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Posted On: Tuesday - July 16th 2019 6:09PM MST
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Hey, asshole ...!

There is no shortage of stupidity in the current era, so it's not like this site, the leader in stupidity documentation, is out of material. However, when the lead blogger - that's me - runs into some asshole on the road, posts will result! (No, it was not an actual "running into", thankfully, but it was just in the sense of "having an interaction with"). As I wrote before under the Peak Stupidity Roadshow topic key, formerly "Traffic Stupidity", one could document this stuff daily in a blog of one's own. I'm sure there are blogs about the stupidity that invokes road rage. It would even bring in the comments big time, each with its own story of some asshole on the road, with replies from other guys, many who have run into that same first commenter-asshole on the road with a story to tell!

Well, this is my blog, and when I get peeved off, Peak Stupidity readers can read about it ... or not. Here we go (and again, sorry for no diagram - it's just a matter of time, so please use your visualization skills).

This 4-lane busy street, the one I was on, has an intersection with another 4-lane street. At least the one I was on also has left-turn lanes with signal arrows up top along with the regular traffic signal lights. I needed to take a left onto the other road. The green arrow had turned off, but my direction still had a regular green light, so it was time to yield to traffic going straight from the other side (2 lanes, towards me, or for anyone taking a right).

An older-model full-sized pickup truck was in the inside of the 2 straight-ahead lanes coming toward me, but the truck was stopped approximately 50 ft. - 2 or 3 car lengths plus space - behind the actual intersection thick white markings, with nobody ahead of it. What do you figure, is he broke down (it was an older model but with no hazard lights on), or is the driver texting? I've helped people before on the road, but this was neither the time nor the spot. It was more likely that there was texting, emailing, news-browsing, or face-booking going on - heck, maybe he was on Peak Stupidity making a comment! Either way, I don't have time to wait for idiots doing business instead of driving on the road. It's called a road for a reason of some sort.

He had not moved for 5 seconds, and was far away. As I started to go ahead, I finally could see to the outside straight-ahead lane, and 2 cars were heading through at a pretty decent speed. I waited for them, but to get the view, I had already pulled to a spot in which I was blocking the non-moving inside straight lane. The cars having gone past, I made the turn. Now, the asshole in the truck finally decided to use the road to get somewhere versus as a "platform" for social media interaction. OK, fine, but then he leaned on the horn going toward me, as I cleared the area. That's the part that makes him a true asshole bound to be described on blog sites such as Peak Stupidity.

That just take a lot of damn gall. "I got stuff to do here." 10 seconds go by. "Oh, I can go through this intersection." "Hey, what's this guy doing turning without the right-of-way?!" "This is My Space ... wait, that's so oughts, I need to get on Facebook and write about this guy ... at the next stop light."

Yes, I flipped him off, which is something I try not to do often. Where I live, it's very rude to use the horn other than as a warning, or to say "hey". The more I think of rude imbeciles like this, the more I start to wonder if anything I care about saving, as far as the American nation goes, is really worth the effort. Yeah, I know that sounds grandiose and a bit much based on one asshole driver ... or two... or three. However, that it what it comes down to in general - do we live among a good bunch of people who have unfortunately not been paying enough attention to prevent this countries path toward Peak Stupidity? Or, is it more like - most Americans have become too stupid to be worth worrying about - save yourself and yours. That is to be the topic of a post that keeps coming toward the front burner, to be called "Citizens of a Silly Country".

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