Hiearchy of Dogmas

Posted On: Wednesday - June 10th 2020 8:25PM MST
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Per commenter MBlanc46, we can call the arrangement of the various victimized groups of Americans, in some pecking order of who is more deserving... of the white man's money, the Hierarchy of Dogmas. Excellent. We need to have a pyramid, or what they call a pyramid, nothing but a triangle really, to display these in an order we can all get behind. I know we all appreciated that guidance from the US Gov't on the 4 basic food groups and all that.

Per the great comments under this post from yesterday, we need to consider especially blacks, trans women of color, with a whole lot of combinations to be sorted out. Possibly some sort of weight-function methodology should be used, and no, that doesn't refer to POLDs, People Of High Displacement, and the variant POBs, People Of Buoyancy.

While I appreciate the term, Mr. Blanc, and all the good advice on how one should start categorizing this Hierarchy of Dogmas, one can't help but missing the simple life of yesteryear when we just categorized cars. See, this talk about Black, Trans, Americans, etc. has me thinking of a great example from the middle of the 1970's:

Now here is a Black, Trans-Am(erican):

OMG, a Rebel flag on the Georgia Flag plate!
(Sally Field and Burt Reynolds)

"Westbound and down, 18 wheels a-rollin' ..."

(See 03:38 - "Happy Birthday, America", just after the Bi-Centennial.)

... and, for the return trip, with the trailer loaded with Coors beer:

"Eastbound and down, loaded up and truckin' ..."

This (spoiler: it's the same song) song is by Jerry Reed. Peak Stupidity featured the fun country music artist Jerry Reed before (the semi-truck driver you see here in the Smokey and the Bandit movies) in a song about Amos Moses - see I should have named him after a man of the cloth.

Saturday - June 13th 2020 8:46AM MST
PS: Thanks for the picture, whomever. I used to think the 2nd generation Camaros were the coolest looking, but the 3rd-gen has them beat.
Friday - June 12th 2020 10:19PM MST
PS: https://cdn.dealeraccelerate.com/rkm/1/2380/156500/790x1024/w/1986-chevrolet-camaro-iroc-z-28
Friday - June 12th 2020 2:41PM MST
PS: You guys got me going on that one. Besides being flashy, those cars are speeding ticket generators, even if you don't drive like the Bandit.

It's hard to believe those brands are not around. The world of cars is not what it was.
Friday - June 12th 2020 7:18AM MST
PS Trans-American. Good one. A bit flashy for my taste. There used to be a lot of them around in my part of the world. It’s hard to believe that Pontiacs no longer exist. Or Oldsmobiles. Some American auto execs—and pols—are going to have some ’splainin’ to do when they meet their Maker.
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