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Posted On: Monday - September 28th 2020 6:53AM MST
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Ha! I also like Sam Francis' title linked-to below the title.

That's from VDare writer James Fulford, part of the Meat & Potatoes of the writing staff at this top-notch go-to site for all immigration issues. In If Retarded Immigrants Can Get Away With Murder, Maybe Try Encouraging Immigration From Less Retarded Countries*, Mr. Fulford relates the story of a couple of illegal alien murderers who have had their death penalties waived due to being "intellectually disabled".

Mr. Fulford doesn't quite believe this about the two, but does let us know that, as Candidate Donald Trump noted, to great acclaim, "they are not sending their best":
There are whole countries where average IQ is less than 70. In Mexico the average IQ is 86, in El Salvador it's 84. (There were no official figures for El Salvador so Lynn and Vanhanen averaged the calculations for neighboring countries. )

Many Mexicans are illiterate and 35% of all foreign-born Latinos have no more than a sixth-grade education, according to the Economist in 2002.
I don't really see how a country could operate with an average IQ of 70. That means 1/2 of the population is pretty much actually retarded. Additionally, if there is a Gaussian distribution** of IQs and a 15 point standard deviation, σ, said to be the case for the American distribution, then a calculator tells me that only 5% of the population would have a 95 or higher IQ. This would enable them to kind of run some things, but not well, and with no innovation. I suppose it MIGHT work, but lets not try any experiments here.

Well, this IQ stuff has been bandied about by Steve Sailer, his commenters, and others so much, I won't get into it more.

That said, yes American immigration policy is most assuredly retarded.

* In case you didn't think it was funny the first time.

** Can't say "bell curve". That's a big no-no due to PC, plus, who the heck even knows what a real bell looks like anymore?

Friday - October 2nd 2020 10:11AM MST
PS: Of course these wars create lots of refugees, and I think that's one of the excuses that can be used to say why we shouldn't turn them away. That is, when they come from the Middle East, through Amsterdam, or via Ecuador and points north.

I would like to continue this conversation, but I'll leave until until I write a post on this. This is no big web site, but it'd still be better to be on a current thread.
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 1st 2020 11:52AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

Thanks for the compliments...

No worries on matters of time. And of course I don't mind.
And yes, I do read vdare on occasion.

I agree with you. While the U.S. war machine has indeed created many refugees around the world, relatively few of them have ended up in America or Europe. According to a recent study, the U.S. “War on Terror” has created between 37 and 59 million refugees in the eight most violent wars the U.S. military has launched or participated in since 2001.


When I was a teenager I had a job in a warehouse for awhile. (I guess it was 1996.) I worked with two gentlemen who were Bosnian refugees. A couple years later I too a two week course where I learned how to drive tractor trailers and get my CDL. There were about 8 people in the class. One of them was an Iraqi refugee. At the time I didn't think much about it, but these people were in America because they were fleeing war zones. I can't help but wonder if U.S. foreign policy helped drive them from their homes.

I don't know much about the U.S. military intervention in Somalia, but it appears that there were more Somali refugees resettled in America after the the United States began Operation Restore Hope in December of 1992.

This page has a chart showing U.S. Refugee Admissions and Refugee Resettlement Ceilings, Fiscal Years 1980-2020...


I guess I was trying to say that if the U.S. military was not so busy invading the world there would be no obligation for the U.S. to invite the world. I don't know what effect (if any) there would have been on the supply of refugees in the world in need of resettlement if the U.S. had not helped create so many. Perhaps someone else would have taken up the task had the U.S. failed to do so?

I look forward to continuing our discussion. Until then, I hope you have a great day.

Thursday - October 1st 2020 5:21AM MST
PS: Yes, indeed, Adam, the culprits you name are those who are responsible, though, as you wrote, many know not what they do. The Churches are a good example. I've written about them before in some of the immigration stupidity posts. However, I think the story on what (TH) these people are thinking could be another post.

Again, thanks for your great comment.
Thursday - October 1st 2020 5:20AM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, so sorry it's taken me this long to get back to you on your most recent comment here.

Firstly, if you don't mind, I can paste this one in as a post. I will warn you in advance that I will argue against the part of it, and just that one, in which you say that our warfare policy has resulted in the refugees. Don't get me wrong though:

1) As you know, Peak Stupidity is completely against the American warfare state, at least as it has been since the end of the Cold War (and part of during).

2) Vietnam would be a good example of where the warfare led directly to quite a few refugees.

However, I could argue that point for a bit at the bottom, and you and other readers could write back in the comments.

Otherwise, I think you lay out the general solution to the immigration invasion problem very well. I assume you are a VDare reader(?). If not, I'll just tell you that I've read the site since almost its inception, and none of what you write would be news to them, of course. That is, the main writers who have been on there for ~ 20 years.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - September 30th 2020 9:36AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

"How do you hold the other people (besides the murderers themselves) responsible for bringing this all to us responsible?"

I suppose it depends on which "other people" you are referring to. The large corporations who rely on cheap labor? The globalists who are replacing heritage Americans and turning America into a third world economic zone? The churchgoers who donate to organizations who help resettle refugees as a way to virtue signal or because they don't know any better or because they really think they are helping? The NGO's who bring so many immigrants here? The military industrial machine that creates so many refugees?

I don't know. It's a complicated problem.
But, I wish it were in my power to do so.
Let's pretend it is (within reason)...

I imagine our “All Aboard!” cruise ship policy does not yet have enough political support, so I will leave that part of the solution aside for now.

Solving the immigration/refugee problem would obviously require a multifaceted approach.

It seems to me that much of the problem is (as Sailer says) the "invade the world invite the world" policies. There would be a lot fewer refugees in the world if American war policy didn't create so many refugees. War is a huge waste of blood and treasure. It is the driving force keeping America in perpetual bankruptcy. I wish I knew how to hold these criminals accountable, but this is a huge part of the problem.

Step #1: End the imperialism and much of the problem goes away.

It does not seem fair or right that refugees receive such lavish handouts. SSI, disability, heating assistance, subsidized housing, medical care and all sorts of added welfare bonus if they drop an anchor baby. There are many economic incentives from the state encouraging immigration and refugee stupidity. I would end birthright citizenship for foreigners and change these welfare policies. I would stop subsidizing that which we want less of.

I would change policy and end refugee resettlement. Complete prohibition. No refugees welcome. Sorry about your their bad luck, but we have our own people to take care of.

I think some of the people advocating for bringing Somali and other African "refugees" here are misguided but otherwise good people. It seems there are quite a few organizations and churches that help resettle refugees. Surely not all who volunteer or donate are globalists trying to lower wages and destroy America, even if that is the end result. I believe many of these people think they are being helpful even when they are not.

I would somehow make it fashionable for trendy churchgoers to help Americans first. You don't have to go to Tanzania to help build a well when there are plenty of people here at home who need a hand. Unfortunately it is a status symbol to help Africans and foreigners instead of Americans. I have no idea how to change this. Unfortunately, many people go to church to compare shoes.

The Catholic church and some of the other churches provide much funding and ideological cover for refugee resettlement. This part of the problem is challenging. I do not know how to reign in these huge, wealthy entities. I propose "we" revoke their tax exempt status if they continue to be subversive to American interests. Religion is huge business in America. The Catholic church alone does as much annual business in America as Apple does. I'm sure they would hate to have to pay property and income taxes. (Not that huge entities like this wouldn't find ways to avoid taxation.) It will be difficult to change these policies as the Roman Catholic Vatican is the parent company of all the “nations” of the western world. Most “nations” and “states” are really just franchises of the Holy See.

There are plenty of Jewish organizations who advocate for and help bring in refugees. Dealing with them will be a little like (but different than) dealing with the Catholic church. They are backed by very powerful interests. They are a formidable enemy and a huge part of the problem at hand. They will call us names (through a giant media megaphone) for even suggesting that they are part of the problem.

We could revoke the tax exempt status and/or the corporate charters of NGO's who bring in refugees. There must be a way to stop their activities. I know many of them masquerade as religious entities to hide behind the first amendment, but I'm sure there is a way to make them stop. They are actively harmful to America.

If it were in my power to do so, I would attack the problem from the top down. There are plenty of "government" policies that could be eliminated and changed. No doubt the "government" helps fund some of the NGO's who resettle refugees. The U.N. refugee agency is a big player in the refugee resettlement game. I would stop all "government" funding for all of these organizations. I would revoke corporate charters for any entity who does not cease their refugee resettlement activities. I would put them out of business. No exceptions.

I think the best approach would be to go after the biggest, most powerful organizations and put an end to their subversive activities. I wouldn't go after individuals unless they were completely egregious. If I had to incarcerate the most powerful people involved I would not hesitate to do so but I would leave the average volunteer alone.

After 55 years of immigration stupidity and decades of refugee stupidity the problem at hand seems insurmountable. It will take years to fix the root of the problem and even more years to repair the damage.

I wish I had better answers.

Sorry about the run on comment.
Thanks for letting me vomit out a few ideas.

I hope you have a great day Mr. Moderator...

Tuesday - September 29th 2020 8:09PM MST
PS: No, it is what it is, Adam. I think because the VDare article didn't have so much detail on the murders, I didn't get any emotion. Your 2 links on that same murder had more detail when put together. How do you hold the other people (besides the murderers themselves) responsible for bringing this all to us responsible?
Adam Smith
Tuesday - September 29th 2020 7:54AM MST
PS: Sorry about that Mr. Moderator...

Inciting anger was not my intent, predictable as it was.
This feces pisses me off too...

As the average Somali IQ is 68, Hassan really isn't as retarded as he may seem. He's only one standard deviation below average.

I agree with your comment Mr. Cloudbuster...

Execution is the best course of action.

"America needs more Somali immigrants!"
-Said no sane person ever.

Tuesday - September 29th 2020 6:16AM MST
PS: Cloudbuster, I agree that being retarded should in no way disqualify one from the death penalty. Also, even for the parents, possibly, they may agree that a violent murderer like their sons would be better off dead, for everyone's sake.

However, the lawyers' way of getting people like this off is to bring up their unfitness for a trial. OK, everyone ought to get due process, but then, if the guy is not bright enough to speak during a trial, perhaps his trial should be done without him in the courtroom. "Oh, EVERYONE must have a chance to defend himself" people will tell you, but, then it's gotta be one way or the other.

If he's not competent for the trial, then keep him out of it and let the lawyers, witnesses, and defendants (if any left) argue it out without him.

Mr. Fulford's headline says the rest of it. Why let people like this into the country in the first place. It's not like we don't have plenty of native reprobates and worse.
Tuesday - September 29th 2020 3:12AM MST
PS I have never understood why idiocy is a disqualification for the death penalty. Very dumb people can obviously still act in evil ways. All their idiocy means to me is that they are far less capable of being reflective about their actions and able to be rehabilitated (And I am not optimistic about the prospects for rehabilitation of non-idiots!).

So, a retarded murderer seems an excellent candidate for execution. He is violent and defective. He can never be rehabilitated. The alternative is a lifetime of punishing incarceration that he may not even link to his actions and from which he will never benefit.

Execution is the best course of action.
Monday - September 28th 2020 5:36PM MST
PS: Mr. Blank (not, Blanc): Did you have another comment that got wiped without the "PS"? If you did, sorry about that - it's about SPAM software.

If you have a high IQ like that, you'd want to stay holed up with like-minded people and keep away from the 98%, even with the best intentions to help your countryman somehow. Usually the way it goes is you bug the hell out, then bug the crap out of your adopted country, America, trying to round up help from here with White people's hard-earned money.
Monday - September 28th 2020 5:33PM MST
PS: Those links make me really angry, Adam. I understand what commenter Troy means.

Thanks. I admire Ann Corcoran of RRW.
Monday - September 28th 2020 4:33PM MST
PS Appologies, just saw 2nd asterisk. Ummm. yeah. More like a hockey stick. IF your IQ is over 140, it must be a nightmare in this dystopia.
Monday - September 28th 2020 4:29PM MST
PS this is how pogroms start.
Adam Smith
Monday - September 28th 2020 10:07AM MST
PS: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator...

Kinda reminds of what happened to Alicia Clarke from St. Louis, Missouri...




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