Whose lives matter?

Posted On: Thursday - September 16th 2021 8:01AM MST
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Her name was Caroline Schollaert.*

On VDare, a guy named Kenn Gividen** writes monthly posts with anecdotes of black on white murder. He'll have 20 or so each month. Those 2 to 3 hundred a year are perhaps 1/2 of the total, from what I could gather just now (help, Steve Sailer!), so this happens at least once daily. Mr. Kenn's point with these is to give more information than one can get from just statistics. (Here"s something similar from American Renaissance.) One can see the senselessness of most of these murders, along with sometimes a few clues on how not to get into a situation that would result in one's appearance in this column.

From the latest edition, August 2021—Another Month In The Death Of White America, I saw one story (near the middle) that struck me, just because the 26 year old Caroline Schollaert really had her act together more than most. She was in a Coast Guard unit out of Cecil Field, Jacksonville, that operated Agusta Dolphin helicopters doing drug interdiction.

Now, I'm not that gung-ho on the drug interdiction business, (the unit is the HITRON - Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron - yeah, they had to fudge with the acronym a bit), though, they could, of course, interdict illegal aliens as well as drugs. (I don't know if they do.) However, when it comes to military branches of the US, I think the Coast Guard has operated more in keeping with the US Constitution than the rest of the branches.*** The rescue work has got to be satisfying, and I don't know who would object to that mission. I haven't found out if Miss Shollaert flew helicopters or had another role on them, but it was a useful life.

Here is the Popular Military article, linked-to by Mr. Gividen, which gives more of the story. What I was also struck by is what went on in this particular incident, making it different from most that are described in those posts. The 22 y/o black thug was breaking into her car, and this young lady did more than just call the cops. She went down there and held the guy at gunpoint. Unfortunately, she must not have stayed completely aware of this thug's movements, as he shot and killed her with one round.

What a waste! Which life up top is worth more? OK, which WAS worth more?

* The way I put this is per the style of the Paul Kersey's blog. He has written about race (especially one in particular) since his good friend, a young lady, was murdered in Atlanta, Georgia a decade or so ago.

** His own website is The Daily Kenn.

*** That'd be at least as far as egregious violations. Maybe it should be a State function, but that would complicate things.

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Some great humor off youtube

Posted On: Wednesday - September 15th 2021 7:12PM MST
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I don't remember what I was watching before this, but youtube tends to force the autoplay on, so I got to this Rodney Dangerfield skit from 1982 with a young, longer-haired Bill Murray as the straight man - yeah, pretty much, as best as he could do as the straight man.

The TV special was called It's Not Easy Bein' Me, and the title is perfect for Rodney Dangerfield's usual style. This video is unrelated to anything stupid going on today, but anyway, if you like the guy, enjoy this 5 minutes of hilarity.

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More Marxism from Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Wednesday - September 15th 2021 9:49AM MST
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In our over four y/o post written just after the Charlottesville, Virginia attacks, Who are these Antifa guys?, Peak Stupidity first pondered the question of who the ctrl-left in this country really are. We discussed the term "cultural marxist". We noted that that these antifa useful idiots would mostly know noting of Marx, at least the guy on the left here.

Pick your Marxism:

As of late we've had lots of posts (with the Commies topic key) in which we've argued that the ctrl-left are not much different from the Commies of old. Back to that 4 y/o post, from the ending, regarding the street battles between Nazis and Commies a century ago:
This is turning into a different post entirely, but just to wrap that thought up, we in America will not experience exactly the scenario of Nazi Germany of the 1930's for one reason only - the people have held onto their arms. History may rhyme, but it won't repeat, due to repeating arms.
We followed up the recent post None dare call them Commies with OK, Some (V)Dare Call it Communism

VDare is on the blogroll and a very favorite site, due to it's 20 year history of documenting Immigration Stupidity. There have been a number of their writers*, including the Founder and Chief Peter Brimelow, who have used the C-word lately for the domestic enemies of the American people. We agree, and here's another one.

One Carl Horowitz, with only an even dozen posts on the site since 20 years back, had this article published there yesterday: Marx Got It Right: Mass Immigration Wrecks Wages. Why Won’t America’s Resurgent Communists Admit It?

I'm glad to see the terminology. Mr. Horowitz didn't make a whole new point with this writing, as VDare has written many posts about the deleterious effect of large-scale immigration on the workingman's wages, sometimes with hard numbers from Mr. Brimelow. Mr. Horowitz did give a bit of history of the situation with Irish immigration to England in the mid-1800s. He brings up the point that Karl Marx, yeah, THE Karl Marx, wrote about the very subject that VDare and others have been bring up 150 years ago:
Consider a letter of 1870 to Sigfrid Meyer and August Vogt, German friends in the United States. Citing the effects of large-scale Irish immigration upon England, Marx explained the destabilizing effect of cheap immigrant labor: “Owing to the constantly increasing concentration of leaseholds, Ireland constantly sends her own surplus to the English labor market, and thus forces down wages and lowers the material and moral position of the English working class,” the primordial Prussian Communist [LUV that terminology!] wrote [Marx to Sigfrid Meyer and August Vogt, Marxists.org, April 9, 1870].

That isn’t all he wrote on the subject, but that little gem suggests that Marx understood at least something about supply and demand, and wages, labor, and immigration. Mass immigration depressed 19th-century British wages just as it depresses American wages today.
Man, you'd think that if Karl Marx really understood supply & demand, he'd have never become a Communist. I blame his professors.

After the very interesting history lesson, Mr. Horowitz discusses parallels between the immigration problem/wage problem and that of the present time with the much bigger (even in relative terms**) numbers, of Hispanics, which is all he gets to. Here are his 4 parallel regarding the 2 situations:

* Open Borders;
* cheap foreign labor that lowers wages;
* Government support for employers of low-wage labor;
* and frustration among the host country’s low-paid workers.
Mr. Horowitz also comes up with 4 points to describe how it's different this time regarding the effect of immigration on wages. It's the 4th point that's interesting to me:
Unlike England 150 years ago, the United States has constructed a large welfare state that shifts the cost of labor from employers to taxpayers. The 19th-century Irish were not public charges, unlike a large portion of Hispanic immigrants here, as economists George Borjas of Harvard and Steve Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies have shown. Ideally, employers would cover employee expenses through better wages and benefits. Yet with immigration at current levels, they have little incentive to do so.
That's all true, and a great point, but I don't think the writer goes far enough. He continues the article with wonderment on why the modern left just doesn't see this issue the way Karl Marx did, or VDare, or anyone who understands supply & demand.

The modern ctrl-left want to destroy traditional society, just as the Commies of old did, including Karl Marx himself. The difference is that the large Welfare State that Mr. Horowitz pointed out in his point 4 has been used to help (along with destructive immigration law) increase the number of non-white people - Socialism is dysgenic. The Welfare State helps mostly non-white people and the "non-traditional" of all sorts over the working class. At this point, the ctrl-left Communists want to destroy the working class too, because they hate them. That was not the case during Karl Marx's time.

Here's a case where Peak Stupidity agrees with Karl Marx - large-scale immigration depresses wages for the workingman. Hey a stopped clock can be right once a century, if it's got only 2 digits for the year. I refer to Karl Marx here, not Peak Stupidity.

Since we're on the same page here regarding the workingman, Karl, let me share with you some music from some of the hardest workingmen there ever were in the rock music business:

There are definitely lots of live versions that are much better, but I wanted the album cover to appear, Mr. G.

* Some may not be working for VDare but are published there.

** Per the article, 1.52 million Irish immigrated to England, Scotland, and Wales during the period 1850 - 1888. (I assume that was the high period.) From a quick look at this Wiki page, the population of England alone went from ~ 17 million to ~ 27 million. Lets just take the average, even though obviously more immigrants would have piled up by the end. That'd be a total of 7% foreigners, though, honestly, not nearly as foreign, as we have. America had DOUBLE that percentage of foreigners in 1910 and now again (this is 5 years back) in 2016. See our post Foreigners in America for a line graph and bar chart.

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To the 3rd World - Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu!

Posted On: Monday - September 13th 2021 7:11PM MST
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Will America become a 3rd World country? Peak Stupidity maintains that it will be the Global Financial Stupidity, with much of it happening here, that will cause a crash that induces such economic pain and deprivation that there will no longer be time for the rest of the stupidity we describe in these pages. A big change could happen quickly. Others say there will just be a slow slide into Brazil-like demographics and a 3rd World way of living for most of us.

From what I've seen lately, I'm starting to think that this slide may be quicker than most of us had ever thought. The service industry was purposefully damaged by the Kung Flu PanicFest. From a few months in some places to a year of more in others of downright shut-down via edict, to rules on "social distancing", to hysteria of former customers, the direct effects were devastating. However, a long-term effect seems to have been that experimental-UBI-like deal in which people were paid better to stay home than they were paid for working hard. I write of the US Feral Gov't supported special unemployment benefits here.

It's hard to come back from this when service businesses are ALLOWED to open back up. Employees are just not showing back up so much. This has had the effect of turning what used to be 1st World businesses into closer to 3rd World ones. We have taken for granted that "this place is open from 8 AM to 7 PM" and "you go in and get your fast food in 5 minutes. 10 minutes would be ridiculous" and "the employees may not like you, but other than certain rude types (see I'm not 'loving it') , they will treat you professionally". All this we have taken for granted in our 1st World society doesn't seen to be the case anymore.

Even at the big hub airport, food places are closed during the middle of the day because "we're closed". It's lack of employees or at least employees showing up on time, that's the reason. A couple of the places that used to be extremely efficient aren't anymore. Sometimes it's lack of one more employee to make it run like it should, but other times, the people are there, but they just do not have their act together. Obviously the managers don't either. I've seen lines so long that some passengers have to decide whether to take a chance on missing their flights or maybe get their money back - it's a gamble.

Recently I was staying in a nice place, but the area was very dark, to put it that way. I sent to the Wendy's nearby in the middle of the day. The doors were locked, with no signs explaining why. I guessed it was more Kung Flu related hysteria creeping back in, but I'm not so sure the people inside just didn't want to open up the dining area.

I therefore walked through the drive-through line. I was there for 15 minutes first, as each car took about 5 minutes, not your normal pace. Then, there was lots of confusion about where I should actually order from. I tried the menu/speaker/microphone station, but after 5 minutes (with cars behind me) I heard "go to the next window". I went there, looked in, and some huge black lady told me to go to the pick-up window. There was 2 1/2 ft. between the window and a van right there, so it was a bit tricky to order.

While I waited my 5 minutes or so for the food, there was an older black guy also walking through the line. Yeah, he needed to borrow 50 cents for his favorite baked potato with cheese, but we'd already been on a friendly basis, so why not? We both noted the stupidity of it all, but I'm not sure the guy really cared about the "why" of it.

The "why" of it had first been my thinking that there must have only been 2 people in this Wendy's for it to operated so badly. No, but when I looked inside it from the window, I saw there were 6 or 7 employees. I saw the "why" of it anyway. There was not a White person in sight... nor a Hispanic, and Oriental, well, I could go on.

The 1st World just can't be run by these people. Without a few other-than-solid-black supervisors or at least half of the staff, it just quickly goes to an unorganized mess. There are two reasons: Firstly, no one will have the brainpower to keep thing organized by thinking ahead a bit. That includes making sure enough people show up. Secondly, there is just a real lack of caring about the customers.* Simply, nobody gives a damn how long the customers have to wait, how surly the employees may want to be, and how well the business runs, AT ALL. It just doesn't matter - worse cases, the business closes or you get fired - you just go back on welfare.

Due to the Socialist programs implemented since the 1960s and the demographic changes implemented in that same time period, the slow slide into incompetence and 3rd Worldliness has been in progress a long time. However, intentionally or not (I doubt it, as they aren't that smart), our elites have accelerated us along this course. They have a solution of course: More immigration! From 3rd-World countries!

* Peak Stupidity covered that in Hotel Haiti - on Caring. (The other 3 parts of that series were Hotel Haiti - Introduction, Hotel Haiti - on Competence, and Hotel Haiti - Conclusion.)

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At Peak Stupidity club, YOU! DO! NOT! TALK! ABOUT! 9/11!

Posted On: Saturday - September 11th 2021 3:11PM MST
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Actually, that only goes for the bloggers (which is like, just me). I have not deleted any comments other than the large-scale spam of almost 4 years back, along with a couple of unfortunate accidental deletes while that was going on. You all can write about this as much as you like, of course.

Obviously the attack or demolition, depending on your view, of the World Trade Center towers (and don't forget building 7) 20 years ago was a major even in American history. As people who were cognizant during the assassination of President Kennedy recall what they were up to at the time, it is the same for me. (It involved aviation - that morning.) Our title here* was not meant to make light of anything - it's just that this post is an explanation of our policy of not discussing the speculation about the actual happenings. We have a big interest in the Totalitarian response to 9/11, as, for example, in our 16th year anniversary of 9/11 post 16 Years of Spreading Democracy - They still hate us for our freedoms(?) We don't discuss the reason for 9/11 because we are simply not sure enough to do so.

Let me explain: I have ready dozens of web pages and watched dozens of videos that try to show us the real conspiracy of the US Feral Gov't or Deep State in perpetrating the attack. I will state right now that, the more I have learned about the current state of the US Government and the psychopaths who inhabit it, the more I don't put ANYTHING evil past them. However, as I read and watch, I have not yet found the ultimate explanation to convince me of the details.

I have watched a video by Jim Corbett, a video-blogger who I respect and enjoy listening to, and another couple of them that start off with the aviation portion of the story. My problem is that when I get to a subject that I DO know lots about, and I realize the the writer/speaker does NOT know the subject, I don't feel that the rest of his story is something I should just believe. I understand that Jim Corbett (just as an example, mind you) can't be an expert in all the subjects involved in figuring out the true 9/11 story. However, if he has not gotten the right people to explain to him the part that I see flaws in, how do I know he's gotten a good explanation on the other parts, which I cannot myself claim to be an expert in.

Let's start near the beginning. Yes, those Moslem "guests", "students'", whatever, could indeed have learned to at least operate an airliner in a simulator, for their purposes.** I am told that it's not possible they could have operated those aircraft at those speeds and hit those buildings. Let me tell you, it's a lot easier if:

1) you don't care about the aircraft operating limitations. The aircraft can do a lot more outside of its normal envelope. Passenger comfort was obviously not a factor.

2) you don't care about Federal Aviation Regulations.

Here are my main point of contention with the 9/11 skeptics on their aviation related doubts. I have listened to and read from those who maintain that there was no way these planes could have been let to go on these wayward paths for that long, unless it were intentional - or, it was all made up. People didn't, and still don't, understand the airspace system. I had many paragraphs with some nice explanation, but I will try to keep this fairly short and still interesting. (I apologize for not giving more explanation, but I could do that later.)

I have the feeling that most people think that Air Traffic Control is about determining where each airplane will go and when. That is not the point at all. Air Traffic Control at the ground/tower level is about using the runways efficiently and safely for take-offs and landings. However, it's the en-route level where the misunderstandings are the greatest. The purpose of Air Traffic Control, and the 25 ARTCC's (Air Route Traffic Control Centers) is to separate IRF aircraft from each other. The "IFR" means Instrument Flight Rules, as opposed to VFR (Visual Flight Rules).

I would love to digress about the latter even more than I will for a minute. An aircraft flying VFR, if he doesn't fly above 10,000 ft above sea level, and go in certain areas near bigger airports***can go with no radio communication whatsoever, does not need to identify himself in any way, and can even go with no electrical system.**** That still leaves a lot of room to travel in freedom. Please don't tell too many people, as, the way Americans have been brainwashed now, I think that knowledge would cause them to demand "somebody do something!"

Airlines are flying under the IFR system of rules most of the time.***** However, that doesn't mean there are some guys in some big room in Washington, FS deciding "we'll send this one here" and "bring that guy out over here and send him to here". Flight plans are filed and the role of Air Traffic Control is to clear airspace for aircraft to fly on their routes at the altitudes they want to fly at. There are lots of changes and corrections, of course, due to either impending traffic conflicts seen well in advance, weather, and short cuts requested by the pilots.

The tools for traffic separation are 2-way radio communication, the oldest one, radar, and, as of late, the technology called ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast). As with most of the changes in aviation the newer technology has been implemented by rules "written in blood". Regarding that, I could go on with some history of a couple of crashes that led to important changes, but I gotta stop with this and get (closer) to the point.

The reader may be surprised to learn that even airliners aren't under "radar contact" all the time. Of course that's true on the ocean routes, but there are places within the US too. It's a matter of terrain (13,000 over Wyoming by the Wind River range - no radar contact). Modern radar coverage has been based on the aircraft transponders. (I wrote "has been" because ADS-B is different - but it was not around on 9/11/01.) It's not the primary radar return, as in, a reflection of the plane, that the controllers use. Those "Mode C" transponders "squawk" out a 4 digit in base-8****** code that can be used for tracking - VFR aircraft not in radio contact or under ATC can squawk the code 1200 to show they are VFR and to help in collision avoidance. Mode C stands for the transmission of aircraft altitude (msl) to the hundred foot. Yes, the ATC radar can sometimes see those primary returns, but not so easily. It's not at all what they rely on for the system to work - radio position reports may be better than primary radar if the normal radar is down.

On that day in 2001, the story was all in the busy northeast airspace. I gather from the videos that skeptics of the story think it's ludicrous that Air Traffic Control could have let these planes get "out of control" like this. It's not. A lot is happening, and most of it is routine: frequency changes, altitude changes for traffic, vectors for traffic and short-cuts, etc. Plenty of aircraft every day accidentally get off the right frequency for a while. Once those 9/11 airplanes had their transponders turned off - I'm sure one of the first things the hijackers would have done - it's wasn't easy for the controllers to see them. The aircraft aren't being watched as if by hawks, and one can get well off a route before anyone notices.

It's not that the US Air Force was primed for an event like this. The concern has been the external air threats. There was the old DEW line (Distant Early Warning) looking for Soviet nuclear bombers. Even after the Cold War, defense of the country involves searching the airspace off the coasts - well, and the southern border mainly for those tree-top flying drug runners too.

I could easily see 15 minutes and maybe even a half hour go by before anyone was not just miffed by these aircraft but seriously concerned. Then there were the phone calls and the confusion ... I'm not familiar with military flying, so I don't know how long it could take them to really get a mission going to intercept an aircraft and find the thing if the only guidance is possible primary radar returns to begin with, at least.

In an area that I do know about, it's the general gists of the skeptics' concerns that don't sit right with me. Therefore, I have a hard time following them from that part on. Besides that, with too many passengers/families involved, I have a hard time believing any "no airplanes"******* theory. That does not mean I don't think there could not have still been a planned demolition with the airplanes as a cover story, purposefully LET to happen.

However, that comes to areas I DON'T know so much about, which is the combination of the engineering - combustion, impact of a structure half full of liquids, the complicated fluid flow, structures (with a little knowledge of the latter). If it were Osama bin Laden who planned this deal, there's no way HE could have known whether those planes could take down the buildings or not. I've heard all sort of explanations of simple physics showing it to be impossible. I don't feel confident enough to write here whether I agree. I lose confidence in others telling me how sure they are about what really happened when they botch the story about something I do know about.

There are the other avenues of inquiry, circumstantial, personal reports of strange happenings, and political happenings that may well show the motivations of the people who may have perpetrated the attack differently than per the official narrative. I admit I have not spent the time to make myself sure on any of that, and I am in no position to know about the high level politics.

Therefore, because it's such a divisive topic, whether Americans were attacked by foreign or domestic enemies, we will leave the 9/11 speculation alone.

I'll just state here that Peak Stupidity does not have the sure answer on the real 9/11 attack of 20 years ago today. The politics of the response to it, however, are something we will gladly comment on, as we have been doing for the response of the Kung Flu. Both have been taken advantage of to "never let a crisis go to waste", whatever the real cause, and whoever the real perpetrators.

* OK, and yes, it's also to make fun of Fight Club, a movie that we happen to think sucks (opinions may vary). See Movie Review - "Fight Club" still sucks.

** I put the quotes there to point out the stupidity of it - now, 20 years later, American universities and even high schools invite students from all very foreign parts of the world to come and study(?) mostly for the money, but also for the DIE-versity credit.

*** A little more detail: There's an exception from that 10,000 ft. msl for flying over terrain which is itself over 7,500 ft msl, i.e. if one is within 2,500 ft. of the ground. The 37 "Class B" airports are ones in which said non-communication or non-IDing aircraft must stay 30 nautical miles from the center of, and there are a larger number of "Class C" airports in which the distance is lower - not worth a whole explanation here.

**** That last is not very common anymore, but there are a few old-timers and even low-timers with those Cubs, Champs, etc.

***** The exceptions are for coming and going into uncontrolled fields (many towers also close for the night at some point), in good weather. Communication for the IFR clearance may be difficult on the ground and a timely cancellation of a clearance coming in can save another aircraft from being held up.

****** Hence the old term "4096-transponder". BTW, these transponders evolved from the military IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) equipment.

******* At least as far as New York City goes.

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Masonic Conspiracy Stupidity

Posted On: Friday - September 10th 2021 9:40AM MST
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Peak Stupidity does not concern itself or post much on the big Conspiracy Theories of various sorts. These range from those about the many psychopathic elites in the US Government of today, to the American Deep State of the 20th century, and then way back to the bigger, long-term theories* about the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, and the Freemasons.

It's not like we categorically deny any of these theories. There may be something real behind lots of them. However, we'd like to concentrate on the stupidity of the here and now. The stupidity of, or often, induced in, the masses of the modern population is the real problem. Evil men and (Hilda) Beasts** behind the scenes can only do so much, without a lot of stupidity in the general population.

The picture above shows a Freemason logo, if you will, on the chest of Sean Connery from the movie The Man Who Would Be King. This post is not a movie review. However, let me just say that this is a very good one that I don't know how I'd not seen before. I thank Steve Sailer and his commenters for having turned me on to it It's great to watch, not only for the good story, with a lesson to be learned***, and the lack of PC back in 1975, but also for the self-esteem of the West, not seen much in recent years.

If won't really spoil the movie here to bring up that the Freemason symbol that movie-Rudyard Kipling**** gave David Dravot (Sean Connery) saved his life and plans once. So, the reach of these Masons is shown to be powerful. Is it like a global Fraternity?

Of all the secret societies of the elites and Globalists (often one and the same) I've read about here and there, the Masons or Freemasons, is the one bandied about the most, it seems. I am not sure what the big deal is.

I respect skilled manual labor. Masonry is an occupation with an art to it. It's not one of the building skills I've every gotten into even in the least, but I see that there's quite a bit to it, doing it right, that is. I'm sure there are important methods and tricks of the trade that take years to perfect, but why not hand those down in The Bible of Brick-Laying or a (modern-day, as one can tell by the name) Masonry for Dummies? We have building codes too now.

An apprenticeship type arrangement for teaching young men to do this type of work right would be a good thing. I just don't see the need to meet in dark rooms in Masonic Temples, wearing robes, and hazing newcomers like it's Mu Alpha Upsilon (Masons Are Us?) How did they get from brick, block, and tile laying to that stuff?

Plumbing has not been a part of the world quite as long as masonry, but it's been a couple of millennium. Plumbers don't have secret societies, do they? (There was that group that worked for Richard Nixon 50 years ago or so ...) Other than showing those ass cracks while working under kitchen sinks, switching out the hot and cold into the mixer, and occasionally running tub overflow valves to nowhere, they don't seem like an evil bunch. Perhaps their big conspiracy is the Hex of Pex. (I'm sorry, I don't trust that stuff yet. I'll wait a few years and stick with PVC in the meantime.) Plumbers do build temples with thrones even, but we simply call them the master baths.

Electricians have only had their trade for a century or so. Since they've gone to Romex, case grounds, and breaker boxes, I see no evil or big conspiracies out of the Frelectrians.

There's only one piece of evidence that's I've had to deal with that may cause me to thing that the Masons in particular are up to evil. That'd be the residential siding known as Masonite.

This stuff is crap. It's some sort of pressed or glued together paper. After a few years of normal weather, at least in moist climates, this stuff warps up and then falls apart. Are the Masons responsible for Masonite? If so, yeah, they might be evil.

OK, that was just in fun, OK, and a little bitterness for having had to replace that crap with Hardieplank (great stuff, so far!). Tomorrow we will get serious about the biggest possible conspiracy of them all, at least from recent times.

* For our skepticism, see Stupid vs. Evil and long-term conspiracy theories, and then Self-Rebuttal to our post on centuries-long conspiracy theories?.

** We are SO GLAD that this topic key has become almost obsolete!

*** To me the lesson is very simple, and I, or perhaps Steve Miller, could have told Sean Connery pretty early on what it is: Take the money and run!. Whooo-hooo-hooo, oh yeah ...

**** who also wrote the book the movie story was taken from.

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How to succeed in Marketing without really trying...

Posted On: Wednesday - September 8th 2021 6:47PM MST
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... or even knowing your ass from a hole in the ground, Peak Stupidity roadshow version.

This is no meme. This stupidity is REAL:

You just can't fire the AA hire or whatever dumbass it was who came up with the wording on this Hampton Inn sign. It's Peak Stupidity's rule about Zero Tolerance: In Big Business you can't get in trouble for making a mountain out of a mole hill. Using common sense, however ... that is very risky.

I really wanted to just put this picture up with no words, as the stupidity pretty much speaks for itself. I'll just say it, though, in case someone from the Hampton Inn chain may be reading: Guys, the whole business model of hotels, including yours, is that people have got to leave the freaking house!

Keep it classy hysterical, fellows.

PS: Will the first non-hysterical corporate employee to drive by pull out the plug?

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Easy for you to say.

Posted On: Tuesday - September 7th 2021 6:28PM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity  Political Correctness  Race/Genetics

First, get your English* straight** and then your handwriting!***.

This is a new flavor of Political Correctness stupidity, but it's part of a larger class. The deal is now that everyone is to cater to the whims of everyone who wants to be different. The common-sensical iSteve commenter "Another Dad" dubs this Minoritarianism.

The picture above is from a website run by the county government. I suppose the roads are all smooth as can be, so they have this money and time to spend on a program telling people to learn how to pronounce odd-ass names. Somewhat coincidentally, I was recently working with a Oriental lady with a name that I had to keep looking up (probably 10 times) to keep straight. This one was not a very hard one to pronounce. I just kept mixing it up in my head, and she was a nice enough woman that I'd have felt bad getting it wrong, at least by the 3rd time. (She actually had a name tag on, but it had only her last name, which was too easy.)

Well, I'm just sorry as all get-out for wasting the time of those government employees running this important program, but I simply don't feel like it's my responsibility to learn how to pronounce foreign and other weird-ass names. Two main groups have the problem. (Well, according to these nut cases, I'm supposed to be the problem.) That would be the usually single-Mom-run black "families" and the many foreigners.

The black people have the ridiculous fancy French-sounding first names. Hey, most White Americans have always had a problem pronouncing French words. How, about y'all, black folk? I didn't see many of you in French class, actually none of you, come to think back. Did y'alls Mamas teach dat? It's even harder for me when the spelling is jacked up.

As for the foreigners, yeah, with languages that don't resemble anything in the Romance, Germanic, and often even the Expectoration-based languages, it doesn't come easy for us. Not all of us regular Americans are cunning liguists.

Might the answer to this stressful "hard to pronounce" problem for the black Americans be as simple as "Don't pick stupid idiotic-sounding names out of your ass in the delivery room! There are books." It's really about ditching all culture of White America, though. OK, you want to do that? I'm not gonna make ANY effort to pronounce Shitavious' and Shaniqua's right!

What new immigrants to America used to do was either shorten up, or simplify in some way, their family names to fit in with Americans' ability to pronounce them. For their first names, and occasionally their last names, they might even pick new ones entirely, often regular Christian names. (Occasionally, that would work out pretty nicely, as when the Vietnamese Ahn became Anne, for example.)

As a quick aside, with so many Indians being imported and importing their kin, - - caste members, and slaves, we are supposed to, per the scolds of programs like that mentioned above, learn how to pronounce their names too. Indian syllables are not hard for us to pronounce at all, it turns out. The problem is the great number of syllables. Get up to 2, maybe 3, and freaking STOP. Just end it already!

As an immigrant, you could teach everyone how to pronounce your name over and over again, and bich about it your whole life, maybe even in The New Yorker. Or, now here's an idea... you could just assimilate, as was greatly encouraged before multiculturalism emerged as a new form of stupidity. Your name might be easy for you to say, but could you try to fit into our culture in which it isn't easy for us?

Per the blurb above, my mispronouncing of your name could "lead you to shy away from your own culture and family". Do they mean that as in "assimilate"? What's wrong with that? Is it that it might not lead to multiculturalism? Man, the people that made that graphic have a lot of damn gall. If you want people to pronounce your name right, you can stay where you came from - they know how to say it - or you can make it pronounceable. Either way, NOT! MY! PROBLEM!

* Yeah, using "theirs" twice is the mistake. I read this and go "pronounce whose names and whose cultures?" I've seen this gender PC writing get downright dangerous, as it's written in manuals with safety information in them. It hurts communication, but not as much as the face diapers. BTW, to simply avoid having to write the default male gendered "his", the writer could have just put "children", plural, at the beginning of the "statement".

** OK, second. First, kill all the lawyers.

*** "Pronovnce"? I'm pretty sure the people involved in this program are not un-spelling-reformed Early American Colonist types.

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Modern Russia under Putin: An alternative to Globalism?

Posted On: Monday - September 6th 2021 11:29AM MST
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Peak Stupidity promised many moons ago to write something (a post or two) about the recent history of Russia. By "recent history", I mean, a time when I was around and aware of world politics. After the end of the Cold War, I, and, I'm guessing, most Americans, paid no more attention to the Russians, especially during that awful*1990s period of uncertainty, despair, and mass-scale financial looting by the American Globalists.

It was like this, to me: Hey, we finally ended the Cold War and the massive threat** of Communism. We had had to put up with that threat from those bastards for over 40 years. Fuck those people. I realized during the Cold War period that, no, not all the Russians themselves were Communists. They just lived with it. The Russians put up with that Communist government, though, and they should have done something themselves about it. In the end, I didn't care what happened to them.

Russia under the rule of Vladimir Putin may not now have the prestige, or even the (purported) economic status, it had during its Soviet Union Empire era. How important is that to the Russian people though? They have seen lots of improvement since the 1990s. They've done much better than America since WE won the Cold War in a major respect. They and President Putin have not let their nation be ruined by the Globalists as the Americans have and as their Government has been an active part of!

Last week VDare published an article by writer Wayne Allensworth (he appears only very occasionally there) titled 30 Years After Communism Fell, Putin Offers Alternative To Globalism. That's Why Our Ruling Class Hates Him.

Per this well-written and interesting article, Mr. Allensworth was there, during the bleak period of the 1990s. That is what he writes about in the first section . He mentions what he saw in Vladivostok in the beginning of the 1990s:
A week later I was in Moscow. Beggars were quite common: amputees, destitute pensioners, old war veterans wearing their threadbare uniforms and tarnished medals, the very old and the very young, as armies of orphans took to the streets of Russian cities. Street vendors, often educated people who had worked in industry or for the state apparatus, hawked all sorts of cheap goods, often Chinese in origin, on the sidewalks of the dingy capital's streets.

Through it all, I noted the good will of many of the Russians I met, people who seemed glad that the Cold War was behind us.
Will Americans have this good well after our fall? I mean, diversity is our strength, right, so ...? In Russia, the worst of it all was during that even calendar decade right up to the last day. Boris Yeltsin resigned on New Years Eve of 1999. Again, I would like to read more about this period in Russia. Per Mr. Allensworth:
That emotional warmth would not survive the "shock therapy" economic policies of the Russian government that, on the recommendation of Western advisors, had gone all in on neo-liberal reforms, lifting price controls and beginning the massive selloff of Soviet era assets. Gradualists had warned that the country might collapse under the strain, and it nearly did. The political and economic dislocations that followed the Soviet collapse, along with the unpopular economic policies ("shock without therapy") helped ignite a political conflict between President Boris Yeltsin and the legislature, the Russian Supreme Soviet, that would end with a mini-civil war in Moscow, when tanks commanded by Defense Minister Pavel Grachev (the tank crews were reluctant to take such orders from lower ranking officers) blasted the parliament into submission in October,1993.

The "Wild 90s" traumatized the Russian people in ways Westerners failed to fully understand at the time. And they also failed to account for historic Russian distrust of the West—the flipside of the good will I had seen so much of early on in Yeltsin-era Russia. By the end of the 90s, with NATO intervening in the ruins of Yugoslavia, bombing, among other sites, targets in Serbia, a traditional Russian ally, even Yeltsin had had enough and made his displeasure known to "friend Bill," as he called President Clinton, to no avail.
I remember at the time wondering why the American military and Deep State thought it was a good idea to push the Bear into a corner like this. Why did we need these countries in Russia's front yard in NATO? Why did we need NATO? Were we just trying to rub it in? I hate Communists as much as the next guy, and more, but the Russians weren't Communists anymore, and we had beat them, already.

The Globalists were the ones that wanted to loot the Russian economy of its assets and rub the people's noses in the dirt. Wayne Allensworth's next section is an enlightening discussion of the real idealogical battle during the Cold War era. Please read this whole article, but I'll excerpt one part from the middle of the 2nd section of it:
The passage of the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965 was a key point in the evolution of the Left-Liberal managerial regime during the Cold War. Opening the immigration flood gates was part of the Cold War architecture of the era. The propaganda aspect of the Cold War was fought in ideological terms as a clash between Communism and Capitalism (“the Free World”), a war of ideas, not of countries with concrete national interests and distinct peoples. Hart-Celler, which opened the door to non-European immigration, was an ideological extension of the Civil Rights legislation of the era, which was used in Cold War information campaigns to counter Soviet anti-capitalist and anti-U.S. propaganda.

Discrimination of any kind was viewed by U.S. elites as arming the Communists with useful propaganda points—a Western democracy discriminating against the colored peoples of the earth undermined the global anti-Communist line.

Universalist language in American political discourse wasn’t anything new, but the Cold War went a long way toward promoting America as an idea, not a real place or a people with national interests to defend.

Thus, a global elite spawned during the Cold War, bolstered by Cold War era ideological abstractions, had consolidated its stranglehold on power in the Western world. The United States wasn’t exactly the leader of “the Free World,” but, rather, had become the seat of an expansive globalist project.
That's a very interesting take for those of us who reckoned the Cold War was a simple ideological struggle that we'd won in 1989. Mr. Allensworth doesn't argue that it wasn't, in the early part, but sees it as having morphed into a Globalist triumph by the end of it.

The last section, "'Putinism' as an alternative developmental model ("Cold War II")" has a description of Russian politics and the great improvements in that country since the lost years of the 1990s. As a ruler, Vladimir Putin has been no Thomas Jefferson. (OK, Thomas Jefferson did not believe in "rulers" in this sense to begin with.) However, after 7 decades of Communism and then another of massive economic hardship, the state of society in Russia was in no condition for a Thomas Jefferson to be able to help. Putin has done a lot more for his country than the US Congress has for its.*** He's had a positive effect while our Feral Government has had a large NEGATIVE effect.

At the top of this post, I gave my feelings of 25 years back about the Russians and about how little I gave a damn about the place then. After seeing what Communists and Globalists can do to a place, I have a lot more sympathy. In 10 years, it may be the Russians laughing at us, with even more a reason to not care what happens to the place and the people. We should make sure we don't succumb to the bastards the way the Russians did a century back.

PS: I don't think it'll be the Russians looting what assets remain of this place. The Chinese have a lot more money. The possible future looting of America by the Chinese has been speculated on in a six-part series:

Part 1: Intro.
Part 2: Housing
Part 3: Big Biz
Part 4: The Fruited Plain
Part 5: The Wilderness
Part 6: Conclusion - The Golden Rule

* Though I don't say it was anything more awful than most of the years of the USSR.

** The EXTERNAL threat, that is. The INTERNAL one was on the rise, but most did not pay attention.

*** That's the problem. As Globalists, they have not seen it as "their" country.

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The Four Corners - Utah

Posted On: Saturday - September 4th 2021 4:44PM MST
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  Geography  Race/Genetics  Peak Stupidity Roadshow

Earlier: Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado

Let's continue on counter-clockwise to the 4th of the 4 States that meet at the unique quadripoint Four Corners monument in Navajo country. That would be Utah. Now, I'm not positive that the plaque above is in Utah, but I have only one State left here, and dammit, I remember it probably MIGHT BE in Utah.*

The sun made it hard to get a good picture, so I'll repeat the first paragraph of the two here:
Prior to surveyors setting the Four Corners Monument, this boundless land was inhabited by the Ancestral Puebloans, followed by the Dine, Ute, and other indigenous people. Over time this land was colonized by Spain, taken in war by Mexico, ceded to the US by treaty [ ]** and organized into territories.
Really, so the land was inhabited by one set of indigenous people after another, well, till those White people came? It even says that "other indigenous people" followed, as in moved in. Was it just for sale for cheap, with some peaceful deals being made under influence of many peace pipe?

Who exactly are indigenous people? Merriam Webster, hopefully not edited regularly by the woke, says:
Full Definition of indigenous:

1 a : produced, growing, living, or occurring natively or naturally in a particular region or environment

indigenous plants
the indigenous culture

b Indigenous or less commonly indigenous : of or relating to the earliest known inhabitants of a place and especially of a place that was colonized by a now-dominant group.

Indigenous peoples
What follows is pretty much Steve Sailer material. How do certain "peoples" happen exist in one area of the world? Did they really originate there from the get go, like Adam and Eve? (For the indigenous peoples of San Francisco, I suppose that'd be Adam and Steve.) The anthropologists say we all came outta Compton, errr, Africa... sorry, easy to make that error. There are lots of tribes still in Africa. I don't believe that the tribe that is the precursor to all humans, if it still exists, would have special claim to Jack Squat.

No, it's power and violence that has determined who lives where throughout history. The Old Testament has thousands of anecdotes for you. Then there's European history. In North America, what the plaque described nicely as "followed by" would have been savage tribe-on-tribe war. The powerful Comanche tribe that rode amok around Texas and Oklahoma in the 17-1800s started out as a tribe of miserable Wyoming mountain people before they got horses (brought to the continent by the Spanish).*** They beat all hell out of most (the Kiowa were number 2) of the other "indigenous" peoples in the area, with lots of torture and kidnapping.

Then, thanks to Sam Colt, the Texas Rangers, and the US Army, the White Man became what ought to then be called "indigenous" in all of Texas, Oklahoma, and then points west. Yet somehow White people have never been called indigenous. Their usurpation of these lands wasn't pretty but was not any worse than the same when tribes or nations throughout history took over from other peoples. Often it was more humane, more so in North America as accomplished by the northern Europeans than as with the job done by the Spanish in Mexico and points south. Try to think of another big territorial usurpation, other than in Europe, that was done more nicely.

The White Man spent over 400 years building up North America. It started slowly, but by the mid-1770s or so, some brave settlers found the east coast to be already too crowded. ("We gotta get outta Charlestown", or Boston ..) They headed to what was "The West" then, across the Appalachians to Tennessee. A century later, and "The West" was more like Oklahoma or Minnesota. Within half a century, the White Man had taken control of all the land from sea to shining sea. Compared to the Utes taking over from the Dines, this was a hell of an accomplishment and many thousands of times the effort.

What does a people have to do to be indigenous around here anyway?

PS: Does anyone even term White People as indigenous to Europe, or does the word only apply to the other-colored?

* If not, then it'd have been Colorado - it was definitely on the north side, but, let's see, the sun was almost straight on the other side, and I think it was already afternoon, but just barely. Fun geographic/astronomical activity - if I had gotten something else in the picture with a good shadow, I could look on the map for the place we had lunch down the road, which was around 2-3P, then backtrack. True north/south are easy to determine - that's for sure! We know the longitude very accurately for determining when the sun was due south.

** Hey, no Oxford, or "serial" comma. Was that the American style when this plaque/monument was made?

*** A great book about the Comanche tribe is Empire of the Summer Moon by Sam Gwynne, reviewed here on Peak Stupidity in 3 parts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 .

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The Four Corners - Colorado

Posted On: Thursday - September 2nd 2021 4:50PM MST
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Earlier: Arizona and New Mexico

We walked over to Colorado. It's an easy hike, I'm telling you. Surprisingly, we didn't see any 14,000 ft snowy mountain peaks. We didn't feel Rocky Mountain High* either. We were up at 1,480, if that helps, feeling like high plains drifters, but with better transportation, no face masks, but still, yeah, no cell service. Out there, in the bright semi-high-desert sunshine stood this hand sanitizer dispenser in the Colorado sector of the monument property.

Really, I don't have much more to say this time. The stupidity sort of speaks for itself. Oh, and the dispenser was clean out. Whaddya' do? Were I the panicky type, I guess we could have waited a day for the resupply from the stagecoach out of Tuba City.

* Long ago, I went west on a train, out of Chicago. On the 2nd morning I woke up in the club car and asked someone where we were. "Colorado? It looks just like Kansas!" Yeah, there's over a hundred miles of plains still from the Kansas border. By lunchtime we could see the front range, and that afternoon we had great viewing as we wound around and through the Rocky Mountains, Salt Lake City bound.

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Artificial Stupidity - Stuff Stays On!

Posted On: Thursday - September 2nd 2021 3:30PM MST
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The Curmudgeonry here is that maybe I'm tired of learning to deal with newfangled stuff when the old stuff was fine. The Artificial Stupidity here is that this newfangled stuff is often not just newfangled, but stupid, and in the case I bring up here, downright dangerous.

An electrical hot plate that prefers to be on:

Membrane switches are big now, at least up to the point of their being glass touch screens. It makes sense for the hot plate shown above. Pushbutton, toggle, or any other type of mechanical switches are a place for dirt, in this case, hot soup or food particles of any sort to infiltrate down into the device. It would then be hard to clean and these switches may even jam up. This thing has one flat seamless surface at the top, so it can be wiped off clean.

However, I think the surface of this thing has something approaching a touch screen, at least for the areas with the switches, as I feel no movement at all, and they switch seemingly based on any light touch.* That's the problem. While moving the thing a few inches, it turned on, ready to cook. It was about to get hot. Turning it off at that surface was harder than turning it on. It took a certain touch, or that red LED you can see in the picture would end up back on again.

Besides my being pissed about even having to screw around to turn this thing off, I realized that this is a real safety hazard. This thing is outside - whether that's better or not, even the cat could accidentally turn this burner on. Any fire started would have less to go on outside, but the thing is made for the kitchen. Are the marketers who specified this interface and the engineers who designed it plain stupid? When you turn an electric burner off, you want it to really be OFF. You don't want it to come on again by accident.

Listen, you young marketing geniuses and (maybe) engineers: It's not like we are mice and can only push with a few milliNewtons. We have muscles. We can flip a switch. You absolutely NEED a real solid ON/OFF switch on something that gets red hot when on!

There's no switch built into the cord, which would be a simple solution. So, of course, we need to plug/unplug this device, but it's a hassle - I'm hoping my wife doesn't forget with this piece of shit.

That's the dangerous one, but I have a noise-reduction headset (Lightspeed brand) with a different on/off problem - it's not a danger, just a possible waste of batteries and another example of this stupidity.

I really like this headset, and I got it in great condition used. There are slider switches for volume and a few other options, along with a momentary-push on/off button that takes a pretty light touch and not much movement either. One has to hold that button for 3 seconds to turn off the noise reduction. You press that button till you hear much more outside noise**, the green LED goes dark, and you know it's off.

That's fine - it's off. Well, that is, until you put it away and it bumps into any little thing in the case. Then it turns on again, because "on" requires just a momentary push. Now, according to the Lightspeed website, there IS an auto shutoff feature for when the headset is "not in use". I don't know how that works, but I'll take their word. However, it's irksome to see that the thing has turned back on in the case due to the action of, and programming behind, that switch.

This reminds me of the delayed shutoff action of dome lights in modern cars. Are you like me, doing one of these 2 options:

a) Staying on the porch once you get home at night to make sure the lights go out after a while, so you'll not have a dead battery in the morning. (It could have been on "on", not "door" somehow, if you think, well, worry about that.)

b) Not use the dome lights, leaving them in the "off" position, to avoid this "feature".

It's been many years of progress, but even the non-AI smart devices are getting out of our control. How do we get control of them? We can just go to the source of their power (over us). I like to pull plugs on TVs, now this burner, and computers, to let them know who the hell is boss here.

Speaking of the latter, I do understand why the hardware/software developers would like an organized shutdown of a computer. There are many pieces of memory to keep, to save the state of programs and the data. They would like me to wait until it all gets done, and in due time, owner, "I will turn myself off. Please don't mess with me in the meantime."

"Sorry, computer, I've seen you get locked up before. I'm tired of your bullshit. There goes your A/C power supply. Here goes your battery. Now, tell me who's boss?!"

* It possibly uses laser or light sensors from below, through the glass. (?)

** The active noise reduction is an amazing invention, IMO.

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The Four Corners - New Mexico

Posted On: Wednesday - September 1st 2021 8:45PM MST
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Earlier: Arizona

"Honey, we need to buy more data - we're lost!"

Within 100 yards of the Four Corners quadripoint are rows of sales booths, one row in each State, set at 45 degree angles to the lat/long lines. Due to the Flu Manchu (but, of course), these outdoor booths (just concrete walls and a roof but open in the front and back with lots of air flow) were 2/3 empty by my estimate. They are manned, OK, "squawed", for the most part, by Navajo Indians. As I wrote in the previous post, all this is within the Navajo lands, and good on 'em - hey, at least there was no Pride flag, just the 4 State flags and 4 others (wish I could tell you).

Here we were though, with me a Geography lover, and I knew neither the latitude of the Utah/Arizona (western portion) and Colorado/New Mexico (eastern portion) nor the longitude of the Utah/Colorado (northern portion) and Arizona/New Mexico (southern portion). These lines were right there on the ground, in nice polished granite.* Since my boy asked about this, I needed to tell him. Well, one usually goes to the phones now for anything like this. Nope, no service. Haha. Whatdya' want, out in the corner of four Western States in the desert, endless wifi? I am just fine with having no cell service around - it lets people spend more time interacting with one another, which they were. However, a small sample of them didn't know our latitude or longitude.

Here's where I feel good about my Geography foo. I guessed 38° North for latitude, and just knowing the "dry line" is 100° West going through the middle of Texas (with each degree being ~ 50 statute miles at that latitude), I guessed 110° West. How were we going to find out?

Why not ask an Indian who works at one of the booths selling hand-made jewelry and stuff? They are there all day long most days, you gotta figure. This is a tourist attraction, so yeah....

(To be nice to the Indians, I asked my wife if she wanted me to buy her any of this stuff, but she declined on a $25 necklace.)

I went to New Mexico to do this, as that got me to the closest squawed booth. This Indian had no damn idea where we were! OK, I don't expect the average White band guy, much less girl, to know his, much less her, home's geographical coordinates. People don't care, unless they are surveyors or amateur astronomers. However, this WHOLE operation is based on the idea of geographical boundaries on latitude and longitude lines! How could you work there and not by some point know these measly two numbers?

It turned out that there is a plaque that we hadn't seen with this information. It was way over in Arizona or Utah, can't remember. (Now, I don't know why the lady couldn't have at least pointed me toward that plaque - what is that, all White man stuff?)

I would have thought for sure that both the latitude of the East-to-West double-border and the longitude of the North-to-South double-border were round numbers, to the degree, that is. The latitude of the E-W border is 37° North. I was pretty close! The longitude of the N-S border is 109° 2' 59.25" West. I was close on this too, but why the non-round number? This NOAA** page explains and exonerates the NOAA from some claim of reports of errors. Here's the key to the odd number:
It is interesting to note that, upon completion of his Arizona-New Mexico boundary survey, Chandler Robbins went to the effort to write a letter to the editor of The Santa Fe New Mexican (still today’s daily newspaper) explaining the very issue of the difference between longitude values referenced to the Greenwich Meridian and those referenced to the Washington Meridian. In this letter of November 1, 1875, Robbins included the following explanation:
It seems to have been the general impression that the line was the 109 degrees of longitude west of Greenwich. Such is not the case, as the law makes it 32 degrees of longitude west from Washington, which corresponds to 109 degrees 02 minutes 59.25 seconds west from Greenwich, and which places the line a small fraction less than three miles farther west than would have been the case if it had been run as the 109 degrees of longitude.
I noted to my son when we were there that each minute of longitude at this rough latitude is a little under a mile - the math says, 1 nm x cos(latitude) = 6076 ft x cos(37°) = 4,852 ft, So 0.75" under 3' = 3(6,076ft)cos(37°) - (0.75)(6076ft/60) = 14,558 ft - (0.75)(81ft) = 14,497 ft. = 2.746 statute miles. So the spot where everyone took their selfies and families is 2 3/4 miles west of the 109° W longitude line. It IS the Four Corners.

I am kinda glad I didn't try to get that explanation off an Indian squaw. I trust the White Men at NOAA and the other White Men who wrote the text for that plaque, more than the Red Lady, no offense intended. The bead necklaces are pretty, if that helps..

* I wrote that they were marble yesterday and 6" wide, but they were probably just polished granite and the width was a foot at some distance and 6" closer to the quadrapoint.

** It's one of the VERY few US Government agencies I've got respect for. I'd even work for them.

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Where are the beautiful yellow steel trash cans?!

Posted On: Wednesday - September 1st 2021 11:13AM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

Justrite Brand - when only the BEST (China-made Crap) will do!

We have all been seeing the face diapers being donned again for Season 3 of the Kung Flu PanicFest. All the fashion magazines recommend we accessorize in order to round out our appearances. Seeing as Cosmo magazine hasn't come to the house in about 25 years - accidentally, but we didn't want to stop the bikini pictures from coming to the mailbox - I don't know if these face diapers are part of "the look" now.

I do know that if some SCIENTIFIC EXPERT, perhaps our beloved Dr. Fauci, has again recommended we don the masks, well who am I to argue, especially through a stack of them, as it comes out broken and unreadable anyway? If Dr. Fauci told me ... (Ahh, crap, I got Aerosmith in my head again.)

The thing is, this new Delta brand virus, as opposed to COVID CLASSIC, is said to be a couple of thousand times more contagious in terms of spreading viral load through our orifices. (I'll just stick with one orifice for now - no, I mean for this post too, dammit.) I would figure it's not linear, but we should probably be stacking up a few masks, maybe 5 or 10 thick, at this point, to get that same protection we had before for the Classic. (I mean, nobody with a mask on got sick, right?) As Peak Stupidity has admonished you all before, C'mon non-experts! It's ALL layering these days!

These face masks get contaminated with the Kung Flu, Coke Classic or New Coke Delta, after a short time. We can get billions and billions more of these high quality, I they assure you, masks from China whenever we want. Therefore, we should be religiously throwing these things out, perhaps every 10 minutes. Of course, they can't go into a regular trash can or alongside the highway, as contaminated face masks are of course a MAJOR BIOHAZARD. They must go into proper OSHA approved and Chinese Q/A bought-off yellow steel trash cans. You've seen these at hospitals, I'm sure.

If we are to take this new Delta brand virus seriously, we'd better start properly disposing of these things. I just don't see these $133 + tax and shipping cans where I need them, that is, everywhere. Please don't get me wrong. I don't want to argue with the EXPERTS. I'm just curious. I may find myself sneezing behind the wheel of a large automobile. Where is my beautiful yellow steel trash can? You may ask yourself, "how did we get here?"

PS: The reader may want to read our "March Mask Madness" series of posts:

Part 1
Part 3
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

I just noticed that Peak Stupidity had a metric shit-ton of mask posts back last Spring and late Winter. They are all have this same Kung Flu Stupidity topic key.

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The Four Corners - Arizona

Posted On: Tuesday - August 31st 2021 7:43PM MST
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(This will be a series of, you guessed it, 4 posts, from our recent Peak Stupidity roadshow.)

We parked past (of course) and to well the left of that booth - in Arizona.

The term that I just learned for a point at which 4 distinct political regions join is quadripoint. Per wiki, who you hopefully can trust for at least geographical knowledge, there are many such points in/at 29 countries or intersections of countries (there is overlap in that 29). Many are intersections of municipality boundaries, which is no damn big deal. I also had no idea before about this: There is one quadripoint of nations at the intersection of borders of Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. I would think tickets would be sold out years in advance*.

The United States has many non-natural borders in the western States, due to the way these territories (at the time) were created. It turned out that the borders of 4 States meet at the quadripoint known as the "Four Corners", and this one is possibly unique in that the borders go due (true) north/south and east/west. The states involved are, going CCW, Arizona to the SW, New Mexico to the SE, Colorado to the NE, and Utah to the NW. All that said, this point is within the Navajo Indian lands that are a large chunk of northeastern Arizona (but overlap a bit into N. Mexico, Utah, and Colorado).

On the recent road trip of ours, since none of us had ever been there, we made the Four Corners a short stopping point. I expected possibly a little less fanfare than what we came upon, but it was no big tourist attraction with stops by big-ass Chinese tourist-filled busses either.**

We came in from New Mexico, as the US-160 had the entrance to this spot on the west side of the road. However, we walked into the monument from our parking spot in Arizona, I'd say less than 100 ft west of New Mexico - this is clear from the 6" wide marble State border/ lat-long lines one sees once he get in past though a gap in the sales stalls. Therefore, this first post is labelled "Arizona".

10 bucks for an adult and free entry for kids under 6 is not too bad. I'm glad the Navajo can make some money from this, but that they don't scalp you with the fee either. (What? What'd I write?) However, the Kung Flu PanicFest Season 3, or maybe even one long season, is still in full swing there.*** The little booth for payment was so covered up with anti-COVID material that I don't think the Indian squaw inside could see anyone else in the car, much less one (yeah, that's the ticket) under-6 kid. Did I mention this is out in the desert in the bright sunshine? It was a nice cool 90 degrees F that day. There were signs all over about wearing face masks, outside, in the desert, in the sunshine (kinda redundant), there in Indian country.

I told my wife I "ain't agonna pay no toll wear no mask", well, unless were told it was that or get out. (Actually, my secret contingency plan was to get our money back and walk around point in all 4 States. Let's see, the edge of the monument area was 200 yards or so from the actual corner, so that's 2πr, so about 3/4 of a mile, quite doable.)

Standing on the Colorado/New Mexico border, awaiting a turn to stand at the intersection of 4 States and take pictures:

Not only did nobody bother us about the lack of face masks (though my wife complied), but with ours off, I noticed a few people that were wearing them in the parking lot yank them off. On that latitude line due east of the point, people maintained normal sane social distances of whatever it took to maintain nice conversations, without face diapers**** making it harder. People handed each other their phones for pictures back and forth, and I saw nobody using wipes with paranoia. It would have been embarrassing to do so. What a great crowd in a cool spot for those who like Geography!

* [Peak Stupidity and our agents provide only geographical learning services here. We cannot guarantee your safety if you plan to take a selfie lying down on top of these four African countries at one time - Disclaimer from Peak Stupidity International Legal Department.)

** That was kind of a nice change. All the people we saw seemed to be Americans, even the Indians.

*** Peak Stupidity already covered the worst of our experience with this in Showdown in Tuba City.

**** Maybe one in 10 people still wore them. Some wore that bandana style covering I think just for that western look - the wind was calm though.

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