Merry Christmas from Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Wednesday - December 25th 2019 8:57AM MST
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M E R R Y    C H R I S T M A S !

The lack of posting over the last 2 days, even with 4 on the front burner, is due to family obligations. The rest of the week may be the same, but we'll see. "The stupid you'll always have with you." or something like that, is what I've read* ...

If you are not a long-term reader, I recommend you click on "TOPIC KEYS". Of the 70 topics, you are are bound to find something you like, and you could probably peruse the stupidity through this entire holiday season and well into 2020.

The Peak Stupidity Moderator (OK slash-blogger-slash-site-admin) would like to particularly thank the great commenters that we have. We go for quality here, not quantity, as the reader can probably tell at a glance! Thank you BernCar, Dtbb, Ganderson, Rex Little, Bill H., MBlanc46, Dieter Kief, Clyde, Hail, Kikz, Peyton Fahrquahr, Working Class, and from way back, Joe Stalin, Buck Turgidson, Boris Putin, and Fiddlesticks. I look forward to any and all comments. Even just one a day boosts my spirits, so long as it is not a Russian-bot viagra ad meant to boost something else.

Hey, of all the Enya music I've listened to, inculding during some sort of New Age phase I underwent back in the day, I have never heard her sing Adeste Fideles! before. (Keep in mind that Enya often sings in some odd language that often sounds like either Klingon or Gibberish. This time, it turns out that it's Latin. Who knew?)

* Yes, it was "the poor you'll always have with you." that Jesus said in Matthew 26, and so as not to take it out of context, the King James version quotes Jesus thusly: "For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always."

My line above could be taken as a Libertarian/Conservative take on the continually-moving official BLS poverty line. If "the stupid" is taken as referring to people, same as with "the poor", then I gotta say that that's pretty cynical, and I need to be more forgiving, speaking of Jesus this morning. However, I use "the stupid" as referring to a phenomena.

Tuesday - December 31st 2019 7:16PM MST
PS: Thanks for being on here, Ganderson, and Mr. Blanc!
Wednesday - December 25th 2019 3:12PM MST
PS- Merry Christmas to all of us “peak stupids”!
Wednesday - December 25th 2019 9:32AM MST
PS Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020! And many thanks for the posts of 2019.
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