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Posted On: Monday - June 17th 2019 8:59PM MST
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I know, I know, you were expecting girly pictures. There may very well be bikini photos, or better, of the women of the weather channel somewhere on the internet, but this is all Peak Stupidity could come up with on short notice. Consider that I'm not even sure these ladies, or ANY ladies of the night weather, are still on TV.

Yes, the good old Weather Channel has morphed. Peak Stupidity mentioned this morphing of the TV channels nowadays in our post about the Myth Busters a couple of years ago, and I'll just excerpt that part of the post:
It seems like one should be able to watch the History channel to see shows about history, as WAS the case, what, 15 years ago or so? Yeah, they pretty much concentrated on WWII and the European theater only, so it was the "Nazi" channel to me (now we have youtube antifa videos for this!), but that's still historical. At this point, or last I checked, this "History" channel broadcast non-stop views of people getting ripped off, or ripping people off on some cheap old Cabana-wear crap. I don't know what's that awful historical about these "pawn stars". You had your Learning channel for, I guess, learning; what is it now, nonstop Gilligan's Island, or is that another one? Oh, anyone remember MTV when it broadcast Music freakin' Videos. That ended about in the early 1990's. The American Movie Classic channel would show, let me guess, American Classic Movies, and this one was about the last one to morph.
At the time of that post (Sept. '17), it may be that the Weather Channel had not yet morphed into something that doesn't have much to do with weather. Something needed to happen, though. Weather information is available not only on "apps" on your average phone, but often already part of the general set-up of the phone. There is really no call to turn on the TV just to see what will (is supposed to) happen tomorrow. Even if you are a real weather junky, all the dozens of different types of weather maps, with frontal systems, satellite cloud views, looping radar composite images, 500 millibar winds aloft, well you name it, are on websites of your choice.

I suppose that "Storm Stories" business was for the weather junkies, but after the channel lost their core audience that in 1985 or even 1995, regularly turned their channel on in the morning and/or late at night, stories of misery, woe, and the "perfect storm" were not "sustainable". The last I'd seen of the channel, the women weather ladies above had become nothing but weather scolds. "It's gonna be hot. Drink lots of water! Bring your water bottle with you." "Tomorrow evening will see a chance of rain, so DON'T FORGET YOUR UMBRELLA!"

Another pet peeve was that "feels like" bit, which, admittedly, is on the web sites often also. Today it will "feel like" 157 Fahrenheit, which is 70 Celsius. I get that humidity changes the body's heat-transfer rate (which is what we actually feel, not temperature) and that, in the winter the wind does the same in the opposite direction. I! GET! THAT! LADIES! No, just give me the temperature and the humidity and the wind. If I don't want the real feel in the winter, I'll get out of the wind. Please, just give me the raw numbers with no scolding, weather (oops) those numbers were obtained via rectal extraction or not.

The biggest turn-off of the Weather Channel, though, was its incessant promotion of the Global Climate DisruptionTM hoax. Cleavage alone is just not enough for me to put up with any of it....

.... for more than 5, 10 minutes tops.

OK, so it stands to reason that I should have expected this channel to have squat-all to do with weather by some point. It's obviously a lot of trouble and expense to change the channel name, and this one is, last I checked, all about airplane crashes. There are documentaries about specific airplane crashes each 1/2 hour, and, I'll tell you what, it's damned interesting stuff, people. Next time I get time to waste in front of a TV, I may consider watching the stories of 10 airplane crashes in a row. Now if these producers would only get really smart and find a way to fit the Women of the Weather Channel in bikinis. No, I mean hopefully they can already fit into the bikinis, but I mean into these shows.

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