I know what I know, if you know what I mean.

Posted On: Thursday - June 18th 2020 7:22PM MST
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After being shown up by the great writing of Steve Sailer on the End of Gentrification, Peak Stupidity will continue do what we do best, just some of that "lookey here - this is really stupid!"

Even if I were not aware of too many things, I know what I know, if you know what I mean ...

I'm not aware of too many things.
I know what I know if you know what I mean.
Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box.
Religion is the smile on a dog.

I'm not aware of too many things.
I know what I know if you know what I mean.
Choke me in the shallow water
before I get too deep.

What I am is what I am.
Are you what you are - or what?

I'm not aware of too many things.
I know what I know if you know what I mean.
Philosophy is a walk on the slippery rocks.
Religion is a light in the fog.

I'm not aware of too many things.
I know what I know if you know what I mean.
Choke me in the shallow water
before I get too deep.

What I am is what I am.
Are you what you are - or what?
Don't let me get too deep.

I had this song during the whole time I finished up the previous post, once I'd inserted that lyric from Miss Edie Brickell and her New Bohemians. I am so surprised at myself for having not featured this song in the 3 1/2 years of this blog. We did have a post with Edie Brickell, with her cover song of A Hard Rain's gonna Fall. (Well, ANYONE can sing it better than Bob Dylan himself, right?)

I was so into this alternative rock stuff during the time - late 1980's through mid-1990s. The album Shooting Rubber Bands at the Stars, from which What I Am came from, was a favorite of mine for quite a while. I don't know if it has stood the test of time, but this song has, at least. I love Edie's singing and the great guitar solo by Mr. Withrow. Per wiki that is an "envelope filter", but I'd always heard "wah-wha" pedal. Either term, it's the same as what Jerry Garcia used in Estimated Prophet.

The New Bohemians at the time were:

Edie Brickell - vocals
Kenny Withrow - guitar
Brad Houser - bass guitar
Brandon Aly - drums ("fired from the band by the label during the session", per Wiki. Interesting.)
John Bush - percussion

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Steve Sailer on the End of Gentrification

Posted On: Thursday - June 18th 2020 7:04PM MST
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Just 5 days after Peak Stupidity's post The current situation in gentrification nation, for your edification, Steve Sailer published a very good article with the same theme on the Takimag site*, called simply "The End of Gentrification".

I don't at all think Mr. Sailer got the idea from Peak Stupidity, but it's nice to see he would agree. These subjects, racial behaviors due to economics, black crime, differences in city neighborhoods, etc. are some of Mr. Sailer's "core competencies", as the HR ladies like to call that.

One can also see the difference between Steve Sailer's writing and mine. I really don't like looking stuff up in the middle of a post, unless it's really necessary. For areas that I have common sense experience in, but not very specific knowledge I don't give many numbers, though I probably should more.

Here at Peak Stupidity, we, meaning me, write opinion, commentary, and speculation, without much analysis. I have a technical background, and making good estimates comes easy for me. "We" are usually right, but "we" not being a sociologist and having a day job, just don't have time for getting into details most of the time. In the words of Edie Brickell (and the New Bohemians), I know what I know, if you know what I mean.

Mr. Sailer has thought of the subjects in this (another) great column of his for years and years, as I've read in his blog posts. Not only does he give lots more background that our post on the cop/city relationship and crime history of New York City, he has kept track of black homicide in other cities, with an emphasis on the changes during and after the Ferguson, Missouri riot-fest of '14. I'll just excerpt a decent amount here, but PLEASE read this whole article. It explains a lot.
And the earlier period in which the influential sided with blacks over cops, from the end of the Kennedy Era to the end of the Carter Era, saw the murder rate double nationally, destroying many American cities.

Most notoriously, in New York City murders grew sharply in the early 1960s, from 390 in 1959 to 634 in 1965, before exploding under the new liberal Republican mayor John Lindsay, reaching 1,691 in 1972.

Lindsay, a handsome WASP, had sided with blacks against the city’s Irish policemen and Jewish school administrators.

As usual, the cops responded by slowing down on the job: the retreat to the doughnut shop. By one estimate, NYPD cops got down to doing about two hours of policing per eight-hour shift. After all, you can’t violate anybody’s civil rights while eating.
Haha! That's not just a good background, but great writing too!

We mentioned the NYC borough of Brooklyn in our post.
White residents fled many neighborhoods, such as the once-tranquil Bronx (where Ogden Nash had complained in 1930 about the lack of excitement with the couplet “The Bronx?/No, thonks!”), which saw reported burglaries increase by 1,559 percent from 1960 to 1969. In turn, the white population of the Bronx fell nearly 50 percent between the 1970 and 1980 Censuses.
Due to the crack wars, homicides peaked under New York’s only black mayor, David Dinkins, at 2,245 in 1990. Then murders suddenly fell under Republican Rudy Giuliani from 1,946 in Dinkins’ last year to 649 in Giuliani’s finale. It is said that Giuliani managed to get the NYPD to put in four hours of real work per shift.

Moreover, to the surprise of everybody, murders in New York City continued to steadily decline under subsequent mayors Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio, although briefly blipping upward in late 2014/early 2015 while BLM was riding high in NYC. But then the NYPD more or less mutinied against the mayor; he backed down and murder once again started to fall.

Killings bottomed out in 2018 at 289, the lowest number since 1951, back when Joe DiMaggio played for the Yankees.
What'd we tell you?:
This incredible 87 percent decline in the number of killings is one of the great urban success stories in American history. It contributed to an enormous increase in property values. Although the Bronx has never recovered, most of Manhattan and then much of Brooklyn was gentrified.

Not surprisingly, this also engendered intense resentment, especially among blacks who feel entitled to live in some of the highest potential real estate in America. While it is polite to claim in public that whites unfairly wound up with all the Magic Dirt in the exurbs while blacks were forced to live on the Tragic Dirt conveniently close to downtown, the truth is that postwar black neighborhoods tended to be located desirably near jobs, airports, parks, and other amenities.
Finally, we get some predictions of what will be done next by our benevolent Feral Government:
The Democrats do well with metropolitan whites who aren’t needing to flee for their lives. But safe streets depend upon arresting numerous black thugs, which is now out of fashion. It’s a difficult conundrum for Democrats.

Therefore, we are likely to see an increased Democratic effort to revive the Obama Administration’s Trump-canceled Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing scheme and other ploys to transfer ghetto blacks out of the cities to exurbs and small cities. This will be framed as not just good for the blacks, but bad for the small-town whites, who deserve it.
I believe Mr. Sailer does know what motivates these local and Fed politicians, even though they probably don't analyze things as he does. They do want to screw us, though, no matter what reasoning behind it could be. Watch out, suburbia, exurbia, and Mayberry, RFD! You ain't stayin' out of this fight.

The weekly columns by Steve Sailer in Takimag are some really good writing. I hope you will at least check out this one (it's about 5 minutes' reading, max).

* I don't know if I've mentioned that Takimag changed its format completely 1/2 a year to a year ago. That turned me off of it, as I saw no reason for this. It just makes me have to learn the site again for no gain. It's not that hard, but a real pet peeve of mine. What's the point? I need to keep up with Jim Goad there though, as, besides Mr. Sailer, he's my favorite writer on there.

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Hail to You, with Part XIV

Posted On: Wednesday - June 17th 2020 7:36PM MST
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(Yes, we have a thing for Roman Numerals at Peak Stupidity, but, then again, see Roman Numeracy.)

It's been 2 weeks since Mr. E.H. Hail's Part XIII, his last post on the Corona Panic-Fest. He gives lots of numbers and graphs to back his points, something that we don't do enough of here. This post is simply to point out this latest, with data from many countries, and the city of Berlin, in Europe, called Against the Corona Panic, Part XIV: Total mortality data in Europe confirms Wuhan-Coronavirus comparable in magnitude to flu waves of the 2010s; the Panic and lockdowns are now fully discredited.

Mr. Hail must have spent much of this 2 weeks gathering, arranging, inspecting, and presenting his large amount of data for the post. As I wrote, it's specifically about Europe. In it, he gets to the bottom line of the Panic vs. anti-Panic debate: How many people have died versus "normal" times? There are comparisons to other flu seasons of the past decade for each of 22 countries and 2 cities (Berlin and Hesse, Germany) with analysis for each one of them. They are grouped into 4 categories, based on the size of the death spike (or pimple, as the case may be) compared to normal times for the entities in question.

You may want to peruse just a sampling of the graphs, and read through some conclusions, or you can take an hour or two and go through the whole thing. I figure the man spent a lot of time on this, so it's worth spending some time reading. I'm not sure I can convince anyone close to me, anyway, till I get American data and after some more time to cool down has expired. With this latest BLM/Commie rioting business, maybe things will never cool down.

I’ve been trying to avoid this Kung Flu topic lately on unz.com with my comments, as I haven’t seen any posts lately that are specifically on this topic. (Gee, I wonder why.) If I were to, I wonder if Mr. Unz would back off his panic-filled rhetoric finally. I know Mr. Sailer has been solidly back to his forte since at least the last couple of weeks. That’d be really refreshing, if the country being destroyed culturally weren’t the topic that we NEED to talk about now. Interesting times indeed …

Lastly, let me write this same point I’ve made multiple times before. I don’t care if it had been the case that this Kung Flu virus HAD been 10 times deadlier than anything we’ve seen before. It is always the wrong thing to do to let the State exercise more power, because they will feel very comfortable using it plenty more times in the future, if not put these rules on permanent status. If this Kung Flu had been on the scale of the Black Plague, well, my State’s Governor wouldn’t have had to do anything, as my family would have bugged out to the country with a stash of food and water, or whatever else we could have thought of. People would have locked themselves down on their own.

Either way, the people have resisted lately to some degree but not enough at the outset. More and more of the time, I see people, acting as individuals, not at all worrying about the masks and all that. I've had quite a few guys start with a fist bump or that elbow thing, and I just say "c'mon, this is bullshit", and we shake hands. That would not happen were this the Black Plague.

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The country is going to COVID hell, but check out this Precor treadmill console!

Posted On: Wednesday - June 17th 2020 5:45AM MST
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No, Hanna is not this blogger. Please don't send love notes and chocolates!

(This is likely the console of the machine in question.)

Along with our main focus on high-level stupidity, the Peak Stupidity blog has a few sub-fixations, of which the reader will be forgiven for skipping entirely. The posts, with the Topic Key Artificial Stupidity, about exercise machines, are in this category. Anyone still reading? OK, for some background, see Peak Torque, Wattage, and Exercise Machine electronic stupidity, in which there are links to previous posts on this subject. (Some of them, BTW, are linked to another main stupidity fixation of this site, the incessant need to insert TV EVERYWHERE, including in the displays of these machines. Often it takes effort to figure out how to turn the crap off!)

Well, this post is good news on the exercise machine stupidity front, at least regarding the treadmills. However, to make this post more interesting and related to the Kung Flu madness, as this anecdote is, in fact, I'll put this in the proper time order, so this first part will be more up in our recent wheelhouse. Glad you kept reading? See?

On this business trip, I ended up in a State in which the Governor has been quite a dick regarding the LOCKDOWN rules. Hey "dick" is just the word that was bandied about in conversation with someone at the airport - I'm just the storyteller, though granted I used the term first. This lady agreed that he was indeed a dick, as she confirmed that THE LAW said that gyms, including hotel fitness rooms, must still be closed in the State.

The young lady related to me that at her apartment complex, there was a "don't ask, don't tell" policy, and the same for the swimming pool. Plenty of people used the workout facilities and the pool anyway, but were any State official to see this, the management office would simply be SHOCKED, SHOCKED, I tell you, that High-Impact, Cardio and Marco Polo are going on! (That'd be along with guys like me, getting done with the workout, standing to the side and doing all sorts of trials on different speeds and slope settings to see if there is Artificial Stupidity going on too.)

The hotel staff told me apologetically that the fitness center is closed. I checked it out, late at night. There was a sign on the door with the bad news, but... the key card worked. In the early morning hours, I went down there, and worked out in near darkness, a nice experience. I was spared the effort of having to find a remote to turn off any TVs, and there was no one else there to desire to blast out Infotainment, so, yeah, it was an good workout.

What made this even better was that the treadmill was one for which I couldn't have specified a better console myself. "Console" is the word they use, not "display", as I found out in searching for images for this post. It makes sense, as that includes controls and the display. I believe the reason I've had a hard time getting model numbers (to discuss here or just for knowing what would be the best purchase, if ever) is that these consoles are probably interchangeable on a lot of the basic treadmill mechanical units*.

(Some of the Life Fitness consoles are pretty good too now.)

Do the good people at Precor corporate, marketing, or engineering, read Peak Stupidity? One wonders, as where else could they have gotten this feedback? Did they just contract with a mechanical engineer or physicist for a day to get proper numbers on calorie burn, METS, and that sort of thing based on realistic values of exertion at different speed and slope combinations? They got this one right. I spend long past my cool-down time doing trials - 0 slope and raising the speed 1 mph at a time, same speed and raising the slope 1% at a time, another speed with the varying slopes, etc.

I didn't keep all the numbers in my head, as it'd have been hard to jot them all down in the dark, for one thing. There was a basic low-end calorie burn number at 0 slope**, a change in burn (work done) with slope (the junkier consoles don't do this), and the usual increase with speed. The increase with speed was not linear after a certain point, either maybe over 6 or 7 mph. This makes intuitive sense to me too. The type of running involved could be more biologically work intensive.

Someone put some real effort into the software calculation in this console! Additionally, this one didn't even have any TV to offer, which was really nice. Along with the touch screen, needed to get started, there were 2 large, wide momentary double-toggle-action switches that were used to change speed and slope. That is so nice, and the right way to do things. Having to screwing around on a touch screen with sweaty fingers while you are trying to keep running like hell is not . One can change settings that way, I think, but these big "paddle" switches are the cat's meow.

The whole console on this Precor machine was the best I've seen yet, Kudos to them - if I ever determine the model number for sure, I'll post on it.

Oh, did I wear a mask, the reader may ask. Haha, I can see a heart attack happen there, as an obedient fitness enthusiast does what he was told by the Governor... well, except the breaking-in part. Himmm, that'd be a great case. Who's responsible? Never mind, who's got the deepest pockets, the State government, the hotel, Precor, who should have had a warning on the display. I can't breath, indeed!

PS: Upon finishing my workout and machine trials, I looked for towels or wet wipes of some sort to wipe down everything for the next guy or girl. Nope, there was nothing, because, after all, the gym is LOCKED DOWN. I really meant to bring a wipe (that my wife had forced on me) with me, but forgot. Hopefully my Kung Flu or any plain old regular germs won't last on these surface till the end of the Governor's orders, or the next person who undergoes a surreptitious workout, whichever comes first.

* At the hotels, they are mostly very solid commercial types. I've not had a problem with too many of them being cheesy mechanically speaking, as of late.

** This one was based on the weight input by the user. Excellent, as, of course it should go up with user weight on uphill runs, but even at 0 slope it (meaning 0 mechanical work being done, only internal "biological work" by the muscles) it should.

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All in all, it's just another brick on the pallet

Posted On: Tuesday - June 16th 2020 5:11PM MST
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London, England, protesting about Mr. Floyd:

I never knew the world cared so much, sniff ... sniff... We've been having Constitutional rights taken away step by step for a century now. Yet, here's this one guy, not even the most upstanding American citizen, whose possible unwarranted treatment by a possibly overwrought cop has ignited the Western World's anger. The rest of the world is either shaking their heads or gloating. Only the West has these high quantities of stupidity.

It's a great excuse for riots all over I guess. Were this 1950's England, with a black population that was a minuscule portion of the total, have had anything like this, I mean, over anything besides a soccer game? (OK, excuse me, football.) It's not the same story now. Countries all over Europe with the exception of the old East Bloc and maybe Switzerland, have significant percentages of blacks or highly-foreign people who are up for a good riot. (Sometimes, these countries even import civil wars lock, stock, and barrel.)

Another factor is the Communists or proto-Communists that exist now in the white population, the antifa being the biggest organized example. With the young people that have no recollection of a country, besides Venezuela, under Communism, these types are crawling out of the woodwork again*. After mentioning the East Bloc, one wonders if there are many with the antifa type personality there too, BTW. The Western nations are the ones with the big protests though, and it's a combination of the same.

I don't know if the Infotainment-Industrial Complex across the pond has egged on the population in the same way that ours had here. This is a big part of what's going on. Do the Europeans still have that holier-than-thou indignation about American racism that Peak Stupidity discussed in "At least he made the trains run on time!" ? They should have learned a lesson from their own current demographics by now. Could there be more behind it, though? There'll be another post on this. It's just amazing that something that looks like a world-wide movement, such as the righteous movements that caused the downfall of Communism in Europe 3 decades back, is over some reprobate, worthless felon.

One cannot be sure without having known him, but it seems like the world is better off without this George Floyd. That doesn't justify a manslaughter by cop, though, as we (supposedly) have this justice system in which judge, jury, and executioner are not one and the same, and the rule of law, not men. However, with the speculation on the whole sequence of events in detaining the guy, and the drugs in his system that may have resulted in a different cause of death, how about we let the justice system deal with this cop too?

One wonders if this isn't all a big mistake, and these Englishmen are protesting the wrong Floyd. It was over 4 decades ago that Mr. Pink Floyd was wronged by Mrs. Floyd, as was recorded of this phone call to across the pond. "This is the United States calling. Are we reaching?"

From what I've read George Floyd had heard less from his wife than Pink Floyd did.

* No, of course they know nothing of Marx's Das Kapital, and probably not much of Mao's little red book, but they have the same mentality, "destroy traditional society".

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The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen are now in CHAZ

Posted On: Saturday - June 13th 2020 6:13PM MST
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In the days between early June and late September, Seattle and the rest of the Pacific Northwest is the most beautiful place I've seen, and I've been everywhere, man, at least in this here land. That big vanilla ice cream cone of a volcano that goes up to 14 1/2 thousand feet is visible from any hill, through spaces in the tall evergreens, and both the hills and evergreens are everywhere.

It's possibly worth it to live up there throughout the gloomy winter for the other 7-8 months. Well, it's not all that cold really, other than the rare nights in winter when the clouds are not there. It's accurately called a "temperate" climate - if you like the outside between 45 F and 55 F, you're golden! It's like that a large part of the year. It's not even that they get that much rain on that side (the west side of they Olympic Mountains gets a whole lot more). That 37 in. yearly or so is lower than most States in the East and Deep South. It's just that there are so many damn rainy days. 1/8" today, sprinkles tomorrow, once in a while a downpour, but it just doesn't freakin' dry the hell out till June sometime! The sun is 19 degrees above the horizon at its HIGHEST at the winter solstice , so even if there is that sun break at noon, that sun doesn't do squat.

Yeah, but during that beautiful summer, with no serious heat to speak of - the people complain when it's 82F and not even humid, for cryin' out loud - it gets light before 5 in the morning and it's not dark until nearly 10P. It's time to play then, and for outdoor types, it's a HUGE playground - mountains to the west, mountains to the east, mountains to the south, water right up to downtown, saltwater to the west, and freshwater to the east.

(This song, with the tune written by a guy named Hugo Montenegro and lyrics by Jack Keller and Ernie Sheldon, was also sung by Bobby Sherman and Perry Como, but I like this Connie Smith version. I didn't know before that the song was a theme for a TV show about 19th century Seattle, called Here come the Brides*. Bobby Sherman was in the show.)

The city of Seattle, Washington is in the news, or, excuse me, I should say, and the CHAZ, as some of it is now the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, supposedly not a part of that city and State anymore. Mind you, we at Peak Stupidity have absolutely nothing against secession. There's no law against it, though the US Army may invade and start a terrible 4 year-long war of aggression just the same. It's just that these young Commies and BLM fools wouldn't know how to run a coffee shop**, much less a country. I hate that they picked the city of Seattle too. Why not Gary, Indiana, guys? They picked one of the many nice neighborhoods too. If Seattle, you could find a few place where the cops already don't want to go, like down in Tukwila or by the SEATAC airport. No worries, right?

The CHAZians have already been seen on youtube, yelling at each other about whose turn to speak it is, and what they want to accomplish. These are people who ordinarily wouldn't get along, with the exception of when working to destroy American culture and stuff . Hopefully it won't escalate and require anyone calling the Law or anything ... wait.

OK, now we're all Libertarians here, right, so ... right? No, but I can see a better society with a lot fewer lawmen around (lawladies even less so). It's just that it works only with the right demographics such as, for example, the citizens of the United State for its first century, and on into the next to a lesser degree. Even with orderly rational people (take China, please ..) you've got the basic problem of mo people, mo problems. I'm positive that CHAZ, if not already, will be a virtual shitshow. (There's probably already a youtube channel with that name that they can use. What do you mean, you have the rights? Your law means nothing in CHAZ, white man.)

The CHAZians are just part and parcel to all the ruination I know of in Seattle. The place is still beautiful. However, the big money of computer "TECH", and huge immigration from India, China, and all over, for cheap TECH labor, and then the lefty politics, likely an infestation that came along with Californication, has introduced and induced a population generally unworthy of the beautiful landscape and well-built city.***

It wasn't always like this. I've been to graveyards with most of the headstones and monument displaying the Swedish and Norwegian names of many of those early settlers and builders of the city*. A couple of decades ago, when I was there for a while, even those nice neighborhoods on the various hills, Magnolia to the NW, Queen Anne, due North, Ballard and Fremont north of there, and Capitol Hill to the East were all reasonably affordable. Now you got mo people, mo money, mo problems. Working class people have been gentrified right out of many of the nice areas, except, of course, we don't call it gentrification when it happens to white people, so quit bitchin'.

Here are a couple of pictures of Capitol Hill, the first of a commercial street, and the next of a type of house you see a lot of, especially there. When I was there walking around (gotta get some Pagliachi's pizza!) I looked around enough to wonder about certain people, and I don't mean just the tattoos and nose piercings. I'd heard it was a gay area, and asked exactly that of some dude on the street "hey, is this a gay area?" He didn't seem miffed about the question but denied it. I wonder if he's now living in CHAZ, maybe in the gay area, possibly with some new tattoos and piercings.

I never got into the Grunge music scene (out of Seattle) very much, but since Pearl Jam was the first Grunge song I ever heard, I got to like this one quite a bit.

Pearl Jam:

Eddie Vedder – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jeff Ament – bass guitar, backing vocals
Stone Gossard – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals
Mike McCready – lead guitar, backing vocals
Too many different drummers to figure out who played drums on this one.

A song by a more recent Seattle band, The Head and the Heart was featured here 2 weeks into this blog. Here it is: Lost in my Mind. You'll like it.

* There were plenty from the East Coast too, especially Boston. On Queen Anne Hill, one of the ritziest parts of town, just north and uphill from the Space Needle, there are streets named after Boston suburbs and outlying towns in Mass. The was due to there having been these Mercer girls (part of the story in Here Come the Brides), who'd been sent for, from 3,000 miles, right down the I-90 end to end.. OK, I kid, way before the 90.

** Yeah, they can work at a coffee shop, or sit at a table for 2 hours, pounding and expounding their points regarding the coming revolution, but run it?

*** It is a well-built city, in my opinion. Most of the neighborhoods, even not near downtown, have commercial streets that are within 5-10 small blocks from anywhere in the neighborhood. The streets go in a grid, big hills and ravines be damned. One is tempted to think the planners had never heard of switchbacks, though there are a few here and there.

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On the charges of Kung Flu rebellion - I plead Immunity.

Posted On: Saturday - June 13th 2020 10:00AM MST
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I have managed to come up with a post here that again utilizes our Curmudgeonry abilities along with our usual anti-Kung Flu Panic competency, in addition to, what has become a Center of Excellence here at Peak Stupidity, our ranting regarding Big Brother / Big Data. All this came from a haircut and a shave... no, just a haircut - I'd never trust one of these people with a straight razor on my throat, especially after giving them grief right after I walked in.

I couldn't find my other photo I'd saved. The mask wasn't optional.

It was the usual BS at the chain haircut place, same as we have noted in these pages incessantly, about giving out your made-up phone number, so the computer knows who you are. (Check out our Big-Biz Stupidity topic key, with posts such as Big Data can Kiss my Ass and Are the Millennials Retarded?, to see where where are coming from here.)

For a haircut, the excuse to have me "in the computer" is that they need to know how I like it cut. Just DECENT, or not so bad as it looks now, that' all I ask for. I guess they could type that in, but they've most of the time been reasonably cool when I just say "type in any number you want - I just want a haircut". Now, however, there is the mighty Kung Flu to worry about.

First off, as soon as I got into the place I saw a customer buying (BUYING!) a mask from the girl. You need one to get a haircut. I think he only paid a (possibly contaminated?) dollar or two, but if I had not had the one mask stuffed into my pocket for a few days, I'd have walked right out. (The problem is that I've got a card with 3 haircuts left on it, so they've got me.) OK, I can hack it for 10 minutes - I don't think they were going to push their luck in the waiting area, but I could go right away anyway ... provided I give them my phone number.

OK, no playing around this time, dammit, because now they really need the correct information for tracking, in case someone got sick, she told me, in so many words. (Do you see how these posts keep proliferating, because this may be more than the usual Big Biz stupidity, or their normal complying with the narrative. Is it a more Orwellian thing, a plan even, to use the Kung Flu Panic-Fest response to push for more tracking of everyone not just at the haircut place, to be kept in place even when this panic is officially over?)

I was sure the woman at the register would not budge on this, and that card with 3 haircuts left was burning a hole in my pocket. "OK, use this number - 555-5555. Can you type that in?" Actually, I was more clever than that, but you get the idea - still made up. "Is that one your real number?" "No." I cannot tell a lie. "I need your real number." Finally I acted like I had given up and gave her a much more realistic sounding "real" number. I mean, I might have to tell a lie so's I can get a haircut. The more I think about it, the more I think that phone number I gave is a friend of mine's land-line. I'm not Cosmo Kramer with his "Art VanDelay". I'm more like Fletch in the 1983 movie of that name. "Hey, nice to meet you, name's Harry Truman." (Come to think of it, that might work nowadays.) Well, worst case, they should be able to figure out the mix-up over the phone.

I'm sorry. It's just not their business, virus or no virus. The idea of tracking everyone without the completely Orwellian use of all the smart phone data and some serious number crunching software is silly. Most of us have been all over the place over the last 3 months, LOCKDOWN or not. Things still had to get done. There's no way the complicated web of interactions we have could be untangled to get at where I got the Kung Flu from. I suppose the Big-Biz idea of this haircut chain was that that if an employee got sick with, or maybe even actually FROM, the COVID-19, then all the customers she dealt with for 2 weeks before the diagnosis would be called up to, what, warn them? How many people have we each interacted with since then? Isn't it just asking for a lawsuit, or did Mr. Fauci give Big Biz immunity... immunity, get it? (Pun not originally intended, but I will take all credit for it.)

This is the excuse for the Orwellian idea of making use of all that smart phone position data. It'd be a hell of a project, probably with some real math guys involved, to work out a way to model all the interactions, use the (oops, a bit of garbage in here) contagion factors of any virus, and calculate who should have the virus, or at least be tested. That's some hard-core math and computer work, and it'd be very interesting to some brainy people, I'm sure. The problem is, I don't want any part of it. Lots of Americans would agree. If the rebellious attitude of us anti-panickers doesn't kill us, it'll just prove we are stronger. Whaddya', wanna sue me? I plead immunity!

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The current situation in gentrification nation, for your edification

Posted On: Friday - June 12th 2020 8:51AM MST
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  Economics  Geography  Race/Genetics

You've got a point there, homies.

Riots discourage gentrification. There, I said it. I mean, when you want to fix up that old early 20th century classic brownstone, paint it up in pastel colors (what?), then be able to amble over to the coffee shop or bicycle store, and walk to your information age workspace up that loft, it's really discouraging when you know that the street may be filled with ghetto thugs busting up windows at a moment's notice. They may not even spare any of your hard work, even though, had they read your tweets, they ought to KNOW you are on their side in the struggle against ... whatever...

I remember first hearing of this "gentrification" process in Geography class long ago. An example we discussed was a hillside full of old beat-up homes mostly occupied by black residents, that were bought and to be torn down for a development of newer, bigger houses. This hillside was close in to the city, so a desirable location.

Yes, it does. That's gonna happen.

Business is business, after all. Yeah, we get nostalgic, and some things really are a shame. "I used to ride my bike through there as a kid." "They're ruining an iconic area of town." "They gotta put up these thin pastel boxes, when those 75 year-old houses are still holding up nicely!" Sure, but one is perfectly free to put his money where his mouth is and buy up the whole neighborhood to rent out to the same people who might (and... might not) take care of the place. Knock yourself out... or let someone else do it, whatever...

Here's an important point though: Any complaints about gentrification by resident owners themselves are really complaints about the idea of property tax. After all, nobody's got a gun to your head, I mean, when there are no riots going on. You've been used to cheap living in a nice area, specifically because not many of the gentry really want to live by your sorry asses. Maybe they are wrong, but money talks.

You don't have to sell out. You can ask for a price that will allow you to get a house in a nice neighborhood elsewhere, but you may not get it, so stay then. Yeah, but taxes are going steadily up. Right, you are! That's the problem, not who's moving in nearby. Peak Stupidity is of the opinion that property taxes are the most egregious taxes of all, above even the abomination of income taxes. (See our series regarding the Federal version - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.) After all, if you want to lay low, make small money (avoiding most income tax), be thrifty (avoid most sales tax) and live the minimalist life, they still will come after you if you don't keep paying on the shit you paid for in full! (If you didn't pay in full, you are really in better shape in this topsy-turvy world that rewards the irresponsible - just walk away, or leave it by the side of the road.)

Californians long ago ran into this dilemma of rapidly rising property values and therefore rapidly rising taxes, causing long-term residents to have to move out. They couldn't keep up. The revolt against this caused the adoption by the California government of Proposition 13, way back in 1978. Good on 'em!

That's what the problem with gentrification really is about, for the residents. However, we hear complaints all the time from residents and others that this is some more egregious racial injustice. (If I don't write "egregious", you can't get that Sharpton/Jackson voice in your haid raahht.)

Here's the thing, OK, black people: Most of you yourselves, and almost all the white people want to live in the safest area they can, especially if they have children. However, all the convenience draw of the city is very nice too, so they would also like to have at least teensy-weensy parts of the inner cities back. You all have had them for 55 years. How's that shit been working out for y'all?

This is all they are asking for: Un-condemned structures and coffee shops ...

... well, and decent neighbors and not so much of that ghetto rap music after, I dunno, 11?

For some reason, when it's Hispanic people displacing black people, say in large areas of Los Angeles, we don't hear the complaints of "gentrification". Yes, there are complaints, but Hispanics are not up for being guilt-tripped. They bought the houses fair and square, so get out of our barrio, pendejos!

You won't even hear large influxes of Oriental people or .Indians being called gentrification, even though these people put up with your asses less than the young white people. Think of the big money Chinaman that have bought up, and bid up, lots of houses in the West Coast cities of the US and in Hongcouver, BC, Canada. I just don't hear a lot of name-calling there.

Who are these gentry, anyway? I've read of the "landed gentry", and the word comes from descriptions of the British classes. From Merriam Webster, we read
Definition of gentry:"

gen·​try | \ ˈjen-trē \

plural gentries

1a : upper or ruling class : aristocracy
b : a class whose members are entitled to bear a coat of arms though not of noble rank especially : wealthy landowners having such status

2 : people of a specified class or kind

3a : the condition or rank of a gentleman
b obsolete : the qualities appropriate to a person of gentle birth
So it doesn't have to be white, people, but that's apparently the modern definition. Anyone else can move in, and bid up RE prices, hence, taxes, to the moon, Alice, but that's OK, I guess.

This post was to be about the effect of the riots though. The gist of it is this: After the residents of different American cities had had a long time to forget, and the younger ambitious residents not knowing about, the long bout of destructive rioting by blacks during a major portion of the 1960s, many tried to move back. This gentrification is of a neighborhood at a time. It's not some planned-out, big takeover, mind you, just non-black people wanting to live the city life.

There are plenty of examples all over, but just to think of one, there is the Brooklyn borough of NY City. I don't know how long it's been - 20 years, maybe more. It takes a while to rebuild. These folks spent the effort and made a nice place for themselves.

Not Brooklyn, AFAIK, but same idea:

The large-scale rioting has come back with a vengeance, and to some locations, say Minneapolis, it's come for the first time. How bad will this set back the gentrification efforts of hard-working people?

PS: Commenter Ganderson gave us a brief history on race relations in Minneapolis/St. Paul in his comment under the post Snow Town is now Bro Town:
A bit of history- in the 65+ years I’ve been on earth there has been a black presence in the Twin Cities, two neighborhoods in Minneapolis- the North Side, where there were “call out the National Guard” type riots in 1967 and the area surrounding 4th and 38th near where the current fracas began. St. Paul’s Selby-Dale neighborhood was predominantly black as well.

As one other commenter noted there is a large Indian neighborhood in Minneapolis, although not particularly dangerous- run down, but the crime was mostly low level public order stuff. The black neighborhoods were more dangerous, but not on a South Bronx level- I’d never think of not driving in any part of the central cities.

Since I left, two other groups have been added, Hmong tribesmen from SE Asia, the influx of whom was beginning at the end of my time there, and the Somalis. Neither has made the area better, and added to that the pull factor of generous welfare has drawn many black Chicagoans (the weather is not that much worse). Milwaukee, BTW, has the same problem. While there are still some very nice neighborhoods in both MPLS and St. Paul, many whites have left the city- most of my HS classmates have decamped for the suburbs.
(I added 2 paragraph breaks.)

NOTE: Out 'o time! May add some more later today.

[UPDATED 06/17/20:]
I feel like an idiot for not remembering commenter Ganderson's comment of only 2 weeks ago about previous riots in the Twin Cities.. I changed the text to "large-scale rioting" and inserted a portion of his comment in the postscript.

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Hiearchy of Dogmas

Posted On: Wednesday - June 10th 2020 8:25PM MST
In Topics: 
  Music  Humor  Political Correctness  Movies

Per commenter MBlanc46, we can call the arrangement of the various victimized groups of Americans, in some pecking order of who is more deserving... of the white man's money, the Hierarchy of Dogmas. Excellent. We need to have a pyramid, or what they call a pyramid, nothing but a triangle really, to display these in an order we can all get behind. I know we all appreciated that guidance from the US Gov't on the 4 basic food groups and all that.

Per the great comments under this post from yesterday, we need to consider especially blacks, trans women of color, with a whole lot of combinations to be sorted out. Possibly some sort of weight-function methodology should be used, and no, that doesn't refer to POLDs, People Of HighDisplacement, and the variant POBs, People Of Buoyancy.

While I appreciate the term, Mr. Blanc, and all the good advice on how one should start categorizing this Hierarchy of Dogmas, one can't help but missing the simple life of yesteryear when we just categorized cars. See, this talk about Black, Trans, Americans, etc. has me thinking of a great example from the middle of the 1970's:

Now here is a Black, Trans-Am(erican):

OMG, a Rebel flag on the Georgia Flag plate!
(Sally Field and Burt Reynolds)

"Westbound and down, 18 wheels a-rollin' ..."

(See 03:38 - "Happy Birthday, America", just after the Bi-Centennial.)

... and, for the return trip, with the trailer loaded with Coors beer:

"Eastbound and down, loaded up and truckin' ..."

This (spoiler: it's the same song) song is by Jerry Reed. Peak Stupidity featured the fun country music artist Jerry Reed before (the semi-truck driver you see here in the Smokey and the Bandit movies) in a song about Amos Moses - see I should have named him after a man of the cloth.

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COVID-one-niner Death Count Hemoraging

Posted On: Wednesday - June 10th 2020 7:52PM MST
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  Music  Humor  Healthcare Stupidity

I swear we were up to 118,000 American COVID-19 deaths a couple of days back. Then, my wife showed me 115,000 odd deaths today on her phone. The usual thematic map and data below give 114 1/2 thousand as of 1/2 hour ago, as can be seen above.

How can the count be going down? That's what I mentioned at the dinner table, and we speculated about resurrections, ghosts with unfinished business, and zombies. Peak Stupidity has opined already on our view of viruses themselves as zombies (see Kung Flu vs. Zombie) However, this is different. Are there zombies back from the Corona-dead, and would they be taken off the stats? Should they be easier to kill with a shotgun or stake to the heart in their weakened states? In that case, should they be re-marked up as Corona deaths the 2nd time around?

I suppose there could be more mundane explanations. Has the funding been cut off that incentivizes marking COVID-19 as the cause of death? Perhaps there has been some nudging from up above, no not hospital administrators but EVEN HIGHER, to not implicate the riots in causing anyone to get sick. Are doctors or next-of-kin rethinking some of these calls?

Can we call the pandemic over now, take our masks off, pull millions of stickers off the floor and ground, unload our pockets full of wipes into the trash, and quit installing hand sanitizer dispensers in really odd places?

I don't know. It doesn't look good ... for those who want to remain at home ... at full pay.

Still, I wouldn't have expected the numbers to go down. I'm gonna assume zombies, but not the zombies by your standard definition. No, I'm thinking more of the evil ones behind both the Kung Flu hysteria and the newest racial hysteria, upheavals, groveling, and erasure and defacement of American history. They are who The Hooters seem to be singing about here, in All you Zombies:

That is some more early 1980s music. It's from 1982 by this band, with it's kind of unusual sound, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

All you zombies, show your faces. (I know you're out there.)
All you people in the street. (Let's see you.)
All you sittin' in high places.
It's all gonna fall on you!

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From Russia with condolences

Posted On: Wednesday - June 10th 2020 8:11AM MST
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  General Stupidity  The Russians  TV, aka Gov't Media  Political Correctness

Pay your respects ...

This post is directly from a comment on the unz.com site. Yeah, I don't know if this was written by a Russian. It did have Russian writing underneath it, but that could be the translation INTO Russian, or that text might not match at all. No matter - it's a pretty good description of what people in other, non-Western*, countries must think of this George Floyd stupidity.

The image above is from Steve Sailer's recent post Was June 9, 2020 the Silliest Day in American History? . Well, we go ahead and use the word "stupid" here, instead of "silly", with their slightly different meanings, but the answer is NO. We are neither at Peak Silliness nor Peak Stupidity yet.

BTW, Mr. Sailer also had a one line post with the title Uh, oh ... that goes " But what if George Floyd doesn’t rise from the dead on the third day? ". As they say, "Heh!"

The non-italic text is from the unz commenter, and the italicized from the Russian:
This just in from the Russian Internet.
From Russia with condolences:

For how many days now the most powerful state on the planet is taking leave of one of its best sons. Even Presidents are not buried like this. A gold casket, hundreds of thousands grieving and weeping, thousands of kneeling idiots begging forgiveness from the Black population in some states. The mayor of Minneapolis holding on to the casket in order to not collapse from grief, pressed to the corpse of one of the most worthy of the worthiest citizens of America, the mayor sheds crocodile tears and excess mucus. His sobs are riddled with wailing cries of “forgi-i-i-v-e-e me-e-e-e-.” The former wife of the slain one sobs drowning in her own drool. True, the last time she saw him was six years ago when he left her with a three month old daughter. He never once sent his former wife any money for the child but the unfortunate widow has already been screaming for a week how she was left without anything to live on.

Because of this heartache, Americans have collected little by little $20,000,000 and the money is still coming in. The University of Massachusetts has set up a scholarship in the name of George Floyd. Could this learned husband read? We don’t know. Probably not. They don’t teach literacy in prisons. If events continue to unfold at this tempo, soon the Nobel Prize will be renamed “the Floyd.”

The Great Floyd was sentenced to prison for theft, for selling narcotics, armed robbery (the last time clenching the throat of a pregnant woman while he pressed the barrel of a gun to her belly demanding money)… then he went for a plea bargain, gave up all his counterfeit bills for which he received a reduced sentence. At the autopsy narcotics were found in his blood. Such is the national hero of 21st century America. We could not preserve this ray of light and so we remain in his debt. The work of Floyd lives on and grows. Massive robberies, felonies and rapes in mark of respect and grief for George whip through the Blue States of America. Reduced to rubble are the pretty neighborhoods of various cities including New York and Los Angeles. 89 policemen have been killed, a seventeen year old girl has been frightfully raped. Hundreds of Police and other cars have been burned, streets have been destroyed, squares, park lanes, swans living contentedly in city ponds have had their necks wrung… (until we meet again, Floydniks)…

With an advancing form of senile dementia, Joe Biden, candidate for the presidency of the United States, also fell on his knees today. True, he could not get up himself and needed help, but this will not daunt hundreds of thousands of admirers of Saint Floyd. They will vote in the elections for this redemption, for which, indeed, the Democrats are striving, not regretting anything. On your knees? No problem—on your knees!!! Face in the excrement?— with great pleasure!!! Anything you say, “Floydies.” And what is sad is that such is the whole Democratic party.

[What they don’t know in Russia is that this is one of the “dirty tricks” of American Party Politics, with a little help from the Deep State. Floyd is a psy-op. He did not exist like the planes of 9/11 did not exist. After all, all is fair in love and war.]
I'm not sure if it was a dirty-trick "psy-op". That doesn't matter much either. I don't think there is a need, as, in any country of 330,000,000 people, you're bound to have plenty of egregious incidents of all sorts every week, to where the narrative can be arranged to be based on the best one. By "best", for the Lyin' Press, that means "that causes the most outrage and trouble ..., but brings in plenty of viewers and reader".

You can't blame most of the Russian, Chinese, or any non-"woke" people from making fun of the stupidity that goes on in current-era America. However, we could have done the same some years back, and DID. It's important to remember that the smarter of us didn't blame all the stupidity on the regular Russian or Chinese people. We knew where it came from. It'd be nice to have the same courtesy.

What we should remember is that the average Russian or Chinamen during their crazy times would have had a serious chance of imprisonment or death from the STATE for not going along with stupidity such as this elaborate nation-mourning funeral for this stupid violent black man named George Floyd. That's not the same here ... yet. We should work to make sure it doesn't get that far. That means having the courage to fight with words right now.

* As you likely know, and as will be discussed in another post, much of Western Europe is into this same George Floyd stupidity.

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A Streetcar named Karen?

Posted On: Tuesday - June 9th 2020 8:45PM MST
In Topics: 
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"Karen" and her dog:

Once again, we at Peak Stupidity take pride pride in our un-timeliness. This story seems ancient, anyway, though probably 2-3 weeks old. It was one of these viral deals that the Lyin' Press decided to make a part of national Infotainment. There doesn't have to be anything really important, outstanding, or unusual about any of these "big stories". They decide at this one fits one of the narratives, and, if you partake in the infotainment, well, you're going to hear about it, like it or not.

That was the girl dog-walker in Central Park from a couple of weeks back. No, I don't think she was actually named Karen, apparently a term of non-endearment these days for white ladies that take the rules (too?) seriously. "Karen" was not the best choice, in my opinion, as it's just not a common name at all for anyone under 50 or so. Because I met a young (20-something) lady named Cathy the other day, I realized that it's another name from the past, for the most part. You don't meet many young Cathy's, but maybe they go by Katherine or Catherine, which is pretty nice, or its variant Katrina. (I like the latter because it reminds me of Katrina and the Waves, which reminds me of their one hit song Walking on Sunshine.)

Oh, if you don't know who I'm talking about still, it's probably just as well. I won't go through the details, but the lady had her doggie off his leash in Central Park, NY City, a black man bird-watcher (no mere jogger, he) complained to her, she then ignored any admonishment, and he then said words, as he videoed the scene, that could have been understood as threatening. She called 911, the story went viral, blah, blah, blah.

I don't really care for either side in this conflict. To me, the quick take-away is that recording of still and especially video with smart phones just ups the ante in any situation. Could these 2 people not have come to a simple understanding, or, usually more in the case of 2 guys, said some words (a few "oh, yeah, you gonna make me?"s and that sort of thing), and then just walked away from each other, each with his own version of "what an asshole!" said under his breath as he walks away? Once the cops are called, keeping this occasional simple, mildly unfriendly human interaction to just that is out of the question. If it happens to go viral, well, then the SHTF for, not all involved, but at least whomever is lower on the PC totem pole.

That's what's happening with these "Karen" viral incidents. Even in this most feminist of societies, white women can't be assured of getting all the breaks anymore. This is not One Day at a Time or Mary Tyler Moore. There are black people involved often, and the tie, or even any close match, goes to the black party.

I kind of like the long-term implications of this. Peak Stupidity has maintained* the the Welfare State that has been implemented in American, mostly since 1965, but arguably earlier, has had a bad effect for men involved in marriages. Women nowadays have an upper hand, as they have Big State as a husband-in-waiting if they find out that they are "not happy" at some point, any point. Besides the family court lawyers and judges ready to screw over hard-working men, and the children, of course, to help poor unhappy damsels in distress and the welfare money of all sorts, there is also CPS and cops ready to barge in at their beck-and-call. The number is 911.

Well, this "Bad Karen" phenomenon is making this reliance on the support of husband Big-State, who could step in at any time, not always a good bet anymore. When there are black people (probably any other privileged folk too) involved, there is a big dilemma - will the phone call and husband Big-State, cause her more trouble than benefit? He may decide to knock her around more than Stanley Kowalski rather than bail her out. That's figuratively what happened to Central Park Karen, as she ended up getting fired from her nice finance job, embarrassed all over the internet, and even had her dog taken away. (That last part is complete bullshit - I don't care who you are.)

The way things have been going, 911 doesn't have that same cache now. I mean, cops may come eventually, sure, but you may be the one getting hauled off, or at least made to look stupid. One can no longer depend on the kindness of strangers dispatchers.

If The State is no longer the White Knight for these damsels-in-distress, who they gonna call? Perhaps they should try to get along a little bit better. As far as husbands go, I suppose, as the white guy, you still don't have much of a chance ... unless you take a video that goes viral. "Karen! Karen!!!.

Well, if you don't have Elaine exclaiming "Stella, Stella!" in your head, you are probably still stuck with Katrina and the Waves. Why not? Walking on Sunshine, their hit from 1983, is a favorite of mine. It's THE hit from the album of the same name by this British/American band. (Katrina Leskanich is American.) What an upbeat song!

Katrina and the Waves:
Katrina Leskanich – vocals, rhythm guitar
Kimberley Rew – lead guitar
Vince de la Cruz – bass guitar
Alex Cooper – drums

PS: I did watch A Streetcar Named Desire once on DVD, but the plot with all the gossip and such is hard to follow. I really only got interested after that Seinfeld episode in which Elaine, high on muscle relaxers, yells out "Stella, Stella!" No mas!

* Though, truth be told, I haven't found a post here in which this was specifically stated - perhaps it's time for one.

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Michigan Totalitarian bitch exercises her Social Distancing Waiver

Posted On: Monday - June 8th 2020 7:20AM MST
In Topics: 
  US Police State  Liberty/Libertarianism  Anarcho-tyranny  Healthcare Stupidity  Female Stupidity

These are the bad Whites. No waiver for you!:

(Nice flags, BTW!)

Michigan Totalitarian Governor Gretchen Whitmer, disparaged first in the Peak Stupidity post Governor Gretchen Whitmer - I wonder what her childhood was like, must have granted herself one of those much-sought-after Kung Flu Social Distancing waivers. (Do you have to know someone to get one of those KFSDW-1B's? Just asking for a good friend.)

You've seen the Anarcho-Tyranny all around already, but Michigan and its Commie Governor really take the cake. Those citizens above, just trying to get their business and lives back in order, and wanting to be left alone, are the bad guys in the eyes of the Governor, and some of the legislature of the Wolverine State. Thousand of rioters destroying businesses and lives, and disrupting the lives of others are the good guys. Gretchen Whitmer has her waiver so she can hang with them (see With little social distancing, Whitmer marches with protesters from the Detroit News:

She's got an appropriate mask on, mind you, so she doesn't infect the others with ... her bullshit? I thought the deal was that the masks would not prevent the wearer from GETTING infected that well, though What does Dr. Fauci say ... this week? Either way, all the homies are going to infect each other, if any one of them has it. OK, it's all part of the experiment until the riots are over due to no more black men getting violent, and Nike sneakers only on back-order, therefore providing no more reason to riot , err, protest.

Peak Stupidity will have much more on this kneeling and groveling stupidity later, but I will note now that MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer is down on her knees here. Doesn't the Kung Flu spread via surfaces like, I don't know, the ground and stuff? Oh, right, she's got that waiver.

Wolverine State groveling:

Who will be held responsible if this experiment gives the (B) result of last post? The giving out of virtual waivers to underprivileged black people, antifa Commie white people and other assorted riffraff could result in 10's of thousands (millions, per Ron Unz) of additional COVID-one-niner deaths. What is that, murder, manslaughter, 1st-degree, 2nd? I'm no lawyer, so I'll leave these details up to guys like Steve McGarrett of the 5-0:

If the result, as I very strongly suspect, of our nice little 2-week Riot Infotainment experiment is (A), as in, "no this is not the Andromeda Strain - that was just some Infotainment for the Spring '20 season", who should be charged or sued for all the death and economic devastation in that case? Instead of Steve McGarrett, I'll leave that one up to Mr. E.H.. Hail.

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Social Distancing Waivers

Posted On: Monday - June 8th 2020 6:41AM MST
In Topics: 
  US Police State  Liberty/Libertarianism  Race/Genetics  Orwellian Stupidity  Healthcare Stupidity

Apparently, not all LOCKDOWNed animals are equal. There is some kind of waiver for this whole important Social Distancing code of regulations, so long as one is an underprivileged black person, an antifa Commie, or the Totalitarian dictator of the State of Michigan. These waiver don't come willy-nilly. It is backed up by the hard science of people such as MD/Phd Jennifer Nuzzo of Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health:

This tweet is directly off the Hail to You blog (Nice reply, Mr. Hail!)

Peak Stupidity has been remiss in pointing out Part XIII (that's 13 for you readers in Del Boca Vista) on the Corona Panic. This part relates the riots of late to the whole Kung Flu shutdown fiasco, something we discussed too, in Idle Hands are the Devil's Workshop, just over a week ago.

About the tweet, now there’s some PhD level analysis for you. This Kung Flu is DANGEROUS, we tell you, so we need to shut down private businesses and have you stay in your homes, but .. this doesn’t apply to very important riots. It should be OK… I mean, what's the worst thing gonna happen, right? See readers, if you had gotten through the level of education that PhD, MD Jennifer Nuzzo has, you would be able to understand the scientific precepts upon which this very carefully planned-out strategy is based.

These waivers that from the economic shutdown and Social Distancing regime we have been undergoing, as our intelligentsia guide us with utmost alacrity, are all part of an, intentional or not, grand experiment on Kung Flu contagion. If we can get some kind of decent data from area/types of populations with the largest amount of rioting, we could find out either:

a) The COVID-19 as a highly contagious Andromeda Strain hysteria was all bunk.


b) These antifa and BLM instigators (that includes the Lyin’ Press) just murdered another few 10’s of thousands of people. OK, MILLIONS, if you’re Ron Unz.

Has the Kung Flu been as bad as The Andromeda Strain?

I suppose we'll find out more very shortly, as the riot Infotainment-fest has been in progress for over a week. I've heard local numbers for "cases" of COVID-19 are up, but here we go again: Does a case mean someone with the virus or someone with the virus who is sick FROM it? Lots of us, maybe most of us, get various and sundry flu germs every winter, and many get sick. What's the ratio? How about new, increased deaths actually FROM COVID-19? Are the incentives still in place to chalk 'em up to that? I believe so.

Looks like a new rise in Minnesota, dontcha' know, of all places?:

Another 10 minutes of fruitless searching, and I still can't get a simple graph like that for the US. Supposed Kung Flu deaths are up to 118,000. Masks on, wipe your loot!

Next, if our experiment leads to conclusion (B), who should be charged with murder?

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Southern Cross - Crosby, Stills, and Nash

Posted On: Saturday - June 6th 2020 7:13PM MST
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I got into sailing for a while, but it was a number of years after the hippy/folk/rock band Crosby, Stills, and Nash wrote the song Southern Cross . If anything that's not a Jimmy Buffett song is going to be a sailor's song, it would be this one. I'm sure all pleasure sailors love it, with its nautical terms (well, specifically sailing ones, too).

Southern Cross is from CSN's 1982 album Daylight Again. To me, this music was quite different from the band's, and the country's, music of the hippy era that had only ended around a decade earlier. This just seems much more sedate compared to their older stuff, and maybe not quite as good musically as Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Marrakesh Express, Wooden Ships (not about sailing, but with Neil Young and his guitar), and, don't forget Teach your Children Well, featured on a Peak Stupidity post that was about some serious sailing, A Peak Stupidity Belated HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY .

Steven Stills sings the lead part on this one. Well, I've not seen the Southern Cross (too smoggy when I was in the Southern Hemisphere for a short while), but I have been to Avalon - once on a sailboat and once in a 2-man rubber boat with a 2.2 hp Mercury. I didn't end up in a noisy bar but did come close to tossing my cookies from some spiced rum or some such...

You know those people on youtube, who formerly wrote travelogs, that spend parts of their lives on the big oceans, with no home but their sailing craft? They called them crazy, preppers, outcasts of society, whatever. Look at the world of 2020, and tell me if those people weren't right on the money.

Got out of town on a boat goin' to the Southern islands.
Sailing a reach before a following sea.
She was makin' for the trades on the outside,
and the downhill run to Papeete.

Off the wind on this heading lie the Marquesas.
We got 80' of the waterline nicely making way.
In a noisy bar in Avalon I tried to call you,
but on a midnight watch I realized why twice you ran away.

Think about how many times I have fallen.
Spirits are using me, larger voices callin'.
What heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten.
I have been around the world, lookin' for that woman/girl,
Who knows love can endure.
And you know it will.
And you know it will.

When you see the Southern Cross for the first time,
you understand now why you came this way
'Cause the truth you might be running from is so small.
But it's as big as the promise, the promise of a comin' day.

So I'm sailing for tomorrow. My dreams are a dyin',
and my love is an anchor tied to you, tied with a silver chain.
I have my ship, and all her flags are a flyin'.
She is all that I have left, and music is her name.


So we cheated and we lied, and we tested,
and we never failed to fail. It was the easiest thing to do.
You will survive being bested.
Somebody fine will come along
Make me forget about loving you.

At the Southern Cross.

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