Global Climate Disruption TM - The Politics (Part 3)

Posted On: Thursday - January 12th 2017 12:23PM MST
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  Global Climate Stupidity

As I wrote here - "Now, I'm not letting all scientists in the field off the hook either, as might be assumed by this and previous posts on this topic."

A quick paragraph about Carl Sagan was in the previous GCDTM post, so I won't repeat it. He is an outlier, as not many scientists, maybe a dozen at a time, are media stars like that. Let's discuss the rest of them. From a backwater branch of geography at most schools 25 years ago, the field of Climatology has become glorified, as there is this huge mass of useful idiot leftist/treehuggers that either truly feel that this stuff is extremely important due to the urgency of the situation (of it not being cold sometimes?), or just to get in on something that makes them feel important.

As for grad students, professors, the post-docs and the like in this field, this is our PeakStupidity-certified opinion: Scientists are as human as anyone, and though the scientific method and integrity of the data are still taught, there is always the push for more research money, more exposure of the research work being done, and glory for the professors. This is natural, but this field has had money poured into it from government agencies like nothing since the Manhattan Project. It must hard to stay uncorrupted. Papers will get churned out based on whatever work has been done, shoddy or not. The deal with science is that it's not engineering - nobody is going to specifically rely on the results for human safety or security of property. Another effect of the big money and attention from media is that climatologists, like most people, like to feel that they are "making a difference". Any results that don't show approaching doomsday in some fashion will not get accolades from the science-illiterate and innumerate peanut gallery (aka, the journalists), and be downplayed.

Most have already read about Professor Michael Mann - in England, I believe, and the "hockey stick" graphs, the emails that urge colleagues to "hide the decline" in temperature, etc. All the scandals cannot be repeated here; as they were old news - but not fake news.

What's a shame about the scientists partial role in this GCDTM nonsense is just the "boy who cried wolf" effect that it will result in. People would like to have trust in at least the scientists, as this type of news/hype is not something most have the ability to verify, of course. Most of the smarter laymen who pay attention to this are learning to not listen to so-called experts anymore. This Climate Stupidity has been blown into such a big deal, yet people are waking up to the fact that the climate is NOT changing drastically and the predictions from the mathematical models have been wrong just as often as correct (as in, random and of no more use than the Farmer's Almanac). People get tired of lies after a while, and governments and the "Non-Governmental Organization" sack-hangars to these governments are pushing this crap even harder than before. All scientists will eventually lose much respect from the public, tainted by just the one field of Climatology.

Well, enough about the scientists - the next, and hopefully last post for a while about this Global Climate Stupidity will be about what we think will happen with the politics and the politicians who forever push this stuff. This writer is getting even more bored right now than you the reader, trust me, ;-}

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