The modern FBI and 3rd-World behavior - Part 2

Posted On: Thursday - October 22nd 2020 4:15PM MST
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(This is a continuation from Part 1 from a few days back.)

We will now discuss the points made by one Angelo Codevilla, in an article that got me started writing about the FBI.

Mr. Codevilla, a name I've heard a few times in the pundit world, has been much more than a pundit though. Per Wiki, he served as a U.S. Navy officer, a foreign service officer, and professional staff member of the Select Committee on Intelligence of the United States Senate. That last job was for something like 8 years. This is in addition to being an International/political Studies professor on and off throughout his career. This guy is, or at least WAS, an insider and knows the system. I wrote the latter because the guy has been published as an expert in his realm in all the biggies, NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc. Yeah, but stuff like what I link to below will put the kibosh on all that - he's probably got that F.U. money. (If not the F.U. skills, he seems to have the F.U. attitude, anyway.)

Regarding specifically the supposed coup attempt on the tyrannical Michigan Governess Christine Whitmer, which, if actually true, would be totally justified, but more generally the state of the current FBI, Mr. Codevilla wrote Your FBI Will Entrap You. I guess he means that "your" sarcastically. That's the way I take it, as it sure ain't my FBI. Though that sounds like a proper Microsoft-like name for their website.) This is on a site called American Greatness, which, after a quick glance at their home page, I am not that all enamored with.

Before I paste in some of Mr. Codevilla's writing from the short article, let me paste in something from an commenter going by the handle "Wade Hampton" (still honored in South Carolina). I haven't read much at all by this commenter, but this comment under a Steve Sailer post goes right along with what I'll get to shortly:
Good to know that while the FBI had Hunter’s laptop since last December that they found time to have an FBI agent-provocateur engineer and then bust the Whitmer kidnapping scheme, charge six GRU agents with interfering in some sporting event, thoroughly investigate the Althea Bernstein and Bubba Wallace race hoaxes, etc.

Thankfully our crack FBI did not allow themselves to be distracted by such minor matters as the Bidens’ open and notorious interference in the the Ukrainian government’s attempted investigation of the Bidens while Trump was undergoing the bogus Ukrainian impeachment.

The imperial capital resembles the Mafia during the height of its power, with various crime families each holding their own criminal portfolios. The FBI is run by one crime family (call them the Lucchese Family). Of course, the Biden Crime Family is like the Genovese Family, in that they have their own Vinny “The Chin” Gigante, the apparently senile capo.
Yeah, that's about where we are now, but the last paragraph relates more to my Part 3 coming, so I'll hold off commenting on that.

Mr. Codevilla starts off with :
The FBI-generated indictment of six men on charges of terrorism for planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has all the earmarks of what has become that corrupt agency’s standard operating procedure. Their lawyers are sure to claim they were victims of entrapment. If the case comes to trial, I doubt a jury will convict them.
The more far-fetched the news reports of this type of "right-wing militia" stuff sound to me, and likely the average Peak Stupidity reader, with some perspective in life, the more I see this national police agency as an enemy . Of course, if a loved one of yours were to become the victim of the very rare non-separation/custody-related kidnapping, or a mafia-hit victim, perhaps these men in suits could help you. That's like the constituent services of your Congressman or Senator, grudgingly done as part of the job, but not part of the real agenda and reason to be in the position. That'd be like being a "public servant" or something.

As Mr. Codevilla wrote, that's not what the modern FBI is all about:
During the eight years I spent supervising the intelligence agencies for the Senate Intelligence Committee, I watched as what had been a clerisy of strait-laced guardians of truth and justice was becoming a bunch of lazy bureaucrats eager to serve the ruling class’ prejudices. 
No longer doing the hard and dangerous work of investigating deeply connected criminals and subversives such as the Mafia and well-financed, politically supported subversives, the FBI limited its vision to politically correct “profiles,” and started chasing small fry. Easy targets, defended by no one. What’s not to like?

After 9/11, the FBI spent few years going after very petty Islamists while covering its collective eyes to the work of major sources of trouble, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestinian Authority, and Saudi Arabia—each beloved by parts of the ruling class. But before and after this period, these profiles more often than not pointed to the ruling class’ favorite enemy: fellow Americans “excessively concerned with their liberties.”
People being "excessively concerned with their liberties" is bad now. That was obvious to me back in 1993, as I watched the ramp up to the Waco Massacre on TV. From the Peak Stupidity post about the matter:
The reporter concluded his story with "They are Survivalists, Dan!" That was said in a way to make you sure that being a survivalist is a BAD thing. Even back then, as a younger man, I realized the BS that comes out of these people's pie-holes. "Hey," I thought, "what in hell's wrong with being a survivalist? It's not a reason to pin people in their house for 2 months, try to starve them out, and then eventually come in with the tear gas, tanks, and rifle fire. I mean, unless we're living in a police state. Oh, wait, that means ......"

I don't have a super long term memory for details like that, but this memory stands out like it had been said yesterday: "They are Survivalists, Dan!"
To continue from the article:
The FBI’s method? Place agents among the target group, stoke their sentiments, and lead them to say or do something that could be characterized as a crime, then arrest them and claim credit for foiling a plot. In intelligence lingo, that is provocation. In legal terms, it’s entrapment. By whatever name, this is the work of cheap, dirty cops.
When it comes to the Moslem Brotherhood or what's left of the Mafia, the FBI at least can mix it in a bit with a few real happenings, or egg on some guys who are pretty far gone already. However, when you hear about the KKK, well, I've been all over the South, and I'm pretty sure any KKK group there exists is composed of a majority of government agents, maybe solely government agents. In the latter case, perhaps it's just the usual lack of interdepartmental communication you get in government. You may have an FBI guy unknowingly making plans with a ringer contracted by the $PLC to burn a cross on Jesse Jackson's lawn, but it turns out to be Jesse Lee Jackson, the white auto mechanic's lawn, rather than that of Jesse Louis Jackson, the race hustler. C'mon guys! Get yer comms straight. Let's work together!

Even regarding infiltration of groups supposedly a threat to the security of the United States Mr. Codevilla brings up a difference between the FBI of yesteryear and that of today's bunch:
In the 1950s, the joke was that any meeting of a Communist Party cell in the New York area was likely to consist of two-thirds infiltrators, half from the FBI and the other half from the New York Police Department. But these FBI infiltrators, like those of the Vietnam era in the 1960s and early ’70s, and like those who penetrated organized crime were merely watching. Doing an honest job. They were not provoking or entrapping, not creating something that would never have been there except for their presence.

Fast forward to our time. The contrast between how the FBI behaves with regard to persons connected to the ruling class and those who are not speaks for itself. The 918 Americans who died in mass suicide in Jonestown Guyana in November 1978 were victims of a cult that had been closely associated with the California Democratic Party. Relatives of the people who were being drawn in had complained to the FBI. But the FBI had refused to keep an eye on the movement, and later officially argued that doing so would have infringed on its political and religious liberties.

And yet when the Tea Party movement arose to protest collusion between the Republican and Democratic parties against popular sentiment on a host of political issues, the FBI rushed to infiltrate it.
I am about to where I've pasted in the whole article here, so I'll stop. (There's more detail about Mr. Codevilla's experience in the Tea Party movement after that.)

I don't think the FBI operates a good service for the people of the United States anymore. With the proliferation of Federal laws since the beginning of the agency in 1908, this agency can find a reason to go rogue on any American it wants to. That's even if it were still politically independent, but that's not the case anymore anyway. We'll continue with that thought in Part 3.

Saturday - October 24th 2020 3:53PM MST
PS In general, entrapment is a bad thing. Still, there are cases in which some bad guy who is just waiting to harm a lot of people, and it is not a bad thing that the Feds lure him into some bogus scheme in which they can nab him before he does something really nasty. It doesn’t appear that this Michigan case is anything like that. And with a federal government that has gone as rogue as ours has, it’s hard to imagine that they’re even paying any attention to the real bad guys—like the 2001 hijackers, for example.
Friday - October 23rd 2020 5:09PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, I've been keeping up with the situation in Mass. via you on Mr. Hail's blog too. I can't believe that either. People are mellowing out where I live.
Friday - October 23rd 2020 5:01PM MST
PS: Yes, Robert, multiple answers are allowed. I agree (b) and (c).
Friday - October 23rd 2020 5:00PM MST
PS: Mr. Bergeron, thank you for chiming in again. TV shows and movies are part of this deal too, showing the crack operatives in the Miami SUV and then the Jason Bourne-hunting CIA. I have a couple of posts on that movie, in fact, under the Movies Topic Key. (I'll paste them in later if your write back, as this site is hard to search through.)

I like all of your nomenclature for our nomenklatura.

Yeah, that bad-old-militia theme was big back in the mid 1990s, now that you mention it.
Friday - October 23rd 2020 2:44PM MST
PS. Slightly off-topic, but Massachusetts has closed all their hockey rinks, and it looks like we’re headed for a hard lockdown Mark II. Unfuckingbelievable.
Thursday - October 22nd 2020 9:53PM MST
PS: Just to be clear, I am 100% sure that point b) applies here -- the Whitmer case is a pack of lies; but I suspect point c) may also apply.
Thursday - October 22nd 2020 9:39PM MST
PS: Many years ago, I knew someone who worked defending Chicago cops from abuse charges. They said,
A) There is a lot of abuse; but, the real cases are paid off very quickly so you never hear of them.
b) If it makes a good story, it is almost surely a hoax. Real life is messy, and the details are boring.
c) Some people should be abused.
Harrison Bergeron
Thursday - October 22nd 2020 7:47PM MST
PS I almost feel sorry for people who think that the best alphabet soup agencies that the Derp State can buy are staffed by Captain America types who love mom and apple pie.
Not in the egalitarian dystopian age.
Witless Whitmer is now called wHitler online.
She is like all the other Ilsa of Buchenwald Karens who are enjoying the Covid-1984 Sharia way too much.
Maybe Slick Willie and the inevitable Pantsuit Princess dusted off the dastardly backwoods right wing militia meme since the Derp State dullards couldn't come up with anything original.
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