WHO Cares. Don't stigmatize me, Bro!

Posted On: Saturday - March 7th 2020 6:38PM MST
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WHO are you? Who, who, who who?

This looks likes like the same tweet ridiculed by Peak Stupidity in a previous post, but it's not quite. Whether this is a reply or the other was is something I've had a really hard time with when reading series of these things on blogs.

Here are the "DO"s and "DON'T"s again, but they are different, though no less worthy of disdainful laughter. Of the "DO"s, I suppose the term "contracting" with respect to a contagious disease is fine and a part of the normal terminology. "Acquiring" is too, but as with the strange doctor terminology you'll hear behind the counter, it sounds an awful lot like these people ARE convinced that a case of Corona means 24 12 oz. bottles of beer. "Aquire" has that connotation for most uses, doesn't it? Most people don't particularly aspire to acquire diseases, as in, they don't make an effort to get it. OK, fine, I don't mind the old terminology.

The "DON'T"s, however, show an unbounded PC stupidity on the part of this WHO tweeter. "Transmitting", "Infecting" and "spreading" of a disease are standard terms used by laymen and health professionals alike. They are active verbs, but nobody figures they imply purposeful action.

This PC bullshit about what you DO say and what you DON'T say is not helping anyone keep from getting the Coronavirus. I'd personally rather be STIGMATIZED than end up in the hospital coughing buckets of diverse multi-colored phlegm and ballistically projecting a diverse stream of multi-colored diarrhea. But, that's just me...

How would you know this World Health Organization is serious about disease when you read this kind of thing? Go heal people. Who the hell are you, WHO, to tell me how to talk? Just Who are you?! WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO?

(Yes, it's just another excuse for some more The Who music.)

Who Are You? is the title song from an album the band released in mid-August, 1978. Their famous drummer, Kieth Moon, died 3 weeks later. He sounds pretty good here! "Who" knew he was going to get sick, or, more like, drink a whole bunch of alcohol?

Sunday - March 8th 2020 12:02PM MST
PS:I think of you as a music lover. I notice the word fuck is always muted when I hear it on the radio now. Happens in all the old songs also. When did this start and why? Might be worth a post if it hasn't been already.
Sunday - March 8th 2020 11:17AM MST
PS: Also, Mr. Blanc, I'm reading a Pat Buchanan book called "The Greatest Comeback" about Nixon's campaign - 1966-68 for the most part. The John Birchers were a real force back then. I wish they were still around - I've got the money for a lifetime membership now.
Sunday - March 8th 2020 11:15AM MST
PS: Yeah, Peak Stupidity was hoping, back just after the '16 election, when I had lots of hope in the Donald, that he could at least take care of that one.



entitled "Trump says UN "might be waste of time and money."" Fuckin'-A, it is.

Sunday - March 8th 2020 11:11AM MST
PS: Dtbb, I don't participate in twitter - these were screen shots off of the unz blog. I can see that twitter wastes a lot of people's time, President Trump being the best example of that.
Sunday - March 8th 2020 11:05AM MST
PS For years on I-80 in Indiana, southeast of Chicago, there was a sign in a yard that abutted the highway that read: Get the US Out of the UN and the UN Out of the US! Even back in my Goldwaterite years I thought that it was just a wacky John Bircher. Fifty years on, I'm in total agreement with the sentiment. For what little beneficial that the UN does, it costs far too much, and it's almost completely a Leftist enterprise. The Third World bloviators who inhabit its agencies could certainly do more good in their own countries than they do living the high life in New York or Geneva.
Sunday - March 8th 2020 10:47AM MST
PS:Twitter is evil. Whatever positives it has are far outweighed by the negatives. I remember the first time I heard "Who are You". My buddies brought it back from Ireland before it was played on the radio here.
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