Motherland Security knows best

Posted On: Monday - January 13th 2020 10:35AM MST
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We must give up our rights, or the terrorists will have won!

(Yes, this is a joke photo, but this post is no joke.)

The TSA was formed as part of the US Department of Motherland Security as "a response" to 9/11. Yeah, and somehow many of the details of the "Patriot", spit, Act were just about ready to go right then too, amazingly enough. I do use that name for this Chief-Executive controlled Cabinet-level agency in this disparaging manner as just the name alone disgusts me, not to mention the whole idea. If you went back to just 1980 or so, you would find that for most Americans, a name like "Homeland Security" as Communist/Nazi as it sounds, would be found disgusting by your average American. My, has the stupidity level risen!

I want to state, here, near the beginning of this post, that the 9/11 attack will not be discussed in this post, and in fact, I'll have another post coming just to discuss how I won't discuss much about this on Peak Stupidity period! Yes, that sounds cryptic, or weak, or whatever. The thing is, were I even to get into a paragraph or two of why I WON'T discuss it, then I'll end up raising the questions anyway. (I've already thought about it, and, sure enough, 2 more paragraphs are needed just for that.) Suffice it to say, for this post, that I do think the US Feral Gov't, or at least evil men behind the scenes, are indeed capable and quite willing to carry out nefarious deeds such as what happened on Sept. 11th, 2001. That's not something I would have believe back on morning over 18 years ago. The US Gov't is very obviously capable of taking advantage of the fear and emotion that 9/11 resulted in, either way.

OK, so purportedly, without getting into anything more about it, those terrorist attacks require America to become enough of a Police State to stop further such events. The majority Americans were too scared or ignorant (often just powerless) to stop the implementation of the obvious perpetual violation of their Amendment IV rights that prohibit the US Government from conducting unreasonable searches. "No wait, they got a good reason now", one hears, or "it sound pretty reasonable". Bull. The Constitution is quite clear about it. The reason for a search of an American citizen's person or positions must be enough of a reason that a judge has to get involved, with a search warrant signed. The TSA employees violate the Constitution over 2 million times daily. Other than those few very infrequent flyers that are shocked when the show up at the airport, Americans have been almost completely inured to this travesty over the last decade and a half.

Yes, it's gotten to the point that I am even friendly with a few of the people there that I see often. I try not to put my anger against the whole operation on the individuals, as I have done in the past. However, that's pretty much what it would take to ever put an end to this. Knowing the way people think now, it'd take really hard times and angrier Americans for a change to happen, and by that time, possibly airline flying would only be possible for the elite anyway.

At the airport recently, as I was "screened", as in illegally searched, one of the employees of this TSA outfit was a Moslem woman with the hijab. At least, that's what I think the term is - this thing doesn't have slits but just covers the whole head excepting the face, in the fashion of that incandescent-headed ungrateful congressbitch out of Minnesota. Hey, what's my complaint about Agent Hijab vs. all the rest of these people doing the same job, anyway?

I doubt 1% of TSA agents wearing the hijab would be up to no good, right? That's only... well, I don't know how many, and we ought not to profile. Any clean-shaven white man in a nice business suit is just as likely to take over an airplane, put destructive devices in the cargo hold*, or become a mechanic and mess with the instruments. That's what they tell us. We shouldn't discriminate against the people that coincidentally resemble, and my happen to come from the same part of the world as, the 19 people that took over 4 airliners and caused > 3,000 American deaths. That's not whom we are!

Come to think of it, while 99% of women wearing these get-ups are not likely up to no good, I'd say a good 100% of them, though, are not fitting in in America. What ever happened to that "do as the Romans do" bit? Was that just for tourists. I know that this woman in the headgear is not an American to me. What is she doing in the country to begin with, much less searching through my shit?

Yet, I'm supposed to submit my body and possessions to a search by this lady from Allah-knows-where, because they are doing this important job, worth violating a few measly Constitutional rights for, to stop any more Moslems for busting up any more buildings. See, it's hard for me to think the way Big Gov does. I guess I'm just not smart enough.

Let me interrupt here and add - I'm just going by the American Feral Gov't's storyline here. Though I don't like the cultural aspect of immigration of Moslems, I don't necessarily buy the US Government story. It's an excuse for the Police State that we now live under. As for the Moslems, the American military has been killing so many people in the Moslem lands, that lots of them DO have a reason to be angry. Therefore why would we let MORE OF THEM IN, though?! The thing is, the Feral Government wants us to believe that bit that the Moslem terrorists are the problem, but somehow it's still great to have them immigrate and even work to ensure our Motherland Security. Big Mother knows best, and you'd better get on-board with that, or you won't get on-board any airline flight, for starters ...

What you and I, and other real Americans need to do is to get our "cognitive dissonance" levels up higher. This means, in good Big Brother fashion, we need to keep opposing thoughts in our heads and believe them all. It's not just for the ctrl-left anymore, this cognitive dissonance. No, "our" Feral Gov't wants to make sure that we all can do this. Watch:
Yes, we need to quit worrying about our privacy and rights. Yes, it's for our own good, otherwise these foreign terrorists may do it again. No, traditional Americans are no less suspect than anybody else. Yes, this lady has just as much a right as you to be here. Yes, she is a Moslem, but that doesn't matter. She needs to search you, or you can't get on that airliner. It's for the security of our Motherland.
And no, I didn't do anything about it, even snapping a photo, the latter simply because I didn't have a good opportunity. That is true, but if I'd said WTF and just stood there snapping the picture, I'd have gotten into it with them and not made the flight. I'm waiting to pick my battles, as a kid 1/2 my age advised me one day long ago. Were a coupla dozen other Americans on-board (well not getting on-board, I guess) that day, with a plan to disrupt the whole shitshow, well that is something I could see taking part of. It's like I've written time and again: There's great power in numbers. It's all a matter of what one has to lose, but in greater numbers there is much less to lose.

* Ramp employees at MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota) airport are about 50% Somalian. Do you remember when lots of people had this irrational fear of flying? It may be making a comeback.

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Save Ferris Tucker!

Posted On: Saturday - January 11th 2020 10:13PM MST
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Is there some gofundme item for keeping Tucker Carlson safe in bodyguards? I'm truly amazed this guy has not been pulled off the TV yet. You can't say all this truthful and pro-Americans stuff like this!

Along with a lot of other groups, the Peak Stupidity bloggers think TV pundit Tucker Carlson is a righteous dude:

Brenda Walker over at VDare* points out a great rant by Mr. Carlson about some open-borders immigration garbage out of the mouth of Blue-squad Old-Phart Uncle-Joe Biden. VDare will often post a transcript along with a video clip, as the transcript can be read in a fraction of the time as one will spend viewing. Either way, see "Tucker Carlson Criticizes Joe Biden’s Ill-Considered Immigration Generosity".

Here is the video clip. Tucker sounds like he's read VDare and Ann Coulter both, for years! Maybe he's just got a lot of common sense and keeps in touch with the common man. The guy is downright dangerous to America's establishment, if Americans keep watching him in large numbers.

Tucker Carlson, you're my hero!

* BTW, VDare's has had a whole lot of good articles or posts over the last few days. I may mention one or two soon.

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OK, Millennial.

Posted On: Saturday - January 11th 2020 9:39AM MST
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(This is pretty much a continuation of Hey, you t-t-t- talkin' 'bout My g-g-g-generation?.)

Can you even read a freakin' map?

It's well past Festivus, but I got a problem with you people!

As Peak Stupidity noted > 2 years back in Smart Devices / Dumb People - Will Moore's Law hold?, young people don't even know how to read a map anymore (yeah, and quite a few old people too, without their spectacles). The ubiquitous Artificial Stupidity has been doing a number on the thinking ability of people of all ages for > a decade now, but young people (oh, and women and minorities, of course!) have been hardest hit.

Then there is the total laziness in thinking, more in the "that's not my job" sense. You can just tell that if you try to do anything out of the ordinary, at a workplace staffed by young people, they freeze up and give you that look. That looks say "OK, Boomer", and it means "I don't want to do any thinking. You can't make me!" There is that total lack of understanding of why anyone, say, some Boomer, would want privacy and mind giving out his life story to computer when getting a haircut, buying a pizza, or paying for a part at Advance Auto.

OK, all this is just a function of the times. I'm not sure it makes this young generation bad in any sense, just often stupid in some, well, MY sense of the word. That again does not go for everyone, but it's fairly pervasive. I suppose that they could say the same about my g-g-g-generation, as, yes, as a matter of fact, I DON'T like dealing with touchscreens that just start doing stuff when you're trying to simply pick the damn thing up. I don't really like the world of information that much, and would rather make a bet with someone on a fact that we both are so sure about, yet disagree on, by betting 20 bucks* rather than by pulling out the phone and asking Siri**.

The prepper novel I've been reading (again, review to come) made out the Boomer couple in the book, as seen 15 years hence, to be selfish and above all, unable to accept getting old. (They had their grandchildren call them by their first names, eschewing "Grandpa" and "Grandma") I guess that it simply the author's guess on what the major gripes against that generation will turn into. It's true that the Boomer generation, especially the 1st portion, came up in a time of prosperity and American strength and was a very large group, hence they would get their way per the marketing people, making them spoiled I suppose. Sometimes, though, I think every young person's view of that generation is nothing but a hold-out from 1967. They still picture them wallowing around in the mud at Woodstock getting free sex, and ... well, get very jealous.

It's true that the Boomer generation had it very good, due to the prosperity gained by generations past. Maybe lots of them squandered it and ARE too selfish to help out their kids much. At the political level, I'd say the Neocons of this generation (and others) squandered the huge amount of goodwill America had around the world by the end of the Cold War, after having defended the whole world from Communism. However, as said in that previous post, it's not ALL of them. We know the ratio of real conservatives to the lefties, and possibly on these personality/attitude factors, the ratio is also not a "landslide".

What the young people do resent is their elders (yep, don't deny it) will tell them to "buck up", "get a job, pull yourself up by your bootstraps", "save for college over the summer", and other nuggets that have just become bad advice or just plain stupid in this day and age. No, the economy is NOT what it was, when the Baby Boomers were young adults, and not nearly as good as when Gen-X were young adults either. It's tough.

On the other hand, 25 y/o Baby Boomers were told a lot of BS by their parents too: "Hey, I drove a truck for $1 an hour. Don't complain about picking tomatoes with Mexicans. It's good for you". That's after the high inflation had hit (say, by the late 1970s, when an early-1950s-born BB had been floundering around at 25 y/o). "Dad, 2 hours pay can't even get just me into the movies much less a date who may want popcorn. DO! YOU! GET! THAT!?" [ / young Tucker Carlson wannabe]

Now that these grievances have been aired, let me just say, parents don't always keep up with the changes in society. What worked good for them may not be something to advise the next generation of children. The very Who discussed yesterday sang "I hope I die before I get old", and some head hippie (probably a "Silent Generation" guy, really) said "don't trust anyone over 30". The Millennials are wondering if those people have become hypocrites. It's just that young people don't know anything about life yet. The Baby Boomers were a BIG group of young people that didn't used to know anything about life. It's OK to be stupid in that respect. The Millennials are. Hopefully, they won't stay that way past 30.

* Yes, it turns out that California IS slightly bigger than Japan. I'm 20 bucks poorer, and my wife is 20 bucks richer.

** Siri won't answer much anymore anyway after my last question to her. I asked "Siri, show me your tits."

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R.I.P., Neil Peart of Rush

Posted On: Friday - January 10th 2020 10:47PM MST
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Neil Peart was not only a great drummer for the great Canadian 3-man rock band Rush, but he also wrote lots of lyrics, with Libertarian and science fiction themes. You don't find that in your average band, even from the era of good music - Rush was not your Average White Band. He died at 67 years old.

Oh, there were plenty of artists and bands that claimed to be for freedom, back in the generation producing the great music of 1960s and 1970s, but, unfortunately, most of them just wanted to be free to smoke dope and not work for a living, damn boomers.

I'm not sure there is any in-between, as between Rush's Geddy Lee's high, sometimes squeaky voice, and the unusual themes, maybe too nerdy for your average rock fan, people either seem to like them or can't stand them. Though enjoying the music of Geddy Lee (singer, bassist, and keyboard player), Alex Lifeson (guitarist) and Neil Peart (drummer), at the time they were at their peak, I was not allowed to go to the venue in which they played at least once. #SAD. I did know a guy in college that was such a big fan, he had a big Canadian flag in his dorm room. "Are you Canadian?", I asked. "No, but listen to this..." He had me put on a headset and listen to Limelight, from their fairly-recent at the time Moving Pictures album. Man! (I didn't go out and buy a flag though, never really got that part...)

With those far-out Libertarian themes, Rush was really into making those concept albums (though the ELO album Time is still my favorite). Peak Stupidity has featured the title song from one of these, A Farewell to Kings before, along with Closer to the Heart from the same album. The latter song also has a somewhat political theme, and we have it at the bottom of a post about Ayn Rand (go figure!) A listener new to the band may not appreciate this first 20 minute album side from Rush's concept album 2112, but give it a try.

If you watched that comic-book video, whom do the Priests of the Temple of Syrinx remind you of? Well, the organization sounds like google/youtube to me. Back when I was young and Rush was young, the year 2112 seemed to be the far distant future. It's 92 years ahead now.

This next song is much more conventional. I don't see how one could not like Limelight:

Rush was a really "tight" band. All those split-second or longer stops with the music starting back precisely together are hard. As one of these 3 great musicians, Neil Peart went all out with his drumming and his sound. At one point he had a 360 degree drum kit surround him. His equipment often consisted of as much as 50 pieces of percussion instruments in the set including per Wiki, "iorchestra bells, tubular bells, wind chimes, crotales, timbales, timpani, gong, temple blocks, bell tree, triangle, and melodic cowbells." Nobody, but nobody, would have had the gall to tell Neil Peart "it needs a little more cowbell"!

I will have to get on youtube and find some of their music that I haven't yet heard. All the live albums are said to have long drum solos in them, if you want to hear the sound of Neil Peart alone.

Rest in Peace, Neil Peart.

PS: After reading the Wiki article on some personal stuff, it turns out Mr. Peart had a turn in the wrong direction politically too. "A bleading heart libertarian" who changed to voting for Democrats. What are you gonna do? I don't think he made a big thing of it, anyway.

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Hey, you t-t-t- talkin' 'bout My g-g-g-generation?

Posted On: Friday - January 10th 2020 12:03PM MST
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"Ain't n-n-n-nobody else here. You t-t-t- talkin' to us?!"

(OK, I'm trying to combine the Taxi Driver, and The Who, and it ain't quite clickin' ... the song doesn't appear here, as Peak Stupidity featured it in this previous post. By the time you read this whole thing, you're gonna need to click there to get the song in and back out of your head.)

"Why can't you all just f-f-f-fade away?
That's what all we Millennials s-s-s-sayyy"

Maybe it's just me, but I have been noticing more (attempted) insults by the young people of a certain generation with "OK, Boomer" and "Right, Boomer" and things like that. In particular, a pretty engrossing woman-written prepper novel that I will review soon, taking place about 15 years hence, has that terminology, along with other writing that maligns a whole generation. It may not be the author, herself's, insults, but just her prediction of the way the young generations will think.

It's not particularly creative, this new "meme" by the Millennials(?), but my problem is that impugning a whole generation of Americans for their politics just doesn't make a lot of sense. I want to emphasize (just so's I don't get too many "OK, Boomer"'s in the comments!) that this blogger falls a bit after that official generation as defined by Strauss & Howe. William Strauss and Neil Howe wrote the books Generations just linked-to, along with The Fourth Turning, which have in them names and very precise time-lines of the British/American generations going back to 1584 (OK?!) Some posts in review of these books have been on Peak Stupidity's back burner for years [TOP PRIORITY! - Ed]

One doesn't have to go by Strauss & Howe's definition, but if one does, and they sure spent a lot of effort on it, the "Baby Boomer" generation was born from during the middle of WWII - 1943 - through 1960. Speaking of those books, since the review will be coming, I'll just say now that the authors' Statism was one of my problems with the book, as in, everything that was important seemed to be related to, or done in, the Government. That's a load of crap, as lots of important happenings, economic or cultural, in America's past had nothing to do with the US Feral Gov't or any other. It wasn't a big part of Americans lives till at the earliest, FD-fucking-R.

I will try to get into whatever differences the young generation has with the older ones in another post. Here I DO want to bring up the political, but just as a form of polling, as with the results Presidential elections. I'm not trying to get at personality differences here, as the young people with their disparagement seem to be.

The point I am trying to make here is that though America has been going in the wrong direction for 5 decades, at the least, can you blame just a group of people that were born from 1945 through 1960 for this? Let's look back on just the Presidential elections (as I wrote, those were by far not the most important things going on, but just as polls).

Question for you young people: Who voted for this bastard?

The Socialist asshole pictured above won the 1964 Presidential election over the great Libertarian Barry Goldwater by 61% to 38% of the popular vote*. It was the biggest "landslide" (22.5% margin in P.V.) since FDR's 3rd election - 1936 (24.3%) and before that Calvin Coolidge (25.2%)and Warren Gamaliel** Harding (26.2%). Here's a wiki page on this info that's a little confusing, but sorted by popular vote margin. I put the word "landslide" in quotes because, to me, 2 to 1 is a landslide, and maybe only 3 to 1. Ronald Reagan's "landslide" victory of 1984 over Walter Mondale was 54.5 million to 37.7 million. Very SOLID yes, but landslide would not be my terminology. However, in electoral votes, which is the way it should be done, yes, many Presidential elections SHOULD be called landslides (such as Reagan's in '84, and yes, LBJ's).

OK, I tend to get into the details a bit much, so let's just ask again, who voted in Lyndon Bastard Johnson, the Socialist from hell? From S&H's definition, only 1.8 years worth could have! Yes, you had to be 21 years old to vote in November of 1964, and only the very earliest of the baby boomers (born Jan 1, 1943 to November 3rd of 1944) could vote. Since a lot of older people have always had more time to vote, I'd say the biggest bunch of voters (that went 22% in favor of Johnson) were some of the "Lost Generation" (born 1883 to 1900, hence 63 to 81 y/o) and lots of the "GI Generation" (born 1901 to 1924, hence 39 to 63 y/o). There'd be plenty of "Silent Generation (born 1925 to 1942, hence to 21 to 39 y/o) voters too. The "Baby Boomers" didn't have any significant effect on that election.

Now, the effect of the programs enacted by the Congress during the Johnson administration (you know, those "Lost", "GI", and few "Silent" generation types, as older people tend to be in that "August" body) did have a HORRIFIC effect on every generation subsequent to them. The Immigration Act, the "Great Society" welfare laws, and the "Civil Rites"*** acts (AA being the worst economically of the latter) were all passed during that short period, the middle of the 1960s. So, it's not like these "13 Generation"/"Gen-X" or "Millennial Generation"/"Gen-Y" (S&H terminology again) have nothing to complain about - just complain about the right freaking people and the right problems!

Ironically enough, it was the latter of those older generations, probably more the "GI" and "Silent" ones, who enabled the Boomers to vote at an earlier age for ... wait a minute, Richard Nixon?? I mean, WTF? See, Amendment XXVI of the Constitution, prohibiting states from having a voting age limit stipulating over 18 y/o, was submitted in late March of 1971 and ratified on July 1 of the same year. OK, who was voting that little piece of stupidity in, huh? It wasn't the voters, it would have been state legislators, a large majority well over the oldest Boomer age of 28****, who got this amendment passed. That allowed floods of votes for lefty causes after that, as, per the name defining it, it was LARGE generation.

Even then, one can see that, in all generations, it's not like there is, or ever was, a real landslide of public political opinion, say 3 to 1, or even 2 to 1, in favor of any of the ills that have been put upon us. Each generation has its morons and its people with common sense. Let's all try to keep that in mind, even as Peak Stupidity asks "Are the Millennials Retarded?" (See that's more of a personality question, it's not political - let's wait for the next post...)

PS: Yes, The Who, the great rock band with the songs such as the one in my head now, was comprised of Boomers. They were at the beginning of the g-g-g-generation being b-b-b-born from 1943 through 1946.

* That is, of people who came out to vote, first of all - 47 million to 27 million. Secondly, the electoral vote count, by state, was much worse - 486 to 52. I'm a big fan of the electoral vote, as one last vestige of States' Rights, but either way, this could be considered pretty lopsided toward the direction of Socialism.

I'm particularly looking at these "landslides" by popular vote for reasons already described - what the political feeling are of the generations voting.

** If you are a serious Al Stewart fan, you know why I had to include his full name here.

*** Yeah, these were not the Civil Rights as spelled out in US Constitution Amendments I through X, but far from it.

**** However, 18 year olds could vote a year earlier, before Amendment 26, as per wiki: "Congress lowered the national voting age to 18 in a 1970 bill that extended the Voting Rights Act, but the Supreme Court subsequently held in the case of Oregon v. Mitchell that Congress could not lower the voting age for state and local elections." Guess who was heavily involved? U-boat commander Ted Kennedy ... but, of course.

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Greeting cards with feeeelings

Posted On: Thursday - January 9th 2020 9:40AM MST
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We wanted to give a "thank you" card and some chocolate to a neighbor who'd been very kind to our son. I ended up at the drug store looking at that long aisle of cards. Without getting something humorous or stupid, it seems like you're gonna take a 4 buck hit nowadays. Now I could complain about the inflation, though, hedonically*, I suppose maybe it's not so bad, as these cards are thick, folded twice and have cut-outs or glitter. So there's that ...

The thing is, one customer told me that there was a deal on nice boxes of chocolates, as I brought a more expensive box up front. Hell, even the cashier told me where to get the better deal - 70% off, man! So there was no inflation this day, on the whole. OK, as I realized that greeting card that I'd settled on costed more than one of the boxes of chocolate (got a few because of the deal, see?), I had some more thoughts about these cards.

Hallmark is the big cheese in this "industry". As a matter of fact they make a whole conglomerate industry out of it, as they've got their TV movies, the card, and who knows what else? It's one big sappy conglomerate, as the chocolates will be too, if you don't forget to move them away from the fireplace.

Women really get into those feelings, and therefore sending the right feeling to someone via the card is very important. Hallmark and the other brands have all different kinds of feelings written down that are apparently worth 4 dollars a piece and northward. I'd personally want the chocolate over the card, getting a much better feeling out of it, but women appreciate them both. If that card says the wrong thing though, watch out! You're gonna hear about it, and it won't be in the trash enabling you to deny the whole thing or blame her eyesight.

I think the idea now, is for those card to have more specific lines on them, than just "thank you", making you stay in the store longer, and enabling a better pricing schedule - $3.99 for something that makes sense and $2.49 for the ones that are stupid. (Doesn't the pricing method for items like this (books too) - hard-coded on the back - make you glad you're not a Canadian?)

This greeting card industry is purely for women, as most guys would be much happier sending and receiving simple one-liner pieces of thick paper the size of an index card. Of course, it would generate fewer BTUs 2 minutes later in the fireplace ... There really should be no complaints by me though, as it's just the lack of time and some laziness that prevents us from making our own cards, which we have before. It takes a lot of feeling to make your own card, right? That should count for something.

When we tried our own box, the chocolate had kind of a stale feeling - hey 70% OFF!

* More on hedonics in this post.

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Rock & Roll Never Forgets

Posted On: Tuesday - January 7th 2020 8:46PM MST
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"Classic Rock" became the term for the genre of "all of the good music" around the end of the 1980s, by my recollection, or by my record-collection. The reason the music on Peak Stupidity is 75-85% from the 1970s is not some sort of favoritism, it's just that we cover the time period during which music did not often suck. One can't say that for the recent years, especially the last 2 decades.

Being a rock star during that era had to be a great life. The country was a whole lot more free then, in general, and the concerts were a whole nother level of that... with Grateful Dead shows being an order-of-magnitude beyond that.

What do they do nowadays, those people that call themselves "musical artists"? Do they count up your LIKE's each night, and tweet out to their Facebook fan/friends what they and their band had for dinner? What do they throw out of hotel room windows anymore, if anything at all? Flat-screen TVs just don't explode on the sidewalk like those old 25" CRTs. Do they have to worry about getting #MeToo'd (pronounced "pound me too") by the groupies? About the only thing I'd give the new generation credit for is not smashing up their own perfectly good guitars. Do they know how to play those? Would it matter if they smashed them?

I don't care how much money they make at the stadium concerts with the big-screen TVs for fans to watch them on, for the artists, the music scene has got to be just a shell of its former self. Some of the stories of the classic rock era from on the road from town to town were something else (one was about a band member who stole a single engine plane from a nearby airport, buzzed the tour bus and crashed).

Jackson Brown's Running on Empty album was one of those "concept albums" Peak Stupidity discussed way back. It was specifically about his band being on the road, with some music actually recorded on the bus. There was a slight big of complaining, as with Another Town along the Road, but Mr. Browne thanked his roadies in a song (The Load Out) and didn't seem to be having too bad a time.

Then, there was Willie Nelson with his very upbeat song On the Road Again singing "The life I love is making music with my friends." Skynryd sang What's your name? about fun with girl groupies, starting with "It's 8 O'clock in Boise, Idaho. I'll find my limo driver. Mister, take us to the show. I done made some plans for later on tonight. I'll find a little queen, and I know I can treat her right." See, no complaints there. Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty sang "737 comin' out of the sky. Oh, won't you take me down to Memphis on a midnight ride?" in their song about playing in a Traveling Band.

Then, well, now, I like lots of music by Bob Seger and his Silver Bullet Band, but his one song,Turn the Page, is just one long complaint about the life of such a traveling band. Maybe it's that I've heard the song, from his 1973 album Back in '72 but more known from Live Bullet, too many times and I'm just sick of it in general. The lyrics, though, always made me want to ask Mr. Seger to just please quit bitching. There were millions of other guys who'd have loved to have taken his place in that time and place. I don't want to hear that whining from a rock star - it's unbecoming.

At one point in the song, Mr. Seger complains about being laughed at at a truck stop due to his long hair. (This was 1973, you understand.) I wanna' say "hey, get a haircut and get a real job". Take a hiatus, find yourself, whatever, just don't complain about being a rock star.

Now, since I don't like the Bob Seger song, and like to feature the best music I can, I'll put here some other songs from these same bands that I think are maybe just slightly better.

From Jackson Browne, off the same concept album about touring, Running on Empty - the title song is excellent too, but I like You Love the Thunder:

From Willie Nelson, here's the classic Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain:

From CCR, with the best voice ever in Rock & Roll, I'd rather hear Green River:

and, lastly, from Bob Seger and his Silver Bullet Band, with absolutely no complaints about his being a Rock Star, here's Rock and Roll Never Forgets:

PS: Maybe Mr. Seger was a family man at the time, as that could explain his distaste for the long tours. Based on the wiki page for the song and the description of his personal life on his wiki page, he wasn't married at the time with any kids, just in a long-term relationship.

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Former Future Captains of the Hemp Industry

Posted On: Tuesday - January 7th 2020 9:38AM MST
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"Excellent. We've got the Wall Street funding, and we'll leverage 40% of the Hemp Rope facility start-up costs with those Sinsemilla futures. You all have your action items off the PotPoint slides for our next meeting on Tuesday. Let's get to work, guys, well, right after the Cheech and Chong movie."

(See, I just don't see it going down like this.)

It's been at least 1/2 a decade now since serious relaxation of pot laws and even pseudo-legalization in some states. I've not thought too much about it - has it been a good thing? I dunno and don't want to get too much into the Libertarian aspect of this, but I very recently remembered some thoughts from years ago, back before I could blog about it.

I've run into my share of people who smoke the wacky weed, and I've run into people smoking the wacky weed. Oftentimes, we'd get into a conversation about it, as my Libertarian side would generally agree with these "heads". The sales pitch from them would often involve the fact that this weed was related to hemp, and hemp was awesome, you see? Sometimes, if it was more like a rally I ran into, back when they did have a cause, there'd even be flyers about it.

Apparently, according to the pot heads I'd sit down and converse with, hemp from this same illegal weed could be easily made into products that would be much better than what we had then. Particularly it was paper and rope that they'd mention. Well, there really are 10's of millions of acres planted in softwoods to make paper out of while the world is finally going paperless (newsprint being a BIGGIE), and we seem to be doing OK with rope, the plastic types being ubiquitous, with some pros and cons*. Still, they really were pushing this hemp product... were it legal along with the pot, of course... might as well legalize all of it, I mean, while we're at it, right ...

One detail I remember of their sales points was that Americans used to make products out of hemp way back, around the time of our country's founding... cause it wasn't illegal then, as should be the case. I gotta agree, Americans of our 1st century had so much freedom it wasn't even funny. I imagine if some of the hardworking yeoman, or hell even the occasional yeowidow yeowomen, farmers wanted to make such products, nobody was gonna stop them, and it was probably good, quality stuff. "Yeah, man, hemp paper, wait, there's more! ... hemp as a breakfast cereal, baked hemp, boiled hemp, chicken-fried hemp, ... this stuff... puff, puff ... can be made into anything."

I can make a hat, a broach, a pterodactyl!

"Look," I'd say, "that's all fine, but is that your reason that pot should be legalized?" "Oh, man, well, you know, the Constitution, like, I had it here to show you ... wait, dang, I used it to roll a coupla' joints for my buddies yesterday ... that parchment really makes a tight one... you know ... but it's like, man, they shouldn't be able to tell us ... what to ...." You sometimes had to finish it, "You mean, yeah, Amendment X, the one you smoked, it's pretty clear that prohibition of drugs is not the business of the Feral Gov't. I agree, man. I'm not sure about the rope - I'll, uhh, look into that."

Hey, at least with the banning of alcohol, Americans of a century ago had some respect and went through the whole process of Amending the Constitution. (That was kind of a bonus for them, as repealing it required the same thing. Can you imagine a serious drinker waiting out ratification in 1933? "I've got only 14 bottles of this rot-gut left, and we're at 35 states. Come on, Utah, you tee-totaling bastards!"). The leaving of it up to the various States, as has been done lately, is one of the few slight acts of respect for States' rights that I've seen in a while. (I personally believe the high-ups who let these policies happen want to placate the American people right now, is all**.)

OK, Constitutionalist rant over with, I really didn't like being bullshitted with this rope-o'-dope treatment (get it?!). What I should have said to some of these guys, there under the overpass on the bike path, and up in the Rocky Mountain Heights is: "Listen, you like pot, and the Feds have no business telling you that you can't smoke it. Just say it! I don't need to hear about the future opportunities in hemp. Please don't take this the wrong way man, but you spent 10 minutes going through your messy pack, trying to find that aluminum foil pipe that you probably crumbled up when you saw me, and you're really hard to understand right now. I don't think that you have the motivation and organizational skills to be a production manager of a future hemp rope plant, man. Just sayin ..."

Now, I've seen this kind of BSing on both the left and the right on behalf of various causes. Some of it would make for some good posts in the future. Ask me about the spotted owls sometime.

On this particular bit, the old hemp sales pitch for marijuana legalization, since it's been some years, I'd really like to know: Where are the hemp rope production facilities? I've not seen any hemp paper at Staples - perhaps I should ask the manager about it. Hey, old pot heads out there that I've conversed with: If you are clear-headed enough to read this blog, please attach your resume to a comment, including all your background of hemp promotion - don't skip any periods of your life over 8 years long. If Peak Stupidity ever gets that rope and paper facility into production, I could really use you all as my hemp salesmen. It takes a clear mind...

Well, that was just the end of the song, from Jackson Browne's 1977 album Running on Empty. Cocaine had many different versions from way back, with Jackson's being closest to the blind black Reverend (yeah!) blues singer Gary Davis'. Since it's not my favorite, here's Nothing but Time from that album which was recorded on the band's "Silver Eagle" tour bus riding down the road on September 8th of 1977. You can barely hear that diesel wind up a bit!

(The cheering at the beginning and end are from other songs - it's hard to break up the tracks on some of those live albums.)

Did those bands have fun back then or what? Sometimes what, per another post that I see coming.

* That plastic rope frays like a sumbitch, so you have to keep using a lighter on it, and it tears up in the sunshine. It doesn't rot like cloth rope though.

** As usual, I doubt it's some big conspiracy, but there have got to be many elites that, knowing the American middle class is being devastated, agree with letting them get mellowed out by "the pot". It even makes it where the TV makes sense. Of course, if I were on the pot, maybe I'd see what a big conspiracy it all is.

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Ricky Gervais socks it to Hollywood

Posted On: Monday - January 6th 2020 11:15AM MST
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(I bet you haven't heard that expression since the Carter Administration, and that was from some old farts who take forever to catch on to the lingo.)

Before I embed some great video, I'll put in a good word for this movie/TV guy Ricky Gervais, who can't be a Hollywood guy himself cause he's British, right? I'd seen the British version of The Office TV show before the American version, not on TV, mind you, but on DVDs that were ripped and burned right there on the street in ... uhhh, the Orient over 10 years back. (Trying to prevent anyone from getting arrested here, over 2 bucks - is there a statue of limitations over there in Canton? Ooops, dammit - don't laugh - these Hollywood people are really vicious!) The young Chinalady person on the street could obviously not tell an English cast from an American, or even Ricky Gervais from Steve Carell, what with them both having white skin and round eyes, so the shows were mixed up.

Long-term Peak Stupidity readers will know that the American The Office show is one of my favorites. It is almost entirely un-PC, at least up through when the writers just started to get tired I guess after 5 or 6 seasons. The British show, from what I can recall from the 1 season in that $2 "box-set", was also funny, mainly because Ricky Gervais is one funny guy. Additionally, I ran across a 2008 movie starring him called Ghost Town and found it to be damned funny and not too particularly PC (or else I would have not remembered the end, having shut the thing down). So kudos for Ricky Gervais even before the Golden Globe Awards.

I really had to look on the internet, as I had no idea how these Golden Globes differ from the Oscars. If you are a typical Peak Stupidity reader, perhaps you wondered too, and more power to you for that! Well, I'll tell you, these awards compete with the Oscars, but are somehow associated with and outfit called the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I suppose these are the people with the auto-winder Nikons and Minoltas that were taking pictures of which stars are boinking which other stars, of them jogging and sagging on the beach after a night of binge drinking, or trying to catch those crotch shots, then using their own enlargers (if at all necessary) to get prints to hurriedly mail special 4-day parcel express across the ocean to run them in the foreign versions of People magazine. What a gig it was, I'm sure, but they are all obsolete now, so they just continue to run this awards show.

In this 2020 Golden Globes Awards show, for those glorious cute or handsome and more-generally hot people who can say lines to the movie cameras, the host Ricky Gervais tore them and their whole "industry" a new asshole. You think he's kidding, but Mr. Gervais quips about 4 times during this fantastic 8 minutes that this will be his last time doing this, so what the hell... Yeah, definitely this will be his last time, and hopefully he's socked away some cash or has lots of royalties still pouring in. Ricky, you'll never work in dis bidness again! Get a real job, out in that flyover world!

That's really the stuff that likely hurt his privileged audience the most. He told all these actors, actresses, and directors and such that they "know nothing about the real world" and "have spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg"* This guy not just reamed these people, but he thought it all out ahead of time.

See, the 2nd half of Ricky Gervais' introduction to the '20 Golden Globes was what it would be like to give the keynote speech at a sheet-metal design trade show telling the audience "I've got one word for your future - 'Plastics'". No, wait, it wouldn't, as at least those industries employ real, productive and creative people making real stuff that makes the world run. It would be like ... something.... Anyway, he told them that they should come up and get their awards, thank whomever, and STFU about any political issues that they don't know a damn thing about.

I set this video to start about 80% through, just to get to the great reaming of Hollywood part. However, Mr. Gervais, while of course funny the whole time, has some material that's beyond the usually roasting and the inside jokes (to me, at least, as I haven't seen any of the movies he referred to). He mentioned the making of the movies based on Marvel comics and such, and this lack of creativity. Please, if you've got 8 minutes, watch the whole thing, if nothing else, just to get the hits up on youtube** to a level to piss off Hollywood even further than it is right now.

More, more, of this, Hollywood! If I'd known I could see Ricky Gervais do this bit, I'd have watched it live, maybe in the Best Buy TV aisle. And, Ricky Gervais, you rock, but watch your 6. Next movie you're in, I swear I'll pay up to 5 bucks for the thing, once it comes out on Beijing Road, there on the sidewalk.

* Oh, man, that's right in my wheelhouse! I'd love to hire this guy as assistant blogger. I don't know if we can pay him what he's used to ...but ...

** I'm not sure if it's just "views" or there is a time factor in there. These people keep track of LOTS of stuff.

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Body Mass Index and Military Intelligence

Posted On: Friday - January 3rd 2020 9:29PM MST
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I'd meant to add one more thing to yesterday's post on that ludicrously stupid tweet out of Mayor McCheese, but this anecdote can be its own post.

As much as the TV show M*A*S*H*, as opposed to the movie, pissed me off with it's smarmy left-wing sappiness, I did like how it made fun of the military bureaucracy. "Military intelligence" is indeed an oxymoron. This story is about a friend of long ago who was not in military intelligence, but in the military police - in the Air Force to be specific. You want some big guys to be in that particular field.

Military Police:

My friend didn't have the gut that these guys have, even as hidden by the armor.

Let me get back to that Body Mass Index, or BMI. McDonald's doesn't like the use of the BMI, per its tweet, though, I don't see any racial variables in the simple formula that BMI = m2 (in kg) / H (in m), where "m" is a person's (whether a military policemen or McDonald's customer or both) mass, and "h" is his height. See, just mass and height are involved, so race plays no factor! Now, what I don't like here is that this index is units dependent. The formula for English units is SI-BMI x 703, but either way, it must be expressed in kg2/m. Leaving off those units is erroneous, and I don't want to get into that argument right now.

A real index is unitless, in my humble opinion. Mach number, v/vsound is an example. Reynolds number (Re) is another good one. There are lots in the convection heat transfer and fluid flow realms of endeavor. Economists came out with a misery index, but it's bogus enough to where units are the least of our problems with it - no, Economics is NOT a science, so I give them some slack, poor jobless , errr, underutilized bastards...

OK, what about the anecdote - oh yeah, right. See, my military policeman friend was a bodybuilder as his hobby. You'd think the Air Force, if not sponsoring him for events, would at least appreciate the fact that here was a guy keeping in good shape for the job.

Well, the Air Force used the BMI index to keep track of its people, as far as fitness for duty goes. You don't want any real fatties who could not run down an, I don't know, Moslem psychiatrist, as a random example, at least in the MPs. It turns out though, that the Body Mass Index really can't, of course, account for which part of a guy's mass is muscle vs. fat. Height remains constant, as a body builder builds mass. BMI goes up, up, up, like the misery index during the Jimmy Carter administration.

Short story long, my friend got kicked out of the Air Force for being obese, due to his being a bodybuilder and having a high BMI. Now, I know McDonalds doesn't want to hear those two words, but the really ironic part of this story is that I now remember what kind of McDonald's meals that same friend told me he used to eat to get the huge amount of calories he burned daily. Three Big Macs, a large fries, and a coupla' them cherry pies and a shake or two, is what I recall - that was lunch!

That's military intelligence as applied to the military police!

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Death from Above, Assasinations, and Declaration of War

Posted On: Friday - January 3rd 2020 8:34PM MST
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Assassinated Iranian Qasem Soleimani:

Sure, he's not just your average military man, but it was wrong nonetheless.

As Steve Sailer wryly observed in a one line post (with over 3 hundred comments) "Journalism is announcing Qasem Soleimani is dead when you never knew he was alive." Peak Stupidity does not even pretend to keep up, and our forte is the stupidity in general, not the details, in this case, of the warmongering.

Upon hearing who this guy was myself just yesterday, I don't think it's a bad thing that he's dead, but that does not mean I think the American military should used as a contract hit man. It was said that General Soleimani would have put Iran's nuclear weapons program into gear, and we nipped this in the bud. It was said that he was involved in this operation or the other (been around a good while - 20 years or so), and ... well, honestly I don't care about the details.

Would a country like Iran ever go suicidal with their nukes? I don't think the sane people in a country would let them, but then, we've all watched those Cold War movies like Dr. Strangelove, Fail-Safe, and others, made to show us what could happen even in a supposed republic of a country. That's a topic for, not another post this time, but another blog.

This America as the enforcer of the world, with its Death-From-Above is completely unbecoming of any nation with some self-respect and sanity. Sure, it seemed cool to a young man back in the day, with America having REAL enemies during the Cold War:

At least the Huey's could be shot back at. The drones and rockets don't give a damn.

You've got to grow up, though. Any veteran of war can tell you about the blood and guts and horror that goes with the glory, or often lack thereof. We have the more modern war movies to try to show us too.* Having been the sole superpower of the world since the late 1980s, America has squandered pretty much all of the world's goodwill in the last 30 years. The American military's raining death out of the sky on anyone that the Commander-in-Chief or his (usually Neocon) underlings decide "we don't like" is a big part of the loss of that goodwill. Americans may not all think about the innocent people on the other end, whether "collateral damage", kin, or just people who wonder when the next rain of destruction is going to fall. We have not been on the other end of this since almost forever (1812, excepting 2001).

Now, at this point, the reader may say "all is fair in war ..." and that sort of thing. That's just my point: THERE WAS NO WAR DECLARED BY THE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE AMERICA PEOPLE! Sure, OK, that's some Ron Paul style technicality, the Neocons might say. It's important though. Without a specific declaration, as against Germany and Japan in WWII, the US President should have no power to wage war. The President only becomes the commander-in-chief after the people have had their representatives** make a momentous decision about starting something big and terrible. In the meantime, the Presidency was not designed to be a command center for warmongering all over the world.***

I write the post today specifically because I DON'T know all the details about the former threat of Qasem Soleimani, and a whole lot of other stuff that those following the Lyin' Press infotainment very well might. As I wrote in the post "Back off!, regarding a different subject, the impeachment BS, sometimes it's only when you back off the Lyin' Press for a few weeks or months, that you start seeing the big picture. In this case, it is: What in the hell is any of the the business of, or how is any of this an effort in defense of, The United States of America?!

The US has not declared war on Iran. Therefore, assassinating an Iranian general is not the same as, say, the shooting down of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto by American AAF P-38s during WWII. Is that some technicality, or is a matter of you don't go raining down death from above, unless it's a do or die wartime situation?

President Trump: Could you keep one or two of your campaign promises next time, rather than letting your Neocons employees talk you into being a hit-man?

* As much as I've ragged on all modern movies (meaning after the mid-1980s), I'll give Hollywood credit for showing the horrors of war more realistically than in the days of guys just yelling "owww!" and falling over dead. I just watched Journey's End about a group of British soldiers in the trenches of WWI. It's simply sick - likely accurate, but sick.

** Representatives?! Haha! Representin' whom? I know, I know, I'm just detailing how this is SUPPOSED to work.

*** Ann Coulter, Peak Stupidity pundit # 1, laid out this wisdom from our Founders in a great column 11 months ago - "To Donald Trump: Hey, Commander! Start Commanding!"

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Gonna buy me a Mercury and cruise up and down this road

Posted On: Thursday - January 2nd 2020 9:36PM MST
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Just thinking about yesterday's music posted here, two types of music that you just don't get enough of are that Ragtime and the Rockabilly. The one thing they seem to have in common is speed. I don't think you'll hear a lot of slow ragtime or rockabilly ballads, will you? I'll have to feature more of both, anytime I feel the need for speed.

As for tonight, I want to show the rockabilly music as just speeded-up blues music, but after spending 20 minutes on this, I have been let down, if not by youtube this time, the artists themselves. I'd wanted to embed a great rockabilly version of The Mercury Blues to compare to Steve Miller's (the artist, not the one patriot in the White House) version. Steve Miller didn't write the song either, as it was written by one K. C. Douglas and one Robert Geddins and recorded way back in 1948 as the Mercury Boogie.

The band that did my favorite version (the fast and rockin' one) of Mercury Blues was called The Killer Whales, a 3-man band from 1980s Charleston, S. Carolina. Peak Stupidity has featured their great song Marlene already, 2 1/2 years back. OK, I cannot find their version, so to compare to the slow bluesy Steve Miller version, I did find a guy named David Lindley who does a great rockabilly version (I think?), but his high voice is nothing like that of Killer Whale David Bethany's was:

Not bad. Now, listen to this slooowww blues version from the Steve Miller Band's Fly Like an Eagle album from 1976. When I heard the Killer Whales do this a decade later, I had no idea it was the same song as the old album cut of Steve Miller. This is pretty good, but when you feel the need for speed, well, this sort of thing won't cut it.

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McDonalds' stupidity - right off the grill and into the fryer

Posted On: Thursday - January 2nd 2020 8:55PM MST
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  General Stupidity  Political Correctness  Healthcare Stupidity  Big-Biz Stupidity

While running the plumbers' snake through the sewer line today, we fished out this old tweet that was still in its wrapper (something about "billions and billions served" written on it). Holy cow! If I'd known the stupidity level was so high, I'd have hooked up the tweetceiver long ago.

Are people supposed to take this seriously? I wasn't born yesterday, McSpokesperson. I knew 30 years ago that that "special sauce" on the Big Macs is nothing but Thousand Island salad dressing (if you're lucky), and now you're telling me overweight people do not exist? Maybe that walk through the mall, trying to get around just 3 people taking up the entire corridor was just one of those frustrating dreams.

4 out of 5 doctors are begging to differ with you, McTweeter, and the 5th one is too winded to make it up the stairs to the office to answer the survey.

No, obesity has become a big problem, in America, and elsewhere all around the world. Ignoring it is not going to make it go away. I don't totally blame the individuals, as the food supply is not at all what it used to be, and most of us can't live the lifestyles of our 1/2 century-ago ancestors. Maybe McDonalds feels guilt over their contribution, but I don't blame them. Nobody's got a McUzi to your gut, forcing you into the joint. It's more likely, though, that McCorporate is using this tweet as cover for getting rid of those expensive-to-keep healthy foods. It's a lot easier to stick with the cheap 3/16" beef patties, with a couple of derelict kangaroos jumping around in the freezer, just in case of supply-line problems.

The stupidity of this tweet is just amazing, but then the Political Correctness of that first sentence is a whole nother thing. This corporation aims to show us that they hate the traditional America of the brothers McDonald and the Krocs. Those guys may be rolling over in their graves right now, if they aren't too obese to do so. "Settler institutions"?! That's truly a new one for this blogger. Traditional America is anti-black - that's the point, I think. That is, unless this line is an inadvertent admission that black people are the one that are the most, well, not obese or overweight, as there's no such thing, but most likely to sink an inner tube to the bottom of the Chattahoochee.

The man's right about one thing: You really don't want one of those #Fataphobics sitting at your table, if you are one of those McDonalds "heavy users"*, as you may send the guy catapulting into the deep fryer.

I guess, being as American as rectangular factory-fresh apple pies, Big-Biz icon McDonalds has every right to lecture Americans on what terms to use in reference to folks who've spent too much time in establishments like their very own. You heard it from the man:

So let it be written, so let it be done!

* That's an ironic thing here. The fast food industry uses the term "heavy user" for very frequent customers of their restaurants. It doesn't have anything to do with weight.

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The Ragtime era is Ovah!

Posted On: Wednesday - January 1st 2020 11:18PM MST
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  Music  History

No, I mean even the 100th year later retrospection on this great musical genre is now over. I had no idea till just now, but the ragtime period was from roughly the very beginning of the last century through 1919 or so. Well, that just sucks for Peak Stupidity, as we really like to keep up with things, even if it is an even century later.

The most famous of all ragtime songs is The Entertainer, written by Scott Joplin. Ragtime is piano music, played by one pianist, so it's not like one musician's playing will be a whole lot different than another, contrary to classical music and, of course, The Dead. This recording could not be by Scott Joplin himself, as wiki says the 1st recording of the song was in 1928 (past the ragtime era) and Mr. Joplin died in 1917.

This song is especially famous due to its being pretty much the theme music for the 1973 Paul Newman/Robert Redford movie The Sting*.

For those with different tastes, let me just paste in a now-obscure Billy Joel song of the same title. This is from back when he really was "the piano man", off his 1974 album Streetlife Serenade. It's got really good lyrics too, if you've been into the music scene, back when there was such a thing.

* One of those ones you've got to watch 3 times to see "oh, that's how they got away with it!", at least for me.

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Teen-decade stupidity carry-over - our Neocon/reverse-psychology theory of the impeachment

Posted On: Wednesday - January 1st 2020 10:12AM MST
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  The Russians  Trump  The Neocons

(I believe this stupidity will carry over well into the '20s, unfortunately.)

Peak Stupidity has tried to avoid this topic, both in our reading and writing. This Trump impeachment thing is nothing but ctrl-left infotainment. Don't get me wrong, many are deranged enough to really want to kick out of a office a President who really hasn't done a whole lot that they don't like, when it comes down to it. (Oh, well, he does SAY a lot that they don't like!)

Well, just part of the reason President Trump hasn't done that much constructive on behalf of patriotic Americans IS this Russia/Ukraine/whatever-the-hell-next/collusion continual accusation - it's coming up on three years now. For lots of Americans its a big piece of infotainment, keeping them tuned in to whichever channel, blue or red. It doesn't matter - I'll be voting for the guy because the alternative is bound to suck way more. We can always use more time to prep.

The purported problem, from what I gather, is that President Trump is conducting foreign relations. What's really bad, they say, is that he has been doing something called "diplomacy" with people from foreign countries:

Isn't this better than banging shoes on podiums, saying "we will bury you", or picking up the red phone every other day? Maybe that's just me ...

Those of us who follow foreign politics to ANY DEGREE WHATSOEVER know that the Cold War has been over for 3 decades*. Wasn't the left all over The Gipper's ass about how he needed to not be "Ronnie Ray-gun" and use more diplomacy with our (at that time, true) enemies? Now, you don't hear much praise for having a cool head, breaking the ice with even the worst of them (say, that N. Korean Kook), bringing the troops home. The Neocons beg to disagree with that old "give peace a chance" crap.

Peak Stupidity has discussed the rise of the Neocons already, near 3 years ago now, in Toward Peak Neocon? (Part 1 - Definition) and Toward Peak Neocon? (Part 2 - Unavoidable, one of 2 ways). Granted, we haven't been following ANY of the details regarding the accusations by the Blue Squad about President Trump and The Russians, but we have a theory on just one more reason this whole impeachment shitshow has been pushed hard. It regards those Neocons.

There's a common behavior-control tactic used for the more gullible, but often the best of us, called "reverse psychology". It works great on kids and dogs at least, sometimes cats. Now, we'd be the last to call President Trump anything but completely sane**, but you don't need Sigmund Fraud for this sort of thing.

Not really necessary for reverse psychology - not President Trump:

The Neocons seem to want to start up the Cold War again for various reasons, but if nothing else to get to use the US military like a toy set some more. They can't stomach the these two powers getting along, though there really is nothing that should keep America and Russia from being reasonably close allies (the Commies are not there anymore people - they left - many are over here!) Our theory is they are using the ire of the ctrl-left directed at President Trump in a form of reverse psychology.

The more accusations leveled at Trump for collusion, the more the President, sucked into all this stuff, will protest that, for one thing "I have been tough on the Russians". Just the fact that he wrote that in his letter to the old hag Pelosi (discussed here) is indicative that this assumed tactic of the Neocons would be working. See, they may not be in the forefront of the impeachment effort, but they can just be the ones "backing the President, but having our doubts." They come off as the good guys in the middle, but what they simple want is for Mr. Trump, with his big ego, to get tough on those Ruskies to prove the ctrl-left wrong.

Hey, it's just a theory from a guy that doesn't watch TV, so take if for what it's worth.

* Matter of fact, I really haven't read about any anniversaries of this... kind of strange. Is that part of the narrative too, to bury the obvious fact that the Cold War has been over and that's a good thing?

** Bullshitter, braggart, easily-distracted fool, incompetent hiring manager come to mind, but not anything that denotes a departure from sanity.

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