Cravin' Melon - Faithless Me

Posted On: Wednesday - October 21st 2020 8:07PM MST
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Apologies to you all for sparse posting this week so far, and we'll probably only get in 4 more posts in by the end-o'-bidness-week here at Peak Stupidity. Things have been busy otherwise, which is good though.

I just figured I'd put up some music related to nothing in particular. This band, Cravin' Melon was big in the Carolinas back in the late 1990s. They formed in Clemson, S. Carolina, but played in Chapel Hill, NC some. Those are both big University Towns, but universities were still fun then.

While looking back to see if I'd put some music by these guys on the site before, I found the one post with almost nothing but the song, not even the band members, which ought to be on these pure music posts. Yet, the video was gone from youtube, and I hadn't mentioned which song! So, this one, my favorite, could have been what was already up, but I have no way of knowing solely from an 11 digit youtube code. Therefore, in that old post I put the song Sweet Tea, and this one will have Faithless Me. Both are from Cravin' Melon's excellent album Red Clay Harvest.

Cravin' Melon was:

Jimbo Chapman - guitar
Rob Clay - bass
Doug Jones - vocals
Rick Reames - drums

We'll get back to the 3rd-Worldliness of the modern FBI, a Chinese sob schadenfreude story out of California, and more about Trump (please vote for the guy). Oh, and I'd left that feminist article somewhere in the middle of a good fisking. We can get back to that too.

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