Ridin' the Storm Out

Posted On: Tuesday - February 18th 2020 8:59PM MST
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I think Peak Stupidity will go back to presenting some good music a few nights a week, just for the music rather than as related to specific posts (which I still like to do).

We did include a Corb Lund* song, Gettin' Down on the Mountain before, but maybe Ridin' the Storm Out by the 1970s - 80s rock band REO Speedwagon could be kind of a prepper's anthem.

What we've got going on politically in America is probably not something that'll just pass over, though ...

Mike Murphy – lead vocals
Gary Richrath – guitar
Neal Doughty – keyboards
Gregg Philbin – bass
Alan Gratzer – drums

This song was released in 1973 and is from the album of the same name, but became most popular in 1981. That's the year this live video was taken, from a 1981 concert in Denver, Colorado. One of my favorite album title of all time may be this band's 1978-released You can Tune a Piano, but you can't Tuna Fish. (OK, where's the groan tag?) It has 2 excellent songs with a different lead singer, Kevin Cronin.

Yeah, we can put a few great rock songs up a week and NEVER EVER run out. There's plenty of stupidity to come through end-o'-bidness-week.

* Guy/band from Alberta, Canada

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