Lyle Lovett and his Large Band - If I had a Boat

Posted On: Friday - March 20th 2020 7:52PM MST
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I'm sick of people freaking out about this Kung Flu, sick of people turning Socialist, sick of trying to find a Dow Jones chart that has the y-axis starting at 0, just sick of a lot of stuff right now. This will make it better.

Here's Texan Lyle Lovett and his "Large Band". Yes, there are quite a few on the stage.

If I had a Boat is from Mr. Lovett's 2nd album, Pontiac from 1987. I'd only first heard of this guy in the late 1990s.

Sunday - March 22nd 2020 11:03AM MST
PS: He's a strange bird, you might say. However, he's got quite bit of decent music.

Or, did you mean strange you haven't heard of him? Nobody is on Kasey Kasem anymore!
Sunday - March 22nd 2020 9:13AM MST
PS Although I might have heard the name, I had never heard Mr Lovett until today. Truly strange.
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