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Posted On: Saturday - July 27th 2019 9:15PM MST
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... you've got nothing plenty to worry about.

Apple, leader in iEspionage:

Someone close to me was shopping for a new "phone" today. Yeah, "phone" is in quotes now, because a powerful computer with built-in accurate motion and position sensors, still and video cameras, area microphones and speakers, and methods to transmit information from all these devices to anywhere in the world in seconds, is, well, no longer anything resembling a telephone. The iEspionage Topic Key is one that Peak Stupidity has promised to spend more time on, and this post will be a quick introduction. (Orwellian Stupidity overlaps this a lot, but is a more broad topic.)

These thing are expensive, at least the newest available, and it wasn't like this customer I know really knows all the bells & whistles to need the newest stuff. "These ones are just the best spying devices" is what I said. "I don't care. I don't' steal. I don't deal drugs. I don't ..." something else, "why should I care if anyone spies on me." That was the response. That's what you'd have gotten from lots of people well before any of the electronic iEspionage too, of course.

Maybe 100 years back, as people were told that the US Feral Gov't needed to know where they worked, for reasons involving the new income tax, some said "That's a real invasion of privacey." Someone else said "If you're not working at any criminal operation, you've got nothing to worry about" back. How about when the Social Security scam scheme* was started by the Socialist scumbag Franklin Roosevelt? "The SS number is not any kind of National ID that freedom-loving Americans should be worried about. It's just for your checking on and receiving your benefits." Just think of how far from freedom we've come, readers, when the idea that the Feral Gov't should know pretty much nothing about you personally, was held by most Americans!

Back to the personal electronic devices espionage of the current era, well, it's just so much more powerful. Any possible task a Stasi officer back in the 1970's may have worked on takes nothing but a few minute's thinking, and some programming of a user**-downloadable "app" to implement very nicely and accurately. It's the cameras and microphones that really make the spying easy as pie (though built-in GPS is a close 3rd).

You've got cameras on both sides. Is that really necessary? Well, sure, you can take selfies. Wow, how convenient! You've got a microphone that can catch sound from around the area, nicely up to 5 ft. away. You need that for the speakerphone function of course, right? How convenient! Sure, I do think seriously that these "features" (DON'T SAY "BUGS") are demanded by customers. There are the customers, maybe a majority of Americans that will be the ones to tell you "if you've got nothing to hide ..."

Yeah, you live a clean life, huh? It's just possible that things that are legal now, won't be so in the near future. ("Oh, but retroactive laws are illegal" - hahhaa! Yeah, that old Constitution ... it USED TO mean something. Now, not so much ....) Have you not done anything embarrassing, even? I don't mean something you can be arrested for, but ... you know that camera sticks out of your pocket while you're sitting on the john, don't you? It's sticking out of your pocket wherever you go. Oh, you're really careful - I! GET! THAT! Whatever is filmed by "accident", again, one can't be arrested for em-bare-ass-ing stuff. Butt of course not, butt then, if whoever has that "data", so to speak, wants so stop you from doing something else that is also perfectly legal, such as speaking out about injustice and shit, well, it'd be a shame if that em-bare-ass-ing stuff went viral.

Wait, I thought you had nothing to worry about? Oh, and another thing - what about the microphone? All this information stored on what you do can be used to make you stay in line, politically speaking. It makes one a virtual slave. This is yet another reason women, such as the phone customer, for example, shouldn't be in politics and shouldn't be allowed to vote.

In the next post on this subject, I'll get into these nice features (not BUGS, but they sure can be used as 'em), and whether it's possible to impede of defeat them, without throwing your piece of iEspionage in the pond. In the meantime, is there nothing to worry about

* Part 2 on this intentional Socialism/unintentional(?) Ponzi scheme.

** or NOT.

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