Head East - Never Been Any Reason

Posted On: Saturday - August 31st 2019 8:01PM MST
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This song by a fairly unknown band named Head East, from eastern Illinois, goes way back to 1974. This is such a great sound, that I will have to try to see if any other music by them is as good, starting with the rest of the Flat as a Pancake album that I never have listened to.

In case you're wondering, Wikipedia describes a possible explanation for the name of this band:
In a 2011 interview, founding member Steve Huston claimed that soon after sunrise one morning in 1969, Baxter Twilight woke the band members in their communal home/practice facility. Having been up all night sitting in the front yard consuming acid, the roadie said that when the sun rose, it turned into a giant talking head and told him the band's new name should be "Head East". After thinking on it briefly, the band liked the unusual nature of it and has kept the name. However, other members of the band dispute Huston's claim about the naming.
Sure, go with what the sun tells you. Ask John Denver about that.

At the time of the recording of Flat as a Pancake, Head East was:

Roger Boyd - keyboards/vocals
Steve Huston - drums/vocals
Mike Somerville - guitar/vocals
Dan Birney - bass
John Schlitt - vocals
Steve Anderson - back-up vocals

The high voice in this duet is Steve Huston, the drummer, while the regular lead singer, John Schlitt, sung the rest of it. What a great sound! Even the mini-moog synthesizer is played as a rock instrument.

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