Lost Comms - Immigrant Version

Posted On: Monday - May 3rd 2021 2:32PM MST
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Kung Flu Extermination:

Peak Stupidity discussed this problem with the ubiquitous wearing of face diapers, and even doubling-up of them, in the post Lost Comms from a couple of weeks back. My experiences with this induced problem have been more than just the one-off described in that post. In that case, it was a nice black woman with doubled-up masking, who was just making conversation that was going nowhere, like an old T-Mobile phone commercial or a VHF* radio conversation with Amelia Earhart over the western Pacific ocean.

In this case, I will describe the situation with the Kung Flu stupidity intermixed with the longer-term immigration stupidity. (Two of our favorite Topic Keys, yeah!). The situation in this anecdote occurred in a fairly inexpensive Patel-Motel that I had gotten a room in on my own dime. It's not a bad place when there aren't loud people in the next room, and if your credit card number isn't hustled off to India (as I suspected one time when a bogus charge from Venmo was put on my card, within a day after my departure). The people in the lobby are usually pretty good on the phone and the place runs well enough.

Considering the state of America Peak Stupidity described in our series of posts entitled "Hotel Haiti" ( see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.), things worked well in the place. The housekeeping staff was non-White, the case 98% of the time for me in the areas I have travelled recently. Since this was a Indian owned place, the entire staff but 3 or 4 black women (who working in front some times and/or drive the van) were Indian. Perhaps they are family members or maybe just the best-in-caste low-wage labor the owners could dig up and import from the Old Country.

The one guy who I saw with a the cleaning cart seemed nice enough. I said hello when I saw him on the elevator. What he said back was not exactly clear, what with his mask on and all. In the morning when I heard a knock and "housekeeping", I said twice "I'm staying till 11" loudly enough. I got no response. That's the case often, which shows a real lack of communication skills, Kung Flu or no Kung Flu. All you have to do is acknowledge with "OK". It's not that hard.

I didn't want the guy trying to bust in** a few minutes later, as some even more worthless communicators will - they'll just say "housekeeping" once and then bust in, answer or not. I therefore went into the hall to tell him nicely that "I'm staying till 11". It didn't go that nicely, because as soon as I realized that the guy's English was nil***, I got perturbed. "Not till 11. Do you know any English?" "I knock on other door." Ahaaa, he had been knocking across the hall. OK, maybe my hearing is still too good (need to go to more KIZZ shows?), but then, again, with no response, how do I know?

"OK, if you can't speak English and wear that mask ..." Now he put the face mask from on his chin back onto his face. So he only got one word - "mask". "No, no, I don't care about these stupid face masks. Can you just say something back to me? You gotta be able to communicate!" I really wouldn't have lectured the guy, as he was just some hardworking poor slave-laborer of the owners, but then this double-whammy of terrible English and the face-masking is truly making it hard to deal with people. In this case, yeah, it was just the poor English, and downstairs the young Indian guy spoke well enough, once I got him to take off his face mask to give me the total charges.

Now, guys like Ron Unz will tell you that they are ALL assimilating. See, the kids can talk to you pretty well. Yeah, well besides all the other factors like losing your country and stuff, all of these relatives, illegal imported slave-laborers, etc, are a pain in the ass to deal with, no matter how nice they may actually be. There's no way to tell. There are major sectors of the American service economy now in which you can't expect to communicate easily. The face masks have been making it worse. It's another confluence of stupidities.

* Or, was it HF? (Gotta look this up.)

** "Trying", because I did put the mechanical latch in place. The housekeepers all have master key cards, which makes sense. The deadbolt won't keep them from busting in.

*** What the heck part of India do they get these people from, anyway? They said you was high caste, well that was just a lie ...

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Flee From the Floor Sticker Sector!

Posted On: Saturday - May 1st 2021 5:31PM MST
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Dump it! Drop everything! Don't even continue reading this ... WAIT! NOT YET! ... blog post, until after you call your broker! Peak Stupidity has given financial advice before, almost always retroactively, which we find easier, so heed us now, before the whole sector crashes to the ground, like a COVID-infested infested airliner flown by a 90 year-old Chinese diabetic named Wie Tu Luo! OK, now!

I'm talking about the Floor Sticker Sector, people. Back in January of '20 we told you (before our •Indian tech support associate accidentally deleted the post 20 ms after its publication) to go long floor stickers. We favored the anti-slip market in general, but anything with warnings on it, most especially about germs, that could be stuck to the floor or pavement was labeled an SB* or even a HIGOYAABTSN** by our anal-ists.

Well, this market has been saturated ... with grime, COVID-one-niner materiel, and occasionally dog poo The stickers are all getting dirty. Nobody is replacing them, because nobody is even paying attention to them anymore.

Though Peak Stupidity does not endorse technical trading, as, from that very post, the reader can see we think it's a complete load of crap, we did see some early signs of a peak in the floor sticker sector back in November. We would have called this out to our readers, but, again •Indian IT, or at least, uhh, we really couldn't see the death cross of the 30-day moving average and the 120 day moving average until about 4 months later, which is now. Plus our spreadsheet is locked up due to Zerohedge having crashed our computer. Still, in December we noticed a head-and-shoulders shampoo pattern in the 2nd-derivative curve of the YoY numbers, and we saw a complete discontinuity during the weekends, causing Calculus to quit working, at which point our leading analysts reverted to a double-diceal prediction methodology using our kids' Trouble™ set. The technicals all say "don't stick with the sticker sector". Step off now, Bitchez!

Short story long, we hope this financial advice will help our readers return to solvency as we come out of this totally unexpected national economic malaise from the LOCKDOWNS, hopefully by the end of the weekend.

[Disclaimer from PS Legal Department: There is absolutely no point in suing the Peak Stupidity corporation on the grounds of bad financial advice, as WE OWN NOTHING! All assets are in our wives' and girlfriend's names. The only thing you will see upon service of any subpoenas is semi-automatic weapons, which we also don't own, as they are on loan from the pawn shop.]

* Strong Buy

** Hey Idiot, Get Off Your Ass And Buy This Shit Now!

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Dr. Barton Cockey on the Kung Flu and the ctrl-left

Posted On: Saturday - May 1st 2021 4:35PM MST
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I had a more humorous post in mind for the final post for our blogweek. That may or may not appear later, but this thing I just read was too cool for school! VDare usually has the calm and collected writers, and that works for them. However, they just posted an article by one Dr. Barton Cockey*, and this guy is on fire, man. He asks So We Need Masks AND Illegal Immigrants? Time To End This Virtue-Signaling Scam!

After noting the stupidity (OK, evil to some extent) of the Democrats pushing back against the travel restrictions and even strongly encouraging** big crowds just before the PanicFest, Barton Cockney notes the political divide:
Among individuals, the response was mixed; but my own observation was that many (but not all) on the Dissident Right suspected instinctively that the infection posed a far smaller threat than whatever Bill Gates and the globalists had in mind for us.
Welllll... not ALL of the Dissident Right - I can think of one particular guy, who I still know, like, read, and support ... I will note that Mr. E.H. Hail of the HailToYou blog, with lots of coverage and numerical analysis of the Kung Flu, would not agree. At least last I've read from him, he thinks the PanicFest divide wasn't along clear normal political lines. Anyway, here's the good stuff from the good Doctor:
For Lefties, though, the alleged pandemic was a bonanza.

Dictatorial powers for governors! Recruitment of private businesses as enforcers of arbitrary mask mandates! Contact tracers and informers! Destruction of small, independent stores and restaurants! A beta version of the Universal Basic Income! Closure of meat packing plants! Restriction of travel! Maybe even a vaccine passport!

But best of all, the phantom plague offered a whole new opportunity for Virtue Signaling. The summer of 2020 brought out a blooming crop of conspicuous good-thinkers, standing in public squares with Black-Lives-Matter signs and hand-made face masks of colorful cloth.

And the beauty of the masks was that even if you weren’t waving a sign, you could show the world how really, really good and smart you were, just by flaunting your face diaper.
He even uses the face diaper terminology! There's much more goodness in the article that I'll beg the PS reader to read himself. Regarding the face diapers in particular, as a doctor, Barton Cockey links to 5 medical articles on their efficacy (as in, "do they work?")

At first, I couldn't remember this writer being on VDare before, but it's because he has only written 8 articles before on the site. I could remember reading at least half of them after perusing the titles. I hope to read a lot more by Doctor Cockey.

PS: In the title of his column, Dr. Cockey relates the immigration stupidity to the Kung Flu stupidity, which is something I already had in mind for another post, coming soon.

* retired Diagnostic Radiologist, with a disclaimer at the bottom that he is no expert on virology or epidemiology, just a better spotter of hoaxes than the average guy. Well, you can call me "Doc" too then.

** That post's title is one of my favorites: "Be Strong, Wuhan!" Yeah, and there's even a KIZZ song in the post. Guess first.

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Even Pat Buchanan starting to feel the impending financial doom

Posted On: Saturday - May 1st 2021 1:25PM MST
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(We like VDare's images and hope they don't mind.)

I have a lot of respect for Pat Buchanan as a former Americans-first politician, a statesman, a counter-stupidity talking head, and a good writer. As a pundit that still works with a mid-20th century mindset (OK, sometimes late-20th century), he has me not reading his columns regularly anymore. Peak Stupidity wished him well on his 80th birthday 2 1/2 years back, but we also pointed out (earlier post) that his optimism and continued belief in political civility in America show an ancient mindset, that is unfortunately not "viable". From the 2nd link above:
He writes about political strategy as in how many votes "we" get if this happens, and what the Senate rules are with the "nuclear option" having been set up by the D's, and it's gonna work against them .. blah blah. OK, you DO know how all this works better than a lowly Peak Stupidity blogger, Pat, but listen, things are not as civil politically as you are used to, and they are quickly getting even less civil. The rules don't matter to the cntrl-left, and most of the people we think are on our side are not on our side. I have not seen ANY political legislation/ruling/whatever go in the RIGHT direction since the EARLY 1990's, Pat! The elite have been getting what they want, one way or another.
His latest column, at least as I pre-judged from the title, may have me reading again. In Biden Bets the Farm—To "Change the World", Mr. Buchanan seems to see the financial doom that the Bai Dien Administration is trying to accelerate (not necessarily purposefully, as he's just a senile puppet) with another FDR/LBJ style projectile vomit of Socialist spending.
After enacting a COVID-19 relief package of $1.9 trillion in March without a single Republican vote in Congress, Biden proposed a jobs and infrastructure program of $2.2 trillion. He has now added an "American Families Plan" of another $1.8 trillion.
Holy cow, that's $5.9 Trillion. They - after all, it's Congress who passes it - are spending Trillions in the way that only a few decades ago 10's of Billions were spent. (That the total New Deal spending of 9 decades back was $50 Billion or so tells us how far the US $ has fallen.) Mr. Buchanan compares Biden to the 2 biggest Socialist Presidents of last century:
While Biden's $6 trillion in total spending is spread over several years, it represents a claim on the nation's wealth equal to 30% of GDP—a figure comparable to FDR's New Deal and LBJ's Great Society.
Oh, it's not just over one year, though, so ... Sure, but this is additional spending, above the always about 1/4 extra-outlays-to-income budget will run. (We just showed the '19 budget pies this past Tuesday.) This adding of another 6 Trillion bucks on top is getting even the usually staid Pat Buchanan worried. If Buchanan sees doom for the country, I should already have gotten into my vehicle with the bug-out bag!
One hundred days into his term, our oldest president is seeking to become a transformative progressive president in the FDR mold, and he is betting his presidency he can bring it off.
Later in the column, Mr. Buchanan reverts to his usual self and relates the prospect of this damaging the midterm elections for the Blue-squad, as per LBJ* in 1966, then many more Red-squad Presidents were elected, etc., etc.,.. No man, this is not 1966, 1986, or 2006. Things don't work like this anymore. The GOP doesn't fight, they are too scared of being called names to get elected on principles, and they will be cheated against anyway. This political stuff is about over, Pat.

I put a comment in under a Steve Sailer post today to ask Ron Unz to think about including a prepper columnist on his well-working site. The chance of Mr. Unz reading (especially my stuff!) is only 10%, I'd guess. I'd really like to see some of that on his site due to my liking the commenting system so much. If Ron Unz can host the total Mao-sack-hanging Commie Godfree Roberts, I don't think the hosting of a prepper or two is too much to ask.

Pat Buchanan doesn't cut it as a prepper, but he sure comes off a bit worried in this column:
During the runoff races for the two Senate seats in Georgia last year, Sen. Chuck Schumer blurted, "Now we take Georgia, then we change the world."

That is an apt description of what is going on. Biden, Schumer and Nancy Pelosi mean to use the window of opportunity their slimmest of margins on Capitol Hill have provided them—to "change the world."
What will this change consist of? There'll be much higher taxes (skipping up a paragraph in the column):
Biden proposes to raise the U.S. corporate tax by one-third to 28%, raise the personal income tax rate to 40%, double the tax on capital gains to 40%, and raise death and inheritance taxes to effect a greater equality of wealth in America.
I know, I know, it'll hit the big guys that need to be hit. It's not really just who gets hit. The money has to still come from somewhere. Inflation is about to get much more serious. It's numbers like $6,000,000,000,000 EXTRA that get me into a financial planning panic.

Really, I've done well more than I believe 95% of middle-class Americans have done to be prepared, but, I don't know - it's time to up our game here.

Yeah, it'd make me feel a lot better to read a regular prepper columnist and good commenters along with it. Do you read here, Ron Unz? Forget everything I said about you. All is forgiven.

* This was, in fact, very much like one Steve Sailer post (can't find them easily) of a few weeks back, making me wonder if Pat reads Steve. Mr. Sailer had the same attitude of which I tried to disabuse him of, that it's all just the continuing politics of the nation ... goes back and forth ... all is well!

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Sweden v Somalia

Posted On: Friday - April 30th 2021 1:07PM MST
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Some Swedes, in Sweden in the 1970s:

Recognize any of these people? Maybe this will help.

We at Peak Stupidity are getting just a little tired of having commenters on unz.com, etc. arguing against any criticism of Socialism or promotion of Libertarianism with "Sweden! Sweden!" and "Somalia! Somalia!", respectively. These arguers' point is that, for general quality of life in a country, the political/ideological system is not as important as what the race/ethnicity of the majority of the people are. We do not dismiss this point of theirs. However, both factors are important, but additionally, the latter of these 2 alleged examples of nature over ideology is specious, and I have a pretty big collection of opposing examples to Sweden.

Somalia? Really? That is alleged to be the bastion of Libertarianism that nobody would go out of his way to live "under". See there really is no "under", though, as Somalia has Anarchy, which is nothing near what Libertarians see as a good system of government. There is not much of the rule of law, property rights, private voluntary associations, and the non-aggression principle that is part of the Libertarians' dream society. Yes, of course, that IS due to the fact that Somalians live there, not John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, and that crowd. The arguers against Libertarianism are right that race matters, but then it just explains why there will be no such Libertarian society in Somalia.

Not just today (where there's no place like home), but, going back through history, I can't think of any example of any government run by anyone but White people that has/had greatly limited government. What I can think of is a huge chunk of the world that had huge majorities of White people under hard-core Totalitarian misery for 1/2 to 3/4 of the last century. It is so big a part of the world, that one might have called it the "2nd World", but we had a another term for it, the Communist "East Bloc". To me, Communism is just the hard-core version of Socialism, as we explained here. I like that post, so I'll excerpt this one paragraph:
Now, socialism is often thought of as just Communism-light, a friendly, nice, compassion version. No, no cultural revolutions planned, no mass graves (planned). it’s gonna be neighborly, dontcha know, like in the nice little towns in Vermont or Sweden (before the invasion). We’re gonna all discuss things, over lattes; we’re going to keep it calm and soothing, like National Public Radio, but sure, yeah, at some point we’ve gotta to redistribute some of your stuff. No, no, no, nothing like that, just some taxes that you pay ... well, yeah you’ve gotta pay ‘em... sure.... the tax people are our people... very friendly... what do you mean, “what if I don’t?”... I mean sure, eventually they’ll call guys with guns... but we don’t expect that ... we don’t even LIKE guns!.. Ewwww.
Moving on, then there are the Oriental lands, in which there has been the 3,500 years running society of the Chinese, with, from what I know of their history, the idea of small government never even ringing a bell in anyone's head. The place has recently come out of a hell of a lot of bad times, with high hopes for a possible future of, if not small government, a reasonably free society. That hope has been dashed by the latest would-be Emperor Xi. #VellyDissapointing! (Got a post him that coming.)

Let's just say that having a majority of White people as a nation is a necessary condition for a Libertarian society, but not a sufficient condition. My detractors may not argue that point but just, again, point out "Sweden! Sweden!" as an example of a good place to live that does have Socialism, but under White people.

Before I get too far on that, let me say that I and the detractors would agree on the one point, that we've got to consider the Sweden of the period BEFORE they invited enough Moslems and Africans into their lands to seriously damage the place. (See Importing a civil war, in Sweden.) Yeah, let's talk pre-2000 Sweden. Our commenter Mr. Ganderson has a Swedish background (I assume) and has spent time there even last year. For me, it has been over 3 decades, but that means I can relate my opinion on the White Socialist Sweden.

Of course, it was not a bad place. Of course, since we don't really have ANY county with anything approaching a Libertarian society today, and the immigration invasion has stricken all of the White countries, I would pick 1985 Sweden over today's America as a place to live, were that possible. Other than the gun rights thing, it'd be no contest whatsoever.

I hung out with a number of local people in just the quick 2-day period I was there. I was at first impressed with "yeah, Wednesday's off too, huh? A 4-day workweek, you say? It's great having that subsidized apartment ..." It didn't take long, though, for me to wonder how an entrepreneurial type would fare there as opposed to in same-time-period America. If you're gonna have the freebies for the folks taking it more easy, than the hard-strivers would have to pay for this. Taxes were much higher there and levied in many more ways, same as with much of Western Europe.

I also had friends from Western Europe, more in the 90s than the '80s. I learned from the ones I worked with that, though they missed some aspects of their homes, the opportunities to get somewhere in life (my field was one) were just so much better in America. Socialism puts a real damper on the economy.

Finally, in what should be a later post by itself, the dysgenic factor of Socialism is one that I've brought up, causing the arguments of "But, Sweden!" In America, my contention is that 55 years of Socialism (since, basically, this scumbag), have enabled the irresponsible Americans, many of the particular black persuasion, but others too, to have and raise children on the money involuntarily contributed by the responsible among us. True, in the all-White country of pre-2000 Sweden, there weren't so many irresponsible people. Yet, there will always be some, and will they not end up breeding more rapidly than those tasked with doing productive work, who often feel too responsible to have very many kids due to budget contrasts, due to being taxed out the ying-yang to pay for the others' fertility? I answer in the affirmative, but I do agree it would not result in as quick an effect as it has in America.

So, instead of the ideological battle of Sweden v Somalia perhaps the battle of 1980s Sweden v Today's Sweden should be held. We can't reverse the damage though, to see the long-term results of Socialism in a White population. We do have the 20th century Sweden v 20th century East Bloc contest. We could change the math above to: having a majority of White people is a necessary condition for a good and decent society, but it is not a sufficient condition.

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Cashless Covfefe

Posted On: Thursday - April 29th 2021 5:20PM MST
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"Just the Covfefe, no combo."

I was traveling through the big hub airport a few weeks back and decided to eat a little teensiest-bit more healthful, so I dropped by the sandwich shop. This one had just pre-packaged stuff, which is no longer the only thing one can get. It is quicker though, as some of these places don't understand the difference between operating in an airport terminal vs. in the strip mall.

Now, in general, people have been taking cash. I was really worried last summer that the Kung Flu was being used as an excuse (try to) to force Americans to go cashless more quickly. Time has passed though, and hysteria can only be maintained for so long. Plus that whole COVID surface-contagion bit has been un-bunked since last Spring (see our post COVID vs. VD.) I doubt even Dr. Fauci washes his hands after taking a pee anymore. Does anybody?

It turned out, once I had brought this nicely-packaged turkey and cheese sandwich to the fancy plexiglass-shielded register, that, no, this place will NOT take cash. Well, this time the guy had already rang it up. OTOH, this was a packaged sandwich that anyone else could buy. "Sorry, no cash, no sale", I told the guy. I even brought up that it was the law (as far as I know), and maybe that worried him.

"OK, I'll just ring it up on my card", the guy said. I was beyond surprised. I don't think he was anything near the level of owner of the business, so why would he do this? "Well, you sure you can't just take some bills that will get me close? I don't need the change." I started to feel bad for the guy, but I wasn't sure this wasn't a company card or something. I think that the fact that I couldn't just stick the damn thing back on the shelf was some left-over Kung Flu PanicFest hysteria.

Well, I WAS in the right. Cash is King, as Peak Stupidity regularly harps on, but I really couldn't see making this guy "eat it", so to speak. I walked off about 100 ft, and then had this dim light-bulb appear in my head. "Duh!" it said. I think I should be giving him the cash. Now, he never explicitly said that, so that's why it took me so long to think of this.

I went back over. "Hey, here's the cash", I said and explained that I hadn't thought of this. I was kind of embarrassed. On the chance that this guy had used the company card, well, I guess, this worked out very well for him. I wanted to square it up though.

I'm not putting up with this card-only BS. Neither should anyone. We don't want to go the way of the new new Red China.

PS: Re the "Covfefe" terminology, that was from a late night fat-fingered tweet by President Trump way back in May of '17. Where did the "Cov" come from?
That should set up alarm bells in the head of any conspiracy junkie. Is it a code? "Paging Ron Unz. Ron Unz, pick up the white courtesy telephone, with your CovFefe gloves, wipes, and face diaper, please."

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Coca~Cola Cowboy - Mel Tillis

Posted On: Wednesday - April 28th 2021 6:59PM MST
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I couldn't get this song completely out of my head after yesterday's post about Coca~Cola. Mel Tillis arguably sang in the era of real Country Music. Coca~Cola Cowboy, written by Steve Dorff, Sandy Pinkard, Sam Atchley and Bud Dain, was on Mr. Tillis' Mr. Entertainer album of 1979. This song reached number 1 on the Billboard Country Music charts that year.

It was also featured in the Clint Eastwood movie Every Which Way but Loose.

If you want to hear another song from this same era, see this Peak Stupidity economics post with John Conlee's Rose Colored Glasses.

She said....

You're just a Coca~Cola cowboy.
You got an Eastwood smile, and Robert Redford hair.
But you walked across my heart like it was Texas,
and you taught me how to say I just don't care.

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alt-right's Nick Fuentes put on the No-Fly list ...

Posted On: Wednesday - April 28th 2021 6:39PM MST
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  US Police State  Liberty/Libertarianism  alt-right  Kung Flu Stupidity

... yet what does the alt-aight care about "muh Constitution? From everything I've read of Nick Fuentes and his leadership of part of the alt-right movement, he seems like a good guy. What I'll ask later on in this post is, have these young non-principled Conservatives not helped bring this type of thing upon themselves?

VDare's Washington Watcher II, one of my favorite writers on there, uses mostly a series of tweets to report America First Patriot Nick Fuentes Put On No-Fly List.

In case you don't know him at all, Nick Fuentes became known as leader of the "Groypers" (don't EVEN ask me what the name means), a college-age alt-right group. This group has greatly influenced the university so-called Conservatives, after a political battle with Charlie Kirk and his "Turning Point" college network. He's been on the good side of the immigration, culture, and anti-white issues vs. the wusses of Turning Point.

Because of his much-too-truthful views, Mr. Fuentes has been banned from all types of "platforms", media, electronic payments, AirBNB, what-have-you. Per Washington Watcher II:
Fuentes believes he was put on the no-fly list due to hysteria over the Capitol protests. He has suffered numerous bans since January 6.
This first tweet shows what the Big-Gov/Big Biz coalition (often called Facism or Crony Capitalism) can do to an political enemy.. for now:

I believe Nick Fuentes here. After all this, I hope he's learned that if you get cancelled in this way by the Establishment, it's best to have very trustworthy friends. I also can't help here but think that these young people have put all of their eggs in the "TECH" basket over the last decade or so.* The Millennials I run into all seem to think that using cash is inconvenient and a practice from the Stone Age. Additionally, as Peak Stupidity has complained about numerous times, such as in Are the Millennials Retarded?, they do not seem to get the idea that I may not want to give out my life story to buy a voltage regulator!

I have something to say about that last item, Mr. Fuentes' being put on a (the?) "No Fly" list. This is the explanation from Mr. Fuentes of what happened back in December of last year, as he tried to travel on American Airlines:

Don't ask me to explain the order of things. Tweets often confuse me in this way.

OK, so now we get to the Kung Flu stupidity again here. What CAN'T the COVID-one-niner do, for anyone desiring a good old-fashioned Totalitarian society, at least? I've run into much of this business on the airliners myself. Because the Feds passed some ordinance, law, or whatever they call Executive Orders now, in February, as I recall, that mandates the wearing of face diapers on the airliners AND in the terminals, the airline management is relieved, while the gate agents and flight attendants have had to become even more Totalitarian to keep their jobs. The nearly 2-decades-running Motherland Security TSA stuff is one thing. As we noted early last summer, well before the mandate, airport terminals are reaching the COVID / TSA twin peaks of stupidity.

Mr. Fuentes ran into this before the Feral mandate, but the airlines were already well down with the PanicFest (season 2). From my experience, some airline employees have been taking their Totalitarian additional job functions more seriously than others (whether due to being true hysterics or being more worried about their jobs, I don't know). I don't think that NIck Fuentes was put on that "potential terrorist" No-Fly list that the horrid agency called the TSA maintains, just going by his tweet. I figure that it was a policy of American Airlines, as when a plane has to taxi back to the gate to kick someone off, that will kick off some management decision, one possibly predetermined as Kung Flu PanicFest policy. I give Mr. Fuentes kudos for raising hell though, but this part explains the next.

Much more recently, Nick Fuentes tried to travel from Chicago to a press conference down in Palm Beach, Florida on the airlines recently, as he really couldn't communicate worth a damn in any other way than in person, being banned from everything but pay toilets. Per a short video clip by Mr. Fuentes in this Occidental Dissent article, he tried to book both American Airlines and United Airlines flights and was told they couldn't, and the TSA hinted he was on this No-Fly list. Yes, this IS the kind of thing you would have expected in the old USSR, Red China (had they had enough airliners to matter), or Cuba (ditto) last century. History is rhyming, with a century as the timing, and we keep saying that, over and over...

Here's what Mr. Fuentes tweeted recently:

I give Glenn Greenwald a pass on what I'm about to say here. Though still somehow a deluded old-time lefty, he is a courageous stand-up guy, as evidenced by the Ed Snowden affair.

Maybe Nick Fuentes himself is even a Constitutionalist and not the typical Millennial in this respect. I don't know all he's said and written. I seriously doubt it though. In general the American young people have not been supporters of Constitutionalism and rule of law. They lean Socialist, as in "the government can do anything, but we just want it to do more for US, as Conservatives", or something. All I hear is the disparagement of "muh Constitution" and real limits on the Feral Government. Young people did support Ron Paul quite a bit in '12, but that's almost a decade ago. The government schools have been raising even more deluded Socialist Snowflakes, who are now maturing, or at least getting ripe.

Does Mr. Fuentes' Groypers group advocate for smaller government, the abolishment of the TSA and the NSA, DOE, IRS for that matter, the ending of the LOCKDOWN/face-diapering and other Totalitarian measures, and the termination of Dr. Fauci with extreme prejudice, in addition to their alt-right issues? You know, young people, that the Establishment doesn't have to defeat you in political debates for you to lose. They can just do what Totalitarian, and now Orwellian societies have always done, but often only dreamed of doing: banning you from financial transactions, banning you from traveling, banning you from communicating, and just plain un-personing you. You people never understood the reason for, and never supported, the basics of liberty, as laid out by the American Founders. Just what the hell did you expect was gonna happen?

* I'd say since smart phones, or maybe the original iPads, so maybe 15 years even..

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The new Children of Vision?

Posted On: Tuesday - April 27th 2021 6:54PM MST
In Topics: 
  Music  China  Americans  Big-Biz Stupidity

The 21st Century is supposed to be the "Asian Century", and by "Asian", they mean Chinese. I give lots of credit to those who said that back in the 1980s. I'd read it myself and thought WTF? Peak Stupidity was most optimistic about the nation of China about 15 years ago, from personal observation. We don't feel very optimistic now, after seeing something of a few years back, and reading more recently of, the Orwellian Police State well into the process of installation over there. (See our Dashed High Hopes for China - Part 1 and Part 2, but there's plenty more with the China Topic Key.)

Chinese it seems to be, though. We don't have to like it. We don't have to particularly respect the place and the culture either, as in the previous century, most nations around the world DID respect America. For one thing, we do know that the Chinese have stolen so many original technical ideas and business ideas from us. An article linked-to by Instapundit the other day reported on the theft, via the usual espionage done by those diverse HR hires, of technical information about the Coca~Cola beverage. I remember a number of $120 Million being bandied about, though for the life of me, I don't think the secret formula is worth that much! Hell, just put the cocaine back in it, Chinese Big-Biz thieves, and you'll get the sales.

OK, that article had had a paywall, but go to this Conservative Daily News article to read about it. It's not about the formula but about the engineering technological development of BPA-free cans. The manufacturing of the cans and the canning process are both amazing. Yet, diverse Miss Xiaorong You* stole it all, as part of China's "Thousand Talents" project.**

You know, this Coca~Cola talk had me thinking of an oldie by the excellent British band Supertramp, due to a lyric line in one of the album cuts. The last song on this band's best-selling album, Breakfast in America, from 1979, had not only a good tune, but this superb 4-minute-long hypnotic instrumental ending (over 1/2 the song), along with some really thoughtful lyrics. Child of Vision was an admonition to Americans about their commercialism and supposedly wasteful lifestyle. I always wondered how a British band would have any standing to criticize, but then, it was a different Great Britain back then. This album was released a couple of months before the election of Maggie Thatcher and only 1/2 way through the Jimmy Carter presidency. It's been a while!

Here's are the lyrics I remembered:

And you gave me Coca~cola.
You said it tasted good.
Then you watch the television,
cause they tell you that you should.

Are the Chinese getting so commercialized and so far from any moral grounding that Americans ought to have a song like this about them? Are the Chinese the new "Children of Vision"?


Rick Davies – vocals, piano, keyboards, harpsichord, harmonica
Roger Hodgson – vocals, guitars, all kinds of keyboards...
John Helliwell – saxophone (on this track), backing vocals
Dougie Thomson – bass guitar
Bob Siebenberg – drums, percussion

(I didn't include all the different instruments these guys played. They were very versatile.)

PS: At least, for this latest theft of technology, we won't quite be selling out our manufacturing capability. I just don't see how the Chinese will penetrate the American market with their own Coca~Cola. There are just too many American consumers around that remember that old "pee-pee in your Coke" joke. (Well, I had to get that joke in here somewhere, dammit.)

* I'll give the Chinese this: They don't spend the time on preferred pronouns, as we discussed in Fun with Pronouns. Hey You, you say you want to change the world ... it's NOT alright ... .

** Peak Stupidity has personal knowledge of a similar deal regarding automobile airbags, as we related in Chinese grad students and airbag espionage.

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EXTRA, EXTRA, IRS tells all! (in .pdf 1040 Instructions)

Posted On: Tuesday - April 27th 2021 5:39PM MST
In Topics: 
  Economics  US Feral Government

The '20 tax booklet, put out at the beginning of '21, shows '19 budget numbers. Each one is a year behind, understandably.

You really wonder who's been dropping the ball on this each year, as the IRS tax instruction booklet continues to include the 2 pie charts on income and outlays for the US Feral budget. The reader may want to go back to 2 Peak Stupidity posts, also written around tax time (well, one about a 1 1/2 months later). A bit after the '17 tax season, we posted a Quick glance at the budget from US-Gov crack Green-eyeshade boys, and a day after The cruelest day of the cruelest month, of the, I dunno, 8th cruelest year? in '18, we posted a Comparison of '15/17 US Government Budgets. Shouldn't the Feral Government have tossed these pies already with extreme prejudice?

There's some financial reality baked into these pies. It's not that I think these simple charts are the be-all-to-end-all. I imagine plenty of black budget "defense" money is left out or put in the other categories. There's a whole lot to it than what you see here, but I get the numbers out of it that I care about. (Well, that is, besides the running Total Debt, which I can get in tabular form elsewhere.)

As pissed off as I was a week or two ago that I STILL owed money after having extra taken out over the year '20 (pissed off enough to put off sending anything in till a week after the deadline), seeing these pie charts near the end of the .pdf booklet made up for it a bit. Sure, the finances of America and the American Feral government are beyond redemption, but it was just nice to see an attempt to do some basic accounting by those green-eyeshade boys in some office or another.

After pulling some up, I see these pie charts appear in older on-line 1040 "booklets" as far back as I've looked (2011, but I'll check way back later). I've decided to put some of this info a nice table to show the gist of the pickle the FED has put the budget and whole economy in after years of setting basement-level interest rates. Let's just compare a little bit from this '19 budget to the '15 one, shown in the link above, in which '17 is compared to '15. (We just so happened to get to this at 2 year intervals.)

These numbers are only to the nearest percent, but taking them for what we see, the net interest on the Federal debt has gone up by 33%, from 6% to 8%. This interest is being paid on a larget pie too. We calculated in the first post, with only the '15 pie chart, that the (also) 6% of that '15 outlays of $3.89 Trillion = $220 Billion, being paid on ~ $17 Trillion, gave an average interest rate of a low, low 1.2 - 1.3% being paid by the feds. (Is that the average rate for Treasury Bonds being redeemed? I don't know enough to state this categorically.) OK, so that 8% of the '19 outlays of $4.49 Trillion = $360 Billion. On a '19 end-of-year deficit of ~ $22 Trillion gives an average interest rate of 1.6%. Interesting... no pun intended.

The absolute amount of interest paid in '19, that $360 Billion is 63% higher than that $220 Billion in '15, an additional $140 Billion. Just that amount of additional interest is more than the Total US Debt amount in 1943, in the middle of WWII! Oh, but a buck isn't worth nearly as much, so why compare? That's one point of this all, pointing out that the US dollar is being made worthless. The other is that the FED is in, or has put the Treasury Department in, a real pickle. If the interest rates were let to rise to natural levels, the price of money, the whole budget collapses. Imagine rates of 7%, likely only 3 points above the REAL inflation level. That's 4 3/8 times the interest, meaning that 8% of the pie goes to 35% of outlays!

We haven't even considered the financial shitshow of the Kung Flu PanicFest year of 2020. I am soooo looking forward to my '21 tax booklet when it comes out next January! Will they keep the pie charts that I love so much? I'm guessing these have gone un-noticed by the muckety-mucks and the AA hires underneath them. Oh, and it could be because nobody but me does taxes by hand and even glances at these .pdf's anymore.

That longer-term tabular comparison is coming, hopefully by end-o-bidness week, as Peak Stupidity has other, less important posts to write first. Mostly for my own benefit, I'm including right here a link to a really nice page on the national debt over US history, from The Street.

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Tips for Chinatown

Posted On: Monday - April 26th 2021 7:27PM MST
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  Humor  China

This was quite a while ago in one of the Chinatowns in New York City. They've got the real Chinese food if you like that sort of thing. My wife does. It's a tad healthier than the American style "Chinese Food" with the added salt and sugar, but then I'm still partial to Panda Express and Wok n Roll.

In these place full of non-assimilated Chinese people, one would not know he isn't in China but for the vehicles and lack of smog. You might think "when in Chinatown, do as the Chinese do". What the Chinese people DON'T do in China is tip for anything. It's just not common practice at all, or at least wasn't last time I was there (over 3 years ago).

Therefore, my wife figured "no, you don't need to give them a tip", on our $12 total breakfast. I was about to lay down 2 more bucks, not a lot, but at least cash, and "Cash is King"*, and was especially for Chinese people back then, before they were Harmonized**.

"I see they are Chinese, but this is New York City. It's still in America, and so they expect us to give a tip." "No, I'm pretty sure these Chinese people don't expect a tip. In China they don't, so ..." She was insistent about it. Rather than bet her money, which I've done before, I just gave up. "OK, fine."

We got about 20 yards out the door before one of the Chinese women caught up with us. "Wait, you have to tip!" Well, first of all, I don't HAVE to tip - that wasn't at all my point. I played along. "No, but you're Chinese right? Chinese people don't do tipping." "This is New York, not China! You have to tip, you know." "It sure looks like China, and it's too late now. I'm not giving you squat."

"That's too bad.", said my wife, as we walked off, "I wanted to eat later at that other place down the street, but these people know each other. They'll spit in the food."

"I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so."

* See also Part 2 and Part 3.

** This post is Part 1 of a 4-part book review - Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

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Harrison Bergeron and the Virginia Department of Education

Posted On: Saturday - April 24th 2021 6:01PM MST
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I started perusing Instapundit (#3 on the tiny blogroll of ours) occasionally again. Professor Reynolds has a handful, maybe 2 handfuls, of bloggers who mostly do the same thing, writing short blurbs with links by the multiple dozens a day. (Perhaps the Professor is still the only one allowed to say "Indeed" and "Heh!" as stand-along commentary.)

Instapundit links to PJ Media's Stephen Green*'s Insanity Wrap regularly, likely daily. That one seems worth 5 minutes a day or so - I like that title too. One of today's 5 or 6 items (all good) included the clip below, a video version of the Kurt Vonnegut Sci-Fi short story Harrison Bergeron. IW's/Green's/Vodka's point was to compare that to a story of the Virginia Department of Education's elimination of advanced classes until 11th grade to make everyone "equal". VDare's James Kirkpatrick did a good job with this story yesterday with The Real Hate Crime Against Asians—Eliminating Accelerated Learning Classes.**

I'd never read the short story till last week or so, amazingly (to myself), as I've heard of the title for years. I did not realize it also is a 1995 full length movie, right there on youtube ... for now.

This clip below, taken from an '06 26 minute version, does the short story justice, IMO, so check it out, if you are not already familiar.. Youtube screwed me over within 3 days, but what the heck, here's the 1995 full-length movie. It's not based on the short story, of course, but I think they did a nice job expanding the story.

This is the same thing I linked to above. Could this movie have been made 25 years later? Nah, it hits too close to home.

Thank you, all you Peakers, for reading this week. Next week, more anti-feminism, a glance at the odious Feral Gov't budget, and much more stupidity!

* Oh, this guy used to be "Vodkapundit" - it brings back memories of a smaller blogsphere.

** Insanity Wrap links to Fox News - I value VDare's take more, as usual, plus Fox News is likely to be a visually-ass-painful website to read from.

[UPDATED 04/27:]
Youtube coincidentally knocked off that ~ 6 minute cut that matched the short story. They have lots of other Harrison Bergeron clips, but not that one. I updated to the full movie, which I watched today.

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Don't jab me - I'm only the Piano Teacher

Posted On: Saturday - April 24th 2021 3:44AM MST
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  Music  Kung Flu Stupidity

Peak Stupidity has not chimed in any opinion on the COVID-one-niner vaccines. I have no more knowledge about vaccines than your average Joe Blow. Everyone in the immediate family has some suspicion of a new TYPE of vaccine with this mRNA, not just the normal dead/small dose of a virus to activate the antibodies, and one that was hurried to market during this Kung Flu PanicFest. There have been vaccines with long-term ill effects before - just sayin'. So, we've have not gotten jabbed.

I do understand numbers, and, from what we've seen, if one can trust news in any way anymore, is that the risk of ill effects from the vaccines is very small. Were I someone very vulnerable to the COVID-one-niner, say an obese 75 y/o, I would have wanted this vaccine. We have an older relative who has taken the two jabs and is much more relaxed about the virus now.

To me, that's the benefit of the vaccine, the lessening of the hysteria, whether it's actually just herd immunity kicking in or the vaccine. Personally, I don't care less about getting jabbed. Were I forced to from work, I would be scared much more of the increasing Orwellian Healthcare State than the vaccination itself.

That all out of the way, I've read quite a bit about the possible effects of the vaccine on fertility and ongoing pregnancies. One of our favorite and one of the most trustworthy pundits I read, Mrs. Michelle Malkin, posted this article about the risks for pregnant women.

Now to the Kung Flu anecdote, then. Due to people having finally lightened-the-hell-up from the hysteria where I live, we can go to piano lessons in person again. The teacher is a cute young lady of ~ 25 years. Because of the school's rules we still had to wear masks inside, annoying as that was. After I asked they teacher if we really, really, had to do that (yeah, "the rules"), she told us that she had gotten vaccinated.

Again, I'm no Dr. Fauci, but I really think that was a stupid move on her part. I mean, she's a 25 y/o in good health - no obesity whatsoever, and believe me, I checked from all angles! A young cutie like that has a very large number of chances or opportunities to get pregnant. Yet, her risk of the Kung Flu killing her is minuscule! Where's the greater risk, possible unknown-as-of-yet side effects of this vaccine on a future pregnancy or the known tiny risks of the virus?

It's just an assumption here, but in general the artsy types are not particularly numerate. (Yeah, she can count in 1/32nd notes with great precision - I don't mean that.) Did she really think this over calmly and logically, or did the PanicFest Infotainment cause our young piano teacher here to make this bad decision to get jabbed? I am pretty sure that was the case.

I am particularly proud of the post title this time. Because Peak Stupidity has been on an Elton John kick, the title of this obscure early-career album came to mind. It's Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player from early 1973. Elton John released a 2nd album that same year, the blockbuster double-record Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (to me, one of the best pop albums of all time).

Don't Shoot Me ... had 2 hit songs, the ballad Daniel and the fun Crocodile Rock. You've heard those, but maybe not this other song, called Elderberry Wine.

Drunk all the time, feelin' fine, on elderberry wine.

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Homage to Catalonia - George Orwell

Posted On: Friday - April 23rd 2021 10:17AM MST
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It seems I get enough books through mentions or recommendations here in the comments and in unz posts/comments to keep me busy enough. I believe it was a commenter on unz (but maybe here) who recommended George Orwell's Homage to Catalonia for some reading material regarding the Spanish Civil War.

Peak Stupidity did review the movie Guernica, which was set in this war, in our post 3 years back called Guernica - The Propaganda and the Movie. Who cares about the Spanish Civil War? Well, besides that I'm just interested in history, I've been told that learning about this war may give clues to how thing are/will be going in this country, as things break apart. I read Mr. Orwell's book per recommendation to note the parallels.

I've got a review to write here, but let me write this first point that, no, I don't think Homage to Catalonia fits the bill as a book that can help us in that respect. There are 2 reasons for that. Firstly, Mr. Orwell wrote this book from his experiences in one small area of Spain, in his little part of the war, and only from the first half-year or so of this ~ 3 year long conflict. The author came to Spain in late 1936 to report on the war but decided to fight in it on the "Republican"* side instead, against the "Facists"**. Rather than Homage to Catalonia, a better name for the book would have been simply Report from Catalonia.

Secondly, the reason this book doesn't help me is that it was written by a young George Orwell. This is a way of thinking that I'm not good at. While I'm reading, I always picture the author of an "important" book as someone that has wisdom, knows more than me about the subject, etc. The author wrote this book back in England after getting out of Spain in late June of 1937, and at the time of writing he knew neither the big picture nor the ending. Orwell wrote his more famous books Animal Farm and 1984 in 1945 and 1948 respectively.*** What I'm getting at is that Homage to Catalonia was written by a young foolish George Orwell, not the much wiser 8/11 year-older man who wrote the latter two.

Speaking of 1984, I suppose George Orwell already saw the Totalitarianism of the East Bloc Communist World, and the Fascism in Europe was gone. Was it those societies he was projecting into the year 1984 (OK, he was off by ~35 years)? Yet, young foolish George Orwell left England in late1936 to go fight those Fascists, not seeing that this made him basically a Communist. Live and learn, I guess.

Before I go any further, let me just insert this first Wiki paragraph from their Spanish Civil War page for a quick background summary:
The Spanish Civil War (Spanish: Guerra Civil Española) was a civil war in Spain fought from 1936 to 1939. Republicans loyal to the left-leaning Popular Front government of the Second Spanish Republic, in alliance with anarchists, of the communist and syndicalist variety, fought against a revolt by the Nationalists, an alliance of Falangists, monarchists, conservatives and traditionalists, led by a military group among whom General Francisco Franco soon achieved a preponderant role. Due to the international political climate at the time, the war had many facets and was variously viewed as class struggle, a war of religion, a struggle between dictatorship and republican democracy, between revolution and counterrevolution, and between fascism and communism. According to Claude Bowers, U.S. ambassador to Spain during the war, it was the "dress rehearsal" for World War II. The Nationalists won the war, which ended in early 1939, and ruled Spain until Franco's death in November 1975.
OK, this is a book review, not a history lesson, so let me start with this: The version that I read, shown above, has a Foreword and an Introduction. Don't read the Foreword and Introduction first, no matter what you are supposed to do. They spoil the story of the book! "What the hell?, I inwardly exclaimed. I'm guessing these 2 writers were under the impression that everyone else reading this book is a literature professor or critic as they are, and we've all read it before ... or some damn thing. Who does that?! You could read them AFTERWARD, I suppose.

I will try NOT to spoil much of the story. The book is a diary, basically, of Mr. Orwell's time in this part of Spain, Barcelona and thereabouts, in the province of Catalonia, of course. This province is in the very northeast corner of Spain, bounded by the Pyrenees mountains and France to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the southeast, the province of Aragon to the west, and, for a small stretch, the province of Valencia to the southwest. Aren't all these province names romantic sounding? I looked at a map, and you've got Castile, Navarre, Andalusia, etc. No wonder these foreigners like George Orwell (bringing his wife with him, of all things****) wanted to do this young romantic thing and fight for those romantic Spaniards against these evil Fascists, running guns and arms across the Spanish border*****

The very beginning of the book has Mr. Orwell admiring the new way of life in Barcelona, as the leftists have made everyone equal in status. No more wearing of Bourgeoisie clothing - everyone wore demin. Nobody said sir, bowed his head or tipped anyone******. Great, big damn deal. Again, George Orwell didn't call himself one, but he was basically a Commie at heart at this point in his life. This "all animals are equal" bit carried right on into his time in the militia itself. Nobody had to obey orders, exactly. They had to agree first. Mr. Orwell says this worked. I doubt that very much - ask a veteran.

Mr. Orwell left his wife in the safe (at the time) big city of Barcelona and joined a P.O.U.M. militia group on the front lines in the mountains in the Spring of 1937. This militia group was so poorly trained and equipped that the fighting was a joke at first. I don't mean that they were overwhelmed, because the Fascists didn't have a whole lot of equipment at this point either.

The front was in the mountains, with a great distance between the lines. There was just not much real fighting, with a few exceptions. (Luckily that "we are all equal" stuff mentioned above didn't matter so much.) Most of the hardship was the withstanding of the cold through the early Spring and the lack of decent food and clothing. During this period, Mr. Orwell's militia band was fighting with rifles that could have been in service in the previous century, with no modern equipment such as automatic weapons and decent grenades or mortars. The danger from the rifles was mostly to those on his own side. The author's description of all this was basically the first half of the book. That's all the personal experience of the war he encountered, in this little remote line out there in Catalonia. Compared to the whole war, with German and Italian modern fighting equipment (such as aircraft) being supplied to the Nationalists and Russian supplies to the Republicans, there was a whole lot more to it than what Orwell saw. He had to learn the rest from newspapers like everyone else, and his later experiences (see next paragraph) taught him that you're not going to easily get the truth that way.

As Mr. Orwell went back to Barcelona for leave, he encountered an increasing mini civil war within his Republican side (full of Anarchists and Communists). Things got dicey for his P.O.U.M. group. There were lots of different factions, this P.O.U.M., being just one, all of them supposedly fighting against the Fascists together, that were against each other in this confusing, violent time in Barcelona. The author has a couple of Appendices, originally having been chapters in the book, with the complicated political factions described. It will remind the reader very much of the Monty Python scene in The Life of Brian regarding the People's Front of Judea, the Judean People's Front, or was that the Popular Front, Reg? (Did the Monty Python guys possibly have this sort of thing in mind?)

One thing that may be, after all, a parallel in that Spanish Civil War to modern America is that bit with the "splitters". All those factions of malcontents, Commies, Anarchists, what-have-you, they were all against traditional Spain and those evil Fascists. Yet one group of them was rounding up other groups, putting them in jail, and shooting them (including a few of Mr. Orwell's close ex-patriate Brit comrades-in-arms and a Belgian guy). As with the Steve Sailer-dubbed "Coalition of the Fringes", they could only stick together when they focused on their hate of the traditional society. Here, the author had spent 4 months on the front line, as it was, cold and hungry, fighting these Fascists, yet he had to live like a wanted man in Barcelona due to these other Fascist-fighters! George Orwell and his wife were barely able to escape this madness in Barcelona with their lives, making it to France, and later to England, where he could write Homage to Catalonia in peace.

There are big differences between the sides in America's ever-increasingly-hot civil war and the Spanish hot war of 3/4 a century ago. As in current America, the government is on the side of the Commies and Anarchists. In 1936-39 Spain, however, the opposing side still had most of the institutions of society, such as the important Churches. In America, the entire Establishment is part of the enemy now.

The Spanish Nationalists had external help from the German and Italian Fascists. The Republican side had help from Russia (but, of course) and, apparently, Mexico. Traditional Americans have no more establishment institutions and no external help from anywhere. Nope, Trump was not the new Franco, not as if that's the guy we really need anyway. We are completely on our own.

As for George Orwell and this book Homage to Catalonia, he accrued some wisdom over the years. This book was written before then. One can learn a few details about the Spanish Civil War and the activities in Catalonia, sure. Otherwise, it was written by a young foolish romantic who didn't know squat about the world. I give it 2 thumbs down.

PS: The word "Homage" in this book's title does bring up one point that Mr. Orwell brought up a few times. He really liked the personality of the Spaniards, with no political angle involved. He brought up their general goodness and one scene he particularly remembered as an example. As the opposing "Guards" (of some sort, don't have the book on me now) did a search of Orwell and wife's apartment bedroom for any contraband. They tore up everything else but would not rouse Mrs. Orwell out of the bed to do something like check under the mattress for, say, guns or the like! No matter how much they saw him as an enemy, they had this general civility - of course, that works out as the opposite of efficiency in this case - they were Spaniards, not Germans.

* There were anything but real Republicans, but since they fought on the side of the then-current government of that particular Spanish "Republic", that was their appellation.

** Yes, there were the Fascists, such as Franco himself, but both sides of the war were comprised of varied factions. On the Nationalist side, beside the Fascists, there were the Clergy, traditional Spaniards in general, and general anti-Communists.

*** I've read the latter book twice, once per assignment in High School (I wonder if it's even ALLOWED now, much less ASSIGNED) and once about 15 years back. I've got to admit I have not read Animal Farm, so I suppose I'll get to that soon.

**** Sure, I guess some antifa guy from Chicago might bring his fat-ass purple-haired girlfriend up to Kenosha for some rioting, but then would he really care that much if she got backed over by a police cruiser?

***** Yes, big Al Stewart History Rock genre fan over here. This is the part from On the Border - not to be confused with the Eagles song with the same name - it's much different but also a good one:

The fishing boats go out across the evening water,
smuggling guns and arms across the Spanish border.
The wind whips up the waves so loud.
The ghost moon sails among the clouds,
and turns the rifles into silver on the border.

I know, guns ARE arms, but give this songwriter a break.

****** Got a great story on the tipping thing regarding China. Coming up...

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Lost Comms

Posted On: Wednesday - April 21st 2021 7:30PM MST
In Topics: 
  Kung Flu Stupidity

"What we have heah, is failure to communicate."

We're told in school that learning and understanding cool stuff is not enough. We must be able to communicate. Big Biz corporate staff repeatedly tell us that communication is so important to our jobs. It's so important that they have to write emails to us to both show communication skills and demonstrate that their high positions are viable.

What I'm running into now is a real failure to communicate, in Cool Hand Luke parlance, due to the idiotic face masking push, the most visible manifestation of the Kung Flu Hysteria. With all the people that have been vaccinated already, and the rest of us obviously not giving a rat's ass about getting the COVID, you'd think the face masks would be going away.

Nope, per Dr. Fauci and others, we need to double-down, literally. If one face mask on your face makes you feel safe from the 'Rona, then two of them has just GOT to be better, right? Sure, I mean, if you can still breath as if you are still living under an eighteen thousand feet pressure altitude, then what's the harm?

The harm is that I can't understand people very well anymore. It's not my hearing. Yes, I went to my share of extremely loud rock concerts back in the day, but my hearing has been fine. It's too bad I have to pick on them today, but the communications problems for me when dealing with black women seem to be the worst. Is it just the mumbly speech from some to begin with, the mask interference with their lips, or what?

The other day I was having a conversation with a not-too-close colleague. We don't work together often, is what I mean, but we were close in distance - about 3 ft. apart. Luckily the talk was about nothing important, just some stories, because I couldn't make out half of what the lady was saying. I asked for her to repeat a couple of things. Then I noticed she was wearing two face masks, one of the blue medical type ones on the inside and one of those black cloth ones on the outside. Maybe an acoustics engineer could explain it - all I know is that the sound was muffled to the extreme.

I had to just nod a few times, then go back to doing something, You try not to be rude, but it's hard to converse with someone who sounds pretty much like Charlie Brown's Mom.

If the masks don't go, communication suffers. What's it gonna be, corporate big shots? What? You're coming in broken and unreadable.

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