Affirmative Action: we can't get no satisfaction.

Posted On: Friday - September 18th 2020 9:21PM MST
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(It must be Steve Sailer day here at Peak Stupidity. That used to be the case more often at this blog's beginnings.)

Per my continual following of Steve Sailer's commentary, it seems to me that there is a growing trend in the SJW Establishments (most of academia, at the least). That is, there are white people coming out from undercover positions as Affirmative Action, Social Justice Warriors, in which they have been pretending to be of other races/ethnicities. With their consciences, if any, weighing on them, or maybe their covers about to be blown they have been coming clean and apologizing up a shitstorm.

Of course, there are probably cases that don't make the big news, as maybe the people involved just calmly get over it. The first I'd heard of this phenomenon was the case of Rachel Dolezal, out in Spokane, Washington, pretending to be black for a few years. There must be some privilege involved in being black that you never hear about, or why do it? It's a lot of trouble, especially with the hair. (See, Art Garfunkel could have gotten away with something like this. Nobody would have recognized him a few years after he and Paul Simon split up anyway, right?)

There was one Jessica Krug that Mr. Sailer posted about a few times a few weeks ago. This stuff is accelerating, or just his posting about it has been. Within one day, we read Another Affirmative Action Fraud Is Caught and Annals of White Privilege: Now, a Third Case of a Becky Pretending to be a Beq'ee.

As usual, Mr. Sailer has some neat insight. For instance, he points out how these women (so far, all women) have been given a rash of grief for their changes in racial identity, but everyone is very very careful to not mess with their gender identities. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, and these people are far madder, in both senses of the word, than the characters in that old movie.

After giving kudos to Mr. Sailer for his opinions on this madness, I will have to point out a problem with one of the very few of his opinions that I don't agree with. After all Steve Sailer writes about regarding race, he still believes that the > 5-decade-long campaign against the White man, called "Affirmative Action", should be continued! Sure, he's quick to point out that this should only be for people known to be descendants of slaves in the US and colonial America.

As we discussed in the Peak Stupidity Reparations Plan, we have no problem with the making whole of people who were previously held in slavery. I don't think the great-great-grandsons ought to get the money that their dead great-great-grandfathers deserved though. More importantly, I don't think White men should pay for the sins of their great-great-grandfathers or the great-great-grandfathers of a few other White men that happen to be also living in the United States.

Well, Mr. Sailer is in good company at least, as this support for basic AA is one of the only flaws we find with our very favorite literary pundit, Miss Ann Coulter. WTF, the both of you?!

Let's get back to this reaction to Affirmative Action by this small but growing faction. Frankly, I'm all for it. I think the people discussed in the Sailer posts are nutcases for going through with this all, but if people can game the system enough to gum up the works more power to them. I'm all for traditional Americas putting all sorts of things in those check boxes. The beauty of the Politically Correct world we live in (yes, there's a silver lining or two) is that we can use the fear of being un-PC against people who would question us on some pretty shady (unshady, really) descriptions that we may advertise for our identities.

After all, if we are really extra-privileged people, per our checked boxes, essays, and hair styles, then we are known to be easily offended. We get really offended when you ask questions such as "hey, this thing says you're black - what gives?" So, don't ask up if we are really those extra-privileged people we claim to be, because, if we are such people, you aren't allowed to ask questions about that.

"Whewww! That's some catch, that Catch-22." " It's the best there is."

Go for it. Don't listen to Jesse Jackson. If you're not getting any satisfaction, help us increase the fraction and get some traction on Affirmative Action. We Negro , errr Colored People , oops, Afro Americans , dangit, Black People, wait, African Americans oh, OK, People of Color really like that rhymin'. Don't mend it, don't end it, let's bend it.

Future discussion on this subject here ought to have some instructions for how to ease into the life of a member of a different race. There's an art to it.

Adam Smith
Monday - September 28th 2020 8:59AM MST
PS: Thanks for the link Mr. Moderator...

And thanks for the help with my math homework...

"Gamma is not a function that intends to generalize factorials; rather, generalizing factorials came along as something of an accident following the definition. Its true purpose is deeper."

I love it when math gets philosophical.

"you sure have a handle on this non-integer factorial thing"

No, I don't. Not at all.

I wish I was happy blindly trusting google's number, 6.385924744915!(which is, as it turns out, probably correct.) This is where a sane person would stop. Thanks google for the awesome calculator.

But, the other day I decided that it would be nice to know how google came up with that number. I like to know how things work.

As you noticed, I did the math per the integer factorial operation, which obviously is not correct, but must be in the ballpark as my inverse-factorial numbers are close to googles number. Close but not close enough. (It's pretty wild how quickly the factorials themselves diverge.)

The gamma function seems interesting and I'm sure the answer to the riddle can be found there. But it quickly makes my head spin. It's all Greek to me.

Well, that didn't help either...

So, I found this calculator...

And I took the number out a few more decimal points...


I suppose I'll just have to trust that two different, seemingly correct calculators are not wrong.

I will probably never know how to do that calculation on paper. (I'm ok with this as I see no real world use for this kind of math for an artist like myself.)

Thanks again for pointing me towards the gamma function.

Perhaps someday when I have more time I can wrap my head around the gamma function until I understand it. I do enjoy a puzzle.

As for today, I have a car to paint.

I hope you have a great day Mr. Moderator.

Sunday - September 27th 2020 6:05PM MST
PS: Oh, man, Adam, I am an science/engr. type, but you sure have a handle on this non-integer factorial thing more than I do. I tend to not question of the numbers are within a couple of percent or so! For most things, I figure the answer is good enough.

In this case, if you do the math per the integer factorial operation, yeah, I see what you got. However, the Gamma Function is defined by an integral, and the factorial operation cannot be done in the normal fashion, I guess. That makes me wonder why your inverse-factorial numbers are so close together (though, the factorials themselves will diverge pretty quickly).


"Gamma is not a function that intends to generalize factorials; rather, generalizing factorials came along as something of an accident following the definition. Its true purpose is deeper."
Adam Smith
Saturday - September 26th 2020 8:48PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

Inverse factorial, eh?

The math is beyond me too.
I'm an artist, not a mathematician...
Either I misunderstand the factorial function... (likely)...
Or google calculator's factorial shortcut is a little off...

n! = n × (n−1)!

Which says...

The factorial of any number is that number times the factorial of (that number minus 1).

• 1! = 1
• 2! = 2 x 1 = 2
• 3! = 3 x 2 x 1 = 6
• 4! = 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 24
• 5! = 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 120
• 6! = 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 720
• 7! = 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 5,040
• 8! = 40,320
• 9! = 362,880
• 10! = 3,628,800

• 15! = 1.3076744e+12
• 15! = 1.307674368 × 10^12
• 15! = 1,307,674,368,000

• 1500! = I have no idea.

• 6.385924744915! = 1500 ←our previous number.!

Which should be the same as...

6.385924744915 x 5.385924744915 x 4.385924744915 x 3.385924744915 x 2.385924744915 x 1.385924744915

Why the sizable difference? What am I missing?

Let's try 6.32756290702! (6.32756290703! on my debian calculator.)

6.32756290702 x 5.32756290702 x 4.32756290702 x 3.32756290702 x 2.32756290702 x 1.32756290702!

6.32756290703 x 5.32756290703 x 4.32756290703 x 3.32756290703 x 2.32756290703 x 1.32756290703!

I think 6.32756290702 or 6.32756290703 or somewhere in between is the number we're looking for.

Not that it matters. I can't imagine many people use this kind of math. I don't know why the disparity though.I don't know what I'm missing.

I hope you have a good evening.

Saturday - September 26th 2020 7:25PM MST
PS: OIC, Adam, 6.385924744915 is the inverse factorial of 1,500. I ended up looking through the math version of stackoverflow and getting some info on the Gamma function. I could work out the numbers, but that math itself is beyond me - didn't used to be.
Adam Smith
Saturday - September 26th 2020 6:14AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

I thought you might like modern heretic.
I like the way he writes.

Gucci says...

“This product is made of 100 per cent organic cotton. It is produced through cultivation and manufacturing processes that don’t involve harmful chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and incorporates methods that respect biodiversity and ecosystems, improve soil quality, and reduce water consumption.”

I have no idea what they do to make the "grass stain effect". Presumably it doesn't wash out, but who knows?

Those Gucci jeans must be a sign that we are approaching peak stupidity... (Please tell me we're approaching peak stupidity.)

6.385924744915! does look exciting with that exclamation point on the end...

Adam Smith
Saturday - September 26th 2020 6:12AM MST
PS: What does anything really mean Mr. Moderator?!

Friday - September 25th 2020 7:29PM MST
PS: Adam, you lost me with that number (first I thought it was 2 PI, but not). You can only take a factorial of a positive integer, right?

Well, crap, I just read that you can, but you need to understand the Gamma Function first. OK, what does that number mean?

I looked at your 2 links. Modern Heretic is pretty good! Regarding the Russia Today article on the Gucci jeans, I wish I could tweet, cause I've got a good one: Hey, how do I know that isn't some cheap Chinese knock-off? That could be green watercolor, not real grass stains.
Adam Smith
Friday - September 25th 2020 9:28AM MST
PS: 6.385924744915!

Tuesday - September 22nd 2020 9:00AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, thank you, but I'm still catching up on some of your other interesting stuff. So, also off the topic, I read the David Cole article regarding Ron Unz finally (saw it in that old browser tab).

It's kind of like my 2 posts, I guess. If you can't get satisfaction, as in, a straight answer out of the guy, explain on your own blog or another. The original thread on unz that Mr. Cole refers to in his article had just under 1,500! comments (no, not 1,500 factorial, but "Fifteen hundred, dammit!") It's just too much - life is too short. That's not a problem on Peak Stupidity, as of yet...

(Mr. Unz had been a lot less rude to his commenters that he doesn't agree with lately, IMO.)
Adam Smith
Tuesday - September 22nd 2020 7:36AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. Moderator...

Slightly off topic, except for the headline and the motif...

‘Peak stupid’: Gucci’s $1,400 ‘eco-friendly’ grass-stained jeans ridiculed on Twitter

Of Satchuel Cole and the Annals of White Privilege...

Monday - September 21st 2020 8:29PM MST
PS: Mr. Little, yeah, I was joking solely based on the guy's hair. It made him that much taller than Paul Simon too!

I will fix the spelling in one minute. Thank you.
Rex Little
Monday - September 21st 2020 8:07PM MST
PS A small quibble. Art Garfunkel (that's how his name is spelled) could never have passed for black. Sure, he had the hair (back when he had hair), but his complexion was white as a sheet.
Monday - September 21st 2020 11:08AM MST
PS Yeah, the Chinese, too. Wouldn’t want to discriminate. Regarding supporting the blacks, I’d prefer to think of it as foreign aid than as welfare. as I imagine that anyone who has read even a small number of my comments knows that I am a big advocate of separate polities.
Adam Smith
Sunday - September 20th 2020 11:04AM MST
PS: Thank you for the wonderful, thoughtful suggestions Mr. Moderator.

I believe our Affirmative Action Plan is not only practical but also very desirable. Our plan will help ensure domestic tranquility for years to come.

Complimentary beverages and a free 100 yard-long food bar are very reasonable expenditures for such a favorable outcome.

All Aboard!

Sunday - September 20th 2020 10:23AM MST
PS: Brilliant, Mr. Smith! That is a very clever idea. I think we should make sure Norwegian and Carnival are very careful with the naming. The use of "Middle Passage Return" should be avoided. Cell phone service probably ought to be on the fritz on these boats, and then GPS jammers would be in order.

"What, oh, yeah, it HAS been longer than 2 days since we've made landfall. Don't worry, we'll comp the drinks for the rest of the voyage. Everyone to the 100 yard-long food bar!"*

"All passengers will have 24 hours on Monrovia. Your exciting excursions are included in your price! Please bring all your belongings, as the ship will be departing for a few, uhhh, minutes, for ... uhhh, valve adjustments ... over at our facility, in, like, just off the horizon ..."

* I'm telling you from the one cruise trip we made - that food bar is at least 50 yards long, if it's not 100.
Sunday - September 20th 2020 10:14AM MST
PS: Robert, I'm waiting for the library to re-open, but if you know a good book on the Coolie labor on the railroads (recommended by you, that is), I'd like to read more. Even with the whole internet, I still like a good book.

Thank you, Mr. Blanc for those 2 recommendations too.
Sunday - September 20th 2020 10:12AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, you have written this before (not about the Irish, but your 2nd part). I can't argue that if you have 40,000,000 underemployed, underemployed and broke black people, the mayhem will be much worse than now.

I agree with you that standards of behavior, enforced by non-Soros-elected local officials or individuals that don't mind being called names (the latter is really the biggest problem, IMO) are necessary. The support in the form of welfare, if any, must be linked to that. My problem is that welfare over more than 5 decades has bred generations of people who don't know any other way. They don't want any other way, as work is a 4-letter word (haha, perhaps to all of us, but we buckle down, and they don't, and don't have to).

The worst of it is the job market, of course, at the low-wage level. Black roofing crews, yard guys, etc. that were willing to work have been replaced by Latin American guys that work harder for less money, with the extraneous costs of their and their family's being here paid by taxpayers, people insurance bills and so forth. One would think that just a few more smart black "leaders" of sorts would talk about this evil of open borders. Nope, it's not part of the narrative. There was a lady named Barbara Jordan, but that was in the 1990s in a country far far away from 2020 America.
Adam Smith
Sunday - September 20th 2020 8:21AM MST
PS: Good morning Mr. MBlanc, Robert, Mr. Moderator...

You can download Without Consent or Contract here...

"If we don’t want savages living among us—and I certainly don’t..."

Allow me to introduce my Affirmative Action Plan...

A modest proposal for preventing the Blacks! in America from being a continuous burden on their country...

The world currently has an abundance of cruise ships sitting idle. Cruising is increasingly popular among African-Americans. Over 60% of African-Americans, who have taken an ocean cruise say it is their favorite type of vacation.

Let's send these Hyphenated-Americans on a cruise.

I hear Chocolate City is nice this time of year.,+Liberia

Saturday - September 19th 2020 6:50PM MST
PS: Mr MBlanc, How about the Chinese that built the Western Railways? I've heard that they were worse off than the Irish. I will see if I can get either of those books from the local library. Thanks.
Saturday - September 19th 2020 3:21PM MST
PS Everyone who wants to comment on African slavery in the US should first read Fogel and Engermann’s Time on the Cross and Fogel’s later book Without Consent or Contract. By going through actual historical documents and subjecting them to statistical analysis, they compare the living and working conditions of black slaves and white “free” labor. While the comparison might not be a wash, it’s not far off. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is fiction. If you want talk reparations for slaves, start talking reparations for the Irish who built the canals and the railroads. That said, there’s no way that we’re going to get away without continuing to direct resources to blacks. They’re simply not capable, on average, of maintaining a civilized standard of living on their own. If we don’t want savages living among us—and I certainly don’t—we have to make a contribution to keep them up to minimum standards. We should demand minimum standards of behavior in return for the support, but the support is and always will be necessary.
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