Fun with blacks and LEOs in Gwinnette County, Georgia

Posted On: Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 7:23PM MST
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The blogger Paul Kersey* has written a lot about the racial demographics of Atlanta, Georgia over the years. From reading him, one thing that sticks in my mind is, for some of the multiple (something like 10!) counties that make up the metro Atlanta area, the ratio of black people to white can change drastically in a couple of decades. (That would be toward a higher number.)

Gwinnett County, to the northeast**, is one, and let me just paste in this bit from wiki:
Gwinnett County is often cited as one of the counties in the US that has demographically changed the most rapidly. As recently as 1990, over 90% of Gwinnett County's population was white. By 2007, the county was considered majority-minority.

As of the 2010 United States Census, there were 927,781 people, 283,256 households, and 203,238 families residing in the county. The population density was 1,871.2 inhabitants per square mile (722.5/km2). There were 312,896 housing units at an average density of 677.4 per square mile (261.5/km2). The racial makeup of the county was 47.4% White, 28.5% black or African American, 18.8% Asian, 0.8% American Indian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 4.4% from other races.
[My bolding - wiki wouldn't be so bold as to bold it.]

Keep this in mind as you watch the video below. This is straight from Steve Sailer's recent post Georgia Cop Fired for Violating America's Newest Constitutional Right, with it's quick snark by the writer and good discussion, as usual, in the comments. This is not to be a George Floyd or Jacob Blake riot-causing story, as there was no shooting, just a lady getting tased twice, coming out none the worse for the wear and tear... It is true that black people have built up herd immunity to the taser?***

Let me say here that Peak Stupidity, being Libertarian in disposition is not a proponent of the "LEO's" and their "going home safe" to be an excuse for criminal acts that would put other people in jail for life. The point I make, with the hard-core sovereign men, Constitutionalists out to truly defend our rights, etc. excepted for now, is that interactions with decent cops mostly stay decent if both parties treat each other like human beings from the start. Here is one out of the two anecdotes in our post "First Responders!" - The Cops
More than 25 years back, in the big city, I got "pulled over" in current parlance, while walking to the mailbox (one of the rapidly disappearing big blue boxes on street corners) late at night. Keep in mind, though in the city, this was a neighborhood with houses and max. two-story apartments, so there wasn't anybody much around. This cop was walking, at least for a stretch, as he didn't pull up in the car. Already, that was a more decent situation than having the bright lights flashing in my eyes. When the guy asked, I told him, "No, I don't have an ID", as I tried to stand up for liberty even in my younger days. Actually, I didn't used to carry anything but my keys and some cash back then, so very likely I didn't have a driver's license on "my person".

I talked in a friendly manner to the guy because he did not come off like the guys in the pic above, as a threat to me, that is. I had been causing no trouble to anybody, but the guy just told me he thought I might be up no good, in particular burglary. Why? Because I was grimy with dirty, greasy clothes and dirty hands from working on the car.* "Where are you going?" "To mail this letter." I had it in my hands, as the letter would get even greasier if I tried to stuff it in a pocket. "Oh, OK, so you live around here?" "Yeah", and I showed him the return address. It made sense, so "Sorry, see you later." "Yeah, no problem." The guy was doing his job, but what made this a decent encounter with a cop was that he started off treating me like a human being, not a "PERP!", and I treated him like a human being.
When you view the video (you're gonna want to skip some of the boring parts) note that the cop that later got fired here did a good job at least trying to act like a decent human being, to the very lucid and reasonable black lady with the complaint in the beginning and initially with the subsequently-tased-and-arrested woman (I can't use the word "lady" for the latter). The cop at first didn't have enough evidence to go anywhere with the complaint (about damage to the first lady's car). It'd have been easier for him, and he'd still have a job afterwards, if he just kept blowing off this complaint. Maybe it could get passed along, or the complainant may have given up. (Hell, they didn't want to do squat-all when I got a car stolen right next to my place.)

However, I give the cop credit for following up. He really did start off very much in a decent manner with the 3 women on the porch, with another "camerawoman" nearby, that he (based on video evidence) suspected of being the culprits. The idea is that if the women don't want to talk to him in his investigation, they can be arrested as they are suspects. Now, I could see myself starting out with "get off my lawn" and so forth too. I could see myself questioning the legal aspect of what's going on, with not much luck, as I am no legal expert (everyone ought to know more). Once the story was clear, though, I'd be reasonable in my interaction. If you are a guilty serial-killer suspect, well you may rightly have different plans to end this, but this was about keying a car or something.

The problem here was that these women just kept ranting and raving and simply would neither listen nor shut up. Is that the time to just leave it be? I'm no "LEO", so I don't know the rules. I will say that at some point the job has got to be done. Again, this cop was working for the complainant, the lady in the beginning. If the job is EVER going to get done, then you can't leave these people alone forever. Maybe the guy should have gotten his partner first to try to handle the woman, rather than using the taser, but otherwise, it's like Steve Sailer writes: Black people seem to want the right to be able to decide whether to get arrested or not. (Of course, they could just all calm down and be less criminal, but that's a whole 'nother story.)

Here are a few points from the video:

- As an unz commenter noted too, it's funny that the cop asked the boy (complainant's kid) if he wanted to sit in the cop car. Yeah, he may very well, someday...

- At that time, the cop, just trying to be a friend told the kid "yeah, it's a great job" or something like that. Really? In today's Gwinnette County, I think he was fibbing a bit to be friendly.

- The women on or off the porch while the trouble was going on kep yelling "I'm calling the cops!" What do you call that, recursive?

- These are nice, fairly new houses. There are probably mostly good black people there, but it only takes a few bad ones to make it a bad neighborhood anyway. You can't blame all this behavior on "the ghetto".

- Even the calmer of the women just keep yapping, so the whole business takes 10 times longer than with someone calmer who will either call a lawyer, just answer some questions like a human being (not always best if one's guilty, and even otherwise), or get hauled in without 1 hours and 40 minutes going by for the whole shebang, per the body-cam on-screen clock. That last is a MINIMUM, as I don't know if the thing was turned off at any point.

This whole bit of police work went on from broad daylight to full nightfall. Is that what the taxpayers want to pay for? It's so much drama with these people. There's something to be said for defunding the police, per neighborhood request.

* Not his real name, for damn good reasons. The handle is taken from the main character, played by Charles Bronson. in the old series of Death Wish movies.

** Just as with lots of exurbs, the biggest town there, Lawrenceville was a completely separate town in the recent past, with country in between it an Atlants. Exurbs are exurbs because of white flight from the suburbs... don't worry, this is all good news ... for the real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

*** Full disclosure: I didn't develop that joke from scratch. Commenter Rob McX on a different iSteve thread theorized "It seems blacks have evolved to be taser-proof."

Thursday - September 3rd 2020 8:00PM MST
PS: It's a tough topic here. I do understand that paying these guys to settle petty disputes seems like a waste of time. Things could be handled very well between individuals and small-claims-court, what have you, but in say, 1980s Sweden or somewhere. In the neighborhood in question, what do you do? A simple question or two said in a civil voice gets 5 to 10 minutes of hollering and black people are not known to be the quietest minority group.

You can leave it be, I guess, or just stand there for another hour trying to remain calm.

Yes, I noted that it was a Mercedes. It probably has 120,000 miles on it, and lots of expensive parts/systems will break soon, but the lady wants to "style and profile". (That's the way a mechanic friend puts it.)
Thursday - September 3rd 2020 11:25AM MST
PS It would be wonderful if all cops could be Mr Rogers. But there are some very bad actors, real thugs, in the world. Somebody has to keep those thugs away from the ordinary folks. Those are the cops. Cops are society’s thugs. In order to control the thugs, the cops sometimes have to act like the thugs, or more so. It’s not easy to compartmentalize thuggish and non-thuggish behaviors. Sure, when cops cross the line, they should pay the price. But we should be pretty liberal about how strictly we draw that line. Because if the cops cease acting thuggishly on occasion, we’re effed.
Thursday - September 3rd 2020 5:57AM MST
PS. As the great General “Buck” Turgidson said, I’d like to reserve judgement on this until all the facts are in; I got the feeling that, while the women on the porch were assholic to an unbelievable degree, it might, and I stress might, be that the cop overreacted. The Education Realist writes a lot about how a big problem with the underclass is that they treat cops like teachers- that’s pretty evident here. I don’t know how long it actually was was from the time the cop stepped on the porch to the cuffs going on, but it seems the cop oh, I dunno, went too quickly. I could be persuaded otherwise. In any case, even if the cop was 100% in the wrong, I can’t believe (actually I can believe it) that it’s a firing offense.

Anyone else notice the car in question was a Mercedes?
Adam Smith
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 11:07PM MST
PS: Without police who would protect us when some crazy Black! woman yells at us and throws a bottle of "some type of liquid" all over our car?

Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 8:41PM MST
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The Salem Racism Trials
Wednesday - September 2nd 2020 7:39PM MST
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Forward! Yes we can.

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