Bono, you'd be serving up fries chips if it weren't for The Edge

Posted On: Monday - January 30th 2017 7:04PM MST
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The subject of artists and celebrities popping their mouths off and getting into politics was brought up just for a minute in this music post a few days back. To add a bit more on the subject we introduce exhibit A, one "Bono" of the band U2, from county somethin-or-other, Ireland.

This guy has been hassling the hell out of all of Western society for well nigh 20 years and counting, telling us we need to do more of this, stop doing that, shell out more of our hard-earned cash for this, and listen to him more. What is it about these people that think being famous and rich makes them smarter and more knowledgeable than anyone else? There's no doubt that this guy has a great voice for rock music. I would put U2 in a list of the top 100 rock bands of all time, but listen, Bono, if that's your real name, you'd still be serving french fries, chips they're calling them now, and Guiness in a sodden-roofed, dirt-floored, mud/straw-composite-walled, stinky dive bar in County Cork if you did not have the constant chord-switching great rhythm guitar of The Edge (also, possibly not his birth name). His sound makes the band.

So, as the fans probably yell at the shows, Hey Bono, shut up and sing!

Found the live, longer version of "Bad" - this one rocks and should be turned up until the stuff on the mantle starts vibrating and falling to the floor. Then, back it off a notch.

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