The Coming Out of Lindsey Grahamnesty?

Posted On: Monday - October 15th 2018 5:00PM MST
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It's a week or two since the end of the whole SCOTUS "advise and consent" drama, but there's a reason it's still pertinent to discuss this guy, Miss Lindsey Grahamnesty, or Senator Lindsey Graham, I'll start calling him, if I actually end up believing he's a decent guy 2 or 4 years from now. Time will tell, and that's what this post is about, rather than specifically about the Senator's "spirited" defense of the S. Court nominee, Judge Kavanaugh. (I honestly forgot this judge's first name just now, so let's just call him "Judge".) Could Peak Stupidity have been wrong in our number of posts decrying almost all politicians at the high level as psychopaths who don't give a rat's hootie about Americans and their future? Did Senator Grahamnesty just come out as a real conservative, not the Neocon hack he's been for a coupla decades?

I'll say again here that I don't watch any TV, but a friend suggested I watched just the 4-5 minute video of Senator Grahamnesty's rant during those hearings. Yeah, it's uplifting to hear someone tell some truth and stand up against the ctrl-left and feminists for a spell. I can't tell if it's just an act for sure. I believe it is, but more on this shortly. Because, I haven't watched any TV in some time, I'm used to getting the news from where I want on the net. In general, I think that's better. The politicians and their Lyin' Press department can act and lie all they want, but all I get is what they said, along with what they did, or what actually happened later. I really believe things would be different in politics if people did this, and the TV was not a factor - a guy can dream, can't he?

However, there is a lot to be learned from our intiutive senses upon watching these people run their mouths. Many people can get a good sense of the truthfullness, or lack therof, from verbal and nonverbal ques. Write what you think in the comments (PUT "PS" first!). My opinion, especially after the 2nd viewing, is that the Senior Senator from SC was PROBABLY acting. Yes, it would have been a good acting job, better than any laymen could do, and better than most actual actors. However, politicians are WAY BEYOND the level of the Hollywood movie people! Acting is pretty much their live's works. These people have high degrees of a quality one may readily call psychopathy.

Mr. Grahamnesty sure sounded like he was on our side. Peak Stupidity itself wondered, a few weeks back, when this farce was still going on,
Even though I know they want to cuck-out (most of the R-squad of The Party), I wonder if these guys are thinking “hey, if that made-up ridiculous story ends up derailing this nomination, imagine what will happen if the press learns one little inkling of my past at college… or, uhhh, last year, for that matter.” Lots of the anti-Trump GOPe may be trying to work in cahoots with the D-squad, but they could be smart enought to realize that, NO, they are not safe, come election time.

This same stuff can be trotted out against any one of them, just to get a ctrl-left, or non-white of any kind, in office 2 or 4 years from now. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, white members of Congress. They would be wise to put a stop to this business, even if only out of self-interest. Miss Lindsey is probably the best example of this, and Miss Grahamnesty’s position has been a SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE!
Was he really as irate as he looked though? It's not like he is in any dangere of being #metooed by some young lady, IMO (pound-me-too! by other than a lady, well, ...*). Something tells me that a general consensus was formed, whether by a real plan, or just a general feeling, within the Red Squad of The Party that Kavanaugh was going to be OK for the Feral Gov't's purposes. Mr. Grahamnesty's tirade sounded contrived to me. I really wish it didn't, even if that does go against a number of things I've written on the Red Squad/Blue Squad concept. I'll continue on this in the next post on the "coming out of Mr. Grahamnesty.*

* OK, Peak Stupidity does have a habit of giving anyone we don't like a lot of grief with whatever insults we can come up with. We freely admit to that. It comes under the strategy of ridiculing those who are indirectly out to get us. That's why I wrote near the top that if this Senator has acted like a conservative by his next election, I will quit giving him grief verbally on this web site, and call him by his real name. It takes me a long while to forgive things like trying to amnesty millions of illegal aliens.

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Cheap China-Made Crap - who's responsible?

Posted On: Monday - October 15th 2018 6:31AM MST
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That's a cool-looking toy you got there -
shame if Chinese Q/A were to happen to it.

Peak Stupidity will never run out of items for the topic key Cheap China-Made Crap, as, well, everything you buy is made there, and not all of it seems to work. I thought about the tire repair kit story after I'd planned to write about the toy above, so here goes.

The foam glider pictured above is not meant to last forever, obviously. I! GET! THAT! It's bound to have worse crash statistics than a squadron of Kamikazes... but, but... look at all those LEDs. Kids like lights. The Chinese like lights. It's a win-win.

Before I mention what was wrong with this product, let me discuss one thing first. Whose fault is it that one can't buy many consumer goods that aren't shoddy? Until fairly recently, it's been American companies specifying the manufacturing of the products, right? There is plenty of corruption on the China side, but the design of the products has been mostly done on the American side. I'm not necessarily faulting the engineers, as I think the marketing folks probably have a big hand in bringing costs down to where the parts specified are crap.

One could say that it's the consumers that drive this, as they are the ones buying the junk at the Wal-mart/Target/K-mart/Sears low prices. They won't settle for the same products at 25 - 50% higher that might just be better made. Sure, but do you have a choice at all now? No. You did in 1995, but I guess we blew it by going for the Chinese stuff. That may not be the case either, as per Inflation and Chinese Imports and Exports, my recollection is that the Chinese products were more decent back when the flood of goods started, in the mid-1990's. The companies saved money on the labor, at first (big money), but then profits had to keep rising, and they started gunning for the cheapest parts. At this point, Americans are even more used to throw-away stuff then used to be (see the longer post - Cheap China-made crap in a throw-away country), so the companies don't see quality problems as any kind of problems at all. That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it.

It's the current era now, though (it usually is), and at this point, it's specification of cheap components by the engineers/marketers/production managers, corruption via substitution of even junkier stuff in China, and no respect for Q/A that add together to create a lucrative topic key here on Peak Stupidity.

That all said, what's the complaint this time?! Well, the glider above has a switch for its LEDs on the bottom that can be turned off, so's one doesn't run out the batteries while it sits in the toy box. We got it home and inserted the 3 batteries, after which the wing is attached simply, and then noticed this switch would not turn the lights off. Yeah, it had an "OFF" position, but that didn't work. I though of the work-around of just pulling the batteries out each time we got done with it, but then had 3 second thoughts:

1) Taking the wing off and on to get to the batteries, along with one small wiring connector, was bound to wear out this glider as much as crashing it would.

2) Why should I do that workaround? We just bought the damn thing.

3) To get things to ever change, the manufacture must get some feedback. I don't mean an nasty email, a note on yelp or 1-star review on amazon. People learn better when they lose something. This company, Firefox Toys needed to lose the 20 bucks to learn anything. Way back, at the beginning of this blog, I wrote, in China, Inc., where quality is job 4,
Same as usual, the people at the store don't have time to know or care about what broke. I understand that, but I always let them know the story. I quit feeling bad about returning anything that may be broken due to slight misuse (up to the point of being backed up over by the car). I told the one girl, to the effect of: Hey, I'll keep coming back with these until we've got use out of 'em. I wonder whether the US headquarters will do the math and compare selling 3 or 4 of these for the cheap price versus 1 good one at double the price?* I know, I know, math is hard, especially for these CEO's.
One difference with the purchase of this glider was that it was a Mom & Pop operation (I only saw the Pop), so the guy did care, when I came back. It was all very friendly, and I asked out of concern whether the owner would lose out. No, he told me, and I was sure glad to hear that.

We picked out another one. Just to check out the switch on the new one (and to keep my batteries I had left in to show him the problem), I took the parts of the new glider's box and tested the switch. Yea, it worked! Oh, well, since I dug into this, are all the parts there? No, they sure weren't! The 2nd plane had no horizontal tail. I was decent enough, just because this was NOT a non-caring chain toy store, to tell him "I'll use the stabilizer from the old one with the rest of the new plane". That saved the strapped Chinese firm from having 2 returns instead of 1, not really my intention. I just don't like waste, though, and couldn't help myself on that.

Nice Q/A job, Firefox Toys. Out of a sample of 2 there was one electrical defect and one missing part, meaning 2 non-functional toy gliders. I'm no statistician, but I just can't imagine those are good numbers!

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ICE jails Chinese Spy Si Chen

Posted On: Saturday - October 13th 2018 9:31AM MST
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NOT Si Chen, but Julie Chen,
and not under arrest for anything (far as we know):

She's probably not even kin to Si Chen, and they're not all spies, see?

(Note: Listen I couldn't find a photo of the lady in question,
so this is all I could come up with.)

VDare now has a continuing series with stories of arrests by ICE, Iimmigration and Customs Enforcement. If you've read this Peak Stupidity for any significant length of time, you've gotta know that we are NO FANS OF THE US FERAL GOV'T. Immigration and customs (people and stuff) control is one area that is actually a Constitutionally approved function of the US Gov't (look under the preamble* to see "provide for a common defence" - nope, they were wise men, but not the best spellers ;-}

It is good to read about what does get done to export the serious criminals of the immigration-invasion set, but it's just drops in the bucket so far. There IS the effect of discouraging the rest from staying out in the sunshine, but it's not enough. BUILD THE WALL! After that, the deportations will mean something positive, not just a decrease in the negative.

The latest ICE arrest report post, from today is ICE: Los Angeles-Area Woman (Si Chen) Sentenced to Federal Prison in Scheme to Smuggle Restricted Space Communications Technology to China. Notice even VDare called this Miss Si Chen an LA Woman, specifically from Pomona, though they normally would not be so PC. She is NOT a citizen, and probably not a green card holder; she's just called a "Chinese National". Was she just over here doing the defense industry jobs American electrical engineers just won't do? What WAS she doing here, besides:
... Chen used several aliases and a forged Chinese passport to conceal her smuggling activities. Chen used a Chinese passport bearing her photo and a false name – “Chunping Ji” – to rent an office in Pomona where she took delivery of the export-controlled items. After receiving the goods, Chen shipped the devices to Hong Kong, and from there the items were transshipped to China. The parcels shipped to Hong Kong bore her false name, along with false product descriptions and monetary values, all done in an effort to avoid attracting law enforcement scrutiny.
When you read these types of stories, just like with any kind of standard criminal behavior, you know there are lots more that didn't get caught yet, and plenty that never will. Even the ones that do, for the piddling amount spent by the Chinese gov't, they may have cost the America defense industry, OK, offense industry, 10's of millions in development costs. There are plenty of actual Americans who can do electrical engineering and electrical technician work, but the universities bring over the foreigners for the bucks. No one involved seems to give a rat's ass about the future.

You've also got to really wonder what the Neocons (see 2nd part also), have to say for themselves about stories like this. Their "invade-the-world, invite-the-world" strategy** is not working out too well here. They are the ones that LOVE LOVE LOVE the massive immigration from EVERYWHERE (we don't care), yet if they want to keep invading the world, they'd really better think about the technology-dependent state of the US military, and it's ability to keep its advantage. Otherwise a very serious amount of people will get killed in a non-lopsided real war.

Should these neocons be ragging on Russia, much less China? The Russians have been getting more cozy with the rest of the Asians, as we piss them off every day. One can't blame them. Screw with Russia, and the Chinese may just remotely flip that one transistor that makes all that hardware just go to "stand-by" mode. They'll be a lot of blinking LEDs that are supposed to be steady!

BTW, the CNBC (caution, "System Media") article on this story is LA woman arrested on charges of smuggling US space technology to China. Who are you all kidding? Miss Si Chen just doesn't sound like an LA woman, and definitely not THE LA Woman. Sure, things were pretty whacked-out in Los Angeles in 1971 when Rock legend/weirdo Jim Morrison sang this. However, California was still a paradise then, and Chinese people could not willy-nilly arrive in California, get a job in the defense industry, and go about sending high-tech items to China. I don't even think anyone in China knew how to read a blueprint back in the Mao era anyway - too busy struggling against the capitalist roaders and/or starving to death.

Listen to The Doors and tell me if Si Chen is the LA Woman the song evokes:

"Where the little girls in their Hollywood bungalows?
Are you a lucky little lady in the city of light,
or just another lost angel?

(The rest of the song, from the album of the same name, is about the city Los Angeles, not any particular woman.)

The Doors were:
Jim Morrison – lead vocals, harmonica, percussion, synthesizer
Ray Manzarek – keyboards, vocals
Robby Krieger – electric guitar, vocals
John Densmore – drums, percussion

* In case I get a retort to the effect of, "well, 'to promote the general welfare' is in there too", which is abused to no end, there is VERY SPECIFIC wording in the Bill of Rights to tell us that the government can not do most of what is done to "promote the general welfare".

** If you can call stupidity a strategy, that is, this term was coined by either Steve Sailer or someone else at VDare, to the best of my recollection.

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Fred Reed's Lifelong Siesta - Part 2

Posted On: Friday - October 12th 2018 9:06PM MST
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(continued from previous post)

Same worthless bastard as last post.

When I cut off the previous post, I was not done venting my feelings about the pundit Fred Reed, he also being an example of plenty of others that annoy me with hypocritical stupidity.

From a pundit who used to lay out very well and entertainingly how this country has changed for the worse, he is now not just all things Mexican, but anti-every single thing about America and Americans. He writes that Americans should calm down about the huge illegal alien invasion, learn to get along with the Hispanic people living here (people HAVE been pretty damn tolerant, Fred), and appreciate Mexico more. On that last point, he seems to always look at Americans as rubes, who don't get out enough to dispel their notions of Mexico being nothing but corrupt Federales (well, they are!), donkey sex shows, travel via burros, and siestas. Americans, in fact, travel a lot more than when I was younger, and especially when Fred was. I seriously doubt, with their significantly lower average income, that Mexicans are just worldly wise, and don't have any erroneous stereotypes of America and Americans.

Anyway, I can let all that go. What angered the hell out of me enough to write these 2 posts, though, was more than that. Fred Reed is now against the opinions and work of any Americans that are trying to FIX the damn problems that he bitches about bi-weekly. Mr. Reed complains about America becoming 3rd-worldy, yet he hates the writers from VDare who have been documenting the increasing problems due to the huge influx from, oh yeah, the 3rd world! (I still wonder whether his animosity toward VDare is just over money, maybe a coupla hundred bucks, as he used to write for them for a short while, then he didn't.) Mr. Reed writes nasty things about President Trump and the deplorables who support him in order to fix the problems that Reed has been pissing and moaning about for a coupla' decades.

Let me just put this in imaginary-conversation form to make it real clear why Fred Reed sucks:

FR: "Americans shouldn't badmouth people from my (new) country."

Americans: "We'd love for Mexico and Mexicans to stay as they are... down there. Too many, including a lot of the worst of them, are living here."

FR: "It's a done deal. You've got to live with them. There's 50-odd million Hispanics in America. They've been assimilating just fine. I'm not arguing you need to let more in."

Americans: "No, they haven't been assimilating, or we wouldn't even be worried about this. We just need to stop the flow with a wall, one of the primary reasons we voted for Donald Trump."

FR: "A wall is such a stupid idea. Walls don't work. Trump is an idiot to talk about this stupid wall."

Americans: "Sure a wall will work.* The problem is that President Trump has not come through for us."

FR: "Donald Trump is s tyrant!"

Americans: "Uhh, no, we kinda wish he were, but if Trump were a tyrant, we'd have a border wall with Mexico.

FR: "Trump is a tyrant! And, you have all sorts of stupid stuff happening with SJWs, feminists, corrupt politics, and the police state, that I've been watching on TV."

Americans: That's what we are trying to stop by electing outsiders, like Trump. We've been making websites, writing articles, giving talks, getting out the vote, and putting down our hard-earned money to try to fight this stupidity."

FR: "You're all a bunch of mean, xenophobic fanatics."

FR: "Your country is going down the tubes. You've got so many groups of people that will never get along. It wasn't like that in my youth. Now, it's bad, so I left."

Americans: "Yes, you're quite right. Our best bet now is to stop digging. Then, maybe we can fix things."

FR: "Fix things? You're a bunch of hateful Americans ..."

Fred Reed writes often of his upbringing in the Tidewater area (the SE) of Virginia, when America was still the freest land ever seen on this Earth. Since he's left there, he's traveled the world, writing about this problem and that. Now, from Mexico, where he can't do anything to help, he writes about this problem and that and those damn hateful bastards that think they can fix things. Has Fred Reed ever done anything constructive since he left Tidewater Virginia? He's made a living documented the stupidity, but has never lifted a finger to fight it. That's why I titled this "Fred Reed's Lifelong Siesta", the former working title being "Fuck you, Fred Reed!"

* Peak Stupidity has discussed the practicality and usefulness of a border barrier with great alacrity, if we may say so ourselves, here, here, here, here, and here.

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Fred Reed's Lifelong Siesta - Part 1

Posted On: Friday - October 12th 2018 6:19AM MST
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From "Fred on Everything" to "Fredricko on Mehico".

This post has been stewing in my gut for some time now, and I did promise to mention this pundit while writing about other sites on the short Peak Stupidity blogroll last week. Let's get it out - it'll feel a lot better afterwards.

Fred Reed is a good writer (can't deny that) whom this blogger has enjoyed since the early 00's on his still existing FredOnEverything site. He writes like the battle-worn gonzo-journalist type who's "seen it all", gotten cynical as all hell, and doesn't care what anyone thinks of him or his opinions anymore. Hey, we can relate to that! The Curmudgeonry topic key is associated with this post due to Mr. Reed, not this writer, the usual reason. His past articles, and even about half of his current ones, are great eviscerations of feminism, race-unconsciousness, big government, etc. There's a lot of overlap with Peak Stupidity, in fact, and I will admit right here that Mr. Reed writes about it in a more readable manner. Whatever.

Fred Reed left the good old USA (should be emphasis on old) about a decade ago to live in Mexico and has a new family there. Good on him. As I wrote in Down to the banana republics .... went Fred Reed, it'd be very tempting, as a single guy especially, to get out before Peak Stupidity. I did warn Mr. Reed, or anyone reading, that it'll be nice living off the US dollar, until it's not anymore. He now writes as an outsider commenting on the stupidity he sees in his old country.

This is the first part of the stupidity of Fred Reed that I've finally gotten sick of, causing me to quit reading the old man. As a resident of Mexico, Mr. Reed sees the good of the country that is often not extolled here by real Americans. See, we patriotic Americanas are kinda worried about being completely overwhelmed by 30,000,000 (OR SO!) of those who are more of the riff-raff than Mr. Reed's senora's friends at the engineering schools, art museums, and beautiful cafes. I don't doubt that there are nice things in Mexico. More power to you, Mr. Reed, in your newfound Mexicanity, living down there on your SS in US dollars. However, your country's slow invasion of America is just something we never wanted and are trying to do something about. (More on this in a bit.) Fred Reed's newest thing is to write some, well half the time, decent commentary, and then put his Mexican travel brochure information at the bottom. We're the assholes, though, for not having all nice things to say about Mexico.

It's not just his stupidity on immigration, but his complete AntiAmericans-ism (note the bold "s" there) embedded in almost all of his articles, that is just erroneous. Mr. Reed does not live here, and must only come to visit his grown child(ren?), so therefore makes the stupid mistake of thinking TV is pretty much reality. Yes, we've become nearer a Police State since he's left. Yes, there's extreme feminism around, enough to make most non-Westernized countries paradises in THAT respect. Yes, there are 32 or more other flavors of stupidity that one can observe, especially ON TV. It's not the way we all live, though, Fred. You should have known during all your time in Vietnam, riding around with cops, and all that stuff, the TV isn't reality. Did you forget all that? Mr. Reed thinks all Americans are stupid morons at this point, because he glues his eyes to the Kavanaugh hearings, and the like. It's time to get out, Fred, see a donkey sex show, drink some tequila with the Federales, and enjoy the real Mexico. See, two can play at this game.

I believe one more aspect of Fred's exaggerations is that the American customs/immigration service often treats Americans like crap on arrival into the country nowadays, in a way that should be reserved only for people from countries like, say, I dunno, Saudi Arabia, and maybe Mexico? It is one area of the Feral Gov't that needs to be tough, but they do act like arrogant assholes lots of the time. Then there's the TSA, of which I have nothing but abhorrence for, as a Constitutionalist. Upon seeing these 2 organizations on every trip, Mr. Reed probably sees this as the state of all things. It's tunnel vision, not something that a seasoned reporter/pundit like Mr. Reed should have. Upon getting this malady in his old age, maybe he should quit the pundit business and sell chicklets and blankets* at the border.

I don't have to Reed this guy, of course, and I won't anymore. I haven't really explained why I have a real animosity toward him yet, so ... coming in Part 2 just a bit later, end of business day for sure! The post title will make more sense at that time.

* Now, there's some Montezuma's Revenge for ya. The European settlers accidentally gave them small pox supposedly via the blankets, so now they sell us blankets that fall apart in the wash. Bastardos!

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Lifeline Screening is a SCAM

Posted On: Thursday - October 11th 2018 7:39PM MST
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This place is a big SCAM.

I promise to not make more than a post or two about this sort of thing each year. I don't even have an appropriate topic key for badmouthing consumer scams. It's not really what Peak Stupidity is all about. I was ready to start up the anti-pundit ranting again, but I got something in the mail from these people today, and it was the last straw. Thousands and thousands, or so, of Peak Stupidity readers should be aware: "Lifeline Screening" sucks!

It was a couple of years ago when I saw that they had a van parked at a location that I'd visit anyway, right when I needed to do a simple lab test. The price seemed reasonable. I regretted this move before I even had the needle in my arm, as the reception lady asked too many questions and couldn't tell me exactly when they'd get back to me. It was more than a month, and that was after giving them grief on the phone, and having to go in to another lab and pay more money to get the results I'd needed by that time. I just recalled that, on the phone, these scammers wanted additional information on me before they would even talk to me about what happened to the test results.

Then the results, when they finally came, instead of being fairly precise numbers with ranges, came in pretty red/yellow/green striped bars with vague answers to questions like: How much low-density cholesterol is was (about a month back) in a deciliter of my blood. It didn't give me 1/2 of the numbers of the panel that the Doc had asked me to get.

You'll see the Lifeline Screening vans parked at schools or churches. Avoid them.

Back to our usual stupidity programming shortly, and I'm stuck on a learning curve in getting all the embedded videos quickly (yeah!) working again.

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Sunflower Bean - Crisis Fest

Posted On: Wednesday - October 10th 2018 6:40PM MST
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Here's a song from, what do they say, LITERALLY the CURRENT YEAR.

I'd never heard of this band until the other day, listening to a number of their songs while working out. That almost didn't help me find them either. The thing is, it's not like you hear DJs much anymore - the music comes from Spotify or just people's own collections. I.e. nobody comes on to tell you the song or band names., so I was desperate to catch some lyrics that were specific enough to look one of the songs, hence the band, up.

OK, readers, before you chalk me up as an idiot regarding the Artificial Stupidity, specifically the ubiquitous phone, I do know there is a program, oh, excuse me app, for this. I am trying to pin it down, but I think at least 8 years ago, maybe as much as 10, a friend showed me how the phone could identify a song, as he held the mike up toward the music at a restaurant. I was very impressed and still am. It's not just the separating the noise from the signal well enough. I am just impressed by whatever database and other software is used.

Think about this: In digital form, the music is nothing but bytes representing a wave of amplitude. At some normal sampling rate though, with 2 bytes use per sample, even 5 seconds of the song may be > 100,000 bytes. OK, this sample of numbers in sequence must be compared to 100's of thousands or millions of songs. How do you order a search like this? I'm no database guy, but I am very impressed. It found the song in about 10 seconds or so, but I'd have been impressed if it took all day.

See, I'm not a total curmudgeon - I do appreciate the power in this stuff. However, I am still a bit of one, as I don't carry my phone around like some sort of appendage. Therefore, at the gym, I had to remember those lyrics, as I wasn't going to quit my workout in the middle.

BINGO, youtube found it for me, not a regular web search.* The band is a modern one, which I'd figured while working out, named Sunflower Bean with a hot-blond lead singer who does like to show off her body (moreso in some of the other videos). However, she sounds good, and plays bass too, which seems to always make for a good band. (See, The Beatles and The Police, the latter a 3-man band too). This song, Crisis Fest is the one I recalled the lyrics to. From their '18 album Twentytwo In Blue, it's damn good stuff, for the current year, anyway. The energy in it reminds me of a 10 y/o song that I'll put up later this week.

Julia Cumming** - bass and lead vocals
Nick Kivlen - lead guitar and vocals
Jacob Faber - drums

They are from the NYC area, like KISS, the Spin Doctors, but I'm not sure who else, really.

* BTW, as I searched, I came upon a few erroneous results that I had to listen to to check. One was the typical modern music that I don't like, with the vocals going up and down on single notes in a fashion that is tiresome, annoying, or more like just sickening. I wanted to show that, but I'll save it for another post when I'm trying to cull down the readership. ;-}

** Yes, that's fortuitous, I suppose ...

[Updated 10/14:]
Cut off the first 50s of the video. I'd forgotten to to this. I don't know these people, so I don't get off on watching them mill around the bar. It's a good song, people, just play it.

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Cannibalism as microAggression writ LARGE

Posted On: Wednesday - October 10th 2018 7:50AM MST
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We'll show you "triggered", young lady!

Imagine a knife coming down toward your chest, as you're held/tied down, knowing the guy's gonna pull your heart right out. What would you call that, a macroAgression? That's not enough. At that moment, it'd be an - aggression.

The Kevin Beary article on historical accounts of cannibalism and other violence practiced by the savage original inhabitants of these couple of continents here has gotten even this hardened blogger triggered. (Linked-to yesterday, but HERE.) Triggered by cannibalism! Man, do I feel like a Snowflake?! It's one thing to get triggered by accounts of 35 year-old male-on-female horseplay, white men having good jobs, or words like "coed", "history", and "work". That's all quite understandable. The fact that the savage Indian inhabitants of the Americas used to regularly cut out the hearts of live people, then cut all the limbs off and eat them, while others who were going to be next watched, is just a multicultural factoid, nothing to be alarmed about. It was their culture, stupid.

I would hope that the lady in the picture would totally understand that what was happening to her was literally these people's culture. She doesn't, well didn't, look like the type to be a multiculturaphobe. It's either get eaten or be called a racist. Lady, you made the right choice ... umm, in the movie (no, I don't know which one, but it looks juicy)*.

I got on kind of a roll lately with this "pre-Columbian Americans sucked" theme (here and here, but Beary's article just added to my point. He writes about the Aztecs in Mexico, satirized (maybe, right?) in Cortez the Killer by Neil Young, giving historical accounts. See civilized people wrote shit down. It sounds like, at least for the Aztecs, cannibalization and unwanted non-sterile thoracic surgery was no rare occurrence. From Bernal Diaz del Castillo's The Conquest of New Spain:
Every day they sacrificed before our eyes three, four, or five Indians, whose hearts were offered to those idols, and whose blood was plastered on the walls. The feet, arms, and legs of their victims were cut off and eaten, just as we eat beef from the butcher’s in our country. I even believe that they sold it in the tianguez or markets.
They strike open the wretched Indian’s chest with flint knives and hastily tear out the palpitating heart which, with the blood, they present to the idols in whose name they have performed the sacrifice. Then they cut off the arms, thighs, and head, eating the arms and thighs at their ceremonial banquets. The head they hang up on a beam, and the body of the sacrificed man is not eaten but given to the beasts of prey.
This was an account of the explorers'/conquistador's personal experience at the court of Montezuma, right there in current-day Mexico City.**

Now, lest the reader think "yeah, well, those were their Indians. Our Indians rocked. They lived peacefully, didn't have to go to work every day, smoked them some good peace pipe wacky tobbacy, and got to bang those hot squaws all day, until we came with our pox-infected blankets.", Beary has something to say here too. However, there's plenty of history written down by our own forefathers for 3 centuries about how the Indians lived. It's not like we have to make it up, but I guess that makes lots of people feel better. This is particularly about the Iroquois of present-day upstate New York, but there were lots of violent tribes:
["The prisoners" here, are the Algonquins, BTW.]

They bound the prisoners hand and foot, rekindled the fire, slung the kettles, cut the bodies of the slain to pieces, and boiled and devoured them before the eyes of the wretched survivors. “In a word,” says the narrator [that is, the Algonquin woman who escaped to tell the tale], “they ate men with as much appetite and more pleasure than hunters eat a boar or a stag …”

The conquerors feasted in the lodge till nearly daybreak … then began their march homeward with their prisoners. Among these were three women, of whom the narrator was one, who had each a child of a few weeks or months old. At the first halt, their captors took the infants*** from them, tied them to wooden spits, placed them to die slowly before a fire, and feasted on them before the eyes of the agonized mothers, whose shrieks, supplications, and frantic efforts to break the cords that bound them were met with mockery and laughter …

[The torture was] designed to cause all possible suffering without touching life. It consisted in blows with sticks and cudgels, gashing their limbs with knives, cutting off their fingers with clam-shells, scorching them with firebrands, and other indescribable torments. The women were stripped naked, and forced to dance to the singing of the male prisoners, amid the applause and laughter of the crowd …
On the following morning, they were placed on a large scaffold, in sight of the whole population. It was a gala-day. Young and old were gathered from far and near. Some mounted the scaffold, and scorched them with torches and firebrands; while the children, standing beneath the bark platform, applied fire to the feet of the prisoners between the crevices … The stoicism of one of the warriors enraged his captors beyond measure … they fell upon him with redoubled fury, till their knives and firebrands left in him no semblance of humanity. He was defiant to the last, and when death came to his relief, they tore out his heart and devoured it; then hacked him in pieces, and made their feast of triumph on his mangled limbs.
Go ahead, Neil Young, can you write a few more verses to perform live on Cortez the Killer? Nevermind, just play that long guitar lead.... Hey it was almost still the 1960's, so one should probably cut Mr. Young some slack (NEVER on the Southern Man thing though!) That was the time in which all white American history was realized to be bad, see by the people under 30, who knew everything, you know, like all young people do. It's just the idiot parent generation that put up with that crap that needed the real beat down... but I digress ;-} The narrative that the white settlers were a bad thing for these 2 continents was started 50 years back. It's time to put the kibosh on that narrative.

This is what angers me just as much as the purposeful destroying of the history of the great explorers, especially the great Christopher Columbus. The people living right here before Columbus came were savages, period, just as in all the Americas. There were some peaceful tribes, granted. However they were still savages, and I don't think most people understand that word. It doesn't by itself mean violent. It describes a people who have no civilization. When your people live off the land, move when it's fished out or hunted out, and never settle, then, by definition they are NOT CIVILIZED and are not part of any CIVILIZATION, period. They never built anything resembling a city, never invented anything beyond weapons and teepees, and never would have gotten to a level to build a ship like a Spanish galleon in a million years, if they kept that shit up.

I can see a retort by ctrl-lefty that "hey, there's evidence of cannibalism in Europe too!" Yeah, dude, that was more like 2,500 or more years ago, before lots of place had, yeah, you guessed it, CIVILIZATION. We got over it. In addition, there's no record of it being done on a daily basis, as with those Aztecs, if not daily, maybe semi-weekly or the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month. These American Indians were still doing this stuff 500 years ago and more recently. In Cortez's case, his people put a stop to it.

Let's quit getting duped by the ctrl-left PC false narrative on the Indian Question. Celebrate Columbus day by not going to work next year. If you can't sail the Ocean Sea, at least go down the river in an inner tube.

* OK, I checked around. My file photo comes from a movie called The Green Inferno. Due to this not-quite-illustrious review, Delete this Racist Movie: New Eli Roth Horror Flick Depicts Indigenous People as Savage Cannibals, I am SO DOWN for seeing this on blue-ray and just put a hold on it from the 'brary. Thank you, reviewer. No, I DON'T normally link to stupidity, but the URL sucked me in, and plus the guy's a PhD, right, so ...

** Fred Reed, take note - Montezuma's revenge is a dish best served living.

*** See that? Spread the word, if only for THE CHILDREN! If the real story of the Indians gets out, and saves even ONE CHILD from becoming a cannibal, it'll be worth it! (OK, "cannibaless", "cannibalee", WHATEVER.)

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A Peak Stupidity Belated HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY

Posted On: Tuesday - October 9th 2018 7:57PM MST
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... and if the public schools weren't too kowtowed and PC to teach the kids any small tidbit of this important history, I'd have heard about it to write this post yesterday. Our apologies on behalf of the lame-ass public schools. I don't think they even mentioned to the kids how in Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In addition, I did somehow think the date was a bit later in the month, as it should be celebrated on the right day. The Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria arrived in the New World on October 12th of 1492, 526 years ago this Friday. What a tremendous feat that was! It is especially a wonderful adventure story for the young boys that, to top it off, is true.

I realize that VDare's James Fulford article yesterday, Columbus Day: Columbus Is Hated Like Brett Kavanaugh—Because He's A "White Male" should have clued me in what day it was. (It has links to 17 other Columbus Day - or lack thereof - articles at the bottom.) I noticed also that this morning a writer named Kevin Beary has an article on, Life Styles: Native and Imposed, that goes well with Peak Stupidity's takes on Savage Natives and the Conquistadors followed up by A Visual Fisking of Cortez the Killer. In fact, I wish I'd read Mr. Beary's article before writing mine:
Today our children our being taught that the people who lived in the pre-Columbian Western Hemisphere were not “merciless Indian savages” (as Jefferson calls them in the Declaration of Independence), many of whom delighted in torture and cannibalism, but rather spiritually enlightened “native Americans” whose wise and peaceful nobility was rudely destroyed by invading European barbarians; that the Aztecs were not practitioners of human sacrifice and cannibalism on a scale so vast that the mind of the 20th-century American can hardly comprehend it, but rather defenders of an advanced civilization that was destroyed by brutal Spanish conquistadores; and that Africans were not uncultured slave traders and cannibals, but unappreciated builders of great empires.

But just how did these peoples live before they came into contact with Europeans? Although historical myth is ever more rapidly replacing factual history, not only in popular culture but also in our schools and universities, we may still find accurate historical accounts buried in larger libraries or in used book stores.
Read the rest, as they say, to find out, and comment if you wish. (Peak Stupidity has this interesting story of Columbus and a bold tactic to blind these ignorant natives with SCIENCE!)

Of all places, the city of Columbus, Ohio, or I should say the PC and non-white idiots running the place, have decided that the city won't celebrate this great explorer (warning - Time Magazine exists!), the city's namesake. Will they rename the city next year? It'll cost a pretty penny to change the signs and maps, but hey, gotta be PC - money is no object. This stuff's getting really out-of-hand. The pushback will come, but it's taking its sweet time.

This kind of thing is exactly why one must either get the kids out of the Big-Ed industrial complex (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of our series on homeschooling), or spend lots of time un-brainwashing them at home. The more time you spend with them when they're little, the more they will trust you with the truth later when the PC brainwashing starts to get "mighty IN-tense".

Many decades later, this blogger still remembers the story of these brave Europeans who, with the backing of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, sailed the Ocean Sea on the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

If you want these last 500 years of enlightenment, or even 3,000 years of Western Civilization, to be known about in the years to come, heed these guys, and Teach your Children Well!

David Crosby – harmony vocals
Stephen Stills – harmony vocals, guitars, bass
Graham Nash – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion
Dallas Taylor – drums, tambourine, percussion
Jerry Garcia – pedal steel guitar

PS: BTW, here is last years Columbus Day post.

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Site note - https

Posted On: Monday - October 8th 2018 7:12PM MST
In Topics: 

I was informed a couple of days back that potential Peak Stupidity readers may be wary of viewing the site due to warnings from the browsers that the site is "untrustworthy". Oh, yeah?! Why there's more truthtelling on Peak Stupidity in one post than Yahoo displays in a year... wait, I shouldn't take this personally. It's about https (uses Secure Sockets Layer) vs http protocol, something on the server side.

The thing is, that I have not noticed anything upon viewing the site myself on various and sundry computers. Even when the writer John Derbyshire mentioned (in one of his podcasts or diaries) that he switched over, I didn't take much heed. However, it was time to do this. All links or requests for the http pages will just redirect to the secure site. Whatever. I was worried about people with very old browsers - and I can't blame them for not updating either - that cannot display the SECURE site. Yes, I've experienced that, so I hope there aren't any loyal Peak Stupidity readers affected.

One more thing with this: I'll have to do a quick find/replace to get the other 95% of embedded youtube videos working. It's very easy, and I should be able to do it tomorrow, CAREFULLY.

We should be back ragging on our blogroll, pondering the question of whether the Republicans really are on our side, as it's seemed for a few days, "trashing" some more environmental stupidity, and on and on, by tomorrow night or so.

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Tucker Carlson and The Dead - Ship of Fools

Posted On: Saturday - October 6th 2018 11:39AM MST
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As read about first (by me) on VDare in this Jake Bowyer review, Tucker Carlson has a book out called Ship of Fools. The Editorial Staff raves:
Tucker Carlson is the anchor of Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel. He has hosted prime time programs on CNN, PBS, and MSNBC, and cofounded The Daily Caller. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife and four children.
OK, I'll grant them that they probably don't even have a copy to review yet (or don't they get advance copies like they used to?), but then 101 "customers" have seen fit to review the book already! Survey says ... 4 1/2 stars.

It's kind of funny how the on-line reviews on, well anything basically, work. I'm pretty sure most of the reviewers haven't read the book. Amazon shows icons for "confirmed purchasers" of whatever items, which is a splendid idea, really, but on these books that doesn't mean even those reviewers have READ the thing. It goes vice versa on that too. I obtained Ann Coulter's Adios America from the library and read it, though, I'll admit here that I "reviewed" it on amazon a few weeks earlier ;-} I did admit that in the review, though, and treated that review as political commentary and just support of Miss Coulter in general. That's what happens, of course, with any deeply political material on amazon. The number of stars has nothing at all to do with whether the book is well-written, interesting or boring, or falls apart in a week. A higher rating means more support for the writer or issue being promoted. The reviews themselves, and comments beneath them, become a blog commenting section.

It's good to see those 4 1/2 stars for Ship of Fools then. From the VDare review linked-to above, this is no light-weight, feel-go, "GO TEAM!" sales pamphlet. The full title of this book is Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution. Per the review, Mr. Carlson is highly critical of both squads of THE PARTY, and comes off slighly left-wing in the old style of caring about the working man while against the F.I.R.E. economy, and to the right socially, especially with regard to the up-and-coming solidarity of beleaguered white people.
For Carlson, moral and social rot in the United States starts at the very top—the place where Democrats and Republicans routinely collude to maintain unpopular elite rule. Carlson compares this American elite to blind drunk captains steering a sinking ship. Making matters worse: the fact that, in keeping with Carlson’s nautical parallel, “Anyone who points out the consequences of what they’re [the elite] doing gets keelhauled.”
I can't argue with Mr. Carlson's and Mr. Bowyer's view of the President either.
"Ship of Fools is no apology for Trumpism. Indeed, Carlson calls Trump “vulgar and ignorant.” But he rightly points out that Trump “didn’t invade Iraq or bail out Wall Street. He didn’t lower interest rates to zero, or open the borders, or sit silently by as the manufacturing sector collapsed and the middle class died.” Basically, Donald J. Trump is not your average American politician. Thank God.
We've neglected our promise to put up Tucker Carlson youtube clips often on Peak Stupidity. I've got two that I want to post on, one an interview with a sympathetic character and one a monologue. The most enjoyable are the ones in which Tucker inteviews the ctrl-left complete idiots, so I'll try to find more of that too.

Please read the entire VDare review, and for that matter, I hope you will read the book, Ship of Fools itself, whenever you actually get it. It sound pretty pessimistic about our country, but I'm pretty sure it'll be largely truth.

In the meantime, here are The Dead with the Jerry Garcia/ Robert Hunter - written Ship of Fools from the From the Mars Hotel album. That album had the song US Blues on it, which Peak Stupidity will keep featuring on each 4th of July.*

It's kind of a slow number, but it'll grow on you well before it's over. This was recorded live in living color Dead Black&White in Jersey City, NJ 42 years ago this summer.

"Went to see the captain, strangest I could find,
laid my proposition down, laid it on the line.
I won't slave for beggars pay, likewise gold and jewels,
but I would slave to learn the way to sink your ship of fools."

* Yeah, that's another repeat piece of some music - the only other I can recall is Neil Young's Cortez the Killer, as mentioned during a visual fisking on Tuesday.

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Trump talks the talk....

Posted On: Friday - October 5th 2018 12:40PM MST
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... but doesn't walk the walk. We haven't given up hope.

Mr. Pat Buchanan, on the left side of that split-view, has "written the write", I guess you could say, for many years. I respect the man greatly for his writing and principles, and have only faulted him for being too civil with his words, as it were still 1985 right now, as far as the political scene. Peak Stupidity already discussed this naive ideas about the political climate we are in about a year ago, in Pat Buchanan, still in that ancient mindset ....

I really, really doubt Pat Buchanan read Peak Stupidity and has heeded our words, but he does seem to be coming around to some understanding. In his latest column, We Are All Deplorables Now, he says "...Trump's instincts, to treat his Democratic assailants as ideological enemies, with whom he is in mortal struggle, will be seen as correct." Yeah, Mr. Buchanan's coming around. In this article, about the Kavanaugh appointment female recovered-memory stupidity, I didn't read any talk about reaching across any aisles or coming together for summits.

Mr. Buchanan quotes President Trump from a speech at a rally in Mississippi, where Trump talks the talk that he is so good at:
" 'Thirty-six years ago this happened. I had one beer.' 'Right?' 'I had one beer.' 'Well, you think it was (one beer)?' 'Nope, it was one beer.' 'Oh, good. How did you get home?'"
'I don't remember.' 'How did you get there?' 'I don't remember.' 'Where is the place?' 'I don't remember.' 'How many years ago was it?' 'I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.'"

By now the Mississippi MAGA crowd was cheering and laughing.

Trump went on: "'What neighborhood was it in?' 'I don't know.' 'Where's the house?' 'I don't know.' 'Upstairs, downstairs, where was it?' 'I don't know. But I had one beer. That's the only thing I remember.'"
Hilarious! This is stand-up comedy quality - the good stuff that doesn't usually get on TV! Now, when I wrote above that the President wasn't walking the walk, I didn't mean on this Supreme Court nomination. That is about the ONE serious campaign promise that he is fullfilling. OTOH, it doesn't take leadership, like a rooting out of personel in the whole executive branch (that's Dept. of Justice, Dept. of Motherland Security, ALL OF THAT is Trumps purview.) For this SC nomination, you just pick a decent guy, and go by the advice of the Federalist Society, a group that seems to have copies of the US Constitution on hand - good on 'em. Trump did that.

Even as far as talking the talk goes, the excerpt above is great! However, Mr. Buchanan's article starts with: "Four days after he described Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, as a "very credible witness," President Donald Trump could no longer contain his feelings or constrain his instincts." Come on, Mr. President! Quit being wishy-washy about this. That earlier statement was wrong. You knew that then, didn't you, or are all your thoughts coming from TV viewing too? If you didn't have anything bad to say, you shouldn't have said anything.

See now, that's just the new uncivil political scene that Mr. Buchanan is just getting to understand. We know Mr. Trump was elected for his tendency to fight. I wish he'd follow through with some action on other fronts, now that he's got power.

PS: One more Peak Stupidity post from over a year back answers Pat's question: Can the GOP's Shotgun Marriage be Saved? in in the form of an interview.

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More Pundit vs. Pundit, and the Great William Banzai7

Posted On: Friday - October 5th 2018 9:44AM MST
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This week will just end up as a bunch of rants and criticisms against other blogs and pundits, I suppose. It's all constructive, right? Peak Stupidity has discussed before, in Pundit vs. pundit during the slow death of the Lyin' Press, this phenomena:
In the article linked to near the top, and hundreds or thousands like it "printed" every day, the people under discussion in the article are often other pundits. "Pundit-A's article last week, was subject to a nasty review by Pundit-B, who received lots of likes, but also was torn to shreds by Pundit-C, who is not always right, so let me set him straight here." This crosses over into the TV-pundit world too. "Pundit-C will be interviewed by TV-Pundit-D on his show come Sunday morning, and I will point out his stupidity on my blog Monday and interview Pundit-E about it".
I was about to write the very same thing again as this next Peak Stupidity self-excerpt, from just this spring, but I'll paste it here too:
It's all in their pundit world, and one wonders how important all the discussion is, even though it may be about all the major problems of the day. It could be VERY IMPORTANT stuff for the public to know about (some of the time), but these guys need to think about once in a while that, hey, not 10 % of the American public has ever heard the names of any of you people, and maybe 2 % read any of you people consistently! What's the point, then?
Granted those number were obtained via rectal extraction, but if you don't believe they are small, thing about this: You are obviously interested in politics in some way, as a reader of this blog. You may discuss the writing/opinions of various bloggers with friends, thusly - "Sailer wrote a great post today about ... yeah, I don't read that other guy anymore ... this other one should go viral, as people need to hear this stuff... etc". That's just it, though. You probably talk to these friends a lot, because they ARE interested. Loads of more friends and aquaintances mostly likely don't know or care to know any of these writers, which is why it's hard to make a difference until your opinion, or YOU, make it onto TV, which is really damn unfortunate (that people still watch that idiot box ... OK, "idiot plate").

A reader may, after reading this week's COB (Criticism Of the Blogroll) think, "hey, they could have a lot to say about Peak Stupidity too, you arrogant so-and-so!" I really wish they would, as "any publicity is good publicity", "they" say. I'm here to defend my opinions and would welcome (some) criticism. OK, I've made a few boo-boos in content because looking things up slows me down. Yeah, we need more proofreading. We do tend to say "we" when we mean "me". Sure, the usability is crap so far, as we've not done improvements in > 1 year. Yeah, but other than the few boo-boos, the proofreading, the royal "we", and the usability, THIS SITE IS PERFECT!

After our disappointment in the state of noted on Tuesday, here's a good feature from the old ZH that they still have kept going. It's the cartoons from a guy named William Banzai, I'm pretty sure either an American, Englishman, or Australian who lives and draws in Hong Kong, or thereabouts. Mr. Banzai, actually "Banzai7", used to insert his political cartoons in the comments section (probably not possible now), but at least I noted that ZH still posts his stuff once in a while. Look at the row of 3 posts near the top - it's not everyday though:

Upon recollection, Mr. "Banzai7" did not read as really very informed in his political opinions, when he wrote much text. However, his cartoons, in the vein of the old Zerohedge, lambasted the crony-capitalist, globalist elites, such as the Merkels, Pope Franci, and American politicians to great effect. If you can't make much headway with writing (see above on Pundit vs. Pundit), ridiculing them all is another avenue. William Banzai kicks ass using this tactic. The image above was the link to what's below, and if you haven't already figured, he's referencing the silly Kavanaugh "advise and consent" process.

Oh, I'd almost forgot that Banzai likes those mis-capitalized letters, resembling an old-timey ransom note. The guy's probably got his own site, if you want to look it up, but this is one vestige of the old Zerohedge I knew and loved. BANZAI!, uhhh, SEVEN!

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Updated Review of

Posted On: Thursday - October 4th 2018 12:25PM MST
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Look, there's lots to criticize about modern-day America, and even plenty of things that America and Americans could have done better throughout history... but dissing George Washington??

Yeah, a little history is fine, but "The Heroic Benedict Arnold"?
Come on, guys!

I saw that post title highlighted on a couple of weeks back, and it quickly just went to the left side in smaller print. It just made me think about this site, one of only four in the Peak Stupidity blogroll to the right. Unz, named after site owner/operator Ron Unz of oh, California (hey, that's not an excuse for EVERYTHING!), bills itself as:
The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection
A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media
No, I can't say the site doesn't live up to that billing. There should be no complaints from us, right? Nah, if it's gonna be right here, in bold letters on this, the frame of the Peak Stupidity blogroll, you're damn straight we have a few things to say about it.

OK, nothing's changed about this site's usability. For reading, navigation, and especially commenting, it's the best! Nice job, Ron Unz. Maybe the political viewpoints of the writers featured haven't changed that much either, and I am just getting sick of some (note: only some) of them. Peak Stupidity gets loads of enjoyment (or, wastes a lot of time) on, and gets close to 1/2 of the ideas for our posts there, so, it's not like we're trying to badmouth the whole place - it's just a few quibbles, I guess.

First, Mr. Unz himself has been getting into the ~ bi-weekly long essay on his latest discovery of American and conspiracy theories and/or revisionist history. I don't mean "revisionist" as in wrong, in this case, just widely varying from the long-term narrative. I don't totally disagree with any of these essays, and I would like to write a little bit (if that's possible!) about each in a post to come. Because these extremely controversial essays, are THOUSANDS of words long and have comments numbering in the THOUSANDS, I have read them only partially and not delved into the comments heavily*. However, as I'll write more about in that later post, these articles are into the realm of everything "America" is bad.

I don't know if Mr. Unz realizes that that's the appearance of all his writing: America can do nothing right. Don't get me wrong, THIS whole web site, consisting of > 800 posts now, is focused on American stupidity, though we try to cover stupidity around the world too. Most of what I write here however, is criticism of stupidity in, or brought on by, the US Feral Gov't, other governments, large organizations, the Institutions (not just mental, as stupidity is to be expected there, but Universities, Lower-Ed, Big Media, aka Lyin' Press**, etc.). I don't spend a lot of time pointing out stupidity of ordinary individual Americans. I don't criticize ordinary Americans, except to point out the stupidity that has been absorbed from the stupidity of the institutions.

Let me get to the other writers. Steve Sailer and his iSteve blog portion (look to the right on the main page) of unz is some of the most enjoyable reading, with the comments a large part of that. Then there are the few Libertarians, Dr. Ron Paul being one, and Paul Craig Roberts (who I don't read much now due to his closing down of his articles' comments sections). You've got the excellent writer John Derbyshire, who've we've discussed and linked-to many a time. His mention brings up another good feature of unz. That is, a few more of the writers are featured semi-regularly and others infrequently. It is great that Mr. Unz. puts these articles up, even though he really seems not to understand the serious problems with the importation of 10's of millions of Hispanics. He seems like a very fair man, in this respect. It is especially nice to see the VDare articles because VDare itself does not have any commenting system. Once can find some VDare articles on unz a day or a few days after they appear on VDare.

Lastly, and back toward the point of this post, there are so many other writers, though, that are just plain, flat-out Communists! As we've written 3 months ago right here (more here from earlier), some of the young people have no recollection of what the Cold War was and the sheer destruction of lives during the "experiments" in the real-life implementation of this most-stupid of ideologies. No, in answer to the obvious question, they must not read any serious history. There's a Tom Engelhardt, a guy named Godfree, and numerous others who make me slightly embarrassed to be seen linking to the site. Besides these Commies, there are a host of others who do nothing but criticize all things American. Again, not just the Feral Beast of a Gov't we have, and the institutions, but Americans period (note carefully the "s").

This is why the headline about Benedict Arnold bothered me. Are we running out of stuff to criticize that we have to go back to the Revolution now?! Hey, a bit of extra history available for me to read is a good thing. It's free! I did click on Mr. Fischer's article, BTW, to be fair here. It wasn't ridiculously critical about all things America, but it had it's moments. George Washington was the bad guy throughout most of it. The writer finally does admit that Benedict Arnold was indeed a traitor, so what was the point? Americans have never been perfect? OK. I! GET! THAT! We've had our screw-ups, sure, but George Washington was not one of them.

There's not any animosity left from the revolutionary war of 240-odd years ago, so no matter what Andrew S. FIscher writes, nobody will get too bent outta shape. The article being featured on, though, is just an example of the appearance of the website being All anti-American, All the time. You don't have to do that to be "interesting", "important", or "controversial".

I did leave one writer out, readers, whom you might be able to guess the name of, but I've got a separate post in mind for a guy like him.

* This is pretty much in line with what I discussed about comments in the recent post about current-day Zerohedge. Once they get into the high number of hundreds, or 1000's, I've got 2 problems: 1) I just don't have time to read them all, so I often won't get bothered to read any and 2) Were I to write a comment, it's not likely anybody but the other active commenters would ever read it. Who else but this guy would go thoroughly down to comment #1371?

** Mr. James Kirkpatrick of VDare has consistently used a new term lately, the "System Media". It's not a bad way to put it.

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The Day Billie Joe McAlister quit the Harper Valley PTA

Posted On: Wednesday - October 3rd 2018 8:29PM MST
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I attended a PTO meeting for the first time in my life a coupla weeks back. Nope, it's not the PLO (I don't know what they're up to anymore) but what used to be called the PTA. I guess it was just time for a change, like the WWF becoming the WWE; I mean, logo-makers gotta eat too, I suppose.

I just came to agitate for more recess. The nice principal lady kinda put the kibosh on the idea, saying that after 25 minutes, the kids just can't get along anymore or some such thing. Hey, lady, this ain't over yet. Anyway, it all reminded me of an old country song, called The Harper Valley PTA. In that song, back in the times of a little more decorum all around, a single Mom is called out by the PTA for "wearing her dresses too high". (She ain't seen the likes of the modern MILFs - dresses aren't a factor, the short-shorts deserve a country song of their own! Don't let your kids ride the bus, people!)

I won't spoil the climactic ending of Harper Valley PTA for you. I will say, though, that the tune of the song is very near that of a slightly older country song called Ode to Billie Joe. Listen for yourself to the 1969 Tom T. Hall (a famous country singer) - written Harper Valley PTA sung by Jeannie C. Riley. Note the similarity in the melody to the Bobby Gentry written-and-sung Ode to Billie Joe from a year earlier. The earlier song just has a slower tempo for a sadder song.

To save on Peak Stupidity server space, what say we just combine the lyrics as best as we can. You can sing them to the tune of either song ... doesn't matter, they're the same.

It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day.
I was out choppin' cotton and my brother was balin' hay.
And at dinner time we stopped and walked back to the house to eat.
And Mama hollered out the back door "y'all remember to wipe your feet."

And she said, "I got a note here from the Harper Valley PTA".
Well, the note says, "Mrs. Johnson, you're wearing your dresses way too high.",
and Papa said to Mama as he passed around the blackeyed peas,
"I'll have another piece-a apple pie, you know it don't seem right."

Well, there's Bobby Taylor sittin' there, and seven times he asked me for a date,
and Brother said he recollected when he and Tom and Billie Joe
put a frog down my back at the Carroll County picture show.
Well, Mr. Harper couldn't be here 'cause he stayed too long at Kelly's Bar again.

That nice young preacher, Brother Taylor, dropped by today.
And boy was sure surprised when Mrs. Johnson wore her miniskirt into the room.
Said he'd be pleased to have dinner on Sunday, by the way.
And Mama said to me "Child, what's happened to your appetite?"

And then you have the nerve to tell me you think that as a mother I'm not fit.
Well, this is just a little Payton Place, and you're all Harper Valley hypocrites.
Seems like nothin' ever comes to no good up on Choctaw Ridge,
and now Billy Joe Macallister's jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge.

No, I wouldn't put you on because it really did it happened just this way,
the day my Mama socked it to, the Harper Valley PTA,
and me, I spend a lot of time pickin' flowers up on Choctaw Ridge
and drop them in the muddy water off the Tallahatchie Bridge.
Hey, it ain't Stairway to Freebird, but it was a fun effort!

AHAAAAA!, Wikipedia notes:
"The country singer Margie Singleton asked Tom T. Hall to write her a song similar to Bobby Gentry's Grammy-winning hit "Ode to Billie Joe", which she had covered the previous year, and which Gentry wrote and recorded in 1967. The melody is essentially the same as that of the Gentry song, but Gentry seemingly was never informed or given any credit by Hall.
There were movies made outta both of these songs, which is kind of coincidental, I'd say. I saw the movie based on Ode to Billie Joe (cannot remember the name, maybe the same, and will say that I really don't like the theme they used to explain why the young McAlister jumped off that bridge. I won't spoil it though.

Harper Valley PTA was a TV show on for a few seasons, along with the production of a movie from it. I don't guess Hollywood was very original, even back in those days.

[UPDATED. 10/05 morning:]
Added information on the movies made from these 2 similar-melody songs, as I was somehow reminded by the 2nd commenter.

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