What is the motivation of the MSM?

Posted On: Thursday - February 2nd 2017 6:21PM MST
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In this great article in VDare by James Kirkpatrick a week ago titled Refugee Ranting Further Proof: MSM Is The “Opposition Party”, the following few paragraphs of Mr. Kirkpatrick bring up an interesting question.
Perhaps the one positive change which can be identified on network television: the rise of Tucker Carlson at Fox News. Not surprisingly, he is far outpacing the ratings of Trump foe Megyn Kelly’s former show. [Fox’s Tucker Carlson nearly doubling Kelly’s prime-time ratings, by Joe Concha, The Hill, January 24, 2017]

If corporate executives really were interested in money, one would think they would take a lesson.

But they are not. In fact, the emerging result of Trump’s victory: an increased MSM crackdown on nationalist and populist views.

The attempt to use “fake news” as an excuse to shut down alternative media outlets was only the beginning. Thus, since the election, reporters around the world have busied themselves trying to dox (= publish personal information) and get fired any figure right of the Huffington Post. For example, YouTube personality “Millennial Woes,” noted for his extremely soft-spoken, rational delivery, was attacked in the most outrageous terms by the Daily Record and forced to flee Scotland. [Archive.Is link, Vile YouTube racist flees to US and puts out the begging bowl after Record exposes him, January 11, 2017]

(Note, again, that this is only about 10% of the whole article - read the whole thing, as the Instapundit always says.)

What is the motivation of what Mr. Kirkpatrick calls, with that quaint "oughts" term, "MSM", now known as the "LP" (Lying Press) or "Government Media"? They are private enterprises, aren't they? That is a better question than one might think, hence, PeakStupidity's term "Government Media". If they were truly private enterprises, they would have to concentrate foremost on making profits. That explains CNN especially, but all of the TV networks' airing of "infotainment" all the time, as the stories drag on for weeks. I singled out CNN, as they started running all day long more than 2 decades back, so they needed these long-running sagas to keep the viewers watching, as if they were mini-series. In that case, one could say, they've got every right to put on anything but slander, and it's up to the viewer to turn the damn TV off. As any profitable business would, the LP should be expected, therefore, to try to hold on to the most viewers and readers, as this keeps the advertisers paying.

However, as things have gotten more polarized over also about 2 decades running, between the globalist/elites with their fringe-groups and useful idiots, and most of the rest of the normal Americans, the media has completely taken the side of the former "folks" (by "folks", we mean more like "evil beings"). Why? The latter group still is a majority by a decent margin. The '16 election was close, but I believe the regular Americans were still under-represented and the globalist/elites/LP/fringes/U-Idiots over-represented. The true numbers will show up only when things get really nasty. Anyway, why would they not only alienate a majority of would-be viewers and readers via neglect, but nowadays even via flat-out rage, hatred, and disdain?

Show me the profit in this behavior? PeakStupidity's working theory (not as yet modeled on our super-stupid computers by our geeks in Bombay) is that the LP is beyond caring about making profits via good ole tried-and-true bidness methods. They have 2 things going on which separates them from the old ways:

1) The reason we use the term Gov't Media lots is due to the current relationship between media and government - by far most importantly the US Feral Gov't. This government has gotten so huge that the LP can completely make enough of their news on this government alone to fill the 24 hours in a day. It is in the best interest of the LP that the US gov't stay huge and keep making laws and arbitrary regulations that have big effects on people's lives. Why? This is because a viewer or reader nowadays has a need to pay attention, because every day of the week could bring another change to his life or livelihood due to some gov't bullshit program or another.

2) At this late stage of the US Gov't Beast, the LP has good reason to believe that they will all be bailed out by the remaining US taxpayers theft victims, were they to start losing so much money as to be unable to even operate. The government has a big interest in letting these Lying Presstitutes keep putting out their lying words. They are, in the words of future congressional bailout committees, "too duplicitous to fail".

Well, in answer to writer James Kirkpatrick's question, this is our theory, and we're stickin' to it.

(Part 6, the real meat of the Global Financial Stupidity Primer, may not come out until the weekend. Our biggest PS apologies.)

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