Bread and Circuses - Part 5 - Conclusion

Posted On: Tuesday - October 15th 2019 5:50PM MST
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  Bread and Circuses

This is the concluding post on the definition of "Bread and Circuses" or, from last time around with this world empire thing, "Pan et Circenses". (See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, , and Part 4.)

Perhaps this is a boring series, as it's so far just been a description of the copious amount of bread and the various types of circuses available to us in modern America. Let's get to the point of all this.

As happened during the Roman Empire for a few hundred years, the American empire is in decline. Whether it's the invade-the-world/invite-the-world program or the debasement of the money, also practiced by the Romans during their later era, (both discussed nicely in that American Thinker article that I mentioned in the 1st post on this, this is more of the rhyming of history. This deal seems to be on a 2,000 year cycle, but with 2 orders-of-magnitude faster transportation and close-to-infinite higher speed in communication, perhaps this decline will be quicker too. I'd say we are already 5 decades into it, though some would argue a century or so.

The amount of "bread" and the amount of "circuses" also must be a couple of orders of magnitude higher, that's both in actual quantity and in choices. Perhaps that makes sense as we need greater distractions for a quicker decline.

Peak Stupidity has stated numerous times that we don't believe in really long-term conspiracy theories on the scale of centuries or even half of that. Who really has the time and inclination for that sort of thing? Nope, it's usually just the same culprits in power and/or of the elite, who just don't give a damn about the rest of the population, sometimes truly detesting them. They think alike. If Americans will watch 5 hours of football, and another 5 hours of guys talking about football and being in LUV with the players each week, have those Applebees/Chile's/TGI-Fridays/Ruby Tuesdays* available for $12 meals with unlimited breadsticks and olive oil, will they really get up in arms about some of the egregious stuff happening? They bet on "NO".

Big-Biz keeps this stuff running, with employees who need the bread to spend themselves on the same stuff. You don't make that much in either the restaurant business or the sportsball business without being an owner or player, one. It's a distracting, monotonous cycle: Work long hours roviding bread or circuses, make some bread, and spend it on the same.

For the folks that do care about the changes being forced upon them, well, they can tune into the idiot plate for the political version of the circus. How does one get out of this mode - read Peak Stupidity daily? Well, that's a start!**

* Is it the very same corporate naming company coming up with these?

** See, they didn't have Peak Stupidity in the old Roman Empire, so there's that ... Really, the internet, with its offerings of information contrary to the official narrative, IS something that can possibly offset the much large dose of Bread and Circuses that we are offered vs. the Romans. And, guess what? With the new screens most of us carry around we can learn of another way WHILE we are eating our unlimited breadsticks (yes, and soup and salad).

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