Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Posted On: Thursday - November 26th 2020 9:19AM MST
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  Holiday from Stupidity

We've heard a lot about how the year 2020 itself has been the problem ... somehow, on it's own. Nope, there's nothing about the stupidity of this year (so far!) that cannot be pinned down to those responsible. The problem is only that they are not being held responsible.

We can all be thankful for our health, our families, and for the days we have. I would like to have seen another 4-year slight reprieve from the deepest stupidity that a Trump win would have given us. (On the election, who knows, still?)

One thing that helps with my coping with the stupidity inundation is talking over it with friends. We're not going to find many solutions, but it's still entertaining. A good friend of mine died a little before Thanksgiving last year. He was always good for a long talk once a week or so. Maybe we agreed on only 90% of things, but I sure do miss that. Another friend can will talk on the phone about it, but he is too far away to come by.

I am thankful that my family is fairly well on-board with what is going on and what we have to think of doing next. It wasn't always like this. My wife's schedule of catching up with the big picture that I try to relate to her has shifted from a 5 - 10 year lag to something like a year or 2. I will write my post about this later this week, I think.

Also, I am thankful now to have the commenters on this blog. Though I know people are viewing the pages at least, if not reading, from the stats, it's great to hear directly from you who comment in. Thank you all. This and Steve Sailer's blog, with the good commenters there, including almost all of you too, are a great help.


T HA N K S G I V I N G !

I should be back on here tomorrow.

Friday - November 27th 2020 2:49PM MST
PS: Thanks to all of you, Mr. Smith, Dtbb, Mr. Blanc, Mr. Ganderson, a man named Vito, BC. Alarmist, and all those reading.

That's a good suggestion, Alarmist about those PC people in Fucking Austria.
The Alarmist
Friday - November 27th 2020 2:41PM MST

Really, PS ... if you need something light-hearted to blog about, think of the poor citizens of this effing town ...

The Alarmist
Friday - November 27th 2020 1:26PM MST

My American friends and family ask me from time to time what we call Thanksgiving on this side of the Pond, and I respond “Thursday.”

Happy Thursday ;) and many returns for you and yours.

BTW, I happily take long walks with people who agree with me almost none of the time, as long as the discussion is an actual dialogue, spirited, and I’m not lectured to or lecturing in reply.
Thursday - November 26th 2020 8:32PM MST
PS: Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite basket of deplorables.
Don Vito
Thursday - November 26th 2020 6:21PM MST
PS It couldn't get any stupider?
This just in from the United States of Zimbabwe-Challenge Accepted.
Happy White European Capitalist Pig Atonement Day, comrades.
Thursday - November 26th 2020 12:24PM MST
PS. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Thursday - November 26th 2020 12:05PM MST
PS All the best to all who frequent this oasis of non-stupidity.
Thursday - November 26th 2020 10:19AM MST
PS:Happy Thanksgiving!
Adam Smith
Thursday - November 26th 2020 10:07AM MST
PS: Happy Thanksgiving! ☮
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