Happy Thanksgiving and starting PS year 004

Posted On: Thursday - November 28th 2019 8:17AM MST
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Besides being Thanksgiving Day here, this also happens to be Peak Stupidity's 3rd blogversary (in Instapundit Glenn Reynolds old-timey terminology - brings back memories). Yeah, views and visits are up, but not nearly as much as I would have liked - ~ 25% on the average month - this month might have set a record, but I don't think I'll be able to write much till at least Saturday and more likely next week in December. We are thankful for the reads that we do get. I want to thank our great commenters. There is not what I'd call a cornucopia of comments, but the ones that we do have, from the guys that can figure out that anti-spam trick*, are great. Thank you all!

This week started off slow and in an angry mood, especially regarding the last guy I wrote about. As much as I'd like to point out just the silly stupidity, at which one can just laugh, the other, serious politics is interested in US. Either way, there's plenty more to come.


T HA N K S G I V I N G !

For Dtbb and all who appreciate a good song and story, here's the traditional Alice's Restaurant Masacree by Arlo Guthrie, complete with the shovels, rakes, other implements of destruction, 8x10 glossy photos with the circles and arrows, and the 4-part harmony:

(Last embedded 10 months ago, in the post "There's strength in numbers.")

* Yeah, just by reading, but who reads the fine bold print anymore? No, really, I am sorry for anyone who has forgotten a time or two and had the comment lost. I'd thought about ways to save it off-line, but if the goal is to avoid the SPAM overwhelming the software, all the other ways would not really help.

Friday - November 29th 2019 7:22PM MST
PS: I'll keep going as long as it pays ... wait, Mr. Blanc. I'm glad there are people who appreciate the site. Hopefully, I'll get a post in tomorrow.
Friday - November 29th 2019 9:18AM MST
PS Thanks for being here.
Thursday - November 28th 2019 8:25AM MST
PS: You know, that does fit, Dtbb! I would have to repeat some music, which I try not to do.

OK, WTH, I just spent 5 minutes editing in on-line mode my "Happy Thanksgiving" text - not the savviest way, but I gotta go soon.

Thursday - November 28th 2019 8:22AM MST
PS:Happy Thanksgiving. No Alice's Restaurant?
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