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Posted On: Thursday - May 30th 2024 12:15PM MST
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I've got a friend who lives in eastern Tennessee. While describing the general situation of society there he mentioned the lack of "negritude" in those parts as a very nice plus. Without getting into the etymology, almost all of us would inherently understand the idea. In that very White (for 2020's numbers) part of the country, sure, things are not just fine by any means. Good jobs are scarce, there are meth heads and crime is not at all unknown.

Still, though it may rarely appear in White people too, that basic attitude of uncaring for society or anyone is part of our working definition. That attitude has been made worse steadily, and especially since the Martyrdom of Fentanyl Floyd 4 years back. At this point, Black! people can do no wrong. This creates an amount of undeserved self-esteem and great privilege that, well, I'd rather have nothing to do with.

Much of our Curmudgeonry posts here on Peak Stupidity overlap (there's that Venn Diagram thing ...) with "Customer Care" stories. Seeing as the problems seem to be getting more numerous, I tend to wonder if the problem is me, not others. It's not always this negritude that's the problem, but let me just describe the quick scene at the Target store.

This store has been the Target (uggghh) of multiple posts here, most of them related to the Kung Flu PanicFest. In fact, and also to be fair here, the friendly black lady subject of Targeted for hysteria - Aftermath* may very well have been manning humaning(?) another line, but I picked the shortest one, without her.**

At this check-out counter, I had some moderately heavy stuff. There were bags of pet food mostly for donation. I tried to help out by moving them close to the counter - they've long had scanners connected by cord to the "registers". Well, the scanning wasn't working after multiple efforts, so I suggested she type in the 12 digit ISBN or whatever "harmonized" code it is that the bar-code represents. That didn't go well. "That won't work." "Yeah, it will, let me read out this first one." I read her out one number, she punched something in, and it didn't work. Instead of concentrating and figuring it out (there IS a way) she showed off that attitude.

This was not the workplace or the Highway Department. I didn't have to take this, so I simple backed off, leaned on the empty counter behind me, and pulled out my phone to read Peak Stupidity comments (thanks, you guys!!) I was just not going to participate in this show of negritude. You want help from me - then you be nice. Otherwise, go ahead, I've got all day.

Yes, there were people behind me in the line probably thinking I'm the lazy, uncaring, unhelpful guy letting the woman do the heavy lifting. I don't care - 5 minutes later - instead of 2 - I was on my way.

Was it just MY attitude? I thought back later that on this same day I'd dealt with black ladies 3 times while doing errands. I had no problem with either of the other 2:

1) At the post office, it was very cordial and nice. I've been to that branch enough to where I and this older woman recognize each other. Also, oddly, there was nobody else in there, so there was no hurry or stress.

2) At the bank, there are usually from a handful of people to, much of the time) nobody else in there. Same thing. Also, they really need to be polite there. People might just decide to take a bunch of money out otherwise.

PS: So as not to need yet another post, I'll mention that the next time in Target I dealt with a smiling fairly-pretty Hispanic cashier. The only problem is, her English was nearly NIL. You don't notice that normally. "Hello" "Swipe or tap here", etc. can be memorized. However, "Can I get 10 ones back in my cash?" (cash-back, using the store as a bank) did not ring a bell. I tried 3 ways! Coincidentally, a guy in line wanted a ten for his 10 ones. He was a White guy, so I didn't need to bother to count. What a country!

* That post, on the mask-wearing as late as Fall '22, was the last of what turned out to be a 4-part series. Previously, Peak Stupidity had posted the original post, an addendum, and then an amended addendum.

** Something I've thought about before is that the nicest and/or prettiest check-out girls will get the fewest, or maybe no, short breaks from the job. A real stand-out hottie will have a continuous line, barring the store being empty - that's just human nature. OTOH, she wouldn't have to keep the job long anyway.

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East Into The Sunset

Posted On: Wednesday - May 29th 2024 7:29AM MST
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Note: Right now, VDare is selling this book for $15. You just have to email them and maybe send an old-fashioned paper check.

Andrew Morrison, the author* of East Into The Sunset, was a US Border Patrol Agent for 20 years. The full name of the book includes Memories of Patrolling in the Rio Grande Valley at the Turn of the Century. Agent Morrison's time down there was only his 1st 5 years ('99 - '05) of his career at the BP, before he moved up to the Canadian border. Things have changed over the last 5 years up in the north, but at the time in question, the Mexican border was where all the action was, hence the book's concentration of stories from the author's time down there.

Firstly, so as not to make the Peak Stupidity reader wonder as long at the previous readers of this book would have, here's the deal with "east into the sunset": The guys working the Rio Grande portion of the US/Mexico border - all of the Texas border, 1250 miles from El Paso/Juarez down the river to Harlingen/Matamoros/South Padre - referred to downriver as "east". (Mr. Morrison explains this in more detail.) As with most rivers there are big bends** here and there, so portions where the author/BP Agent worked would have been flowing to the west, but still regarded as east as far as directions used in planning, radio communication, etc.

This is a book of closely related short stories. After Mr. Morrison gives his own background and a description of the BP training, he reels off (possibly in hundreds of) stories of his time working the Rio Grande in the goal of keeping foreign invaders out of America. Most of these were recovered letters and emails to his family back on the East Coast. The stories do not all fit on a timeline, though generally they follow these ~5 years of the author's BP work in the region. Some of the stories were put together as they are stories of a certain subject or to make the same point. These may be from early to late in this period.

As usual for me, but even more so in this book, I could not follow every single character, and some were true "characters" too. "Wait, who's this guy I'm supposed to remember again, and from what story?" There are a lot of agents written about. I didn't feel the need to keep up with them all - the stories are very good, once you get used to Mr. Morrison's style. (You've got to remember that most of these were formerly letters.)

Some things that I had no idea about previously follow: One was the use of seismic sensors - this is back up to 25 years ago now - to detect footsteps out there in all that land. There were false alarms, but generally these were helpful in finding out where illegals were moving when already away from observation points on the river or on the Texas bank of it. The fact that OTMs (Other Than Mexicans)***, unless known criminals, I suppose, were being taken for processing to be released into the US even back then is not something I'd known. Also, that the relations between the Border Patrol and the illegals was non-violent to the extend written about was somewhat surprising. Just as now, the agents had to worry about being Derek Chauvined. (There are some stories on this aspect of the work, often quite amusing.)

Since I mentioned these OTMs, along the lines of the present situation, BP Agents would sometimes let them alone or even actively avoid them. Detaining them meant time-wasting paperwork spent on people who were not going home, while it could have been spent actually sending Mexicans home or (more of the time, from what I gather) keeping them out.

A majority of the BP Agents in this region at the turn of the 21st Century were Hispanic. There was corruption, but Mr. Morrison doesn't give the impression that the Hispanicity of his colleagues had them avoiding the job. The stories of the lazy and uncaring agents vs. those who wanted to do the job, like Mr. Morrison, included White, Black!, and Hispanic agents.

It's the case with a lot of jobs that there are people who don't mind doing busy work or anything, whether at all related to the basic goal of the operation, and those who do mind. There are those who simply are there for the paycheck and years-o'-service. They don't care about the mission and lean toward avoiding trouble vs. doing the job. Others are gung ho, like Mr. Morrison. I would put myself in that latter category for the work that I do.

Therefore, we read about Mr. Morrison's desire for the boat duty, going up and down the river looking for invaders. The use of inner tubes to cross, including to hold some baggage, sounds to have been prevalent. Mr. Morrison slashed usually-temporarily abandoned inner tubes and some in full use, IIRC in many of his stories. He was known to be the King of inner-tube slashing.

I'll stop here regarding the particulars. The Peak Stupidity reader may want to enjoy them himself.

Let me end with one important point. Things are different now, having changed drastically starting January 20th of '21. The invasion is being planned and encouraged at this point. Though 100's of thousands yearly, maybe some years up over a million, crossed illegally into America during those years and in the places described in this book, things were still different. The Feral Gov't (and their behind-the-scenes instigators, Big Biz and nation-wreckers) didn't at all mind the illegal aliens coming, but they did not actively PREVENT the Border Patrol from at least TRYING to accomplish its mission. Andrew Morrison was one such agent who worked against the higher-ups to do the job that patriotic Americans have always wanted done.

As the lady said, though, "At this point, what difference does it make?" That applies here, but it shouldn't stop the author of East Into The Sunset, from being proud of his work. Thanks to Andrew Morrison for the good reading too.

* He writes a roughly-twice-monthly column on the Washington Pundit site in addition to pseudonymously writing elsewhere.

** In fact, the Rio Grande River (in GW Bush terminology, where, you know, family values don't stop or even get waterlogged) has a Big Bend National Park.

*** During this time period, "OTM" meant Central American, maybe Brazilian, but not more than a very few OTNW (Other Than New World?) Nowadays, the sky's earth's the limit.

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Ron Paul is wrong about something.

Posted On: Tuesday - May 28th 2024 3:39PM MST
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Also, the Pope is no longer Catholic, and dogs and cats have been recently seen living together in purrfect harmony. I never thought I'd live to see the 1st thing, though!

Great Libertarian and Conservative Ron Paul's recent column says Biden’s Tariffs Are Another Nail in the Dollar’s Coffin. I strongly disagree with the gist of the column.

I wouldn't say the wording of Dr. Paul's column title is necessarily wrong. There are plenty of other nails, though, and, worse than being in this rare disagreement* with the great Ron Paul is that I agree with Zhou Bai Dien here. (I'm also surprised, having figured Bai Dien has been under the whip hand of the Chinese, seeing as how the CCP must have many pictures and videos of Bai Dien's only surviving son in some "compromising" situations. Hence, our appellation.)

It was Trump who finally did something to fight the greatly unfair trade situation with China, before Bai Dien. It was one of his actual successes. Peak Stupidity mentioned this in our book review of Josh Rogin's Chaos Under Heaven and explained more earlier in our post The Chinese are not happy with their > 20 year-long unfair! trade deal with America. I don't mean "unfair" here in the sense of "unbalanced". I mean unfair unfair, the way the Chinese have "reciprocated" ever since the Clinton administration and the Wall Street finance boys started giving away our manufacturing to China in the 1990s. I have a personally gleaned story on this that'll have to appear in another post. Yet, Ron Paul says:
Specifically, President Biden raised tariffs on products including Chinese-produced steel and aluminum and many components imported from China for use in manufacturing electric vehicle batteries. Tariffs on Chinese-made semiconductors are rising from 25 to 50 percent while tariffs on Chinese-made electronic vehicles are rising from 25 percent to an astounding 100 percent.
GOOD!! Dr. Paul did not get into the importation of Cheap China-made Crap here. No matter the quality, manufacturing must come back to the US (and the invasion stopped too) or we're sunk ... like a 20,000 TEU container ship. (See Where's my stuff??)

I get Ron Paul's very principled stance on free markets. However, as with the flow of people, as I think he understands now, it's important for a country to be as self-sufficient/self-reliant as it can. Not only did America do very well on this score for a few centuries, but the Founders of this country were mostly FOR tariffs. Tariffs were, in fact, one of the main sources of income for the US Gov't through its early history.

"Customs Duties" are an indirect method of performing the same function as tariffs, making foreign products more expensive. The simple table below comes from an interesting 18 y/o paper, U.S. Federal Government Revenues: 1790 to the Present.

Look, if the Founding Fathers were fine with this, than who am I, and who is Ron Paul, to argue? More from his column:
Of course, the costs of these tariffs will be borne by Americans wishing to purchase electric cars and American electric car manufacturers that use material imported from China. These new tariffs thus undercut Biden’s goal of getting more Americans to drive electric cars.
Well, first of all, that EV goal is just in the name of Globalism and destruction of the middle class (getting them onto public transport). Secondly, one puppet string running Zhou Bai Dien doesn't necessarily know what the other one's doing. The rest of the financial picture that Dr. Paul paints is true enough, such as:
If the dollar loses its world reserve currency status, the US government would lose the ability to “weaponize the dollar.” Other countries would then have less incentive to abide by US demands, including related to regime changes. It would also reduce other countries’ interest in purchasing US debt instruments.
That's all good. and yep, I suppose it does mean that:
This would increase pressure on the Federal Reserve to monetize the debt, creating more price inflation and leading to a major economic crisis. This will not just end the US military and financial empire abroad. It will also end the welfare state at home.
Uhhh, yeah, but isn't that what both of us and real Conservatives, real Libertarians*** all want anyway? It's not like even YOU, Ron Paul, with 545 clones in the Congress, could get us out of the hole we are in. The financial pain is coming, one way or another.
However, the end result may be a return to limited, constitutional government and a political class that realizes that Ronald Regan [sic] was correct when he told me that no nation has ever abandoned gold and remained great.
Always the optimist, Ron Paul is, at least at the end of 95% of his columns. I like that. "Never, never, never say "never", ne dis jamais jamais."

"Better, better believe in forever, and it can be that way."

Styx never charged extra for the French lesson here, from their 1979 album Cornerstone. Tommy Shaw wrote this one and sang lead vocals on it. In their prime, Styx was:

Dennis DeYoung – vocals, keyboards, accordion.
James "JY" Young – vocals, electric guitars, guitar synthesizer, autoharp.
Tommy Shaw – vocals, guitars, mandolin, autoharp.
Chuck Panozzo – bass guitar, string bass.
John Panozzo – drums, percussion.

* I almost forgot. I also disagree on his stance against proposals for required use of eVerify. It get his point. eVerify is electronic intrusion by the Feral Gov't into our working lives. Yet, that's water under the bridge built by Amendment XVI** more than a century ago and taking this step as just one of many to halt the invasion is important. If the invasion is not stopped and reversed, Constitutional Rights will continue to mean exactly squat.

** See also Part 2 and Part 3.

*** From what I've seen during the last 2 presidential elections, the official Libertarian Party itself has become a real farce.

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Peak Stupidity Four Year remembrance of the Floyd Fentanyl Fest

Posted On: Saturday - May 25th 2024 10:03PM MST
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Has it really been 4 years already? Such an important event it was, on that May 25th afternoon in the Minneapolis hood in the Year of Our Lord 2020 Year of Our Floyd 0, as Floyd, the violent, reprobate druggie martyr bit the dust after ingesting too much Fentanyl. Americans learned about themselves. Riots raged, fires were set, and swag was stolen, all to teach White Americans that we were evil racists. People all around the world agreed. George the Martyr had shown us the way...

No, really we learned how the drug overdose death of some stupid violent black asshole, who just couldn't stop running his mouth and freaking out long enough to even have sense talked into him, could be made into a completely different story. We learned how contradicting on-the-scene video could be purged, the narrative could be controlled, and people could be cowed into supporting this fake narrative, all over the country and around the world.

If George Floyd had finally calmed down and gotten all the way into the cop car or the ambulance drivers or dispatcher hadn't been incompetent that day 4 years back, those who benefit from the destruction of America would have had to find another event to start on another day. As it went, as sick as it is, George Floyd is as famous as George Washington now. As Floyds go, other than Floyd the barber on Andy Griffith, I think of Pink when "Floyd" is mentioned.

Peak Stupidity has posted some of this band's music in the past. I know this song, off of Pink Floyd's 51 y/o Dark Side of the Moon*, has not been one of them. Enjoy Us and Them:

Out of the way - it's a busy day.
I've got things on my mind.
For want of an EMT and a real twenty
the old man died.
... good riddance!

Hmmm, I wonder why there's so little diversity in that old official Floyd video. Something should be done.

That 2 hour long video on economics will appear finally next week. There's an immigration story, among all the rest of the damage, that you don't read about much, to be discussed. We'll have short book review coming, if that's even possible here. More humor will come along with it all. Thanks for reading and commenting, Peakers. We hope you enjoy the rest of your hopefully long weekend.

* This one was famous for being on the top 100 album charts for years running.

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A killer D.I.E. Program at UCLA Medical School

Posted On: Friday - May 24th 2024 10:28PM MST
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Diversity is our strength!

"Yeah, of course, I'm not headed to India just for my knee replacement - I'm going for the cuisine, and I figure, well, while I'm there..."

I read this Washington Free Beacon article, 'A Failed Medical School': How Racial Preferences, Supposedly Outlawed in California, Have Persisted at UCLA from an Instapundit link first. I should have figured Steve Sailer would be all over this one, as it hits close to home for him.

That is, besides this article being right in his wheelhouse - Steve Sailer has long been "noticing" the deleterious effect of Affirmative Action* and its more potent generic replacement Wokeness - also, UCLA is near his residence. He's not a young guy, and at some point he may need really important healthcare services from a medical facility that used to be highly esteemed.

This ought to hit home for ANYBODY above a certain age. We're not talking customer "care" or tech support on the phone here, cashiers who can't make change, or hack-job auto repair. The less proficient, to put it mildly, doctors that graduate UCLA's David Geffen (the music guy?) School of Medicine may maim and kill you in the future. People may want to put aside for a moment their extreme virtuousness, say, when it's their cardiac stent insertion on the line.

Steve Sailer noted, to me, probably unfairly, that "Aaron Sibarium is that rarity, a journalist for a conservative publication who does actual investigative journalism." Yes, I agree completely that writer Aaron Sibarium did some serious Journalism here:
This story is based on written correspondence between UCLA officials, internal data on student performance, and interviews with eight professors at the medical school—six of whom have worked with or under Lucero on medical student and residency admissions.
It's not just a scoop but the kind of revelation that puts stories like Watergate to shame. I just don't see that left-wing publications are better - they lie more, in fact. (Possibly he means the New York Times, which he, and another person I'll mention later in this post, still honor as some kind of "paper of record".)

I wish I had room to excerpt and comment on this whole article - please, please take the 5 minutes! Note that this real piece of work shit Admissions Officer Jennifer Lucero and her hand-picked minions have not just been putting a thumb on the scales here or there, screwing over a few White guys. This is a full-Woke project:
So when it came time for the admissions committee to consider one such student in November 2021—a black applicant with grades and test scores far below the UCLA average—some members of the committee felt that this particular candidate, based on the available evidence, was not the best fit for the top-tier medical school, according to two people present for the committee's meeting.

Their reservations were not well-received.

When an admissions officer voiced concern about the candidate, the two people said, the dean of admissions, Jennifer Lucero, exploded in anger.

"Did you not know African-American women are dying at a higher rate than everybody else?" Lucero asked the admissions officer, these people said. The candidate's scores shouldn't matter, she continued, because "we need people like this in the medical school."
Yeah, haha, and that rate's going to the moon, lady, if people don't stop your madness.
"I have students on their rotation who don't know anything," a member of the admissions committee told the Free Beacon. "People get in and they struggle."
If they struggle and flunk out, that has still cost taxpayer money while screwing over candidates who'd be good doctors. They wouldn't be killing anyone via medicine at least.
Within three years of Lucero's hiring in 2020, UCLA dropped from 6th to 18th place in U.S. News & World Report's rankings for medical research. And in some of the cohorts she admitted, more than 50 percent of students failed standardized tests on emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics.
The 2nd half of 4 years of Med School consists of practical training in the hospital.
One professor said that a student in the operating room could not identify a major artery when asked, then berated the professor for putting her on the spot. Another said that students at the end of their clinical rotations don't know basic lab tests and, in some cases, are unable to present patients.
Oh, that can't be good.
"UCLA still produces some very good graduates," one professor said. "But a third to a half of the medical school is incredibly unqualified."
Those bottom 1/3, what do you call them? "Doctor." In the words of the late Jimmy Buffett, "I don't think I'm gonna ever let 'em cut on me ..." Yeah, but that (Miss you so Badly) was from a half century ago, when you had a choice.

Whewww! Doc, you wouldn't believe the bad dream I had!

This Lucero character is a 1-woman Woke machine:
Led by Lucero, who also serves as the vice chair for equity, diversity, and inclusion of UCLA's anesthesiology department, the admissions committee routinely gives black and Latino applicants a pass for subpar metrics, four people who served on it said, while whites and Asians need near perfect scores to even be considered.
Another example of this:
First-year students spend three to four hours every other week in "Structural Racism and Health Equity," a required class that covers topics like "fatphobia," has featured anti-Semitic speakers, and is now the subject of an internal review. They spend an additional seven hours a week in "Foundations of Practice," which includes units on "interpersonal communication skills" and, according to one medical student, basically "tells us how to be a good person." The two courses eat up time that could be spent on physiology or anatomy, professors say, and leave struggling students with fewer hours to learn the basics.
The time wasting aspect is just that, waste, in, say, the Big Biz world. In medical school, it's more serious - what knowledge and experience did the students miss out on during these ~10 hours of their weeks, a significant amount of their waking and now woke time in the day?

As soon as I read this great expose by Aaron Sibarium, I thought about Lionel Shrivers' recent novel Mania. One of the main characters in the book had an operation done by an incompetent doctor. It left him partially maimed and in pain for the rest of his life. Yet, in the book, as per our basic review, the "mental parity" program that allows this stupidity and incompetence is not race/sex related. No, the form of Wokeness that promotes stupidity is just another general flavor, with nothing anti-White about it. In fact, as we noted in our author criticisms, "Yet, Lionel Shriver specifically wrote, in 2 places, words to the effect of 'this MP is different from race and sex discrimination, which are real'." She's either being purposefully stupid herself, or she's scared to be truthful. I don't know why it'd be the latter as she is ensconced in out in Portugal, has F.U. money, and is old enough to not care about hurting feelings or being shunned by the "good people".

It's great that Mr. Sibarium wrote this article. If it gets to enough people, the Wokeness in this realm may actually be reversed. This is where the Wokeness gets downright scary and may overcome the fear in people of getting called names.

I read the article yesterday, and today I see that another VDare writer, Patrick Cleburne has commented on it too. In Who Wrecked UCLA’s Medical School? Jennifer Lucero—Another Woman Of Color Abusing Power., he concentrates on the evil Jennifer Lucero more than stats and the admissions controversy. He has written about "women of color", let's just say non-White** and non-Oriental women, who, when in charge, are running things into the ground. That last phrasing of mine has connotations of being non-purposeful. I wouldn't say that's necessarily true.

* Though, for niceness' sake, I guess, at least in the recent past, Mr. Sailer had still been in favor of some AA, just for Black! descendants of slaves, errr, the enslaved community. I've never read or heard him come out against AA categorically. He sure ought to.

** I wouldn't have even known this Lucero P.O.S. was non-White. She's obviously proud of it.

[UPDATED 05/25:]
Small corrections and additions.

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Schadenfreude ++

Posted On: Thursday - May 23rd 2024 8:07AM MST
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Last week, Joe Hoft, twin brother of Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft, reported on some trouble for some folks just wanting to convene in person to discuss issues important to them at a hotel. I mean... who would complain, right? You don't have to attend - nobody's got a gun to your head... Yet, we are told Pro-Israel Conference in Nashville Canceled Due to Threats from Antifa and Pro-Hamas Groups.*

This makes me happy. The cancellation of their little conference is unfortunate for this pro-Israel - both Jewish and Christian - crowd. I guess this is the very definition of Schadenfreude. On the other hand, I call it Schadenfreude++, because I think it's more than the usual Schadenfreude here, and I don't know any longer German word to cover my feelings on this. In this case the ++ is that I'm hopeful this happening is going to teach someone a lesson. That's just my feelings, but it probably won't.
A conference on Israel to be held in Nashville May 20-22 was canceled by the convention center on Sunday, on the guidance of Nashville police, due to pro-Hamas and antifa activists who bombarded the hotel with threats. .
Hmmmmm... why does this story sound so familiar? Oh, yeah, that's because the small VDare anti-immigration-invasion organization had this same thing happen for A DECADE. They ended up making a smart move and using donor money to buy a small castle*** in the eastern West Virginia panhandle, so they couldn't be pushed around like this every year. As for this pro-Israel group,
Lawyers are involved, as are Senator Marsha Blackburn and the Governor of Tennessee
I don't recall any Senators and Governors helping out the VDare organization over the years of their same problems. Maybe I'm just having a Brandon moment, I dunno... Convening as a pro America and pro White people group apparently is not something that Senators and Governors want to get involved in. Convening on behalf of Israel - different story.

VDare worked hard to find their own way to let people convene in person (see postscript). These people trying to meet this week ended up having it a lot easier, as per a follow-up post on GP, Dave Ramsey Saves the Day When Venue Pulls the Rug Out from Under Pro-Israel Conference.
After a Nashville hotel got cold feet and sought to cancel a pro-Israel event, Christian finance expert and syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey stepped in to be sure the event went on.

The Sonesta**** Nashville Airport hotel was scheduled to host the pro-Israel event until an anti-Israel group made noise. The group Palestine Hurra Collective Nashville claimed on Instagram that the purpose of the event was to “celebrate the death of civilians and recruit new Zionists!”

“Call relentlessly until this event is shut down!” the post urged.

The pressure worked. The hotel canceled the event.
The same happened for VDare, many times. Then, the city of Nashville rings a Bell, pun intended, also. The American Renaissance group had the same problem trying to convene, so from '12 on, so a dozen or 13 times now, they've been meeting at Montgomery Bell State Park, near Burns, Tennessee, about 25 miles west of Nashville.

From the GP follow-up story:
“I think that the hotel jumped the gun and decided that they were going to just sort of dump this Israel event a week before it was going to happen, which is very unfortunate for the hotel because that’s in violation of Title II of the Civil Rights Act as well as Tennessee state law,” Hiram Sasser, executive general counsel at First Liberty Institute, said, according to Fox News.
None of these freaking people, not a one of them, would have ever come to the aid of VDare or AmRen when they'd had the same violations of Title II or whatever happen to them. Therefore, I feel Schadenfreude ++. Screw these people. I hope the Hamas and antifa freaks pull this stuff on them every year. "When will they ever learn?", the song goes.

PS: I didn't insert any links to VDare about their troubles over the years and the castle finances, etc. because they've got so much on it, one could find 50 posts, not to mention a Tucker Carlson interview of Mrs. Brimelow even, on it all.

At least Lydia got smart about making the conference contracts with the venues after the first few "mishaps". VDare made money off the cancellations, IIRC, in the many tens or a hundred thousand on a few later on. That's fine, but the deal was they wanted their people to be able to meet in person. That shouldn't be too damned much to ask in a free country.

PPS: What's with the antifa freaks anyway? Are they actually being anti-US warmongering or just pro-violence and destruction? One would think they might be pro-MAGA, were they to look around and see the only political group in contention that is NOT pro-US warmongering. The antifa seem to be kind of aimless and nothing but hired help working for George Soros. By George, I think I've got it!

* The original post by Joe Hoft on his own site has gotten 1 comment over the 10 days. Though he's very involved politically in other ways, Joe Hoft's site is obviously more obscure than Gateway Pundit, which got 349 comments** on this article, likely the bulk of that within the first day or two. I'll say that the one comment Joe's gotten is not particularly sympathetic at all!

** Doing a ctrl-f for "VDare" (I'm getting to that) is not so feasible when one keeps running into "See More Comments".

*** For those who still let the corrupt negritude out of New York A/G Leticia James hold sway, let me note that the price of this castle would buy an ordinary dump of a house in San Francisco or even just a higher end McMansion in the Nashville exurbs.

**** WARNING: side effects of Sonesta include drowsiness, excessive carb-loading and fake eggs at breakfast, and The Clap when taken by the hour.

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Harrison Butker for Pope!

Posted On: Wednesday - May 22nd 2024 7:25PM MST
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It's not a thing here on Peak Stupidity to feature college Commencement speeches, one after another. We've sat through a number of them long ago. However the short speech by Harrison Butker at Benedictine College (in Atkinson, Kansas, ~ 50 miles up the Missouri River from Kansas City) has made a few waves and is worth a mention here.

We mentioned Super bowl winning KS Chiefs kicker* Harrison Butker in our previous post facetiously as a a guy who'd be a great replacement for Commie so-called-Pope Francis. I knew he was a strong Catholic from this post about him on Ann Barnhardt's site, but after watching his widely praised/widely criticized 20 minute speech yesterday, well, I take back my facetiousness right now.

Here's the speech, with the theme Staying in Your Lane:

I'd read about what was supposedly wrong with Mr. Butker's speech before watching it. Lots of people were not happy, not meaning the graduates of Benedictine College here, mind you, but lots of people. The Establishment does not like it when well-respected people don't respect the Narratives. At just before 12 minutes in, Mr. Butker spoke to the women graduates in particular for a couple of minutes. What he said would have been non-controversial a century ago. Had he said this a half-century ago, I suppose he'd have been a Male Chauvinist Pig to some, but I don't think anyone would have been aghast at the speech. Now, well, you can't just tell women the honest truth, that they'll probably be happier in life doing what they were made for. YOU! CAN'T! DO! THAT! That is, even if they agree with you.

As for those (just going by tweets displayed in disdain by Ann Barnhardt) who are upset at Harrison Butker's not going along with the in-your-face humiliation-based BLT-G genderbender nonsense, I found it hard to believe they'd had a problem here. From my listen, I only recall the one joke about pride in family not being what the Bible meant by that sin of "Pride", and that he, Butzker, wasn't referring to Pride Day. Man, are these people sensitive! If you can't take a joke... I mean ... well, no, they can't. Communists never could take a joke as I recall.

Supposedly, from headlines here or there, yahoo and such, the deal is that this speech included some disparagement of one Taylor Swift, a modern singer of great fame with a repertoire consisting of no particular music that I have knowingly heard. I did a search for both "Taylor" and "Swift" over the transcript of this talk, but "No matches". I guess I am really and truly out of the loop... doesn't bother me a bit.

I'm not a hardcore or any kind of Catholic, but that was a reasonably inspirational Commencement address. Furthermore, and more importantly, that was a very nice F.U. to the Establishment by Mr. Harrison Butker.** Guys like this ought to be the Popes. He's from "The Americas" and all, so why not?

* Peak Stupidity is onto the whole Bread & Circuses thing, so it wasn't till reading yesterday that I knew who the guy was, other than that he is a real Conservative who has pissed off many people being one.

** Mr. Harrison does have that F.U. money, in fact, so this was not so courageous an act as it would have been for some low level wage-slave. Why the latter would be making the speech then, is another question ...

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More of the Papal Bull off 60 Minutes

Posted On: Tuesday - May 21st 2024 8:40PM MST
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We at Peak Stupidity had not even known this old TV show was still on, having shunned the idiot plate now for over 25 years. However, Gateway Pundit just embedded a 14 minute long interview by one Norah O'Donnell of this Liberation-Theology Commmie so-called Pope. Seeing that we have a topic key specifically for this guy, the reader may quickly understand that Francis Bergoglio is not so Pope-ular around this part of the internet.

If you want to know more, feel free to read about him on Ann Barnhardt's site. She's not enamored with the guy either, to say the least. As a hard-core Catholic, Miss Barnhardt gives a lot more Biblical and other details to explain that he is a usurper and evil man. I'm just glad I don't have to consider this guy the infallible boss of me, or consider him at all, other than when he runs his mouth like this.*

I like GP writer Ben Kew's headline, Commie Pope Francis Claims Stopping America’s Illegal Border Invasion Would Be ‘Sheer Madness’. That's the part that got me to play the interview clip. The CBS News site has the transcript. I could already tell what this O'Donnell piece of work was about as soon as she started out with "... first Pope from The Americas". I've got no argument with the geography here, but no, she wanted to show off her Globalist virtue right way. Sorry, Latin America is not America. How about an American Pope? I know one guy, name of Harrison Butker... may be out of a job and available soon enough.

I'm here to write about Mr. Bergoglio's words on America's most existential issue, but since I watched the whole clip, let me say: Though coming across as one naive, stupid, stupid man, I see that the so-called Pope has a little backbone. Or is he just being nuanced to avoid being blatantly against the words in the Bible? Norah was pushing him to go all out on destruction of the doctrine, but he was lukewarm about a few things, saying he's against women being Priests and Deacons.

That's not the case with Mr. Bergoglio's words on America's on-going invasion (hence, the GP headline). He goes full retard on this issue:
Norah O'Donnell: I grew up in Texas, and I don't know if you've heard, but the state of Texas is attempting to shut down a Catholic charity on the border with Mexico that offers undocumented migrants humanitarian assistance. What do you think of that?
Oops, sorry to interrupt here, but I think it's GREAT! (That is, if Governor Abbott is not just grandstanding.) These government-supported NGO's (yeah, that's right) are treasonous. They are supplying the invaders with shelter on the Mexican side and advice on the entry ways. Humanitarian assistance, my ass! Sorry, go ahead, Francis:
Pope Francis (In Spanish/English translation): That is madness. Sheer madness. To close the border and leave them there, that is madness. The migrant has to be received. Thereafter you see how you are going to deal with him. Maybe you have to send him back, I don't know, but each case ought to be considered humanely. Right?
Haha, yeah, their cases will be considered in 9 years when they comply with that Notice to Appear, as the immigration "asylum" cases are backed up. They'll be there, surely. "Si, Senor, y no me llames Shirley." Yeah, otherwise we'll round them up, what with plenty of promising leads and all. ICE'll have 4 agents on the case - they'll have 'em working in shifts!

This guy has no freaking clue on the scale of this thing. No, Francis, you complete dumbass, it's an invasion! 3 or 4 million people a year (for 3 years now) is an invasion. (More accurately, it's a big surge in a steady half-century long invasion.)
Pope Francis (In Spanish/English translation): Do you want me to state it plainly? People wash their hands! There are so many Pontius Pilates on the loose out there… who see what is happening, the wars, the injustice, the crimes… "That's OK, that's OK" and wash their hands. It's indifference. That is what happens when the heart hardens… and becomes indifferent. Please, we have to get our hearts to feel again. We cannot remain indifferent in the face of such human dramas. The globalization of indifference is a very ugly disease. Very ugly.
Or... maybe people's hearts are not hardened, but they aren't as stupid as you and can think ahead and see the future of America filled with the criminal and culturally-foreign, by the dozens of millions, legal or not. Maybe their hearts are quite strong but heavy, as they care about the future of their people, and it looks pretty bleak. Are Peter Brimelow and his wife Lydia "washing their hands" like Pontius Pilate?** They've spent a quarter of a century on this issue. trying to save this country for their progeny.

I don't know. Maybe this guy ain't dumb. He might be simply evil but playing dumb. It's a tough call. I think Francis Bergoglio, Liberation Theology Commie, ought to start an NGO of his own, Retardeux sans Frontieres.

* I did have my big anti-Pope sign with "Lighten up, Francis!" and "Is the Pope Catholic? ... No, seriously." on the B-side at a Trump rally one time. That was just before this blog started up.

** Truth be told, in the Gospels, Mr. Pilate made an effort to stop the stupidity then and there too. He relented so as not to cause a riot or another revolt.

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On a Nathan Bedford Forrest acolyte Noticing my book

Posted On: Monday - May 20th 2024 2:32PM MST
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It's not MINE but Steve Sailer's book Noticing I refer to here, but it was one of my copies.

I'm a fan of voluntary social distancing. Though the Social Distancing campaign during the Kung Flu PanicFest was one of the most stupid, annoying, and costly programs - well, there were many - I am glad to keep my social distance from people at, say, the big airport terminal. I'm not worried about getting sick, but I don't like people THAT much. I couldn't do it this day, though glad to see so many people flying. Therefore I sat next to one fairly young White guy and, instead of pulling out my phone and wasting time on Gateway- or Insta- pundit, I pulled out Mr. Sailer's book again.

I don't think I even read one page. It took a while to find my place, as, having multiple copies, I have one in a different place at home where I read it. By that time the guy next to me had noticed this book.* "What's that you've got?" "It's the Steve Sailer book." [as if he's supposed to know, of course!] "Pretty good."

Here's the weird part: "That's not my kind of thing", the guy said. Hmmmm, had this guy heard of Mr. Sailer? As much as Steve Sailer has gotten his 15 minutes of minor fame in lately in the alt-right and some general Conservative circles**, I would not expect 1 in 50 guys like this to have heard of him. Am I wrong in this? Or, is it that this guy just decided somehow a book called Noticing by a guy named Steve Sailer is not his thing somehow?

Well, we got to talking about where he and I were going. I wish I could remember his destination - if going home it must have been Memphis, Tennessee or Jackson, Mississippi. I write that because this Southern gentleman volunteered that, at home, his brother is a big acolyte of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. He told me something about a monument, but I see from Wiki that there are many. This amazing soldier fought campaigns from Memphis to northern Mississippi, north and central Alabama, all over middle Tennessee, and into northwestern Georgia.

He said something about Tupelo, where General Forrest fought an engagement in mid July 160 years back. Having been everywhere in this here land, including Tupelo, I told my story about my running on fumes into Jackson on the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway long ago. We discussed that road for a bit, and then I had to go.

I usually assume that Peak Stupidity readers know more than I do on many subjects. History being one of them, I probably don't need to state here that Nathan Bedford Forrest was one of the more "White-oriented" Generals on the Southern side.*** I don't see Steve Sailer as ANY kind of Nathan Bedford Forrest fan, but still, to give him a plug, when I walked away, I told the guy, "You may like this book. He writes a lot about race and stuff."

The subject of race is not by any means the sole or even main subject of Noticing, but I'm just tryina' help... with both sales and noticing. A review will be forthcoming, but first people gotta stop interrupting me. ;-}

* I think it's been only 3 times that I've read the book right near people, so 1 out of 3 is pretty good. I have not been extra obvious, as in "look at this!"

** That's not to say that he isn't much more widely known but by people who still won't admit it.

*** Except for some new stupidity, using "enslaver" the usual speculation about this General having had children by an "enslaved" woman, and a slant in perspective, the Wiki page is not bad. At least the writing about his military career is factual and includes much about his bravery and gallantry.

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College Commencement Craziness

Posted On: Saturday - May 18th 2024 4:58PM MST
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Harvard Business School* graduate Chris Pan gave an ... interesting and different commencement speech for the '24 graduating class of Ohio State University. Conservatives, such as The Gateway Pundit (actually taken from The Western Journal), Townhall, etc. thought along the lines of Ohio State Graduates Suffer Through ‘The Worst Commencement Address in the History of Commencement Addresses’. I don't know about that.

Indeed, this Chris Pan is ... yeah, a little different. Per his "About" page on his website, Mr. Pan was a Facebook employee at one point, even having taught Zuckerberg some Mandarin (helped Zuckerberg in understanding his wife and the Poontang Dynasty, etc.), he always wanted (to pretend?) to be a motivational speaker, he's helped millions of people "live with intention", and he's launching another "platform" to help people with their finances. Granted, finances are easy when you luck into a Deep State supported "platform", run by a soon-to-be mutil-dozen-Billionaire.

If you've got 20 minutes and haven't already watched this whole thing, see what you think. I found that Mr. Pan has a transcript of his talk on his site too. Possibly, he wrote the transcript beforehand or afterwards, at a time when he was not already or still allegedly high on a psychedelic drug called Ayahuasca. (I've never heard of it, much less taken it - sounds sort of Indian, so safe for work, I suppose... for the casino, not the call center. Things are bad enough in there without these kinds of "enhancements".)

I disagree strongly with the Conservatives who've ragged on this talk. First of all, Mike Landry (Western Journal) and Kevin McMahon (Townhall), I'm pretty sure this is nowhere NEAR the worst commencement speech in history! There was a time called "The 1960s". During that time, many people graduated college and many people spoke in front of said people's graduations. Peak Stupidity does not have enough space in our host company's database to list all the lying Commies, Black! racist agitators, and other Kings and Queens of Stupidity who gave speeches worse than Chris Pan's this year in Columbus, OH.

Secondly, though different from the normal fare, what else truthful would one have to say to the graduates nowadays? Do you tell the $80,000 in-debt Comparative Literature graduates that "The World is your oyster"? (I don't even like oysters, or else I don't know WHAT that means.) Do you tell the graduates they'll be the next Captains of Industry, running their very own Starbucks someday, the one they're returning to work at next week? Maybe they can come up with wonderful new ideas to help the world, say, novel, oyster-based Frappuccinos or something.

You could get away with all that when I graduated. The university in question had a very well-known guy speak at my commencement ceremony, which was their thing for many years. I'm not so enamored with the guy now ...

I don't like standing up and singing, but other than that, I thought this motivational talk by Chris Pan was not bad. Maybe Harvard has something going for it after all... it's called Ayahuasca. "Party on, dudes!"

Yes, this has been (unplanned, of course) video week here at Peak Stupidity. There's one more - a LONG one - that I want to feature next week.

PS: Sorry all I could get for a video was one taken "through the air", a video by one device of the playback on another. There's got to be another better way to do that. Then again, Apple likes to really lock their stuff up.Fixed. New youtube video swapped in. Thank you again, Adam Smith!

* ... the very place where you run into people like this

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Climate: The Movie

Posted On: Friday - May 17th 2024 9:40PM MST
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"... coming soon to. theater near you"? Nah, I've really noticed the decline of "going to the movies" over the last decade, especially due to the effects and after-effects of the PanicFest. I can't recall anyone recently including "when we went to the movies" in conversation.

Anyway, this is an hour and 20 minute documentary that you can enjoy on your small or big screen at your leisure. I am glad I saved the link a week back, because the basic "Climate the movie" youtube search comes back with some really worrisome stuff. That is, if you worry about people that readily fall into panic based on repeated ridiculous media lies, the clips that appear should scare you. I wish that Climate: The Movie actually could come out on the silver screen in front of an America that still attended "the movies" en masse. It could be labeled something else... what kind of creative titles have they got now... I got it: Star Wars LXIV: 5th prequel to the 43rd sequel... or something.

This stuff is right in my wheelhouse. I'm not a climatologist and I haven't worked out the physics myself, but I understand the complexity in mathematical modeling, and I LUV graphs, There are a half dozen or so scientists shown herein who don't get into the math but clearly and simply explain how the models are based on bad data and how wrong their results are. Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth), released in '23, was written by Martin Durkin and directed by him and one Martin O'Toole (most likely NOT any kin to Peter).

If spending an hour and 20 minutes listening to scientists with no action scenes or CGI is not your thing, PLEASE, if nothing else, skip to just over 29 minutes in and watch through 0:31. Sure enough, Physics Professor Will Happer of Princeton brought up El Nino and La Nina. Don't say Peak Stupidity didn't tell you about this years ago.*

Here are my general impressions and some more highlights of this feature film. First off, in addition to the pieces of interviews with the scientists and then the many graphs and diagrams, there are still scenes and video clips that well fit the more political nature of the subject matter. These are well placed and often very humorous. The narrator is a guy with an accent very much like that of John Derbyshire. The scientists interviewed are calm and well-spoken.

Fans of the old The Office TV show, a Peak Stupidity favorite, will enjoy seeing Geologist and former Los Alamos lab employee Tony Heller. He looks and talks like a 10 years older Toby Flenderson. Did Toby finally realize the evil he had wrought as an HR associate at Dunder Mifflin and get into something constructive? Perhaps he enrolled in Geology soon after his return from Costa Rica. You can see alt-Toby at 41:45. (For some reason, he doesn't get top billing on the IMDB page.)

Korean born Astrophysicist Willie Soon is my least favorite character, as he comes across too pop-science Carl Sagan-like. Dr. Will Happer is my favorite.

At 32 minutes in, Dr. Happer talks about the relative importance of the C02 "greenhouse effect" versus the effects of cloud cover, i.e, the average of cloud cover comprising the albedo of the entire planet (its reflectivity). He see the latter as being MUCH bigger of a factor in the energy balance. The amount and location of cloud cover must be understood very accurately and be already predictable for it to become a part of any mathematical model of the whole climate. Yet, it most certainly IS NOT.

At 43 minutes in, Physicist Steve Koonin, Meteorologist Richard Lindzen, and one other academic describe very well the conditions that have been causing university scientists to jump onto the Climate Calamity™ bandwagon. They also describe the process of Big Biz hiring these academics to help them comply with idiotic policies laid on them.

After describing some of the scenes, I'm aghast, as I realize that I may have spoiled the ending of this dramatic film! Therefore, I'll go ahead and give you the ending, as if you've read this far I've already totally ruined the excitement for you. Here's the ending:

The Climate Calamity™ is a freaking scam! Scientists have been sucked in through their greed and yearning for fame and fortune into a political version of "science". Models developed aren't correct, data and data ranges have been fudged and are used even when proven to be erroneous, and yet politicians and their useful wackos sow fear and panic worldwide, all in the name of Global Government Control.

Again, I could have told you all this 7 years ago - hell, I did! Well, you don't have to feel bad spending the time to watch this anyway - it's FREE! Enjoy!

* Unless your complaint is about Peak Stupidity's lack of search functions, that is. We sympathize with your plight.

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Airbus lights up in SeaTac non-smoking area

Posted On: Thursday - May 16th 2024 7:18AM MST
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Let me say, first of all, that the Lyin' Press has made a special effort to single out mishaps that happen to/on Boeing aircraft lately. Don't misunderstand me. Peak Stupidity would be the first to agree with those who attribute real problems (door plugs popping out, wheels falling off*) to the change in Boeing corporate culture from engineering to mass bean counting. I'd also agree that the D.I.E. programs will have very bad effects in the long run.** The "suicides" of 2!*** Q/A personnel says something about the company too.

However, I see big corporate Globalism, something the big international (this excludes SouthWest) airlines adhere to almost by definition, as hating Boeing and loving Airbus. I believe they want just the one big company, Airbus, left. "You will eat zee bugs in your crew meal as you let zee plane do zee flyink." Airbus - I'm thinking the 350 here - is ahead in the near-complete automation.

Going back 40 years there were 3 companies building mainline jets in the US alone. Canadair, builder of regional jets, got bought by the conglomerate Bombardier, which is now part of Airbus. The Brazilians are still building big regional "jungle" jets (crossovers?). Is the goal of the Globalists to get Russia out of the large aircraft manufacturing business too via economic and physical war?

There are still a number of manufacturers, including American companies Gulfstream and Cessna, making business jets, but those are not for the Hoi polloi/

Anyway, though I'd missed this story till a friend brought it up yesterday, the jetliner in the video below is, yes, an Airbus - 321 model. I didn't see big headlines saying "Airbus!!", but then again, as was the case with some of the recent Boeing incidents****, this fire may not have been caused by anything wrong with the plane, and if it were, I imagine it's maintenance related.

Here's what I had to do to see what's what with the fire. Because the beginning and then another chunk later on of this clip were speeded up 16x (from my stopwatch estimate), I went to .25 speed on the handy youtube settings, so I've been watching at 4x speed. The plane stopped on the cross-line on the ramp at 21:25:25 local time (PDT). Things happen pretty quickly out there, in order to get the passengers on their way. The chock blocks were put in place around the nose wheels within 15 seconds.

Taking a look with time on our hands after the fact with a camera with the perfect view makes it pretty obvious what happened. The ground power, coming from the jet-bridge caused a short somewhere, at or near the plug-in point. Contrary to what I've just read, I am not so sure that the problem was in the power cord. There may have been a short due to faulty electrical parts or circuitry on the airplane.

In order to plug power from the jet bridge into the plane so that the aircraft's APU engine can be shut down, that bridge must be driven up. (There's an interlock system to prevent one from moving it with power plugged in. This prevents bent aircraft sheet metal over the years.) From 21:28:10 to :30, the one ramp guy has opened the small hatch, lowered the electrical cable to the ground , and plugged it in. There was no immediate spark or fire. The same guy made the signal to the Captain that power was connected at ~ :45***** He would cut off the APU and let the power switch to ground power after giving a thumbs-up agreement and "thanks".

There's no way to tell from this view exactly when the power actually switched, but it was only then that we see black smoke and then flames right afterwards. Here's when we can start judging the whole resulting scene.

I won't comment on the process of evacuation (good call to do it, of course). Commenters note the lack of anyone's use of nearby hand fire extinguishers for a good long time. This is an electrical fire and in an open space, so I doubt water or halon would do anything much, but did all these ramp guys know that? (In the words of the old Jaws movie, "Were they very, very smart or very, very stupid?")

Obviously, the power must be cut off and/or the cord unplugged. Within a couple of seconds after his having seen the flames, the same ramp guy does run under the bridge. I believe he went for the red stop button there, maybe an emergency stop button, and maybe even a real lever-type circuit-box switch. I can't see due to the smoke puff in the way. Then, the guy runs toward the First Officer's side to signal what was going on. He might have thought these guys could do something. The pilots could have cut off power to the plane systems, but I doubt that'd have done any good. The same ramp guy then ran back to the bridge, either to cut power the first time, or just to make sure there's nothing more he could do.

Pulling the cord out is not something I'd have attempted either, what with molten rubber, or metal even, dripping down. It was hot there! That ramp guy did a good job. The one guy backed the belt loader away after a little while.

Therefore, looking at this more than just with a quick glance at a bunch of people running around, I don't think this video shows anything close to Peak Stupidity. It's just ... I mean if the plane can smoke and all, why can't the passengers?

PS: How could the power not be cut off though, once someone went for the EMER button? That makes me wonder if it was indeed an aircraft problem. Was the APU not cut off, and it somehow kept current flowing in this area? There was no problem until the cord was plugged in though. Also, how'd this same jet bridge power do on the last plane at that gate, just an hour or so before?

I guess this will all be figured out. These things are expensive. Those slides cost more than car airbags, and we're probably talking hundreds of thousands of bucks in damage here.

* For both of those incidents - the Delta 757 on the ground at Atlanta Hartsfield and the United 777 climbing out of SFO - it's not clear to me whether the problem was design, Q/A, or maintenance, the first 2 being Boeing or supplier failures, and the latter being the airlines'.

** Maybe even in the short run. See those 2 (now!) big boat / bridge collisions.

*** That wasn't meant to be 2 factorial, but it's still correct if you take it that way.

**** For example, when that 737 broke its left main gear at the big Houston airport (KIAH), it was not the airplane's fault. Headlines: "Boeing 737 landing gear collapses and airplane goes into the grass." Well, "and" is not wrong, but it implies a sequence. What happened was "Boeing 737 goes into the grass and landing gear collapses." (This story is pretty clear cut.)

***** Unfortunately, the camera clock is gone from the video for a short while here. Using the youtube time is very rough.

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Peak Stupidity bested by superior browser

Posted On: Wednesday - May 15th 2024 7:19PM MST
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This was on Instapundit a few days back:

I'd been proud that I've got 149 tabs open in Firefox on an old machine, but it gets bogged down pretty quickly. That may be due to my refusing all updates with extreme prejudice. On Safari on one tablet, I've got 250 tabs open or so, and it's hurting badly.

Peak Stupidity shamefully admits:

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Bai Dien flubs his line yet again

Posted On: Wednesday - May 15th 2024 12:26PM MST
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"Make my day, pal!"

Peak Stupidity is not about to give more clicks to encourage the dark side of Brandon, so we'll link to the Gateway Pundit post that has it - “Make My Day, Pal” – Joe Biden Mocks Trump For Being Tied Up in Court in Latest Biden Regime Lawfare Suit

Look, first of all, there's no way to know if the video of Bai Dien daring, haha, Donald Trump to debate him is not AI. If not, it may have taken a lot of "takes" to get this 14 seconds of lucid Brandon on video. They spent a lot of time on this, but I guess nobody did his research on the old movies.

Like mentor, like mentee, I guess. Bai Dien's old mentor Øb☭ma conflated 2 different 1970s Black! sitcom TV shows:

(Sanford & Son was much funnier and more authentic than The Jeffersons.)

The current guy flubbed the line too. Hey, Joetatoe, which is it? Are you tough-ass New York City detective * John McClane, aka Bruce Willis, or bad-ass San Francisco detective Harry Callahan, aka Clint Eastwood? Pick one, dude:

- - OR - -

What's it gonna be, dude? Are you gonna be Dirty Harry or are you gonna be John McClane? First I'm gonna be Dirty Harry, and then I'm gonna be John McClane. Line!

To get serious for a minute, The Gateway Pundit writer Cristina Laila here makes a good point. Zhou Bai Dien's people know damn well he'd look like an senile ignorant fool in any live debate. They are hoping they can set up the debate dates to match up with soon-to-be-arranged Trump court appearance dates. Perhaps Zhou will be present on live TV as and the moderator (not me, the TV one) jerks Trump around, making him run through the streets of Mar a Lago from one pay phone to another. Wait, that was the 1st Dirty Harry movie. I'm getting confused too...

* He was visiting Los Angeles.

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iEspionage, Signals, and The Analog Kid

Posted On: Tuesday - May 14th 2024 6:34PM MST
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A friend of mine got me onto the Signal app long ago. It has been touted to be an alternate to the standard Texting app* that encrypts one's messages - not sure about images and videos too. (That'd take a lot more capacity.) I've used it a few times, but, contrary to what people on the other end might reckon, I've always assumed that there's not much more security inherent in its use than in regular texting.

It's not that I think the cryptography in Signal is necessarily easy to crack. I have been under the impression that we're on the encryption side of the encryption/decryption waveform, meaning it's cheaper to encrypt (to keys with 100's of characters) than to decrypt. For those non-Derbyshire-level mathematicians, I highly recommend The Code Book by Simon Singh as an introduction to the history and basic theory of cryptography. (It's a very fun read too.)

So what if the messages are nearly impossible to crack? That's not the weak point for this phone software, the "secure" browsers, and what have you. The point to break in is in the software itself, with a backdoor to allow the Orwellian State to download all the messages in their unencrypted states to some people in the State of Utah, for example. Wouldn't the Signal software programmers know if something like this was in there? Maybe at the start, but who knows who can and did get ahold of the (programming) code at some point along the way. Perhaps these spooks hang out in their underwear in the basement of the Apple Store.

Well, anyway, the anti-Wokeness fighter Chris Rufo came at this concern from a different angle, which I'll get to after a short excerpt from his recent City Journal article Signal’s Katherine Maher Problem. Well, I guess that title gives away Chris Rufo's concern, but:
First, the origin story. The technology behind Signal, which operates as a nonprofit foundation, was initially funded, in part, through a $3 million grant from the government-sponsored Open Technology Fund (OTF), which was spun off from Radio Free Asia, originally established as an anti-Communist information service during the Cold War. OTF funded Signal to provide “encrypted mobile communication tools” to “Internet freedom defenders globally.”

Some insiders have argued that the connection between OTF and U.S. intelligence is deeper than it appears. One person who has worked extensively with OTF but asked to remain anonymous told me that, over time, it became increasingly clear “that the project was actually a State Department-connected initiative that planned to wield open source Internet projects made by hacker communities as tools for American foreign policy goals”—including by empowering “activists [and] parties opposed to governments that the USA doesn’t like.” Whatever the merits of such efforts, the claim—if true—suggests a government involvement with Signal that deserves more scrutiny.
Who's gonna scrutinize this involvement, teams of Top Men sent by the UniParty? Sure ...

Heavy users of Signal, especially those who are software people, have probably had their concerns already. Mr. Rufo may not have concerned himself with this until seeing who happens to be the current Chairman of the Board of the Signal Foundation:

What the hell, man woman? For what has this Globalist broad Katherine Maher** NOT signed up to destroy? She's like a younger, hotter Chairman Mao, on the Long March through the American Institutions, specifically on the media trail. First, Wikamedia, then npr ... well, OK npr hasn't needed a march through it, having been ctrl-left since the days of Nina Totenberg***. Now it's the Signal App. No, that this ctrl-left Globalist infiltrator of media outlets and more is Chairman of the Board of Signal gives me no confidence that there's any point in sending encrypted messages, when the raw ones are probably being sent in to headquarters regularly.

Then too, as with VPNs and such, the use itself of these is probably a great reason for the Orwellian State to enter such a user's information in that special database on special people. That'd be those who, for some paranoid reason, think the State is spying on them. That shows a lack of civic trust, a bad quality in a citizen, and a damn good reason to put a flag for him in one column of that "Special Citizens" table.

Chris Rufo says Signal users should be "cautious". That's putting it mildly. Then again, maybe Peak Stupidity is just "controlled opposition", as likely are these guys:

"Unit 101 to Chairman Meow, are we reaching ...?

Signals was the band Rush's 9th studio album, from September of 1982. I know Peak Stupidity has featured a favorite, New World Man, before, so here's The Analog Kid instead.

Going back to analog signals evades lots of the new technology. Letters written in cursive, HF radio... "Papa Bear to Mama Bear, Goldilocks has left the building." Screw this digital bitch.

PS: One can't help imagine how much better it'd have been for the world and the sanity of Katherine Maher herself had she met a nice hardworking man and had 3 or 4 kids with him years ago. She'd be a happy Conservative that may or may not see the evil wrought by the Globalists like her alt-self. Either way, she'd have been doing good for the world. Alas, Babylon...

* To use Apple's terminology, every one of those icons on the screen besides "Settings" is an app, I guess, even the Phone app, on the pieces of iEspionage errrr, smart phones. Conveniently, "app" can stand for "Apple" but also for "application", the term I never liked so much used way back to distinguish "applications programming" - doing pretty much everything other than, and from "systems programming".

** Peak Stupidity didn't write a post about her current story, but we mentioned her in the recent post Roots Politics from Peak Stupidity.

*** Note, picture of hot chick in post is NOT Nina Totenburg, so no use clicking...

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