Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic - Part 4

Posted On: Saturday - July 11th 2020 7:19PM MST
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Remember to keep your Social Disease Distance, ladies.

Peak Stupidity threatened promised in our last "Scenes from the Kung Flu Summer re-Panic" post that we would have more discussion about the wearing of face masks. This post ponders a question that just came to me while hanging out with friends last week and noticing who was or wasn't wearing personal Kung Flu protection.

What are strippers supposed to do during this pandemic? This is not something that I need feedback on right now, mind you. No one in our family is employed or associated with the stripping, errr, exotic dancing, errr, industry, luckily, but, yes, I've been a customer long ago. It was a different time, you understand ... There were, and probably still are, some weird-ass rules created by local and State governments to regulate the industry.

See, in this one particular place where the girls were very decent looking, at least under the low luminosity in there (I guess they were simply watching their carbon footprints), the girls could take it all off. But, and this is a big butt, unlike those in the establishment, they could not sell you beer. They charged a few bucks to get in, and then the ladies get tips. Some State legislator worked out the logic of this, probably while at a different club that did sell him beer. It makes sense: if they take off all their clothes, you have to go across the street to the grocery store and buy your own beer. If they leave something on, I'm not sure what exactly, then, the establishment can sell beer, well, they will pretty much demand you buy it. No, really, it doesn't make any sense, but it worked out great. Beer at the store was $3/6-pack then, versus $5 each at the other places. The girls got naked.

The 2nd time we went to this club, we were told we needed shirts with collars to get in. We had T-shirts on, which obviously do not fit in with the girls with tiny bikinis or nothing on. No, this one had us stumped too, but the bouncer must have understood the logic behind the rule. We didn't get in there.

With the laws on Social Distancing, what is the protocol now? Must they wear masks even when they take their bikini tops and bottoms off? In that case, will we now save a trip to the grocery store, but be coerced by a big guy to "buy a freaking beer or get out!". I mean, if they have a piece of clothing on, the mask that is. For some of the strip joints, maybe the masks on the girl's faces would be a plus for all involved, oh, and stymie the Kung Flu pandemic too.

Can one really get a good lap dance from 6 ft. away? (Well, some of us can!) Perhaps the strippers exotic dancers should get waivers that require them to wear the masks, but not necessarily over the face. There are lots of orifices that the COVID just LUVS, LUVS, LUVS to get into. It's a horny virus and does not discriminate.

Well, Peak Stupidity will have to speculate for now, as we've heard absolutely NOTHING out of the CDC or Dr. Fauci about this. We have zero guidance or policy recommendation regarding Stripper Social Distancing. I don't know what we're a friend of mine is supposed to do!

Saturday - August 1st 2020 1:17PM MST
PS: Thank you, Dtbb. Sincerely.
Friday - July 24th 2020 10:08AM MST
Friday - July 24th 2020 9:22AM MST
PS: Do you have a web address for that, Dtbb, or am I not getting the gist of your comment?
Friday - July 24th 2020 7:28AM MST
PS:have you taken the no bra challenge on tikt okyet?
Friday - July 24th 2020 7:26AM MST
PS:have you taken the no bra challenge on time took yet?
Sunday - July 12th 2020 8:13AM MST
PS “Big butt”. I see what you did there. Very droll indeed.
Sunday - July 12th 2020 4:05AM MST
PS: "Exotic Dancer", I should have used that term, Robert - maybe I will do a ctrl-R, at least for some instances.

Just baby oil, huh? Hahahaaa! Funny story - thank you.
Saturday - July 11th 2020 8:45PM MST
PS: Twenty or thirty years ago, when I did property management, we had a building with an exotic dancer (NOT A STRIPPER!, she would tell you) in it.

She would pay her rent, several months at a time, in rather sticky one dollar bills. (IT'S JUST BABY OIL!, she would tell you). The bank really did not like to have to count a thousand dollar bills that would gum up their machines, or give three different counts when done by hand.
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