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No, not Women OF Islam, as in the calendar!

(The woman above, involved in some sort of Burka mishap, is from an article about the Moslem Cleric in Australia who compared women to juicy steaks. It caused a big kerfuffle down under, strangely enough because a) what are these people (Moslem clerics) doing there to begin with? and b) Yes they are, but with less saturated fat.)

Sorry for leading off with the girly picture, but our Peak Stupidity editorial staff says that this sort of thing leads to more page views, at least from the editorial staff. This post is a follow-up from the thoughts near the end of our review of the Houellebecq novel Submission and from the ending of the book itself.

At the conclusion of the book, the French literature professor character, Francois (of course!) gets converted to Islam - oops, SPOILER ALERT!! - after a sales pitch by a Moslem university official. The Moslem gentleman had spoken for hours (well not in real-reading-time) about the wonders of the natural world and the universe and how Islam was the best religion in terms of relating the human mind to it. He described how Islam was a way of life as much as a religion. That last is true, I'd agree. However, what sold the protagonist of the novel, an likely lots of men in real life, is the deal with the women.

Islam has quite the different take on women's role in society. It's one that really makes one wonder how stupid this world has become when you note the organized feminists never criticizing the religion. (OK, it's probably just fear of just plain getting their asses kicked more than anything.)

Silence is Golden and Duct Tape is cheap.

Thinking men would have a different take on Islam's practices regarding women, using both heads. As per the novel, polygamy is practiced, women are not allowed to do much of what Western women spend their time doing, and they are taught to be submissive. The latter is what is taught in the Bible too, but churches need the attendance, money, etc, so that's not bandied about too much ...

Compared to not 1950s America, but the feminized, matriarchal shitshow that we call American culture today, these practices can be very tempting.

"Two out of three ain't bad ...♬♬"

In France, Italy, etc., it's been common practice for successful men to have both a wife and a mistress, or so I've heard. This is seemingly the same situation as with the successful Moslem man having a regular wife for raising kids and cooking and then a younger one for other services. It's not really the same thing though, as the former must be done very carefully and under the table, and I doubt would work for as many men as the sanctioned Moslem way. Then, for the former, you've got more headaches, as with anything involving subterfuge and women. Breakups can get a whole lot more expensive than in the Moslem world with your Dorothy from Kansas procedure: There's no place like home ... there's no ... I divorce thee, I divorcee thee, I, let make sure for a second ... and, yeah, I divorce thee."

To justify the Moslem way with women, at least the polygamy part, Professor Redinger in Submission explains to Francois: Islamic society advances because the smart, successful men, with their up to 4 wives, will breed, often with large families*. The relative losers in society will not breed at all - no sex for you! Sounds good if you are Mr. Redinger or professor of fine literature Francois.

The reader may have read on the internet all the stuff about Alpha and Beta males, etc., and using "game" to pretend to be the Alpha, and so forth. That sounds good too, if you are one of the Alphas. Perhaps that is partly how modern Western culture works, too, to get the same result, but I don't buy all of it, and it doesn't work when most play by the rules set down by Judaism and Christianity long ago. It's definitely not the way things worked in the old non-stupid America. Unless a man was a complete bum, society and government (or lack thereof) itself was set up to encourage pairing of conservative men and women. Lots more is possible in a Libertarian society, helped out by a small population in an abundance of space.

Fifty years of feminist stupidity has torqued-up the rules of Western society. I don't wonder at all anymore why the Islamic world hates the spread of American culture. I just don't like the Islamic solution.

"Sure", you say, "you're not the Alpha guy, so of course." That's the truth, but then what the hell kind of religion blows off 2/3 or more of the men in it, left to unwanted solitary, childless lives? That's nothing at all to be proud of. Whether it was mostly our religion or mostly the style of government, the Western world has been the most egalitarian** over the last few hundred years, at least. The practices of Islam destroy this egalitarianism just as much as feminism does.

Yes, it's all really tempting, a wife for every purpose, no feminist stupidity, the duct tape thing ... I think the Western world could use some of the concepts regarding the role of women. The polygamy part (not just allowed, but encouraged) is just not the best for the common man. If the religion and the lifestyle it brings about don't help the common man, I don't think it's a good one. No submission for this guy.

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you'll get."

"It's a man, baby!

* As far as the evolutionary benefits that this culture supposedly would reap, well, I don't think it's working per theory (and the guy IS a Professor, after all). It's likely other factors, such as common 1st-cousin marriage that are important, along with the oil-rich world breeding a bunch of lazy fucks, but the Moslem world does not seem at all enlightened due to this polygamy-for-the-smart-guys deal. (Maybe there are no smart guys there, I dunno ...)

** Oh, yeah, the Communists really espoused that egalitarianism to high heaven. Once you get in "from each according to his means" mode, and the economic Shit Hits The Fan, the egalitarianists of the Commie world shut up real quick-like about it and shovel down that borscht or white rice before the next guy can get any.

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