Ohio State students and one prof. show maximum PC

Posted On: Monday - December 5th 2016 3:20PM MST
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I am very glad I went to college a long time ago. In this day and age, if I were 18-22 still, I don't know if I'd had the guts to talk truth to the all the politically correct professors spouting all their indoctrination points.

This zerohedge.com article mentions a video of short interviews with students, and one faculty member, about the Somalian attempted murderer. These people have in very ingrained in them that certain truths are forbidden. They aren't stupid, but the are cowardly. You've probably seen other videos in which an interviewer puts the kids on the spot, and they get a very weird look in their faces when they have this dissonance in the brain - "I know this but can't say it." It's kind of eerie, as I never would see that "screwed-with" look in anyone's face back in my day.

I should modify this to add that when the writer was in college it was in order to study a technical field, and I'm pretty sure even today one would not run into too much BS from professors of Science and Engineering. Even if they were to get way off their subjects, something about these studies weeds out the PC morons, so I can't imagine the profs talking like the one guy in the video.

It would be a real hoot to show up now though, like a Rodney Dangerfield, to attend some humanities classes and give the profs and other students some extreme feedback. I have no problem with standing up for the truth even with all of the rest of the class against me. In fact, I would have fun with that; knowing that I wouldn't care what my grade turned out like would help in this regard.

Here is the video itself (I linked to zerohedge for the comments section, which has got to be good, but is mangled to the extreme in any older browser):

Buck Turgidson
Saturday - January 28th 2017 8:12AM MST
If you want to find some groupthinking, pussified sheep, look no further than a college campus. What a bunch of wusses who are scared of their own shadows. The indoctrination looks damned near complete. The reporter is hot and looks like she has a brain and can think for herself.
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