Son of a Son of a Sailor

Posted On: Thursday - January 30th 2020 10:12PM MST
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We haven't fed the Parrotheads in quite a while, so here is the title song from this late 1970s Jimmy Buffett album:

I'm just too tired to write much this evening. I want to finish that Mandibles book review, there's plenty more immigration stupidity, there may be another scam to write about, and then there's the blue squad on-going stupidity-on-parade. Oh, and I want to write a post on the American military.

In the meantime, enjoy Jimmy Buffett from that far-off time and pretty much another country.

Friday - January 31st 2020 4:54PM MST
PS:I saw Buffett in concert the day after getting my four wisdom teeth yanked. I took too many pain pills and fell asleep during the show despite being a big fan. Davis Island in Tampa has to have the most parrotheads per square mile of any place on earth.
Friday - January 31st 2020 8:39AM MST
PS: I went to San Francisco one time, and Jimmy Buffett played a show after the Giants game at Candlestick Park. What a blast!
Rex Little
Friday - January 31st 2020 6:59AM MST
PS: My favorite Buffett song! I've sung it and Cheeseburger in Paradise dozens of times at karaoke bars.

Went to a Buffett concert at the Hollywood Bowl once when I lived in California. Whitest audience I ever saw.
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