Michael Anton on the "right" to Revolution

Posted On: Tuesday - October 4th 2022 6:47PM MST
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A right to revolution? That's one of those paradoxes. No regime actually has the right to revolution enshrined into law, as that would mean that regime could be ended by officially legal means any time. But it can't be legal, as every regime has laws that would be broken by a revolution.

If you don't have that right, you sure can't vote it in. You need a revolution to do that, but then... Whiskey Rebellion, anyone?

Then again, what does the modern American population really know about Revolution.? Sure, there's that history that still taught in between the woke bullshit to our schoolchildren. There are more serious students of history, and the re-enactors must be pretty into this specific part of America's history. How many of them, and of those in the rest of the population, see that, for the States in the 2020's, such has been the patient sufferance of these States; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Feral Government? The history of the present Potomac Regime is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these States. To prove this, I'd have to get a bigger server submit the facts to a candid world. [Slightly doctored, including removal of Random capital letters.]

While reading the Declaration of Independence, I've always noticed that King George III and the British government of 1776 were no-account hacks at tyranny as compared to the US Feral Gov't over, arguably, the last half-century.

An article by the writer and political figure Michael Anton was discussed by the always interesting and readable Mr. John Derbyshire here as a comparison to a weak-kneed New York Post editorial by Rich Lowry of the cucked-out National Review** Mr. Anton was known by his pseudonym Publius Decius Mus when he wrote the viral essay The Flight 93 Election in '16. He worked at a high position in the National Security Council under Trump, until Trump hired Neocon John Bolton as National Security advisor. He then took a principled stand and bolted (pun intended).

The article in question is What Does Fidelity to Our Founding Principles Require Today? In this excellent article, Mr. Anton eviscerated the "conservative" wing of the UniParty, which is most of the people called conservatives today, at least at the political and punditry level. That they conserve NOTHING, is the gist of much of the article.

After listing the grievances against the Potomac Regime that, again, make George III look like a piker, the writer tells us what these "conservatives" of '22 do when someone brings up some of these grievances:
For “conservatives,” the most heroic act of the 20th century was not D-Day or the moon landing but William F. Buckley, Jr. purging the Birchers. Hence, they’re always on the lookout for more purges. Whole careers and institutions are now made of this. Think of the Bulwark and the Dispatch—of Bill and Steve and Jonah and David and Kevin. All of these “conservatives” are now character assassins out to destroy the lives of anyone even a click to their right, many their former friends.

One thing I’ve noticed is that conservatives really get mad when you point out that people who treat you like enemies are, in fact, your enemies. Finally, the conservatives find a backbone, and righteous indignation! To refer to someone libeling you, trying to cancel you, calling for your “extirpation” and even assassination as an “enemy”? How dare you! Civility in politics above all else!

On the other hand, it's one thing to write the truth, a fairly courageous act career-wise, but another to get in the mindset and actually start planning for what might need to be done. Our Founders put it all on the line, their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Well, in this age of the Kardashians most people don't care what happens to the latter. It's probably easier to get back on one's feet or at least avoid starvation and homelessness even in these worsening economic times. However, when you think seriously about possibly losing your life for resisting the Regime, well, you'll get an inkling of how those Founders felt. History wasn't written yet, then in '76, and they had a fairly big chance of getting hanged by the King's men.

Well, that was pretty heavy for this early in the week. Go read Mr. Anton's article in American Greatness if you have an extra 5 minutes.

* I ditched that publication over 25 years ago.

** The page says that this article was adapted from a speech by Mr. Anton at a recent meeting of the Philadelphia Society.

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The full Family speech by Italian PM Girogia Meloni

Posted On: Monday - October 3rd 2022 7:21PM MST
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Here is the full ~15 minute speech by the new Nationalist Prime Minister of Italy, Miss Georgia Meloni, of the Far Right Brothers of Italy party*. I thank commenter Adam Smith for the full clip that, after seeing it get canceled by youtube censors before I could even put it up, I spent half an hour not finding. However, I got no sound out of it. I also thank E.H. Hail for providing a BitChute version, which I embedded here.

There is a short discussion in that previous post with the 2-minute clip that I believe is the one that most people on either side of the Nationalist/Globalist, aka, Right/Wrong divide saw. (That's most likely due to people sending all around the 2-minute one on twitter, as 15 minutes is just too damn long for most people's attention span nowadays.) Just to make it clear again, this not Miss Meloni's election victory speech. It is a talk, albeit a vehement one, at some conference on the family**, done earlier.

Here's the deal: Those Conservatives that praise this speech are rightly happy that there's yet another Nationalist in some sort of power in Western Europe, where it's sorely needed. (A Nationalist party won a decent (20%?) share of the vote recently in Swedish elections.) OTOH, they likely haven't seen the whole thing, or they are so enamored with this lady that they overlooked her feminism.

Please watch, if you haven't already. If nothing else, you will be entertained just from Giorgia Meloni's intensity level. As I wrote last time, if there were not subtitles here, and I hadn't known who she was, I could have taken . Miss Meloni for a Fascist - this is how you get people's attention, non-Fascists! (At least they gave rousing speeches, and the trains ran on time.)

The part that is concerning to me starts just before 4 minutes in. I see that this woman's focus is on female matters, as if that's the whole family. The 60 years of Feminism has become ingrained in people. She does redeem herself to some degree from 07:15 on for a few minutes, but what she prescribes in the details will not work to solve the problem of Italy's low birth rate ... of Italians. The role of men in the nuclear family is something Miss Meloni completely left out, because she doesn't have the idea anywhere in her head. I'm a bit disgusted with this. The title of this post says full "Family" speech, but it wasn't a "full family" speech. Girogia Meloni's problem is she doesn't include the full family in her prescription for Italy's family problems.

Purported conservatives who don't understand the problems with Feminism and the Socialist Welfare State together really shouldn't call themselves Conservatives. That said, Girogia Meloni is an anti-Woke, anti-Genderbending Nationalist who cares about Italy and Italians, and she hits back hard. Peak Stupidity will forgive the feminism, for now.

PS: Miss Meloni is not married, and I am just now correcting the occasions of "Mrs" in this and that previous post. Her "partner" (per Wiki) is journalist Mr. Andrea Giambruno. They have a biological daughter, whom I assume is still a kid. This explains her resentment and some of the problems with her mindset.

PPS: I can see from the comments that the PS was confusing, so this is an update. By "partner" (with the quotes) I did not mean to imply that Miss Meloni is a lesbian. I do see how that is normally implied with this term. In this case, I just meant to point out that Georgia Meloni is not married to the biological father of her daughter.

Why are they not married? There are all kinds of possible reasons, maybe financial/tax ones or Mr. Gaimbruno is too worried about the very anti-men behavior of the Italian courts to take a chance, I don't know. I don't knock that, but it does show the somewhat un-Conservative behavior of this new Prime Minister.

* I mean, that seems to be the full name of the party, as far as I can tell from every headline and intro I've read.

** That could be easily misinterpreted, as we are talking about Eyetalians here. By "the Family", I don't mean the Gotti, DeTaglia, or Soprano mafia families. At least I hope that wasn't what the conference was about!

[UPDATED 10/04:]
Added to PS and added PPS to clarify family in formation about Miss Meloni.

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Nord Stream Climate Calamity™ Conclusion

Posted On: Saturday - October 1st 2022 6:28PM MST
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(Hey, even more alliteration. I like it!)

Our post yesterday on this matter was fun for me, but it didn't have much of a conclusion. Let me just make it clear here.

I can't see how the ruptures of these pipelines was anything but sabotage* by anti-Russian/anti-German elements with the US at least KNOWING about it beforehand. However, the world politics and the technical aspects are not Peak Stupidity's forte.

Yesterday's post was written to show numbers that demonstrate the stupidity of those who would like to make this pipeline rupture deal into an environmental story. That is something I've already seen from the usual suspects in the Lyin' Press. The calculations were very simple, meaning, of course, they don't include real world processes of heat transfer and atmospheric science that would change them somewhat. However, that wasn't the goal. The chemistry and heat capacity stuff is simple. It won't change my point any if the someone would come up with values double or half.

The gist of it:

1) The full amount of methane from the pipeline, were it all to got to that Greenhouse Gas hot-spot in the sky, would amount 0.00005, or 0.005%, of the amount of methane already in the atmosphere.

2) Were one to burn this methane, he'd get 2 3/4 the volume of it (number of molecules** - talking ideal gases here) in Carbon Dioxide and 1 1/8 the volume of it in Water. So ... maybe not... as it if matters - see (1).

3) Were one to burn it all, the energy produced, if somehow spread out evenly, would raise the temperature of the atmosphere by 0.01F, albeit temporarily, as there's that energy balance thing.

All the environmental worries are dust in the wind. That said, it doesn't mean the country or Deep State responsible for this isn't still hypocritical about it.

OK, that's the blog-week. Next week, we'll get that full Giorgia Meloni speech up and discuss her many ideas, Feminist, Socialist, and Nationalist. The inflation and prepping post will appear, I hope, and immigration stupidity will surely rear its ugly head. Maybe more music is in order. Thanks for the comments, and thanks to more of you for reading!

* Sam J, I did read the Lawdog post speculating the cause may have been poor maintenance of the lines, but I'm not convinced. He sounds like he knows his stuff though.

** Which, I'm pretty sure, is what matters for Greenhouse Effect theory.

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Cuban refugees fleeing from Hurricane Ian request asylum in Florida

Posted On: Saturday - October 1st 2022 9:13AM MST
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(I could probably do a few good Babylon Bee headlines, but this one is reality.)

It's Newsweek this time.. Man, the Lyin' Press can be really stupid, but I can't always tell if it's purposeful or not. Occasionally, lately, when I've landed on the homepage of yahoo via email logout, the stupid is so fascinating that I can't look away.

This time is was due to my going to Newsweek, still around for some reason, on purpose, to check out what I thought would be simple facts about the damage from Hurricane Ian in southwest and central Florida. Thankfully, and pretty impressively to me, nobody had been killed by the ravages of this storm, as of the time I read. Well, no, wait, yes Newsweek noted that, but then they told us that there were a few deaths of some Cubans boating to the US to illegally enter the country.

A Category 5 hurricane had just gone through Florida and Newsweek is worried about illegal alien Cubans!:
No deaths were reported in the United States from Ian by late Wednesday. But a boat carrying Cuban migrants sank Wednesday in stormy weather east of Key West.

The U.S. Coast Guard initiated a search and rescue mission for 23 people and managed to find three survivors about two miles (three kilometers) south of the Florida Keys, officials said. Four other Cubans swam to Stock Island, just east of Key West, the U.S. Border Patrol said. Aircrews continued to search for possibly 20 remaining migrants.

The storm previously tore into Cuba, killing two people and bringing down the country's electrical grid.
As if the US Coast Guard and Floridians didn't have enough to do during the hurricane and in it's aftermath, now, they've had to rescue and take care of illegal alien Cubans. Hey, I understand the idea of rescuing ANYONE in distress at sea, but I seriously doubt these survivors will be sent back to Cuba, rather than Florida. As we found out 40-odd years ago, with about 10,000 times as many hey are not driving out their brightest and best. What idiot decides to do the 90 mile or longer run from Cuba to Florida during a hurricane ... a hurricane that they know about because it just got done tearing into Cuba!

OK, what's it gonna be this time, before the let you enter the country on your own recognizance, anxiously awaiting your hearing that you will surely attend? Fidel Casto has been dead for a few years. Raul, is that the guy running it now? Who are these people seeking asylum from? "Oh, a guy named Ian. Uh-huh..." [/Bob Newhart mode]

"Martha's Vineyard could really use 7 guys like you."

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How to accumulate assets in a Transexual World?

Posted On: Friday - September 30th 2022 5:54PM MST
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No, this is not a financial how-to post. The title is a question, and also, we're not talking finance here. We're talking "human assets", as the spies in the movies* and HR departments world-wide call their human resources.

See, though the iEspionage devices most people carry in their hands all day long would make your CIA, MI6, KGB, Mossad from a decade ago green with envy, it's not all wine and roses (for their honey pots) for the modern spy.

It may not have always been easy, but there were some tried-and-true methods to sign up those human assets one might still need. One of the best of them simply doesn't work anymore.

Here's the problem, as we will describe with an example;

"Mr. Bourne, we would like you to give us those documents, along with many others in the future that we will request from you via TicTok..."

"No. I love my country. Just why do you think I would betray it by spying for you by giving you company documents? I won't do it!"

"Oh, but you will, Jason. See, if you deny us a single request, well, before long, your mother, father, your sisters, and, for that matter, your whole High School graduating class, will know that you've been wearing women's dresses!"

"Know, hell! My mother buys my dresses, and my whole family chipped in to lop off my penis! In fact, I wouldn't have even been working here if the HR lady hadn't known about this from my resume."

How do you blackmail anyone into cooperating anymore, when there's nothing stupid enough to be embarrassed about these days?

The conversation between handler and potential asset was not finished, however.

"Transexual? Hmmm, you wouldn't happen to be from Transylvania by any chance?"

"Why, yes! Transexual, Transylvania - my whole extended family is. We overstayed our visas back in '87."

"We should talk, Comrade, our countries having been so close during those rollicking East Bloc days. How about coming up to my pad, for some wodka, and you can come up to the lab and see what's on the slab ..."

"OK, Comrade, I shiver with antici....
... pation."

PS: This came out of the NY Times story Steve Sailer discussed, in which some transexual military doctor and his wife were alleged to be giving the Russians medical info.

* Hell,. maybe in real life too. I just don't run into many.. that I know of ... I did wonder why blond hottie with the foreign accent wanted to have coffee and wodka with me the other afternoon ...

For more on the depiction of the spy world in American movies, as designed to think they know their asses from holes in the ground, see the 3-part Peak Stupidity series Apprehending Jason Bourne - Part 1 - - Part 2 - - and Part 3.

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Nord Stream Climate Calamity™?

Posted On: Friday - September 30th 2022 8:08AM MST
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I got interested in the technical aspects of the Nord Stream Russia-Germany natural gas pipelines and their recent ruptures by sabotage as much as the political aspects. To find a quick dimension or other number here or there, I found myself on the Lyin' Press old internet standard yahoo once or twice. That's where I first ran into the newest of Global Climate Stupidity: "Climate Calamity™". (I'm not sure if it's trademarked, but they damned well better, before Peak Stupidity does.)

As much as I detest the stupidity on all of the whole yahoo site, including even their email* login process, I must give them big kudos for this one. This new term is scary, but also hyper-alliterative. If you say it right, it's "Kuh-lie-mit Kuh-lah-mit-tee!" Great, but that doesn't make them any less full of shit on the whole idea. Peak Stupidity goes way back to our beginnings in arguing against the stupidity of supposedly working mathematical models of the entire Earth's climate (check that topic key for the early-on posts).

As if the whole subject (really just another Totalitarian control scheme) is not stupid enough, yahoo told me that the release of the natural gas from Nord Stream 1/2, which is mostly Methane along with other hydrocarbons, may very well fire up this Climate Calamity™ right now. Crap! Wait, just in time for winter, at least, so there's that... Anyway, that Methane produces more of the Greenhouse Effect than the Carbon Dioxide they call "pollution"**. That Greenhouse Effect is a simple process that I will agree is "a thing", but the whole climate is thousands of times more complex than that one process.

Anyway, a simplified spec for pipeline quality NG I looked at says the fluid should be at least 75% Methane - CH4. There are traces of other gases that you don't want much of or don't care about, but the rest is other hydrocarbons. Let's just assume it's all Methane, as it seems to be the worry for the yahoo and other alarmists (not our commenter Alarmist, though).

Adam Smith and I bandied about the idea of how long the 11 Billion ft3 of NG that had been stored in the pipelines*** would take to get out, what will happen to the piping, etc. I don't really know, but let's assume all of it gets out into the atmosphere.**** I'll take just the bottom 3 miles of atmosphere over the area of the planetary sphere we know more colloquially as Mother Gaia. That's ~ 1 x 1020 ft3of atmosphere, so all of that Methane mixed in throughly will result in an extra one part per 10 Billion. That's 0.10 parts per Billion, then. Methane is normally present in the atmosphere at 1.87 parts per Million = 1,870 parts per Billion.

This addition of all of that Nord Stream (formerly stored) natural gas is at most an addition of 0.005% - note, that's percent - to the Earth's atmospheric Methane. In other words, it's like one Dave Mathews Band sewage dump in all of Lake Michigan! (Via the Chicago River, that is.) OK, I exaggerate a bit, but, no Mother Gaia will not notice 1 in 18,700 one bit.

How 'bout they burn it all off, someone suggested, as CO2 is not as bad, Climate Calamity™-wise, as Methane, they say? That'd be fun, for one thing. At 55 degrees N, the residents of Bornholm Island don't get any midnight sun so this could be the closest thing.

I'm not worried, but Chemistry is fun, so:

CH4 + 2O2 -----> CO2 + 2H2O

There's also a butt-load of energy on the right hand side - did they used to put that under the arrow? (It's been a LONG time.) The energy released is 35,000 - 43,000 KJ/m3. I'l get back to that. First, let me get back to a number by the name of Avogadro. Believe it or not, after something like 4 decades, I remembered without the internet that it's 6.02 x 1023. It's a constant that relates atomic/molecular weight of a substance to its mass in grams.

Let's do it: CH4 has an atomic weight of 12 + (4 x 1) = 16. O2 has an atomic weight of 2 x 16 = 32. For CO2 it's 12 + (2 x 16) = 44, and for water (H2O) it's (2 x 1) +16 = 18. Does it all add up? (It better!)

16 + (2 x 32) = 44 + (2 x 18) ?
80 = 80 Whewww!

"Oh, oh, it's all about Chemistry...

The idea with Avogadro's Number is we can call them all grams rather than numbers with 1/12 of a Carbon atom (to be precise) or one proton or neutron as the unit. It can be kg, lbs, or whatever. Either way, we're just doing proportions, so this last bit was kind of unnecessary. Suffice it to say that 16 kg of Methane nets you 44 kg of Carbon Dioxide. Oh, no! What to do, what to do?! Oh, and that 18 kg of H2O that some of us call water on the right side? It's a Greenhouse Gas too. (Oops, did I write that loud? We don't talk about water, sea, as it makes the scam too obvious.)

Then, there's that energy, which, after all, was the whole point of the pipeline and of blowing it up too. Were the energy from the combustion of these 11 Billion ft3 of NG released, should that worry the Atmo-Alarmists? That was a nice quick calculation I did too:

That 11 billion cubic feet (= 310 million cubic meters) of gas contains ~ 1.3 x 1016 J of chemical energy based on its higher heating value. Just as we did with Methane, it being only 3/4 possibly of the NG, let's just use that 78% of the atmosphere Nitrogen as the whole of it.

The specific heat of N2 is ~ 1 J/kg-C. The 3-mile thick atmosphere (I’m being conservative by picking that number) has a volume of about 2.5 x 1018 m3 at a density of, let's just use 1 kg/m3.***** , so that's 2.5 x 1018 kg.

We’ve got 2.5 x 1018 kg of nitrogen, of which it takes 1 J to heat up a kg of it by 1C, and 1.3 x 1016 of energy to heat it up with. E = mc∆T, so ∆T = E/mc = 0.005 C. Wait, but that's nearly .01 F, one hundredth of a degree! It's a heat wave, burning inside ...

We are small. The Earth is big. Plus:


* I've had one account on there for over 25 years, so whaddya' gonna do? Another one from 2 years shorter had the whole history of emails deleted.

** Using that term and also "emissions" is the way they get the non-scientific population to equate this inert gas, one of 2 products of clean burning of hydrocarbons, to Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, particulates, and Mustard Gas, things that actually are pollutants and can kill you, if too much is in the air near you.

*** The pipelines weren't under flow, but all this was stored in them at the time of the sabotage.

**** While there was still lots of pressure, I wondered if the Russians could let it back flow to save some of it. No doubt a pipeline engineer could set us straight on all of this.

***** It does go lower, as one goes up, but at the average height (you'd need Calculus to do this right), it's right at that number.

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Giorgia Meloni's (mostly missing) speech

Posted On: Thursday - September 29th 2022 6:23AM MST
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Giorgia Meloni is the new Prime Minister of Italy. It's a bitter win for the feminists though. See, though Miss Meloni is the first woman PM of the country (You go grlll!), and she's a feminist, she's a also a Nationalist, or, for feminists, every single one of the ctrl-left, a reincarnation of the Fascist Mussolini, but with better hair.

I'd seen the 2-minute clip that I have embedded herein in Steve Sailer's recent post Italy.* This is very good stuff, and I'm thrilled there's another European leader working against the Globalists. Note first that this speech was not Miss Meloni's victory speech - it was from a Conference on the Family somewhere in Italy, I assume. Enjoy:

However, this 2 minute clip was taken from the full 15 minute speech at that family issues conference. I first wanted to embed the 2 minute clip here, as I finally have. Yesterday, though, after 20 minutes of trying to get from the tweet on iSteve, through twitter, finally with a search of the CassiusDx youtube channel for this 2 minute clip, I found the entire speech watched, read (subtitles), and listened to it. There was a lot more there, and the 2 minutes you see does not show the full picture of what Giorgia Meloni stands for. As much as I wanted Peak Stupidity readers to view it, by the time it came around to embedding it, youtube thought the better of this idea:

Freaking annoying, that! It's harder for me to describe the rest without referring to it again, and you all can't see what I mean. If you noticed I wrote "listened to" also, though it's all in Italian, of course. For most of this "talk", Miss Meloni spoke loudly, angrily, and rapidly. I'm not criticizing that. It's just that if you want to call someone a Fascist, well, all ideology aside, this speech was what I'd think of first. If I didn't have subtitles, I could believe she's a Fascist. She probably beat out Mussolini himself in intensity and invective. (Here's a Dwight Schrute version, as a northeastern Pennsylvania paper salesmen's version of the man.)

Of course the ctrl-left and Globalist call Giorgia Meloni a Fascist, because that's just what they do for anyone who is against them. Being a family-oriented Nationalist doesn't make one a Fascist, but that speech was something else.

As to the non-Fascist content of her family conference speech, I was disappointed that Miss Meloni has major Socialist and Feminist tendencies. (Again, I wish I could have let you listen, but some youtube asshole made this more difficult.) She brought up free nursery care, schooling, etc. I know, for Italians alone, without the ongoing immigration invasion and those that remain from it, some will say Socialism could work fine. I don't agree. The Feminism that Miss Meloni can't seem to shake works with the Socialism to destroy the nuclear family.

Looking at the 2 minutes, you'll see that this new PM is all about the Italian nuclear family, and more of them. That's great, in principle. Sorry, though, her ideas earlier on in the speech will NOT let that happen, contrary to her logic. Though she indeed noted that she supports this Socialism for married couples, it doesn't work. If a married woman has the State as a 2nd husband in waiting, he is not really in charge of his family. If a single woman has this State as her husband and enforcer of redistribution from the nuclear families of Italy, the married people pay and still can't afford big families. I don't think Miss Meloni understands the zero-sum game with the tax money of Italians (or probably, as with here, of their necessarily very small nuclear grand-children). She's not alone in this misunderstanding by any means.

A strong voice against Globalism from this new Prime Minister of Italy is a great thing. A half century of Feminism, though, has done a number on people. If you hold onto it, your Nationalist pro-family agenda will fail miserably. The people who know this the best are the Christian home-schoolers. Giorgia Meloni would be wise to learn something from that crowd. Unfortunately, they don't go making rousing speeches like this one.

PS: That's another thing: The real invective and intensity was in the speech almost up to this 2 minute ending. This part was the calm, soothing side of Giorgia Meloni! (Did youtube management censor it for that reason? People might look up Mussolini speeches next... then we'd have some honest-to-goodness Fascism.)

* That post was about Reason magazine's leather-jacketed open-borders-retard Nick Gillepsie's negative opinion of this woman and Conservatism, as argued with iSteve in the venue of Twitter. On this argument, Peak Stupidity says Conservatism and Libertarianism can learn a lot from each other.

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Two Peak Stupidity local anecdotes

Posted On: Wednesday - September 28th 2022 5:55PM MST
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(Anything to get that apology off the top of the page here, right?)

This is one small bit of stupidity that we covered already the past February in the post Stuff a 10 year-old used to know - lost to history or lost to stupidity?. It bears repeating or People! Will! Die! Really, though, this stupidity has probably killed a few. It's the deal (as the other post discussed) in which society has apparently forgotten that you walk on the left side of the road, against the traffic, that is the subject.

This time, I came left off a busy 4-lane road onto a small street, and there was a Mom - not just a Mom, but a real MILF, hotter than the one in the picture here - walking with a stroller in the right. She wasn't by the curb, mind you, but she took up the whole right side of the road. The lighting had changed and it took a second or so to see her and the stroller, at that point only 100 ft away. Luckily it's a slow road, I was not one of those web-surfing drivers, and, most importantly, the light wasn't such that I went from shade right into direct sunlight. You're a hot young Mom, you've got a new young child, and you just saunter down the lane without a view of opposing traffic? What stupidity!

I was really close to getting out of the car and telling her nicely what the problem is and "maybe they don't teach this stuff anymore" in a nice fashion. However, I know how too many young people can be now. She may have just called the cops as soon as I pulled over and went walking toward her. It's better the cops be called than having to learn something...

Next, my son and I played 7 holes (baskets, actually) of Disc Golf. (There's a lot of walking, and we are not that good, so we could only do that much in the hour we had.) Some of this was in the woods. Well, near hole 4, I saw this black kid dragging a bicycle along a trail there, in the way. We gave him time to move, and played on. There he* was again near hole 5, though. I felt sorry for the kid, thinking he had a flat tire, but then, why drag the thing? Oh, his chain was jammed, I figured.

I really don't want anything to do with certain people. We passed him up, but something made me go try to help. Yeah, his chain, clean as it can be on this new bike (i.e. no lube either) was jammed at the front sprockets between them and the frame and bottom bracket. This was easy. You have to take the tension off from that torsion spring in the back and then just roll the chain back on. I did that, and he understood that I wanted him to adjust his front derailleur to match the sprocket I got the chain on.

The kid started pushing the bike, worried it would jam again, and then, before long, I saw him carrying/dragging it again. Oh, c'mon! He must have tried to ride it from there. Even if he didn't know how to line up the derailleurs with the chain, when it jammed again he could have at least done what I did to unjam it himself. It wasn't like the chain was greasy (possibly part of the problem too). I shook my head, and we played on.

Before I met this kid the odds were 70-something percent that he had no Dad at home. After seeing this, I'd say they were more like 95%. Single Moms will tell you that doesn't matter.

* I am not completely sure "he" was not a girl. I know this sounds like one of the most hilarious scenes of many in The Office, but with the hair style, age (about 12?), and bulky build, I still have no idea.

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We were wrong.

Posted On: Wednesday - September 28th 2022 9:30AM MST
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Hey, it took us an even 2,400 posts to get one of these, so I don't feel so bad about it.

It takes a big blog to admit when it's been wrong about something like this. It's the big story of the Ukraine/Russian war. I had decided very early on, in early March of this year - "YES" on Is the Russia/Ukraine War another piece of Infotainment?* Now, with this latest news on the sabotage** of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, I see how far the Potomac Regime, that is, the Deep State in "American" government has gone.

To give myself a break here, it's been the armchair general war strategy and tactics stuff that I've seen as Infotainment. To me, it was a distraction (for Americans at least) from the growing resistance movement against the Kung Flu Totalitarianism, with the Ottawa truckers winding down (and persecution of them beginning). Then there was the rah-rah support for the Ukraine, with the flags everywhere, even in Boy Scout parades.

Peak Stupidity did note, with anger, how the Feral government was sending 40,000,000,000 of grift-worthy bucks to support the NATO/Ukraine side. More egregious was that the Congressional spenders were shocked, shocked, that a Rand Paul would even thing of adding on an accountability stipulation to the bill. Needless to say, they voted that shit down.

I did not realize how big the Potomac Regime's efforts to sanction and screw the Russians were until yesterday's news about the pipeline. Economic battles between powers are one thing, but the armament support and now actual sabotage of Russian infrastructure is another. If the US government wasn't directly responsible, it had to be indirectly involved. Big Uncle Sam, with those big borrowed bucks, still runs the show.

So, as far as US Deep State and Neocon involvement in the Ukraine-Russian war, which may indeed lead to a wider conflict, this IS a big story.

Peak Stupidity was WRONG!

(OK, PS editors, you don't have to rub it in!)

* Come to think of it, going back a month before that, we also posted Anarchy in the UKraine and Peak Stupidity on the Ukraine.

** The fact that both of them, at points far away, started leaking nearly the same time - come on, there's no way it as accidental.

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Trump v DeSantis: Round 3 - Immigration Invasion

Posted On: Tuesday - September 27th 2022 5:14PM MST
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  Elections '16 - '24  Immigration Stupidity  Trump

From earlier, see Part 1 - Personalities and Part 2 - Immunity to Kung Flu Panic.)

This is the BIG, the EXISTENTIAL* issue, the Immigration Invasion. Whoever in the match-up would do a better job on this issue as President is who I'd want to win a theoretical election**. Both of these men have a record on fighting this battle, in different ways, of course, at Federal vs. State level.

Unless DeSantis is a complete liar, both of these men would be, and have been, better on this issue than any other big political figure who'd have a chance. The loser of this round would still beat all hell out of anyone else prominent on this issue (again, politicians with a chance, not real Americans like me or Peter Brimelow). That said, Peak Stupidity has been extremely disappointed in the results from President Trump of '17-'21, who had had so many Americans' hopes up for a few years. We've written quite a bit on this topic, and for me there's no way to be sure how much of the failure has been due to incompetence and how much due to the tremendous forces that were arrayed against President Trump.

This may sound like a continuation of a good news / bad news joke, but I will now remember, from our post President Donald Trump: the Bad, **the Good**, and the Ugly***, that President Trump did seriously bring the immigration numbers down. I was pretty excited about this when writing that post just before the election in '20. (Humorously, VDare's "Washington Watcher II", writer of the post I discussed, was thrilled by the NY Times unintentional endorsement of the President on this issue.)

There were many under-the-radar moves that Trump made, both with legal programs and illegal entries of various sorts and various people. I was excited because it's the numbers that matter, and the first thing you do when in a deep hole is STOP DIGGING.

The problem is that Trump brought the digging down to a significantly lower rate, but he didn't lock up the excavators. Most of his moves were done at the bureaucratic levels in the agencies involved. I don't recall so much legislation being passed - no, he can't do it, but the idea was to get support and get it done. He made those deals with the Central American leaders to stop the caravans,, but, again, they were just deals of Trump's, not anything permanent. This would all have been fine, a great start at least, were Trump President-for-Life AND immortal. Neither is the case.

There's no "big beautiful wall". The winner of the '20 cheat-fest rolled back former-President Trump's policy changes one by one, early on. The numbers since then have already more than overwhelmed the number of immigrants that Trump prevented from coming. And they keep coming, and coming, and ...

Candidate Trump's immigration policy was very good. He read Ann Coulter's book. His feelings and his love for this country had him on the right track. However, that was Candidate Trump, running his mouth about all it all. When it came down to getting significant things done in any permanent fashion, President Trump let us down.

What about Florida Governor, and prospective GOP Presidential candidate DeSantis? Could he be the same or worse, a liar who is just pandering to get the Conservative votes? That's possible. Could he have beengrandstanding with the most excellent Martha's Vinyard caper, as I 've read commenters maintain? Nah. Nobody who wants to stay in good with the UniParty elites and Globalists who run things would do something like this. There are ways of kissing their asses and getting exposure. This would not be the way.

Because he doesn't have such a long record of speech and action on the immigration invasion, I don't have so much else to write about DeSantis on the issue. However, VDare writer James Fulford helpfully transcribed a speech of his to the National Conservative Conference mid-September - FL Governor Ron DeSantis Addresses Mass LEGAL Immigration: “Just The Sheer Number Of People Overwhelms Communities” Please read that quick post which speaks for itself about DeSantis views. No, I don't think he's lying his ass off.

Both Trump and DeSantis realize that the immigration invasion is a bad thing. They both understand the Americans want it stopped. The question is, who would do a better job at actually stopping it? From the records, the personalities, and the intelligence levels of the two men, I'd have to go with DeSantis again.

* That post is from very early on in the life of this blog. The title is: Too many posts about immigration, you say? - GIT! OFF! MY! LAWN! BLOG! ... (We took a pretty tough stance back then, haha.)

** I write that because Trump may be embroiled in or distracted with suit or even be a political prisoner, and I haven't read for sure that Governor DeSantis will campaign for the office.

*** Yes, it's the 2nd of a 3-part series with The Bad and The Ugly. (The latter was about Zhou Bai Dien, though, not President Trump.)

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Thrown under the bus on the road to Covid~Zero

Posted On: Saturday - September 24th 2022 7:22AM MST
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  China  Geography  Kung Flu Stupidity

I have seen this place. It's like the West Virginia of China, but that's not a crack on West Virginia. It's just remote - hell, the Japs didn't even bother with the place, although Mao and his compadres stopped on their Long March to have a conference in the northwestern Guizhou city of Zunyi. Chaing's Nationalists hadn't care enough to defend the place. Guizhou is remote and mountainous. Like W. Virginia, you can't get anywhere there in a straight line. (However, the Chinese been doing a hell of a job fixing that.). Unlike in W.Virginia, the mountains are much steeper.

The picture above is realistic, because it shows some nice scenery while that smoggy city area lies below. In this province, like anywhere in China (not counting Tibet and Xinjiang in the west), a "village" there means, oh, a population of about 1/2 million people or so. The municipality around Guizhou's capital Guiyang has over 4 million people in it. 38 million people live in this remote province. "How many divisions does West Virginia have?"

The ridicrous Covid~Zero* campaign that the Chinese central government has been waging is no longer just in Shanghai** In Inside info on the latest Oriental Kung Flu Stupidity, we had personal information from a LOCKDOWN (just a minor LOCKDOWN, mind you, of an apartment complex with 25,000 people) in Canton. (They're calling it Guanzhou now, for some strange reason.)

The Covid~Zero campaign is one of THE stupidest portions of the Kung Flu PanicFest that I've ever heard about, and that includes in America! It's all over that country now and not all simply stupidity-based, with plenty of evil intentions of absolute control playing a big part. This latest news is from that remote Guizhou, unfortunately not quite remote enough anymore to avoid the stupidest of shit.

What sounds like a small story that I've gotten from accounts from my China source from people in Guizhou has a PanicFest connection. Based on a few hundred people having (being?) cases of Covid in this province of 38,000,000 people, LOCKDOWNS have been put in place. Those found to be in the Red Zone on their phones*** are being sent to quarantine camps, as is the regular policy. However, Guiyang did not have enough room for these people from the city's district of Yunyan. They "needed" to be bused elsewhere. Well, one bus full of these unlucky Chinamen overturned on a late-night (2 in the morning) run to the quarantine camp and 27 people were killed.

What's the big deal? In a country with 5 times the population of ours, there are going to be lots of traffic fatalities. They wouldn't usually warrant a news story outside the village or at least county. For this case, though, I'm pretty sure that most Chinese people, including relatives of the dead, know that this Covid~Zero business is nonsense and that the quarantining, hence the bus ride, was not necessary. The now dead Guiyang resident could have been at home with their families. That's why this story has gotten out.

Wikipedia is not very trustworthy on anything that can be taken politically In this case, it has a short page on this story here that seems pretty factual. My source used WeChat, on which the story got big, but then the suddenly quit trending ... odd that...

Of course, the Peak Stupidity blog cares more about America and Americans than China and the Chinese. If it weren't for these dead 27 Chinamen, and feeling truly sorry for the 1,400,000,000 others that are suffering from this most ridiculous aspect of the Kung Flu PanicFest, it'd be a feel-good story. "Whewww! America is not the Peak of Stupidity! USA! USA! USA!"****

* Peak Stupidity has had lots of posts on the Kung Flu Stupidity in China - go to the China topic key - most were written this past March through May, with a few stragglers since, like this one.

** Its start was there due to politics, as Peak Stupidity discussed.back in April in The latest on the Covid-Zero Shanghai Shitshow.

*** Meaning Covid cases, that is, if the database is accurate.

**** I'm thinking 4-D here, as Donald Trump does with his policy decisions - the peak has a time component and 3 spatial components. (Not sure what altitude has to do with it, until you get over 18,000 feet - gets hard to think straight for long.)

[UPDATED 09/25: ]
Changed the title.

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Trump v DeSantis: Round 2 - Immunity to Kung Flu Panic

Posted On: Friday - September 23rd 2022 10:50AM MST
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  Elections '16 - '24  Trump  Kung Flu Stupidity

(Series began with Part 1 - Personalities.)

This may be a better way to compare these guys - I'll look at the few major issues that they both have dealt with in office. There are 2 big ones I'm thinking of. The Immigration Invasion is the existential issue and should be primary - I'll get into that soon. These two men's handling of the Kung Flu PanicFest, though, is a good window into who would be (or second time around would be) a better President, if it's not too late to begin with, due to that #1 issue.

Hopefully there won't be another PanicFest, but precedents have been set for the Totalitarianism that has been introduced to us on that pretext. Maybe it won't be a virus but something else.. I have no idea.... It's worth recalling how these two government leaders handled it though.

For most readers this won't be any kind of spoiler, so let me say right away that President Trump was a failure in handling this PanicFest and Governor DeSantis was one of, and probably the best of, the anti-panickers in an official capacity. Sure, DeSantis was probably hesitant and unsure for that first couple of weeks or a month, as I was. It was hard to keep from thinking "hey, do these people know something I don't?" for a week or two. That shouldn't have lasted long for people. Once the Totalitarianism started, it seemed pretty obvious that this "pandemic" was being used for ill motives. The Totalitarian measures were wrong even if this had been the Black Death 2.0! However, common sense told anyone possesing that quality that it obviously wasn't.

Let's go back to President Trump. Early on, he was savvy about tying in this Pandemic Panic to global travel, hint, stopping even more Moslems and other extreme foreigners from coming here, if only for a spell. It was a small thing, but that was making use of the Panic, as the other side did for their uses. I give him credit for his political savvy there. Yet, as for the disease itself, well, Trump is not a doctor, much less an infectious disease doc or virologist. He didn't need to be.

What Trump needed to be was a good delegator of power and advisement. He sucked at that badly, as we all know. Instead of using Javanka and Swamp Creatures as his advisors and delegated officials, he should have had, for the issue of immigration, for example, Ann Coulter LIVING in an alcove inside the freaking White House! As for the Kung Flu, the grandiose fool Anthony Fauci was in an advisory position. Trump had no obligation to follow anything this flip-flopping, lying "expert" had to say.

Trump was caught in a tough place, or so he figured. If he didn't clamp down on the country (or go along with it), he'd be accused of "killing millions of people!" [/Ron Unz] He does seem to have a lot of common sense, normally, which was probably telling him, after a few months at least, that all this was going way overboard. Yet, he didn't use it. Instead, he trusted the Panickers (whether stupid or evil) because he didn't trust himself.

Now, I see that I left out a good one from Part 1 on these two men's personalities: Confidence President Trump exudes confidence, but I think he was missing that confidence when delegating authority and advisement. Here's my guess on his thought process: I know real estate. I get the best guys on my team. I know who knows real estate better than me even. What I don't know, is anything about running these Washington, FS departments full of bureaucrats. I don't know anyone personally who does. I'd better get people who know what they're doing, some guys who've been here a long time. They must be good if they've been here a long time... am I right? NO, you've been so damned wrong on that!

So, we had "well, this guy Fauci has a medical degree, and he's pretty worked up about this, so ..." If not that, he was having public arguments with these guys. OK, but it was time to take a stand and make decisions, not just argue, feeding into the PanicFest Infotainment. The President, through the DOJ, could have taken some action, and at least the higher-up bureaucrats who pushed the Panic should have been fired.

There's another personality trait, that I did discuss in Part 1, that comes into play here. Trump has no real principles. It was never about the mandatory shutting down of people's businesses or curfews or forced masking is highly unConstitutional and plain WRONG. It was only a matter for Trump of the feelings. "People are tired of this." vs."Yeah, this disease is contagious and deadly!" So, he was wishy-washy for the two years of this.

Then, there was Trump's push for the vaccines, as he thought of himself as some kind of hero for that "moon shot". It doesn't seem that his ego will let him back off that stance either, after nearly 2 years now ...

During this time, the good Governor DeSantis of Florida used his common sense, stood on principles, and took a damn stand. He governed on behalf of the people of Florida, as he should.

There were 2 important factors regarding the Kung Flu in Florida:

1) It's a State that has been widely known for half a century as being a retirement destination, hence there are lots of old people, especially in south Florida. Yet, Governor DeSantis did not join the PanicFest out of either his own fear, or (as would have been more likely for other politicians) his taking the easy way, going along to get along, with the rest of the Totalitarians.

2) It's a big tourist destination. Tourism is Florida's biggest 2nd biggest "industries", at right about half the size of its agriculture industry*. Of course, it would have behooved all State officials to play down the Kung Flu Panic, but then (1) should result in the opposite.

Governor DeSantis could have taken the easier road. He could have gone along with the edicts, while in the meantime asking subserviently for a bunch of that Covid "Cares Act" money from the Feds, cause, you know, the tourism and old people and all. As for support, there are a lot of decent Conservative Floridians still left (a chunk of the State is still in The South even). Most would have the common sense to agree with Governor. Peak Stupidity and family and friends have spent time out in the sunshine since this PanicFest started in March of '20. Being out in that Florida sunshine is good for you!**

Then the President more so had, and still has, loads of very loyal supporters, most of whom would have followed his recommendations***.

No doubt, President Trump was under more pressure than Governor DeSantis was. DeSantis had his idiot Grim Reaper Lawyer**** calling him a Fascist, but Trump had the ctrl-left of the whole country against him. Yet, they would be against him no matter what he did (their flip-flop on vaccines is an example). He knows that.

Governor DeSantis fought against Federal efforts to make him comply and lay down restrictions on the good people of Florida. His understanding of the concept of Federalism (State's Rights) is something that would do us all a lot of good were he President. I really hope the story is true (and, if I ever get to meet him at an event, I will be sure to ask) that DeSantis told President Bai Dien "go fuck yourself!" during one of his disagreements with the Feds.

It's likely the freedom seen in Florida these last couple of years was part of bringing even more people from LOCKDOWNed blue State to the Sunshine State. No, it's not like that's a good thing, result-wise, but it shows that there was no real contest between the Federal response with Trump as leader v the State of Florida response to the dreaded. Covid one-niner.

In Round 2 of Trump v DeSantis, it's Ron DeSantis by a knockout!

* As of '18, seen here.

** Sure, you may have to take shelter sometime between 3 and 5 PM each day, but then the sun is back... along with that 90% RH ... and the skeeters...

*** I give Trump some credit also for pushing the non-big-Pharma drugs HCQ and Ivermectin as solutions. The problem was he wouldn't take a solid stand and stick with his stance.

**** See more on that sicko here.

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Light Bulb price inflation Deflation - this one's a doozy

Posted On: Thursday - September 22nd 2022 8:46PM MST
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  Economics  Inflation

Unlike one of Peak Stupidity's normally straightforward Inflation calculation posts, this one's a doozy in 2 ways: 1) This comparison between then and now results in "extra big-ass fries inflation and 2) This is more complicated, with substitution, hedonics* and something related but different involved - comparison of differing recurrent costs with use, as compared to fixed (purchasing) costs.

There I was, trying to think of another inflation post to write, and a light bulb appeared above my head. This was at Lowes, you understand, and there were actually 8 light bulbs ... in each package, on a shelf above my head. Ahaaa, there's your post.

See, I haven't bought light bulbs in something like 13 years. The reason for that is also 2-fold: 1) I was in my first phase of prepping, with a big lull till more recently and 2) The US Feral Gov't had gotten involved in light bulbs, for cryin' out loud, you know, some penumbra of one of the clauses in that lost Article VIII of the Constitution. No kidding, President Bush was telling me I could no longer buy incandescent bulbs pretty soon.

Well, there they were again, the brand and type you see above. That works out very nicely, as I'd bought about 20 cases (of 6 8-packs each) of the same brand, also soft white, but with a longer life time, 1,000 hrs, vs. these new ones that claim 750 hrs.** I remember that I had bought those bulbs before, in 2009, at 25¢ each, when bought by the 8-pack. (All wattages were the same price) They are now, (slightly lower than in the ad above) $2.00 each at the very same store. (75 Watters)

Before I go claim this as "see, another example of higher inflation than the BLS boys tell us", let me provide that caveat. Hardly anyone buys incandescent bulbs - in fact till now I'd thought they were completely verboten. Apparently, they aren't, but, since most people buy the LEDs now - I completely missed the compact fluorescent era, per my own doing - the supply/demand numbers are completely different. Not many people want these bulbs, and not nearly as many are made. Do the plants in China not operated on the same economy of scale as the (I'm pretty sure) American plants operated in '09?

Still, let me do this one calculation, with that 3/4 lifetime also taken into account. Without the bulb-lifetime adjustment, I get a whopping 17.3% average inflation rate over the last 13 years. (Granted, the last year may comprise a bigger share than the rest.) Then, to adjust for that 25% lower lifetime than the old bulbs, we get 19.8%. Whaaa! Let's get back in the DeLorean, Doc! Someone set this thing to 1979! [Said in that hilarious incredulous Michael J. Fox voice.]

There is that substitution factor, as our baskets of goods (hell, even the baskets have been substituted) would not include incandescent, but instead, LED bulbs now. Let's forget that maybe I like incandescents better. I bought LEDs due not just to this incredible inflated price I didn't want to pay, but for bulb-lifetime reasons for this particular purpose.

I bought a couple of 8 packs of GE "Classic" LEDs 60W-equivalent for $18 a pack, i.e. $2.25 each. Per the web, the lifetime of these things is 13 years at 3 hrs/day. That's 13 years x 365 days/yr x 3 hrs/day = 14,235 hours! Usage wise, the fixed-cost purchasing price per usage time is very good. One would pay ~$3.50 for the number of old 1,000 hr bulbs to get the same usage. That makes the new ones functionally cheaper to buy.

Then, as I noted above, there's the recurring cost of electricity use. These bulbs have "wattage" ratings, but that's due to the fact that bulb buyers don't think in lumens - the unit of light intensity, "luminous flux" to be precise about it. We are used to bulbs rated by Watts from the old incandescents. Therefore, the current ones are advertised by "wattage", but with the actual energy use given. In this case, for the same light output, these use 10W. The old 60W bulbs use, there you go, 60W. Most of that energy goes to heat, OK in the winter, highly uncool in the summer. I do appreciate some new things!

I'm paying over 13¢/kWh for electricity. The LEDs use 0.01 kWh per hour, while the incandescents use 0.06 kWh per hour. Based on the long-lifetime of over 14,000 hrs (I believe the way one should do this), the savings in the recurring electricity costs will be a whopping $92 over the course of the alleged LEDs lifetime! That's 13 changes of the incandescents in that time, and, if one's time is worth anything, that adds onto the savings.

So, we have had a lot of deflation in light bulb fixed AND recurring costs due to inventions that result in substitution. Can this be the case for lots of goods and services? I don't know, but the problem is keeping ahead of the FED.

Well, that was fun. Let's see what the conclusions are:

1) The substitution of modern items for obsolete ones in the proverbial CPI basket of goods can makes sense and subtract from an otherwise rising inflation rate. Other times, as with substitution of a cheap Chinese bicycle for the old well-made Schwinn, that process gives errors that result in a rosier picture than what is the case. Other times, as with substitution of a Hyundai Accent for a Dodge Challenger, it doesn't even make sense.

2) If you really want incandescent bulbs, yes, inflation for that product has been 19% average, over the last 13 years.

3) The LED bulbs are not my hill to die on, and to me they are an exception to the law commenter MBlanc46 has told me at least once - "Things always get worse."

Finally, how many Luddites does it take so screw in a light bulb? The math says about 14 times as many, on average.

PS: I wonder, since the bulb-ban was lifted, will incandescent bulbs become like vinyl record albums, cooly retro? I've still got a some in the attic. If thats true, I wish I'd bought 50 cases, but then, come that first Richter 8 earthquake, I'll have lost my ass!

* For more on this topic see our further posts Hedonics - Pleasure from Products and Services and Hedonics in the Current Era of Cheap China-made Crap

** Now, some of these specs annoyingly give lifetime in years, based on some hourly use that I didn't know. I was lucky to find one set of specs that gave me the number I wanted here.

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Trump v DeSantis: Round 1 - Personalities

Posted On: Wednesday - September 21st 2022 6:21PM MST
In Topics: 
  Elections '16 - '24  Trump

Almost 4 years back and based on a DrudgeReport* headline ("Trump Brags : 'I Blow Ronald Reagan Away'"., Peak Stupidity featured a 5-part series, Ronnie vs. Donnie comparing Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump as Presidents. Here are Part 1: Intro. - - Part 2: The Personalities - - Part 3: Foreign Policy - - Part 4: Domestic Policy - - and Part 5: Conclusion. Ann Coulter had a column about this a few months after, in particular, a comparison of the Lyin' Press treatment of these 2 Presidents - we discussed that one here. I'm guessing it won't be a spoiler of our posts for the Peak Stupidity reader when I write here that Ronnie beat the pants off of Donnie. Those 2 Presidents already have their records out there for us to analyze.

For Trump v DeSantis, we can't compare records apples-to-apples. Ron DeSantis has been Governor of Florida for nearly 4 years now, so we can learn about his time there. That's not the same as being President, if nothing else just for the lack of the full onslaught of the Lyin' Press arm of the Potomac Regime. Therefore, for now, I'll compare the personalities and abilities of these guys, not their records directly. However, we have plenty of examples of their words and actions to help us understand the former.

This may be a little roundabout, like a debate rather than a spreadsheet. Here goes:

Feelings about Americans:

I have no doubt that, contrary to most politicians at the high level, Trump likes and cares about Americans. Does DeSantis? Is he just grandstanding and nothing but a weathervane? Comments that deride him bring up his trips to Israel and his support for the usual Jewish causes. Well, first of all, DeSantis is Governor of Florida. Besides the Cubans there, the east coast of southern Florida has been heavily Jewish for years. Then too, what about Donald Trump on this score? He comes from extra-heavily Jewish NY City. We know his record too. I don't see a winner of these two on this question. Do all politicians running for high office have to do this schtick (haha)? It seems so, unfortunately. I am trying not to get into policy, just personalities, but I don't think this demonstrates that DeSantis doesn't like Americans and put America first... in his heart, that is.

Both these guys are different from the UniParty in this respect, in that they care about regular Americans.


I will explain later on the being a bullshitter, which he is, doesn't make Trump (or anyone) necessarily dishonest. For a big politician, Trump is very honest. Of course he's gonna play those games with the press and try not to show his hand (that 4-D chess, OK, no, 2-D checkers, more like). He may have very well reneged on promises, but I've never seen that this was done with every intention from the beginning. How about the honesty of Ron DeSantis? One can go to Mr. Hail's detailed background post on the man to glean something on this. I don't know. I have no reason to think the man is dishonest, but then, that's how all politicians get somewhere in the first place, making the public believe them.

I am not a Floridian (wouldn't mind being one), and I haven't kept up with all politics there so I will pass on judging DeSantis on this score.


This is not the important quality for a President, but it is a very important one for BECOMING one. It's not just getting people to pay attention and getting in those great soundbites. Being able to rally large groups of people to donate, help in the campaign, vote, and maybe even help prevent cheating (unfortunately, a necessary function now) is important in #Winning!

Maybe because he's been in the limelight in the NYC social scene and on his TV shows, Trump has charisma in spades. I've seen DeSantis speak (on youtube) just once or twice. I like what he had to say, but I don't think he'll be able to beat Trump on charisma . That's not everything, or maybe that's nothing, as I discuss this next one.


Note that this is NOT the same as honesty, the phrase "honesty and integrity" is not redundant. Trump is truly missing this personality trait. I don't think his word is good for jack squat. That doesn't mean he doesn't mean well and try, some of the time, to make good on what he's promised. It's just that often he has no way of knowing how to accomplish the actions in these promises, so basically, he's a bullshitter.

DeSantis is so much better. I have seen nothing to indicate he's a bullshitter from his 3 1/2 years as Governor of Florida. On this latest (and greatest) action**, with the shipment of a few illegal aliens up to the ritzy island of Martha's Vineyard, this was making good on a threat of his.

Adherence to Principle:

Perhaps this should go with integrity. Here's the deal. Trump has no principles. I voted for him because he cared enough about Americans to bring up the immigration invasion issue. He said he was against American warmongering, which was a nice bonus. He pushed these issues and more, such as gun rights, because he believed in them - till he was told otherwise on most of them. However, on gun rights, for instance, he let Americans down on the bump-stock issue due to media pressure after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. That shows a lack of integrity which is due to his lack of principles. He's not for or against anything due to that silly Constitution - it's the feeelz, which, luckily were aimed in our favor on the big issues, hence my vote twice.

DeSantis understands Federalism. His great job in defending Florida from the Kung Flu panickers demonstrated this. To me, Federalism, as practiced by more and more decent Governors, may possibly be America's way out of the violence that will otherwise come due to the great divisions we have. I'd like to see a guy who understands State's Rights in the oval office - it could be the first since Calvin Coolidge(?).

Common Sense:

Trump is supposed to be street smart and wise to the corrupt Big-Biz ways of NY City (the big one) real estate. Yeah, well, he's also been a rich man his whole life.

That's not the case for DeSantis (read Mr. Hail's post linked-to above). The proof I have of his great common sense was his reaction to the Kung Flu panic. Governor DeSantis of the State of Florida, with a 50 mile coastline (maybe 100 mi.) of old people on one side, and a strip of the same on the southwest coast, saw through the BS and kept things sane in the State of Florida. We have mentioned his good work a few times with the Kung Flu Stupidity topic key, but this subject deserves a whole post ... perhaps by E.H. Hail.

During that time Trump went back and forth listening to this BS and that BS from Dr. Fauci and other experts. He used no common sense in the matter, with the exception of his using this PanicFest to rightfully stop travel from certain foreign countries.

I've bitten off way more than I can chew in this post. I don't know if all the bold things are even personality traits, and I know I've missed others. However, I'm thinking of the traits that apply to the job of being a President for the American people.

I don't know if these two men will run against each other as GOP candidates. I'd read that Ron DeSantis said he wouldn't run if Trump was running. What'd be much better is for each of these men to do what they are best at, based on their differing personalities. What would that mean? It'd mean that Donald Trump would curtail his ego somehow and become the leader of the MAGA Party***, a REAL opposition party to the Potomac Regime UniParty. Ron DeSantis could win the Presidency and be the good-decision-making executive that he has been in the great State of Florida.

* Yeah, I know. We're LONG done with that guy!

** BTW, Ann Coulter's latest column covers this event. She combines discussion on this with discussion of the latest and MASSIVE financial fraud by one White Minnesotan and many Somalian fraudsters. We're talking $240,000,000 - see also Steve Sailer's post on this with the great title "They're Not Making Minnesotans Like They Used to.".

*** It's not the best name one could thing of, but then the hats have already been manufactured, so ...

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Big Biz Nanny is concerned about my electric bill

Posted On: Monday - September 19th 2022 9:49AM MST
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Here's the gist of what came in the mail from the power company, in a completely separate letter from the bill, mind you:

Yeah, it was a hot month, maybe a little hotter than the one last year, and we splurged with the A/C, meaning keeping it in the high 70's instead of 81 or so. The unit is pretty dang old. It may need a recharge of refrigerant, and about 1/3 of the fins are crushed in.* I! GET! THAT! I! LIVE! HERE! YOU! DON'T!

I do not need this nanny state Big Biz power company chiding me about my bill. First of all, as "green" as they may act, they'd LUV LUV LUV for people to use more power. The infrastructure for delivery of it is in place - they just got done with some expensive and hairy - if you ask me - work of replacing some old poles in the back yards. If you do all that, you want to use them. If they really need to put more NG units on line, that'd be great business for a monopoly, as they are.

The thing is, I KNOW I paid more - I write out the checks! I look at the numbers on the bills. Yes, that's old hat now, writing checks**. Now, do people who do autopay see the numbers? I assume they get a statement of their power use, if not on paper, then in an email.

It's basic economics. If I pay the bills, I WILL be concerned about power use, hence my cost, going up. That doesn't apply, however, to those getting free rides due to the usual reasons. Sending them this extra letter in the mail won't help them either, because THEY DON'T CARE. (There's another post coming about being a landlord).

I don't know if there are many Americans anymore that understand the whole idea of the free market and the invisible hand and prices as information. Does this company understand that, or are they just virtue signaling, with the cost of these additional mailings being absorbed into the ever rising electricity rates?

I don't need a nanny. Let me handle my electricity use, mmmkayyy?

* There's more to this. I used to comb the condenser fins outside, and I've cleaned out the evaporator inside - it's a split system - though it was pretty clean anyway. (They used to make some great stuff - it's a York unit.) However, we have other plans. Perhaps charging the system would be a good idea, but the unit and more may not be long for this world for other reasons.

** Somewhere on this blog I've mentioned something else about this. It's about a buck for a check and a stamp. Time is involved. I used to pay 4 - 6 months ahead for this reason, but stopped during the Kung Flu PanicFest when there was talk of "forgiveness" of bills coming. The hell if I was going to get screwed on that deal, so I let myself get behind. (It didn't pan out, thankfully.) I may go back to the pay-ahead deal on 2 of the Big Biz bills - they seem pretty reliable in not screwing me as of late.

[UPDATED 09/23:]
The unit in the house is a York. I had written Ruud, which is the brand of water heater in said house - that thing has also lasted a long long time.]

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