point of this post, let me just put some observations out there from my traveling lately. The airline terminals, the parts of them that are open, that is, are quite a bit fuller than they were 2 weeks back. In one concourse, it looked like back to normal. 75% of the people were wearing face masks. In another, more empty, concourse, fewer people had them on, maybe 50%. Common sense works. Who knew?

I bring this up to also relate that the airline I flew with required the wearing of face masks on the plane. However, you've got to eat those delicious snacks and drink some water somehow. This creates a situation of plausible deniability, in which I take the mask off, as I am in the middle of my snack .. for an indeterminate amount of time.

At the sandwich shop, to get to the point here, I ran into the fact that it is not so easy to really understand everyone talking through these masks. That goes for both the thin hospital type, the thicker "mouth diapers" or even the bandana types, such as on the large-breasted cashier up top. "What was that- put your hands where I can see em?"

What happens is that one has to take the face mask off to be understood. It was no ghost town anymore with the crowded concourse, so, here you go: "Does that come with onions?" "Nmmmmm, mask breathing ... static". "What?" He takes his mask off: "No, you can have this, this, 2 kinds of mustard..." I take my mask off, "Yeah, lettuce, tomato, spicy mustard. Thanks." How many COVID-19 germs went back and forth is not known to me at this point, but I wanted to make sure that the sandwich didn't have any damn onions.

The stupidity is not in what individuals have been doing to get along. The stupidity is in the charade that we have to go through.

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