Hildabeast Tapped for Expertise on Cyber Security

Posted On: Saturday - June 1st 2019 7:07PM MST
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(First of all, "Hildabeast tapped"? Let's not go too far with that ...)

See, now here's your problem ...

It's been an absolute pleasure not having to have written any posts about the Hildabeast in, well, let's see, in passing 2 1/2 months ago and then a whole nother year prior for the previous one. We'd rather not hear anything more about this candidate-for-antiChrist till after the Peak of Stupidity and well beyond. Alas, though it's a fairly harmless thing, we hope, there's word that this Queen of Email Forwards will be speaking as an expert at this fall's FireEye cybersecurity conference.

Michael Scott - Actual King of Email Forwards:

This is from the link above to Russia Today (yep, Pravda is more of an American thing now):
Clinton will deliver a keynote speech ...
... at the cybersec summit in October, organized by the security firm FireEye. After her speech, Clinton will take part in a Q&A discussion with FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia on the “geopolitical landscape and its implications for global cyber security today.”
After the long-winded speech by this blowhard about how (let me guess) women should be more represented in the field of cybersecurity, so long as there will be no math ... so they need to get rid of some of the math ... and Trump sucks (aaah, crap, if I agree with the Hildabeast will I go straight to hell? I'd like to at least collect my 200 dollars*...), uhh, then let's see... Oh, we will be taught about the geopolitical landscape, after the Krispy Kreme donut break, I sure hope.

I guess the former Secretary of State knows the geopolitical landscape that's left after blowing countries all to hell in the Middle East for, what again? Still, what does she know about cybersecurity? Does she even remember how to wipe a hard drive clean with a damp cloth and some isopropyl alcohol? Where'd she put that server anyway? No one's ever found it but the Russians. You need to write that stuff down in a cute little notepad with Minions on the cover, along with the passwords, and LEAVE IT IN YOUR PURSE, in the same place, so you have it when you need it!**

The Western world is truly comical at this point. If "Peak Stupidity" weren't available, per an Unz commenter, I'd have looked for a variant of "Clown Show" ... HONK, HONK!

I've read a little on cryptography, the Neil Stephenson book Cryptonomicon (great novel, BTW), know a bit about programming, and even slept at a Holiday Inn Express a few nights in a row. One thing I've learned about the area of computer security is that the geeks involved are in it for the creativity and the glory, not mostly to "save the world for Democracy". The people on both sides of the cyber wars, the "white hat" good guy security experts and the "black hat" bad guy hackers are two of the same type. They even switch sides fairly often. Note that Julian Assange and Ed Snowden*** are now white hats, at least to Peak Stupidity, while still being black hats per the US Feral Government.

I'm pretty sure, for the Hildabeast, it's the color of her soul rather than her hat that matters to us. We hope to not have to write another post on this creature for another year or more.

All this talk about white/black hats does remind me of an old magazine though. It's something our mascot above might have read, and Spy vs. Spy was the silly cartoon with said hats:

* Old Monopoly board game joke there... it's probably up to $20,000 in the new version of the game.

** We do warn those who follow this protocol to avoid at all costs being the target of a Male-Honeypot operation, a reverse-Honeypot, in this specific case an "Operation Crustypot". For the Hildabeast, we feel she is very secure against such an operation, as no sane Russian will EVER volunteer for a mission like that.

*** See also our movie review - Part 1 and Part 2

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NR/NRA Writer on "Red Flag" Laws

Posted On: Saturday - June 1st 2019 3:51PM MST
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Mr. Charles C.W. Cooke - Patriot

As the chief organ (of some sort...) of Conservatism, Inc, the National Review magazine/site is not one read or visited by Peak Stupidity. We will cop to having "taken" the print version for a year or two in the 1990's at some point. There's 50 bucks we'll never get back, though I did love the late Florence King, with her column in the back, she understood by me to be the sole female curmudgeon there ever was (that link is to OUR FIRST POST!) OK, I may have accidentally clicked on a link to an NR-online article, but I redeemed myself afterwards with a bit of Vin Suprynowicz.

OK, this is not the post in which to trash National Review, as the editor of the on-line version, one Mr. Charles C.W. Cooke, is a big 2nd Amendment proponent, and I only learned this via reading his great article on "Red Flag" laws in the June issue of America's 1st Freedom magazine. Yes, it was the paper copy, as I am one of the > 5,000,000 members. I'll now preemptively take back anything I may still accidentally write about him in the future, as this is one great piece of writing. It's really above the usual style of the NRA (political*) magazine, as Mr. Cooke presents, and argues against, even the most reasonable possible arguments from the anti-gun people. That's not to say America's 1st Freedom is not a good magazine anyway, BTW. I tend to leave already-read copies in doctor's offices and other places, usually based on where they will piss off the largest number of people.

Please read Charles Cooke's article if you have a chance, as it's very timely if you look at the headlines today on the shooting in Virginia Beach, Virginia. What I'm getting at is that, whether False Flags or not, the mass shootings America has seen are never wasted by the ctrl-left as opportunities to blame the inanimate gun as the culprit rather than say, the usual over-medicated kid or a disgruntled often-non-white or immigrant employee.

The Red Flag laws, not to be confused with False Flags, are those that have been drawn up to allow individuals to expeditiously (meaning without due process) have individual American's guns taken from them based on here-say by, well anybody. As a 2nd article in the same NRA-mag issue, Colorado Sheriffs Unite Against "Red Flag" Law**, very un-politically-correctly states with regard to the "petitioner" having resided with said gun owner, "in other words, any vengeful ex-spouse or romantic partner". Yep, the crazy ex-wife can decide to take away your right to defend yourself and the remains of your family at will.

That may not be the most egregious use of these unconstitutional laws even. They can, AND WILL (as they say), be used by political opponents of patriotic Americans to take revenge for any on- or off-line speech, as, just like in the old USSR, you can be deemed just "too crazy" to own a gun. (Well, OK, in the USSR, you wouldn't have had the gun anyway; they'd have just sent you to the institution and drugged you into oblivion.)

First let me excerpt the portion that illustrates how Mr. Cooke see the people pushing these laws as having good intentions (the "road to hell", and all that aside, no, not all of them do):
As is typically the case with gun control measures, “red flag” laws are sold to voters as riskless guarantors of public safety and come replete with the bad-faith accusations of villainy to which advocates of the Bill of Rights have become sadly accustomed. “If you oppose this idea,” critics are told, “then you must support terrible outcomes.” In Colorado and beyond, opponents have been told that they are bad people who desire the abuse of women, do not care about the death of police officers, covet a general reduction in public safety and so forth. Which, of course, is dangerous nonsense. If one so chooses, one can always demagogue support for the Bill of Rights into enthusiasm for nefarious behavior—and, indeed, the same people always do. In the eyes of the wannabe authoritarian, champions of the First Amendment are mere advocates of “hate speech” or “lobbying” or “religious intolerance”; champions of the Fourth are trying to ensure that criminals have a safe place to hide; champions of the Fifth want “the guilty to walk free” and the evil to “stay silent”; champions of the Sixth hope to permit defendants to “revictimize the accused” and so forth.

There is, as a matter of fact, not a single American liberty that cannot be cast in this light. Depending on what the accuser is selling, the details may change. But the instinct most definitely does not. Thus it is that opposition to stripping rights away from Americans whose names have been placed unilaterally onto secret government lists is transmuted into support for “terrorists buying guns.” Thus it is that opposition to the government snooping around one’s social media and search histories is transmuted into support for “giving crazy people access to guns.” And thus it is that opposition to “red flag” laws that lack even basic protections for due process is transmuted into indifference toward women or children or anybody who is generally liked.

The correct response to this tactic is as simple as it is universally applicable: “No, I’m in favor of the Constitution.”
He's right, you can't trash one freedom from government prescribed by the Founders and not hurt the others. The 2nd Amendment though, is the last bulwark.
That, of course, is precisely what the sheriffs in Colorado are saying. And not just once, but twice. Critics of the sort of vaguely written “red flag” laws that have prompted otherwise law-abiding people to meditate aloud upon the likelihood of being sent to jail are concerned with the protection of not one, but of two core rights—the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to due process. As a matter of political rhetoric, it may make sense for the architects of “red flag” laws to pretend that merely to utter “but the children” or “but women” or “but the terrorists” is magically to change the facts on the ground or amend America’s legal and cultural foundations. But as a matter of fact, it does no such thing. For those who have taken an oath, for those who hope to defend the American constitutional order, and, yes, for those who merely seek the protection of the highest law in the land, there can be no “good intentions” exception.
That is the core of Charles Cooke's great argument against the "good intentions" business. In the rest of the article, and probably another post about this, there is/will be discussion of the position that local law enforcement will be put in (in particular, in the case of Sheriffs of Colorado, location of one of the Red Flag laws proposed). For them, there's an obvious RIGHT THING TO DO, and we'll see which law enforcement officers in the country even THINK about this.

Anyway, kudos to Mr. Charles C.W. Cooke, of (yes) National Review for very well explaining this threat to Americans and the US Constitution.

* The NRA also publishes more magazines about hunting/fishing and guns in general. NRA members can get one free with their membership, and I tend to be more interested in the political, hence this blog and all...

** This article written by Dave Hardy should be read along with Mr. Cooke's article. It has the view straight from the Colorado Sheriffs' mouths, and should be the subject of a 2nd post.

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The Psychedelic Furs

Posted On: Friday - May 31st 2019 7:14PM MST
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35 years ago, when these British wierdos appeared on MTV, I didn't know what to think of them. I am referring to lots of other "post-punk" British bands too, with their weird accents and moves in the videos - they all seemed to want to be David Bowie, who was, face it, a wierdo back when these guys were in diapers.

I looked up other songs by the Psychedelic Furs but neither recognized nor particularly liked a single one. However, this one, The Ghost in You, from the album Mirror Moves, brings back some faint, hazy memories, which go with the ethereal sound of the song.

The band members playing during the recording of Mirror Moves, in 1984 were the two Butler brothers, Richard the vocalist and Tim on bass guitar, along with John Ashton on guitar, and Keith Forsey on drums.

Well, it's this or hedonics, so ...?

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Mexican Monex Milks 'Mericans - story ... aaah, manana.

Posted On: Thursday - May 30th 2019 7:38PM MST
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I don't trust bankers in my own country,
much less this freakin' guy:

Peak Stupidity has not written very much about Preppers and Prepping though we admire the practice, and agree with those who see what's coming. In a future, pretty serious post that's been burning a hole in that blogging area over by the hippocampus, I'd like to write some about not so much "bugging out", the prepper term, but at least "bailing out" of this western center of stupidity. It's just a thought with no plans in the works. It comes when the stupidity seems endless and unstoppable.

"Where ya' gonna' go?" is the question. Believe me, if there were any country with more freedom than the little we have left, that was inhabited by any kind of people one can reasonably fit in with, I would be DOWN with it. I think of Latin America, and as we've written already in "Down to the Banana Republics... goes Fred Reed"*, that expatriate life can be very tempting, especially for the single guy. Your money can go a long way. The lifestyle, though corrupt and without much trust among men, can be more easygoing, and yes, the stupidity level may be officially just as high, but they don't take the stuff so seriously.

Let's go back to that important money thing. In that 2 y/o post, the exhortation to Fred Reed, the expatriate pundit, was "get your money out of US Dollars". The money may be worth a lot now, but what happens after the Global Financial Stupidity peaks, and the crash results in the loss of confidence in the un-backed no-longer-mighty BUCK?

For right now, though, your money can go a long way. It may just go a long way away from YOU, though. We still have enough financial law and due process left here, probably due to the country being run as a F.I.R.E. economy. However, down in Ole Mexico, the big financial firm Monex, or the Mexican version thereof, has just scammed Americans living down there out of their savings that had allowed them to have it made. A news site that we read from the Peninsular-Mexicans (that's the Yucatan) reports that American Expats say money they had at Monex is gone and the bank isn’t helping them.

Y eeez gone!

In late December, Kathy Machir called Marcela Zavala Taylor, her banker of nine years at Mexico’s Monex Casa de Bolsa, to get cash for contractors building her retirement home in San Miguel de Allende. Typically, Zavala would wire money or dispatch her assistant, Juan, on his motorcycle with an envelope full of pesos. Monex, with $5.2 billion in assets and operations in the U.S., was woven into the lives of Machir and the 10,000 other Americans who’ve moved to San Miguel de Allende.

The transfer didn’t happen. Juan didn’t show, Zavala didn’t return calls, and Kathy and Jim Machir discovered that their nest egg was gone. When the Machirs and other San Miguel expatriates met with Monex officials in early January, the bankers told some of them that about $40 million was missing from as many as 158 accounts, many belonging to English-speaking Americans. A dozen people interviewed by Bloomberg News say that bank statements Zavala sent them purporting to show full accounts were apparently falsified. Most say the bank has told them little since they filed complaints, and some say Monex tried to settle for far less than the balances owed. “When they told us we had 6 pesos [32¢] in our accounts, I just felt sick to my stomach,” Kathy Machir says. “Since then, they have not dealt with us in good faith.”
You don't say! "We don't need no steeeenkeeng passwords!"
A notarized letter that Karger’s attorney sent to top Monex executives on April 15 lists 12 allegations of fraud, including transferring money to people whom the depositors didn’t know, making unauthorized investments, and changing account login information. “If a relatively low-level employee can go into your account, change your email address for notifications, change your password, redirect deposits, withdrawals, and wire transfers,” Karger says, “then you have a kindergarten-level security system safeguarding tens of millions of dollars.”
So Peak Stupidity and the crash of your almighty dollars are not your only worry, Ameri-migos. This could be a more immediate concern. I'll say it again - DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY. DIVERSIFYING IS OUR STRENGTH!

This kind of thing puts a damper on the thoughts of a new life in that part of the world. You'd better do some thinking before you pull the plug here.

* I've gotten really sick of the lies out of that formerly-decent pundit lately, so I'll leave Fred Reed, currently an American expatriate in Ole Mexico, out of this one.

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Bezos Bride Blows Billions ... Story at 11.

Posted On: Thursday - May 30th 2019 12:14PM MST
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The Bezoses, in sadder times ... for the lawyers.:

MacKenzie ex-Bezos, one of the early adopters both of TECH husbands and last-name first names*, has been in the news, as seen in one quick glance at the Yahoo home page while closing my email. She is divorcing Jeff Bezos, CEO/founder of Amazon, or vice-versa, and the chick-bait** headline said she is giving away all her money, the $17 Billion that she is getting from ... whoa, wait. Shouldn't this be more like $35 Billion, as half of Mr. Bezos' hard-earned assets?!

Is this just a woman-led-to-believe-there-would-be-no-math thing? That's hard to believe, unless ex-Mrs. Bezos hired only women-led-to-believe-there-would-be-no-math lawyers to represent her. That's remotely possible, I suppose, but maybe the lawyers are really pretty damn good at math ... too good, as a matter of fact. Just the usual 20% or so of the settlement is some pretty good pocket money, even for a lawyer who's got his own exes in Texas and '19 BMWs to support. Hmmm, it'd give Peak Stupidity real good feelz inside if we were to learn that the divorce lawyers are also giving away all their money ... should I have clicked on the Yahoo link?

Philanthropy can be a good thing, if one has really thought of the consequences of the windfall to the supposedly needful folks on the other end. It's something, for example, that Bill Gates has sucked at ALMOST as much as with the development of computer operating systems (after MS-DOS that is). His philanthropy to the continent of Africa, with all good intentions as usual, has resulted in an out-of-control population boom that is the cause of much rightful consternation. Some of that consternation can be found in the Gates household itself, within which Bill Gates is working on philanthropic projects to ... uhhh, help Africa?

With Jeff Bezos having joined the Globalist Elite crowd long ago, I don't know if MacKenzie can really go wrong with this, in his eyes, as women will go with the flow per their close friends, all globalist elites themselves. It'd be a tough blow to Jeff Bezos, if now-Miss MacKenzie would miraculously lean alt-right or even half-way conservative, in her donations, but that's not bloody likely.

What IS bloody likely is that there is no way on God's green earth that this lady MacKenzie is giving away ALL her money. Hey, 95% would still leave a cool billion, and even 99% leaving enough to still afford a nice 20,000 ft2 mansion and Gulfstream, but she'd have to be pretty chintzy with the remainder, along with garnering much advice from the Hildabeast on cattle futures, to heat the house and feed Jet-A to that airplane. I can see more of this sort of thing, though:
"Yeah, I'm so virtuous that I'm giving away all my money, people! That'll show him what happens when you screw around with 50 y/o bimbos. After I buy those 2, OK, maybe 25 at the most, dresses, the remaining $16 Billion will go to the needful people of the world, ... no, not privileged American white people .. I want to make sure all $14 Billion, after the small amount needed to travel around the world to make sure this announcement gets heard far and wide, goes to those ... you know ... all these people that make me feel guilty for earning all this profit by calling the lawyers.... What? Pay the warehouse employees more, at "the end of the day"? No, no, they are the privileged ones, not the people you send money to. I remember those old Sally Struthers public service announcements. For just the price of a cup of coffee a day... see with the Vente Lattes I buy, that's $6.50 each, so with the $12 Billion I'm giving away, after coffee, well that's a lot of coffee for the masses ... Bon appetit, African children! "
Hey, Miss ex-Bezos, Peak Stupidity is feeling a bit needful right now. Just think, for the price of a couple of Grande Vente Expressos, you could sponsor your own blog post. The world does not have to remain stupid.

* Although we can go all the way back to the 1960's, to MacKenzie Phillips, actress daughter of Mamas & the Papas fame, to hear of this name, but she was just the "MacKenzie the Baptist" to the modern day last name as first name crowd.

** It was not even regular click-bait that I wasn't about to click on, but chick-bait, in fact, a real feel-good story, ... for the lawyers.

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Good Schools, Race, and "Worrisome Signs"

Posted On: Tuesday - May 28th 2019 6:18PM MST
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I suppose the billboard on Peak Stupidity's early post "On Schools, Race, and Billboards" is a worrisome sign, and this post is a continuation (with one correction) of that one. If you are very interested in this stuff, you can read 100 X more about it after searching through the 10's of thousands of posts by Steve Sailer on Unz.com.

For now, I want to make a slight correction to my story from that previous post regarding the 2 elementary schools in question, that is near the middle school that the billboard is parent-whistling about. I looked at the two sites, both Great Schools and School Digger (graphics off the latter) some more. It looks like that worse-off elementary school is quite a bit worse off, not just slightly. The stats on race of the children alone pretty much give the schools' ratings! I just noticed that. Yeah, I know, it's not NICE to NOTICE!

Pertinent Stats for the better elementary school:


Pertinent Stats for the worse-off elementary school:


These schools are less than a mile away, so it's not the zip code that's the problem. It's not the climate. It's not the economy either. Hmmmm?? "Click here to learn more." "Be glad to!"

The bad test scores at the 2nd school are not due to the students, per the graphic that SchoolDigger kindly presents to us. No, instead, they are a "worrisome sign". Due to this worry, we should have some kind of conversation, it says. Let me start:
I think I'm onto something, fellow parents. Check this out! It seems like whenever you have a lot of white and Oriental kids, the grades are better ... did you notice that ... BONK!
Ugghhh ... I see what you did there ... How else can you help? Must ... not notice ... any more ... statistics ... I see 2 ... stars ... no, I see lots of stars ... spinning ... galaxies... billions and billions ... [/Evil Captain Kirk]

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All the News that's NOT WORTH PRINTING - Immigration Invitation Edition

Posted On: Tuesday - May 28th 2019 5:50PM MST
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" ♪♫♬..with each blow and every little movement
you show it... ♪♫♬"

I had thought that the Red State news/opinion site was a part of Conservatism, Inc, and have not perused it for quite some time. They have an article here that may change my mind, as they point out the odd quietude of the Lyin' Press in reporting on an attack by some Minneapolis teenagers, well, OK, if I must, some angry light-bulb-headed young Somalian invaders at the East Side light-rail station in Minnegadishu. Oops, sorry, that wasn't even quite right - no, they are not invaders, they were INVITED by stupid Minnesota snowflakes!

Now, before I get further, as not to anger possible real-Minnesotan Peak Stupidity readers, I will explain this Snowflake terminology. It was originally to be applied for students of this generation who have been so coddled, they can't deal with the real world, and make stupid decisions accordingly. However, it's not just students, and because I don't want to create topic keys for all 50 states plus the Federal Shithole, I just lump them together. Why pick on Minnesotans*, then? Sure, it's not just them, and there are plenty of them, as everywhere, who want no part of the snowflake-flavored stupidity. You gotta admit though, you see lots of snowflakes up there, but really, you've got the epitome of Midwestern nice, helpful, friendly, clean, cheerful, kind, thrifty, etc. Yeah, that's most of the Boy Scout law, but what about the motto: Be Prepared! Don't take it the wrong way, Minnesotans, but I'd look more into that motto than the law.

The Somalians that the nice, cheerful, kind, friendly ... ladies of Minnesota have imported have obviously not all read that Scout Law themselves. The title of that Red State article above, not fit to print in the Lyin' Press, is 8-10 Somali Teens Armed With Hammers Attack Bystanders At East Bank Rail Station in MN; Media Oddly Quiet". (Big Capitalization folks there at Red State.)

The story, attributed by Red State to Alpha News, says:
Transit police for “a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers” and that some people were injured. A Facebook post a minute later on Minneapolis Scanner page said that the three police departments were responding to “multiple [911] calls” about “10-12 Somali teen males armed with hammers chasing people,” also with “several injuries reported.”
Man, good thing they've got the guns off "the streets", oh, and the rails. Still, with all those illegal straw-purchased ball-peen hammers, there's more work to be done ...
A person who claimed on social media to have been at the station when the incident occurred said that the group of males had “hammers and bars,” and that they seemed to be “attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white.” The witness, who said he isn’t white, said he didn’t want to “[take] on a bunch of dudes with blunt objects,” and that he “hurried an older white lady away” and they walked a few blocks to catch a bus.
OK, so if you were not white, and didn't have money, there was nothing to worry about. Naaah, it's not a hate crime, because, well lots of our newcomers are good kids, don'tcha' know, and they just need a little more time .. to figure out what's a hammerfor, yah, you betcha'! (This really works better if you imagine this post in the accents of the characters on Fargo.)

On the lack of media attention, can you imagine if things were even partially reversed? The Lyin' Press Infotainment would be going on through the whole summer, until the next snowflake falls. From Red State again (we've posted most of the short article):
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this incident is how little media attention it received. The second most remarkable thing is that none of the article titles about this story indicate that these teenagers were Somali.

This story was tagged by Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds late last night and it has received enormous reader interest. He has captioned the post “Minnesota Nice.”

Reynolds takes note of the teens’ nationality. He writes: “Males.” They were Somali teens, showing their gratitude to the nation that gave them refuge.
Good on the Instapundit! From a former Conservative, Inc type, and maybe even quite the neocon back in the day, it's good to hear from him on this. He always had a good head on his shoulders and was very fair. Somehow, he's a law professor ...

As VDare Chief Peter Brimelow has often written, "This can only end in tears."

* It's also where the largest concentration of people with the most foreign culture imaginable on this planet have been imported. I do keep up with the situation in Maine too.

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Hedonics - Pleasure from Products and Services

Posted On: Saturday - May 25th 2019 5:37PM MST
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(pretty much continued from here and, earlier, here.)

The 2nd major component of the part-inadvertent/part-intentional correcting of the official "basket of goods and services" used as an attempt at reaching apples-to-apples comparisons of costs in a changing economy is the simple concept with the fancy name - "Hedonics". The Greek root of this is the same as that for "hedonism" (oooh-la-la! Are we going to learn about the economics of orgies today?!) [Negatory! This is a family site.- Ed] The root is has the meaning of "pleasure". The point of hedonics is to make calculations that correct our purchases based on an equal amount of pleasure derived from them.

What's your pleasure? Air travel in the '70's vs. '10s:

Which cabin service gives the customer more pleasure?

The pleasure could be literal, like with that juicy steak vs. that obtained from a can of Spam. It could be just economic pleasure, as it, you were able to travel farther on a gallon of gas in this new car versus the old model. Hedonics is a method of correcting the value of the items in that CPI basket after attempting to measure pleasure obtained from newer versions of the same good or service.

Let's go back to that old IBM (or what were called IBM-clone) computer seen in the previous post versus what would be in the basket now, a $300 Samsung tablet, perhaps. In this case, first of all, prices really are way down, in nominal dollars. In addition, the BLS would reckon, you are getting much more pleasure out of that tablet. (Sure, but that's because porn just wasn't the same on that old 640 x 480 pixel screen.) Seriously, you can do a lot with the tablet. I would agree it has more value, and there would be no one item or even combination thereof, 30 years ago, to compare it to. Computer/electronic technology, or Artificial Stupidity, as we like to call it at Peak Stupidity, is a pretty special case of items that legitimately lower the inflation rate.

The BLS has this page with more interesting links on it, that list the categories of items for which they do "quality adjustments", or hedonics. They even get hard into the math, using formulae to assign weighting to the different qualities of these items. There are even base-10 log functions in there and Greek letters! Cool!

The Mises Libertarians have their criticisms of the whole process. I'd like to point out some problems. I don't see autos on the list, but appliances are there, and I'd like to use automobiles, as also pieces of machinery, to illustrate one problem. There are features on newer products that WE DON'T HAVE A CHOICE ON. Let's say, the BMW has that feature in which the windshield wipers turn on automatically. If we paid for that, OK, then that should add to the pleasure obtained and the car price should be adjusted for that, before apples-to-apples calculations. However, most of us don't mind turning a knob when we see rain coming down. Are features like extra usb-ports, "green-mode" shifting, rear wipers, extra trim, that we don't have a choice in buying, part of the adjustments. This goes for appliances just the same.

Then there are the intangibles, such as the airline service depicted above. Air travel has gone WAY DOWN in real dollars over the last 3 decades (i.e. almost steady in nominal dollars), a subject for another post. Part of the way that was done, however, was to eliminate much of the personalized service. Now, sexy flight attendants are one thing - I don't think they cost any more - it's a PC thing, maybe never to come back ;-{. Having only one agent board a flight with no time for questions, or doing every step of reserving/checking-in on-line, may give equal or MORE pleasure to a younger customer, say of Generation Z, who really doesn't want to talk to anyone besides his barista to begin with. For some of us, it IS a loss of the pleasure or utility of this service. This type of thing can't be measured easily though.

Just as some services, are other items for which there really isn't anything that they can substitute FOR, in the basket, such as internet service. We didn't need it back then, and we didn't pay anything. Now, we almost need it to live (I don't even mean this sarcastically as a disparagement of Facebook and Twitter, but there are things your employer or school may only expect, or allow, you to do on-line), and, well, you're gonna pay 50 bucks or more if you don't bundle it. I imagine, the CPI basket must get some new items in it, just as some are deleted, to keep up with the times. This is neither substitution nor hedonics (even though the BLS site lists it as such). It can be fudged too, keep in mind, but I have no examples at the ready.

When I mentioned in a previous post that substitution and hedonics were two forms of correction of the CPI that could be abused, likely under pressure, by the green-eyeshade boys (AND gals) at the BLS, I left out another factor that could be a third from. That is, the Inflation by Deflation phenomena explicated by Peak Stupidity. We've probably mentioned it in some of the other posts with the Inflation topic key in addition. Does the BLS really measure food prices by the fluid or weight ounce? I would hope, but how about thickness of lumber that is still called 1 x 2? I seriously doubt that.

In summary, though I would trust them on a gasoline price graph, or other commodity, no, I don't think you can trust the general inflation numbers out of the US Gov't Bureau of Labor Statistics, along with a lot of other important numbers. That's why, for us noticers, there's Shadow-Stats.

No matter how you measure it, the real effect of inflation is to diminish the quality and size of the products we are used to paying a certain amount of money for, and, for the same price, to turn what used to give us pleasure into a new miserable experience. Since that's the name of an album by a band that Peak Stupidity has woefully neglected to feature, here are The Gin Blossoms, out of Tempe, Arizona. From that excellent 1992 album New Miserable Experience, this is Allison Road, not a hit, but to me the best song on it.

What a simple, bright guitar sound there!

Ahhh! Speaking of electronic hedonics, wouldn't it have been easier to make that video today, with flat screen TVs?! I'm glad the guy didn't try to lift up that big console model at the end (probably should have just shown a scantily-dressed girl instead of the TVs anyway - this is rock music, right?)

Bill Leen – bass guitar
Jesse Valenzuela – rhythm and lead guitar, backing and lead vocals
Robin Wilson – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, harmonica
Scott "Scotty" Johnson – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Phillip "Phil" Rhodes – drums, percussion, backing vocals

(There were 3 Scotts in the band over the different years, 2 of them "Scotties" and 2 of them on drums.)

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Ann Coulter and VDare strike out about The Pot

Posted On: Saturday - May 25th 2019 9:55AM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  US Police State  Pundits

From Ann Coulter's latest column - still batting a .990.

Miss Coulter's point was that at least the Romans DID build a wall.
Hadrian's Wall in England - keeping the barbarians out
for MUCH LESS than the cost of an interstate highway
(had they had 'em)

I'll give Peak Stupidity's numero uno pundit a break - it's pretty hard to bat one thousand. Actually, it's literally pretty hard to bat in the .400s, if you play serious baseball, but we're figuratively talking about punditry here. It's not at all like hitting a 90 mph fastball, contrary to what most of us pundits would have you believe! I've pointed out before that Ann Coulter still hangs on to a nutty belief that Affirmative Action is a good thing, for certain people. Bullshit. She is a real Libertarian, so this belief is a complete failing, as there is no way AA is Constitutional, along with Statist in other ways too. This kind of shit tends to bring one's average down.

Now, in her 2-columns ago at-bat, warning on the evils of "the weed" Miss Coulter whiffs another one. I don't argue with her anecdotes. She is a lawyer, so ... However, we've been through this stuff for almost a century in America. I'd though by now it was pretty clear that marijuana is one of the milder drugs, the Drug War causes nothing but more violence and crime than it prevents, and we (the nice proper lady voters) tried the outlawing of a potentially much more harmful drug alcohol, 100 years back, and that was a real shitshow. I always give the Americans and the Feral Gov't of that time lots of credit for at least handling prohibition via amendments to the Constitution rather than this "stroke-of-the-pen, law-of-the-land, kinda' cool!" shit* (as proudly advertised by the Bill Clinton administration) of the "current era".

Yeah, we are Libertarian here, not particularly pot-smokers, per se, but really, are there not much more important issues than this? Slowly chipping away at the unConstitutional "War on Substances" is a good thing and at least one piece of good news among all the Police State stupidity going on.

I will agree, though, that the liberalization of laws regarding pot due fall well into speculated plans by the globalist elites to "soma" (Brave New World) the people and keep them too mellow to fight back against the doom coming down on them. I just don't usually believe these elites are that brilliant and that they have 100-year plans, but perhaps it's just in the back of their minds, "yeah, let them have their pot. It can only be a good thing."

The only point I can see having in support of the Drug War is that at least it gave Conservative Inc, a reason to care about the southern border of the country. "Oops, those people are bringing drugs over - we don't care if they stay here among the proles, but we can't have that pot coming. Better send a few guys down there." Maybe that's the point at which the Reason magazine Libertards got the idea that it's OK for ANYTHING to come across the border. Is Ann Coulter's column a back-handed way of saying we need to control the border? Nah, I think she's more principled than that, just wrong here.

I don't know if it was due to their admiration for Ann Coulter (w/ present company included), but VDare seems to have briefly joined the anti-pot bandwagon too, as this within a day of Miss Coulter's column half of the meat & potatoes of VDare, James Fulford had two columns here and here along the same lines. There are dozens of different writers who write for VDare, but, come on, they've railed before against the Trump administration's concentrating on tax policy, etc., over immigration (agreed!), but let's get off the marijuana thing, huh? That's not a #winning** issue!

Back to Ann Coulter, well she has already redeemed herself a week later with Ann Coulter: U.S. Isn't Becoming Europe. We're Becoming Rome. In her latest column, she states that America is in a worse state with it's immigration stupidity than Europe. To me, that's arguable, but let's not argue too long - let's get another President and a large crowd of American people together who will do more than argue.

* From World Net Daily on executive orders back in '12:
It was a presidential aide to Clinton, Paul Begala, who put the controversy into perspective, back in July 1998.

“Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool,” he said, boasting how the Clinton machine was able to simply dictate what it wanted to have happen.

It came as Clinton glibly announced he would issue a barrage of executive orders to push his agenda forward without input from Congress.

** It's not like I believe you need to support the "winning issue" on anything, of course. After all, Immigration was not a winning issue until candidate Donald Trump, but that never meant it wasn't THE existential issue. Pot is just not any kind of existential issue. Leave them kids alone.

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Congresscritter Ilhan Omar and the concept of Unmitigated Gall

Posted On: Friday - May 24th 2019 9:26AM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Lefty MegaStupidity  US Feral Government  Race/Genetics  ctrl-left

Firstly, in case the reader may (probably not!) be put off by the use of the term "Congresscritter" with respect to the raghead out of Minnegadishu, keep in mind that Peak Stupidity often uses that term for 95% of the creatures that infest the nation's Capitol (only the bad ones, that is). "Raghead" is another story.

The excellent writer that goes by the handle "Washington Watcher" has a very good editorial up on VDare, Roll Over, Jay Nordlinger! Ilhan Omar Is NOT “Classically American.” And She Never Will Be. Jay Nordlinger is just a member of Conservatism, Inc, and the words about him and his ilk are included just to demonstrate that these goings-on make them all look utterly foolish. He's not the main point of the article, one in which I implore the reader to go to now and read through - take your blood-pressure medication first, or as prescribed by your primary care physician ... No, Tucker Carlson is out there, one of the very few somehow not yet having been booted off the Lyin' Press Video Department yet, saying what almost all real, patriotic Americans know, but don't even say themselves unless they've looked over both shoulders first.

If you like viewing over reading, here is Tucker Carlson, with only from ~4:00 (you could start at 04:15 in) being about this ungrateful bitch of an elected official. If you are going to view this, Peak Stupidity will put our disclaimer in first - we are IN NO WAY in favor of this merit-based immigration plan to begin with* - it will just give greater priority to the H-1B software-guy/engineer replacement scam over the illegal-alien roofer/cook replacement scam.

More from Tucker on Omar from another piece by him:
So how does she repay her adopted country, the one that may literally have saved her life? She attacks it as hateful and racist, and for that she is applauded by the Democratic Party because they view this country as hateful and racist too. Maybe our immigration system should prioritize people who actually like this country and are grateful to be here.
It's like this with the Omar broad: Does anyone remember the John Birch Society? They were staunchly anti-Communist, regarding both foreign and domestic policy, because THAT'S WHO THE ENEMY WAS. Well, nowadays we are letting the enemies right on into our country, and the statements out of actual members of Congress would make the members of the John Birch Society lose all their business, as these people are proving their point daily out in the open. They don't work in secret anymore, to where there's a reason to form an organization to weed them out. The enemy is right in front of us!

You make it from poor 9 y/o refugee in 1993, dragging ass from Kenya through Dulles Airport, to a nice existence in the great white north in Minnesota, even getting to marry your brother along the way, to one of 454 members of the legislative branch of the US Feral Government. All that, and you HATE HATE HATE your countrymen and want to take if from the white people who built it. No, not take it back, as your country is the shithole called Somalia. You want to fuck up this land out of what, homesickness? Couldn't we send you on a 30-year fact-finding tour at taxpayer's expense. (Yeah, I balk at some of this stuff, but I'm down for something like this.)

Let me ask this ungrateful bitch this: Would Somalians** take in a poor white girl and treat her like one of her own, and then elect her to high office? To ask the question is to choke on one's lunch in hilarity, so be careful. I wrote this before, but the gall of this lady is not the kind of gall you can get at the Family Dollar. This stuff is UNMITIGATED, here ya go:
un·mit·i·gat·ed  (ŭn-mĭt′ĭ-gā′tĭd) adj.
1. Not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity; unrelieved.
2. Without qualification or exception; absolute.
Yep, it's some mighty INTENSE gall here, just exceptional. See, it's not really that I want to see these refugee immigrants kiss the ground in happiness, thank us profusely every time we get on an airplane - "thank you for your service the invite", or write nice editorials about the Americans who treated them nicely, if not with some trepidation, but at least with respect. I just don't want them to come here, period.

Notice I never called this raghead Omar stupid. She is here, in Congress some days, working very hard on behalf of the people of Somalia. What else would you expect? No, I've got words for the nice, calm and collected, people of Minnesota instead: You STUPID, STUPID, STUPID PEOPLE! Why did you invite 100's of thousands of the most un-assimilable most-foreign people on God's green Earth into your state?! Are you people just nuts!?

Yeah, I know, we have our idiot Senators where I live too, and we (not me personally, mind you) have let in loads of Mexicans and Guatemalans. Yes, they will change the whole nature of society, due to the large numbers. Yes, they are a drain on the economy when welfare externalities are taken into account. Yes, they vote (see this very article) for more Socialism and gun control in big numbers. However, other than the La Raza types out in the West who say they want a part of their country back (guess what? You got it already!), they are not political in the way of these Somalians. They tend to want white people to keep running things, as that's pretty much what they wre used to back home. They are not particularly ungrateful, from my experience.

Yet, you Minnesotans have INVITED these people? Now that's some UNMITIGATED stupidity there.

Just a little more on this Congresscritter Omar: As Steve Sailer has written of, this very lady HERSELF entered the US as a refugee due to her grandfather's status as a warlord, back in "the old country". Now she is a big gun-control proponent in the US Congress. Is that just due to guilt over how many 10's of thousands of people her Grandaddy had killed? Of course, she has, or pretends to have, no clue on the reason for the 2nd Amendment, that she swore on the Koran to uphold. Nope, the reason for the lies on this, is that, as she tweeted, she would like to replace the white people of America, and that can't be done so easily if they are still armed.

Does Somalia need Gun Control? Ask Representative Ilhan Omar.

Ilhan Omar would do much more good with these policies in her old country? Do they still have exchange programs for legislators? Perhaps Ilhan Omar could go to Somalia and run a gun control program there, in exchange for a goat in her seat, who would probably vote in the manner of Dr. Ron Paul. "All opposed?" "Baaaa!"

* This very same writer, Washington Watcher, has a good summary of the pros and cons of the Kushner plan, also on VDare, of course, in Kushner’s Immigration Plan: Not A Gang Of Eight Catastrophe—But Still An Assault On Middle Class, Historic American Nation

** Yeah, I do know the term is "Somali", but I don't like that term, and just like Burma and Peking, that's the way I write it.

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The Solution for Dilution is Substitution

Posted On: Thursday - May 23rd 2019 7:28PM MST
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  Economics  US Feral Government  Inflation

"Dilution" of the value of a dollar, is what we mean here, in the inflation calculations of our creative government accountants. I'd like to expound a bit more on one of the 2 components (at least that I know about) mentioned on Peak Stupidity in the post Hooked on Hedonics last week. Let's talk "substitution" in this post, and the problems with it, and get to hedonics tomorrow ... and the problems with it ...

Whether it's buggy whips (always one of the favorite subjects of economists and their mistresses around the world), abacuses (abaci?), or LED watches, or, in terms of services instead of products, chimney sweeping, blood-leeching, or hi-fi stereo repair, there are definitely items that should no longer be in the imaginary "basket" of goods and services in inflation calculations. People don't pay for these items anymore, for various reasons, and therefore their prices are not a good measure of anything regarding the value of our dollar, if one can even find out prices for them anymore. It's not just a one-time deal to keep up with these changes, of course, and any competent inflation-measuring organization ought to indeed keep up with the changes regularly.

Hi-Fi device - that's High Fidelity - for enjoying music.
Not ordinarily seen in current-era (CE) people's baskets of goods.

Wi-Fi device for enjoying music.
Yeah, a tablet should be in a current-era basket of goods.

Decent set of speakers (200 W/channel?).
Won't even fit in a basket of goods!

Lame ass way to listen to music.
Sure, turn it up to 11 ... lotta good it'll do ya'.

OK, that was pretty much an aside to rag on modern music-listening practices, and for some nostalgia for those huge stereos that rocked the house. Man, it's just not the same on a headset, much less earbuds! And no, contrary to what my parents warned me, I can still hear very well, thank you.

Yeah, now, this substitution process has got to be done, sure. It does lend itself to abuse, however. I wouldn't say it's all intentional, as some things can be chalked up to AA and normal government incompetence. However, there are a lot of BIG people in and behind the US Feral Gov't that would like the inflation numbers to stay low, low low. Peak Stupidity hasn't really been on the Global Financial Stupidity topic very much lately, but if the reader will recall, or go back and read about, the CPI number is used for indexed distribution payments, whether Social Security (more here), government-employee cost-of-living increases, and even more importantly, in my opinion, calculations to demonstrate how well the American people are doing financially, which the FED can use to show they should keep interest rates low, etc... I'm gonna guess there's lots of pressure on these good accounting folk.

Therefore, if one were to get into detail, and read what the BLS does with this ever-changing basket of goods and services, one may see more chicken in the basket rather than sirloin or rib-eye steak. Now, I will admit that "tastes" do change, maybe not actual taste-bud tastes in this case, but the understanding of saturated fat's effect on the arteries, etc. However, could it not be the case that the reason people are putting more chicken in their proverbial basket is because steak is GETTING TOO EXPENSIVE? It's a game then, in that case. Prices go up, Americans can only afford to get something of lower quality or desirability, and that becomes a bigger component of the basket of goods and services used in CPI calculation.

Eat Mor Spam.
BLS inflation substitution, or just more tasty?

Come on guys! It's all saturated fat nowadays!

One other example that I've noticed is the switch, by mostly young people, from motorcycles to scooters for in-town driving (sometimes even out of town, a really dangerous thing). This happened when gasoline prices (more here) went through the roof just over a decade back. OK, I do get that those Vespa-looking scooters are a hit nowadays with the soy-boys, and then maybe the DUIs are pushing other young men into the scooter world. However, it was the very-expensive gas that made people switch, and who wouldn't want a real motorcycle, with some power (for fun AND safety) over a scooter? What goes in the basket now is not so much weight on the motorcycles, which themselves are getting pricier and more weight on the scooters. Your average scooter is cheaper than a bike, so that component helps bring the CPI down.

Tomorrow Peak Stupidity will discuss that other component, the "hedonics", that can be used to fudge the inflation numbers to the low side. Beware the BLS.

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Political Correctness smudges the history books.

Posted On: Wednesday - May 22nd 2019 8:09PM MST
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The Sphinx is said to have been built ~ 2,500 BC.

(Now, he's said to have been built ~ 2,500 BCE, by People's of Color?)

I am amazed that I have not made a post on this particular bit of political correctness (or historical revisionism*) as of yet in 2 1/2 years! At the same time, as I will point out tomorrow, I'd forgotten that I had already wrote a post on one subject that I promised was upcoming, so ... it's a wash, right?

Today's bit of curmudgeonry involves the politically-correct use of "BCE" for "BC" and "CE" for "AD". The point is obviously to get religious references out of history as much as possible. The dating system we've been using for quite some time, I'd guess, what? 2,019 years or so**, is based on the birth of Jesus Christ. The "BC" stood for, from what I was told "Before Christ", and though the colloquial meaning of "AD" was said to be "After Death" (of Christ, but then what about that 30-odd years of his lifetime, right?), in the correct Latin was "Anno Domini" with a meaning that we used to read all the time on legal documents and such: "In the Year of Our Lord". Doesn't that bring back memories?

Now the deal for labeling years in history is the use of "BCE" (for Before Current Era) instead of "BC" and "CE" (for Current Era.) instead of "AD". What exactly is this "Current Era" about, anyway? This is some not just some anti-religious, but some really stupid, terminology here. Why the change was made is not some crackpot theory by Peak Stupidity, as even Wikipedia, not known to be let too far off the reservation, says:
Terminology that is viewed by some as being more neutral and inclusive of non-Christian people is to call this the Current or Common Era (abbreviated as CE), with the preceding years referred to as Before the Common or Current Era (BCE). Astronomical year numbering and ISO 8601 avoid words or abbreviations related to Christianity, but use the same numbers for AD years.
Hey, Christian people made this calendar, so we really ought to respect them, and not offend their memory so much perhaps, by sticking to the terms they devised.

Anyway, it's been at least 10 years, just going by the age of a few library books that I've already marked up with an ink pen, but the two new and unimproved terms that are benchmarks for dates in the millennia-range have been really pissing me off. I'm kind of glad that not everyone has already gotten with the program of using "BCE" and "CE" instead of "BC" and "AD", as far as I've read. However, for the folks that do though, well, on the web, I can just BACK the browser up, getting the hell off the site, but for books I really have to do something about it. That is, if I have a reason to think that this is possibly the only PC stupidity in them, or else, yeah, back to the library unread.

I'm not kidding - I've been using and ink pen to fix these errors in books that I still end up interested in reading, after I see this crap. I'd rather not have to keep the pen in my hand, so I try to get ahead by a chapter or so, just to make it more pleasant after that. See, "BCE" is EASY. It turns into BCE without any trouble. Turning "CE" into "AD" is a little messier, but that's the price the library's gonna have to pay - it's ain't like they don't have the money, actually MY money.

I could understand if there were a system that would take out the craziness inherent in our historical calendar, with the BC or BCE part, either way. One has to think backwards with those dates. "So and so lived from 414 BC to 368 BC, so he died when he was ... wait... it's history. I was led to believe there would be no math ....". Yeah, of course they had their own calendars, such as they were, back then, that went forward. We are stuck with this, I suppose, as, come to think about it, increasing knowledge of history does move backwards.

* In this case, it's not a revision of dates of event, but a revision of the meaning of just the 2 terms in the dating system itself.

** No, you'd think, but "you'd" be wrong. Wikipedia says " ...was devised in 525 by Dionysius Exiguus" (more details there for those interested).

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Bleecker Street - Simon & Garfunkel

Posted On: Tuesday - May 21st 2019 7:11PM MST
In Topics: 

Been writing comments on unz threads and having a fairly busy day. Even with lots of posts on deck and ever-accelerating stupidity in this world, I've not been in the mood ... [Well YOU GET IN THE MOOD! - Ed].

I've got more on economics coming, a month-old story (but an on-going problem) on the feminism of regret, and lots more. Just to get back onto the site, here is some obscure, but classic Simon & Garfunkel music. Peak Stupidity hasn't featured any of their music from their greatest hits (the most famous album) and other compilations. It seems that they are so familiar, that the songs aren't quite as good as fresh ones.

What I've learned on that is to give some songs a rest for a number of years. The trick is to not anticipate the tune in your head. Each next line or lick ought to feel new and not-completely expected, or the listening experience is not nearly as good.

Bleeker Street is from "Wednesday Morning. 3 AM"* in a New York City of the past ($30 a month rent? In Manhattan? Even in 1963, who had to die first?). Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel loved that city**, but it's not what is there today.

* That was Simon & Garfunkel's debut album, after their time as Tom and Jerry.

** See the bottom of that post for The Only Living Boy in New York, another obscure but great song by this duo. See also At the Zoo (not quite so obscure - on the 1999 Best of Simon & Garfunkel album - but that's not the much more ubiquitous Greatest Hits compilation from way back in 1972 with only the classics.)

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1984 - NOT an instruction manual, people!

Posted On: Saturday - May 18th 2019 7:51PM MST
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  Orwellian Stupidity  Books

Unidentified Perp - Condition Red!
Reveal yourself, Citizen!

This is the kind of depressing flavor of stupidity that I've not written as much about as I should. It's just that there seems no way out of it. The genderbender nonsense, feminism, sky-is-falling-Global Climate Disruption(TM), all that can fall by the wayside once the financial stupidity reaches its peak, and things MUST naturally "get real" again. I don't know if we'll get out of the Orwellian stupidity though. The more it clamps down, the smaller the chance of fighting it becomes.

A ZeroHedge article from a couple of days back, UK Cops Fine Pedestrian $115 For Avoiding Facial Recognition Cameras tells us of a story in what was England (no, there's no England now), in which the authoritah have out-Orwelled Orwell himself. In his book 1984*, the protagonist Winston Smith was careful how to act in front of the cameras at home (part of his TV set, how quaint... too easy!), but I don't recall he had to worry about being filmed outside. It's not only that, but the British, as read on ZeroHedge, don't want people hiding their faces from the cameras designed to keep track of them. (Facial recognition done by software was not imaginable to George Orwell in 1949, when any computers around could barely calculate some prime numbers. He imagined real-time observation of people-of-interest. "Hey, if you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to hide, right?"**)

This guy pulled up his sweater toward his nose, had his ball-cap kinda low, and looked away, in a pretty natural move for anyone knowing what this camera was there for, and just sick of this shit. That's apparently not acceptable in what used to be England. Then:
After being fined, the man told a reporter: 'The chap told me down the road - he said they've got facial recognition. So I walked past like that (covering my face).
'It's a cold day as well. As soon as I've done that, the police officer's asked me to come to him. So I've got me back up. I said to him 'f*** off', basically.  
'I said 'I don't want me face shown on anything. If I want to cover me face, I'll cover me face, it's not for them to tell me not to cover me face. 
'I've got a now £90 fine, here you go, look at that. Thanks lads, £90. Well done.'
 -Daily Mail
I don't know whose asterisks those are, BTW - they are probably from the Daily Mail, but ZeroHedge used to be a site on which one could read "fuck off", like a normal human being.

ZH has very good comments this time. I'd been disappointed as of late with not seeing the old commenters of 5 years back, and 1/3 to 1/2 of the comments being not worth reading. I gotta say, these ones were almost all on point, and there is no divide, as in most political issues. People HATE this stuff. So far, they won't act, though.

Some good ideas come out these comment sections everywhere, while they are still left mostly alone - under this article, a few commenters mentioned the idea of more non-Moslems wearing the Burkhas, face-masks, or whatever that part is. It's a great idea: put the authorities between the rock of wanting to spy on all "citizens" and the hard-place of loving the Moslem dieversity. YES! There are ways of screwing with the system if people wouldn't just lie down and take this out of what, laziness or not caring enough if their children will grow up to be Winston Smiths or Julias?***

I write about this not with any glee or disparagement of the British people in particular, as I don't trust regular Americans to care enough to stop the same thing here. It's not but 25 years ago that I still would have argued that, yes, just as Americans will put buckshot dents in road signs for the hell of it, they would just shoot out or trash these cameras. Nope, the slow boil seems to have been working pretty well on Americans.

The Orwellian stuff is getting bad so quickly. Not many fight back. Keep your guns, and keep stocking up on ammo. What a thought to finish out the blog-week with. I can only cheer myself up with hedonics! More on Monday or Tuesday. Good night, readers!

* Available on Mini-tru's Amazon's website for now. BTW, I had to wipe out > 1/2 of the URL for that link, as it was Orwellian tracking shit on exactly how I searched for the book. Just Big-Biz marketing, I suppose, for the database and all, but ...

** That needs to be engraved on their gravestones with a big well-used template, if those responsible for the miserable police-state world ever get held accountable.

*** I would hope most of Peak Stupidity's erudite crowd of readers has read this book, but I won't spoil the ending too much, besides, no, the life of Winston Smith and girlfriend Julia is no way for a human being to live.

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Measuring Inflation: Hooked on Hedonics

Posted On: Saturday - May 18th 2019 6:12PM MST
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  Economics  US Feral Government  Inflation

Modern-Day "Substitution"
"LET DEM EAT SNAILS!" - Marqueshia D'Antoinette":

In the process of composing a different upcoming post on the truly low inflation years of the mid-1990's for about a decade thereafter (can't explain now, cause that's an upcoming post), I felt I needed to post some background info. on some of the complication of the measurement of inflation.

One office of the cabinet level US Department of Labor in the US Feral Gov't that has the job of measuring, keeping track of, and publishing info about, inflation, unemployment, and other economic indicators is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (I guess it started out just about Labor, but mission creep happens.) Peak Stupidity has, and shows, no LUV for ANY branch of the US Gov't, but I have a soft spot for the people that just want to do their non-political, non-power-struggle-involved work. There ARE some, indeed, and in this agency, I'd expect to find some Negative-Actioned, green-eyeshade (explained here) accounting types that just like to do what they do, in a nice no-pressure, non-fireable environment, with hopefully a minimum of affirmative action types in odd positions that are somewhat ignorable. It's a life. It's not just all bookkeeping, as complications set in pretty quickly when you are tasked to come up with numbers that show how less far American's money goes for given stuff each year. I would think a creative accountant could really get into a BLS job.

The thing is, people don't purchase the same goods and services that they did a decade ago or a century ago. The "basket of goods and services", a term that was in widespread public use back when there was officially lots of inflation (I only recall late 1970's through early 1980's*), not only changes yearly due to fads and people's desires, but even the "same" items are better or worse so can't be compared apples-to-apples. Hell, even the basket for the goods is not made of wicker anymore but probably out of 2 pieces of molded plastic. Additionally, people tote their goods in the back of the crossover rather than a basket these days and their services (don't get me started) are on their phones.

Nobody cares what the price of a buggy whip** is these days. We don't carry them from the country store in our crossovers. Likewise, there were no electronic tablets in the baskets of yesteryear either. OK, so there must be some substitution now and then of modern goods/services that may simply be new, desired things, for stuff and services we never or hardly ever use anymore. The "basket" must reflect what the average consumer uses, or it will mean nothing. However, is it that people don't want things like steak anymore, or have they been substituting chicken, or, yuckkk!, snails, BECAUSE OF inflation in price of the former?

"Hedonics" is the term used for the re-evaluating of goods and services based on their improvements over time. I would not hesitate to add that I really hope these creative accountants (I don't use that particularly pejoratively here) take ruination of products and services, such as with the ubiquitous Cheap China-made Crap into account in the same way. It can be used to justify high prices of cars due to all their wonderful new features, but then, do we have a choice to not have the improvements. Often the answer is "no".

A perfectly fine computer - in 1986.
"Hedonics" says Windows 10 makes an improvement so ...

BTW, the computer above makes a perfectly good example of the use of hedonics, but I had to get that Microsoft crack in anyway, right?

The usefulness and the failings of these two inflation-measurement adjusters will have to be covered in 2 more posts, I think. I find this stuff interesting, but I'm no green-eyeshade guy. There's just a bunch more to say about this, so this will serve as a simple introduction. SAVE THE BLS! (That can be part of the 1% of the Feral Gov't that we leave alone.)

*When Jimmy Carter-appointed FED chairman Paul Volcker put the kibosh on the high inflation by letting or forcing (I'm not sure, so I'll have to read up on that) interest rates to the high teens to clamp down on cheap money creation.

** Buggy whips are the item that economists seem most enamored with - what do economists do behind those closed office doors, anyway?

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