Paul Craig Roberts is dead to me

Posted On: Friday - March 20th 2020 7:25PM MST
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Gone senile, gone Socialist, fuck him ...

It's a damn shame. Though I didn't keep up with his every bit of writing over the years, Paul Craig Roberts has always been a true friend of liberty. I don't know what his political background is and don't really care at this point. I may have read him first on Lew Rockwell, probably seen his stuff occasionally referred to on the Constitutionalist sites, and for a few years he was one of the very few Libertarians featured on (Ron Paul's column is featured, and there are perhaps a couple more half-assed Libertarians).

I mean, PC Roberts wrote about every excess of the US Government you could think of over the years. He was right in pretty much every case, even a few of which I'd considered even hard-core for me. Over the last couple of decades, the Neocons and their warmaking around the world have been the subjects of Mr. Roberts' columns. That's fair enough. Though the columns often seemed purely anti-American, they were not anti-Americans (plural).

Well, a year or more ago, on the unz site, Mr. Roberts took umbrage (as many seem to do) at his commenters' (including THIS GUY's) corrections of his sudden falling fall the whole Global Climate DisruptionTM political scam. It seemed that he had fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. What happened in the comments section is that Mr. Roberts wrote in berating some of the commenters. In the meantime, somebody (no, NOT THIS GUY) spoofed the columnist in a comment that threatened violence on some of them. No, I didn't think a guy like this would go that far, and he hadn't. Still, Paul Craig Roberts asked Mr. Unz to terminate the comments section for his columns (unless he was able to turn it off himself).

Before I go any further, let me add, that yes, I know, this is pundit vs. pundit stuff that 99% of Americans don't know or care about ... until someone gets on TV... and even then, only a few.

I was happy to see that had commenting back for Paul Craig Roberts a couple of months ago. Then, I came upon this column by the author, another on the Kung Flu, and was frankly shocked.
For most Americans nationalization is a dirty word, but it has many benefits. For example, a national health care system reduces costs tremendously by taking profits out of the system. Additionally, nationalized pharmaceutical companies could be made more focused on research and cures than on profit avenues. Everyone knows how Big Pharma influences medical schools and medical practice in line with Big Pharma’s approach. A more open-minded approach to medicine would be beneficial.

Socialist is another American dirty word, one that is being used against Bernie Sanders. I have not turned into a socialist overnight. I am simply thinking out loud. How can the economy recover when the population and corporations are smothered by debt? Debt forgiveness is the only way out of this debt suffocation. Can debts be forgiven without nationalization?
No, not overnight, but maybe over a couple of weeks or at most a year or so while I wasn't paying attention (due to commenting not allowed). What can you say about fools like this? Too much TV infotainment that his brain could no longer fight, senility, or maybe even the pundit version of The Cocktail Party theory of Political Stupidity.

It's just a damn shame when a stalwart principled gentleman like Paul Craig Roberts turns into a cranky-old retarded Socialist. He's dead to me.

Wednesday - March 25th 2020 2:05PM MST
PS: Some people just lose it. Thanks for the info and for writing in, Alarmist!
The Alarmist
Wednesday - March 25th 2020 1:57PM MST
PS: Amusingly, his "qualification" to opine on the 9/11 conspiracy is an Economics degree from GA Tech, which he summarised as him having a degree from GA Tech. You know he is too far gone when he is no longer a guest on The Keiser Report.

Peace Out.
Saturday - March 21st 2020 5:24AM MST
PS: The thing is, Bill, I've been almost OVER-exposed to the lefty crap, like a frame of Kodachrome Tri-X 400 with the shutter open for 5 seconds. With the internet, I've got so many interesting things to read, that I can pick and choose among, that I will not waste time on this senile loser P.C. Roberts.
Bill H
Friday - March 20th 2020 10:27PM MST
PS I'm inclined to agree with you on both points. I'm not sure what happened to him. But he still writes well, and still ahs some valid points of view. Besides, it is good for one's mind to read well written pieces expressing viewpoints which are opposite to one's own. It refreshes thinking and keps one on his toes.

It's mostly liberals who cannot tolerate being exposed to anything that doesn't reinforce what they already believe. It makes them think, and they don't know how to do that.
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