Tucker Carlson and the Commies - Part 2

Posted On: Thursday - November 15th 2018 5:17PM MST
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(continued directly from the previous post)

If nothing else, leave out the innocent children.

The scrawny-assed thugs that have been harassing and threatening Tucker Carlson's family don't talk about Karl Marx, Lenin, or Trotsky. They don't hand out pamphlets (that takes work and there is no app for that) about the plight of the workers (well, they don't know too many workers). So far they have not picked a color scheme, though black seems to be in for them. Even so, the parallels between the words and actions of America's ctrl-left today to the Communists of century-ago Germany are very interesting. Above all else, there are the pernicious LIES. That part has not changed a bit.

(After seeing that one segment of that Great War history series that I posted (at the bottom a few days back, I wish there were (maybe there ARE?) series like this, going back exactly one century, day-by-day or week-by-week, depending on how busy it was for, say American history, American government*, European history, etc. Would that not be very watchable, assuming a good, enthusiastic, and non-PC narrator, that is?)

"They" don't say "history repeats itself", or at least the "one's" that say "History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme." don't. Let's discuss this rhyming of the current-era American political situation with that of century-ago Germany. We can compare and contrast** the two times and these political factions between then and now. Of course, Peak Stupidity has more information on the here and now than 1920's Germany, but can delve into that history at our leisure, which is why there is youtube.

1) Level of violence - Looking back at the street battles between the Commies and Nazis back closer to 90-95 years ago, of course, the people were armed differently and were mentally-armed differently. Let me mention the latter first. That 70 years of mostly-peaceful (no war on our soil) prosperity has left most Americans very soft compared to those battle-hardened German Freikorps (near bottom) and the Commies, many of them having been involved in violence in the Mother-of-All-Communist-Land USSR very recently. In America, the ctrl-left are usually the even-softer soy-boys, loud/foul-mouthed fat broads, and others who are only safe from getting their asses kicked in a University setting. The right has a lot more to lose, for a number of reasons (more on this) and therefore is prone to backing down.

A century ago in Germany, those vet Freikorps and others from WWI were "well-regulated" in the US-Constitutional sense, but I don't know about the Commies. In the current day, as far as weapons, there is no doubt that the People of the Gun, on the right, are much more familiar with weapons, especially firearms. The left have been loudly tweeting lately about their intentions to arm up, but there's a real problem with that for them, as Peak Stupidity discussed long ago in "Lefties say they are going to start Prepping". See, any kind of activity that requires responsibility, prepping, and getting trained to safely handle and shoot guns, for example, involves rubbing elbows with an assload of deplorables. The habits, personalities, and ways-of-thinking may just rub off on these people, as they try to become harder, and then, they may not be part of the ctrl-left anymore. Hey, that doesn't work! Therefore, for right now, they still are in the bike-lock against the back-of-the-head, and throwing/spraying of various liquids phase.

As far as getting at a man's family, like the crowd below has done, I don't think that kind of behavior would have occurred into much later stages in the violence, if at all. These people are crude, and too cowardly to take on anyone they know will be ready to fight back.

2) The Economy - Again, because of the much greater prosperity seen in modern America, vs. century-ago Germany, the right has a whole lot to lose, and is not yet ready to go all out fighting the ctrl-left. Back in Germany, most especially in 95 yr-ago Germany, the hyperinflation made ordinary living next to impossible. We don't have any of that yet, just your ordinary inflation, though harder economic times ARE coming. The vets and the young German men who wanted none of the society-destroying Commie shit, were quite ready to do battle. There was nothing much to lose for the guys on both sides. Is this why the right dispatched those Commies in a decade or so? Yeah, I'm back-and-forth here, but our young people on the right have made a go at it once in a while - look up the Proud Boys fight against the antifa attackers in New York City and Portland, Oregon (see same link as above). Things will change as the economy gets worse, but also, the modern-left has another big advantage, as the right has a lot to lose for another reason than just better (or any) jobs ...

3) The Establishment - Here again, for century-ago Germany, I don't know as much, though I have read some about the Weimar Republic that existed from an exact century ago (OK - 3 months) to 1933 when the Nazis changed the government. Who were the establishment 90-100 years back? The Commies had taken over Munich at one point (early on, 1919), and the right fought for their own government, and though the Weimar Republic tried to be moderate, with the onerous stipulations from the Treaty of Versailles, things never became quite normal. Even after the hyperinflation slowed down in 1924, during the "golden years' up until the financial crash of 1929, there was much backlash about the Americanized culture being pushed on the people. Conservatives may have felt the same as they do now, but instead of ridiculous tranny bathroom rules, and PC insanity, it was caberets, short hair on women (never a good concept), and serious hard-pore cornography. I really doubt the establishment was what the German people wanted, as later evidenced by their support for the Nazi's even when the Commies were probably no longer a threat. Did the media push all the stupidity, as it does today? I've gotta learn more.

Now, Peak Stupidity has discussed in many posts the long march of the ctrl-left through the American institutions, resulting in the Universities, Lower-Ed Business, Legacy- ("System-"?) Media, and Governments at all level being completely infiltrated at the present time. The "warriors" on the left have lots of help from all these institutions, while anyone taking any violent or even peaceful stand on the right will be vilified by all of them. We've written about the Anarcho-Tyranny at Charlottesville where the simple act of gathering to speak about keeping statues of Southern heritage was considered an act of violence, while the attackers were the "protesters". That was the Lyin' Press establishment, but the Government establishment got their share of Anarch-Tyrannical beatdowns later on in the court of law (or lack thereof, depending on what side you are on). This is just another way in which the right has so much more to lose. The system will spend lots of effort to put you away and out of the fight, if you get just a little bit out of line on the right. The left is left free to kick ass, as much as the soy-boys and fat broads can do that sort of thing.

4) Escalation - The Commie left does not settle for any compromises, like, say, the tremendous Socialist Welfare State built by the American Feral Government over the last half-century. That's never good enough. They want full control of people's way of living.

The method in century-ago Germany was different, in that, due to the turbulent economic times, and bitterness over the Great War and its resulting perhaps-unfair reparations, the Commies picked the place and time, just as in Russia the previous full decade, to make their violent moves. That would never have worked in the whole previous century in America. It's not that some didn't try, but our steadfast, Constitution-loving people, even quite a few in government, put the kibosh on that crap as it came up. Nope, the method here was to slowly infiltrate the institutions, a life-long (though probably not planned-out) process for many on the left. Whether planned or not, it's come to fruition here anyway. The people are in place to support increasing levels of violence from the antifa and other groups that simply want to destroy society.

They will get resisted, at some point. We should hope that the resistance doesn't morph into the same form as it did in, yeah, NAZI Germany. That brings us to:

--- THE LIES ---

Now, this is one thing that the Commies of century-ago Germany and today's ctrl-left in America have in common. There are the same pernicious outright lies that are so damn ridiculous that it's hard to even argue with the people spouting them. The premises are so wrong that by the time one gets done trying to correct a few of them, bam, there goes the bike lock against the head. The antifa say that President Trump is like a Nazi, but yet your average Nazi could SURELY get a fence of some sort built to keep foreigners from walking across the border, could he not? If he were a Nazi, couldn't he get Nancy Pelosi shipped off to somewhere, anywhere? The point for the left is to turn the tables around via these lies to justify beating the crap out of people, and eventually worse (per their thoughts, that escape out as tweets). Yeah, we're the Nazis, so they have a right to beat and kill. If we try to take a stand in defense, that just proves it.

Back to Tucker Carlson, he shouldn't have any right to free speech, the ctrl-left says, because he's a Nazi, one of the people that will try to take away rights, such as free speech for example. OK, maybe things could have not quite been this much of a shit-show of Peak Stupidity in Weimar Germany 100 years back. If so, they'd have been too cultured to use that term anyway. It'd have been more of a Scheiße-Sturm, and I wonder if there was a pamphlet-writer named Tücker Karlson getting the same treatment by the usual crowd. Does history rhyme, or what?

*Maybe this one could just be made monthly, as during Warren G. Harding's time, and even moreso, the time during the presidency of "Silent Calvin" Coolidge, not much went on in government daily. What a country it was!!

** That was what we did in school back in the day, we wrote an essay to "compare and contrast". Nowadays, what's the deal? Does the teacher just ask the students to "write a politically correct essay to fit our narrative, with as little cutting and pasting as possible. Now, children, please hand in your "CTRL", "C", and "V" keys, please." Oh wait, that joke's already obsolete ...

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Tucker Carlson and the Commies - Part 1

Posted On: Thursday - November 15th 2018 10:27AM MST
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The last post, on Commies and The Great War ended with mention of Mr. Tucker Carlson (above, when somewhat younger). Tucker Carlson has been (OK, let's vote right here and now) Peak Stupidity's favorite youtube* pundit for 1 year in a row running, as we featured him many times including here, here, here, here, and here, though I'm sure I've left a few out. BTW, Ann Coulter is hereby declared best written pundit for, well since we've been around.

We haven't included a post on the ctrl-left attacks on Mr. Carlson's property, after his address was posted for all to see*. There were threats to his family (he has a wife and four kids) and these people stood with signs and ranted and raved on the #1 pundit's front lawn. I'm sure the reader can find stories and videos of these happenings. What's it about? Well, simply, it's that the ctrl-left cannot have one of these guys that delves into the truth and points out the stupidity in modern America, I mean, NOT ON FREAKIN' TV, at least! Even worse, he's very popular! He's gotta be some sort of Nazi, just like that other popular guy, in Washington, FS, the orange-haired dude that keeps on ranting about "Americans first" and stuff! Nationalism, I tells ya'!

First, just to discuss specifically this type of behavior, it takes a lot of self-control by Mr. Carlson, I'm sure, to not do anything drastic. It'd be one thing if he were a single guy - just keep your sidearm and ignore these "protesters" (more about that word later), go in and out of the house at will, and maybe blast a little Southern Rock or AC/DC at the occasional odd hour in the morning. See, nobody talks Hi-Fi anymore, only Wi-Fi - do people with the kind of money of a Tucker Carlson, even buy 200 W speakers with 20" woofers anymore, with not just tweeters, but mid-range "horns", and shit? Well, with these goings-on, it's high time they did! However, Mr. Carlson does have the family to protect and provide with a semblance of a normal life, so that makes the situation different.

A commenter on a Steve Sailer thread suggested using the sprinkler system to gently ward away these scum. Yeah, I could see that, with maybe a beefed-up system - say pumped up to 200 psi - and with red-die injection (nothing if not appropriate, right?) OK, that's a start. However, at some point, not necessarily Mr. Carlson, with so much to lose, but some people on the right will start fighting back. Imagine if you had done some egregiously un-PC thing that went viral, most likely just some truth that slipped out of your mouth, and this crowd decided to come visit. Now, laws vary from state to state, but encroaching on someone's property can result in legal consequences. Of course, you may justifiably shoot one of these "folks" were he inside your dwelling. However, remaining on the lawn is trespassing, once they are warned to leave. I'm not sure about Florida and the "castle doctrine", as I'm no lawyer (though any legal minded readers should feel free*** to chime in here bail me out if came down to it, but self-defense is justified when one is in fear of imminent physical attack. Let's say you confront some of these guys. If they don't back down, you run back to the house (out of fearing for your life, repeat this until you've got it down), and meanwhile the wife takes out the threat with a shotgun slug or .30-06 round through a 4" opening of a front window. This is no advice here, just a prediction of some of the stuff that will happen when there are people who don't have so much to lose.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I'd like to make the comparison of this type of behavior by the increasingly violent ctrl-left with what went on in century-ago Germany. As I wrote in the previous post, these Commie-types may not want to plow the same old ground. America, with its (albeit, steeply-declining) 7 decades of peaceful prosperity, may be just the fertile ground that they feel needs to be plowed and seeded with "violence on behalf of the plight of the workers". This comparison will be in 2nd post, coming later today. In the meantime, the reader may want to peruse the related 6 post series called There's Battle Lines Being Drawn..." - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

* Yeah, we're off TV.

** How come that wasn't a problem in pre-1960's America? Besides leaving one's doors and cars unlocked, newspapers regularly referred to regular people by including their addresses with their names, so one could know which Joanna Smith he was reading about. Things sure have changed.

*** By free, I mean pro bono. Now, I am normally very anti-Bono, but I could make an exception, I suppose ...

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Commies and The Great War

Posted On: Wednesday - November 14th 2018 2:11PM MST
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During some discusstion of WWI on that one-century anniversary of Armistice Day (now celebrated as Veterans Day) on the iSteve blog commenter "Joe Stalin", who has graced this blog too, emedded one video of a cool history-series. This youtube series, presented and narrated by a guy named Indiana Neidell, has been running weekly historical takes on the war in REAL+ 1 Century time, meaning for 225 weeks now! That is something that I wish I'd started watching from beginning. Sure, you don't have to be in front of the TV every Sunday evening at 5 PM, so one can still go through them all anywhere using your tablet. It'd have been really cool, though, to follow it along in forward-100-year real time, and it would probably drive home the amount of death and carnage and uselessness of it all over those > 4 years.

This, not-quite-last, but special video on the Armistice has some material that got me thinking of the rhyming-of-history effect again. As Mr. Neidell discussed the state of the German forces, he mentioned one aspect that I had not heard about before, or possibly didn't remember from my one book on WWI that I've read since just my high-school history, John Keegan's The First World War That was the fact that Communists of some sort were involved in mutinies of German forces in their army and navy. The French commander during the armistice had relented and let the Germans keep a portion of their big guns and other weapons specifically to allow them to quell these uprisings, as they wound down the military.

Now, Peak Stupidity has posted on the issue of the Commies coming out of the woodwork, seemingly on a century or so timescale. Upon looking back one full century, we can see that the infestation of these Commies was already not just confined to Russia, even just a year or so after their Bolshevik revolution. Most of the world remembers the Nazi's more than the Commies as being a cause of the great evil and destruction emanating from Germany in the middle of the past century, but the Commies came first. The Nazi's came into being as a reaction against not only terrible economic times brought on by the unreasonable demands of reparations in the Versailles Treaty (early 1919), but also against the rising of the Communists, as the nearby USSR, formerly Russia, was a great example of what you DON'T WANT TO HAPPEN IN YOUR COUNTRY.

Oh, yeah, about the rhythm of history, the scale of this sort of thing seems to be a century or so, but the locations may change. The Russians have thrown off the yoke of Communism only 3 decades back, and the Chinese have (at least of the hard-core version) about the same time ago. They remember too much. These people need to find new location for this massive campaign of stupidity against human nature, in which that kind of misery has never even been felt. They need to try a new implementation, as "I'm sure it'll work next time. It just wasn't done right those last 5 times and places". I will post shortly more of my thoughts on this which relate, believe it or not, to Tucker Carlson.

It's only 13 minutes or so, this video that I described above:

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Macro-Stupidity in France

Posted On: Tuesday - November 13th 2018 11:01PM MST
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"Who is this retard?" ------- >

Peak Stupidity has no specific topic key for "French Stupidity", but then this is just about one specific Frenchman, the Globalist President of France, Emmanuel Macron. Mr. Macron apparently felt it necessary to insert some Globalist political opinion during the solemn occasion of the rememberance of veterans of The Great War on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. It's not just this Globalist shilling that's a problem, but it was the remark itself that is today's example of peak stupidity.

“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism; nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.” says the retard above. In what world does that statement make sense? Patriotism is about love for one's nation, and to have a nation to be patriotic about, there must be a policy of nationalism. If that throwaway line wasn't enough, Macron then doubled-down with "By saying we put ourselves first and the others don’t matter, we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes it great and what is essential: its moral values.” Saying Americans come first doesn't say others don't matter. Pat Buchanan sets Mr. Macron straight in his weekly column. I just wonder - Is this just what politicians get away with now - just use some big words that end in "ism", and even if it makes no sense whatsover? With a Lyin' Press that is both too stupid to see the illogic of this talk, and on-board with the narrative that Trump, being a nationalist is a bad guy, this stuff just flies through.

Commenter "Rational" under the Buchanan column says:
Macron must be getting deranged to utter idiotic oxymorons like this:

“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism; nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.”

Macron’s saying is as stupid as saying spaghetti is the exact opposite of pasta. Spaghetti is a betrayal of pasta.

Or truth is the opposite of correct.
President Macron could learn a bit from the guy in the picture above, if he cares a whit about his country. Though our President hasn't gotten done nearly what we'd have liked him to, in the cause of nationalism and patriotism, at least he knows the direction we want to go in. The French President is letting his country be destroyed, and he couldn't get better advice on that than from the Commie broad below. He's hanging out with the wrong crowd.

More on WWI tomorrow, then some more Tucker Carlson - I've just been commenting on other blogs the last coupla' days and running into brick walls trying to explain the obvious.

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The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month...

Posted On: Saturday - November 10th 2018 8:23PM MST
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... one complete century ago, the Great War, as it was called before World War II, was ended by treaty in Paris, France. The fighting ended, and basic terms for surrender were set, but all the details were not laid out and finalized until the notorious Treaty of Versailles was written in January of 1919.

I don't post on Sundays, but it sure IS Sunday in Paris right now, just 5 hours before the 11th hour, and this is surely more timely than one of the biggest Peak Stupidity blog-farts in which I'd posted about the end of the Great War ~ 1/2 year earlier by mistake. The song in that post will be repeated below, an anti-war song that you sure can't argue with.

Back when Americans learned real history and not some dicked-up PC cherry-picking nonsense, we studied Western Civilization through many European wars. I never did get how these European upon European conflicts could get so vicious, bloody, and long-lasting. Were the men on the other side that foreign to men on the one side? Well, no, but the elites determined that this was the way to settle things. The Great War, WWI, was supposed to have been the "war to end all wars" as it was larger in scale than anything seen before, and larger in carnage and deaths. The new machine gun made everything worse and forced a change in tactics from those of previous wars.

Upon looking back from a century down the line, but even a half-century, nobody can seem to come up with any good reason that this war should have been waged at all. Ethnic strife, conflicts over colonies, all blowing up into the big war that the Generals of France and Germany, especially, had already drawn up contingency plans for - couldn't it have been settled locally in places?

Really, when I think of the strife and stupidity of today's world, especially in our country, I think there is more reason around for something like this to happen than there was a century ago, by a long shot. Are we different people, now, not ready or able to fight this kind of conflict? Many are too used to prosperity and will not give that up, even if the result will be akin to slavery to the new system. However, anyone having seen the personal results of real war could not be wishing for anything like it again. This folk/traditional song, The Green Fields of France by the The Furies does a great job describing the sadness of many millions of men, but mostly boys, seeing the end of their lives with such pain, and no chance to experience anything more of life past this Great Bloody War (to end all wars).

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Ann Coulter looks on the bright side

Posted On: Saturday - November 10th 2018 8:30AM MST
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Peak Stupidity was not happy, of course, with the results of the midterm congressional and senatorial election results. It's pretty much about black bloc voting now, and before the election I stated that even "good" results haven't seemed to have mattered a whole lot.

Ann Coulter has a much more optimistic take on the election results. She is nothing if not wonky sometimes, and I have no argument with the specifics of her column, describing the importance of the races won, and what it means for conservatives and Trump supporters. Miss Coulter is always worth reading and is, in fact, rated A+ by the Peak Stupidity "staff", as touted here as number 1 pundit in all Americastan. We have raved about her here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, although we took exception here.

Miss Coulter has a good, snarky sense of humor too, which is second reason why I just had to post about this latest column. Here ya go:
Mercifully, of the 14 GOP traitors who voted for Rubio's amnesty, only six remain in office. Four were beaten, three retired one step ahead of the guillotine and one took the easy way out by dying.

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First Man - Movie Review

Posted On: Friday - November 9th 2018 10:05PM MST
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Besides being a review of a new movie, for a change, this post is also a review of GOING to the movies, as it's been quite a while. I will say, that this afternoon showing of the Neil Armstrong Biopic movie, First Man was fairly pleasant though the 2 factors that made it so were a) free tickets for most of us, and b) only a few people in the theater with us.

As far as (a) goes, yeah, they would have been $10 tickets, quite a shocker to a guy who hasn't been but once in a decade or so. There's no particular reasons that I've ever understood to watch a movie when it first comes out, at this kind of price, versus a year later, for free or almost, on a DVD or off Netlix, what-have-you. As for (b), another reason to stay home is to avoid loud annoying viewers*. With only 25 other people in a place that could hold 200, it was nice and quiet ... except for the rocket scenes which damn well have better been loud. I don't follow the box office opening weekend and total "takes", as I don't give a tinkerer's damn about the whole movie business. Is it entertaining and not annoying due to PC and an agenda? Good. I can't help but wonder if First Man isn't making much money, or are the movies that empty in general now (maybe cause they charge 10 bucks!)

Now, the movie itself was a good one. I'd give it a full 5 stars, unless you are one who is neither into anything technical nor into being proud of this greatest of moments in American history. Before I write anything more, I'd like to refer the reader to 3 reviews with reader comments from unz (but, of course): John Derbyshire's October Diary, under the heading The Moon … and Mars and Venus**. Mr. Steve Sailer, who LUVS the movies wrote this review, but then, as a comment below that one was a great review unto itself, Mr. Sailer kindly posted separately Buzz Mohawk's review.

Part of the internet-talk about this movie written before it came out was about the lack of a scene showing the planting of the American flag on the lunar surface as a big deal. I don't mean that the actual planting of the flag wasn't very symbolic and meaningful, but I don't think that scene was strictly necessary. The movie showed the Apollo program as being all-American, surprisingly enough.

More surprising was almost-total lack of Political Correctness. As Mr. Derbyshire wrote, they even have characters that smoke fairly incessantly. Smoking has switched places with the wacky-tobaccy in today's society as the evil drug, so often times, movie directors will act like there is no such thing. No problem in this movie. The space program was shown as a white man's project, as it was, with only the very quick takes (twice) of black guys wearing their headsets at the Houston mission control center. I mean by this, 1/2 second shots. I really wonder how much they paid the 2 (or was it really just one) black guy for this. "Hey, 250 bucks, man, yeah, just put this on, look to the left and act like you're concentrating." "No, OK, cut off the dreadlocks, and come back tomorrow, or we don't have a deal. There are a million other brothas on the street I can get for the scene."

I was worried about the technical realism a bit, especially from the first scene. As Neil Armstrong piloted his rocket plane in the upper reaches of the atmosphere, in the late 1950's keep in mind, the voice coming over his radio from the ground was clear and static-free. That was ludicrous, as this was before the Bose active-noise-reduction headset, with analog tuning, and he'd have been lucky to make out anything. This sounds like a quibble, but the voice was like the voice of God, and it made that scene kind of stupid. However, there was not much more of this unrealism that I could detect. In the landing scene, it shows the landing barely missing a crater that would have been totally unsuitable and probably have resulted in death. I reckon Armstrong would have piloted around this feature from much greater height.

That's not to say that this feat was not amazing, and speaking of the landing, Peak Stupidity posted a youtube video this past January of the Apollo 12 (next mission) actual landing footage with audio from > 48 years ago, with some discussion about it. Hit that link for supplemental material for this review. The scenes of the most exciting parts of the mission, along with scenes of the decision-making and training going on before hand are very good, IMO. It's about as good as the movie Apollo 13, in this respect.

One thing that may turn some viewers on and others off is the chick-flick drama that's part of this movie, regarding Neil Armstrong's family. Granted, this is more of a biography than Apollo 13 was, so I guess it belongs to some degree. As the other reviewers I linked to have stated, though, this is to bring in the female viewers, or at least to keep their interest. It was tolerable.

First Man was definitely a feel-good movie due to its recalling of this can-do time in the period of America's greatest strength. I'll excerpt one paragraph from the Apollo 12 landing footage Peak Stupidity post:
Back to the question - has there ever been a country in such great shape economically and demographically to have accomplished such a feat? I don't want to get into too much detail, but the electronics of the age were so far from what any cheap 10-year-old Motorola phone would have now (compared to the whole spacecraft put together!) that Earth was a different world from now too. The REAL ENGINEERING involved, no, not software programming, but true mechanical and electrical genius and problem-solving was tremendous. How far back has the onset of Socialism, being implemented that same decade, set American from the course to the stars that we could have otherwise stayed on? It's not just the money that's been wasted and done much more harm than good - it's the attitude of this whole place that has changed. The whole thing is saddening, ...
Go see First Man even if you do have to pay a pretty penny. After having seen it, I recommend that.

* ...The Rocky Horror Picture Show being a huge, huge exception, of course. I saw it in Germany, years after it was a big thing in America (they do get very behind over there on pop culture), and nobody squirted water guns, threw rice and bread, dressed up like characters, yelled at the characters at the appropriate times, or sang along. Were they that clueless, or was it just that they were Germans, it being Germany and all?

** These are very interesting, and something to look forward to once a month, but the topics really should be broken up into separate posts on unz. That's why I pointed specifically to that heading, which is his review of the movie in question.

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Say Goodnight, Sleepy Jeff

Posted On: Thursday - November 8th 2018 10:24PM MST
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We're tryin' to keep up with current events here, so I meant to write this last night. As I keep saying, this is not a news site, but still, I did have something to say about Jeff Sessions and his resignation from the job of US Attorney General (meaning head of the cabinet level Dept. of Justice).

The feud between the President and his own appointed Attorney General is below my pay grade. I don't know all the details. Many had high hopes for former Senator (R-Alabama) Jeff Sessions on the immigration front, as, per Ann Coulter, who ought to know, he was extremely beneficial to Americans as a Senator. To me, Mr. Sessions was one of President Trumps best picks, though, I guess he could have done more in a position more directly involved with immigration. John Derbyshire wrote I Support Sessions vs Trump—Because Mueller Is A Disease of the Skin, Immigration A Disease of the Heart 2 months back. There are many good arguments back-and-forth in the 59 comments thereunder that lay out some of the specifics.

To read more arguments made after the resignation (or firing, as the case may be), one can the > 200 comments under this one-line Steve Sailer post from last night.

Read it all if you care, but I do have one specific beef with the outgoing Attorney General, and that is about something that is very much in his job description. The unfair "justice" meted out by local, state, and other law enforcement after the Charlottesville, Virginia attacks (see also here and here) on peaceful defenders of Southern landmarks was never investigated by the D.O.J. under Jeff Session, under President Trump. It was well within his purview to look into this and put a stop to some of the anarcho-tyranny that's been increasingly being implemented throughout the land. Here you get the guy you've been hoping for, for at least one high position in the executive branch of the Feral Government, and even this guy won't fight for the rights of Americans. Just on this point alone, I say go on home, Sleepy Jeff.

Will Kris Kobach get appointed to the position? We can only hope. The ctrl-left is having a collective shit-fit over the President appointing a temporary AG until a decision is made, as if that's something out of the ordinary. Hell, didn't Øb☭ma have a temp. in for quite a while there? That's just business as usual, and if that pisses the left off, and they are pining for Jeff Sessions, that's another reason that I'm glad he's out. We need a fighter, not a lover sleeper.

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Housing Bubble 2.0 - is it close to popping?

Posted On: Thursday - November 8th 2018 9:09AM MST
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  Global Financial Stupidity

Peak Stupidity's last look at Housing Bubble 2.0, (Extra! Extra! West coast geeks and Chinese to be hardest hit!) was in late June of this year. It's been 5 months, so I wanted to display some data that shows a slight downturn. Keep in mind that the Case-Schiller (2 economists) data, taken from SeattleBubble.com due to the nice interactive graphs they've got, is always 3 months behind. This is August data, presented by "The Tim" (the SeattleBubble blogger) near the end of the month 2 months later, as usual. I look forward to seeing the new data near the end of each month, and here is the latest for all the west coast big cities, and then some representative ones around the country:

Seattle itself seems to have had the only real downturn in housing prices, but the others seem to be leveling off. See the data is for August, which is normally still in the rising period of the yearly cycles in the residential real estate business. It may not be much, and, by definition, a bubble is something that does not decrease in size SLOWLY. The reason for some of the financial stupidity existing in bubble form is that the causes, the moral hazards, that is, which start these processes, stay in place while the psychology of investors becomes "this will never end" or "I'm gonna get my share of this, no matter how stupid the prices always seemed." At some point a few people get wise early that this game of musical chairs will end, and yes, the music will stop. Things fall apart once too many people get wind of this wisdom.

This bubble is housing prices, especially in the west, is driven more by Chinese money, rather than just the psychology of version 1.0 in the mid '00's. I don't think these Chinese folks will run out of money anytime soon, but again, it just takes a few wise ones that think "hey, I can store my money this way, but I don't want to lose 50% of it in some kind of crash." Well, the more of them that think a crash is coming, the more quickly a crash WILL be coming.

We shall see. I'm just a spectator, not a speculator, in all this. Feels good - nothing to lose, nothing to gain. No, I don't want to gain easy money. It doesn't thrill me ... just weird that way, I guess.

PS: I'll repeat this again regarding the Case-Schiller numbers, as otherwise the reader's interpretation will likely be off. These numbers, indices actually, cannot be compared to each other as a comparison of prices, only a comparison of how each city's median house prices have risen/fallen from their values in the year 2000. A 200 in Los Angeles means the prices are 2 x the LA prices in the year-2000. A 200 in Atlanta means the same for Atlanta, but not that house prices in Atlanta = house prices in LA.

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Election'16 Black Bloc Voting

Posted On: Wednesday - November 7th 2018 7:42PM MST
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  Election '16/'18  Lefty MegaStupidity  Race/Genetics  ctrl-left

The very informative map-based graph below was obtained by Peak Stupidity from some comment under a Steve Sailer post on unz a week or more back. As I LUV LUV LUV maps, and we would like to present data some of the time here, rather than just shoot the bull, this one is perfect. Now, this racial, gender, and marriage-status (that last is not on here) voting pattern business is stuff that other bloggers, especially Mr. Sailer, who LUVS, LUVS, LUVS this kind of data, have discussed before, I'm not going to get all into it, but will write a few comments below. It's easy to interpret this and make your own conclusions. I will give one caution and that is that the lighter shades really should have been blended into a purple, Very light/bright red could be almost the same value as very light/bright blue on these graphs:

Look at that 3rd row! It's hard to tell exactly, but almost every state in the union is dark blue, meaning over 90% of blacks voted for D. Their may be a dozen states in the 80-90% range for the male vote, but the female vote and the combined are pretty ridiculously lopsided. For all three maps in that Black row, we see what pretty much anyone with an understanding of the term would call Bloc Voting. The Hispanic maps don't LOOK a whole lot prettier, but the men's one has a large swath of states with the very brighest blue, again, meaning almost the same as those 2 very bright red states.

The numbers would be relatively smaller by an order of magnitude than the Black and Hispanic ones, but I'd still have rather had the "Asian" voting numbers separated between Oriental and Indians. (Those links will explain very well what Peak Stupidity thinks of the new euphemistic terms.) As I wrote in the very last post, the Orientals don't lean R anymore. In this group of 5-10 million, the 1970's-80's contingent of hard-core anti-Commie Vietnamese are not a large part of this group anymore. The Chinese* are a much bigger pot now. As for the (dot-, tech-support-) Indians go, they've never been as conservative politically as they may still be socially.

Now, the complete hard-core utter hypocrisy going on now is that the ctrl-left has been (both pre- and post-) every election, tweet-ragging on white women that they must up their game and vote more in line with the ctrl-left's expectations. These expectations are for white people, period, to be more collectively suicidal. Steve Sailer has written dozens of posts on this, especially regarding the women's vote, and non-coincidentally, here's one from, like an hour ago. Well, just look at the map in row 2, column. Is that bloc voting? No, white people have been voting for who promotes the ideas that they believe in (and really expecting the elected to come through, hahah, ahahahahahaa). Yet, if they slide to a more than 55:45 tilt toward conservativsm, they are very bad people. You know what ctrl-left, fuck yourself and look at these maps, in either order. No, we don't write in this manner every day, but c'mon, these people don't even want to argue in any good faith. I should know that, but ...

Man! It took me 10 minutes, even using wikiquote, with its pages long list of quotes from the man, to finally land back at this VDare page for what I wanted. Mr. Sailer has repeated this quote by the late (2015) Singaporean Strongman* about voting patterns many times:
"In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”
It somehow seems that the internet, in particular Wikipedia, doesn't want you to easily find this stuff. The point is, though, white people aren't going to be able to vote on principle anymore when these ever-increasing groups vote "hey, whatever he stands for, he's the black guy, so, this is easy.".

* This is where I'd like to see this map display data broken out at the county level. For the Chinese vote, one could probably see the university effect, not from students, of course, but from those who stay in the cities, and the Chinese are nothing if not city dwellers. For other reasons too, a less granular map would have been nice.

** Yeah, this time it's not facetious using the term "strongman", as the Lyin' Press does for whomever they don't like running things in America. I believe Mr. Kew would have agreed, judging by some of the quotes I've been reading.

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Everybody Must Get Stoned

Posted On: Wednesday - November 7th 2018 2:22PM MST
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  Election '16/'18  University  Humor  Geography  ctrl-left  Bible/Religion  Socialism/Communism

Typical college town, this one not in the Gator Country:

This is a funny story from this Steve Saiiler post based solely on an idiotic, lying tweet by the actor who is Kumar, from the Harold & Kumar series of movies, which are pretty funny from what I've seen. Are Harold & Kumar the '00's version of the 1970's Cheech & Chong set of stoners? We neither know nor care, but granted, funny is funny. However, as Peak Stupidity has frequently noted, the ability to spout out movie lines with the appropriate emotion, just like the ability to sing in a rock band, does not make one an expert in damn thing. In his tweet though (we have not been down to Western Union to pick up our copy, is why it's not displayed here), Mr. Kal Penn, aka, Kumar, claims that he was stoned at the University of Florida, former top party school and top of the Gator Country.

No, no, readers, don't get me wrong. That does not SOUND like any kind of lie. You cannot NOT get stoned if you spend any time at the University of Florida. It's just that Mr. Penn, claims a different kind of stoning was involved. Republicans apparently threw rocks at him back in 2008, as he came to visit to help campaign for Øb☭ma. It's just that nobody's heard or read a thing about it until this Lyin' Tweet. Steve Sailer can come up with a lot better snark than your humble Peak Stupidity lead-poster, so:
Oddly enough, this vicious 2008 rock-throwing Republican assault on a movie star (Kumar from the Harold & Kumar movies) doesn’t appear to have gotten any media attention whatsoever before Penn’s tweet today.

Here’s a 2008 local newspaper account of Kal Penn’s late August visit to the U. of Florida that leaves out all mention of any stoning of the celebrity, probably due to some sort of Republican conspiracy that controls the media. (I can’t find any news coverage saying he came back in November 2008.)
I’m not a geologist, but does Florida even have a lot of rocks conveniently at hand for throwing at saintly Obama celebrity supporters? Isn’t Florida mostly made out of mud and sand?
See now that's a damn good point. Excepting a small bit of north-central Florida, which may or may not include Gainsville*, but includes Talahassee and such, the place is nothing but a big flat sandbar. One would expect "Kumar" to get stoned in the once sense, but it would not be at all easy for him to get stoned in the Old and New Testament sense:

They'll stone you when you're campaigning on the quad ...

Now, with that humorous piece of stupidity behind us, this post will have a 2nd part related to the election (just finished and others too). With the tie-in to the college campaign of that Kal Penn - no, it's NOT a dog food - twit's tweet, a commenter had mentioned the hard-left voting patterns of college towns in general. That would be a nice easy job for an enterprising mapmaking blogger at some point, to show these islands of socialism in oftentimes conservative areas of the country.

I see this blue pond, or even blue lake, depending on how big the school and town/city, effect in every big University town. It probably matters a whole lot that the voting age is 18, as opposed to 21 before Amendment XXVI was ratified in the summer of 1971. For a big school, that’s a lot of lefty votes that would not have been there 47 years ago, as students of that age tend to lean that way.

The biggest cause, though, is that many more of the hard-lefties and weirdos tend to stay around their university towns than the conservatives. The ctrl-left tend to be in majors for which there are not that many jobs outside of government and the universities, including their alma mater. Granted, not that many of the "studies" and other humanities majors will get the academic positions at their own colleges. Things aren't usually done that way. However, there are thousands of other positions as adjunct instructors, and assistant deans of this or that, that these MS and PhD graduates will take to stay out of the real world, maybe forever (OK, until Peak Stupidity). If not that, you will find them staying in town to work those barista jobs at the coffee shops (see also, here). On the other hand, the conservatives, most with better job prospects, may need to move on for work and later move OUT a ways for the kids' sake.

The huge influx of foreign, especially Chinese students into the universities does not help matters. Whenever they first get a chance to, if. they stay, then their votes will lean fairly heavily left nowadays, excepting when the candidate does not uphold policies that are particularly good .. for the Chinese.

I had a landlady when I was in college in a pretty left-wing area. She reminded me (nicely) on voting day “could you please vote against those (certain particular) city councilmen? They are just Communists!” Well, I had no problem voting against Commies, even back at that age, but I can’t remember if I thought “I have no idea who they are, so I shouldn’t vote in those races.” or trusted her judgement, or else forgot about that, and just worried about the national/state elections. Either way, I think now that that lady was probably pretty far left in her time. Perhaps she was getting what she deserved, as now that she (and her husband, who seemed a conservative guy) had this big house in a nice area near campus, all of a sudden she didn’t like socialism and big taxes!

PS: I did THINK about including the appropriate Bob Dylan song here, but that one is kind of a novelty song, and it's not a good tune really. I like to put only really good songs up here on Peak Stupidity.

* Yes, excepting the blue island of Gainsville, this part of Florida is in the South. Florida is the only state of the union in which one must head north to get to the South.

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Election Day 2018

Posted On: Tuesday - November 6th 2018 11:02AM MST
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  Election '16/'18  Humor  ctrl-left

We're tryin' to keep up with "current events"* here at Peak Stupidity, but it's not our forte. Even so, I remembered this morning that it is election day just from the fact that the schools are closed. Wasn't that just for every-4 years Presidential elections back in the past? Personally, I think that the governor just wants that steady support from the teachers, and will call school off days for special elections for replacement of the dog catcher,** any wind gusting to over 15 knots, and pretty soon, earthquake watches from the people that give us Global Climate modeling.

I don't know what to tell the reader today. I had to vote earlier due to work that brought me out of town today. It was very busy last week in that voting location, with 6 booths and still a line slightly out the door. The fact that only 10% white people were in the lobby with me, and a look a day later as I drove by that showed a bigger line of the same crowd, I don't think my vote meant a whole lot. It's hard for individuals to vote against THE BLOC. If you feel that voting is a waste of your time just due to the fact that nothing's gonna change just due to a different admixture of the red and blue squads, I can understand that too.

It's probably just a matter of the decent people wanting to delay the inevitable Peak Stupidity, that has been brought about over arguably 6 decades now by the non-decent people of this country. We will get to some bad times financially, socially, and politically, I have no doubt. It's like pulling a couple of decaying teeth out, though. We can do it now, but you may be down for a day, or we can delay it - got an appointment time for you next Spring, and we can supply you with painkillers to last till then - what's it gonna be? It's just that, come Spring, we may need a bigger pair of pliers.

Whatever you do today, readers, watch out for those hanging chads - they'll put an eye out.

*It's just that the term current events seems so quaint now. That's what we called clipping out some news articles and talking about them back in 5th grade. Now, it's just the big shitshow we document as Peak Stupidity.

** I guess dog catching is not very controversial these days, as when have you ever heard the kind of rancor that you see everyday now for national elections in those important elections for dog catcher ... important, if you're a dog, at least.

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The Green Inferno - Monday Night Horror flick review - Part 2

Posted On: Monday - November 5th 2018 12:45PM MST
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  Treehuggers  Movies  Race/Genetics

WARNING: This post is a spoiler. DO NOT READ, if you want to watch it with suspense.

Peak Stupidity posted this movie review of The Green Inferno, a movie heard about serendipitously in the midst of writing a number of posts, uhhh, let's say slightly critical of, the pre-Columbian inhabitants of our couple of continents that we call The New World. It so happened that an images of this freaked out white girl in the midst of cannibals that I just randomly saved was from this movie, and I only checked the movie out due to some SJW's caption with the photo saying "don't watch this movie ... it's racisss ... aahhh!" Hey, any mention, good or bad, is good advertising, so they say (in a better way that I can't seem to think of right now).

I gave you readers ONE WEEK to see this movie, dammit, with a warning that a discussion of the ending was coming. Please quit reading right here, if you still want to watch it - I give it 5 stars for nightmare-conducive horrow, BTW. You can come back to this one anytime. OK, some of you have lives, I! GET! THAT! [/Carlson]

These two images are from the trailer, so now I see what the marketing plan was for this flick:

Sucks you in with the treehugging ...

... then hits you with the HORROR.

To recap just a tad, after the movie's treehuggers-for-the-win against the nasty money-making working people part, there is this (as usual) unrealistic plane crash - well, OK the hitting the trees and ground part is pretty good, just not ...

... doing an aileron roll to try to put out an engine fire:

Then a bunch of the horror stuff happens, as these SJW's, or the ones that are intact still after the crash, are captured by the very tribe that they were successfully saving. Then, this one guy gets eaten right away, the rest of them are locked in a cage, another gets eaten (the movie stretches from lunch into dinner), blah, blah, yeah, the usual stuff you get when you immigrate into a cannibal-Peruvian community uninvited .. or even invited, and so forth and so on.

Here is jungle version of the nice Minnesota lady bringing brownies to your house
to welcome you, the new neighbor:

Could she be Neil Young's long-lost love?

OK, here's the ending spoiler, finally: Besides the real scum of this SJW group, the leader, who is even more not worth saving, all the rest end up dead besides the star of the movie, Justine. In real life, she is actually Lorenza Izzo, wife of the later director of The Green Inferno, Eli Roth. I guess keeping her alive was a nice gesture. This fairly comely young lady, but again, not quite hot enough to warrant the underwear scenes, forcing this reviewer to take off a star, miraculously gets pulled out of the jungle, though I think she'd rather die than me call the "rain forest" a jungle. Rain forest, jungle, whatever, at the end she is back in New York city with her well-to do Dad who is UN Ambassador or something, very helpful if you need extraction from this or that jungle.

This Peak Stupidity created split-screen image is of Justine and her Dad
having a nice $300 sit-down dinner in NYC.

Dad: "Peru is dangerous. You can't just go invade a country because you see them as doing something immoral."

Justine: "I know. I just think I should be doing something about the rainforest." [Jungle, dammit!]

I guess those are the best lines the IMDB contributors could find, almost as good as "Go ahead punk, make my day!",I suppose.

I couldn't find any images of the ending so just put an image of a nice clean NYC boardroom in your head, in which Justine is doing a debriefing of her experience with the tribe on cannibals. She then told the suits that, no, there was no untoward cannibalism or anything not nice at all about this jungle tribe. They were perfect ladies and gentleman, is the impression she leaves.

This part just shocked me, people. Here we were, at the end of a gory, but kind of heartwarming, movie in which the young ignorant treehugger SJWs get their on-screen comeuppance, with extreme prejudice, if I may. It seemed like this director or screenwriter, though having made the movie for the horror fans, also wanted to put a little bit of possible reality in there. Not all of the now-digested SJWs in the movie were supposed to have been bad people, I figured, but they were ignorant, so a hard lesson was learned by the one non-digested member of the group.

NOPE. Justine, the remaining SJW, found it necessary to lie to the government diplomats in her debriefing in order to SAVE THE TRIBE. They'd eaten all her friends*, yet she was so, so virtuous that she must lie to save these noble savages of the Peruvian jungle. It's ludicrous, but, I don't know, are young people like this now? You tell me. It'd take a whole lot of brainwashing, it seems like even more than the usual pre-K - grad school 20 years to produce this kind of stupidity. Think, Justine, all of your new SJW friends got EATEN alive, OK, and the gore and horror was something you will have in your nightmares the rest of your on-screen life!

Whatever happened to normal people in the movies, say Apocalypse Now (no, not Apocalypto Now!), where, once a chopper gets taken out, and a guy's leg is half blown-off by the natives, you call in the A-4's to "blow the place back to the Stone Age"? See, that would have been a perfectly good, satisfying ending**, but noooo, Eli Roth had to blow it!

That's what I get out of this very unpleasantly surprising ending. I could be wrong - was this all to make sure nobody would come rescue the crud de la crud, the one guy purposefully left behind and alive in the cannibals' cage? That wouldn't make sense though, as it had to be at least a couple of days later and that head-of-the-SJWs would have already been in the lower intestinal tracts of this noble tribe by this point.

No, I've now gotta say, that other than as a movie to watch just for gore and horror, The Green Inferno sucks, completely due to this sick, stupid 1 minute ending scene! What a shame, and that's why I found it necessary to have a 2nd post - I couldn't have told the reader why the movie sucked without blowing it.

Oh well, we'll always have Lars' ... intestines, that is:

* Oh, except her college friend from the beginning who wisely decided she wasn't into this treehugging shit.

** Wait, what's that you say, they already are in the Stone Ages? Oh, yeah, how about the pre-Cambrian, from the pre-Columbian to the pre-Cambrian via the use of only 3 well-placed taxpayer-paid-for air-to-ground missiles.

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Happy Birthday to Pat Buchanan

Posted On: Saturday - November 3rd 2018 11:24AM MST
In Topics: 
  TV, aka Gov't Media  History  Pundits  Media Stupidity  Americans

Political Operative, Candidate, Statesman ...

... and Pundit. The bulwark of Conservatism of > 5 decades running turned 80 years old yesterday. A guy named Wayne Allensworth wrote this great article in reflection called Pat Buchanan at 80—“Right From The Beginning,” After All. I won't excerpt any of it, so please read the whole thing, and one can make comments under the article at unz.com here. Additionally, I noticed this morning that Steve Sailer had a simple one-line "Happy Birthday" post, but it'll have many interesting comments underneath, as usual.

Peak Stupidity has written posts in reference to Mr. Buchanan's columns often, when they appear on unz. I noticed that there are too many to list here quickly, so click on that Pundits topic key find some. As I wrote already, it's been over 50 years that one could have heard from the man in some capacity, as a speechwriter for President Richard Nixon*, TV pundit on Press the Meat (or something), 1992 US Presidential candidate, and current-day widely-known pundit, and I've never had much of a disagreement with him in all that time. One might say, "why would he care?" what Peak Stupidity thinks, but I've heard that Mr. Buchanan is a very personable guy, and not some cold-hearted political ass-kissing wonk (more on this in a bit).

It seems like Mr. Buchanan looks back fondly at his time being on the conservative side of the battles of the 1960's. He knew things were going wrong then, but the next 20 - 30 years showed a false recovery in the conservatism of American society. I wrote "false" there, as, even with Ronald Reagan's presidency, and things in society having gotten steadily less wacky during the '60's-era wind-down - say 1975 through 1980 - things were NOT right again. During that time, the '60's radicals were steadily infiltrating all of the institutions: governments, universities, and the press. It's not that Pat Buchanan, the John Birch Society, and others weren't aware and warning us of this stuff during this time. As Peak Stupidity discussed in When did the Feral Government get OUT OF CONTROL? (Part 2), it wasn't really until the mid 1990's that one could see things would continually move in the wrong direction, against both conservatism and liberatarianism.

Just before that, in the spring of 1992, Pat Buchanan threw his hat in the ring for the Republican nomination for President. Now in case the reader was not much around/aware and not interested in political history, the presidential race in 1992 was not a simple 2-way deal. Mr. Ross Perot (a smarter, proto-Trump, as it were) entered the race in late February, just one day after Pat Buchanan WON the early New Hampshire primary by a few thousand votes over the incumbent George H.W. Bush. It would have been very nice to have those 2 choices, but would have probably happened is what DID HAPPEN - the D candidate, Bill Clinton, won the 3-way contest with 43% of the popular vote and 370 electoral votes. 37% / 168 went to Bush, and Mr. Perot got 19% of the popular votes, but won no states. A little more from the link just above on Ross Perot:
Ross Perot ran for a 3rd party ticket in 1992, eventually named the "Reform Party", but that name may have come later on. However, by 2016 primary time, or even 2012 with Ron Paul, the 3rd party option had almost been completely suppressed by the 2 wings of our red/blue = purple party with complicity of the Gov't Media, aka Lyin' Press.
Interestingly, but not coincidentally, Mr. Buchanan ran in 2000 as the Reform Party candidate, following in the footsteps of Ross Perot, who was possibly just "sick of all this shit" (MY WORDS, not his!!)

I can remember wanting nothing to do with George H.W. Bush, after his reneging on his "read my lips, no new taxes", along with the realization that he probably was no friend of conservatives, but just a neocon (though I admit I didn't understand the concept back then). Mr. Perot should have gotten my vote, but his Deep-State induced dropping-out/coming-back in the campaign turned me off, as I didn't understand that well enough either. NO, are you crazy? Of course I didn't voter for the sleaze bag, just back to "L" for Libertarian. One can look back and think of how much better we all would have been if Mr. Buchanan had prevailed. The Lyin' Press was pretty much geared up pretty well in 1992, and they were gonna have none of the upstart true conservative getting very far. They buried his campaign as they did for Ron Paul 20 years later.

Now, to the 3rd picture of the man today. Peak Stupidity wrote in Future Alabama Honorable Senator Roy Moore and the Supreme Court that Mr. Buchanan is just too civil and decent a guy to argue with the ctrl-left in the CE (Current Era) This parallels, on a large scale, the old-fashioned trusting American society's naivety in dealing with the ctrl-left's implementation of refugee-importation, tolerance for the BLTG-QWERTY nonsense, University stupidity, gun-control, and the slow-but-steady imposition of Socialism. People have been trying to compromise and play nice and fair with evil. The evil keeps on pushing. They do not want compromise. Mr. Buchanan writes a lot in a manner that would fit fine in 1985. From the previous link:
He writes about political strategy as in how many votes "we" get if this happens, and what the Senate rules are with the "nuclear option" having been set up by the D's, and it's gonna work against them .. blah blah. OK, you DO know how all this works better than a lowly Peak Stupidity blogger, Pat, but listen, things are not as civil politically as you are used to, and they are quickly getting even less civil. The rules don't matter to the cntrl-left, and most of the people we think are on our side are not on our side. I have not seen ANY political legislation/ruling/whatever go in the RIGHT direction since the EARLY 1990's, Pat! The elite have been getting what they want, one way or another.
Sorry if that sounds harsh. Again, Pat Buchanan is just too civil for these times. That doesn't make his writing wrong, but as things more along, prose writing ability may not be as important as simple ad-lib talk from your Tommy Robinsons instead. (30 seconds from him here.) The times of convincing people with logic on political issues is gone. I think if Mr. Buchanan were 30 years younger, he'd probably agree. Change ain't easy, and we dont' want him to change anyway.

Happy Birthday to a true friend of conservatives over the many years!

Lastly, the Media Stupidity tag is attached, as I was floored** by the search results from bing.com in a search for a few facts on Pat Buchanan's TV career: A search for "Pat Buchanan Meet the Press" gives the following at the top (excepting one youtube video above them). No, there's no bias at all there at Bing - of course not!

* Hey, the guy was President, so I guess that gave Mr. Buchanan the best venue for his conservative views, but, man, Nixon is no favorite of Peak Stupidity. Probably his stance on law-and-order during the turbulent times of the late 1960's - see again, PS post - may have been the main reason to like the guy. However, his financial stupidity in un-tethering the US dollar from real money, his stupidity in supporting, even promoting, Affirmative Action, and other forms of stupidity too numerous to discuss, made him no conservative at all. The hell with that guy.

** Not literally - I can still ... reach the keyboard ... barely .... owww! ... just a rotater cuff ... pay no mind...

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For want of a rubber washer, 45 minutes was lost.

Posted On: Friday - November 2nd 2018 6:55PM MST
In Topics: 
  Curmudgeonry  Poetic Stupidity

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

- proto-Pundit Mother Goose

That is an excellent nursery rhyme, best for the children older than 8 or so. Things do go like that. There I was today, with no rubber washers aka hose face seals, but, having heard the nursery rhyme somewhere (did Mother Goose even HAVE a blog?), I didn't want to let things go that far with hooking up a washing machine - better get new ones for both hoses.

First of all, it's worth explaining to the young ones, that if you don't know where you put something, then you may as well not even have it! That was the case here, but again, to avoid bad consequences I figured I'd better get a pack of these 10 - 12 ¢ items or risk a leak: For want of a rubber washer, a good seal was lost, for want of a good seal, the subflooring was lost, etc, etc. This curmudgeonry post is more about the journey than the washers.

On the way to the nearest hardware store, now 3-4 miles away, when it used to be 1/2 mile, I dropped by the grocery store just in case that had some near the light bulbs. No go, but then I ran into another parent and chatted for 10 minutes about the kids. Once finally at the hardware store, I noticed that the guy was remodeling or something ... nope he is closing up in a month. (This is very pertinent to the Peak Stupidity posts written a year back on the decreasing infrastructure for Do-it-yourselfers and tinkerers in America, as opposed to in China - China vs. America and the local hardware store and DIY and mechanical aptitude in Americans vs. Chinese - self rebuttal) Oh, a guy bought him out of rubber hose washers yesterday, as everything was 25% off. Great.

It was off to the big-box store then. Besides taking 5 minutes to get in the store (vs. 15 seconds at the hardware store) it took 5 minutes to get to the right department and aisle (could have been in plumbing, right, but nope, gardening). Oh, then it was not too bad, only 1 minute in line to pay, though it could easily have been another 5* (vs 30 sec at the hardware store).

45 minutes later found me installing these simple items in the proper places to prevent this kingdom being eventually lost due to water damage. America's manufacturing infrastructure at all levels is declining. This is a small part of it, spending 3/4 hour getting a small ubiquitous part that, well, should have been on my shelf. You've gotta be your own hardware store anymore. Inventory, bitchez!

* Yeah, nobody was doing fancy-assed transactions (see middle paragraph) at least, just paying money for stuff, per the original idea of a store and a check-out lane.

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