Coronavirus in China .. and beyond

Posted On: Saturday - January 25th 2020 5:52PM MST
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After reading our post The Peoples' Pig, the reader may be wondering whether we consider this the biggest thing going on in China right now. As we've stated many times, this is not a news site. However, this Coronavirus thing could end up being a big deal. One never knows with these things, but old China-hand John Derbyshire is kind of down on all the hype about it.

You may have read about the quarantine of the city of Wuhan. Let me tell you, when they say city in China they mean millions - Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, has 11 million people, more than NY City (estimated at 8 1/2 million). What's called a village over there can easily mean a place with a bigger population than Tampa, Florida. There's a big market for the face masks, and that's what this post is about.

This is another China story gleaned from personal experience. A salesman of non-woven face masks, gowns, shoe coverings and that kind of thing filled me in on this: The factory there, a lean/mean non-government-run operation with about 10 office staff and 200 people who actually manufactured the items would sell within China and outside of China. Due to the boss’ unscrupulousness, when they made the masks for domestic sales, they would skip the material (and production step) of putting the layer of filter material in place among the material of the face masks. What that means is that the masks were pretty much worthless, except for compliance purposes.

Now, for foreign sales, the boss knows that the Germans, for example*, would send a container of defective items (purposefully, BTW) back across the oceans. Many Chinese customers, at the wholesale level, that is, might not care, what with the good price, and others might.

Unscrupulousness – it can result in death. As much as I detest Big-Biz all over the world, American small-businessmen, as compared to this small company in China, would not do something so evil.

So, that's just great - plenty of people who are trying to protect themselves and their families and maybe even do the right thing to protect others are being lulled into thinking their face masks are good for something. Here in America, lots of people still have enough room so that we would not have to interact with others outside our families if a deadly disease like this were getting seriously threatening. (Preps, bitchez!)

Wouldn't it be nice to keep our population density way down below the level of China? What would it take for open-borders nuts to understand this, a full out epidemic ahd Cheap China-made face masks that kill millions?

* Actual example. Then the container was held up for most of a year at the docks in Shenzhen, as the Chinese government does not encourage imports (see, they were under the impression that the shipment was imports rather than returned goods.)

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