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Posted On: Monday - June 22nd 2020 5:55PM MST
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(Apologies to Peak Stupidity readers and commenters for not getting out the post on speculation as to who's behind the latest turmoil, and not answering comments, respectively. I thought of this one just today.)

I've been told that this mask-wearing thing is not the "hill to die on". I can see the TSA unreasonable search/seizure business not being the hill to die on. What are you supposed to think, though, when you see this stuff combined together AND with the little ones involved?

There was a family of 5 going through the TSA line this morning, the kids being all small, from 2 through 5 by my estimation. They didn't have to wear the masks until getting on the airliner, so either they didn't know all these new rules, or the Mom (who was in damn good shape for having popped out 3, BTW) was concerned about the Kung Flu. I don't know. It all looked just kind of disgusting. That is not directly, as they were a good-looking family, but my thoughts of what was going on made the whole scene a disgusting display of the US Police State.

The parents were trying to get their stuff through, which included strollers and that, the TSA agents were saying take off this, take that out, go here now, wait here, you can't have this, you can have that... The little ones were cute, even in their masks, but imagine growing up with this shit as all you know so far. Blue-shirted "officers" are ordering your parents around, and your parents are stressing out, making sure your masks are on, you put your little backpack and teddy bears through, you dumped out your sippy cup, and you walk through this machine right.

Just what are these little ones going to think of this world? This is all they know about the airport, until it gets a little better on the plane, but then, on the plane EVERYBODY looks like an alien, wearing masks, the flight attendants can't do any real service, smile, or talk understandably. Well before all this, if coming from home or visiting, the family had to say goodbye to any loved ones there back at the house, or while parked at the curb of the airport, hurriedly before someone gets ticketed and towed*.

What a sad sight it was! I don't want to hear, much less sing, the star-spangled banner after seeing this thing today, with its "land of the free, home of the brave" bit. That doesn't apply anymore. Francis Scott Key called via Ouija board and said he wants his anthem back. We need a new one.

* Do you know it's only been about 18 years back to the time (well after 9/11/01) when one could go right to the terminal gate and see off the folks, or come up there to greet them off the plane?

Saturday - June 27th 2020 6:57AM MST
PS: Regarding your 12:21A comment, that's very good way to describe it, Mr. Anon. It indeed has caused tremendous alienation for the kids, from their friends and from other generations. I guess, trying to break up the American nuclear family in other ways was just not working fast enough for these Commies behind this (OK, getting a bit conspiratorial here, evil vs. stupidity).

It's one thing to be careful for a while around the grandparents. However, at some point, you've got to have some perspective.
Saturday - June 27th 2020 6:51AM MST
PS: Sorry for the very late reply (internet-age-wise), Mr. Anon. ON your 1215A comment: I don't know. I have. not read Lew Rockwell or Reason mag (the latter is quite different of course) in a long time. I just perused headlines on lewrockwell.com. (Man, he'd got great content, but it ain't much easier to navigate on than my site! I went back 2 weeks, one day at a time, but then just doctored up the URL to get into early May). I can. tell you that the Libertarian writers on LR at least are on the case, Mr. Anon.

I just don't think the L's have much of a voice except the Reason-mag open-borders idiots that are GIVEN a voice by the Lyin' Press.

Just my quick take on this. You may be right that they should be speaking up a LOT LOUDER.
Mr. Anon
Friday - June 26th 2020 12:21AM MST
PS The COVID thing is even more dystopian and anti-human than the post-911 police-state. It is encouraging people to see everyone has just a source of contagion - not as people, but as walking virus-bombs. It is even alienating grandparents from their own grandchildren. It's probably deeply screwing up a lot of kids, as you point out. It seems designed to make people isolated, lonely, anxious, distrustful, and neurotic. One can hardly imagine a better regime for rendering normal citizens into frightened, obedient order-followers.
Mr. Anon
Friday - June 26th 2020 12:15AM MST
PS "Steve Sailer has a recent post (he posts like a madman, but right now it's the 2nd one) about this all getting to far. I notice neither he nor the commenters so far mentioned the Libertarians who've been fighting this Orwellian stuff for a century."

I can't say with absolute certainty, but it seems to me that the Libertarians have been strangely silent about the Covid Clampdown.
Wednesday - June 24th 2020 6:34PM MST
PS: It'd be great to get at the "Powers That Be", as they say, Mr. Blanc, but how? Massive disobedience by regular people may be a more viable option. It worked during the 1960s, albeit mostly for the wrong side.
Wednesday - June 24th 2020 2:19PM MST
PS I do get your side of the argument, and if masks or the TSA are where you want to make your stand, fine. All we actually come into contact with in the supermarket or the TSA are other proles. The people that need to be hit are the people who make the policies, not the poor saps at the front who have to try to enforce them. I’d prefer to see us spend our time and energy trying to get organized—real face-to-face meetings where we can find out who’s who and what they can be counted on to do—rather than individual gestures. But there’s more than one way to skin a cat.
Tuesday - June 23rd 2020 8:46PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, very thought-provoking comment, thought that's stuff that I and others (I'm sure) think about in these situations. At the store, I'm not trying to raise a ruckus and piss people off, but people really follow examples. If I walk around like it's normal times with no mask, I'm not trying to cause a fuss. If an employee says something, I'll be nice, but then not give in. "No, ma'am, I think this is all overblown silliness, but I'll try to stay away from people." I guess if she or he insists, then I've gotta leave m stuff, and walk on out, which IS a waste of everybody's time.

As for the TSA, right, if you don't go on your flight, you've probably set an example that will just make everyone more obsequious next time. However, if you push it enough to make sure they know you will only take so much shit, it emboldens others. You'll be surprised how much you can push it. I would agree that, in the year 2020, a big holding-up of the line with a rant to the crowd "you're all a bunch of sheep" and references to the Constitution won't really take. That's a shame, really.

I've been friendly to some TSA people just because I've seen them multiple times, and we're just friendly around here. However, I'd still be all for working a deal with a willing Sheriff to get evidence of groping and the obvious unreadable searches that are pretty much their job and have deputies come in with 10 squad cars and arrest the lot of them. This would be a real rebellion against the Feral Gov't, and such a Sheriff would be known nationally. Yeah, it's but a dream ...
Tuesday - June 23rd 2020 3:02PM MST
PS Knowing which hill you’re willing to die on is always an important question. In these times it’s perhaps the most important question. One factor that comes to my mind whenever I ponder this question is, who will be there dying with me? Am I just committing a spectacular suicide that no one except those near and dear to me will even notice? Or will there be enough comrades by my side that our deaths will be noticed and make some difference? If I make a ruckus about wearing a mask at the supermarket, what will the outcome be. I’ll have made the day of some low-level munchkin who’s just trying to get to quitting time worse. If my ruckus is ruckussy enought, I might get arrested. And I won’t get my groceries. If I make a ruckus at the TSA station, I don’t get on my flight. Now, if 20% of the passengers on every flight made a ruckus, it might have some effect. But our powers of organization aren’t there yet. Not even close. And if they were, I might want to consider a more critical point at which to apply them. I hate the masks and the TSA, but I don’t see the point of going down in flames over them.
Tuesday - June 23rd 2020 6:21AM MST
PS: Adam, oops, meant "too far". Also, I will save this graphic for use in what I'm near positive will be another TSA post sometime.
Tuesday - June 23rd 2020 6:20AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, yeah, it's a tough call between not ever going on the airliner versus putting up with that crap. My guess for most instances is (based on personal experience) that when the wife is not there, the husband would have at least raised more hell about the process.

At least you can teach your children to hate the whole idea, as you make your way through reluctantly, giving them as much grief as will keep you on the flight.

BTW, before I pasted it into a tab, I was pretty sure you had that song in mind. I know I had it before on here.

Steve Sailer has a recent post (he posts like a madman, but right now it's the 2nd one) about this all getting to far. I notice neither he nor the commenters so far mentioned the Libertarians who've been fighting this Orwellian stuff for a century.
Tuesday - June 23rd 2020 6:15AM MST
PS: Robert, yeah, I've got the Peak Stupidity URL rather than Peak Evil, so I have to stick with our mantra here, haha! It's hard to separate stupidity from evil, as often times it's good but stupid people that mean well who cause the evil.

Pretty funny 2nd paragraph yourself, Robert. Thanks for the compliment.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - June 23rd 2020 5:51AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...


"Just what are these little ones going to think of this world?"

Just what are these parents teaching their children about this world? What are they teaching them about obedience to "authority"? What are they teaching them about the nature of evil?

What is our children learning?


Monday - June 22nd 2020 11:47PM MST
PS: Mr. Blogmaster, be careful, you are veering from blogging about stupidity, into blogging about evil.

We are teaching our younger generation that human contact is dangerous. Get too close to someone, and you will die! It is one thing when you are in the third grade to think that girls have cooties. (They do, but that is why they need certain essential fluids.)

It is another to have your "betters" teach you that all human contact risks death.

But no. I don't really mean this (the be careful part). While I have really liked your ability to keep your sense of humor in all this, write whatever you damn well feel like. At least while (((they))) still let you.

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