Anti-germ face shields and "muh free markets"

Posted On: Saturday - April 11th 2020 5:41PM MST
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(Tried to interview her for the post, because ...cute. No call back - small case of the Kung Flu?)

I've about had it with reading the garbage from the without-a-clue Socialism supporters, as they try to push their programs during this huge government/media created crisis. They find this a convenient time to push their ideology too, as they use it to try to explain the problems Americans are having with the supply of certain healthcare products. In particular, it's the PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, in healthcare parlance, the face masks* and face shields, that has not been available to meet demand. Most of it can't be obtained locally, as with a whole lot of the rest of manufactured products these days. (Regarding just one example of the loss of this supply "infrastructure", please read China vs. America and the local hardware store.)

Instead of admitting that the Globalism that has been pushed on Americans for 25 years is responsible for, I'd say hiccups, but it's more like tampon-strewn sewer line blockages, in these supply chains, it's always "Koch brothers!", "Capitalism", and "muh free markets". I'm starting to think the definitions of 25 years back are just not the same as the ones the Millennial pundits use today. Really, Big-Biz/Big-Gov hand-in-hand beating on the little guy is Capitalism and free markets? It's "Crony Capitalism" only because the world "Fascism" has too specific of a connotation. There's a post coming on this problem with our definitions, I can feel it.

These would-be Socialists don't know how much that system is not much different from our Crony Capitalism in bureaucracy and in the lack of the ability for anyone to get anything done efficiently, especially in times like this. When things have been getting done regarding speeding up supply chains and obtaining hard-to-come-by products, by Governors and the like, it's been done by cutting the bureaucracy, not implementing a bigger one.

Before this idealogical polemic here, this post was to be mostly about a fairly local small company that has cleaned out its warehouse and gone into the mass manufacturing of the face shields that hospitals are not adequately supplied with. Per second-hand information, this company has developed a very light-weight unit, in order for it to be bearable for a nurse to wear for a 12-hour shift. They have been churning them out, with an order in for 10's of thousands of pieces for a local hospital network. Now, that's entrepreneurship in a time of need, i.e, lack of free markets.

Here's a question for the Socialists? How does something like this just happen? I don't think the Koch brothers had anything to do with this, so, what, it's not Capitalism? No Governor or Fed ordered the company to switch out their work, as per old-time Chinese Communist Party methods. They are making these shields because there is a big demand, demand for their other products has greatly fallen due to the forced economic shutdown, and the invisible hand of "muh free markets" makes this deal simply worth doing.

Oh, and this would not have been possible if the government hadn't purposefully called off their heavy-handed bureaucracy, the FDA in this instance, because, well things gotta get done (... and the FDA are "working from home", right...). Otherwise, it'd have probably taken a year or two to get this product approved, and by then: "Kung Flu, whaddya' mean, like kick-boxing?"

Get the visible heavy hand of free-market-killing Federal bureaucracy off the shoulders of American entrepreneurs, and you'll see things get done. The supply chain will work pretty nicely then. Can these Socialist disparagers of "muh free markets" ever learn from actual real happenings in the business world? I despair on that one - too much imagination is required. Imagine there's no FDA... it's easy if you try ... just an Underwriter's Laboratory style private org, run by some young guy ... See, now the meter is just not quite right. That's why those songwriters get paid the big bucks. The meaning of the lyrics don't matter anyway - we've been all over that!

* Please note that within our very first post on the Kung Flu, Coronavirus in China .. and beyond, Peak Stupidity presented a personal anecdote involving the manufacturing of face masks in China. I was there.

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