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Posted On: Monday - April 27th 2020 1:44PM MST
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Note: Same thematic map as in our Kung Flu Gap post, except with new data.

Blogger "Audacious Epigone" noted a Curious Corona Coincidence yesterday that had to do with google searches. You wonder how deep the Deep State goes. You can read there and see what you think about his eerie search "engine" experience. His was with a type of search I've not done myself, which is a search for data on number of searches for some keywords in the past.

It's all kind of interesting, but in this case I will chalk up to faulty software and bad data what he reckons is some deep subterfuge. You never know - there's a big tendency for Big Data to lean toward the evil side. Evil likes lots of data.

Peak Stupidity's experience, which I'd forgotten to mention until being reminded by A.E.'s post, is with image searching. As the regular reader will know, we tend to use "file photos" most of the time (which we had a few paragraphs about in our "Beaches", and we apologized for an error regarding). In general, Bing seems to be the best of it, Google, and DuckDuckGo for finding the right images.

In searching for images with keywords "Corona" and various others in combination with it with "images" last, there was a weird thing going on. EVERY TIME the search had "Corona" in it, the same thematic map seen above, with current data, would show up at the top. Not only that, there would not be the normal array of images to click on to choose more from at all! It was eerie, I tell you. Bing wanted me to look at that map, so long as I typed in "Corona" and "images", with whatever else. DuckDuckGo, as a backup, did the same thing. I've been told that DuckDuckGo uses Bing data, but this is more than that. It's the same logic in showing that specific US Kung Flu-infected map on top, and just non-image links at the bottom.

Unfortunately, I can't remember if Google had done the same back a few weeks ago when I first saw this, or not. My work-around was to leave out the keyword "Corona" and use something else. As of today, the map still appears at the top, on Bing searches, but at least with an image array down a ways on the page. It no longer did just now on DuckDuckGo.

Try it -, which is using the string "Corona New York Hospitals images". Yup. I figured, OK, it's about the state name, so try '"Corona at the beach images". Yup, gets that map. I LUV, LUV, LUV thematic maps and all things Geography, but enough with that map! Now, there were images below, as I wrote they include now. These ones, naturally, are of Corona Beer, which, true, matches well with the search "Corona at the beach images". Bing finally lost that map when I tried "Corona cute girls images". I guess bidness is bidness, after all.

Bing, at least, is really pushing this Kung Flu Panic-Fest hard. This is one example that was pretty obvious to me.

"I've got one word about your future, Ben.

"Uhhh, Sir, that might be two words, but it's debatable."

Wednesday - April 29th 2020 11:22AM MST
PS My only experience with the “Images for....” that I get in response to a search is that they are never at all relevant to what I want.
Tuesday - April 28th 2020 6:26PM MST
PS: I am not on VK, Mr. S. I don't need an alternate for Facebook, as I really never felt like joining up there either. Thank you for the suggestions, though. I forgot to add on my comment to you on the higher-up post, thank you for sticking up for free speech in Europe. I don't know how long our Amendment I is going to be even given lip service too.

Bad times are coming - the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Red Guards era were a preview. "Those who refuse to learn from history are condemned... PERIOD"
Tuesday - April 28th 2020 1:29PM MST
Corona is strange. Short term panic, to enforce lockdown, long term optimism, to avoid noticing that restrictions should remain active for another 15 months, to make sense. And refusal for a crash investment to build 20 N95 mask factories.
Check out, comment there, maybe we can chat. Are you on vk dot com, the refuge for facebook- persecuted European patriots and unbrainwashed people.
Tuesday - April 28th 2020 9:54AM MST
PS: I skimmed through your Part V, Mr. Hail. This Dr. Wittkowski deserves to be the next Surgeon General. I have watched only a small portion of his videos. Thank you for all the effort in publicizing this guy.

I'm afraid I can't get the one particular family member to watch and read your stuff. She'd rather show me the one guy who protested the LOCKDOWN and then got the Corona-one-niner and subsequently croaked ... and no family member came to get him, so they bulldozed him into a ditch... or something.
Monday - April 27th 2020 8:23PM MST
PS --

Corona Coup d'Etat
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