Instant Karma at the Intersection

Posted On: Monday - April 8th 2019 7:19PM MST
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Here's another post for Peak Stupidity's as-of-yet little-used topic key Traffic Stupidity. I'd guess any reader and/or curmudeon worth his salt could come up with some great posts involving stupidity on the road. I imagine there are whole blogs about it, as traffic stupidity is possibly the form we experience the most in life - I could see a thousand-comments-long thread with some very reasonable words about "the next thing this asshole did" and "I hate when these jerk-offs to ..." etc. Rather than induce road rage, a site like that could probably be very cathartic its readers. It's just not who we are, here, though, and there are other flavors of stupidity much more dangerous than simple blocking the passing lane at 75 mph, LIKE A COMPLETE IDIOT!

This is about the lack of courteousy regarding turn signals. I don't always use the signal, if there's no one to signal to. It IS, however, a communication device, and it's kind of helpful if other drivers know your plan. This quick deal I was involved with at an intersection was somewhat different from most discourteous acts on the road. There may very well be a 7-syllable German word for how it panned out, but I'll call it some instant karma.

If you can't visualize well, you may want to skip this post, as I just didn't want to put the effort into a diagram. I'll try to explain it well: There's a busy 4-lane road nearby that has a stoplight where one can cross on the less-busy two-lane road. The light stays green for the big road until a vehicle runs over the eddy-current embeded sensor loop in the road (either side of the intersection). The light may still stay green for the big road as much as 2-3 minutes by my estimate, even after the sensor is triggered. It will only stay green for the small road 20-25 seconds, and this is integral to this small unimportant story.

On one side of the big road, the single lane of the small road widens to 2 lanes, one for right turns and one for straight or left. In the other direction this two-lane road widens to 3 lanes, also just for 100 ft or so before the intersection, to allow one lane for right, one for straight, and one for left. I was in the straight-ahead lane on the 3-lane side next to a big SUV that I couldn't see past wanting to turn left in that left lane. On the other side there was a guy in the left/straight lane with no signal on.

Well, I couldn't just start driving straight through, as I didn't have any view over the SUV - people run this light at 45 mph. I needed to wait a bit for him to move somewhat to block the cars, or at least until no one would be running the light anymore. The problem is, that the guy across had no signal on. If he was going straight (not requiring a signal, of course), then the guy next to me would need to wait, to yield the right-of-way to him. He wasn't moving much, probably wanting to turn left, but, you know, we didn't know. It was a stand-off, as this no-signal a-hole had to wait for me to cross if he were to make his left turn. It was kind of like rock/paper/scissors. Did I mention that if the light turns red, you may have to wait up to 3 minutes?

This guy trying to turn left with no signal was just screwing himself, and that was the excellent instant karma here. If he'd have signaled for a left, then the SUV could have taken his left turn, then I'd have started moving quickly straight ahead simultaneously, and then Mr. no-signal could subsequently make his left turn. The stand-off lasted until the light was yellow, the SUV said "fuck it", made his left turn, and then I went through. Then Mr. no-signal made his left turn, probably through a red light. His being pulled over for running it would have been some turbocharged instant karma!

John Lennon wrote this song in early 1970.

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Out with Lady DACA

Posted On: Monday - April 8th 2019 6:02AM MST
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Buh Bye ... bitch ...

Are we going to start draining the swamp, finally??

Some good news from yesterday is that Kirsjen* Nielson*, notoriously described as "Lady DACA" by the good immigration patriots at, is gone from the Trump Administration as Secretary of Motherland Security. Peak Stupidity has had this Neilson lady's picture on file since November of last year, ready for a disparaging post about her. We'll just celebrate this good news today, as one could read about from VDare's "Federale" with Kirstjen Nielsen Out: Hallelujah, #LadyDACA Is Gone! and more from "Washington Watcher in Trump Shows New Hope On Immigration—Will He Finally Hire Kobach? (the latter with more speculation on who will end up in charge of fighting the immigration invasion).

For good comments, as usual, one can go to Steve Sailer's blog post on this news.

This lady was an Øb☭ma administration hold-out. What is she doing in the Trump executive branch to begin with, for 2 years now?! How was that "draining the swamp"? This makes us wonder again is President Trump just too under-confident in government matters and/or just plain stupid? He's had a business career as an executive, delegating to underlings. Does he hire these swamp creatures because he doesn't have enough faith in his own ideas and thinks he must hire "the best", meaning the long-term people of the beltway? Does he not realize that they don't want the same results as he or patriotic Americans?

The President is letting his American supporters down by cranking up the legal immigration again, especially with the H-2B visa deal (oh, they are temporary, huh? Yeah, YOU go find them when they skip out on their visas.) He may be realizing he's losing this support and just doing this new anti-illegal-immigration business to placate us. I don't think it's that he's really changed his mind on controlling the border, but I think it's a matter of who's controlling him. Small steps by Trump to make us think he is really working on it (2 years later after a coupla' more million entries legal/illegal) may be OK with whoever is really running the show, as they ramp back up the legal immigration to continue their project of population replacement. I hope that's not the case, and I'll feel better if President Trump would stop tweeting and start DOING.

Here's hoping, per the 2nd VDare link, that Steve Miller gets greater influence in immigration matters, along with Kris Kobach, as a likely pick for this Secretary of Motherland Security job.

* See, even SHE doesn't want to assimilate. Pick an easy-to-spell name, lady. What's wrong with "Kristy" and "Nelson"?

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Larry Auster (RIP) on Immigration - 20 years back

Posted On: Saturday - April 6th 2019 2:52PM MST
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Larry Auster died right at 6 years back.

I saw a link today to a long essay by the late immigration patriot Larry Auster. I'd heard of Huddled Cliches before, but I just today read the whole thing. The essay is at least 2 decades old, written already after Peter Brimelow wrote Alien Nation by at least 4 years, as the latest of the 29 footnote references in Huddle Cliches are from late 1996. (I just can't seem to find the actual publication date, even on Mr. Auster's still-online View from the Right.).

It'll take an hour or so to read and digest, but I highly recommend this essay to any immigration patriot. Larry Auster's 1990 book The Path to National Suicide was highly praised by Peter Brimelow (of VDare), but I haven't read it. Huddled Cliches presents logical soundly-reasoned arguments against any one of the many cliches/canards/tropes/mottos/scraps-of-stupidty, whatever your choice term, that the open-borders proponents throw out every day. It should be obvious by now that these proponents don't really give a damn about logical soundly-reasoned arguments, but at least one may convince those on the fence (wait, we've got a fence?)

I'll excerpt just my favorite paragraph, favorite because it's humorous, of course:
To see the uselessness of the “national of immigrants” formula as a source of political guidance, imagine what the British would have said if they had adopted it in 1940 when they were facing an imminent invasion by Hitler’s Germany. “Look, old man, we’re a nation of immigrant/invaders. First the Celts took the land from the Neolithic peoples, then the Anglo-Saxons conquered and drove out the Celts, then the Normans invaded and subjugated the Anglo-Saxons. In between there were Danish invaders and settlers and Viking marauders as well. Since we ourselves are descended from invaders, who are we to oppose yet another invasion of this island? Being invaded by Germanic barbarians is our national tradition!”
Imagine if the American people had gotten serious about the existential immigration problem back when Mr. Auster wrote this, > 2 decades ago. Perhaps we'd have had a good chance to do something then to turn things around, and not rely 20 years later on one man, who ended up being a retarded waste of our time. Please read this enjoyable essay if you are an immigration patriot with an hour to spare. It covers it all

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Al Sharpton vets the Blue Squad of The Party

Posted On: Saturday - April 6th 2019 2:25PM MST
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(About 10 years back, I had a chance to get into it with this guy, maybe resulting even in my punching him out. Alas, I'd have been fired from a good job. Tough call.)

During this week, pundit extraordinaire Steve Sailer, posted three bits about the "Reverend" Al Shapton, Doctor of Race Hustling, and his the ass-kissing toward him by the current lame-ass Old Pharts and Young Turds of the blue squad (still using the "D" strangely enough, instead of "C" for Communist). From his 3 posts on the latest, Beto Pledges to Sharpton to Pass Reparations Bill, Al Sharpton's ISteve Content-Generating Convention Rolls on, and It's Sharpton's Democratic Party Now, we can read what an influence Sharpton seems to have. He seems akin to the AIPAC folks who vet candidates for their loyalty to the Jewish causes, though his people don't have nearly the amount of folding money - most are pretty much broke!

It's a new blue-squad, I guess, and its extreme-left race/homo/genderbender idiology would rule out a Jewish leader, or any white guy anymore, as the one for vetting and reception of kisses on the ass. Too bad for those that used to run the place, but Peak Stupidity is not all broken up about it.

For those looking on in amusement, even the most-Reverend Jessie Jackson, Sr., would be just slightly more palatable than Al Shapton. He is probablly the most evil of the popular race-huslers, as pretty much just a lying sack of shit. You'd think I wouldn't miss Martin Luther King (I can't avoid the streets named after the guy, though), but I'll give the Commie, philandering, hypocritical "Reverend" "Doctor" Martin Luther King, "Junior" (who knows, right?) credit for being a very good speaker at least. Oh, and for getting shot. That takes guts.

I guess that's all we may as well do, look on in amusement ... while we decide if it's worth it to even try to save what's left of America or bug the hell out.

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About the Public and Private "Sectors"

Posted On: Friday - April 5th 2019 8:32AM MST
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Graphic above not specifically illustrative of the point of this post.
It's just a good pie chart, and we all love π, right?

In this post, coming out of nowhere in particular, I'd like to rail on the use of the terms private and public sector in economic discussions. Maybe this is a waste of time anyway, as calm, rational discussions about economics between numerate people seem to be a thing of the past in this time of Peak Stupidity, anyway. Well, that usage has been bugging me, and that's the post, full speed ahead.

As a Libertarian, I don't like this equating of these two portions of the economy of the nation as just different "sectors" of the pie. In a free market economy, what has been called the private sector IS the economy, period. The government spending is something we put up with for those special tasks, like justice in courts-of-law, military organizations and the like to do things that arguably (by Libertarians) a private organization can't do fairly. It is not something equivalent to the private wealth-creating economy that is the foundation of prosperity.

The Founders of our country had a pretty good handle on this when drawing up that document, the US Constitution. It's not that they specifically specified what would be the tasks of government, though with a rough start "to provide for a common defense" (with Great Britain still an overwhelming power, and Indians all over, that's what they were worried about). There was also a concern for the institution of sound money (haha, how'd that work out?). However, the point of that document, in particular that Bill o' Rights addendum, was to LIMIT the tasks of the Federal Government CREATED by it. Except for the "Federalists"** like your Alexander Hamiltons, who were in favor of signing the document without that limiting Bill of Rights attached, the rest ("anti-Federalists") of the Founders had stated (to paraphrase) "no way am I gonna' sign that shit." (Kudos to 1789 Virginia and New York!)

The graphic above is just here to show the image we have in our minds upon hearing the terms "private sector" or "public sector". The geometrical definition of a sector is The portion of a circle bounded by two radii and the included arc.. OK, it could be a big piece of pie covering more than π radians (180 degrees), but I normally think of a sector as having an acute angle, meaning < 1/2 π radians (90 degrees), like a real slice of π. How about you?

If there were to be a pie chart, in a real economy (non-Socialist, that is) then that private sector should be almost the whole damn pie, with a public sliver so thin as to not even be a color, just a black line with an arrow to it. Would it not be great to live in a country in which we note the public sliver in small fractions of a %. I know some Founding Fathers who not only wanted that, but damn near LIVED IT. It was not a fraction of a %, but with the exception of the War of 1812, and the War of Northern Aggression, about 2 %, +/- 1/2 %, per Figure 2 of this Cato Institution graph, from the signing of the Constitution until the start of American involvement in WWI - > 125 years! Wow, now that was a public sliver!

Rather than use the term sector at all though, let's go back just a step and think again: How are these even equivalent enough to be put on a pie chart? One thing is wealth creation and the other is wealth and economic destruction*. Perhaps we should use terms from the electrical or thermo areas of engineering here, private source and public sink. The private "sources" are where creation of wealth occurs, and the public "sinks" are where the destruction of it occurs. If we get more of the former, we will accumulate wealth, but with more of the latter, we will lose wealth. Do the math engineering, Socialists!

* I'd guess I may have a few public-"sector" readers here. I urge you not to take this personally. Some, even within the big bureaucratic taxpayer-supported organization, try to do a good job at something constructive. It's hard, I know.

** Correction here per commenter Dtbb: There is always confusion in my mind between the "Federalists" and the "anti-Federalists". The Federalists laid out there many good points regarding a plan for a republilc in the Federalist Papers - they did want small government but had too much faith, IMO in the checks and balances specified in the Constitution to thing all those prescribed limitation in the BoR was necessary. That link to "Rebel History" I put in with my correction is pretty simplistic, but quick reading. At least it's not wiki this time.

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Outsourcing of the Funny Farms

Posted On: Wednesday - April 3rd 2019 8:01PM MST
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I'd mentioned a post coming on this topic, the big change in what happens to mentally ill people in America, as I wrote about the nut-ball Prime Minister of New Zealand this past weekend.

People of the Millennial generation may not even know that, until the last 3 decades, there were places for the mentally ill other than with loved ones (for the very lucky) and the streets of big and medium American cities. "Institutionalized" was the term for those that inhabited these big institutions, "funny farms", "nut houses" or much more euphemistically, "the State Hospital". They were usually sprawling complexes with many buildings, and often large edifices that like the one below (if it reminds you of anything, think of the scene in Rain Man* where Charlie Babbitt picks up his brother Raymond).

It was definitely not all fun and games at these places. I spent 2 days at a State Hospital one time (I got better!... no, I kid) for a small job. I was too young to think about the risk of violence, the darkness in the minds of the really serious cases there (most were, I'd guess), as one guy sold me hand-made leather pouch for a buck, and I thought "hey, arts & crafts, cool." I didn't yet think of all the sad things that often go on there, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes not... those drugged-up for their own good, others just to make it easier on the staff, some who probably should not have been in there, and many that were put in against their will. It's hard to decide what's best for people in these sad states of affairs, or even to decide who gets to decide.

A big difference in life then was the regular people, not just protocols and now computer software were allowed to make judgements, probably mostly wise ones, as compared to the stupidity seen now, due a lot to the fact that people AREN'T normally allowed to make big judgements. We're not supposed to judge anybody nowadays.

It may have been just the general cultural upheavals of the 1960's lingering on, and the influence of the 1975 movie One Flew over the Cookoo's Nest*, but also the hunger of state legislators for that money for spending elsewhere, that motivated the gradual closing of the funny farms. The mentally ill are still with us, however. What has slowly happened is that millions of people that should be institutionalized are now living on the streets.

That's not really big news, I guess, to anybody reading, but, again, younger people may not know how it worked previously. It may not have been the best for everyone, but are the crazy people one sees downtown better off out there on the sidewalk? I bring this up due also to a video going around called "Seattle is Dying" (I'm just linking to this 1 hour video this time.) That title of the KOMO-TV (Seattle) video could have meant a lot of things, but the big story was on the huge homeless problem and the violence and filth that goes with it. For those not living in Seattle, there's a bit of Schadenfreude to be had watching the yuppies try to explain why they don't like it.

Crazy Seattle guy from the video:

Wouldn't he be better doing arts & crafts in the nuthouse?
It'd be better for the rest of us, too.

If you get to any American big/medium city's downtown, or live there, you will probably see or have the problem, but not on the same scale as Seattle. I'll add "or as" Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. That is because these cities are not freezing-ass cold (Seattle and Portland can be miserable, but you're not going to die outside from staying out 1/2 an hour as in Minneapolis!), and they are not humid buggy miserable places like the Southern cities. That's where anyone who's going to stay outside, where's there's free stuff, is going to end up.

There was plenty of talk about "finding solutions", and "we need to do something, but I don't know what" in the "Seattle is Dying" video. Nobody, but NOBODY in the > 1/2 of it that I watched ever mentioned that maybe, just maybe these people should be locked up in some manner. No, not Correctional-Max, but how about the old quiet sprawling State Hospital where some could have a semblance of a life. I think the whole concept has been forgotten. The care of the mentally ill has been outsourced to some charities, but mostly to cops and city residents, who are not happy about this.

If nothing else, can we just build one funny farm, say in the nation's capital for convenience, with room for say 10,000 or so ... politicians?

* It's a great movie, BTW.

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Holy Moley, we're out of Guacamole!

Posted On: Tuesday - April 2nd 2019 6:17PM MST
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Guacamole rotting in the fields bowls.

That's what the growers are "worried" about*. See if they can't get that cheap labor, if something were ever REALLY, SERIOUSLY done about the southern border, then it may cost them a dime or so per avocado. You think about it, reader - an American at $15/hour may pick at only the same rate as the illegals making $5. However, how long does it take to pick this fruit (yep, it's a fruit that tastes like a vegatable, or worse)? I'll get to that in a short while.

This "rotting in the fields" trope(?) is one that the immigration patriots at VDare, and I'm sure elsewhere, have been mocking for a long time. It's not just about any kind of vegetable for which automated picking has not benefited yet. One can extrapolate this canard (there, that's better .. than "trope") to any extraction process off the land for which the owners want to make that extra buck by paying less in labor and pawning all the externalized costs (welfare, schooling, healthcare) on the responsible taxpayers. It's a big lie, that nobody at all will be willing to do the work. Most Americans, however, have to make a real living and want to have some quality of life. Up the pay, and they will come.

As to the question of the labor costs per avocado, I'm not going to use rectal extraction today - I spent 20 minutes (MAX) looking into this and came up with ONE THIN DIME per piece addition in labor costs from increasing the pay by $10/hr, with an extremely conservative estimate. Look at the bottom, below the asterisk line.

Now, I know that buck a piece one may pay for avocados on sale is not the price the growers charge. However, even if they must raise their wholesale prices by that whole big dime, it's still only a 10% rise at the store. We wouldn't even notice.

Not only that, but if you were to go back by 3 decades, at least where I lived (not in California) you would find out that not 1 in 10 people had ever partaken of an avocado! Is guacamole that important to us now to where we'd rather ruin the country for our children to get it at a 10% discount?! Really?(as the kids say) What'll we hear about if the cheap imported labor for limes and garlic is not available either - guacamole itself will be rotting in the fields? I like the stuff, I'll admit, and made right, you'd figure at least the cardiologists would be on the side of the immigration patriots here (more expensive avocados = less guacamole eaten = less Omega-3 intake = more cardiovascular business)! Still, I could put up with it if the local Chipotle went back to subsituting e-coli for the guac - I've got a good stomach.

Quit trying to bullshit us all, big Ag. Some of us can read and do arithmetic.

The thing about this particular fruit is that it is expensive per unit, unlike apples for instance. How much labor cost is involved in picking avocados? This time-and-motion study from 1967! investigating the benefits of using what we now call a Snorklift, is pretty easy to read. I can only imagine picking rates have gone up since then, with various other improvements short of robotic automation. Just with 1967 data, though, tone can note a pick rate of ~ 18 piece per minute. This time accounts for moving from spot to spot and tree to tree, AND everything else involved (transport, sorting, stacking, everything). The study gives numbers all in boxes, which can vary from containing 20 to 80 pieces. Let's just get a real conservative number by using 20/box. In this time-study, with the use of the Snorklift (and things have only improved) and including all time involved, the observers came up with 6 minutes required to pick 20 pieces.

Now, you see, this is not just rectal extraction here. Just 3 pieces per minute still means that, even with rest breaks, a guy can pick 150 avocados in that hour in which he's making either $5 or $15, depending on whether we want to destroy the American nation or not. Call it 100/hour. I keep rounding down for ease and conservatism, so I come up with either 5 cents or 15 cents (NICE ROUND NUMBERS). That's a difference of ONE THIN DIME. If one did not round everything toward conservatism, and accounted for improvements in methods, well it's probably a nickle or LESS.

Ha, I started this post with a humerous one in mind but then got into this simple arithmetic of labor costs. I proceeded to stick it at the bottom for those who may just want the humor and mockery. Don't let these people lie their asses off to you. It's not hard to do the numbers, and I'm not in the business.

* I'll give the Daily Wire credit here for being pretty impartial, and for the humorous headline.

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Walter Williams on Socialism's evil effect on black people.

Posted On: Tuesday - April 2nd 2019 5:56AM MST
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A commenter had inserted what turns out to be a complete recent Walter E. Williams column under an unz post the other day that I just want to give my AMEN! to. No, you're right, I'm not a black guy, so I may not have the privilege to go around shouting "AMEN!" However, I think the black Libertarian Walter E. Williams would forgive me on this, as I hate to say it (well no, if I did, I wouldn't), but one should easily be forgiven for thinking Mr. Williams is a card-carrying honorary white guy, from his writing.

That's pretty cynical, as there are a handful of black libertarian pundits, along with, I'm sure, a low-single-digit percentage of ordinary black libertarians too. As for the pundits, I will point the reader to the great Thomas Sowell, not just a pundit but a well-known author. (Peak Stupidity noted his retirement from punditry over 2 years back.) Then there is Larry Elder, more of a radio guy, but I'd classify him as more of a conservative than libertarian.

Though it tells the truth about a big evil of Socialism, Mr. William's column here does not get into the genetic component of black criminality, and there no doubt IS one. Is it that he'd rather not think about that, really doesn't believe it, or just doesn't want to mix things up in the column? It's true that Libertarianism does not account for the effects of millennia of evolution producing races that have VERY different likelihoods of consisting of any significant share of imaginative freedom-loving libertarians. Walter Williams puts all the blame on the > 5 decade-old American Socialist welfare state, and I can't argue with anything he wrote here:
Sometimes, during my drive to work, I listen to Clarence Maurice Mitchell IV, host of the Baltimore’s WBAL C4 radio show. Mitchell was formerly a member of Maryland’s House of Delegates and its Senate. In recent weeks, Mitchell has been talking about the terrible crime situation in Baltimore. In 2018, there were 308 homicides. So far this year, there have been 69. That’s in a 2018 population of 611,648 — down from nearly a million in 1950. The city is pinning its hopes to reduce homicides and other crime on new Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

Another hot news item in Baltimore is the fact that Johns Hopkins University wants to hire 100 armed police officers to patrol its campuses, hospital and surrounding neighborhoods. The hospital president, Dr. Redonda Miller testified in Annapolis hearings that patients and employees are “scared when they walk home, they’re scared when they walk to their cars.”
Philadelphia’s Temple University police department is the largest university police force in the United States, with 130 campus police officers, including supervisors and detectives.

In 1957, I attended night school at Temple University. There was little or no campus police presence. I am sure that people who attended Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, and other colleges in or adjacent to black neighborhoods during the ’40s, ’50s and earlier weren’t in an armed camp. In the nation’s largest school districts that serve predominantly black youngsters, school police outnumber, sometimes by large margins, school counseling staffs. Again, something entirely new. I attended predominantly black Philadelphia schools from 1942 to 1954. The only time we saw a policeman in school was during an assembly where we had to listen to a boring lecture on safety. Today, Philadelphia schools have hired more than 350 police officers. What has happened to get us to this point? Will hiring more police officers and new police chiefs have much of an impact on crime?

No doubt hiring more and better trained police officers will have some impact on criminal and disorderly behavior — but not much unless we create a police state. The root of the problem, particularly among black Americans, is the breakdown of the family unit where fathers are absent. In 1938, 11 percent of blacks were born to unmarried women. By 1965, that number had grown to 25 percent. Now it’s about 75 percent. Even during slavery, when marriage between blacks was illegal, a higher percentage of black children were raised by their biological mothers and fathers than today. In 1940, 86 percent of black children were born inside marriage. Today, only 35 percent of black children are born inside marriage. Having no father in the home has a serious impact. Children with no father in the home are five times more likely to be poor and commit crime, nine times more likely to drop out of school and 20 times more likely to be in prison.

Our generous welfare system, in effect, allows women to marry the government. Plus, there is shortage of marriageable black men because they’ve dropped out of school, wound up in jail and haven’t much of a future. Unfortunately, many blacks followed the advice of white liberal academics such as Johns Hopkins professor Andrew Cherlin who in the 1960s argued that “the most detrimental aspect of the absence of fathers from one-parent families is not the lack of a male presence but the lack of male income” Cherlin’s vision suggested that fathers were unimportant and if black females “married the government”; black fathers would be redundant.
[Peak Stupidity's bold there, as we need to get in another AMEN!. Oops, too soon? Too white? - pardon the interruption, Ed.]

Most of today’s major problems encountered by black people have little or nothing to do with racial discrimination and a legacy of slavery. People who make those excuses are doing a grave disservice to black people. The major problems black people face are not amenable to political solutions and government anti-poverty programs. If they were, then they’d be solved by the more than $20 trillion dollars nation has spent on poverty programs since 1965. As comic strip character Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”
Great stuff, Mr. Williams. Mr. William's own website with all his columns is here.

BTW, for both that commenter on unz and Peak Stupidity pasting in the whole column, one may worry about copyright infringement. I don't think Mr. Williams would be the type to worry about this one - and I doubt we'll do it again. I did note though, hahaha, that the sitemaster had not updated the copyright label at the bottom. Apparently it only goes through the end of 2018, so I'm good I had no idea that the new stuff was copyrighted, and that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

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Coffee Machines and Jet Airplanes - machines taking control

Posted On: Monday - April 1st 2019 8:12PM MST
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Keurig Machine - just an innocent maker of coffee?

Here's a little bit of my experiences as of late with high-tech coffee making, via the fancy-assed Keurig machines, often at hotels nowadays. Though the Curmudgeonry Topic Key is attached here, this is not really an anti-Keurig post, per se. (Besides our reports of our annoyances with the Cheap China-Made Crap, Peak Stupidity has had only one consumer reports type disparaging post. That was about the "Lifeline Screening" mobile blood-work lab outfit that is truly a big scam!). Nope, I just have a problem dealing with machines that seem to want to run things.

These coffee makers are made for convenience in 2 aspects. The first is that the coffee pouch is self-contained in a nice clean sealed container (in the same way as some of the fake/real creamer is but larger) that gets punched by the machine after it's been inserted. The 2nd is that this machine steps the user through the process, in an "idiot proof" manner. It will not let you do things out of order or forget anything, which can become the problem. After the user pushes a button to open a cover for of insertion the coffee-ground element, inserts it and closes the cover, then the water reservoir cover opens next in sequence. You must close that cover to get the brew button lit up, meaning ready to start heating the water. Oh, if the cup isn't in place, or is moved out, the brewing stops, because this thing has it ALL under control. You are a human and are error prone. It is a machine guided by logic on a chip and never, never screws up.

Well, how 'bout I just want to heat up water for my oatmeal? What you have to do then is to act like you're making coffee and hit/move things in the appropriate order. I already feel like an imbecile following a machine in doing this, but it works. However, I often do not want the caffeine, but do like a cup made with the decaf element. I like the coffee taste, but don't want the caffeine (Peak Stupidity's take on caffeine as one of the 4 basic food groups is here.) It's really a matter of feeling better getting a sugar fix this way then by just downing 2 or 3 sugar packets - that just doesn't have the healthful look to it.*

In this case, it gets tough. I want the condiments in the cup beforehand so the hot coffee can pour on it, mixing it better, or that's my theory. OK, push the big button, insert the coffee element, close that cover so the next cover opens to pour the water in, take the cup to pour in 2 (OK, 3) sugar packs, the 2 creamer packs, but, wait, the machine is flashing, meaning "hey, put the cup in, dumb human!" "Yeah, but, you could start heating up water ahead of time, as it takes a while before anything will pour out." "I am Keurig. I will run this process. What you are doing is highly irregular. Put the cup in!" I get all hurried ripping and pouring in those condiments ... rushing to not annoy the machine, before ... Oops, now, it's too late! "I'm powering off, as you obviously are not ready to make coffee, with no cup in place."

Damn, then I need to fake like I'm starting over ... push the button, the coffee ground element is already there so I close the cover. Now, the water reservoir cover is open, but there's already water there, so close that up, and mash BREW again! Do you see the problem here, people? The machine is running my life. I have to make an effort to fool it, or probably more accurately, PLACATE the machine. "Alright, I've done what you want. Can you start heating the water and finish up, bitch?!"

This is just one of many machines that have recently been doing this to us. Cars are of course, another, more ubiquitous example, and a subject for many other posts. Those of us cursed with the biggest examples of Artificial Stupidity, our "smart phones", (possibly) unconsciously** deal with this every single day. We go flipping around menus, taking 5 steps always thinking "what does it need me to do now?" It's not quite the same deal as requiring work-arounds, but it's still more effort than that required with that old brick phone which was really made to do one thing - dial the damn number!. That's all I want right most of the time.

None of this is life-and-death worriesome, but just more stupidity to annoy us daily. Let's mention something that is life-and-death, passenger-carrying jet aircraft.

Boeing 737-800 Max:

I will not get into details that have been all over the news lately on this. I will say, from talking directly to American pilots that have flown this specific variant of the best-selling Boeing 737, that a couple of switches made to cut-off electric stabilizer trim right away would have saved the day. However, this is not to excuse Boeing for trying to patch poor very-high angle-of-attack flying qualities of this plane (due to change in engine placement) with a piece of software that was not made well known to the airlines and pilots.

My point here, though, is to say that Boeing made an Airbus move in this fiasco. Airbuses have always been known to be designed to let the flight control computers have the last word above the actions of the flight crew. There have been a number of crashes due to this design philosophy. Boeing Aircraft's engineers have, in the past at least, understood that there is a time when things go wrong enough that the pilots will need to cut off all automation, take the plane, and JUST FLY. One should not have to think of ways to PLACATE the airplane to make it do what one wants, to keep airborne at a good flying speed and in the right vertical direction..

Yes, that is a life-and-death example of machines made to control people rather than to be controlled by people. It's been a much bigger deal than my sugar-laden de-caf coffee. Let's keep a watch on these machines, people!

* OMG, and we completely missed a post in celebration of National Frozen Food Month. Usa Culpa.

** I just realized I've had to do this PLACATING of machines thing right here upon writing this post. With this device, a I write, auto-Capitalization/punctuation starts happening, and I have to keep going back-and-forth on the text (usually the 3rd time tells it to ignore) or do work-arounds to get the writing down. Damn, I wish this were 1992 word-perfect!

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Led Zeppelin, Mordor, the Misty Mountains, and the Battle of Evermore

Posted On: Saturday - March 30th 2019 8:02PM MST
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Between those thoughts of Morder, Hobbits, and the misty mountains of New Zealand, I found it necessary for a follow-up here, if nothing else to atone for Peak Stupidity's horrid lack of attention to the band Led Zeppelin.

Just referring back to the previous post for a minute, the thoughts started with American's picture of that remote land down-under, New Zealand that is. That and Australia are of course, outposts of the Western world, and better yet, traces of the British culture, set in an area far far away from the Motherland. Will it all be ruined (in both places) the same way it's happening in America with out-of-hand immigration?

Could we visit that beautiful land of mountains, sheep, fishing, and middle Earth mysteries, and find it nothing but a Chinese colony, or, much worse, another Moslem-run shithole 50 years from now? Can there be Chinese or rag-headed Hobbits even, say a Frui-dao Baggins or a Bil-hock/cough/spit-boch Bhaggins, for example?* Or, are Hobbits, shires, orcs, fantasy books on the like, and the imagining of such things, along with songs in reference, by bands as great at Led Zeppelin only Western, especially British, cultural things?

Yeah, we'd better hope that remote land stays Western without become Orwellian either and not become the modern version of Mordor of book, movie, and song. We here in America have our own Mordor that we may have to make a perilous journey to take back that ring, in the form of a piece of parchment called the US Constitution. Morder on the Potomoc is the sworn enemy of American Hobbits**, shyers, and anyone else who'll joins us.

Thanks to youtube (and I'll give them credit when they deserve it), we can demonstrate the greatness of this 1960's to 1970's band, with a couple of songs that could make us imagine Middle Earth and the mysterious land that the 3 Lord of the Rings movies were filmed on.

The four English young men who played as Led Zeppelin, besides being rock stars with all the girls they could want, and all the hotel rooms they could trash the living hell out of, also had a few hobbies. The singer Robert Plant and the guitar player Jimmy Page were said to be Lord of the Rings fans, as besides the lyric in Ramble On from the previous post, there are lyrics that come from the trilogy of books in 3 other songs (2 here). The band was also into occult witchrafty stuff, though I imagine any witches they dealt with were not your modern American wiccan but some smoking-hot groupies like the rest of 'em. What a life it must have been, oh, and with their charted party-enabled Boeing 707?!

Both of these songs were from the album Led Zeppelin IV, also mysteriously called Zoso because nobody knows what the cover symbols mean. It doesn't freakin' matter, as the 2 songs here are not even the well-known ones, such as the infamous (if you've ever finally gotten sick of it) Stairway to Heaven, the most requested song at live-music bars or at least tied with Lynryd Skynyrd's Freebird. Often the musicians, to keep on schedule, will just play Stairway to Freebird.

The Misty Mountain Hop here has lyrics that evoke some kind of Middle Earth that might be better experienced while listening to the song under the influence of something or other to get the full story. The 2nd one is The Battle of Evermore, maybe even more Tolkien-like in the lyrics. The woman singing counterpoint to Robert Plant is a lady named Sandy Denny, who was in a 1960's band nobody but die-hard fans have heard of, named Fairport Convention.

Last story before you listen (I sure hope so): This was out spending some time in Seattle, Washington, as I made my way toward some bar on a hill on a foggy, foggy night. As is my preference, my path went through a graveyard that foggy night, and I couldn't see anything but trees, rolling hills, and the gravestones, not even the road 100 ft away to the side. It was so nice not to see, and even hear, any of the outside world, and I could imagine myself in the first song here. I got to the bar and found and played this song on the jukebox, after a beer, and that was just very nice.

"Misty Mountain Hop"

I'm just wondering how true this next song is. Will the seekers-of-truth continue to battle the ctrl-left sickos, the Commies, the Globalists and other purveyors of evil forevermore? "I don't know - the lyrics don't matter - play the music!", quoth the Raven.

"The Battle of Evermore"

* Good Lord of the Rings, there are over 200 Hobbits listen on the Wikipedia page!

** Modern term for Libertarians.

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Affirmative Action for the marble-supply-challenged

Posted On: Saturday - March 30th 2019 10:34AM MST
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As the long-term Peak Stupidity reader should well know by now, this site does not purport to follow the 24/7 infotainment of the Lyin' Press on current events (as we used to call it, back in the day). We document the current-era shitshow of stupidity in a more random fashion. If you are looking for recent news in order of occurrence, this is not the place. We do hear and read about stuff, and if it fits our theme, then it's fit to publish. The Christchurch, New Zealand shooting has been analyzed (well, I'm guessing, as I don't participate) through and through by the Lyin' Press. It's been a good excuse for more Orwellian actions of stupidity by government, even that of that far-away mountainous 2-island nation that we may have thought of as idyllic.

It does not help at all for a country like that, hell, any country, to have a woman leader like the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern they've got over there. Writing on VDare over a week back, Lance Welton explains After Christchurch: Why Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Was The Wrong Leader For New Zealand. Now, a little bit about the young writer, Mr. "Lance Welton". Firstly, I'm just ASSUMING he's young from his writing. He seems very confident in his postulations on the reasons for events, going back to evolutionary psychology and other non-technical social studies to explain things, but with just a little too much enthusiastic extrapolation, let's say. I'm just saying that he gets a little off the deep end sometimes. (I've read at least 10 of his VDare articles.) Still, he's on our side, I mostly agree with him, and it's interesting reading.

That said, I may not have anything at all to disagree with in this specific article, in which he posits that the woman Prime Minister of New Zealand has long ago gone completely mental. (OK, you need to read that terminology with an English, or better yet, Kiwi, accent to get the full effect. Here in the other colonies, we use the phrase "bat-shit crazy".) Because I have a lot to say about this, I won't even excerpt any of Mr. Welton's article, but he does give lots of background on this Jacinda Ardern.

Should we have women leaders at all? Other than for church groups, homeschooling co-ops, the PTA (recently rebranded as the PTO, BTW), cross-stitch support groups, and that sort of thing, long-answer-short, NO. It's not the way things were meant to be. You've got your occasional woman leader that DOES work out, your Maggie Thatchers and such, sure. The "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of England pretty much at the same time as Mr. Reagan was President here, played a serious part in the winning of the Cold War, along with Mr. Reagan, of course, then Lec Walesa of Poland, the old (real) Pope, J.P.-3, Konrad Adenauer of Germany, and millions of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and mechanical/electrical engineers and technicians. Mrs. Thatcher was compared to Mr. Reagan, both as people with strong principles (Mr. Reagan's perhaps being dissipated some by that early-on warning shot to the lung by a .22 magnum - I do want to write more on this piece of history.)

I think, though, of the Eva Perons and your Imelda Marcoses, and really aren't having much luck here, other than the Queens of England over the years, but we need neither Queens nor Kings. It seems like leaving the Perons and Marcoses with large power just results in large shopping expeditions for shoes and dresses at the taxpayers' expense. Sure, we've seen worse expenditures by 4 or 5 orders of magnitude, but it's the fact that they think of themselves above their country, as woman don't seem to be wired to have real principles, in general. That can be a good thing, cough, cough, Bill, cough, Clinton, at the best of times when we just don't want anything bad to be done. Sometimes, with a woman leader, even a stopped clock can be right during the right time of the month. Normally, though, you want some principles in a leader, and would rather said leader spend the taxpayers money on nearly a million square miles of land, a la Thomas Jefferson, or an Anti-Ballistic Missile System, a la Ronnie Reagan, versus 1200 pairs of shoes, sequined dresses, or a million violence-prone young men for excitement, the latter a la Comrade Merkel.

No, come to think of it, the only good example of the Maggie Thatchers I can come up with is pretty much just, well, Maggie Thatcher. Was it a fluke, or just different times, when women leaders were held to the same standard? Miss Thatcher was well past menopause, but then, the cut-off in that monthly craziness about that whole egg thing does not explain The Hildabeast.

Where were we, oh, yes, the nut-ball Jacinda Ardern from down-under-and-then-1300-miles-east. After a massive murder binge of some (for-the-moment) innocents by that Australian, due to his rage at the on-going ruination of that part of the world via massive immigration, the lady decided to double-down. Now, many a man would do the same (take that General Casey, please, with his statement on his worries about the loss of diversity over American lives under HIS charge), but it's Mrs Ardern's sympathizing with the Moslems over all the rest of her own kind, seen in her rag-covered head above, that is a woman thing. (I guess a man would do the equivalent by hanging at the mosque with his ass in the air praying to WHAT HE THINKS is due East.) It's all about the FEELINGS, and that's very bad in the long run, as Peak Stupidity has written about previously (very much the same topic, but here in America) in Dealing with tragic reality and the women's vote.

Prime Minister Ardern with her future fellow Kiwi-Heads:

(Could they come up with green burkas possibly, for, you know, branding?)

It may be better to use that logic that, well, you may not even have, to look at the long run. Your country, like all of the "West", had been aiding and abetting a (mostly) unarmed massive invasion of immigrants. Yeah, I know you all down there want the Chinese money influx, and at least that crowd is non-violent, well until they get that occasional Mao and Pol Pot, pretty well civilized and down with free markets. Even they, however, are NOT the same as Western people, as a general group. You won't be able to keep your doors unlocked, trust an average neighbor, and do deals with a handshake, per the Western high-trust ways.

The Chinese are one thing. Letting 100's of thousands or millions of Moslems immigrate and raise much-larger families than you Kiwis will work out VERY BAD in the long run, as New Zealand will become nothing resembling what I and you yourself think of it. In fact, those people, that you've been all lovey-dovey with, would put you to the sword for being the nut-case that you are, not to mention telling you to STFU first and taking your car keys (hey, they have some good points too, you know).

As much as you don't want to glorify a mass murderer, would it not behoove the lady to at least read his "manifesto". (I put it in quotes just because it's more like a notebook, and he admits he lost the first one, haha!) Per the words of a vibrant gentleman, Mr. Fat Albert, if she's not careful, she may learn something. I read what I hope was the real thing - the NZ truth ministry has made it hard to really know - and the guy had lots of good points. Do you want this sort of thing to happen again, Mrs. Ardern? Oh, you will take all the weapons away, will you? Besides the fact that if this gets to war, once the invaders have pushed the population to some limit, lots of things will be made into weapons, you've lost your best self-defense as a woman now. Nice forward thinking there. Worse yet, this nut-ball Prime Minister is going full on Orwell now, with the clamping down on what can be said or even read, on social media, or probably anywhere. This is right down to the level of 1984 but with TECH ("TECH" meaning computer software, not mechanical and electrical technology). It was not mentioned by Mr. Welton, but perhaps the sub-conscious realization that "Oh, I am the Minister of Truth from the book now", while at the same she's time trying to think she is a good person, has been exacerbating the craziness of Jacinda Ardern.

OK, most of what I've written about is about stupidity, not necessarily a loss of marbles. Read Lance Welton's article for a look at the craziness aspect of this leader of New Zealand. Is this acceptance of crazy-people in positions of power just a new form of Affirmative Action? World-wide? I've never liked the AA idea from the get-go, as a lover of freedom, but this is really over the top. Perhaps, as one might expect, the Catholic Church has been at the forefront of this use of AA for the "marble-supply-challenged" for over a decade now with their anointment of the amicable nut-ball So-Called Pope they're calling Pope Francis. I note that this is to be expected, as, as soon as the Church got done with reading Latin, there was probably a lot of good advice and information lost. Stuff like "Politicus Insanus Stupiditae" come to mind.

The world can't go on with nut-balls in political power, along with all our other forms of stupidity. They should be re-located from places like 10 Downing Street, wherever this stupid broad lives, and even Pennsylvania Avenue in the near future, to the State Hospitals in which the severe mental cases used to reside. (More on this regarding the homeless situation in American cities is coming in an upcoming post.)

Peak Stupidity's 2019 design for our leaders' future wardrobes:

It's just a shame that you've got people like Jacinda Ardern, rather than that feisty Frasier Anning, who's my kind of Australian, down-under. Americans may still tend to think of those lands as a last resort bug-out place to be with other white westerners when bad things go down. New Zealand especially, has always been that unknown remote white outpost which we figured would take us in. Why bother now? Our backs are up against the wall here, with no good bug-out location.

To think it used to just be that misty mountain land, known in our imaginations to be inhabited by some Hobbits and other Tolkien creatures fighting the Orcs (or something) among the darkest depths of Mordor.

Yes, it's EGREGIOUS! We have not put enough Zeppelin on this blog. It is probably the worst mistake Peak Stupidity has ever made. That Ramble On from the Led Zeppelin II album contains those ethereal lyrics involving something about Mordor, Hobbits and what-not, but that was just a fad or hobby for these 4 great musicians. Between Robert Plant's singing, Jimmy Page's guitar, John Paul Jone's great bass guitar, and the kick-ass drumming (something I really only got turned onto after a friend mentioned it, and I listened more closely) of the late John Bonham, there was nothing but great music out of that band.

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Post # 1000 with no Peak in sight.

Posted On: Thursday - March 28th 2019 9:46PM MST
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As much as we look forward to Peak Stupidity, or more like its subsequent large down-trend, it has been fun and cathartic to report on all of the massive amounts of it in the meantime. Perhaps we will turn off our blog in a fit of pique (get it? I made it bold so people'd get it) when that fine peak occurs, but as of now, it piles up higher and deeper.

Per frequent commenter BernCar's forecast made under a post this past Christmas Day, the goal was set to get this 1000th post in by end-of-bidness/end-of-March. Due to lots of posting in January and February, this goal became an easy mark, attained today after a period of slacking all this week. Along with a bunch of commenting elsewhere, cough,, cough, cough, one of the impediments has been a battle with some artificial stupidity (a phone) that deserves a post of its own, in fact.

Here we are though, and an ideal way to celebrate is to mention something about Peak Stupidity's unofficial mascot, Mr. Alfred E. Neuman:

Early picture of Mr. Neuman, circa 1908:

(A more modern-era image appears in our 2nd blogversary post.)

Commenter WorkingClass, suggested under our previous post some reading from the Paris Review, of all places, about the history of this Mr. Neuman, known by most as the former mascot for Mad Magazine. Hell, maybe that magazine is still around on-line or something, but a for The Onion, it's pretty hard to be funny making parody these days, as most of it will be mistaken for modern reality. That's a nice well-written investigative article, especially for those that like memorabilia. We did learn that the basic goofy guy has a history going back to the late 1800's and so YOU CAN'T SUE US!

One may note in the article on Alfred E. Neuman that a Mr. Al Feldstein, who commissioned the solidified version of the mascot or logo for Mad Magazine, reqested of the artist Mr. Norm Mingo:
that he didn’t want the boy to “look like an idiot—I want him to be lovable and have an intelligence behind his eyes. But I want him to have this devil-may-care attitude, someone who can maintain a sense of humor while the world is collapsing around him.”
Well, we at Peak Stupidity resemble this remark. Granted, at the time of the beginning of Mad Magazine, America was at its peak, not of stupidity, but of economic might, stability, unity, and a whole lot of other good things that are gone now. Now, the world IS collapsing, but we do try to keep up the humor, as can be seen in our scorecard here of the various flavors of stupidity* categorized by what we call "Topic Keys". Humor is right up there below Music as tops, and right above Immigration Stupidity, a very serious matter.

Number of related posts for each Topic Key (low to high):

Same information, but in alphabetical order by Topic Key:

(Note: Adds up to > 2,000, not 1,000 as posts can have more than one topic key.)

A little more about the Topic Keys: Some of the ones added fairly recently really should be attached to more posts. I'll have to go through at some point and do some adding of these keys to the appropriate posts. That brings up the fact that, without these Topic Keys, and even with them, Peak Stupidity is not very searchable. Work on the software will need to commence sometime soon, as the general bugs are getting to me, even! It's a matter of taking time off from the blog for a week or more sometime this Spring or Summer to do it.

I believe the formula of about 1/3 or so original medium/long essays, another 1/3 or so taken from other writings but not necessarily needing excerpts for the points to be made, and the last 1/3 being "hey, look what he wrote" is probably about right. That's the way it's been going, and this allows only about 5-8 posts a week, from 2 1/3 years experience now.

Please, if you, the reader, are getting impatient for new posts, I would think there'd be something to your liking in all these 1,000 posts, so go through the Topic Keys when you get bored.

I want to thank ALL the readers that I've reached, presently amounting to a few hundred site visits per day. It'd be great to have more comments. I read them all, though under older posts, it may take a few days to catch up with them. Please put "PS" (just like that, quotes not necessary) as the 1st 2 characters of your comment, as I'd hate to know that more than just an occasional few comments are getting lost. However, I explained the reason for this requirement, and it has indeed been working fine to stop spam.

To paraphrase the just-deceased George H.W. Bush, Peak Stupidity has on display here:


* Yes, there are a few topic keys that are about the more sane and intelligent matters that we run into, say the Science and Geography keys, for example

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"Africa - Arise!" - Your kids may burn to death.

Posted On: Friday - March 22nd 2019 2:06PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity

They could have all been burned to death:

Wake up, Western World! What's it gonna take?!

For some reason there aren't as many headlines on the hijacking of 51 Italian school kids by an immigrant from Senegal, (some call him an "Italian man"), as the huge infotainment fest due to that mass murder at that mosque in New Zealand has produced. (Though, here is one.) Is it because it's so far away, over in Italy there, 6 time zones away? Well, Christchurch, New Zealand is a whole lot farther than that more most of our readers. Oh, it's because no one got hurt, right. Then again it was a near thing, as police/firemen arrived in time to get those kids out after the African immigrant DID SET IT ON FIRE.

How would you feel as a parent if your child died of burns and/or smoke inhalation due to some sick fuck like this, and would you exact revenge? Would you just go with the flow, and live with the sorrow, knowing you are a good person though, and still don't want to be one of those Xenophobes or Racists that resist the importation of people escaping THEIR shithole continent that has up to near 1 Billion people? Oh, well, "all's well that ends well", is that it? WTF ever happened to "Do it for the children." and "If it can just save one child..."?* Should we not shut immigration down from any country whose emigrants include a lot of people who rape and murder - I don't think they care who's a child or not either - it's whom they are.

Would this almost horrible-massacre not be a rallying point for the patriotic Italians. Are there any of those left? Well, while I have one finger pointing at the Italians, I've got 3 more pointing right back at the good old US of A. We didn't learn from Waco that our own government may DIRECTLY murder men, women and children with bullets and gas now and then. We didn't learn squat-all from the 3,000 people (many of them burned to death too) on 9/11/01 either. We allow more Moslem immigrants in (getting toward 7 Million) than we ever did before 9/11.

There are many decent immigrants who've become Americans over the years, but it never works in large numbers, and you don't just let people in your home willy-nilly, as Peak Stupidity explained before. In case you think this guy was just a hard-working Senegalese-Italian gone wrong, here's the long headline from the UK Daily Mail article linked-to above:

No, you people don't get "vetting"!

In case you haven't heard this easy-to-miss story, the headline explains why this "Italian" hijacked the bus. It was to protest the Italians' (those with some courage and concept of duty, anyway) turning away some of the boats full of Africans crossing the Mediterranean Sea. "Africa - Arise" he says. It's not right that the Italians don't let every African that wants to, settle in Italy, he thinks.

I'll tell you these low-IQ Africans really don't get it, or if they do get it, they've got a lot of damn gall. If the Western man ever really gets his shit together in order to avoid cultural suicide, these Africans may someday learn that the West could easily just wipe out that whole shithole of a continent. As much as I don't think that'd be right and also don't blame the many decent individuals caught up in the maelstrom, things could one day get out of hand. It's really best if this gets taken care of sooner rather than later, but later better than never.

I just thought back to the bus hijacking itself and near-thing for the Italian children. I reminds me of the first Dirty Harry movie.

Of course, for even 1971-level Political Correctness reasons, the crazy, sick "perp" is a white guy (though you gotta appreciate that the Dirty Harry movies in general were not very PC). Just one Harry Callaghan won't cut it for the big picture here, with the state that the West is in. It's gonna take a metric shit-ton of Harry Callaghans to stop the people behind this immigration stupidity.

Go ahead, punk Soros, make my day.

* That trope tripe was the old anti-gun crap by the compassionate ones that never ever seem to think about self-defense, from either an individual or whole country gone wrong.

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Aftermath of tornado clear as mud

Posted On: Thursday - March 21st 2019 3:20PM MST
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  Media Stupidity  Race/Genetics

Whatddya' make of this, reader?

Only a day or two before I had some business in this medium-sized American city, a tornado of some sort had come through and touched down right near downtown. Power had been out, apparently, and a very few buildings had been damaged, not at all like a hurricane with its more widespread destruction.

Anyway, as I perused the local newspaper (yeah, haha, they still got one), I read this one little paragraph from an article written when things were back to normal, shown above. Let me get this right, because there just aren't enough ACTION VERBS, compared to the way I was taught by my 7th grade teacher (just in case I was a budding journalist). I guess it's just 1 too few. "People entered the store." OK, well, was it open? If so, I think that's a dog-bites-man story, so far. Or was it closed, in which case HOW did they "enter"? Let's assume open, or that would mean some crime "had occurred".

"... and came out holding bottled water and other goods." What did they do between entering and coming out? If they just bought that water and other goods, then what the story? People seem to purchase stuff daily, and it's not usually news. Is it news because people bought items after some bad weather? No, not everyone is a prepper.

Ohhhhhhhh, I see. I believe the writer of the article wanted to mention looting without using the word looting. No, no looting, they just entered, and came back with water and other goods. Maybe they paid, maybe they didn't. Maybe the owner was giving all that away. The latter would be a feel-good story, would it not? Personally, I'd be glad to not have had to write this post to point out clear-as-mud journalism designed to only hint at what happened. We must read between the lines, as the old Babushka did with her copy of Pravda while sitting in the outhouse getting rid of some to that cabbage that she stood in line for 2 hours for!

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Cat burglars and entrepreneurship in China

Posted On: Thursday - March 21st 2019 8:59AM MST
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As we've stated before, Peak Stupidity's policy is to point out the stupidity everywhere, with no regard to offensiveness. It's the same for our writing on modern-day China, there's good and bad. In this post we've got the good and the bad together, regarding burglary. It's not the land of Chairman Mao anymore where there was amost no petty crime - yeah, just tens of millions of people killed directly by, or by the actions of the Communist government, but all that was, you know, within the law, and all. Back in the 1970's there was hardly any petty crime, because .... there was NOTHING TO STEAL!

Here’s some thoughts about those burglar bars that you see in bad nieghborhoods in America, that I noted in China too. See, burglars there are not your highly-impulsive semi-morons you’ve got here. In China they will get up to a window, and spray chemicals to knock you out, then grab stuff with certain ingenious mechanisms. NO, we are not sending our best burglars to the burbs to steal shit.

OK, I was pretty damn impressed with the work ethic and lack of anything resembling an OSHA, as Chinamen were welding these bars together right outside their shops on the wide sidewalk. I guess business was good, they were running out of room, and it’s probably a little bit better ventilation-wise. As a pedestrian, one had to step around the structures or even through them to get by.

Then, I thought about this. In the cities, 8 to 25 story high-rises are going up like Mao’s 1,000 flowers, in every city. Once the 1st-story residents (or it may be stores, but same idea) get their burglar bars, well, that just makes it way easier for the burglars to climb up to the next story via these bars. (Yes, I could do it, right now.) That means everyone on the 2nd story has to get them, or more like, whoever lives in an apartment above (or maybe above OR above AND one apt. left/right of) a place with these bars had better get his own set.

Bidness is brisk, baby! In fact, were I one of those conspiracy nuts, I’d be pretty sure that some of these burglar-bar manufacturers have their own burglars on contract – not only does it "encourage les others", but these burglars could probably steal more screwdrivers and maybe get lucky and steal some welding supplies. It’s a win/win!

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