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Posted On: Tuesday - November 10th 2020 7:07PM MST
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Very likely the VP, with her old "mentor" who helped pop her glass ceiling:

Pretty soon we're going to need more than "SAVE JOEY" bumper stickers, that is assuming that the Blue-squad holds onto their hard-earned "win" in what's not over with in Election '20. Joe Biden maybe be half senile, he rags on White People just to show how cool he is, and he'll spend like a normal 77 y/o when confronted by highly capable window salesman, except with OPM).

Yeah, it'll be bad, but not so bad, knock on wood your Senator's head, as if, well, face it, it'll be "when", this Kamala piece of work moves into the Ovaltine office. I had only known before about her background in San Francisco California screwing and blowing her way up through the ranks of local politics with "mentor" Willie Brown. VDare writer Lance Welton* had a very interesting biographical article about half-dot-Indian, half Jamaican Kamala Harris a couple of weeks ago - Kamala Harris—A Barely-Black ”Immigrant American”?. There are also 2 articles on VDare by one "Angie Saxon", hehe, about Kamala Harris' background - Racism Begins at Home and Working Girl Makes Good**. (Great stuff, Miss Saxon! Thank you.)

There's a lot I didn't know, and maybe didn't want to know, about this D primary dropout who may magically be President. You can read Mr. Welton's and Miss Saxon"s articles to get the background (he did a good job on this one), but the gist of it is that Mrs. Harris' background is eerily similar to ex-Prez Øb☭ma's. They both have pretty foreign backgrounds, not your Mom, baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet types by a LONG RUN. Mr. Øb☭ma was born in either Kenya or Hawaii, depending on which version of Photoshop you have loaded, and spent a lot of time in Indonesia. Mrs. Harris came from India by way of Berkeley, California, which has been AINO since the early 1960s. (Oh, that's American In Name Only.) At 12 y/o her Mom felt like should couldn't get any slack, being obviously black-looking to the caste and took her from India back to the US after 6 years in between in Quebec, Canada,

Mr. Øb☭ma came from a broken home in which his deadbeat worthless Kenyan father left his young mother, extreme radical Ann Dunham. Mrs. Harris' Mom, Shyamala Gopalan, a racist .Indian of the Brahmin Caste (Caste motto: "You can't touch this stuff!") was not happy, it sounds like, being married to her Dad, Steven Harris, though he was a very respectable Jamaican Stanford Professor. Per Miss Saxon's first article the marriage up and "collapsed" and Mr. Harris obviously did not cut and run, since it was a "contentious divorce". However, the Mom gets to take the kids, don't it always seem to go?

These 2 people are very foreign to us. There are plenty of people from "broken homes" who do well and are stable, adjusted individuals, but the chance of that is still lower than with someone from a stable home, and it'd sure be nice if he/she was an American. We tried this shit before with Øb☭ma. He did not help this country in any way. With a couple of hundred million eligible people to choose from, could even the Blue-squad not have ended up with a senile plagiarizing half-wit, ready to be replaced at any moment by another foreigner from a broken home? I dunno, maybe that's just me...

* He's not one of the usual VDare writers respected by this blogger, as he just tends to put too much psychology-based mumbo-jumbo to explain people whose personalities can be explained much more simply - they are stupid and/or evil. See our post Affirmative Action for the marble-supply-challenged, in which we discussed this writer's work a little bit.

** I already linked to Mr. Welton's article, so I'll keep that, but Miss Saxon's 2 articles give a better background biography.

Adam Smith
Friday - November 13th 2020 10:11AM MST
PS: Good morning everyone...

I made a typo...

"The U.S. debt on September 10th, 2001 was 5.6(ish) billion." should read "5.6(ish) trillion"

Yes Mr. Moderator, you are correct. War was declared on Germany on December 11th, the same day Germany declared war on the U.S. Thanks for the correction.

Thank you for the links Mr. Anon. I look forward to the Ryan Dawson Video. (I've never heard of Ryan Dawson before)

I do not believe a plane hit the pentagon.
I believe it was a cruise missile.

And here is a quick video of Jane Stanley reporting the collapse of WTC7 20 minutes before it happened. You can see the building still standing in the background behind her.

This is what the towers looked like from Newark airport.

(I promise I'm done with the links.)

The last time I saw the towers in the distance was on September 10th 2001. At the time I was working as a truck driver pulling containers in and out of Port Newark-Elizabeth. A friend of mine owned a Volvo tractor and he and I traded on and off, he'd take the trip one day and I would the next, or whenever the dispatcher had the load ready. Had it not been for my good luck, I could have been stuck in traffic on the 11th watching the towers burn and then collapse as my friend Mike did while sitting in traffic near Newark airport. Perhaps this is why I feel so strongly about the event.

Once upon a time, I parked my 1978 Chevy Luv next to one of the trade center towers while I grabbed something to eat and went walking around battery park for awhile. When I went to find my truck I circled the wrong tower a few times before I found my truck parked next to the other one. It had five parking tickets on it. NYC wanted $600 in fines. So I called the bureaucrats and tried to negotiate them away. After a few back and forths and several phone calls they told me they would throw out 3 of them and they would accept $300 for the other two tickets. So I paid up. Then one day, about two and a half years later, I got a notice in the mail from the NYC parking ticket bureau or whatever they called it. They decided to forgive the other two tickets and they sent me a full refund. I have no idea why they did it, but I happily accepted their refund.

I hope you all have a great day.

Thursday - November 12th 2020 11:12AM MST
PS: Mr. Anon and Mr. Smith, it's not that I am averse to checking out those links, but it's a matter of time, as with all of them. I have seen Jim Corbett before - pretty good. Thanks.
The Alarmist
Thursday - November 12th 2020 6:01AM MST

First, what the hell happened to her?

Second, what is it about being Mayor of SF that makes it such an aphrodisiac? Recall that Kimberly Guilfoyle was married to Brown’s successor, Newsome?

Third, what the hell was wrong with Guilfoyle?

Fourth, what the hell happened to Guilfoyle?

Fifth, what the hell is wrong with Donald Trump, Jr.?

Mr. Anon
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 8:35PM MST
PS "Hmmm, maybe I'll scan it in, and display it, but again, I don't want to start much 9/11 discussion on this site. That is, besides the aftermath, warmongering, Motherland Security BS, etc."

I can understand you not wanting to get into 9/11 discussions as the topic can easily lead to entire threads being taken over by vituperative flaming and accusations (as I've seen happen many times at various sites). I will post a few links here that I personally think are insteresting and leave it at that. I don't necessarily agree with everything in them.

Ryan Dawson has done a lot of work on the subject. He has a video called "War by Deception" that I think is worthwhile (he has a more recent video, which contains additional information, but it's behind a pay wall (I mean to watch it someday, but haven't yet). I'm not a fan of his production values (I don't like music and flashy editing in these sorts of web-documentaries), but a lot of the information is interesting:

He's done a lot of interviews too, with TDS, Red Ice, etc. It's worth looking up one of those and listening to it as he adds additional context in the interviews.

The Corbett Report also has some very good videos on the topic, here:

He believes in the whole controlled demolition theory - I don't - but I think that Corbett is a fair and honest man, and he has some eye-opening information, especially about the 911 commission and other happenings after the attacks. You'll probably also like what he has on his website about COVID (which he's devoted most of his time to this year), and other things as well - Waco, Technocracy, etc.

I don't pretend to know what really happened on 9/11, but I have become persuaded that there was more to it - much more - than the official story. Given that it was the most horrendous crime perpetrated on American soil in our history, and that it served as the justification for an almost 2 decade long war that we are still in and a massive increase in the national security / surveillance state, I think those events demand a thorough investigation.
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 5:46PM MST
PS: Thank you Mr. Anon. I had always blamed Bush the Elder for all that. Another reason to dislike Mr. Peanut. But, there is still enough to dislike about H.W.
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 5:38PM MST
PS: Re 9/11. Yeah, I just don't want to argue a point that I don't know enough to be sure about, especially regarding the science/engineering. One could tell me this is the most important opinion I could have on anything in US politics history, as belief in the establishment narrative vs. no belief makes such a difference in how one views the US Gov't and Deep State.

As I wrote on unz, It's not like I'd put anything like this past the US Deep State at this point. It sounds backwards, but that is the very reason that I don't want to spend days and days reading material on the real happenings on 9/11/01. It's very possible, what happened was not what we were all told. I watched a video very specific to one subject that I do know very well, and there was no convincing point. Yet, there are plenty of alternate theories I could very well believe.

I think it's well and good that many American don't believe the official version of events. I'm just not in a position to argue it to convince more people that, and some are sheep anyway that will believe lots of other stuff that I already see through.

Mr. Smith, yes, I was on top of whichever tower had the observation deck (out in the open), in the 1980s, and I have a film picture I took of the other tower and the buildings in the area. I didn't ever take a lot of selfies, even before they were called that, as, unlike with the Chinese tourists, people can just take my word that, yes, I was in NY City, and yes, I went to the top of that building. Hmmm, maybe I'll scan it in, and display it, but again, I don't want to start much 9/11 discussion on this site. That is, besides the aftermath, warmongering, Motherland Security BS, etc.

Wednesday - November 11th 2020 5:25PM MST
PS: Even one who keeps up, as I purport to do, with American politics, can't recall all of those wars, "police actions" conflicts with "advisors", and the like. Thanks for the listing and discussion of all those episodes. Was war on Germany not declared after war on Japan? I guess I had that backwards, but it was pretty close together.

The American armed forces were pretty small by the 1930s and perhaps that (and the Great Depression 1.0) were what kept wars to a minimum. Could Herbert Hoover be the most recent President who didn't instigate any military action? If I wanted to bet without looking it up, I'd say that Calvin Coolidge would be a safe bet.
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 5:21PM MST
PS: Thanks for the great discussion, guys, Just to welcome a new commenter (as far as I know), Mr. Tareyton (that's the brand) who'd "rather fight than switch", there just don't seem to be many .Indian ladies with the kind of body that I think is "right". They seem to have big bellies or too much fat on the torso. I don't know what the deal is, and I'm not in a position to find out.

Because I don't watch the TV, I've never seen a moving picture of this Harris HinduDindu. Is she THAT hot, or was she?

Oh, and we have another Parrothead heard from. I know that one, Dtbb - great title, but not one of my favorite Buffett songs - too slow, maybe?
Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 4:06PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Moderator...

Did you ever have the opportunity to go inside those buildings, or see them in person? I had the pleasure of going to the observation deck atop WTC2. I still have my souvenirs.

The towers were not brought down by fire. They were simply too massive. They were brought down by explosives. All three of them. I believe my own eyes, my own research and I do not care if someone calls me names.

The criminal events of September 11th, 2001 were a real turning point for America and the world. This event was the impetus for so much destruction, destabilization, suffering and evil unleashed throughout the world. It is the reason America is in the position she is in today. I wish it were within my power to hold the real perpetrators accountable.

The U.S. debt on September 10th, 2001 was 5.6(ish) billion.
(((They))) got their war for Greater Israel.

"This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran." - Wesley Clark

Don't forget the five dancing Israeli's who were sent to "document the event".

I know you don't like to talk about this, and for that reason alone I'm sorry I brought it up. I do however feel that until this crime against humanity is truly addressed America and the world can never heal.

I hope you have a nice evening.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 3:23PM MST
PS: Good evening Mr. Anon...

Thank you for bringing up the funding of the Mujahedinin in July of 1979 under the Carter regime.

Also, thank you for mentioning Mr. Newman's exchange with JackD.

I hope you have a nice evening.

Smoke Tarrlytons Or Don't
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 3:21PM MST
PS Does she have a fine ass on her? Shake it baby, twerk that thang.
It's not hard to tell with the bitter Bindi historic glass ceiling breaker. Did I mention how "historic" it all is?
I'd love to hear some of those Willie Brown stories.
You know Hillary is cackling in a Cruella Pantsuit ready to dial the basement about a cabinet position.
Oh isn't decided until December 14.
You can still burn it all down by any means necessary, CPUSA comrades.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 2:40PM MST
PS: Good afternoon Robert,

Your memory serves you well.

The propagandists at Smithsonian Magazine make the "incident" sound almost friendly...

"When a “Bonus Army” of World War I veterans converged on Washington, MacArthur, Eisenhower and Patton were there to meet them."

I know it's not a foreign incident, but I really detest when a "government" gases and attacks "it's own people", in this case, simply for trying to collect what was owed to them.

I agree with you about the evil Johnson concerning Vietnam.
According to some folks, (((Johnson))) was a crypto.(?)

I don't know what the supremes will do about the latest apparently fraudulent election or what the military will do come January. (I really hope the military does not get involved in this!) It seems like our (((foreign))) overlords have been pushing for some sort of "civil war" or race war for some time now. I fear (((they))) just might achieve their goal.

Unfortunately too many people do not realize who our real enemy is. They are rioting against "White privilege" or "racism" or other such nonsense. If more people understood our current predicament we could have this resolved easily, quickly and without much bloodshed.

Our interesting times might get more interesting. I certainly hope it does not come to this, but I fear it might be unavoidable. Americans are too divided and our situation may be otherwise unresolvable. I'm glad I don't live in a city.

I hope you have a nice evening.

Mr. Anon
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 1:54PM MST
PS "Very likely the VP, with her old "mentor" who helped pop her glass ceiling:"

"Pop her glass ceiling"

Hah! That's funny.
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 1:52PM MST
PS OT: I saw your post over on iSteve, Mr. Newman, where you expressed some doubt at the official narrative of 9/11. I myself used to believe that narrative, essentially without any question. Over the years, I read a lot of the Truther stuff online, and thought that it was mostly ridiculous crap, and I still think that. But my belief in the official narrative has collapsed over the last couple years. Yes, I think that a bunch of muslim guys affiliated with Al Quaeda hijacked airplanes and flew them into WTC1&2 and the Pentagon. But there was more going on than just that. I can recommend some material for you to consider if you like.
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 1:40PM MST
PS @Robert

"Who was the last previous President who did not start any foreign wars? Mr. Peanut?"

"However, in 1996, eight years after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Robert Gates revealed in his memoirs that the US government actually began funding the Mujahedinin July 1979, “six months before the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.”5 Three years later, in a 1998 interview with the French newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur, former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that, with this covert aid to the Mujahedin, the US government “knowingly increased the probability”6 that the Soviets would invade Afghanistan. Brzezinski enthusiastically defended this decision, saying: “That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap...We now [had] the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war.’”7 Despite these admissions, however, the narrative that US aid to the Mujahedin only began in reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan still pervades historical accounts and US public memory of the Soviet-Afghan War."

Hey, we got the Russians mired in thier own dirty little brushfire war. Yay us! Sucks for the people of Afghanistan of course, and for those poor Russian recruits who got poured into that meat-grinder by their ruthless-bastard overlords.

So Carter helped start a war that we ultimately got drawn into through our support of allies (like Al Quaeda) who became enemies who maybe were still allies, but not allies of us - actual American citizens - rather of the evil psychopaths who rule us.
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 11:22AM MST
PS: Thank you Mr. Smith. That list sounds about like what I thought, but there are several commenters here that are smarter than I, that I wanted to hear from.

I would credit both Kennedy and the evil Johnson with Vietnam, but then again, I am prejudiced.

By 'foreign' I did mean to exclude Hoover and the Bonus Army "incident". If my memory serves, MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Patton, were all involved. I also meant to exclude the likely coming Civil War when the Supreme Court rules the election invalid. But, as per Mr. Blanc, maybe that will really be foreign or (((foreign))) anyway.

War and Supreme Court appointments are the one thing that Presidents really have some control over. Which way will the army go in January?

Wednesday - November 11th 2020 10:49AM MST
PS:Trying to reason with hurricane season. It's on the doorstep.
Wednesday - November 11th 2020 8:36AM MST
PS They are, indeed, very foreign. To us. But they are not as foreign to a large minority, soon to be a majority, of the “citizens” of the former USA. I suppose that I need to qualify that. They probably are foreign to the ever-increasing Mexican fraction of the population. Although most of “our” Mexicans are Indios or mestizos, they are used to having a white guy in charge, few Mexican presidents having been non-white. But the main point holds. This is not our country any more. It is now largely populated with and will be ruled by foreigners. For foreigners.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - November 10th 2020 11:43PM MST
PS: Good evening Robert...

Mr. Peanut seems like a good guess to me, depending on how you define "start a foreign war".

I don't know if there has ever been a president who didn't use the military to attack someone foreign or domestic?

I think the last time the US officially declared "war" against another nation was on December 8, 1941 - Japan.

However, declaring war appears to have gone out of style.
If by "war" you mean a US president initiating military action against another nation, well?...

After Roosevelt, Truman authorized the US "intervention" in Korea, which, as you know, is still somewhat ongoing.

The Eisenhower regime sent troops into Lebanon in 1958 and helped instigate the 1953 Iran coup, although technically speaking, US forces weren't directly involved. (That I know of?) He also initiated Operation Success in 1954 (the Guatemalan Coup).

Kennedy, with the help of Jim Morrison's dad, kicked off the Vietnam war with the Gulf of Tonkin "incident".

Johnson didn't start a new "war", but he did escalate the US "involvement" in Vietnam considerably.

Nixon authorized the "incursion" into Cambodia and Laos.

Ford authorized "force" against the Khmer Rouge and backed the Indonesian invasion of East Timor in 1975.

Carter authorized the hostage rescue attempt against Iran, which was an armed invasion of a sovereign nation. The Carter Regime also increased "military aid" to Indonesia for their continued slaughter of the people of East Timor. (Between 1975 and 1980, when the violence in East Timor was at its climax, the United States furnished approximately $340 million in weaponry to the Indonesian government. US military aid and arms sales to Indonesia increased from 1974 and continued through to the Bush and Clinton years until it was stopped in 1999.) There was also some sort of US involvement in the "war in south Zaire" in 1978.

Reagan initiated the invasion of Grenada. The US was also involved in conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Nicaragua etc.

Bush the elder authorized Operation Just Cause (the invasion of Panama) and Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm (the invasion of Iraq).

Clinton continued the Iraq war, expanded the Somalia aid mission to include force and declared a "national emergency" due to the "unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States" imposed by Yugoslavia and Serbia over the Kosovo War. The slaughter of the Branch Davidians happened under the Clinton regime.

Bush Jr. started Operation Enduring Freedom (the invasion of Afghanistan), the Iraq invasion with "Shock and Awe", and the so called "war on terra".

The Obama regime escalated the wars started by Bush the second, initiated the overthrow of Libya that directly involved US forces, and started the party in Syria. He also used missiles fired from drones to kill American citizens without due process.

It seems the last US president not to use the US military in a combat situation against a foreign power... Herbert Hoover, who left office in 1932. However, Hoover did send Douglas MacArthur armed with a contingent of infantry and cavalry, supported by six tanks to attack the "Bonus Expeditionary Force" On July 28, 1932. Hoover also increased federal enforcement of Prohibition despite growing public resistance.

I know this short list is not inclusive and contains some glaring omissions.

My guess would be Mr. Peanut, Johnson before him and Hoover before them...(?)

Someone else might call it a little differently.

I hope you have a nice evening.

Tuesday - November 10th 2020 9:09PM MST
PS: Only slightly Off Topic.

Who was the last previous President who did not start any foreign wars? Mr. Peanut?

Adam Smith
Tuesday - November 10th 2020 8:18PM MST
PS: Evil Kamala makes my skin crawl...

I swear I can see her horns...

Edit: Steven Harris = Donald Harris...

Adam Smith
Tuesday - November 10th 2020 8:14PM MST
PS: The harlot from Chennai is an evil psychopath...

Check out the prophetic comments from commenter LetitCollapse, circa December 2013...

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