"Not Bringing Home a Baby" - the Sadness of Stupidity - Part 2

Posted On: Saturday - September 7th 2019 2:48PM MST
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(continued from Part 1)

To finish off discussing the sadness (due to stupidity) in the Eidelon (WTF?) article Not bringing home a baby, I'll just keep it short and simple today.

I don't mean to state that the article author, Mrs. Nandini Pandey is a stupid woman, by any means. It's the general stupidity of feminism that has not been pushed back against in America, and women's insistence on adhering to it, that is the problem. I don't think, even by the end of writing her sad story out, Mrs. Pandley gets it. Her complaint is that "they" should make it easier to have the academic career she wanted while somehow "letting" her have a baby before her fertility reached such a sad state.

I'm pretty sure anyone's Grandma, at least before the major inroads of feminism (by, say, 1975) could have told her that you just can't fool Mother Nature. You can write feminist books, pick female geek CEOs elect feminists to office, watch TV-sitcom feminists ("and then there was Maude ... ♪♫♬" Hmmm, where's Maude now?), cheer on feminist tennis players, and even write very sad articles in feminist magazines on the internet, but you cannot overrule the laws of Mother Nature.

If Mrs. Pandley had just had a Grandma she could listen to about the facts of life, she'd have known she needed to choose. There are some women (and more men, I'd guess) that just realize that they don't want children, or they like their cool lifestyle and rewarding career more. I have no problem with that (and have an article in an old tab about this ready for another post). You might even be able to "do it all", some hard-driving women, but you'd better do it in the right order. Your fertility waits for no man. Remember, ladies, as I wrote in discussion of a similar article in The Clock was Ticking, "if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

Though the author wrote in that "you then go to the fertility clinic ..." style that seems it could be written as a warning to another individual, she never does come out and say that she screwed up. Nope, "they" have things arranged wrong. She doesn't realize "they" is Mother Nature. Professor Nandini Pandey here could have gotten some use out of her sad quest to bring home a baby by instructing the young women readers to do things differently. She never did. Or, as she might put it "you never do." That was pretty stupid, but then, she wanted to make sure the article didn't get rejected, I guess.

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