99 % of good rock and pop was created in the English-speaking world...

Posted On: Friday - January 27th 2017 7:42PM MST
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... and, I'm 99% sure of that. Really, it's kind of uncanny, though. You may say that Americans did not get to hear all the "good stuff" from around the world back in the days when our music (and the British) was the good stuff, but I don't believe that. Way back in this post my theory that good lyrics don't mean a lot vs. a good tune in a song was expounded. So, were a great tune (and "sound") made anywhere around the world in another language, even back in the 70's we could have heard it, and we'd have liked it.

Now, after the Canadian artists, we've featured one particular Englishman and his combo Wings (too bad we can't recall if this guy had done anything of note before that group ;-} There are hundreds more and thousands of great songs to go though, from the UK, and then more from Australia, and America. Why is it that almost all of the good stuff was created in the English-speaking world - serious question?

OK, you say, what about the band "Golden Earring"? They were Dutch, I believe, but yeah, OK they had one hit per decade for a streak of 2 decades (Radar Love in the 70's and Bullet Hits the Bone in the 80's). Whoopdi-freakin-do!

True, this 99 (or should we say nein und nein-zig) percent number was obtained partially via rectal extraction, but additionally via subliminal thoughts of this one German hit by a girl name Nena. It's really not a great melody, now that I hear it for the first time in decades, but, hey, she had a good eighties hairstyle, and got on MTV before it started to suck.

Ninety-nine red balloons, but actual translation is just "Ninety-nine Balloons", as the "luft" just means "flying", not red.

NOTE: This song was heard/seen in America with English lyrics FIRST. Then, as a novelty, the German-lyric version came out and was more successful - yeah, the lyrics don't matter.

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