Led Zeppelin, Mordor, the Misty Mountains, and the Battle of Evermore

Posted On: Saturday - March 30th 2019 8:02PM MST
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Between those thoughts of Morder, Hobbits, and the misty mountains of New Zealand, I found it necessary for a follow-up here, if nothing else to atone for Peak Stupidity's horrid lack of attention to the band Led Zeppelin.

Just referring back to the previous post for a minute, the thoughts started with American's picture of that remote land down-under, New Zealand that is. That and Australia are of course, outposts of the Western world, and better yet, traces of the British culture, set in an area far far away from the Motherland. Will it all be ruined (in both places) the same way it's happening in America with out-of-hand immigration?

Could we visit that beautiful land of mountains, sheep, fishing, and middle Earth mysteries, and find it nothing but a Chinese colony, or, much worse, another Moslem-run shithole 50 years from now? Can there be Chinese or rag-headed Hobbits even, say a Frui-dao Baggins or a Bil-hock/cough/spit-boch Bhaggins, for example?* Or, are Hobbits, shires, orcs, fantasy books on the like, and the imagining of such things, along with songs in reference, by bands as great at Led Zeppelin only Western, especially British, cultural things?

Yeah, we'd better hope that remote land stays Western without become Orwellian either and not become the modern version of Mordor of book, movie, and song. We here in America have our own Mordor that we may have to make a perilous journey to take back that ring, in the form of a piece of parchment called the US Constitution. Morder on the Potomoc is the sworn enemy of American Hobbits**, shyers, and anyone else who'll joins us.

Thanks to youtube (and I'll give them credit when they deserve it), we can demonstrate the greatness of this 1960's to 1970's band, with a couple of songs that could make us imagine Middle Earth and the mysterious land that the 3 Lord of the Rings movies were filmed on.

The four English young men who played as Led Zeppelin, besides being rock stars with all the girls they could want, and all the hotel rooms they could trash the living hell out of, also had a few hobbies. The singer Robert Plant and the guitar player Jimmy Page were said to be Lord of the Rings fans, as besides the lyric in Ramble On from the previous post, there are lyrics that come from the trilogy of books in 3 other songs (2 here). The band was also into occult witchrafty stuff, though I imagine any witches they dealt with were not your modern American wiccan but some smoking-hot groupies like the rest of 'em. What a life it must have been, oh, and with their chartered party-enabled Boeing 707?!

Both of these songs were from the album Led Zeppelin IV, also mysteriously called Zoso because nobody knows what the cover symbols mean. It doesn't freakin' matter, as the 2 songs here are not even the well-known ones, such as the infamous (if you've ever finally gotten sick of it) Stairway to Heaven, the most requested song at live-music bars or at least tied with Lynryd Skynyrd's Freebird. Often the musicians, to keep on schedule, will just play Stairway to Freebird.

The Misty Mountain Hop here has lyrics that evoke some kind of Middle Earth that might be better experienced while listening to the song under the influence of something or other to get the full story. The 2nd one is The Battle of Evermore, maybe even more Tolkien-like in the lyrics. The woman singing counterpoint to Robert Plant is a lady named Sandy Denny, who was in a 1960's band nobody but die-hard fans have heard of, named Fairport Convention.

Last story before you listen (I sure hope so): This was out spending some time in Seattle, Washington, as I made my way toward some bar on a hill on a foggy, foggy night. As is my preference, my path went through a graveyard that foggy night, and I couldn't see anything but trees, rolling hills, and the gravestones, not even the road 100 ft away to the side. It was so nice not to see, and even hear, any of the outside world, and I could imagine myself in the first song here. I got to the bar and found and played this song on the jukebox, after a beer, and that was just very nice.

"Misty Mountain Hop"

I'm just wondering how true this next song is. Will the seekers-of-truth continue to battle the ctrl-left sickos, the Commies, the Globalists and other purveyors of evil forevermore? "I don't know - the lyrics don't matter - play the music!", quoth the Raven.

"The Battle of Evermore"

* Good Lord of the Rings, there are over 200 Hobbits listed on the Wikipedia page!

** Modern term for Libertarians.

Tuesday - April 2nd 2019 4:27PM MST
PS: "In Dinduism you must always strive to turn your life around. But you may not do so until you reach the afterlife."

There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there's still time to change the road you're on...
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PS Behold, the holy communion of Dinduism
What are the tenets of Dinduism
Who are the enlightened ones? And what is the path to be lit up, er, enlightened?
The rites of the Order of the Sacred Section Eight. In that case the correction would be "What Who are the tenants..."
1. The Dindu is infallible in all interactions with unbelievers. At all times the Dindu dindu nuffin.

2. The Dindu is always a saint, gentle giant, pillar of the community, sweet boy whom everyone loved. Saint Swisher, Saint Skittles and Saint Sammich

3. The Dindu is a martyr, persecuted unjustly by society, the police, and the white hispanic.

4. Life is suffering. White men and the wealthy are the cause of all suffering. There is a path to end suffering. The path is violence and looting.

5.If someone has material wealth that you desire, they automatically must have acquired it via evil and oppression. When you perpetrate violence to steal their wealth, it is an act of liberation and the casting off of an oppressor.

6.Yo' Momma will always save you.

7. Is Fergadishu the new Mecca for Dinduism?

8."they all Trayvon". "no justis , no peas"

9."That's real retarded sir" - the prophet Rachel Jeantel

10. In Dinduism you must always strive to turn your life around. But you may not do so until you reach the afterlife.

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