The Cocktail Party theory of Political Stupidity

Posted On: Saturday - August 31st 2019 2:16PM MST
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Peak Stupidity has spent many words trying to explain why the patriotic Americans, either a majority still or very near one, have not been getting anything like their way in policy in many decades. What happens to these good-guy politicians once they get over to Washington? It's especially bad with Supreme Court justices, as once they go bad, there's usually no removing them from the Federal Shithole without us having to round up a coroner.

We've theorized before that maybe it's just that the ones that get elected, or selected, as it were, are just a bunch of immoral psychopaths. We've theorized that perhaps most of them have been Deep-Stated (threatened, bribed, or blackmailed), or in the case of our President, who is not to be left out here, maybe Neo-conned. (The latter is only in terms of foreign policy.)

Something I've been thinking of for a long time that could explain the reason even most of our best people go native is the possibility that they have been simply pussy-whipped by their wives, who want to dress up and go to the best Washington, FS cocktail parties. See, women being women (and we sure don't want to stop that), they do like to show off black dresses, new $200 shoes, and $50 hairstyles.* Some of these ladies have been through a lot of abuse, whether actual abuse from the psychopathic politician husbands or just the normal wear-and-tear on the rubber-chicken** campaign trail. Woman call a lot of things "abuse" that are normal parts of life, but still, that resentment will be there.

"I'll be damned, Honey, if I'm gonna get all the way to Washington, and you're gonna get us dis-invited to the Department of Homeland Security summer cotillion just because of your, what was it, concerns about CONSTITUTIONALITY?!! If you want this marriage to last, you'd better learn to get along with these people. Why do you keep starting these arguments about illegal searches and seizures and Red Flag laws, and that crap? You're embarrassing the both of us!"

"Then, last week, you ask that girl to refresh our drinks, and she turns out to be Justice Kagan, of the FREAKING Supreme Court's girlfriend .. and, where did she get those awful shoes anyway?? And quit arguing with that woman from Minnesota, the one that wears that ugly headscarf indoors. Imagine! She never did get your Aloha Snackbar joke, hey, I just laugh to keep up appearances - I don't get it either! Then you get us kicked out from the McCain memorial black-tie ball for saying, what was it, 'I'm glad he's dead'? I mean, I can't take you anywhere. We're pariahs! People look at me like I'm wearing a dress from Old Navy."
A decent married guy may come to Washington to take office and make some changes to help actual Americans vs. our Globalist elites. However, usually his wife will not be concerned with the politics, just more with the social scene. There is lots of taxpayer money there to be spent on clothing and entertainment. She reckons that that was the point of making it to the nation's capital.

What happens after 5 years, or 2 terms, whichever comes first, of this constant haranguing about fitting in, as per the "conversation" above? How much can the guy take before he just chucks all those principles and goes native?

The "Cocktail Party Theory" relies on a major assumption, which is that the whole social society of that city is made of lefties. It's not just the President, Speaker of the House, and Attorney General who attend these things, mind you. You may get invited to the house (recently awarded the "yard of the month") of the Assistant Secretary of the Department of OPM Disbursements who PERSONALLY KNOWS the wife of the Acting Deputy Attorney General. Or maybe it's just the Assistant TO the Secretary of OPM Disbursement ... still, these people are IMPORTANT and they dress very well.

After 5 decades of ctrl-left infiltration of the Institutions of American society, a major one being the US Feral Gov't, believe me, you won't find many true Conservatives or Constitutionalists in the common ranks. After all, these people live off of taxpayers' money, so they are not likely to be fans of Dr. Ron Paul.

It's the swamp. Once you've been there for a while, and the wife is anxious, you just got to decide: Get busy draining, or get busy entertaining.

* I hope I am not too out of date here with my pricing. I'd be perfectly fine with women of the current day paying $4.25 to get their hair fixed up like Valerie Bertinelli, but One Day at a Time Valerie Bertinelli, with a rear-end to match of course.

** This expression, I suppose, has meant chicken that is not cooked well enough. Who cooks anymore, though? Both chicken titans of the superpowers have made this a non-issue.

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