America's Kung Flu recession, women hardest hit! - Part 6

Posted On: Monday - November 16th 2020 8:19PM MST
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(Continued from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.)

It's been another 3 weeks, but Peak Stupidity will fisk this whole article, come hell of high water. This one gets to the meat of the feminist stupidity in Miss Chabeli Carrazanna's compendium of feminist complaints, America's first female recession, so I foresee a less boring post than Part 5.
A caring crisis

For women, in particular, hopes of climbing back out of this recession will hinge on one key, lingering question: What happens to the future of childcare?

The realities of the lopsided division of care inside American households has been on full display since work left the office and entered the home — for those who kept their jobs, anyway. Women in 2020 still take on the overwhelming majority of child care responsibilities, spending 40 percent more time watching their children than fathers in couples in which the parents are married and working full time, according to a study by economists at Northwestern University.
Could it be that men and women were somehow created differently, perhaps? I guess if we can't even admit anymore that we have different body parts, among certain crowds these days, it's even harder to state the truth that men and women have different roles in raising children. I seem to still read about the women being more nurturing, though, when that's important to the narrative. But when it comes to being like men and taking over their world, we can't admit this.

If I'm doing my higher math correctly, that "40% more" means that men are still watching the children for 42% of the time they are being watched. That's a considerable amount, and more than was the case in the old days. The old way was simpler. We didn't watch them. We told them to get outside and come in by suppertime. By then, the caring Mom had made a nice home-cooked meal, and the whole family was happier.

Still "caring crisis" is definitely a thing. I'm having a real hard time giving a shit right now about whatever this woman's been bitching about for 6 Peak Stupidity posts now.
Then child care facilities started closing by the thousands. Since January, 1 in 4 child care providers have lost their jobs and as many as half of all child care slots could be lost with centers closing, according to a study by the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank.

During a regular recession, women may have entered the labor force to supplement their partners’ lost hours; in this recession, with the child care safety net gone, that option is not even available.

When the layoffs started, Diana Niermann remembers some parents cried telling her they were out of a job and would have to pull their kids from daycare. Her Portland, Ore. facility, called the Kozy Kids Enrichment Center, closed on Friday the 13th in March — a bad omen if she ever saw one, she thought then.
This may sound like a vicious cycle here with layoff from other jobs causing women to not have the money for daycare, causing these mostly impersonal babysitting facilities to close, causing layoffs at the daycare centers themselves. To me, it's a virtuous cycle. If they are not working, why wouldn't mothers want to take care of their children themselves? The women at the daycare centers could spend the time at home taking care of their own kids rather than others'. Face it, women like to take care of the little ones. It's what they are made for. I don't understand the good in these complicated arrangements that end up with less parental love for the children.
An infusion of nearly $160,000 in a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program helped keep her from shutting down permanently, but the money was drained quickly to pay her staff, rent and to bring her facility to coronavirus regulation standards so she could reopen in June.
That's $160,000 of those breadwinners' (mostly men) tax money in government cheese. Her staff got months of paid time off. Then there's those coronavirus regulations. Who are the more hysterical ones about this Kung Flu crap, I ask you? I have a number of data points, some of them pretty close to home, very close ...
Of the 92 children Kozy Kids served pre-coronavirus, 17 came back. Much of Niermann’s staff, discouraged by future prospects in the child care industry, didn’t return either. Her director quit on re-opening day.

“I kept thinking in the beginning I was like, ‘Well maybe I’m not supposed to do this,’ but I’ve been through so much that I was like, ‘I’m not giving up, this is what I’ve done my whole life. This is what I believe in: good, quality care,’” Niermann said. “Child care doesn’t pay very much. We need to switch that.”
She "was like" a lot of things. I'd rather not have this lady like talking to my kids like all day.

Oh, and "We need to change that."? Now, there's that free-market talk for ya'. Who is this "we" again, Kemo-Niermann? Try raising your prices. Ooops, though, you might see how many families decide this whole "have it all" lifestyle doesn't pay. Or, you can just keep even more kids with even less attention paid to them. Figure it out, or if you can't make it in business, GTFO and stay home and do something more useful for your own family.
So much of the reason behind that are policies that have often overlooked the needs of working women, said Heather McCulloch founder and executive director of Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap, an initiative working to advance policies that build women’s wealth.

“We don’t recognize women’s roles and so we never ask, ‘Do women benefit?’ McCulloch said. “We completely ignore or undervalue the role that women are playing, not just in their own families as breadwinners, but also as economic drivers of the economy. If women don’t benefit, the policies need to change because we’re all going to lose.”
Let me get this straight: Women have been getting shortchanged because they are undervalued. Even with Affirmative Action all over the place, "the economy" has been screwing over these poor women. If women are thse "economic drivers", why have middle-class wages been stagnating for 50 years now? Besides the immigration aspect, discussed in Part 4, the labor supply has been increased due to so many women in it.

"We are all going to lose." If losing means going back to those bad old days of the conservative nuclear families of the 1950s, well I'm telling you, I'll never get sick of all that #LOSING.

It looks like 2, maybe 3 max., posts on this will finish the job. It's been a fun task, but a long one, as this Chabeli Carrazanna provides the virtual mother load of feminist stupidity.

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Run-in with the PrinciPAL - Part 2

Posted On: Saturday - November 14th 2020 2:56PM MST
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(I may find a more appropriate picture later.)

This post is an expansion of what I wrote in the previous post, The Principal is no longer my Pal, but really more of a continuation of the comments section underneath that post. I thank the commenters for the good discussion.

I will answer Cloudbuster's opinion that during the incident I should have just taken the kid and whatever (probably minor in the short-term) consequences. I used the expression "learn how to pick your battles" from that old post.* Mr. Blanc has wisely told me to that "that's not the hill to die on" regarding something else. "Yeah," the reader, including Cloudbuster, might say, "you're the supposed tough guy telling us not to keep taking this shit." (Yes, I can read the commenters' minds. Why do you ask? Ooops, I know why.)

Let me get back to the details. In the first incident, my kid was still on other side of the fence, with the opening right there though. Yeah, I could have just walked the 6 ft and got him, or commanded him to come over against the wishes of the PrinciPAL standing right there. Believe me, it's not that I don't want to teach him rebellion and cynicism - he's already picked up loads of that! Just the fact that I wasn't wearing the mask among all the others that were showed him that too. Something inside just told me to hold it in on this one. Contrary to Mr. Blanc's praise on my keeping my cool, I really have a hard time with that though. Here, I did, figuring "OK, well, I suppose there were plenty of emails that I don't ever read telling me the parking and kid pick-up/drop-off traffic and all that jazz. I'm gonna chalk that up as my fault".

I know, just a few decades ago bureaucracy like this would have been considered asinine, and nobody would have been there anyway, as my kid would have just gone on his way home by himself. I held my temper completely and amazingly.

The 2nd run-in was the doozy. It WAS getting stupid, like an alternate version of Dirty Harry Callahan being run around the city of San Francisco, from phone booth to phone booth by that deranged killer. I first did just refuse, and I was telling my boy we'd just keep going. However, something in me said that causing trouble for him later** was not worth it this time. What I don't like is that I wavered back and forth on it, that's all. I didn't keep my cool the whole time, or just resist completely. I said words to the effect of "this being stupid" and "sure, we'll walk all the way around."

The lesson is not lost to my boy that you do have to put up with some stupid things, but you've got to know when to take a stand (pick your battle, die - or, hopefully not - on that hill). My stand was not wearing the mask, and I think that was what was bothering everyone around. One Mom and her girl from my son's class, in their closed up vehicle with masks on,just kinda stared at me, as I went by on the first trek to meet him on the other side, like I'm nuts. (Hey, she's not even close to a MILF, the lady, so that didn't bother me a bit.)

There's not a back-up plan yet, Cloudbuster. That's part of the problem I like your ideas and how you handled things. I've homeschooled some during the past Spring, as described in some unz comments (but I'll be danged that I never described it on Peak Stupidity). We've praised homeschooling in 3 posts on "Poking the Beast in the eye with a big stick" - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. It's just that we are not quite set up to have that as a plan B, or really a BETTER plan. I would like to expound on that in a later post about prepping and the on-going awakening of my wife, finally.

Without a Plan B, it's best not to do rash things like get on the outs with the school, YET. By "yet", I mean that I can foresee this happening in the pretty near future, maybe a couple of years. The battle that I will pick will be over the grief we are likely to get when the political incorrectness we have instilled, errr, let's say pays off. There will be trouble for this boy and/or his parents when the time, not very far off, comes when the schools start trying to indoctrinate the kids even harder into the "woke" world. That's when a back-up plan needs to be in place, so I can have it out, and say "screw you all, see ya'!" when it's the right time.

I appreciate all of these constructive and suggestive comments.

* The gist of it was that checkout kid at the grocery store who was 1/2 my age, told me that in reference to my causing a small fuss for being ID'd when obviously over-age for buying beer. I did have a point (it's none of that State's business WHO buys alcohol, only who is at least 21), but was it worth causing any trouble about? Not for me it wasn't, but if more people did that, we wouldn't put up with an encroaching Police State. This was right at 19 years ago, and here we are ...

** No, it's not like stories I've heard from China - the kid would not get called on in class, because his parents were poor and didn't give gifts to her. It'd probably just have meant that he may be seen as that kid with the "nasty" trouble-maker father and embarrass him a bit.

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The Principal is no longer my Pal

Posted On: Friday - November 13th 2020 10:41PM MST
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Maybe she never was. I guess the expression was always said in jest anyway. In this sequel to our post Tagless Recess during the PANDEMIC!, I will relate how I found out that our elementary school principal is much more State bureaucratic cadre than anyone's pal.

She didn't used to seem this way. Has she changed just due to being under the thumb of the school district for so long or this new Kung Flu PanicFest with edicts of all sorts being handed down for here to enforce?

First, it's not so easy to lay down rules about face masks on the little ones:

It's much more productive to give the parents the COVID run-around during pick-up time. I had to park on the far side of the school due to not knowing about some road construction. Well, as I approached the schoolyard, a teacher who somehow had avoided being a total bureaucrat told me "well, this isn't where the 'walkers' get picked up, but your son is out here anyway, so let me call him". My kid was about 6 ft. away when the Principal came over and told us this was simply not how it works. Well, fine, tomorrow I can go to the right place, right? Nope, she sent my kid way around 200 yards, and me around on the other side to meet him at the REAL pick-up place.

I let it go. You've got to know how to pick your battles, right? 5 minutes later, on the other side, I waited a couple of minutes and my boy was there with me. (That's when I told him, in front of people "you can take off the silly mask now".) We headed off toward the car, alongside the school, the opposite of the way I had just gone to get him. I'm guessing our walking in front of all the mask-wearing folks pissed off this school tyrant errr, Principal, as we passed her again while walking. Now, she told us we were going the wrong way for the "flow" they needed (to keep the Covid germies guessing, or something). I got a bit pissed and almost defied her in front of the kid. It wasn't worth it, and it was a nice day to walk some more anyway.

Will he get sent to detention now more often?* Will the sins of the father get put on the son, Old Testament style? An unmasked prophet gets no honor in his own school district, or something like that.

* OK, it was only the one time when he peed on the wall of the school when he had to go badly during recess. This was something that my wife had explicitly told him to do, as "it can hurt you to hold it in." We weren't at all mad at him - the whole thing was hilarious to the whole family.

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Bohemian Rhapsody - The Movie ... and the song

Posted On: Thursday - November 12th 2020 10:25PM MST
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The movie makers, not very original these days, must have found out that making movies of the lives of 1970s artists is paydirt, as there have been s a slew of them out. Peak Stupidity reviewed Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice and also Rocketman about Elton John.

I want to compare the 2018 movie about the band Queen called Bohemian Rhapsody, which I saw recently, to the Elton John Rocketman movie. (The Linda Ronstadt one was more of a documentary.)

I'll state right here that the Queen movie is much better than the Elton John movie. The multiple flaws that I didn't appreciate in Rocketman were not a problem in Bohemian Rhapsody:

1) You want to hear some of the music, of course. In this movie, the songs did not make the movie into a musical, a genre that I never liked, with only a few movie exceptions. In this movie the songs were played either in the background, or with the actors doing a concert scene, or they were from music videos done at the time.

2) Unlike the Elton John movie, this Queen movie was not all gay, gay, gaiety. There was some gay kissing, but none of the gay sex that was in the Elton John movie. This was a big relief. I had thought that there must be some incentive for the studios to keep that in-your-face gay narrative going, by sticking it into (no pun intended) the movies with the great 1970s musical artists that many people want to see.

3) Bohemian Rhapsody did not present a story made to have us feeling sorry for the guy, in this case Freddie Mercury, Queen's flamboyant (and gay) lead singer. This was much better than in Rocketman, as Elton John's Dad's disapproval of his son was a big theme. Something similar iwas in this movie, but the Dad supported his son at the very end.

This movie still had some of that VH-1 "Behind the Music" feel to it. Mr. Mercury (and his band) got famous, then he lost himself or something, then he recovered his mojo by the time of the huge "Live Aid" concert at Wembley Stadium, just when he'd found out he had AIDS and was going to die young.

The actor who played lead singer Freddie Mercury sure looked weird, with his unusual arrangement of teeth and the long hair. The idea was to look like the artist, of course, who had extra incisor teeth, not his idea, I'm sure. In the movie, and I guess in real life, Freddie Mercury said that his bigger mouth due to these extra teeth made him a better singer. His real name was some not-easily-pronouncable Parsi name, and the actor looked much more foreign with the long hair than the real Freddie Mercury did. Once he got a haircut, it made all the difference. He looked more normal, while the rest of the band kept their long hair, not a bad idea, since at that time they had moved into the "hair band" era anyway.

Freddie Mercury got much of the attention in the movie as in real life. He did have an impressive voice. However, I maintain that the band Queen would have been nothing special at all if it hadn't been for the lead guitar playing of Brian May*. It may not have been just his playing (I'm not enough of a critic to compare him to Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, or Jimmy Page), but more the sound out of those amplifiers and the special effects. It reminds me very much of the guitar sound out of Jeff Lynne of ELO (see Mr. Blue Sky, for an example). Whatever it was, on Killer Queen and then the song this movie was named after, those guitar solos are fantastic. The harmony from all the singers, to me best displayed in Fat-Bottomed Girls, was also a big part of their great sound.

I want to mention one scene to comment on a rock band phenomena that I've commented on before. The record company executive in one scene, or I guess that's who he was, had a meeting with the band, as the band had finished the groundbreaking A Night at the Opera album. As the executive noted that he really wanted more of the same formula that Killer Queen and other songs came from, the band stated the usual deal about wanting to be more creative, etc. No doubt, they had been very creative with this new album that had the operatic number that we may all know (damn well should!) Bohemian Rhapsody. It was great stuff, but from what I remember, whenever bands said they were tired of their "old formula", I ended up not being a fan anymore after another album or two. I could bring up many, such as Fleetwood Mac, with their Tusk album, after they had left their old (fantastic) formula behind. The Beach Boys did the same with creative genius Brian Wilson, but than, their latter stuff was not the same, but still good in its own way. Many other bands went downhill fast after this new creative phase started.

Back to Queen and that scene, a big argument ensued, not about the quality of the album itself, but just about which single should be released, Bohemian Rhapsody or You're my Best Friend, a great catchy song. The band insisted on the former, while this executive argued that 6-minute songs didn't get played on (at least AM) radio. It's hard to believe that what happened was the band quitting their big contract over this argument of which single to release. Could they not have released You're my Best Friend first, and then Bohemian Rhapsody after the album sold a bunch of copies?

I'd like to discuss one more detail about this famous song the movie was named after. The movie states at the end that Bohemian Rhapsody had a second run of success after Freddie Mercury died of AIDS in 1991. However, I've been under the impression that is was the famous scene in Wayne's World in which Mike Meyer and Dana Carvey blast the song out in their AMC Pacer, that gave the song new popularity, especially for many who didn't catch the song 1 1/2 decades earlier. I am pretty sure I'm right on this.

Enough about the music, though. I really enjoyed this movie, especialy because it didn't have the blatant in-your-face gay agenda that was in Rocketman.** The story of the band was told well. The band's best songs were in the movie and played right and in a timeline-consistent manner.

Peak Stupidity gives 2 thumbs up for Bohemian Rhapsody, the movie, and the song too:

Queen was:
Freddie Mercury: Lead vocals, piano.
Brian May: Guitar, backing vocals.
Roger Taylor: Drums, backing vocals.
John Deacon: Bass guitar, additional vocals.

* Brian May was a graduate Astronomy/Astrophysics student when the band got big. He had to decide between finishing his PhD or sticking with the band. I think he made the right decision, though I read a few years back that he went back and finished his work to get that PhD.

** I'm guessing that the other band members had some input into this movie. I really doubt they wanted this one to have a gay, gay, gaiety theme, as they were a normal bunch of family blokes.

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Tagless Recess during the PANDEMIC!

Posted On: Thursday - November 12th 2020 10:04AM MST
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I'm not sure how long I can just be calm about this stupidity. I almost had it out with the Principal. And here I'd heard for years that the Principal is your "pal". Things have really changed!

In one of our 13 posts called "Scenes from the Kung Flu Re-panic", Part 6, it was, Peak Stupidity wondered about the effect of this PanicFest on the kids:
It really is sad, what you see in that picture. You don't have to be a out-of-control full-of-compassion women voter to feel bad for the kids. What kind of life is this for them? It's been 20 years since the helicopter parenting has been big, meaning kids just don't run outside to play with friends and get told to come back for dinner*. They've had to have their parents arrange "play-dates".

That's bad enough, but over the last 4 months, they've had to get their parents to lend them their phones or computers just to talk with friends or see them on zoom. That's no way to interact, just on a screen, not for months at a time! (We've been lucky enough to deal with some other parents that don't mind the kids all being out together ... no masks, no muss.)
We got into the face mask business later in that post , as we will here too. School is now open for the kids, at least for a couple of days a week. I had heard some of this stuff was coming, the plexiglass, the mask wearing, and the other rules. Now, it's become real. I am hoping this is still better for the kids than interacting on computers completely (as far as school goes), but it may be a wash.

I didn't bring up this elementary school boy to be a strict rule follower. He knew the masks were required, and is complying. After school, just seeing all the kids AND all the parents outside with the face diapers on was plain depressing to me. I ended up making one remark to a Mom of 4 I know, just out of disgust. (The remark wasn't AT her, but she asked me how things were going right when I'd just seen the scene out there. She's a flaming lefty anyway, but normally we don't get into that, so I did feel bad a bit, as I guess she thought I was angry at her.) Then, there were the remarks to the Principal, but I'll get to that part in another post.

"What about recess?" I asked my boy, as he has no problem with schoolwork, so my concern was is he going to get to play with his friends regularly finally. They have to wear masks outside, while running around or on the playground equipment. They have to stay 6 ft. apart! I mean, this stuff is enforced too. How Orwellian are things going to get? Not only that, how much general stupidity is going to be mixed in with it?. As me and my kid discussed, if you're gonna pretend to be worried about the Kung Flu, I could see the 6 ft. OR the mask-wearing, but not BOTH. Actually we both noted either rule alone is just asinine.

So, they cannot even play tag. There are eyes watching. On the playground equipment, since they must maintain 6 ft separation, one kid can't spin the other one on that dizziness inducing* deally that they like so much. Since I like to get this boy thinking critically and mathematically, I asked him this: "Hey, what about the swings? You can't stay 6 feet apart all the time if you swing right next to another kid right?" He was smiling while understanding what I was saying. He's way too young for Calculus, but still "you're gonna be 10 ft apart, if you're way forward and he's back there, but then it goes to 8, 6 4, 2, 4, 6 ...." is a good start. He noted that, yeah, the swings must be an exception. We are learning about math and Orwellian Stupidity at the same time, without spending 2 hours to color, cut, and glue in order to properly teach the subject like a professional.

As soon as my boy got past the police tape that is being used as a temporary COVID-emergency barrier for the pick-up area, with masked people everywhere, I told him nice and loudly "you can take off the silly mask now. Let's go home."

* Let me tell you, I can't last 30 seconds at maybe 60 rpm on that thing, much less lasting till the thing slows down from 200 rpm the way the kids do it. I can't hold my school lunch like I used to.

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Save Ferris Joey!

Posted On: Tuesday - November 10th 2020 7:07PM MST
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Very likely the VP, with her old "mentor" who helped pop her glass ceiling:

Pretty soon we're going to need more than "SAVE JOEY" bumper stickers, that is assuming that the Blue-squad holds onto their hard-earned "win" in what's not over with in Election '20. Joe Biden maybe be half senile, he rags on White People just to show how cool he is, and he'll spend like a normal 77 y/o when confronted by highly capable window salesman, except with OPM).

Yeah, it'll be bad, but not so bad, knock on wood your Senator's head, as if, well, face it, it'll be "when", this Kamala piece of work moves into the Ovaltine office. I had only known before about her background in San Francisco California screwing and blowing her way up through the ranks of local politics with "mentor" Willie Brown. VDare writer Lance Welton* had a very interesting biographical article about half-dot-Indian, half Jamaican Kamala Harris a couple of weeks ago - Kamala Harris—A Barely-Black ”Immigrant American”?. There are also 2 articles on VDare by one "Angie Saxon", hehe, about Kamala Harris' background - Racism Begins at Home and Working Girl Makes Good**. (Great stuff, Miss Saxon! Thank you.)

There's a lot I didn't know, and maybe didn't want to know, about this D primary dropout who may magically be President. You can read Mr. Welton's and Miss Saxon"s articles to get the background (he did a good job on this one), but the gist of it is that Mrs. Harris' background is eerily similar to ex-Prez Øb☭ma's. They both have pretty foreign backgrounds, not your Mom, baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet types by a LONG RUN. Mr. Øb☭ma was born in either Kenya or Hawaii, depending on which version of Photoshop you have loaded, and spent a lot of time in Indonesia. Mrs. Harris came from India by way of Berkeley, California, which has been AINO since the early 1960s. (Oh, that's American In Name Only.) At 12 y/o her Mom felt like should couldn't get any slack, being obviously black-looking to the caste and took her from India back to the US after 6 years in between in Quebec, Canada,

Mr. Øb☭ma came from a broken home in which his deadbeat worthless Kenyan father left his young mother, extreme radical Ann Dunham. Mrs. Harris' Mom, Shyamala Gopalan, a racist .Indian of the Brahmin Caste (Caste motto: "You can't touch this stuff!") was not happy, it sounds like, being married to her Dad, Steven Harris, though he was a very respectable Jamaican Stanford Professor. Per Miss Saxon's first article the marriage up and "collapsed" and Mr. Harris obviously did not cut and run, since it was a "contentious divorce". However, the Mom gets to take the kids, don't it always seem to go?

These 2 people are very foreign to us. There are plenty of people from "broken homes" who do well and are stable, adjusted individuals, but the chance of that is still lower than with someone from a stable home, and it'd sure be nice if he/she was an American. We tried this shit before with Øb☭ma. He did not help this country in any way. With a couple of hundred million eligible people to choose from, could even the Blue-squad not have ended up with a senile plagiarizing half-wit, ready to be replaced at any moment by another foreigner from a broken home? I dunno, maybe that's just me...

* He's not one of the usual VDare writers respected by this blogger, as he just tends to put too much psychology-based mumbo-jumbo to explain people whose personalities can be explained much more simply - they are stupid and/or evil. See our post Affirmative Action for the marble-supply-challenged, in which we discussed this writer's work a little bit.

** I already linked to Mr. Welton's article, so I'll keep that, but Miss Saxon's 2 articles give a better background biography.

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A Father's Love - David Goldman

Posted On: Tuesday - November 10th 2020 11:14AM MST
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The topic of the book that I'm reviewing here is not particularly timely or relevant to any other stupidity going on, but I just read it, so I'll be danged if I won't write a short review on it.

A good thing about this review of David Goldman's book A Father's Love, written in '11, is that I'm not writing this one 2 months after reading it, or even a few YEARS later, as I've done. It's been just 2 days. I even have it on me, in case I need to look anything up, but this will be pretty general.

I think it was an commenter, as usual, who mentioned this nonfiction book about a 4 y/o boy's abduction by his mother and the father's (David Goldman's) great efforts to get him back. Just so you know, there's nothing to be "spoiled" by my mentioning the ending of the story. This is close to one of those feel-good books Okra or whoever's on daytime TV now might push, so we know the ending from the get-go. Even the book jacket mentions Mr. Goldman getting his son back.* Sean Goldman, 4 years old when he was kidnapped, in 2004, is now a young adult, and has been on TV with his Dad, talking about the subject of the type of crime he, and his father, were victims of.

OK, so this is not to be read for the suspense. It's supposed to make one feel good about Mr. Goldman's perseverance. There's no doubt about that, but really it's not a good read though. Because the author goes into so much detail on the legal and political struggle and shenanigans, which are enough to bring the blood pressure up 25 points, it's just a frustrating story, and I ended up skimming a bit to get to any happy parts. That takes a long while!

Without going into that much detail, let's get to the story. David Goldman, a model and fishing charter boat Captain, had a happy marriage to a Brazilian women named Bruno. They had met in Italy as he was doing his modeling work, he imported her to his nice part of New Jersey (near the shore, Bruce Springsteen territory), then got married in December of 1999, and they had a boy named Sean in May of 2000**. Here is one of the B&W photos in the insert section, this one being of the happy family, soon before the bad news:

Yeah, well, upon one of the normal-seeming vacations out of Newark, NJ to Brazil (they traveled a lot), wife Bruna and her parents, who were rich Brazilians who spent time in both countries, decided they were simply going to stay in Brazil, with son Sean but not his Dad. This was no spur-of-the-moment decision, though, as Bruna and her parents, who were heavily involved, had this planned out. David was by far the last to know what was going on. He received a phone call that changed his life. (There, do I sound like Okra, or a Yahoo headline, yet?)

There was a rich and powerful Brazilian guy involved from early on in this break-up, or perhaps before (that's not clear). It turns out that her problem with her husband, best as he could ever determine it. was just that Mr. Goldman, part-time model, co-owner of a fishing charter operation, loving Dad, and provider of a nice house on a beautiful spread of land in a New Jersey Whitopia, was just not rich enough for her.

Does this sound familiar? It should, if you enjoy humor and have read Peak Stupidity's one (so far) embedded Telenovelas are Hell video***. Yeah, David was not rich enough for Bruna, but it was bigger than that. Her new man, one Joao Paulo Lins e Silva, was a rich and powerful Brazilian guy who I guess wanted the new complete instant family. This is where it gets downright funny for a bit. Mr. Goldman's ex-wife Bruna's brother is only mentioned in only one paragraph, on the page right after the one that got me thinking "hey, this is starting to sound like a freaking telenovela." I about LOLed when I read "Bruna's brother had attended the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York and had made some minor appearances in Brazilian telenovelas". Haha, so THAT'S how it is in their family!

This was a hell of a thing for a father, as, though, at least David had been informed in that unexpected phone call, trying to even see his son was no easy matter, and it took years to even get to do that, much less bring him home. As I wrote earlier, much of the book is about the legal battles being fought against a powerful family in a country in which the rule-of-law is not set up for the little guy. There had already been the "Hague Convention" to try to help parents in this international parent abduction business, so that, and all sorts of law. lawyers, and legal battles are discussed. It's just too much, but Mr. Goldman wanted to tell the whole story.

Something like 60-odd kids had been kidnapped by Brazilian parents, and 3,000 or so throughout the world, with mostly the Moms as the kidnappers, as of the time of the book's being written. That's not really a big number at all in the scheme of things, but a terrible ordeal, over, in this case, 4-5 years, for any parent. Mr. Goldman is a tougher man than me, in being able to take the continual postponements, blocking of his lawyer's moves, and political and legal abuse, without having eventually beat the living shit out of some Brazilian lawyer or judge and spending the rest of his life in a hole there. That took real toughness and love for this boy.

One of the biggest things that helped out David Goldman in getting his son back is that Bruna died in childbirth down there in Brazil having Mr. e Silva's daughter. That was a big break in the case (that's the way I'd see it, after all that), as the only real parent was David Goldman. Still, this went on and on...

After so many efforts of Mr. Goldman and his lawyers, and Congressman, his case, as can be seen if one duckduckgo's it, became big news story finally. That didn't do it for a long time either, but even the big politicians got involved. (That explains the Hildabeast's being on the book jacket, and I'll give her one non-antiChrist vote for that one.) Any parent without all this help may never have gotten his child back.

Well, this one kind of went on a while, so I'll just bring up one more point. This book was mostly just about David Goldman's (eventual) high-profile case, and a little bit about other international cases. However, this stuff happens plenty within the US. I know personally of a guy whose wife absconded with his daughter with no word of whereabout or even who did the kidnapping for days and then months before he could even see his child. It is indeed better to deal within a legal system that is not quite so crooked, for now, but let me put it this way, as far as how things go here: Were it the guy I know who'd done that, he'd have been in jail for kidnapping for some years. He'd never, ever have custody of his daughter again, even if the ex-wife went off the deep end crazy. No, but for kidnappings by mothers, there is some kind of get-out-of-jail-retain-custody-anyway-for-free passes around.

Well, I read the book, I wrote the post, what more can I say, besides, this book is not that great entertainment. I'd only recommend it if you care about the political/legal angle, or maybe you are ready to import a foreign bride yourself. Be careful out there!

PS: Maybe there'll be a movie out someday. I'd go see that.

* Speaking of the jacket, it does, however, have a recommendation by one "Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State". That was quite troubling.

** Interestingly, the engagement date is given non-specifically as just "1999". I guess this could be called a shotgun wedding, but it didn't sound like either had to be poked in the back with the 12 guage.

*** It was only 11 days ago, but then we've been busy here. The clip we showed was of a Mexican telenovela, but there are Brazilian ones too. There will be more of those "Telenovelas are Hell" to come. As far as Latin American videos go, it's a tough call between hot bikini weather girl Flavia and the humorous takes on the telenovelas (Latin-style, extreme soap opera). Our friends down south are known for big tits and big drama. I've seen it myself.

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Joe Biden's subterranean homesick blues and the godless tornadoes

Posted On: Monday - November 9th 2020 11:26AM MST
In Topics: 
  Elections '16 - '20  The Russians  TV, aka Gov't Media  Humor  Poetic Stupidity

Just a note here: Peak Stupidity won't use the term "President" for this guy until State governments have wimped out like the usual Fed sackhangers they are made some decisions.

An Instapundit link led me to a Jazz Shaw article on the site about Joe Biden's rehashing the same old points about his fight against the Kung Flu menace. See Biden Prepares His Virus Response Which Looks Awfully… Familiar.

No, on second thought, please don't see this one. I only went to that site to check on the supposed plagiarism as hinted at by Glenn Reynolds' link. Mr. Shaw is a full-blown panicker. I don't need that, but his point was that Mr. Biden's big plans to defeat the Covid-one-niner are very much the same as President Trump's were (again, but Mr. Shaw takes it all as serious as a heart attack). Will we see any actual plagiarism, as Americans with memories may recall from The Lyin' Press of 1988? (The TV news was still a lot different then.)

I am only posting this because, if this election ends up the way everyone is thinking and assuming, there may be a lot of unintentional humor from this half-senile ex- and maybe current- plagarizer-in-chief. I mean, that is if we can hear anything about it by getting around the Feral Gov't's Lyin' Press Branch.

I guess they'll have a team of speechwriters for Joe Biden, but they'll need some other coaches too for any press conferences. Is there a basement in the White House? Hey, don't know, but Bob Dylan sang about this way back:

Joey's in the basement,
'ministrin' the government.
Hunter's on the pavement,
mixin' up the "medicine".
He sometimes wears a trench coat,
underneath clothes off,
wants to get paid off
from his pal Testicov.

Look out, kids,
no matter what they did.
Joe's wearing pantyhose,
hopped up on No-doze.
Not even he knows
what fungus grows on his big toes.
Watch out for the bros
and all their skanky ho's.
You don't need a weather man
to know just whom Kamela blows.

Hell, I'm no singer. Let me call up The Byrds and see if they could do this one better this time.

Yeah, anyway, one of these days Joe Biden is gonna screw the pooch, even with all the help from the handlers. I look forward to the day he pulls a Les Nessman, so I can watch it on youtube.

"C'mon man! Just substitute "Covid Nineteen" wherever it says 'the Russians'".

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Your cheatin' hearts, will turn States blue ...

Posted On: Saturday - November 7th 2020 9:30PM MST
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  Elections '16 - '20  Music  ctrl-left

Not only the methods of cheating in the '20 election were myriad, but the various methods of determining that cheating was done are many too. I'll have to post on that later, at least linking to one web-page I've read that describes all the goings on. Pink to light blue, to red. That's the only way it ever seems to go. That's pretty curious.

They say it's over. I mean there's a map and all, on the Fox News site. The Associated Press declared Joe Biden, with his vice-slut Kamela the winner of this Presidential election.

They up and DECLARED it, like Michael Scott here:

(Please watch the whole The Office clip here, if you just want to laugh in general.)

Yeah? Since when does the Associated Press, or ANY media organization decide a national US election? The US Constitution says otherwise. I wish more Americans knew this. Other than the 2000 Florida brewhaha, the elections in my and maybe every single living Americans' lifetimes have been decided with enough votes in enough States to make the electoral vote count clear enough. We figured it the big news media wrapped it up, then it was a done deal. The cheating was never large enough, or at least blatant enough, to have made the difference. At least that's how it's looked, up till now.

This time the States with the very close results really need to stand up. I'm not saying they will, as States have given up their power to the Feds, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily, steadily over the years. Likely most State legislators think deciding school closings and the state budget are their biggest powers. Nobody has the guts to stand up to anything Federal, but this time it's really the Big Media, kind of a branch of the Feral Gov't, that they'd be standing up to. That's also scary to them.

Trump can't do this alone.

Since the song may be in your head, here's Hank Williams:

Hank Williams wrote and recorded Your Cheatin' Heart in 1952. It was released in 1953, after he had died.

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Corporate liars, learning units, and violence in the workplace

Posted On: Saturday - November 7th 2020 9:02PM MST
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  Political Correctness  Race/Genetics  Big-Biz Stupidity

Just the good ol' boy, never meanin' no harm...

It was time the other day to get started on some recurrent learning for my job, done on-line, of course. That was the case for this stuff even way before the Kung Flu. OK, it is mostly stuff that I do need to review, and I take it seriously.

About the only thing I usually don't like about this deal is the 3rd-party "learning" software itself, which can get buggy sometimes. I can't always count on not having to start a 10-minute lesson over, just occasionally. Secondly, at the beginning and end of a these units software takes you through 5 clicks, as in "click here", now "click here", wait for an arrow, "wait 5 second" click it, "tap anywhere on the screen". Hey, you're a computer program, dammit! If you know what you need me to do, then YOU fucking do it! I thought computers were good for that repetitive stuff... I dunno...

I will stop the rant about the Artificial Stupidity to get to the different point of this post. The first "learning" unit I got to this time was a new one. It was some corporate mumbo-jumbo (wish I could remember the name, but it's thankfully not on my virtual to-do list anymore!) about workplace threats and that. I'm not really in their world on corporate crap, and once I started the unit up, I realized I am REALLY not in their world at all.

See, every one of the bad guys in this lesson on how to see bad deeds done (dirt cheap) in the workplace was a white guy. It wasn't just the one obligatory police-sketch-artist drawing of mustached mean-ass looking possibly white guy. There's plausible deniability there, as, well, he could be partly black, hard to tell, and maybe even one of those immigrant mass murderers - do Moslems wear hoodies? (Maybe they do up in Dearbornistan - gets damn chilly up there.) No, but there were color photos of white guys, ONLY, who I'm pretty sure work at the company and had their mean faces and gestures on and up for the lesson. First, I hope they are hourly employees and made a few bucks at it, but secondly, I thought we were a diverse workplace environment, dammit! I keep hearing and reading that. There was absolutely no diversity in this 45-minute lesson. This was not my diverse attacker. This was not my beautiful workplace. It's these same old pale males again. Same as it ever was!

Keep in mind as you read this that it wasn't as though I was paying great attention to this lesson in "run, hide, or fight". Haha, the one fight" slide (do we still call them "slides"?) I saw had a lady with her laptop raised over her head. I mean she was ready to fight. That was no modern thin-ass, chicklet-keyboard style unit. I mean, it could have been a 17 lb. Lenovo 610S, so watch the hell out, workplace violence perpetrators! That thing is bulletproof. I don't know what happened as the sound wouldn't work for the last 2/3 of the lesson.

No, but the thing is, I know bullshit when I load it up, and even before I saw all the bogus white security-alarm-commercial white men, I was ready to blow this thing off best I could. I was in luck with 2 things. This particular long lesson (45 minutes, as I wrote above) did not have slides that require the user to click "CONTINUE" buttons. I'd have been screwed, as I needed to take a dump and subsequently a shower. After that, it was time for breakfast while perusing Steve Sailer post comments. Also, it didn't have a long test at the end, or I'd have had to make 5 or 10 runs at it.

I got out of the shower, and the damn tablet screen was dark. What a waste of 20 minutes of my life that I'll never get back! (Maybe if I get attacked later and beat all hell out of the guy with this tablet, I'll be more than even, though ...) I had the sound way, way down so I could barely tell if it cut off, meaning I'm supposed to to something, and I guess it got sick of waiting for me to shave.

After starting it over, I kept the tablet close so I could monitor it and touch the screen once in a while to keep learning while I read Sailer comments on another device and ate my fruit and a few carbs. That's when I occasionally noticed the plethora of white male attackers and the other stupidity. I'm very glad it didn't ask me any hard questions, involving race, immigrant mass murder syndrome (True or False), and the like. I actually aced the thing, all 3 of the random questions that, luckily, didn't time out on me.

It was very nice, BTW, to get back to the regular lessons on actual physical semi-technical stuff that I really do need to know. What a relief!

I really don't appreciate being blatantly lied to, whether I get paid for it or not. There probably are some young and naive people who really go for the narrative that was contained in that long presentation. The corporate people put it out to cover their asses, but corporations are places of great virtual signaling now too. I noted on this unit that there was some mass murder incident at a Waffle House. (The sound was either way down or not working, so I just saw some brief wording.) Yes, you can find white guys doing these deeds and cherry pick those incidents. I suppose in the Waffle House attack, some people really did get scattered, smothered, and covered. There were no lies of commission, just lies of omission. Any kind of black, Hispanic, or immigrant mass murder event was just not to be mentioned.

I'll let VDare cover the Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome more comprehensively than we have*, but how about that Fed-Ex flight 705 attack 26 years ago? Is the cockpit of a DC-10 not a workplace? I'd heard of that incident for 20 years before I found out that it was a disgruntled black pilot (he'd lied about his flight time so was in trouble) that tried to kill the pilots and flight engineer with hammers and a spear gun and crash the bird. He almost did too. However, after one big struggle involving severe aircraft maneuvers all 3 of the flight crewmembers survived but were hurt so seriously they could never fly commercially again.

There was no mention of Fed-Ex Flight 705 in this unit. I would have really liked to learn something from that. Alas, #StoryTooBlack

* It was in Canada, not America, but the reader may want to enjoy our post Immigrants doing the Cannibalization that Americans JUST WON'T DO.

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Adam Smith's reply to Mr. Ganderson, on the PanicFest as a cult

Posted On: Saturday - November 7th 2020 10:22AM MST
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  US Police State  Liberty/Libertarianism  Bible/Religion  Healthcare Stupidity

From Salon:

No, I wouldn't call it anxiety, in my case. I'd call it being fed up!

I thought this was another good long comment that deserved to be read by other readers who may not click to read comments. It's also from the thread under this post.

Note that the ideas about this PanicFest resembling, or BEING, a cult phenomena were originated by Mr. E.H. Hail in various of his many posts on the subject on his Hail to You blog.

PS: Good afternoon Mr. Ganderson...

I hope this letter finds you well,

I'm sorry to hear that New England is doubling down on panicfest. It seems the true believers and the panickers want to amplify the insanity, forever. I can only imagine how depressing and troubling it must be for a sane gentleman like yourself to witness this in your daily interactions. I am watching from afar, well isolated from the nonsense, and I too find it deeply troubling.

[Mr. Smith has a link here to a Lew Rockwell article called "What are we going to say to the Children?" by Mark Sircus.]

For example, one effect of panicfest that I find horribly troubling (as per the above link*) is that adults aged 25-44 saw the largest increase in “excess” deaths from previous years, a 26.5% jump. It has been suggested that the shocking increase in deaths among this cohort is attributable primarily to deaths of despair or deaths linked to the so called “lockdown” measures. According to the CDC, 100,947 excess deaths were not linked to the most sinister of viruses.

I believe, as does Mr. Hail, that Covid, peace be upon It, is a state sponsored religious cult. I do not believe this is an organic occurrence. I believe we are witnessing a global mass hypnosis, traumatic mind control event. This is why, as you say, "They are impervious to evidence...", and they will remain so. Their amygdalas have been hijacked, their rational minds have been bypassed and their behavior is being controlled by the manipulation of their subconscious minds. They are receptive to continued suggestions by the constant messaging, and other cues. I'm sure you've heard the radio, watched the TV, read the news, seen the signs, heard the background noise played in the stores...

"Social Distancing", "Virtual Learning", "Testing", "Stay Home, Stay Safe", "Cases!", "New Normal", "Pandemic", "Reopening", "Protect your family from the coronavirus with a flu vaccine", "Lockdown", "Believe the science", “SaveLives!”, “We must defeat this virus before we can fix the economy”, “Listen to the guidance”, “Stop the Spread”... These are not the best examples of the way the hypnosis words are used, but I'm sure you get the idea. The messaging and cues are ubiquitous.

Everything is laced with these buzz words and clichés promoting panic. The face diapering is a powerful symbol to the believers and those who have been entranced that they should remain in fear. Most dangerously, they believe anyone who is not in the cult is a threat who must be dealt with as such. It's instructive that they refer to us "corona deniers" in such denigrating terms.

I am unfortunately not surprised by these troubling developments. As a ponerologist I often view events and human behavior through what I call the Milgram/Asch lens. The vast majority of people will do exactly as they are told (including horribly evil acts) when told to do so by people perceived to be in positions of “authority” (Stanley Milgram) and most people do not have the courage to believe their own eyes if it means deviating from the collective opinion of strangers or peers (Solomon Asch). I also believe that primary psychopathy is not limited to a mere 1% of the population. In my opinion about 6% or 7% of the population have what I call primary psychopathy while another ~10% have what I call secondary psychopathy.** With this in mind it seems ominously easy to engineer such a mass hypnosis event provided you have control of some powerful institutions and an apparatus by which to disseminate your official propaganda. At the same time, all dissent must be ridiculed, censored, or beaten out of the wrongthinkers (when necessary). (Looking at you New Zealand.)

I agree with you when you say “I think what's happening is that there are largely two camps”...

In the Milgram and Asch experiments there are a small portion of the people who do not follow orders and those who will believe their own lying eyes. There are some people who are less susceptible to hypnosis. Most people are what I would call “authoritarian followers” while some smaller number of us are libertarians. I think these are primarily the two different camps.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to fix the sizable problem at hand. Like other recovering members of any dangerous cult, these people will have to be unhypnotized and deprogrammed. When the dominant part of a society is in the cult... well... interesting times are upon us...

Fortunately, we are not alone. There are pockets of resistance springing up. Many people are growing weary of the restrictions and the obedience training. This insanity cannot continue forever. Please try not to worry and please do not let these troubling developments scare you. Worry and fear are usually not helpful, and can often impair our judgment.

Perhaps there are ways we can reach some of our hypnotized brethren? It will likely have to happen just one person at a time as we do not have control of the all powerful electronic hypnotist.

Though I wish we did.

I hope you have a great day Mr. Ganderson.
And I hope you feel better soon.

* I've no idea how accurate these numbers truly are, as there are so many fraudulent numbers flying around these days. I didn't have time to fact check this. Sorry if it is not entirely accurate.

** Primary psychopaths are the real nasty evil manipulators that truly have no conscience. The secondary psychopaths are those other folks who do have a conscience, but are more concerned with climbing the hierarchy. They will do horribly evil things when told to or if it will advance their career or sometimes just for kicks. They will rationalize away their evil behaviors. Together they make up about 16% of the population. Many of them end up in prison, or do not have the power to harm people on a large scale, but many high functioning psychopaths and sociopaths become powerful people with the power and capacity to inflict immense destruction. They are over represented in positions of power.


Hey, even Mr. Smith's peace sign emoticons came through here!

I've got plenty of blogging of my own on stupidity to come. This apple device just sent me a nasty message on the election. Nothing's over yet, just because the Associated Press says it is. I'll have more on that, but I've got another post cooked up about a "learning unit" I had to semi-endure recently. That'll be later today.

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Tom Woods - "The Fact-Free COVID Dystopia"

Posted On: Friday - November 6th 2020 7:01PM MST
In Topics: 
  US Police State  Liberty/Libertarianism  Orwellian Stupidity  Healthcare Stupidity

It's been a week and a half since I wrote on Mr. Hail's site that I would put this video up "tomorrow". It doesn't matter when you watch it, and we have mostly a quorum of deniers here, ;-}. Also, this Presidential election has taken our minds off the Kung Flu PanicFest for a week or so.

This is a great talk by Tom Woods. If we could only get all Americans to spend the 45 minutes to watch it, this PanicFest would be all over with. I know, the authorities don't want it to end, no matter what they really think of the the Covid-one-niner, but most people would quit listening. Could we break this up into 180 15 second segments that could be put in front of "crazy cat antics" videos on youtube? That would reach a LOT of people. Oh, and let's put it before Chilean weather bikini bimbo meteorologist Flavia videos too?

Tom Woods on "The Fact-Free COVID Dystopia:

Thomas E. Woods is a Libertarian author/historian who is a fellow at the Mises Institute. He gave this talk on October 9th of this year on Jekyll Island, Georgia. I wish I could have been there.

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Mr. Ganderson's report from the Soviet of Massachusetts

Posted On: Friday - November 6th 2020 10:25AM MST
In Topics: 
  US Police State  Healthcare Stupidity

I feel lucky to be in a State in which things are not so strict, or just people don't take things as seriously. At the auto parts store 2 days ago, I didn't wear a mask in the store, back out to mess with the car, back in again to pay ... I think everyone else did, and I am starting to give them all weird "WTF??" looks now.

Sorry, but this mask thing has been my biggest complaint about the Kung Flu PanicFest (note that almost all of the 13 Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer Re-Panic posts were about the masks). I know that the economic damage is really a much more important effect, but I believe the mask wearing is a show of compliance now. I don't know who the hell I see that is actually worried about getting COVID-19!

OK, on to Mr. Ganderson's report/rant from the Mass Soviet, written as a comment under our post We voted today. Please take the time!

Governor Baker, aka "Tall Deval". Just another Masshole.:


I posted this over at Hail- although I can't see it- when I attempted to post it again it said I'd already posted. Anyway folks, I'm really getting worried about the panic:

Looking at my paper this morning, it looks very much like we are heading back where we were around Eastertime- the panickers are back in control- maybe they never left, but they are intensifying their efforts to lock us all down- governments all over western Europe are locking down again, the Governor of Kansas is trying to institute a state wide, no county opt out mask requirement, people in Minnesota are talking about how 'bad' things are in South Dakota and Wisconsin DEATHS OFF THE CHARTS!!! CASES SURGING!!!

Hail, I buy your Corona as a religion, but this seem insane in a way I can't comprehend- it's like double the insanity of April and May. Maybe it's about the election, but the lockdowns in Europe certainly aren't about the election in the US.

I'm taking a course online right now. (it's training to teach online, not related to Coronadoom, but though a company that's been doing online stuff for awhile)

From what I can tell a huge % of the 30 or so of us that are taking the course are panickers- I think they really believe this is the Black Death, and I have no clue how convince them otherwise. They are impervious to evidence- look at the Tweets underneath the KS governor's announcement of her attempt to mask Dorothy, Toto, Auntie Em and all the other Kansans. Some are sensible, but most are panickers.

I think what's happening is that there are largely two camps- The Black Death maskers close everything down people , and those of us like the folks that post here. We see the panickers as dangerously deluded; not stupid, because most of our cognitive elites are panickers. They see us as deniers. I don't know how else to put it, but I don't know ANYONE who doesn't think there's a rather new (how new is open to question) virus in town, which presents some public health problems to be solved. We're not deniers. But what I see from the other side is the notion that the only reason to stop these draconian measures would be no positive tests for Corona, which is INSANE. Are we going to do this for every other bug in the world?

And just to repeat myself, what do your eyes tell you? Forget about Hail's and Briggs's and Heller's fine graphs and charts, what do you see in your daily forays into the world? Are we in the first 100 pages of "the Stand?" Are there bodies stacked up? People dropping dead on the street? How many people does anyone know that's really gotten sick? Or dead? Any increase in hospital admissions, for any reason, is now cause for more draconian measures. I had thought that when the President got sick and recovered we'd be done, but it seems like the White House illnesses led almost directly to the current doubling down.

Sorry for the rambling, but I'm starting to get scared- detention camps in New Zealand, arrests in Australia- the sick level of mask compliance and panicking here in New England. The word of the day is INSANE!


If it's OK with Commenter Smith, I will put his comment reply to this in another post.

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Re-bunking the Sailer Strategy after Nov. 3rd '20 - Part 2

Posted On: Thursday - November 5th 2020 2:42PM MST
In Topics: 
  Elections '16 - '20  Pundits  Race/Genetics

(Continued from Part 1.)

NOTE: I noticed one big mistake here and a couple of small ones. so I redid the numbers. The large mistake was my multiplying/subtracting of the under-18 percentage from only the white non-voters. Obviously, it should have been taken off all voters. How much of the under-18, or conversely 18 and over population is white/non-white is another story.

Take a state like Minnesota, please! (Never gets old.) From the US Census (estimates for 2019), 79.1% of Minnesotans (just for example, but a good example because it shows dark blue right now) are white non-hispanic. There are 5.6 million Minnesotans total ( everything here is 2019 numbers), making 4.43 million white Minnesotans. Of those, if we take the 23.1% that the census page above says are under 18 y/o off (with an assumption that this percentage holds throughout all races/ethnicities, we get 3.41 white Minnesotans able to vote, age-wise.

From the vote total from Minnesota of 3.19 million on the Fox News site map, one can calculate that 57% of Minnesotans voted and 74% age-eligible voters did come out (big assumption here is no cheating. Yeah, right.) If the people who did vote are also equally weighted equally by race/ethnicity, then that'd be 2.52 million white people that voted. That leaves right at 2/3 of a million white people who didn’t come out but could have.

Would at least 35% of those white people able to vote have gone on-line to register, and spent an hour to vote early, if Trump had been at least giving some good speeches that didn’t tout all he could do for everybody BUT White people? Who knows? If that many had gotten enthusiastic from some Trump enthusiasm* showing he at least was working a teensiest bit to help them and understood they’ve been getting screwed over and disparaged for years, well, that’d have been a 230-odd thousand, the amount that would have put him over the top.**

OTOH, there were only 6% Hispanics in Minnesota (legal that is) in 2019, per that Census estimate. Of the 77% age-eligible (and that is generous, as they are likely younger) and taking into account that they are not very politically active, I estimate that they represent 1/4 million votes TOTAL in the state. If you double a 20% Hispanic Trump vote to 40%, it's only 50,000 more votes.

Sure, Texas and California have an order-of-magnitude more Hispanics. Their votes do matter, but still, they should not be sought at the expense of the white people who just stay home out of disgust, in large numbers.

Those are the numbers, from just one State picked as an example, that I think are what one needs to understand the Sailer Strategy. I only pulled out the one paragraph’s 35% by back-calculation, but you see that white vote numbers can still be overwhelming, were they to vote like a bloc even half-assedly compared to blacks.

To get back off the numbers for this conclusion, let me say this. People's expectations of the Hispanic and black vote for Trump were greatly exceeded (at least on the former). Of course we are happy about that and somewhat surprised. However, the numbers are still below a majority, and for a more conservative guy, even if he does pander to them, if doing that better than Trump is even possible, there won't be a majority. You can't make it up in volume, people. OK, so visit Hispanic areas on the campaign, eat some #2 meals (usually that's 2 tacos and one enchilada) with the amigos. Fine. Just don't blow off the white vote by doing things like giving $500,000,000,000 of mostly white people's money*** for a "Platinum Plan" for blacks because, they were really upset for a while. People remember that sort of thing and stay home. I don't blame them one bit, really.

I added a whole lot to this post, but this one more point ought to have been written before. Even those who do not agree with the Sailer Strategy may still very well be anti-immigration-invasion. I get that. The "make it up in volume" thing is a moot point if you just state that we are trying to work with what we've already got. It's still easier to win by going after the votes of discouraged, disaffected, and rightly pissed-off white people than Hispanics.

The Hispanic vote for Trump was encouraging. That in no way debunks the Sailer Strategy.

* I am not saying that President Trump has been at least as good as anyone else who was in any kind of running, in terms of white interests. He just didn't try hard, and he didn't campaign on it. He's a great campaigner, so bringing up some red meat for the white people would have gotten him elected, in my opinion.

** Of course, I back-calculated to get the 35% for this example.

*** That's 1/2 a Trillion, STILL not chump Trump change, even today.

[UPDATED Morn., 11/06:]
Redid the numbers. I had taken that % under 18 numbers off only the non-voters, which was well, stupid. I took it off everyone, but I am pretty sure, the way US demographics are, that the under-18 percentage consists of a lower number of whites, but a higher number of non-whites. OTOH of the people who voted, would more be white, since they are older in general.

Another thing is that I had seen "white alone", thinking that meant non-Hispanic, but whites/non-Hispanic is shown below that, at 79.1%.

While I was at it, I added more general ranting. ;-}

Lastly, I had forgotten the link to the Census Bureau 2019 numbers.


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Re-bunking the Sailer Strategy after Nov. 3rd '20 - Part 1

Posted On: Thursday - November 5th 2020 1:57PM MST
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  Elections '16 - '20  Immigration Stupidity  Pundits  alt-right

(If "debunking" is disproving, then "rebunking" is un-disproving it.)

Really, there are so many articles and posts on the web written by alt-right or just conservative writers on the "Sailer Strategy" that one can even find it on google (sure, somebody fucked up. Heads will roll!) I won't point out specifics, as Mr. Sailer writes so many posts on that I'd spend hours finding the specific posts. One could try to search using VDare's search box for Mr. Sailer's or other's writings on this idea, but VDare's search function doesn't seem to be so hot.

Let me just say concisely that Mr. Sailer's idea* is that the Republican Party should have been, and should be, doing what they can to get white votes. Even with white people being a lower proportion of the US population than in 1960, or 1980, or 2000... we still can be a large bloc. This bloc could still overwhelm all the other tribal interests that blacks, Hispanics, and other race/ethnic groups that DO voter for their own needs about that of "the many" very easily.

White people are still a majority of the population here, though no doubt the proportion is dwindling rapidly. Not only that, but White People, being mostly the type to care about the overall good, by far more than other groups, are civic minded and do (in general, besides Øb☭ma elections) vote in big proportion to their numbers. Lastly, because we are an older population (there's that dwindling) we are even more prone to vote. After all, who's got the time to vote more than the seniors? Who's got the time to keep up the most on CNN, ugghhh, let's not go there.

In this election, those supporting President Trump in his still-ongoing re-election bid have been very pleased with the results of the Hispanic vote. I myself am pleased, as if Texas had fallen, it'd have been over by the evening of November 3rd. Yes, there were largely Hispanic counties in southwest Texas and other places (S. Florida) who voted for Trump in big numbers. Sure, that's encouraging.

Is that the deal then, that the Hispanics are "natural conservatives" they've got those "family values", and all that jazz? No, I don't think that is the deal. Peak Stupidity noted long ago in Mormons, Commies, Shitholes, and Crown Jewels, Latin Americans are natural Socialists, Commies, and 2% elite Conquistador-Americans**. That's just whom they be.

It doesn't meant that they don't like a brash, macho braggadocio-ist(?) guy like Trump who fights, though, over a senile old sleep Joe and some half-mix .Indian-Jamaican slut. That's about personalities and appearances. I guess the Latin Americans also don't really have any sore spot (if they, and I include all races/types here) even remember the 5 years-ago Trump talk of "rapists, murderers, etc." coming from the south. I also think plenty of settled Hispanics have no problem shutting the borders on the rest of them, I mean once their own Mamasitas and Grandmamasitas make it over here.

To think that Hispanics are for Constitutional rights, the rule of law, due process, and all that jazz, in large enough numbers, is just silly. Voting GOP ≠ voting conservative. It's great that we got a lot of help from Hispanics. That makes me happy but it doesn't make pandering to them a winning strategy.

Mr. Sailer's strategy only works until the immigration tidal wave we are undergoing has wiped out lots the white vote, at time that will come, the way things are going. I am not implying that those who disagree with the Sailer Strategy and push the R-politicians to pander to Hispanic votes are for open borders either. They just want to survive this with the GOP intact. Personally I don't know care if it does. What's more important is that the White People of America get some power back.

The next thing coming is the numbers. A commenter under a recent thread about the election asked for the numbers, so it is convenient that I replied with an example of the numbers that make the case for the Sailer Strategy. That'll be in Part 2, coming very shortly.

* I don't maintain that this is some unique idea of Steve Sailer's. However, he laid out details with lots of numbers, as he likes to do, and, just as importantly, he's not afraid to write this idea out in the first place.

** That's another great Steve Sailerism for you! Great stuff!

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