Telenovelas are Hell

Posted On: Friday - October 30th 2020 9:34AM MST
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I nearly-literally LOL'd after watching this one, embedded by an amused commenter. This may have to become a regular feature here - there are a ton of these 5-minute videos on youtube. I will warn you, that the high-class Spanish accent of this narrator is quite the turn-on. If she weren't engaged to the rich doctor ...

The Alarmist
Sunday - November 1st 2020 6:00AM MST

The weather hottie (Persona atractiva)
Saturday - October 31st 2020 5:09PM MST
PS: Yeah, it's a trade-off, Alarmist, bikini's vs. humor. Tough call.

"The weather piece of candy"? That's pretty much my best literal translation.
The Alarmist
Saturday - October 31st 2020 10:26AM MST

Glad to see you’ve moved on from señorita Flavia el clima bombón to something more serious ;)
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