High Stupidity from one Mark Levine

Posted On: Thursday - June 4th 2020 8:59PM MST
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I think I've heard the name, but I don't know much about this guy. What is he, one of those pundits? I haven't spent the effort to check Mark Levine's occupation, but speaking of pundits, Mr. Steve Sailer is back to his usual self, after 2 or 3 months of heavy Kung Flu worry posting. I am quite relieved.

If you click on the link above, the list of his recent unz.com posts, you'll see that he's got a slew of great stuff now. One of the posts DOES mention the Kung Flu, but it's in a much more lighthearted manner - "Remember Coronavirus, Stay-At-Home, and Social Distancing? Well, Forget It, That's All So OVER".

I'm just too tired to write up one of the numerous other posts I've got on the front burner, so this will be those (much more rare than 2-3 years back) "hey, look what he said!" posts. Mr. Sailer points to a bitch-fest in the form of an open letter, proclaiming that black people have been screwed over by the Kung Flu AND by, well, about everything else in this white man's world. It's these tweets by this Mark Levine character that really display the stupidity for all to see clearly:

It's our fault that they had to have these riots , errr, protests and not be able to keep that 6 ft. social distance while smashing windows out.

About 4 months earlier, Mr. Levine praised the Chinese people for showing up in a big close-together-for-support crowd in NYC to fight anti-Kung Flu racism or something, as ridiculed in our post Be Strong, Wuhan!:

(I'm pretty sure, at least I HOPE, that this Huxley's Ghost guy is also being sarcastic. How do you know on twitter?)

It's one thing to be stupid, but if you're gonna be stupid, Mark Levine. could you at least be consistent about it?

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