In My Time of Dying

Posted On: Saturday - August 10th 2019 8:48PM MST
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Just to be timely tonight, the well-connected, charlatan-financier Jeff Epstein, supplier of sex of all sorts to the elites, "killed himself" in prison today. He was off his suicide watch, you see. As with tornadoes, a suicide watch is pronounced when the conditions are right, and a suicide warning is pronounced when a suicide has been observed in progress. I guess it was the latter today.

No, really, there are so many people that didn't want this guy to ever say another word that there has probably been a glut of special assassins on the market, bringing bargain basement prices. It's not much of a conspiracy theory if we all saw this coming.

Peak Stupidity will have to be very light on posts this coming week, we are sorry to say. In the meantime, we have been shortchanging music fans of the Zeppelin, so this one is a long-distance dedication (yeah, long, long distance) to Jeff Epstein:

In My Time of Dying is from Led Zeppelin's 1975 album Physical Graffiti. It's an 11 minute song from a double-long album, as this band was part of the Album Oriented Rock crowd. A.O.R. was one of the widely implemented radio "formats" through the mid-1980's at least, and regular people knew what "AOR" meant even. The idea was "we're not putting this on one of those single 45 rpm discs" (even if it were a song of normal length). "Buy our whole album or screw you!" The albums were usually well worth it back then.

Peak Stupidity has featured this greatest of bands before with Houses of the Holy, Ramble On, and Misty Mountain Hop and The Battle of Evermore. Only the best for the Peak Stupidity readers. Have a good night.

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