We have not been outed yet as Russian AgitProp ...

Posted On: Saturday - December 3rd 2016 6:56PM MST
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  Elections '16 - '24  The Russians

... and I'm kinda pissed about it. Of course, I just got this blog going 4 days back, so I could have in no way influenced the successful election of Donald Trump.

I tried to reach the Russian high command about a deal, but I haven't heard much good news yet. The dude asset I had arranged to meet at the NYC B-local 429th St. subway stop did not arrive with my case of vodka and six-pack of caffeinated borscht by the lower-level condom machine as we had arranged on MySpace, so I had to skeedaddle prontomundo to lose my tail. At least I think it was a CIA tail dressed as a stinky homeless guy. We probably just didn't have our watches synched up correctly, yeah, that's it, I think.

But seriously, being accused of working for the Russians just because you advocate for certain (conservative and correct, I might add) politics is something I would be pretty proud of. It reminds me of when the blogger who was the real first guy to break the ATF/Holder Justice Dept. gunwalker deal, Mike Vanderbough, got mentioned by Bill Clinton. That's definitely something to brag about.

lizard lover
Sunday - December 4th 2016 10:01AM MST
Ah my friend, you are destined for web infamy!
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