She caught the Katy and left me a mule to ride

Posted On: Wednesday - February 6th 2019 8:18PM MST
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I really can't say that I know what "the Katy" is, but it must be a train* from the context.

This song brings back a memory of riding in a late '60's model land-yacht on a long road trip to the South - no it wasn't the '60's, but to set the mood, Fred put on (was it on 8-track tape?) the Blues Brother soundtrack in, which got us 50 miles down the road, at least. I cannot say that I like all of "Jake" and "Elwood", the Blues Brothers, music, and I didn't appreciate the movie that awful much at the time (at this point, I think it's one of the greatest farce-type comedy movies ever made - top 10 stuff).

However, this one is a classic blues number, and being no expert on the genre, it sounds like a nice job on it to me.

Now, to appreciate the movie, one could start with this scene, as Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) picks up his brother Jake (John Belushi) out of Joliet prison. Just the way they pronounce the place names in that Chicago accent is part of the charm of the movie. She Caught the Katy is playing, but the top video is the uninterrupted song.

The reader is referred to this Wiki page for all the band members. They ain't putting that band back together!

* OK, it was the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railway - I just looked it up.

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"Learn to Code"

Posted On: Wednesday - February 6th 2019 7:46PM MST
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In my day, we put one line of code on each card ...

... checking one typo-fix took 15 minutes,
we got REAL output on REAL (green & white) paper,

That's a meme - memes are not always images with or without bad-ass frogs. From 3 minutes of reading, it seems the point of this phrase is to parody people, especially in the Lyin' Press, that have been on the immigration-invasion, population-replacement, middle-class destroying bandwagon, with their own jobs safe for the moment, well previously. They exhorted those hard-working Americans formerly in manufacturing and other areas in which huge numbers of jobs have been lost to just simply "learn to code". I don't like the term "code" to begin with, but "coders" themselves use it, so, whatever.

As a quick digression into this, Peak Stupidity has bad-mouthed the "geeks" before and rightfully much of the Artificial Stupidity that many of them create. On the latter, a job is a job, and not everyone can work on a project that's really a good thing for everyone and/or saves mankind. As far as the field of computer science/programming, we have emphasized that computer programming IS NOT engineering, and we really need to crank out that post about it. However, that is not at all the same as saying that there are not very difficult fields involving software development. It's a different kind of thinking than engineering, but can be quite challenging. Kudos to the geeks, then ... those remaining.

That brings us back to the point - yeah, we're told that all those working men whose jobs have been outsourced can just simply program computers for a living. Not all are of the mindset to be able to, but I don't know if that's the main reason for this parody meme. As John Derbyshire wrote on VDare the other day, employment for Americans in this field has been shrinking drastically.

I can look back myself to a time ~ 15 years ago, when there jobs abounded, even for those with no college degree. The fact is, as mentioned in Human Resources - scourge of the Big-Biz world (Part 2 and Part 3), the basics of programming just requires smarts, particularly orderly, logical thinking, and any of the small pieces (new languages, databases, programming environments, etc) can be learned on the job, at night, or over a weekend. (Of course, it takes much longer to have real expertise and be faster at it, but one can get a job done.)

At that time, even though the internet 1.0 bubble had burst, young people could find computer jobs easily. Sure, people realized that a company that built a database-backed website to sell toothpaste on-line was not worth that $500 million capitalization, along with thousands of others. Times were not as heady in that "space". Still, things were being steadily in so many areas of endeavor with advanced software, and worthwhile uses of the world-wide-web were still being developed. I knew a guy at work who told me he was moving to Dallas (a ways across the country from our worksite). "Oh, you got a job there?" "Nah, I got a good friend that lives there ... I'll find a job no problem... maybe I'll hang out a week or two first though." That's how it was, readers! Nowadays, it's about like a 1975 graduate in Art History - better go hit the pavement.

The Immigration Stupidity topic key that we have well over 100 posts on is indeed the major factor in the big destruction of these jobs over this short period. The H-1B work Visa program is nothing but a system of indentured servitude, very much like that of 1700's America for white people. The only difference is the type of work being done. It lowers wages and reduces the job market for a family-supporting American, who could have been all set back in 2005. At the same time, much of the work itself has been outsourced to India, where, out of a billion people, you're gonna find some half-way (OK, 1/4 way decent programmers) to work for 1/2 to 1/4 of the money. One final, possibly smaller factor has been the automation of the software programming and development itself, a job that the smart ones do.

"Learn to Code.". Yeah, well see, that's the ironic thing: Mr. Derbyshire's article refers to the layoffs of programmers at some of the ctrl-left big web-sites. These are the sites that would tell people not to worry about the big changes in the American economy, just learn to code. Upon reading his article, I was amazed at how many programmers you would need to begin with to make a 15% cut at BuzzFeed anything to care about. I'd have thought they'd have 3 or 4, making a 15% cut kinda hard to arrange. There must be many more than that, with 15% out on the streets. What's next for them? I GOT IT! LEARN TO MEME! Yeah, that's the ticket for our new China-beating economy. We can all meme each other, in between all-hands meetings with the super-duper young entrepreneur who is arranging the IPO, and free M&Ms on Wednesdays!

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Good luck streak in Traffic School

Posted On: Tuesday - February 5th 2019 6:55PM MST
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Yeah, I'm kinda of a posthumous (unfortunately) fan of Warren Zevon, if that title rang any bells, and the music is at the bottom.

I spent some time in Traffic "School" at various times over the years. Yes, I put it in quotes, as you'll see from these anecdotes. Whom the Highway Department thinks is a bad driver and who actually IS a bad driver are too different things. However, you've just got to humor these people, at least when your points get right on up there. These Sheriff's deputies know what they're doing:

The guy teaching traffic school in the evenings did not really know the numbers, though. He told us that 1 in 3 people in America will die in traffic accidents. To emphasize the tragedy of it all, the guy went through the room with the 20 "students", through the aisles pointing at every 3rd one of us. "Imagine, you, then you ... etc.", as I sat there immediately thinking "that number is totally bogus ... let's see, just to make it easy, if everyone lives to be 100, then that would mean 1/3 of the country, 100 million people will die in those hundred years. That's a million per year. Whoa, but the real number is in the tens of thousands ..." (I believe at that time it was 40 - 50 thousand, but it's been going down.)

Well, see, the guy was otherwise nice, and, you know, did I want to keep my license in this state, or not? However, I must have been inadvertently shaking my head as I thought of his factor of 20 higher number, because he came back to me "you don't believe it?" "Nope, that can't be, man." We both just let it go - don't embarrass or piss of the guy, and what did I know anyway - I was a BAD DRIVER!

You've really gotta think about your numerical estimates some times, with the maxim DIMS, or Does It Make Sense? That wasn't a maxim for this guy, but we all got through it.

Another time, in 2 evenings during which we were to put in 4 hours each, to meet the requirements of THE STATE (this was a different "THE STATE"), I had planned to learn something, maybe not how to drive better, but something. Well, it turned out that both those evenings were really bad days for this teacher, as his favorite basketball team, along with that of most of us students, was in the playoffs on TV. Yep, he brought out a small B&W TV and we all watched basketball. Unfortunately, the games didn't take the whole 4 hours.

Now, it was time for each of us to stand up and tell the class about his traffic violation - OK, his LATEST ONE. Each of us went on about how we talked to the cop, what the fine was, and how many points this violation entailed. It morphed quickly into a discussion of the best way to deal with the traffic cops, with our teacher chiming in with his expertise. He was, after all, a GOOD DRIVER, as he came to class under his own power, far as I know. Anyway, talk to the cop first before he starts writing (not all of it is as applicable in the Police State age), don't say exactly how fast you were going, etc. Man, what a learning experience that was after all, readers! That was the best $200 plus the fine that I ever did spend!

Here's Warren Zevon with A Certain Girl (what's her name? I can't tell ya') from Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School I have not heard this in DECADES! It's not as good as recall, but I still like the originality of the great musical artist, whom we lost in 2003.

Vocals, Guitar: Warren Zevon
Bass Guitar: Leland Sklar
Drums: Rick Marotta

Peak Stupidity has featured Warren Zevon before with Excitable Boy and Werewolves of London

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The masks of the Antifa - a question of anonymity

Posted On: Monday - February 4th 2019 7:17PM MST
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Guy Fawkes masks:

About the only thing I disagree with James Kirkpatrick on, in his article on the ctrl-left/antifa in Stone Mountain, Georgia (see previous post) is on the wearing of masks. The way the iEspionage, aka modern electronics, is these days, showing your face anywhere in public is a guarantee of being ID'd by anyone who wants to look for you. The masks should be perfectly legal, as, if you think of the founding of our country, just as an important example, do you think the Boston Tea Party would have been celebrated 245 years later if the British had ID's and hanged all those responsible?

No, I don't begrudge these Commies their masks, but the alt-right and whomever the other side consists of should be donning their own.

Peak Stupidity will have lots more discussion of the iEspionage that we all pay good money for in the near future. Not to get into it too much today, I will just point out some humorous thoughts about the masks, such as the Guy Fawkes ones shown above, that are so popular. The young people can be seen to be very cash averse. I've seen people of all ages, in fact, carry around about 2 bucks in cash (a bad idea in my opinion), but these Millenials will pull out a credit card to buy a pack of gum. If not that, they will get their nicest, most powerful piece of iEspionage out of their pocket and have a code scanned.

So let me get this straight, Antifa sickos - you've got that Guy Fawkes mask on to be completely anonymous, but you paid for it with your phone. Yeah, nobody can find you now!

Then, you take the mask off, in front of a bunch of cameras, if nothing else, from the phones and other ishit of your buddies, that can send off information in real time to whoever really runs the software in it. You get into your car with its license plates that can be read at every other stoplight or patrol car, and drive home, where you blog on-line about your protest, as the data packets fly through the NSA Utah data center on the way, spending a few nanoseconds getting written onto a Mega-Terabyte capacity hard drive. (Yet you HATE, HATE, HATE those few Constitutionalists that actually want to Make America Great Again.)

If Peak Stupidity weren't so anti-US-Feral-Gov't, we'd take into consideration opening up a mask story, or maybe a mask kiosk. It could be brought to the protests on a small flat-bed to better serve the customers, well, 1/2 of the customers. The other half of the customer base, where the real profit lies, would consist of those nice free-spenders over at the NSA, to whom we would sell a new database file each night. It's a win/win, the kind of bright idea they teach you in the Ivy League business schools, like the ones the Zuckerbergs and other F.A.G.S. drop out of.

No, no, no, we will never find you, masked avengers. We really thought every one of you was Guy Fawkes. Idiots.

(The shame of it is that the establishment doesn't WANT to find them out. If that changed, these people would already be languishing in the #MeInTheAss prisons.)

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Anarcho-tyranny update from Stone Mountain, Georgia

Posted On: Monday - February 4th 2019 6:48PM MST
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A company of the ctrl-left Army:

Lookin' sharp guys - nobody's shootin' back yet, though.

My reading of VDare's James Kirkpatrick's article this morning, Antifa Violence Shows Anarcho-Tyranny Is Spreading. When Will Trump Stop It?, caused a serious rise in my blood pressure. This is not just the silly stuff - the latest bout of Anarcho-Tyranny over in Stone Mountain, Georgia* shows us who the opposition really is - a large contingent of violence-hungry Communists. Sure, as Peak Stupidity has often stated, they don't read Karl Marx, if they read books at all, and they don't talk about the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. They do want to destroy all society and remake it, though, and don't care how many people they have to hurt or kill.

I won't excerpt any of this factually-detailed and smartly opinioned article by Mr. Fitzpatrick. It would just bring my blood pressure back up into the quintuple digits (nah, not to worry too much, I use the real S.I. units of pressure - Pascals), but I do recommend a reading of the entire thing. There was supposed to be a fun post today that's related to the ctrl-left and their actions, but this one's got me pretty down on things.

To sum up this event, there was supposedly going to be a Klu Klux Klan rally near the monument, when in fact there was nothing but a "counter-protester" march of these Antifa types. If you were to watch as much of the youtube videos as you can stand, the thing that would stand out is just the lies from these people. Yeah, they came to fight this KKK that nobody's heard from in a few decades, at the least. President Trump is of the same mindset of the KKK, so if you like him, you are equivalent. The Trump supporters are fascists too, they say. KKK fascists, OK?

Lies upon Lies:

These lies are just so twisted and sick that it's really easy to understand how lying is one of the biggest evils. To argue with one of these people, one would have to first argue each premise that his current lie is based on. These Commies are acting violently against what they tell everyone is fascism, but their actions could be considered fascism. The KKK is a downright laughable excuse for their big reason to come out with guns. There probably hasn't been a KKK meeting that hasn't had a quorum consisting solely of members of the FBI since the 1960's! As for President Trump, we can only wish that he would act a little closer to what the ctrl-left is really worried about, which would still have absolutely nothing to do with fascism.

It is amazing to me how damn fast much of American society forget the evils of Communism to where these sick fools are not ashamed to use the term for their ideology.

Communism - it's time for history to come around to the same chorus again.

It's not just that a serious chunk of American has forgotten the evils of Communist radicals like these people. Lots of Americans still would love to kick these people out of town, or in their asses, or at least put up a fight of some sort. The 2nd problem is the Anarcho-Tyranny, as Mr. Kirkpatrick details very well in his article. Every institution of the establishment - the media, the city officials, the police, etc - are completely one-sided in favor of these antifa sickos.

Why? Aren't Georgians fairly conservative? Yeah, but the cops, and people in city government are cowards, just plain cowards. They'd rather let one-sided violence by Commies go on, rather than just possibly get called bad names by the Lyin' Press. You sad, sorry-ass cowards of the Stone Mountain police department DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY! I hope you all are the first people into the ditches, if these people end up having their way in the long run.

* Stone Mountain is the town, but also the big rock hill towering > 800 ft. above the surrounding terrain, with nothing like it around. That's especially due to its huge carving of 3 Confederates, President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee, and General Stonewall Jackson on the North side. That ain't no 10 ft. tall statue on a pedestal. My feeling is that this monument to the Confederacy would have been eliminated already, if there was any possible way for the ctrl-left to do that!

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The case of the Gay Hardy Boys ...

Posted On: Saturday - February 2nd 2019 9:02PM MST
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... and the tweet cut-short:

I guess I just don't know how to read a tweet, but this one trails off into ... meaning what? Luckily, I don't get tweets, so Peak Stupidity would have to be subpoenaed the old fashioned way (catching me on the front lawn unarmed). The one above, though, came via a Steve Sailer post snarkily called Atlantic: "Hardy Boys" Are Intersectionally Problematic. The Atlantic still has a problem with the super-normality of the Hardy Boys, two boy detectives that existed in the imagination of young kids, reading the large series of books.

These Hardy Boy books let the reader try to figure out the mystery first, before the always unusual trick used in a crime is revealed by the 2 clever Hardy brothers. I'd guess the books wouldn't have been as exciting if the cases were taken from the Southside Chicago PD blotter - "It was another case of a 5-count black felon leaving his cell phone at the scene of the crime." Next book in the series: "The case of the Mexican with multiple IDs." Nah, you've got to sell the books. Stupidity and repetition doesn't sell to bright young boys.

When it comes to that sort of reading, I was always an Encyclopedia Brown guy myself. I can remember only one cool mystery of the ice cubes made of ginger ale. While looking this up to check it (amazing, this www!), I was fairly amused by one "topless robot" blogger* who expounded on some of the stories in the Encyclopedia Brown series:
The quiet town of Idaville seems friendly and idyllic at first glance, but underneath that suburban facade is a seedy underbelly of petty criminals: thieves, swindlers, and bullies, all compulsive liars, and all hiding behind public reputations that mask their evil intentions. If not for the crime-solving abilities of Encyclopedia Brown — the nerdiest superhero of them all — Idaville would have the highest crime rate in the nation and thugs like Bugs Meany, for example, would evolve into the rapists and murderers they’re so naturally predisposed to becoming. Of course, Encyclopedia’s ability to solve mysteries frequently borders on the absurd due to author Donald Sobol’s clear disregard for his readers’ self-esteem (many of whom have ended their lives prematurely from being unable to crack these “children’s stories”) ...
Heh! I did find my memory of Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret Pitch reviewed, not very favorably, I might add.

Back to the case of the Atlantic tweet, even with a revision to these books many years again to bring them up to PC-level, the Atlantic writer wanted more abnormality out of the two boys. Mr. Sailer twarks (tweets snarkfully? No good?) back:

ONE character was gay? Are you serious?!

OK, hold on a minute. Are we talking about the same Hardy Boys here? Now, this whole thing's got me wondering about my sexuality, as Encyclopedia Brown did keep his detective studio really clean, and, per our expert linked-to above, had one "Sally Kimball, Encyclopedia’s pretty, non-sexual, and illogically powerful female companion..." OTOH, there were no mysteries about show tunes or fashion design, so, I think I'm good...

* This blog post was from 10 years back, but I'll have to do some reading to see if the guys still writes (and this well).

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You can't even say "SHUSH UP!" anymore.

Posted On: Saturday - February 2nd 2019 1:26PM MST
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I thought these people had left that Cult-Rev stuff behind:

Just in another of the daily bouts of greivance-mongering that is "who we are" in America today, we have a story from Duke University in Durham, on the Research Triangle, in which a Duke University professor warns students of ‘consequences’ for speaking Chinese . Yeah, Russia Today IS the most unbiased source I could find to read about this, why do you ask, Comrade? The reader may want fo refer to a comment by BernCar on the old USSR media in a post from Thursday.

The only reason I gave so much location information there, is that this school is a hotbed of PC stupidity, yet located in North Carolina - how many damn yankee students attend, in addition to the thousands of foreigners in this story? North Carolina used to be one of the best places in the South, "an island of humility between two mountains of conceit" as described long ago by some dude. Duke is where that huge race/rape hoax involving the Lacrosse team and a crack whore went down - nobody, but nobody rapes a crack whore - man, if only I'd been the D/A, the whole thing could have been wrapped up in an afternoon! I think real Tarheels ought to kick that whole town out of the Research Triangle and find another vertex. (It's been more of a isoceles triangle anyway, and we are all supposed to for equalateralism, aren't we? PC-Geometry, bitchez!)

Anyway, here's the quick gist of it:
A Duke University professor has stepped down, after an email in which she warned Chinese students to speak English on campus or face “unintended consequences” went viral.

Screenshots of the group email, sent to grad students in the Department of Medicine, made the rounds on social media on Saturday.
“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep these unintended consequences in mind when you choose to speak in Chinese in the building,” Neely warned, telling the offending students to “commit to using English 100% of the time.”

Neely’s approach found little sympathy on campus as more than 1,000 students signed a petition calling for an investigation into the incident, according to Duke University’s student newspaper.
As is often the case, there is stupidity here on both sides of the controversy. If you can make out the ex-Professor's email screenshot in the article, she did mention that her point of getting these Chinese students to quit speaking loudly in Chinese was that they were REALLY SPEAKING LOUDLY! It may be a surprise for the reader (even of Peak Stupidity) to learn, but, though individual Chinese people are known to be staid, polite, and quite people, that is mainly just the case in small doses. Those born in America, and having grown up in quiet towns or suburbs, back when there was real assimilation, will be the types you would imagine. However, get them in groups of 10 or 20, when there aren't enough white people around to care about fitting in with, and they can get LOUDER THAN HELL The kids can be the worst - don't keep in your head the image of that 12 y/o chess prodigy. These people grow up where it's LOUD, and they feel the need to be LOUD just to keep up, is my guess. Still, as far as the hearing of foreign languages everywhere, lady, where've you been for the last 25 years - join the party, pal!

Now, on the other side, it would indeed be ridiculous to be told you can't talk amongst yourselves in you native language at college, with the exception of a real immersion school of some sort. The stupidity on the side of the Chinese "guests" here, is just that a big twate-fest (tweet/hate fest? no good?) was started about this, rather than a simple conversation with the professor (quietly, I'd hope, and IN ENGLISH, dammit!). Maybe it IS the tweeting, but people just don't know how to handle things as polite, rational human beings anymore. No, the tweets came flying out of Chinapeople's cheap-China-made tweeters, some of which can be viewed on the article linked-to above, if the reader really would like to understand the problem I've got with some of these ingrates.

Hey, listen, Chinese grad students: Have you all heard of the golden rule? Is that a thing over there? I do realize that it'd be nutty to hear the same as an American studying in China, that one had to speak Chinese or nothing, and quietly at that. It IS the kind of thing, however, that the Chinese central government could do, if it wanted. One could not say the same here. Since the era of Red-Chinese Communism, however, and even during the long climb back, that country would not have been about to kill the goose that laid all those dollar-denominated eggs, not to mention hoping they would get more out of the students than the students would get out of their studies there. If nothing else, the Chinese could legitimately pick up some English, but I imagine the universities there would want the possible technology transfer, accidental or otherwise.

Imagine something like this did happen in China. Things are different now, so, if that happened, I think the American students would just shrug, pack it up, and go home. We're can't be the arrogant Americans anymore, as we are in no position to, since our economy is based on borrowing from these people. Invoking the golden rule, here, I don't think American grad students would have gone on a twate-fest like this. "Hey, this is ridiculous, but it's THEIR country" would have been expected out of me. See, now we get to the difference. Due to the MASSIVE influx of foreigners we have had, even non-citiizens and non-nationals (green-card holders) act like they OWN the place. (Hmmm, more on that in just a bit.) At least, they think that nobody owns this place. Was that attitude taught in their SJW sociology classes (the stuff the Chinese usually try to avoid) or brought with them from THEIR country? Is that Cultural Revolution 1.0 mentality still present in the grandchildren of the originators?

Back to Professor Neely, former Head of the Department of Biostatistics in the Duke Medical School, she has to have been in Academics for a good while to have been in that position. This is important because she obviously is in 1990's mode, as far as her understanding of foreigners (esp. Chinese and dot-Indians) at American universities goes. Things have changed drastically, as Peak Stupidity has documented here and here, with the sheer numbers and attitudes and purposes of the Chinese that attend American schools. There are thousands of Chinese people studying and teaching in ALMOST ALL (maybe not English!) departments at average American universities now. I don't know about the Ivies and the very-top-notch engineering schools like CalTech and MIT. At your average state school, the Chinese run things. You will feel a foreigner as a mechanical engineering graduate student at any large university in America now.

I could write more on that, and have already, so let me put it this way: Perhaps the Chinese students act like the own the places, because they DO OWN THE PLACES. That's something that Professor Neely, with her polite, but kind of unorthodox, note to these students, did not seem to understand. It ain't 1995, when these students were respectful guests, soaking in knowledge at the best Universities in the world, and so proud to come back to China with that piece of paper, no matter how hard the struggle. It's, well, whatever is the current year now, ex-Prof Neely. You don't tell the OWNERS what to do, even if you are in the right. YOU! DO! NOT! TELL! THE! OWNERS! TO! SHUSH! UP!

Just as a humorous postscript, you all have a lot of gall, ladies in the photo. Really, I mean, we should be worried that we may not have any Chinese students to put on the brochures in the future? Wouldn't that make an aspiring but poor high-school student feel MORE likely to attend, just knowing he may be able to understand his professor? Also, what the hell is it with you people about getting pictures taken with your stupid peace signs?! Things are not getting more peaceful, and I've told you about this incessant picture-taking shit before.

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Modern Church music is not the Rock of Ages

Posted On: Friday - February 1st 2019 8:03PM MST
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I spent some time in the past going to one of the more modern churches for a while. It wasn't a "MEGAChurch" by any means, but just modern in the building style, the lack of formality, and the music. I'm of the opinion that if you're going to go to church, it may as well be a real church. The type of sermons going on in these modern churches vs. the old fire & brimstone or any other sermons one may have been used to in the past is too long a topic for this post. It wasn't so much the rest of the service, though, but just the music that took the church out of the place.

As can be readily seen in 90% of the over 220 posts with the music topic key, Peak Stupidity is not at all against the rock and roll. We have no problem with Christian Rock, either. In fact, lots of it is done very well, and, when compared to almost ANY other modern music being made, is more joyful and less annoying listening. It has not been featured here, mainly because, at the time that I enjoyed a lot of that on the radio, I was already past the point of categorizing artists and collecting music. I'd have to go back and find people from the past to get a handle on what was/is the good stuff. However, there's just no place for Christian Rock in a church, though!

It's just not church if you don't have the old familiar hymns, sung, or better yet, sung and accompanied by a loud pipe organ, that's all there is to it. The hymns are hundreds, if not thousands of years old. They've been time-tested, see, while the new songs played on guitar, keyboards, and bass have not.

Because the tunes don't stay in the churchgoers heads, the lyrics don't either. It doesn't help when the tunes are complex and don't have a simple bunch of verses and same chorus. You can tell this music doesn't stick, because, well look at the picture above. That big screen up there is required, with a dot that goes from syllable to syllable, to show those who want to sing where they are in the song at all times. For a good solid song, you shouldn't need that.

Nope, you need a loud-ass organ to put me under the impression that, yes, we are in Church. I don't know if the Evangelicals would ever think of going back to the old standard hymns. As a sop to the music directors with their insistence on modernity, I'd give them the option of not buying the old hymnals and letting people pull out their phones for the lyrics. "Let us all stand, type in hymn number 218 on our phones, and go to airplane mode..."
" ♪♫♬ Rock of Ages, cleft for me ... ♪♫♬"

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Thursday night Bagpipe Rock

Posted On: Thursday - January 31st 2019 7:23PM MST
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No, we are really not in any kind of pattern as far as featuring the good music goes, and there is not really a very wide-ranging genre of music called "bagpipe rock" either. Peak Stupidity intended to post a comparison of old and new church music tonight, but this AC/DC music seemed to take precedence.

This is just a warning, but if you are not in a position to turn this up loud, you should not be playing it at all. This is such high-energy uplifting music! The video is great too, as it shows an Australia (Melbourne in the mid 1970's) that I'd LUV LUV LUV to bug-out to. Got the bug-out bag, got the passport, got the cash, oh hell, now you need a time machine too.

This song/video features the original singer, Mr. Bon Scott, replaced after an early death by the limo driver, Brian Johnson. Per Wiki (yeah, see what I mean), "The song chronicles the hardships endured by a rock band on tour, such as being robbed, assaulted, stoned and cheated by a greedy agent.". Well, It's a Long Way to the Top, if you Wanna Rock and Roll! - from the album High Voltage:

Excellent guitar/bagpipe dueling leads there. I know only one guy who has bagpipes. He brought them over a few years back to show me around midnight, and I asked him play Scotland the Brave out on the front lawn. I don't think the neighbors would have appreciated it a whole lot more, even if he did know how to play it.

Says Richard Bain, 4 months ago (youtube comments):
My Neighbors Loved This Song So Much They Threw A Brick Through My Window So They Could Hear It Better.

AC/DC at the time:

Bon Scott – lead vocals, bagpipes
Angus Young – lead guitar
Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Mark Evans – bass guitar
Phil Rudd – drums

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All Hail the Editing King of Wikipedia!

Posted On: Thursday - January 31st 2019 1:20PM MST
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Wikipedia is big. That was a good idea, using the same clever idea described by Peak Stupidity in The F.A.G.S. space and user-generated content to fill up 5.7 million web pages (so far) of general knowledge. Let the website users do the work, once the framework ("platform" is the word the geeks use) has been set up. I'm not at all knocking it.

Peak Stupidity references wikipedia quite often, and we link to the site not quite as so often, but a decent amount. There's no doubt that if you just want a few facts from history (The Long March) technology (Drum Brakes), and so on, for 5.7 million things, that site is extremely useful for anyone, including lowly bloggers. As with the screenshot at the top, taken of a wiki page on the membership in the political parties of the House and Senate throughout US history, you're not likely to get many errors. That's what the wiki editing features are about - again, let the site users do the work, to avoid a staff of, what thousands of people tediously reading web pages?

Like with a lot of life, things work pretty well until people get political. Wikipedia is a big open target for those on any side, but (since fewer of them have real jobs, mainly) particularly the ctrl-left crowd to mob the site with their own unintentional and intentional falsehoods. What does wiki believe, and how far left are they? I don't know the answer, as the site is not up there in lights like the (supposedly) money-making highly-capitalized sites like Facebook and Google. However, I've never seen anything Big-Biz-like yet on the web that leans Conservative and anti-PC. Without experimenting via editing oneself, one would not know if the wiki people themselves are even involved. Without their involvement, it's more a matter of, again, who has the most time on his hands? I think I know the answer.

It's likely though, that to avoid trouble, the wiki people do have some sort of filters, mostly automated, but probably with human back-up, to screen out whatever is beyond the pale. "Beyond the pale" in whose opinion is the big question. Think of some virtual (on-screen, that is) slider bar that wiki management can move around at will. That can make it even harder on a conservative un-PC guy that wants to stick some extra truth into a wiki page, or correct untruths edited in by the ctrl-left.

Well, in a surprisingly pop-up/annoyance-free page on the CBS website, there is an article on the guy below - Meet the man behind a third of what's on Wikipedia:

The Wiki-Editing King, Steven Pruitt:

The guy's work is pretty impressive, even if he is just making it up as he goes along! He's done something like 2 MILLION edit jobs. (Granted, some may have been just date changes, or even spelling corrections, but it all takes time.)
Still living with his parents in the home he grew up in, Pruitt has always remained true to his interests.


How much money does he make from his work? None.
That was just humorous, but that's not anything I've got against the guy. I've got a lot of respect for hard-core fanatics, so long as they aren't stupid along with fanatical.
"The idea of making it all free fascinates me. My mother grew up in the Soviet Union ... So I'm very conscious of what, what it can mean to make knowledge free, to make information free," he said.
I don't really think free or costly is the problem. Information today costs even less than the USSR version of the Lyin' Press, Pravda* did, with the internet now. It's not about free or not, it's about truthful or not. I hope the guy's got as much respect for the truth as he does for free stuff.
Pulling from books, academic journals and other sources, he spends more than three hours a day researching, editing and writing.

Even his day job is research, working in records and information at U.S. Customs and Border Protection. He joked that his colleagues probably think he's nuts.

"Because I edit Wikipedia all the damn time, I think that one sort of goes without saying," Pruitt said.
"All the damn time, huh? It's really nice to work for the government as a non-essential employee, ain't it? His colleagues think he's nuts? Well, perhaps, Mr. Pruitt shouldn't be on Wiki doing edits during work hours, and instead be helping keep the Borders Protected. He's had plenty of time for his edits, if his Mom would leave him alone, over the last few weeks.
That may have changed when Time magazine named him one of the top 25 most influential people on the internet, alongside President Trump, J.K. Rowling and Kim Kardashian West.
J.K.Rowling, Kim Kardashian? Who gives a shit? This guy has a lot more influence, when it comes down to it. I hope it is mostly for the benefit of those seeking the truth on-line. You ain't gonna get that from Harry Potter books or the tweets out of Kim Lardasshian's ass. The article mentions that this fanatical editor fixes the Wiki pages by checking with the books. Books can have all kinds of agendas too. To get at the truth, it's best to use multiple sources. Does this guy have time for that? (I'd rather know that only people who are real experts in certain areas spend the time to straighten out the appropriate Wiki pages.
"We know there's a lot more to be done. That's why we're very excited about projects like Women in Red, which seeks to identify and place more content on women on our platform ... Steven has been a large contributor to that project,"Kinyanjui [Wikipedia's VP of Communications] said.
OK, there ya' go. Specifically putting in certain content - is that the job of an editor, to slant the news? I guess Mr. Pruitt got this sort of thinking from his Mama's side.

As for Peak Stupidity, still not quite on the top 100 of influential people on the internet, we do like to look around when we provide links. I'll link to Wiki on the straightforward, non-political stuff, but we really try to look around a bit on anything in which an editor like this can slant the story.

* translates to "truth" in English.

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Drum Brakes, the Internet, and Digital Cameras

Posted On: Wednesday - January 30th 2019 1:51PM MST
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While perusing an older post, DIY Tire Repair with Cheap China-made Crap recently, I noticed that it had a note about another humorous story about cars to be coming at some unnamed time. That's now.

This quick story is about drum brakes on cars and the advantages of some of our new Artificial Stupidity, which (can you tell?) has been often bad-mouthed on the Peak Stupidity blog. Let's give some credit where credit would have been due, had we had much of an internet, and any cheap digital cameras, in the mid 1990's.

Drum brakes are still around on older cars, and even on some of the low-end new cars. Disc brakes are simpler, and provide more stopping torque. They have replaced most drum brakes for this reason, but there was probably a reason they didn't come around until to be used in autos until the 1950's through '60's. The drum technology continued from the old band brakes, and possibly the ability to contain the higher hydraulic pressure needed by disc brakes was a factor. (See, the drum brakes are MORE ingenious, as lots of things were in the past. The arrangement of the "shoes" to have one for forward and one for rearward motion set up to where the friction force vector helps force the appropriate shoe into the drum keeps the pressure and/or piston size required lots lower.) Here's a quick comparison of these 2 types of auto brakes.*

This ingenuity just mentioned is part of the story. I had the car jacked up, the one wheel off, and the brake apart, with all of the pieces seen in the picture - they all seem pretty similar - on the ground. I had my new brake shoes ready to go. As I tried to get this thing back together, my memory being not photographic (more like pornographic), I was not sure of the placement of all of the three springs, and maybe another small part or two.. That's where a digital camera would have been really nice, right? Take one picture, or even one at every step, and view them during re-assembly.

Nah, but the auto parts store was just 1/4 mile away. The one jacked up being my only vehicle, I proceeded to walk there, get to the right Chilton's book (remember there was nothing on the internet of note, not even Peak Stupidity). Rather than pay the $20 for the book, I just perused it, took a long long at the picture of the innards of these brakes, and walked home. At home, I worked for another 1/2 hour before realizing that, no, my memory really was not that good, and I didn't have it down. I know what you're thinking: "look at the other wheel, moron!". See this is where a jack-stand would have been nice, but this was not a time of plenty for this blogger. Yeah, I could have used a cinder block, but I decided that I'd leave the other brake together, and walked back to the auto parts store.

I took another look at the Chilton's book, which was starting to get rather greasy, on that one page. Back at the house again, I almost had it together. I wasn't sure though. I made a 3rd round trip to the auto parts store, and really, really, had a picture of the drum brake assembly in my head!

Now, I suppose this is why you do see people looking at their phones all day long. A smart phone that was on-line would have been nice. I'd have settled for bringing a lap-top computer outside and working like that, no, just going back-and-forth into the house to look at that 15" CRT monitor would have been better, had I a computer at all!

Next time I'm back in the mid-90's working on something complicated, I will at least spring for the book.

* Note that the ease of incorporating the emergency/parking brake in the drum systems is an additional plus for them.

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Americans' attitudes on the income tax

Posted On: Wednesday - January 30th 2019 8:56AM MST
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This post is not about the political aspects of the > 100 y/o US Federal Income Tax, so much as just THE MONEY! Peak Stupidity has discussed the Trump-signed, slightly-favorable, tax change law over a year ago in Merry Christmas from Scrooge The House Ways and Means Committee.

It's that time of year again, when people on-the-grid people find out exactly how much money they earned and how much was stolen over 2018 by the US Feral Government. Well, you've got your low-income and poor-planning folks, along with plenty of illegal Mexicans/Guatemalans, (who cheat like crazy) heading into the HR Block offices to just GET MONEY FAST! (Yeah, the middleman takes a nice cut.) Perhaps this government shutdown has affected the computers that knock out those refund checks or electronic payments. That doesn't concern me a bit, as I'm not that poor-planning type, but also for a couple of more reasons.

Purposefully (using the W-4 forms over the year) arranging to have a refund coming at tax time is not really wise. It's true that it's nice to have the US Gov't saving money for you, so you can't touch it in the meantime, but, well, that does put you back into the group of poor planners, or just those who are not disciplined enough to save. However, though, granted, for now one still can't get more than approximately JACK-SQUAT in interest on any savings that is not large and/or in something risky, why would you want the US Gov't to have use of your money, if you don't even have to? Secondly, the IRS ends up with leverage over you, if you are owed money, rather than if you owe them some. I've got a story on this for another time.

To the point of this post, finally, different income-level Americans have to have different strategies, and attitudes, regarding the IRS. Let's put us into 4 groups, starting with the low-income, and (usually) poor-planning folks who see this kind of form*:

Earned Income Credit - FREE MONEY**:

** stolen from some other taxpayers.

The first group of Americans does not pay a lot of attention to this whole income tax thing. These people are, if not tax-eaters, getting money redistributed from other Americans via the income tax, along with other ways, or at least not paying in anything significant. Hey, I don't say they deserve to pay more (in fact I'd like to see the lowest bracket go up to $50,000 in today's money), but they also don't have as much reason to care how it's spent, either.

You are going to tend to not worry about the US Gov't spending a $100 billion here, a $100 billion there, even for things you know to be stupid, if you have no skin in the game.

Then, there's the lower middle class. They (if they save the money on accountants or software and spend an hour or two downloading/printing/filling-out) will see the tax tables below:

Tax Tables:

The tax payments due are based on income after all deductions/credits.

When you are already paying 22% (lower by 3 points over 2017 - thanks a little, President Trump), on any money earned over ~ $77,000, plus the 10-12% on the money before that, plus 0-10% state income tax, plus the ~ 8% taken out from DOLLAR ONE for medicare and the SS ponzi-scheme*** donation you will never get back, you really see how years of your life are taken away. This is a big group of people that really don't have the wherewithal to avoid getting screwed this bad.

I would say, for this group of Americans, especially the ones that actually look at the numbers once in a while, the animosity against the Feral Gov't for taking these years of their labor is pretty intense.

Then, you've got your upper middle class. They may use the simple calculations shown, or their accountants' software will, to figure tax amounts, as the tables only go up to $100,000:

You're doing OK, if you use this:

This is done after all the shenanigans performed to avoid higher screwage rates.

Upper middle-class Americans do have the money and the interest in using the myriad complexities of the US Feral Revenue Code to help them lose fewer years of their lives. The thing is, one must still buy property here, or invest in this small business, or sell of this investment and buy this other, etc, etc, to make use of the rules. Some, probably most, of these are things that these tax payers in the high brackets would not normally be particularly interested in doing. It's just shit ya' gotta do, per your accountant, and yes, it does complicate your life. Welcome to tax stupidity, people, we warned you when you moved or were born here!

These folks see the tax code and tax planning finances as a big part of their lives. I wonder if some ever thought of another way, as there's only a few alive to remember it. When you are making well into the 6 figures (not counting right of the decimal point!) it's not like the income tax makes life miserable, but one can see some huge amounts of money going straight to the feds. The complexities in life introduced in order to keep some of that money cause grief for some that I know, as it's almost like an additional part-time job.

At the very high end of this upper middle-class, there are taxpayers who could have influence on local, state, and even federal laws that can not only help, but give an advantage over the next guy. So not all of this group of Americans would even be up for killing the IRS and the horrific fuck-up known as Amendment XVI of the US Constitution.

Then ....:

Part of the group that's just really not worried about the details:

I mean he just donated 1/2 his money, just to date a 50-y/o bimbo! WTH, man??

The 4th, very-select group of "Americans", if they don't already figure they are World Citizens, are the ones making the laws that will favor whatever it is they are into. They also have plenty of ways to keep their money away from the hands of the IRS, so, no, the IRS and the idea of an tax on Americans' life labor does not concern them. They've got things set up the way they like right now, thank you very much.

* The reader should suspend disbelief here, if these pictures of the forms seem, let's say, antiquated. People want to go all electronic, but I will tell you what: You will learn MUCH BETTER what the system is about (who is being favored, what the incentives are, etc.) if you work out your own forms a few times. It's not hard if you just round off numbers, do math on a napkin and don't sweat the details - that's the IRS's job, provided they do come back to work.... I've got all fingers crossed ...

... hoping they NEVER do!

*** Peak Stupidity discussed the ocial Security scam , err, scheme, and here's Part 2

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Black History Month will be followed by National Frozen Food Month ...

Posted On: Tuesday - January 29th 2019 2:28PM MST
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  Humor  Political Correctness  Race/Genetics

... so it's gonna be a busy Spring here at Peak Stupidity. We're hoping not to gain more than a few pounds during the festivities.

It's been A-OK, so far, as notably to some readers perhaps, but not likely, there was no celebration of the Commie race-hustler Reverend, Doctor, Martin Luther King, Junior this year. Last year, at least the blog made mention of General Robert E. Lee of the Confederate States of America, who fought valiantly that losing 2nd American Revolution.

This year, we all forgot. Yes, seriously, as I was away, the un-PC (a bit unaware too) wife brought our elementary school kid in, first thing last Monday morning. Yes, they did have to return home. Hey, I'd have done the same, as I only thought about this travesty of a holiday about that day. This kid is usually very up on these things like holidays, so we all dropped the ball.

Next, there will be one whole month of being indoctrinated with black history. That is, unless the groundhog sees his shadow or something, in which case we'd rather spend that time outside. I've learned from commenter Autochthon* here, under a Steve Sailer post on unz, that March is designated National Frozen Food Month. Excellent. I think we - all of us, of all colors and creeds - can all find something to look forward to all months of the year.

I just want to celebrate ...

... another day of livin' TV dinner!

If it weren't for that sufferin' succotash (the peas and carrots), I reckon I could eat one of those every night. Oh, except I'd tune in instead of CBS.

Come March I want to see National Frozen Food Month celebrated with the same fervor as we all (uhhh) put forth each February for the good Doctor-Reverend-Commie. In fact, I hope to see posters of famous frozen food in the hallway's of my kid's elementary school this March. My favorite is Swanson's TV Dinners, as pictured above. I'm guessing the teachers will have all the kids do reports on their Daddy's and Granddaddy's favorite TV dinners of the past.

Then, in Science time, they can take a few of them that some PTO pack-rat/prepper parent** has kept in the chest freezer for some decades, and see how they've held up over the years ... probably a whole damn lot better than that "judging a man by his character bit", I can tell you right now.

* No, I don't know how to pronounce that either.

** Ya gotta love that alliteration.

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Sexy* Senator Sinema S-AZ

Posted On: Tuesday - January 29th 2019 10:25AM MST
In Topics: 
  Elections '16 - '20  Humor  US Feral Government  Female Stupidity  Bread and Circuses

* She's actually not particularly sexy, but when you hang around with likes of the Feinsteins and Karmasutra Harrises of California, the Washington State Murray/Cantwell sisters, the Minnesota nice ladies, the re-Maine-ing sister, and the Stabenows of Michigan, you tend to stand out in thigh-high boots.

New Senator Sinema (S-AZ) struts her stuff (S for Slut Party apparently)

Peak Stupidity spent 10 minutes looking for a sexier picture for our post,
but, alas, this is it - Senate-Hot, as it were.

What I'm doing in this post not a frequent thing here on Peak Stupidity, but the comments under the Steve Sailer article But Will They Let Senator Sinema (D-AZ) Shop? were really top notch, especially the funny ones. They hearken back to those best years (behind us now) of Zerohedge, with the commenters that site attracted, about 3 years back and further, now. Therefore, what follows will just be some of the funniest ones there, though Mr. Sailer's take-off on shopping and a Pretty Woman scene are great too.

Twinkie says:
January 29, 2019 at 7:53 am GMT

It’s not just the boots, is it? That outfit… I don’t have any personal experience, so I’m not sure, but isn’t that how ladies of the night dress?

Mr. Anon says:
January 29, 2019 at 7:54 am GMT

Isn’t her whole thing that she is the first openly bisexual Senator. Probably a lot of the white men who voted for her (and why any white man would vote for a Democrat at all I have no idea) were just imagining her in a Letters to Penthouse vignette.

Mr. Anon says:
January 29, 2019 at 7:55 am GMT
It’s not just the boots, is it? That outfit… I don’t have any personal experience, so I’m not sure, but isn’t that how ladies of the night dress?

Fitting, given that Senators are essentially whores anyway.
JimDandy says:

January 29, 2019 at 7:58 am GMT

First senator who is openly bi. Polar.

JohnnyD says:
January 29, 2019 at 8:10 am GMT

“Where was she when I was in office?!”—Bill Clinton

The next comment is not a joke, far as I know:

Anonymous[117] • Disclaimer says:
January 29, 2019 at 8:13 am GMT

‘Sinema’ used to be the name of an ‘erotic’ film review magazine.

Anonym says:
January 29, 2019 at 8:16 am GMT

She looks like the kind of Sinema with sticky floors.

Danindc says:
January 29, 2019 at 11:03 am GMT
@Mr. Anon

No such thing as a lesbian. Just a woman who hasn’t met me.

the one they call Desanex says:

January 29, 2019 at 12:12 pm GMT

With senators like Kyrsten Sinema
Our land will soon be one with Nineveh.
This Babylon sister
Will run from a clyster;
What’s left of her after an enema?

Nice work, gentlemen!

Peak Stupidity's opinion: With regard to this Senator's wearing of these fancy thigh-boots, bought or not, on Rodeo Drive, I’m not so sure what the problem is here. So long as no other Senator shows up wearing those exact same thigh-high boots, it should be fine.

Now, were a Republican Senator* to wear the same style during the same Senate Session, that’d be no time for bipartisanship – I think the nucular option would be well called for.

* perhaps one of the delegation from South Carolina, just as a random example… ya know, cause they’re both Republicans and all ….

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Pure Curmudeonry - On Celebrity Names

Posted On: Monday - January 28th 2019 7:09PM MST
In Topics: 
  Curmudgeonry  Media Stupidity

Left: Jamie Lee Curtis - TOO MANY NAMES!
Right: Madonna - TOO FEW NAMES!

(Just another excuse to get in some bikini pics? You betcha!)

Going way, way back, from near the beginning of this blog, Peak Stupidity has had a bug up it's server about names. In I should have named him after a man of the cloth, I mentioned how I'm really not enamored by the current 10-year old increasingly prevalent trend of naming kids last names. I could go on about it, but the reader could just think of the kids in the neighborhood (no not in "the hood", as those names are a whole nother thing entirely, plus I don't know French) or ask around the elementary school. I am running into new ones every day.

As I went to read a Takimag article by a guy named Joe Bob Briggs, I dropped out of memory what I meant to write about his article (I'm sure I was in agreement though) in order to rant on about this 3-name crap. Look, we are very lucky to have middle names here in the Western world - I! GET! THAT! No, the Chinese have no such luxury. The family name, which appears first, is fixed, so there is only one name to come up with, hopefully not a last name of a Communist! It IS nice that we can honor a couple of family members at one time, if we wish, easily both last names these days.

It can be an especially big convenience having this spare name, in the case when the first name is something like "Gaye", for example. Yes, it's a real example, and the lady in question is known by her middle name. Somebody screwed up, but this solution is satisfactory.

However, the blatant use of the three names together is annoying. It is mostly a movie star and famous people thing. I will make an exception for anyone, including movie stars (including possibly Joe Bob Briggs, the Takimag writer who inadvertently instigated this post) who is from the South. From the time of way before TV character Mary Ellen Walton*, Southerners, especially girls, often used their middle names along with their first names as their everyday names. It isn't/wasn't a pretentious thing for them.

The actors and actresses should just get off their high horses and use a first and last name like any normal American. I'll give you a break for a middle initial, as in Michael J. Fox. Once in a while, names can be too close, or the same as some other well known person. As examples, Tom Wolfe and Thomas Wolfe are two DIFFERENT novelists, the former having died just recently, and the latter back in the 1930's. It may have been wise for Tom Wolfe to have used his middle initial.

Then you've got the other end of the spectrum, those who think they are so well-known that they will use nothing but one name. Musicians "Prince", Sting, and Bono are examples of musical artists indulging in this flavor of stupidity, along with Madonna above. Does this make you special, people? Prince Jefferson, Sting Williamson, Bono O'Connor, and Madonna Smith would be perfectly fine names to put on your album covers (what the heck are those?!), if you'd asked me.

Yes, there are more important pieces of stupidity to cover, but you've gotta get things out of your system. That's what blogging is about. There are quite a few posts on the front burner, so it should be a decent blog-week here.

* Not to be confused with the bra-less wonder, Sue Ellen Mischke, the Oh Henry! candy bar heiress of the show Seinfeld. (More here.)

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