Straight outta' Sweden: Greta v Agnetha

Posted On: Tuesday - October 1st 2019 1:55PM MST
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(I'm so sorry I had to cut Anni-Frid off on the right. No tag-teaming allowed!)

We left off yesterday speculating whether is was the Socialism that produces the kind of people coming outta' Sweden these days. There are terms for the personality type that is responsible for the massive immigration, feminist, and environmental stupidity emitted out of that Scandinavian land over the last few decades. Some call it variations on "suicidal altruism". As a recent Steve Sailer post, Haidt on Liberals' Leapfrogging Loyalties, put it, the people of NW Europe, maybe Scandinavia in particular, have been bred to have loyalty to not just their nuclear family and near cousins, but people unrelated (originally from their tribe, which is the evolutionary point).

However, in the modern world, with global communication and transportation, the "leapfrogging loyalties" of the people have them caring more for, and treating better, people that live thousands of miles away better than their neighbors. I did not read the Jonathan Haidt article that Mr. Sailer referred to, but the comments under his post delve into what this all means.

The Socialists here, as I'm sure in Sweden, love to tout how they care for each other, via their government. I don't want to get really into the stupidity of an ideology that could be de-bunked by an average kindergartener who cares about his toys right now, so let me leave it alone for this post. Though not producing any kind of entrepreneurial society, and with a defense umbrella provided for > 1/2 century by the American military, the Socialism of Sweden could have been said to be not 1/2 bad. There are definitely worse places to live, but then, I never did see any massive immigration from the US to Sweden by Socialism aficionados happening either over those years.

I can't blame Sweden's current state solely DIRECTLY on Socialism, as the ruination from their immigration stupidity is another matter. HOWEVER, as I could say for America too, when you let the Government get too big (as is part-and-parcel to Socialism), when they tell you they will import strange foreigners, you have no say in the matter. As a matter of fact, the snowflakes of Sweden have been so worried about people saying very impolite things, that they've made it illegal to say anything against this ruinous policy. Sometimes you need people who aren't so nice. Sweden doesn't have any - the Vikings have left the building country.

Going back 40 to 50 years now, before the Swedes even started their extreme experiments in feminism* (OK, that was the Norwegians, whatever!), and the immigration stupidity, what we got out of the place was two long-legged beauties (yeah, with a piano player and other guy too) who couldn't really understand a lick of English but could belt out Waterloo and other hits in short-short miniskirts. I know I speak for more Americans than myself when I say we were quite impressed. OK, OK, the Swedes also made and exported luxury autos and fighter planes (same company), but hell, we could do that. We gave them a break on their save-the-world BS (easy to talk about from your safe white homeland of 1970's Sweden) and their enivro-nutiness because of one thing alone: We figured there'd be another ABBA.

Now, Sweden is finally facing its Waterloo. We see that from the idiots awed by 16 y/o Greta as proof that this country is too far gone with its caring for the world 3,000 miles away while importing violent rapist murderer foreigners to their nation to live among them.

To summarize, on the one hand, you have 1970's Sweden with it's biggest female export being 2 long-legged singers that made every nation in the world (well, the men in them) desire massive immigration of long-legged Swedish blondes (and don't forget redheads). We speak here of Agnetha

On the other hand present-day Sweden sends a part-time autistic teenage sailor girl named Greta to come berate us and the whole world for our murder-in-progress of Mother Earth. She does not wear miniskirts. Here at Peak Stupidity, we are not at all impressed.


Greta v Agnetha - by a thigh, the winner is .... wait for it ... Agnetha ... netha ... tha with runner up Anni-Frid.


* See also, Feminist Cops vs. African "Refugees" - venue: Modern Sweden for more on life in Sweden.

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