Not the guy you want with you in the SHTF phase

Posted On: Tuesday - January 17th 2017 12:27PM MST
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This guy's complete faith in computer wireless technology left him stuck, per Drudge: Tesla driver stranded in the desert after smartphone app failure

The family only got stranded 6 miles from home, but it could have been a lot farther.

A Tesla driver was stranded in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas after the car's keyless control app suddenly stopped working.

Interested in testing a feature that lets Tesla owners unlock and power their car using their smartphone, Ryan Negri decided to leave his keys at home when he went for a drive around the canyon yesterday.

The keyless smartphone feature, which is available through Tesla's iPhone and Android apps, lets users remotely monitor and control their Tesla Model S without their key. One of the main features of the app is the ability to "unlock and drive Model S without your key".

Negri was able to do just this - but only to begin with. After getting out of the vehicle to adjust something when he was six miles from home he found himself locked out of the car unable to get back in let alone start it.

"Six miles down the road we decided to turn back, but before that, had to adjust Mozy & Millie's car bed, so I exited the vehicle...bad idea," Negri said on Instagram. "Need to restart the car now, but, with no cell service, my phone can't connect to the car to unlock it."

These people think it will all always work. We foresee a time coming when all this mostly won't work, at least for some time, until real engineers and technical people, not computer geeks, get to work on it.

Another thing is the way people want to record all their damn miserable lives now: "Negris said on Instagram - 'Need to restart ... blah, blah'." How about just get to work or take charge of the situation? Quit recording your stupidity for all to view later on your electronics that are not at all helpful at the time. People like this will record their own demises, like that Tim Treadwell with the bears. Let me tell you, bears have got no respect for "technology", OK - they are not impressed by it. Anyway, I can look forward to seeing some youtube videos in the future:

"Man records himself as he is being struck and fried by lighting at the golf course - did not go into clubhouse, as he was too busy tweeting at the time, captures once-in-a-lifetime lightning strike photo."

"Man records his own failed brain surgery operation, using new mynuerosurgery app - dies on table, but captures entire operation and funeral using new high-cap lithium battery packs (click here to shop now for battery packs)(click here to shop for amazon i-caskets)"

Saturday - May 11th 2019 10:17AM MST
PS: Agreed, Mr. Fahrquahr. You'd think the girlfriend would have left him, just out of that "icky" feeling they get when you don't act normal. That's NOT always a good thing, but when your boyfriend thinks he's good friends with some bears, well ... maybe that frat boy who's running his Dad's insurance agency wasn't such a bad guy ...
Peyton Fahrquahr
Friday - May 10th 2019 4:46PM MST
PS Tim Treadwell. What a douche. I don't feel bad for him. His fate was poetic. I feel bad for his girlfriend who couldn't get away once she realized what a dangerous flake he was. Bear Man is a must see for anyone who cares to see what a cold bitch Mother Nature really is.
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