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Posted On: Monday - August 5th 2019 10:51AM MST
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Steve Sailer posted a tweet from a guy named Pavel who infiltrated a meeting of the Democratic Socialists of America. Now, we don't do tweeting here, but I was able to find the video on youtube. Watch this 39 seconds and try to convince me that these people shouldn't be drinking sippy cups, waiting right now for 5 O'Clock for Judge Wopner to come on in the great room of the crazy house. Go ahead, convince me (in the comments - put "PS" first!)

I really would never have expected an Oriental woman, or man, for that matter, to actually be a part of this. Is is possible this woman is really a part of this shitshow? I just see Chinese people as NOT having this extreme PC stupidity as, way too many, Western white people, and I know many of both. I gotta admit, though, that the Chinese INVENTED the cultural revolution, so ....

A good commenter there on unz named BenKenobi, in this comment pasted in a video from an early 1990's Kids in the Hall show. (Some of the actors look really familiar.) Peak Stupidity has commented on the old TV show Seinfeld a number of times. That show was from that same time, and our post Not as much PC back in '93, featured the hilarious Indian Giver ('excuse me, Native American Giver) episode from exactly the same year, 1993, as this Kids in the Hall sketch.

This is so unintentionally prescient of the current-era Political Correctness madness, that it's scary.

ewww! What is this even doing on youtube?! I can't even!

Wednesday - August 7th 2019 12:10PM MST
PS: I thought the Chinese were over all that, Mr. Blanc. Maybe this broad is a real outlier. The thing with the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the mid-60's to mid-'70's is that it was a top-down thing. The top Commies weren't screwing around.

Here, it seems to be bottom up, and I guess there are a lot of crazies to "grow" our own CR.
Wednesday - August 7th 2019 12:08PM MST
PS: To Bill H. - sorry, I missed that guy's saying "he/him" at the end, because he talked kind of fast, and yeah, there was TOO MUCH CHATTER, haha.

I guess you just saw what I did in those 39 seconds.
Tuesday - August 6th 2019 11:16AM MST
PS Well, the Chinese did create the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Revolution.
Tuesday - August 6th 2019 8:25AM MST
PS: It sounds like you listened to a bunch more than me of this Democratic Socialists convention. How's your blood pressure, Bill?
Bill H
Monday - August 5th 2019 11:12PM MST
PS I am simply flabberghasted by the whole thing, starting with the "Point of personal priviledge" thing in a group discussion. This is how you destroy a society, by catering to each and every individual and not giving a crop about the needs on the whole. It's a "trees and forest" thing. Save every single tree and the result is intense forest fires that kill the forest.

Then there's the "Hi, James, Smith, Sacramento, he/him," self introduction by each speaker. My name, where I'm from, and the "gendered pronoun" by which I prefer to be addressed. Never mind that I'm speaking into a microphone and we're not having a conversation, so you're not going to be addressing me and my "gendered pronoun" preference is utterly irrelevant, I still need to let you know what sex I think I am because you can't tell by looking.

God help us all.
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