Stay away from the remote!

Posted On: Saturday - September 12th 2020 6:53PM MST
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It's the thing now. Hotels are putting stickers here and there, showing that this and that have been thoroughly sanitized, and now there's the wrapper around the TV remote control. Since Seinfeld reruns don't come on TBS anymore, or hardly ever, even if there's no blog post to write, the TV need never come on anyway.

However, I noticed the blue wrapper shown above* a few weeks ago, while on a trip. I guess every one of the buttons, most of which I wouldn't press simply due to the fact that I can't make out what the stupid icon means, were scrubbed down for COVID cooties. I feel sorry for the housekeepers for probably getting lectures weekly about new cleaning policies to cover the hotel's ass from lawsuits and/or to comply with the Governor's latest whim before he changes his mind again about your being able to do business.

This type of wrapper should have been on remote controls at all hotels, at bars, and at every home in the country for the last 50 years. Rather than let us know we are safe from the Kung Flu, they should have red warning labels on them, every one:

*** WARNING: TV - More than 10 minutes daily may result in brain injury or brain death! Enjoy! ***

* And, man, was it a bitch to slide that thing off in one piece for later scanning for this post. That glue is viscous and vicious, both.

Tuesday - September 15th 2020 11:03PM MST
PS: Mr Moderator, And I only get the ones about erectile disfunction. Where are my Oriental girls?

P.S. Earl Butz for President!
Monday - September 14th 2020 1:56PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, not to alarm you, but I thought T-mobile was going to support nothing less than 4-G voice-over-LTE (no idea what that means) coming up by Christmas or earlier. I hope that one you have will comply, unless the "burner" ones somehow are on a different system(?).

I think deep down we all want to stay off Big Brother's radar as much as possible. However, right now, anyone not smart-phone equipped is probably a red-flag to The Man.

Bill H: That comment was hilarious. Not even as fast as the old USPS? At least the signals get around in the dead of night, rain, sleet, hail... however that goes, right? They get somewhere anyway, but maybe like a Peak Stupidity comment without the "PS".


"Maybe somebody else got them?" I got a picture of an Oriental girl wearing nothing but face masks? Was that the one? If so, I owe you one.
Bill H
Monday - September 14th 2020 9:45AM MST
PS I had a hunch, even as I was writing the comment, that you probably had a "brick" type cell phone. Mine is a little better than that, but to get the picture from my phone to my computer I have to send them via email. Sometimes they arrive right away. Sometimes they arrive as much as five days later. Some are still floating around in the Intertubes and have never found their way to my computer. Maybe somebody else got them?
Monday - September 14th 2020 8:53AM MST
PS I do live in mortal fear that T-Mobile will cease offering the pay-as-you-go plan for my flip phone. I never manage to use up my $100 worth in a year, unless I make a rare call to Europe, which really eats up the minutes. It’s a bit ironic, I think, that a bunch of guys (I’m guessing it’s all guys) such as us, who are all pretty tech savvy and perhaps heavy into systems of other sorts, are looking for ways to avoid so-called smart phones. Maybe it’s just because we all hate Apple and Google.
Adam Smith
Monday - September 14th 2020 8:31AM MST
PS: You're welcome Mr. Moderator...

Monday - September 14th 2020 7:21AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, thank you for all that good info. That is pretty much the way I'd like to go, but now I'm in this 2 for cheap plan with a contract company from my wife's arranging. I'm basically wasting my 1/2 of it right now with no smart phone, hence, I'm using no data. My plan was to use the cheapo as a mobile hot-spot and then get the signals off an older smart phone I have if I need to. But then, I have this tablet too, so... The cheapo turned out to be a knock-off of a good brand that is truly a P.O.S., so I feel lucky to receive phone calls!

I've been just blowing off the whole thing, but perhaps it's time to get back to the smart phone for a data plan or go the other way entirely and get my wife to just make it a one-phone plan for her fancy one. (She uses the hell out of it - couldn't get to the gas station without it... almost!)
Adam Smith
Monday - September 14th 2020 7:01AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator and friends...

About those dumb no contract cell phones...

I have been using pageplus for cell phones for several years...

I'm on the 3g plan. It costs $80 each year. It runs on the Verizon network so coverage is good. I use less than $80 each year, but it rolls your balance into the next year if you re-up before it expires.

As I'm not big on cell phone use it has worked out very well for me. I make some calls and text occasionally. I can even take a picture and send it.

I have a Droid 3 that I got for free from a customer...

My wife has an iphone 4s...

But you can use a flip phone...

As long as the phone is a Verizon phone (CDMA network) (and not a GSM phone) and 3g (looks like they do 4g too now) you're good to go.

You might even have an old Verizon flip phone sitting in a drawer somewhere..(?)

When it comes time to activate your phone you have to call pageplus and give them your MEID number. It usually takes just a few minutes.

Not trying to be an advertisement, but it seems like Robert or you might be interested in a decent cheap cell phone service with good coverage.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Monday - September 14th 2020 3:46AM MST
PS: Oops, I meant "I thought about getting a NON-contract one ..."
Monday - September 14th 2020 3:46AM MST
PS: Robert, I am sorry to hear that, as I had thought about going with a contract phone, maybe just as a spare. These smart phones just are a pain in the ass to me. The one I mentioned here IS part of a contract, but it will not be supported at all for very much longer. This started only because when I had to switch because of my wife finding a good plan for 2 phones, I couldn't use my old smart phone, which fit in my back pocket without being prone to falling out.

That sounds like a crazy criterion for picking a phone, but all I want is one to fit in the pocket with no worries of falling out onto the ground! I left one in a Home Depot parking lot when I went to look at something under the truck. Amazingly, it hadn't gotten run over 2 hours later, and someone had brought it into the store.
Sunday - September 13th 2020 10:39PM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, Around here, the only decent non-contract cell-phone company no longer supports the older 'dumb' smart phones. I really preferred those flip-phones that were just phones. (Although I do regularly use the alarm clock of my current phone.) My mother has tried to teach me how to 'text'; but I just tell her that I follow Ned Ludd.
Sunday - September 13th 2020 6:51PM MST
PS: Mr. Moderator, One of my cats, in the remote(less) past, would drape itself around my neck. Much more convenient.
Sunday - September 13th 2020 5:03PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, that remote can be handy for exactly what you mention here. Ours quit working (tried batteries and cleaned the terminals, etc.), but It's just me watching an occasional movie from the DVD player, so the only problem is I can't mess with the volume without getting up. Everything else stays put anyway on the HDMI input 2 "channel" and ON. I have to go up to the TV and turn it on at the beginning of the movie and off when done. No complaints from the family, as this thing is just a piece of furniture mostly.

One more cat/remote story: Long ago I had the old CRT TV and I did watch shows and the news. It never had a remote control (not that old, but I just don't recall every having one. OK, fine. However the cat was lying on my chest as I was watching a movie. Every time a commercial came on it was much louder than the movie.

I had to get up once to look up the phone number for the TV station then got my cordless phone. With the cat back on my chest, once the next commercial came on, I called someone there (back when you could get a live person on the old telephone). I bitched him or her out. "Come on, turn the commercials down or the show up, one. I don't have a remote, and I can't keep moving my cat like this!" I think it got fixed.

Sunday - September 13th 2020 4:54PM MST
PS: I did have my cellphone, Bill. However, it is closer to a retard phone than a smart phone, which is the way I like it. (Yes, it can take pictures, but I'm not really sure if there's an easy way to get them off of it. Really, it's for one thing only - making telephone calls.)
Sunday - September 13th 2020 11:06AM MST
PS In this household, Mme B is the tsarina of all things televisual. She’s in charge of both the hardware and the software. My only responsibility is to show up for our daily family time. The cat usually makes her appearance. I have tried to learn enough about the remote to change the channel in case something so dreadful that I simply can’t bear it is on (an occurrence of Negrolatry, for example) when Mme has stepped away.
Bill H
Sunday - September 13th 2020 7:21AM MST
PS Here's a thought. If you had your cellphone with you, you could have snapped a picture of it before taking it off, then scanned the picture at your convenience?
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