Our corner of the internet - Part 2: Ending up at the Peak Stupidity blogroll

Posted On: Wednesday - August 18th 2021 7:27PM MST
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(Continued from Part 1.)

I found some information that could have been in the Part 1 post after the fact. From Forbes magazine this 2000 article, The Decline of the Major Networks, by Karlyn Bowman, has some information to bolster our view that these 3 TV networks were a large portion of Americans' "news feed" for the first 4 decades of television, leading up to the internet age.
Twenty-seven million to 29 million viewers, on average, tuned in every night to hear Walter Cronkite on the CBS Evening News. Today, though, the viewership of evening news programs on CBS, NBC and ABC combined is smaller than CBS' when Cronkite sat in the anchor's chair. In a 2008 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, just 8% reported regularly watching Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News broadcast.
I didn't find it easy just now to find relative viewership numbers, but if CBS news was ~ 1/3 of the national news viewing than that 28 million x 3, or ~85 million meant from 35% to 45% of Americans were watching the TV news during this era. (Going from the beginning to the end of the Cronkite era, that is.)

There were those 3 guys, telling it "the way it is" (supposedly) to over one third of Americans each night, for a few decades in what was a very unified country.* Was it more unified due to our watching the same guys tell it "the way it is"? There were newspapers, and our lyin' eyes, for alternate opinions, but I would say those trusted TV figures united Americans around a common narrative, not always right, but mostly agreed on.
A 1973 poll by Oliver Quayle--much cited in coverage of Cronkite's death--labeled Cronkite the most trusted man in America. In the poll, he earned higher marks than then-President Richard Nixon. A 1975 poll from Roper Starch Worldwide found that more than 90% of respondents could identify Cronkite, and around 90% had a great deal of respect or at least some respect for him.

In 1981, when Cronkite announced his retirement, 81% had a positive opinion of him. By comparison, shortly before Dan Rather delivered his last broadcast as CBS news anchor in 2005 just 21% of respondents to a Gallup poll said that they believed him all or even most of the time.
Uhhh, higher marks for trust in a man than in Richard Nixon. What's that like, the amount of trust I have that our cat will not jump up on the table and eat a piece of broccoli when we turn our backs?** The stat on Dan Rather rings pretty true to me. Had the pollsters just asked me a simple question, I'd have been in that other 79% even a decade earlier.

That brings me down memory lane which finally leads to the internet. Already 13 years or so after Dan Rather had started his news anchoring gig, I first got on the internet. No, I didn't understand what the hell was going on with it (the univ. library had a 1 hour class which just confused me more, as they didn't have a clue either), but I do know that there were these certain few websites you could read stuff on. I tried to find out where to buy a few shirts of a brand that Wal-Mart didn't have anymore. I looked up stuff on my hobbies where there was any. My same favorites and "clicked links" were still there on a university computer a week or two later. About 4 years later, one could, like, buy a book on the computer! I didn't. I'm no early adopter.

A couple of years later, yahoo had their front page, as the other search "engines" did during the .com 1.0 heyday, but I had already sickened of the hype there. (I only went for the free email, and unfortunately, though it takes about 5 x as many clicks to log in now, I have some legacy accounts there.) For a couple of years, other than during a stint reading the Wall Street Journal for a while, trying to get though even the "Marketplace" section to learn something***, I was off the media period. It was mid-2002 at the latest, because I remember where I was, when I was reading Instapundit regularly. Yeah, he was a Neocon in the early days, but Law Prof. Glenn Reynolds has always been a pretty fair guy. He linked to all sorts of stuff, and he had his whole extended family of blog-children, as he called them. I remember Tim Blair from down under, for one.

The web news and opinion "space" was still small enough to where I'd see a new site reference others I already knew most of the time, and one could go in circles. That doesn't mean there wasn't a lefty "space" with their own circle of opinion givers. The right referenced the left, but I have no idea if the left referenced the right. I wasn't in that space and didn't want them in my face.

Well, the Instaman got me to FrontPageMag by David Horowitz, the ex-red-diaper Commie, and other sites with regular daily articles. During the first half of the '00s, I did a stint of a guy named The Agitator (Radly Balko), two gun guys - Massbackwards and Alphecca (gay gun guy, to be precise), some high-strung gal named Rachel something, the excellent Libertarian/Constitutionalist Vin Suprynowicz**** in the Las Vegas Review Journal (met him in Lost Wages and he gave me a book). I almost forgot a few other gun guys - the Western Rifle Shooters Blog, Sipsey Street Irregulars (I met Mike Vanderbough at a rally in Washington FS.), and Kim Du Toit, that I kept up with along the way.

I was a regular reader of The American Spectator and used to comment. My favorite memory was of a drawn out discussion with some lady in the comments there on why I felt perfectly fine saying "I'm glad Ted Kennedy is dead". That really narrows the time line down for that one. (Yeah, it was because the fucker was still in office. I told her that if he had been just a retired Senator, as much as I hated his policies, I wouldn't have written that. Yet, if his dying was the only way to be rid of him from the US Senate, then, hell yeah, I was glad he'd died.*****)

I had a couple year stint reading Reason magazine's Hit and Run blog, commenting there too, as I still got the paper magazine. That was right up until that I not only realized that these people were Open Borders proponents but how stupid an idea that was.

I must have started reading VDare, per my wise Dad's conversations about immigration, though not particularly that website, during that time reading Reason and the end of that time. The financial state of this country really hit me a few years later, as I got into Zerohedge sometime in '11. I mean, I was heavily into it, reading each post and all comments along with them. One could do that still through '12 sometime. I was wise enough not to sign up to comment, just because, well, that time-wasting thing that has now hit me hard on... well, you know....

What was next? I know I've left out some, but I'll just go up now till the founding of this blog in late November of '16. A month later, I ended up on The Unz Review and realized that one doesn't have to give out his life's story (or real email address even) to comment and put in links to Peak Stupidity. Yeah, I do comment too much there - people will tell me as much, but those aren't the people I'm up for listening to. In the words of South Park's Eric Carman, "I do what I wan!"

I hope that wasn't boring, as possibly some of those sites are ones you all have perused over the years. Anyway, that all leads to the very small blogroll on the right. I could definitely fill up the column with more - that's just a matter of laziness about writing reviews of them.

I have my current corner of the internet that I have become comfortable with. It is a very small corner. Others are in their own corners, of which there are many. How can a people be united in any way with this method of getting news and opinion? As far as news goes, that's what I do like about this internet world - one can go as far as he wants in seeking the truth. I am not really knocking that part. As for opinions, well, yeah, they are like assholes, but not all assholes are equal, to paraphrase a certain group of pigs in a George Orwell book.

The stupidity goes as deep as one wants to follow links down to. It's up to each of us to get to the truth. I don't see too much wrong with this, other than what would have been coming anyway, the dividing of America due to completely unreconcilable opinions . Would it have happened this way if still over a third of Americans gathered around to watch one of the same three guys for a half hour each weekday evening? So long as we let the Commies infiltrate and the hard-core foreigners come in massive numbers, yeah. Walter Cronkite sure wasn't going to do anything about it!

We just better do all we can to keep the internet from being controlled even more than it is. That's a big worry.

Thank you all for visiting this little corner of the internet! There was a commenter in that great and funny group on Zerohedge in '11 with the handle "Seek the Truth". I like that one.

* due to that 1921-24 halt to significant immigration, only cranked back up in earnest in 1965. That 1965 disaster of a law took a while to take, though, meaning there had been a full 4 to 6 decades of assimilation.

** He loves it. Yes, we have a weirdo.

*** Yeah, I didn't know how much of the "trading" talk was just bullshit. See our post on "technical trading", which is anything but technical.

**** More on Vin here and here.

***** I wrote this thing about Ted Kennedy up in Speaking Dead of the Ill - re Juan McAmnesty with more about the latter in Juan McAmnesty - Rot In Place

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Tweet of the Century

Posted On: Tuesday - August 17th 2021 6:16PM MST
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Well, OK, we didn't have a winner the previous few dozen centuries, mainly cause, tweeting is like, stupid. However, I would have signed up to tweet myself had I thought of this first:

There's not even an exaggeration in there.

Fuckin' A, "Bronze Age Kashi", Fuckin' A!

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Our corner of the internet - Part 1: The TV news era

Posted On: Tuesday - August 17th 2021 4:44PM MST
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Some of our posts come from thoughts in previous posts that would otherwise digress from and increase even further the lengths of them (and you know how long they can get...) This is another such post from a week or two ago.

Most of our Peak Stupidity readers will remember, I am guessing, that there used to be 3 main channels of TV and those channels had half hour national news programs on simultaneously at 5:30 or 6:30 PM (depending on your time zone). As far as video reporting*, the anchors of said news programs were known by almost all Americans and watched by a pretty big share.

Just to give the reader an idea of how important and (unfortunately) powerful they were, I will list the CBS news anchors and their "terms if office" since the beginning of TV:

1) Douglas Edwards: 1948 - 1962.
2) Walter Cronkite: 1962 - 1981.
3) Dan Rather: 1981 - 2005.
4) Bob Schieffer: 2005 – 2006.
5) Katie Couric: 2006 – 2011.
6) Scott Pelley: 2011 – 2017.
7) Jeff Glor: 2017 – 2019.
8) Norah O'Donnell: 2019 – present.

My comments:

(1) Never heard of the guy. That was before my time, but additionally, at least the first 1/2 of his "reign" was a period in which TV was not by any means ubiquitous in American households.

(2) Almost everyone over 40, even those who could not have possibly watched his newscasts, has heard of this guy. That was the age right up through the beginning of cable TV, which was to bring some choices other than 3 channels and those high falutin Educational people. That was 19 years of this guy being THE NEWS GUY for something like 1/3 of TV watching Americans. (The "TV Watching" part being right up on 100% by halfway through that period.) That included your blogger here for about 6 of those years.

(3) Holy Moley! That guy was on for 24 years! TV was till big at the time he retired. By about 1/2 of the duration of his reign, I'd had enough of TV national news (though there was a 5 year period in which I had better things to do than watch any TV anyway - no TV set was available, in other words). I can remember, though, in the

BTW, for 2 years, 1993 - 1995, a lady named Connie Chung was co-anchor with Dan Rather. I'm not sure why she bailed out or was terminated - were they worried she would fold like a cheap pants suit and give out the frequency. ("What's the flequency, Connie?!!") Dan Rather showed "courage!" on the matter.

I can distinctly remember moving to a new place in 1998 in which my roommates had a subscription to cable TV and seeing this guy named Bill O'Reilly with a conservative viewpoint. "WTF?!", I'd never seen anything like it**. That was Fox News, which I'd never heard of before that day. Yes, CNN had been around a good while already, but they were a channel that still just featured news reporting over and over, as far as I knew, before the era of the dedicated pure opinion-giving talking heads.

(4) and (5) I know the names Bob Shieffer, and Katy Couric but I had no idea they have been TV news anchors. This was well after my time of believing TV news anchors.

(6), (7), and (8) Never heard of these people. Has anyone else?

This was going to be a post about the internet. That'll be Part 2.

* As far as reading goes, there were a much greater number of newspapers being published and a much greater proportion of the population who subscribed to and read actual physical newspapers,

** Sure, I know now that he was no real Conservative, but that was a different me and a different time. I thought Fox News was the bomb for a few years anyway.

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Oooh, oooh, down the road I go.

Posted On: Saturday - August 14th 2021 6:37PM MST
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Well that wasn't a very cheery week, post-wise, here at Peak Stupidity. Not everything is all grim, but it can feel that way. Lots of our posts point out the better America of days past, but of course there were problems too.

The first time I heard the Creedence Clearwater Revival song featured in this post, I thought, wow, this John Fogerty is a real Debbie Downer. OK, with that best voice EVAH in rock music, it still sounded good, but the lyrics are a recital of all kinds of problems America was having right at a half century ago. (Plus, the singer's own problems too, I guess - "mortgage on the home, mortgage on the home!" Hey, man, sell some more records and pay the sucker off - don't complain to me about it!)

America got through the late 1960s and early 1970s (CCR's time), so maybe I shouldn't worry. I don't believe that though. America was by far the most economically powerful country in the world, and our problems were not existential - threatening our existence in the pretty short run - as they are now.

Now, that's no way to end the week on good cheer! So, just listen to CCR's Ramble Tamble, off their 51 year-ago-released 5th album Cosmo's Factory. All of the band's excellent, catchy, and popular music until this album had consisted of short (2 - 3 minute) songs with regular verses and choruses. They could all be played safely on AM radio. The 11 minute long version of Marvin Gaye's Heard it through the Grapevine and this one were of a different sort, more appropriate for the time, I suppose. You'd put your ass on the line playing this one on AM.

I had this one in my head after having a run-in with a Kung Flu hysteric and later a park ranger on the road during our vacation. We've got lots of problems. How long can we run from them? "Oooh, oooh, down the road I go."

Just as a footnote, Creedence Clearwater Revival was an amazing band. The 4 of them made so much great music in only 4 years! (That was 1968 through 1972.) Just look at the list of songs on Cosmo's Factory. There's not one piece of mediocre filler in there. (3 others besides Marvin Gaye's song were written by others too, BTW.)

Side One:
1. "Ramble Tamble" 7:09
2. "Before You Accuse Me" 3:24
3. "Travelin' Band" 2:07
4. "Ooby Dooby" 2:05
5. "Lookin' Out My Back Door" 2:31
6. "Run Through the Jungle" 3:09
Side Two:
1. "Up Around the Bend" 2:40
2. "My Baby Left Me" 2:17
3. "Who'll Stop the Rain" 2:28
4. "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" 11:05
5. "Long As I Can See the Light" 3:33

There's gonna be more Kung Flu stupidity next week, but then, the road trip in question has generated quite a few posts that will come soon too. I want to write one more post, at least on the old-timey Commies and, dang, that 28th Amendment proposal is still at my lawyer's office! (I kid.)

Thank you all so much for reading and commenting!

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Swimming Pool Blues

Posted On: Saturday - August 14th 2021 11:23AM MST
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On our family road trip recently, we made an effort to stay in hotel or motels with swimming pools. The reason is that at home this summer we've noticed a problem with the nearby community pool. Yeah, you guessed it. It's too dark, meaning it's just too stressful being in there, for the decent kids anyway.

It's a big damn pool, and most people have some courtesy, stay in one place if they are just playing and not swimming across, and just aren't so damn loud. Most black people just can't seem to be this way. There would otherwise be enough room, and it would otherwise be enjoyable.

It's just a shame because this one is very convenient, very inexpensive, and one can pay per visit. (We were only going to be there 2 or 3 times a week.) Upon checking out some other pools, well, you have to join up with a goodly fee* and it's about 4 times farther away.

You know, there's really nothing that awfully wrong with different groups staying apart for most activities. People had this stuff down 60 years ago, but busybodies thought they knew better. They didn't know better, but that'd have been OK if they had just stayed out of the business of the people who did. It's miserable our being in the pool with unruly black kids that are mostly a lot bigger than ours. Late in July or so, we'd had enough.

Peak Stupidity pulls up these "file photos" off the web, such as the one up top. They often come with headline/links to the stories they came with. This is from the image above:

Let me guess. It's our fault, and you want more of our money.

* I know. There's a reason for that, and that KEEPS it a good pool. We just would be paying for a lot of things we wouldn't use, and it's definitely too late for this summer.

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OK, Some (V)Dare Call it Communism

Posted On: Friday - August 13th 2021 8:14PM MST
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It's whom we will be fighting with in near future, and I don't foresee it being a cold war this time. Peak Stupidity posted None Dare Call them Commies just recently. Most on the right still disparage this type of appellation for the scum that have infested all the Institutions as old Boomer Cold War mentality talk.

We may have been beating this point to death here lately at Peak Stupidity. Well, I'll say that "beating to death" thing has been "misplaced" so as not to put myself in trouble here... The use of the term was argued against to some degree by our frequent commenter MBlanc46 in the thread under the previous post. I do get the argument. Again, these new anti-societal, anti-traditional scum that we are increasingly dealing with don't read Marx. They wouldn't know the meaning of, nor even know how to spell proletariat or bourgeoise*. They don't have the same reason behind their destructive actions as a true Communist would - building this fair utopia, where we all give according to our abilities and take according to our needs and all that crap.

Your great grandfather's Communist:

The thing is, how many of the old Communists were really true Communists at heart? After hearing Mr. Humberto Fontova speak for an hour about the Cuban revolutionaries, one can learn that the commonality among all these destructive types may be a resentment of their place in society.** There does not seem to be any true Communist like a Lenin, Mao, or Pol Pot for these modern idiots to follow, so perhaps that's the difference ... for now. (Just wait for the next beret-wearing*** loudmouth who tells us how bad Capitalism is, pointing it out in a land with nothing but Crony Capitalism bordering on economic fascism at this point, with his "reform" plan.)

I can also see the argument that the economic conditions are different now, with the "TECH Totalitarians", the super-rich elite of today who are Globalists more than Communists. There is definitely a difference in the economic state of things than in 1917 Russia.

Sorry, but I don't know what else to call these people. Maybe I'm just out of definitions and redefining "Communism". Their actions are looking closer and closer to those of the old fashioned Bolsheviks or Red Guards though.

Not your great grandfather's Communist:

Well, I've got more back-up now for my use of the term from a somewhat unlikely, but trustworthy source. That'd be the editor and chief (and editor-in-chief, I guess) of VDare.com, Mr. Peter Brimelow. This is from yesterday - a story the Lyin' Press and actions by the $500 million in assets Southern Poverty Law Center to stop donations to the VDare organization - Roll Over Taliban! Another Donor-Advised Fund Falls To Communists. Yep, that is Mr. Brimelow's title above Mr. Brimelow's writing. From part of his own response to one Tyler O'Neil of Fox News:
It’s just part of the slow-motion communist coup that’s going on in America. These people will put us in Gulags if they can.
I've respected Peter Brimelow for almost 20 years. I've met the guy. He's an erudite, civil individual. He's no crazy firebrand street preacher. (Just look at this old 1985 TV show with him and a Congressman on PBS TV, and remember that people usually mellow out a bit with age. Usually.)

If even Peter Brimelow calls these people Communists, than Peak Stupidity will call them no other. Are we just old Boomers looking for Commies under the bed? No, we don't have to look there anymore. They are in government, in the universities, in Big-Ed, in the Lyin' Press, and even in corporate boardrooms.

Richard Nixon, not one of Peak Stupidity's favorite individuals, was a famous anti-Communist, said to be one of those people looking for Commies under the bed. Most of them were still external enemies back then, with not so many having infested the Institutions so deeply yet. Then Nixon went to China. Well, if Peak Stupidity has any kind of "Nixon goes to China" moment, it would involve going to A.O.C.'s congressional district in New York, and it would not go nearly as smoothly as Nixon's China trip.

* Hell, I have such a hard time with the latter that spell check is usually stumped too, telling me "no replacement found"!

** Mr. Fontova had a Spanish word for this in his 1 hour interview for this, and I'll put that in an upcoming post.

*** If they're not cute girls or members of the Special Forces or Frenchmen, or members of the French Special Forces, then they've got no business wearing berets ... unless they're gay - that goes for you too, guy from the Mythbusters!

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The Divided State of America

Posted On: Thursday - August 12th 2021 4:53PM MST
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I wish I could write "Divided States", plural. If we were divided by State lines or anything close, then the country could try another 1860, hopefully without any President Lincoln thinking there is some good reason to keep this country together. Here is that poll result bar graph from Peak Stupidity's start-of-our-3rd-millennium post of a week back.

Do these responses look like those of a country that will remain in one piece through its 3rd century? You don't have to go back that far to get to a time, say the mid-1980s, when these poll results would have had* most of the same issues at least on both sides of the party divide. Sure, the GOP voters thought the marginal income tax rates are too high, and the D's thought too low. The GOP voters say the military budget must be increased, the D's SAID (before this was a complete warfare state) that is should be decreased. Stances on issues were a matter of degree.

Up above, from recent polls (most obviously, the Kung Flu being an issue), well, the problems that each side sees are completely different, other than one overlapping issue, the economic impact of the Kung Flu.

It's not really just party lines, exactly, as the leaders of the two squad of The Party seem to just amble along on the path to destruction together. I don't see the Red Squad leaders doing anything but mouthing off and then giving in. However, poll respondents who give the answer to "Which party do you support?" don't have a lot of choices, so those who thinks of the left side (of the bar graph) issues as important pick "Republican" and those on the right say "Democrat".

Besides that number 5, which surprised the hell out of me even being on the D-side, much less by matching the R-voter number within 2 1/2%**, those D-voter "issues" are not national issues at all. Those ludicrous concerns are nothing but Communist talking points. I really wonder whether the respondents pick these just to show their anger or really believe this. If the latter, these people are stupid enough to be truly dangerous. They are useful idiots of modern-day Communism. If the former, than they are just the actual modern-day Communists themselves, so still dangerous.

Americans are not even worried about the same issues now! The ctrl-left simply wants destruction of society, destruction of the Conservatives, especially the alt-right, and even destruction of certain individuals. The alt-right/Conservatives see the issues that have been caused by the ctrl-left Commies and want to nicely and logically explain to the ctrl-left how they are wrong. This is not the politics of a united country. It's not normal, civil politics at all.

It's the prelude for physical division. The only problem with that is, as always, the left is not content to leave the right alone. They want the right to agree with them and submit. Even if possible in this nation divided not along State lines, not county lines, but maybe at the voting precinct level, secession would not be acceptable to the left. Where does that leave us?

PS: It's not that Peak Stupidity puts so much faith in poll results. We have been polled, not even a year back, with a very bad experience and resulting view of the stupidity of the current process. I just figured that if these results come from straightforward questions with enough appropriate answers, a lot to ask, I know, the results above might be meaningful, at least.

* Hey, sorry, we go by memory here quite often here at Peak Stupidity. I did a little searching for back up data, but got nothing yet. Any commenters with some better results please paste in some links for us.

** Yes, within 2 "percentage points" is correct, but it would mean something different if it were 3% vs 5%. I mean here % difference in percentage points.

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The ins and outs of dining under Kung Flu Totalitarianism

Posted On: Wednesday - August 11th 2021 8:26PM MST
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Hey, it's complicated. Even under normal conditions, Totalitarianism requires a large set of rules. Then the Kung Flu sets in, and it's Komrade Katy bar the door. Luckily, the Singapore Ministry of Health and the various helpful media outfits have been answering subject's errr, reader's questions and coming out with helpful cards to greatly simplify things:

Commenter Adam Smith referred me to a site with "pbs" in the URL that had the above graphic. I spent some time going for the source of it. It turns out that that "ST" on the top right stands for the Straits Times, a big newspaper out of Singapore. The only site I have found that had the actual graphic had a very blurry version on a really dicked-up website out of, I assume, that region. In the meantime, I noted the news and advice out of the Straits Times (an example) and other outlets (another), and the ministry of health (per CNBC) and other gov't agencies (Enterprise Singapore, really??), respectively.

I'll tell you what. After reading a number of Kung Flu advisement web pages and seeing graphics like the one shown here (especially from that last link), I believe this is no fake stupidity, gentlemen. This is real, and these people are real.

I met a young lady from Singapore 15-odd years ago. Let me tell you, though she had a nice body (wish I had more details to tell you!), her mind had me somewhat disgusted. This was the mid-00's still, and I asked her about rumors, oops, rumours for her*, that people were being tracked everywhere. "Sure", she told me, "but what's wrong with that?" I wrote this anecdote in case the reader was wondering what I suddenly have against Singapore. I know, crime is low. I know, it's very clean, as you will get your ass caned for spitting. It's not the way a free man wants to live though.

These are smart people, so when the put numerical values to their Kung Flu hysteria, they do it right. They can figure this stuff out. If you have any confusion due to the above graphic as you enter a restaurant down there, I'm sure the Singaporean hostess could set you straight right away: "C'mon, guys! It's so simple. Whaddya leed a leaflesher course? It's all social distancing lowadays!"

* and yes, for Fleetwood Mac.

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Update on little Landen and the Hoffman family's lawsuit

Posted On: Tuesday - August 10th 2021 6:38PM MST
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Peak Stupidity was truly broken up a bit about the sick and evil deed that was done to the (at the time) 5 y/o Landen Hoffman. The boy was purposefully thrown off a balcony to the floor 3 stories below by a black man named Emmanuel Deshawn Ananda in Minneapolis' Mall of America 2 1/3 years ago. We gave an update, with great relief about the miraculous recovery of the boy a year back.

The attempted murderer received 19 years prison time, though I'd read that it could go down to 12. There's no telling how low that could go were he to accumulate a following of Minnesota snowflakes with that tremendous compassion they've got there, you betcha'. We left the story still not sure about Ananda's background, other than that he was from Chicago, born in America, and a known crazy who should have been locked up long before. More on the background later ...

I came upon some news from late this July reporting Family Of Boy Thrown From Third-Floor Balcony Sues Mall Of America.

Let me skip the rest of that article for a bit and just get to the gist of the legal complaint:
The lawsuit states Landen’s medical bills have exceeded $1.75 million. In addition to seeking damages for those costs, the family seeks damages for future medical expenses, pain and suffering, future income loss and mental anguish and distress.
Let me say first that the Hoffman family was NOT going around forgiving the evil Emmanuel Deshawn Ananda, even though they are a Christian family and the guy had that Biblical first name. That's a big mark in their favor. Their boy will never be "made whole", pretty much literally here, Though the Hoffman parents got lots of crowd funding and that, I have a feeling that all those expensive medical procedures and likely continuing procedures and/or drugs are now busting their budget as people tail off their charity

However, if you want to collect for all of this from whomever's responsible, you've got to pin that down. That's easy, though, but then again, the one responsible is in jail, never had, and never will have, that kind of money. You, or the lawyers, that is, go up to another level, higher in assets, and lower in responsibility. That'd be the Mall of America, I suppose, according to the lawyers. It's the biggest mall in America, so, even in the year 2021, I guess they have deep enough pockets. Responsibility-wise, I don't agree.

You may want to read the details in the article linked-to above, as to how this responsibility is being claimed. It's true that Ananda was banned from the mall before for a year, then with an extension. How is this really controlled though? Do we want to live in a country in which our IDs are checked even entering a mall? That's what a lawsuit like this will encourage. That is, unless all the mall security people are to be trained to "keep your eyes on the black guys." That doesn't sound too Minnesota Snowflakey to me though.

I was surprised this guy was not an immigrant, from Somalia or some other godawful place. No, he's most assuredly from Chicago, Illinois, and Ameican, I am told. That was no typo by Peak Stupidity (for a change!). It seems that all the websites I've been reading blurbs from while trying to find Emmanuel Deshawn Ananda's actual ethnicity have the same typo. That's interesting. The main problem is that I've had no luck finding out whether this evil fuck is from an immigrant family. Are the search engines hiding that, or does nobody really care? People might want to care, in the future.

I can't suggest that the Hoffman family direct its lawsuit at a more suitable target, such as Lutheran Refugee Services, due to the attempted murderer not being an immigrant. If his family was, then it would be a hell of a cool thing, publicity-wise, if they would sue one of these groups. We as a country need to get to the root of our problems, and you must direct your anger and your lawsuits at the most deeply responsible people. It's really not the Mall of America's fault. With no collectable blame to be assigned to Ananda, I apportion 50% of the collectible blame to the Snowflakes of Minnesota and 50% to the rest of the woke, BLM-ard-sign-posting, integrationist Americans everywhere around this country for the last 50 years. Pay up, bitches! Oh, right, you already are.

PS: Our commenter Adam Smith may want to chime in here, but I am under the impression that most parts of governments are immune to lawsuits for their lawful practices. After all, they are supposedly just doing the taxpayers' bidding. However, this case also goes back to the elimination of the State Hospitals, aka "Funny Farms" a few decades back, as Peak Stupidity discussed in Outsourcing of the Funny Farms. It's too late to sue anyone for that, I suppose.

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Expectoration Linguistics Effects on Kung Flu Contagion Control

Posted On: Monday - August 9th 2021 7:53PM MST
In Topics: 
  General Stupidity  Humor  Kung Flu Stupidity

Can we name them, or not?! No, not the post titles, but this seems a very good working title for any upcoming articles the Peak Stupidity Public Health department may add to the existing Flu Manchu literature base. We will be sure to include any and all PS commenters as additional authors.

"Say it, don't spray it!"

The Arab world is widely known for it's expectoration-based dialects.

I came upon this Russia Today opinion editorial: Are we heading for mask apartheid in which only speakers of English are required to cover their faces?. Though the op-ed was published on a Russian website, its author Robert Bridge is an American who understands clearly American stupidity.

You'd figure this is the usual anti-all-things-American and especially anti-traditional American (those of us who speak English) crap. You come up with some pseudo-scientific hypothesis to justify another screw job. Yeah, but this was in Forbes magazine, as written by one Alison Escalante ("Escalante"? Yeah, doesn't like White people. Check.) I thought Forbes was kind of conservative. Is it still being run by an investment magnate, like Steve Forbes, or is it all stupidity magnates in charge there now?

The original article, in Forbes is Why Speaking English May Spread More Coronavirus Than Some Other Languages. Mrs. Escalante maintains that 3 or so of the consonants in English are superspreader consonants, if I may (and, yes, I WILL).
Specifically, the consonants [p] [t] and [k] are aspirated in English. Making those sounds throws myriad tiny droplets from the speaker’s respiratory tract into the air, creating a cloud of spit. If that person is carrying a virus, the air is now full of viral particles.
Holy expectoration! Total Kung Flu Panic Fest! I'm no linguist, as the author pretends to be, but I would add [F] to those 3, capital [F] only, as in "Fuck this shit!" [ Oops! Are you OK? Do you want we swab you right here? How about we go up to the lab, give you a jab, and see what's on the slab? - PS Pubic Health Department]

I'm not much more of an expert on languages than this piece of work Escalante is, but I do know that English is not nearly the worst language for projectile droplet ejection. Has this author ever hung around with an Arabs and those types? You can just watch on TV (and a lot more safely, I hasten to add). English has its Latin roots and its Germanic roots. Arabic has all its roots from the proto-expectoration languages of the Middle East. (Actually, it's MENA now, per the PS handy PC guide.) Let me tell you, Alison Escalante, if you want to talk about a "spitty language" (your technical term of art), you ought to hang around some of the Arab contingent. Listen, and learn, and ... bring your wipes. I am under the impression that if one can't hawk a loogie more than the 6 ft required social distancing requirements, he will have no hope in getting past anything more than sophomore level Arabic. Rosetta Stone has, in fact, made special liquid-proof packaging along with 20 wet-wipes per lesson in their Arabic units. There are lots of words that can't be properly pronounced in Arabic without the hawking of loogies that could contain billions and billions of the COVID-19 virus particles. Sure, if you want to forever sound like some rube with an American accent ...

So, lay off us English speakers, Mrs. Escalante. You may want to suggest more face diapering to and of the Arab contingent. After all, they already have plenty of material to make them with ... wrapped around their heads, ... oh, wait a minute, is that why ... they ...

Well, I don't want to take RT's Robert Bridge's fisking fire here, so read his quick take to see the stupidity here. One more bit from Mrs. Escalante though:
The take home? No matter what language we speak, wearing masks is a practical way to mitigate this issue. When we talk in masks, we keep our droplets to ourselves.
OK, so your hypothesis was for nothing then? Why am I reading this? Oh, because it's on the internet, right.

Lastly, per commenter Alarmist*, the Scottish have been known to use expectoration to good effect too:

* And hat tip to Adam Smith for the link to the youtube clip.

[UPDATED 08/17:]
Added new caption on top of top image. I can't believe I forgot that line from my childhood till I told my 10 y/o to use this just now.

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TV and the 2021 Olympiad

Posted On: Saturday - August 7th 2021 8:19PM MST
In Topics: 
  TV, aka Gov't Media  Media Stupidity  Bread and Circuses

(Yeah, I know they wanted to re-use the old signage, but, people, we're 60% through with 2021, so, ...)

The regular Peak Stupidity reader may be SHOCKED, SHOCKED to read a title like that on top of this post. No, Steve Sailer is not guest-blogging. It's just that we are on the road and my 10 y/o boy wanted to watch swimming. It's not on. Now, this kid has watched less TV than any kid I have known, and I can see tonight from a half hour so far that this is indeed a good thing.

Between a relay race that we saw and the now-on women's basketball game, there were 2 stretches of 3-4 minutes of commercials each. iSteve commenters have hashed out the ridiculousness of the race agenda in commercials before, and for us, it has been a while (see Can't even watch Seinfeld anymore). That stupidity was again on display, just another reason I am glad we don't turn the idiot plate on at home. Before I thankfully forget this whole episode*, I'll just spit out a few thoughts:

- It is very hard to make out the race of the people in commercials most of the time. The agenda is complete race-mixing. It's also hard to tell who's with whom, but they give some hints.

- After 4 or 5 commercials with mixed-race or mostly black characters, I was amazed to see one with all White people. It was for migraine medication. Now that is some great ad placement, marketing gurus!

- Don't even ask me what these people were selling, but some 10 - 12 y/o black kid was running some race by himself while imagining some apparently famous black woman champion runner win. Really? Do boys that age look up to women as their idols? I am learning something new here on TV.

- One player on the American women's BB team is tattooed up in B&W and color on her big muscles, and she doesn't look like a woman in any way shape or form. Is she one of those trannies?

- There are people in the small audience wearing face diapers. However, when the one particular coach wanted to yell something to a player, she pulled her mask down to do that. I guess Dr. Fauci has it all worked out. They must have a plan to keep 6 feet apart later on in the hotel room.

- I just saw a promo for tomorrow. They are still insisting that this is the 2020 Olympics.

I don't know how people do it. I had a song in mind earlier today for the last post of the week, but I'll put that up next week. Thank you all for reading and commenting. I've got plenty of posts in mind already for next week.

* Well, it's still on, but I'm happier blogging, and I'll let my boy watch the 2nd half of American women(?) vs. Japanese women's basketball. That'll do it for TV in '21.

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Peak Stupidity, Pundits, and Governors, OH MY!

Posted On: Saturday - August 7th 2021 8:27AM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Pundits  Liberty/Libertarianism  US Feral Government  Kung Flu Stupidity  Guns

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:

Would I want this guy to run for President? Sure, as with President Trump, it'd be nice to just see someone in that office who wasn't out to destroy America. However, perhaps I'd rather this guy just remain Governor of one State. I'll explain that at the end.

In yesterday's post Peak Stupidity (may have) introduced the reader to a new excellent writer at the VDare website. Jack Dalton is the guy's name, or likely his handle anyway. I wrote "new" yesterday before I looked through Mr. Dalton's posts on the site. Well, 1 1/2 years is new for VDare anyway, as they've been around 2 decades, and I've been reading them almost all that time.

I've got to digress here, because, upon looking at the titles, I noted that Jack Dalton's first article on VDare was DON’T GO To Richmond VA Pro-Gun Rally! Stay Home, Clean Your Guns—And PREPARE TO VOTE!. Ha! This is very interesting, and I know I absolutely must have read that 1st VDare article, as I remember that Jack Dalton was wrong! Even the best of us can be. How I know he was wrong is that I was there reporting back with There's great power in numbers - Case study: Richmond, Virginia, with pictures of the crowd of many tens of thousands of gun-carrying 95% White people out there that day. That there were 10's of thousand is the reason ignoring the BS narrative out of the ctrl-left that day worked, and the only reason, as we noted in Richmond gun rally - a lesson about ignoring the narrative. Mr. Dalton graciously admitted he was wrong the very next day, in. his 2nd VDare posting VA Second Amendment Rally An Invigorating (And Implicitly White) Success.

Where the hell were we? Oh, yeah, Jack Dalton has got to be my number one favorite writer on VDare, of many contenders. Before his last article, of which this post was supposed to be referring to, he had written The Democrats’ RED DAWN: Yes, It’s A Communist Coup. But There Are Signs Of Hope, which we mentioned at the bottom of our recent post None dare call them Commies. Besides being a hard-core immigration restrictionist, as are all the writers at VDare, this guy has at least a little disdain for the Kung Flu PanicFest, understands the new Commies America is dealing with, and has brought up my favorite Governor, one Ron DeSantis of the State of Florida.

Governor DeSantis is the third of our trifecta that we are promoting today. Jack Dalton's most recent article, This COVID + Immigration Crisis Is Creating A Huge Political Opportunity For Trump—Or DeSantis? is one Peak Stupidity used just yesterday for blood pressure medication, of all things. In that article Mr. Dalton also promoted Ron DeSantis as a great candidate for President. I can't argue with that.

It's not that I know all the details about the political career of Mr. DeSantis. Perhaps, as I've read, he's an Isreali ass-kisser*, maybe neo-con leaning... I don't know. I'm guessing some of this is mandatory to get in a high position in the Feral government.

This is finally getting back to my point up top. I've noted that there is great power for the people, meaning us, in big numbers. We had them in Richmond in Jan. of '20, not enough in Jan of '21 I guess?** However, the level of power in between, which has been increasingly suppressed since the time of Abraham Lincoln, is State power. Mr. Dalton did not mention this, but the way to fight the Communist, woke, America-hating people in the Feral government is also through a revival of Federalism.

Rather than putting our hopes in another President on OUR side, even if much brighter and capable than Trump, who may get stymied at every turn by The Establishment, not to mention deplatformed by the very same, why not start fighting these bastards at the State level? Florida would be an excellent start. Rather than an ineffective President I like, I'd rather see a guy like Ron DeSantis tell the President "go fuck yourself!" at every turn.

Federalism! I hope decent American patriots will note and support actions and guys like Ron DeSantis. "Federalism. It's not just for Constitutionalists anymore."

* Florida does have a large Jewish contingent. They VOTE. The Early Bird Special can wait.

** That's a good topic for another post.

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Today's dose of blood pressure meds from Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Friday - August 6th 2021 8:59AM MST
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  Commies  Immigration Stupidity  ctrl-left  Healthcare Stupidity  Zhou Bai Dien

This one ought to do it. I gotta admit nowadays I roam only a very small portion of the internet. For video game enthusiasts, it'd be like I stay in a small room that one can only get the key to when he is up to Level 14, and I get my special blogging powers from the griffin who may only be seeked out ("sucked"?) if you are a high-level... OK, fuck it, you can see that I am not, in fact, a video game enthusiast. Look at that blogroll that hasn't changed since our 1st year, though.

I'll write another post about that. It must be obvious to the long-term reader that VDare is a major part of my stomping grounds. Yes, Immigration Stupidity is VDare's purview, and I read there because, like those good people, I understand that immigration is an existential issue*, at least when you get to the high levels that the US (and much of the Western World) has.

Well, I've mentioned that VDare makes a good effort to keep other-than-immigration issues on the sidelines, if at all present, in their writing. (Of course, that can't count the syndicated columnists who often do write about other issues.) I see this policy as smart both in keeping otherwise-favorable readers and donors who may be turned off by their triggering issues and also to just keep their focus. The don't have commenting, so the latter is not as big an issue as it would be if the did.

In our post MEMO FROM MIDDLE AMERICA includes Kung Flu sense a couple of months back we were pleased, and amused too, that writer Allan Wall, at least, understands the PanicFest issue too. They've got a new writer now that I really like that has also used Allan Wall's "Flu Manchu" in his latest article.

I'll finally get to what I meant by "this one" on the first line. My treatment today will not consist of the usual. Today our medicine comes not in tablet form but in the form of an article . VDare writer Jack Dalton wrote an article a couple of days back that will add** 50 mmHg to your systolic reading in 5 minutes, quicker than the fastest-acting pill you'll ever get from Pfister.

Read this (in the company of your physician): This COVID + Immigration Crisis Is Creating A Huge Political Opportunity For Trump—Or DeSantis?. Feel better? Did you read this part?:
July’s unofficial numbers at the border with Mexico are mind-boggling if not downright terrifying. Border agents apprehended more than 210,000 illegals, some 6,779 per day [Children stopped at border likely hit record-high in July, by Elliott Spagag, The Associated Press, August 3, 2021].

Of course, AP focused on the “children” because lachrymose tales about “children” make them a human shield that paralyzes critics of Biden’s Border Treason. That aside, border agents stopped 78,000 migrants in the Rio Grande Valley Border Sector alone. Another 37,000 are thought to have evaded the Border Patrol and slipped into the country.

This isn’t just a crisis. It’s full-on invasion: 247,000 is nearly the population of Winston-Salem, North Carolina! If another 247,000 cross in both August and September—we have no reason to believe the figure will decrease—more than 1.8 million illegals will have landed here since October 1, the start of the fiscal year.
What's happening down in Texas right now is indeed, in the author's words, "Insidious. Insane. Incredible." He adds:
And Biden knows exactly what he’s doing, and why he’s doing it. He’s so anxious to bring in new Democrat voters he doesn’t care how sick they are. And he doesn’t care who knows!
This Jack Dalton gets it! This is not mismanagement and stupidity. This is purposeful evil. Again, the numbers are HUGE this round. Yes, they hate us. In a previous VDare article, Mr. Dalton showed that he understands who these people, "these people" including the President of the United States, are. You can't treat them as if they are those 1970s "opposition party gentlemen and women across the aisle". Those days are DONE.

There is a lot more in this excellent article, with the tie-in to the Kung Flu stupidity***, a point about the censoring of Donald Trump, and good stuff from/about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to raise your spirits along with your blood pressure. Maybe some actual spirits would help ... take two liters and comment to me in the morning ... if you can ...

* See this post from a month into the blog - Too many posts about immigration, you say? - GIT! OFF! MY! LAWN! BLOG! ...

** [Ooops! We were under the impression that your blood pressure was too low. Dang! The Rx for you that we received via high-speed twittering read "Hear is Rx 4 PS payshunt for low - 180 mm H2O BP reedings. 2 B given in large doses between meels." We may soon be switching medical providers - wish us luck! Our apologies for the mis-prescription that happened to happen. - PS Med Staff] Units, people, units!

*** At least, for Mr. Dalton, this obvious tie-in, that others have made (see Immigration Stupidity v Kung Flu Stupidity as a suggestion for GOP politicians to fight the D's with. Yeah, I know ... I've said it before, VDare people are glass-half-full people, but hey, at least it's a good suggestion.

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Stupidity's Third Millenial

Posted On: Thursday - August 5th 2021 7:37AM MST
In Topics: 
  General Stupidity  Websites  The Future

We ain't just talking about the website here. Jesus told us about the poor, but it might be good for us all to realize that, yes, the stupid we will always have with us, too.

This is post 2001!

In Peak Stupidity's 1,000th post, written late March of '19, we celebrated a bit, discussed a little bit about the mascot, Alfred E. Newman up there (with help from a commenter), and had a nice "print-out" of the frequency of posts with the various topic keys. That would. have been nice to do again, but I'm not in a position right now to do it. That might be nice for a short post to come soon.

That 1,000th post was before the inundation of the Kung Flu stupidity, now appearing in its third season. If not a new flavor entirely, the Kung Flu stupidity is a mix of existing stupidities, in a new recipe, if you will. It has been a big boon to the stupidity documentation process, as we are all right in the midst of this, and ought to have plenty to hate about it.

Our site was not around at the time of the big Jan 1, 2001 Millennial, of course, as we started publishing the site in late November of '16. Thinking back on the state of our country at the start of the calendar's 3rd Millennial, I gotta say that "I didn't see it all coming!" There will be a time for TBTMNBR (The Book That Must Not Be Reviewed - 2, really: Generations and The Fourth Turning - only dubbed this because I never seem to get around to it!), but when I read one of them in 1997, I scoffed at any idea that America was heading into an "unravelling" phase. Granted, I was much younger that the authors, William Strauss and Neil Howe. However, the dot.com 1.0 period was just cranking up, the Chinese economy was still only a small fraction of the size of America's, and yeah, I was younger then and couldn't see the big picture.

I did already know that our ever-encroaching government and Police State were not going to be stopped - see When did the Feral Government get OUT OF CONTROL?. I put the date of my realization on that at 1995.

So, things did not look so bad for the country at THE Millennial, but from 20 years later, we see that the 3rd Millennial has not been kind to America. Just to see how far things have gone, look at this bar graph from some polling**:

We're going to write more about this graph (and link to more about it) in a coming post. This is just shown here and now to illustrate how divided America is, 20 years into its 3rd Millennial. Peak Stupidity, starting its 3rd Millennial, is sure to have plenty to write about, right now running at an average rate of 425 pieces of stupidity yearly. We don't see this abating anytime in the near future.

* See also Part 2.

** The reader is likely well aware that I don't put much stock in polls, especially after having been a pollee at the end of last year. However, if these results shown come from the answers of simple and straightforward questions, such as the expected "which of these is your most important concern?", this is data I might put some stock in.

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Peter Brimelow on high-brow TV long ago and the current S. Africa.

Posted On: Wednesday - August 4th 2021 7:35AM MST
In Topics: 
  TV, aka Gov't Media  The Future  Race/Genetics  World Political Stupidity

I read almost every VDare article, post, and letter-to-editor, and I especially like to read or hear the views of its founder Peter Brimelow. In this recent James Fulford post, TRAITOR'S HEART Author Rian Malan Shocked, Shocked, To Learn That Racist Black Majority Rule In South Africa Is Bad, Actually, there is a half-hour video of the bottom from an old 1987 Educational TV show.* called American Interest with Peter Brimelow in it. (Yes, he looks a lot younger, but so did we all!)

I can't find this video on either youtube or bitchute, so, for now** I will have to refer you to the bottom of that VDare page, with otherwise very good writing by Mr. Fulford, as usual, too. In it, one Peter Crow is interviewing Peter Brimelow, as a recently-returned from S. Africa journalist and Congressman Sanders Levin (Traitor - MI)*** about the anti-apartheid American embargo. That embargo, on some business and some trade with American companies, had just been put in place 6 months prior. I can remember this going on myself.

Peak Stupidity would like to again (as we did here, wrt the long-forgotten Zhou Bai Dien blatant plagiarism incident of 1988) show our amazement at how fair the Lyin' Press still was, or at least seemed, 3 1/2 decades ago. You've got to watch most of this one with Peter Crow to believe me, after seeing the bias of these people over the last few years - they don't even try to hide their bias now. That's reason alone to enjoy this video. Peter Crow seems to be even leaning toward Mr. Brimelow's view over the views of a (GASP) SITTING D-CONGRESSMAN! Would that not be considered an insurrection nowadays? (Hell, go back another decade, and people used to shoot Congressmen to kill**** - even a half-way decent one, at that. Granted, it was Guyanan-Commie-Americans that done it.)

What's interesting to see is that Mr. Brimelow was just as careful about not getting certain labels put on him 34 years ago as he is now. Contrary to what James Fulford wrote in this same post and has been written hundreds of times on VDare about the problems with a black-run country, Mr. Brimelow framed his views in that interview with what was good for blacks. He did not really want to go any farther and speculate how the White South Africans would end up being treated after apartheid, but I think he knew better. You could go farther with the truth, but still only so far, in 1987.

Speaking of the truth, the predictions the White S. Africans themselves had made (well, after all, they LIVE there and know) about bad relations among the various black tribes coming out have come to pass too. Please don't try to help, White people. You've done enough already. That's the attitude around the world now, as the blacks fight their way back to old Africa. The latest is put on "xenophobia", such as the headline of the article that the image above came from:

(Oh, and one of the 1st indications of the onset of 3rd-worldliness - bad grammar.)

Imagine if the old Afrikaners had been xenophobic enough to have kept out most of the Bantus from their land way back. Oh, what might have been!

Peak Stupidity has not put any thoughts down till now about the stupidity in this portion of the world. We have more than enough stupidity on our side of the world. However, S. Africa ought to be a big lesson for us. Things could really go that way here, if we don't ever do anything about the immigration invasion and the continual retreat on racial matters, both. Stupid Americans, from the by-far biggest power in the world at the time, were leaning on the White S. Africans to give up their country in 1987. At least we don't have an outside power doing that to us. We don't need it - they have been inside the country for years, doing the same thing.

* Remember, it was "ETV" - I don't remember them emphasizing the "Public" as much, as Americans didn't exactly embrace government-run shit back then. They advertised their corporate sponsors at the beginning and the end, and didn't much mention US gov't support, as you can see in this one. By "Educational", weren't they tacitly admitting that, yeah, the other channels are all infotainment including the news?

** Right here and now, I can't do a view source and see the VDare html to see where they got it from. I may be yet able to embed this video.

*** He "served" for 36 years - 1983 to 2019.

**** That old post is titled They (still) shoot Congressmen, don't they?, like the old movie I've never seen. It refers to Leo Ryan and the Jonestown drinking of the Commie Kool-Aid American history posts of ours - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

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