The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen are now in CHAZ

Posted On: Saturday - June 13th 2020 6:13PM MST
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In the days between early June and late September, Seattle and the rest of the Pacific Northwest is the most beautiful place I've seen, and I've been everywhere, man, at least in this here land. That big vanilla ice cream cone of a volcano that goes up to 14 1/2 thousand feet is visible from any hill, through spaces in the tall evergreens, and both the hills and evergreens are everywhere.

It's possibly worth it to live up there throughout the gloomy winter for the other 7-8 months. Well, it's not all that cold really, other than the rare nights in winter when the clouds are not there. It's accurately called a "temperate" climate - if you like the outside between 45 F and 55 F, you're golden! It's like that a large part of the year. It's not even that they get that much rain on that side (the west side of they Olympic Mountains gets a whole lot more). That 37 in. yearly or so is lower than most States in the East and Deep South. It's just that there are so many damn rainy days. 1/8" today, sprinkles tomorrow, once in a while a downpour, but it just doesn't freakin' dry the hell out till June sometime! The sun is 19 degrees above the horizon at its HIGHEST at the winter solstice , so even if there is that sun break at noon, that sun doesn't do squat.

Yeah, but during that beautiful summer, with no serious heat to speak of - the people complain when it's 82F and not even humid, for cryin' out loud - it gets light before 5 in the morning and it's not dark until nearly 10P. It's time to play then, and for outdoor types, it's a HUGE playground - mountains to the west, mountains to the east, mountains to the south, water right up to downtown, saltwater to the west, and freshwater to the east.

(This song, with the tune written by a guy named Hugo Montenegro and lyrics by Jack Keller and Ernie Sheldon, was also sung by Bobby Sherman and Perry Como, but I like this Connie Smith version. I didn't know before that the song was a theme for a TV show about 19th century Seattle, called Here come the Brides*. Bobby Sherman was in the show.)

The city of Seattle, Washington is in the news, or, excuse me, I should say, and the CHAZ, as some of it is now the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, supposedly not a part of that city and State anymore. Mind you, we at Peak Stupidity have absolutely nothing against secession. There's no law against it, though the US Army may invade and start a terrible 4 year-long war of aggression just the same. It's just that these young Commies and BLM fools wouldn't know how to run a coffee shop**, much less a country. I hate that they picked the city of Seattle too. Why not Gary, Indiana, guys? They picked one of the many nice neighborhoods too. If Seattle, you could find a few place where the cops already don't want to go, like down in Tukwila or by the SEATAC airport. No worries, right?

The CHAZians have already been seen on youtube, yelling at each other about whose turn to speak it is, and what they want to accomplish. These are people who ordinarily wouldn't get along, with the exception of when working to destroy American culture and stuff . Hopefully it won't escalate and require anyone calling the Law or anything ... wait.

OK, now we're all Libertarians here, right, so ... right? No, but I can see a better society with a lot fewer lawmen around (lawladies even less so). It's just that it works only with the right demographics such as, for example, the citizens of the United State for its first century, and on into the next to a lesser degree. Even with orderly rational people (take China, please ..) you've got the basic problem of mo people, mo problems. I'm positive that CHAZ, if not already, will be a virtual shitshow. (There's probably already a youtube channel with that name that they can use. What do you mean, you have the rights? Your law means nothing in CHAZ, white man.)

The CHAZians are just part and parcel to all the ruination I know of in Seattle. The place is still beautiful. However, the big money of computer "TECH", and huge immigration from India, China, and all over, for cheap TECH labor, and then the lefty politics, likely an infestation that came along with Californication, has introduced and induced a population generally unworthy of the beautiful landscape and well-built city.***

It wasn't always like this. I've been to graveyards with most of the headstones and monument displaying the Swedish and Norwegian names of many of those early settlers and builders of the city*. A couple of decades ago, when I was there for a while, even those nice neighborhoods on the various hills, Magnolia to the NW, Queen Anne, due North, Ballard and Fremont north of there, and Capitol Hill to the East were all reasonably affordable. Now you got mo people, mo money, mo problems. Working class people have been gentrified right out of many of the nice areas, except, of course, we don't call it gentrification when it happens to white people, so quit bitchin'.

Here are a couple of pictures of Capitol Hill, the first of a commercial street, and the next of a type of house you see a lot of, especially there. When I was there walking around (gotta get some Pagliachi's pizza!) I looked around enough to wonder about certain people, and I don't mean just the tattoos and nose piercings. I'd heard it was a gay area, and asked exactly that of some dude on the street "hey, is this a gay area?" He didn't seem miffed about the question but denied it. I wonder if he's now living in CHAZ, maybe in the gay area, possibly with some new tattoos and piercings.

I never got into the Grunge music scene (out of Seattle) very much, but since Pearl Jam was the first Grunge song I ever heard, I got to like this one quite a bit.

Pearl Jam:

Eddie Vedder – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jeff Ament – bass guitar, backing vocals
Stone Gossard – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals
Mike McCready – lead guitar, backing vocals
Too many different drummers to figure out who played drums on this one.

A song by a more recent Seattle band, The Head and the Heart was featured here 2 weeks into this blog. Here it is: Lost in my Mind. You'll like it.

* There were plenty from the East Coast too, especially Boston. On Queen Anne Hill, one of the ritziest parts of town, just north and uphill from the Space Needle, there are streets named after Boston suburbs and outlying towns in Mass. The was due to there having been these Mercer girls (part of the story in Here Come the Brides), who'd been sent for, from 3,000 miles, right down the I-90 end to end.. OK, I kid, way before the 90.

** Yeah, they can work at a coffee shop, or sit at a table for 2 hours, pounding and expounding their points regarding the coming revolution, but run it?

*** It is a well-built city, in my opinion. Most of the neighborhoods, even not near downtown, have commercial streets that are within 5-10 small blocks from anywhere in the neighborhood. The streets go in a grid, big hills and ravines be damned. One is tempted to think the planners had never heard of switchbacks, though there are a few here and there.

Tuesday - June 16th 2020 6:14AM MST
PS . Only been to Seattle once- a couple years ago. seemed a lot to me like a hilly Twin Cities, which makes sense given the substantial Scandinavian population of the Pacific Northwest.
I was amazed at the number of bums there- certainly our tolerance for bum-ness says something not good about our society.

I also went up to the Ballard neighborhood, as there is a Scandinavian Heritage museum up there-I am interested in the Nordic diaspora here in North America, and spent some time walking around the neighborhood- very modest looking, although well kept homes, with very expensive vehicles parked in front of them. I subsequently found out that what the owners of these houses were buying was Ballard High School. I think this ties into Sailer's affordable family formation discussion.

What I just can't figure out is why a group of thugs is allowed to take over part of a major US city. Has anyone, the mayor, the governor, explained why this is being allowed? I get that riots can sometimes catch political leaders, especially feckless ones like Jacob Frey, unawares and unprepared, but this? COME ON!
Monday - June 15th 2020 6:40PM MST
PS: I meant to add: too pooped to post today. Hopefully, I'll get new stuff on here Tuesday, but it's gonna be a busy week otherwise.

Thank you all for reading!
Monday - June 15th 2020 6:33PM MST
PS: Of course, one can make the mountain look huge with a telephoto lens, but it really is pretty impressive. I looked at your links, Adam. The mountain pictures are so much better for my mood than the ones of the masses of people. Oh, and the homeless took all their food, haha1. What a country!

Thank you for your generous offer for us Peak Stupids. If I run out of real money, I'm hoping to at least be able to spend my Chuckie Cheese money somewhere. I figure it can only go up compared to the US dollar.
Monday - June 15th 2020 6:22PM MST
PS: Thanks for the comment, Federalist. I wonder what wealth creation goes on inside the CHAZ to enable them to have anything to eat ... besides each other. Perhaps they could open up a number of coffee shops inside their zone, selling fair-trade, indigenous-people-friendly coffee to each other, with everyone making the $15/hour minimum wage. Without any pastries from the outside, they could serve long pig?

Let them take over the whole central part of the city. The rest of the Seattlelites can pull up the draw bridges on the ship canal, sink the 90 and 520 bridges, and leave the riffraff on the south side to deal with them.
Adam Smith
Monday - June 15th 2020 4:54PM MST
PS: Good Afternoon Mr. Moderator...

I'm sure the denizens of CHAZ are not Libertarians or Anarchists though they may be socialists or something. They seem like misguided statists to me. I'm really sure they haven't thought this through. They are occupying approximately 15 acres including Cal Anderson park which the internet tells me is 7.37 acres. It appears that there are thousands of people there during the day. I hear they are already running out of meat substitute and squabbling over who gets to hold the conch shell. At least they get free samples of Ben and Jerry's.

"No, Adam Smith, they didn't make us pay in silver..."

Well, they should have... ;-)

I've never been to Seattle, but wow, Mt. Rainier is very impressive... It dwarfs the skyline in your opening picture.

Here's another from a different angle...

Much more imposing then the tiny little baby sized mountains around here...

Silver was about 4 1/2 Federal Reserve notes per Dollar in 2002. If I were the proprietor of SkyCity I would accept payment in silver. For those that didn't bring silver I would sell SkyCity collectible silver coins and ingots that the customers could exchange for food and drinks (or keep if they wish) kinda like silver Disney Dollars. Obviously I would accept Silver Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs and I would jack the prices up high enough that I could offer a generous "discount" for those who chose to pay with silver.

I would also have something in place so the regular readers of PeakStupidity could dine and drink for free.

Monday - June 15th 2020 4:24PM MST
Unless the place will be reduced to rubble and all of its inhabitants put to the sword, leave them alone. Let's be entertained by the show. Will there be cannibalism? Will they take over all of Seattle? Maybe rival warlords will each control a part of the city.

I'm all for secession - and not just for Chaz. I want to secede, too. I want to have as little to do with these people as possible. The State of Washington could easily reestablish control with the National Guard. I don't want to be a part of the same nation as these clowns who allow part of their territory to be occupied by a handful of SJW misfits.
Sunday - June 14th 2020 3:45PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, most of those would have been Kenmore Air Beavers and single Otters - they take off and land on Lake Union, almost right below you, from that height, to the due north. I was up there for a meal during the 40-year (I think?) anniversary of the Needle, and that had prices from the original year. No, Adam Smith, they didn't make us pay in silver (real money), luckily!

I've been to the Olympic Mountains a number of times. If it's not gonna be the usual touristy things, I recommend the reader get/bring a car, take a ferry boat across the sound, and then go into the Olympic Nat'l Park. If not up for any hiking, one can still drive up to 6,000 ft 17 miles uphill to Hurricane Ridge. If it's nice out, the views are splendid.
Sunday - June 14th 2020 3:09PM MST
PS I was only there for a few days for a conference in 1998. It seemed a pleasant enough place, although I got barked at by a cop for crossing a street outside the crosswalk. I did several of the tourist things, including having lunch at the restaurant in the Space Needle. Very touristy, I know, but, then, I was a tourist. It was quite enjoyable dining as light airplanes flew by at table height. The food was decent and if you were going to the restaurant, they waived the price of the elevator. My paternal grandfather’s family decamped to Seattle for a couple of years after they’d migrated from Flint, Michigan, to the Chicago suburbs. I don’t know why they returned. Pop was pretty young, I guess, and didn’t have any stories of Seattle. I guess that I’m enough of a Great Lakes guy, that both the East and the West never quite feel like home.
Sunday - June 14th 2020 1:34PM MST
PS: Yep, Mr. Anon, those old jobs, Boeing, Weyehaeuser, etc. were real jobs in actual wealth-creating industries (industries without quotes). That makes a difference in the population. I don't have anything against the Grunge music really, but making fancy expensive coffees as an "industry" just isn't something a city has anything to be proud of.

Which place didn't? I don't know, Uruguay, maybe? (Tryin' to stay in the western hemisphere at least ...)
Mr. Anon
Sunday - June 14th 2020 12:58PM MST
PS Seattle was a nice place up through the 80s. It had a real middle-class / blue collar vibe. The biggest employers were Weyerhaeuser (Timber) and Boeing (Aerospace). Microsoft started the rot. It drew in a bunch of culturally liberal creeps from around the country and of course became a big H1-B draw. Then there was Grunge and Starbucks - commodified youth rebellion and lifestyle consumerism. The place really started to run downhill during the 90s. But then, which place didn't?
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