Joe Biden's subterranean homesick blues and the godless tornadoes

Posted On: Monday - November 9th 2020 11:26AM MST
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Just a note here: Peak Stupidity won't use the term "President" for this guy until State governments have wimped out like the usual Fed sackhangers they are made some decisions.

An Instapundit link led me to a Jazz Shaw article on the site about Joe Biden's rehashing the same old points about his fight against the Kung Flu menace. See Biden Prepares His Virus Response Which Looks Awfully… Familiar.

No, on second thought, please don't see this one. I only went to that site to check on the supposed plagiarism as hinted at by Glenn Reynolds' link. Mr. Shaw is a full-blown panicker. I don't need that, but his point was that Mr. Biden's big plans to defeat the Covid-one-niner are very much the same as President Trump's were (again, but Mr. Shaw takes it all as serious as a heart attack). Will we see any actual plagiarism, as Americans with memories may recall from The Lyin' Press of 1988? (The TV news was still a lot different then.)

I am only posting this because, if this election ends up the way everyone is thinking and assuming, there may be a lot of unintentional humor from this half-senile ex- and maybe current- plagarizer-in-chief. I mean, that is if we can hear anything about it by getting around the Feral Gov't's Lyin' Press Branch.

I guess they'll have a team of speechwriters for Joe Biden, but they'll need some other coaches too for any press conferences. Is there a basement in the White House? Hey, don't know, but Bob Dylan sang about this way back:

Joey's in the basement,
'ministrin' the government.
Hunter's on the pavement,
mixin' up the "medicine".
He sometimes wears a trench coat,
underneath clothes off,
wants to get paid off
from his pal Testicov.

Look out, kids,
no matter what they did.
Joe's wearing pantyhose,
hopped up on No-doze.
Not even he knows
what fungus grows on his big toes.
Watch out for the bros
and all their skanky ho's.
You don't need a weather man
to know just whom Kamela blows.

Hell, I'm no singer. Let me call up The Byrds and see if they could do this one better this time.

Yeah, anyway, one of these days Joe Biden is gonna screw the pooch, even with all the help from the handlers. I look forward to the day he pulls a Les Nessman, so I can watch it on youtube.

"C'mon man! Just substitute "Covid Nineteen" wherever it says 'the Russians'".

Thursday - November 12th 2020 9:01PM MST
PS: Alarmist, yes, I've seen Les Newman's report. That was the funniest part, but I was just making sure we were talking about the same show.

You are quite right about Bailey. I just assumed you were referring to the more openly sexual Jennifer, and I didn't look up the actress, but I think Bailey was cuter too. (Loni Anderson rings a bell now that you wrote it out - then there was Pamela Anderson, later on.)
The Alarmist
Thursday - November 12th 2020 2:40PM MST

Yes, that was the show closing line. The real humour was Les Nessman’s report basically morphing into a turkey-drop version of Herbert Morrison’s audio report of the Hindenburg disaster.

Smithers played Baillie Quarters, the production assistant (?), who was the real hottie of the show ... the receptionist, Jennifer, was played by the overtly sexualised Loni Anderson.
Thursday - November 12th 2020 8:52AM MST
PS: Nah, I'll never forget that Thanksgiving show, Alarmist. I didn't paste in the link yet, but I'm pretty sure that's the "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." episode. (Mr. Carlson's words).

Yes, the receptionist was a hottie alright.

Bill H, who does this Ian Welsh write for? His scenario is very dark and would not involve me and my family living in the United States - maybe on a piece of land that used to be part of this shitshow... if we do it right.
The Alarmist
Thursday - November 12th 2020 6:13AM MST

Wherever you see “Godless Tornado” just read “Godless Biden Supporter.”

Here’s one for a Happy Thanksgiving...

Jan Smithers ... yum!
Bill H
Tuesday - November 10th 2020 9:13AM MST
PS Ian Welsh, who used to be worth reading, has gone off the deep end. He postulates "4 to 8 years of Biden, followed by 4 years of Harris," and says that will be followed by AOC in the US Senate and then in the White House. He advocates the "Green New Deal" and admits that nothing in it "needs to be sustainable," it just needs to be done short term. Liberals are becoming more and more fascinating.
Tuesday - November 10th 2020 6:22AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, yeah, Phil couldn't sing very well. As for the other 2, I like Jerry's singing from back when he could sing, maybe ending mid/late 1980s(?). I have always liked Bobby's singing.
Tuesday - November 10th 2020 6:17AM MST
PS. In a band full of not great singers Phil stood out for his awfulness. They didn’t let him sing much, even backup; a good decision, in my view. Here’s a D and C version of Box of Rain, with Little Johnny M singing lead and playing Garcia’s Wolf guitar:
Tuesday - November 10th 2020 2:49AM MST
PS: Thanks to Mr's Blanc and Ganderson for the music. You wouldn't believe it, but I've heard part of Hwy 61 Revisited, but never the whole song till now.

Phil only sang a few songs, right, Mr. G? "Box of Rain" is one of my favorites, but I've never heard a live version of that, only the studio one off "American Beauty.
Monday - November 9th 2020 9:06PM MST
PS: Adam: "Nobody cares about your white-ass opinion." "But, but, I got a Biden sign, ..." Schadenfreude city.

Thanks for the LOLs.
Monday - November 9th 2020 1:42PM MST
PS when you’re lost in the rain in Juarez, and it’s Eastertime too..
Adam Smith
Monday - November 9th 2020 1:41PM MST
PS: Off topic, but check out this amazing video...

Adam Smith
Monday - November 9th 2020 1:17PM MST
PS: Luv your lyrics Mr. Moderator...

Monday - November 9th 2020 11:50AM MST
PS One of my two favorite Dylan numbers, the other being Highway 61 Revisted, with SHB perhaps pipping H61R at the post.
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