R.I.P. - El Rushbo

Posted On: Wednesday - February 17th 2021 7:56PM MST
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A conservative acquaintance long ago with one of those Walkmans told me "you gotta listen to this guy" and put the headphones on me to introduce me to Rush Limbaugh. This was the early 90s. He was very excited that there was a Conservative on the radio, of all things! Daily!

I have never been the type to walk around with a headset, as I just don't like the lack of situational awareness. I also never had a regular commuting schedule with a long-enough daily driving time during Rush's show to have been a regular listener. There was a time for 3 to 6 months or so during which a friend of mine and I used to watch the TV show late at night.

I did listen enough times, sporadically, to know that Rush Limbaugh was a guy who really liked America and Americans. He had a good sense of humor - his "for those of you in Rio Linda" (or whatever that suburb of his city Sacramento is) joke is used on this very blog occasionally.

I guess Rush was a Neocon back in the day, when most Conservatives couldn't see the problem with this. He did seem to be a part of "Conservative, Inc" or the GOPe for most of his broadcasting career. From what VDare's James Fulford writes in his obituary for Mr. Limbaugh, Rush changed to be a real patriot, especially on immigration, during the Trump years. (He had also been hard-core anti-amnesty, at least in '08.)

Though he was not near hard-core conservative, much less libertarian, enough for this blogger, I still say Rush Limbaugh was a good thing for America, especially the America of the 1990s, when he stood out the most among the leftist media.

Rest in peace, El Rushbo.

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Hotel Haiti - on Caring

Posted On: Wednesday - February 17th 2021 7:36PM MST
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  The Future  Race/Genetics  Customer Care

(Continued from the Introduction and on Competence.)

This one is pretty clear cut. When it comes to giving a damn, black people are simply at the bottom end of the scale, I mean way on down there. In the service industry, I've written before that this trait can sometimes be a benefit. In our post For want of a washer - Part 2, we mentioned that, with a black cashier, it's a lot easier to get out of the Big-Box home supply store (the grocery store as well), when some unmarked item doesn't need a price check. "Whatever, I'll just type something in" is the attitude of the black cashier often.

This quick series is about hotels though. As I wrote, having some gregarious happy people up front is a good thing, until real thinking needs to be done. It takes thinking, and also actual caring about whether the customer gets good service or an accurate bill to keep the place going. That's a bridge too far for many of the black staff.

When it comes to maintenance too, mechanical skills are needed, but along with it, the caring about whether the job is done right. Sure, you can kluge up this faucet handle on the sink ("yeah, it pretty much works now") and hope that this guest doesn't have a problem and probably you won't be on shift the next time it happens to break. The white guy fixing it may actually have take pride in using the right parts and materials so that there are no more calls from this room about the sink. He may even fix up a few other small items that may break later.

Back to the front desk and manager types, it's really about whether these employees can see the big picture. I'm not saying that many of them actually calculate out how much their doing things right will help the hotel stay in business. They may not even be aware they are thinking this way, but subconsciously, people with a good work ethic know that if everyone is an uncaring slouch, the place just may not stay in business.* I swear that most black people just don't seem to get this.

Let me get to the customers here. This uncaring attitude goes both ways. If hotel guests constantly tear stuff up, purposefully or not, the place will lose money and also may go out of business. I can't be the only one who tries to take it easy on the sink handles, not scratch the furniture, and even use only the towels I really need (not to "save the planet", mind you, but just so not to be wasteful - see Green is the new cheap-ass).

I imagine most Peak Stupidity readers own, or have owned, their own house at some point. When you do, you make a big effort not to ruin your place and your furnishings. There's definitely a point to be made that people generally don't treat rental property as they do their own. Sure, you may try to be careful, but if the hardwood floor gets scratched, you don't lose sleep over it. This is a human nature (and one of the reason Socialism doesn't work so well). I'm sure it's present in all races. However, those who care the least do more of the damage.

No, I don't have statistics on this. I'm not a statistician - I'm just a country polemist, Jim! Nobody else does either, or they'd sure better not publish it. I've just seen the aftermath of some black guests' stays, and I know people. "It's 90 bucks for this room. We can treat it however we want!" They will not understand that a 2-hour maintenance call for that faucet handle they cranked on really hard, more time spent by housekeeping, and some scratched furniture that will have to get replaced more often can make their stays not pay off for the hotel. Black guests are just hard on things.

Employees or guests, they just don't care very much.

* That's not to mention the other aspect of a good work ethic - it's just plain who we are.

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It's freezin' down in Texas ..

Posted On: Tuesday - February 16th 2021 7:43PM MST
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  Music  Global Climate Stupidity  Environmental Stupidity

... All the wind power turbines are down.
Well, it's freezin' down in Texas.
All the wind power turbines are down, now...
Got a problem with the powerhouse baby,
down by the riverside...

Da da da dah, di-da da da,
Da da da dah, di-da da da...

Hmmm ... it takes fossil fuel to fix green power.

It doesn't matter what blues song I start out with in my head, this one being Stevie Ray Vaughn's Texas Flood, it ends up turning into the 3rd line of Cream's Down to the Crossroads, a classic white version of the famous blues song, and continuing from there.

With a couple of exceptions and a streak of posts about our main squeeze Pippi Longstocking , errr, Greta Thunberg, Peak Stupidity pretty much got off our Global Climate Stupidity topic 2 1/2 years back. It's not that we've changed our minds. There was just not much more to write, and I really though the ctrl-left had left this hobbyhorse behind to pursue other more lucrative stupidities. I'm not so sure about it, though.

The eyes of the country are on Texas (but let's not ignore Louisiana either), as this Global Warming-caused deep freeze has paralyzed the place with cold and power outages. I guess not all the green sources work so well when it's all white out.* We wish the best for the poor Texans freezing their asses and hope there will be the right lessons learned from this hopefully short-term trouble. From the great blues player/singer Stevie Ray Vaughn, lost to us way back in the summer of 1990 in that helicopter crash, and his band Double Trouble here's Texas Flood. This live performance was at the El Mocambo Club in Toronto, Ontario.

* I haven't read that many details, but I was wondering whether the wind turbines froze up while in resting position due to lack of wind, or did they actually freeze up all like this even when in motion? I also wonder whether ice flies off the blades from inertial forces as it does from the outer regions of airplane propellers (the inner portions are heated up electrically, if at all). Let's see ac = ω2r. These things spin at something like 10 - 20 rpm (just calculated from tip speeds and blade length of some typical models). That's ~ 2 rad/s2 (150 ft) = 600 ft/s2. For a small aircraft prop, you've got about 2,500 rpm and a 2 ft radius to the outer edge of the portion that needs de/anti-icing. That's 262 rad/s2 (2ft) = 137,000 ft/s2**! There's no comparison. If the inner portions of aircraft propellers can ice up, then those wind turbine blades could ice up easily at their fastest speeds.

** This inertial acceleration seems so HUGE, but the math is simple. Please let me know if I screwed it up, ASAP.

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The Battering of Sick Nick

Posted On: Tuesday - February 16th 2021 8:02AM MST
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  Elections '16 - '20  US Feral Government  Anarcho-tyranny  Legal Stupidity

Before I write anymore, let me just say that the title here was not written to disparage the Capitol cop Brian Sicknick, who died a day after the protesting and rioting on January 6th. From what I've read in the comments under Steve Sailer's R.I.P. post on the guy, he sounds like a guy I would have liked. He was a Trump supporter, in fact, but I especially like that he was a fan of Reno 911, a favorite of mine from way back that I'd about forgotten about.

No, it's just that this cop died from being sick, not from being "battered" with a fire extinguisher. It wasn't the COVID-one-niner that got him, though I suppose the coroner could be persuaded it was after the fact. Gotta keep those numbers up, but right now this death was needed for other narratives more pressing. Mr. Sicknick had some heart problems. That doesn't make him "sick" in the common usage of the word, but doctors talk about "heart disease", do they not? Not all sicknesses involve germs. Hey, but I'm no doctor, I don't play one on TV, and I don't even play a coroner on TV, cause, how many TV shows will people watch about coroners? (Just the one, Quincy, was it?)

The guy shown below, whom I'm sure has been ID'd by now, threw that fire extinguisher at the cops gathered on the other side of a low retaining wall.

Armed "insurrectionists" don't NEED to pick up fire extinguishers.

The assailant threw this firex at the cops because it was handy, and this was a riot. In the video pasted below one can see this this rioter clearly throw it at the cops. It was not specifically directed at Mr. Sicknick, which may sound like it's irrelevant, but not if this rioter is accused of "battery"*. Throwing stuff around is part of any riot, and those cops had their helmets, shields, the whole get-up. Shit is going to get thrown around in a riot purely by definition.

If this is the most egregious thing the Lyin’ Press has on the patriotic Capitol Gang, they’ve got nothing at all. They could have already seen what a real riot looks like, as they’ve had all last summer and fall (some is still on-going). Antifa Commies and black violent thug looters have had all manner of things in their hands, including guns, rocks, bike locks, batons, and, in the case in Charlottesville way back, even a spray can of flammable fluid used as a makeshift mini flame-thrower. (No, that guy didn't spent ONE NIGHT in jail, as did none of the violent people on the "right" side of the law there!)

The cops usually have all the great gear in a riot, compared to rioters, and there was no exception on January 6th. Besides those helmets and face shields, the cops had plexiglass 2 or 3 ft high hand-held shields too. They just didn't have them in place in time for this projectile. Certain people didn't duck, and I can't say I'd have done better. Peripheral vision only goes so far. There was no murder or manslaughter happening though. When you're in the middle a riot, shit happens. These guys were getting paid at least, while the rioters were the ones that pay their taxes ... to sometimes beat on them ... and what you can see right at the beginning of the video is that the rioters were trying to get the cops to stay back behind that wall. Was that too much to ask? I wasn't there - I don't know.

Because I don't take in the media narrative, I had not much of an idea until the Sailer post yesterday that the Lyin' Press has made this Capitol cop into a martyr deserving a big State funeral. Will we be lowering the flags? Are they even back up from the last whomever-the-hell-we-should-be-mourning-memorial (Juan McAmnesty? George H.W. Bush? Who knows?) I've read that the late Mr. Sicknick's family wanted no part in the turning of his death into a big political deal.

The firex hits a cop, supposedly Brian Sicknick:

One stupid idea I've read floated around is that this assailant killed Mr. Sicknick because the officer died a day later from his heart problems. I could easily believe that being in the riot and maybe taking a blow could exacerbate his condition. He may very well NOT have died for a long time after, had he not been there in that spot the previous day. It was his job though! What happened being a contributing factor to his early death does not make it a crime of murder, manslaughter, or anything like that.

Look, if 5 black thugs run after me for 2 blocks trying to rob or Polar Bear me, and I die of a heart attack due to the exertion, would they be accused of murder? That'd be stupid. It'd be my heart that stopped, unless those guys stopped it themselves with a blade or a 9mm diameter piece of lead.

I'm really sorry for Brian Sicknick and his family, because it sounds like he was a good guy. He didn't deserve to die, as he didn't deserve to have heart problems, as far as I can imagine.

The fact that Mr. Sicknick died just a day after** the Capitol Gang rioted invaded the People's House for a few hours does not make him a victim of those patriotic Americans. That narrative is just completely stupid, enough I think, to where most American can see that the Lyin' Press KNOWS Americans see the stupidity. (This is the subject of a recent John Derbyshire column - "Strategic Silence"—Ruling Class Knows We Know It’s Lying. and It DOESN’T CARE..) We at Peak Stupidity call it Anarcho-Tyranny of the media, just another branch of the US Feral Government.

Now, all that written, the American Greatness blog reports The New York Times Retracts the Sicknick Story . Oops:
The paper continued to revise its story within the body of the original January 8 story: “Law enforcement officials initially said Mr. Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher, but weeks later, police sources and investigators were at odds over whether he was hit. Medical experts have said he did not die of blunt force trauma, according to one law enforcement official.”

What’s missing, however, is how the Times first described what happened to Sicknick. “Mr. Sicknick, 42, an officer for the Capitol Police, died on Thursday from brain injuries he sustained after Trump loyalists who overtook the complex struck him in the head with a fire extinguisher, according to two law enforcement officials.”


Not only was the Times’ untrue story about Sicknick’s death accepted as fact by every news media organization from the Wall Street Journal to the Washington Post, political pundits on the NeverTrump Right also regurgitated the narrative that Sicknick was “murdered” as did lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

In an outrageous effort to create more favorable optics before the impeachment trial, House Democrats honored Sicknick in a rare memorial at the Capitol Rotunda on February 3. Joe Biden, in a statement issued after Donald Trump was acquitted Saturday afternoon, repeated the lie about Sicknick. “It was nearly two weeks ago that Jill and I paid our respects to Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who laid in honor in the Rotunda after losing his life protecting the Capitol from a riotous, violent mob on January 6, 2021.”
"...laid in honor at the Rotunda"! Man, they've been laying it on thick. I used the word "sick" at the top. I can say that what's really sick is the narrative being spread that makes me wonder if the USSR's Pravda could have been any worse than the NY Times and the rest of our Lyin' Press.

Here's the video (takes place in about 5 seconds):

PS: In the meantime, there’s still no story in the Lyin' Press, almost 6 weeks later, about who the black cop who MURDERED Ashley Babbit was. Maybe the NY Times could spend a little time on that story.

* In the legal sense, this probably is battery, as in "assault and battery", but not in the common use of the term that the public is hearing from the Lyin' Press. The guy was not over there beating Brian Sicknick over the head with that fire extinguisher or with anything else.

** He died Thursday evening, from what I've read, so that is something just over 24 hours later.

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It's a long way to the top...

Posted On: Monday - February 15th 2021 8:39PM MST
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... but we'll need that Rock & Roll!

I'm pretty sure we have featured this AC/DC song before [FOUND IT!* - Ed] on Peak Stupidity. I listened to this song with my boy this evening, and it sure lifted my spirits. I don't know how it's all going to go down, but if we, real Americans, are to get back to the top in this country, we're going to need this kind of rock & roll behind us.

OK, the "hotel, motel" lyric reminded me of this song, as I wrote that last post. We've featured songs** by artists that have written songs bemoaning or celebrating the life of a rock & roller on the road in the post Rock & Roll Never Forgets. This is one I'd forgotten about that could have been in that post. Though the lyrics make this into one of the "bemoaning" songs, the music sure says otherwise.

If there's going to be a revolution, I want AC/DC to be on the soundtrack with It's a long way to the top.

This song is from 1975 and the band's T.N.T. album - here's another one from that album. Per this Australian News site article from 5 years ago, this video was made February 23rd in 1976, just about 45 years back. Do you see the Australia of 1976?! Look at that civilized white country they've got there, and that freedom - they just up and rented that flat-bed and filmed the video while going down Swanston Street in downtown Melbourne.

You don't hear much bagpipe rock, do you? Bon Scott, this singer and occasional bagpipe player, who started singing with AC/DC in October of 1974, died of some sort of drug thing just about 41 years ago today.

Bon Scott – lead vocals, bagpipes
Angus Young – lead guitar
Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Mark Evans – bass guitar
Phil Rudd – drums

Our favorite youtube comment:
Kevin Pippin 6 months ago
My neighbor broke my window with a brick so he can hear this song better.

* Ha! That was from a 2 years back post, so I don't feel so bad for not being sure. I was my same self then, as I pasted in that SAME COMMENT off youtube. (Weirdly, youtube said then that it was a 4 m/o comment by a different guy, Richard Bain. Mr. Pippin worded it slightly differently. Sorry, Mr. Pippin, but Mr. Bain's wording is better.)

** The sentence is convoluted because I mean that we discussed those songs but featured other songs by the same artists simply because they were better.

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Hotel Haiti - on Competence

Posted On: Monday - February 15th 2021 7:19PM MST
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  The Future  Race/Genetics  Customer Care

(Continued from our Introduction.)

Hotels or motels, business or pleasure, probably all of our readers have been customers of the lodging "sector". Under the previous post, commenters have noted the ownership by foreigners, particularly •Indians. The •Indians, from what I gather many from the Patel clan, extended family, whatever, have ownership of mostly the low-end of the business. Yes, you can bargain, with cash, with these people when the places have lots of vacancies. (This is perhaps another bright spot of this Kung Flu LOCKDOWN business, with lodging places going out of business all over. Some of these "entrepreneurs", doing the motel management that Americans "just won't do", will tell their caste and/or clan members* back in the old country that they'd be better off staying home.)

I'd like to see competent American owners of these businesses. However, this post is more about competence in maintaining hotel/motel rooms and facilities,

Face it, when there's something wrong with the plumbing, and this goes for at home too (if you're not a DIY'er) who would you like to see show up? Unless it's someone I know already, anyone but a White guy or an occasional American-born-sounding Oriental guy gives me no confidence whatsoever. That's the way it is. Yeah, it's a stereotype, It's not always the case that my confidence or lack thereof is warranted. "Stereotypes are bad, mmmkay..." is what we are told. However, stereotypes come from noticing patterns.

It's the same story for a car mechanic. Who would you be comfortable with working on your car? How about if you are on an airliner and see mechanics come into the cockpit to talk to the pilots about something? Would you rather the heavy hangar maintenance on that plane be done by white guys in Dallas or Chinese guys in Shenzhen or a facility in Lagos, NIgeria?

I'll admit right here that I've rigged up some things in some questionable ways in my house and under the car hoods. It's work that I'm responsible for, and I've learned some lessons and had to redo things. If you work for someone else who relies on your job though, you need to have some knowledge and competence. I've met a couple of black aircraft mechanics who are quite knowledgeable and I'd trust them. I can't say the same for any black auto mechanic, though that's an area in which it's always been hit-or-miss for anyone. There's a reason for the word "nigger-rigged", though.

This is why I am separating the housekeeping function out of the subject matter here. As I said, I respect this hard work. It's pure drudgery, without any serous thinking required to get the job done. Yes, there is an aspect of competence required, as sloppy work will be noticed by some of the customers. There may be for some an aspect of pride to the work too. "Nobody will get the COVID-19 off of anything in MY rooms!" It's always good to work with pride. This goes along with the caring trait in some people vs. others.

As with plenty of other manual labor work, such as mechanic work and handyman work, the maintenance of hotels requires thinking and competence. Not everything just fits together nicely, and there are jobs that can be done sloppily or right. For our ubiquitous wood-framed construction in America, the 2 big enemies are fire and water. Other than from the actions of the customers (subject of the next post), it's shoddy electrical work that can cause fires and shoddy plumbing work that can cause water damage. It pays off to have these things done right in the first place, another story, but shoddy maintenance in these areas costs lots of money and customer goodwill. I can simply tell when a hotel is maintained by non-white people. Things aren't always working in the rooms, and things seem to be headed downhill quality-wise over time.

A quick anecdote involves my taking a bath one time in a hotel. I heard people from the hotel out in the hall talking about something, and I got a call from the front desk after a while. Water was out in the hall, coming from my room. Hey, wait, nothing was overflowing. I thought about it later and realized that the tub overflow drain must not have been routed right. One should be able to take a bath.** This problem could have been just a long term thing, the piping having rusted out somewhere. On the other hand, had someone just not hooked it up right, but not many guests had taken baths? My use of the tub caused a possibly major problem. I can see a lot of work in taking that tub out to get to that overflow line. You've got to do things right, and you've got to fix things right.

I'll digress now to a novel (recommended by commenter Dieter Kief) called "Our Lady of the Forest". I'll review it soon as, though it was a bit strange, the book was interesting, and the novel did put in some very good description of 3 things. The author really knows his stuff about: 1) The lay of the land and the climate and beauty of the Pacific NW rain forest, 2) The devastation of the economy of that region (not just the rain forest, but the Cascades too) due to the near shut-down of the logging industry from its heyday years, and 3) The problems with mass immigration.

I bring this novel up now only because one of the main characters of the book, a former logger named Tom Cross, has ended up staying long-term in a small room at a cheap motel owned and managed by a •Indian couple in return for maintenance work. It seems clear that the •Indian couple and Mr. Cross himself all know that it takes a white guy like him to do a proper job keeping the place in shape. In particular, a logger would have the skills to keep up chainsaws and much bigger and just as dangerous mechanical equipment, as the book describes well. Small maintenance in a motel would be kid stuff.

White guys are just good at this kind of work. As I wrote in the intro., I'm not trying to cover every race and ethnicity here. However, Peak Stupidity has already discussed the difference in the Do It Yourself handyman mentality of white Americans vs. Chinese guys in China vs. American and the local hardware store.*** Some of it is cultural, as in the Chinese people just don't respect those who do manual labor. Some has got to be situational, as Americans have grown up working on cars for many generations, while most Chinamen didn't HAVE a car to work on one generation ago. Lastly, there is probably a genetic component, as usual.

Whatever the reason, if you want mechanical/electrical stuff repaired and maintained, you need to keep on the white guys. I don't care how un-PC this is. Do you want happy customers or not? Place the gregarious black girls in the coffee shops in these big open lobbies in the modern hotels. Let the black guys drive the vans and help guests with their stuff. Of course there will be plenty that can work at the desk and help manage the place. Practicing affirmative action may make you feel virtuous, but customers don't like 3rd-world broken-down rooms. Just let the white guys keep your place up. It's a core competency for them, as the HR people say.

* And even if one is of the opinion that the best and the brightest from all over the world are good for America (not my opinion), these people,
likely lots of them here illegally, are not your molecular biologists and computer scientists.

** These overflow openings are usually hidden by the metal around the tub stopper lever. Oftentimes, they are too low to allow for a good bath, and I wonder if that is done on purpose.

*** See also DIY and mechanical aptitude in Americans vs. Chinese - self rebuttal.

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117 y/o Nun survives the Kung Flu ... Fauci still freaking out...

Posted On: Saturday - February 13th 2021 5:56PM MST
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  Humor  Bible/Religion  Kung Flu Stupidity

... and he's only 60% of her age.

Lucile Randon, aka Sister André, of Toulon, France:

The Anchorage Daily News reported A French nun survived the Spanish flu and both world wars. Now she’s beaten COVID-19 days before she turns 117.* Sister André is said to be the 2nd oldest person in the world, screwed over by some old broad in Japan. She was born in 1904. She was teenager during the Spanish Flu Epidemic, so this Kung Flu is kid stuff to her:
When Sister André turned 115, Pope Francis sent her a personal letter and a blessed rosary, according to FAMVIN, a religious news service.
Even SPAM from the Commie so-called Pope Francis wasn't enough to phase this lady.
After her diagnosis with covid-19 in mid-January, Sister André was asymptomatic. Blind and in a wheelchair, the retired nun who lived through the 1918 flu pandemic and both world wars told France’s BFM TV that she wasn’t scared when she tested positive because she is not afraid to die.
Then there's this fuckin' guy:

Anthony Stephen Fauci, aka, Dr. Panic, of The US Feral Government:

In this Panic/AntiPanic battle of Expert v Nun, Peak Stupidity picks The Nun in a technical knock-out.

* This site was not picked purely randomly. It took 10 minutes of duckduckgo browsing to find an article that didn't link to a news page that jumped around like a bunch of Mexican jumping beans for 5 minutes or one chock full of lefty crap.

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Hotel Haiti - Introduction

Posted On: Saturday - February 13th 2021 1:47PM MST
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  The Future  Race/Genetics  Customer Care

I can already see that the material in my head for this subject is too long for one post. This one will be an introduction, the 2nd will be about competence, the 3rd one about caring, and the last a conclusion.

The subject is labor, low-level and manual labor, using the example of hotels, because that's what where I run into this. It's where these thoughts came from. I'm not up for multi-colored bar graphs or spreadsheets here with data from the significant number of types of non-White people in the American labor force. I could use the divide between 3rd-world vs. white, but my focus is mostly on black vs. white employees here. Suffice it to say that the 3rd world, as in Hispanics for the most part, in our big immigrant and immigrant-derived work force lie in the middle.

Here's the deal: I try to get along. Black people have been living in America longer than my ancestors have, and, yes, people need work. I stay in hotels quite often on the road, and I can tell right away which ones are black managed. I can tell whether things are going to work pretty well or not.

A typical modern hotel room. We've been expecting things to be nice and to work.

This post is not about the housekeeping help. They are of all persuasions, 99.something% female, though it's rare to see any young white girls. I respect this labor, mind you, and I sure wouldn't want to do that work for years on end.* However, it's not something that requires much thinking or customer service really. Competence does matter, but I'm not exactly mister Spic & Span as far as noticing things amiss. This is about the proper running of a hotel.

Black service employees can be great to deal with in many of the aspects of the job that involve interaction. They are gregarious. They can be hilarious. I can see that they enjoy talking to customers and it sure looks like they enjoy being there. Some are pretty hardworking. I just talked to a guy driving us that has 2 other jobs and was just doing this deal to help a friend.

However, this gregariousness often comes at the expense of the other aspects of the job. Some of the white people at the front desk perhaps realize that they have a mess of work to do in the back (often, in fact, there is no one in the front these days, we've noted.) The management part of the job requires some thinking. It's not always fun and games with the customers. You can't just throw free stuff or discounts to everyone either. That many of the black people in these position lean toward, and spend the most time on, the gregarious interaction side of things is due to either/both that they don't really have the competence to do the other work right or/and they just don't understand or care that the hotel has got to stay the hell in business too.

I think of the scene (couldn't find it on YT, or it'd be here) on The Office in which Michael Scott notices that every one is so uptight and not relaxed, mon, after he comes back from Jamaica. Why can't we all be like those relaxed black folk down in the islands? Everything was nice down there on vacation, right? Well, of course, it's because there are competent white people that have created what they've got down there for tourism. They set all of it up. It can keep running with the native labor, but it can't keep running forever.

As Steve Sailer shows us almost daily in his posts on NY Times articles (usually), our elites and our "good whites" are trying to tell us that, dammit, all fields of employment should have equal, excuse me, equitable** numbers of people of whatever races. That is, unless they are already there in overwhelming numbers, such as in the NBA, and then, well that's the best diversity you can get. There are going to be problems. Do these people see this coming and not care?

At some point, without the competence and caring of White people, things trend, if you will, toward a 3rd-world environment. It is happening slowly now. Maybe it's too slow for some of us to notice. It can accelerate.

They killed the White People > 200 years ago. This is what happens:

* BTW, I've noticed that the housekeepers don't keep up with the soap operas so much as they work these days. I hope that wasn't a management requirement. Maybe the TV's are so damn complicated (haha, to me!) that the housekeepers don't bother. More likely they get on phone calls on speaker phone with family and that sort of thing.

From commenter Alarmist, I'm thinking of the Mexicans here, we need to put up another "Telenovelas are Hell" video soon.

** iSteve has fun with that term "equity", as in "yes, this move will lower the equity in our housing."

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Final Tubman-thumping post

Posted On: Friday - February 12th 2021 11:07PM MST
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  Music  Political Correctness  Race/Genetics

She drinks a maple drink, she drinks a vodka drink,
she drinks a lager drink, she drinks a cider drink ...

In this final post on Tubmania, continued from here and here, we'll have to do this while the Peak Stupidity lawyers are away celebrating Black History Month down in the Cayman Islands. (There's something about company bidness too, so's they can write it off.) I didn't pass the bar yet myself, but I know enough to cover our asses here: Disclaimer: We at Peak Stupidity have no idea of whether enhancing US currency is legal or not.

It was fun when we were kids. We'd draw a joint hanging out of the mouth of historical figures in the history books and maybe sexual organs or devil horns or something. We could start defacing the Tubman Twenties right away, with mustaches, maybe some whips and chains, or, yeah, a joint hanging out of her mouth. Get creative. Cashiers and bank tellers still have still gotta take them - tell 'em that's the way you got the bills. There's plenty of plausible deniability to go around. I know, "we're grownups. I! GET! THAT! I'm just not taking this crap lying down.

They say ridicule works pretty well against Political Correctness and Totalitarians ... that and long guns, of course..

I know I'll hear that this is not the biggest issue in the world, compared to the immigration invasion and the China-controlled Bai Dien administration selling out the rest of our country to China and calling patriots "domestic terrorists". That's not to even mention the financial SHTF moment that is coming, like it or not. On these social issues, though, we just can't keep letting ourselves get pushed around and taken advantage of. My Dad really emphasized that for me as an individual, not letting myself get taken advantage of. It'd be great if White Americans collectively would take a little bit of my Dad's advice and quit letting themselves get pushed around. We've still got some control over this stuff.

How about a start here? Let's run this Harriet Tubman currency into the ground. A little Tubthumping is in order. We get knocked down, but we get up again, they're never gonna keep us down!

This song comes out of nowhere, and it seemed to come of of nowhere when it was first on the radio, in 1997. It's a weird one, at first seeming a little too much like rap to continue listening to. It gets good though, and I like that "Danny Boy" bit by the female singer stuck in there. I'd never heard another song by this British band Chumbawamba before that and never have since. It brings back memories of a single month, I'd guess November of 1997.

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Happy Year of the Ox!

Posted On: Friday - February 12th 2021 12:54PM MST
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Chinese New Years is here, a deal that wouldn't have meant a hill of beans to 95% of Americans 25 years ago. The way things are in today's world, I'm surprised that today has not already been Executive Ordered into a National Holiday* in support of this Ox thing by the Bai Dien administration. The question for the CCP this year is whose ox is to be gored? It's been the American working man for a quarter century,

These years of the animals are even sillier than the Zodiac of Western World superstition. After all, there could be something about the seasonal climate that affects something about our being born at a given time of year... or something... if you stretch it... Is there anything in nature, climate cycles (don't get me started) or astronomy, that has to do with 12 year periods. No, there is not.

There is a lot of superstition in China, especially with regard to numbers. I posit that this superstition is a replacement for the religion that has been beat out of the Chinese people by 40 years of hard-core Communism. Commies are jealous gods! These animal years are mostly in fun now and another gimmick for retailers, but there are people that still take it too seriously. I mentioned somewhere that there was a a small but measurable baby boom at the start of the Year of the Tiger in 2010.

This Spring Festival holiday is BIG. It's like our Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day rolled into one. If ANYONE Chinese is going to travel ANYWHERE to visit family, it will be doing the Spring Festival. Fortuitously, if you are a Totalitarian ANYWHERE in the world, it was during this time last year that the Wu-Flu coronavirus, later dubbed the COVID-19, or Kung Flu on Peak Stupidity, spread out from whatever lab or market in Wuhan. You couldn't have picked a better time to see the world if you are a virus, excuse me, BoV, Being of Virality. (I don't want to read any PIC disparaging, germist remarks about these Kung Flu BoVs, such as the usual tropes about "they ought to live in segregated petri dishes" and evil talk about "a final antiseptic solution")

One big custom during the Spring Festival is the passing out of red envelopes. These envelopes usually contain cash, though, even 3 years back, I've see red envelope phone apps.. For some of us, they may contain pictures, such as, I dunno, pictures of our grown-up sons cavorting with 14 y/o Chinese ladies, you know, or whatever...

新年快乐, Mr. Bai Dien! Now, don't call us, Zhou, we'll call you.

This guy in the White House and his minions are at war with patriotic Americans. At the same time, his administration will continue the foreign policy, on hiatus for the last 4 years, of supporting out outside enemies too. He's had the support of the Chinese CP through the election year, with, besides some of the printed-in-China ballots found around, likely lots of dirty tricks done with the help of Chinese internet cadre, such as one Peak Stupidity discussed last summer . Joe Biden is the Booboo to Xi Jinping's Yogi Bear.

Was 1942 the year of the Slime Mold?

* Knowing this doddering fool in the White House and the same in the House and Senate, I would imagine they'd fuck up the date anyway, due to time zones. This first day of the Spring Festival, the first date of the 2-week-long New Years festivities based on the lunar calendar, is already history in China. They are 13 hours later in time than Washington, FS, as in noon today in "The Federal Shithole" is 1 A tomorrow morning in China (yes the whole country - it's one big time zone**).

** That's no big deal to brag about either, as has been argued on the iSteve Sailer blog. You can't fool Mother Nature or her son, the sun, that is.

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Feminism and Islam Intersectional Stupidity

Posted On: Thursday - February 11th 2021 9:16PM MST
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I saw this cartoon about the year it says it was written on the bottom right, '16. A while later, I spent 1/2 hour, maybe more, trying to search for it to put up on Peak Stupidity. It's hard to search for things like this if you don't know some details of the wording. I just had the general idea of what I was looking for in my head. Anyway, I could not find it then. A commenter with the handle Harry Baldwin* embedded the cartoon on unz today, and I am so happy to be reunited with it.

I could write more about the intersectionality bit that Steve Sailer discusses often. I spent too much time with family stuff (nothing wrong with that) and too much commenting on unz (yeah, that's a problem, "Hello, my name is REDACTED, and I am an unz commenter." OK, Step 1 down, 11 more to go) today, so I'll just let the cartoon speak for itself. Nice job, Dixon Diaz!

* Mr. Baldwin suggested that there was probably an element of censorship to my not ever being able to find this cartoon, also.

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More on the Tubwoman Twenty

Posted On: Wednesday - February 10th 2021 6:44PM MST
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"Oh, Lordy, pick a taxpayer's pocket of twenties.
Oh, Lordy, pick stack a day!"

Yesterday Peak Stupidity worried about one aspect of this pending black currency in the post Tubmania and the Cashless Economy. I think that most Americans do not like to fight any of these small battles, so they won't do anything that might cause a scene or a name-calling to try to marginalize these new twenty dollar bills. This change is likely to push the cash-paying hold-outs toward using their plastic cards, so as not to get any of this currency that is embarrassing and degrading to us.

As we discussed in these pages ["in these pages", really? Who TF do you think you are, William Safire?!- Ed] long ago, we at Peak Stupidity have chosen some of these small hills, not to die on, but to not have any beer and chips during the Super Bowl at least. I can tell you right now, that I'll not be changing my method of payment to debit at the store or restaurant registers. What I will do is to use a lot of tens.

Being an Andy Jackson acolyte , I supposed I should be no fan of Alexander Hamilton, a acolyte of this big government and big banking proponent. Still, he beats the living hell out of Harriett Tubman though (no, not literally he didn't. Don't cancel him, please!)* Really, I do not seem to use many tens. The fiver is the new one, and the twenty has become the new five, just in a couple of decades, it seems to me. Benjamins are still a bunch of trouble to use and still cause a little worry about losing a folded up stack of 5 of them or so. I'm not a fan of US Grant either, but those fifties could start coming in handy more. I'll give the lady a fifty for an $18 Big Mac meal - no, I don't live in NY City, but I'm just thinking ahead about 5 years - and just politely say "I need tens, please."

Oh, sure, at some point it will get to the nitty gritty, with some big sassy black lady, looking a lot like the $20 bills herself, going "what's the matter? You got something against this money?!" One could make a lame excuse at that point, or one could just stand up, and yeah, probably not end up going shopping there again. One may be surprised, though, by some support from others, but then again, I don't see much courage on a day-to-day basis.

I've thought about stocking up on Jacksons. I still have plenty of incandescent light bulbs from '10, which are holding up better than I had thought. These bills have a good shelf life, but it'll get weird in about 5 -10 years at most, when most young people won't recognize them. I noticed that when the larger portrait of President Jackson was put on the twenties, it didn't take but 5 years before the older smaller-portrait bills looked antiquated to me, as if they came from breaking into someone's numismatic collection due to a cash flow problem. That's not a long-term solution.

With my great disdain for feminism, one our most destructive forms of stupidity, I was pleased back in the day with the way Susan B. Anthony was marginalized all to hell by us vending machine aficionados. It's one thing that people would request bills over the coins at the bank. That wasn't all because of the feminist on the coin, but also because $1 dollar coins are strange to most Americans (it's been a WHILE). However, when one would put a fiver into the machine for a Coke and get 4 of those coins, he had to dispense with those somehow. By using them in vending machines (right back atcha', slick!) or bringing them to the bank, we put the kibosh on that whole idea of pushing the feminism via currency. I don't know how exactly it went down, but when's the last time you saw one of those abominable dollar Anthony's?

It'll take a lot more courage to do the same for the Tubwomans when the term racist will be thrown at us, rather than just "I keep losing those coins, ya know..." I'm up for it, though. How 'bout y'all?

* Hell, they both lived in the early 19th century, and it was a small country, so maybe he did beat her occasionally.

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Just Another Serf on the Imperial Workforce

Posted On: Wednesday - February 10th 2021 8:44AM MST
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Unz writer (or at least that's one of his outlets) C.J. Hopkins has another great column up, called The (New Normal) War on Domestic Terror. This guy was said by some commenters to be a lefty, at least before the Kung Flu PanicFest woke him up, and he does insist on this "GloboCap" term that irks me a bit. However, he's right on the money here, and he may as well be Ron Paul. People say the ideas of the far left and far right meet around the other side. I don't think so - this guy is just getting a clue is all.

Speaking of getting or already having a clue, a commenter on unz whose comments I've really liked goes by the handle Just another Serf. This comment of his, under the C.J. Hopkins article in question, is a great concise vignette, if you will, of the average low-level Imperial Washington FS cadre that we Conservative Domestic Terrorists are dealing with in the millions.

Here is Just another Serf's comment in its entirety:


I really appreciate Unz and the authors assembled here (not to mention, most of the commenters). It would be rough to have no reliable access to narratives countering this grotesque gaslighting we are being relentlessly subjected to.

Imagine being one of these creatures “employed” in one or another of these federal or media agencies tasked with fighting the war on domestic terrorism. At some level, you know you are involved in a repulsive effort to destroy what are your fellow citizens. But you are living in the enchanted city, even if it’s just a quickly constructed townhouse in a vaguely affluent Maryland or Virginia suburb. Maybe you’ve got some low level clearance to compliment your GS level. You’ve got an electronic badge that will get you into some floors of a few agency buildings. That late model BMW is your pride and joy. You’re paid well enough to indulge in restaurant meals. Although, it’s takeout only these days. As I imagine a majority of these drones are now female, shopping for clothing and dressing for work (which now includes coordinating your masks with your outfit), occupies a large portion of their mental processes.

You’ve never produced a thing of real value in your life. And now your sham career is increasingly about harming those rubes living outside the emerald city. Well, not so much harming them, but grinding them into bloody pulps.

It must be hard facing that everyday, for whatever number of these workers retain a shadow of integrity or a vague memory of a distant America.


Oh, and the picture above comes from an article with the title below, from the Wall Street Journal:

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Tubmania and a cashless economy

Posted On: Tuesday - February 9th 2021 8:20PM MST
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She is not to be confused with another historical figure, Aunt Jemima.

This post will go back to a philisophical discussion that has occurred on conservative comment sections all over the internet, including on this site, "are these people evil or stupid?" "Both" can be an answer too.

I have read that after President Trump's temporary nixing of the effort, the anti-White, anti-American, anti-history, PC enforcers will soon get this Tubwoman placed on the 20 dollar bill. It's interesting that when I read articles for more details, I never got anything telling me who exactly has the authority. It may indeed be just an Executive Branch function, held by the Secretary of the Treasury, but it seems like this symbolism on the currency of the realm should have been important throughout our American history.

What I did read is that the last time any changes to the persons pictured on the paper currency were made was back in 1929. Ex-President Grover Cleveland got the bad end of things, getting kicked off the twenty, but at least relegated to the thousand dollar bill (worth so much back the last time they were printed (1969) that he may not have been seen by many Americans on it). Alex Hamilton* was put on the ten, and Andy Jackson was moved from the ten to the twenty. Since then, the cosmetic changes in bills, such as the enlargement of the portraits that was done 10-15 yeras ago, were just not something anyone but collectors cared about.

This change is a big thing. It's anti-White hatred being rubbed in our face, this replacement of a very powerful and important American President, soldier and statesman by some Black History Month character. There's plenty of bad stuff involving redistribution of your wealth and income to black people on the docket of the Bai Dien/Harris crowd, all of it more important economically than this Tubwoman bit. However, this will be very soon rubbed in our faces directly, every time we buy something with cash or sell something with cash. I can see lots of White people seeing this currency for the first time in their hands and having thoughts such as "OK, that's about it. This is not my country. I need to take that scouting trip to Uruguay for real. This place is irredeemable!**"

The reason I brought up the stupid v evil question at the beginning of this post, is because I could imagine a devious plan here. The elites could be using this Tubwoman currency to take us to a cashless society in a hurry. Americans, with good reason, have been slow to go all cashless as some Euro countries are going and China*** has pretty much already gone completely. Peak Stupidity sees the evil in it, but all one has to do is to read two verses in Revelation - Chapter 13: 16-17. We have expounded on the mundane problems with going cashless, along with the evil due to the enablement of full government control in the posts Chipotle - no credit, no debit, and hold the E. Coli, Cash is King - (Part 2), and Cash is King - (Part 3) .

With the White people, still the people with most of the money, disgusted with the new currency, that could help accelerate the process. As usual, I don't see this as the devious conspiracy that it could be. I just see a lot of evil people that want to erase White history, and push this PC racial crap in our faces. It happens to align pretty good with that other goal too though, that other evil people are down with.

What will we end up doing about this indignity at the bank or check-out counter? What will you do about it? What will I do about it? I've got a lot to write about this one, with a few ideas. Some have been discussed a bit in the comments under the recent Amren article The Humiliation of the Harriet Tubman $20 by Scott Greer, so the reader may want to check that out before I get back on this subject tomorrow.

* who was on the $2 bill between 1862 and 1869, and replaced by Thomas Jefferson on that bill, not so common for most of us.

** in the words of pundit Paul Kersey.

*** See China roves Big Blother rong time for our information on Chinese society's having gone very near cashless in one decade.

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America's Kung Flu recession, women hardest hit! - Part 7

Posted On: Monday - February 8th 2021 8:48PM MST
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  Feminism  Economics

(Continued from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.)

It's been almost 3 months since the last installment of this series of fiskings of one of the most comprehensive pieces of feminist stupidity the Peak Stupidity staff has ever run into. By gum, we're going to finish the job! If not today, 1 or 2 more posts ought to do it.

The article in question is America's first female recession, by a piece of work with the handle Chabeli Carrazanna. Chabeli Carrazanna?! Who makes up these handles? How 'bout "The Rubber Ducky", "The Pigpen", or "Snowman"? This article attempts to get us readers to worry that working women are being hurt the most by the Kung Flu. The author bemoans the poor hotel housekeepers, most of them immigrants, that have lost their jobs due to the hysterical PanicFest we are undergoing. Gee, I wonder which faction of society is tops in hysteria. I also wonder if the American working women might have more jobs if occupations, such as hotel housekeepers were not dominated by cheap-labor legal and illegal immigrants.

Let's just pick up where we left off. We heard that "we're all going to lose" due to the "caregiving crisis". As Peak Stupidity explained, there is a caring crisis here. We couldn't care less. We don't give a shit. That is our caring crisis,
Experts say coronavirus has helped many people understand, some for the first time, the challenges women have been juggling for decades. Child care is now a line item on multiple recovery proposals.

The Democratic coronavirus relief package, called the Heroes Act, proposes setting aside $7 billion through the Child Care and Development Block Grant that would allow providers to get emergency help for payroll, cleaning supplies and other equipment. The bill passed the House but has stalled in the Senate.

Senate Republicans released their own stimulus proposal in late July, a set of bills collectively known as the Heals Act, that would allocate more money to child care. The bills call for $5 billion through the Child Care and Development Block Grant and an additional $10 billion in “back-to-work” child care grants to help centers pay for additional costs brought on by the pandemic and to re-enroll children.

Democrats have called the plan “unworkable.” Both sides are meeting to discuss a joint proposal that could pass both chambers.
Advocates, who applaud the renewed attention on child care, also caution that neither plan as they stand now sufficiently addresses the estimated $50 billion infusion needed to stabilize the industry.
I see. We need more caring. We need people to care about giving us money. Remember how Peak Stupidity has been worried about higher-than-advertised Inflation? Note, that the amounts of free money requested off the mostly male taxpayers go from $5 Billion to $10 Billion to $50 Billion, all in TWO PARAGRAPHS. Now, that's a high inflation rate! Gimme, gimme, gimme...
The issue is expected to continue garnering attention as the 2020 election draws near. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who cared for his two sons as a single father after his wife and daughter died in a car accident in 1972, has released a caregiving plan that spans 10 years and earmarks $325 billion specifically for child care improvements, including free pre-kindergarten for 3- and 4-year-olds; childcare tax credits of up to $8,000 for one child to low- and middle-income families; raises for child care workers; and incentives for businesses to build child care centers on their premises.
Lots of Dads care for their sons, you nitwit. Do you mean "took care" of his two sons? ... with no help whatsoever? I doubt it. Then, we see how Hunter turned out. "$325 Billion" OK, now we're up to real money, even over 10 years. It's just another 1/3 of a Trillion bucks to add to the deficit, I guess.

We get "FREE" pre-kindergarten out of it. Here's where you see the real evil in this feminism. Those $8000 tax credits are for encouraging all parents to send their kids to be raised by the State at 3 years old. We can't have them learning from their parents. They might learn some ungood ideas, and plus their Moms need to be working, giving care and shit to other kids. That all makes sense... if you're a Communist.
“If we truly want to reward work [and have hardworking taxpayers pay for it!] in this country, we have to ease the financial burden of care that families are carrying,” Biden said during a July speech in Delaware announcing the plan. “We’re trapped in a caregiving crisis, within an economic crisis within a healthcare crisis.”
Now, see, that's not plagiarism this time. Winston Churchill said "riddle", "mystery", and "enigma". This Biden speech was different... and you can't prove anything!

Actually, Peak Stupidity calls it this all a bitter-sweet bitch session, wrapped inside a HFCS-laden financial SHTF, inside a crackly crust of hysteria. No, it's pretty tasty when topped with marinara sauce and served with unlimited garlic bread. Churchill estate, don't sue us. We own NOTHING!

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